1913 – April Footnotes

[1] George Evans (1870 – 1915) known as “Honey Boy” Evans was a Welsh-born songwriter, comedian, entertainer, and musician active in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

[2] Rudolf Bolling Teusler M.D. (1876 – 1934) was a medical physician and lay missionary to Japan who worked under the auspices of the Foreign and Domestic Missionary Society of the American Episcopal Church.

Dr. Teusler is remembered in Japan as the founding physician, chief fundraiser and administrative head of St. Luke’s International Hospital, an institution founded in 1902, that continues to operate as a high profile hospital and medical teaching facility in central Tokyo. He is also remembered for his pioneering work in the establishment of Japan’s first college of nursing, as well as for public health, child welfare and preventative medicine programs.

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