1907 February Footnotes

[1] Agatha Shore (1878-1950) studied at the Slade between 1898-1901 and exhibited at the New English Art Club. She married a professor of physiology at Cambridge and then exhibited regularly with local artists.

[2] The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith. Published 1895.  It repeats the theme of Lord Ormont – that a wife is free to leave a husband who does not recognize her as an equal.

[3] Robert Brough (1872 – 1905) was an extremely successful and promising portrait painter and illustrator before his early death in a train accident. He attended art school in Aberdeen before studying in Edinburgh and in Paris. In 1897 Brough moved to London and became a friend and protégé of John Singer Sargent.

[4] The Gondoliers; or, The King of Barataria is a Savoy Opera, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. This was the twelfth comic opera collaboration of fourteen between Gilbert and Sullivan.

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