1916 – London, Bursledon

1916 Diary

Katharine Boyd
47 Hampstead Way

In 1916, Edward is 40 years old, Kate is 37 years old and Alys is 32 years old. Eva is 7 years old and Philip is 3 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Saturday 1st January 1916

Rain and gale.
Dennis to War Office at 9.30. Alys to town with him. I sore throat. Knitted and read “Washington Square”. H. James[1]. Alys and I dined with Dennis at Waterloo Station. He to Netley 8.15. Alys and I to Ayrton’s to say goodbye to Max going to Egypt with Kite Balloon[2]. Sub-flight Lieutenant. R.N.A.S.

Kite Balloon

Sunday 2nd January 1916

Rain, warm.
Children out with Nurse, very wet. Alys and I in top room. Wrote Kit. Gulliver[3] with Eva; she trying to read it. Nurse out all p.m. till 10. Children in drawing-room. Knitted. Alys read aloud a little in evening – “The Claverings”[4].

Monday 3rd January 1916

Lovely day.
I to Aldwych. Mrs Samuel some of the time. Busy. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at A.B.C. 5½d. To Hanan’s. Bought shoes (sale). Home. Josephine and Pamela to tea. Alys and Eva to station with them. I very “runny cold”. Did green spot blouse. Alys read aloud and I too.

Tuesday 4th January 1916

Dull, damp.
To Aldwych (by bus) and to Hanan’s, on way to change shoes. Busy doing old dossiers. Cold awfully liquid! Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Cabin 1½d. Home by Pemberthy’s and Harries’. Servants out all day. Alys to see Dolly Willis at Denning Road.

Wednesday 5th January 1916

Fine. Warm.
I stayed in bed till tea-time. Sewing, reading, etc. Alys, Nurse and children in town to lunch. Up to tea. Felt better.

Thursday 6th January 1916

Dull. Mild.
Alys and I out together. She to Waterloo and Southampton. I to Aldwych. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Cock. 11d each 2d tip each. I walked to Oxford Circus via Liberty’s (Sale). Children after tea and wrote letters in evening.

Friday 7th January 1916

To Aldwych. Interviewing. Lunch with G. Knoblauch. Express Dairy in Holborn. To Liberty’s and bought hassock. Home to tea. Children after. Wrote letters and read.

Saturday 8th January 1916

Fine. Dull.
Sent 10/- to Madame Delaive. To Finchley Road shops and Bank. Bought hat (2/6!) and camisoles. Home. Did blouse in p.m. green spots. Dolly Willis and John came and stayed to tea. Eva in fancy dress later. Dorothy came and stayed weekend. Knitted and talked. Read Ian Hamilton’s Dispatch about Gallopoli[5].

The French army landing at Gallipoli

Sunday 9th January 1916

Foggy, dull.
In nursery with children. Then Doz and I to Hampstead. Called on Ayrton’s at Prospect House! Rested in p.m. Children after tea “When I was a lady”. Talked, knitted. Headache. To bed 10.15.

Monday 10th January 1916

Fine. Dull later.
To Aldwych at 9.30. Doz away. Mrs Barsdorf away ill. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Corner House. Home on ‘bus all the way. Alys home from Bursledon. Tea. Eva fairy dress and games with children. Read aloud in evening. Tired. Wrote Ella and Violet.

Tuesday 11th January 1916

Dull. Warm.
To Aldwych early. Worked there all day. Lunch with G. Knoblauch and Miss Crawley at Rose Tea Rooms. Helped Miss Boyd in p.m. Home at 5.50. Read aloud, etc.

Wednesday 12th January 1916

Dull. Very warm.
With Alys to town. To Selfridge’s. Lunch there 12. To Debenham and Freebody’s. Bought coat for Philip. To St Pancras. Saw off Doris Brewtnall to Cape Town via Tillbury. Saw off Sylvia at Euston to Southport. To Empire for tickets. Alys bought fur-coat at Russell’s. 7.19/6. Home to tea. Children. Fairy and wrote Tades. Sybil called at 8.45. till 9.20.

Thursday 13th January 1916

Fine. Colder. Windy.
Alys took Eva to school, 1st day of term. I to Aldwych 9.30. Mrs Barsdorf away. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Law Courts. In Miss Boyd’s room after, chestnuts and Mrs Samuel had lunch there. Did case cards. Home at 5.30! Eva and Alys also. Read to Eva. ‘Phoned Susie. Read to ourselves.

Friday 14th January 1916

Fine, cold. White frost.
Alys with Eva to school. I to Aldwych. Did Mrs Barsdorf’s work and Mrs Samuel’s. Two Committee Meetings. Lunch with G. Knoblauch, Miss Boyd and Miss Morris at A.B.C. Worked in Miss Boyd’s room. They all leaving. Home at 5.45. Read in evening to ourselves. Madame Roefs called, about Food.

Saturday 15th January 1916

Dull, warmish.
To my Bank, etc. To Aldwych about Roefs’ Food. Then to see Susie (and Miss Horner for 5 minutes). Lunch with Aunt Alice and Polly. Home to tea; Aunt Louie and Maude Barnard to tea. Children, etc. Read aloud “The Claverings”.

Herbert Samuel made Home Secretary

Herbert Samuel

Doris to sail “Balmoral Castle” on 12th (St Pancras 2.30)
To Barnard’s lunch – Saturday.
Miss Horner’s 12 Saturday
Miss Middlehurst, 127 Gower Street

Sunday 16th January 1916

Dull. Mild.
Washed and ironed collars. Elsa and Max called. He planted our Xmas-tree! Walked home with them. Nurse out. Alys out with children. I to 127 Gower Street to see Mary Middlehurst. She out. Home to tea. To supper at Aunt Rosa’s. Friede with Alys to supper.

Monday 17th January 1916

To Aldwych early. Mrs Samuel ill. Mrs Montagu there (by my arrangement). Very busy. Lunch with Miss Schuster at Law Courts. All p.m. Working in Miss Boyd’s Department. Home at 7. Tired. Read aloud to Alys in evening. Wrote to Tante about hat.

Tuesday 18th January 1916

Dull. Warm.
To Aldwych early. Mrs Montagu in a.m. Very busy. Lunch with G. Knoblauch and Miss Bower at A.B.C. Mrs Schuster helped in p.m. Very busy. Full day. Home late. Read aloud in evening. “Claverings”.

Wednesday 19th January 1916

Dull. Cooller.
To Camden Town, met Alys and chose cretonne. On to Aldwych. Alys to lunch at Aunt Alice’s.   I to lunch with Mrs William Miles; Miles Morgan’s wife there. Home. Alys and I to tea at Louie Barnard’s. Read in evening. Alys mentioned possible Michael.

Thursday 20th January 1916

Colder, showery.
To Aldwych. Not so very busy. Managing Committee down and helped Miss Boyd all p.m. till 6.30. Lunch with A. G. B. G. K. and Mrs Robbins at Slater’s. Last day of Miss Boyd and Morris and G. Knoblauch. Home later. Read aloud to Alys.

Friday 21st January 1916

To Aldywch. Mrs Samuel at Health and P. R. F. Committees. Fairy busy. Lunch with Miss Schuster at Cabin. Home. Alys back with Eva at tea. Nurse out all day with her sister. Read aloud in evening. to bed 10.30.

Saturday 22nd January 1916

Very fine. 2 showers.
Alys a cold. Both to Hampstead for cakes. After lunch, Alys to Bursledon. I home. Elsa, Miss Boyd and G. Knoblauch and Alan Baumer to tea and Tony and his nurse. Elsa and Miss Knoblauch stayed on to dinner. Vegetarian. Sewing and machining!

G. Knoblauch Saturday p.m?
Favresse Sunday 23rd.
Paid Alys Faraday Embleton to February 18th
Max away to Egypt – 20th.

Sunday 23rd January 1916

Washed and ironed things, and did carding (for Miss Morris!). To Aunt Rosa’s. She out. In p.m. Mlle Hélène Favresse came to tea with me. Talked of Brussels and De Baeremaecker’s. She came from Belgium 3 weeks ago.

Monday 24th January 1916

I took Eva to school. On to Aldwych. Made out grants. Lunch with Mrs Robbins. I to Waterloo to try and meet Alys. She by earlier train. Home. Alys home to tea. Winnie Barnard called and had tea. I ‘phoned Dorothy.

Tuesday 25th January 1916

Very fine.
Sat with Phil in nursery. Tidied bicycle-house. To Aldywch at 11. Made out grants. Lunch alone at Temple Tea Rooms. Back, worked. Home at 6.30. Wrote Mrs Bardsdorf.

Wednesday 26th January 1916

Did odd jobs in garden. Bonfire. Then to Paddington. Met Dorothy, and lunch with her. Then got bicycle and rode it home! Secondhand one 23/6 from Broadway.

Thursday 27th January 1916

Warm, dull.
To Aldwych. Not so very busy, but a good many grants. Lunch at Bodega. Miss Schuster, stout and cheese! Back to work. Walked up Regent Street. Tea at Alan’s Tea Rooms. Home with children. Alys at working party.

Friday 28th January 1916

Warm, dull.
Aldwych at 10. Very busy a.m, Mrs Samuel in 2 committees. Menie Reid came. Had lunch with her at Strand Palace. Back to work till 3. Home, and to fetch Eva on way. Alys met us with bicycle.

Saturday 29th January 1916

Eva in bed all day. Cold and cough. I worked, washed and gardened, moving fox-gloves. In p.m. I to Gower Street (127) to see Mary Middlehurst. Brought her home with me to tea. Nurse out. Phil tea with us. Saw Mary Middlehurst to station. Home.

29th 3 or 3.30 Middlehurst’s.
Wednesday 1.30 Paddington dining-room to meet Doz.

Sunday 30th January 1916

Dull. Cold.
Muddled about. Washing and ironing, and in Eva’s room. Eva in bed till tea-time. Alys to Aunt Rosa’s. I to call in Vernor Miles as to tea. Sad visit. Saw caterpillars and moths from Trenches. Called on Ellen (out). Home.

Monday 31st January 1916

To Aldwych. Mrs Barsdorf back so didn’t want me. I on to King’s Langley. Spent day with Kitty. Very nice. Saw Cuzzies. Home at 7. Alys out, meeting Dennis. He home for 48 hours leave. Sat and talked after dinner. Zeppelin raid over midland and eastern counties.

Tuesday 1st February 1916

Dull. Cold.
I unwell. Out in garden all a.m. Lovely bonfire and rolled lawn (took Eva to school first). Dennis and Alys out, and called on “Aunt Netta”. Dennis and Alys and I all to Kinemacolor in p.m. War pictures. Tea at Shoolbred’s. Home. Quiet evening. Reading.

Wednesday 2nd February 1916

Dull, cold.
I took Eva to school. Wrote Favresse and Mrs Hilson. To Aunt Alice’s to lunch. Doz in bed with cold. Magdalen Harrison there. On to tea at Miss Horner’s. Nice visit there. On to Waterloo Station. Dined there 2/6. Alys and Dennis came, and Dennis off at 8.15. Home.

Thursday 3rd February 1916

Alys off with Eva to school. I to Aldwych. Lunch with Miss Schuster at Cheshire Cheese 1/4. Got 30/- from Mrs Samuel. Home via Rouse’s. Eva home, bad cold and fractious. Read aloud in evening. Wrote Miss Horner about “Sovereignty”.

Friday 4th February 1916

Eva in bed. Phil bad cough. I to Aldwych; (to warehouse first). At Aldwych all day. Lunch out alone at Cabin. Home. Margaret and Karl to dinner and night.

Saturday 5th February 1916

Breakfast 9 with Margaret and Karl. Eva in bed. Muddled about. Dug in garden. I to lunch with Miss Knoblauch at her house. Miss Boyd and Miss Morris there. To Albert Hall “Requiem” Verdi. King and Queen there. To tea with Mr and Mrs Frank? Barr in Church Street, Chelsea. Nice “Faraday”. I home alone. Margaret and Karl went home in p.m.

To King’s Langley
Mrs Bacon died this week.
All Friday
Lord Redesdale’s – Memories.

Sunday 6th February 1916

Cold. Dull.
Eva in bed till tea-time. Alys out at Mrs Webb’s. Mademoiselle Favresse to tea and talk. Took her to station at 7 p.m. Phil awake in night.

Monday 7th February 1916

Fine day.
Eva still in bed all a.m. Alys and I to shops. Tidied cupboard. In p.m. Alys and I to Hampstead – Bank, Library. Walked on to Stewart’s and home by ‘bus. Tired in evening. Read “The Little House on the Marne”[1].

Tuesday 8th February 1916

Fine. Cold.
Alys with Eva to school. I wrote Mrs Miles. Alys and I to Madame Janssens with clothes. (and Phil in pram). To Mrs Webb’s and to Park. Rested in p.m. on bed. Very tired. Alys to fetch Eva. Read in evening.

Wednesday 9th February 1916

Fine. Cold Frosty.
Alys with Eva, and then Alys on to Netley. I to meet Aunt Alice at Finsbury Park and with her to Northumberland House, Green Lanes[2]. Talked with Dr Hart about Uncle Harold. Lunch with Barnard’s at Chelsea. Met Favresse, Charing Cross, to W. R. Committee, Miss Wade, Mrs Webbe, etc. Tea at A.B.C. with Favresse. Left her with Mrs Webbe and back home. Read to Eva.

northumberland house
Northumberland House

Thursday 10th February 1916

Lovely day. Frosty.
Took Eva to school, on to call on Elsa (ill). On to Aldwych. Lunch alone. Worked there all day. Alys back from Netley and in at Office. I home at 7. Read in evening. Wrote Favresse and Mrs Day.

Friday 11th February 1916

Dark and wet.
Alys took Eva to school. I to Aldwych. Lunch at Bodega with Barsdorf’s. Then back by Evans (bought bath towels). To Compayne Gardens. Tea with the William Miles’. Home. Dennis back with poisoned heel.

Saturday 12th February 1916

Gardened all morning. Eva helped me. Getting beds ready for vegetables. Very tired in p.m and rested on bed. Slept. Dennis in top room. Did bricks. Read in evening. Susie telephoned. Madame Janssens and Marie to tea. Marie and Eva danced.

Sunday 13th February 1916

Tead in a.m. in top room. Dennis built after dinner, at 3.30. I to Aunt Alice’s. Helped Dorothy in pantry (laying tiles). Talked. Pieter Rodeck[3] in evening, to supper! To bed 11. Polly and Miss Sargent’s to supper.

Monday 14th February 1916

Showery, gales.
Off at 9.30 to Aldwych. Met Favresse at Mrs Webb’s. Took her to St Paul’s, Westminster Abbey and Roman Catholic Cathedral! Home with her to lunch. Wrote reference for her – she away. Alys, Dennis and I to Selfridge’s (sundaes) and cinema – Marble Arch. Saw Dennis off at Waterloo. Home. Tired!

Westminster Cathedral, London

Tuesday 15th February 1916

Fine, snowy.
Ays took Eva to school. I to Aldwych all a.m. and to Selfridge’s to lunch. Met Miss Boyd and Miss Knoblauch there. Lunch with them, and to see their work. War Library’s. Called for Eva at 4. Home. Alys paid calls and Cicely Carr to lunch. To Benmore, saw Rose of Persia[4]. Fun. Darlington’s sang.

Wednesday 16th February 1916

Gale. Cold.
Washed and ironed, and sewed blue and green spot blouse. In p.m. to Sunderland House (Duchess of Marlborough). N.U.W.S.S. (National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies). Heard Mrs Fawcett[5] speak, and Miss Sterling[6] (Russia) and Mrs Oliver Strachey[7] (Women’s Employment). Tea at Kerdomak. Home. Alys with Eva to Cecily Carr’s to tea. Alys to meet Dennis at Waterloo for dinner. Mrs Hilson dined and stayed night.

sunderland house
Sunderland House, Curzon Street

Thursday 17th February 1916

Fine. Lovely. Cold.
All off together. Alys and Eva to school. I with Mrs Hilson to Charing Cross. I to Aldwych. Lunch with Schuster at Express Dairy. 8d. Home. In garden. Dug up some sods. After tea, read paper. Children; read to Eva. Wrote card to Favresse and to Mrs Middlehurst.

Friday 18th February 1916

Rain. Warmer.
Took Eva to school. Alys to Netley. I on to call on Esla. Then to Aldwych 1020. Lunched with Barsdorf’s at Bodega. 8d. On to Fetter Lane and saw Cousin Alfred Barnard and Bertha and Helen Reid, and Erica Barnard, working on Munitions. Home, calling for Eva on way. Read and sewed furs.

Saturday 19th February 1916

Dull, not later.
Off early to Aldwych to meet Favresse. Eva in bed with cold till tea. Took Favresse to Barnard’s; then to Mrs Webb’s, then to Wallis’, bought overalls there and cup. I home with Eva in p.m. At 4. I to tea at G. Knoblauch’s, Mrs Samuel, Miss Boyd, Miss Bower, Morris and Mrs Robbins. Nice party. Home at 6.45. Round to Aunt Louie’s in evening.

Aldwych Tuesday a.m.
Paid Alys to 18th February
Alys to Netley 18th
Lunch with Knoblauch on Tueday, Selfridge’s.
Favresse to Credit Lyonnais 3. 17th
Deloraine, The Avenue, Camberley

Sunday 20th February 1916

Kept Eva in bed till 12.45. I in bedroom with her. In p.m. with children. Then Nurse and Philip out. I read to Eva “Helen’s Babies”[8]. She had tea with me. Children played later together in drawing-room. Finished “Captain Margaret” by Masefield. Good.

Monday 21st February 1916

Took Eva to school. Back and did gardening. Lots of digging. Man came from Cardinal and Harford. Ironed blouse. Gardened in p.m. until 3.30. To meet Eva at Burgess Hill. Wrote to Busy.


Tuesday 22nd February 1916

Very cold. Hard frost.
Took Eva to school. To Harrod’s and looked at Khelim rugs. Then on to Treloar’s for rugs also. To St Paul’s. Sat there. Then to Waterloo. Met Alys. Lunch there with her. Home, via Selfridge. To Benmore in evening. Home late.


Wednesday 23rd February 1916

Very very cold. Snow blizzards.
I to King’s Langley at 11. Spent day with Kitty. Saw Miss Barnard there also. Home at 6.30. Read. “The Road to Victory” by Rose Schuster in evening.

Thursday 24th February 1916

Deep snow.
To Aldwych. Miss Shuster not there. Patty busy. Lunch at Selfridge’s with Miss Knoblauch and Miss Boyd. Home. Eva not to school. Alys to working party. Khelim rugs came. Tried them. Heard of Uncle Harold’s death.

Harold Faraday
Harold Faraday

Friday 25th February 1916

Snow. Cold.
Eva to school. I to see Aunt Rosa. Home. With Alys to Aunt Alice’s. Stayed about an hour. Lunch at stores. Looked at carpets there. And in other shops, Liberty’s etc. Called for Eva. Nurse out. Alys bathed children.

Saturday 26th February 1916

Deep snow. Dull.
Alys to town for high boots – Eva. I swept snow on doorsteps. Thick. Polly to lunch. She and I to Crematorium. Uncle Harold’s cremation. Paul and Lawrie there. Ted Barnard. Saw Polly to station. Miss Thursfield called. Alys, Eva and I built snow-lady in garden.

To Kit’s – 23rd?
Thursday – Friday a.m.
Heard that Uncle Harold died on 23rd.

Sunday 27th February 1916

Dull. Snowy.
Kim very bad paw. I stayed in bed all day. Feverish cold. Read paper and “The Freelands” Galsworthy. Nurse out. Alys on Heath with Eva in a.m. Eva to Krohn’s to tea. Alys trimmed hat with black ribbon.

Monday 28th February 1916

Alys took Eva to Thew’s (dentist). I wrote cheques and letters. Got up to tea. Felt shakey. Eva had Laila and Bushy Krohn to tea. Read aloud to Alys “Road to Victory”.

Tuesday 29th February 1916

Some rain. Warmer.
In bed to breakfast. Up at 10. Alys to town to buy mourning. I did black ninon blouse in top room. And watched soldiers. Alys out with Mrs Batty Shaw.; and both in later. Children. Wrote to Aunt Alice in evening.

Wednesday 1st March 1916

Very cold. Thawing.
Upstairs in top ‘room doing sewing, and arranging black satin blouse. Alys also. Both out to Post Office in p.m. and Alys to fetch Eva. Read aloud in evening. Felt very cold and throaty.

Thursday 2nd March 1916

Frost. Dull. Some rain later.
Alys took Eva to school. I to Aldwych. Put away dossiers and Miss Schuster to a wedding. I stayed all p.m. Had 6d lunch in Health Department. Home at 6.15. Teddy Berry[1] and Dolly Willis there. Dolly to supper. Felt very coldy, and sore chest.

Friday 3rd March 1916

Sleet and very cold.
Alys didn’t let Eva to school (cough). I to Aldwych. Not very busy. Lunched at Cabin. Miss Boyd and G. Knoblauch came late. To Bank, and then home. In nursery. Nurse out. Tea downstairs with children.

Saturday 4th March 1916

Alys and I in town together. Bought wool, etc. Home to lunch. Knitted mittens. Did letter game with Eva.

Feb 29th.
Sent A.B. £20 and A.F. £20.
Paid A.F.E. to March 15th.

Sunday 5th March 1916

I unwell. Indoors all day. Alys out with Eva and to Mrs Webb. Dorothy to lunch. Mademoiselle Favresse to tea and until 6.30. Philip very good. Eva to Krohn’s to tea. Began jersey for Philip.

Monday 6th March 1916

Cold. Snow flurries.
Alys took Eva to school, then she and I sewed in top room and I ironed blouses. I to lunch at Aunt Alice’s. Away at 3.45. Home to tea. Up with Miss Smythe, who came at 12. Knitted jersey all evening.

Tuesday 7th March 1916

Lots of snow.
Alys took Eva to school in snow. I with Philip and with Miss Smythe. Made bedroom shoes! And knitted. Also in p.m. Much in upstairs room. Sewed collar in evening.

Wednesday 8th March 1916

More snow. Thawing.
Alys with Eva to school. With Philip and Miss Smythe. Then I to Hampstead to Library, and walked back. Met Lois. Teeds to lunch and tea. Teddy Berry to tea. Dennis came for 2 hours. Saw children and had dinner. Alys and I with him to Waterloo 8.15. train.

Thursday 9th March 1916

Frosty. Fine.
Alys to school with Eva. I to Aldwych (and Penoyre!). After work to Selfridge’s and met Miss Boyd’s, G. Knoblauch and Alys. There Lunch. Alys to working party. I to Bourne and Hollingsworth about silk dress. Then called for Eva at 4. Home. Ted Shenton in. Sewed collar in evening and read newspapers.

Bourne and Hollingsworth, London

Friday 10th March 1916

Cold and dull.
Alys with Eva. I to Aldwych. Lunch with Mrs Robbins at Tea Table? On to Selfridge’s. Changed handkerchiefs. Home. Untrimmed hats. Wrote letters. Read Doris’ letter for Cape Town (St Cyprian’s School).

Saturday 11th March 1916

Rainy. Cold.
Aldwych, as Mrs Barsdorf and Mrs Samuel away (Mr Samuel appendicitis). Rather busy. I to lunch alone at Temple Tea Rooms. Home. Miss Middlehurst to tea. Fearfully run down. Alys and I to Bamford’s. 8.30 to 10.15. Nice evening.

5th March – Albert Hall tickets to Miss Robbins
To Cornet – 12th March
Saturday morning – Aldwych.

Sunday 12th March 1916

Fine. Some rain, dull.
I to Aunt Rosa’s. 10.30. Helped her and Lois to do up and send off Uncle Harold’s clothes to W. R. C. (me: War Relief Commission) and Nurse out. I took Eva to Church 3 p.m. Alys out with Philip. Wade came, tea and supper. Played and sang with children. Knitted.

War Relief Commission

Monday 13th March 1916

Dull. Rain at intervals. Dark.
To Aldwych all day. Very busy. Alys and Dennis (on leave) with me to Cheshire Cheese for lunch.

Tuesday 14th March 1916

Foggy. Warmer.
Took Eva to school. Onto Aldwych. Dennis’ birthday (35). Met Miss Middlehurst and gave her lunch at Selfridge’s. With her to St Monica’s Hostel to inspect. Then home. Children and Teddy Berry in evening. All to Benmore 8.15 to 11.30 to see Rose of Persia.

Wednesday 15th March 1916

Very wet.
I took Eva to school. Home. Ironed blouses and knitted in nursery. Alys, Dennis and I to Marble Arch Cinema; meal at Fleming’s 6.30. To Oxford Circus Cinema till 7.45. To Waterloo; saw Dennis off 8.15. Home. Straight to bed, both very tired.

Thursday 16th March 1916

To Aldwych. Not very busy but rather late. To Selfridge’s to lunch with Boyd and Knoblauch. To Gower Street to see Middlehurst and also other Hostels. Called for Eva at school. Home. Rose and Doris out. Alys and I very tired. Supper 9.10. To bed.

Friday 17th March 1916

Warmish, dull and damp.
To Aldwych. Out ot lunch at Lyons, Regent Street alone. To Butterick’s for pattern, to Barker’s. Bought black silk. On to Miss Horner’s. Talk and tea there. Home. Met Nellie Moir. Read and knitted. Nurse out. Eva frightened so up in nursery. Guns?

1916 Butterick pattern quarterly magazine

Saturday 18th March 1916

Dull. Warmer.
To Aldwych, as Schuster away. Mrs Samuel and Mrs Barsdorf there. Alys to Bursledon to Dennis. Talked to Jeffes and Baxter about P.R.F. (Private Relief Fund) job. Lunch A.B.C. Home. Rested 45 minutes. With children after tea. Read in evening and knitted. Finished knickers for Phil.

Monday all day – Aldwych.
Tuesday morning
Paid Alys to 15th £5 for four weeks – predated – (£10 in cash)
2 days because of Mrs Hilson’s visit.

Sunday 19th March 1916

Dull. Warm.
Children out. Washed my head and vest and collars. Slaters called. Krohns called. Elsa called, with Toni, Adrian and Sir Ernest Waterlow[2]. Eva to Krohn’s in p.m. I trimmed 2 hats and sowed seeds in garden. Read to Eva later. Read to self and wrote letters.

Self portrait 
*oil on canvas, 
*34.5 x 29.7 cm 
Sir Ernest Waterlow – self-portrait 1890

Monday 20th March 1916

Dull. Some rain. Warm. Muggy.
Took Eva to school and on to Aldwych. New work in P. R. F. Committee room. Helped, by Mr Jeffes and Baxter. 22 cases in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Lunch at A.B.C. 9d alone. Worked and tidied in afternoon. Jeffes dictating letters to teach me.

Tuesday 21st March 1916

Dull, rain.
Took Eva to school, and onto Aldwych. Stormy Committee meeting “Swivel-Eye”! with Mrs Bonner. Alys came in to lunch with me in my room. Dictated letter in p.m. and did cards at Mr Grumbar’s desk. All nice work. Home at 7. Read and knitted.

Wednesday 22nd March 1916

Dull. Colder. Rain all a.m.
To Aldwych. Committee 11 – 1. Very busy one. Mr Leggatt there. Quite nice. Lunch 5d in room. Got thro’ all letters very quickly with 2 typists. Ran about getting up cases for tomorrow. Home at 7. Eva has chickenpox. I to Dr Ensor’s to ask if I need to stay away from work; he said “no” as I don’t go in to Eva’s room.

Thursday 23rd March 1916

Snow! Cold.
To Aldwych. 9.40. Nice morning. Quiet (private!) Committee. Grumbar, Baxter and Paquet. 17 cases only. Lunch 6d in my room. Letters in p.m. Finished work early and home at 6. Read and knitted Eva’s jersey. To bed 10.

Friday 24th March 1916

To Aldwych 9.45. Meeting 11. Mrs Samuel there. Few cases. Over by 12.15. Lunch with Mrs Robbins at Clifford’s Inn 1/0 with tip. Did some of Mr Jeffes’ notifications in p.m. Left at 5.30.

Clifford’s Inn, former Inn of Chancery, London

Saturday 25th March 1916

To Aldwych. Nice morning. No Committee. Busy till 1 p.m. Lunch at A.B.C. Mrs Robbins also there. Home, via 5 Highfield Avenue to see Roef’s. Home, to tea.

Received 2.4/9
Began work this week as Secretary of P.R.F. Committee. (Private Relief Fund)

Sunday 26th March 1916

Quiet morning. Washed and ironed collars and white blouse. Rested in p.m. on bed. Slept. Phil in p.m., after tea. Knitted jersey. Wrote letters. Eva very well.

Monday 27th March 1916

Fine early, wet later.
To Aldwych 9.45. Nice Committee. Mr Leggett, Mr Grumbar, Mr Roxburgh. Letters in p.m. Out to lunch at Express with Schuster 10d. Tea 2. Home 7. Knitted and read in evening.

Tuesday 28th March 1916

Very wet and great blizzard (real!)
To Aldwych 9.45. Committee with “Swivel-Eye”. But not at all bad. Finished at 12.20. Mrs Samuel had lunch with me in my room 5d. Mr Jeffes in. Did some of his work. Home by Metropolitan Railway. Taxi from Finchley Road. Met. 3/- in blizzard. Miss Smythe tried me on, came after supper.

Wednesday 29th March 1916

To Aldwych. Interesting Committee, with Miss Plater of Fulham C.O.S. (Charity Organisation Society) on the Heckfield Place subject and Vispoel! Only did 5 cases. Did some of Mr Jeffe’s letters. Tea in Health Department (lunch with Mrs Bonner at Carr’s 1/-!) Home 7 p.m. Knitted. Alys began jersey.

Thursday 30th March 1916

Fine. Warmer.
(Alys to Bazaar – 29th)
To Aldwych 10. Nice little Committee (not official). Grumbar, Jeffes and Baxter. Very quickly did 20 cases. 1 hour. Letters in p.m. Lunch with Favresse at Temple Tea Rooms 2/9? Home early 6.30. Miss Smythe fitted me. Gas boiler broke.

Friday 31st March 1916

Warm. Fine.
To Aldwych. Felt tired, with warmer weather. Early Committee with Mrs Bonner, and Grumbar. Then Mrs Samuel and Paquet. Heaps of letters (32 I think). Lunch with Schuster in Law Courts. Taxi home from Golders Green. To Benmore with Alys in evening. Zeppelin raid and 1 shot down.

Ordnance Survey map of Airship raid 31 March – 1 April 1916 on England

Saturday 1st April 1916

Perfect day. Warm.
To Aldwych. Busy morning. Signing letters; cards, etc. Out to lunch at 1.20. A.B.C. Home on top off ‘bus all way. Eva on verandah for lunch and tea! I had tea with them outdoors. Lovely evening.

Miss Smithe 12/6
29th and 30th – Mrs E. V. Miles

Sunday 2nd April 1916

Perfect day. Hot sun. Fresh East wind.
Wrote Ella. Washed and ironed and mended. And then on verandah, and wrote letters. All p.m. out there too. Children also. After tea sowed some lettuce seeds. Out on Heath with Alys at 6.40 till 7. Nurse out with Rose in evening. We in dining-room.

Monday 3rd April 1916

Fog early. Then lovely hot day.
To Aldwych 9.45. Strenuous Committee. Leggett, Paquet, Standaert (1st time) (me: Deputy of Bruges), Grumbar, Roxburgh. Lots of letters and did 10 or 12 for Jeffes. However, left at 6.10. Children in garden. 47 letters dictated. Read Lord Redesdale, and knitted in evening.

Tuesday 4th April 1916

Dull, cooler.
To Aldwych 9.45. Wore new taffeta body. Cunningham Craig day[1]! I unwell. Not so many letters. Did about 12 for Jeffes. Miss Schuster away, ill. Lunch at my room (on verandah!) 6d sandwiches and pineapple! Home 6.45.

Wednesday 5th April 916

To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Leggett, Grumbar, Stardaert, Paquet, Warburg, Roxburgh. Miss Moore and Mrs Keep came in to listen, 1 at a time. Lunch at Express; bad sausage. Many letters. Home at 6.45. Made taffeta bow in evening and read.

Thursday 6th April 1916

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych 10 a.m. Long Committee. Mrs Samuel and Mrs Bonner, and Paquet and Standaert. I had lunch with Mrs Bonner at Carr’s 1/3. Alys came in p.m. and had tea with me and both got home by 6.25 train. Alys very tired and sleepy. Knitted and read in eveing. Dorothy ‘phoned.

Friday 7th April 1916

To Aldwych 10 a.m. Little unofficial Committee. Mr Grumbar and Mr Jeffes. Nice slack day tho’ did 16 of Mr Jeffes’ cases. Lunch at Temple Tea Rooms 1/1. Home at 6.15. Phil developed chickenpox.

Saturday 8th April 1916

To Aldwych 10 a.m. Nice morning signing letters and running about for signatures to cards. In garden (lunch in my office 4d!) in p.m.


Sunday 9th April 1916

Did some washing and ironing. Also we rolled the grass. Lunch on verandah. Rested there all p.m. Alan Baumer called at 5.30. Nurse out afternoon and evening. We in diningroom. Made spotty blouse. Felt rather throaty.

Monday 10th April 1916

To Aldwych. Interesting Committee. Mr Maudslay in too, and Standaert, Leggett, Roxburgh and Jeffes. Not many letters. Lunch at Court Team Rooms 1/-. Dennis up for 48 hours.

Tuesday 11th April 1916

Mr Jeffes away with flu. To Aldwych: Miss Moore and I very busy, doing his work; Mr Leggett also. Committee and lots of letters. Home and to Golders Green Hall to see “The Rosary[2]” in evening with Alys and Dennis.

Wednesday 12th April 1916

To Aldwych. Very busy. Long Committee. Very busy with letters also. Out to lunch with Mrs Samuel who paid for me, at Temple Tea Rooms. Alys and Dennis called for me at 6 p.m. (after “The Birth of a Nation”). All to dine at Simpson’s[3]. Very good, very expensive. Dennis away to Bursledon. Alys and I home. Tired.


Thursday 13th April 1916

Fine. Windy.
To Aldwych. Committee only Mrs Samuel and Mr Grumbar. Long. Heaps of cases, quick decisions. Lots of letters in p.m. Mr Leggett worked in my room. (Lunch A.B.C. 4 ½ d). Home at 6.50. Tired. Alys worried. Phil very fractious. To bed early. 9.35.

Friday 14th April 1916

Showery, windy. Thunder.
To Aldwych. No Committee but little (E) Committee. Only Mr Leggett, then he and Mr Grumbar. Lunch with Miss Schuster at A.B.C. 10d. bun 1d. Alys and Eva in! Not quite so much work but busy till 6. Home. Alys met me. Servants all out to see “Rosary”.

Saturday 15th April 1916

Dull. Cold.
Eva breakfast with us. To Aldwych. Nice morning. Miss Moore gave out the salaries. Lunch out. Temple Tea Rooms. 1.1. To Aunt Alice’s after. Tea there. Mrs Ruby Lee and husband, and Mrs Lemon there. Home at 7.35 or 40. Tired. Read aloud. Knitted.

Mr Jeffes away all week ill.
Paid Alys to 12th – 4 weeks.
Paid Alys to May 3rd – 3 weeks – £3.
In hand 14th 12 midday. 11/7.
Fares to Chelsea and home 7d Saturday.

Sunday 16th April 1916

Dull and rainy. Cold.
Washed and ironed, with Alys, in top room. Nice busy a.m. Read in p.m. and worked. In drawingroom. Read “Dispatch Rider”. Captain Watson, aloud to Alys. To bed 9.50.

Monday 17th April 1916

Dull, then finer.
To Aldwych. Mr Jeffes back! Long Committee. Mr Cox of Bermondsey C.O.S. (Charity Organisation Society) came. Lunch in 4d. Tea 3 ½ d. Rather tiring day. Letter to Reginald Blunt had been wrong. Home 6.45. Read Dispatch Rider in evening.

Tuesday 18th April 1916

Dull, Some rain. Cold.
To Aldwych. Committee quick. No “Swivel-eye”. Only Grumbar, Bonner and Standaert. Very busy p.m. Lunch indoors. Omelette 11d. Tea 2 ½ d. Alys to Bursledon. Home 6.50. Wade there. Nice talk.

Wednesday 19th April 1916

Dull. Showery.
To Aldwych. Strenuous Committee. Lots of English letters. Lunch at Bodega with Mrs Bardorf and Miss Schuster. 7d (8d with tip). Very busy p.m. Cards and letters. No tea, but chocolate from Mr Grumbar! Alys home. Wade in. Miss Knoblauch rang up.

Thursday 20th April 1916

Dull. Some rain.
To Aldwych. Very busy morning, but nice. Met Alys at Selfridge’s at 1.30. Lunch together. Shopped all p.m. Tea at Harrod’s. Home. Dennis there! For 1 night. Read aloud “Dispatch Rider”. To bed 10.

Friday 21st April 1916 (Good Friday)

Fine, sunny.
‘Phoned Dorothy and G. Knoblauch. Dennis and Alys out with children and scooter. Doz and I a long walk on Heath. Dennis away. Alys to Waterloo with him. Rested, slept in p.m. Did grey skirt. At 5.30 to 27 Manchester Street. Dined with G. Knoblauch. Home at 10.15.

Saturday 22nd April 1916

Very cold and dull.
Very cold. Alys to buy waterproof sheeting. I wrote. Rested in p.m. Then worked.

Sunday 23rd April 1916 (Easter Sunday)

Dorothy round in a.m. She and I rolled lawn, and I cut grass. Ironed blouses. Miss Knoblauch came to tea. We took her to the motorbus. Sewed and read aloud.

Monday 24th April 1916

Dull, but fair.
Very quiet day. All in garden and sewed in dining-room in morning. After lunch, sowed seeds, clipped borders. Alys and I round to see Lois at 6. She out. Sewed and read aloud to each other.

Tuesday 25th April 1916

Very fine. Hot sun.
Alys packed. Dorothy in to say goodbye. I with Alys and Eva to Golders Green station. They to Bursledon. I to Barnes. Sowed seeds in p.m. Very hot. To Aunt Louie’s to tea. Sowed and read in evening alone and tried on dress and blouse. Zeppelin raid. Saw about 50 or 60 shells burst. Woolwich 11.30 p.m. way.

Wednesday 26th April 1916

Lovely day.
To Aldwych. Everything upside-down after “cleaning”. Short Committee. Lunch with Schuster. A.B.C. Very few letters in p.m. Moore and Co came down to tea!! Rather lazy p.m. but stayed till 6. Read all evening. Tired. To bed 9.35.

Thursday 27th April 1916

Fine. Hot. Stuffy.
To Aldwych. Short Committee. Paquet again, Standaert, Mrs Samuel, Grumbar. Lunch with 2 Moores at Express. Very busy p.m. Heaps of letters. New typist. Hughes. Home. Wade with Philip. Nurse out. Sewed buttonholes on new dress.

Friday 28th April 1916

To Aldwych. Small Emergency Committee. Gumbar and Jeffes. Plenty of letters but not too busy a day. Wrote Alys. Very tired and headachey, with heat. Home at 6.15 (got home then). Sewed and read a little. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 29th April 1916

Lovely day.
To Aldwych. Nice morning. Wore grey dress. Practised type-writer. Fun. Omelette in my room 1/0 with tip. Home and did gardening but first walked to 211 Hampstead Way to see Roef’s. Hot. Dug in garden till 7.30. Tired.

Lunch Wed 10d – tea 1 ½ – fares 6d
Lunch Thurs 7 ½ – tea 2 ½ – fares 7d
Lunch Friday 1.1 – tea 2 ½ – fares 7d
Lunch Saturday 1.0
Lunch total 3.6 ½
Tea total 6 ½
Fares total 1.8

Sunday 30th April 1916

Warm day. Nice.
Out in garden. Washed my hair in p.m. and dried it on verandah. Almost too hot. Too tired to do much gardening. Phil in garden. To bed early.

Monday 1st May 1916

Very hot.
To Aldwych. Very busy indeed all day. Long Committee and lots of letters for Mr Leggett and Jeffes. Lunch with Schuster at big A.B.C. Home at 6.55. Read all evening.

Tuesday 2nd May 1916

Very cold! And rainy.
To Aldwych. Busy day. Hard Committee with Swivel-eye. Lots of notifications. So hard work all p.m. Committee in my room. Had tea in “Health”. Lunch alone at A.B.C. Home at 6.55. Alys and Eva home again.

Wednesday 3rd May 1916

To Aldwych. Alys took Eva to school – 1st day of term. Very busy day again. Lunch with Schuster big A.B.C. Lots of letters. Home at 6.50. Cold evening.

Thursday 4th May 1916

I unwell. To Aldwych. Alys took Eva to school. Horrid headache all day. Committee with Mrs Samuel and letters. Felt very stupid. Lunch with Mrs Robbins. Other Committee needed my room at 5 so came home then. Sat on verandah. Did accounts with Alys to find scale of living. 10/10 ½ each.

Friday 5th May 1916

Warm. Very warm p.m.
To Aldwych. Arrived 9.30! Alys took Phil to Aunt Alice’s for day! Took a few cases with Grumbar and Jeffes. Lunch at Express 7 ½d alone. Hardly any work in p.m. Very few letters. Mr Jeffes addressed all P.R.F. workers in my room; so home late 7.10.

Saturday 6th May 1916

Fine. Colder.
To Aldwych. Very busy a.m. indeed rushing about. Lunch at Bodega with Barsdorf’s; walked with Mrs Barsdorf through Lincoln’s Inn, and to Miss Middlehurst’s Domgay House. She out. Home. Moved things back to my room.

Paid Alys to May 3rd
Paid Alys £5

Sunday 7th May 1916

Cold and rainy.
Not out all day. Washed and ironed 2 blouses. Read in p.m. and sewed a good deal. Aunt Rosa and Paul called after tea. Wade came, as nurse out.

Monday 8th May 1916

Cold. Lighted fire.
To Aldwych. Long Committee, left many cases over. Very busy all day, tho’ did no work for Mr Leggett or Jeffes. Mr Baxter back at work (in my room pro tem.)

Tuesday 9th May 1916

Cold. No fire at office.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee at all. Swivel-eye quite mild. Lunch with Schuster. Not too much work but enough. Home 6.50. Alys met me. Nurse gave notice! Talked all evening over fire.

Wednesday 10th May 1916

Cold. Dull.
Alys off to meet Mrs Hunter, and go to Waltham Abbey to serve munition workers. I to Aldwych. Enough work to fill day, but not too busy. Mr Jeffes away all p.m. Alys in at 5.30 and on to Aunt Alice’s to supper. I home with Barsdorfs to supper, Bloomsbury Street. Fun. Home at 10.

Thursday 11th May 1916

Dull. Very cold.
To Aldwych. Easy Committee. No Mrs Samuel (ill). Lunch at Express. Met Schuster there 9 ½. Nice slackish p.m. but enough to do up to 6 p.m. Smets bed case, with Mr Leggett. Wrote Roefs and sent 10/-. Dining-room with fire in evening.

Friday 12th May 1916

Dull. Milder.
To Aldwych. Read “L’Effort Britannique[1]” all a.m! No work to do, except 5 letters and few cards. Took book to Monsieur Standaert at Hotel Cecil at 1 and lunched at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Read in p.m. also. Lazy and drew Union Jacks. With ALys and Friede. To Benmore in evening. Very good show.

leffort britannique

Saturday 13th May 1916

Wet, mild.
To Aldwych. Rang up 6 Elm Park Road. Lunch at A.B.C. Then on to Chelsea. Afternoon and tea with Aunt Alice. Heard of Miss Horner not being well. Home at 7.45. Read aloud in evening.

Sunday 14th May 1916

Dull, windy.
Out in garden, with Alys. Sowed beans. Also cut out purple shantung blouse. In p.m. Alys and I to Menie and Philip’s at Harrow. Tea there. Home at 7. Read aloud and sewed in evening. Fire.

Monday 15th May 1916

Warmer and sun!
To Aldwych. Long Committee till 12.45. Mrs Childers came. Lunch alone at Express. Lots of letters so busy all p.m. Alys to Mr Matthews and Dorothy Gollants’. I rolled the lawn. Read aloud in evening Fire (tho’ warmer).

Tuesday 16th May 1916

To Aldwych. Nice Committee. No Swivel-eye, no Paquet! So easy. Few letters. Alys to Dolly Willis? Read aloud.

Wednesday 17th May 1916

To Aldwych. Very nice day. Easy Committee. Long talks with Chief – Mr Baxter on 4th Floor. Plenty of notifications. Mr Leggett came down and did C.C. cases. Alys fetched me (been to her Y.M.C.A. hut work). We dined at Corner House, Strand. To Cinema at Golders Green – Lewis Waller in Brigadier Gerrard[2].


Thursday 18th May 1916

Hot. Lovely.
To Aldwych. Short, nice Committee. Plenty of letters. Miss Fuller not very well, query measles! Lunch with Mrs Robbins at Clifford’s Inn. 9d. Wade met Eva. Alys to Bursledon 6 p.m. Talked to Wade, and read German paper all evening.

Friday 19th May 1916

Very hot, but breeze.
To Aldwych. Bought gloves. Long Emergency Committee, only Messrs Baxter and Grumbar till 12.45! Busy p.m. Lunch alone at Fuller’s, ice-cream! Fairly busy all day. Home at 6.45. In garden. Read all evening. “Lord Redesdale” To bed 9.30.

Saturday 20th May 1916

Hot. Lovely breeze.
To Aldwych. Nice morning, not too busy. Talks with Jeffes and Baxter about Miss Lonsdale’s faux pas. Lunch at Fuller’s 1/1. Home inside bus most of way. Gardened. Alys home from Bursledon. Daylight Savings Bill[3] came into operation at 2 a.m. Clocks all put on to 3 a.m. We changed clocks and watches before going to bed. Went to bed 9.35 = 10.35.

Sunday 21st May 1916

Very fine and hot.

In garden nearly all day. Teeds came to spend day. 1 p.m. till 8.30 p.m. Nurse out. Lovely day. We clipped borders and finished cutting lawn. Too hot for much work. Watered garden up to Friede’s.

Monday 22nd May 1916

Hot, but showery.
To Aldwych. Short Committee. Felt very lazy with hot weather. Alys came and we lunched at Clifford’s Inn together. Mrs Samuel back. Gave her lilies. Home rather late. Dinner on verandah. Shentons and Darlingtons in evening. To bed 10.30 (old style 9.30!)

Tuesday 23rd May 1916

Fresh, warmer.
To Aldwych. Only 7 cases. Mrs Bonner, Baxter, Standaert. Read Lord Redesdale and talked with Jeffes (about ”Jeffes Pacha”). Lunch with Miss Schuster at Clifford’s. Home late, talking with Baxter and Jeffes till 6.20 in my room. Miss Middlehurst to supper. To Benmore for music at 9. Leprard, Darlingtons, Rush.

Wednesday 24th May 1916

Very fine.
To Aldwych. Committee, Mrs Bonner. Lunch with Miss Schuster at Express 7d. Lots of letters. Home at 6.50. Alys had been to her Munition Hut. Both tired. To bed 9.30. No electric light.

Thursday 25th May 1916

Rain in a.m. then fine.
To Aldwych. Nice little Committee – Standaert, Baxter, Jeffes. Forgot my purse. To A.B.C. alone – macaroni cheese 3d! 2 sticks chocolate 2d. Told Jeffes who lent me 2/6 (insisted).

Friday 26th May 1916

To Aldwych. Emergency Committee. Baxter, Jeffes. Good many letters. Barsdorf and Schuster introduced to me to Government workers lunch place. Nice. 1/- entrance fee. Home. Jeffes to Paignton.

Saturday 27th May 1916

To Aldwych. Not too busy. Did some typewriting. Lunch at A.B.C. Then to 6 Elm Park Road. Rested. Tea in garden. Aunt Alice in bed with rheumatism in knees. Home at 7.30. Out for walk with Alys.

Sunday 28th May 1916

Very fine.
Did furs in trunk. Tiring. Middlehurst to lunch and tea. Shentons came; sat on verandah. Nelly Barnard also called. In garden. Alys and I on Golders Hill and on Ridge in evening. To bed 10.30.

Monday 29th May 1916

Very fine.
To Aldwych. Committee lunch at Government place. Nice 9½d. Jeffes back in p.m. Mrs Baxter in and Mr Ryley. Nice. Wade’s birthday. Home at 6.45. C.H.W. (“Wadie”) to tea and with Alys and me. Cinema at 8.30 “Far from the Madding Crowd[4]”.

Far From The Madding Crowd – 1915 Starring Florence Turner and Henry Edwards

Tuesday 30th May 1916

Some showers.
To Aldwych. Mrs Bonner, Miss Lonsdale, Monsieur Standaert, Baxter. Rather difficult letters in p.m. Alys lunched with me at Clifford’s Inn, then to Somerset House and read Uncle Harold’s Will. I back to work. Home. To Friede’s in evening, and Moir’s.

Wednesday 31st May 1916

Fine, warm.
To Aldwych. Nice day. Madame Carton de Wiart[4] at Committee; and Duke of Norfolk visited here. Lunch at Government place. Hardly any letters. Sewed in evening. Dolly Willis came. To bed 10. (Naval Battle – Jutland[6]).

madame carton de wiert
Madame Carton de Wiart
The Battle of Jutland – 31 May to 1 June 1916 – North Sea near Denmark’s Jutland Peninsula.

Thursday 1st June 1916

Dull. Cooler.
To Aldwych. Mrs Samuel, Miss Londsale, Standaert. Baxter. Lunch at Fuller’s with Miss Easter 8d and chocolate 8d for teas. Home. Very tired. Unwell. Read paper to Alys. House let! June 20th.

Friday 2nd June 1916

Cool. Very fine.
To Aldwych. Small Emergency Committee! Grumbar and Baxter. Several letters though. Lunch with Messrs Barsdorf and Schuster at Government. 11d. Long talk on U.S.A. politics with Baxter and long talk with Jeffes till 61.0. Health. Home.

Saturday 3rd June 1916

Dull, rain later.
To Aldwych. Busy morning. Also talk of reducing salary by 3/-! To lunch at Mrs Horner’s; she depressed. Alys to 6 Elm Park Road and met me at 3.30, Sloane Square. Home by Camden Town. Naval battle news 3rd.

Edward’s 40th birthday – May 29th.
Paid Alys to 31st May
Paid Alys 1.10 – 5/- she had lent.
Paid Alys for umbrella (Barnes) 8/-

Sunday 4th June 1916

Worked at tussore shirt (mauve), and washed and ironed a lot. Nurse out, but children very good and we did a good deal of clearing out. Fire in evening. Sewed and read paper.

Monday 5th June 1916

To Aldwych. Long Committee. Talked to Jeffes and later to Leggett about my salary! Principle, not the 3/-!!! Very busy day. Home at 6.50. Alys to meet Dennis who came; arrived home 7.50. In garden. Fire in evening.

Tuesday 6th June 1916

Cold. Showers.
To Aldwych. Committee. Jeffes borrowed 5/-!! Dorothy to lunch with me – Clifford’s Inn. Back, and Jeffes told me of Kitchener being drowned[1]! Stayed till 6.30, when Alys and Dennis called for me. Dined at Strand Palace and to cinema. Charlie Chaplin. Home at 10.

Printed sheet in memory of Lord Kitchener, drowned 5 June 1916.

Wednesday 7th June 1916

Cold, rainy.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Mr Leggett. Lots of letters. Lunch alone at Express because wet. At 6 p.m. I with Mr Grumbar to Islington! Caledonian Market. Rummage Sale for Wounded Allies. Home at 8.15. Alys with Dennis to Bursledon.

caledonian market
Caledonian Market

Thursday 8th June 1916

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych. Busy. Lots of cases. Mrs Samuel and Miss Lonsdale. Lunch at Government Place with Schuster. Hurried. Busy p.m. and home at 6.55. Very tired. Fire. Supper in drawingroom. To meet Alys, who home at 11 p.m. Light night.

Friday 9th June 1916

Cold. Fine.
To Aldwych. Very busy day. Emergency Committee – Baxter and Grumbar. Lots of new cases in. Lunch at Government Place 11d. Back early to work. Stayed till 6.20 preparing cases, etc. Home 7.5. Read papers. Walked to Friede’s. To bed 10.

Saturday 10th June 1916

Dull. Still cold.
To Aldwych. Lull in cases. Little Committee!! Mr Leggett and Grumbar. 1st time on a Saturday. Lunch at A.B.C. Home early. Sat on verandah in sun. Nurse left. Wade came. Children good. Alys and I cleaned up.

Paid Alys to 7th
Miss Horner’s 93rd birthday 10th June

Sunday 11th June 1916

Rainy. Cold.
Did washing, ironing and sewing. Tried to call on Comyns Carr’s. Called on Aunt Rosa.

Monday 12th June 1916

Cold and wet.
To Aldwych. No Bank Holiday this year! Committee as usual. Miss Lonsdale, Mr Baxter. Fire. Cold. Lunch at Express alone. Alys packed all day. To dinner at Friede’s.

Tuesday 13th June 1916

Cold. Shower.
To Aldwych. Committee. Saw King and Queen – driving to Memorial Service for Kitchener at St Paul’s. Busy, dull day. Lunch at Express. Home. Alys washed and ironed Eva’s frock. Wade brushed Alys’ hair.

Wednesday 14th June 1916

Cold. Dull.
Goodbye to Alys and children who all to Bursledon. I to Aldwych. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at Carr’s. Very busy. Stayed late. I harangued allocation! Home. Wade there, cooked my dinner. To bed 9.30. Quite light.

Thursday 15th June 1916

To Aldwych. Miss Lonsdale, Grumbar, Baxter and Standaert. Not so busy all day. Lunch at Government Place 10½d.

Friday 16th June 1916

To Aldwych. Emegency Committee – Baxter and Grumbar. About 15 cases. Not awfully busy. Lunch at Government Place again. Home.

Saturday 17th June 1916

Warmer, sunny.
To Aldwych. I talked about von Zur Mühlen[2] and Plunket Greene[3]. Lots of cases to prepare. Miss Hoyt came and I took her to lunch at Waldorf. 3/- each. Then I home, packed. Tidied up, cut out blouse from mauve dress. Man taking inventory. The old Roefs called.

Sunday 18th June 1916

Very fine p.m.
Breakfast 9.30. Packed and did stockings and blouse. Rested and slept in p.m. Wrote to Alys. Washed my head (Wadie did). Dolly Carr called. Finished packing and tidying. Ate my own lettuces and corn-salad for supper.

Monday 19th June 1916

Finished packing, and locking up cupboards. Off at 9.10. To Aldwych. Very long Committee till 1.3! 24 cases. Mr Leggett. Had lunch – hard boiled eggs – in my room. Letters in p.m. Mr Jeffes back from Paignton (there on Saturday!) I home to Chelsea, 6 Elm Park Road. Wade came and had supper with us.

Tuesday 20th June 1916

Lovely day.
Made my bed and to Aldwych by ‘bus. Short Committee. Out to lunch with Mrs Bonner and Jeffes at Carr’s. Cider and cutlet. Not busy p.m. Nice Russian on ‘bus. Talked. Back to Elm Park Road at 7. In garden after supper and then on sofa. To bed by daylight at 9.50!

Wednesday 21st June 1916

To Aldwych. Long Committee. Many letters. Lunch at Express alone 7d. Jeffes away on holiday at 5.15. Home to Chelsea. Teeds to supper and Mark Simmonds afterwards.

Thursday 22nd June 1916

Warm, dull.
To Aldwych. Small Committee. Lonsdale, Grumbar and Samuel. Lunch at Government Place 11½d. Letters in p.m. Not tea-party. Home early. Dressed and to dine at Miss Lonsdale’s, 33 Sussex Gardens. Miss Plater and Miss Humphreys there. Very deep C.O.S. talk!

Friday 23rd June 1916

Warm, dull.
To Aldwych. No Emergency Committee. Very easy day. No work, to speak of! Lunch at Government Place. Very good 11½d. Mrs Passingham and Guning there. Home early, by train and bus. Ginx Harrison to supper. To bed 10. £2.4.9

Saturday 24th June 1916

To Aldwych. Busy, but able to have Emergency Committee; took 6 urgent cases. Baxter and Grumbar. Typed-wrote a letter to Alys. Lunch with Miss Hoyt at Curzon Hotel. Then in Hyde Park till 4. Tea with Miss Boyd and Miss Knoblauch at 5 Onslow Place. Home to supper.

M. Jeffes away 21st.

Sunday 25th June 1916

Nice day. Unpacked and arranged my things. In garden a good deal. Breakfast there! Wrote Alys, Kitty, Miss Smythe. Rested all p.m. in room. Not out of garden all day. To bed 10.

Monday 26th June 1916

Dull. Showery.

To Aldwych. Polly away to Invergarry, Glenquoich Lodge. Very long Committee and very busy all day. Too busy! Miss Humphreys, Mr Leggett and the Gauntlett cases. Stayed till 6.30 doing letters.


Tuesday 27th June 1916

Dull. Showery.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Lunch alone. Managed to dictate all letters before 3.30 when I had to go to “Blue Blood” Committee in Lord Gladstone’s room. Lady Lugard, Sir James Dunlop Smith, Maudslay, Leggett, Mrs Samuel and Van de Kerckhove. Finished 5.35!

Wednesday 28th June 1916

To Aldwych. Very long Committee. Lots of letters, and all No 2 Committee notifications. Lunch at Government Place alone. Very busy p.m. Alys and Dennis (!) fetched me at 6 and all to Waterloo station. They had dinner and off at 7. I back to Chelsea in taxi.

Thursday 29th June 1916

To Aldwych. Long Committee again. Mr Ryley came. Miss Lonsdale and Mr Grumbar. Very, very busy all p.m. Headachey and fuss about Mrs Grenfell and Miss Moore. Haan case. To Chelsea Fair at 6.45. Dorothy and Miss Knoblauch there. Cab home (poured with rain).

chelsea fair
A Chelsea Pensioner Riding A Carousel At The Chelsea Fair – 1916

Friday 30th June 1916

No rain. Dullish.
To Aldwych. Real Committee for 1st time, on Friday. 12 cases. Mrs Bonner, Mr Ryley, Lonsdale, Grumbar – letters in p.m. Lunch with Mrs Hilson at Clifford’s Inn. 2/- each. I paid. Home at 6.45. Maude Barnard there. I unwell.

Saturday 1st July 1916

To Aldwych. Then to Euston and lunch there and train to King’s Langley. To Kitty’s new house, Peter’s Field and about house and garden, with Edward and Kit. Edward away to London (for munitions on Sunday).

I slept with Kit.

Sunday 2nd July 1916

News of Anglo-French offensive.
Spent day quietly. In garden. Down to call on Mrs Barnard at Hillmead. Away at 6. Kit saw me to station. Back to Chelsea at 8.15. Supper and bed.

Battles of the Somme, 1916

Monday 3rd July 1916

Warmer. Dull, rain in evening.
To Aldwych. Only Mr Ryley and Miss Humphreys on Committee! To lunch at Government Place. Not too busy all p.m. but lots of cases to prepare. Forgot about tea till 5.30. Home early by train 6.35. Wrote to George Warwick.

Tuesday 4th July 1916

Alys’ 32nd birthday. To Aldwych. 32 cases in Committee. Record! New Belgian member. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at Carr’s. Other Committee at 3.30. Long also. Warnbach case discussed! No letters dictated. Very, very busy all day. Home 7.15. Dorothy read Uncle Harold’s Will aloud.

Wednesday 5th July 1916

Warm. Dull.
To Aldwych. Sent off sweets to Eva. Long Committee again. Lunch at Government Place. Dictated nearly all p.m. 55 cases; so about 110 letters. Not bad though, so busy. Mr Steer in evening. Stayed till 11.30. Very tired.

Thursday 6th July 1916

Eva’s 7th birthday.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Very tired. Lots of letters. To Government Place lunch. Home at 7. Heard Miss Horner very ill. Mr Parsons in evening. To bed at 9.15!!

Friday 7th July 1916

Showery. Thunder.
To Aldwych. Very tired. Not so long Committee. Lunch in office – sandwiches. Mr Jeffes came back. To Miss Knoblauch’s after work. Read till she came in. Supper with her 7.30. Talked and home at 10. Miss Horner ill (speechless).

Saturday 8th July 1916

Fine day.
To Peter Johns on way to work. To Aldwych. Easy morning. Mrs Keep away for holiday. I home to lunch at 6 Elm Park Road. Rested 30 minutes. To Mrs Bonner’s, 78 Ashley Gardens. She and I in taxi to Aubrey House, Camden Hill. “Dido of Carthage[1]” for wounded. Home to dinner 7.30. In garden. To bed 10.

Jeffes back July 6th or 10th.

Sunday 9th July 1916

Breakfast 9.15. Helped Dorothy to wash and dry breakfast things. Washed gloves and brush. Rested in p.m. After tea cycled to Miss Horner’s. Saw Miss Pertz. Wrote Ella and Alys. To bed 10. Miss Horner barely conscious.

Monday 10th July 1916

Fine, then dull.
To Aldwych. Lots of cases. Full Committee. 7 members! Lunch in my room with Messrs Jeffes and Baxter. All had sandwiches together. Fun and talked. 1 till 2! Lots of letters in p.m. Away 6.10. Home. To bed 10.

Tuesday 11th July 1916

To Aldwych. Good long Committee. Out to lunch alone at Government Place and strawberries in office later. Jeffes showed me his new books. Letters. M.J. took B.B. Committee. Very long. Home at 6.45. Cold. Read newspapers and to bed 10.

Wednesday 12th July 1916

Fine then dull. Cold and rainy.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Full. 6 and Madame Carton de Wiart. Mr Warburg back. Had lunch with him at Law Courts. Busy p.m. running about. Tremeril case, Cools! Took to Leggett. Home 6.50.

Thursday 13th July 1916

To Aldwych. Very nice Committee. Only men, and quick and easy. Lunch with Miss Schuster and Mrs Barsdorf at Government Place. Not difficult letters except De France. To Mrs Bonner on way home. Home at 7.20. To bed 10. Bad night.

Friday 14th July 1916

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Quite short. Not much work all day. Lunch in, with Kitty, who came! Easy p.m. Tea in Health Department. Home by train at 6.20 (got home then!) Wrote Alys. To bed 10.

Saturday 15th July 1916

Dull. Cold. Fine evening.
To Aldwych. Not at all busy. Did some type-writing. Home to lunch. Packed up and after tea (4) with Doz, in taxi to Victoria. To East Grinstead (4.11 return) Lovely evening; heard the guns in Flanders!!!! Dr and Mrs Hugh Playfair came in car and stayed also. Mr and Mrs Leonard Harrison and Magdalen there. In garden; then dined 8 p.m. and played Out-Jack after. To bed 11.20.

Toby, Sammy and Duffy.

Sunday 16th July 1916

War Economy Week
Damp. Much rain in p.m.
Good news for Sir Douglas Haig. Breakfast 9. Played billiard fives in school room. Then out; to kitchen garden. Eat strawberries. Also cut borders. Playfair too. Rested in p.m. with Toby (nice sheep-dog). Played batteledore[2]; exciting. Playfairs away at 6. After dinner Poker Patience.

Monday 17th July 1916

Dull. Muggy.
Breakfast 8. Mr Harrison, Dorothy and I in cab to station. Train to London Bridge. To Aldwych. Committee. Not many cases. Lunch at Government Place. Not at all busy p.m. Read “Life’s Little Ironies”[3]!! I Talked long time about Disraeli. Home 6.30 train. Tired. To bed 9.35.

Tuesday 18th July 1916

Warmer and finer.
To Aldwych. Not many cases. Took 15. Mrs Bonner and Miss Lonsdale back again. Not much work in p.m. Lunch at Government Place (with Mrs Gunning). Bought stockings and gloves on way to work. Bought 2 war saving certificates £1.11.0.

Wednesday 19th July 1916

Very fine day. Warm.
To Aldwych. Jeffes talked of Mrs Spackman and A.C. Hall. Committee long but nice. Leggett, Bonner, Smeesters. Lunch at Government Place. Not too busy, just right. Home 6.35. Bought 2 more War Savings Certificates! Aunt Alice to dine with Hugh Jackson K.C! Dorothy and I sat in garden a long time.

Thursday 20th July 1916

Very fine. Hot.
To Aldwych. Wore voile dress. Very short Committee, only about 9 cases! Discussion with Miss Lonsdale and Ryler and Baxter about Committee General. Lunch at Government Place and Fuller’s – ice! Home punctually. Dorothy’s pupils there, the Lubbocks and Ormonds and Ginx Harrison.

Friday 21st July 1916

Belgian Independence Day.
Very hot.
To Aldwych. Aunt Alice to Hugh Jackson’s for weekend. Half holiday and no Committee. Out and shopped. Bought hat, 2 blouses. To Albert Hall; met Mrs Bonner. Heard Hymans, Asquith and Standaert speak. Ysaÿe[4] played. Clara Butt[5], Guides Band. Very interesting. From 3.30 till 7 p.m.

Saturday 22nd July 1916

To Aldwych. Easy morning. Home to lunch, alone with Dorothy. Rested all p.m. Read “The Dark Forest” by Walpole, about Russia. Out on garden in evening until bed-time. To bed 10.

Mr Baxter away for 2 weeks holiday.
Miss Schuster for 3 weeks.

Sunday 23rd July 1916

Dull. Cold.
Did housework, had baths. Then Dorothy suddenly got acute lumbago and had to go to bed; couldn’t move at all. I got meals. No servant. Mrs Lemon and Sadie called.

Monday 24th July 1916

To Aldwych. Dorothy still very bad. Aunt Alice home. Lunch at Government Place. Not too busy. Letter in p.m. Home at 6. Back by train (with Jeffes). Helped with supper. Dorothy still in bed.

Tuesday 25th July 1916

Fine. Warmer.
To Aldwych. Home as soon as possible and cut the grass. Polly home at 7 from Scotland. Very tired. Dorothy in bed all day.

Wednesday 26th July 1916

Fine and warm.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Lunch at Government Place alone. To dine with Miss Knoblauch. Elsa and Mrs Bell there. Home 10.30.

Thursday 27th July 1916

Hot – 76 degrees.
To Aldwych. Very hot indeed. Irritating Committee. Mr Leggett and Miss Lonsdale very worrying. Mrs Bonner took me home to lunch. Taxi each way. Better p.m. Home rather late and tired. Dorothy downstairs and better. Miss Horner died.

Friday 28th July 1916

To Aldwych. Hot. Easy Committee. Mr Ryley, Grumbar, Smeesters, Lonsdale. Finished early. At 3.45 with Mr Leggett and Mr Grumbar to Surbiton! To see Belgian soldiers basket-making. Madame Hymans, Madame Carton de Wiart, and Duchesse de…….. I came back in Madame Hymans’ car all the way.

Saturday 29th July 1916

Very hot.
To Aldwych. Nice easy morning. Home with Jeffes as far as Victoria in train. Very hot. Dorothy down to lunch. Rested in p.m. I unwell. In garden.

To Miss Knoblauch’s – Wednesday.

Sunday 30th July 1916

Hot and fine.
Busy with housework. Dorothy up to breakfast. Ironed collar and frocks. Rested. Wrote to Max, Dennis, Alys, Tante (about Miss Horner), Mrs Bonner, Roefs. Tired and hot. Madame Ormond (me: John Singer Sargent’s sister) and Reine (me: her daughter) came and stayed to supper. Aunt Alice to see Susie. To bed 10.45.

Monday 31st July 1916

Hot and fine.
To Aldwych. Committee – Leggett, Grumbar, Smeesters. Very hot but not too bad Committee. Lunch at Fuller’s and sent peppermints to Kit. Not too much work. Aunt Alice and Doz to Broadway. Polly and I alone. Watered garden till 9.15

Tuesday 1st August 1916

Very, very hot. Fine.
To Aldwych. Only Grumbar and Smeesters on Committee! Frightfully hot; felt quite ill at moments. Did 10 renewals for 1st time!!! Lunch at Fuller’s. 2 ices, extravagant. Home (with Jeffes in train) Ginx Harrison there. Watered garden. Hemmed white skirt. Wrote Alys and Aunt Alice.

Wednesday 2nd August 1916

Very hot.
To Aldwych. Very long Committee til 1 o’clock!!! Madame Carton de Wiart, Leggett. Lunch at Government Place 1/-. Not bad p.m. Told Jeffes about Edward. Hot, but not as strong sun as yesterday. Mr Ginx to supper in garden. Nice. Sat in drawing-room on windowsill after.

Thursday 3rd August 1916

To Aldwych. Very hot indeed. Not many cases, luckily. Lunch at Express Dairy alone. Worrying p.m. rather, over cases. Home early. Supper early, in garden again. Nice. Wrote to Mrs Bonner.

Friday 4th August 1916

Cooler. Fine.
To Aldwych. Nice short Committee. Mr Leggett, Lonsdale, Ryley, Smeesters. Lunch at Government Place. Mr Maudsley had to sign cards again. Busy p.m. doing Railway cases. Making list. Home (with Jeffes in train) early. Polly and I to see Susie (and Miss Pertz) (me: Miss Horner’s sister’s). Sad visit.

Saturday 5th August 1916

To Aldwych. Easy a.m. Home early (left at 12.5, with Jeffes in train). Rested all p.m. Reine and Magdalen to tea – in garden. I upstairs sewing skirts and to Tulley’s. Bought buttons and hat 1/-! (big blue).

Gumbar away 3rd till 21st? Colwyn Bay.
Paid Aunt Alice to July 31st
Sent Aunt Alice 4.4.0 August 1st (till 14th).

Sunday 6th August 1916

Fine. Cooler. Windy.
Up at 9.15. Breakfast in garden. Washed up. Ironed and did some sewing. Rested in p.m. Then to Elsa’s, 9 Church Row and had tea there. Home to supper. Teeds to supper with us. Read paper and to bed 9.20. Slept well. Slept till 8.5.

Monday 7th August 1916

Much cooler. Fine.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee, only Leggett and Standaert! Quick and easy. Lunch at Government Place. Not too many letters. Mr Baxter back again. Menie and Constance came and stayed to supper!

Tuesday 8th August 1916

Fine. Warmer.
Goodbye to Polly who to Broadway. To Aldwych. Not bad Committee – Miss Lonsdale there. Lunch at Government Place. Home at 6.35. Dorothy there, for 1 night. Moved things down.

Wednesday 9th August 1916

Fine and hot.
Wore blue linen coat and skirt for 1st time. To Aldwych. Madame Carton de Wiart at Committee, and only Leggett, Baxter and Jeffes. Very nice, worked till 1.10 at cases. Lunch at Government Place. A good many letters to write. Home with Jeffes in train. Alone there. Dorothy to Weybridge. Mr and Mrs Lang. Trimmed hat and wrote.

Thursday 10th August 1916

Hot. Fine. Stormy hot.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Leggett, Lonsdale, Smeesters, Standaert, Baxter. Finished early. Lunch at Government Place. Home by omnibus, actually on top. Did lot of sewing all evening at two skirts. Long talk to Baxter in p.m. about boats.

Friday 11th August 1916

Hot. Heavy.
To Aldwych. Horribly long slow Committee. Baxter, Lonsdale, Smeesters only. Lunch at Government Place. Hot p.m. Fairly busy. Away 6.10. Home by train. Tired, read in evening. Didn’t sew at all. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 12th August 1916

To Aldwych. Did several renewals to help Jeffes who all alone, and helped with salary money too. Home. Lunch and packed all p.m. Hot day. Tired.

Buy antikamnia
Mr Baxter back
Holiday 12th August.

Sunday 13th August 1916

Hot day. Rain in night.
Holiday – Washed my head and packed slowly all day.

Monday 14th August 1916

Finished packing. Shopped at Harrod’s. In taxi to Waterloo. Met Alys. Taxi to Euston. Train 2.35 (after lunch) to Chester, to Blossoms Hotel. Dined. Out to walk round Walls. Lovely. Watched big fire. Exciting. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 15th August 1916

Very wet.
Off by 10.5 to Llanfairfechan. Arrived about 11.30. Walked up to Bryn y Neuadd (me: private psychiatric hospital). Saw Dr Archdall and Edward. Lunch at Queen’s Hotel. Train 2.45 to London, changed Chester and Crewe. Dined at Euston 9 p.m. To 6 Elm Park Road for night.


Wednesday 16th August 1916

Breakfast 9. Out to Harrod’s with Alys. Back, and to Waterloo. 12.30 train to Bursledon. Dennis got in at Netley. Eva and Phil met us. To Day Dawn. Rose and Doris there. Bathed. Eva swam beautifully; Doris also. Had tea. Out in Evinrude to Hamble and back. Supper and to bed. All lovely.

Thursday 17th August 1916

Wet. Showers. Fine intervals.
All up. Dennis bathed alone! All to station, to see him off to Netley at 9.17. Fetched mail-cart. About with children. Back to boat at 11.45. Rain. Rested. In p.m. Children on shore with maids. I wrote Aunt Alice and Auntie Kate. Dennis back to tea. Bathed. To bed 10.

Friday 18th August 1916

Lovely fine day. Heavy showers later.
On shore with Dennis. To Hotel with Webb’s and played in their room. Back to boat. Bathed with Tom Worth and Duncan McDougall. Dr Worth in boat. Dived. Lovely. About in Evinrude. Racing others. Saw E. F. Knight on Falcon.

Saturday 19th August 1916

To station; Doris took children back. Alys and I to Southampton. Shopped. Back to lunch at 1.30. In p.m. when Doris back all to Botley in Evinrude. Picnic on bank. Very nice. To dinner with the Webb’s. Stanley Dudar there. Nice evening. Harvey sang. Back in boat at 10.30.

Sunday 20th August 1916

Fine. Warmer.
Started off with Dennis who walked to Netley. We came back at 11.30 and bathed. Up to fetch bread. Captain and Mrs Shaw and Lieutenant Hewat to tea and the Courtauld’s. We bathed. Lovely. Eva out to a picnic. Alys, Dennis and I in dinghy to Bigsworth’s boat. Nice. Home 8.30. Wrote Mrs W Miles.

Monday 21st August 1916

Fine. Hot.
Alys and Phil to Netley with Dennis. Eva and I stayed on boat (my toes cut by barnacles!) Lovely bathe. Alys, Doris, Eva and I. Wrote to Tades on deck. Learnt to drive Evinrude. Dennis bathed. Alys and Dennis to Barrow’s after supper.

Tuesday 22nd August 1916

Fine. Hot.
Bathed before breakfast with Dennis. Lunch early (at 12). Mrs Webb and Mr Dudar and John on board in morning. At 1.6 all of us to Netley by train. Children’s party in grounds. Roundabouts, boat-swings, races. Fun. Tea 4.30 in Mess with Dennis. Mrs Tidy and children and Mrs Webb and family and Mr Dudar there. Back 6.19. Bathed. The Rumbolts came to coffee at 8.30.

Wednesday 23rd August 1916

Dull. Rain later. Fine.
Bathed before breakfast with Dennis. Took him to early train. Alys to Lowford with Phil. Tidy’s came and bathed with Alys and Eva. Ropes. Dennis and Eva bathed from Sula. Pole there. Children painted. Sewed in cabin.

Thursday 24th August 1916

Hot and fine, then rainy.
Alys and I went by early train with Dennis to Netley. To Pier and Royal Victoria Hospital and Red Cross Hospital. Did tracings for wounded soldiers’ needlework badges. Home, in car with Norbury’s. Rainy p.m. Read in cabin. Children painted. Took prisoners in dinghy!! Dennis back 6.30. To bed early.

Friday 25th August 1916

Showery. Pouring in p.m.
To train with Dennis 9.15. Alys and Eva to Netley too. Phil and I to Swan Hotel with Eva Webb and Mr Dudar. Stayed till 11 or so. All back together to Day Dawn. Alys and Eva bathed off Sula. Was to have sailed with Dudar in p.m. but he couldn’t get sails right and pouring rain. Out in Evinrude and Day Dawn up to Sula, with Mr Rumbolt’s help. Sat up till 11.30 to get her round with the tide.

Saturday 26th August 1916

Showery but very fine afternoon.
Very busy cleaning deck. Alys to Netley and back. Sports in p.m. Aquatic. Evinrude, swimming, pole, diving, etc, Eva got prize for swimming! Talked to Dudar most of p.m. Very interesting. He told about avoiding a torpedo in Mediterranean. Wants a trawler in North Sea next for patrol or mone-sweeping. Towed Shentons in Evinrude to their boat. On the Sula in p.m. Smoked with the Rumbolts. I unwell.

Holiday ends 26th.

Sunday 27th August 1916

Heavy showers.
Phil sick in night and Eva fell out of bed! Up at 7. Dennis and I to station. I off by 8.40 to London. Changed at St Denys. Taxi to 26 Compayne Gardens. Arrived at 12. The Mileses returned from Church. Dinner 1.15. In garden. Rested. Wrote Alys and Ella. Dinner and to bed at 9! Hot bath! Soon asleep. Romania declared war on Austria-Hungary.

Monday 28th August 1916

Fine. Warm.
Prayers 8.10. To Aldwych by 31 Bus in 35 minutes. Committee. Miss Humphreys, Leggett, Baxter. Lunch at Government Place 1/½ . Talk with Baxter and Jeffes after till 2.45. Not too busy. Home by 31 ‘bus to Compayne. Dressed, dined and to bed at 9! Read in bed.

Tuesday 29th August 1916

Rain all day.
To Aldwych by bus from Swiss Cottage (Barnes first to buy frill). Short Committee. Nice. Leggett, Standaert, Smeesters. Lunch alone at Government Place. Busy p.m. Home by train. Dressed, dined. Ethel in bed all day. Letter to Alys. Played card. To bed 9.

Wednesday 30th August 1916

Very cold. Wet.
To Aldwych by ‘bus. Inside. Very cold. Committee – Leggett, Grumbar, Smeesters, Vanderborght. Lunch with Schuster at Temple Tea Rooms. Nice. Easy p.m. Talk with Baxter about shops and navy. Home by train. To bed at 9.

Thursday 31st August 1916

Fine, warmer.
To Aldwych. Bought biscuits 1/6. Nice Committee, Leggett, Smeesters, Standaert, Baxter. Lunch at Government Place alone. Fuss about letter to Hostel. Tudor Owen up and Leggett and all the others in my room in p.m. Interesting. Home by ‘bus. To bed early 9! Read “Happy go Lucky”.

Friday 1st September 1916

Wet. Then fine.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Fairly long. To lunch at Government Place. Miss Isaacs, K of K lady too. Not too busy p.m. but full enough. Mr Leggett away for his holiday. Fuss about Tudor Owen’s Janssen’s case.

Saturday 2nd September 1916

Dark and wet.
To Aldwych. Jeffes away. Easy a.m. but many new cases. Back to lunch at Compayne. 1.45. Rested in p.m. and talked in drawing-room. Wrote Ella and Aunt Alice (with cheque). Awakened at 2 a.m. Sunday with guns firing all assembled on landing, and then in drawing-room. Zeppelin was brought down in flames[1]! Couldn’t see anything but search lights.

Joined K of K (me: Kitchener of Khartoum) fund 29th August for soldiers – gave 1.0.6.

Sunday 3rd September 1916

Very sleepy. Talked and read. After dinner with Ethel to Miss Miles to see old prints. Looked at Denise’s room. Mr Ross and Vernor in. Wrote to Alys. Mr Ross stayed to supper and till 9.15.

Monday 4th September 1916.

To Aldwych via Liberty’s where bought shades. Longish Committee. Miss Humphrey’s, Smeesters, Grumbar. Lunch at Clifford’s Inn with Mrs Keep. Nice. Rainy. With Jeffes to Temple Station and via Charing Cross. Home. Letter from Dorothy.

Tuesday 5th September 1916

Windy, no rain.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Baxter, Smeesters and Standaert. Finished 1. To meet Denise at Portgual Street. She and I lunched in my room, sandwiches. Busy p.m. Many letters. Eustace Miles to dinner. “Snakes and ladders”. Letter from Alys.

Wednesday 6th September 1916

Warmer, fine.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Mr Warburg there. Ended at 1. Lunch at Waldorf with Mr and Mrs Baxter. Nice. Busy p.m. Sent off 50 others. Back at 6.5. Mr Ross there. Wrote to Alys. Miles played whist. To bed 9.

Thursday 7th September 1916

Misty, then fine and hot.
To my Bank, and then to Aldwych. Nice Committee. Baxter, Standaert, Smeesters. Lunch at Government Place alone. Not very busy. Left at 6, but could not get ‘bus for 30 minutes. So home at 7.15!! Miss Palmer and Miss Wafts to dinner.

Friday 8th September 1916

Fine day.
To Aldwych by No 13. Only Grumbar and Smeesters on Committee. Lunch at Government Place alone. Read. Out at 1.20, and talked to Jeffes. Easy p.m. few letters and easy ones. Baxter talked about camping. Tea in Health Department. Mr Garnett to dinner (son of Dr Garnett of British Museum[2]).

Saturday 9th September 1916

Fine. Warm.
To Florist to buy asters for Josephine’s birthday and then to Aldwych by train, via Piccadilly. Busy a.m. Interviewed Madame Debroux. Home to lunch. Rested all p.m. Called on Miss Miles after tea. Quiet evening. Saw Pamela in bath and at supper.

Sunday 10th September 1916

Wrote to Max. Josephine’s birthday. Gave her asters which we planted after breakfast. Mr Kraft helped. All out except me. I wrote letters. Miss Miles and Miss Chater to dinner. Rested, and to Monkhouses. Elsa there! William and Mary called.

Monday 11th September 1916

Dull, mildish.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. 29 cases. Till 1 p.m. Lunch at Government Place alone. Busy p.m. Home by train at 7. Dinner early as Ethel and Denise to theatre. “Romance”[3]. Patience in evening.

Tuesday 12th September 1916

Dull, mild.
To Aldwych. Arrived 9.30. Busy. Long Committee. Discussions. And Mr Baxter came and talked 5.30 till 6! Wasted my time! Home at 7.20. Miss Cross to dinner. To bed 9.25. My 37th birthday. Letters.

Wednesday 13th September 1916

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Arrived there 9.30. Very busy. Very difficult Committee. Madame Carton de Wiart and Warburg. Only did 11 cases. Lunch with Schuster and Mrs Barsdorf. Busy p.m. Tired. Home at 6.45.

Thursday 14th September 1916

Sunny and very cold.
To Aldwych. Very busy. Long Committee but nice. Only Baxter, Standaert, Smeesters. Lunch at Government Place alone. Read “Truants”. Home at 6.50 by train. Ethel and Denise out to Rendezvous and Coliseum. E. V. Miles and Mrs E. V. Miles, William and Ernest to dinner.

Friday 15th September 1916

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych. Miss Lonsdale on Committee. Not bad. Grumbar, Smeesters. Lunch at Government Place. Read. Fairly busy. Home at 6.35. Rested on sofa. Rather tired. To bed 9.

Saturday 16th September 1916

Fine, warmer.
To my bank and then Aldwych. Very busy a.m. Mr Leggett back again. Home at 1.40 (Taxi to Baker Street). Rested in p.m. Captain Luxmoore-Ball, Welsh Guards, and his mother to tea and Eileen and Joan Hardiman, Pamela’s friends. In garden after tea. To bed 9 p.m. Wrote many letters.

The Truants – Mason (Foreign Legion)
The Refugees – Conan Doyle

Sunday 17th September 1916

Fine, sunny.
Josephine and Denise to Church. I did some packing up. In p.m. all out, but Mrs Miles and me. We looked at scrapbook. Mr Buckland called, and Mrs Collins and Doris Paull, and Mr Ross. He stayed till 9.25 and sharpened knives and scissors.

Monday 18th September 1916

Dull then fine.
To Aldwych 9.30. Mr Leggett on Committee and Roxburgh, Smeesters, Standaert and Grumbar. Lunch alone at Government Place. Busy p.m New typist. Nice, but slow. Teaching her. Home (with Jeffes to Charing Cross).

Tuesday 19th September 1916

To Aldwych. Longish Committee. Lunch at Government Place alone. Busy p.m. New typist. Madame de Linier. Very slow. Home to Compayne.

Wednesday 20th September 1916

Finished packing. To Aldwych. Long Committee. Madame Carton de Wiart there, Smeesters, Warburg, Standaert, Grumbar. Jeffes and Leggett with Mr Peto to Fulham. Busy p.m. Back to Compayne, then in taxi to 47 Heath Mansions. Alys and children there, and Wade, Rose and Doris later 10.

Thursday 21st September 1916

Very fine. Cool.
Breakfast with children. All out together. Eva to school (with Alys). Phil with Wade, I to Aldwych. Very long Committee but few people. Baxter, Smeesters, Standaert. Very busy p.m. indeed. Left at 6.20. Home 7.10. Dinner. Up in nursery with Alys. Read U.S.A. paper.

Friday 22nd September 1916

To Aldwych, early. Not bad Committee. Miss Lonsdale. Smeesters. Mademoiselle Favresse met me and we lunched at Clifford’s Inn. Busy p.m. Mr Baxter did my cards! Very kind. Home at 6.50. Ironed 2 blouses. To bed at 9 (Busy with Pontus Rly list in p.m.).

Saturday 23rd September 1916

To Aldwych. I unwell. Busy morning, letters to dictate. Lunch at L. R. alone. Cider! Home at 2.45. Rested, slept! After tea in garden, and unpacked. To bed very early. Edward Buchanan called. 2 Zepps brought down.

Zeppelin wreck – 23 Septemberept_1916

Favresse Friday 1.

Sunday 24th September 1916

Dull. Foggy.
Tidied and wrote letters all p.m. In drawing-room in p.m. Darned and sewed. Children very good in garden. Tommy Carr called. To bed 9 p.m.

Monday 25th September 1916

Fine. Warm!
To Aldwych. Eva to school and very unhappy. Nice Committee. Short. Leggett, Standaert and Smeesters and Roxburgh. Lunch at L.R. not too busy. Jeffes cold bad. Home at 6.50. Eva happier about school. Read aloud in nursery in evening.

Tuesday 26th September 1916

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Mrs Samuel and Mrs Bonner! Standaert and Smeesters and Grumbar. Alys came and lunched with me at Club. Figs after in my room. Not very busy. Prepared cases for tomorrow. Home. Read aloud to Alys in nursery.

Wednesday 27th September 1916

Fine. Rain p.m.
To Aldwych. Mr Peto, Leggett, Grumbar, Baxter, Roxburgh, Warburg, Smeesters. Mrs Bonner in Committee!!!! Not bad. Lunch at Temple Tea Rooms alone. Not very busy. Home 6.45. Dennis up for leave and Phil’s birthday tomorrow. Fire in drawingroom.

Thursday 28th September 1916

Philip’s birthday – 3 years old.
To Aldwych. Very nice little Committee. To lunch at Club. Alys and Dennis took Phil to town and bought him a train on lines! Clockwork. Home lateish and watched train. Alys, Dennis and I to Golders Green Hippodrome “Sugar and Spice”. Home 10.45.

Friday 29th September 1916

Wet. Mild.

To Aldwych. Dennis to War Office. Mrs Bonner, Mr Leggett, Smeesters,. Denise came at 1 and brought sandwiches. Talked till 2. Very busy all p.m. as holiday on Saturday. Alys and Dennis called for me 6.15. Dined at Trocadero. To see “Somme” pictures at Kinemacolor. Wonderful.

Saturday 30th September 1916

Holiday! I to town and did a lot of shopping. Very rushed. Crowds and French Band. Home to lunch. Dennis also. Washed blouses and rested. Others in top room. High tea at 6. Alys and I with Dennis to Waterloo. He back to Burseldon 8.15.

Paid Alys £5 20th September to 18th October.

Sunday 1st October 1916

Summer Time changed back 1 hour.
Did some washing and ironing and did up parcel for Emile Defresne up in top room. Put away bricks. Alys, Eva and I to Miles’ – Compayne – to tea. Mr Ross there. Zeppelin raid. Saw one fall in flames at 12.30.

Baby killer zeppelin
British propaganda postcard, entitled “The End of the ‘Baby-Killer'”

Monday 2nd October 1916

Dull. Damp.
To L.G.B. (Local Government Board) with paper for Colonel Reece. To Aldwych early. Nice Committee. Lunch indoors. Ham sandwiches. Alys ‘phoned and came. Dennis had sent for her. She to Bursledon. I home. Wade put children to bed. Very good. To bed 9. Read.

Tuesday 3rd October 1916

To Aldwych. Doris took Eva. Nice Committee. Mrs Samuel. To lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Alys wired. De Kemel gave me a piece of Zeppelin. Busy day. Home 6.50. Children very good. Eva not well; sick in night.

Wednesday 4th October 1916

Eva not to school. I to Aldwych. Wade had to go to Waghorn’s (Shepherd’s). Very full Committee. Eveyone came. Lunch at Club. Home at 6.50. Alys came back. Dennis also, after Tetanus Conference. He very seedy.

Thursday 5th October 1916

Warm. Lovely.
Heard Max is dangerously ill in Port Said. With Dennis to town. He to Netley. I to Aldwych. Nice Committee. Monsieur Koch de Gooreynd came. Pretty busy day. Lunch at Club alone. Alys changed the furniture. Evening in new upstairs sittingroom. Wrote Elsa. Eva sick in night and pains again.

Friday 6th October 1916

Dull. Drizzly.

To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Mrs Bonner. Dorothy came! And we lunched at Clifford’s Inn. Rather busy. Eva in bed all day. Dr Ensor twice. Query appendicitis. Home.

Saturday 7th October 1916

To Hanan’s 9.20. Bought shoes. To Aldwych. Had Emergency Committee. Leggett and Grumbar. Very busy. Lunch at Express Dairy. Home 2.30. Read on sofa.  Eva better. Children good in evening. Ironed some things. Alys read aloud. Temporary Gentleman (A. J. Dawson).

35 Sloane Street SW
May Shepherd

Sunday 8th October 1916

Dull, then fine. Windy.
Eva up to dinner. Alys out with Phil. I washed and ironed blouses. Alys not very well. Doris took Phil out in p.m. Alys worse and worse – pains and sick. To bed early. Alys ill all night. I slept beside Phil.

Monday 9th October 1916

Alys in bed all day. I to Aldwych. Nice Committee. Very busy day; very tired and sleepy. Lunch at Club. Very full p.m. Mr Leggett dictated Orsett Union letter. M. Jeffes came in to cheer me up! Left at 6.10. To bed early 9.

Tuesday 10th October 1916

Phil sick in night many times. Alys better. To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Mrs Samuel, Grumbar, Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Didn’t leave till 6.20. Alys all right again. Read. To bed 9.10.

Wednesday 11th October 1916

To Aldwych. Very busy. Committee till 1.5. Madame de Wiart. Very many cases. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at Carr’s. Very busy p.m. Left at 6.20. Home 7.10. Read newspapers in evening. To bed 9.15.

Thursday 12th October 1916

Dull, windy.
To Aldwych. 26 cases but little Committee, finished 12.40. Lunch at Club. Very slow. Busy p.m. Lots of letters. Elder Miss Merriot. Home at 6.45. Read and sewed in evening.

Friday 13th October 1916

Warm. Dull.
To Aldwych. Large Committee. Koch de Gooreynd, Mrs Bonner, Smeesters, Leggett, Baxter. Only 18 cases. Lunch at Club early. Very busy, rushed afternoon. Home 6.45. Received money from Ethel for Debroux family. M. Jeffes away.

Saturday 14th October 1916

To Aldwych. Nice morning, good deal of running about but no letters. Lunch at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Home early. Children out with Doris. Alys and I to shops. Golders Green Post Office. Played and songs in downstairs room. To bed 9.30.

Sunday 15th October 1916

Very fine but windy and dusty.
Did some writing and looked in trunk. I to Aunt Alice’s to lunch. Sat there till 3.30. Then home. Nelly to tea (Moir) and Nelly Barnard called after.

Monday 16th October 1916

Eva to school again. I to Aldywch. Worrying Committee, very long. Mr Roxburgh and Miss Humphreys. Finished at 1.5! Lunch at A.B.C. Miss Merriots out. I fearfully busy p.m. Duflos. To Charling Cross via Temple with Grumbar. Home at 7.20.

Tuesday 17th October 1916

Dull, then much rain.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Quick. Mrs Samuel. Monsieurs Smeesters, Standaert. Lunch at A.B.C. Very busy p.m. Heaps of letters to dictate; and loads of cases pouring in. Pouring rain too, home at 7.20, very wet.

Wednesday 18th October 1916

To Aldwych. Terrible Committee. Warburgh, de Wiart. Worrying. Only stopped at 1.15! Lunch at A.B.C. Very busy p.m. Only got home at 7.25. Tired.

Thursday 19th October 1916

To Aldwych. Long, tiring Committee. M. Koch (who gave me £100!), Mr Leggett, Grumbar, Smeesters, Standaert. Lunch at A.B.C. Frightfully busy p.m. and very tired. Home at 7.25. Wrote Miss Humphreys!

Friday 20th October 1916

To Aldwych. Very busy day. Miss Jones came. Only Baxter, Smeesters and Grumbar in Committee. Denise to lunch with me, sandwiches. Headachey and very tired all p.m. Teaching Miss Lawrence Jones*. Home at 7.10. Tired. To bed 9.

Saturday 21st October 1916

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych. I unwell. Emergency Committee, quick and nice. M. Jeffes back, called up for Army. Lunch at Express Dairy. Home. Alys out with children and Barbara Huddersfield who came to tea. Sewed, unpicked. Has the grandmother got corns?

Paid Alys to 18th £5 board and lodging.
“Results there already”
* Paula Schuster’s step-daughter – Sir Lawrence Jones.

Sunday 22nd October 1916

Very cold. Fine.
Read aloud to Eva “Alice in Wonderland” (Lewis Carroll). Mr and Mrs Styer came. Ironed. In p.m. I to call on Miss Miles, tea there and on to William Miles; stayed till 6. Home. Read again to Eva. Wrote Dennis.

Monday 23rd October 1916

Fine. Warmer.
To Aldwych, Not many cases, about 16. Nice Committee. Mr Leggett, Humphreys, Roxburgh. Lunch at Club early. Heaps of letters from Saturday too. New typist (complaining). Mr Jeffes passed medical test. Wade called.

Tuesday 24th October 1916

Dull. Showery in evening.
To Aldwych. Miss Jones there, all day. Nice Committee. Mrs Samuel, Miss Lonsdale, Mr Smeesters. To lunch at Club. Not so very busy. Home at 7. Short evening. Wrote Kit about 5th baby.

Wednesday 25th October 1916

Rainy, dull.
To Aldwych. Miss Jones all day. Carton de Wiart, but not bad. Didn’t take many cases. Sandwich lunch; brought by Miss Jones for us both. Few letters. Home at 7. Wade came (for a week).

Thursday 26th October 1916

To Aldwych. Very full Committee, but easy. Koch, Leggett, Standaert, Smeesters and Grumbar and Baxter. Lunch indoors with Miss Jones, who brought it. She helped with letters after lunch. Not home till 7. Alys came to fetch me, after working party.

Friday 27th October 1916

To Aldwych. Alys to Bursledon 10. Train. Miss Jones took Committe but I read some cases. She did all letters in p.m. We lunched together at Fuller’s. Said goodbye to Mr Leggett and arranged not to take salary for two weeks. Home 7. Wade put children to bed.

Saturday 28th October 1916

Breakfast with Wade and children. Not to town. 1st day of holiday! With Eva and Phil and Wade to Porter’s. Back. Sewed arms for Eva’s doll. Read in p.m. C.H.W. took Phil out. Wrote to Alys. Read to Eva and songs with her.

Sunday 29th October 1916

Holiday week for me.
Rain then fine.
I stayed in bed till 12.20! Read. Children out with Wade. After lunch, looked at pictures with children, and then to Mr Baxter’s studio and then tea with them at Upper Phillimore Place. Home at 6.45. Read to Eva.

Monday 30th October 1916

Gales and showers.
Doris took Eva to school. Quiet morning. Read newspaper and showed pictures to Philip. Also tidied my cupboard. In p.m. went to Burgess Hill, to see Eva’s dancing-class. Home with her at 4. Tea. Knitted. Played songs for Eva. Read to her, Alice thro’ the Looking-Glass (Lewis Carroll). To bed 9.15.

Tuesday 31st October 1916

Fine. Very windy.
Took Eva to school, and up to library. Got books 10.30. Walked home. Muddled about. In p.m. rested on sofa and read “Captivating Mary Carstairs”. By H. Sydnor Harrison. Doris fetched Eva. Tea. Cut out sleeves for black satin blouse. Phoned Dorothy.

Wednesday 1st November 1916

Dull. Windy.
Washed and ironed. Then in garden with Phil, while Wadie ironed. Read and tore up letters. “Busy’s”. After lunch to Harley Street (Bank first) to see Dr Dawnay and have eyes examined. (1.1.0) Home in rain. Wrote Doz. To supper with Friede. Home 9.40.

Thursday 2nd November 1916

Fine. Showery.
Did some ironing and sewing. Out with Wade and Phil. Took “Life’s” to Post Office for soldiers. On to town, and lunch at Aunt Alice’s. Then home and to fetch Eva from school. Tea and songs downstairs. Heads washed.

Friday 3rd November 1916

Washed and ironed white blouse. Then out to town via Green & Edwards, and to Waterloo. Met Alys (from Bursledon). Lunched at station. Home by Philarmonic, and Selfridges. Very wet. Alys called for Eva, all home to tea. Read and talked in evening. To bed 9.15.

Saturday 4th November 1916

Stayed in bed to breakfast (just to rest). Up and with Alys to shops and to Roef’s. Home. After lunch, Alys, Eva and I to town to see Ponting’s Scott pictures – Antarctic[1]. Tea at Café Belge – Home. Read in evening. To bed at 9.20.

Antarctic icebergs

Sunday 5th November 1916

Very stormy. Gales. Very wet.
In bed to breakfast. Up at 10.30. Very lazy. Wrote Mrs Bonner and Miss Jones. Not out all day. Read. Lady Jones (Miss Paula Shuster) ‘phoned in evening to say Miss Jones ill so I must go to work tomorrow

Monday 6th November 1916

Fine day.
To Aldwych. Quite a nice Committee. 13 cases. H.A.L. very angry about C.O.S. case Bierbeck. Lunch alone at Club. Read. Miss Donovan took all my letters down, which was a joy. Nice day. Home at 7. Wrote to Miss Jones.

Tuesday 7th November 1916

Dull. Some sunshine.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Mrs Samuel and Miss Lonsdale. Lunch at Club. Miss Coenen took all my letters, very quickly. Home at 7. Read and wrote to Bank and Middlehurst.

Wednesday 8th November 1916

Dull, some sunshine.
To Aldwych. Not at all a bad Committee. In fact nice. No Madame Carton de Wiart. Lunch at Club. Miss Coenen took my letters. Easy p.m. Alys to spend day with Dolly Willis at Esher’s – Claygate. She home at 7.40.

Thursday 9th November 1916

Fine. Sunny.
To Aldwych. (Alys to working-party, and called for me). Nice Committee. Only Mr Leggett and Mr Baxter! Did 24 cases by 12.20! Lunch at Club. Miss Donovan took letters. Lord Mayor’s Show. Nice view.

Friday 10th November 1916

To Aldwych. Nice Committee, but slow. 18 or so cases Lonsdale and Koch, Baxter and Grumbar, Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Did two of my letters myself on type-writer. Miss Jones came in and said would come on Monday. Home early. Middlehurst to dinner.

Saturday 11th November 1916

King Albert’s Day. Holiday. Ironed frill. With Alys and children to Hampstead. Had their photographs taken at Killick’s. To library. Home. Quiet p.m.

U.S. Election. Wilson v. Hughes on 7th. Result only known 10th at 1 p.m. On 8th Hughes was said to have won. After Wilson.

wilson hughes 1916
In a cartoon by satirical American magazine Puck Charles Evan Hughes points out the smudge on Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy record.

Sunday 12th November 1916

Foggy, then fine.
Alys and I to Styers to leave cards. Wilfred killed in France. Then to Mrs G.E. Barnard. Kath. Buchanan there. Home to dinner. Quiet p.m. I read aloud. Eva painted. Did black satin cuffs. Read.

Monday 13th November 1916

Holiday again. Miss Jones at Aldwych. Alys and I with Eva; then on, and great day in town, buying overcoat for me. Knightsbridge, Wallises, etc. Lunch at Selfridge’s. Home to tea. With children. Alys washed her head. Read.

Tuesday 14th November 1916

Alys took Eva to school. Alys and I worked. Saw aeroplane descend quite close, ran out, and watched man start up engine again, and fly off. Exciting. In p.m. all to Roef, with shoes from Wade. Home. Alys fetched Eva.

Wednesday 15th November 1916

Alys and I with Eva, and on to Green and Edward’s and got bulbs and pot. Home. Sewed. Sissie called! After lunch both Alys and I U.C.H. to annual meeting of Ladies’ Association. Tony Hope in Chair. Tea in Regent Street and to N9 Cinema! Spree. Good news from Somme. Home late 7.45.

Thursday 16th November 1916

Very cold. Dull.
Alys with Eva. I to King’s Langley for day; to Kitty’s. Lunch and quiet afternoon talking. Tea and then Edward in, and at 6.9 train to Euston. Trap to station, pitch dark. Home at 7.30. Very cold. Read newspaper.

Friday 17th November 1916

Very, very cold. Windy.
Alys and I with Eva, and then on to town to choose blouses, and serge frock (Eciruam). Also to W.R.C. to ask Mr Jeffes about next week.

Saturday 18th November 1916

Very cold. Blizzard.
With Alys to Bank and Porter’s for doll. Home. Alys to Bursledon directly after lunch. I with children in garden. Too awful weather to go out. Read to Eva and sewed in evening.

To 15th – Paid Alys £5
Paid Alys to 13th December

Sunday 19th November 1916

Very cold and rainy.
Not out all day. With children, and also sewed and ironed. Children out for 40 minutes in p.m. Nice games. Eva very good all day. Read in evening. To bed 10 p.m.

Monday 20th November 1916

Rainy. Warmer.
Eva to school (with Doris). I unwell. With Philip. Then wrote letters. Quiet morning. Walked to Madame Roef’s with fur coat. Then to Eva’s dancing-class. Read aloud to her. Shentons in evening. To bed 11.

Tuesday 21st November 1916

Fine. Fog in town.
Took Eva to school, and on to town alone. Shopped a good deal, and bought tartan skirt at Swan and Edgar’s. Home to lunch. Dennis and Alys arrived at 2.30. Alys bilious attack. To bed at once. I with Phil, Eva and Dennis in playroom. Trains. Read. To bed 10.

Wednesday 22nd November 1916

Fine. Very cold.
I took Eva to school and onto town. Shopped. Alys in bed till 7 p.m. Dennis to Millbank and dined with Sir David Bruce[2]. I home to lunch, and sat in Alys’ room working. Doris fetched Eva. Letter from Max. Dennis home at 11.

Thursday 23rd November 1916

Warmer. Damp.
Dennis to Thiele till tea-time. I gardened all a.m. Planted daisies, etc. Tired. Alys in bed till 6 p.m. Rested in her room and sewed, and tried on new things, blue serge dress, blouses. Dennis with children in evening and all read.

Friday 24th November 1916

Alys up to breakfast. Dennis away at 10. I with him to Golders Green. Washed and ironed. Alys to 19 Grosvenor Square. I met her and we lunched at Selfridge’s. Both to Grosvenor Square again, and sold at Sale of Work by Wounded Soldiers, Netley. Nice. Aunt Alice and Poz came. Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra and 3 Princesses came. Home at 9.30.

Saturday 25th November 1916

Warmer. Fine.
Late to breakfast. Sewed. Alys took Eva to Froo. Friede and Alan in. (Alan on 10 days leave from the Somme). I to Aldwych to see Miss Jones – and cases. On to lunch with Miss Knoblauch, and Miss Boyd and Miss Ritchie at Chinese Restaurant. Fun. Home via library. Roef’s in, and Charley and Sybil to tea.

Styers, Sunday.

Sunday 26th November 1916

Fine day.
Indoors all a.m. doing odd jobs. Children out. In p.m. Marsden’s called and Alys and I walked with them to Hampstead and Alys and I to Styer’s. Professor Gollancz[3] there, and others. Home to tea. Alys and I took Kim to Broad’s and after supper.

Monday 27th November 1916

Fine. Frosty.
To Aldwych again! After two weeks. Very short Committee. 12 cases. Nice. Talked. Lazy p.m. Lunch at Club. Read Jaffery[4]. Two new typists. Sessions and Neuwelaers. Home at 6.40. (Eva not at school, sore throat). Read newspaper. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 28th November 1916

Fine. Frosty.
To Aldwych. 17 cases. Not bad. Lunch at Club. 2 zeppelins brought down last night. Durham and Norfolk (in sea). Home at 6.50. Just having dinner when Dennis appeared (for tetanus conference). Wrote Ella in evening. (Ida Reid died).

Wednesday 29th November 1916

To Aldwych. Very long dull Committee. Carton de Wiart, Roxburgh, Warburgh, Bonner, Grumbar, Smeesters. Lunch with Mrs Bonner, who drove me to her home. Very few letters as only took few cases.

Thursday 30th November 1916

Fine, cold.
To Aldwych. Dennis away. Easy busy Committee. No C.O.S! Lunch at A.B.C. Read Jaffery. Home. Sissie came to stay a few nights. Talked and knitted in evening.

Friday 1st December 1916

Dull. Cold.

To Aldwych. Long Committee. Lunch at A.B.C. again. Letters and Mrs Samuel in and talking to Mr Baxter and Jeffes about new arrangement.

Saturday 2nd December 1916

Dull. Very cold.
To Aldwych. Not so very busy. Tried to take Bloxwich cases to Mr Leggett. Lunch at A.B.C. (big). Home. Sat in room with Alys. Read paper. Sat with Sissie and talked.

2 zeppelins brought down in sea on 28th off Seaham Harbour, Norfolk.

Sunday 3rd December 1916

Dull. Cold
Cold. Sissie felt chill, and went to bed. Alys and I to Styers and talked. Home at 1. Quiet p.m. Wrote letters and bills. Sissie up in evening.

Monday 4th December 1916

Cold. Sunny.
Sissie better – up. To Aldwych. Committee. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Home late. Sissie was to have gone to Uncle Charles’ but he ill. She stayed on. Read.

Tuesday 5th December 1916

Cold. Dull.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Mrs Samuel. Quick, but many cases. Susie came and we lunched at Cabin. Nice talk. Very busy p.m. Only left work at 6.40. Quiet evening with Sissie. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 6th December 1916

Cold. Dull.
To Aldwych. Horrid Committee as usual on Wednesdays. Warburg. Madame Carton de Wiart. Lunch at A.B.C. Very few letters, but ran about a good deal. “L’Amy” – Miss Bidwell. Home 6.50. Sissie went away.

Thursday 7th December 1916

Dull, Drizzly later.
To Aldwych. Very easy. Light Committee. 10 cases! Only Baxter, Smeesters and Baroness! Also few renewals. Lunch at Club. Finished Jaffery. Excellent book. Few letters. Home at 6.45. Wade away. Alys to Aunt Alice’s to tea.

Friday 8th December 1916

To Aldwych. Ordered notepaper for Wade first. Only 7 cases!!! Nice slack day. Miss Lonsdale very excited about All in Department. Lunch at Club. Home early. Bought “Mr Britling” Wells[1] (for Dennis at Xmas). Read aloud in evening.

Saturday 9th December 1916

Dull, some sun in a.m.
To Aldwych. No Committee, but Mr Leggett did the Father Christy cases and talked about religion. Lunch at A.B.C. Home via Hampstead library. Rested. Slept. Tea. Quiet evening. To bed 9.30.

Sunday 10th December 1916

Quiet morning. Wrote to Ella. Children in garden. Felt throaty so stayed indoors all day. Wrote Ella, and Edith Bache (me: Tante’s sister). Alys read aloud. Read paper.

Monday 11th December 1916

To Aldwych. Very few cases, so quick Committee. Mr Jeffes and Mr Baxter both away with colds. Mr Coles also. Lunch at Club. Not busy at all, so few letters. Home 6.45. Alys read aloud.

Tuesday 12th December 1916

To Aldwych. 15 cases. Mrs Samuel. Not Miss Lonsdale. Lunch at A.B.C. as hurried. Number 2 Committee in my room at 3. I in Mr Jeffes’ room and about. Home at 6.45. Alys read aloud. Felt chilly and throaty.

Wednesday 13th December 1916

To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. Madame Carton de Wiart didn’t come, Mademoiselle de Heusch instead. Lunch at Club. Not many letters. Mr Tudor Owen about Vannhavenezer. Miss Middlehurst to supper.

Thursday 14th December 1916

Very foggy. Dark.
To Aldwych. Short Committee – Mr Koch, Grumbar, Baxter, Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Back early; good many letters. Talked to Mr Baxter about peace. Alys called for me. Home. Felt chilly. Bad cold all day. Snow in Golders Green. Not in town.

Friday 15th December 1916

Dull. Snow.
To Aldwych. Nice short Committee. Mrs Bonner, Baxter, Smeesters, Powell. Lunch at Club. Very few letters. Mrs Hilson came in and talked. Home. Cold better. Read in evening. Finished “The Florentine Frame” – Robins.

Saturday 16th December 1916

Dark and very bad fog.
To Aldwych. Easy morning. Bierbeck and Mr Leggett in and did 2 or 3 cases. Bought bag for Alys at Evans’ before 10. 27/6. Home after A.B.C. lunch. Alys tried to take Eva to Gwyd’s to tea, but too foggy. Dense. Quiet p.m.

Paid Alys £5 to 13th.
Paid Alys to January 10th.
Germany. Proposed peace 12th December[2].

Sunday 17th December 1916

Dull Cold. Still snowy.
I stayed indoors all day. Alys out in a.m and p.m. with Eva and Phil. I wrote letters – Aunt Alice, Dolly Carr, Favresse and ironed collars and blouse and read papers. Read in evening. Music, and songs downstairs with children.

Monday 18th December 1916

Very dark.
To Aldwych. Very dark and horrid. Not a bad Committee. About 18 cases. Miss Humphreys, Roxburgh and Powell and Mr Leggett some of the time. Lunch at Club. Letters home. Helen there, to dine. Then away to Margaret’s; but back (with Captain Wilson!) for the night, as lost train. Alys and I up and made beds.

Tuesday 19th December 1916

Cold. Lighter.
Helen and Captain Wilson to breakfast! To Aldwych (I unwell). Easy Committee, tho’ horrid cases. Mrs S. Baxter and Jeffes. Lunch at Club. Letters in p.m. Not too much to do. Home. Stayed up till 11.30, for Helen and Rufus Wilson, who came back engaged from the theatre and day together!

Wednesday 20th December 1916

Dull. Damp.
Rufus away. To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. Mr Warburg away ill. Denise came to lunch, but Mr Leggett in my room. So we went to Eustace Miles Restaurant. Alys and Helen to Pinner Hatch. Eva to Gwyd’s to tea. Eva’s holidays began. Home. Helen writing letters with the NEWS. To bed 10.

Thursday 21st December 1916

Muddy. Warmer. Rain early.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Mr Baxter and Mr Smeesters, only. Lunch at Fuller’s with Favresse. Busy day, but nice. Home. Alys and Helen to fetch letters from Pinner in evening. Aunt Bee (Beatrice Waterlow) wrote horrid letter. Wade came.

Friday 22nd December 1916

To Aldwych. Very busy a.m. tho’ no Committee. Xmas boxes (to Gamages’ for bag). Met Alys and Helen at Chinese Restaurant for lunch. Helen to Aunt Bee’s. Alys and I shopped. Home. Half holiday.

Saturday 23rd December 1916

Wet and very cold.
Alys and I to house-hunt for Elsa all a.m. and shopped in drizzle. Alys out with Phil in p.m. Phil not well. Alys couldn’t get to Willis’ party. Helen phoned about Rufus having orders for the Front. Did up parcels.

Favresse to lunch. Thursday?

Sunday 24th December 1916

Fine. Cold.
Went to the William Miles’ with heather and inkpot. Home to lunch. Dennis came at teatime. Aunt Ada to lunch. Otto and Mabel in a.m. Helen and Rufus came to supper, and stayed on till Wednesday. I slept in Eva’s room.

Monday 25th December 1916

Much telephoning all day of Rufus’ and Helen’s news. I didn’t go out. Presents after dinner (2 p.m.) Children excited and happy. Push-cart, Eva and tram, Phil. Chinese coat, Eva. I to bed at 10.

Tuesday 26th December 1916

Dull. Foggy.
Rufus off early to see about special license. Alys and Dennis with me to Aunt Alice’s. They home to lunch. I stayed and only home at 6. Dolly and Jack, Aunt Bee at 47 Hampstead Way and John, Helen and Rufus! Quiet evening. I to bed 9.30. Very tired indeed.

Wednesday 27th December 1916

Very foggy and cold.
I to Aldwych. The others to town and to Pinner Hatch and Helen and Rufus married at 2 o’clock!!! I had lunch at Club. Not very busy. Home in fog. Started at 6.15. Home 7.35! Escorted by men with electric torch. Alys and Dennis not home till 1 a.m. (next day). They had gone to theatre with party – Charley.

Thursday 28th December 1916

Dull. Warmer.
To Aldwych. Not busy. Only Mr Baxter and Mr Smeesters on Committee. Lunch at Club. Not busy p.m. Walked to Waterloo, and met Alys and Dennis there at 6.30. Saw Dennis off and home. Sat in “drawing-room”. Wrote E.V.M. and Delaire.

Friday 29th December 1916

Warm. Damp.
To Aldwych. Sent 10/- to Delaive. Little Committee – Baxter, Grumbar, Jeffes. Out to lunch with Miss Jones at new place in Bishop’s Court. Not many letters. Home 2 ½d in purse No more money. Read newspaper.

Saturday 30th December 1916

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Nice day. Sent 20/- to Favresse and letter to Aunt Bella. Lunch at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Tube to Golders Green and bus to Highfield. Fetched Delaive blankets. Home. Muddled about. Got out socks. Read in evening.

Lavatory woman 2/6
Favresse gave Rose 15/-
Doris 10/-
Wade 20/- and notepaper
Roefs 20/-
Delaive 10/-
Varennes 10/-
De Kemel 2/6
4 porters 2/- each
Lift 1/- each
Scouts 1/- each

Sunday 31st December 1916

Fine. Warm.
Breakfast 10.30! With Alys to Barby Archer’s and to Friede’s. Washed and ironed collars Read newspaper. Allies answer to Germany’s Peace Proposal and Douglas Haig’s dispatch about Battle of the Somme. Mary Geddes called and had tea. La La La Krohn to tea with Eva.

“We do all we can in the week and Sunday’s the day for the rest” – Eustace Miles.

“Often the best of acorns is munched by the worst of swine” – Spanish proverb.

Soul of the English by Jacque Vontade – leading woman essayist.

Also “Un Voyage” 1915 (before war).

“He began to see, albeit, too late, how inconvenient may be such nobility of conduct as his. It was the sort of virtue that was as paralysing as a vice. Anybody can go on with it. It takes a hero to leave off.” – E. Robins’ Florentine Frame.

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