1895 Bournemouth, London, Southwold, Bournemouth


In 1895, Edward is 19 years old, Kate is 16 years old and Alys is 11 years old

Bournemouth, Dorset

Tuesday January 1st

In bed to breakfast. Letters “fini” Kit and Hats. Did things for Aunt Bella. Girls went to see skating, but thaw. After exercise, rested. Mrs Andrews to tea.  Miss Tadema in evening. Sang glees[1].

Wednesday, January 2nd

In bed to breakfast. Did Aunt Bella’s cards. I went into Gardens with Alys. Afterwards Gen. Worgan called. I rested. Read “Tramp Abroad”[2].  Eve:- Miss Tad came in sung glees and worked.

Thursday, January 3rd

Up to breakfast. Dressed with Poz for our ride but too frosty to go. So Poz and I went for walk to Miss Tad and got shells. Rested to evening. Mr and Mrs Biche and Jeanie. ……

Friday, January 4th

In bed to breakfast. Alys had two teeth out. Poz and I went for ride on Ruby and Doz with Mrs Corbyn. Did Aunt Aunt Bella’s cards after. Edward came home from Cambridge. Miss Tad in evening, games, songs.

Saturday, January 5th

In bed to breakfast. Edward heard that he had got Exhibition for Cambridge[3] . 30£s for year. Miss Tad went to London. I rested. In evening, worked. Poz played on violin. To bed early.

Sunday, January 6th

Up to breakfast. Did mushrooms and wrote letters. Heard Harry’s letter to Poz. Rested after dinner.

Monday, January 7th

Up to breakfast. Painted mushrooms. Maud S came – had lost her watch. We all went out in snow for walk. Doz unwell. Cousin Mary and J Buchanan came (staying at Charets View). We worked, and danced and relaxed.

Tuesday, January 8th

Rode with Poz. Poz on Dido. I “Ruby”. All fresh and frisky to ‘house’ and Boscombe Pier.


Lovely sands. Edward went to Miss Radmar’s Dancing Class for boys. 10.00am. Rested after supper. All except Aunt A (in bed) and Alys went to Fogerty’s. We had games and songs.

Wednesday, January 9th

Read “The Prisoner of Zenda[4]”. Saw Edward’s photos. Ed and I developed photos. Doz, Alys, Edward and I went at 3.30 to Miss Highmore’s “Country Dances”. Everlasting. Entrechat and S. Roger (Sir Roger de Coverly). Home at 6.30. Worked in evening a lot. Did Mother’s board. Folded doll’s clothes.

Thursday, January 10th

Sunny, frost
Mother and Alys to dancing class with Edward, and I. Aunt Alice, Poz, Doz and I went with Coz Mary to Branksome. Ed took photos. E and M Napier for tea. Ed was taught the Waltz by 5 females. A and I finished M’s board.

Friday, January 11th

Started early to Branksome Church Pond. A and I skated for 1 ½ hours. Mother looked on. Ed and Doz skated in afternoon. Poz and me to Buch’s to tea. Coz J played and sang. Coz Mary here in evening; we all danced, played and sang. W and Minnie in. (me: W is Wade, their Family Nurse)

Saturday, January 12th

In bed to breakfast with headache. Alys and Ed skated. I worked. Rested in afternoon. Snow blizzard. Aunt Alice had headache. We read Ambulance[5] in evening – for Poz and Doz.

Sunday, January 13th

Ed up late. Wet rough and thaw. Rain. Wrote letters. Rested in afternoon, read Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The others walked on sands, rocks and wrecks. h and J in evening. We sang, had games.

Monday, January 14th

Sands in morning with Poz, Doz and Alys. Sea up to cliff. Had lemon nuggets. In afternoon wet Sands with D, P and Ethel Boldero. High tide still. In evening we all dressed in evening dresses and Buchs (Buchanan’s), and had dances and songs.

Tuesday, January 15th

Ed, Mother and A to Miss Rad’s. Poz unwell. I packed Poz’s boxes and D and Aunt A packed. After dinner Aunt Alice and Doz went to London. Poz too unwell to go. Mother and I called on Miss Coles. Buchs in evening.

Wednesday, January 16th

Poz in bed. I went on Sands. Beautiful “August day”. Poz hung out of window in nightgown. Mother, Alys, Ed and I went to Marriner’s party “hop”. Tired, not very nice. Poz better and settled to go tomorrow.

Thursday, January 17th

On Sands in morning. Coz (Cousin) Buchs to dinner. Showed Coz Mary my sketches, After dinner Buchs and Poz went away to London. A and I went on Sands and rocks. Mrs Richardson called. Mrs Fogerty and two girls to tea. Boyd family had cosy evening. I played on piano.

Friday, January 18th

Packed Edward’s things. After dinner, we all went to see Ed off to Clifton. Then to town with Conis. Shopped, called on Miss Andrews. Wade and Minnie out. Wrote letters.

Saturday, January 19th

Mother in bed to breakfast. A and I went to town – bank and Paderewski[6] tickets. Quiet afternoon. Rested. Mother better. Read “Lilac Sun Bonnet”[7] by S. R. Crockett. Wrote to Aunt Bella.

Sunday, January 20th

All in bed to breakfast. I tidied my cupboard. Miss Andrews to dinner. Miss Boodle to tea. Mrs Wyatt and Genny called. Mother began “Enid”[8] to us. Tennyson’s.

Monday, January 21st

Alys and I went up to Lostock by 10 o’clock omnibus (I cannot find any reference to Lostock in Bournemouth area). Had lessons with Audrey and Brian. Made washing-gloves in afternoon. Did prep lessons.

Tuesday, January 22nd

A and I up to Miss Boodle’s – lessons. Recreation balls in midday. Mother came home with us – Miss Coles called in afternoon. Arranged about drawing lessons. Mother ready “Sonny Sahib”[9] in evening.

Wednesday, January 23rd

Alice in bed all day with cold and fever. I went to Lostock. Gwen too. Called for Mother and Miss Morison’s. Madame Ledger in afternoon. I had German and French. Stunned

Thursday, January 24th

Alys and I both in bed all day. I had sore throat. Painted, read and strung beads all day. Finished “Lilac Sun Bonnet”. Alys was poulticed. Got my drawn exam certificates.

Friday, January 25th

Alys and I both in bed all day. I unwell. Painted, did rooms. Katie Hicks engaged. Wade showed us her Christmas presents. I wrote to Doz. Mother to town. Brought my drawing things.

Saturday, January 26th

I in bed all day. Still a sore throat. A and I made rooms. Mother read the “Steadfast Gabriel” [10] to us. Mother called on Miss Coles to put off our drawing-lesson today. Alys up to supper.

Sunday, January 27th

Very frosty
I wrote to Edward, Ella and Maud Boldero – Alys up to dinner. I in bed all day. Made “rooms”. Read “Household Words”[11]. Bad night with asthma.

Monday, January 28th

Read “Mona MacLean”[12] Graham Travers. Made “pence bag”. Had letter from Edward. Made cradle from match-box. In bed all day. Miss Boodle to tea. Asthma all day.

Tuesday, January 29th

Alys to Lostock. Bronchitis, had poultices on back and front. Did needlework. Snowed. Read “Mona Maclean”. Wade sat and talked. Had pains. Baddish night, pains and coughing.

Wednesday, January 30th

Pretty feverish, finished “Mona”. Slops. Coughed a lot. Letter from Maud B. Dr White came. Very nice. Had two more poultices. Mother went to town. Wade sat here and Mother read “A Ring of Rubies”[13].

Thursday, January 31st

Felt much better. Read “Ring of Rubies”. Finished it (from library). Made doll’s clothes. Yellow and green velvet. Dr White came. Said I was better. Snow blizzard again. Read “A Girl of the People”. L. T. M.[14]


Friday, February 1st

Wore new bed jacket. Made doll’s dress. Wrote to Poz – Mother to Westbourne. Finished “A G of P”. Began “St. Katherine’s by the Tower” Walter Besant[1]. Alys had music lesson from Miss Morison. M called on the Baumes.

Saturday, February 2nd

No school for A. Trimmed doll’s hat. Read “St. K”. After dinner Mother and Alys went to Paderewski’s concert. I in bed “in course’. Wade sat up here. Showed me Mrs J’s frame and gave me silk.

Sunday, February 3rd

Temp – 31o below freezing in Ed’s room – written on side

Wrote letters. Nice dinner. Read. Miss Morison and Miss Andrews called. Dr White came. I am much better. Played at dolls with Alys. Finished “St K”.

Monday, February 4th

Read “Silas Marner”[2]. Did work with machine. Made piece-bag for Alys. Alys to dinner at Marriner’s and French. Renewed doll’s clothes Read “S. M.” Got Geoff’s[3] things.

Tuesday, February 5th

Finished “Silas Marner”. Began “Martin Chuzzlewit”[4]. Wrote letters. Did doll’s things. Alys and M to dancing class. Cousin Ida came.

Wednesday, February 6th

Read “M. C.” Dr White came early. Worked. Mother paid calls. Madame came for A and A. Ida played on ‘cello. Maud Boldero died (me: she was 19 years old).

Thursday, February 7th

Ida in my room to breakfast. I had bad neuralgic head-ache and ear-ache, didn’t do much all day. Read “Martin”. Alys skated.

Friday, February 8th

Received lovely pieces from Kit. Made cretonne[5] apron for her and sent it off at tea-time. Had very bad pains, poulticed. Ida and Alys to Coy[6] and skated. Miss Mouson and Alys to music lesson.

skating coy
Skating on Coy Pond

Saturday, February 9th

Written at top: Ed influenza
Felt better. Lined pink work-basket. Ida and Alys to Coy in morning, and A to Blanksome[7] in afternoon. I read “M. C.”  Letter from Doz.. No water in the house since Thursday.

Sunday, February 10th

Read “Martin”. Wrote letters. Mother read letters, old ones sent to Edward. I drew and read. Awfully windy. Not so frosty. M read “Enid” for me.

Monday, February 11th

Woke late. Dr White came at tea-time. I finished the pink work-basket. Prepared my own work-basket for lining. Wade lost her voice.

Tuesday, February 12th

Finished “Martin Chuzzle”. Began “Chronicles of the Schönberg Cotta Family”[8]. Had lot of letters. Mother and Alys to dancing class. Ida to Coy – skated. I sewed. Finished ribbon frame.

Wednesday, February 13th

Got up at about 11.30. Nice sunny day. Kept up in bedroom all day. Mrs Morison came for Alys’ music and she came up here. Miss Boodle called on me and had tea and read letters. Madame L – I finished my work-basket.

Thursday, February 14th

Woke late. Got up, read “Chron”: did my work-basket. Alys to Marriner’s to dinner and to Coy. I down to dinner and supper. Played accompaniment for Ida’s ‘cello and dear Conis!

BeAnne (my dog and identical twin to Conis) “singing”

Friday, February 15th

Got up pretty early – went down. Began netting[9] string bag. Miss Morison to tea and Aly’s music lesson. I played Schubert. Mother read “Sonny Sahib[10]” out loud.

Saturday, February 16th

Mother to town. Alys to Coy to skate. I netted. Got up at about 10.15 am. Ida practised ‘cello, and I piano. Made red flannel garments for poor. Dr White came. I anaemic.

Sunday, February 17th

Up at about 11.30. Wrote letters, four “looked at Graphic”, finished “Chronicles of Schön C. Fam”. Began “Winning the Victory” Evelyn Everett-Green[11]. Miss Andrews called. Pipes burst.

Monday, February 18th

Got up at 10.30. Darned pillow-cases. Did balls. Practised. Ida and Alys to Coy in afternoon. Mrs Fogerty very ill. I finished net bag. Taught Alys netting. Had head-ache. Read “Victory”.

Tuesday, February 19th

Got up rather later. Went for walk in Chine.[12] “June” day so sunny. Took care of little fogs. After dinner all took 2.00 omnibus. Alys to dancing. M, Ida and I to Winter Gardens. Heard Cecil Barnard[13]. Came back. Finished “Vic”. Read aloud.


Wednesday, February 20th

Got up early. 10.00. Eileen and Dulcie in to dinner and afternoon. Played at dolls. I worked and rested. Read “Tolstoi’s Boyhood”[14]. Miss Morison for A’s music and Madame.  Mother read “Let Nothing your Dismay”[15].

Thursday, February 21st

Got up at 9.10. Began “Frank Fairleigh”[16]. Miss Neave came to try on my tweed dress. Mother too Alys to skate and Ida to Miss Morison’s. I did balls and wrote “Quiet Life”.

Friday, February 22nd

Sleepy, got up late, read “F. F.”. Wade still in bed. In afternoon we all went to Winter Gardens. “Relief Fund” coming. Heard two musical sketches by Cecil Barnard. Tired and sleepy.

Saturday, February 23rd

Up later-ish. Darned linen. Nice warm day. Read and netted. Played ball. Miss Coles came. Drew two models, ready for shading.

Sunday, February 24th

Lovely morning. Ida and I on Sands, warm. Rain for 1st time for 6 weeks in afternoon. Miss Andrews to tea. Wrote letters. Mother finished “Enid” to me aloud.

Monday, February 25th

Up to breakfast!!! No water or kitchen fire still. Painted two mushrooms. Cecile Boldero called. Had music lesson from Miss Morison. Nice. Made sachets.

Tuesday, February 26th

Up to breakfast: practised. Painted two mushrooms. We all went to Dancing Class. I had my new dress. I did exercises and waltz. Nice. Alys head-ache in evening.

Wednesday, February 27th

Alys not to Lessons. Ida and L and I on cliffs, and Sands. I neuralgic headache. Practised and did mushroom. Madame came but I was too head-achy for French. I netted. Mother read.

Thursday, February 28th

In bed to breakfast. Practised and did mushrooms. Miss Boodle in afternoon and I read history with her and Julius Caesar. Miss Morison for our music lessons. Netted.


Friday, March 1st

Up to Br: Did mushrooms all the morn. Out on Sands with Alys in afternoon. Mother paid calls. I practised, did prep for Misses Boodle and Coles. M read aloud. I netted.

Saturday, March 2nd

Wade in bed in morn: so we washed up and I did lamps. M and A to town. Ida and I did up netted mats. Did balls in garden in noon. Miss Coles came. I did sepia. Did lessons.

Sunday, March 3rd

Wrote letters in morn. Ida and I went for walk to Middle Chine in afternoon. M and A to Church. I and Ida rested. I read “Job”. After tea I read “Characteristics of Women”[1].

Monday, March 4th

Ida and I early to Branksome by Sands. Two people skating. We couldn’t as Ida forgot gimlet.  Conis nearly drowned. Misses Morisons to dinner. Music. Miss Boodle for my lesson and to supper.

Tuesday, March 5th

Headache. Netted and talked to Wade. Practised . To dancing-class in afternoon. Must practise steps. Head-ache. Mother read “Let xc”.



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Mother read “Let xc” Anyone know what that might be?Ida did her blue dress.

Wednesday, March 6th

In bed to breakfast. Practised “tip toe-ing” and balls. Did prep. Miss B. Rested and read “Twelfth Night” in afternoon. Madame came and had ½ French. Netted.

Thursday, March 7th

In bed to breakfast. Mother pains and on bed all day. I did a mushroom. The last! I went to Westbourne in afternoon. Miss Boodle came and Miss Morison. Music. I was tired. Heard of U. C.’s (Uncle Charlie) engagement[2].

Friday, March 8th

Up to breakfast but M in bed till afternoon. Practised. Did prep, painting – did lessons. Miss Boodle came at 5.30. I netted and we played cards. Charwoman came.

Saturday, March 9th

Practised, did up the mushrooms. Did exercises. Miss Andrews to dinner and tea. Miss Coles came. Nice lesson. Miss A accompanied Ida. We played whist in evening. Hot baths.

Sunday, March 10th

Wrote letters and read “All’s Well” [3]. In afternoon, Ida and I went to tea at Miss Morison’s. Looked at photos and sketches. In evening I read “Tempest”.

Monday, March 11th

Mother in bed all day with cold (in my room). I practised. Went to Westbourne, shopped and called on Miss Michel. Misses Morison and Boodle in afternoon. First German with former. Began “Othello”.

Tuesday, March 12th

Dining room cleaned. Gave Alys 1st German lesson. Did prep drawing. Miss Boodle. Mother in bed till tea time. Ida, Alys and I to dancing class, netted, practised in evening.

Wednesday, March 13th

Late down, washed up silver, etc. Practised, washed and ironed doll’s things. Mother to dinner at Mrs Hanhart’s. Madame came. Miss Boodle. Played ludo, netted. Heard Uncle Harold and Charles’ wedding sermons.

Thursday, March 14th

Practised. Went with Ida to leave invitations for tea-party. In afternoon all went for drive of East Cliff. Mrs Hanhart to tea and Bertie. Miss Morison came. Nice lesson. Netted. Marmalade.

Friday, March 15th

M in bed to breakfast. Alys to dinner and tea at Marriners. Arranged drawing-room for tea-party. Did French. In afternoon lots of people to tea. Mrs Walsh, etc. Netted in evening.

Saturday, March 16th

Skipped. Gave Alys German lesson. Did my Josephus[5] – had headache and cold. After dinner rested. Then went to bed. Unwell. Began “Romeo”. Miss Coles put off.

Sunday, March 17th

In bed all day with cold. Mother and Ida to Church. I wrote letters and read “Romeo”. (Woke at 11.15). Began “Pelham”[5]. Did my Bible history for Miss Boodle, with “Josephus”.

Monday, March 18th

In bed till dinner-time. Netted. Read up to dinner. Had music and German with Mother. Uncle Harold brought Lois and Eric (his children) to stay. They stayed one night here. Played and netted.

Tuesday, March 19th

Put up swing for children. Practised and did lessons. Uncle Harold went away at 1.30 to London. Ida, Lois, A and I to dancing in afternoon. Must practice steps. Marfy took Eric on Sands.

Wednesday, March 20th

Alys and Lois to Lostock. Nelly and Mrs Matthews to dine here. Aunt Carrie Davie called. Mother called on Mrs Worthner. Madame called. Miss Boodle came and practised. Netted.

Thursday, March 21st

Woke very late. Mother and Ida to Westbourne. I cut out bodice lining and practised. Afternoon, I went alone to Westbourne. Bought greenest muslin. Miss Hanhart and Miss Morison came.

Friday, March 22nd

Woke early. Mother went to ?***?(?West) to fetch Bertie Hanhart to stay here!. I did my green blouse. Bertie and Eric played with Fogerty’s. In afternoon Mother, Alys, Lois and …. Everybody to town…..


Who knows what it says – give it your best shot, if you can. The last two lines, please!

Saturday, March 23rd

Did French. Sea fret but went with Ida and Pids(?) to Chine. I sketched and they played. Afternoon Mrs Woodyer and Miss Woodyer and Miss Andrews called. A and I had our drawing lesson with Miss Coles. Mrs and Nelly Matthews to tea and supper


Sunday, March 24th

Wrote letters. So did Lois, Bertie and Eric. Then I painted and drew and they went for a walk, morning and afternoon. Miss Baron and Aunt Carrie D to tea. And ‘cello.

Monday, March 25th

Practised. Sent off “Chinese” parcel. Went with Mother to Miss Coles. Miss Morison in afternoon. My music and German. Miss Baumer called. Had bad headache and nose bleed.

Tuesday, March 26th

Neuralgic Headache in morning. Everybody went out. I had good time doing my green blouse. Went to dancing in afternoon, headache went away. I lead one Set. Read in evening and danced.

Wednesday, March 27th

Did lessons and practised. Audrey to dinner and tea. Madame in afternoon. I had 1 hrs French. Then we all had games and Miss Boddle came. I put on Alys’ skirt in evening and danced till 10.15! Hot baths.

Thursday, March 28th

Practised and drew models. Went on Sands. Afternoon sketched in Chine. Danced with Alys’ skirt. Music-lessons. Minnie’s birthday. Played cards and Skirts. Ida and I danced till 10!

Friday, March 29th

Practised and did lessons. Went to Hugh King’s[6] with Mother to see her dress tried on. Showery day. Ida and I danced in evening. Wade and Minnie into see us all dance. Miss Boodle came.

Hugh King.jpg

Saturday, March 30th

Uncle Charlie’s wedding-day. Practised and did Alys’ “body” with Mother. I went to Westbourne and got ink, etc. Miss Coles came in afternoon, and stayed to tea with A and me as it rained. All the rest to Miss Baumer’s. Ida colded (me: yes, she wrote that).

Sunday, March 31st

Ida in bed to breakfast. Wrote letters in morning and afternoon. Ida up after dinner. A lot of people to tea in drawing room. Miss Andrews and Morison.


(Me – Whole week – April 1st – April 6th totally illegible.  I might try and take a photo of it and see if, by using filters, I can make head or tail of it but at the moment, I only feel dread and see a blur!)

Sunday, April 7th

Painted and all went on Sands and played “Bathing Machines”. Uncle Harold came. I painted Mother’s things and sepia. E took photo of us, group. Played games in evening.


Monday, April 8th

Packed Faraday’s things. Went to station and saw them off. I practised. Miss Morison in afternoon, last music and German. I slept in my own room. We played hide and seek a lot.

Tuesday, April 9th

I painted “cone” sepia and read. Mother, Ida, Bertie and Alys and me to dancing class. Last one. I netted and played on piano and accompanied ‘cello in evening.

Wednesday, April 10th

Went up to Westbourne to leave Miss Boodle’s things. Alys last Lostock lesson. Ed took photos of me. Mother took Bertie to meet Hanharts and they came back for a moment.  Ed and I played tennis!!!

Thursday, April 11th

Muddled about, made my green bodice, Ed took photos of Alys and Warren came. We all went to tea at Mrs Wyatt’s. Alys to Marriner’s, Audrey’s birthday. Netted in evening.

Friday, April 12th (Good Friday)

Looked at old “Boshes[1]” and muddled. General Worgan very ill!!! Warren came to tea, tennis and supper. Nice Mother and I to ?***?. We all sang songs.

Nice Mother and I to S?***?

Saturday, April 13th

Edward up to London. Played tennis and changed rooms, in afternoon went with Mother to station, met Kitty! Kitty and I talked all evening. I slept in Ed’s room as Ed went back to London in morning: and K had sore throat.

Sunday, April 14th (Easter Day)

Kitty, Alys and I went up to Miss Morison’s. There was a tremendous fire on the Moor. Horrible and fearful. Miss Andrews to dinner and tea. K and I rested and talked. I played on piano. Read “Roman Ides”.

Monday, April 15th (Bank Hol)

Kitty, Alys and I walked up to Mrs Wyatt’s. General was a little better. Played tennis in afternoon. Aunt Nelly came! We had music in evening. ‘Cello accompaniment. Slept in Ed’s room.

Tuesday, April 16th

Minnie out, home. Kit and I did silver and talked. Played lessons a lot. Kit and I single sett (me: spelled like that in 19th century) – Kit 6 and me 3. We rested, read and talked. I slept in Ed’s room again. Alys ill sick and in night.


Wednesday, April 17th

Alys and Mother in bed. Alys all day. Sick and feverish. K and I to town all morning and to Westbourne. Miss Andrews in afternoon. Ed came home again. Mother, Ida and Ed to Richardson’s evening. K and slept together.

Thursday, April 18th

Frank Archer came and played tennis with K, Ed and me. Alys in bed all day. Warren (Charlie) and his sisters came to tea and had tennis and we all sang songs.

Friday, April 19th

K and I did silver and wrote letters. Edward lit a bonfire in garden. New tennis net came. B Hanhart, G. Herclotz(Herklotz?) to tennis. K and J to Morison’s to tea. We played tennis in evening.

Saturday, April 20th

Worked hard, tidied, washed and cleaned in morn. On Sands too. Afternoon muddled about and I went to Fogerty’s. Mr Boniwell came and moved furniture and took off doors. Lots of people and we had a regular dance.

Sunday, April 21st

Wrote letters and muddled about, did silver. Rested and dressed. Louise Matthews came to tea and also Charlie Warren. We had music and games and songs.

Monday, April 22nd

Went by Monarch[2] to Swanage (all except Edward) and walked to Tilly Whim[2] and had lunch there. It poured with rain coming home. We played cards in evening.

Monarch Paddle-Steamer
Tilly-Whim Caves

Tuesday, 23rd April

Played duets and played hockey in gardens. Went up to Westbourne by Omni with K and Alys. We marked the tennis court and played three setts. Sang songs in evening. I unwell.

Wednesday, 24th April

Very wet. Conis out all night, and tied up all day. Muddled about. I racketed balls. The Warrens called. Alys sang “Daisy” and I played solo!! Kit bathed. Wade to Winter Gardens.

Thursday, 25th April

Very wet, did duets, rested and muddled about. Went out and got sweets. All went to Hanharts in evening and had games and high tea. Home at 10.30.

Friday, 26th April

Did books in study and marked tennis court. Ed and Warren went to Golf Links. We called on Morisons. Charlie to tea and the “elders” out. We played tennis, C, E, K and I, Love 1. Danced inside.

Saturday, 27th April

K and I cooked and played 2 setts of tennis. I won both. Ida, Kit, A and I went to see Tableaux[4] at theatre[5]. Ed to Browne’s, Parkstone. Warren in evening. We sang and danced and had games.

Sunday, 28th April

Wrote to Ella and did duets. Mother, Aunty Nelly, Edward to Church. Rested with Kitty in afternoon and Aunt N, Kit and I went on Sands in evening. Hanharts called. We baked eggs.

Monday, 29th April

I wore cotton shirt 1st time. We played tennis and Kit and I went on omnibus to Pembroke[6]. 1.30 all went and saw Aunt Nelly and Kitty off to London. Mrs Marriner called. Zimmern came. We played cards in evening.

Tuesday, 30th April

Very misty. Mended and arranged music. To Westbourne in bus. Zilla, Francis and C Warren came and we played tennis in two lawns. Edward and Zimmern to Winter Gardens and in evening cards.


Wednesday, 1st May

Z and E to Christchurch. Played chess and went with Mother to Westbourne, rained hard. Alys to Marriners to tea. I read “We Girls”[1]. Miss Andrews to tea and ‘cello. Ida, Zim, Ed and I played 3 Setts tennis. Zim and Ed to Winter Gardens.

Thursday, 2nd May

All went to Swanage on Monarch, with Marriners. Ed and Z went to Corfe and Tilly-Whim. We all went to fields in donkey cart and picked flowers all day. Came home. Played cards in evening.

Friday, 3rd May

Helped Mother to pack Ed’s things. He played tennis with Zim and Walsh. We went with Zim and Ed to Station; saw them off. Then bought shoes, etc. Played tennis with Alys. Read “Pelham”[2].

Saturday, 4th May

Hair cut. Mother, Alys and I to town. Shopped a lot. Home later. Marked tennis court in afternoon and Muriel Napier came to tea. We played tennis. Read “Pelham” and tried on blouse in evening.

Sunday, 5th May

Wrote to Edward, I read “Pelham” all morning and afternoon, went with Mother, Ida and Alys to call on Mrs Wyatt. Began “Cloister and the Hearth[3]” in evening.

Monday, 6th May

Walked up the Chine with Alys at 9. Alys to Lostock. Did lessons. Miss Morison came 1st Music lesson. Madame came 1st French, 1st English Miss B. I slept in Ed’s room.

Tuesday, 7th May

Mother took Wade to doctor. Walked up to Miss Boodle’s with Alys. Had arith (arithmetic) And I came home by 10.30 ‘bus. Practised and did French prep. After dinner A and I to dancing class. Had clubs, balls, goose-step and bowing. I was called ‘alone’ 3 times in balls.

Wednesday, 8th May

Went up Chine with Alys and sketched coming back. Did lessons – and balls. Madame came. I had German and French. Miss Boodle – French History. Saw moon on water in evening. Ida and Minnie to Winter Gardens.

Thursday, 9th May

Up to Lostock with Alys. Had lessons. I came back at 11.15. Practised. Rested in afternoon. Miss Morison came. Music and German. Mother to Embleton’s to dinner.

(Me: The Embleton’s ended up as Alys’ parents-in-law!)

Friday, 10th May

Went up to Chine with Alys and sketched. Practised. Walshes, Morisons – Agnes and Willy, Fogerty’s and Mackenzie’s came to tea. Nice party. Played in both gardens. Balls in evening. Miss Parsons came.

Saturday, 11th May

Sketched in Chine. Did French and practised. Worked with Miss P. Miss Coles came and F Walsh had drawing too. 1st lesson. I did “cup and ball”. Showed my sketch to Miss Coles. Read. Alys to Embletons.

(Me:  The Embletons had 8 children. They had two daughters about Aly’s age.  Aly’s future husband was the eldest son.  When they first meet, Alys was 11 and Dennis was 16 years old!)

Dennis Embleton

Sunday, 12th May

Wrote letters and drew “Charcoal”. To St Ambrose with Alys in afternoon. Saw Marriners. Read “Cloister” in evening. Miss Parsons to Church.

Church of St Ambrose, West Cliff Road, Bournemouth

Monday, 13th May

Went by 10 Omnibus to town with Miss Parsons and Mother. Bought things, band, stuff for my cape. Miss Morison for Music and Madame and Miss Boodle. Went out with Ida in evening.

Tuesday, 14th May

Up to Lostock for lessons. Rested, tried on new blouse. Went to Calesthenic Class[4] in tassua (remember “tassua” (tassel) dress in Brussels) dress with Alys. Fanny Walsh came to see it. I had tennis with Ida here. Our new swing came.

Calisthenic Exercises

Wednesday, 15th May

Up the Chine with Alys. BATHED 1st with Ida and Fanny Walsh. Warm. Did lessons. Madame for German and French. Ida and I to Smale’s. Miss Boodle.

Thursday, 16th May

Up to Lostock and back by omnibus. Drew and practised in morn. Painted and did French in noon, and Miss Morison came. My music and German. Alys rode on Marriner’s pony. Played tennis with I.

Friday, 17th May

Up to Westbourne, very cold. Had drawing-lesson at 10.30 with Fanny W. Practised. Tennis party in afternoon. Walshes, Morisons, Fogertys and Mr MacKenzie. I played in next garden with Mr Morison.


Saturday, 18th May

Went to dinner at Walshes’. Instead on New Forest. Then they took us and Treuse to Christchurch for a drive. Went up tower and in priory. Drove back. To Fogertys in evening. Music.

Sunday, 19th May

I went to St Ambrose with Ida and Miss Tarsons in morning. Wore my new brown cape. Wrote letters. I made Indian Ink[5] in afternoon. Fire in drawing room.

Monday, 20th May

Up Chine with Alys. Painted and did lessons and practised. Ida on pier with Fanny and rowed back by Colin MacKenzie. Music, French and English lessons. Ida, Alys, Fanny and I played tennis.

Tuesday, 21st May

Up to Lostock in morning. Ida to Public Tennis Courts with Fanny and MacKenzie. Alys and Ida and I to Calesthenic Class. No balls, tambourine. Dear Conis (me: perhaps howling or “joining in”!)

Wednesday, 22nd May

Up Chine with Alys. Ida and I BATHED 2nd. Did lessons and practised. Ida went away to London. Madame came. French and my German. Miss Boodle to tea and lessons. Tried on divided skirts in evening.

Thursday, 23rd May

Late down. Went to St Ambrose with Mother (Ascension Day). Bathed with Alys alone. Miss Morison for music and my German and to tea. I unwell. Mother to Trevanions in evening.

Friday, 24th May

In bed to breakfast. Fanny and Miss Coles for drawing. Lesson at 10. I drove to Station to see Miss Parsons off. Mrs Banner called. Tea party in afternoon. Vernon’s came. M and I talked about Glenelly (house they are about to rent).

Saturday, 25th May

Up late. Practised and painted. Embletons came in afternoon and Gwen and Marriner’s to tea and games in garden. Fanny and Bertie W and Mrs MacKenzie came to have games in garden and we had tennis afternoon.

Sunday, 26th May

I wrote letter in morning. Mother and Alys to St Ambrose in afternoon and I went on moor and to Walshes’ and saw Mrs W’s sketches. I went to St Ambrose in evening with Jenny Walsh.

Monday, 27th May

Up Chine with Alys. I practised and worked. Music and French in afternoon. Tea party. Dr and Miss Dodd, Highmores, Embletons, Old doc and Mrs Napier. Miss Boodle in evening. I played games with Alys. Slept in Mother’s.

Tuesday, 28th May

Up to Miss Boodle with Alys. Did lessons. We went to Calisthenics in afternoon. 4th lesson Bowls and croquet. To supper at Dodd’s.

Wednesday, 29th May

Up Chine with Alys, sketched. Did lessons and practised. Gave Wade string bag and Madame for German and French. Audrey to tea. Miss Boodle. Alys and I to station to meet Mother from Christchurch with Doz.

Thursday, 30th May

Up to Lostock. Muddled about lessons and MissMacKenzie and Mrs Burt to tennis. In afternoon went on a picnic in Talbot Woods with four Morisons, drove, Mrs Morison’s treat. Mother signed agreement to let this house. Hedgehog. Lejeune. (me:  Please someone tell me what this means!)

What is “Hedgehog. Lejeune.”?

Friday, 31st May

Up Chine with Alys. Fanny and Miss Coles at 10.00 for drawing lesson. Did lessons and practised. Miss Morison came for my music and German. I planted out mignonettes[6] in my box. Miss Boodle came; her birthday.

Reseda (plant)


Saturday, 1st June

Rained hard for 2nd time since 6th May. We tidied piece-bags and sewed. K practised. Heard that Edward had won 5 guineas’ worth of books. Natural Science!!!. Alys and I to Westbourne. I had my head washed.

Sunday, 2nd June

I slept on late and had headache all day. Cleaned out the toy cupboard. Alys and Mother to St Ambrose. Afternoon service. I wrote letters. To bed early.

Monday, 3rd June (Bank Holiday)

Up to Chine with Alys. Then did lessons and I bathed with Fanny. Lovely.  Swam. Mr and Mrs Morison came but not Madame. Miss Boodle came. Walshes not to tennis as it rained. Alys and I played tennis at 8.30.

Tuesday, 4th June

Up Chine to Lostock with Alys. Came back in ‘bus. Lessons and practise. Went to dancing class in afternoon. Lots of 3 ball exercises. I lead walking. Fanny played tennis with me here.

Wednesday, 5th June

Up Chine with Alys. Did lessons and practice. Madame came, my French and German. Audrey E to dinner and tea. Miss Boodle came. Mother and I called on Mrs Wyatt in evening. General not very well.

Thursday, 6th June

Up to Lostock with Alys. Practised in morning and drew can. Last music and German with Miss Morison. Winnie Vernon, Fanny and Bertie Walsh, Miss MacKenzie and Mr Birch to tennis in evening. Mother at Morisons.

Friday, 7th June

Gardened here all day. I slept late. Miss Coles came but not Fanny. Very windy and hot. Lessons and practised in afternoon. Miss Boodle came. Mrs Francis to see house. Mr and Mrs Trevanion to supper and evening “Lejeune”.

Saturday, 8th June

Spent the day at Sopley[1] with the Fogertys. Awfully hot. Went for walk by brook and picked wild flowers, with Miss Parr and Rids. Mrs Kemp Welsh to tea then back by tram. Hot bath for me.

Sunday, 9th June

Cold bath first time this year. Tidied cupboard and tore up letters. Awfully hot day. Wrote letters in evening and walked with Mother, Alys, Mrs and Fanny Walsh to inquire about General Worgan.

Monday, 10th June

Up Chine with Alys. Did Lessons. Mother heard A and me practise. Madame came and Gwen stayed to tea. Miss Boodle came. I played to her. We all gardened and watered in evening.

Tuesday, 11th June

Up to Lostock with Alys. Met Mother and we went to town together and shopped. Tidied my cupboard and tried on blouse. Gardened and watered hard in evening.

Wednesday, 12th June

Bathed with Francis’. Up Chine with Alys. Did German and English lessons. Miss and Mr Mackenzie to tennis alone. Madame, Audrey and Gwen for my German and French with Miss Boodle. A and I played tennis.

Thursday, 13th June

Cleaning and tidying music and gardening all day. I did painting for Miss Coles. Alys went to tea at Channel View, Francis’s. Mother and I went to Westbourne, it rained.

Friday, 14th June

Miss Coles at 10.00. Rained. Fanny came. Tidied and I gave Alys a music lesson. Mother, Alys and I to town, paid bills and shopped. Took Conis to Blake’s.

Saturday, 15th June

Packed and bathed with Alys, Fanny and Francis’s. Lovely. 6th Swim. Mrs Restall came to Inventory in afternoon. Alys out to tea with Francis’. I practised. Gardener and baskets came.

Sunday, 16th June

Late breakfast. Packed in morning and read “Dolly Dialogues”[2]. Alys and Mother to Children’s Service in afternoon. I wrote and read. Mrs Walsh saw over the house in evening.

Monday, 17th June

“Glenelly” (me:  their new house where they are lodging having rented out their own?)

Up Chine with Alys. Did odds and ends of tidying. Went with Mother to Miss Michell’s. Unpacked and settled down there. And Conis. Madame, Audrey and Gwen to French. Conis slept in our room. Miss Boodle came. Played organ.

Tuesday, 18th June

To Lostock with Alys. Walked to Alum Chine[3] and Walshes. I bathed (7th) with Fanny. Went for drive to fetch Alys from Branksome and to Canford Cliffs. Wade came here. Alys and I played croquet.

Wednesday, 19th June

Up to Lostock with Alys. Miss Coles and Fanny here instead Friday. Drew coffee mill. Went to town. Madame in afternoon. Audrey and Nancy to tea. Miss Boodle in evening. I had headache. Miss M, Mother, A and I croquet.

Thursday, 20th June

I unwell. Read in morning. 1.30 Mother and I travelled to Clifton. Alys at Marriners. Con at Glenelly. We met by Edward!!!!To Apsley Road. Ed stayed all evening. Played cards and quilted. Ed back to College. Kate and Emma at home.

Friday, 21st June

Edward and Warren in at 9.00. Mother, Ed and I went to Zoo. Lovely. Ed took us over his study, tiny, dear. Mother called on Mrs Asquith. Ed and Warren and I walked about home. After dinner, Ed came. He and I ate strawberries in garden. Drive in evening. M to “soiree”.

Saturday, 22nd June

Aunt Kate, Mother and I to chapel at 10.00. Cricket Match at 11.00. We watched. Ed took me to museum and M to lunch in College. Prize giving and acting. Mother and I to garden party. Wabeys, Ed and Warren for drive and picnic with us.

Sunday, 23rd June

We all went to Davey’s Church. Rested in afternoon and talked to Edward. Warren and Edward to tea and supper and I went for a walk on downs with them. Dr and Mrs Barnes came to supper.

24th – 29th illegible

Sunday, 30th June

Went in carriage to St Adhelm’s[4] in morning. Miss D Boodle to dinner. Read in afternoon. I went to St Ambrose, Children’s Service. Miss Michell to church in evening.


Monday, 1st July

To Lostock with A. I did lessons, prep, bought paper. Miss Michell to Jumpers[1]. We did her “board”. Madame for French, Gwen to tea. Miss Boodle in evening. A & I painted and drew.

Tuesday, 2nd July

To Lostock for lessons. Came back, looked at “Studio”. We all went to Miss Fisher’s Wedding at St Peter’s at 1.00. Rained in afternoon. A and I painted, M, A and I to sea and back by Chine.

Wednesday, 3rd July

Did lessons in morning. Madame and Rids in afternoon. Miss Boodle in evening. Miss Michell packed. Mother, A and I went to Marriner’s and Blake’s about Conis’ leg – lame. Got ointment for him.

Thursday, 4th July

Miss Michell went away by 9.40 train. A and I to Lostock, not Gwen. Mother, A and I to town. A’s birthday. Audrey to tea, strawberries. Played hide seek. Rubbed Conis and read.

Friday, 5th July

I went for sketching lesson with Miss Coles at 10.00 for whole morning. Mother, Audrey, A and I to swimming baths in afternoon. Diving lesson! Miss Boodle in evening.

Saturday, 6th July

Sewed my bathing-gown. Bathed with Audley’s and Alys. Alys to tea at Francis’. I did lessons and sketched house. Mother, A and I to de Karps’ on Omnibus. Played Patience in evening.

Sunday, 7th July

Wrote letters in morning and drew. Miss Boodle to dinner. Alys and I went to childrens’ service. Christening. Drew and painted in evening. I read to Alys “Nothing to Dress”.

Monday, 8th July

Miss Coles and I to Middle Chine. Extra lesson. Then Mrs Marriner, Mother and Alys and I to swimming baths. I dived four times off board. Madame came. Mother and I to Vernon’s to tea. Miss Boodle. An ?***? all night.

An ?***? all night (right at bottom of page)

Tuesday, 9th July

To Lostock. Lessons. I took omnibus to Sands and bathed with the Francis’. Then I practised and rest in afternoon. Francis’ girls and Audrey to tea. After supper we walked to Con’cum (me: Condercum – their house at 7 Burnaby Road, Bournemouth) to seek Con. Audrey all night.

Wednesday, 10th July

Woke very late. In bed to breakfast. Did lessons and bathed with Audrey and Alys. Madame for German. Miss de Karp to dinner. Lots of ladies to tea. Madame de Karp to supper.

Thursday, 11th July

To Lostock. I went with Mother to Cemetery[2]. Rested in afternoon. Alys rode on Spark. Mother and I to Miller’s for tea. Played croquet in evening.

Friday, 12th July

I went sketching with Miss Coles. Played croquet in afternoon and Audrey, Alys and I went in the Baths. A and I didn’t have a lesson. I dived and Miss Boodle in evening. A and I croqueted.

Saturday, 13th July

M in bed to breakfast. A and I went out sketching then bathed with Audrey. Alys to tea/dinner at Cordere. Lessons and practised in afternoon and 3 Millers, Miss Hilliard and Winnie Vernon to tea and we played croquet.

Sunday, 14th July

Late breakfast. I wrote letters and read a little. A and I to St Ambrose in afternoon and Stewarts called. Miss Boodle and Miss Adams to tea. M, A and I went on Common in evening.

Monday, 15th July

I went sketching with Miss Coles till 12. Then I met the others and we all went to the baths. Lilian Vernon too. Madame ill so didn’t come. Miss Boodle in evening. We played croquet. I did lessons.

Tuesday, 16th July

Worked and I went at 11.15 to Lostock lessons. French History. I called on Miss Coles. Played croquet, rested. Went to town and Mother and I had hair shampoo’d and cut. Called on Baumes. Played croquet a great deal.

Wednesday, 17th July

I went sketching with Miss Coles, and after I saw her studio. Mother packed. Con (Conis, the dog): washed. Trevanions and Miss Adams all called. Alys to Baths and dinner and tea with Audrey. Miss Boodle in evening.


Thursday, 18th July

Packed in morning. Alys to Lostock. After dinner, Mother, Alys, Conis and I travelled to London; cab to 54 Bedford Gardens. Aunts Alice and Edith and Poz, Doz later. Lovely house and studio. Tired to bed.

Friday, 19th July

Doz and Alys and I walked in Kensington Gardens, Con too. After dinner to High Street Kensington and D shopped. I saw Hayden Coffin[3]. Mother to James’s to call. Grosvenor to late dinner and evening. Danced, sang, talked.


Saturday, 20th July

Doz to Exam. I read “Saracincesca[4]”. In afternoon we all went to Cousin Mary’s concert. I saw Kitty. Then we all went to Buchanan’s for supper. Back by underground.

Sunday, 21st July

In bed to breakfast, up late. Mrs Miles (A.E.) called. Rained hard. We all went to Aunt Nelly’s by tram. I had bad pain. Came back and I went straight to bed; Read Saracinesca.

Monday, 22nd July

Stayed in bed till after dinner. The others went out on omnibuses. Mother and Doz and Alys went to the Arthur Miles’ to dinner (late). Aunt Alice, Poz and I at home.

Tuesday, 23rd July

We all went on ‘bus to National Gallery. Lovely. Back and Aunt Ada to dinner. Mother out to dine with Uncle Harold. Poz, Doz and I on buses to shops. Mrs and Phil Carr called in evening.

Wednesday, 24th July

I kept quiet and had pains. In afternoon, rested and then we all went to “the Empire of India”[5].


Me, Aunt Ada and Aunt Rosa and Uncle Harold. Rode on elephant. Heard electrophone[6]. Saw conjurors, etc, etc.

Thursday, 25th July

Started at 10.00. by train to Thames Ditton, Mrs Keith’s. Poz gave music lesson to “Skine”. After dinner. There we all went on the river in with Punt and boat. Saw houseboat too. Home to supper.

Friday, 26th July

Lazy; very hot. Went to “Derry and Toms”[7]. Mr Parsons called. Also Mrs Lonie. And Dot Matthews. Also Nelly (Quits) and Miss Mortimer. Poz out to give music lesson to Bromages.

Kensington High Street

Saturday, 27th July

Kept quietly at home, tidied and cleaned studio. At 4pm, Poz, Doz, Alys and I went to tea at Uncle Charlie’s house, Putney Bridge. Home at 8pm. 16 (about) people came and we had a dance in the studio.

Sunday, 28th July

Up very late. Barnards out at Trowers. A and I played about. Alys bad blister on foot so didn’t come with us. M and I to 15 Canon Place. Stayed all night. Saw Lois, Lawrie and Eric.

Monday, 29th July

Rested; then M and Lois, Aunt Rosa and I drove about Highgate. Pretty drive. Croquet in afternoon. Then Mother took me to Kitty’s and paid calls elsewhere. I talked to Kitty. Saw Box, etc, etc. Slept at Canon Place.

Tuesday, 30th July

At 10.00, we (M, Aunt R and I) started by omnibus and got to the Royal Academy. Met Uncle H and Robin and Paul there; spent 1½ hours there. Had lunch at restaurant. Ices. Then parted. M and I to 54 Bedford Gardens again. Alys sick. We packed. 5 people called in evening.


Wednesday, 31st July

Doz, Poz and I went to Hyde Park and watched “Rotten Row[8]”. At 2 o’clock Poz and Doz and A and I went to Liverpool Street by ‘bus, met Mother and Aunts Alice and Kitty. Travelled (with Conis) to Southwold. Mr Edens. Slept with Kitty.

rotten row 1895.jpg
Rotten Row 1895 Poster


Thursday, 1st August

K’s birthday
Wandered about on the beach. Saw James Barnard. Got brown. Rested and then played tennis on Common[1] in afternoon. Saw Miss James. Mother and Aunt A walked to Walberswick[2].

Friday, 2nd August

Very windy and cold. Played tennis on Common. Saw Cousin Sidney and E. .B Leighton[3] (me: Kate’s grandfather’s wife’s nephew!).

Edward Blair Leighton.jpg

Blair Leighton picture.jpg
God Speed by Edmund Blair Leighton

After dinner we girls walked to Walberswick and back by Blackshore[4]. Bought satchel, M read aloud.

Saturday, 3rd August

Rough and rainy. Mr G.E.B. (me: George Barnard – 1st cousin twice removed) down at Southwold. Kitty and I bathed. None others allowed to. Rained. In and played patience. Walked to Walberswick to E.B.L.’s (Edward Blair Leighton). To organ recital in evening.

Sunday, 4th August

I unwell. Aunt Alice out. Mother, Poz and Doz to Church. Kit and I on Gun Hill[5]. In afternoon Mr Barnard took us all in a wagonette to Cove Hithe by Wangford. Lovely drive and ruins.

Gun Hill, Southwold
St Andrew’s, Cove Hithe

Monday, 5th August – Bank Holiday

Very wet. Kit coughing. We two indoors all morning. I painted. Poz, Doz and Alys bathed. We saw Mr G. E. Barnard off to London. Procession. The others played tennis. K and I rested. Coz Charlotte to tea.

Tuesday, 6th August

Kitty in bed all the morning with cough. It rained all day except in evening when we all walked to the old pier, except Kitty and Alys. To organ recital in evening.

Wednesday, 7th August

The girls bathed but Kit and I didn’t. Fine with occasional showers. Smith saved a man. We played tennis. Run away horses – “stick on darling”!

Thursday, 8th August

Kit and I had 2 singles at tennis. 1 all. Then we went alone to Walberswick. I sketched, we eat plums. The others bathed. Afternoon we all rested in garden. After tea, we played tennis with Charlotte and Jessica on the Common.

Friday, 9th August

Kit and I walked to Walberswick. I sketched and we sat on the rotton pier (me: Southwold got a new one in 1900). The girls bathed. We rested in the garden in the afternoon. Kitty and I went for drive with the James’. We all played tennis with the GB’s at the “Swan” (hotel).

Swan Hotel, Southwold

Saturday, 10th August

Poz unwell. I went out sketching near Osborne’s Farm. Doz, Kit and Alys bathed. Eddie Buchanan came and we played tennis on the Common. Charlotte and Sidney in. Saw tame bear.

Sunday, 11th August

Mother, Kitty, Alys and I to early – 9.30 – service at St Edmund’s.

St Edmund’s Church, Southwold

Then on Gun Hill. Very windy. Rested in afternoon. Out and called on Mrs Hurwith. Kit, E. B. L’s called. I finished “The Golden Butterfly”[6].

Monday, 12th August

At 10 o’clock, Kitty, Alys, Eddy and I went with Mr Gage for a ride! I on “Mabel”. In afternoon we all went to Henham Hall, had tea there with Jameses and J Barnard’s etc etc drove home.

(me: sadly now demolished)

Tuesday, 13th August

Rained hard and very cold, disgusting day. Doz and I wrote in our Patience books – letter from Edward. The others to Organ Recital. Aunt A and I at home. Eddy called.

Wednesday, 14th August

At 10.30 Kitty, Eddie and I out riding with Gage. I on “Old Jo”. Lovely and splendid. Till 12. Then K and I bathed alone. Eddie in boat. Alys and Doz on pony. Ed took Poz, Doz, Kit and A and I on row boat. All to tennis at B’s. Rain and thunder.

Thursday, 15th August

Doz and Eric with Mr Gage for a ride. Doz on “Old Jo”. Kit, Alys and I bathed with a boat! I dived from it 4 times. We all rested in the afternoon. And tennis in evening.

Friday, 16th August

Pox, Kit, A and I bathed, with the Barnard’s, etc, etc. Men from boat. Then Eddie took Doz, Kit and I in a sailing boat. Lovely. Very choppy. Rest afternoon and tennis. Edward came!!!

Saturday, 17th August

Bathed in morning. Doz and I dived out of men’s boat! Sidney went away. Kitty went out on bicycle with Harry and Eddy at 2.30. We rested. Doz and I for a ride with Gage. Tennis in evening. Card party in evening of Barnards, Reids, Buchs (Buchanans).

Sunday, 18th August

Up late. All to Church in morning. Bishop of Norwich preached. Rested all afternoon. Kitty and I called on the Short’s. And then went for a walk to Blackshore. Read in evening.

Bp_John_Sheepshanks Bish of Norwich.jpg
John Sheepshanks, Bishop of Norwich

Monday, 19th August

Bathed early with Doz, Ed and Alys. Very calm. Poz and Kit and Eddy out riding. Rested in afternoon. Watched cricket match and played tennis (ladies versus gents).

Tuesday, 20th August

Kitty and I awakened at 4.30 by mosquito so we walked by Blackshore to Walberswick and back before breakfast. All bathed. In afternoon we all went to a picnic at Walberswick of B’s (Barnards), James, Daveys, Buchanans, Reids, etc. Great fun. Rounders.

Wednesday, 21st August

Bathed, Had a boat and dived and jumped, Poz and Kit too. Harry took snapshots. Afternoon Eddy took Doz, Alys, Kit and I in a sailing boat. The others to Daveys in evening. Punch and Judy [7].

Punch and Judy

Thursday, 22nd August

Bathed. Watched Regatta. Regatta all afternoon. Blair Leightons to tea and supper and also tennis. Grand fireworks in evening on Gun Hill.

Southwold Steer.jpg
Southwold by Philip Wilson Steer 1891

Friday, 23rd August

I sketched on beach. Doz and Poz for a ride. We all bathed. Roughish and deep. Boat-swing. Played tennis. Poz and Doz went for a ride in the morning.

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 12.16.09.png
Victorian Boat Swings or Swing Boats

Saturday, 24th August

Bathed, lovely, calm, swam heaps out of depth. Then Poz, Doz, Kit, Alys and I went for a sail with Eddie and Mr Whitford. Poz felt ill. Tennis – Doz and I for a ride with Mr Gate. I on “Mabel”. Tennis.

Sunday, 25th August

All (except Ed and Alys) to Church in morning. Canon Lloyd preached. Long service. Rested in afternoon. Went to tea at Aunt Blair’s with Doz at Walberswick.

Monday, 26th August

Cold. We saw Aunt Alice off by 7.30 train. Didn’t bathe. Did patience book. Went in Church. Aunt Blair and Fanny to tea. We played tennis, tip and run[8] and rounders. Eddie to supper. I began housekeeping.

Tuesday, 27th August

Very windy, beautiful rough sea. I had neuralgia all day. Did shopping. Watched waves. Read, etc. Played tip and run with J Barnard etc, etc and cricket. Miss Booseys came. Talked to Smith.

Wednesday, 28th August

Doz unwell. We bathed, not rough. We went for a sail with Eddie. Went for a row with Miss James on river. Played tip and run. Miss Critten to tell our characters by our hands  at the Daveys.

Thursday, 29th August

Did shopping. Bathed, rather rough. Too choppy for sail. Miss James went away. Afternoon we all went to a picnic with Daveys at Walberswick. Daveys, Poz and I sketched, others went on river. I drove pony-cart home.

Friday, 30th August

Kitty, Alys, Eddy and I went for a ride with Mr Gage over the Common. Kit on Larrykin. They bathed after. Eddy took us for a row in afternoon. We played tip and run in evening with Barnards. We all went to the fair in evening. Roundabout.


Saturday, 31st August

Did shopping. Bathed with boat. Dived. Then all saw Barnards off to London. At 2. (Eddy’s treat), Mr Gage drove us all to Yoxford[9]. Teas and sketched. Eddy to supper. Went to fair again. Played Nap[10]. Doz headache.


Sunday, 1st September

At 10.00 Eddie took Kit and me for a sail. Lovely; last!!! Rest and read in afternoon. Not to Church. Kit and I had a walk. Eddy to dinner and tea and went back to London in evening.

Monday, 2nd September

Shopped, then bathed. Choppy. I sketched. At 2.30 Poz, Doz, Kit and I by train to Blythburgh[1]. Sketched. Mother, Coz Fanny and the Daveys drove. We had tea, saw Church. Saw moon on sea later.

The Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh

Tuesday, 3rd September

Poz and Kit for a ride. We all bathed with boat and dived. I sketched in morning and afternoon. Packed in evening. Poz helped. The others to organ recital. K and I to bed early.


Wednesday, 4th September

The girls bathed and then we all went around to see Aunt Kate’s (Edmund Blair-Leighton’s wife) sketches. At 12.05 all started in train for London. Arrived there 3.38. Doz and Poz quickly on to Broadway[2]. Kitty home. We got our train at Waterloo and arrived “Condercum” (8 Burnaby Road, Bournemouth) at 8.00. Wade and Minnie. Had supper and bed.

Thursday, 5th September

Mother in bed to breakfast. I unpacked. Played croquet. Edward did Latin and I rested in afternoon. I read “Anatomy”. On the Sands in evening. Edward read Greek and Livy[3] to us in evening.

Friday, 6th September

Muddled about. Played croquet. We bathed from our tent. Rested and read “Anatomy” in afternoon. More croquet. Ed and Alys to Faradays at Cluny Lodge.

Cluny Lodge Hotel, Bournemouth

Saturday, 7th September

Bad cold. Played croquet. Robin, Paul and Lois (1st cousins) came. Alys and Ed bathed with them. I went to bed. Limbs and head ached. The others went to Sandbanks[4] for picnic with Faradays. I slept in M’s room. She had cold too.

Sunday, 8th September

Mother and I both in bed. I to dinner, and up for tea. Mother up to dinner. Wrote letters and read “Pirate”[5]. Uncle Harold and Aunt Rose and Laurie to tea. Showed my sketches. Alys and I drew in evening.

Monday, 9th September

In bed to breakfast. Up. Uncle H and Robin, Paul and Lois came and latter out with Alys blackberrying. A to tea with Gwen. Letter from Kitty. Bad sore throat. Went to bed early. 8.15.

Tuesday, 10th September

Bad sore throat. Stayed in bed all day. Edward to tennis tournament at Pardoe’s. Mrs and Mr Fogerty to tea. I painted and read “Pride and Prejudice”[6]. Alys drew and painted fashions too.

Wednesday, 11th September

In bed all day. Painted and drew fashions, darned stockings . Paul, Trevor and Jocelyn Hunt to tea and croquet with Edward and Alys. Also Mrs Walsh called and Fanny played croquet with them.

Monday, 9th September

In bed to breakfast. Up. Uncle H and Robin, Paul and Lois came and latter out with Alys blackberrying. A to tea with Gwen. Letter from Kitty. Bad sore throat. Went to bed early. 8.15.

Tuesday, 10th September

Bad sore throat. Stayed in bed all day. Edward to tennis tournament at Pardoe’s. Mrs and Mr Fogerty to tea. I painted and read “Pride and Prejudice”. Alys drew and painted fashions too.

Wednesday, 11th September

In bed all day. Painted and drew fashions, darned stockings . Paul, Trevor and Jocelyn Hunt to tea and croquet with Edward and Alys. Also Mrs Walsh called and Fanny played croquet with them.

Thursday, 12th September

In bed to breakfast and dinner. Darned stockings. Up after dinner. Miss Hunt and Phyllis and Gwen to tea. I drew and netted. The others played croquet and other games in garden.

Friday, 13th September

(My Birthday)
Only in bed to breakfast. Had presents. Netted and played croquet. Legs ached like anything. Miss Highmores called and played croquet. Champagne for supper. Alys and I played to Edward.

Saturday, 14th September

Up early. Saw Ed and Alys bathe from tent. Very hot. After dinner (12.30), Mother Wade and Alys to see Shelby Hunt’s double wedding. Ed to cricket at Hinton. I wrote to N.C. and painted and began blue serge blouse. Tom Atkins sang in evening.

Sunday, 15th September

Stayed in bed till dinner-time. Rested all afternoon and tried on blue blouse. Miss Boodle called and saw my sketches. I showed my sketches to Wade.

Monday, 16th September

Letter from Doz. Alys began lessons at Lostock. I woke up late. Got up. Did blouse. Rested all afternoon. Mother, Alys and Edward to town after tea and I machined blouse. Played cards and sang in evening. Alys shampoo’d

Tuesday, 17th September

Alys bad pains and in bed all day! I played croquet with Ed and rested. Wore new blue blouse. Bellairs, E’s friend to tea and croquet. I looked at sketchbooks and did Latin with Edward. Slept in my own room.

Wednesday, 18th September

Machined and played croquet a little. Alys very feverish 103. I went to Westbourne to shop.

Westbourne Arcade

Dr Blake to see Alys. Edward at Bellairs all afternoon. Miss MacKenzie called. Edward’s packing case came!!!

Thursday, 19th September

Up to breakfast! Did “Livy” with Edward, and then croquet. Miss Baumer and Enid Hunt called. Latter played croquet with us. Alys better. Rested and tidied cupboard in afternoon. Miss Coles called. Mr Harry Simpson called after supper.

Friday, 20th September

Played croquet. Miss Emily Simpson called. Also Dr Blake – Alys tonsillitis. I cut and arranged drawing paper. I called on Fanny and she came here too. Did Latin, etc.

Saturday, 21st September

I went by 10 o’clock omnibus to call on Miss MacKenzie. Saw her lovely appliqué work. I asked Fanny in for croquet. She came at 3.45 and stayed to tea. Mrs and Kathleen, and Maude Browne called. We made damson jam in evening.

Sunday, 22nd September

Wrote to Kitty and Doz. I arranged small drawing board. Rested in afternoon and saw Alys! Read to her. Miss E Simpson called. Ed to Richardsons. I learned Greek letters and heard Edward.

Monday, 23rd September

I went to call on Winnie Vernon and then to Miss Coles. Talked to latter long time. Very hot day. Rested in afternoon and Miss Emily Simpson came to stay. I played croquet with her.

Tuesday, 24th September

Went to Westbourne by bus with Miss Simpson. Very hot. Mother, Ed and us to town by 2.30 ‘bus. I read to Alys and played, worked, etc all afternoon.

Wednesday, 25th September

Fanny W in bed. I called. So I bathed alone. Lovely. Bellairs to dinner and tea. I played croquet with Ed and tie. Alys up! Mrs Bridge, Mrs Miller and Nelly came. Miss Boodle to supper and lesson. I unwell. Ed feverish.

Thursday, 26th September

Alys, Ed and I in bed to breakfast! My watch stopped! I got up. Knitted. I did Venus de Milo in charcoal. Mrs and Fanny Walsh called. Mother and Miss Simpson to Mrs Millers. I had bad headache.

Friday, 27th September

Alys up. Ed in bed but up to dinner. Miss Simpson went away. Mother and I to call on Mrs Marriner. I went to tea at Miss MacKenzies, did work there. Miss Boodle in evening.

Saturday, 28th September

Very hot weather. Dr White to Edward. I worked, washed up, etc. Did Ed’s pictures. Rested in afternoon. All to call on Miss Michell, and then I to Vernons. Ed in bed all day. I did appliqué work. Finished socks.

Sunday, 29th September

Helped Mother with E’s clothes. Wrote to Ida. rested and read Mansfield Park[7] in afternoon.  Mother and I called on Walshes in evening. Edward in bed all day.

Monday, 30th September

Mother, Alys and I in town. Called on Miss Radmar. She lent me her skirt!! For dancing class. Ed up to dinner. Mother and I busy. Dr White came. Miss Boodle came. I read poetry in evening.


Tuesday, 1st October

Got up at 7.00. Edward went to Cambridge by a train. We all worked at my black underclothes all the morning. At 2.30 we went to the first dancing class. I in Miss Rad’s skirt! Lovely. I did a table line. Walked home. Tired. M and I did green silk.

Wednesday, 2nd October

Woke late. Arranged the Study. Miss Coles, Fanny, and Winnie Vernon and Gwen and Alys for drawing class! Did lessons in afternoon. Didn’t go out all day. Prepared for sweep. Miss Boodle came. Supper in Study.

Thursday, 3rd October

A and I up to Lostock by 10.00 ‘bus. At 11.00 I went to Miss Stewart’s and Miss Morison gave Marion and me German lessons till 12.00. A and I back by ‘bus. Div lessons in afternoon. Mother, A and I to Miss Neaves about my blouse.

Friday, 4th October

Woke late. Alys to Lostock. I did lessons and cleaned pictures. Out on Sands, rough. Miss Morison in afternoon. Gave A and me Music lesson. Gwen, Audrey and us French lesson. Nice. Miss Boodle for me. Alys to Gwen’s. 5-8.

Saturday, 5th October

To Westbourne with Mother in morning. Fitted at Miss Neaves. Rainy. Winnie Vernon came for prep. Drawing and to tea. I did lots of lessons and practised.

Sunday, 6th October

Wrote letters in morning. Took Alys to St Ambrose in afternoon. Mr Barnett preached. Pasted in photos in evening and framed Brussels ones.

Monday, 7th October

Home began to be painted outside. Up Chine with Alys and got book at Stewart’s. Did some German. Miss Morison came in afternoon. French and Music. Nice. Miss Boodle in evening; table. Did green silk work in evening.

Tuesday, 8th October

Up to Lostock. At 10.30 to Miss Neaves. Was fitted and so was Mother. M and I to town, shopped, got my new hat and jacket, etc, etc till 3.00! ‘Bus home. Dinner at 4.00! No tea. Did lessons, practice and work in evening.

Wednesday, 9th October

Did French prep and then prepared tables. Drawing class. As usual, at 11.30. Practised and did lessons. Miss Boodle in evening. Literature. Netted in evening. Ella’s mat.

Thursday, 10th October

Up to Lostock with Alys. There till 11, then to Arran. And had German lesson. Home. Prep lessons. Miss Bridge and Miss and Mabel Cox called. I practiced. New blouse came.

Friday, 11th October

Up Chine with Alys. To Westbourne with Mother. My pink blouse altered. Miss Morison in afternoon. Awfully strict. Music and French. Nice. Worked in evening.

Saturday, 12th October

Lessons all morning. Mother in town. On Sands in afternoon. Drew and painted apples. Kitty and Jack came and stayed all night. 70 miles on their cycles today! From Sydenham! (me: Sydenham to Westbourne is 110 miles!) K rested with me.

Sunday, 13th October

Brought the tandem round and A and I tried to ride. Couldn’t well, terrified! K and I talked. I wrote to Ed. Morisons to tea. Showed my clothes to Kit. Talked. I had bad headache.

Monday, 14th October

A and I walked up road with Jack and Kitty. Alys and Jack on cycle! Kitty and I walked. Then went away!! I to Miss Leaves. Miss Morison in afternoon – French and Music. Mother to Winter Gardens, 1st concert. Miss Boodle.

Tuesday, 15th October

Up to Lostock, walked home. Practised. To dancing class in afternoon, I wore my new blouse. New steps. Began “Mr Gilfil’s Love Story”[1]. Netted. Soire Rustum (me:  anyone know who or what Rustum means?)

Began “Mr Gilfil’s Love Story”. Netted. Soire Rustum.

Wednesday, 16th October

Chine with Alys. Did my French. Drawing Class. Painting of our house finished. Did my lessons. Mother out (calls) – Miss Boodle came. A and I put on our “skirts” and practised in evening.

Thursday, 17th October

To Lostock and then I to Arran, very nice German. Then I met Mother at Miss Neaves. Fitted. Mr and Mrs Forgerty to dinner and the whole family to tea. Pracised and lessons.

Friday, 18th October

Mother unwell so Wade took me to dentist. Nothing done. Miss Morison for Music and French. Miss Wyatt came! Only for the day. Worked in evening: Miss Boodle came. 

Saturday, 19th October

I did German and French prep. All our trees cut low. Winnie Vernon came and we painted together. Alys and I out to “Inkosikea”, our little tree. I practised and we played balls. Sent off present to Ella.

Sunday, 20th October

Wrote letters in morning. Miss Andrews to dinner and tea. Alys and I to St Ambrose in afternoon. I had new blue dress and hat and jacket. Read “Janet’s Repentance[2]” in evening.

Monday, 21st October

Mother and I to town. I had my photo taken at Debenham’s. Chose Mother’s bonnet. Miss Morison in afternoon. Music and French. Miss Boodle in evening.

Tuesday, 22nd October

Very rainy. A and I up to Lostock. I ‘bus back. Alys headache in afternoon and not to dancing class. I went in carriage. Front row in balls. A’s place. A’s headache better. Reading and work in evening.

Wednesday, 23rd October

A not to Lostock. Did French in morning and drawing class. Fanny didn’t come. Out to Incosicaas and Dodder Nest (me: I know that the family liked nicknames) with Alys. Wet, damp. Cold. Miss Boodle in evening.


Any ideas about Incosicaas and Dodder Nest?

Thursday, 24th October

A and I up to Lostock. I to Arran. Nice German lessons. Mother, A and I to town, dinner there, shopped. Got A’s jacket and hat. Took Alys to Dr White’s because of her head-aches. Practised in evening.

Friday, 25th October

Did lessons and cooked in morning and went into the gardens. Miss Morison in afternoon for French and Music, etc. Miss Deakin called and stayed and Miss Boodle, Miss Deacon and B to supper.

Saturday, 26th October

Got up and had breakfast. Then went to bed with sickness and headache. Bad. Couldn’t read or talk. Slept in Mother’s room, with a fire. My photos came. Good.

Sunday, 27th October

In bed to breakfast. Wrote letters to Edward, Doz and Kitty. Miss A Morison called and Mrs Fogerty. Mother read “The Cabinet Minister”[3] aloud to us.

Monday, 28th October

(Very frosty and cold). Up Chine with A. Did French and German prep: Out for a little walk again. Miss Morison for French and Music. My new “Gade”[4] piece begun. Miss Boodle in evening. Alys headache.

Tuesday, 29th October

Up to Lostock, Back and did lessons – German. Mother to lunch at Miss Michel’s. Alys and I to the dancing-class. Nice. Carriage home. Mother to Winter Garden with Miss Michel in evening.

Wednesday, 30th October

Up Chine with A.  Arranged room. Drawing-class. Fanny not here! Mother’s “at home” lots of ladies came. Vernon, Coz and Mabel and Walshes. Alys to Audrey’s to tea. Miss Boodle came.

Thursday, 31st October

Rained. To Lostock by ‘bus then to Arran; Nice German. Did English in afternoon and climbed trees in Chine with Alys. Green and dirty. Miss Boodle came, instead of Friday.


Friday, 1st November

Up Chine with Alys. Hot and sunny. Did French prep all the morning. Miss Morison came. Nice Music and French. Mother paid calls. Read “Rudder Grange”[1] aloud. Drs at 18.00!!!

Saturday, 2nd November

Practised and painted leaves. Alys had pain. To Westbourne by 12 omni. Conis run over! Left fore paw lame! Winnie in afternoon. Did the old marrow! I read German. Greenhouse smoked. Mother to Smales.

Sunday, 3rd November

Rain. Not to Church. Alys in bed. I wrote letters. Miss Andrews to dinner. Mother and Miss Andrews to tea at Mrs Fogerty’s. Very wet. Drew and read.

Monday, 4th November

Half-term holiday. Music lessons at 10.00. No French or English. Miss Boodle in London. Very wet – but fine. Alys and I dug by “Dodder Nest”. Mother to concert. Worked.

Tuesday, 5th November

Rain. I unwell. In bed early. Afterwards up. Read “Trilby”[2] and finished “Amos”[3]. Alys to dancing alone. I painted and read and practised. Mother read “Rudder Grange” in evening.

Wednesday, 6th November

Rain. Alys to school by 10 omnibus. I helped Wade with soot in kitchen. Drawing-class. All as usual. Fanny came. Alys bad headache in evening. Mother to Highmore’s. Miss Boodle for my lessons. I practised and did prep.

Thursday, 7th November

Rain. Alys not to lessons. I up by omni. Then to German, very nice. Mother to dentist. I did prep: lessons and practised all afternoon. Went to Sands, but rained. Practised dancing. Worked and read.

Friday, 8th November

Rain. Did French and practised in morning. Alys pains. Miss Morison in afternoon for French and Music (nice). Miss Boodle in evening. Worked. Ella’s apron. Red apron laces.

Saturday, 9th November

I sketched in Alumhurst Road from 9.30 to 11.00!!! Very hot day. Did lessons and practised. Miss Davies called. At 7.30 came 2 Cox’s, Fanny, Miss Abbot, Winnie and N Miller. Had games, dances etc till 10.15. Nice.

Almhurst Road.jpg
This is NOT drawn by Kate! (just in case you think this is what she spent her time doing)

Sunday, 10th November

I had headache all day. Wrote to Doz, Kit, Ed. Read. Painted chrysanthemums in afternoon and Alys to Morisons to tea. Saw my sketches. Mother read “Cupid and Pschye”[3] aloud.

Monday, 11th November

Alys to school. Went by 10.00 omnibus to town with Mother to Hugh King’s. About M’s green dress. Ordered green blouse for me. Music and French etc, in afternoon. Mother concert. Miss Boodle came. Alys had pains.

Tuesday, 12th November

Mother in bed to breakfast. Mother unwell. Alys in bed all day with pains and pale. I did German prep and practised. I put blouses, etc in the loft. I to dancing-class alone. New step. Carriage back. Read aloud and worked in evening.

Wednesday, 13th November

A in bed to breakfast. I practised, etc. Drawing class. Alys up. Mrs Walsh gave Alys a canary. We drove to Christchurch Road.

Christchurch Road.jpg

Miss Sime and Nelly came. Music (violin, etc) I evening and we talked. No Miss Boodle.

Thursday, 14th November

A in bed to breakfast. Nell and I walked up to “Arran” with me. I had German. Mother, Miss S and Nell to concert. A and I at “Dodder Nest”, dug and played music in evening. Did my French.

Friday, 15th November

Practised, then Nell, Alys and I went on the Sands. Rough. Miss Morison in afternoon. French and Music. No Gwen (too wet). No Miss Boodle. Mother and Mrs Sime to Miss Fogerty’s.

Saturday, 16th November

Practised then Nell, Alys and I to Sands. Breakwater broken and very rough and high sea. Did drawing. A and I went again afternoon but it rained. Bill Sime came in evening. We played “Counties”[5] and worked, etc.

Counties card game.jpg

Sunday, 17th November

We all went for a drive to East Cliff, Dene Park, etc. Wrote in afternoon. Miss Morison to tea and Miss Andrews and Lady Macfarran and Miss Davies. Bill went away again.

East Cliff

Monday, 18th November

A and I to Dodder Nest. Lovely time there. Miss Morison in afternoon, Music and French. Went to Walshes in evening. Four Trevanions, Vernons, etc. We had games and dances. Nell came too.

Tuesday, 19th November

A and I on Sands in morning. Very rough and lovely. All went to dancing-class. New dancing step. Simes looked on. Tired in evening, to bed early.

Wednesday, 20th November

Up late. Arranged room. Drawing class. I began my group. Did lessons and muddled about in afternoon. Practised. Sore throat. Played letter game. Finished “Trilby”.

Thursday, 21st November

Nell walked up Chine with me. I to German class. Walked back. Alys for ride in afternoon with 15 others! 5 boys, 4 grooms. Mother sick! Simes to concert. I did lessons, etc.


Me – This next diary entry contains language that was deemed acceptable at the time. I have left it in the text for accuracy only – ie to be faithful to the original text.

Friday, 22nd November

Mother better. She and I to town and to Madame’s. Poor Madame! Negro son! M’s dress tried on. Back by train. French and Music in afternoon. Mother and Mrs S to tea at Lady MacFarran’s. Played games in evening. Go-ban[6].

Saturday, 23rd November

I had cold and stayed in bed all day. Read “In Silk Attire”[7] from Fogertys. I drew, etc. Wade talked. Simes came in.

Sunday, 24th November

In bed all day. Read “Interference” (me: no idea!) and drew and painted crest, etc. Wrote to Edward. None to church or out. Played Go-ban with Nell and Alys.

Monday, 25th November

In bed till teatime. Read “Interference” and drew. Alys had French and Music and Miss Morison came up to see me. I got down for tea, etc. We played Go-ban. Finished my book.

Tuesday, 26th November

Up directly after breakfast. Wrote to Doz, her leg hurt. A and I to dancing in afternoon. New steps, etc – difficult. Skirt dance. Played Go-ban and Counties.

Wednesday, 27th November

Up to breakfast. Drawing class. Painted tomato. Nell in bed, but got up after dinner and Simes went away to London. Miss Boodle came in evening.

Thursday, 28th November

Took omnibus to Lostock and then to Arran for German at 11.00. Walked home. We all went to Miss Richardson’s wedding at All Saints. Did lessons and practised in afternoon.

Friday, 29th November

I did lessons and practised all morning. Miss Morison for afternoon. Music and French. Mother to De Karps and Madame. Miss Boodle came in evening. Read aloud.

Saturday, 30th November

Painted tomato and did lessons in morning. Audrey to dinner and tea. Kathleen Birch came on her bicycle to tea. I taught her reverse, Scotch steps, etc. Dr Birch came for her at 5.00.


Sunday, 1st December

Wrote to Ella about Jaffy’s (me: no idea) death and to Ed. Drew Alys in charcoal. 2nd time. Called on Miss Davies. Arranged about bicycling. Mother called on Fletcher’s. A and I built houses.

Monday, 2nd December

Did French and German and went to Dodder Nest (me: if you have any idea what this is, please tell me) with Alys. Dug. Very hot day. French and Music in afternoon. Miss Boodle in evening. Miss Andrews to dinner and tea. Miss Walsh called.

Tuesday, 3rd December

Did German and lamp-shade and various odd things. To dancing class in afternoon. Nice. Mother to concert with Miss Fogerty. A and I did “plans” in evening. I read to Mother. Lessons.

Wednesday, 4th December

Did French, etc. Drawing class, nice. Then we took two omni to town. Met Miss Davies at Norman’s; she and I had bicycle lessons. I learnt quite enough! She didn’t. Miss Boodle in evening.

Thursday, 5th December

Up to German lessons in morning and did shopping, back by ‘bus. Mother’s tea party in afternoon. A good many to tea.

Friday, 6th December

Did lessons and practised. Miss Morison in afternoon – Music and French. Mother to tea and at MacKenzies. Came home with Miss Boodle. Had my lesson and Grammar!

Saturday, 7th December

Mother unwell to Westbourne. I drew. Alys and I to Dodder Nest. Mr and Mrs and Miss Baumer came to call. Did German. Mother and I to Fogerty’s to tea. Stayed till 7.00. Alys danced.

Sunday, 8th December

Wrote to Poz and Hatty and Ed. Alys headache. I alone to St Ambrose in afternoon. Mother read “Psyche and Cupid” to me and I read R. L. S.’s “Memories and Portraits”[1].

Monday, 9th December

Alys to Lostock and Mother and I to town; saw Miss Rudd’s show and shopped. Mother to concert in afternoon. Miss Morison for Music and French. Miss Boodle for last lesson this term.

Tuesday, 10th December

Worked Ed’s crest. Up to Westbourne for flowers for Miss Radmar. Last dancing class in afternoon. Very nice. Lots of people. Mother paid calls.

Wednesday, 11th December

Mrs and Eileen and Ba Fogerty came (T’others to Sopley). To stay. Drawing class in afternoon. Miss Coles asked me to bicycle with her! I bathed Dulcie. Mother bathed Eileen.

Thursday, 12th December

Mother and I by 10 omni to Camacha[2]. Had long talk with Miss Dersley and Blinkhorn. Did work. Ed’s crest in afternoon and evening. Alys and Eileen and Dulcie acted charade. Alys bathed both!

Friday, 13th December

Last Lostock for Alys. I up to Westbourne, bought things. Mrs Fogerty to dinner. They all went away to Sopley after dinner. Mother paid calls. Gwen to tea. I began Pantry-cloth and book needle.

Saturday, 14th December

Ed! Worked in morning. In afternoon with Mariners to Volunteer Hall Foundation. I met Ed and Warren at E. Station! Tea at Marriners. Alys, Audrey and I to Camacha. Magic Lantern show. Songs and games.

Sunday, 15th December

I unwell. Wrote letters. Rested all the afternoon. Miss Andrews to tea. Row! Ed walked back with her. We sang and played Goban in evening.

Monday, 16th December

Wade in bed all day. Woke at 11.00. So I did housework. Boys out to golf. Audrey to dinner and tea, played dolls with Alys. Did my drawing. Dr White to Wade. Boys to Winter Gardens.

Tuesday, 17th December

Did housework. Wade up. Alys a cold. Ed bought Czarine. He and Charlie played billiards at Westbourne and we all played Goban. Mother and boys to theatre. Alys and I worked.

Wednesday, 18th December

Alys a cold. Drawing lesson in morning. Not Fanny or Gwen! We went to Miss Slade’s breaking up at the Havergal Hall. Ed and Charlie to Boscombe theatre in afternoon. Played cards in evening.

Thursday, 19th December

Slept on late. Charlie went away at 10.30. Played Goban and wrote letters. Mother, Ed and I to Mr Hake’s breaking up in afternoon and called on Miss Davies, etc, Worked in evening. Alys better.

Friday, 20th December

Mother a cold and I went for an hour’s bicycle practise with Miss Davies and Mrs Haywood. Then to town with Edward. Mr Fogerty to dinner. Ed passed his “little go!“ Sent off parcels.

Saturday, 21st December

Alys and Mother in bed to breakfast. I to Westbourne with Mother, bought calendars. Bellairs to dinner and tea with Ed, A and I to Mariners and to tea at Embletons, and acted and had tableaux. Aunt Ada came: worked.

Sunday, 22nd December

Painted Christmas card and addressed others; wrote to Ethel Miles and Charlie. Went with Edward to call on the Morisons and Mrs G E Barnard. Tried on Mother’s skirt. Read.

Monday, 23rd December

Very busy with parcels and work. Seedy. Aunt Ada to town. Getting off parcels all day. The others to Westbourne. I finished Mother’s cloths.

Tuesday, 24th December

Rain in morning. I did lessons and we muddled about. Aunt Ada, Ed, Alys and I went to Westbourne; bought and sent off last cards. Decorated the rooms with holly in evening.

Wednesday, 25th December

Presents in morning. Then Aunt Ada, Ed, Minnie and I to St Ambrose Church. Dinner at 2.00. Muddled about. Miss Davies and Mrs Haywood to tea. We acted a charade. Dances and music.

Thursday, 26th December

Read and wrote letters. Muddled about. Received letters and presents. Mr Barnard called. Dryden Donkin for tea and cards. Read and had letter game.

Friday, 27th December

Edward to Bellairs all day. I wrote letters. Aunt Ada and Alys to Winter Gardens. Mother and I read in drawing-room. Mother not to Millers. Ed read Geology.

Saturday, 28th December

Up “latish”. Wrote lots of letters. Cleaned fire – dogs. Wrote also in afternoon. Ed and Alys made the “Wheel”. Letter from Aunt Kate. Ed and Mother did accounts. I read.

Sunday, 29th December

Tidied my cupboard. Lots of moth eggs!!! Aunt Ada and Edward to Church. Showed Aunt Ada my sketches. E and A played bricks. Read “Wide Wide World”[3].

Monday, 30th December

Did silver etc. Marked handkerchief. Enamelled things. Out on Sands. Maude Samson to tea. Ed to Winter Gardens. I to Vernons from 7.00 till 10.30. Games. Ed and Aunt Ada to Golf Ball. 9.30 to 3.00!

Tuesday, 31st December

Miss Andrews called. I did silver; Wade dried! I golfed on Sands with Ed: I to town to 2.30 ‘bus. To Normans. Walked back. Miss Davies and Marriners and bad sick headache evening.

6 thoughts on “1895 Bournemouth, London, Southwold, Bournemouth

  1. I notice that Kate and Alys suffer a lot from headaches. My mother suffered from migraines, though not nearly so much after she realised chocolate made her ill. I’m the same, but can avoid it most of the time by avoiding certain allergens, (I’m descended from the Barnards.) Judith


    1. That’s interesting (and horrid too). I suffer from migraine too. Always have, since birth. There are no particular triggers for me. Just life.


      1. That’s even worse; if you know what triggers reactions you can control them but if you can’t track it down then you are going to suffer. I wonder how many more of the Sandemanian Researchers suffer from migraines.


  2. Frances, I have come across a woman called Leanne Langley, a musicologist who writes about music and women musicians; this was because I am trying to find out about someone whom my mother said was a cousin and a viola player, Sarah Bainbridge, married name probably Hunt. I told her about your Aunt Kate’s Diaries because she has also written an essay on the musicality of John Singer Sargent. She was very interested and I’m wondering whether she is now looking at the Diaries. See https://www.leannelangley.com/projects/sargentology/


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