1914 – Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Washington, Boston, Newhaven, SS Minneapolis, London, Pangbourne, Southwold,

1914 Diary

In 1914, Edward is 38 years old, Kate is 35 years old and Alys is 30 years old. Eva is 5 years old and Philip is 1 year old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Katharine Boyd
Bewley Farm
Bucks Co.


250 South 21st Street


8 Heath Mansions


47 Hampstead Way
Golders Green
London NW

“What do we live for, it if is not to make life less difficult to others?” George Eliot

“Any female can add to the population, but it takes a woman of ability to act the part of a father or a brother.”



“Courage to Endure to the End”

“Comfort to help each other”

“Praying for people keeps our affections faithful.”

Thursday 1st January 1914

Very cold wind.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Then for lovely walk by Neshaminy with him, All 3 for drive in p.m. with pair. Hope unruly. Songs in evening “Venez à lui”, Faure. Uncle Doc away at 9 p.m.

Friday 2nd January 1914

Tante headache and not up till 6 p.m. I about on farm. Wrote letters to Max and to Wade.

Saturday 3rd January 1914

Solly up with Tante and discussed Liverpool bits. I unwell, sewed and rested in p.m. Tante down to lunch.

liverpool bit
Liverpool driving bit

Sunday 4th January 1914

Dull. Snow in evening.
Bull calf, Hercules born – Dandina’s. Margaret walked to Church. I to meet Uncle Doc at Langhorne. Barns in p.m. Prudence colic. Mr Soly and Dr Terry came in evening. Uncle Doc away at 8.15.

Monday 5th January 1914

Tante headache, and not up till 6, then she ‘phoned for an hour. 19lbs butter churned. I muddled about on farm.

Tuesday 6th January 1914

Coal came, 2 tons and Bond’s man for sink. I very tired running round all a.m. Tante up at 3 p.m. and we drove to Newtown and shopped.

Wednesday 7th January 1914

Busy on Farm all a.m. Tante not up till 3; Mr Solly drove us to station, with Annie Batley. All to town. Dinner with Uncle Doc. Songs in evening.

Thursday 8th January 1914

Heard that Fred quit, drunk. I to see pictures and bought shoes. Tante to Hospital Meeting, I met her. Lunch Sautter’s. Bought lampshade hat, lost bag. Phoning all evening. Tante and Uncle Doc very kind. Chauffeur came.

“Lampshade” hat

Friday 9th January 1914

I to Newtown by 9.23. Cornell met me. Cleaned Floss’ house. To meet Tante with Faith by 4.23 and shopped in Newtown.

Saturday 10th January 1914

Tante headache, so not to Mrs Gross’. I drove to Newtown in p.m. with Hope (who lamb-like) for gasoline. Tante down at 6 p.m. Did bills all p.m.

Sunday 11th January 1914

Fine. Very cold.
Girls to church with Whitfield. Tante in bed till 1.45; she talked to Mr Solly. I to top pasture with dogs. In p.m. both in barns with Wall. I read E’s (me: Uncle Doc) poems to Tante in evening.

Monday 12th January 1914

Very very cold. Blizzard.
I about Farm, and wrote letters. Both drove to Mrs Gross’ to lunch. I danced with Maria – Tango and one-step, etc. Home 5 p.m. Mr Solly to supper with us (Tante up at 11.45).

Tuesday 13th January 1914

Zero at night. Very fine.
Talked to Tante and mended blouse; then Tante headache. I out with dogs – fell and hurt knee. Tante well and all to Farmers’ Club at Slacks with Solly’s. I elected editress of Gleaner! Home 10.25.

Wednesday 14th January 1914

Very cold but rising.
Dairy-room pipes burst and separator handle broke. Very busy ‘phoning about them. Tante up at 12.30 and out in p.m. on Farm. I drove her to station at 5. She by trolley to Philadelphia. I back to Farm.

Thursday 15th January 1914

Snow. Warmer.
Busy packing eggs, for town and off with Annie Boyce and Susie at 11.45. To Philadelphia. Lunch with Tante at 2. Rested. Miss N and M McMurtry to dine at 7. Nice, amusing evening. Good stories. Uncle Doc read poems later.

Friday 16th January 1914

Warmer, dull.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc at 8. Talked to Tante and did sewing in a.m. Lunch at 12.30. Then Tante and I to Wanamaker’s. She met Mrs Stahr. Both to Newtown at 4.23. Anne Boyce also Susie.

Saturday 17th January 1914

Rain. mild, dark.
Floss had 8 puppies, 4 white. I rain and out, seeing to things. Whitfield in Philadelphia. Tante headache. Tea at 1.45. I with Hope to Newtown. In evening I did herd book and Tante cows due to calve.

Sunday 18th January 1914

Very fine. Frosty.
Milk-tester came. Girls to Church with Elwood. I to meet Uncle Doc with Faith at Langhorne 10.20. In p.m. all to Solly’s and I skated on creek with them. Fun! Tante walked home! Uncle Doc back for me, we drove.

Monday 19th January 1914

Dull. 32 degrees.
Tante headache and no tea till 12.30. Up at 6.30 p.m. I wrote letters and to Newtown for bottles. In p.m. I drove over, and skated with Elizabeth and Mr Solly till 4.30. Tester (Plank) in evening. No water at all.

Tuesday 20th January 1914

I up at 7 and drove Tester to station, and shipped butter at 9.30. Bond’s men for pump. Mr Solly drove Tante and me to station. 12.33 to town, lunch at Reading Terminal. Rested. At 6.45 all 3 to Bellevue Stratford to Food Question dinner (me: First Annual Food Question Banquet). Very interesting. Dr Carl Alsberg[1] spoke. Dr Mary Pennington, Dowell (wore my new dress). I sat by a Mr Betts and Mr Stewart. Fun.

Dr Mary Pennington

Wednesday 21st January 1914

Breakfast with Uncle Doc at 8. Talked to Tante. Sewed. Lunch at 12.30. Tante and I to Newtown by 1.23. Mr Solly met us. Out to Farm. Both out in Barns and to see puppies. To bed 9.45. Very sleepy.

Atlantic City

Thursday 22nd January 1914

Cold wind.
Packed in morning, and out to top pasture to see Prudence and Barney. With Tante and Mr Solly to 12.33 train. To Philadelphia. Both packed. Mrs Geo. Giddens called. At 5.30 we 3 to Broad Street. Dined there. Train to Atlantic City at 7.15. To Hotel Chelsea. On boardwalk in chair! To bed 10.30.

Friday 23rd January 1914

Tante and Uncle Doc and I breakfasted 9. Rolling chair and walked to Inlet.

3 ½ miles and back by Heinz pier[3].

In p.m. in chair to shops. Photo taken! And palmist! And Auction. Back to Hotel. Rested. Dined 7.15. Out to Million Dollar Pier; watched tango dancing and Tango Contest. To bed 11.30.

Saturday 24th January 1914

Rain, rough sea.
Strawberries and cream! Breakfast with Uncle Doc 8.30. Up to Tante and sat while she breakfasted. Uncle Doc and I in chair to get photo, and to Keith’s pier. Nice. Wrote Alys. At 2.30 all in car to Longport, Margate, Ventnor and then on Mainland to Pleasantville. On Boardwalk with Uncle Doc. Rough, high tide, lights, mist. In billiard room in evening and played Pool! To bed 11.15.


Sunday 25th January 1914

Very fine. Cold but hot sun.
Breakfast about 9 with Uncle Doc. Miss Repplier. Tante to Church. Uncle Doc and I in chair on Boardwalk, south, very windy. I wrote to Ella and Aunt Alice. To Uncle Doc sat on terrace. At 2.30 on Boardwalk till 4.20. Uncle Doc and I talked. Then packed up, Tante to see Agnes Repplier. Supper 7 with Agnes Repplier with us. Train 9 to Philadelphia. 250 South 21st at 11.

Agnes Repplier

Monday 26th January 1914

Breakfast 8 with Uncle Doc. Tante headache. I unpacked trunk and repacked. Talked to Dick Duane – I to Newtown 4.23. Cornell’s friend met me. Supper alone. ‘Phoned and saw to things. Letter from Alys. To bed 9.15.

Tuesday 27th January 1914

Foggy. Damp.
Breakfast 7.30 and drove Hope to Post Office to post butter. Talked to Mr Solly and did accounts. Bond’s men came. Met Tante (with Faith) at 2.30. Home. She opened letters and then lay down till 6.30. Headachey. To bed at 9.45.

Wednesday 28th January 1914

Very fine, warm – 60 degrees.
Bond’s men here. About with dogs seeing to things. Tante headachey still. I wrote Polly. Rode Hope into Newtown. Did shopping; drove out in Surrey. Mr Solly hauled feed; he to supper. Tante down 6.40. papers. Did income tax. Tante very weak.

Thursday 29th January 1914

Damp, warm, later foggy.
Tante still very shaky and in bed; dictated letter to me for Uncle Doc! I did income tax papers. Dr Smith came to see Tante 2. I drove Margaret to station 3. Sat with Tante. She up at 6.45. Walter came. Letters in evening. Tante dictated.

Friday 30th January 1914

Fine. Warm.
Uncle Doc ‘phoned me about nurses. Settled disputes – Wall, Whitfield and the cook! In and out Tante’s bedroom. Put ribbon in her underclothes. Annie Batley drove to Newtown to shops and met Margaret 5.30. Tante down 6.45.

Saturday 31st January 1914

Pouring rain.
Stayed with Tante a good deal and prepared Henry’s room. At 2 p.m. to meet Henry Allingham[6]! Drove home in awful mud. Round barns. Tante down 5 p.m. and talked all evening. Did cow-names and Henry hung looking-glass and gong.

Sunday 1st February 1914

Fine. Warm. Cool wind.
Margaret to Church with Whitfield. I unwell. Breakfast with Henry at 8. Mr Solly here. All talked to Tante and Bond. Snapshots. Henry to Creek. Uncle Doc came with Cornell at 4. Talk. Tante down at 4.30. Waltz and Tango with Henry! Supper; Uncle Doc, Henry away at 8.

Monday 2nd February 1914

Fine. Cooler.
Tante had breakfast at 10. I wrote to Alys and Aunt Eliza. Dorothy and Ella; Whitfield to Newtown to ship cocks to Haverford. Wall churned. Bond set up engine. No water. Tante down at 6.30. I rested in p.m. on bed. Talked and bank-book in evening. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 3rd February 1914

Fine. Warm.
Woke Tante and she breakfast at 8.30. Mr Solly to see her. I out with Bond’s man and Dr Smith came. Whitfield took butter, and cook to station 9.30 a.m. Tante tried to rest in p.m. Stopped wood sawing, etc. I did gate signs. Very discouraged and tired. Tante headachey and up at 6.45. I did cow names all evening. To bed 10.45.

Wednesday 4th February 1914

Very fine.
Mr Solly in morning. Engine got heated. I did cow names. Tante slept on till 12. Cook came back with Cornell. Sat with Tante and both depressed. Tante up about 5.30 to see man; disk in evening. To bed 10.45. Then Tante colic pains, and sick till 2.45. ‘Phoned Uncle Doc.

Thursday 5th February 1914

Dull all day.
Tante better. Uncle Doc ‘phoned. I in room. Puppies up. Miss Klink, trained nurse, arrived 2.30. I slept in p.m. Then at 6 to meet Uncle Doc at Newtown. Dark. Supper at 7. Tante down. Examined in evening. Uncle Doc away at 9.30.

Friday 6th February 1914

Dull and some snow. 32 degrees.
About seeing two men (answer to advert) and talking to Mr Solly all a.m; butcher. With Tante in p.m. a good deal. New man, Hansbury, came. Tante down at 6.30. Did bills with her in evening. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 7th February 1914

Dull, drizzly – 35 degrees
Did cow-records for Fest and wrote letters and out in barns. In p.m. with Margaret (and Susie) in market-wagon to Newtown. Taught Margaret to drive. Susie one shoe on. Back at 4.30. Tante down at 6.30. Bed about 10.30. Bob and Ethelwolf out in night.

Sunday 8th February 1914

Fine. Very cold. Wind. 27 degrees.
Margaret drove Susie to Church with Annie. I to Langhorne to meet Uncle Doc. Very cold drive home. Tante up at 2 and sat on verandah with Uncle Doc. I wrote Alys. Mr Solly and H. Wilson called. Uncle Doc away 8.15. To bed 9.45.

Monday 9th February 1914

Fine. Very cold. 14 degrees 9 a.m.
New straw to pups. Wall churned with big churn – 1st time. Tante breakfast 11.15. Miss Klink and I did new table-napkins. Men emptied ice-house. Tante down at 6.30. Cook, Annie, to Olney. Cornell took her.6.42. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 10th February 1914

Warm, dull.
Breakfast 7.30. I to Newtown with Hope, sent butter. Met Annie. Tante down at 4. Mr Solly and Elizabeth called for us. All to Farmers’ Club. Snow. At Penn’s Park Church. I read “Gleaner”. Home at 10.

Wednesday 11th February 1914

Very cold. Temp falling all day to zero at night.
To Newtown at 9.30 for gasoline. Mr Solly and Hansbury and Elwell hauled ice. Ice packing all p.m. I out watching. Mr Solly stayed to supper. Tante down at 6.30. Fertilisers talk. To bed 10.30. Lincoln’s birthday.

Thursday 12th February 1914

Zero a.m. Cold wind. Sunny.
Tante neuralgia. Men hauled ice again. I wrote Alys and Wade. Drove Annie Boyce to station 12.35 and had Faith shod, 2 hoofs. ‘Lunch’ at Burns’. Home. Tante up at 6 p.m. Baroness’ calf born. To field. Uncle Doc at 5. He to supper and back at 9.30.

Friday 13th February 1914

Zero a.m. Snow evening and all night.
Men hauling ice. Miss Klink weeping. Took puppies up to Tante. After lunch I to Newtown to meet Annie Boyce. Home. Sat with Tante. Men had hauled 184 cakes ice. Tante down 6.30. Wrote letters in evening. To bed 10.

Saturday 14th February 1914

High wind, snow, sunshine p.m.
Out in deep snow. Then got sled down. Hansbury drove Miss Klink and me to Solly’s (Mrs Solly ill). Susie and Prudence. All across Tomlinson’s field. Drifts very deep in road. Tante down 6.30. Marked towels in p.m. and wrote dog letters. Sleepy in evening. To bed 10 p.m.

Sunday 15th February 1914

Very fine. 20 degrees.
Roads drifted up so no one could go to Church. I out seeing pups and new bull calf born (Duchess’). Miss Klink and I out in p.m., in snow to Hasting’s Farm. Hansbury back. Tante down 6.30.

Monday 16th February 1914

Very cold and windy and snow.
Hansbury and Whitfield fought 7.45. Mr Solly came. Whitfield dismissed. Mr Solly drove Whitfield and me to 3.52 train in sled across fields. I to Philadelphia alone. Uncle Doc met me. Edith to dinner 6.30 and to concert with me. Home about 10.30. Sat in office a little.

Tuesday 17th February 1914

Cold. Some snow.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc at 8. ‘Phoned Newtown. Dressed. To see pictures at Academy 11. Edith’s 1.30. To College Club and lunch with Edith and 10 friends. Home, changed. To station. To Newtown 4.23. Mr Solly met me in sleigh, with Faith and Hope.

Wednesday 18th February 1914

Dull, 30 degrees.
Annie Batley said she must quit. Talks in Tante’s room. I wrote dog-letters. I drove Annie to station with Hope in sleigh over fields, upset once. To 3.52 train. To shops and home alone. Tante neuralgic. She up at 6.30. Packed eggs. To bed 11.30.

Thursday 19th February 1914

Pouring rain, slush.
Up at 5.15. Breakfast 6 o’clock. Drove with Hansbury and tester (Charity and Susie) to station in sled. Took 7.20 to town. To Wanamaker’s. To 250. Saw Uncle Doc. Lunch there. To Miss Buckler’s office 121 North 13th Street. Engaged Jane Schneck. To 250. Wrote Uncle Doc. To Newtown with Jane on 4.23. Cornell drove us out in sleigh.

Friday 20th February 1914

22 degrees. Grey, cold.
Mr Solly took pigs and Elwell away in sled. I mended puppies’ barrier and gave them castor oil. Sat with Tante. Wrote 8 dog letters. Drove Miss Klink to station 3.52. Home. John in sleigh. Sleigh upset and Hope ran away. Hansbury after Hope, not hurt. I in and lay down. All right in evening. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 21st February 1914

Very fine. Perfect day.
After breakfast, I took puppies’ and dogs’ photos with Margaret. Talked to Mr Solly. He saw Tante about 10 minutes. Down to mail-box, wrote dog-letters (5). Sat with Tante and did accounts (Farm) in p.m. and evening. To bed 9.45.

Sunday 22nd February 1914

Dull, some sunshine.
Mr Solly to meet Uncle Doc at 10.15. Fuss with Tante about it. She got up 10.30. I wrote Aunt Alice and Ella. Mr Solly came in p.m. All talked about giving up farm. Ended amicably. Uncle Doc away at 3.45 with Cornell. We to bed 9.30.

Monday 23rd February 1914

Snowed all day.
I out to fix pups’ barrier with Hansbury. Dr Smith came. Uncle Doc rang up. I sewed towels in Tante’s room, all day. She pretty miserable about yesterday. She up at 6.30 and more cheerful after ‘phone talk with Uncle Doc. Mr Solly brought two new men. – Swede and Hanford.

Tuesday 24th February 1914

Brilliant day.
Out in snow, with dogs. Mr Solly down and away again. Sewed nightdress in Tante’s room. After dinner took 4 puppies to Tante’s room, Hansbury to Newtown to fetch gasoline. Tante up at 6.30 and washed ‘phone! To bed 9.45.

Wednesday 25th February 1914

6 below zero. Sunny.
Mr Solly came and took old sow in sled. Hansbury took butter to post 9 a.m. I sewed towels in Tante’s room and took 2 puppies up to her. Men cut fodder. Men altered telephone all over. Tante up at 5 on that account.

Thursday 26th February 1914

Warm sun all day.
Packed eggs for market. In and out with puppies. Wall churned. Hansbury hauled 3 loads ice on sled. Mr and Mrs Solly came in p.m. with sausage, and saw Tante. Margaret away to town 12.33. Tante down in 6.30. Sewed in evening. To bed 9.45.

Friday 27th February 1914

Warm sun.
Gave dogs milk. Sat with Tante and sewed. Margaret back with Hansbury 2.30. Hope shod. Tante up at 3! And out to barn. ‘Phone men here. Wrote dog letters. Check for white puppy.

Saturday 28th February 1914

Warm, thawing.
Tante headache. Hansbury to meet Sames with cockerel. About Farm with Sames. Tante had breakfast 12.30 and got up 6.30. Mr and Mrs Solly came. ‘Phone out of order, I to Tomlinson’s. Hansbury upset in sleigh and home for night. Tante and I to bed separately. I earlier.

Sunday 1st March 1914

Rain, then snow and blizzard.
John (Swede) drove girls to Church in sled with Charity and Susie. I sat with Tante all morning and wrote to Aunt Alice. Tante up at 4 p.m. Over to cows in p.m. with eggs for calves. Snowing. Tante ‘phoned early Uncle Doc. Phone broke later. I to bed early. Not feeling well. Sore throat from paint.

Monday 2nd March 1914

Deep drifts and snow. Snowed all p.m.
Over in deep snow to rescue Floss and pups. Brought them to house. I unwell. Watched pups in morning in dining-room and in p.m. took them to Tante’s room. Floss and they slept outside guest room. Tante up 6.30. To bed 10.30. Letter to Mrs Norton.

Tuesday 3rd March 1914

High wind. Sun. Lovely – 34 degrees.
Out in snow; got John and to get snow out of dog kennels and put pups back. Took photos of snow. Mr Solly to see Tante in p.m. Men dug lane. Wrote dog letters and to Alys and photo’ed Hercules, bull calf. Tante up at 6.30.

Wednesday 4th March 1914

Drove with Mr Solly (Barney and Prudence) to Newtown and back. Fields, snow 10 foot deep in roads. Lunch then with Tante, Hansbury (Prudence and Susie) in sled to Langhorn. Started 1.30. Arrived 4. Train to Philadelphia. To 250 and rested. Dinner with Uncle Doc 7. I to bed early. Neuralgia 9 p.m.

Thursday 5th March 1914

Breakfast 8 Uncle Doc. Called out 4.a.m. Tante to Hospital Meeting 11. I to chemists. l then back and with Uncle Doc and Dr Newell of Boston in taxi to call for Tante. All lunched at Kugler’s. Tante and I to Dog Show. Home. Rested. Uncle Doc out to dine and meeting and not home till 11.

Friday 6th March 1914

Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Politics and Panama Canal. Sat with Tante, wrote sheep-dog papers. With Tante to see Venus at Vet Hospital and Mr and Mrs Smith. All three to theatre in evening to see Forbes-Robertson in “Third Floor Back” (Jerome). and “Sacrament Judas” (Tiercelin).

passing of the third floor back

Saturday 7th March 1914

Dull, clear, then snow.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Talked situation. I out to Wanamaker’s, shopped. Back in trolley. Tired. Tante had hair done at home; After lunch at 2, sat in writing room. Mrs McCord called. Miss Irwin to dinner. Uncle Doc to Washington on midnight train.

Sunday 8th March 1914

Fine, then some snow.
Talked to Tante. Lunch at 12. Then both to Vet Hospital and fetched Venus. To Reading Terminal and to Newtown 2.3p.m. Hansbury drove us to Farm. Letter from Alys. Dog letters. Mars to wire kennel. To bed 10.30. 

Monday 9th March 1914

Snow, then clearer.
Very busy seeing to pup with worms and kennels. Mr Solly in and to see Tante. Men hauled wood. Wrote to Alys and dog letters all p.m. and with Venus and pup. Very tired. Tante up at 4 and cold in library.

Tuesday 10th March 1914

Fine. Cold.
Packed butter, and Hansbury drove me to Newtown with it (Marianne and Charity). All a.m. shopping there. Home at 1. Scott, butcher, came and took Dandy and two calves away. Fuss about cook, men and food. Tante up at 6.30. Pup still sick. Gave all pup santonin (for worms). Miss Hughes ill.

Santonin – an effective drug for treating intestinal roundworms

Wednesday 11th March 1914

Snow, very grey.
Tante headache. I up at 8. Puppy Hepzibah died. Sat with Tante later, she had breakfast at 11. In p.m. put Mars with Venus and fuss with Margaret about dogs. Men sawed wood all day. Mr and Mrs Solly in and out. Tante up at 6.30.

Thursday 12th March 1914

Very fine. 25 degrees.
Post-mortem on Hepsy pup, with Mr Solly at 8.15. Took pups to attic and gave castor oil. Dog kennels cleaned out. Photographed bulls. Drove with Hansbury (Charity and Marianne) to Newton and took Annie for her day off. Shopped. Tante down 6.30. Did cow records. To bed 11.15.

Friday 13th March 1914

Fine. Cold.
Tante gave Jane notice. Chas did dog kennels, wire round and got pups back again. Men cut fodder. In p.m. looked after cook, and lots of odd jobs, dog letters. Cleared incubator. Hansbury to meet Annie 5.30. Tante up 6.30. I did cow records.

Saturday 14th March 1914

Fine. Warmer.
White pup ill. Fussed round with it and other pups. Men to woods. Dr Terry to see pup after lunch. Mr Solly up with Tante. I did cow outlines for registration. Tante headache, then down at 6.30. White pup, Hampstead, seemed better but died in night (in laboratory). To bed 10.45.

Sunday 15th March 1914

Fine. Warm.
Up 6.15 to see pup and found him dead. John took girls to Church in market-wagon over fields in snow. Fussed about with Hannah (black pup) in house. Enema. Tante to Philadelphia 4.50. Drove in with Mr Solly. I took dogs out. Wrote letters in evening and fed Hannah. Up every hour nearly with puppy. Worse and worse.

Monday 16th March 1914

Fine. 65 degrees in town.
She died at 5 p.m. Up at 7. Busy with dogs. Down to creek with Floss and Venus. At 1.30 Hansbury drove me to Newtown, via Pike as other way impassable. To Philadelphia 3.52. Dinner 6.30 with Tante. To concert. Paderewski played.

Ignacy Jan Paderewski, composer, pianist, statesman

Tuesday 17th March 1914

Fine. Very warm.
Uncle Doc in New York to see Cyrus McCormick. I talked to Tante and then to Miss Buckler’s to engage cook (Clara). Lunch at 250 with Tante. Wrote Ella. Mrs Boyer and Edith Bache to tea. Uncle Doc in at 6 and all had dinner 7. To bed 10.

Cyrus Hall McCormick, Jr. (1859-1936), son of inventor and industrialist Cyrus Hall McCormick

Wednesday 18th March 1914

Breakfast 8 with Uncle Doc. Talked to Tante afterwards about staying all summer. Out to lunch at Miss Colket’s with Tante (she to Colonial Dames first). Then home and I (with new cook, Clara) to Newtown 4.23. Mr Solly met us, awful drive out over fields. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 19th March 1914

Cold wind. Fine.
Out to see pups and with Floss and Venus. Washed eggs. Wrote Dorothy. Pups not well. Mr Solly to meet Tante at 5,30, She home. Talked and opened letters. To bed 10.30. Mars with Venus.

Friday 20th March 1914.

Snow, very cold 20 degrees – 22 degrees.
Dr Terry to see pups and gave worm pills but they worse all day. Very miserable to see them. Men did hog pen, ready for horses. Hamish pup died in p.m. about 5 o’clock. Tante up at 5.30. Venus over in evening and slept in my room.

Saturday 21st March 1914

Cold. Very fine 28 degrees – 30 degrees.
Up and out with pups. Tante headache and tea at 2, up at 6.30. I with pups nearly all a.m. and brushed dogs Harold – white pup – died at 1 o’clock. I walked to tops of hill with dogs in snow. Henry pup died about 4 o’clock. Hansbury buried pups in woods. Letters from England. To bed 10 o’clock.

Sunday 22nd March 1914

Snow, then fine and sunny.
No one to Church. Too snowy. Uncle Doc out by 8 train. Cornell met him. He and I out for walk. I wrote Alys. Tante up at 13. Talked in library in p.m. all 3. And Uncle Doc away before 4. Mr Solly here till 6. I out with dogs. Read papers in evening and bed 9.30. Tired.

Monday 23rd March 1914

Fine, warm, 40 degrees.
Out cleaning and disinfecting dog kennel with Charles from 10.30 to 12. Read in Tante’s room in p.m. Tante up at 4.30. Did Floss’ ear. Out to barn and round. Wrote letters and packed butter, and eggs for Mrs Wilson. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 24th March 1914

Very fine. Warm.
Margaret with Hansbury to Newtown to buy trunk. I with Tante and round farm. Wrote postcards about dogs. Tante up at 4.30 and out to chicken house and we sorted hens. Wrote bull-letters in evening.

Wednesday 25th March 1914

Very fine. 55 degrees.
I with Mr Solly to Newtown at 9. Back at 10.45. Along road 1 st time since Feb 14th. Shopped. Sat with Tante. She up at 3.30 and we sat in drawing room and Tante dusted. Did check-book in evening. Invitation from Colonial Dance.

Thursday 26th March 1914

Rain in night. Fine day.
Out with all dogs; Tante headache and no tea till 11.00. Mr Solly here in p.m. I wrote letters – Sally Schroeder, Max Ayrton. Letters from Alys and Mrs Ayrton. Set a hen. Tante up at 5.30 and we sat on verandah. Gleaners in evening.

Friday 27th March 1914

Warm. Lovely. 70 degrees.
Out with dogs in meadow. Snow still 33 inches deep by creek! Tante breakfast 10.30. I wrote Alys and Eva. Out to mail-box – warm. Tante up 4. Sat with Tante on verandah and then both to see Charity. I sewed in evening and Tante read aloud. Hansbury called as at 2.am. Charity’s colt born. We up and out to help get it to suck. “Honour”.

Saturday 28th March 1914

Rain, then muggy – colder.
I up at 8.30. Out to see colt again. Talked with Tante. Edith Bache came (Cornell) at 3 and Dr Terry to see Charity. I out with him; he removed placenta. Tante up at 3. Talked with Edith and all 3 out to see horses and colt after supper. To bed 10.

Sunday 29th March 1914

Dull, cool.
John took girls to Church. I wrote letters and read “The Inside of the Cup” – Winston Churchill. Tante breakfast at 12. Tante up at 6. After dinner, Edith and I walked for 1 ½ hours with dogs. Talked and read. To bed 10.15.

Monday 30th March 1914

Rain, then dryer, dull.
Tante headache. I busy about house. Edith and I to town on 12.35. Mr Solly took us. I lunched at Reading Terminal; hansom to 250. Then out to shops. Home. Uncle Doc in, talked upstairs – McCarthy, etc.. Dined at 6.30. In cab together to Bellevue Stratford. I to Miss Irwin’s box to see “Twelfth Night”. Home at 11. Talked in office and to bed.

Tuesday 31st March 1914

Lovely day. Warm sun.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Then on 9.23. to Newtown. Hansbury met me. After lunch about Farm and talked to Tante. Tante up at 4.30 and both out to see colt and chicken house. Fester came. Charles came back – day in Newtown. Tante read aloud and we packed eggs for President.

Wednesday 1st April 1914

Dull. Rainy. 44 degrees.
Out with dogs and on farm. Wrote Alys. Tante up at 2.30 and Hansbury drove us both to station 3.53 to Philadelphia. To Mrs Lincker’s. Arranged about dresses. Home to dinner at 7 with Uncle Doc. He to banquet after. To bed 11.30.

Thursday 2nd April 1914

Windy, warm, dull and sunny.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Talked to Tante; then to Miss Buckler’s for waitress. Tante to Maternity at 11. Shopped and home at 1. After lunch, I sewed, Tante slept. Dined at 7 with Uncle Doc. Songs afterwards. I to bed 10.30. Uncle Doc called out at 2 am and out till 10.30.

Friday 3rd April 1914

Dull, cooler.
I breakfasted alone and then sat in office till he came in. Out with Tante to search for waitress. Engaged one – “Sarah”. Home. I to post parcel at 2.30 and then with Tante to call on Irwin’s at 5. Dinner 7 with Uncle Doc. Miss Ivans 9 – 10.30. To bed 11.

Saturday 4th April 1914

Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Sewed at my Drécoll dress. Took fur off it. Out with Tante to Blaylock and Blynn’s and bought new hats. Mine 14. Lunch at Kugler’s. To Wanamaker’s and home. Rested. Dinner with Uncle Doc at 7. Talk and music after songs. To bed 10.30.

Blaylock and Blynn – Hats and Fur

Sunday 5th April 1914

Dull, shower. Fine evening.
Breakfast at 8. Uncle Doc out at 6 a.m. Tante up at 10 and Uncle Doc and she and I all to Langhorne. Hansbury met us with Hope and Barney. To lunch at Gross’. Hebe Dick etc. Songs after. Drove to Farm at 4.30. Out in barns, supper. Uncle Doc away at 8.15.

Monday 6th April 1914

Cold, very fine.
At 9.30 I with Hope to Newtown. Met new waitress “Sarah”. Shopped. Home to lunch. Mr Solly to see Tante in p.m. I unwell. Tante down at 6.30. I took Venus and Floss out and set hens with Charles. Packed butter and eggs in evening.

Tuesday 7th April 1914

Dullish, warm.
Breakfast 7.30. To Newtown with Faith, to post parcels, etc. Sat with Tante. She up at 4 and I with Solly’s to Farmers’ Club at Wycombe – Mrs Cooper’s. Hot. I read “Gleaner”. Memorials to Mrs Heston and Warner.

Wednesday 8th April 1914

Warm 68 degrees – 55 degrees dull.
Tante headache and quiet till 2.30. I out to Spring house. Wall and Charles cleaned it, and Charity out (rolling). I to Newtown in p.m. to take washing. Faith. Packed 30 dozen eggs with Tante, and butter and 12 dozen extra.

Thursday 9th April 1914

John to fetch eggs and Mr Solly to market early. Men ploughing and rolling. I out with Venus, pumpkin seeds. Charles did garden. Wrote dog-letters with Tante. Bed 10.45.

Friday 10th April 1914

Fine, warmer. Lovely moonlight.
I to Newtown at 11.30, took Annie to station. Shopped. Wrote dog-letters. Tante up to lunch at 2! Had it together. Dr Terry to see MaryAnne. In garden all p.m. Sowed sweet peas, dahlias, Veg garden ploughed. Wall sick. Tante and I to Church after supper. Home at 10.30. To bed 12.

Saturday 11th April 1914

Busy packing butter and eggs to Woodrow Wilson. Off with Tante to 12.35 train. To Philadelphia. Lunch at station. To Mrs Lincker’s. Fitted till 4. Home. Rested. Dined at 7 with Uncle Doc. Talked in evening.

Sunday 12th April 1914

Fine. Cool wind.
Up and to Early Service at 8 a.m. with Tante and Uncle Doc. Easter. Breakfast 9.15. In taxi to Maternity. Gave flowers, then to Laurel Hill and home thru’ park. Read in p.m. All called on Mss Irwin. Dined at 7. Music in evening. To bed 10.10.

Monday 13th April 1914

Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Tante headache. I sewed at striped evening dress all a.m. Talked to Miss Hughes. Talked to Tante. I to Newtown 4.23 alone. Dr Terry to test cows, and stayed all night. I very busy all evening and out in barn.

Tuesday 14th April 1914

Fine, cooler.
Busy. To Newtown at 9.30 to do shopping. Dr Terry all a.m. and to dinner. At 1 I drove to Solly’s and all to Newtown and I to Philadelphia. Sarah left. Dined with Tante and Uncle Doc. Tante and I to Bryn Mawr at 8 to Conference on Vocational Training by Deans of Colleges.

Wednesday 15th April 1914

Pouring rain.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Tante to Colonial Dames. Wrote to Alys. Meeting at Independence Hall. I to Mrs Kane’s and then to fetch Tante. MaryAnne’s colt born – “Hero”. Lunch at Sautter’s. P.m. at Miss Buckler’s home. Rested. Wrote 9 dog-letters. Dinner at 7. Talk about maids. Songs and to bed 10.10.

Thursday 16th April 1914

Rainy. Dull.
Frolic’s calf born. “Harmony”. Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Wrote Doz. To Mrs Kane’s with Tante 11. Engaged 2 maids for “250”. Home. Gave Mrs W notice. To Miss Buckler’s. Got “Maud”. I had lunch Reading Terminal. To Mrs Lincker’s. Both fitted and then I to Newtown with Maud on 4.23. No water, engine wouldn’t run. Phoned Bond, etc and out to cows and horses.

Friday 17th April 1914

Fine. Warmer.
Bond came. Out with dogs. Butcher came. Felt headachey and livery. After dinner to meet Tante 2.30, she late. Dr Terry drove out with us for “Frolic”. About barns, with Tante. Read papers in evening and talked. To bed 10.

Saturday 18th April 1914

Very fine and warm.
With Wall to Newtown. He to see Dr Smith. Tante headache and not down till 6.30. Sat with her in p.m. Charles sowed sweet peas. Mr Solly in. I drove to Newtown for gasoline, taking John. Did bills in evening with Tante.

Sunday 19th April 1914

Hot. 79 degrees. Windy – south wind.
Hansbury took Annie to Church. I out with dogs and sat with Tante. Maud intolerable. Tante and I to Edna Wilson’s. Solly’s there. To Chancellor Street about poodle. Home by pike. Huérta did not salute. Read in evening.

Monday 20th April 1914

Rain, Warm.
Charles quit. Mr Solly to town for new man. Tante stomach-aches and no breakfast. In bed till 6.30. I drove Clara in to station 12.35. New man, John (Irish) came. Talked in evening and Tante did milk record. To bed 10.

Tuesday 21st April 1914

Very windy.
Busy packing butter and eggs. Tante to Philadelphia. I to Newtown with her and Wall, and Maud, who “quit”. Home, had lunch and then at 2 to meet Clara. New maid, Carrie Rutha(?) came. Waitress with Cornell. Out to woods with dogs. Hepatica out. To bed at 9.30, after ‘phoning Tante.

Wednesday 22nd April 1914

Fine. Warm. Some showers.
Out with dogs. Hansbury hauled manure, John ploughed. 3 chickens out. I helped spring clean drawingroom with Rutha. Sewed mauve dress and tried it on. Tante to Philadelphia settling new maids, Jennie and Bridget. Did up eggs for White House. To bed 10.

Thursday 23rd April 1914

Fine. Windy.
Out with dogs. Sewed seeds in garden. Wrote Alys. Library cleaned. Drove to Newtown in p.m. Washed my head. Very tired. Tante ‘phoned at 9.30. Wood-fire in drawing-room 1st time.

Friday 24th April 1914

Fine. Cold 55 degrees.
Tidied up corn-stalks. Howard came for screens. Diningroom cleaned. Did China closet with Carrie. Put chicks out with hen. To Newtown to meet Tante at 5.30 and fetch washing. Supper, sewed curtain rings on.

Saturday 25th April 1914

Dull. Cold.
Tante sleepy and breakfast at 11. I to Newtown for whitewash brushes and shad (!!! – fish) and sold eggs – 19c. Tante not up until 6.30. I sat with her a little and busy tidying up, outdoors and in. Sat in drawingroom in evening.

Sunday 26th April 1914

Pouring rain, then cleared up, no sun.
I drove to Newtown (drove Hope and Faith). Mr Solly with me. Met Uncle Doc and Cyrus McCormick 10.18. All home. Round Farm. Dinner. Songs in drawingroom. All drove to Newtown at 4 and the men away. Tante and I drove back by pike with the pair! Tired.

Monday 27th April 1914

Dull. Fine evening.
Baled hay away. Chickens in very thick skins, hatching out all day. Washed Tante’s lace and ironed it. Drove with Tante to Newtown and took butter and Soshka Zogorski. Wrote in stock book in evening. To bed 10.45.

Tuesday 28th April 1914

Dull. Then fine.
Out and about in a.m. with dogs. Asparagus bed ploughed. Tante up at 12.30! and out in barns. She and I (and Carrie who left) to Newtown. To Philadelphia 3.57. I called on Miss Irwin who out. Tante rested. I helped Bridget lay cloth. Uncle Doc very tired. Dinner at 7. To bed 9.45

Wednesday 29th April 1914

Dull. Very warm in p.m.
Uncle Doc up at 5.30 and out. I breakfast 8.30. Tante up 9.45. and to meeting, Independence Hall. I to Cook’s and Mrs Lincker’s and to choose coat and skirt. Met Tante Bank. Lunch at Sautter’s. Bought suit $25-00 Herbert Spencer’s. Home; both rested. Dined at 5.45. All 3 to Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. Grand.

Thursday 30th April 1914

Dull, rain, cooler, dry later. Fine evening.
Uncle Doc to New York at 7 a.m. I to Ottinger’s. Tante to hairdresser’s. I called for her, to Wanamaker’s, shopped and had lunch there. Then I to Newtown alone 4.23. Out with dogs, chickens, etc. To bed 9.15 after ‘phoning Tante.

Friday 1st May 1914

Fine. Cold, windy.
Out with dogs. Windmill came. Men sowed oats. I to Newtown to take butter and meet Tester. In p.m. sewed and out to see men in field. To meet Tante at 5.30. Home. To bed 10 o’clock.

Saturday 2nd May 1914

Lovely day, cool.
Out to see ‘phone men trimming trees. Out to Newtown to Bank and fetch Cotton Seed Oil Cake. Drove with Tante to Mrs Willard White’s W.C.T.U. (Woman’s Christian Temperance Union) meeting 2.30. Tante read The Everlasting Mercy “Masefield” to them. Home at 5.30.

Sunday 3rd May 1914

Fine, Warm. 68 degrees 70 degrees.
Felice’s bull-calf born. Hansbury took John and Annie to Church and Tester left. I met Uncle Doc at Langhorne 11.30. Strolled round Farm in p.m. and to windmill. I wrote dog and bull letters 2 hours. Uncle Doc away at 8.15.

Monday 4th May 1914

Fine. Warm. Up to 70 degrees.
Busy giving out stores, and packing eggs, butter, etc. Mr Solly drove Tante and me to station 12.35 to Philadelphia. I back for coats and with Wall and Faith again!. To 250 South 21st Street. Keys lost! Pakced, and sewed. Tante packed and rested. Dinner, all 3 at 7. Talked after. I wore mauve dress.


Tuesday 5th May 1914

Rain. Fine in south. Showery. Warm.
All 3 breakfasted at 8. Tante and I to Broad Street station. In 10.30 train to Washington. Lunch on train. Arrived at 1.45. Taxi to Shoreham Hotel. Unpacked. Dined at 7. And to Reception in Gold Room by President of National Society of Colonial Dames – Mrs Cox .


Wednesday 6th May 1914

Fine. Very warm. Breezy. 78 degrees.
At 10 Tante to Council Meeting. I walked to Miss Emory’s, then to Mrs Wainwright’s. Saw and talked with them. Shopped. Lunch 1 at Shoreham. I to Senate 2 till 4. Heard speech on Canal Tolls. Tante at Meeting. Dined at 7.30. To Reception at 9.30. Colonial Dames ladies. In Mrs Stahr’s car.

Thursday 7th May 1914

Fine. Windy. 73 degrees.
To Mrs Stahr’s car, called for Sally Schroeder and friend; all drove to Arlington and Rock Creek Park. Lunch at Schroeder’s. Sally and I to Senate. Heard O’Gorman and Bristow on Panama Tolls. After dinner to Van Rensselaer reception with Mrs Hoopes.


Friday 8th May 1914

Packed up. Walked round White House and shopped. Lunch with Tante. She to White House at 2. I in tram to station. On 3 train to Philadelphia. Arrived 6. To 250. Dinner with Uncle Doc at 7. Talked, looked at photos, he sang. To bed 10.30.

white house 1914

Saturday 9th May 1914

Fine. One shower. Cooler. Windy.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Unpacked. To Miss Irwin’s and to Bryn Mawr on 10.45 train with Sally Schroeder and Nagel. Great fun all day. May Day “pageant and plays”. Campaspe Lyly. Noah. Lunch there. I back with Miss Sophy Irwin in car at 8. Dined witih her. To 250.

Sunday 10th May 1914

Fine. Warm.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc at 9. Unpacked with Tante and packed and her trunk. We met Uncle Doc at station and all 3 to Newtown. 2.03 train. Mr Solly met us. Lovely at Farm. Busy lighting fires. Supper 6. Uncle Doc away 8.15.

Monday 11th May 1914

Very hot – 82 degrees.
Very busy preparing for Farmers’ Club. Tante not down till p.m. Bridget came out with Cornell. Arranged drawing-room. To bed early (piano tuner came). I to Newtown with him at 1 o’clock.

Tuesday 12th May 1914

Cold. Showery. 50 degrees. Thunderstorm in evening.
Elizabeth and Mr Solly over early. Also Mrs Heath. All busy laying tables. I unwell. Uncle Doc and Miss Pennington came at 3 p.m. Farmers’ Club. About 65 altogether. Miss Pennington talked on eggs. My last “Gleaner”. Miss Pennington all night. Pups?

Wednesday 13th May 1914

Cold, 49 degrees and 50 degrees.
Breakfast with Miss Pennington, and she away on 9 train. Elizabeth and I cleared up all a.m. Tante breakfast at 11.30 and up 6.30. I to Newtown with Annie who to Philadelphia 3.55. Bunched asparagus in evening. Very tired.

Thursday 14th May 1914

Cold, but fine.
Out in asparagus bed, and cut and bunched with John Spillane. Tante breakfast at 11. I felt very tired and achey. Abiah’s calf Hebe born. Sat in Tante’s room. Out with dogs. Tante up at 6.30. I to meet Annie Boyce 5.30. Did bills in evening till 10. Arranged sailing July 25th.

Friday 15th May 1914

Fine, warmer.
Busy packing eggs and bunching asparagus. To Newtown with Elizabeth Solly, and Bridget (who to 250 again) 12. Dr Terry to see Abiah and take placenta and back again to sew her up, and prevent straining. He stayed to supper. Mr Solly’s colt hurt on wire.

Saturday 16th May 1914

Fine. Warm.
At 9, Tante and I in car (Bond’s) with Mrs Slack and Mrs White to Ambler, Women’s National Agricultural and Horticultural Association. Interesting speakers a.m, and p.m. Mr Powell and Miss Van Rensselaer. Lunch out doors. Home at 6. Hope a touch of colic. Better by 10. Letter from D.B.

Sunday 17th May 1914

Fine, lovely.
John Spillane to Annie to Church. Cows all out for first time (test cows before.) Packed up, gave out stores. Mr Solly drove Tante and me to 12.35 train. To Philadelphia. Uncle Doc met us. Lunch at station. Uncle Doc read us Wilson’s speech on sailor’s death. Dr Uhlrich. Packed up (all of us) all p.m. Trunks away at 7. Dinner in evening. To bed 10.30.


Monday 18th May 1914

Fine. Hot. Stuffy.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc at 8. Wrote to Alys (began). Sewed, read paper. Tante up at 1. Lunch. Tante to see Miss Smith. I out. Dinner at 6.15. Then all 3 to Broad Street and on 8 train to New York. Drove in taxi to New Union Station. On sleeping car train which started at 1 a.m. (Tante and I in compartment together). Arrived ….

Tuesday 19th May 1914

BOSTON. (Back Bay Station) at 7 a.m. To Hotel Somerset. Breakfast. Uncle Doc to meeting Gynaecological Society. Lunch at Parker House. To Library. Saw Sargent and Abbey friezes. Fine. To Hotel. Rested. Slept. Tante and I dined 7.30. Uncle Doc to meetings and out to dinner. To Boston Theatre. Saw dancing displays.

hotel somerset

Wednesday 20th May 1914

Fine. Hot.
Breakfast 7.30 with Uncle Doc. Mrs Richardson to see Tante. Tante and I lunch at Chilton Club with Mrs Loring and after to buy shoes, and see sights in town. Dined 7.30. Uncle Doc at Country Club all day. Home at 10.

Thursday 21st May 1914

Cooler. Dull.
Breakfast 7.30. with Uncle Doc. He and I to Bunker Hill together in taxi. Lovely views. Tante and I to lunch at Mrs Reynold’s at Readville with Mrs Tildon Hubbard. Uncle Doc called for us and all home in car by Harvard University. To theatre in evening. Saw “Under Cover”. Very Good.


Friday 22nd May 1914

Hot. 88 degrees 4 p.m. Philadelphia.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc. Wrote Alys. All away on 10 train to New York. Lunch on train. Arrived New York 3 p.m. Drove across; train at 4 to Philadelphia 6. Home. Bath and dined 7. Tired. Uncle Doc downstairs to do papers. To bed 10.

Saturday 23rd May 1914

Hot, but good breeze.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. To Mrs Kane’s with Tante at 11. Engaged a girl waitress (never came). Lunch at Wanamaker’s. Home at 3.30. Rested. Dined at 7. Songs and Tante read “The American Vandal” afterwards. To bed 10.15.

Sunday 24th May 1914

Fine, breezy.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc at 8. Talked about Governments, beneficent tyrant, etc. Wrote to Kit. Tante up at 12.30. Lunch and then she and I to Newtown 2 p.m. Mr Solly met us. To Farm. Tired. Letters. To bed 9.45.

Monday 25th May 1914

Fine, breezy.
Out with dogs and washed things and talked to Tante. She breakfasted at 10, and up at 2.30. I rested. Tired and painy. Drove with Tante to Newtown to fetch trunk. Home at 6.30. Mr and Mrs Solly in. Tante bunched asparagus. To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 26th May 1914

Very hot – 90 degrees.
Supposed to go by train to town but Tante headache. I muddled about doing odd-jobs. Very hot. Tante had tea at 11.30. Mr Solly had lunch with me. Tante and I to town 3.50. Left buggy to be re-hooped at Randall. To Miss Pennington’s with eggs. Engaged Norah and Mrs Kane’s. To 250. Sat in dark and talked. Very hot.

Wednesday 27th May 1914

Very, very hot. 95 degrees. Record for May in 34 years.
Breakfast at 8 with Uncle Doc. Tante up at 11 and did silver. I lay on bed sick with the heat, but helped her later. Lunch. To shops for butter mould and I (with Norah) to Newtown 4.23. Thunderstorm. Saw horses, cows, dogs. Sat on verandah. Cooler after storm. To bed 9. Changed bed round.

Thursday 28th May 1914

Hot, but breezy. 84 degrees.
Out at 8.50 with butter, eggs and asparagus to Solly’s. Out with dogs. Wrote to Alys and Aunt Alice. Sewed in garden. Wrote 3 dog-lettters. To meet 5.30 train. Tante didn’t come. Back alone. Bonny Betty’s bull born. To bed 9 p.m.

Friday 29th May 1914

Cooler, windy.
I washed Bob and then washed Mars in brook. Sewed all p.m. in garden, Shortening skirts. Wrote Wade. Tante came back at 5.45 in Alco motor-car to try it. Hansbury left. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 30th May 1914

Fine in p.m. and hot.
Tante very tired and in bed till 6.30. I out with dogs and wrote Ella. I drove Annie to Newtown to see Parade to Cemetery 1.30. Music and flowers. Fetched ice-cream from station. Mr and Mrs Solly to supper with us and ate ice-cream and strawberries. To bed 10.30. John Wilson away all day.

Sunday 31st May 1914

Very fine and warm.
Mars and Venus.  John took Annie to Church. I harnessed Hope, drove to Newtown. Train to Logan. Trolly to Chelton Avenue. Miss Biswanger met me. Spent day with her at 6407 North 12th Street. Back by Wayne Junction 6.23. Drove out. Packed eggs for U.S. Government. To bed 11.15. Very tired.

Monday 1st June 1914

Dull 74 degrees.
Woke at 8! Le Rue came. Listened, talked to Tante! Out giving mares salt. Clara gave notice. Tante wanted to change my passage again! Great discussing on subject. Tante up at 5. Tester (Seeley) came. Mr Solly to Philadephia and bought new man, John (German). Mr and Mrs White to fetch two calves.

Tuesday 2nd June 1914

Fine. Windy. Cold at night – 52 degrees.
Wall to Newtown. Tante breakfast at 8.30 but headachey. Mr Solly lunched with me. Tante talked to him in p.m. I sat with her and then at 4 to Newtown for potatoes. Tante up at 5.30, very tired. Sat in library, herd-book. To bed 10.15.

Wednesday 3rd June 1914

Fine, warmer 80 degrees.
I to Newtown at 8.30 for mail and Archie Brace’s letter. Sat with Tante. She all upset again. Talked about dog show. Packed butter and eggs. Drove Tante to station at 3. Out with dogs in pasture at 8.30 and sang. To bed 9 p.m.

Thursday 4th June 1914

Rain nearly all day. Warm.
Out with Venus. Drove to Langhorne to Gross’ to luncheon. Miss McMurtrie was there, Mrs Mercer. Drove to Historical Meeting with General Snowdon. Home at 5.30. Took dogs out. To bed at 9.15.

Friday 5th June 1914

Out with dogs. Packed butter and eggs and saw after carpenter and changed room with Annie. Paid her. John Spillane and I with Ethelwolf to station. I took Ethelwolf to Wayne Junction and gave him to Archie Brace. To Philadelphia. Tante met me. Dined 7. Talked. Uncle Doc at banquet. To bed 12.

Saturday 6th June 1914

Fine. Lovely day.
Breakfast alone. To Mrs Kane’s about cook. Dressed and to Academy Box with Tante and Miss Martin and Miss Hughes. Jefferson Graduation – Medical Students. After lunch at 250 with Tante, all 3 in Alco car to Rosemont party at Alba Johnson’s, then to Haverford. Thé Dansant at Lesley’s. Fun. Then in car to Farm, arrived 10. Servants in bed. Uncle Doc away in car after cold supper.

Sunday 7th June 1914

Fine, Warmer 84 degrees.
John Spillane took Norah to Church. Annie in Philadelphia and Tante breakfasted at 10. I sat in her room till 1 and tidied my room. Both slept in p.m. Mr Wood called (Englishman from Indiana), and Mrs Smith. All over barns and very jolly.

Monday 8th June 1914

Very hot 93 degrees. Cool in evening.
Up early and to Philadephia on 9 train. To 250. Talked to Uncle Doc, To Mrs Kane’s. Engaged cook for Farm. Kate Malone. Lunch at 250 South 21st. Rested. Out to get egg boxes. 95 degrees on Market Street. I unwell – not from heat! Dined alone, played and sang. Tante ‘phoned. Uncle Doc in from Bay Head and smoke cigar. To bed 10.45.

Tuesday 9th June 1914

Cooler. Fine. Cold.
Breakfast 7.30 with Uncle Doc. In taxi to station. Met cook there. Both on 9.23 train to Newtown, but she vamoosed at Wayne Junction!!! Sat with Tante all p.m. Then she up at 5 and she and I drove to Newtown and shopped at 5 till 6.30. Packed President’s eggs in evening. To bed 10.

Wednesday 10th June 1914

Fine. Hot in p.m. 85 degrees.
Tante headachey and bad night. Dr Terry to see Joanne. No cooks came. ‘Phoned offices and talked to Clara. She left at 3. I wrote dog and bull-letters. Tante up at 6.15. Sat on verandah. Bunched asparagus in evening.

Thursday 11th June 1914

Fine, hot, breezy.
I at 9 to Newtown shopping, with Faith. Tante up at 2.30 and saw road-man about bridge. I bunched asparagus and then with Elizabeth Solly to Chatanque in Newtown. Fun. Home at 5.30. With Tante on verandah. Venus over with Mars.

Friday 12th June 1914

Very hot, some breeze.
John to Miller’s with eggs and batter. ‘Phoning about cooks. Unpacked sugar and oatmeal. Butcher came. Tante up at 11! And cooked men’s dinner!!! I rested in p.m. so hot. Out on farm with dogs later. Cornell brought cook Rosa at 3. Stove went wrong. Bond out. Sat on verandah. To bed 10.

Saturday 13th June 1914

Very fine. Hot but breeze.
Tante I both breakfast 7.15. Uncle Doc for us at 8.15 in car. All to Princeton. Tante to McCosh Meeting at Armour’s. I to ’79 Hall with Uncle Doc. Then I to fetch Tante. Lunch at ’79 Hall. President Wilson there and Mr and Mrs McAdoo, Pitney, Hamilton, Tumulty, Dr Grayson, Mr Silliman, McCormick. To the Yale, Princeton Baseball Game at 2.30. Yale won 3-0. President marched with ’79. Pee-rade all classes. Back to ’79. Photo taken on steps. Tante and I away 6.15. Supper at Trenton. Home at 9.30 (Uncle Doc at dinner in ’79 Hall) in car.

Sunday 14th June 1914

Dull, cooler.
Wall and John and Annie to Church. Tante in bed till 2. I wrote to Alys. Tante to meet Uncle Doc 3.18. All sat on verandah. Hungarian Cook mad. Uncle Doc away at 8.15. To bed 10.

Monday 15th June 1914

Rain. Cool 60 degees. Fine and 70 degrees later.
Tante headache. John for gasoline. I wrote to Letters. Tante gave cook, Rosa, notice and I drove her to station at 3.15. Tante up at 6.30. Supper and then packed eggs for President and butter in evening. To bed 10.

Newhaven, Connecticut

Tuesday 16th June 1914

Cold wind. Fine.
Both up early. With Cornell to 9 train. Met Ethelwolf at Wayne Junction. Train to New York. Ferry. Saw “Vaterland”.


Taxi across to Grand Central. Train to Newhaven. To Taft Hotel. Lunch 4.15. Out to see Parade of Classes and Yale. Rested. Supper in Grill Room 9.15. Took Ethelwolf out.

taft hotel
Taft Hotel, Newhaven, Connectict

Wednesday 17th June 1914

Fine. Warm Breezy.
Up and took Ethelwolf on green. Tante, Ethelwolf and I to Dog Show at 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Ethelwolf took 2 first prizes and a Winner’s Prize and silver medal. Home to hotel and had supper at 9.30. Very tired.

Thursday 18th June 1914

Fine. Warm.
Up at 8.30. Took 10.31 train to New York. Lunched at Grand Central. Taxi to Ferry. Saw Olympic.


Train to Wayme Junction. I out with Ethelwolf. Tante to Philadelphia and back with cook, “Kate”. All to Newtown. Mr Solly met us. To bed 9.15.

Friday 19th June 1914

Dull, rain and thunder p.m.
Out with dogs. Butcher came. Wrote letters. Tante breakfast at 11.30 I in spring-house in rain in p.m. Tante up at 5.30 and to meet Uncle Doc who came to supper, very tired and left at 9.20.

Saturday 20th June 1914

Fine 68 degrees.
Out with dogs and wrote letters. Tante breakfast at 10.30 and not up till 5. Then we both drove to Newtown and by pike to call on Frank Twining’s at Lingohocken Farms. Home to supper at 7.30.

Sunday 21st June 1914

Dull, cool.
Bob with Venus. Mars with Floss. John, Wall, Norah and Cook, Kate Mott, to Church. I wrote Aunt Bella and out with dogs. Tante woke at 12.45 and had breakfast. She got up at 5.30. Sat on verandah in evening. To bed 9.45. Wall to Newtown for clothes.

Monday 22nd June 1914

Dull and showery. 70/73 degrees.
Tante breakfast at 8 and up at 3! John picked cherries. I wrote Alys. Sat with Tante. I to Newtown in market-wagon with John to fetch mattress. Sat on verandah in evening. John away (Spillane). To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 23rd June 1914

Hot 83 degrees. Thunder at 6.30.
Tante breakfast at 9.30. Butcher came. I to Newtown to fetch letters, and potatoes. Home at 11. Tante and Norah to Philadelphia by 3.57 train. I drove back with Hope. Picked cherries. Out with dogs. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 24th June 1914

91 degrees and damp.
Washed cosy, etc. Picked cherries. Wall helped. To Newtown (Faith) and took 12lbs cherries to Cobb. Wrote letters. Ella, Eva. Harness Hope and to Newtown to fetch Norah 5.30. Drunken negro. Out with dogs and sat on grass till 8.45. To bed 9.15.

Thursday 25th June 1914

90 degrees. Fresh breeze.
Drove to Rushland to Fisher’s for cultivator piece. Sat on grass and sewed blouse neck and cosy. Rested on bed 1.30 to 2.45. To meet Tante 5.30 with Hope. Mr Solly in evening. Sat on verandah, very hot. Packed eggs.

Friday 26th June 1914

Breakfast 7.30. With Wall and butter to Newtown at 8.20. Wall to Philadelphia. Lunch with Tante at 11.30, and we drove to Willow Grove, 10 miles (Faith) Heard Creatore’s Orchestra. Dined there, to “Venice” and “World’s Tour”. And home at 10.

Program for Creatore appearance at Willow Grove Park, Philadelphia


Saturday 27th June 1914

Hot. 85 degrees.
Out with dogs. John and Wall took bed up to attic room. I superintended; very difficult. Tante up at 11.30. Tante and I did hay, and also woollens cupboard all p.m. with turpentine. Tiring. John to Newtown for freight. To bed 9.45.

Sunday 28th June 1914

Dull, cooler. 65 degrees.
John took Annie to Church. I to meet Uncle Doc at Newtown at 10.15. Sat on verandah and about on Farm in p.m. Songs of Princeton. Bird book in evening. Yellow bird, etc.

Monday 29th June 1914

Fine. Warmer.
Mr Solly saw Tante at 8.45! I gave Cook notice. Drove in with cook, Kate Mott, to Newtown and both to Philadelphia 12.35. I to Miss Buckler’s and engaged Marian McClearn; then lunch at Automat 20c. Shopped and back with cook on 4.23. Tante headache and up at 6.30.


Tuesday 30th June 1914

Very windy. 68 degrees fine. 58 degrees in evening.
Up at 7. Tried on new frocks. Tante headache. Breakfast at 1.30. Dr Terry to lance calf Harmony. Sat with Tante and sewed new dresses. She up at 6.30. John Spillane to Newtown. Marian put up cherries!! Did checks. Sat on verandah.

Wednesday 1st July 1914

Fine, then rain all p.m. and night. Thunder.
Tester Kennedy came. Tante (calomel[1]) in bed until 6.30 p.m. Men over to Solly’s for harvest. I to Newtown in rain, to post eggs and shop. Neuralgia in evening. Tante put in ribbons. To bed 10.


Thursday 2nd July 1914

Fine, Warmer Some rain later. 81 degrees.
I to Newtown at 9.45 for steak. Tante up at 2.30! I busy doing odd jobs in attics. John to Newtown for freight at 1. Tante made Russian salad[2]. Uncle Doc came in car at 4! And stayed until 9.30. Bats. Nice.

Friday 3rd July 1914

Dull, cool.
Took Tester to Newtown. Tante felt very tired and not up till 6.30. I muddling about all day. Dr Terry came to see calf. I picked cherries with Marian for 1 ½ hours. John to Solly’s. Bats again.

Saturday 4th July 1914

Fine, warm.
Men got in 11 loads hay. Solly’s men too. Uncle Doc came in car at 10.55. Tante up at 10.30 and out. We 3 all in car to Princeton at 11.30. Lunch at Inn. Sat on verandah. To post graduate building at 4. Home via Rocky Hill and Pennington and Washington’s Crossing[3]. Bats again.

Sunday 5th July 1914

Rain then 70 degrees, clearer.
Dolly’s heifer born – Heartsease. John, Wall and Norah to Church. John “talkative”. Rubbed dogs. Picked peas. We 3 out in car for hour and 3 maids out in car till 5.30. Packed Miss Pennington’s eggs – 4 dozen. Packed beans. Uncle Doc away in car.

Monday 6th July 1914

Rain. 70 degrees in a.m. Dull p.m. Nice.
Out with dogs. Tante breakfast 10.30 and no lunch. She felt giddy but up at 2.15 and both to wheatfield in buggy at 2.20. Reaper and Binder worked by Mr Solly. I helped shock (stack). Home at 6.15. Did cow dates in evening.

Tuesday 7th July 1914

Rain. 62 degrees in a.m.
Out in rain, up lane to mares and colts. Very muddy. Packed cherries in dog-yards. Tante headache and breakfast at 12.30. I to Newtown with butter and eggs. Tante up at 6.30. Packed eggs in crates. Bob killed 4 bats. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 8th July 1914

Fine. Warmer.
Tante breakfast at 10. I out with dogs, Bob and turkey, and Bond to see engine. I helped Wall bring in heifers. I unwell. Tante up at 2.30. Uncle Doc in car at 2.30 and all 3 to Willow Grove. Wassili Leps Orchestra. Dined 6. Concert. Uncle Doc stayed night. Home at 11.20.

Thursday 9th July 1914

Fine. 83 degrees.
Breakfast 7.30 with Uncle Doc. He away in car 8.30. Tante headache. Tea at 2 p.m. Dr Terry and Mrs Hartland came. I drove horses for 3 loads of hay. 3 different pairs – a.m. and p.m. Packed eggs. I to Newtown to shops at 4.20. Tante up at 6.30. Sat on verandah.

Friday 10th July 1914

Fine. Hot.
About with dogs and sat with Tante. She up to lunch! I to Newtown to take butter. Tante shelled peas. Uncle Doc and Miss Marion Smith in car at 5.30. Round farm, had supper. Tante burnt foot. Sat on verandah. Away at 9.30. 10A Russell Street, Dublin.

Saturday 11th July 1914

Dull. Hot. 83 – 84 degrees.
Tante in bed till 6.30 (with foot aching). I brushed Venus and we wrote letter about Hercules, and looked up his records. Did Marian’s thumb. 9 men to dinner. I to Newtown in p.m. for gasoline. Dr and Mrs Smith called in their new car. We sat on verandah in evening. Bat while Tante was at ‘phone. She did Marian’s thumb.

Sunday 12th July 1914

Hot, 91 degrees.
John took Annie to Church. Tante up at 11 and Uncle Doc in car, arrived 10.45. I wrote Alys. All 3 in car for 40 miles by Lambertville. Home 6. Sat on verandah. 6 bats. Uncle Doc away 9.30.

Monday 13th July 1914

Hot. 87 degrees. Dullish.
Took dogs out. Combed Venus. Sewed sheet in Tante’s room. Thunder and heavy shower at 5 p.m. Tante down at 5.30. Wall gave notice to quit. Talk with him and Tante and he to see Dr Smith at 8. I did Marian’s finger.

Tuesday 14th July 1914

Dull, rain pouring.
Mr Solly to see Tante at 8! And awful fuss about men and harvest. I to Newtown for bread and lard. Mr Solly to Philadelphia for man. Uncle Doc in car at 2.30. He, Tante, Wall and I to Willow Grove. Very skiddy. Two concerts and home at 9.50.

Wednesday 15th July 1914

Hot and damp 85 degrees.
Mr Solly in and saw Tante. She tired but wrote checks and bills in a.m. I to Newtown for oil. Thunderstorm and Dr Doan’s barn struck. I up with Dr Terry to see Bonny Betty, snake-bite and Mars. John to see the fire. Fine. Did ribbon in evening indoors.

Thursday 16th July 1914

Hot. Damp. 85 degrees. Breeze later.
About with dogs, dosing Mars and Venus. Norah bad pains; dosed her. Men to Solly’s in p.m. Tante up at 2.30 and we to Cunningham’s and then to Solly’s. Thunderstorm in evening. Sat on verandah.

Friday 17th July 1914

Hot. Damp. 90 degrees.
Busy dosing dogs and seeing after Norah. Tante headache. Uncle Doc ‘phoned. Stapler’s cows in. Wall to Newtown to see Dr Smith. Thunderstorm and apple tree struck. Tante up at 3. She and I in train to Chestnut Hill to stay with Miss N McMurtyne. Sat in garden all p.m. Francis Biddle there.

Francis Biddle (1886 – 1968)

Saturday 18th July 1914

Hot but breezy.
Breakfast 8.30. Tante too! Francis Biddle won horse-race. Lovely a.m. sitting outdoors reading “Youth” by Conrad and in garden with Miss McMurtyne. Uncle Doc came in car at 2.30 and took Tante and me over to Farm. Supper 6.30. Uncle Doc away at 9. Bat in w.c. Hope colic. Marian lice in head! Tante sponged head.

Sunday 19th July 1914

Fine. 75 degrees. Lovely.
John, Norah and Wall to Church. I washed cook’s head for lice! Tante slept till 12.30, then breakfasted. I wrote Alys. Uncle Doc came in car at 4.30. He and I walked to top east pasture. Dogs, colts. Tante made mayonnaise. Sat on verandah. Uncle Doc away at 9.

Monday 20th July 1914

Fine. 81 degrees.
Tante breakfast 8.30 because of ‘phone man. Men hauled wheat. Elinor’s bull calf born. Tante busy with Wall and with maid’s room for bed-bugs! I packed. I harness Faith. Tante and I drove to Taylorsville and called on campers. On Delaware in boat. Home 7.15.

Tuesday 21st July 1914

Fine. Thunder in evening.
Tante breakfast 8.30. I to Newtown and back at 12.45. Tante up at 12 and very energetic. I packed in p.m. Uncle Doc and Miss Martin arrived in car at 5. All round farm and to fetch colts. Car away at 8.30. Tante and I cut out egg dividers. On verandah after supper. To bed 11 p.m.

Wednesday 22nd July 1914

Fine. Not hot.
Out with dogs in horse-pasture. Tante headache, but breakfast at 11. I sorted and packed. With Tante to Solly’s. (I harnessed Faith) to say goodbye at 5 p.m. After supper did checks, etc. Tante read Uncle Doc’s poems. To bed 11.15.

Thursday 23rd July 1914

Hot, about 100 degrees in town and humid.
Mr Cornell to take my trunks at 8. I out with dogs and said goodbye to horses. Tante and I in car at 11.30 to Philadelphia. Lunch at 2.30 at 250 South 21st Street. I packed and rested. Uncle Doc in and all 3 dined at 7. Locked trunks and Uncle Doc strapped holdall. To bed 10.30.

New York

Friday 24th July 1914

Cooler. Not sunny.
Trunks away 6.50. Breakfast with Uncle Doc at 8. Talked to Tante. At 12.15 all 3 in car to Broad Street Station. Goodbye to Uncle Doc. Tante and I on train to New York. To Manhattan Hotel. Tante had her hair dressed; I slept. Dined 7.30. To bed 9.30.

SS Minneapolis

Saturday 25th July 1914

Cool, dull.
Sail for Europe. Breakfast in room at 8. Then to dock A.T.L and on board S.S. Minneapolis. Miss Biswanger there! Goodbye to Tante at 1.03. and sailed. I wrote by pilot. Unpacked. Lunch 1. Sat on deck and read. Dinner 7. Sat on Captain’s Clarke’s right hand. Hasker[5] on honeymoon absence. Bed at 9.

S. S. Minneapolis

Sunday 26th July 1914

Very fine. Hot. Breezy.
Breakfast 8.30. Walked and sat on deck. Divine service 10.30. Sat on deck (upper). Slept in cabin No 24 in p.m. Read in library. To bed 9.15.

Monday 27th July 1914

Fine. Hot.
Breakfast at 8.40. Walked with Mr Lea 1 mile. Sat and read. Slept in cabin in p.m. Walked on deck and wrote to Busy. On deck in evening. Moon (set at 9). Gramophone and dancing.

Tuesday 28th July 1914

Fine. Hot but breeze forward.
Sat on deck and read “Captain Scott’s Last Expedition”. Slept in cabin and read in p.m. Sat on deck. Walked about a mile with Captain Clarke. Talked to Miss Sherman. After dinner, walked and sat on deck in moonlight with Mr Staake.

Wednesday 29th July 1914

Fine. Hot. Breeze forward.
Walked and talked to Judge Hall. Sat and read. Talked to Mrs Tapper, Mr Stewart and Mr Staake. Read in cabin in p.m. Walked and tea with Miss Sherman. Walked with Mr Staake. Wrote letters. And sat on deck with Staake in evening.

Thursday 30th July 1914

Rain in a.m. Grey and rolly in p.m.
Sat on deck and read “Scott” and talked to Mrs Tapper and Wheatley’s. Read and slept in p.m. Walked with Mr Staake and again after dinner and sat with him on deck in fur coat. Cool but not raining.

Friday 31st July 1914

Showery and rolly. Fine effects – moon.
Walked and sat on deck with Wheatley’s. Down on stern with Mr Staake. Walked and sat in sun. There, nice. Slept in p.m. Then shuffleboard tournament. Played with Dr Craft. Walked with Mr Staake and again after dinner, and sat on deck with him. Showers and moon. Rolly.

Saturday 1st August 1914

Fine, warmer.
Walked with Mrs Tapper. Sat on deck and played shuffleboard. Watched shuffleboard in p.m. till 4. Rested in cabin. Talked to Miss Sherman, the Arthurs, Björkman and Staake. Walked and sat with Mr Staake after dinner till 10.40. Moonlight.

Sunday 2nd August 1914

Lovely, hot sun, blue seas.
Walked with Mrs Topper. Everyone snap-shotting. Sat with Tappers on deck and talked with Staake. Sat all p.m. on deck too with Mike Tapper and Staake. Tea with Miss Sherman. Sighted Scilly Isles at 6. Watched Longships and Lizard Lights. At 10 supper party on deck – Mrs Roy and Miss Christie. To bed 12.15.

Monday 3rd August 1914

Lovely sunshine.
Up at 7 on deck. Saw Needles and Ventnor, etc. Ship held up at Portsmouth. Sat on deck all a.m. with Staake watching coast, Eastbourne, etc. Walked with Björkman. Pilot aboard at Dungeness. War news read aloud by Marks. Consternation. Watched torpedo boats, French battleships all p.m. Packed in a hurry at 6.30. Dined. Supposed to land, didn’t but docked in Tilbury. On decks with Staake and to bed at 11 p.m.

Tuesday 4th August 1914

Showers, fine p.m. Colder.
Breakfast 7 a.m. On deck and luggage examined. Train 8.30 (Thompson, Sherman, Björkman, Staake, Arthurs) to St Pancras. 9.30. Goodbyes. In taxi alone to 47 Hampstead Way. Alys, Eva, Philip! Talk. Lunch. To shops. Talk! Tea. Ultimatum to Germany 12 p.m. Sat in garden. Wade came. Dennis to dinner. WAR DECLARED. All round to Shentons after.

Wednesday 5th August 1914

Rain most of day. Starlight evening.
Out with Dennis at 9.30. I to Miss Horner’s for an hour. on to 6 Elm Park Road and lunch with Aunt Alice and Dorothy. Home to tea. Rested. Mr Staake rang up and came to dinner. Dennis also in. Dennis and Alys to Shentons at 9.30. Staake left at 11.40.


Thursday 6th August 1914

Shower, and very cold.
With Alys to shops and children. Dressed and to meet Mr Staake. Lunch with him at Grand Hotel. Mr Lawton there from Minneapolis. Then both to Savoy and sat in American’s Registration Room. Interesting. Saw Judge Hall and Miss Sherman. Belgian successes. Home at 4.30. Den in to dinner. Read papers. I unwell.

Friday 7th August 1914

Cold and some sun.
To shops with Alys and Eva; and to Barnes and Bank. In p.m. Alys and I to Savoy Hotel, spoke to Mr and Mrs Wheatley and Mr Thompson. Tea at home. Dennis to dinner. Wrote to Tante. Uncle Harold in evening.

Saturday 8th August 1914

Rain a.m. Clearer .Cold.
With Alys to shops. Dennis at 6.30 to Yarmouth with Courteney’s car. I wrote account of voyage. Fire in drawingroom! Mr Staake to tea and Alan Baumer of Crosfield Miles. I walked with Mr Staake to Hampstead Tube. Back by tube alone. With Alys to Aunt Louie’s in evening. Dennis back at 12.30.

Sunday 9th August 1914

Cool. Grey.
War prayers and hymns. God save the King. I to Church at St Jude’s on the Hill. In garden. All, Alys, Dennis, Eva and I walked to Hampstead. Out in car for 10 minutes. Tea at Aunt Rosa’s. Home Rose out.

Monday 10th August 1914

Out with Alys to shops. Washed blouse and cushion covers. Mrs Maraden and her nurse in. Ironed in p.m. and Miss W Miles and Josephine to tea. Nelly Barnard in garden, Bee and twins, Otto and Mabel. Mowgli. Dennis to dinner.

Alys and Mowgli

Tuesday 11th August 1914

Fine and hot.
Sent letter off to Tante. With Alys to shops and to town and she bought shoes at Hanan’s. Sat in garden all p.m. and tea in garden. Out with Alys in fields. Dennis in to dinner. Wrote letter. Letter from Aunt Bella.

Scan 41

Scan 42

Wednesday 12th August 1914

Fine. Hot but nice breeze – 75 degrees.
Out with Alys and Philip to shops and in fields all a.m. Philip wakeful. Wade and Eva to Bank. Ironed Alys’ dress. Walked to Friede’s. Dennis excited about possible commission in army.

Thursday 13th August 1914

Fine, breezy. Warm.
I bathed Philip. Alys to fetch car. Alys, Eva and I to Kitty’s at Chippenfield at 11. Spent day there. War declared on Austria. Drove home at 6. Dennis home. All to Aunt Louie’s and to Benmore with car.

Friday 14th August 1914

Fine, hot, breezy.
With Dennis to garage and to fish shop. Washed gloves and ironed. Alys also. Mr Staake ‘phoned, In p.m. I bought cakes and Mr Staake came to tea, all sat in garden after Friede and Alan in. Marsdens in evening. Mr Staake ‘phoned again.

Saturday 15th August 1914

I out to Euston to see Mr Staake off – To Liverpool, Carmania[1] for New York – at 9.30. In p.m. I to tea with Mrs Tapper at Melina Place. Very nice. Sewing for soldiers. Alys to Mrs Willis and Mrs William Miles.

RMS Carmania

Sunday 16th August 1914

Fine. Warm.
Dressed Baby. Dennis to Wandsworth. I to Mrs William Miles to tea and to Aunt Alice’s – 6 Elm Park Road – to supper, with Aunt Alice and Polly. Home 10.45. Dennis slept at Wandsworth in tent[2].

Dennis Embleton Wandsworth
Dennis Embleton (sitting), Wandsworth

Monday 17th August 1914

Fine. Warm.
With Alys to town. Bought fur coat and skirt at Debenham’s. Home to lunch. Out again to Burberry’s and I bought waterproof at Gamages. Coffee. I to Mrs G. E. Barnard’s. Alys home. Den home to tea and away again to Wandsworth for night. Read all evening.


Tuesday 18th August 1914

Fine, hot. 75 degrees.
I out early (10) to shops and St James’ Palace for patterns. Lunch with Uncle Harold, Rendezvous (Restaurant) and met Alys. Debenhams for fitting 3. Tea with Mrs Rowan Young and Mrs Munn and Miss Young at 4, Stewarts. Home. Read in evening. Dennis at Wandsworth.

Wednesday 19th August 1914

Fine. Hot 72 degrees.
Washed and ironed 2 blouses. With Alys to shops. Dennis home at 2. Sat in garden in p.m. All in car to Hampstead. Dennis away at 5. Alys and I out. Saw Daisy and baby. Mr Edwin Björkman to dinner. Uncle Harold in evening. Began sock for army. Nice evening.

Thursday 20th August 1914

Fine. Warm.
Alys and I to shops and back by Royal Oak (station). Christopher Marsden to spend day, with nurse, baby sister coming. Pamela Palmer and her nurse to tea, also. Wrote letters. Christopher Mileham in evening. 8.30 till 11.40. No Dennis Embleton all day.

Friday 21st August 1914

Very fine. Warm.
Alys and I to shops and met Dolly Willis and 5 week old Johnny and Helen, all to spend day, also Christopher Marsden, and Dennis, till 6. I bathed Philip. Alys and Dennis with others in car. Alys did brown frock for Eva. I knitted.

Saturday 22nd August 1914

Very fine and warm.
Alys to shops. I sat in garden with children and did stockings. Alys painting cupboard. Alys and I tidied upstairs room and boxrooms all p.m. Dennis home 5 to 6.45. Alys and I Hampstead after dinner (Marsden’s). I walked home with Uncle Harold. Rainy.

Sunday 23rd August 1914

Dull. Warm.
Battles at Charleroi and Mons and Le Cateau and Cambrai.

BATTLE Charge 9th Lancers LE CATEAU Cambrai

Painted little cupboard. Otto and Mabel in, and Slaters. Dennis to dinner 1.30. Sat in garden. Dennis away at 6.45. Alys and I out a walk. To bed 10.

Monday 24th August 1914

Very fine. Hot. Muggy.
With Alys to shops. Helen came to lunch and tea. Dennis also. Sat in garden. In car to take Helen home. Wade away and nurse came home.

Tuesday 25th August 1914

Fine. Warm. Very hot.
Wrote Tante. With Alys to Barnes and to my bank and to Mrs Freeman’s – Avenue Mansions. After lunch, I to Ponting’s South Pole Cinema. Very interesting.

Tea at Appenrodt’s.


British casualties 2,000. Webbs to tea and Dennis at 47. Rose out.

Wednesday 26th August 1914

Rain. Finer in p.m.
Alys and I to Debenham and Freebody’s at 12. And she fitted with skirt. Home to lunch. I ironed and washed my pink cotton dress. “Hallmarked, dear”. Expected Mileham’s friend. Called on Ernie Buchanan – out. I called on Aunt Rosa. Knitted and sewed.


Thursday 27th August 1914

Fine. Cooler.
In garden. Maude Balfour in and Mabel May with John. Wade in, she and I to shops. Alys and I to Debenham and Freebody’s at 3.18 about skirt again. She home. I to Savoy. Dennis to dinner.

Friday 28th August 1914

Very fine. Warm.
With Alys and Eva to Finchley Road shops. Sat in garden and all p.m. Then Alys and I to tea at Ernie Buchanan’s. Dennis home to tea and dinner. Finished 1st sock.

Saturday 29th August 1914

Very fine. Hot. Warm.
To shops with Alys. Sat in garden and knitted. Did top room and pictures with Alys. Dennis to tea and dinner. Sat in garden. In car to Hampstead. Garage. Otto’s. Dennis very depressed about war. Alys and ironed in evening with new iron.

Sunday 30th August 1914

Dull, then very fine and hot.
Battles at Compagne, St Quentin.

WW1 - Battle of St Quentin 1914
Battle of St Quentin, France. ‘Stirrup charge’ of the Royal Scots Grey and the Highlanders, 30 August 1914.

Sat in garden a good deal and also tidied and sorted books and tool-box with Alys. Wade came, Nurse out. Dennis to tea and supper. Read Land and Water.

Monday 31st August 1914

Fine. Hot.
To shops with Alys for polish. Began “polishing” play-room. Washed mop. Dennis came to tea and dinner. Rose away for her holiday. Substitute – Mrs Stephenson – came. Washed and ironed. With Dennis to Webb’s in car in evening.

Tuesday 1st September 1914

Fine, hot.
Did dusting. Wrote Tante. Alys to Mrs Marden’s. I with Philip and sewed a little. Alys and I polished room. Dennis not home. Alys and I to shops at 7 o’clock.

Wednesday 2nd September 1914

Fine. Hot.
Wrote to Uncle Doc and dusted rooms. Eva did verandah. Alys and I worked at play-room. Varnish, etc. Dennis and Dr Webb (in khaki) to tea. All round to Webb’s later and back. Dennis away after supper. Alys and I wrote.

Thursday 3rd September 1914

Fine. Hot.
In garden with Baby. Did room. Ironed blouses in playroom, and knitted and in garden. To Aunt Louie and Agents. Dennis back to tea, and supper. On verandah and read papers in drawing-room and knitted. I unwell in night.

Friday 4th September 1914

Luxembourg taken by Russians.
Very fine and hot.
Alys and I to town to buy blankets and to Debenham’s for Kitty’s gown. To see Miss Hoyt at Curzon Hotel. Lunch at Rendezvous. Home. Ernie to tea and Elsa and Dennis. Wade came Nurse out. Dennis away 8.45. Eddy phoned. Kit had boy at 6 p.m. – George – 10 ½ lbs.

Saturday 5th September 1914

Fine. Hot.
Alys and I to shops in a.m. Sat in garden. Wade came to sew. Did window seat in dining-room. To shops again in p.m, and with Wade in evening Dennis not home.  Letters from Uncle Doc and Tante.

Sunday 6th September 1914

Fine. Warm. Perfect day.
Battles of Marne and Aisne. Allies advancing.

German soldiers at the First Battle of the Marne – September 1914.

With Eva and Philip in garden. Dennis home to tea and supper. I to tea with Miss Hoyt at Curzon Hotel. Mrs Amory there (from Paris on 3rd). Read and wrote Kit.

Philip 11 Months Sept 1914 with Dennis
Philip 11 Months with Dennis – Sept 1914

Monday 7th September 1914

Fine and very warm.
Packed bag. Sat in garden. With Alys and baby to shops. In p.m. dressed, and I over to 6 Elm Park Road, Chelsea in bus and taxi. With Aunt Alice and “Baba” Harrison, in evening. Slept in Polly’s room.

Tuesday 8th September 1914

Fine and hot.
Breakfast alone 8.15. Made my bed. Wrote Tante and Uncle Doc. Made bonfire with Aunt Alice in garden. Rested in p.m. Read “Tom Jones”. Tea in garden. Baba too. Aunt Alice and I to see Phil Carr (going to War tomorrow). Wrote Doz. To bed 11.

Wednesday 9th September 1914

Fine, hot. Shower in evening.
After making beds, I to Scotland Yard for my sunshade. With Aunt Alice to Mr Steer’s and PO. Rested after lunch. Tea in garden. I with Aunt Alice to Madame Ormond’s[1]. Reine there. Baba out to dinner. Talked and knitted.

Thursday 10th September 1914

Dull, warm.
Made beds. Did Aunt Alice’s dressing-gown. Did bonfire. Rested in p.,m ,and wrote Ella. Miss Horner and Susie to tea. Aunt Alice and I on Embankment. Met Steer and Ormond’s. Read papers in evening.

Friday 11th September 1914

Rain. Fine in p.m.
Wrote Dorothy. Dusted. Sewed kimono. To lunch at Miss Horner’s with Aunt Alice to meet Miss Hoyt. To Golders Green to tea and supper with Alys and Dennis. Philip crawled! Dennis drove me in car to Chelsea. 9.30.

Saturday 12th September 1914

Grey, cold. Rain in p.m.
Dusted, did bed. Out to Harrod’s with Aunt Alice and looked in shops. Bonfire. Rested. Reine and Conrad Ormond came to tea and we played “jarboosh”. Baba out to dinner.

Conrad and Reine Ormond by John Singer Sargent. Dated: 1906

Sunday 13th September 1914

Fine. Windy.
My 35th birthday.
Aunt Alice, Baba and I to Church. 11 a.m. at Pensioner’s Church. War hymns. Very nice. Mrs Paine called. Dennis, Alys and Eva fetched me in car. Fire in evening. I to tea. Supper and night at 47 Hampstead Way.

47 Hampstead Way, London

Monday 14th September 1914

Windy. Changeable. Warmer.
Breakfast with Alys. Then I to Chelsea again. Wrote Aunt Eliza. Susie in p.m. Then later Miss Hoyt and Von Glehn’s to tea. Wrote Tante. Out with Baba in evening on bridge to look for airship.

Tuesday 15th September 1914

Fine. Cool.
Dusted room and did bonfire. Out with Aunt Alice to 31 Tite Street to John Singer Sargent’s Henry James house. I met Mrs Hilson and Katherine Senior at Army and Navy Stores. Lunch with them. To Gamages. Home to tea at Chelsea. Out with Aunt Alice to Hyde Park. Back in bus.

31 Tite Street, London

Wednesday 16th September 1914

Out with Aunt Alice to Golder’s Green. She to Aunt Louie’s. I to Alys’. Washed and ironed 2 blouses. Dennis to tea. Aunt Alice in at 5.30 Sat in garden. Baby. Aunt Alice and I to Chelsea at 6.30. Supper. Up till 11.30.

Thursday 17th September 1914

Rain. Then fine.
Phoned 46 and Susie. Wrote Polly. Out to Susie’s studio and Miss Horner’s. Back to lunch at 6 Elm Park Road. Sewed. Madame Ormond and Miss Lernon to tea. I out to Stafford Hotel, St James’ Place to call on Miss Sophy Irwin. Back to supper Chelsea.

Friday 18th September 1914

Made beds. Packed. Over to Golder’s Green. Alys and Eva to Baths. In p.m. Dennis in uniform!! Ted and Phoebe to tea. I packed again. All round with children to Webb’s. Dennis away at 9.30, Fire in evening. I sewed. Rose and Doris back.


Saturday 19th September 1914

I packed. To Paddington with suitcase. Lunch in station. Dorothy met me at 1. Both to Pangbourne by train. Walked about looking for rooms. Tea at The Swan and supper (very good) and funny bedroom on the Weir. Great fun. Fire in private sitting room. To bed 10.

The Swan, Pangbourne

Sunday 20th September 1914

Fair, windy. Very cold.
Breakfast 9.10. Then walked by tow-path to Goring. Lunch at “Swan”, Streatley. Camp there and lots of “Terriers”. Walked back by Basildon. 7 miles altogether. Tea, then read and knitted. Cosy evening. Supper. To bed 10.

Monday 21st September 1914

Fine. Very cold.
Locksmith came. To buy papers and Cramb[4]. Wrote Aunt Alice. On river 12 to 1.30, rowed up to old camping place. After lunch, walked to Mapledurham. Tea there. Walked back, towpath. Letter from Tante about return. Wrote to Tante. Difficult.

Mapledurham Watermill

Tuesday 22nd September 1914

Very fine. Warmer. No wind.
Dorothy chill and bad gripes. Got Collis Browne’s Chloradyne. Sent letter to Tante and Ella, and Alys. Read, and muddled about. Dorothy in bed all day, but better. Read Cramb, and Kitchener. To bed 9.40.

Wednesday 23rd September 1914

Very fine and warm.
To get papers. Dennis gazetted Captain. Three of our Cruisers sunk. Breakfast very late. After lunch in punt and rested in it. And paddled and punted! Fun. Got paper in evening and read and knitted.

Scan 34

Thursday 24th September 1914

Very very fine and lovely. Warm.
Misty. I to get Times before breakfast. At 11, both started by Whitechurch, through Hardwick House grounds. Soldiers. Lovely view. Sandwich lunch. To Farm on hill. Sale there. Tea at Mapledurham Lock. Home. About 7 or 8 miles altogether. To bed 10.45.

Friday 25th September 1914

Very very fine, again.
Got paper and lunch. Started in punt at 10 o’clock and punted up to woods, and had lunch there. Lovely day, punting and paddling. Tea at shop. Walked up Pangbourne Hill after. Read and knitted.

Saturday 26th September 1914

Very hot and no mist. Lovely.
Letter from Tante, Uncle Doc and Mr Staake. Dorothy and I walked to Goring; Very hot. In Church there. Took steam lunch to Wallingford. 1/6 each. Camps, soldiers, horses. Fun. Lunch in field there. Boat back to Goring. Tea at lock. Walked back. Paper.


Sunday 27th September 1914

Lovely day.
Walked up hill and then sat in field and read paper. In p.m. in skiff on river 1 hour. After packing. 5.29 to Paddington. Taxi. Home. Elsa, Max and Alan to supper at 47 Hampstead Way.

Monday 28th September 1914

Lovely day.
Philip’s 1st birthday. Alys to shops. I with Eva. Out with Alys to shops in p.m. Dennis back to tea and Otto, Mabel and John. And Dr and Mrs Webb and John for Phil’s birthday party. Wrote Tante, Uncle Doc.

Tuesday 29th September 1914

Fine. Cooler.
Tided things and wrote Ella. To town with Alys to Devonshire House. Lunch at Stores. Home at 2.30. Dennis home to tea and stayed all night. We packed up. Wade came and helped. To bed at 11.45.


Wednesday 30th September 1914

Fine. Warmer.
Finished packing and Dennis away. Alys, Eva, Philip, Nurse and I to Liverpool Street and to Southwold by 12.35. Arrived 4.12. Swan ‘bus to Mrs Fish, 1 North Parade. Tea out on sands with Eva and Alys. Out with Alys all round. Supper and to bed 9.15.

Thursday 1st October 1914

Fine. Lovely.
On sands with children. Alys and nurse. I bathed! Lovely. Eva very happy. After lunch, Alys and I to see Mrs Fish, Victoria Street. Eva had grapes. After tea all on common with pram. Alys read “Framley Parsonage” A. Trollope – aloud in evening. I knitted.

Friday 2nd October 1914

Fine. Cold North wind but hot sun.
Nurse and I out at 4 a.m. (dark) to buy enema for Phil. Sat on sands all a/m. Knitting. Lovely by breakwater. After lunch Alys and I to see Mrs Hurr, 8 Chester Road. After tea Alys and I out in High Street. Read by fire in evening and knitted. Alys talked to Palmer about Donny.

Saturday 3rd October 1914

Fine, very warm.
Sat on beach with Eva and Alys. I unwell. Louie and Mrs MacNair too, came. After lunch both rested and Eva. After tea played with children and out to fetch paper and to Pearson’s. Read in evening. To bed 9.30.

Sunday 4th October 1914

Fine. North wind. Colder.
Siege of Antwerp.

siege of antwerp
Belgian guns in action during the defense of Antwerp.

Fine. North wind colder.
On sands with children. Rested in p.m. After tea round by Church and Craven House with Eva. Played with children. Out on cliffs with Alys.

Monday 5th October 1914

Drizzly. Warm bright intervals.
On sands with Eva, dug. Then in and wrote to Tante. Read in p.m. and knitting. Out with Eva and Alys to Church. Saw Verger. Mrs Fish and Joan up and played. Alys read aloud to me.

Tuesday 6th October 1914

Drizzly and then sun. Cold wind.
Eva slight cold. All to pier. Talked to Smeeth. Alys, Eva and I on pier, watched fishing. Alys and I to tea at Matthews’, Elm House. Gramophone. Read aloud and knitted in evening.

Wednesday 7th October 1914

Dull. Warm.
On sands with children. Mary Boosey too. Letter from Dennis Embleton about King. Along to Gunhill and I bathed at Herrington’s. Nice! In p.m. I drove Alys and Eva in poney-trap to Wangford and back to tea. Alys and I out by Gunhill in evening. Knitted and read aloud.

Thursday 8th October 1914

Lovely day.
Cold rather bad. On sands with Eva. Read and knitted. Wrote to Uncle Doc. To post with Alys. Alys and I to Matthews at 8.15 till 10. Gramophone and knitted. Nice evening.

Friday 9th October 1914

Fog. Very fine and hot sun in a.m.
I out with Mr Matthews along front. Sat on sands with Alys and Mary Boosey and dug with Eva. Read and knitted all p.m. Alys out with Eva, and after tea she and Eva to see Palmers and Donny. Knitted and Alys read “Framley Parsonage” in evening.

Saturday 10th October 1914

Very fine indeed.
Dug with Eva, and read Times on Sands with Alys. With Alys to Matthews at 2.30 and out in car with Mrs Mathews to Heveningham. Tea at Elm House. Home. Out with Alys and Eva on common. Read and knitted in evening.

Sunday 11th October 1914

Sunny. Windy, colder in p.m.
With Eva, Alys, Philip on dyke and to Ferry. Hot sun. Read and wrote Aunt Alice and Minnie. Read in evening.

Monday 12th October 1914

Fine and sunny.
To station pram and pushcart. On sands with Eva and read Times. Wrote to Tante. Alys and I to tea at Boosey’s. Mrs Preshwidge’s Iona Cottage, South Green. Read and knitted in evening. Began belt.

Tuesday 13th October 1914

Round to Sam May’s beach with pram – Alys and I. On sands. Knitted and dug and read. Wrote Mr Staake. Alys and I to Mr Matthews to say goodbye and to Mrs Hurr’s. Nice evening.


Wednesday 14th October 1914

On sands with Eva and baby. Alys packing up. All by 2.20 to Liverpool Street. Easy journey. Taxi to 47 Hampstead Way. 5-6? Dennis there. Nice evening. Dennis stayed night.

Thursday 15th October 1914

Unpacked and busy arranging things in other room with Eva and Alys. After lunch with Alys up to Kitty’s . Talked to her. After tea, Ella arrived from F. Carnegy’s. Evening knitting and talking to Ella. To bed 10.

Friday 16th October 1914

All a.m. knitting, talking, reading. Mr and Mrs Wimperis in. Off a little way with Ella and Alys. Out after lunch. To shops and then to Institute, for Belgian Refugees. Eva out to tea with Barbara Wimperis. Blabbing and talking.

Saturday 17th October 1914

Ella and I to Chelsea to call on Polly and Dorothy and back to lunch. Ella rested. Alys and I to shops. Dorothy came in. Dennis in for 15 minutes and ‘phoned for from Hospital, more wounded in. James with Eva and music for Ella, knitting.

Sunday 18th October 1914

Fine. Lovely.
Ella to see Aunt Alice at 28 Hampstead Way. Alys and I out with Eva. In p.m. Aunt Alice to lunch and tea and Ed and Kitty to tea. Knitted and read newspapers. Music.

Monday 19th October 1914

Fine. Cooler.
Letter from Tante. Ella headache. She and I to shops. Mrs Webb and John to tea. Ella to tea at Aunt Louie’s. Knitting and music in evening. Packed up with Ella.

Tuesday 20th October 1914

Fine, Some rain in p.m.
I for taxi and Ella and I to King’s Cross. She off by 10 train. I home. Alys met me and walked back to Hampstead and to shops. Also in p.m. up with Miss Smythe and knitted. Alys and Dennis to Cleminsons to dinner 7.30.

Wednesday 21st October 1914

Alys and I to shops, Barnes with H. Brigdon in Kit’s old car! To Miss Smythe. Dennis to tea and dinner. Barbara Wimperis tea with Eva and to Aunt Louie’s, Aunt Alice there. Read and knitted.

Thursday 22nd October 1914

Damp. Some rain.
Finished belt. Ironed socks. Aunt Alice in at 11.30. Alys out with Eva. Alys and I to Mrs Fry’s to working party for U.C.H. (me: University College Hospital) 2.30 to 4.30. Dennis drove us back in car. Knitted and read in p.m.

Friday 23rd October 1914

Fine, damp.
I up at 9.30 to Aunt Louie’s; then to Club House as interpreter for Belgian Refugees. Earl Grey came. Alys and I to All Saints Hospital in p.m. to see Belgian soldiers (wounded). Very nice. Home to tea.

Saturday 24th October 1914

Dull, then rain.
Polly came; early to shops with us all. Dicky (from Maggie Simmond’s) to tea with Eva. Polly also to tea. Dennis back to lunch, tea and supper. He and Alys to Hampstead. He stayed night here.

Sunday 25th October 1914

Dull, rain in p.m. Warm.
Alys, Dennis and I walked up to Hampstead and on car to Wandsworth Church Parade. At 3rd London General Hospital. Home to lunch. Moriston Davies called. I to Club House for Belgian Refugees 3.30 to 7. Wade at 47. Talked with her. Dennis back to Wandsworth.

3rd london
Third London General Hospital, Wandsworth

Monday 26th October 1914

To shops with Alys and children. To Hampstead Belgian Refugees, then I to Kitty’s to tea and supper. Ed back. Nurse Francis, gramophone. Alys called for me.

Tuesday 27th October 1914

Very fine.
To Aunt Louie’s and talked to Polly, and walked with her. Kit over.

Wednesday 28th October 1914

Out with Alys and children to shops. I to tea at Elsa’s. Mrs Ensor called. Dennis in evening late 11.30. Teeds to tea and supper. Walked to station with her. Dennis slept here.

Thursday 29th October 1914

Fine, then rain.
With Alys to Miss Sayer’s School drill and to another School, Hoop Lane. Kit to spend day, lunch and tea. Alys to tea with Paines. Poz and N. Moir in at 6. Ed Buchanan. to meet Kit. Alys and I to Shenton’s after supper. Alys headache.

Friday 30th October 1914

Fine, then showers.
I to Belgian Refugees, and stayed till 12, talking and knitting. Alys and I after lunch to town, shopping. I to tea 4.30 with Miss Dinkle at Claridges Hotel. (Mrs Munn’s baby) Letter about Aunt Bella! Dennis to supper.

Saturday 31st October 1914

Alys out with Eva and Philip. I wrote letters. Alys and I at 11.30 to Savoy Hotel. I to lunch with Miss Horner and Alys to Aunt Alice’s met 3.pm. Savoy. Saw Madame Candelier, talked about Brussels. Dennis home to tea. Turkey joined war.

Sunday 1st November 1914

Dull, mild.
Alys and I to Hampstead with Eva in pushcart. Met Harold Faraday’s. Called on Kitty. Home. Met Otto May’s. I unwell and rested all p.m. Dennis very tired – up 2 nights with wounded. Dennis to tea and supper. I to supper at Ayrton’s. Dennis and Alys called in car for me.

Monday 2nd November 1914

Dull. Showers.
Washed and ironed blouse for Alys. Alys out with children. Out to Miss Reeves’ school with Alys. In p.m. I up to Aunt Rosa’s for working-party till 5. Alys read aloud in evening. I knitted.

Tuesday 3rd November 1914

Showery then fine.
Wrote to Tante. Washed and ironed. Cut out blouse. Wade came in p.m. and told of fainting. Dennis to tea. Mrs Marsden and friend called. Alys and I to theatre to see “Little Minister” – box given us by Elsa.


Wednesday 4th November 1914

Fine, Foggy and rain later.
I to Army and Navy Stores, and then to Aunt Alice’s. Knitted and helped Doz with trellis work. Lunch there then I to call on Mrs Styer, who out, and Mrs Edward Vernor Miles who out. Alys to call on Friede. Philip stood alone. Dennis in at 5.15.

Thursday 5th November 1914

Fine, warm.
Out with Alys to shops. Met Polly and later Alys and I to Barnes. In p.m. Alys and I gardened, weeds and leaves, etc. Mrs Wetherbee called. I to Aunt Louie’s and Otto came to see Eva. Read and knitted, Bad night with Philip.

Friday 6th November 1914

Fine, warm.
I to Belgian Refugees all a.m. Knitted and talked. Alys called in for me. Alys and I out to Savoy Hotel. Left card for Madame Cauderlier. Then to tea at William Miles’. Dennis to late dinner and back at 10.20. Foggy.

Saturday 7th November 1914

Fine, colder.
Out with Alys. She and pram to Heath. I to Bank and to Women’s Emergency Corps[1], then to buy wool at Selfridges and home by Hampstead and Elsa’s. Ennis late to lunch. Alys and I to Refugees in car with wool. Alys to Kitty’s. I with children.

Sunday 8th November 1914

Washed and ironed coverlet. Out with Polly and walked up to Heath. Met Ayrton’s and with them. Dennis back to lunch. All gardened. I to tea with G. E. Barnards. Aunt Ada came. Uncle Harold and Paul and Lois brought her. Dennis Embleton stayed all night.

Monday 9th November 1914

Fine. Dull.
Dennis drove me to Marble Arch. I to Women’s Emergency Corp. Back. Poz and Nelly in. I to Aunt Rosa’s working-party 3 to 4.30. Called at Kitty;s after. Read paper and knitted in evening.

Tuesday 10th November 1914

Dull, growing colder.
Tades, Alys and I with children. Eva to school 1st time, ½ term. Tades and I knitted. Alys to fetch Eva. 12. Alys, Tades and I to town for rings in p.m. Tades to Chelsea. Alys and I back to tea. Mrs Webb and Mary Lomax called. Dennis Embleton back till 10.15.

Wednesday 11th November 1914

Cold. Wind/rain.
Alys and I with Eva to school. To shops. Wrote and sewed. In p.m. Alys and I to Christ Church. Met Dennis there and Ed Buchanan. George’s (Buchanan) christening. Back in car. Dennis away at 6. Read aloud and knitted.

The Spire of Christ Church Hampstead

Thursday 12th November 1914

Fine, cold.
Took Eva to school with Alys. Ironed two blouses. Alys to working-party and I to meet Aunt Alice and see “Everyman”[2]. Tea with her at 6 Elm Park Road. Dennis to dinner. Knitted and read.

Friday 13th November 1914

I to Belgian Refugees all a.m. Knitted. To buy jam for them; after lunch Alys and I to Selfridges and bough wool for refugees. Called at U.C.H. and Dennis drove us back to tea and he stayed till 9.40.

Saturday 14th November 1914

Fine. Cold.
To shops with Alys and children. Mended shirts for Belgians. Dennis back to lunch at 2. He and Alys and Phil to Dolly’s. I took things to Refugees and then called on Wade. She out. Dr and Mrs Somerville-Hastings[3] to dinner. Dennis stayed night.

Sunday 15th November 1914

Lord Roberts[4] died in France 14th November. Dennis took Alys and Eva to Wandsworth. Wrote letters. I to lunch at 26 Compayne Gardens and to town with Josephine (Hilaire Belloc) and tea at 26 also. Called on Styers’. Dennis stayed night.

Monday 16th November 1914

Took Eva to school with Alys. Washed and ironed bodices in a.m. Alys and I to working party at Aunt Rosa’s; then called on Kitty, and to Beverley’s and home. Dennis back for night.

Tuesday 17th November 1914

Fine, frosty.
Alys with Dennis to town for bed. I took Eva to school and Phil out, fetched Eva. I to tea with Mr Styer at 4. Alys to call on Mrs Thurstfield and Mrs Ensor. Den home for 1 hour. Knitted and read.

Wednesday 18th November 1914

Very fine, frosty.
Out with Alys, Eva and Philip. Knitted and Nellie Moir came, upstairs. In all p.m. and Cauderliers came to tea; and till 6. Nurse out, her mother ill. Alys and I in nursery. Nurse home.

Thursday 19th November 1914

Sleet, raw.
With Alys, Eva and Philip to school. Wrote Tades. With Lois to Guildhall and heard Lady Jellicoe[5], Dr Sharlieb[6], Mrs Sidney Webb[7] speak. Tea in A.B.C. Home. Dennis Embleton to Rush’s – tyre punctured.

Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 20.23.53

Friday 20th November 1914

Some sleet then cold – fine.

I to Belgian Refugees all a.m. Alys and I out in p.m. with children. Bought bulbs. Dennis in after tea and said about Netley[8]. He out to dine at Shaw’s. Read aloud in evening.

Royal Victoria Military Hospital, Netley

Saturday 21st November 1914

Phil a cold. Eva and I did bulbs and Eva very grizzly. Dennis back late to lunch. I to Hampstead for cakes. Back to tea. Dennis and Alys to dine at 8 with the Hastings. I made Baby’s food. Dennis stayed night.

Sunday 22nd November 1914

Very, very cold.
Eva painted. Mrs Styer and Ayrtons called. Sylvia to lunch. Eva and I out to meet her fiancée. Den at 3.15. Smeed and Miss Burt to tea. Dennis away at 10. Read papers. To bed 10.30.

Monday 23rd November 1914

Cold. Dull.
I took Eva to school. Baby a cold. Washed and ironed. Alys to fetch Eva. Dennis and Lush to lunch. Dennis away, and he to Netley, as Major, in evening. I wrote letters. Nurse back. Alys and I to Kitty’s in evening.

Tuesday 24th November 1914

Took Eva to school and to shops. I ironed bodice. Alys and I to tea at Savoy Hotel with the Cauderlier’s. Nice.

Wednesday 25th November 1914

To Miss Horner’s. Susie walked with me and I to Aunt Alice’s; in garden and to lunch. To Army and Navy Stores and to tea at William Miles’ to meet Miss Carter. Tired. Knitted in evening.

Thursday 26th November 1914

Took Eva to school. Shopped. Planted things in garden, Alys to working-party. I to tea with Miss Hoyt at Gunter’s and both to French Lecture by Doutrepont, Louvain Professor[9]. Very nice.

Friday 27th November 1914

Showery, nice between.
To Belgian Refugees all a.m. Folded sale of work notices. Friede to tea. Wade here. I to call on Miss A. Miles. Alan to call for Friede. Kitty in at 9. Ed called for her.

Saturday 28th November 1914

Very rainy.
Out with Alys, Eva and Philip. Eva and I to my Bank in motorbus. Out with Alys in drenching rain to shops. Miss Hinde in bus. Shops shut. Home. Ironed blouses upstairs. Message from Wandsworth! Dennis Embleton home at 11.30! We sat up. Talked of Netley.

Sunday 29th November 1914

Showery. Dull.
Alys and Dennis did car in a.m. Kitty, with Handesyde, Katherine, and George and Jack Barnard over in a.m! Dennis away at 2.30. Alys and I to supper at Styer’s.

Monday 30th November 1914

Rainy, fusty, warm.
Alys a cold. I took Eva to school. Wrote letters Uncle Doc and Tante. To Bowen and Mallon with Alys in p.m. and to Aunt Rosa’s working party. To library and home.

Bowen Mallon

Tuesday 1st December 1914

Very fine. Warm.
Took ‘bus to meet Miss Hoyt. She and I to Old Ford East. Mr Hunt, St Mark’s Victoria Park Bus back. To lunch in Jermyn Street. I to Golders Green. Alys to town. Children till 6.30. Changed spare-room.

Wednesday 2nd December 1914

Took Eva to school. Called on Aunt Louie. At 2.30 with Phoebe to Sussex Lodge and to Barnet in car with Phoebe driving with Commandant Tournay (wounded at Dixmude). He to tea at Shentons, and I and Cicely. Ted Drove him back and me. Alys called on Mabel.

Thursday 3rd December 1914

I unwell. Alys took Eva to school. I fetched her. Daisy Glover called. I to Selfridges for wool. To Aldwych for Refugees and to hear Professor Doutrepont, from Louvain, lecture. Knitted in evening.

Belgian refugees outside Hudsons Furniture Repository, Victoria Station, London 1914

Friday 4th December 1914

Squally. Awful showers and windy.
I to Refugees 10 to 12. Home, changed. With Alys to Compayne, lunch. Percy there! Home for 72 hours from Ypres! To Refugees again 2.30 to 5. Home. Ted and Phoebe in evening till 12.

Saturday 5th December 1914

To shops with Alys and children. I on to Kitty’s and Phoebe’s. Bought cakes, and walked back with Phoebe and dogs. Elsa and Max to tea. Alys and I out to supper and to see Kinemacolor in evening.

Sunday 6th December 1914

Frosty, dull.

Began Aldwych work. Belgian refugees. Read. Wrote. Out with Alys and children. Met Flights. Wade came. Alys and I at 3.30 with Ted in his car to fetch Commandant Tournay, who to tea with us. Phoebe too, also Claude Flight. Uncle Harold and Lois in after. Away at 6.15.

Monday 7th December 1914

Dull, warmer. Rain in p.m.
I took Eva to school. With Alys and pram in Golders Hill. To Aldwych 2.30. Escorted Belgian lady – Mrs Delaire – to Hendon (deaf). Then called on Mary Boosey and had tea there. Home. Sat up late, and Dennis came in 11.30 from meeting, where he spoke on tetanus.

Tuesday 8th December 1914

Lovely day.
Breakfast late. I out with Philip and then up to Heath and with Kit till 12.30. At 2.30 to Aldwych. Was sent to Earl’s Court, Refugees Camp. Back to Aldwych. To Labour Exchange, Mr Bridges. Back to Aldwych. Pat Ryan to tea. Home at 6.30. Alys and I to see Dennis off to Netley. 8.15 Waterloo. Home to bed 9.45.

Wednesday 9th December 1914

Dull, some drizzle.
Alys and I took Eva to school. On to Westminster to see M Merthens. On to Aunt Alice’s to lunch. Then at 3 to Aldwych and to Fuller’s to tea. Met Mrs Clive Davies. Tea with her. Home. Eva very good and sweet. Knitted and read.

Thursday 10th December 1914

Alys in all day with cold. Took Eva to school. On to St Saviour’s Home about Belgians. Met Madame Delaire. To “Highfield” and La Sagesse with her and back to Delamere. Mrs Reed and Miss Gibbs. Home to lunch. At 4, out to Aldwych and then to Lecture on “Verhaeren[1]”, Doutrepont. Very good. Home. Tired. To bed 9.45.

Friday 11th December 1914

Damp. Rain all p.m.
To Refugees – 10 to 12. Called for Eva. At 2.15 took blankets to “Highfield”, called for Madame Delaire; took her to Highfield. Home to tea. Shentons in evening. Ted read log.

Saturday 12th December 1914

Damp, foggy.
I off at 9 to Marylebone. Refugees. Met Vanden Avonds. Took them to Euston, and saw them off to Llangammarch (me: Powys, Wales) 10.37. Shopped. Home to lunch. Alys and Eva to Vernor Miles’ to party. I to Refugees at Club with Sale of Work things. Read and knitted in evening.

Sunday 13th December 1914

Alys, Eva and I stayed in all day. Very restful. Soap-bubbles! Phil out with nurse in p.m. Did my Odette dress.

Monday 14th December 1914

I to Hammersmith; called on Mrs Schots. Belgian Refugees. And to Townhall, and to the Stevens. To Aldwych. Belgian Refugees. Lunch at Eustace Miles Restaurant. To Aldwych again. To Aunt Rosa’s to tea, met Alys. Home with her 5.45. Read. Knitted.

Tuesday 15th December 1914

Stayed indoors all day! Resting. Stayed with baby, knitting. Wrote to Tante and Mrs Solly. Alys called on Ernie. Alys and I felt ill and headachey in evening.

Wednesday 16th December 1914

Bombardment of Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool – 16th

Bombing of Whitby, Scarborough, and Hartlepool

I to Aldwych 10. To Tooley Street, London Bridge. To Lady Webb’s, Ladbroke Road. With Uncle Harold to Waterloo. Lunch with him and Mr Hayward there. To London Bridge again. To St Paul’s. To Aldwych.  To 15 Victoria Street. Tea at Army and Navy Stores. To Aldwych. Home at 7. To bed early.

Thursday 17th December 1914

Went to Club-house. Cut sandwiches. Home to lunch. Dressed and back with Alys at 2.30. Sale of Work for Refugees’ Fund. Fun. Raffles. I gained fender stool and pouf, and picture. Made £58. Home 10.45.

Friday 18th December 1914

To Refugees. Helped tidy up stalls with Gaston. Called for Eva. At home in p.m.

Saturday 19th December 1914

Rain, thunder.
Out with Alys and Eva to shops. I on to Aldwych and to Somerset House to find Belgian relations. Lunch at Elphinstone’s. Met Aunt Alice, Poz and Doz at Kingsway Theatre. Saw “The Dynasts” by Thomas Hardy.

the dynasts
The Dynasts drawn by William Nicholson • 1914

Sunday 20th December 1914

Out in a.m. To Mrs Flight’s with Alys and children and to Refugees’. Dolly Willis and baby to dinner. Otto and Mabel called. Ted and Phoebe and Miss P to tea. Harry and Charley Buchanan in.

Monday 21st December 1914

Fine. Colder.
I out with Eva and Baby. Alys to Miss Reeves’. I out to town. Lunch with Susie Kardomah. To Aunt Rosa’s to tea and knit. letters about Miss Irwin’s death. Baby sick. Teething or berry. Dr Ensor in.

Tuesday 22nd December 1914

Dull. No rain.
Wrote to Tante and Miss Sophy. Dr Ensor in. I to lunch with Uncle Harold. To Shoolbred’s and then home to tea. Alys to tea with Friede. Dennis came, in time for dinner at 8!

Advert for Shoolbred's blouses 1914
Advert for Shoolbred’s blouses 1914

Wednesday 23rd December 1914

Dennis and Alys to buy tobacco. I took children out. Dennis and Alys out in p.m. to shop. I to see Madame Delaire at Convent with children and did paper chains. Dennis, Alys and I to dine at Troc, and to see Potash and Perlmutter[2].

Postcard promoting the 1913 play Potash and Perlmutter.

Thursday 24th December 1914

Fine. Frosty.
All out with children. Dennis to Wandsworth and War Office. Alys and I gardened 12 to 1.15. Alys and I out in afternoon to Barnes and little shops. Dennis back to tea. Read and knitted.


Friday 25th December 1914

Up late. Rocking horse, and presents. Phil cough and in bed. Wade here. Dennis and I worked in garden in p.m. Ivy. Presents for Eva later too. Quiet evening. Reading, knitting. Phil poultice.

Saturday 26th December 1914

Very wet and cold.
Knitted. Alys felt sick. Phil in bed again. Dennis and I did hoops in garden. Very very cold and rainy. I washed blouses. Effie and Jack to tea and Alan Baumer. Knitted and read in evening.

Sunday 27th December 1914

Fine. Dull.
Dr and Mrs Webb called. Baby better. I in garden with Dennis. Gardened hard all day. Alan and Friede in. Barby and Deedy. Dennis away to Netley in car at 6.30. Alys and I to Aunt Louie’s, and Charlie Buchnan’s.

Monday 28th December 1914

Warm. Rain in p.m. Snow and cold at 8.30.
Washed and ironed blouses. Out in garden washing path. Mended tweed skirt in p.m. Alys wrote letters. Alys and I did new dining room red chenille curtains in evening. Blizzard.

Tuesday 29th December 1914

Fine day. Cold.
Wrote to Tante and Uncle Doc. Helen came to lunch. Knitted and talked. I to take shoes to Madame Delaire. Alys and Eva to Mrs Flight’s. Mrs Webb in. Eva naughty. Miss Waley phoned.

Wednesday 30th December 1914

I off at 9.45 to Aldwych. Worked there all day, re Refugees. Unwell. To lunch at A. B. C. Tea in Allocation Department. Home at 7.15. Alys met me. Knitted. Read.

Thursday 31st December 1914

Rain a.m. Fine in p.m. Warm.
At 9.45 to Aldwych. Worked all a.m. Lunch 1.30 at E. M. In p.m. to fetch Madame Delaire. She to tea with us here. Took her to tube. Cut out Alys’ blouse. Wrote Ella.

Written at the back of the diary…

Irish man, house afire, put on trousers wrong side before, and jumped from window; ”Not hurt but, begorrah, I’m twisted”.

Mr McMurtry and milk instead of soup as not enough. Also one guest unexpected, a negro waiter who suggested hostess to be on diet, ie poached egg instead of crab. And something at each course, where only exactly a portion each was there.

Old man and Olney and Poughkeepsie Guard stopped train and old man said “oh daughter told me to take a pill at Poughkeepsie”.

Dentist and girl and diamonds – asked for jewels to be sent with man for inspection to dentists. Told dentist that her brother was very peculiar, suffering from toothache, and if he came they were to take out tooth immediately without talking about it. The only way. So directly jeweler’s assistant called, dentist and assistant swept him into chair and pulled a tooth; girl had disappeared with jewel case.

Boy keen on moths, and book “Advice to Mothers”

A seedy looking individual was asking bread of a prosperous farmer. “You have reddened your nose slightly by drink my man”, said the Farmer. “That’s my business” returned the tramp in a surly voice. “Well you have made a remarkable success of it” was the rejoinder.

Scotsman and dinner at swell Hotel, friend hoped it had pleased him. “ Ay Mon, those are pretty guid samples. Noo then, coom on wi’ the deener”.

Man entertaining old Scots friends had to leave them. On return found them seated amid a forest of empty champagne bottles, they saying “We wad like some Whusky man, these meeneral waters are vary fatayging”.

Senator awfully good at everything, trying golf for first time; ball very nearly in hole in 1st stroke. “By Heaven(2), missed it!(1)”.

Man coming in late, and upsetting gold-fish bowl. Wife over banisters. “Did you get hurt dear, what’s the matter?” “Nothing, but I’ll teach those darn goldfish to snap at me”.

Ford cars = road lice. Cheep cheep. “Not in society but good climbers”.

Palmist at Atlantic City – K.B.

Very good circulation, not susceptible to cold or wet. Take care not to get passion, or will have apoplexy. Very good nurse, very capable, very practical, fond of dogs, and horses. Can drive auto or horse. Has had vehicle accident. Trouble and difficult times between 30 and 35, after that very smooth. No money lack, later; very deep affection and nothing too much to do for friends, or those you love. Two husbands. Trouble with first one; 5 children, mostly boys. Great deal of travelling. Fond of games. Very sympathetic; and take other people’s troubles very much to heart.

Palmist at Atlantic City – E. D. D. (Tante)

Nervous temperament. Very ambitious and energetic, but some days can’t do anything and feel good for nothing. Very deep loyal affection for a very few people. Those who have once deceived you, no more use for. Very high ideals. Know the value of a dollar, but generous. Able to cook. Liver and kidneys not good, inclined to upset one some days and make things feel miserable. Able to argue well, and not easily downed. Always inclined to speak your mind. Live to 70 or 72 or longer. Serious accident or operation when young. Like to carry things through and liable to be very successful. Much interested in future of someone, have derived pleasure from them, they are younger than you, some relation possibly. Other relations have given trouble. Not many women you love greatly but very loyal to the few.

Palmist at Atlantic City – E. P. D. (Uncle Doc)

Rather difficult to approach, but if people dare, they find a big heart and much kindliness. Children love you always, climb on your knee. Struggle a good deal in young and through life, but not in future. Things going pretty well, plain sailing, but various troubles before, nothing very smooth. Take care not to get cold, or wet feet, might get pneumonia. You rather over-exert yourself. Nervous temperament Nervous mentally, not physically. Passionate lover. Attractive to girls, in youth and was fond of theatrical people. Very affectionate and like to please. Fond of music, art, possibly singing. An executive thumb. Bear big things bravely, but small things fuss and worry you “get your goat”. Good at science and analysis; always like to find why and wherefore of a thing you don’t take anything on hearsay. Do not care to argue, would rather let a thing drop. Good at original thought rather than following thought of others.

Captain O. P. Clarke, Commander on the Minneapolis
Voyage East July 25th.

Was the last one (or the Mesaba) to get a message about ice to the Titanic on Sunday evening. About 76 miles ahead of her. Saw the Olympic on Monday morning hurrying north, and they wouldn’t respond to signals or to wireless, but said “Get off, Do you know anything about the Titanic”.

Experienced being drowned – Terrible sensation (cramps tho’ a swimmer). Went through all that people say about past life being recalled, and it seemed months of useless, frightful struggling, before he was unconscious. He was picked up later, and restored which was also very painful.

Said it was fine that the Maure (Mauretania) and Lusi (Lusitania) and most of the 4 funnel vessels have one dummy funnel, as an air shaft. Quite an exploded idea; they have large boxes now, cattle also.

Shad fishermen great worry in to Delaware. Difficult river, with narrow channel, to navigate anyhow and adds to difficulty when the shad fishers are in the Channel, with their nets as they are in April. They won’t get out of the way, and its manslaughter if you run them down, and if you break their nets. Oh the language!

Captain Clarke has been awake and on the lookout for 72 hours at a time – from Baltimore all the way to Washington Avenue, in Philadelphia, ice all up the river. Fearful strain, and couldn’t sleep afterwards, so strung up. Went through all sorts of phases, great anxiety, and nervousness, then indifference, then anxious again. There is no limit to length of time a Captain must keep up, he is always responsible, even with pilot on board.

Minneapolis carried the victorious (to be) polo ponies over to New York.

Harry Langslow
Stanley Harris of Wyoming
Leverton Harris M.P.
Dr Jones
William Staake
Mike Tapper
Edwin Björkman

Fishing Stories
Two men and worms. One got many fish, other none. “My worm isn’t trying”.
Two men allowed to fish, and proprietor said “mind, if you lose anything, tackle, you’ll have to make good”. One said “What’s the red and green thing in the water called?” Other “A float”. Other lugubriously “mine’s sunk.”

Kitchener Stories:
Prince of Wales begging to be allowed to go to the front: “It doesn’t matter if I’m killed, lots of brothers to succeed. Very tough”.

Kitchener “I don’t mind you being wounded and I don’t mind you being killed, but I’m damned if I’ll have you taken prisoner”.

K of K and Kier Hardy, who had been making anti-recruiting speeches in Wales “I’m sorry to have to inform you, Mr Hardy, that if you repeat what you did yesterday, you will be shot, good afternoon”.

Swell lady and wounded Tommy, after visit “Would you like me to come again?” “Well, Mum, I’d rather you’d send your ‘ousemaid”.

Christian Science Lady going to be confined. Husband said he wished he could bear pain instead of her; C. S. said it could easily be arranged for the father to bear the pain. Child born, both parents very cheerful and well, but the good-looking footman was found writhing on the mat.

Tweeny and vaccination. Not arms because of carrying up coals. Not legs because always running about. Dr: Well, where? “Well, sir, I ‘ardly ever sits down.”

Dean’s wife expecting a baby said she would write history of Cathedral while indoors for months. Did so, and baby was born and book published at same time. Very good notice. Dean very proud of book. Friend wired “Saw notice in this morning’s paper, congratulations “meaning baby”. Dean wired back; “Thanks. My wife did this with no assistance from me, and very little from the Junior Dean”.


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