1895 July Footnotes

[1] Jumpers Common, Christchurch

[2] Probably Christchurch Cemetery, Bournemouth – their father, Philip Boyd, died in 1888.

[3] Charles Hayden Coffin (22 April 1862 – 8 December 1935) was an English actor and singer known for his performances in many famous Edwardian musical comedies, particularly those produced by George Edwardes.

[4] Saracinesca is a novel by F. Marion Crawford – Set chiefly in Rome of twenty years earlier, the novel paints a rich picture of the period, detailing the spiritual and economic problems of the aristocracy at a time when its influence and status were under attack from the emerging forces of modernity.

[5] The Empire of India Exhibition took place at Earls Court in 1895. Indian scenery was reproduced and there were displays which reflected the country’s past and present states. The overall theme was clear: modern India was the product of British patience and genius.

[6] The Electrophone was a distributed audio system that operated in the United Kingdom, primarily in London, between 1895 and 1925. Using conventional telephone lines, it relayed live theatre performances, music hall shows, and Sunday church services to subscribers who listened over special headsets.

[7] Derry & Toms was a London department store that was founded in 1853 in Kensington High Street.

[8] Rotten Row is a broad track running 1,384 metres (4,541 ft along the south side of Hyde Park in London. It leads from Hyde Park Corner to Serpentine Road. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Rotten Row was a fashionable place for upper-class Londoners to be seen horse riding.


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