1895 January Footnotes

[1] Glee – a song for men’s (or two determined women!) voices in three or more parts, usually unaccompanied, of a type popular especially c. 1750–1830.

[2] A Tramp Abroad is a work of travel literature, including a mixture of autobiography and fictional events, by American author Mark Twain, published in 1880.

[3] An Exhibition is a type of scholarship award or bursary.

[4] The Prisoner of Zenda (1894), by Anthony Hope, is an adventure novel.

[5] ?Perhaps? The Ambulance Down in the Valley Joseph Malins (1895), poem

[6] Ignacy Jan Paderewski was a Polish pianist and composer, freemason, politician, statesman and spokesman for Polish independence. A favourite of concert audiences around the world, his musical fame opened access to diplomacy and the media.

[7] Crockett, S. R. (Samuel Rutherford), 1860-1914. Title. The Lilac Sunbonnet: A Love Story.

[8] Geraint and Enid. by: Alfred Lord Tennyson

[9] The Story of Sonny Sahib by Duncan, Sara Jeannette, 1861-1922

[10] The Steadfast Gabriel by Mary Howitt

[11] Household Words was an English weekly magazine edited by Charles Dickens in the 1850s. It took its name from the line in Shakespeare’s Henry V: “Familiar in his mouth as household words.”

[12] Mona Maclean, Medical Student: A Novel by Graham Travers

[13] “A Ring of Rubies” from L. T. Meade. Irish prolific writer of girls’ stories (1844-1914).

[14]  “A Girl of the People” by. L.T. Meade

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