1906 Nice, London, Stratford-on-Avon, Great Missenden, Pevensey Bay, Oxford, Newcastle, Bristol, Cornwall, Chelwood Gate, Brockenhurst


1906 Diary

In 1906, Edward is 30 years old, Kate is 27 years old and Alys is 22 years old.

Nice, France

At beginning of Diary

1st Dover to Calais 1887
2nd Boulogne to Folkestone 1888

3rd Dover to Calais 1894
4th Antwerp to Harwich 1894

5th Dover to Ostend 1897
6th Antwerp to Harwich 1897

7th Queenboro’ to Flushing 1898
8th Flushing to Queenboro’ 1898

9th Ostend to Dover (1) 1900
10th Dover to Ostend (2) 1900

11th Dover to Ostend 1902
12th Ostend to Dover 1902

13th Dover to Ostend 1903
14th Ostend to Dover 1903

15th Dover to Ostend 1904
16th Ostend to Dover 1905

17th Dover to Calais 1905
18th Calais to Dover 1906

Monday 1st January 1906

Out with Alys on promenade. Very cold. Mistral east wind. To Jettée concert with Uncle Pierre. Lovely. To tea at Vogarde’s. Fun. Belgian officer there. Quiet evening.

Tuesday 2nd January 1906

Dull and cold. To “Thos Cook’s” and then to Jettée concert. Nce. Aunt Bella too. Out with Aunt Bella in tram to Port, and all round. Nice. 10 cent. Played patience in evening. Read.

Wednesday 3rd January 1906

Rainy. Alys and I to Jettée concert alone. In afternoon to casino. Guignol[1] full so read papers. Major de Broue and his little girl called. Also de Coupigny’s etc. Uncle Pierre won 5 francs.


Guignol – French puppets

Thursday 4th January 1906

To concert (2nd half). Armchairs. Letter from Ted. To Ponchettes for walk with Alys and then to Music Hall at casino. Clever poodles. Dull weather.


Friday 5th January 1906

Dull weather. To concert, Aunt Bella later. To flower market.

Cours Saleya (flower market), Nice – 1905

To St Philippe and a long walk with Mademoiselle Acher. Quiet evening. Read Loti[2]. Letter from Phoebe. Nice.


Saturday 6th January 1906

To concert. Aunt Bella later. Nice. Chez “Thos”. Dull weather. To Mont Boron in tram with Alys. Shopped. To casino and Cercle in evening.

Mont Boron.jpg

Sunday 7th January 1906

To concert. Wrote to Phoebe and Ted. Lovely music. Bohème and Ave Maria. Sore throat. Out with Alys in afternoon. The de B’s paid calls. Letter from Ted.

Monday 8th January 1906

Sore throat so not out. Wrote to Ted. Very giddy at lunch. Up to bed. Giddy and headache all afternoon. No tea. Soup for supper. Alys out with Antoinette.

Tuesday 9th January 1906

Stayed in bed all day with cold. Read “A Foregone Conclusion”[3]. Howells and Frederick. Alys to Cimiez[4] with Gouzée and Acher. Lovely day.


Wednesday 10th January 1906

Up and to concert (Verdi). Very tired. Rested all afternoon. Slept. Alys to Villefranche with Antoinette. Spoke to Monsieur Gervaisie at concert!


Thursday 11th January 1906

Alys to concert with Pierre. I at home, darned stockings and talked to Aunt Bella. All to Monte Carlo in afternoon. Played there, and had coffee. Lovely place. Home at 6 o’clock. Lovely letters from Phoebe and Ted.


Friday 12th January 1906

Wrote to Shentons. Letter from Phoebe. To concert. Very full. Nice. Shopped in afternoon and rested. Alys bad headache so could not come to “Romeo and Juliet” at Casino with us. Lovely.

Saturday 13th January 1906

To concert early. Alys and I first. Lovely. Gouzée’s and Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre later. To Cimiez with Aunt Bella. Afternoon tea (good coffee) at Riviera Palace Hotel.

Romeo – Monsieur Imbard de la Tour. Miss Grenville.

Sunday 14th January 1906

To concert. Lovely. Sigurd[6]. Many singers. Sketched. To races after lunch with Uncle Pierre. Lovely. Grand Prix de Nice. Steeplechase. Crowds. To Cercle in evening. Fun. Crowds.

Monday 15th January 1906

To Menton[7] on brake with Alys.

Menton, 1906

Lovely perfect day. Via (la corniche) La Turbie[8];

La Turbie 1906

Back by Monte Carlo and Monaco, Beaulieu, Villefranche. Saw Cap Ferrat. Lovely. Home 6.

C.R. Doyly-John (1906-1993), “Cap Ferrat near Nice”

Tuesday 16th January 1906

To concert. Lovely, sketched little viola, etc. Out to shops. To tea at Madame Achers. To Cercle.

Wednesday 17th January 1906

To concert. Lovely. Met Jaffé and Madame Lyon.

Thursday 18th January 1906

To concert. Lovely. Amore’s solo. La Mouche etc. Packed. To station with Uncle Pierre and our trunks. To Music Halls with Aunt Bella. Good. To Vogade’s to tea. Baccarat till 9.30. Alys and I away at 10. They saw us off. 10.40 pm.

Friday 19th January 1906

Comfortable night. Carriage to ourselves. Lovely sunrise. Man got in at Dijon at 1 o’clock. Lunched in train. Arrived Paris 6.10. To Duval’s Hotel. Dinner and to bed.

Hotel Duval d’Espremenil, 15 rue Bertin Poiree, Paris, 1908

Saturday 20th January 1906

Rolls and coffee in bed at 8. Up and to Louvre at 10.00. To Gare du Nord at 11.00. Off at 12 to Calais. Lunch on train. Nice crossing. Home at 8.00. Stayed at Shentons. Tades and Sylvia. Muse Wallace and Lucy still in our flat.

Sunday 21st January 1906

Slack. Rainy. Wrote letters to Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre (French). Tea at No 8. Kit and Eddy up. Uncle Harold in evening for 5 minutes.

Monday 22nd January 1906

Did washing. Unpacked. Alys and I to town and shopped. Lunch at Stewart’s. Evening at home.

Tuesday 23rd January 1906

To see Kitty and the Bukes (Buchanan’s). ALys to meet Dolly and lunch. I lunched at Stewarts. Phoebe, Ted, Alys, Tades and I to Comedy Theatre to see “The Mountain Climber” and “The Little Father of the Wilderness”[9].


Wednesday 24th January 1906

To spend morning with Kitty. Sewed. Lunch at No 7. To Kitty’s again and to tea at Aunt Alice’s. Home very tired. Nice quiet evening.

Thursday 25th January 1906

Down to lunch at Shoolbred’s. Met Dennis, Lois Faraday and Mrs Embleton. To Slade Interview with Steer and Tonks. Lovely. To National Gallery. To Aunt Rosa’s in evening.

Friday 26th January 1906

Quiet day. Did my evening dress body. In with Sylvia. To picnic dance. Rather nice. Hot. Enjoyed dances with Mylam and O’Reily.

Saturday 27th January 1906

Up late. On Heath with Kitty. Looked over baby’s clothes with Tades. Sylvia rheumatic again. Flights asked Alys to Queen’s Hall.

Huntley Wright.

Sunday 28th January 1906

To call on Grosvenor and Louie with Tades. To Dorothy’s. Spent the day there.

Monday 29th January 1906

To shops and studio. To tea at Mrs Porter’s. To studio in evening. Ted did my gas-fire.

Tuesday 30th January 1906

To Mrs Symcox and then to town. Lunch with Phoebe and Ted (Alys had High Frequency) at Pagani’s. Dolly and Dennis to tea and dinner at No 7. To studio, etc. (Ted off).

Wednesday 31st January 1906

To shops and on Heath with dogs.

Thursday 1st February 1906

To National Gallery for 1st time to copy Turner’s water colours. Nice (I unwell). Lunch and tea at St George’s House. To Collins’ games party. Allingham there etc etc. Music, fun.

Friday 2nd February 1906

To National Gallery. Nice day. Finished “Fluelen” copy. Home to tea with Tades. To Ted’s lecture at Town Hall. Very good and great success. Alys sick in night.

Joseph Mallord William Turner
Fluelen, Lake of Lucerne – after c.1830

Saturday 3rd February 1906

Showery. Lunched at Lyon’s. Popular with Tades. Took her to “Captain Drew on Leave”. Wyndham.


Bought red evening dress on 30th at Plummers Roddis[1].

Sunday 4th February 1906

To tea at Kitty’s. To call at Cousin Mary’s.

Monday 5th February 1906

To see Edward, with Alys. To dinner at Aunt Rosa’s with Tades.

Tuesday 6th February 1906

Painted in Studio. Cousin Mary came. To Lacrosse Dance at Conservatoire. Very nice second half. Tired.

Wednesday 7th February 1906

Painted in Studio. To call on Winnie Turner.

Thursday 8th February 1906

To National Gallery. Painted. Met Alys and Friede. Lunch. To 2 picture galleries. Caught in fearful hailstorm. Soaked.

National Gallery 1906.jpg
Trafalgar Square, National Gallery – 1906 – vintage postcard

Friday 9th February 1906

Quiet all day. Alys in bed. No voice. To University College and Hospital dance – great fun. Awfully good.

Saturday 10th February 1906

Not out all day.

Sunday 11th February 1906


Monday 12th February 1906

To Chelsea. Met Aunt Alice and Doz at Beaufort House – No 10. Their new flat.

Tuesday 13th February 1906

To “Captain Drew” again with Alys and Phoebe and Ted.

Wednesday 14th February 1906

Aunt Alice to lunch. To call on Mrs Vernor Miles and Kit and Mrs Allingham.

Thursday 15th February 1906

To National Gallery. Met Alys at Shentons at Criterion. To Matinee of “Tyranny of Tears[2]”. Miss Marshall West. For Union Jack Club*.

union jack club.jpg
Union Jack Club, Sandell Street, London

Dined at Lyons Pop. To “Brother Officers”**.

brother officers.jpg

Friday 16th February 1906

To National Gallery. Picnic dance. Not over good. Hot.

Saturday 17th February 1906

Out to shops for Phoebe. Pouring rain. Rested. Allingham called and had tea with Alys and me at home. Out in evening.

* Saw Lord Roberts with the Duchess of Albany there.
** Brother Officers, Garrick Theatre. Very good. Bourchier Hinds.

bourchier hinds.jpg
Arthur Bourchier (1863-1927),
as John Hinds, V.C., in Leo Trevor’s military comedy, Brother Officers, Garrick Theatre, London, 1906

Sunday 18th February 1906

Developed photographs. Tea with Sylvia.

Monday 19th February 1906

Tades and I to see Edward and then to meet Lucy and Polly from Bournemouth. Lucy home here.

Tuesday 20th February 1906

Sylvia in dining-room. Shentons, Tades and Lucy and I to see Peter Pan. Very good.

Wednesday 21st February 1906

To Shoolbreds to lunch. Alys to Harrow to call on Mrs Neve. Alys to Soup Dance.

Thursday 22nd February 1906

To Kitty’s to lunch. Rested there. To Collins’ to dinner 7.30. To Styer’s dance 9 to 3.am. Very nice. Messrs V Mees, Bragshaw and Gallatly and Blackhouse.

Friday 23rd February 1906

To Aunt Alice’s and to tea. Polly’s gland. Polly bad. Ling dance 8.30 till 11. Mr Johnstone.

Saturday 24th February 1906

Teeds came. Kitty and Eddy to tea and Jack Enock. To dine at William Miles.

Sunday 25th February 1906

Teddy Doran called. For walk with Alys. Alys and I to Ealing in afternoon. Tea with Watts. Norah Naylor and Mr Lee at No. 7.

Monday 26th February 1906

Washed gloves, etc. To shops. Tades, Lucy and Alys to Drill Hall, school entertainment. I with Sylvia. Annie Whitmarsh to see me.

Tuesday 27th February 1906

To Studio. Lucy too. Arranged and started her portrait. Slept in afternoon. Tea with Sylvia and Lucy. To see “The Light that Failed” at Camden. Bee too. Forbes Robertson.

light that failed

Wednesday 28th February 1906


Thursday 1st March 1906

To National Gallery. Morning. Home early. Made sandwiches. Phoebe’s dinner party. Shilsky and Dr Yeld and Miss Tedder. Music. Lovely. Lucy and Poole and F Rush later.

Friday 2nd March 1906

Painted self in Studio all morning and till 4. I unwell. Called on William Miles. To Picnic Dance. Great fun.

Saturday 3rd March 1906

Painted self. Allingham and J Barnard in Studio and up to tea at 7.00.

Memo: Dennis finished his month in town – March 1st?

Sunday 4th March 1906

To Studio. Alys and I called on Styers and Ayrtons.

Monday 5th March 1906

To help Kitty all morning. To see Edward with Alys. On to Guys Hospital with Ted. Alys to Northwood till Wednesday.

Tuesday 6th March 1906

To Biddulph. Helped Doz with moving. Over to 10 Beaufort House, Chelsea.

Wednesday 7th March 1906

To Heath with Lucy. Sketched. Had lunch under haystack. Very warm and sunny.


Thursday 8th March 1906

To Stratford-on-Avon with Tads. Looked at Cottage at Bearley on Friday. Stayed at Miss Brewtnall’s.

Friday 9th March 1906

To Bearley. Home in afternoon. Painted car, etc.

Great Missenden

Saturday 10th March 1906

Did car. Alys, Phoebe, Ted and self to Northwood on car. Rain. Had tea at Embleton’s. On to Rickmansworth. Slept at The George.

There. Very comfortable and moderate. (Edmonds).

Sunday 11th March 1906

Rainy. On to Great Missenden. Had lunch there at Buckingham Arms. Very good. (Red Lion awful). On to Wendover. Slept at Lion. Very good. Proprietor Mr Holland.

Monday 12th March 1906

Snowstorm. Motored home. Lunching at “George” Rickmansworth. Car went very well. Home to tea. Awful weather whole trip.

Tuesday 13th March 1906

To get servant’s character from lady for Kitty.

Wednesday 14th March 1906

Sissie and Nellie Moir called! Alys and I to Northwood. Dennis’ 25th birthday. Stayed night.

Thursday 15th March 1906

Straight to Aunt Alice’s from Northwood. Weighty talk about Cottage. To Mrs French for A Whitmarsh. Alys and I to fancy dress dance at Grafton Galleries with Baumer’s.

grafton galleries.jpg
The Grafton Galleries was an art gallery in Mayfair, London.

Friday 16th March 1906

In bed till 1.00. No breakfast. Very tired. To Rush’s to dinner. Nice music. Frank sang beautifully.

Saturday 17th March 1906

Alys with Tades to Broadway for the day. Lucy and I took Sylvia out in bath-chair on Ridge. Lovely day. Painted anenomes. Miss Lomax to Shenton’s.

Six years (17th) since Mother died.

Sunday 18th March 1906

To Lewis Baumer’s to tea, down in Allingham’s Duryea car. Called on William Miles afterwards.

1906 Stevens-Duryea Model U 5-Passenger Touring

Monday 19th March 1906

For walk with Mabel Styler.

Tuesday 20th March 1906


Wednesday 21st March 1906


Thursday 22nd March 1906

To National Gallery.

Friday 23rd March 1906

To National Gallery. Dennis and Allingham to dinner. Picnic Dance. Phoebe headache.

Saturday 24th March 1906

To Harley Street. Helped Ted and Phoebe to move to 126 Harley Street. Tel: 2537 Mayfair.

Sunday 25th March 1906

To Harley Street all day. Terrible weather. Very tired.

Monday 26th March 1906

To Harley Street.

Tuesday 27th March 1906

Painted Lucy.

Wednesday 28th March 1906

Painted Lucy. To Mr Badock’s. To Harley Street to tea.

Thursday 29th March 1906

To National Gallery. To Dolly Carr’s to tea.

Friday 30th March 1906

To National Gallery. To Kitty’s.

Saturday 31st March 1906

Turned out Studio. Cut sandwiches. People came to Studio in evening. 2 Lomaxes, 0’Reilly, Allingham, 2 Rushes, 3 Faradays. Lucy. Fun. Dancing.

Sunday 1st April 1906

To Studio. Allingham to lunch. To Lomax’s pictures.

Monday 2nd April 1906

Alys and I to Kitty’s, lunch there. To call on Fanny Carnegy, Mrs Matthews and the Keep’s.

Tuesday 3rd April 1906

Out with Sylvia. Tades and I to Aunt Louie’s to tea. Sissie there. Alan called.

Wednesday 4th April 1906

Painted Lucy. Out with Sylvia in chair. Called on Vesey’s, Styers.

Thursday 5th April 1906

Sylvia for drive. To National Gallery. Met Tades. Shopped a lot. Lunch out. To Carr’s dance 8.30. Dr Sémon there, etc, etc. Home at 12.30.

Friday 6th April 1906

Out for drive in Hyde Park with Sylvia and Lucy. Very fine and hot. Packed for Sylvia a little. To Picnic dance. Dennis there. Great fun. In bed at 2.00.

Saturday 7th April 1906

Up at 7.15. To Paddington to see Tades and Sylvia off. Slept till lunch. Alys and I to Private View at Royal Watercolour Society with Mr Ayrton. Tea with him and Alan in Bond Street. To Arthur Hacker’s[1] Studio. To dinner at Mrs Innes’.

Arthur Hacker.png
Arthur Hacker – The Hours, 1906

Sunday 8th April 1906

R. A. Sunday – Up late. Kitty to lunch. Alys and I to Sir Ernest Waterlow’s and to David Murray[2]’s and Mr Parsons’ Studios. I to sleep at Aunt Alice’s.

david murray.jpg
River blossoms – Sir David Murray – ?1906
arthur parsons 1906.jpeg
Landscape sketch, Probably 1906 or 1908
Alfred Parsons RA (1847 – 1920)

Monday 9th April 1906

To Tate Gallery with Doz. Poz home to lunch. To Tadema’s with Doz. His picture “Ask me no more”[4].

Ask Me No More by Lawrence Alma Tadema

Gordon Browne[5] there. Home alone.

Gordon Browne.jpg
Gordon Browne, frontispiece from Fairy tales from Hans Andersen, London, 1906.

Tuesday 10th April 1906

Spring cleaning. Washed ornaments etc.

Wednesday 11th April 1906

Saw Lucy off and Doris and the F. B’s at Paddington to Broadway.

Thursday 12th April 1906

Worked hard all day at Spring cleaning cupboards. Shelves, etc. To Studio. Out on car with the Allinghams to Barnet, etc. 8.30 to 12.00.

Friday 13th April 1906

To Kitty’s for the day. Did Cradle trimmings. Shentons away to Wendover.

Saturday 14th April 1906

At 11 the two Allinghams came and took me out on the Georges Richard car. Lunch at High Wycombe, tea at Burnham Beeches, dinner at Kingston (8pm). Home at 11.15. Fine ride. About 100 miles. Out by Mill Hill, Edgware, Amersham. Back by Burnham (Marlow), Cookham, Windsor, Stoke Pogis (saw Gray’s Tomb), Kingston and Shepherd’s Bush. Fine day.

1901 Georges Richard 3.5hp Single-Cylinder Four-Seat Rear-Entrance Tonneau by Vedrine

Sunday 15th April 1906

To Church. On Heath with Shentons and lost my squirrel fur and O’Reilly called. Allingham’s in.

Monday 16th April 1906

W, T and P to Aylesbury by train. Cycled to Brill.

Brill 1905.jpg
Parson’s Mill, Brill. This image was taken in 1905.

Lovely place on hill. Tea there. Lunch in fields. Home by train late.

Tuesday 17th April 1906


Wednesday 18th April 1906


Thursday 19th April 1906


Friday 20th April 1906


Saturday 21st April 1906


Sunday 22nd April 1906

In Studio.

Monday 23rd April 1906

To Kitty’s. Did cradle all day.

Tuesday 24th April 1906


Wednesday 25th April 1906


Thursday 26th April 1906

To National Gallery in morning. My fur was returned. To theatre with Phoebe and Ted to see Barry’s (me: J. M Barry)  plays. Josephine and Punch. Also The Drums of Oude*.

drums of oude.jpg

Friday 27th April 1906

Called on Comyns Carr’s[7].

Saturday 28th April 1906

To fetch Doris at the Lewis Day’s. Shopped. In Studio. Hy. Allingham called there. Danced and gramophone till 11.45. Doris to stay here.

* Austin Strong.


Sunday 29th April 1906

Alys and Doris to Church.

Monday 30th April 1906


Tuesday 1st May 1906

Waghorn’s evening.

Wednesday 2nd May 1906


Thursday 3rd May 1906

To National Gallery. Lunch with Harold Faraday. Doris to school.

Friday 4th May 1906

To picnic dance. Dennis.

Pevensey Bay

Saturday 5th May 1906

Off to Pevensey Bay with Shentons and Dennis. Sailed. Lovely.

Sunday 6th May 1906

I unwell. Sailed. Home late.

Monday 7th May 1906

To Kitty’s. Whitmarsh came.

Tuesday 8th May 1906

To Kitty’s.

Wednesday 9th May 1906

To Kitty’s. Margaret Embleton to tea.

Thursday 10th May 1906

To Kitty’s. Left her at 7.30. Kitty’s son born. 9.45. 10 ¾ lbs.
Kittys son.png

Friday 11th May 1906


Saturday 12th May 1906

To Richmond dance. Dennis too. All to supper at the Allingham’s. Great fun.

Flights, Styers, Marcus, Mileham, Wurztburg, Dennis, Kennedy, Kaun’s. Very warm night. Sat out by river. Home on private motor bus. Great fun.

Sunday 13th May 1906

On River with Flights, Allingham, Dennis and Shentons. Fun. First time this year. Very hot and fine.

Monday 14th May 1906

Painted old Chelsea pensioner with Miss Hall at her Studio. Called on Mrs Blanford. Whitmarsh left.

Tuesday 15th May 1906


Wednesday 16th May 1906

Painted Havern at A. Hall’s.

Thursday 17th May 1906


Friday 18th May 1906

To Mrs Harrison’s to dinner. Messrs Steer, Tonks and Grey there. And Doz. Very enjoyable.

Saturday 19th May 1906

Down to Northwood. Did netting and played tennis. Fun. First tennis this year.

Annie Mann came on Saturday.

Sunday 20th May 1906

To Church. Ted bad mood – all time. Out to see bluebells. Nice evening in firelight

Monday 21st May 1906

To Miss Hall’s. Painted. Met Alys. To see Edward. He nicely. Evening at Shenton’s.

Tuesday 22nd May 1906

Painted self. To University College Hospital, Children’s Ward.

UCH 1906.jpg

Tea with Dennis and Mr May. Dennis home with us and to dinner. Studio in evening.

Wednesday 23rd May 1906

To paint Havern at Miss Hall’s. 4th. Last time. To see “A Royal Divorce[1]” at Camden Theatre.

Thursday 24th May 1906

Painted self all morning.

Friday 25th May 1906

Painted self. To call on Mrs Harrison. She out. To tea at Aunt Alice’s. To see “Captain Brassbound’s Conversion[2]”. *

Saturday 26th May 1906

To Studio. A. Hall came up. To see Kitty. Rainy, fine later. Out on car with W. Allingham and Alys. Tea at No 7. Dennis up. Impromptu Studio dance. Waghorn’s. H. A., Dennis. Ted and Phoebe too. Very fun.

*Good by Bernard Shaw. Ellen Terry, lovely. Kerr good as Brassbound.

ellen terry.jpeg
Ellen Terry as “Lady Cicely Waynflete” in “Captain Brassbound’s Conversion”

Sunday 27th May 1906

Put Studio to rights. On Heath with Dennis Embleton, P and A on Allingham’s car. Dorothy to dinner. 1.30. I to tea at G. E. Barnard’s.

Monday 28th May 1906

Painted Dorothy Styer all morning. Very nice. She to lunch. I alone to Mrs Blanford’s. Alys boil on her neck.

Tuesday 29th May 1906

To Kitty’s and shops. Lunched with Phoebe and Ted. To A. Hall’s to sit for her.

Wednesday 30th May 1906


Thursday 31st May 1906


Pevensey Bay

Friday 1st June 1906

To Pevensey Bay with Phoebe and Ted and Willie Wurtzburg.

Saturday 2nd June 1906

Sailed. Got shot at.

Sunday 3rd Jun 1906

Sailed to Bexhill. Lunch there. “Colloppy rocks”. Fun.

bexhill 1906.jpg

Monday 4th June 1906

Sailed to Eastbourne. Sailed in evening. Roughish.

Tuesday 5th June 1906

Sailed all morning. Home. 19/6 each whole trip.

Wednesday 6th June 1906

To sit to Miss Hall.

Thursday 7th June 1906


Friday 8th June 1906

To sit to Miss Hall.

Saturday 9th June 1906

To tennis at Waghorn’s. Dorothy here to stay.

Sunday 10th June 1906

On Heath and I unwell. Mary Geddes to tea.

Monday 11th June 1906

Poured out tea at Agatha’s Studio. Ted, Alys and Willie came. Met Phoebe, Dolly and Dennis. Nice evening. Dinner and music.

Tuesday 12th June 1906


Wednesday 13th June 1906

To A .Hall’s to sit. Lunched at Shoolbred’s.

Thursday 14th June 1906

Painted all morning self. To E. Vernor Miles’ to dinner at 7.45. To dance at Drill Hall later, till 1.30. Fun.


Friday 15th June 1906

Painted (self). To Oxford with Phoebe and Ted, Alys, Dennis and Otto May. Sculled down river, camped out opposite. Isis Hotel.

1906 Wood Engraving Godstow Bridge Berkshire England Oxford River Thames

Saturday 16th June 1906

Very showery. Bathed. Fearful hailstorm. Drenched. To hotel “Queen” at Abingdon. Otto May back. We camped out near Appleford. Lovely camp fire.

queens hotel


Sunday 17th June 1906

Sculled down. Lovely day. Arrived at Goring and Streatley. Home by train from there. Dennis slept at 7 Heath Mansions.


Monday 18th June 1906

On Heath with Dennis. Down to town. To New English Art Club. Lunch at Blenheim. To see Edward.

Tuesday 19th June 1906

Agatha came. Painted her. 2 ½ hours. Painted all p.m. too. Cecil Waghorn and Willie Wurtzburg to Shenton’s. Us too. Lovely trips.

Wednesday 20th June 1906

Agatha came. 1 ½ hours. Alys to music lesson. To Styer’s to tennis.

Thursday 21st June 1906

To town. To Slade. Steer and Tonks saw my portratis of Lucy and self. Nice crits. Great fun.

Friday 22nd June 1906

Down with Phoebe and Ted and Dennis and Otto May to Goring. Camped out near Pangbourne.

‘Goring’ by Mortimer Menpes. Oxfordshire – 1906

Saturday 23rd June 1906

Lovely bathe. Sculled down to nearly Reading. Camped again. Thunderstorm all night.

Sunday 24th June 1906

Bathed. Sculled on down. Very hot. Met Willie Wurtzburg and Allingham and 2 others. Tea altogether at Wargrave. Home by train from Shiplake. Fun.

shiplake mill
Robert Winchester Fraser, Sen (British, 1848-1906) Shiplake Mill Oxfordshire

Monday 25th June 1906

Breakfast party at our flat. Dennis and Otto May too. They left. Alys and I to town. Called on William Miles.

Tuesday 26th June 1906

Agatha to sit. Very nice. To Ruth’s to tennis and tea. Very tired. Out on H Allingham’s car. Willie and Cecil to 7. Trios.

Wednesday 27th June 1906

Agatha to sit in afternoon. To Waghorn’s to tennis.

Thursday 28th June 1906

Dorothy Styer to sit to me 2nd time. Dolly Embleton to tea and dinner. We 3 out on Henry Allingham’s car. Dolly back. Very rainy. Record night. Home at 3 am.

Friday 29th June 1906

Pushing and towing cars. Quite daylight. Slept late. Mrs Flight to lunch. To town to tea. To New English Art Society and shops.

Saturday 30th June 1906

To Aunt Alice’s to dinner and the night.

Sunday 1st July 1906

Back down river with Doz.

Monday 2nd July 1906

D. Styer to sit 3rd time. I hour. To sales. Shopped.

Tuesday 3rd July 1906

Agatha to sit for me. To Styer’s to tennis and tea and dinner. Nice. Gallatley and Mr Brown there.

Wednesday 4th July 1906

Dennis up with flowers. Painted Canterbury bells all morning. Met Alys in town. To Guy’s Hospital and theatre with Phoebe and Ted. “Monsieur Beaucaire[1]“.

Thursday 5th July 1906

To outdoor dancing. To Bull and Bush. Bee. Phoebe and Ted, Mr Browne, Dennis and Willie. Strawberries after.

bull and bush.jpg
The Bull and Bush Hotel, Hampstead, North London – 1906

Friday 6th July 1906

Dennis and Otto May and we two down to Shiplake. Took the boats up to Tilehurst. Towed all day and sculled. Phoebe and Ted joined us there. Sculled and towed to old camping ground near Goring.

Saturday 7th July 1906

Slept there – lovely moon. Bathed. Lovely hot day. Met Willie at Pangbourne. He joined the camp. Great fun. Bathed again. I headache. Very hot.

Bathed three times on 7th.

Sunday 8th July 1906

Bathed before breakfast and again later. Drew Mr May, etc. Lovely day. Home with all the luggage.

Monday 9th July 1906

I unwell. Aly and I to Northwood with Dennis. Played tennis. Very nice. Long walk after supper. Out very late. To bed at 1 am.

Tuesday 10th July 1906

Up and sat in garden all morning. Up home to lunch. Dennis saw us home. To Baumers to tennis. Mr Ayrton there. To tea and supper. Alan and Mr A saw us home.

Wednesday 11th July 1906

Mr and Mrs Styer and D. morning. To Studio. Met Alys in town. Aunt Rosa’s garden party – success. To theatre to see “The Fascinating Mrs Vanderveldt” – Bourchier and V Vanbrugh – good.

Mrs Vanderveldt 2.png
Programme – 1906

Thursday 12th July 1906

To Aunt Alice’s to tea and dinner and tennis with Dorothy. Poz there.

Friday 13th July 1906

Packed etc. all day. To William Miles to say goodbye.


Saturday 14th July 1906

To Newcastle by 10 a.m. train. Dennis saw us off! Lunch on train. To Bellingham. Aunts and Ella there. With them at Waverley Hotel.

My duct (right side) closed up from 14th till 21st. Got gradually better

Sunday 15th July 1906

Out for walks.

Monday 16th July 1906


Tuesday 17th July 1906

Very windy.

Wednesday 18th July 1906


Thursday 19th July 1906


Friday 20th July 1906


Saturday 21st July 1906


Sunday 22nd July 1906

To Church. Out with Aunts. Warm.

Monday 23rd July 1906


Tuesday 24th July 1906


Wednesday 25th July 1906


Thursday 26th July 1906

Alys to Newcastle to stay with Violet. In hayfield. Slept with Ella.

Friday 27th July 1906

In hayfield with Aunts and Ella. Cycled with Ella towards Tarsit. Found seagull. Slept with Ella.

Saturday 28th July 1906

Aunt Ella had sick attack; in bed all day. Alys home again here – joy!

Sunday 29th July 1906

Aunt Ella better. Out on hills. Out with Aunt Sarah. In hayfield. Selby came. Cycled from Newcastle – 32 miles and back.

Monday 30th July 1906


Tuesday 31st July 1906



Wednesday 1st August 1906

Home to London.

Thursday 2nd August 1906


Friday 3rd August 1906


Saturday 4th August 1906

To tennis at Waghorn’s.

Sunday 5th August 1906

To River (Goring). Picniced and camped out. Lovely moonlight.


Monday 6th August 1906

Bathed before breakfast. To farm for milk. Lovely breakfast. Delicious day. Home to tea and packed.


Tuesday 7th August 1906

Travelled to Hanham Hall, South Gloucestershire/Bristol. Alys later having forgotten box key. Whist in evening.

Hanham Victorian.png

Wednesday 8th August 1906

I unwell. Sketched. Tennis party and croquet. Great fun. Very good tennis. Mr Butler, etc, Whist in evening.

Thursday 9th August 1906

Sketched all morning. Down to river. Rowed and sailed on Avon. Fun. Picnic with Agatha and Mr Butler.


Friday 10th August 1906

Left Hanham Hall 9.45. train from Keynsham. Travelled to Mullion. (various changes).

Mullion Harbour, Mullion Cove (Porth Mellin), Mullion, Cornwall. Probably early 1900s
Mullion Harbour, Mullion Cove. Probably early 1900s

Arrived Poldhu Hotel at 6.45. Long and tiring journey. Parrotts at our table.

Old Poldhu Hotel (now a Care Home)

Saturday 11th August 1906

Too much of Mr and Miss Parrott. Alys bathed in Gunwalloe Cove. Walked to Mullion Village. Hot and misty.

Gunwalloe Church Cove – About 1906

Sunday 12th August 1906

To Church.

Gunwalloe church.png
Gunwalloe Church – about 1900

Walked to Polbrean.


Met Hester Radford. Read on rocks and to tea at Polbrean bungalow. Hester’s Uncle and Aunt live there.

Monday 13th August 1906

Walked to Kynance Cove – 7 miles.


On to Lizard and Housel Bay. Lunch at Hotel there. 3 miles on. Motorbus to Mullion. Walked home. 12 miles walk, played tennis after tea. Singles. Talked to nice father and two sons later.

Housel Bay.png

Tuesday 14th August 1906

For drive to Coverack.

Cornwall, Coverack Quay.jpg
Coverack Quay

Lunch there and to St Keverne.

St Keverne.jpg

Tea there. Very sad churchyard. Mohegan[1] victims buried there. Mrs Bradford came too. Talked to her and Mrs Davies later.

S. S. Mohegan

Wednesday 15th August 1906

Bathed. Very rough. Not much fun. Lunch at Polurian. Decided to leave tomorrow. Packed. Alys played chess with Mrs Hill and Mr Leonard Huxley[2]and Michells.

Thursday 16th August 1906

Left Poldhu Hotel. To Penzance. To Mounts Bay Hotel. Not nice.

MOunts bay.jpg

Off to Gurnard’s Head (N. Cornwall) on charabanc. Tea there. Met Ethel Boldero! Back to dinner at hotel.

Gurnard’s Head

Friday 17th August 1906

Crossed to Isles of Sicilly on “Deerhound” 9.45. to 1 o’clock.


Not smooth. Nearly all sick. Not us of course. Lunched at Tregarthen’s House, St Mary’s. Stayed at Holgate Hotel. Charmed with Islands. Up to Fort.

Saturday 18th August 1906

Out sailing with Mr and Mrs Croker Fox. They invited us. William’s boat. Sailed to Annet[3]*, explored it, then sailed to Tresco. Picnic lunch on heather, great fun. Saw Abbey gardens**. Very hot and relaxing. Tea at New Inn. Bad! Sailed back at 6.30.

abbey scilly.jpg

* No puffins, or very few. They stay there March to August and had gone. Saw shearwaters, cormorants.
** Many tropical plants. Like Kew houses with roof off! Lovely agapanthus, hydrangea, etc.

Sunday 19th August 1906

Bathed. Very low tide, and rather shallow. Fun. Sketched also. To Peninnis Head and sketched there. Lovely and wonderful! Up to Fort to see sunset. Foggy later. Foxes came up to meet us.


Monday 20th August 1906

Very hot. The Dane (about 23) to Mr and Mrs Fox and us to Mr Trevillick’s garden. Lovely and queer. Dog’s spirit tomb. Trippers came. Foggy. Nice walk to Porthhellick wreck in night. Lifeboat out. I up at 6 with Foxes.

Tuesday 21st August 1906

Very hot and foggy. Sketched. Packed after lunch. Tea at 3.40. To steamer “Deerhound”. Crossed to Penzance. Foxes also. Very thick fog. Boat 1 hour late. Lost her way in fog. To Queens Hotel. Foxes too. Dinner at 9.00.


Wednesday 22nd August 1906

To Post Office before breakfast for letters. To Station with Foxes. All together to Truro. Goodbye to them and we on to London 10.00 to 4.45. Home. Dennis at Shentons. Wade received us. Very hot.

Pevensey Bay

Thursday 23rd August 1906
Muddled about. Out to shops. Down to Pevensey Bay with Shentons and Dennis. Looked for rooms – in vain. Slept at Station Hotel, Westham. Horrid.

Friday 24th August 1906

To the beach. Saw Fullers – got bedrooms at Richmond House. Bay camped in tent all day. Cooked own food. Hotel meals so horrid. Bathed and sailed. Very windy. To Eastbourne.

Saturday 25th August 1906

Bathed and sailed.

* On Friday at Scilly, the narcissus fields hedged with Euonymus, Veronica.

Sunday 26th August 1906

Sailed and got very wet. Bathed.

Monday 27th August 1906

Bathed and sailed.

Tuesday 28th August 1906

Bathed. Sailed. Alys in p.m. but not I. Walked to Eastbourne. Alys, Dennis and I train back.



Wednesday 29th August 1906

Lovely bathe with little boat. Lovely sail too. Another bathe after lunch. Home to London. Dennis up too. Big supper.

Thursday 30th August 1906

On Heath. Very hot. Dennis up for his luggage. Henry called with car. To dinner at No 7 with Dennis.

Friday 31st August 1906

To Northwood to lunch, tea and supper. Very hot. 91 in shade. Cold bathes. Tennis after tea. Home late. 10.42 train.

Saturday 1st September 1906

93 (Fahrenheit) in the shade! To theatre (Court) with Phoebe and Ted. Saw “You Never Can Tell”. Bernard Shaw. Very good.

Sunday 2nd September 1906

93 in shade again. Very hot. Alys to Church. I quite feeble all day from heat. Willy and gramophone in evening.

Monday 3rd September 1906

To town with Alys to shop for Aunt Bella. Less hot but still awful. Rex to tea and supper. Henry Allingham called with his car. Took Rex and us to Northwood and home.

Tuesday 4th September 1906

Kit and Baby up. Lunch early. Alys and I to Doris Collins’ wedding with Mr Paull. Reception after. Alys bridesmaid. To dinner at Collins’ and Maskelyne Devants and Pagani to supper.

Wednesday 5th September 1906

Fraulein Kottensch (friend of Felkle) to tea – nice.

Thursday 6th September 1906

Packed boxes. Saw Alys off to Broadway to Aunt Alice’s. Shopped in town. To tea at C Barnards and Kitty’s. Evening with Shentons. Lectures from Kit and Ted!

Chelwood Gate

Friday 7th September 1906

Out with dogs and Phoebe and Ted to Finchley Road. To Chelwood Gate[1]. Forest Row with Dolly Carr, to stay 14 days for sketching.

forest row.jpg
An old cottage in Forest Row – 1906

Saturday 8th September 1906

Walked on moor. Very hot. Rested. Read “Lady Rosa’s Daughter” M. A. Ward[2]. Out again for walk.

Sunday 9th September 1906

Chelwood Gate. To Church and Danehill. Very bad sermon. Rested. Out on moor and sketched sunset.

Monday 10th September 1906

Sketched. Sketched in field. Alys arrived unexpectedly.

Tuesday 11st September 1906

Sketched morning and evening.

Wednesday 12th September 1906

On moor. Got Phoebe heather and sent it off. After lunch, cycled with Alys to nearly Heathfield then home by Crowborough, tea there. 30 miles together.

Crowborough 1906
Crowborough High Street 1906 (Hand Coloured Postcard)

Thursday 13th September 1906

My birthday – (27th). Sketched. Letters from Aunt (I unwell) Alice. Tades, Doz, Sylvia, Ella, Dennis, Dolly.

Friday 14th September 1906

Sketched, grey day.

Saturday 15th September 1906

Alys and I to Wych Cross Trees. I finished sketch there. Picked blackberries. Sketched sky and hills in evening. Alys and Dennis cycled to Sheffield Park.

Sunday 16th September 1906

Dolly to Church. Alys and I for walk. Alys packed. She away to London after tea. I sketched sunset and for walk with Flossie. Very cold.

Monday 17th September 1906

Stormy. Dennis and I for walk towards West Hoathly[3]. Cleared up. Painted clouds. Got very excited about them (both). Sketched on moor. Failure! Sketched sunset.

Tuesday 18th September 1906


Wednesday 19th September 1906


Thursday 20th September 1906

Rainy – sketched grey day effect on hills and pencil of pine trees.

Friday 21st September 1906

Drew view up the road with pine tree. Home again.


Saturday 22nd September 1906


Embletons off to Neufchâtel[4] on 17th. Doris to and H. M. to stay a night with Alys and to Mr Visick. Anne begins again 17th.

Sunday 23rd September 1906


Monday 24th September 1906


Tuesday 25th September 1906


Wednesday 26th September 1906


Thursday 27th September 1906


Friday 28th September 1906


Saturday 29th September 1906


Sunday 30th September 1906


Monday 1st October 1906


Tuesday 2nd October 1906


Wednesday 3rd October 1906


Thursday 4th October 1906


Friday 5th October 1906


Saturday 6th October 1906


Sunday 7th October 1906


Monday 8th October 1906


Tuesday 9th October 1906


Wednesday 10th October 1906


Thursday 11th October 1906


Friday 12th October 1906


Saturday 13th October 1906


Sunday 14th October 1906


Monday 15th October 1906


Tuesday 16th October 1906


Wednesday 17th October 1906


Thursday 18th October 1906


Friday 19th October 1906

Heard that Dennis was qualified (me: Doctor).

Saturday 20th October 1906


Sunday 21st October 1906


Monday 22nd October 1906


Tuesday 23rd October 1906


Wednesday 24th October 1906


Thursday 25th October 1906


Friday 26th October 1906


Saturday 27th October 1906

Dennis up. He and Alys to Finchley Road station with me. To Chelsea.

Sunday 28th October 1906

In all day. Rained hard. Read “The Garden of Allah” by Robert Smythe Hitchens.

Monday 29th October 1906

Out on Embankment with Doz. Met Mr Tonks. After lunch to see Holman Hunt exhibition and chose scissors. Doz and I to see “Man and Superman” – Bernard Shaw at Court. Very good.

Tuesday 30th October 1906

To Roman Catholic Cathedral. Very fine. To stores.

Wednesday 31st October 1906

Dennis up in evening, with bad toothache.

Thursday 1st November 1906

Alys and Hill’s to dinner. Dennis up to see me.

Friday 2nd November 1906

I bad cold and boil on neck! Kitty called. Teeds came to stay. Alys and I to Phoebe and Teds and Dennis to dance at Drill Hall. Dennis told me of “Acute Alysitis for two years” (during two-step).

Saturday 3rd November 1906

Alys and I at Town Hall. Alys all day. For Tremarth bazaar. Alys “Joan of Arc” in Tableaux. I took Phoebe and Ted and Dennis and Cecil to bazaar. Great fun.

Sunday 4th November 1906

To Studio. Dennis came up and we had a talk. Dennis to tea with us and Teeds. Quiet evening. To Shentons at 10.00 and Phoebe read aloud. Dennis there.

Monday 5th November 1906

Lois over to Studio. She and Alys to Townbee Hall and visited for the J. C. A. A. I to Slade, to crits of “Mammon”. Dennis up in evening. He and Alys engaged to be married !!!!!!

Alys and Dennis engaged
Alys and Dennis engaged
Alys and Dennis

Tuesday 6th November 1906

Alys and I down to call on William Miles. I called on Teeds. Kitty to lunch. Alys to University College Hospital with Mrs Hutchison to opening of Maple Hall[1]. Dennis in robes. Dennis saw her home and stayed to dinner and lovely evening in studio.

1906_new University College Hospital.jpg

Wednesday 7th November 1906

Phoebe, Alys and I to see Holman Hunt’s[2]pictures. Lunch at O. C. Rest. With Ted. To Roman Catholic Cathedral. Dennis up for 20 minutes. He had to go to a dance with the Hills. We at Studio. Waghorns up.

The Light of the World by Holman Hunt

Thursday 8th November 1906

Rainy all day. Alys cold very bad. I out with dogs. Read “Lin MacLean[3]”. Alys and I to dinner at Mrs Hutchisons. 7.30 drove there and back. Otto May and Dennis there.

Friday 9th November 1906

Finer. Alys better. Lois to Studio. I began a portrait of her. Read afternoon. Dennis in evening. I to Aunt Rosa’s.

Saturday 10th November 1906

Alys and I to Miss Verboeckhoven’s private view and to R. W. S. Private View. Tea with Mr Ayrton and Phyllis. Dennis to dinner and in evening I at Phoebe’s.

Sunday 11th November 1906

Lovely day. Alys and Dennis to Epping Forest. For day with Rip. I cleaned out Studio. For walk on Heath with Phoebe and Ted. Met Dolly and Nora Hill. Alys and Dennis back at 9.00.

Monday 12th November 1906

Lois to sit to me at 10. I began larger portrait of her. Alys to Poplar. I to lunch with Dolly Embleton. Told her news. Called on Halls. Dolly to dinner. Dennis in evening. Dolly back in car.

Tuesday 13th November 1906

Up very late. To shops. To Kitty’s in afternoon. Alys to Badminton in evening. I at Studio with Dennis. Nice talk till 10.35. Alys back.

Wednesday 14th November 1906

Made Sylvia’s fur. Called on Mrs Styer with Phoebe and Alys.

Thursday 15th November 1906

Alys sat to me. Lovely morning painting. Wade up. Dennis to dinner. Also Mrs May. Nice evening in Studio later. To see Kitty.

Friday 16th November 1906

Lois to sit in morning. Very wet indeed. Phoebe’s birthday. Dennis and Phoebe and Ted to dinner and all to Crèche dance. Very nice. Alys’ engagement made public. Mrs Marsh came.

Saturday 17th November 1906

Made Sylvia’s muff. Quits to lunch and Studio. Alys and Dennis on Heath. Rain. Ethel Miles and Miles Morgan to tea in Studio, also Ted and Phoebe and Dennis. Nice. Dennis dined with us. Waghorn’s next door.

Dennis staying with Shentons for weekend. On Friday I wrote to all relations about Alys’ engagement.

Sunday 18th November 1906

Rainy. Out on Heath. Phoebe read aloud in afternoon. Very cosy. Cecil and Willy up to music at No 7. All supper together. Studio and gramophone.

Monday 19th November 1906

Lois to sit at 10. She and Alys to Poplar. I to see Edward alone (Dr S there) and to tea with Aunt Alice and Doz. Dennis up at 9 o’clock.

Tuesday 20th November 1906

Out to shops. Lovely day. Wade came and spent day. All to town To Badminton after dinner. I played. Nice. Dennis came.

Wednesday 21st November 1906

I unwell.

Thursday 22nd November 1906

To lunch at Hall’s. To Carr’s in afternoon. To dinner at Mrs Hutchison’s. Very tired.

Friday 23rd November 1906

Painted Lois. To Picnic Dance 1st. Very nice one.

Saturday 24th November 1906

To Quits’ Studio. She out. To Rackham’s[4] Private View with Ayrtons and Alan. Nice. Introduced to Rackham. To dinner at Aunt Alice’s with Alys and Dennis. Nice.

rackham 1906.jpg
Arthur Rackham – Peter Pan 1906

Sunday 25th November 1906

Alys and Dennis to Wendover. On Heath with Phoebe. Tea at No 7. Shentons to Waghorn’s. Nice evening with Dennis and Alys.

Monday 26th November 1906

Painted Lois. She and Alys to Poplar.

Tuesday 27th November 1906

Emma Wetherbee to tea. Alys and Dennis to Hills to call.

Wednesday 28th November 1906

To see Kitty and Elsa Ayrton. To Vaughan Jones dance. Nice. Very good band. To bed at 3 am.

Thursday 29th November 1906

Up very late. Walked down with Dennis. Tidied Studio. Dolly Carr to tea. Puck o’ Pook’s Hill[6]. To bed 11.15.

1906 puck of pooks.jpg

Friday 30th November 1906

Painted Lois for 2 hours. Lovely time. Slept from 3 to 4.30. Crèche dance.

Saturday 1st December 1906

Out shopping. After lunch to Lambeth Art School with Bee and Shentons.

Sunday 2nd December 1906

Dorothy came up. Aunt Rosa and Uncle Harold to see my portrait of Lois. Tea at No 7 with Lomaxes. To Studio. Shentons to Waghorns.

Monday 3rd December 1906

Painted Lois – 1 hour. To lunch with her at Mrs Hutchinson. To meet Mrs Hay and Mrs Webster (Tues). To call on Mrs Hoare. Alys to tea with Dennis. Alys to Badminton. I quiet.

Tuesday 4th December 1906

Painted Alys – 1 hour. To theatre and dined in town with Alys and Ayrtons.

Wednesday 5th December 1906

To Aunt Rosa’s to dancing. Very nice. 8.15 to 11.30.

Thursday 6th December 1906

In bed all day – aching and cold.

Friday 7th December 1906

In bed till dinner time. Dennis to dinner. To picnic dance. Very nice.

Saturday 8th December 1906

Up to breakfast. Out to shops. Very cold. Mark Symons to lunch. Afternoon at sutdio and tea. Dorothy and Alys to Chislehurst to caves[1].

Sunday 9th December 1906

Asthma in morning. Dennis and Alys to Otto May’s. I very miserable and ill – but Miss Hill and Dolly to tea. To bed early with sore throat.

Monday 10th December 1906

In bed all day. Dolly E. came to stay. Bad cough that hurt. Dennis up very late.

Tuesday 11th December 1906

In bed till after tea. Read Allan Quartermain[2] and Life and Letters of Millais[3]. Dennis up in evening.

Wednesday 12th December 1906

In bed till lunch. Dolly and Alys to fencing and to New English (Art Club) with Lois. Dennis in evening.

Thursday 13th December 1906

In bed till 11.30. Very tired and coldy. Alys to town for shopping. I out to library. Dennis up in evening.

Friday 14th December 1906

Alys to Slade to Ruth. Dolly went. I up at 10.30. Out. Read Henry Irving by Stoker[4]. Others to dance (crèche). I there at 10.20 till 1.30. great fun.

Saturday 15th December 1906

Up after breakfast on Heath with Phoebe, Dennis, Alys and dogs. Mrs Hoare and her daughter called. Dennis and Alys to Hospital (me: University College Hospital). Quiet evening – nice.

Sunday 16th December 1906

Very wet day. Up to Breakfast at last! Dennis and Alys off at 10.20 to the Caves at Bromley. Alan called. I stuck in photos. Tea at No 7 – Whistley and his dog.

Monday 17th December 1906


Tuesday 18th December 1906


Wednesday 19th December 1906


Thursday 20th December 1906



Friday 21st December 1906

Down to Brockenhurst with Phoebe, Ted and Dennis – Alys and I.

Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire

Saturday 22nd December 1906

I unwell. Stayed in. Others cycled out to Milton and paddled.

Sunday 23rd December 1906

Out cycling to Burley. Lunch-tea there. Cycled back. About 15 miles in all. Very cold.


Monday 24th December 1906

Cycled to Christchurch. Strained my leg. By tram to Bournemouth. Phoebe and Ted cycled tea and lunch there. Walked on cliff. Alys and Dennis to Condercum. I back by train alone.

Christchurch Bournemouth 1906

Tuesday 25th December 1906

Out for a walk towards Lyndhurst. Lovely. Snowy and sunny.

Lyndhurst 1906.png


Wednesday 26th December 1906

Very windy and cold. For walk. Home in evening. Thick snow. Made toboggans at Hampstead.

Thursday 27th December 1906

Doing toboggans till 2 am. Dennis, Alys and I out tobogganing. Great fun.

Friday 28th December 1906


Saturday 29th December 1906

To town to buy present for Lois. Lunch. Called for Dennis. Saw opsonics at hospital. Tobogganed. Very foggy till 9 or 10 pm.

Sunday 30th December 1906

Miss Lomax to lunch. Dennis carved turkey. Tobogganed on Heath. Waghorns, Willy, Shentons , etc – fun. Right down Frognal – 4 minutes.

Monday 31st December 1906

To Poplar with Alys. Visited 8 houses. Very muddy. Nice evening. Mrs Hutchison gramophone. Dennis – 1st down with Dennis. Met Kitty and Eddy. To lunch with them. Wrote 9 letters.

Album of 24 songs by Ethebert Nevin. Shott and Co, Regents Street (Stevenson’s and Lavandière).

Sacred Songs – Ancient and Modern edited by John Stiles – Boosey & Co.

Father’s Stories at Poldhu. Lord – “the Waiter’s had the change and you’ve had the rest”.

Critic in Spectator “We read in Mr H Caines’ novel that the heroine kissed the hero one day. Next day he kissed her back. How strange are these Manx customs! An Englishman would have kissed her lips.”

Mr ** has written another novel. Up till now no reason has been assigned for this rash act.

“Yes Miss Florence, I thought it was an elephant myself”.

Mohegan wrecked 1898 on Manacle Rocks. 80 saved. Where did the captain go?

Schiller wrecked of Scilly.

Cloudesley Shovel wrecked off St Mary.

Cecilia Hart Croker Fox

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