1913 – May Footnotes

[1] Lingerie dresses were originally intended as a fancier form of ‘wash dress’ or ‘tub frock’: garments made of materials that could, with care, be washed at home, without special equipment, without damaging them. The relative cheapness of cotton fabrics, and machine-made lace, along with their increased durability, made the dresses both economical and practical.

[2] Charles Albert “Chief” Bender (1884 – 1954) was a pitcher in Major League Baseball during the 1910s and 1920s. Bender was born in Crow Wing County, Minnesota, as a member of the Ojibwe tribe. His father was German and his mother was part Chippewa. As a child, he was given the Ojibwe language name “Mandowescence“, meaning “Little Spirit Animal”.

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