1913 – November Footnotes

[1] V.V.’s Eyes – Harrison, Henry Sydnor. Published 1913 – A novel concerning the position of women in society, factory conditions, and charitable giving, with a beautiful heroine, who is learning for the first time in her life that things are not always what they seem.

[2] Elektra, Op. 58, is a one-act opera by Richard Strauss, to a German-language libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, which he adapted from his 1903 drama Elektra. The opera was the first of many collaborations between Strauss and Hofmannsthal. It was first performed at the Königliches Opernhaus on 25 January 1909.

[3] Cicely Gleeson-White – Born 1877. English soprano. Cicely Gleeson-White trained in London c1896 and had a notable career, singing several times in Henry Wood’s Promenade Concerts during the Edwardian era. Later, as a Wagner specialist, Gleeson-White appeared extensively with the Denhof and Beecham companies.

[4] Ninon is a sheer fabric of silk, rayon, or nylon made in a variety of tight smooth weaves, open lacy patterns, or open mesh-like appearance. It is described as very delicate or lightweight and is sometimes referred to as “French tergal”.

[5] RMS Caronia was a British ocean liner, launched on 13 July 1904. She was built for Cunard by John Brown & Co. of Glasgow. She was the only ship in the Cunard fleet to be named after an American, being named after Caro Brown, granddaughter of Cunard’s New York agent. She left Liverpool on her maiden voyage to New York on 25 February 1905. A successful 1906 cruise from New York to the Mediterranean led to Caronia being used for cruising frequently in the coming years.

[6] Spanish Gold by George A. Birmingham. Published 1908.

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