1907 London, Newcastle, Broadway, Southwold, Thurlestone, Westwick, Broadway, Le Pont,


1907 Diary

In 1907, Edward is 31 years old, Kate is 28 years old and Alys is 23 years old.


Tuesday 1st January 1907

Down hill with Dennis. Met Kit and Eddy. To lunch with them. Wrote a letter.

Wednesday 2nd January 1907


Thusday 3rd January 1907

To Mrs Hutchison’s – Game Party.

Friday 4th January 1907


Saturday 5th January 1907


Sunday 6th January 1907

Alys and Dennis to Lambolle (road in Belsize Park, NW3). For walk on Heath with dogs alone. To call on William Miles with Alys and Dennis.

Monday 7th January 1907

Alys to Poplar. I to town. Met Doris at Paddington. Home with her. She to stay here.

Tuesday 8th January 1907

To shops. Out with Kit. To dinner at Slater’s. Met Dennis there. To Peter Pan in evening. Pit. Doris, Alys, Dennis and self. Nice.


Wednesday 9th January 1907

Alys to fencing. Doris and I to town. Lunch and shopped a lot. Very tired. Alys to deformities with Dennis. At Shenton’s in evening.

Thursday 10th January 1907

Alys to German lesson. Alys and I called on Hill’s. Dennis home late. Doris to Harold Faraday’s to dinner and evening.

Friday 11th January 1907

Dolly up. For walk with her. To dentist, Mr D after with Doris. She had her tusk (tooth?) out with gas. To Hengler’s Circus later. Rotten show. Studio in evening. Tired.


Saturday 12th January 1907

Doris away in morning. Dolly and Helen up and for walk. To Studio in evening.

Sunday 13th January 1907

Alys, Dennis and I out with Watson’s in their car to Dunstable by St Albans. Lunch there and back by Watford and Kings Langley. Nice.

Dunstable High Street – 1907

Monday 14th January 1907


Tuesday 15th January 1907


Wednesday 16th January 1907


Thursday 17th January 1907


Friday 18th January 1907

Picnic Dance.

Saturday 19th January 1907


Picnic Dance 18th

Sunday 20th January 1907

To Prince’s Skating Rink[1]. Phoebe, Ted, Dennis, Alys and I and Miss Lomax. 3.00 to 7.00.


Monday 21st January 1907

To shops. Mrs Marsh. I unwell. Will[2] and Guy Cave and Phoebe and Ted to dinner. All to Empress Rooms to Union Dance. Very nice indeed.

Tuesday 22nd January 1907


Wednesday 23rd January 1907

Alys and Dennis to Caves for dance. And night. Phoebe and Ted to Bachelor’s Dance. I to concert next door. Buchanan’s.

Thursday 24th January 1907

I to Prince’s to fetch skates. Alys and I skated on top pond 1 ½ hours. Not bad.

The Ponds – Hampstead Heath

Friday 25th January 1907

Slept all afternoon. Dennis back to Aunt Bea’s.

Saturday 26th January 1907

To shops. All to Biggleswade to skate. Very good. Styers and Miss Péri and Henry Allingham and Mr Mitcham, Cecil, Phoebe and Ted and Dennis, Alys and self. 20 acres ice. Home at 1.15. Moonlight.

Union Dance 21st 4-4 + 6 = 4-10

Sunday 27th January 1907

Dennis up. All to Northwood after lunch and skated at Ruislip. Very wet. Thaw and rain.

Monday 28th January 1907

Alys to Poplar. Over to call on Aunt Alice.

Tuesday 29th January 1907

To Willy’s dance at Portman Rooms. Phoebe, Ted and I. Dennis too tired so he and Alys at home.

Wednesday 30th January 1907

To shops. Kitty in. Cousin Emily to lunch.

Thursday 31st January 1907

To Northampton with Uncle Harold to see Edward at St Andrew’s Hospital[3]. 1 ½ hour journey. Back to late dinner.

St Andrews Northampton.png

Friday 1st February 1907

To town with Kitty and lunch and shopped. To tea in Finchley Road. To fencing with Alys. Dennis up.

Saturday 2nd February 1907

To Agatha Hall’s Studio[1].

agatha shore.jpg
Ernest Henry Starling by Agatha Hall Shore

Painted Margy Wurtzburg all morning and till 3.30. Nice. To dine with William Miles (Alys and Dennis too) Mr Ryley, Mr Barber etc there.

Willy’s Dance – 29th.

Sunday 3rd February 1907

Mrs Smythe. To Hospital with Dennis; spent whole day at his work. I read “Amazing Marriage[2]”. Home at 4.30. Nice quiet evening. Uncle Harold and Lois in.

Monday 4th February 1907

Lois to sit for portrait to 11. I to skate on Lord Mansfield’s pond at 12. Styers too and Dr Glover. Very nice day. Tea at Styers at 4.45. Phoebe and Ted to skate with Waghorn.

Tuesday 5th February 1907


Wednesday 6th February 1907

To Finchley Road and shops. Then to Ruislip to skate.

Finchley 1907

Thursday 7th February 1907

Alys skated at Ruislip. Gave Anne 1 month’s notice. Down to shops. Then to Slade (lunch first) got crits on Lois and Alys’ portrait. Tonks and Steer, nice. To Mrs Styer’s dance. Very nice. Alys and Dennis didn’t come. Back at 3 am.

Friday 8th February 1907

Anne* was sent off. Packed off. We cleaned up a lot. Sweep came. Mrs Thurston in to clean up. Picnic dance. A very nice one. Seriellier and M Boulting and Bee there.

Saturday 9th February 1907

Mrs Thurston all day. Alys and I to Barnes and on to lunch with Dennis and at Hospital all afternoon. Tea with Reidinger from Hampton’s. Quiet evening. Phoebe and Ted to theatre with Waghorn.

Picnic – February 8th.
* Anne discovered to be dishonest and untruthful.

Sunday 10th February 1907

Miss Smythe helped. Alys and Dennis out for walk.

Monday 11th February 1907

Mrs Marsh. To Barnes. Lunched with Dennis in afternoon at Hospital.

Tuesday 12th February 1907

Wadie to spend day. Dennis depressed about opsonics.

Wednesday 13th February 1907

Margy Wurtzburg to tea. To Mrs G. E. B.’s in evening – to dinner.

Thursday 14th February 1907

In town alone all day. Saw Robert Brough’s[3] pictures and Modern Portrait Painters. With Mrs Styers to dine at Pioneer Club and debate on *.

Fantaisie en Folie by Robert Brough – Shown 1897 Royal Academy – Gold Medal 1900 Paris Exhibition

Friday 15th February 1907

Bad day. Kitty up to lunch. Mrs Vernor Miles called. Alys and I to dine with Dennis and on to “Gondoliers[4]” (pit) with Faradays and Mr Hick.

Act I of the 1907 D’Oyly Carte production at the Savoy Theatre

Saturday 16th February 1907

Shopped and to Kit’s. To town to International School.

* Debate on “Is Bernard Shaw justified in eliminating Romance from his plays” opened by Osman Edwards. Fun.

Sunday 17th February 1907

Up late to call on Styers. Shenton’s, Dennis and us. Alys bad cold.


Monday 18th February 1907

Alys and I to Newcastle. Ella a cold so did not meet us. Aunts well. I to Sime’s.

Tuesday 19th February 1907

Alys and I to town. Bought wool for baby socks. Knitted a lot.

Wednesday 20th Feburary 1907

Knitted all day! To Sissie in morning.

Thursday 21st February 1907

I unwell. Bad night. Knitted a lot. To tea at Aunt Ellen’s.

Friday 22nd February 1907


Saturday 23rd February 1907


Sunday 24th February 1907

Out – windy. Selby called. Effie to supper.

Monday 25th February 1907

To town in morning. “Question Tea” – 13 ladies to tea.

Tuesday 26th February 1907

To Mrs Burrell’s. Alys’ photo taken. Called at South View 4pm. Violet to tea. With Ella to Choir in evening (Dr Coward). Bach’s Mass in B minor, Elijah.

Wednesday 27th February 1907

Down to the sea. To Whitley with Sissie and Nelly too. Back to dinner. To Sissie’s with sketches.


Thursday 28th February 1907

Back from Newcastle by 12.42. Arrived at 6.15. Met by Dennis. Home. Dennis stayed with us.

Friday 1st March 1907

To shops etc. To Picnic Dance. Very good. Danced with Mr Curwen.

Saturday 2nd March 1907

To see Kitty. To interview Mrs Treson about Annie Stead. To Hospital. Tea and dinner with Dennis. Saw Bathye Shaw (?) and Prideaux.

Picnic 1st March

Sunday 3rd March 1907

Out for a walk.

Monday 4th March 1907

Out to town, bought hat (blue for best).

Tuesday 5th March 1907


Wednesday 6th March 1907

To Aunt Alice’s to lunch and tea. Alys to tea. To Prince’s in evening. Skated. Tired.

Thursday 7th March 1907

In bed all day with cold and headache. Read “The Parish Nurse” by Mary E. Mann. Alys to meet Agatha.

Friday 8th March 1907

In bed to breakfast. Out all day. Dennis up and to stay.

Saturday 9th March 1907

Out. Dennis brought Otto May up to tea.

Sunday 10th March 1907

Dennis and Alys worked all day at the clock for Opsonin. I at Studio. Painted. Read “A Dark Lantern” by Elizabeth Robins.

Monday 11th March 1907

Alys to Poplar. I to town. Shopped. Lunch. To National Portrait Gallery. Shenton’s to skate.

Tuesday 12th March 1907

To Agatha’s. Painted Margy all morning. Lunch at Hall’s. Painted till 3.30. Did blouse in evening. Alys to Badminton.

Wednesday 13th March 1907

Painted Bertha Thurston 10 to 1. 3/-. To town with Alys. Hat hunting. To tea with Dennis. Vegetarian Restaurant. Shentons to Waghorns.

Thursday 14th March 1907

Dennis’ 26th birthday. Painted Alys all morning. 2 hours. In mauve evening dress. To dine with Dennis. Dolly too and Mr Waller and Prideaux. Dolly up to sleep.

Friday 15th March 1907

Painted self, etc, In studio all morning. Picnic Dance. Rather nice – empty.

Saturday 16th March 1907

Painted Lois – 10 to 12. To lecture on Jane Austen at the Browne’s in Holford Road. Dennis and Alys back late. Mitcham to Shenton’s.

Sunday 17th March 1907

Tidied studio. Successful party of Ayrtons and Lois, Paul and Glads Adeney to tea at Studio. Read Jungle Stories in evening.

Monday 18th March 1907

Painted Bertha Thurston 10 to 12.45. To town, bought frame at Chapman’s, Chelsea. Met Alys at tea. Shopped.

Tuesday 19th March 1907


Wednesday 20th March 1907


Thursday 21st March 1907


Friday 22nd March 1907


Saturday 23rd March 1907


Sunday 24th March 1907


Monday 25th March 1907

Dined at Styer’s – nice.

Tuesday 26th March 1907

Did curtains. To lunch with Dennis. Called on West’s. Alys to German. Curtains again. Alys to Badminton. Wests called for my portrait of Lois. To Royal Academy!

Wednesday 27th March 1907

Did curtains. Nora Hill to tea.

Thursday 28th March 1907

To Royal Academy with drawing. To town. Chelsea, and called at Aunt Alice.

Friday 29th March 1907

Painted background to Bertha. Shentons off on car.

Saturday 30th March 1907

Did window-box and board. “Beware of Dogs!!” To Finchley Road. To Roundabouts and Boat-swings with Wade and K Warwick. Saw baby lions and giant rat.

Sunday 31st March 1907 – Easter Day

All in train to Amersham (with Mowgli). Walked to High Wycombe, through woods. Lovely. Lunch at Shardelowe Park. Tea at High Wycombe. 8 miles. Train home at 9.

Monday 1st April 1907

All off with sandwiches – Alys, Dennis, Dorothy, Mowgli and I to Great Missenden. Trap to Great Hampden. Lunch and tea there. Home at 8.30. Lovely day.

Tuesday 2nd April 1907

Dorothy away. Alys and Dennis did box for balcony. I made coconut ice and wrote.

Wednesday 3rd April 1907


Thursday 4th April 1907

Bertha at 10. Lunch with Uncle Harold. Dennis and Alys too at Pagani’s.

Friday 5th April 1907

Made green blouse – white spots.

Saturday 6th April 1907

Dolly Embleton up. To Agricultural Hall with Alys and Denis. Saw aeroplanes and Motor Show.

The Agricultural Hall Show, held 6th to 13th April 1907 at the Agricultural Hall, Islington

Sunday 7th April 1907

To pictures with Friede Flight. Sir E Waterlow’s[1] Studio

Mountainous Landscape in Winter by
Ernest Albert Waterlow RA ROI

and David Murray’s[2]

david mrurray.jpg
Flatford – Sir David Murray RA – 1907

and Alfred Parsons’[3].

Alfred Parsons.jpg
When Nature Painted all Things Gay by Alfred Parsons RA

Friede to supper.

Monday 8th April 1907

To National Gallery. Lunch with Dennis at Shoolbred’s.

Tuesday 9th April 1907

Bertha. Painted 3 hours.

Wednesday 10th April 1907

Painted Alys 2 hours. Called on Mrs Allingham. Dennis up to dinner.

Thursday 11th April 1907

Alys and Dennis to the Hay wedding at Sacomb.

Friday 12th April 1907

Picnic Dance.

Saturday 13th April 1907


Sunday 14th April 1907

Called on Styers’ To tea at Kit’s. Blaikleys, etc.

Monday 15th April 1907

Bertha to sit.

Tuesday 16th April 1907

Met Doris and saw her off. Called on Addie Hecht. Heard not accepted at Royal Academy.

Wednesday 17th April 1907


Thursday 18th April 1907


Friday 19th April 1907

To town all day. To Crèche Dance. Very jolly.

Saturday 20th April 1907

To Aunt Ammy’s. Saw her. She very ill. Lunch with Dennis. To New Gallery with Mrs Styer. Cab there and back. Alys to Hospital with Dennis.

Sunday 21st April 1907

Pouring rain. To tea at the May’s at Highbury. Nice.

Monday 22nd April 1907


Tuesday 23rd April 1907


Wednesday 24th April 1907

Dolly Embleton to lunch and tea (at Golders Hill).

Thursday 25th April 1907

Mrs Rosta and Erna and Margy to tea at Studio.

Friday 26th April 1907

I unwell. To Cootie’s Wedding At Home. To Comyns Carr’s evening.

Saturday 27th April 1907

To town with Alys.

Sunday 28th April 1907

To Albert Hall with Lois.

Monday 29th April 1907

Miss Smythe came. To town with Mabel Styer. Shopping and National Gallery.

Tuesday 30th April 1907

Lunched with Mrs Styer and on to “Votes for Women” by E Robins[4]at Court Theatre. Good. Dinner with Dennis in town.

Wednesday 1st May 1907

Ruth Turner to lunch. To Santley’s[1] Jubilee concert with Alys. Lovely.


Thursday 2nd May 1907

To Aunt Alice’s to lunch. Polly there. I to dinner-party at Wurzburg’s. Mr Rayner saw him home.

Friday 3rd May 1907

To Tottenham Court Road and Shea’s. Picnic Dance. Came away 1/2 through. Headache with Dennis and Alys.

Saturday 4th May 1907

Teeds to lunch.

Sunday 5th May 1907


Monday 6th May 1907


Tuesday 7th May 1907

To Academy alone.

Wednesday 8th May 1907

Called on Mrs E. V. Miles.

Thursday 9th May 1907


Friday 10th May 1907


Saturday 11th May 1907


Sunday 12th May 1907


Monday 13th May 1907


Tuesday 14th May 1907

Out on Heath. Dennis and I saw Alys off to Neuchâtel (me: Switzerland) at 21.20 with Dolly. To Kitty’s. Dull evening, alone at Studio.

Wednesday 15th May 1907

To Kitty’s. To “May’s Dance” Drill Hall. Jolly. Danced 11 times with Dennis.

Thursday 16th May 1907

Dennis away. Met Beatrice Davey at Wallace. I to dinner at Aunt Rosa’s.

Friday 17th May 1907

Dennis up to tea, To Wetherbee’s dance with him, Rather jolly. Home 1 am.

Saturday 18th May 1907

Out with Mowgli. Dennis headache. Phoebe and Ted to Pevensey. To Military Tournament afternoon. Nice. With Dennis. Nice evening. Read “Riddle of the Sands” Erskine Childers[2]. Very good.


Sunday 19th May 1907

Out with Mowgli. Read, etc Riddle of the Sands. Did boat a little. Cosy evening.

Monday 20th May 1907

Did boat all morning with Dennis. And I to tea at Aunt Alice’s. Wet. Dennis and I did boat all evening too. Put on a plank.


Tuesday 21st May 1907

Dennis away to hospital. To Broadway. Wrong train and arrived 9.45pm. Mowgli too.

Wednesday 22nd May 1907

Nice day.

Thursday 23rd May 1907


Friday 24th May 1907

Spent day in Stratford. Very nice. Fine on Avon in launch.

Saturday 25th May 1907


Sunday 26th May 1907

Rainy. Mowgli pains. To Church with Sylvia. I unwell. Called on Mrs Millet. Walk in evening.


Monday 27th May 1907

Up to London. Dennis met me. To Chelsea. He also to tea. On river steamer to Westminster.

Westminster Pier 1907 – the last year of the LCC Steamboat service on the Thames

Tuesday 28th May 1907


Wednesday 29th May 1907

Walked in Battersea Park with Mowgles. Bechstein Hall[3]. To Concert. Harrisons and Mr John Sargent[4] and Mr Von Glehn[5]there.

battersea 1907.jpg
Battersea Park 1907

Thursday 30th May 1907

Packed. After lunch to Charing Cross. Met Dennis. Alys back from Switzerland! All up home.

Friday 31st May 1907


Saturday 1st June 1907

Ironed blouses. Met Dolly and Dennis at A. B. C. for lunch. I giddy and had to lie down 2 hours there. Home in cab. Very sick.

Sunday 2nd Jun 1907

Stayed in bed. In drawing-room later. Shentons on river.

Monday 3rd June 1907


Tuesday 4th June 1907


Wednesday 5th June 1907


Thursday 6th June 1907

Alys and I to meet Ella who came to stay with us.

Friday 7th June 1907

On Heath with Ella. To library.

Saturday 8th June 1907

Teeds up to tea and stayed to dinner.

Sunday 9th June 1907

On Heath with Ella and to Studio. Dennis up. Aunt Alice to tea and supper. I to Barnet on tri-car with Ted before tea.

tri car.jpg
Advance 1907 Tricar

Monday 10th June 1907

Ella and I to lunch with Uncle Harold at Pagani’s. Alys to Poplar. Nelly Barnard up.

Tuesday 11th June 1907

To call on Kitty. And Cousin M. and J. Buchanan with Ella. Dennis and Alys to Roehampton. To dine at Carnegy’s with Ella. Dennis up with Alys.

Wednesday 12th June 1907

To Police-Court 10 am with Alys. Summonsed for no dog license. Ella to “The Liars[1]” with Nelly Barnard and to town with Alys. Quiet evening.


Thursday 13th June 1907

Ella unwell. I ironed blouses. To library and Kitty’s. Lois and Milly Miller to tea.

Friday 14th June 1907

Quiet day.

Saturday 15th June 1907

Dennis up to lunch. Did sofa springs. Nelly Barnard to tea. Jack Barnard called. Alys and Dennis to workshop.

Aunt Ammy died – Saturday 15th.

Sunday 16th June 1907

To Dr Horton’s Church with Ella. Kit up. Dorothy to lunch and tea. Nora and Dolly called. Dennis and Alys to Hospital and Northwood.

Monday 17th June 1907

Alys to Poplar. On Heath. To town with Ella Lunch at Lyons, Poplar. To (Royal) Academy. Home to tea. Ella, Alys and I to Aunt Rosa’s to dinner. Music. Nice.

Tuesday 18th June 1907

To lunch in town and to Harley Street. To tea at Kitty’s.

Wednesday 19th June 1907

Ella to meet Aunt Alice. Alys and I to New English and with Dennis to Roehampton.

Thursday 20th June 1907

Ella and I to tea at Highbury with Aunt Louie. I to dinner to Waterlow’s. Nice.

Friday 21st June 1907

To town with Ella. Shopped. Lunch at Oxford Circus. Ella to Fanny’s. To Wurtzburg’s dance. Ted took me on tri-car back and Miss Lomax.

Saturday 22nd June 1907

I to Ranelagh with Styers. Fun. Ella over Hospital with Dennis and Alys.

Tube open at Hampstead. 22nd. Free all afternoon.

Hampstead Tube.png

Sunday 23rd June 1907

Shentons at Flights’. I unwell. To Finchley Road with Ella. Wrote to Aunt Bella. All to tea at Aunt Rosa’s. Dennis too. Horace and Nelly called.

Monday 24th June 1907

Ella to Chelsea. Wet day.

Tuesday 25th June 1907

Dennis to breakfast. Down by tube with Shentons and Dennis. To Slade. Saw Mr Tonks. Lunch with Lois and Dennis. Back by tube.


Wednesday 26th June 1907

Needlework. Called on Mrs Innes. Ella home from Chelsea.

Thursday 27th June 1907

Alys to concert with E. Hall. Ella and I to town. Liberty’s etc.


Friday 28th June 1907

Saw Ella off to Newcastle 10am. With Uncle Harold to his new works. To lunch at Mrs Hutchison’s to meet Harding’s. To prize-giving at Slade, Strawberry Tea. To dance at Aunt Rosa’s 8 -12.

Saturday 29th June 1907

To Butt and Rumford[2] concert. A. H. with Lois. Tea at Agatha’s studio. Shentons in for evening.

butt rumford.jpg
Dame Clara Ellen Butt and her husband, Kennerley Rumford

Sunday 30th June 1907

Dennis a bad cold. Alys and Otto called on Wetherbee’s. Shentons in. Phoebe read “Captains Courageous[3]” aloud.

Monday 1st July 1907

Dennis in bed all day. Mabel Styer up. Talked of her engagement. Mrs Ayrton and Baby and Kitty to tea. I met Phoebe and Ted at Lyons, Pop (me ?Poplar). For dinner. To pit to see John Glayde’s “Honour” – nice.

glaydes honour.jpg

Tuesday 2nd July 1907

Dennis up.

Wednesday 3rd July 1907


Thursday 4th July 1907



Friday 5th July 1907

Down to Southwold. Hot. Dennis too. To Mrs Fish’s.

Saturday 6th July 1907


Sunday 7th July 1907


Monday 8th July 1907


Tuesday 9th July 1907

Dennis to town by early train. 7.30. Alys and I bathed. Aunt Alice operated on for her toe.

Wednesday 10th July 1907


Thursday 11th July 1907


Friday 12th July 1907

Dennis down again. Bathed. Alys and Dennis bathed again afternoon.

Saturday 13th July 1907

Bathed. Lovely.

Sunday 14th July 1907

Bathed before breakfast. Raft out. Lovely. Walked to Covehithe and bathed on sand (Dennis and I) lovely and hot and fine.


Monday 15th July 1907

Bathed, lovely. Hot. Walked to Walberswick and bathed there later (Alys and Dennis).

Southwold ferry.png

Southwold-Walberswick Ferry c. 1907


Tuesday 16th July 1907

All up to town by early train – 7.30.

Wednesday 17th July 1907

Margaret and Dolly up. Kitty also and Dennis.

Thursday 18th July 1907

I down to see Kitty. Margaret to stay with us till 29th.

Friday 19th July 1907

Met Tades in town and to tea at Aunt Alice’s.


Saturday 20th July 1907

Travelled to Thurlestone with Mrs Ayrton and Virginia and Miss Horan. Stayed at Court Barton. Jolly farm-house. Fleas!!!


Sunday 21st July 1907

Down to sands with pram. Hot day. Lovely. Rested – read “Persuasion[1]”.

Monday 22nd July 1907

To sands. Just Mrs Ayrton, Virginia and I. I bathed. Very nice.

Tuesday 23rd July 1907

I unwell, rain.

Wednesday 24th July 1907

Virginia a cold. Sea-mist. Miss Horan and I for little walk.

Thursday 25th July 1907

Misty. Virginia kept in her room with sore throat. Mrs Ayrton and I walked to Buckland and got raspberries.

Friday 26th July 1907

Virginia better. Mrs Ayrton a cold. To village. Wrote to Kitty and Dorothy and Dennis and Alys.

Saturday 27th July 1907

Nice hot morning. Lovely walk by cliff to Bantham. Mrs Ayrton bad cold and throat. Caught 3 fleas!


Mr G. E. Barnard (me: Kitty’s father) died July 21st.

Sunday 28th July 1907

Mrs Ayrton in bed all day. I out twice. Packed.


Monday 29th July 1907

Drove to Kingsbridge. I home to London. Alys met me. Dennis up at 11.30.

Tuesday 30th July 1907

Down to see Kitty. Mrs Embleton to stay with us. Called on Aunt Rosa. Dennis to dinner and evening.

Wednesday 31st July 1907

To town shopping with Mrs Embleton. She to Northwood to tea and dinner. Alys and I to see Kitty and on Heath. Worked.

Thursday 1st August 1907

Mrs Hutchison took us all to see Aida – Verdi[1]. Very good. Dennis and Peter too.

Friday 2nd August 1907


Saturday 3rd August 1907

Mrs Embleton, Dennis, Alys and I dined in town and went to Faust (Moody Manners)[2]. Very good. Enjoyed it.

Sunday 4th August 1907

All to Church with Mrs Embleton. Walk in evening in fields.

Monday 5th August 1907

To Amersham – walked and picnicked. Nice day.

1907 amersham.jpg

Tuesday 6th August 1907

To Academy?

Wednesday 7th August 1907

Mrs Embleton away. Alys and I looked at Studios, etc.

Thursday 8th August 1907


Friday 9th August 1907



Saturday 10th August 1907

Alys and Dennis and Dolly to Sir Victor Horsley’s[3] at Westwick in Norwich to stay. I to Southwold to stay with Kitty and Eddy. Nice on pier in evening.

Sir Victor Horsley

Sunday 11th August 1907

Up and bathed before breakfast. Lovely. Walked to harbour. Drove all by Henham in pony trap. Early to bed.

Monday 12th August 1907

Bathed. Very rough. Kitty’s golf-lesson 2.30pm. On pier to concert in evening.


Tuesday 13th August 1907

Bathed – lovely. Back from Southwold at 2.20. Alys met me.

Wednesday 14th August 1907

To Samuel’s to be fitted for Omne Tempus coat and skirt. Tea with Dennis.

omne tempus coat.jpeg

Thursday 15th August 1907


Friday 16th August 1907


Saturday 17th August 1907

Packed. Down to Horsley’s with Dennis and Alys. Met by a car at North Walsham. I sat on Sir Victor’s right hand at dinner and all meals.

Very nice. 14 of us in party. Played billiard-fives. Jolly. Mr and Mrs Gerald Horsley and Dr Clarke and Dr and Mrs Whittaker there and Cecily Ross.

Sunday 18th August 1907

Down to bathe with Dolly and Miss Cecily Ross and Siward and Oswald Horsley. Lovely. After lunch in Daimler car for 85 miles. Tea at Wells’ round by Sheringham and Cromer. Lovely.*



Monday 19th August 1907

Up at 6.30. Up to town by 8.10 train. Dolly, Dennis, Alys and self. Very sleepy. Slept all afternoon. Mrs Embleton to dinner. Alys to Barns with Dennis. He up late.

Tuesday 20th August 1907

Alys to Barnes with Dennis.

Wednesday 21st August 1907

Was fitted at Ludgate Circus. Ted up to tea. Mileham to dinner and to Studio. Bought clock. Dennis up 11.00.

Thursday 22nd August 1907

Tidied wardrobe in spareroom all morning. Dennis up to dinner. Out for walk.

Friday 23rd August 1907

Unpicked Mother’s opera cloak, etc. Called on William Miles. They abroad. Alys to tea with Dennis.

Saturday 24th August 1907

To town. Morants (me: Kate and Alys’ late father’s firm in Bond Street). Met Margaret. Lunch with her and Dennis. She up to tea with us. Dennis up. Out to Golders Green for walk.

* Lovely ride in car (56 horse power?) on 18th (Alys, Dennis, 2 Horsley boys, Dolly and Cecil Ross – driven by Maurice (chauffeur). Once went at 44 miles-an-hour. Speed!

Sunday 25th August 1907

Alys, Dennis and I and Koks to Shiplake to spend day with F. Barnards. Lovely day.

Monday 26th August 1907

Awful day. Gloomy and dark. Henry Allingham called.

Tuesday 27th August 1907

Very fine – washed and ironed my evening dress (white). To town to buy tennis shoes.

Wednesday 28th August 1907

To spend the day at Abbots Langley. 11.5 Euston with Hills. Very nice day. Lovely. Hot. Tennis and croquet, etc. Enjoyed all very much. Home (drove to Watford then Victoria and pair) at 8.30.

Thursday 29th August 1907


Friday 30th August 1907


Saturday 31st August 1907


Sunday 1st September 1907


Monday 2nd September 1907


Tuesday 3rd September 1907

Paperhangers, etc in drawingroom. To lunch at Halls. Drove to National Gallery with Agatha.

Wednesday 4th September 1907


Thursday 5th September 1907


Friday 6th September 1907

Jim Embleton (me: Dennis’ brother) home.

Saturday 7th September 1907

Down to Lambolle Road. Embletons to tea and dinner.

Sunday 8th September 1907

Embletons all day.

Monday 9th September 1907


Tuesday 10th September 1907


Wednesday 11th September 1907


Thursday 12th September 1907


Friday 13th September 1907

My birthday – 28th. To National Gallery. Alys met me for lunch. Mrs Embleton and Dennis and Lois, Paul, Eric, Milly to Studio evening.

Saturday 14th September 1907


Sunday 15th September 1907


Monday 16th September 1907


Tuesday 17th September 1907


Wednesday 18th September 1907


Thursday 19th September 1907

To National Gallery. Tea and tennis at Styers. Dinner at William Miles.

Friday 20th September 1907

To National Gallery. Dinner at Kitty’s. Gordon Forbes there.


Saturday 21st September 1907

Down to Broadway to Miss Tennant’s – for weekend.

Sunday 22nd September 1907

To Aunt Ada’s to lunch and Aunt Alice’s (at Stanton) to tea. And Ada’s at supper.


Monday 23rd September 1907

Left by 11.35 for London.

Tuesday 24th September 1907

To town for A’s O. T. To call on Mrs Glanville and to tennis and supper at Styers. Gallatly to supper.

Wednesday 25th September 1907


Thursday 26th September 1907

To National Gallery. Met Mr Tonks on way home up Holly Hill.

Friday 27th September 1907

To National Gallery.

Saturday 28th September 1907

Lunch in town and across to call on Poz and Doz at Chelsea. Shentons and Miss Lomax and Willy to see “Brewsters Millions[1]“.

brewster's millions.jpg
A Programme for ‘The Dumb Cake’ and ‘Brewster’s Millions’ at the Hicks Theatre in 1907, shortly after the Theatre opened. ‘Brewsters Million’ ran for 321 performances. The Theatre is now known as the Gielgud Theatre.

Sunday 29th September 1907

Painted Dennis. To call on Miles’es and Ayrton’s and Harold Faraday’s and supper at Styers.


Monday 30th September 1907

To Broadway and to stay with Aunt Alice at Stanton.

Tuesday 1st October 1907


Wednesday 2nd October 1907


Thursday 3rd October 1907

I unwell. Drove to Chipping Camden.

Friday 4th October 1907



Saturday 5th October 1907

Back from Broadway. Met by Dennis. Heard Shenton’s new gramophone records. Yeomen of the Guard[1] – Waghorns and Miss Lomax there.

Sunday 6th October 1907

Met Mr Tonks. Painted Dennis. Faradays in. Dorothy to dinner. Walked on Heath. Alys and Dennis sailed on Welsh H. To Shentons to tea – Mileham and Dorothy. Phoebe read aloud.

Monday 7th October 1907

Miss Smythe – my week. Alys and I to town. Bought white cloth for my dress. She did blue silk petticoats.

Tuesday 8th October 1907

To Mrs Lymcox. Jim up to tea. Dennis up to dinner.

Wednesday 9th October 1907

To town, shopped. Tea with Dennis. To see Kitty. Shentons 1st dancing class.

Thursday 10th October 1907

Jim to 3 Mandeville Place. Mabel at 11. I painted her. Agatha Hall and Mabel to lunch and called on Mrs Waghorn. I to see The Gay Gordons[2] with Shentons. Good Seymour Hicks, etc.

gay gordons.jpg

Friday 11th October 1907

To dinner (and theatre) at Waghorns. To see Amasis at Camden.

Saturday 12th October 1907

To town, bought 2 silk dress lengths. To lunch with Dennis and Alys at Shoolbreds. To Albert Hall Ballad concert. Read aloud to Dennis and Alys.

Sunday 13th October 1907

Dennis to see Jim operated on by Horlsey at 10.00 (me: possibly pituitary tumour operated on via transcranial approach). Painted Alys and self. Met Mr Tonks. Called on Phyllis Waterlow. She out. To tea with Kitty. To supper at Ayrtons.

Monday 14th October 1907

Down to see Kitty. To see Jim. He in great pain. Tea with Dennis. He to dinner. Alys and Dennis did boat. Painted self in evening.

Tuesday 15th October 1907

Did pink bodice. Alys to see Kitty. Lunch with Dennis. Shopped in town. Called on Mrs Watson. Dennis to dinner.

Wednesday 16th October 1907

To Mrs Symcox. To debate at Styers on Elizabeth Robins[3]. And stayed to dinner.

Thursday 17th October 1907

With Mrs Styer to Pioneer Club[4] to dinner.

Friday 18th October 1907

Aunt Alice to lunch and tea. To see Jim. Shentons to dancing class with Miss Lomax and Cecil.

Saturday 19th October 1907

To see Jim. To dance at Empress Rooms. Dorothy, Dennis, Alys, Shentons, etc.

Sunday 20th October 1907

Ayrtons in morning. Hurricanes diabolo on roof. I to see Jim. Tea with Dolly in town. Dennis and Alys to see Jim. I called on Kit, Shentons and Waghorns.


Monday 21st October 1907

Alys to Poplar – I made blouse and to see Jim. At Shentons. Friede Flight and gramophone. Alys bad night.

Tuesday 22nd October 1907

Alys in bed or on sofa all day. I painted Mabel. To see Jim and tell Den – about Alys. Read “The Lightning Conductor[5]” in evening.

Wednesday 23rd October 1907

To Mrs Symcox. Dolly came and stayed. Shentons to class with Miss Lomax.

Thursday 24th October 1907

Did blouse. To see Jim.

Friday 25th October 1907

To National Gallery. Dolly away. To see Jim. Read “Esther Waters[6]” Geo. Moore and did Irish lace crochet. Den to dinner and boat with Alys, after.

Saturday 26th October 1907

To see Jim. Dennis and Alys did boat. I did Irish lace all evening. Washed head and cried.

Sunday 27th October 1907

To see Jim. To lunch at Aunt Alice’s and tea and then to Uncle Harold’s. Supper there. Dennis and Alys did boat. Shentons to supper at Lomaxes.

Monday 28th October 1907

Alys to Poplar. I painted chair in Mabel’s portrait. To enquire after Elsa. To see Jim. Did Irish crochet in evening. In at Shentons. Ted back at 11.00. Den up.

Tuesday 29th October 1907

Alys and I to Northampton to see Edward. Nice visit. Home at 6.00. Dennis up. Alys and I slept in spare room.

Wednesday 30th October 1907

Up late. No lunch but to Matinee “Phèdre” Sarah Bernhard alone. Lovely. Alys to Barnes with Dennis. Ruth up. Shentons dancing class.

“Phèdre” with Sarah Bernhard

Thursday 31st October 1907

To National Gallery with Lois. To see Jim. To tea at Collins for Doris Paull.

Friday 1st November 1907

To National Gallery. Unwell so home. I slept all afternoon.

Saturday 2nd November 1907

To tea with Aunt Louie and to supper at Otto May’s home. Nice but sad. Shentons to Empire Rooms Dance.

Sunday 3rd November 1907

Shentons to Waghorns. I to see Jim in morning. Nice visit. To Thurlestone tea party at Ayrton’s. Nice. To supper at Aunt Rosa’s. Cross to Shentons.

Monday 4th November 1907

With Alys in town. Shopped. Lunch at Pagani’s. With Alys, Wade and Katie to see the Mollusc[1]. Charles Wyndham, Mary Moore.

Sir Charles Wyndham and Miss Mary Moore in “The Mollusc.” The two would marry in 1916.

Tuesday 5th November 1907

To call on Kitty. To see Jim. To New English Art Club with Alys. Dennis up. To see procession and bonfire on Heath with Mrs Styer, Mr Gallatly and Alec Tweedy.

Wednesday 6th November 1907

Did my purple evening dress. Out with dogs. Read “The Secret Agent” by Joseph Conrad[2]. Called on Maei Barnard. To see Jim.

Thursday 7th November 1907

To National Gallery.

Friday 8th November 1907

To Picnic Dance.

Saturday 10th November 1907


Dennis stayed on November 5th – Anniversary of the engagement – 1906.

Sunday 10th November 1907

Painted Dennis. Called on Mrs Lewis Baumer. To see Jim.

Monday 11th November 1907


Tuesday 12th November 1907


Wednesday 13th November 1907


Thursday 14th November 1907

To National Gallery. Finished St Catherine. Talked to Miss Elmslie – Nice. Alys to Mrs Bertie Buchanan. To call on Miss Clarke. To see Jim. Dennis up.

st catherine
Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Artemisia Gentileschi

Friday 15th November 1907

To National Gallery. Began copying Tiepolo’s Marriage of Frederick I. Nice to see Jim. Met Alys there and to tea at Nelly Barnard’s studio. Henry Allingham in evening.

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo – The Marriage of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to Beatrice of Burgundy

Saturday 16th November 1907

Out with Mabel to Miss Lily Montagu’s service and lunch in town and to Jewish service at Wharncliffe rooms. Back to tea and supper at Styer’s.

The Hon. Lilian Helen “Lily” Montagu

Sunday 17th November 1907

Began painting Dennis, but Ayrtons called. Diabolo but with Lois, Paul and Laurie. To South Kensington Museum and tea and to supper with them.

Monday 18th November 1907

Made it up with Ted – cried. Painted Mabel, very dark. To lunch with Kitty and on to see Jim. Back with Alys and Dennis. Cecil’s for boat building. Bed at 12.45.

Tuesday 19th November 1907

Did washing and ironing blouse, etc. To see Jim after lunch. Met Ted and tea at Guy’s. Home and to dinner at Vernor Miles’ new house. Alys to Ayrtons and Badminton. Up till 12.00 with Shentons, Willy and Cecil.

Wednesday 20th November 1907

To debate on Thomas Hardy with Mrs Styers. Miss Desterre said I was a promising speaker as I had self possession, good phrasing and simplicity.

Thursday 21st November 1907

Saw Miss Ashworth at Shenton’s breakfast. To National Gallery. Lois and I to see Jim. Tea in town. Out on tri-car with Ted to Highgate. Evening with Phoebe and Bee over P’s dress.

Friday 22nd November 1907

Not to National Gallery – too dark. Out with Phoebe and dogs to Flights. Cut out black silk skirt. Rested. To dancing class. Miss Ashworth home with us.

Saturday 23rd November 1907

Cut out black silk skirt. To tea at Shenton’s. They to Barn Dance and took Miss Ashworth.

Sunday 24th November 1907

Walk with Phoebe. Rested. Miss Ashworth with Watsons. Tea at Shentons. Waghorns and Shentons to supper and trios.

Monday 25th November 1907

Painted Mabel. She to lunch.

Tuesday 26th November 1907

Did black dress. Kitty to lunch. To see Jim.

Wednesday 27th November 1907

To tea at Elsa’s. To dancing-class. Alys too. Nice.

Thursday 28th November 1907

To National Gallery. To Jim’s. Heard that Dennis will get appointment at Hospital. To Aunt Alice’s to tea. Arranged wedding on 20th December. Den to Brook Deedes[4] about banns.

Friday 29th November 1907

I unwell. To town with Alys to chose stuff for wedding dress. To see Jim. To Picnic Dance.

Saturday 30th November 1907

To Empress Room dance with Shentons and Miss Ashworth. Nice.

Sunday 1st December 1907

To Church with Dennis and Alys – 1st Banns up. To see Jim in afternoon and stayed to tea. Miss Ashworth in here. Evening at Shentons. Willy also.

Monday 2nd December 1907

Painted Mabel. She to lunch. Met Dennis and Alys in town (Alys from Poplar). Chose chairs at Morants. To shops. Shopped. Sent off invitations for 20th. Shentons to Bee’s.

Tuesday 3rd December 1907

In bed all day with cold. Read Jude the Obscure[1] – hated it. In to Shenton’s in evening in nightgown. Phoebe read aloud. Nice.

Wednesday 4th December 1907

In bed to breakfast. Aunt Alice to lunch and tea.

Thursday 5th December 1907

In bed all day. Evening at Shenton’s. Ted not well.

Friday 6th December 1907

In bed to breakfast. Jim up in evening in motor cab.

Saturday 7th December 1907

In bed to breakfast. Aunt Alice up at 10.45 and stayed till 4pm. I to tea at Ted’s and Phoebe’s. Bee and Miss Thomas there. I spent evening and dinner with Shenton’s.

Sunday 8th December 1907

Out for walk. Felt better. Dorothy and Dolly Embleton to tea and Dolly to supper.

Monday 9th December 1907

Quite well. Aunt Alice up to lunch. Alys and I to town, Shopped and to Princes and Cooks.

Tuesday 10th December 1907


Wednesday 11th December 1907


Thursday 12th December 1907

Tidied up. To town. Shopped for wedding. Tried on. To Hill’s to dinner.

Friday 13th December 1907

Tidied up. To town with Dolly and Lois. Poured. To Symcox,. Polly and Dorothy to dinner. Shentons to Ashworth’s for weekend.

Saturday 14th December 1907

Pouring rain. Will Cave to dinner.

Sunday 15th December 1907

Ayrtons up. Tidied out drawers and boxes and desk, etc, All day. Hard work.

Monday 16th December 1907

Warehousemen from Shoolbred’s to take my furniture.

Tuesday 17th December 1907


Wednesday 18th December 1907

Aunt Alice to lunch, also Margaret and Mrs Embleton. To town.

Thursday 19th December 1907


Friday 20th December 1907

Arranged presents. Alys married to Dennis at 2pm at Parish Church (me: St Johns, Hampstead). I received 30 or 40 relations at flat. Dorothy stayed and to Picnic Dance with me.

Scan 33

Saturday 21st December 1907

Dorothy stayed to lunch. I packed, cried – very sad. At 6.30 drove to Styer’s with luggage. Dined and slept there. Mabel slept with me.

Sunday 22nd December 1907

Bad sore throat. Felt very ill. Started at 9.30 for Victoria. Styers and me. Travelled to Paris. Slept there – “Moderne Hotel” – Rue Parrot. Nice.

Le Pont, Lac du Joux, Switzerland

Monday 23rd December 1907

On to Vallorbe where dined at 7pm. I then to Le Pont[2] . Arrived about 9. Grand Hotel du Lac de Joux.

Lac de Joux and Lac Brenet, Vallée de Joux, picture taken from the Dent de Vaulion

Tuesday 24th December 1907

Bought postcards. Skated on Lake Brenet. Tobogganed after lunch. Rested ½ hour. Wrote letters.

Les Brenets

Wednesday 25th December 1907

Skated all morning. I unwell. Xmas tree. Impromptu dancing.

Thursday 26th December 1907

Skated all morning. Played Bandy (Ice hockey after lunch)[3]. Great fun. Large dance in evening. Danced with Mr Cockerell and Mr Brunner and Paddy O’Brien.

Bandy 1907 Switzerland

Friday 27th December 1907

Snow all day. Went for a very deep snow walk.

Saturday 28th December 1907

Got schees (me: ski’s) and tried ski-ing. Great fun. Walk in afternoon and toboggan back.

Sunday 29th December 1907

Went with sleigh and “sailing” 4 luges. To Mollendruz[4]. Field too. Slept all pm. Wrote to Nell Sime. Lots of fresh arrivals. Concert.

Monday 30th December 1907

With Wilfred to speak about ski’s. Tried to sketch. Went skiing with Wilfred after lunch and tobogganed (talked to Canadian). Games in evening.

Tuesday 31st December 1907

Skated. Very bad ice on Lac Brenet. Moved to Dependance. Dance in evening.

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