1916 September Footnotes

[1] On 2nd September 1916 – Royal Flying Corps pilot Lieutenant Leefe Robinson, flying a Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2, shot down the German Army airship SL 11, near London, killing her entire crew of 16. Leefe-Robinson becomes the second pilot to shoot down an airship and the first to do it over Great Britain, receiving the Victoria Cross for his action three days later.

[2] Richard Garnett C.B. (1835 – 1906) was a scholar, librarian, biographer and poet. He was son of Richard Garnett, an author, philologist (historical linguist) and assistant keeper of printed books in the British Museum, i.e. what is now the British Library.

[3] Romance is a play by the American dramatist Edward Sheldon. It was first produced in New York in 1913, and a London production followed in 1915, which ran for 1,049 performances. Both productions featured Doris Keane as an opera star who has an intense affair with a young clergyman.

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