1913 – October Footnotes

[1] The Diary of Frances Lady Shelley, 1787-1817 by Richard Edgcumbe – published 1912.

[2] The Pinewood Hospital was a hospital in Pinewood, near Crowthorne, England, for the treatment of people suffering from tuberculosis. It was located in a pine wood as pine trees were thought to be beneficial in the treatment of the disease. It opened as the London Open Air Sanatorium in 1901 before becoming the Pinewood Sanatorium. It treated casualties of the First and Second World Wars and after the second, began to treat general thoracic patients as tuberculosis became less prevalent. It closed in 1966.

[3] In 1913 London and Paris were struck by Tango fever – The Parisian Tango — as described by Gladys Crozier. Crozier’s Tango position is a typical closed position, with the Lead’s right hand on her back, just under the Follow’s shoulder, and the Follow’s right hand on his arm, just under his shoulder. The other hands are held at the level of the shoulders. When promenading, the arms point in the direction of travel.

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