1913 – London, SS Mauretania, Philadelphia, Washington, Studland, Weybourne, Headley, Newcastle, RMS Caronia


1913 Diary

In 1913, Edward is 37 years old, Kate is 34 years old and Alys is 29 years old. Eva (Alys and Dennis’ daughter) is 4 years old.

Diary Preface:

Pure milk question:
It isn’t outside the home but inside the baby.

La crainte de déplaire ôte tous les moyens de plaire – Voltaire – “The fear of displeasing takes away all means of pleasing”

Name: Katharine Boyd
Address: 250 South 21st Street, Philadelphia USA
15 The Parade, Golders Green, London N.W.

In Kate’s handwriting….

Lord Cromer and Colonial Governors 75% character and the rest brains

October 15th to Nov 26th – I month 1 week 4 days.
Jan 19th to June 19th 5 months 1 week 4 days
Anytime 2nd week in June

Terrified of logic!
Afraid of woman’s suffrage because women so logical. Never deviate. If contemplated whole work, tempted to resign; nobody ever has, but there must be a way out, if there’s a way in.

Expert on tariffs – “ain’t no such animal”. Poor men don’t get justice and rich men don’t either….. Clive Dodge and the golf sticks in 1880. Dark ages. U. S. Customs, Agricultural Implements. Only one thing I complain of. E. P. Should have stopped at W.W. 79 – I’m not very much used to being President yet. Today it has not seemed as if it couldn’t be for me but as if I was only a spectator.

Terrible anger of the people if something not done to relieve them. Their complaints are just. We must help. Complacency of so many people. We can’t speak or work when angry and yet we must get people excited or they never move at all. Content and complacent. N. S of all honest officials in now, in every county. It could be set free.

Hope I know something of what the country wants, asks for – must try to be agent in getting it for it. Difficulty is no one meant wrong. It just happened that way. Ball down a slope, catch it at top, not just when plunging into inferno.

I know you fellows understand me, I’ve known you all my life, but the 27 million doesn’t know me and 4 years is a very little time to get to know a person in and understand them. Business men and investments. Invest in me, why not examine like any security?

Crossed Atlantic 3 times in this year – January, June, November


Wednesday 1st January 1913

To Finchley Road, to my Bank about papers. To Alys. To Kitty’s on way up. Nurse out. We looked after Eva. Dennis in to dinner.

Thursday 2nd January 1913

Grey. Damp.
Alys and I to town to try and buy tweed skirt, and to Morny’s. To Wardour Street. Lunch with Uncle Harold. To Wooland’s and Harrod’s. To tea with Dolly at Antrim Mansions. Home. Read. Out to garage after dinner.

Harrods 1913.jpg
Knitted coats” from Harrods, 1913

Friday 3rd January 1913

Wrote letters. Out to shops alone. After lunch with Alys to town to Morny’s and Peter Robinson’s. Then to Miss Dinkle’s to 25 Dorset Square. Then to Aunt Alice’s to dinner. All three there. Came home about 11.

Advert for Peter Robinson's tailor -mades 1913
Early spring smart tailor suits. 1913

Saturday 4th January 1913

Dull, but mild.
Out at 10 and met Aunt Alice at Royal Academy to see Tadema’s pictures. Interesting, lots of people. Lawrence and Anna Tadema, Mr Sargent, Mr Parsons, D. Navarres, etc. Home to lunch. Dennis also. Rested. Slept in p.m. To Kitty’s to dinner, all of us. I stayed night there. Edward away with Handesyde.

alma tadema.jpeg
The Water Colour Room, ‘Exhibition of Works by the Late Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema R.A., O.M. (c) Royal Academy of Arts

Sunday 5th January 1913

Very damp, drizzly, mild.
Up to Alys at 10. Walked with her and Kit down Frognal. Wrote letters. To tea at Uncle Harold’s. Supper at Alys’. She and Dennis to Albert Hall to see Cinema. I to Kitty’s to sleep.

Monday 6th January 1913

Walked up early with Kit. Did washing. With Eva and Alys to 15 The Parade to lunch; shopped in p.m. Barnes, etc. Stayed to tea. After supper Alys and I tidied cupboard outside bathroom. Ted in.

Tuesday 7rd January 1913

Bertha came; helped her sign papers. Alys and I took her to town and saw about her passage to America. We shopped and had lunch. Katharine Buchanan to tea with Eva. Alys and I to theatre to see The Younger Generation. Uncle Harold gave us tickets.

younger generation

Wednesday 8th January 1913

Dry. Fine.
Down to Finchley Road. Saw over house in Netherhall Gardens. Excited. Home. Calling on Kit. Down to town to hear electrophone. To Kit’s to tea. Charley in, very serious about Cousin Jeanie. Dennis in to dinner. Max and Elsa in after. Wrote Ella and Aunt Eliza.

Thursday 9th January 1913

Up early and with Dennis and Alys to see Netherhall Gardens House. Home. Agent called. Out for walk in p.m. to the Pryors, etc. Tidied hall cupboard with Alys. Dennis home late.

Friday 10th January 1913

Cold and foggy.
Packed. Felt ill. Not out at all. Sat by fire. Alys to Kitty’s in p.m. I rested on bed. Uncle Harold in. I to bed at 8.30, hot bath. Temperature normal! Alys in bed with me. Dennis in at 12.30.

RMS Mauretania

Saturday 11th January 1913

Snow – colder
Alys helped me to pack. Felt a little better. Off in taxi to Euston. Alys left me there. Wade there. At 11.40 off to Liverpool. Arrived Riverside Station about 3.30. on board the Mauretania. Tea, wrote to Alys. Dinner at 7. Wrote to Aunt Alice and Dorothy. Delay in sailing. Billed at 5.

RMS Mauretania – British Cunard Line

Memo: Bertha’s passage to Philadelphia. Haverford arrived January 29th £12.02 (and Mabel). Mauretania’s Roughest Voyage

Sunday 12th January 1913

Sleet, Fine later.
Still in quayside. Cooling all day. Very bored. Wrote letters. Read. Unwell. Rested all p.m. Sat in lounge after dinner. Started at 9.35. Singing in 2nd class. Talked to man about it.

Monday 13th January 1913

Sunshine. Rough later.
Walked a good deal, on both decks. Saw vessel in distress. Coast of Ireland. Snow on hills. Lovely views. Sat on deck. Dr Carl Jones came and sat and talked. In lounge in evening. Read Lucas’ Lamb[1] and talked to Dr Jones again.

Tuesday 14th January 1913

Very rough. Hail.
Struggled to breakfast. Sick afterwards. Sat on deck. Better after lunch. Walked a little. Slept in cabin in p.m. Watched waves. Terrifically big. Dressed Dined. To bed after as felt ill.

Wednesday 15th January 1913

Very rough indeed.
Up to breakfast at 9.40. Sat on deck. Talked to Dicky Levering (aged 6). After lunch, watched waves with artist, and then Dr Jones after tea with spectacled Painter man. In lounge after dinner with old man like Mr J Sandman. Bed 10.30. Waved knocked two boats on to deck and crumpled up iron in front. Broke all windows of bridge. Tore off rail 30 foot.

Thursday 16th January 1913

Calmer. Rolly.
Sat on deck and talked to children. Saw boat drill. In p.m. down in salon with Mr Williamson and Mr Thomas; latter played till 4.30. Had tea on deck. Walked with Thomas and Jones. Talked till 5.30. After dinner talked and read in lounge and man played on piano.

Friday 17th January 1913

Calm. Cold.
Sat and read. Walked with fat widower. Wrote Alys. In p.m. on sun-deck to see damage by waves. Dr Jones and Thomas helped me buy handkerchiefs. Talked to Oregon Irishman and walked with him. Talked to Thomas. After dinner talked to all three in lounge and later on decks with Thomas – 2nd class too.

Saturday 18th January 1913

Walked on deck. With Dicky and then Irishman (Wakefield Richardson) and soup with him and Leverton Harris. Read. Wrote Alys. In lounge p.m. Long talk with Jo Ferris. Tea in verandah with Richardson. Then they (and Thynne) took me to engines, stokehold, storage, all over; frightfully interesting and thrilling. Tiring. Dirty. Sat on deck with Thomas and Briady. After dinner, talked in lounge to young Walker and then to Fred Pegram and da Costa. Sent cable to Alys. Packed up. In bed about 11.30.

Mauretania engine control room

Sunday 19th January 1913

Very fine and warm.
Up at 6. Packed. Breakfast 7.15. Wireless from Tante. On deck in sun, talking to all and sundry. Harris, Thomas, Jones, etc. On dock at 9.35? Uncle Doc there. To Manhattan. Tante there. Slept. Lunch. Train at 3 to Philadelphia. To 250 South 21st Street. Talked to Tante. Dinner. To bed 9.30.

Monday 20th January 1913

Hot. Then cooler.
Arranged trunks and clothes. Out. Tante to hair-dresser. I to Wanamaker’s, Sautter’s, Sorosis, Evans’. Bought shoes. Lunch at 250 South 21st Street. At 4, both out to Newtown. Great welcome from maids, dogs, Mrs Quinn, McIntyre. To bed 10.

Tuesday 21st January 1913

Cold wind. Frost in evening.
Up at 8.15. Out to see puppies, Floss, horses, etc. Talked to Tante. Out with her to see cows. At 3.30 Mr Solly drove us to Farmers’ Club at Worthington’s. Nice. I spoke on employer’s liability and Mauretania’s passage. Tante on divorce…..

Wednesday 22nd January 1913

Finer. Muddy.
Talked to Tante and dogs a walk. After lunch Mrs Quinn gave notice. Tante and I drove to Mrs Solly’s, saw Edna and baby. Then home and out again with Hope and Mrs Quinn to Dr Smith’s and stores. Home at 6.15. Supper. To bed at 10.

Thursday 23rd January 1913

Talked to Tante. Wrote to Alys. Not out all day. Felt tired and coldy. Read all p.m. Rested. Milk tester “Webster” came – Fresh! Wrote 5 dog-letters in evening.

Friday 24th January 1913

Dull. Warm. Temp 48.
Talked to Tante. Wrote to Dorothy, Ella, Kitty. Out to puppies with Tante. Got them into kennel. out to barn, William grinding corn. Rested and read.

Saturday 25th January 1913

Fine. Sunny, warm.
Out to dogs. Mr Solly to talk to Tante. In p.m. out to pups with Tante. Mrs Solly and Edna Wilson and baby Robert came. Supper 5.30. Then Mr Solly with Walker, Edna and Elizabeth came and drove us to Teacher’s Institute. 4 men sang songs, told stories etc.

Sunday 26th January 1913

Very fine and warm – 58 degrees on verandah
Out with dogs, picking up twigs. H & S to Church. Wrote Jim and Rex. Cleaned puppies’ kennel with Tante. In p.m. Mr Solly drove us to station. Train to Philadelphia. Uncle Doc met us. Dressed at 250 South 21st Street and all to dine at Bellevue Stratford Hotel. Home at 10. To bed 11.

Bellevue hotel.png
Bellevue Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia

Monday 27th January 1913

Rain all day.
Interviewed 3 cooks. Read papers. In p.m. out with Tante in taxi, to interview Anna Gaither (engaged her) and another. Slept from 5 to 6.30. Miss MacCarthy and Millicent to dinner. Uncle Doc home at 10.40. To bed 11.30.

Tuesday 28th January 1913

Very fine.
Breakfast 8 with Uncle Doc. Letter from Alys. Out to Ottinger’s and got hot-bottle for Aunt E. With Tante to various stores and lunch at Sautter’s. Home. Then I alone to Newtown; met Mrs Quinn who had been to funeral. McIntyre drove us out to Farm. Wrote dog-letters.

Wednesday 29th January 1913

Snow all day. Gentle.
Up at breakfast at 8.15. Out with dogs. Wrote and more dog-letters. Mr Solly had lunch with me. I read indoors and Mr Solly to meet Tante at 5.30. Snow stopped about 4.30.

Thursday 30th January 1913

Fine. Warm.
Wrote ads for dogs and Cardinal. Talked to Webb. Mr Solly and Mr Ira Corn all here. Appraisement of stock. 21 eggs. Mrs Quinn away but new cook didn’t come so Mrs Quinn back again. McIntyre to Philadelphia as his Mother ill. Puppy ill and in house.

Friday 31st January 1913

Fine. Warm.
Up at 5.30 to feed puppy. Letter from Alys. News of Spetember 25th. Drove in to meet Millicent MacCarty (Hope). Dr Terry came to see puppy and to ring bull (Hope).

Saturday 1st February 1913

Very cold, windy
Up at 6.30 to feed puppy. Drove to Newtown with Millicent to get chops (Faith). Very cold coming back. Tante had headache. Millicent and I read and walked round fields. Did farm account is evening with Tante.

Warmest January on record.

Sunday 2nd February 1913

Fine. Frosty.
To Newtown with Millicent who to Roman Catholic Church. I to our Church. Hope frisky. To Solly’s with medicine. Uncle Doc out in p.m. All round farm. I wrote Alys. Uncle Doc and Millicent away 8.15.

Monday 3rd February 1913

Snow, then pouring rain.
Up 6.30. Cornell came and drove me to station. 9. Train. To 250 South 21st Street. Interviewed 6 or 7 cooks. Engaged Lizzie Muldoon. Lunch. Taxi at 3.15 to Jefferson Hospital and to Caldwell’s. Took 5.23 home. McIntyre met me. Tante down to supper; in bed all day.

Tuesday 4th February 1913

Very fine. Snow on ground. Sun.
Tante in bed till 6.30 p.m. I took snapshots of dogs with Hannah and washed and ironed cosy. Sat with Tante long in p.m. Talked. Letters came. Puppy better.

Wednesday 5th February 1913

Fine. Cold.
Wrote Farm Accounts and dog letters. Out with dogs. By 3.53 train with Tante to Philadelphia. Rested. Dinner 6.30 with Uncle Doc. He out to read a paper. In at 9.45. I to bed at 10.

Thursday 6th February 1913

Fine, snow in night.
Breakfast 8 with Uncle Doc. To Hospital with Tante at 11. Then on to Murphy’s. and sent calendar to D. E. by parcel’s post. 14 cents. Lunch 250 South 21st Street alone. Lizzie came 12.45. She with me to station; and to Farm. Mrs Quinn away. Wrote to Alys and read. Cold evening. We tobogganed on hill. Hannah, S. and I.

Friday 7th February 1913

Very cold 16 degrees at 8 a.m. In to talk to Lizze. Out with dogs and finished letter to Alys. With Faith to Newtown and did shopping, then met Tante at 5.30. Home. Wrote pedigrees in evening. Fussy frisky. Talked with Tante.

Saturday 8th February 1913

I unwell. Up at 7. McIntyre drove me to 9 a.m. train. Letter to Alys. To lunch at 2027 Delaney with Mrs MacCarthy. Millicent took me to Opera to hear Mary Garden in Le Jongleur de Notre Dame[1]. Very good. Walked home. Dined with Tante and Uncle Doc. Latter tired. Tante in by 12.35 train.


Cable from Buchanan’s about birth of son on 8th (?Peter)
Lizzie Muldoon coming 1.23

Thursday Sunday 9th February 1913

Breakfast 8.30 with Uncle Doc. Wrote to Kit. Talked to Uncle Doc and Tante. Millicent called. Tante and I out by 2.30 train (Lunch at station) Walter met us. Walked round about. Puppies, etc. Tante headachey. Wrote checks, etc.

Monday 10th February 1913

Fine. Lovely.
I harnessed Hope and to Newtown. Joe and John hauled ice a.m. and p.m. Lunch late. Lizzie gave notice. Letters from Alys and Lancet. Harnessed Faith in p.m and with Tante to Mrs Rosenberger’s and then the Woodman’s and Smiths. Nice call and drive. Home 6.15. Wrote dog-letters.

Tuesday 11th February 1913

Snow, rain.
Men hauled 2 loads of ice. I wrote to Alys and brokers and Manager of Bank. Tante and I in to Philadelphia (Hannah also). 12.35. Lunch at staion, then to Mrs Lloyd’s in taxi. Home. Rested. All 3 to dine at Mrs Sydney Biddle’s – 7. Then saw George and Geoffrey and Miss Irwin, Miss McMurtry, Dr Gargune. Very nice evening.

Wednesday 12th February 1913

Fine. Colder.
Breakfast 8 with Uncle Doc. Read, and wrote in a.m. Note from Mrs Lloyd. After lunch to Mrs Wenmouth’s and Mrs Kane’s (offices) and to shops. Called at Miss Irwin’s. Dinner at 7. Uncle Doc sang after. Bed 10.30?

Thursday 13th February 1913

Fine. Cold.
To Mrs Kane’s office. Engaged “Fanny” (who Mrs J. P. F. sent away). Lunch at Kugler’s. Called on Miss McMurtry (May) in p.m. Home. Slept. Dined with Uncle Doc at 7. Miss Evans in evening. To bed 11.15.

Friday 14th February 1913

Tante and Cook, Fanny, and Millicent and I all out by 1.23 train to Newtown. Out on farm. Muddled about. To bed 10 p.m. Tired.

Saturday 15th February 1913

Fine. Warm.
Fanny raging. Millicent and I took photos of puppies. Mrs Solly called. Walter did fruit trees. Millicent and I to skate at George School. Moonlight. Great fun – 8 till 10.30. One Watson there and “John” Kirkpatrick. Drove home alone, we two. Lovely moonlight. Bed at 12.

Sunday 16th February 1913

Fine then cloudy and showers.
Tante headache. I wrote to Doz. Not out. Made beds. At 4.45 Mr Solly drove us all to station to Philadelphia. Uncle Doc met us and we 3 had supper at Reading Terminal. Home to 250 South 21st Street. Talked all evening.

Monday 17th February 1913

To Mrs Kane’s. Interviewed Annie and engaged her. All p.m. ‘phoning about Bertha. Rested. At 5 down to Dock with Tante and met Bertha by Haverford and Mabel. Home to dinner at 8. No concert.

Tuesday 18th February 1913

With Bertha in taxi to Pier 53 to get her trunk. Also I to Pier 46 and on Minnesota[2] about poultry. Lunch at 12. Tante to meeting. I with Bertha and Annie and Mabel to Newtown on 1.23. Mr Solly and McIntyre met us. Out to Farm. Wrote pedigrees.

SS Minnesota

Wednesday 19th February 1913

Fine, lovely.
Round farm with Bertha. Puppies out. Took photos. Sent off by parcels post. To meet Tante at 2.30. Did shopping in Newtown and milk con (consumption) plates on. Farm. Supper. Tante wrote cheques.

Thursday 20th February 1913

Dull. Warm.
People came from Yardley and bought poultry for $12.50. Tante and I to town by 12.35. Lunch at Reading Terminal. Shipped poultry to Mrs Hiltson. To 250 South 21st Street. Dined. Uncle Doc and I to Adams Express and shipped “Fairweather” to Stotzer, Wisconsin. Songs in evening.


Friday 21st February 1913

Dully, rainy.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Out to Cook’s. Got £10. Tried to buy shoes and failed. To Evans’. Lunch at 12.15. Then out alone to Farm, taking Bertha’s trunk. Tante out (with Cornell) at 5.23. 6.30 supper. Talked. To bed.

Saturday 22nd February 1913

Warm, rainy, thunderstorm
Busy arranging things. Lunch 11.30 and Tante and I drove to Pineville. Awful mud. Farmers’ Institute. Mr Solly president. Dorsett spoke and Kesler and Funk. “Supper” at Sicker’s. Evening session 7.30. Music. Miss Buckman sang well. Home at 10.45.

Sarah to town 22nd 

Sunday 23rd February 1913

Fine. Colder. Windy.
Tante headache. I wrote to Aunt Alice and Wade. Mr Solly in. Hannah to church. Tante not down till supper-time. Very bad headache. Wrote dog pedigrees.

Monday 24th February 1913

Cold. Fine.
Tante till shaky and in bed till 6.30. Stacked soap with Bertha. Mr Solly in p.m. I took photos of bull “Cardinal” and then to Newtown to meet Milk Testers, Chaver. Wrote dog letters and talked to Tante.

Tuesday 25th February 1913

Very cold. Bright.
Tante in bed till supper-time. Gave the cook notice and talked to Hannah, Bertha and Sarah. After dinner fuss with cook, who would not sign book. I drove her to station. Did shopping. Home. Bertha waited at table and Hannah cooked supper. Wrote letters.

Wednesday 26th February 1913

Warmer. Dull.
I settled dinner and to Newtown, shopped. Mr Solly talked to Tante. Put Mars with Floss. Tante and I drove to Solly’s and called on them for an hour. Drove home. Looked over meat and arranged bill of fare for next week.

Thursday 27th February 1913

Pouring rain all day.
Mr Solly talked to Tante. Lundy’s men to see to tank and stove. I wrote Mrs Rosenburger, Mattison. With Sarah and Mabel to dentist’s Trego at 2. Mabel sick. Shopped. Forgot butter and bread. Mrs Solly and Elizabeth with Tante. Did menu.

Friday 28th February 1913

Very very hot – 65 degrees
Very busy packing. Frosty Pup to ship to Illinois. Off at 11.30 in market wagon with Tante, McIntyre, Prudence and Barney (8 puppies). Tante to hairdressers. I sent off puppy. Home. Washed my hair, packed. Rested. Uncle Doc out to dinner.


Saturday 1st March 1913

Very warm.
To station 9.30. 10.30 Tante and I in train to Washington. Lunch on train. Arrived Miss Emory 1213. Seventeenth Street 3 p.m. Out to Shoreham. Home to 1213. Supper at 7. To bed at 10.

Tante decided to keep Bertha as cook on February 25th.

Sunday 2nd March 1913

Sunny, Very cold wind.
To Church (both) at 11 St John’s. Walked home. Windy. After dinner to Mass Meeting, Women’s Suffrage, Columbia Theatre. Mrs Catt[1] and Miss I Milholland[2] spoke very well. Called at Rear Admiral Schroeder’s after supper in taxi to see Illuminations on “route”.

penn ave.jpg
1913 Night Photo of Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC

Monday 3rd March 1913

Fine. Warm.
Pinched fingers. Wrote Alys. Not out. Lunch and then in taxi to “stand” to see Women’s Suffrage Parade[3].

Official program for the Woman Suffrage Procession in Washington D.C., March 3, 1913

Good procession but awful crowd and no police protection.

suffrage parade.png

Home at 5.30. Uncle Doc there. Dressed at 6 to Rausch’s. Dinner. To Pres. Halsey and Mrs Halsey. 20th anniversary: Mr McCormick.

Tuesday 4th March 1913

Very warm. 62 degrees. Some sun.
Quiet. Off at 11 to “stand” among 79’ers. Ate sandwich lunch. At 2 Wilson[4] and Taft drove by. Then 3 to 6.30 long “Parade” troops, clubs, Indians. Home at 7. Dressed at 8. Dinner at Shoreham by ’79 to Woodrow Wilson who came with his daughter, Margaret. Lovely speech. Many speeches.

Woodrow Wilson takes the oath of office for his first term of the Presidency in Washington, DC.

Wednesday 5th March 1913

Very fine. Lovely.
Uncle Doc out to Hotel and to White House. I wrote Alys long letter. P.m. Uncle Doc away to Philadelphia. Tante and I in taxi to Arlington. General Lees’ house and Military cemetery. Lovely Home at 6.30. Wrote cards to all to Bewley, Solly’s.

Thursday 6th March 1913

Snow. Colder wind.
Miss Albert and sister called. Tante up at 12.30. I wrote Miss Horner, Aunt Eliza, Doz. Tante and I to lunch at Admiral Schroeder’s. Home and Sally Schroeder and some ladies called. Miss Emory to dinner with us.

Friday 7th March 1913

Tante up at 12. She and I in car to the White House at 1. Lunch there. President Wilson. Tante on his right. Left at 3. Called on Abert and tea at Schroeder’s. Dressed and to dinner with Admiral Wainwright and family. Winslows there. Nice.


Saturday 8th March 1913

Packed all a.m. Mrs Schroeder and Sally called and motor car man. Tante and I on 3 p.m. train to Philadelphia. Uncle Doc met us and all had oysters at station. Home*. Rested. Mr and Mrs George Giddens and Dennis McCarthy to supper at 11.30 till 2 a.m.

George Giddens, Bob Acres, Tony Lumpkin.
* “you do all the time”.

Sunday 9th March 1913

Very fine. Mild.
Heard of Mrs Grant’s death. Packed for country. Wrote Alys. At 3 p.m. all three in large car to Germantown. Tante called on Mrs Grant’s cousins. Home. Tante to Miss Irwin’s. I wrote Alys again. Dinner. Talked of ships to Europe and poems.

Monday 10th March 1913

Dull. Warm.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc. 8. To see pictures at Academy and to Wanamaker’s. Tante to Mrs Grant’s funeral. After lunch at 12, I called for Mrs Giddens and took her out to the farm. McIntyre and Hope met us. I unwell. Supper, talked and to bed 9.30.

Tuesday 11th March 1913

Rain, warm.
Plucked fowl and wandered about among animals, horses, etc. At 2.30 to meet Tante with Hope. Tante very tired and hoarse. Quiet evening talking and sewing.

Wednesday 12th March 1913

Very fine. Hot.
Very busy over odd jobs. At 3, harnessed Hope and took Tante to station. Mrs Giddens and I shopped. Had ice-cream soda. Drove home. Mr Solly came and brought Al. Thompson. Sewed in evening. To bed early. Mrs Giddens not well.

Thursday 13th March 1913

Wet. Finer later.
Mrs Giddens in bed to breakfast. Later we brushed dogs. To meet Tante at 5.30. First shopping. Talked in evening and sewed in drawing-room.

Friday 14th March 1913

Wet. Hot.
Tante headache and in bed till 6.30. Mrs Giddens and I talked. Combed Floss. At 12.35 I took her to station and she away to New York. I shopped and hme. Talked to Tante. Read letters.

Saturday 15th March 1913

Wet. Hot.
Muddled about doing sewing, washing. Tante up at 12.30. Dr Terry and Mr Solly in. Tante and I to Richboro’ to see school children’s play. Walter acted. Home at 11.

Sunday 16th March 1913

Cloudy, dull – cooler.
Tante neuralgic. Girls to church with Webb. I tidied up rooms. After dinner I to meet Uncle Doc, at 3.27; Out on Farm. Talked. Finished letter to Aunt Bella. Uncle Doc away at 8.10. To bed 10.

Monday 17th March 1913

Cold. Snow.
Then sunny.Tante headache again. Not up till 5.30. I to Newtown to do shopping. Snow. Sat and talked to Tante all p.m. and wrote Alys, and out to puppies. Letters from Alys and Wade. Sewed napkins in evening. Tante marked shirt.

Tuesday 18th March 1913

Very fine.
Tante well, but not up till 3.30. Mr Solly in and talked. Dressed and Mr Solly drove us to Farmers’ Club at Lugar’s. Wrightstown. Nice meeting. I helped to wait on tables too. Home at 11.

Wednesday 19th March 1913

Very fine. Warm.
I to Newtown with Hope. Tante up 12.30. After lunch she and I drove with Faith to Pineville. Got Faith shod, shopped at store. Home by Sickle’s at Wycombe. Home at 6. Read in evening. Sleepy. To bed 10.15.

Thursday 20th March 1913

Wet and very warm.
Tante headache, not up till 6.30. I drove Bertha and Mabel to Newtown to Dr Roberts’. Dentist. Sat with Tante in p.m. Mr Solly in too. Sewed. Put puppies in and out all day. Combed Mars.

Friday 21st March 1913

Very hot. Fine.
I to Newtown early. Did shopping. Tante up at 3. We set 5 hens. Posted letter to Alys. Drew heifers’ spots. Sarah gave notice. Combed Mars and Robin and Ethelwolt. Tante read aloud to me in evening. Bed 10.20.

Saturday 22nd March 1913

Cooler. Windy.
Muddled about, giving out stores, writing dog letters, etc. Tante up to lunch. Mr Solly drove us in to station. To Philadelphia 3.52. Uncle Doc met us. Mrs Howe, President Wilson’s sister came to dinner 7.30. Very nice indeed.

Sunday 23rd March 1913

Warmish. Windy.
Cyclone at Omaha.Up at 7. All to Early Service 8 a.m. Breakfast 9.30. At 10.45 all in big Alco car to Maternity and then cemetery and then Abingdon. Mrs Fray, then Crompton’s at Chestnut Hill. Home. Rested. Miss M Smith to dinner 7. Music and talk after about Social Purity.

1912 ALCO Berline Limousine Magazine Advertisement

Monday 24th March 1913

Very windy. Warm.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc 8. Talked to Tante. Wrote Alys and Doz. Tante and I in taxi to shops. Back to lunch at 2.30. Saw chambermaid (Scotch) at 4. I to station and to Newtown. Mr Solly met me and had supper at Farm. Songs in evening. Bed 9.10.

Tuesday 25th March 1913

Great windstorm. Very hot 76 degrees.
Out with dogs. Wrote to Ella and finished letter to Dorothy. To meet tester “Wibster” in p.m. and drove him to Farm. Then to meet Tante. She vexed with girls. To bed at 10.15.

Wednesday 26th March 1913

Hot. 65 degrees. Rain. Thunder in evening.
Talks with Hannah and Sarah about staying all. Everybody miserable. McIntyre drove Hannah to station for wedding. Tidied in p.m. – cupboards. Tante up at 12.30 and round seeing after things. Chicken house, weighed. Tante 155, self 131. Sewed in evening.

Thursday 27th March 1913

Heavy rains, warm 65 degrees, colder 32 degrees at night.
Wrote 2 dog letters. Washed Fussy (very muddy). Tante headache after her breakfast and not up till 6.30 but talked to Mr Solly. He stayed to supper. Cornell brought Hannah back at 3. She asked about funeral on Saturday. To bed 11.

Friday 28th March 1913

Cold, bright. Windy.
Up 7.30. At 9 drove Bertha and Mabel to dentist. Teeth out with gas and chloroform. Tante headache and not up till evening. Wrote Alys. I to Newtown again to shops (Faith). Men did garden. Sat 2 more hens.

Saturday 29th March 1913

Cold. Fine.
Men did garden all day. Hannah up early and to funeral. Tante up to lunch at 12.30 and off with Mrs Solly at 1.30 to W. I. T. U. I to Newtown, shops and met Uncle Doc 5.30. Drove home by Pike and called for meat at Delaney’s. Songs in evening.

Fearful tornadoes and floods, hurricanes in Nebraska, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, etc all Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
Bonny Betty’s heifer calf born – 29th.

Sunday 30th March 1913

Cloudy. Showery. Warmer.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc 8.30. Tante headache and in bed till 6.15. Doc and I walked to Woods. Picked flowers. Lunch 1. Sat on verandah (Mr Solly and Elizabeth in a.m.) I sat with Tante all p.m; she better. Uncle Doc read aloud after supper. We three to Philadelphia on 9.5 train.

Monday 31st March 1913

Warm. Showery.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc 8. Wrote Alys. Interviewed 3 maids. Then again with Tante. In p.m I to get character of Katie Bowie. Called on Edith Bache at library. Home. Rested. Slept. Dined with Tante 7.30 with Dr McCrae. Uncle Doc out. To bed 11.30.

Tuesday 1st April 1913

High wind. West. Colder.
Breakfast 8 with Uncle Doc. Sent off letter to Alys. Out and brought nightdresses. Lunch 12.15. Then I off to station with 2 new girls, Katie and Elizabeth to Newtown. Cornell met us. Sarah and Hannah away. 3.52. Supper. To bed 9.

Wednesday 2nd April 1913

Dogs howled all night.
Fine. Windy.
Up and showed Elizabeth about work. To Newtown, to shops with Bob. Showed girls work. Mr Solly brought 2 new men – Bill Waters and Louie (?) Dick. I sewed nightdress in evening. To bed 9.

Thursday 3rd April 1913

Floss slept with Mars. About showing girls work. Wrote Aunt Alice. Men worked in kitchen garden and William put screens round summer kitchen. I to meet Tante, who back by 5.30 (she stayed to see Dr McCrae). Mr Solly in evening. Started wood-fire in drawing-room.

Friday 4th April 1913

Fine. Warm 80 degrees.
Up with Tante and out to see chickens. Men ploughing. Tante down at 12.15. Tante and I drove to Newtown. Shopped at Cobb and Wettling’s. To see Edna in new house. To Mrs Solly’s. William to Newtown in p.m. and nearly in evening.

Saturday 5th April 1913

Fine. Windy, colder.
Up early Mr Solly here. He brought Dr Terry. Tante up at 12.30. I had lunch 11.45 and drove Dr Terry back again. Tante and I and Mabel, busy in garden, raking, clipping. Tante tired and slept on sofa till 6.15. Read in evening and sewed bodice. Bed 10.20.

Floss with Mars to 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Met Dr Terry on April 1st and drove him back too.
Glendora eczema.
Glendora’s calf born April 2nd – heifer.
Katie Bowie                }
Elizabeth O’Donnell } April 1st
Windmill blew down April 1st.

Sunday 6th April 1913

Windy, cold, sleet.
Tante had breakfast 9.15. Then headache started. I sewed in my room. Wrote Alys. Tante up at 6.30. Made salad (stuffed veal). Mr Solly in evening. Talked business.

Monday 7th April 1913

Cold, Fine snow.
Floss to pig-pen. I packed eggs and I took to Newtown. Tante setted dinner with Bertha. Tante not up until 6.30. I sat in her room in p.m. Set 2 more hens. Very very cold. Did accounts with Tante in evening.

Tuesday 8th April 1913

Still cold, windy. Fine.
Sat in Tante’s room till 11. Mr Solly up to see her. Out to Floss and hens. Mr Solly to lunch with me. Cardinel away. Tante up at 3.30 and with Mr Solly to Rushland about engine. I did sign and out with dogs. Mars lame. Engine-man in evening.

Wednesday 9th April 1913

Fine – cool.
Sat in Tante’s room and sewed. Out with Floss. Sat upstairs again til 3.30. Took Bertha and Mabel to Newtown. Sat with Tante again. She up at 6.30. She had pains in stomach all day. I unwell. To bed 10.30.

Thursday 10th April 1913

Fine. Warm.
Out with Floss. Sat with Tante all a.m. working at cosy. Chickens hatched out. Tante pains again; in bed till 6.30. Mr Solly, and talked about Bertha. All very worrying. Wrote Alys and letter from her. To bed 10.30.

Friday 11th April 1913

Warmer. Rain all day.
Got chickens in all day. To Newtown for fish. Sat with Tante. She up at 4 p.m. I to Solly’s and fetched Mrs Solly here for call. Mr Solly in and took her back. Talked in evening. To bed at 10.20. Bob killed mouse.

Saturday 12th April 1913

Warmer. Rain all day.
Out seeing about chickens. All day running about. Tiring. Newtown in p.m. Lots of shopping and odd jobs. Tante down at 6. I felt tired. To bed 10 p.m.

Sunday 13th April 1913

Dull. Rain in a.m.
I at 10.30 to meet Uncle Doc at Langhorn 11.34. Drove back. Soup for dinner. Muddled about with pups in p.m. Wrote Nell Sime. Tante headachey. Mr Solly in at supper. Uncle Doc away at 8.30.

Monday 14th April 1913

Cold. Showery. 48 degrees.
Saw to chickens and sat with Tante. After lunch, Tante up and I drove her to station. She to Philadelphia. I home and saw about hens and chicks. Sang and played in evening.

Tuesday 15th April 1913

Cold. Showery.
Drove to Newtown for shopping. Did cow papers after lunch. To station. Left Faith with Cornell. Went by 3.52 to Philadelphia. To 250 South 21st Street. Dined at 6.30. All 3 to George Evans’ Negro Minstrels[1]. Very good indeed. Very funny. To bed at 11.45.


Wednesday 16th April 1913

Pouring rain. Fine at 4 and after.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc 8. Sat with Tante and sewed. Miss Biswanger to lunch. Talked to Miss Hughes. I went out for walk and bought hot bottle for Alys. Dinner 6.30. All three to Japanese Missionary Hospital Meeting. Dr Teusler[2] and Bishop. Home 10.

Thursday 17th April 1913

Sunny. Lovely.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc 8. Tante bad headache all day. I did nothing all day but read. Wrote Uncle Harold and Alys. Talked to Miss Hughes. West to post hot bottle to Alys. Out to Newtown alone 4.23. Shopped. To bed 9 o’clock.

Friday 18th April 1913

Fine. Warmer. 70 degrees.
About with dogs and chickens. Butcher Fridel came. Fussed about chicks in p.m. To shops and to meet Tante at 4. She came 5.30. Engine came. Lovely moonlight evening. Sat 2 more hens.

Saturday 19th April 1913

Fine. Cool.
Muddled around. With hens and chicks. Coops moved. Tante up to dinner and talked to Mr Solly afterwards. At 4.30 I drove Hope to meet Edith Bache (me: Tante’s sister) and did shopping. Hope lively. To bed at 10.15.

Sunday 20th April 1913

Bright. Very cold wind. Cold.
Out with Edith. Then both sat with Tante. Then both out with all dogs and pups (but Floss) to woods. Tante down to dinner at 1. After all out to stables and then a drive by Rushland. Tante headachey in evening. To bed 10.30.

Monday 21st April 1913

Tante headachey. I drove to Newtown with Edith. Met milk-tester Webster. Home lunch. Wrote dog-letters in p.m. and at 3.15 Edith and I to station. She away. I to Kenderdine’s and home. Tante up at 6.30. Mr Solly brought man “Arthur” and in in evening. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 22nd April 1913

Fine. Warmer.
Tante bad headache. I drove Faith to Pineville to be shod. Home to lunch. Tante better and up and all to Farmers’ Club with Solly’s at Alvan Tomlinson’s. Men sowed oats with all horses. Home and to bed about 11.

Wednesday 23rd April 1913

Grey. Warm.
Took dogs out. I wrote to Dorothy. Saw to chickens. Tante up at 2.30 or so. Men finished oats. Tante and I drove to Wycombe and paid bill and bought meat. To bed at 10.

Thursday 24th April 1913

Very warm. 75 or 80 degrees.
William and Dick said they’d quit. Tante talked to William. He stayed. Tante up at 2.30. I combed dogs, and sat on verandah. Men’s room cleaned. We picked asparagus. Mr Solly brought new man “Jim”. Tante and I tired and to bed 10.

Friday 25th April 1913

Warm. 81 degrees.
Webb got cows out in field 1st time. I to Newtown early to shops for fish. Rested in p.m. 12.15 to 3.15 in drawing-room. Tante down at 3.15. Wrote Alys. Fed chicks.

Saturday 26th April 1913

Cooler. Lovely day.
Millicent came at 10.30 (Cornell). Elizabeth to Philadelphia 12.35. After dinner I drove Bertha, Katie and Mabel to Newtown. Mabel sick. Home 4.15. Supper early and all with Sollys to circus after. Home at 10.30.

Sunday 27th April 1913

Rain. Thunderstorm in p.m. Much cooler.
Tante up and to meet Uncle Doc at Langhorn 11.35!!! Millicent and I to Solly’s and picked flowers by Neshaminy. Sat in drawing-room. Songs and out; Uncle Doc and Millicent away at 8.10. We to bed about 10.

Monday 28th April 1913

Rain. Then fine in p.m.
Muddled about with chickens and kennels. Mr Solly talked to Tante. She not up till 6.30. Combed dogs and ran round looking after wood fires all p.m. To bed about 10.30.

Tuesday 29th April 1913

Tante headache. I did gardening. Tante not up till 6.30. I drove to Newtown to shops. William had a cold. 14 new chicks but with the hens. Black one. Tired in evening. Took aspirin. To bed 10.15.

Wednesday 30th April 1913

Pig died. Dr Terry came. I drove Katie to station. To shopping. 12.30. Elizabeth Solly took Hope. Tante and I drove to Newtown (Tante up at 1.30) and both to town on 3.52. Uncle Doc in Rochester N.Y. To bed 10.30.

Thursday 1st May 1913

Very fine and warm.
Tante up and to breakfast. Expected Cyrus M. C. I to shops all a/m. buying tub-dresses[1]. Tante to meeting. I to Newtown by 4.23. Katie Bowie also. Drove home with Faith. Tired. Sewed cotton dress in evening. To bed 9.15.


Friday 2nd May 1913

Fine and hot – 85 degrees
Drove to Newtown to get kerosene with Susie and market-wagon. Washed head after lunch; put collars and leads on pups. Combed dogs. To meet Tante with Faith at 5.30. Combed Ethelwolf and Mars all evening.

Saturday 3rd May 1913

Fine and hot – 90 degrees
Felt tired. Didn’t do much but lie down all hot part of day. Harry mowed lawn. William to Trenton and back at 9 p.m!! Fern. Tante to meet Miss Mary McMurtry who came at 5.30. Sat on verandah in evening. I clipped borders 5.30 – 6.

Frocks for K. Buchanan – $2.50
And Eva – $3.00
Present for Handasyde (scrapbook) 90 cents

Sunday 4th May 1913

Fine and hot. 80 degrees. Breezy. Perfect.
Up at 8 and did sewing. Tante at 10.20 to meet Uncle Doc at Langhorne. Read on lawn. Uncle Doc sent for to Willow Grove in car at 2.30. Wrote Ella. Combed dogs with Tante.

Monday 5th May 1913

Misty, cooler then warm.
Chickens hatched out. I got up 6.30. Drove Miss Mary McMurtry to get 9 a.m. train. Tante up to lunch. Men came to set up new churn. Tante and I sowed seeds in garden all p.m. Tired. Filled in dog-papers for show. Combed Mars.

Tuesday 6th May 1913

Fine and hot – 85 degrees
Tante headache. I washed Ethelwolf. Wrote Alys on verandah. Drove William to Newtown to see Dr Smith in p.m. Very hot. Combed dogs. Watered garden. Moved new chickens. Tante up at 6.30. Combed dogs. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 7th May 1913

Cooler then warm.
Walked to Solly’s for books. Combed dogs. After lunch, Tante and I drove to Newtown with Mr Solly and Elizabeth O’Donnell (she left). To Philadelphia. Tante to Mrs Bliss. I home and slept on sofa. Dined 7.30. Both to bed at 10. Tired.

Thursday 8th May 1913

Fine. Delicious day. Warm Breezy.
I out early to change cotton skirt at Gimbel’s. Back at 11. Interviewed maids. To Mrs Kane’s. After 2.30, Tante and I to Wanamaker’s. I unwell. Bought shoes. Tante to Mrs Bliss. Home. Uncle Doc came back from Washington. At 8 all 3 to Jefferson Hospital to Nurse’s Graduation. Great fun. Dr McCrae spoke. Dancing Turkey Trot with Max Lachlan. Mrs Coryell and Mrs Wyler there and Fisher.


Friday 9th May 1913

Grey. Cooler.
Breakfast alone 8. Uncle Doc out early. Sewed. Lunch at 12 with Uncle Doc and Tante; then Tante and I to Newtown on 1.23 meeting Millicent and taking “Annie”. Tante did shopping and Millicent and I home. Muddled about; pups out. Combed dogs. Very very tired and pains in evening. I to bed 9.30.

Saturday 10th May 1913

Fine but very cold. Frost at night.
Up, and with Mr and Mrs Solly and Millicent and Mars, Ethelwolf and Faithful and Faraday to Dog-Show at Ambler. Medal for Mars. Blue ribbon Faithful. Fun. Lunch in room and supper at Hotel, drove there by 10 p.m. 20 miles each way. Faith and Hope and Solly’s market-wagon.

Dress for Eva – $1.75 with border
On May 10th – coldest for 40 years

Sunday 11th May 1913

Fine. Very cold.
Heard that “Annie” had run away on Saturday. Tante tired so I to meet Uncle Doc at Langhorne. Faith lame, so changed horses at Cornell’s. Millicent to Church. In p.m. all four to seek shad at Penn’s Park. I drove Hope. Supper, fed dogs. Millicent and Uncle Doc away with Cornell at 8.15. We to bed 10.

Monday 12th May 1913

Fine. Cool.
Wrote Alys. Mr Solly sowed corn and had dinner with me. Tante up after lunch, and both of us to Newtown. Shopped and to Mrs Smith and then called on Miss Cunningham’s. Called at Gore’s. Home 6.30. Tired. To bed before 10.

Tuesday 13th May 1913

Dull. Moderate.
Muddled about. Set 3 hens. Mr Solly came. After lunch, Tante and I with Cornell to station. Took 3.52 to town. Tante to Mrs Biddle’s. Dined at 8. Miss Ivans in evening. To bed 10.15.

Wednesday 14th May 1913

Dull, moderate.
Tante and I met Uncle Doc at Broad Street Station. 10.25 train to Harrisburg. Lunch. Arrived 12.45. To Capitol. Senate Chamber. 2000 people. Hearing on Labor Bill for Women and Children. Uncle Doc spoke splendidly. Mrs Kathy. Miss Sanville. Home at 9 p.m. and supper, soft-shelled crabs.

Thursday 15th May 1913

Dull, warmer.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc at 8. Talked of future of lace, and well-proportioned peopled (physical, mental, psychologic) being good, reaching normally in all situations. Shopped with Tante at Wanamaker’s and to see Schott at City Hall. Out on 4.23 with Tante and Margarent Roonay. Very tired. To bed 9.30.

Friday 16th May 1913

Dull, sun in a.m. Thundery. Hot.
Tante headache from tiredness. I to Newtown for fish. Tante up soon after lunch. Did a lot of painting of shutters, green and window-frames white. Thundery. Watered garden. Read letters from Doz and Kit. Lovely.

Saturday 17th May 1913

Much cooler. Rain from 10.30 all day.Began painting shutters. Rain. Took shutters in with William and Katie. Tante up to lunch 12.30. Very busy all p.m. Unpacking glass and china and washing it, with Katie and Margaret. Tante and I tired. Sewed pillow-shams and sang in evening. Nice.

Sunday 18th May 1913

Cloudy. Warmer.
Took pups and dogs out early for walk. Tante up to dinner. Both drove to Mrs Heath’s and then to Solly’s. Saw new colt. Very weak. Home. Mr and Mrs Solly to supper and till nearly 10 o’clock.

Monday 19th May 1913

Fine. Warm. Windy.
Sewed in Tante’s room. Painted shutters and door. After lunch drove with Bertha to Newtown and met Margaret from 250 South 21st Street. Mr Solly brought new bedstead (75 cents). Very tired indeed.

Tuesday 20th May 1913

Cloudy, then fine.
Very busy with Elizabeth Solly preparing for Farmers’ Club from 8 till 12. At 2 o’clock I to meet Uncle Doc at station. Drove out with him (“couldn’t stay away, now!”). About 100 people came to Club Meeting’; very busy, supper. Uncle Doc away with the Cornells at 10. Put dogs away.

Wednesday 21st May 1913

Changeable, showery.
Tante slept late. I tidied up chairs and all china, glass, silver, etc to be sorted. Tiring. Tante and I to Newtown at 3.15 to take Peggy to station. Called at Edna’s on way home. To bed early. Very tired.

Thursday 22nd May 1913

Muggy. Warm. Heavy thunder-showers.
Took pups out and thinned sweet peas and weeded. After lunch, Tante and I drove to Langhorne and called on the Haller Gross’. Very enjoyable. Music and tea. Drove home at 6.45. Sleepy in evening. To bed 9.45. Talked of marriage.

Friday 23rd May 1913

Muggy. Showery.
Tante in bed till 6.15. Headache. I drove to Newtown with Hope, after butcher had been. Bought fist. Stewart away all day. William anxious to “rest”. Did spit notice and wrote Alys and dog-letters. Read in evening and to bed at 10.15.

Saturday 24th May 1913

Dull morning.
William quit at 6.30. Bertha upset. Tante had tea and then “queerie”. I to Newtown. Some rain.

Sunday 25th May 1913

Very fine. Warm.
I to meet Uncle Doc at Langhorne – 10.30. Home. 12.40 all three for drive to Brownsburg in p.m. 2.30 till 6. Uncle Doc drove Hope. Lovely drive. Uncle Doc away after supper. Bat in girls’ room.

Monday 26th May 1913

Fine and warm.
I up 7. To Newtown early and back by 10. Tante up lunch. She and I muddled about. I ironed 2 scarfs and blouse (and washed them). Did Floss’ ears. Combed Bob. James in, drunk in evening.

Tuesday 27th May 1913

Dull, colder.
Phoned to Grosses. Phoned Uncle Doc. Talked to James. Butcher came. Tante down to lunch. Mrs Solly and Elizabeth came. Paid James off and he quit. Only Webb and Louie left! Tante and I washed Floss and fed chickens. Abiah’s bull born. Tired in evening. To bed early.

Wednesday 28th May 1913

Pouring rain all day.
I had bad pain and in bed to breakfast. Katie to town, and great fuss all day with Bertha, who very wild with love for William! Very wearing. I indoors all day. Tante out to Mail and put pups to bed. Mr Solly brought 2 new men – Gordon and J. McClosky.

Thursday 29th May 1913

Fine. Windy.
Mr Solly in 4 times. Tante had headache and not up till 6.30. Geo. Higgins came over and engaged for Monday. I cut asparagus. Dr Terry to see Robin’s bite. Windmill out of order. Katie missed 3 trains. Webb decided to quit. Did bank books with Tante.

Friday 30th May 1913

Fine. Warmer.
(Decoration Day)
Katie never came. Very busy. Wrote dog-letters. Tante and I to town by 12.35. Uncle Doc met us. Lunch at Reading Terminal. All 3 in taxi to Shibe Park Baseball Game. (Philadelphia) Athletics v N.Y. (Giants). Very interesting and exciting. Dined at 7 and songs in evening.

Saturday 31st May 1913

Fine. Hot.
Talked to Uncle Doc and Tante about giving up farm. Muddled about. Lunch at 12. Wrote Ella. Out alone to shops and bought stockings and had New Freedom sent to Uncle Harold and Ella. Met Tante at Reading Terminal at 4. Out to Newtown.


25,000 people to see Baseball. Wonderful stands. Indian “Bender” pitcher and Houck and Baker.


Sunday 1st June 1913

Fine. Hot. Breezy.
To meet Uncle Doc at Langhorne. After lunch, at 2 all drove (with Hope) to Newhope, and had tea at the Larthrops. Nice party in garden. Saw pictures. Also Mr and Mrs Stew, Mr Mercer. Drove home. Hasty supper. Uncle Doc and Tante to town. I bad night with dogs all ill. Slept one hour. 

Monday 2nd June 1913

Fine. Hot. Breezy.
Louie left. H. Wilson brought corn plants. I to Newtown at 8.10 with Faith to be shod. No good. Home. Mr Solly to lunch with me. Did wardrobe. I took Bertha to Newtown and had Faith shod. Home. At 5 drove to Newtown to meet Tante. She home with Mary. Talked. I to bed 8.45. Very sleepy. 

Tuesday 3rd June 1913

Very fine and hot.
Muddled about. Chickens hatched out (29). Packed big trunk. Tante up to lunch 12.30 I ironed things and we sat on verandah, I trimmed Tante’s hat. On verandah till 9.15. I to bed 10.15. 

Wednesday 4th June 1913

Very fine and hot – 81 degrees.
Muddled about. Tore up letters, to pack desk. Floss to Red House. Tante and I to Philadelphia at 3.52. Took Fussy. Left him with Miss Martin. To 250. Rested. Dinner 7. Talked in evening. Floss had 9 pups. 2 dead in night. 

Thursday 5th June 1913

Very fine. Warm.
Breakfast 8 with Uncle Doc, Out at once to shops; Sheppards, etc. Home. Tante to Maternity. Lunch with her at 2. Depressed (she). Both to station and Newtown. 4.25. Met “Nell” (Mr Burgess’ bitch) and took her. Floss had 7 puppies (and 2 dead). Sow had pigs. Sick. Out with her. 

Friday 6th June 1913

Misty then warm.
Out seeing pups and pigs and Nell. Dressed and at 11.45 car came and took Tante and me to Doylestown. Lunch there with the Mercer’s. Very nice. All over their garden and aviary. Home with them in car. Sat on verandah in evening. To bed 9.30. 

Saturday 7th June 1913

Fine. Thunderstorms.
Uncle Doc in car here at 8.45. We 3 to Princeton. Nice seeing classes, photographed on Nassau Hall steps.

Princeton University, Nassau Hall

Lunch in ’79 Hall. To Baseball ground. Game draw with Yale, as rained. Got wet. Tea ’79 Hall. Car to Trenton. Supper Hildebucht’s. Home 9.30. Uncle Doc on to Philadelphia.

Expect Floss’ pups June 3rd
Al Parker – June 2nd
Mary came June 2nd 

Sunday 8th June 1913

Packed all a.m. Talked to Bertha. Satisfactory. Mr Solly talked to Tante. He drove Tante and me to station, and we took the 3.50 to Philadelphia with all my luggage. Dined 7 o’clock. Songs and talk after. 

Monday 9th June 1913

Fine. Cold.
Packed till 12.45. With Tante to Broad Street. She to Meeting at Maternity. I changed shoes at “Walkover”. To Maternity. Saw Fussy. Home with Tante. Muddled about all p.m. Finishing packing. Dined at 7. Talk and sang Elgar songs. To bed at 11.50. 

New York and Mauretania

Tuesday 10th June 1913

Breakfast with Uncle Doc 8. With Tante at 11.30 to Dehm’s and both had hair shampooed (50c). Lunch at 2.30 250 South 21st Street. Then away to Broad Street Station. Uncle Doc saw us off to New York 4 p.m. Taxi ride to Plaza. Supper at station. On board Mauretania. Tante away at 8.45. Unpacked and to bed. 

Plaza Hotel, New York

Wednesday 11th June 1913

Fine. Cold 58 degrees.
Sat on deck. Mrs Cyrus McCormick came and talked. Miss Todd in my cabin. Sat in library and lounge in p.m. Read magazines and “Between Two Thieves[1]”  and in evening sat in lounge and read “Hail and Farewell”, Geo. Moore. To bed 10.

Thursday 12th June 1913

Fine. Warmer – 76 degrees.
Breakfast 9.30. Sat on deck all a.m. Lazy. Mrs Levering talked. Sat on deck all p.m. too. Sleepy. Talked to the Litchfields. In evening walked on deck alone, very warm and moonlight. Sat in lounge ‘til 9.30. To bed. 

Friday 13th June 1913

Fine, cooler – 58 degrees.
Walked a little alone. Sat on deck till 1. Walked in p.m. Spoke to Mrs Mc C. Rolly and windy. Slept and read in cabin from 2.30 to 6. Dressed in lounge. Talked to new people. Colley’s from Texas and other girl and man. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 14th June 1913

Fine. Cool.
In deck chair all a.m. Mrs McCormick sent fruit. In p.m. to Second Cabin Deck to see sports. Not for long. Sat in chair and then to tea by invitation with Mrs McCormick (A.7.). She in bed. Concert at 8.45 in lounge. Hess[2] played and Irving Berlin sang “Everybody’s doin’ it” and the song about the little stranger “come to our home” – his own compositions and great hits in New York.  


Collection £64.00.

Sunday 15th June 1913

To Divine Service 10.30. Sat on deck all p.m. Talked to Litchfields. Talked to Philip Dexter (Cornish man) and Miss Burka (Irish) in evening and Colley’s.


Monday 16th June 1913

Up at 8.15 (clock 1 ½ hour on). Packed. Breakfast with Justice O.W. Holmes.

wendell holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sat on deck. Muddled about. Cyrus McCormick[5] on tender from Fishguard (arrived 3 p.m.) Train to Paddington. Dined on train. Arrived Paddington 10.50. Met by Alys and Dennis. To 15 The Parade, Golders Green. Wade there.

Tuesday 17th June 1913

Fine. Hot. 82 degrees.
Unpacked, all a.m. Lunch and then up to Alys, who in bed. Saw Eva. Phoned Dorothy, Kitty and Susie. Home at 11 p.m. 

Wednesday 18th June 1913

Up to Alys at 10. Did shopping and to library and then to Finchley Road to Bank. Called on Kitty. Saw Peter. To Alys to lunch and all evening. Home at 10. 

Thursday 19th June 1913

Over to Alys to lunch. Stayed all p.m. and to tea. To Alice’s at 6.30. Dined there, and evening with Aunt Alice and Dorothy. Slept in Polly’s room. 

Friday 20th June 1913

Fine, Shower later.
Breakfast with Dorothy at 9. To Army and Navy Stores and Goring Hotel[6]. To lunch at Miss Horner’s. Then to Selfridge’s and then to Alys’ to tea. Dennis in to dinner. Home at 9.45. Wrote letters.

goring hotel

Saturday 21st June 1913

Wrote letters. Dressed. To Aunt Alice’s to lunch; then with Doz to Ranelagh in taxi. Great fun. Polo, tea. Saw Leverings and Styers. Home to Chelsea. Dinner with Aunt Alice and Polly. Then Dorothy and I to Court Theatre. Saw Irish Play “The Eloquent Dempsey” Boyle and “Riders to the Sea”. I home at 12. ranelagh

Sunday 22nd June 1913

Fine. Hot.
Tidied desk and wrote letters. After lunch up to Alys. Out with Dennis, Helen and Eva in car. Tea, then out with Alys, Dennis and Eva and over Carr’s house. To Otto’s. Home. Supper 8 Heath Mansions and Dennis drove me home 9.30. 

Monday 23rd June 1913

Showery 62 degrees.
Edward Buchanan came in his Austin car and took me to Kits. Then Kit, he and I all in car to Burford Bridge. bruford

Had lunch, very good (under Boxhill), then to Wroxham, Ashstead and saw Morison’s. Drove home. Back Frognel 6. I to Alys and supper with her. Home at 10 to Golders Green. 

Tuesday 24th June 1913

Fine. Cool.Letter from Tante. Up to Alys, and both walked to Barnes and shopped, sheets, towels. Taxi to 8 Heath Mansions. I home, and then called on Friede Slater and Maggie Simmonds and Aunt Louie; had tea there. Home. People to see over flat. Rosie Standen to fit skirt. 

Wednesday 25th June 1913

Fineish, cool, windy.
Out to ‘phone. Mrs Llewellyn in to discuss flat fixtures. Helen for tennis racquiet. I to William Miles’ and had lunch there. Home. Dressed, silk suit and to Mrs Styer’s. Mrs Doran there. Alexander Day and rose- selling. Home at 6. Did cupboards with Wadie in evening. 

Thursday 26th June 1913

Sewed in a.m. Rosie Standen came. I to lunch with Friede Slater at 1. Home. Then to tea at Alys;. Aunt Alice there. Later Alys and I to inquire about lodgings for September. Dined with Alys and sewed, and home at 9.30. 

Friday 27th June 1913

Fine. Warmer.In sewing sleeves of white linen dress. Alys and Eva to lunch and tea. Alys rested, and I took Eva out to shops. Taxi after tea, and all to Hampstead. Looked at 2 houses. I home and packed up all evening.

Saturday 28th June 1913

Fine. Warm.
Up to Alys at 9.45. Dennis not away. To shops with her. After lunch (with them both), I home. Alan Baumer called. I to call on Bee. Saw her twins. Called on Charles Barnard’s. Kit and Edward called for me in car and I to dinner with them and saw Peter bathed. Sat in garden after dinner, and home at 10. 

Sunday 29th June 1913

Fine and hot.
Up to Alys. Helped towards packing. Dinner there. Home (in car). Uncle Harold and Lawrie and Dennis and Eva to tea with me. I to Hampstead with Dennis and Eva in car at 6 p.m. I to supper at Ayrton’s. Nice. They saw me home. 

Monday 30th June 1913

Fine and warm.
Up to Alys’ at 9.30. Packed her box. She in bed. Dennis off in car, with Kim. Packed; then in p.m. I down to Finchley Road. Shopped. Home in taxi. Tea. Alys in Dining-room on sofa in evening. To bed early. Slept with Alys.  


Tuesday 1st July 1913

Fine. Warm.
Finished packing. At 11, car came (Taylor’s). I took silver-chest to Bank. Then all to Waterloo. Wade met us. By 12.30 train to Swanage. Dennis met us there with car and Kim. All over to Studland to Mrs King’s, Agglestone House. Dennis and I on beach. 

agglestone house
Agglestone House, Swanage Road, Studland – circa 2020

Wednesday 2nd July 1913

Cool in a.m. Fine. Warm.
All on Sands. Rather cold, but Dennis and I bathed, also Eva. Car to Sands and back. In p.m. Dennis and I walked to Agglestone Rock[1]. Home to tea. Then all 3 in car to Wareham and back. Then after supper and called on Carr’s. To bed 9.30. 

agglestone rock

Thursday 3rd July 1913

Dull. Cold.
Letter from Tante. Wrote to her. Alys tired and sat in garden. Dennis and I walked on dunes and heather to the lake. Too cold to bathe. Dennis and I to Swanage on car, tea there and met Polly at 5.5. Home. We 3 out to Bankes’ garden; Carr’s and Polly there. Talked. Supper.

Friday 4th July 1913

Warm. Dull in p.m.
Alys’ 29th birthday. All on sands. Dennis and I bathed and Eva. Read French stories all p.m. indoors. After tea motored to Swanage, Alys and Dennis and I shopped to Peveril Point. Home to supper. Read. To bed 9.30. 

Saturday 5th July 1913

Dull all day.
On Sands all a.m. Bathed – 3rd. Eva quite brave. Wrote Auntie Kate and sewed in p.m. For walk with Dolly to Seven Barrows Down, about 5 miles? Polly with Dennis and Alys on car to Swanage. Supper and to bed.

Sunday 6th July 1913

Dull and showery.
On sands. Rain. Dug. I unwell. None of us bathed. Rested in p.m. and read “Thalassa”[2]. To the Carr’s after tea, and talked till 6.30. Out with them. Read in evening.

Monday 7th July 1913

Dull. Cold.
On Sands, Dug. Too cold to bathe. Dennis bathed alone in p.m. I to Carr’s to tea. Mrs Behrens[3](Scouts) there. Out with them and with Mr and Mrs Mayer (Eloise Palmer). Polly in to us till 7.15.

Tuesday 8th July 1913

Fine, Dullish.
Wrote to R Atwool. On sands. Polly also all morning with us. Dug and played with Scott’s, etc. Rested. Polly to tea, and then she and I with Dennis and Alys to Swanage. Dennis to Doctor’s and Polly and I sat on beach. Home at 7.20. Nice.

Swanage 1913

Wednesday 9th July 1913

Rain all day.
Indoors. Wrote to Tante. Then Dennis and I to Carr’s and sat some time. Alys, Dennis and I to see sheep, and Dennis baa’d and they came. Out with Polly after tea, and strolled with Carr’s. Read. “Henrietta Temple”[4] in evening. Letters from Tante and Bertha.

Thursday 10th July 1913

Dull.On beach in morning. Eva bathed bravely. Up, and in car with Polly to Swanage at 12. All had lunch at Burt’s[5], lobsters. Saw Polly off to London. Back to Studland. Walked with Dolly Carr and Dennis. Alys, Dennis and I in car to Corfe. Car broke down and we left it at Corfe and had dinner there. Home in hired car.

Friday 11th July 1913

Fine. Warmer.
On sands. Dennis and I had lovely bathe, my 4th. Eva brave. Dennis walked to Corfe in afternoon to do car. Alys and I and Eva to tea at Carr’s. Myers and other children there. Dennis back at 9.30, with Dolly Embleton who came to stay week-end. Alys and I out after supper.

Corfe Castle

Saturday 12th July 1913

Very fine. Warm. Breezy.
Dennis to Swanage by hotel motor 9.30. We all on sands and I bathed (5th) with Eva. She very deep. Dennis back to lunch. He and Dolly on beach in p.m. He bathed. On to little bay and talked to Mr and Mrs Carr and picked shells till supper. Alys donkey-chair back. After supper walked to field and down. Home 9.30.

Sunday 13th July 1913

Fine. Sometimes dull. On sands, and Mr Carr and Dolly sat with us. Dennis, Eva and I bathed – my 6th. Dennis and Dolly walked to Agglestone all on sands and in boat to Old Harry Rocks after tea. Lovely evening. Dennis and I to Carr’s in evening. 


Monday 14th July 1913

Dull, fine later.
All on sands. Bathed, Dolly too. Home. Dolly and Dennis walked to Swanage and Dolly away to London (Carrs and Maitland Scotts away). Alys and I walked to cliffs and sat and sewed. Dennis came back from Corfe with the car.

Tuesday 15th July 1913

Fine. Heavy rain in evening.
Cut sandwiches, and then Alys, Dennis, Eva, nurse and I all on car to Lulworth, boat across Cove. Dennis, Eva and I bathed. Alys in boat. Lunch on beach. Dennis and I walked to Fossil Forest and saw it. Also Worbarrow Bay. Bathed again (9th). To hotel and tea and motored home. Home 6.30. Lovely day. 


Wednesday 16th July 1913

Fine, cloudy later.
I tried to paint the donkey with Mrs Wigan. On sands. Bathed (10th). Eva swam with us. In p.m. Dennis and I walked to Old Harry Rocks on cliff. Saw needle rock. After tea to Swanage in car. Eva too. Got photographs. Home, on beach. 

Thursday 17th July 1913

Fine. Gusty.All on sands. Eva bathed early and was cold and cross and had to go home at 11. Kim’s (me: family dog) ear bitten. Dennis sewed it up. Miss Boodle came by launch to spend day. Dennis and I bathed. In p.m. I sat with Miss Boodle on sands. Eva and Dennis too. Kite. After tea, Dennis and I out in sailing boat. Lovely. Alys on sands sewing.

Friday 18th July 1913

On sands. All bathed (Nurse too, and headache). In p.m. I took Eva to tea at Mrs Myers’. Sat in garden. Home 5.30. Out on car to fly kite. Success. Dennis and Alys and I to dine at Bankes’ Arms. On beach. 

Saturday 19th July 1913

Fineish, dull.
Wrote to Dolly Carr. On beach. Eva didn’t bathe. Dennis and I did. Rather cold. Children (Wigans) and Eva on donkey to tea at Shell Beach. Dennis and I flew kite on beach. On sands after tea too.

Sunday 20th July 1913

Very fine.
All on beach and had lovely bathe, quite warm. Dennis and I walked to Old Harry on cliffs, and then he bathed again. Dennis, Alys and I to Ballard Down in evening and read there. Lovely evening.

Monday 21st July 1913

Nurse and Lily to Bournemouth all day. We bathed. Eva floated alone. Had lunch on sands. Hurt foot. Alys and Eva rested in p.m. Then Dennis, Alys, Eva and I to Swanage. Tea at Rose Tea Rooms. Home by Corfe Castle and had cider.

Tuesday 22nd July 1913

Showery early, fine later.
Dennis drove me to Swanage in car. I by “Empress” boat to Boscombe.


Miss D Boodle met me. Went to lunch with Miss Mitchell at Gordon Hotel, Southborne. Tea at Boodle’s. Home to Swanage by 6.15 boat Emperor of India – pony trap 4/- to Studland. Alys and Dennis to Bere Regis. 

emperor of india

Wednesday 23rd July 1913

Fine. Not very sunny.
All down to bathe. Then Alys, Dennis and I to Swanage on car. Dennis off to London and Brighton. Alys and I back by public motor to Studland. Rested in p.m. Alys and I walked to Duke of Hamilton’s after tea. I slept with Alys. 

Thursday 24th July 1913

Very fine. Warm.
Packed my trunk to move to other room. Foot very sore. On sands. Bathed with Eva and Juliet Wigan. Rested all p.m. Finished “Sharrow” by Baroness von Hutten. Sat in garden with Alys. Wrote to Bertha. Dennis back again and he slept at Barker’s Arms. I with Alys.

Friday 25th July 1913

Very fine. Warm.
On sands. My toe bad. Dennis not very well. I bathed with Eva. Read in p.m. Moved over to other room in Harmony Row. Alys and Dennis on beach. I wrote to Edith Wheeler.

Saturday 26th July 1913

Grey, windy.
Dennis and I bathed. Very dirty sea. Not in long. Dennis, Alys and I all to Corfe Castle at 3.30. 

Sunday 27th July 1913

Dull and cold a.m. Hot and fine p.m.
On sands. Didn’t bathe. Too dull and cold. Eva jumped. In p.m. read, then at 3.30 to sands. Dennis and Eva bathed. After tea Dennis, Alys and I all to Harry Rocks on cliffs. Lovely. Read in evening. 

Monday 28th July 1913

Bathed, and on sands, and took everything home from beach-hut. Dennis and Evan for picnic with Wigans and donkeys. Alys and I on sands and read, and met them. Eva fell off donkey and cut her head. Bathed it, and Dennis cut her hair.

Tuesday 29th July 1913

Fine. Hot.
Made sandwiches, and packing to go away. Alys bad backache so put off going. Sent wires. Dennis to Swanage with Mr Wigan. Dennis and I bathed at 3.30 Lovely. Alys in bed all day. Read. 


Wednesday 30th July 1913

Fine. Hot.
Packed and made sandwiches again. Alys up at 12 and at 12.15 Dennis drove us all to Swanage. He drove to London. We by train. Arrived 4, Waterloo. I to Heath Mansions with them. Unpacked a little. Dennis arrived at 9.30. Supper. He drove me home at 10.30. 

Thursday 31st July 1913

Breakfast 9.
Tidied desk, etc in morning and talked to Wade. After lunch to town; to “Shipping Offices”, to Swan and Edgar to buy nightdresses. To Shoolbred’s. Back to 8 Heath Mansions to tea. Mary Miles in. Dennis back and injected Eva with anti-tetanus. Stayed to dinner. Eva pain. I home at 11.    

swan and edgar

Friday, 1st August 1913

Phoned Alys. Unpacked my trunk. Tore up bills. Rose Standen to try on frock. Silver with Wadie. To 8 Heath Mansions to lunch. Alys in bed all day. I unpacked Alys’ and Dennis’ things. Washed brushes and gloves. Wrote Ella. Shentons off. Home at about 10.00.

Saturday 2nd August 1913

Very fine.
Early to Alys. Settled dinners. Alys with me to shops. Library. Sat on Heath. Both walked to Golders Green. Alys stayed lunch. I sorted bills. Alys home in taxi at 2. I tidied painting materials and packed. Very busy. Washed my hair. To bed at 9.30.

Sunday 3rd August 1913

Fine and hot.
Busy tying up canvases. Dirty. Dennis over. Dennis, Alys, Eva and Dr Warren came in car and all went with me to tea picnic at Dolly and Jack’s (Willis’) camp, near Great Missenden. Home to 8 Heath Mansions to supper 9.30. Dennis and Dr Warren home with me.

Monday 4th August 1913

Fine. Dull later.
Phoned, and then to Paddington Station. Home. Rosie came. Did packing up. Alys and Dennis over in car. Lunch and tea at home. Dennis fetched me in car to Heath Mansions. Dined there. Dennis and I to Paddington and met Tante and Uncle Doc at 9.51 p.m. To Goring Hotel with them. Home in tube.

Tuesday 5th August 1913

Up to Alys at 11. Sat and sewed with her. Lunch. Then both to town and via my bank. Tried to buy nursery basket. Tea at Alans. Home in taxi from Finchley Road to 8 Heath Mansions. Dolly Embleton called. Supper with then I home at 10.00.

Wednesday 6th August 1913

I unwell. Sorted laces, patterns, scarves. All day. Read a little. Struggled up to Alys at 6.30. Felt ill and lay on her bed. Home 9.45. 

Thursday 7th August 1913

Warm. Showery.
Early over to Tante at Goring Hotel. Shopped at Army and Navy. With her to lunch at Trocadero. To Imperial College at 3 p.m. Heard E. P. D. (me: Uncle Doc) read paper on Coli Communis infection. Discussed. Tea with them and home to dine with Alys. Home at 10.

Friday 8th August 1913

Fine on whole.
Lizzie Standen at 10. Nailed up silver and took it to Bank. To Library. Home. Packed and sorted drawers and shelves all day. Very tired and headachey. Wrote Aunt Bella, and sent parcel to Uncle Pierre. Phoned to Alys after supper. To bed 9.30. 

Saturday 9th August 1913

Dull then fair.
Up early to Alys 9.30. Eva sick. Dr Taylor to see her. I did Alys’ shopping and then home and packed all day. To dine at Gerald Allingham’s. Songs, etc. Miss Brodie (sister of Emily’s) there. 

Davises arrive 4th
C.H.W. 3-6.8 – 11th of each month.
Dennis at International Medical Congress – Thursday, Friday and Saturday Sunday

10th August 1913

Fine. Lovely.
Packed all a.m. Uncle Doc and Tante came at 3.30. Talked and then all up to Alys’. Tea there, Eva too. They left at 6.30. I stayed to supper and home at 9. To bed.

Monday 11th August 1913

Showery, warm.
Up at 7.15. At 9 came van and men from Shoolbred’s. Packed my things for warehouse and took Wade’s to 21 Agamemnon Road. All finished by 5.30. I up to Heath Mansions in taxi and stayed. Slept at Shenton’s.

Tuesday 12th August 1913

Tidied cupboards with Alys, arranging baby clothes. Dolly Embleton up. Sewed beads on black sleeves all p.m and evening. Alys rested. Tired. To bed about 10. 

Wednesday 13th August 1913

With Alys to Thew’s. She had tooth filled. Taxi home. Nurse out in p.m. I looked after Eva. Mrs Cleminson came to tea. I bathed Eva. Packed bag, dressed and over to Charing Cross and taxi to Goring Hotel. Dined with Tante and Uncle Doc and all to see “Typhoon” Laurence Irving and Mabel Hackney, his wife; went to stage door and dressing room, talked to them; supper at Trocadero and home. 

Laurence Irving and his wife, Mabel Hackney

Thursday 14th August 1913

Very warm.
Up at 8.30 and breakfast with Uncle Doc in private sitting-room. Out with them to stores and to Truefitt’s with Tante. Lunch at Trocadero with both. Parted and did shopping alone. Home to Alys and tea 4.30.

Trocadero Grill Room London 1913 Menu

Troc menu

Friday 15th August 1913

Dull, hot day.
To shops with Alys. Mrs Marsden called. I packed in p.m. and sewed mauve dress. Elsa to tea. At 5, I to Euston and to King’s Langley. Kit met me in car. Harry and Eddy in from golf. Talked in evening and earwigs.

Saturday 16th August 1913

Very fine. Duller in p.m.
Kit and I played croquet. Eddy and Harry to golf. In p.m. all in car with children to Ivinghoe Beacon; fine view. Tea at Inn. Saw rugs made there. Home after dinner all to Mr and Mrs Matthew Arnold’s. Slo-gin and roulette. Boule till 11.

To Kit 15th to 18th

Sunday 17th August 1913

Very fine and warm.
(to see Miss Bruncker’s poodle kennels at 12). After breakfast, I with children to Patty’s and called on Cousin M. and J. Buchanan. After dinner, Chris and Jim Archer called. Tea in garden. Saw Peter bathed. Ed and Harry to golf all day. Home to supper. Then Harry and I to cuzzies again, in car. To bed 10.45.

Monday 18th August 1913

Dull, cooler.
At 9.30. Edward, Harry, Kit and I all drove to Paddington. Harry off by 11 train. We on up to Alys. Kit and Ed left at 12.15. Alys rested in p.m. I wrote letters. Out after tea to shops. Sewed in eveing. To bed 10.

Tuesday 19th August 1913

Cool, dull.
Letters from Tante and Bertha. Out with Alys. Met Mrs Marsden and Elsa. In and sewed. Wrote to Tante and Bertha in p.m. in No 7. Alys and I to tea at Mrs Marsden’s. I washed and ironed blouse. Sewed.

Wednesday 20th August 1913

Fine, hot.
To shops with Alys. Met Dolly Embleton and I with her to Bayswater to see her wedding-dress fitted. I home to lunch. Sewed. Read. Dennis home to dinner at 8. 

Thursday 21st August 1913

Fine. Hot.
to shops with Alys to Barnes in Finchley Road. I on to Burberry’s and lunched with Uncle Harold at Rendezvous. Shopped and the home to tea. Sewed with Alys. To bed about 11. 

Advert for Burberry motor-coat 1913
Advert for Burberry motor-coat 1913

Friday 22nd August 1913

To shops. Packed bag and sewed. To library in p.m. Uncle Harold in evening. I covered box. Dennis in at 10.30. To bed 11. 


Saturday 23rd August 1913

Rain, then lovely.
At 10.30 took train from Kings Cross to Weybourne. To Sherringham by mistake. Drove back. Polly met me. To Aunt Alice’s (Spicer’s) Cottage. Had lovely walk with Dorothy. Steep beach. Walked round and on cliff. Lovely evening.

“Le Roi Café” “Toupet”, “Moufflin Bleu” or poodles in Whippendell Kennels – (Brush with 2/3rd coconut oil and 1/3rd paraffin for insects) 

Sunday 24th August 1913

Very fine, but thunderstorms.
Sat in window and walked on cliff with Polly. Bathed at 12.50 with Dorothy. At 3 all for drive and Dorothy and Nelly Moir cycled to Cley and Blakeney and Salthouse. Lovely. In Cley and Blakeney churches. Home at 8. Wonderful starlings. Bed 10.


Monday 25th August 1913

Very fine. Hot.
Wrote Tante, refusing Freshwater. On cliff – very hot. Bathed with Dorothy and Nellie. At 12.25 off to London. Saw hydro-aeroplane flying along coast. Arrived at 4.45. Tube to Alys’. Elsa calling. Wade there. She put Eva to bed. 

A Curtiss Model F. Flying Boat

Tuesday 26th August 1913

Very fine and hot.
With Alys to shops, then home, then down by tube with her and taxi to Rendezvous. Lunch there. Very nice and taxis to shops, Maples, etc. Home at 3. Read. Did Irish lace collar all evening. Dolly and Jack Willis in. 

Wednesday 27th August 1913

Hot and fine, 76 degrees.
To shops with Alys and to Finchley Road. Home in taxi. Did my shot silk dress and called on Mrs Allingham (Miss Hines, Mr Lea there). Called on Aunt Rosa too. Elsa and Mrs Marsden in at 8 Heath Mansions. Dennis to dinner. 

Thursday 28th August 1913

Very fine. Hot. 79 degrees.
To shops alone. Alys felt tired. Sewed. Played with Eva in p.m. and then Busby and Joan (aged 1yr 2 months) to tea. Wrote to Tante. Out with Alys to Eldon Road. Sewed cradle curtains after dinner. Packed up, till 11.

Friday 29th August 1913

Thunderstorm, hot.
Wrote letters and letter from Tante, and wrote about Bertha. Out to shops and to Eldon Road with Alys. After lunch to town. Bought towels for Tante. Home to tea. Out to Friede Slater’s to supper. Very nice. “Home” to 24 Kempley Road to sleep. Dolly there.

Saturday 30th August 1913

Hot. Muggy, showers.
Up to 8 Heath Mansions. Down with Alys and Dennis in car to Finchley Road. To bank. Met Ethel Miles and Doz Brewtnall. I to Kempley in car with Dennis. Dressed and to Elsa’s. Tea in garden with her. Fetched my nightdress. Dined with Max, Elsa and Mr Cope. To bed at 11.45 in Elsa’s night nursery.

Sunday 31st August 1913

Pouring rain, chilly.
To 8 Heath Mansions at 10.30. Sat with Alys and Dennis. Dennis out in p.m. with Eva. Alys rested. I read “Dolly Dialogues” – Anthony Hope. Dolly and Jack to supper. Dennis saw me home at 10.45. Dolly up and talked in bedroom.

Monday 1st September 1913

Rain – all day except till 12.
Letter from Miss Horner and Tante. Up to 8 Heath Mansions. Alys and Eva and I to Finchley Road. Met Ethel and Denise, bad account of Pamela. To my bank and to Barnes. Taxi up. Margaret and Karl called. Mabel May to tea. Eva to Chirstopher’s. Kit phoned. To bed 10.30 at Kemplay Road. 

Tuesday 2nd September 1913

Rain all day.
Down to inquire after Pamela. To Wadie’s new room – 21 Agamemnon Road. Tea there.

Wednesday 3rd September 1913

To Kit’s and out with her in motor to Harrod’s, Bradley’s. To lunch with Mrs Vernor Miles. Alys and I to inquire after Pamela. 

Thursday, 4th September 1913

Dolly ill. I unwell. Went to Dr Taylor’s for her and taxi to Marylebone High Street to see Toby Orr for her. To 8 Heath Mansions in same taxi and bad pain. Lay down all day and slept in drawing-room on camp bed. Dennis home to tea and dinner and to see Dolly. 

Friday 5th September 1913

Full. Rain in p.m.
Still painy. In bed till 4.30. Then up and wrote Cavell and Bank. Eric Faraday up. To bed at Alys’ again. Better night.

Headley (Hampshire)

Saturday 6th September 1913

Rain then clear.
Felt rotten, but up and off by taxi to Kemplay Road. Packed bag and to Waterloo. Met Eric Faraday. Both by 10.10 to Liphook. Trap to Headley to Oakhill Cottage. Aunt Rosa and Lois there. Out a little walk. Uncle Harold in evening. Supper and early to bed 9.

Sunday 7th September 1913

Fine, sunny.Played at croquet with Lois versus Aunt Rosa and Eric. Exciting. In p.m. out in motor for drive to Frensham ponds, and back by Hindhead. Tea. Out for walk with Lois and Eric. Good sunset. Played letter game in evening.


Monday 8th September 1913

Fine. Warm.
Walked with Lois to Cotton’s to order trap. Drew Eschscholzia in garden with her. After lunch sat on terrace till 3. Packed bag. Lois, Eric and I drove to Liphook and all to Waterloo and to Hampstead. Arrived 7. I slept at 7 Heath Mansions. 


Tuesday 9th September 1913

Dull, then rain.
Breakfast with Alys and Dennis. Cut out new curtains for nursery. To shops with Alys and to see Dolly. Rested in p.m. Played Fishponds with Eva. Jack Willis came and fetched Alys to see Dolly. Had backache.

Wednesday 10th September 1913

Lay on sofa all a.m. Kit came and darned stockings and stayed lunch. Alys twice out to Kemplay to see Dolly (once in Kit’s car). I tried to sit up but back ached. Jack Willis up and talked. 

Thursday 11th September 1913

Fine, warm.
Lay all day with feet up in big chair. Read “Caste and Creed” (Penny). Sat up after tea and made doll’s hood for Eva. Alys not out all day either. Kit up a minute in a.m. 

Friday 12th September 1913

Alys took Eva to shops. I lay down all day with pain. Dennis to Dolly’s wedding at Northwood and “gave her away”. Mrs Willis called after. Dennis home at 8. Tante phoned to Alys. To bed about 10. Very tired.

Saturday 13th September 1913

My 34th birthday. Stayed in bed at No 7. Read. At about 2, came Tante and Uncle Doc. I saw latter alone and he diagnosed and prescribed. They stayed to tea with Alys and Dennis and left about 5.15. Alys out in car to shops and library. 

Davises 12th to 20th.
12th Dolly Embleton and Jack Willis to be married. 

Sunday 14th September 1913

I read “Tante” and stayed in bed but better. Wrote to Aunt Alice, Aunt Elia, Doz, Poz, Lucy and Wade. Uncle Doc came up to see me 5.30 and sat and talked a little. I got up at 6.30. Dennis out in car with Charley and Sybil Richardson and all back to supper with Alys and me.

Monday 15th September 1913

Dennis changed beds, etc for Alys. I wrote letters in a.m. to Ella. Up at 1.30. Lunch. Rested till 3.30. Tante and Uncle Doc came and with me to Kitty’s to tea, and meet the family. To Charing Cross Hotel, dinner. All 3 to The Great Adventure[1]. Very good. I slept at Charing Cross Hotel.

Tuesday 16th September 1913

Fine, then showers.
Miss Annie Pertz came. Uncle Doc’s birthday – 57th. All three out to Cunard Line, and Goldsmith’s Co. They bought studs, links and to Harvey and Gore[2] and they gave me pendant and bought ring. Lunch at Trocadero. Home with Uncle Doc and rested. Tea. All to Miss Horner’s to dinner, Miss Dora Pertz[3] there. Songs, etc. I headachey. Home about 11.30. 

Wednesday 17th September 1913

Rather foggy.
Kit ‘phoned and I settled to stay on. All out and bought hats for Tante and me at Travelle’s. To lunch at Trocadero and I with Uncle Doc to Soane’s Museum, Lincoln’s Inn[4]. To see pictures (Turner, etc). Mrs Hilson came; dine and all to see Masefield’s Nan. Very fine. Tragic Irene Rooke [5].

Soane’s Museum, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn

Thursday 18th September 1913

Mrs Hilson away. I with Uncle Doc to get my passage ticket and to get ribbon for Tante at Selfridges, in taxis. I home to 8 Heath Mansions. Rested in p.m. Out with Alys to library. Horse frightened her. Dennis home and to bed with bad cold. 

Friday 19th September 1913

Out with Eva to shops. Sewed with Alys till lunch. Dennis out at 12.30 till 7. I to Kemplay Road and then to Charing Cross Hotel. Tea and talked with Tante and Uncle Doc. Home at 7. Dennis not well. 

Saturday 20th September 1913

Cold, dull.
Dennis saw Charley off – Canada. I to Euston and saw Davises off at 11.50 Susie there, talked to her after. Rested in p.m. in drawing-room. Dennis also and fire! Lizzie Standen to fit my dress. Out with Dennis on Heath and saw aeroplanes.

15th to Kits
16th with Davises.
Pendant 35/-
Ring 5-5.0
Travelle, 81 Grosvenor Street, Bond Street. 

Sunday 21st September 1913

Very fine. Warm.
Wrote to Tades. Kit and Edward in. I out with them in car and to dinner. Home at 2.30. Read. Out with Dennis after tea. Called at Shenton’s. Dr Tretherne there. Otto up to see Dennis. To No 7 at 10 and to bed at 12. 

Monday 22nd September 1913

Dull. Fine a.m.
Mrs Marsden up with Christopher. We sewed and out at sat on Judge’s Walk. Aunt Alice to lunch. I to Mrs Styers’ in p.m. She very depressed. Polly called for Aunt Alice at 5. Wade with Eva. Dennis in at 9.20 I to Kemplay Road in taxi to sleep.

Tuesday 23rd September 1913

Rain.Breakfast 9.30. Up to Heath Mansions in rain. Nurse Ancott to see Alys. I over to Chelsea and lunch with Aunt Alice. Rested and tea also. Miss Horner and Susie to tea. Sent off letter to Tante. Home.

Wednesday 24th September 1913

Very fine.
Up to Alys’. Did serge skirt. Alys and I out with Mrs Styers on Heath all morning. Alys and I to town in a Taylor motor 2.30 to 4.30. To Stores and Kodak. Read. To Kemplay Road and bed at 10. 

Thursday 25th September 1913

Very fine.
Painted cupboard on balcony in a.m. Kitty up a few minutes. Alys and I to Judge’s Walk. Rested in p.m. and read, in dining-room.

Friday 26th September 1913

Hot. 76 degrees. Fine.
Up to Alys. To shops with Eva. Out with Kit in her car to Harlesden. With Alys to Judge’s Walk. Kit lent me her car in p.m. and I to call on Mrs Moir and Sissie and Wade. Tea with Alys. We in car to Finchley Road and to Kitty’s and home. Dennis home to dinner.

Saturday 27th September 1913

Very hot and fine.
Out to shops. Out with Alys on Judge’s Walk and knitted. To Kitty’s to lunch. Sat with her and knitted till 3.30. To Mrs G. E. Barnard’s and had tea with them. Home to Alys’ to supper and read “Special Messenger” Chambers. To bed at 10.

Sunday 28th September 1913

Very fine and warm – 76 degrees
Up to Alys at 10. Nurse Ancott there at 8. Down to Kemplay with Dennis in car and trunk. Dr White to dinner 1.30 and Eva. At 3.30 Alys had a baby boy – Dennis Philip Faraday. 7 ½ lbs. I to Kemplay at 8.30. Wade there. To bed 9.15. 

Dennis, Philip
Dennis and Philip

Scan 35

Monday 29th September 1913

Breakfast 8 a.m. Alys with Nurse and Eva. Eva saw new brother. To shops and wrote letters. To lunch at Kemplay Road and rested there till 4. To Alys’. Dennis in to dinner. Home to Kemplay at 9.15. 

Tuesday 30th September 1913

All up to Heath Mansions. Eva and I watched Baby bathed. I to shops and sat and read letters to Alys till 12.45. Lunch at Kemplay Road. Kitty took me out in car to Totteridge and back. Tea and supper at 8 Heath Mansions.

Eva, Philip and Alys on balcony 8 Heath Mansions
Eva, Philip and Alys on balcony 8 Heath Mansions

Wednesday 1st October 1913

Up to Alys’, saw Baby bathed. To shops. After lunch I with Kitty in car to theatre to see ”The Fugitive” by Galsworthy, Irene Rooke and Milton Rosmer. Interesting. Sat with Alys and knitted. Supper at 7. Teeds came, and had supper.

Thursday 2nd October 1913

Up to 8 Heath Mansions. Then to shops. Then with Kit in car to Finchley Road. To Bank. Down to Kemplay. Rested and sewed dress. After tea up to Heath Mansion. Dinner with Dennis and Sybil Richardson, Charly’s fiancée. To Aunt Rosa’s to music till 11.45.

Friday 3rd October 1913

Cooler, foggy.
Up to 8 Heath Mansion. Out to shops. Sat with Alys and knitted. Mrs Flight and Friede called and Mrs Willis. I washed and ironed. Wade came to be with Eva. Nurse out. I to tea at Mrs Willis’ 4.30. Up to Alys. Back to Kemplay at 9. 

Saturday 4th October 1913

Dullish.Up to Alys. To Aunt Rosa’s with Eva. To shops. Then unwell so back to Kemplay Road and went to bed. Slept and read all p.m. Eva up after tea and I wound wool with her. I knitted and read till 9.30.

Sunday 5th October 1913

Some rain, some sun.
Baby gained ½ lb. In bed to breakfast. Eva felt sick and in bed, too, but she out to 8 Heath Mansions later. I read and kinitted, on sofa. Lunch with Eva and nurse. Up to 8 Heath Mansions at 3.30. Aunt Alice and Dorothy to tea, and see Alys and Baby. Kit called also. Dennis walked home with me at 9. 

Monday 6th October 1913

Dullish, showery.
Up to Heath Mansions. Sat with Alys a little. Kit up at 11.30 to see her. At 2 p.m. I to Thew’s. He saw to my teeth (first time for 14 years!) On to Selfridges and bought blue coat and skirt at Marshall’s. Home (via Kemplay in hansom). Supper and patience with Alys. Home at 8.45. Wade there.

Tuesday 7th October 1913

Rain till 12, then fine and lovely.
Up to Alys’ in rain. Sat with Eva, alphabet, etc. I knitted. After lunch to library. To Heath Mansion, read “Lady Shelley’s Diary”[1]. Wrote Tante. Letter from her. Friede Slater to tea with Alys.

Wednesday 8th October 1913

Some rain.
Up to Alys. Sat with her a little. At 12 over to Chelsea and had lunch with Dorothy and tea and talked all p.m. Very nice. Home, via Kodak. Rainy. Dennis in to dinner. Fire in drawing-room. 

Thursday 9th October 1913

Very fine day.
Philip out for 1st time (wrote Phil and Nell). Up to Alys’. Down with Eva to shops. Wire from Miles. To Post Office with answer. Knitted by Alys and nurse out. After lunch, I had Thew’s and had tooth stoped. To Marshall’s and bought stockings at Liberty & Co. Tea with Alys. Dressed at Kemplay and dined at William Miles. Colonel Chater there and Mosse and Alfred Miles.

Friday 10th October 1913

Up to Alys’. To shops with Eva. Wade came about “Consett”. After lunch, I to Kemplay and took Eva in pushcart to Mrs Styer’s at 3.30. Stayed till 6. Back. I to Alys’ and stayed dinner and till 9.30.

Saturday 11th October 1913

To Heath Mansions. Then to shops and down to Marshall’s for fitting and to Selfridges. Bought hat and cap. To 8 Heath Mansions. Not with Elsa to Rackham’s – too rainy. Dennis in to lunch and tea and Eva up to tea. Then I, at 6, to Ayrton’s and had supper. Max saw me home 10. 

Tantes birthday – 20th
To Mrs Styer 3.30 – 10th
9th – Dennis spoke at Medical Society on Pregnancy Test.

Sunday 12th October 1913

Baby gained 1lb 1oz (17oz). Up to Heath Mansions. Alys sick. Uncle Harold in Dennis out in car to Pinewood Sanatorium[2]. Dr White to see Alys in p.m. She better towards evening. I out to Chemists and to get ice. Read Lady Shelley. Eva up to tea. Played Halma. Dennis back at 10. 

Pinewood Sanatorium

Monday 13th October 1913

Up to Alys’. Finished pram-cooler. Began vest, Shetland. Bought Eva drawing book. Read “Lady Shelley” and out to shops and library at 4. Wade with Eva, Alys much better. I knitted by her and down to Kemplay at 9. 

Tuesday 14th October 1913

Up to Heath Mansions. Baby vaccinated by D.E. I out with Kit in her car to Bradley’s about her dress. To Marylebone, met Alice Cowam. I home to Heath Mansions. Aunt Bee to lunch there. I Kemplay and I to tea at Friede’s at Golders Green.

Wednesday 15th October 1913

Fine, cooler.
Up to Heath Mansions. To shops. Sat with Alys. At 2.30. Kit called for me in car and we to sale at Cromwell House. Then to Odette’s and Dickins and Jones. Then to her house to tea and I stayed to dinner. Home to Kemplay in car at 10.

Thursday 16th October 1913

Very warm.Up to Heath Mansions. Letters from Tante and E.P.D (me: Edward Parker Davis, Tante’s husband, aka “Uncle Doc”). Played with Eva and dolls and A.B.C. Knitted. Mary Miles called. In p.m. read and then to Mrs Styer’s with her to town. Tea at Formosa tearooms with Mr and Mrs Styers. Home by Bond Street and taxi. Dined with them and Vera. Mr Styers saw me home at 9.15.


Friday 17th October 1913

Foggy then fine.
Up to Alys. Tried on frocks from Odette and new coat and skirt – Marshall’s. Lucy Brewtnall came. After lunch she and I in Kitty’s car to call on Miss Miles. I called alone. Lucy to dine with Faraday’s. I to Kemplay at 9.30. Wade with Eva. Lucy slept with me at Kemplay. 

Saturday 18th October 1913

Fine, warm.
Up with Lucy to Heath Mansions. Out to shops. At 12 with Lucy to town. Lunch at Rendezvous and to Savoy. Saw “le Grand Seigneur”. H. B. Irving and Marie Lohr. Lucy to Faraday’s to stay. I sat with Alys and sewed on buttons on Eva’s jersey. Wrote E.P.D.

Take Eva to tea at Friede’s. Oct 14th at 4.15.
15th – with Kit
15th – Mrs Styers at 3.
18th – Mrs Hilsons? 

Sunday 19th October 1913

Very fine.
Baby gained 13oz. Stayed at Kemplay and washed gloves and collars and did collar on blue coat. To 8 Heath Mansions to dinner. With Dennis to call on Dolly and Jack in car. Eva also. Tea at Heath Mansions. Wrote business letters and played poker patience with Alys.

Monday 20th October 1913

Very hot. 62 degrees. Later rain.
To Heath Mansions and to shops. Tiring day. Lunched with Mrs Styer at Debenham and Freebody’s. Then to choose hats with her. Very tiring. Lucie Frith. Home to Heath Mansions. Margaret and Kit to tea.


Tuesday 21st October 1913

Rain all day.
Letter from Tante and Uncle Doc. Up to Heath Mansions. Out to shops and to Selfridges. Changed hat and taxi to Miss Horner’s. Lunch there. Dolly Barnard also there. On in carriage to tea with Polly. Home 6 to Alys. Poker patience. Wrote Tante and E. P. D.

Wednesday 22nd October 1913

Very fine. Colder.
Up to Heath Mansions. At 10 off with Kitty and Edward in car to Eastbourne. Lunch at Grand Hotel there at 2. Started back at 3. Dined with them at 8.30. Edward saw me home 9.30.

The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne

Thursday 23rd October 1913

Very fine.
Up to Heath Mansions and to shops. To Kemplay Road at 2.30. Rested and had tea there. Had bath! Sewed. Dressed in evening dress. Up to Alys’ to dinner. Alys in dining-room on sofa. With Shenton’s to dance at Benmore and back in their car 1.30.

Friday 24th October 1913

Foggy, then sunny.
Up to 8 Heath Mansions. To shops and with Elsa to her tailor in Camden Town. Very cold. Rested all p.m. Slept on sofa. Tea with Alys. Sat with her. Poker patience and read “Lady Shelley” and “Jock Scott”. Alys on sofa for dinner. Headache.

Saturday 25th October 1913

Foggy then sunny.
Up to Heath Mansions. To shops and took Eva in pushchair. Dr White came. Said Alys must stay in bed another week or so. I over to Kemplay and then to Aunt Alice’s to tea and stayed supper. In new coat and skirt and velvet and skunk hat. Home at 10.15.

1.30 at Debenhams 20th
Lunch Miss Horner’s 21st 1.30.
Shenton dance 24th 

Sunday 26th October 1913

Rain all day.
Baby gained 14oz – 4 weeks old. Nurse and Eva to Heath Mansions. I made moiré silk toque. Up to Heath Mansions at 11.30. Nurse out all day. Eva rested and painted in p.m. Dennis and I read. Otto came in after tea. Alys on sofa. All played poker patience in evening. Dennis saw me home.

Monday 27th October 1913

Dull. Warm.
Up to Alys and took Eva to shops and her nurse took Baby out in pram. I to town and bought 3 skirts and a blue blouse at Marshall’s. Home to tea at Heath Mansions. Elsa to tea. Mrs Flight called. Esther came, she goes to Australia 28th

Tuesday 28th October 1913

Very warm. 64 degrees.
Elsa called at Kemplay; and helped me with collar. Up to Heath Mansions and to shops again. Dorothy Styer called at 12. Mrs Broad to see Kim. Nurse Ancott out to tea and supper. Mrs Edward Vernor Miles to tea with Alys. I home at 10. Sewed till 11.

Wednesday 29th October 1913

Very fine and hot. Windy.
Up to Heath Mansions. To shops. Eva rested at Heath Mansions. Dr White came. I took Eva to William Miles’ to lunch. Wade and Pamela. I on to Army and Navy Stores with Mrs Miles and Josephine and back by tube. Tea with Alys. Dressed at Kemplay. Dined with Dennis and Alys and then with Shenton’s to dancing class. Tango![3] Fun. 

tango 1913
The Parisian Tango, London, 1913

Thursday 30th October 1913

Fine then rain.
To Heath Mansions. Out to shops. Met Nelly Sandeman. To lunch at Elsa’s at 1. Then with her to Miss Campbell’s class to Virginia drill, till 3.30. To Alys’. Deedie Lindquist called and Nelly Sandeman. Both saw Alys. Poker patience in dining-room in evening.

Friday 31st October 1913

To shops with Eva for greens. Sat and knitted. Finished baby’s vest and began my jersey. After lunch to town to Army and Navy and bought toys and books for Xmas! Home to tea. Dolly Willis to tea, with Alys. Poker patience in evening.

Saturday 1st November 1913

I unwell. Up to 8 Heath Mansions. Out to shops and back to Kemplay and up to Heath Mansions again. Sat and knitted. Dennis to lunch 2. Read V. V’s. Eyes[1] all p.m. Alys in to tea, in dressing-gown on sofa. Eva to tea. Knitted, read and played poker patience very well, and with pain, all evening. Home at 10.10 Kemplay.

Nurse Ancott leaves 26th or 27th
I to Newcastle 31st to 14th.
Began journey 31st.

Sunday 2nd November 1913

Baby gained 14 oz again. Sewed and to Heath Mansions as 11.30. Sat with Alys. Dr Warren out with Dennis and to dinner, and in car with Dennis to Northwood in p.m. I wrote Ella. Aunt Alice to tea and supper. I to supper at Elsa’s. Home at 9.40.

Monday 3rd November 1913

To Heath Mansions. Sat with Alys in a.m. Knitted my jersey. Alys in drawing-room to tea. Patience. I knitted. Called in at Elsa’s at 9 for my hat. 

Tuesday 4th November 1913

Very fine, then foggy, then fine.
Boxes from Shoolbred’s. To Heath Mansions. To shops. Sat with Alys. Aunt Louie and Nelly called 11.30. Nurse out twice with baby. Rested and read. Mrs Styer to tea. Out with her, and to library. Dennis home to dinner. Poker patience. I won!! Wrote Tante.

Wednesday 5th November 1913

Damp, warmish.
To Heath Mansions. To shops. Kit came and told about her Cheddar tour. I altered Dracoll dress. Alys up to tea dressed. Took Eva to tea at Faraday; only Lois down. Fun. Dennis home to dinner. I to Kitty’s to dine. There and back in car.

Thursday 6th November 1913

Up to Heath Mansions. Out to shops. At 11.30 Alys. Nurse Ancott and I and baby out in car (Taylor’s) for an hour to Piccadilly. In p.m. sewed my blue and black dress. Mabel May called. Alys bad headache. I to supper with Aunt Alice who was alone. Home 11. Letter from Tante. 

Friday 7th November 1913

Up to Heath Mansions. To shops. Then with Alys in taxi (and Eva) to Harrod’s and Hitchings for prams, and Garroulds. Home 1.35. I to Kemplay and with Kit to Lewis Baumer’s private view in Bond Street in taxi. Home to tea. Wade with Eva. Played poker patience in evening.


Saturday 8th November 1913

Fine. Cold.
Changed things to lower room. Up to Heath Mansions. To shops. Sat with Alys. Dennis in to lunch. Nurse Ancott away – £23. Alys rested. I with Dennis in car to Kemplay. Then to tea at Elsa’s, Tony’s 4th birthday. 

To Ayrton’s tea and supper – 2nd
To Aunt Rosa’s – 5th
4 o’clock with Eva.
To Newcastle – 7th or 8th.
Nurse out at 7th

Sunday 9th November 1913

Baby gained 11 oz. Alys bathed baby. Nurse took him out. Dennis and Alys out in car with Eva. In afternoon, Dennis and I took Eva and Baby out. Pram and doll’s pram! Alys tired and to bed at 8.

Monday 10th November 1913

Up to Alys. Out to shops with Eva in push-cart. Out with Alys along Grove. Did my blue dress in p.m. Eva walked and in early. Auntie Kate Davey to tea with us. Did sewing in evening with Alys. 

Tuesday 11th November 1913

Packed all a.m. 9 till 12.30. Up to Alys, very tired. Aunt Bee to lunch with Alys and me. Alys walked to Pond. Rested all p.m. Baby very good and smiling. Early to Kemplay at 9.15. Uncle Harold called.


Wednesday 12th November 1913

Up 7.30. Called taxi at 9. To Kings Cross and took 10 a.m. train to Newcastle. Lunch on train. Ella met me at 3.30. Drove to 2 Bentinck Villas. Aunt Eliza well and sweet. Knitted. To bed at 10.

Thursday 13th November 1913

Sat in Aunt Eliza’s room and knitted jersey. Wrote Alys. Out with Ella and Presto. Darned stockings. Dinner at 1. Read V. Vs. Eyes. In dining-room. Miss Bisson in. Ella and I to see “Elektra”[2] by Strauss. Madame Gleeson-White[3], Fred Austin. Interesting.

Cicely Gleeson-White

Friday 14th November 1913

Fair. Very cold wind.
Sat with Aunt Eliza and knitted. Out with Ella and Presto. Wrote Aunt Alice and Tante. Katie Brims in. Read in p.m and Carrie Reid to tea and Polly in later. Knitted, began sleeve and talked. To bed at 10.25. Dora, housemaid, to Christine. 

Saturday 15th November 1913

Ella to her music-lesson. I out with Presto and called at Sissie’s. Sewed at cosies. Read in p.m. Mrs Fawcus called. I knitted all evening. Music. 

15th Davises wedding day.
To Newcastle – Wednesday to 24th

Sunday 16th November 1913

Fine. Windy.
Out for walk by Fenham with Ella and Presto. Wrote to Alys. Called on Sissie. Read in p.m. Finished V. Vs. Eyes by H Sydnor Harrison. Music. Sang “Lead Kindly Light” – Sullivan. lead

Monday 17th November 1913

Showery then very warm. Fine.
Made beds. Ella and I to town, search for velveteen dresses. Bought net and ninon[4]. Home. Sat and worked and read in p.m. Charlotte called. Elle over to Sissie’s after supper. Letters from Alys and Tante and a “Life” All bed 11. 

Tuesday 18th November 1913

Rain. Gale.
Sat with Aunt Eliza. Dora home. In sewing all a.m. Very rough weather. In p.m. Ella and I to Aunt Ellen’s to tea. Ida there. We called on Cousin Ida Reid first. Home at 6.30. 

Wednesday 19th November 1913

Warm, fine.
With Ella to Bank and town alone to get theatre tickets. To South View. Saw Mary (on crutches) and Cousin Ella. Nora ill. Wrote letters in p.m. I to Sissie to tea and stayed till 7.30. 

Thursday 20th November 1913

Fineish, warm.
Out with Ella to Post Office. Out with Aunt Eliza in back lane. With Ella to Whitley, on rocks and walked to Cullercoats. Tea with Alice and Ida David Reid. Mrs Hutton there. Home by Cousin Harriet’s. Sissie with Aunt Eliza.

Friday 21st November 1913

Damp. Cooler.
Wrote Tante and to bank. Out with Ella. Into Sissie’s. Ella to South View. Read in p.m. and washed my hair. Edith Sandeman in to tea and Sissie. Played poker patience and Kuhn-Kahn.


Saturday 22nd November 1913

Fine. Frosty.
Wrote 5 or 6 letters to Caronia[5]

R.M.S. Caronia – 1905

Sunday 23rd November 1913

Fine. Misty.
Sat in Aunt Eliza’s room and Ella read Bible. Read in drawing-room. Out with Ella and Presto. Mark and Kenneth to tea. Christy called with Roly. Cousin Walter and Helen called. Selby in, over supper-time. Packed. 


Monday 24th November 1913

Packed. To station with Ella at 10. Train at 10.28 to Kings Cross. Read “Spanish Gold”[6]. Lunch on train. Taxi to Kemplay at 4.30. Unpacked. Washing. Walked up to Alys’. Spent evening there. Baby bathed. Home at 10. 

Tuesday 25th November 1913

Dull, warm.
Out at 9 to town. Bought evening dress at Selfridges and stockings and gloves. To 8 Heath Mansions (and Bank). Miss Horner and Miss E called. Mrs Hilson to lunch and till 3.45. Alys and I to Kemplay and back. Supper and knitted and ‘phoned Kit. 

Wednesday 26th November 1913

Dull. Warm.
Stayed at Kemplay and packed all a.m. Lunch with Miss Clarke. Sewed and in p.m. To Alys at 4.30. Dorothy came up to dinner and evening. 

Thursday 27th November 1913

Did some sewing. Up to 8 Heath Mansions. Pressed jersey. To Christchurch and Baby was christened – Dennis Philip Faraday. Town with Alys after lunch. Shopped. I to tea with Kit. Dinner with Alys. Mrs Allingham called. Alys and I to M Faraday’s in evening. Miss Purdy there.  

Friday 28th November 1913

Very fine.
Packed hard. Up to Alys about lunch-time. After lunch, we both rested. I down to shops. Tea, Baby very good and sweet. After dinner Alys and I to call on G. E. Barnard’s and then Ayrton’s. Home at 94.5 Goodbye and I to Kemplay after.

R.M.S. Caronia

Saturday 29th November 1913

Finished packing. Wade came at 9.30. At 10.45 she and I in bus to Euston. Elsa and Dorothy and Wade saw me off to Liverpoot at 12. On board Caronia. Dinner at 7. Wrote letters and unpacked. Sailed at 7.45. To bed at 9.30. 


Mrs Hilson to lunch Tuesday.
Sail for New York on Caronia – November 29th
Baby’s Christening 27th.
Fred Sime, and Otto May and me – godparents. 

Sunday 30th November 1913

Fine. Dull and rolly. Misty later.
Down to breakfast at 8.30. Got to Queenstown at 10. Bought lace collar and handkerchief. Read on deck. Slept and read in cabin all p.m. After dinner talked to Miss French in lounge. Hot bath. To bed 9.30. 

Monday 1st December 1913

Dull, misty, sea quieter.
Breakfast at about 9. Sat on deck and talked with Mr Warnock(?) Walked a little with Miss French. Slept and read in cabin in p.m. Tea alone in drawingroom.

Tuesday 2nd December 1913

Walked; then sat on deck and talked to Warnock and read. Rested in p.m. Tea with Miss French in lounge. Patience after tea. After dinner Kuhn Kahn with French, Startup, Geddie and “Levi” Hind!

Wednesday 3rd December 1913

Fine, Windy. Rough later.
Walked alone and with Startup. Sat and talked to Mr Warnack. Played shuffleboard with Miss French. Messrs Startup and Hind. After lunch again, played with Mr Geddie and others. Rested (unwell). Tea with French and Patience with Mr Warnock. Kuhn Kahn after dinner and then on deck; rough, with Mr Startup, Geddie and Miss French.

Thursday 4th December 1913

Sunny, colder. Calm in evening.
Bad night. Very windy and rough. No sleep. Up on deck and watched waves and on boat deck, ducked for spray. Lovely. Read “J.M. Synge”. Slept in p.m. Tea in lounge with French, Hind and Geddie. Read up there till 6.30. After dinner, played Euchre and Auction Bridge, Mr Startup helping me. Read in drawingroom.

Friday 5th December 1913

Bright sun. Cold.
On deck. Lovely day. Wrote letters, then played tennis and catch on top deck with French and 3 men. Fun. Read in drawingroom. Tea in lounge with New York couple. Wrote. On deck. Played patience with Warnock. Concert in evening. Conjuring and lounge later with French and Hind.

Saturday 6th December 1913

Rather rough and spray flying. Watched fire on deck, wires short-circuited. Captain Smith hose. Mr Steinbrugge and William K Vanderbilt Jr too. Wrote letters. Read in p.m. Tea in lounge with French and Hind. He told of 62 engagements in Boer War. Passed Nantucket lightship. Lovely sunset. Kuhn Kahn after dinner with Hind and Geddie and Miss French. Out on deck.


Lace collar 10/-
Lace handkerchief 5/-
William K. Vanderbilt Jr – brother of Duchess of Marlborough. 

William Kissam Vanderbilt II – a motor racing enthusiast and yachtsman

Sunday 7th December 1913

Pouring rain. Mild.
Breakfast 7.30. Docked at 9. Tante met me. To Manhattan Hotel. Meal at 10.30. Train at 1 to Philadelphia. Uncle Doc met us

Monday 8th December 1913

Cold from 64 degrees to 28 degrees in night of 7th.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Tante neuralgia. I to shops to try to buy doylies. Interviewed dairyman. Rested. Uncle Doc home at 7 and all had dinner and songs in evening. Very nice. 

Tuesday 9th December 1913

Fine. Warmer.
Tante neuralgia, and in bed till 2. I fastened up trunks and wrote Alys. Tante and I out to Farm at 4.23. Busy met us. Drove out. Supper and to bed. Ethelwolf very pleased. 

Wednesday 10th December 1913

Fine. Snow in evening.
Out to see dogs and horses. Sat with Tante and out with her to barns. Rested in p.m. in library. Felt tired and shivery. Cook came back with Cornell. 

Thursday 11th December 1913

Fine. Cold wind.
Busy had neuralgia and cold. Mrs Wilfred Lewis and Mrs Orme and Mrs Godfrey to lunch. All of us to Wrightstown to Woman Suffrage Meeting. Interesting. Drove home. Fester came – read and tore up dog letters. To bed 10.

Friday 12th December 1913

Sat in Tante’s room and she dictated letters. I wrote Alys. Tante had neuralgia rest of day and only got up at 6.30 and supped in drawingroom. To bed early. 

Saturday 13th December 1913

Fine. Warm.
Busy drove me to 9 train. I to office about dairyman. Then to 250. Dressed and to lunch with Edith Bache at College Club. To “Sunshine Girl” after, tea at 1017 Pine Street. Supper at College Club, round Wanamaker’s to see Stores after supper. To bed at 10.

Julie Sanderson – Sunshine Girl. 

Sunday 14th December 1913

Fine. Warm.To 250 South 21st Street at 9.30. In taxi with Uncle Doc to Hospital and to Reading Terminal. To Langhorne. Busy met us. To Farm. Drove in p.m. with Tante and Uncle Doc. Tante made mayonnaise. I rested (piles). Jovial supper and Uncle Doc away at 8.30. To bed at 9.

Monday 15th December 1913

Fine. Cooler.
Muddled about. Tante gave cook notice. Tante and Busy to town Philadelphia on 12.33. I wrote letters. Lay down on sofa most of day. Talked to Webb. ‘Phoned Tante in evening. 

Tuesday 16th December 1913

Fine. Warm.
Butcher came. I took dogs a little run; then sat on verandah in steamer chair. Lovely. Cook away. Tante back at 3. She and I to Farmers’ Club at the Kitchen’s. Busy back later with new cook, Annie Batley.

Wednesday 17th December 1913

Darned stockings in Tante’s room, and muddled about. Tante talked to Webb and to Mr Solly in p.m. Tante up at 3.30. Out to barns. Did herd book in evening. To bed at 9.30. 

Thursday 18th December 1913

Fine then colder and windy.
Out with dogs and talked to Webb. Mr Solly brought 2 Englishmen – Whitfield and Wall. Tante up to lunch. Men to station to fetch trunk. I harnessed Faith and Busy to Newtown with Annie (for her holiday). Tante and showed men their duties. Chickens, etc. Webb showed dairyman Wall. 

Friday 19th December 1913

Fine, cooler.
Out to see about men. I drove Webb into Newtown. He left (Hope and market wagon). After lunch about barns, showing Wall to mix feed for cows. Busy to fetch Annie at 5. I harness Faith. Tante rested. Fred said Baroness was sick. Dr Terry to see her in evening. 

Saturday 20th December 1913

Fine. Warm.
Bruce brought Burgess’ dog, Nell here. I about telling Whitfield duties. Turkey killed. In p.m. Busy away. Elizabeth Solly drove her. Tante and I to Richboro’, Mrs Gill’s to Loyal Temperance Legion (children’s) meeting. Home 5.30 Whitfield scared by dogs. 

Sunday 21st December 1913

Fine. Mild.
Took Nell out a little. Mr Solly to see Tante. Margaret, Annie, Whitfield and Fred to Church. Tante and I for drive round by Amondson’s Farm and called on Cunningham’s. Elizabeth, Walter and Eldon Wilson in evening. 

Monday 22nd December 1913

Damp then fine.
About farm. Butter churned by Wall first time. I helped in p.m. Fred to Newtown to fetch Xmas tree and then set it up, and Tante and I trimmed it all evening. Tired. Did up butter package.

Tuesday 23rd December 1913

Dull, then rain.
Up at 6.30. Tante and I into town on 9 train. To 250. Then did some shopping, lunch at Thommen’s. Home. Rested. Dinner at 6. Then we 3 to Bellavue Stratford and saw Princeton Triangle Club[1] act. Very good. Orchestra, etc.

Wednesday 24th December 1913

Breakfast 8.30 alone. Talked to Tante. Wrote Ella. Lunch and with Tante to Newtown. At Farm, found no water. Bond’s men came (put thumb out). Uncle Doc came at 6. Supper and then Solly’s, Wilsons and maids and men in and we had Xmas tree and presents. Bob out all night. 

Thursday 25th December 1913

Damp, mild.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Out for a walk with him to woods. Dinner at 1.30 – turkey and pudding. Frozen sweetcorn. Sat by diningroom fire all p.m. us three. Supper at 6.30. Songs afterwards. Uncle Doc away at 9.25. We to bed at 10. 

Friday 26th December 1913

Pouring rain a.m. Colder and fine p.m.
Out with Mr Solly and Fred at engine. Wall churned. After lunch, I helped wrap up butter and with Tante in dairy room. Fred mended horse stalls. Straw in dog-kennels. A little music in evening and did sheet. To bed 10. 

Saturday 27th December 1913

Fine. Very frosty and cold wind.
Tante neuralgia and breakfast at 10.30l I out. Bond’s men came to do windmill. Mrs Solly in p.m. Tante put on her new dress (for Wilson-Sayre wedding[2]). Fred to Newtown for kerosene. 

Wilson Sayre
The Wedding Cake for Jessie Woodrow Wilson, daughter of President Wilson, who married Francis Bowes Sayre in a White House ceremony on November 25, 1913.

Sunday 28th December 1913

Tante wrote letters. I out with dogs. Whitfield took girls to Church. Tante and I tea Solly’s and then Philadelphia 4.47. Uncle Doc met us. To 250. Tante upset about evergreens and duck and onions. Unhappy dinner. Uncle Doc read poem for Reunion. Some songs. 

Monday 29th December 1913

Fine. Frosty.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc and he to dentist at 11. I to Wanamaker’s for Victor needles. Met Tante and shopped. Home to lunch. Off by 4.23 to Newtown. Mr Solly at Farm and stayed to supper. Letters from Alys, Doz, Poz in evening.


Tuesday 30th December 1913

Grey, frosty, quiet.
Tante neuralgia; I with Mrs to Neschaminy. Fred made crate for Faithful. Tante had tea at 2. I wrote Alys and Uncle Harold. I drove to Newtown, with Hope to take letters. Back at 5.15. Tante read aloud in evening. I marked towels. 

Wednesday 31st December 1913

Fine, rather grey.
About on Farm with all dogs. After lunch, at 3, Tante (who got up at 2), took Margaret Rooney to station (her 24 hours) and met Uncle Doc at 5.30. I buy looking after fires, etc, and rather tired. Nice evening, poem read, some songs. “Happy New Years”.  I to bed at 10.

I weighed 130lbs 2oz – December 19th
Tante weights 150 lbs.
October 13th – weighed 9 stone 2 lbs 6 oz (128 lbs 6 oz)

Xmas presents:
Tante and Uncle Doc – carriage rug?
Edith Bache – book
Mrs Solly – bag, gay one or gloves?
Elizabeth – blue bow
Margaret – Scarf or brooch?
Webb – Sparmannia
Mrs Hughes – card?
Busy – scissors
Hannah – gay bag?

“Doing what can’t be done, is the glory of living” – General Armstrong.
“He who is false to the present duty breaks a thread in the loom.”
“Keep your fears to yourself but share your courage with others.” – Robert Louis Stevenson


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