1906 April Footnotes

[1] Arthur Hacker RA (1858 – 1919) was an English classicist painter.  Hacker was the son of Edward Hacker (1812–1905), a line engraver specialising in animal and sporting prints.  In his art he was most known for painting religious scenes and portraits, and his art was also influenced by his extensive travels in Spain and North Africa.

[2] Sir David Murray RA (1849 – 1933) was a Scottish landscape painter. He worked for eleven years for two mercantile firms, while studying in the evenings at the Glasgow School of Art under Robert Greenlees, finally devoting himself full-time to an artistic career from about 1875. He became an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1881, moving to London in 1882 where he was an immediate success. His ‘My Love has gone a-Sailing’ exhibited in 1884 was purchased by the Chantrey Trustees for the Tate Gallery.

[3] Alfred William Parsons RA (1847 – 1920) was an English artist: illustrator, landscape painter and garden designer.

[4] Ask me no more painted by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema – Unfortunately, it is not a story that ends well. Like Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers portrayed in the painting are pulled apart by forces that seem beyond their control. This painting is done in a Romantic style. Alma Tadema has picked a story which some of the people who view this painting may be familiar with. The lovers who are portrayed here are Pyramus and Thisbe. They both lived in Babylonia and from the time they were young children, they were neighbors.

[5] Gordon Frederick Browne (1858 – 1932) was an English artist and children’s book illustrator in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

[6] Georges Richard (1863 – 1922) was a French racing driver and automobile industry pioneer.  His first automobile manufacturing business, “Société des Anciens Établissements Georges Richard”, was founded in the North-Paris suburb of “Ivry-Port” in 1897 by Georges Richard and his brother Maxime Richard. Originally copying Benz cars of the era, Richard bought a licence, in 1900, from the Belgian Vivinus to build voiturettes. By 1905, however, there had been a parting of the ways with Henri Brasier (who had become Richard’s business partner in 1901). Georges Richard moved on to create in 1905 or 1906 a new automobile company called Société anonyme des automobiles Unic.

[7] Joseph William Comyns Carr (1849 – 1916) was an English drama and art critic, gallery director, author, poet, playwright and theatre manager.  Beginning his career as an art critic, Carr was a vigorous advocate for Pre-Raphaelite art and a vocal critic of the “short-sighted” art establishment. In 1877 he became a director of the Grosvenor Gallery and promoting Pre-Raphaelite painters and other important exhibitors, such as James McNeill Whistler, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones. Ten years later he founded the rival New Gallery.


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