1916 – November Footnotes

[1] Herbert George Ponting, FRGS (1870 – 1935) was a professional photographer. He is best known as the expedition photographer and cinematographer for Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition to the Ross Sea and South Pole (1910–1913). In this role, he captured some of the most enduring images of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.

[2] Major-General Sir David Bruce KCB FRS FRCP FRSE (1855 – 1931) was an Australian-born British pathologist and microbiologist who investigated Malta fever (later called brucellosis in his honour) and African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness in humans and nagana in animals). He discovered a protozoan parasite transmitted by insects, later named Trypanosoma brucei after him. Working in the Army Medical Service and the Royal Army Medical Corps, his major scientific collaborator was his microbiologist wife Mary Elizabeth Bruce (née Steele), with whom he published more than thirty technical papers.

[3] Sir Israel Gollancz, FBA (1863 – 1930) was a scholar of early English literature and of Shakespeare. He was Professor of English Language and Literature at King’s College, London, from 1903 to 1930.

[4] Jaffery by William John Locke. Published 1916.

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