1911 Philadelphia, New York, Washington, SS Minnewaska, London, Brussels, Broadway, Southwold, Northampton, Westmorland


1911 Diary

In 1911, Edward is 35 years old, Kate is 32 years old and Alys is 27 years old. Eva (Alys and Dennis’ daughter) is 2 years old.

“O Lord, Thou knowest what is best for us let this or that be done, as Thou shalt please. Give what Thou wilt, and how much Thou wilt and when Thou wilt. Deal with me as Thou thinkest good. Set me where Thou wilt, and deal with me in all things just at South wilt. Behold I am Thy servant prepared for all things; for I desire not to live unto myself but unto Thee; and oh, that I could do it worthily and perfectly.” Thomas à Kempis.”
Feb 13th Overbrook.

Sunday 1st January 1911

Mrs Davis in bed till 4 p.m. I wrote letters Tade, Lucy, Auntie Kate. Walked with Mr Solly to corner. Bossed milking. Read in evening. Rained hard. Hot. I unwell.

Monday 2nd January 1911

Rained all day. Temp 50. I about farm . Shaefer brought Rhode Island red (hens) 5 dollars. I to meet Miss Bury-Palliser (with Faith) at 2.30. Tom in market-way. Bossed milking. Very hot and foggy. To barn at 11.30.

Tuesday 3rd January 1911

Rain. Breakfast 7.30. All 3 to Philadelphia. Rain all day. I to Wanamaker’s in p.m. Walked home. At 7.30 to Charity Ball at Academy of Music and supper at Bellevue-Stratford at 12 o’clock. Home.

Wednesday 4th January 1911

I to shops again and met Mrs Davis and Miss Bury-Palliser at station; after lunch out to Bewley Farm. Fine and frosty. Sam Bonsina came. John Julis left.

Thursday 5th January 1911

Mrs Davies drove Miss Palliser to Layhorne, 5 miles with Faith. At 3, I drove Mrs Davis into Newtown (with Hope). She off to Philadelphia and New York. I to stores and then home alone. Wrote sheepdog pedigree, and letters.

Friday 6th January 1911

Muddled about on farm. Mr Gross to do separator. He had lunch with me. I painted and then over to Solly’s in John’s runabout with Dick. Fed horses. Began 14th letter to Alys. Wrote sheepdog letter.

Saturday 7th January 1911

Out about farm. Lundy’s men came. Painted in drawing-room. Mr Solly in p.m. Brought meat. I to meet Mrs Davis with Hope at 4. (Mended kennel door).

Slept in Benjamin Franklin’s[1] bed. Tuesday night. The bed he died in.

Sunday 8th January 1911

Ethelred the Unready born at 3.30 a.m. About farm. Looking at new calf and the gasoline engine. Solly’s in p.m. and to supper (Mrs Davis up at 1 o’clock). Very muddy. To bed 10.45.

Monday 9th January 1911

Up 6.30. To town by 9 train. I drove Hope. To Bank. “Girard Trust” to Pancoast’s, etc. Slept in p.m. Wrote Kitty. To concert in evening. Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. and Mischa Elman in Lalo’s thing[2].


Tuesday 10th January 1911

Breakfast 8.45. To town. Mrs Davis had photograph taken. I to buy canvas. Home to lunch. Read Virginian[3]. To Newtown for 4.23. Read and did cow records.

Wednesday 11th January 1911

Snowdrop ill so Dr Ridge to see her (retained placenta). Mrs Davis in bed with headache till 4 o’clock. Did dog-kennels with William. Rained hard. Warm

Thursday 12th January 1911

Rainy. About on farm. Wrote sheepdog letters. John to mill. Wrote Miss Palliser. Mr Solly came and carpented at stalls. Tom took Mary and Francis to Newtown. John in in evening. Fodder cut.

Friday 13th January 1911

Rain all day. Tom ill. John washed harness. I muddled about and wrote two sheepdog letters. Elizabeth came and I painted her. Ina Cornell came. John to Newtown. Fed horses as Tom ill. Did milk cards.

Saturday 14th January 1911

Rain. Mist. Ran gasoline engine and muddled over it. Wrote to Alys (15th), washed brush and comb. Mrs Davis in bed till 4.30 with neuralgia. Marked bath towels in evening. Letter from Aunt Bella.

Oysters, omelette and hominy

Sunday 15th January 1911

Wet and misty. About on farm. Wrote to Wade. Did milk-cards.

Monday 16th January 1911

Mr Solly over and took Faith into Newtown. He came back and had supper with us. To bed 12.15 as sewed on curtain rings.

Tuesday 17th January 1911

Polly colic so I phoned to vet at 7.15. Dr Terry came and Mr Solly. I drove Dr Terry back to Newtown. Farmers’ Club met here 3.30 to 10.30. Very jolly and interesting indeed. Martin came.

Wednesday 18th January 1911

Vorhus came to fumigate men’s rooms. Insurance man came. Tante (me: Mrs Davis, from now on) to Philadelphia by 3.52. I drove Faith home. Supper at 5.30 and John took Sarah to to station. To bed 9.30. Washed my head.

Thursday 19th January 1911

Lovely warm day. Wrote to Dorothy, About with dogs on farm. Mended and sewed gloves and stockings. At 5 o’clock drove to meet Tante (with Hope). Drove back. Talked and read newspaper. To bed 10.20.

Friday 20th January 1911

Took dogs out. Tante headache. Worked at cosy. Tante in bed all day. I only saw her at 9 o’clock. I muddled about, keeping dogs quiet. Letter from Alys from Mürren[3]. John to Newtown.

Saturday 21st January 1911

About on farm. Tante in bed till 5.30. I took dogs all out and wrote letters about sheepdogs, etc. John to take Faith to be shod. Row about stalls for horses which I told Tom to change. Tom took Mary and Bessie to Newtown. Black dark night and rain.

Sunday 22nd January 1911

Wrote Alys – 16th. Awoke to snow. Snowed till 5 o’clock. Out with dogs. Lovely snow. Tante up at 1.30. I in buggy with Hope to meet Dr Davis at 3.18. Over barn and walk along lane with Dr Davis. He away at 8.

Monday 23rd January 1911

Lovely day. Sunny and cold. Mrs Davis slept till 11.45! I watched John and Tom chopping trees, etc. At 2.30 Tante and I sleighed with Faith up to the Geo. Brown’s. Very nice afternoon indeed. Lovely sleighing. Tante wrote Dorothy.

Tuesday 24th January 1911

Very cold. Sunny. Wrote Dorothy Barnard and Alys. Took dogs out. Puppies’ birthday. Drove in Newtown with Tante and Hope. Then on to Miss Cunningham’s. Hope climbed bank and buggy upset. We thrown out but no harm.

Wednesday 25th January 1911

Mary and Bessie to Philadelphia. Tante tried to get up but giddy. So in bed till 6 o’clock. I about on farm and doing house-work. Mary and Bessie home at 7.20. Lamp smoked!

Thursday 26th January 1911

Been here 3 months today. Thawry and damp. About farm and out with dogs. Mr Solly over. Watched fodder-cutting in p.m. Drove over with Tante (with Faith – I drove) to Solly’s in p.m. Cleaned “lab”. Letter and card from Alys at Mürren.

Friday 27th January 1911

Tante headache. Very damp. Tore up letters and took dogs out. Out to Newtown with Faith – Tante drove at 3 o’clock. Shopped “Boots”! Marked towels in evening. Wrote Osgood.

Saturday 28th January 1911

Took dogs out. Plumber came. Tom cleared barn-yard. John to Penns Park. We washed Bob after dinner. Mr Horace Smith came. Very windy, warm. Mr and Mrs Solly came in evening. Stayed till nearly 11. Thief stole meat, butter, etc in night. Tom told about lynching. Exciting.

Sunday 29th January 1911

Wrote (18th) to Alys. Dr Davis came by 9 train. Tante to meet him. Sleety and cold. I for walk with him. Peter Foulks to cut Barny’s and Charity’s hoofs. Music. Dr Davis off again at 8 o’clock.

Monday 30th January 1911

John and Tom spread weeds. Mr Solly came. In p.m. Mr Solly again. Tom to Newtown with wagon and market-wagon for kerosene. I unwell. Tante and I put up trespassing notices.

Tuesday 31st January 1911

Tante headache. Edna Wilson over at 8 a.m. Sarah sent for Mary. I kept dogs quiet. Walked to copse. Did cosy. Tom took Mary to station, after coming from Mill. Snowdrop sick. Tom fetched Dr Terry from Ryan’s Corner and drove him back to Newtown at 8.30. Gave Snowdrop salts 9.30.

Wednesday 1st February 1911

Francis furious. Men hauled fodder. I with Hope to Newtown, to station. In p.m. out in barn and photographed Dunny. Then to Newtown with Faith to fetch Dr Terry. He filed teeth, etc. Tom drove him back.

Thursday 2nd February 1911

Tom killed sheep. Tante headache. Snowdrop worse. Tom fetch new cook, Violet, at 10 o’clock. I drove Francis to station at 3.00. Fetched photos. Tom fetched Dr Terry at 6 o’clock. He gave injections but no good.

Friday 3rd February 1911

Machinist out. John met him. Tom headache and spoke to Tante. Snowdrop very bad. I drove machinist to Newtown at 3 o’clock and to shops and met Dr Terry. Gave Snowdrop eggs and linseed tea every hour till 12.30 then a thunderstorm.

Saturday 4th February 1911

Again at 2 a.m. Pouring sleet. To bed 3.30 a.m. Up at and out at 7.45 to see cow. Drove to meet Dr Terry at 9.40. Took him back at 11. Cow died 11.30. Tom fetched Dr Terry at 12.40. Post-mortem (impaction of omasum – Book, bible[1]). Drove him back Tom took machinist back. Tante made butter.

Snowdrop had 2 lbs Epsom salts then I put castor oil in 2 doses. Then 4 or 5 pails of soapy water injected then doses of nux vomica and 3 eggs every two hours, and linseed tea and bran tea.

Sunday 5th February 1911

Took dogs out. Petted horses. Man came for cow’s body. I carved for men. I to meet Dr Davis at 3.18 (with Faith). Mr Solly came. Lamb born. Wrote to Alys (19th). Mary came back. Dr Davis away.

Monday 6th February 1911

About with dogs. Snow began at 11.00 and snowed all day hard. Very cold. Tante up to lunch. Wrote sheep dog letter. Out in barn, etc. Dunny hurt my ankle. Read papers in evening. Snow stopped.

Tuesday 7th February 1911

Dr Hamilton to see Mary. Mr Solly came to scold Martin. Tante and I to Newtown with Faith. Called at Dr Foster’s. Home 4.45. Gave horses corn. Tom gloomy. Wrote milk records. Wrote Dorothy Barnard.

Wednesday 8th February 1911

Tom to meet Worrell and fetch market wagon. Tante headache till 4.p.m. Rain and sleet. I drove Worrell to station with Hope and shopped. Nice talk to Tom about army, etc.

Thursday 9th February 1911

Icy ground. Dogs’ paws sore. Tante headache till 12.00. I made butter. Mr Solly came. Dr Hamilton came to see Mary. Took dogs out. Tante up at 6 p.m. I fed chickens. Changed Billy and Polly. John and Tom to see stallion.

Friday 10th February 1911

About farm. Tante and I drove in sleigh with Faith to Solly and then to station. Tante to Philadelphia. I to shops and then home. Bought rat-poison.

Saturday 11th February 1911

I made butter again and another lamb born. Tom out with manure spreader. I with Hope in buggy to Newtown. In stable and barn. Wrote Alys (20th). Tante telephoned. To bed 9 p.m.

Sunday 12th February 1911

Finished letter to Alys. Drove to station with Faith. Tom too. I off to Philadelphia. Met by Dr Davis, lunch with him and Tante at station. To Dr Bliss, who cured my ears. Home. Read music photograph.

Monday 13th February 1911

Packed bag and to Academy of Fine Arts. Very interesting. To Overbrook by 12.45. Lunch at Miss Scott’s. Walked 5 miles with Mrs Clem. Tea at Mrs Devlin’s. To Glee Club Concert at Bellevue-Stratford in evening. Slept at Miss Scott’s.

Tuesday 14th February 1911

Up at 7.30. To Philadelphia. Bought present for Margaret. 4.50. Lunch at 250 South 21st Street. Miss Hoyt there. Tante and I out by 4.23 to Bewley. Met Boz and took him out too. Excitement.

Wednesday 15th February 1911

Tante in bed till lunch. I out with dogs and tended Boz and Dunny. Mr Solly came for 10 minutes. About farm with Tante. Boz to Floss. Tante to Philadelphia again. 6.37. Cornell took her in. I read.

Thursday 16th February 1911

John did hotbed. Drove to Newtown with Hope at 9.00. Shopped. Currycomb, broom, glass, etc. Did sketch-book. To meet Tante at 4.30 (with Faith) and took harness in. Home 6.30. Read and talked. Canada and reciprocity.

Friday 17th February 1911

About with dogs and Tom hauled manure. John did garden. After dinner, Tante and I drove to Solly’s and Woodman’s for eggs. Tom took Polly and Marianne to Penns Park to blacksmith. Did cow cards and records.

Saturday 18th February 1911

Muddy. Took dogs out. Tante down at 12.00. John away all day. I drove to Ryan’s Corner (with Faith) to meet Mr Haldeman who looked at bulls. Took him back again. Tom to fetch kerosene. Talked of fire with Tom.

Sunday 19th February 1911

Tante up at 1.20. Wrote Alys – 21st. Lovely sunshine early. In barnyard. Talked to Tom. Put Vaseline on Polly. Drove with Tante to Solly’s. Took photos of stallion. Drove to Betts’. Called there (Hope). Home 6.30. Did seed list.

Monday 20th February 1911

Thick snow. Snowed all day. I on sled hauling wood with Tom and John and Martin. Greatest fun. Tante up at 11.30. Drove to station in sled – Hope and Dewey – Tom drove. Left Tante (to Philadelphia) and Tom and I to mill. Very nice.

Monday 21st February 1911

Sunshine on snow. John and Tom to sleds to haul posts. 30 miles. Dr Terry came and took me to Solly’s and back in his sleigh. Messrs Palmer and Parry came about insurance. Tante home 6.10. Tom and John back 7.15. Tom hurt. Leg crushed under logs.

Wednesday 22nd February 1911

Up at 6.00 to give John orders. Dr Smith to see Tom. Mr Solly came, broken rib? Mr Solly came again at 3 and drove us in sleigh to station. Tante and I to Philadelphia. Quiet evening. Packed beds. (Tom was told about being headman).

New York

Thursday 23rd February 1911

I to Wanamaker’s and Heid Building. With Tante at 9 o’clock to Broad Street station. Dr Davis there and all three to New York. Lunch on train. To Manhattan Hotel.


Tea in bedroom. Dr Davis took me in taxi down 5th Avenue. Dressed. Dinner at Astor Hotel – farewell to Ellen Terry.

astor hotel

Cyrus McCormick[2] afterwards. 12 to 1 a.m. at Manhattan.

Friday 24th February 1911

Up at 8.30. I walked to Mrs Bacon’s. Spent an hour there. Lunch at Manhattan. Rested 30 minutes. To Mrs Goddard’s to tea. Dressed at Hotel (to Music Academy at 6 o’clock, Dr Goetchins.) To New Theatre to see “The Piper” – Edith Wynne Matthison[3].



Saturday 25th February 1911

Up at 9. I phoned Miss Millet. I by tram to Museum (Metropolitan). Lovely pictures. Back by motorbus. Wrote Alys. Lunch at Mr and Mrs Humphrey’s. Very nice. Train to Philadelphia – 4 to 6 p.m. To 250 South 21st dinner and to bed at 11.

Manhattan Hotel 42nd and Madison Avenue

Sunday 26th February 1911

Breakfast 10. Up to Newtown by 1.44. Cornell took us out. Out in barn, etc.

Monday 27th February 1911

Warm. Tante headache but up at 1.30. John and Tom hauled fertilizer. Out all p.m. with Tante on farm. Chickens. Fed horses as men not back till 6.30.

Tuesday 28th February 1911

Tante up 11.450. Wrote bulls’ pedigree and letter. To blacksmith’s with Faith and Martin. Men cut fodder. Fed chickens. Wrote Aunt Alice. John said goodbye.

Wednesday 1st March 1911

Cabled Aunt Alice – 28 cents a word. Drove with Tante to Bustleton. Pomona Grange[1]. I admitted by vote only, as “closed meeting”. Dr Davis read papers. Tante home with Dr Davis. I back with Cornell and Tom met me at Newtown and drove Faith home.

Thursday 2nd March 1911

Snowstorms, short and sharp and sunshine. Breakfast 7.30. Drove Faith up to Blacksmith’s at 8.30. She was shod. Home. Drove Violet to station with Hope. Fodder cut and hauled. Tom met new man, Stanley, at station. I wrote to Ella all evening.

Friday 3rd March 1911

Lovely day. Muddled about. Sheep pens cleared out. Drove to Newtown at 1.30. Left Surrey and Hope at Randall’s. Train 3.52 to Philadelphia. Taxi (50 cents) to 250 South 21st Street. Late dinner 7. To bed at 1.30.

Saturday 4th March 1911

In taxi to Wanamaker’s. Then walked (in snow) to Academy. To Cook’s to join Tante at Maternity, 224 South 7th Street. Lunch at “Bourne’s. Very good. I home. Wrote Alys 23rd.

Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square

Rittenhouse Square Fountain, Philadelphia

Sunday 5th March 1911

Lovely day. Wrote to Aunt Bella. I unwell. Out to Newtown by 1.55. Tom met us in Surrey with Hope. I drove out. Letter from Alys and Aunt Alice. Lamb born at 10 o’clock.

Surrey “with a fringe”

Monday 6th March 1911

Tante headache. Twin lambs born and sheep ill. Dr Foster came and took dead lamb from her. Fed other on bottle. Gave her egg and nux vom. Star swelling on side. Bessie gave notice.

Tuesday 7th March 1911

Dr Terry to see Star. Tom fetched him. He lanced Star and put nose-ring in Donald. I drove him back. Miss Martin came. Tante and Miss Martin to Solly’s with Faith. I headache, early to bed.

Wednesday 8th March 1911

Sam went 7.15. Stanislaus did dairy-work. Miss Martin and I drove to Newtown and back by pike. Tom hauled 2100 cwt of coal. Mr Solly came in p.m. Drove Miss Martin to station. Hope and Surrey.

Thursday 9th March 1911

Tante headache nearly all day. Up at 6 p.m. I muddled about. Tom hauled manure. Plasterer came. I wrote letters for Tante. Tom to Newtown at 4.30 with Marianne, etc so I fed horses and chickens. Did cow cards.

Friday 10th March 1911

Tom to Smithy with Dewey. I set hens and very busy all a.m. At 11.45 Tante and I in Surrey with Tom and Hope to station. To Philadephia. Shops and Dougherty’s. To opera at 7.30. To hear Tales of Hoffmann, Offenbach. Lovely evening.

Saturday 11th March 1911

Wrote 2 cow letters and I off by 1.15 train to Newtown. Tom met me, also Dr Terry. I drove out. After he saw Star. I drove him in again. To Mrs Washington’s for Mary and stores. Busy’s calf born. Martin to quit. Gave Busy salts at 8.10 p.m.

Sunday 12th March 1911

Wrote Alys 24th. Saw Star done. Mr Solly over. Martin left. Drove to meet Dr and Mrs Davis. All round by Solly’s home. About farm. Dr Davis away by 8 o’clock.

Monday 13th March 1911

Lydia came. Up 6.30. To Philadelphia alone. To Dougherty’s. Engaged 2 men for farm. Wrote Alys and Doz. Lunch at 250 South 21st Street. Met men at 3.30. Out to Newtown 4.23. Tante met us all in Surrey with Hope.

Tuesday 14th March 1911

Up 7. Drove Bessie to station at 8.15. Home. Saw about sled and sleigh going up to loft. Over to Solly’s to photograph stallion. To Farmers’ Club at Wilson Woodman’s. Home in rain, Faith.

Wednesday 15th March 1911

Drove Tante to 12.37 train. George Sanders, dairyman, came out to interview. I talked to him.

Thursday 16th March 1911

Blizzard. Drove out to meet Mrs Clemenson at 11.55. Took Violet to station and brought Annie Washington back. Very very cold, blizzard. Round farm. Sewed. To meet Tante at 5.30 with Hope.

Friday 17th March 1911

Tom’s birthday. About farm with Mrs Clemenson. Hay came. Dismissed Paul. Walked by Neshaminy. Drove Mrs Clemenson to station. About farm with Tante. Treated Honest’s udder. Men to Newtown. Did Star late.

Saturday 18th March 1911

Dr Terry came. Miss Smith came 11.30. Mr Solly here; prepared advert of stallion. Drove into Newtown with Miss Smith (Hope). About farm. Mary and Annie and Tom and James to Newtown; not back till 12.

Sunday 19th March 1911

Dull, rain and snow. Tante headache. Miss Smith and I walked up to woods. Twin lambs. I drove in to station to meet Miss Hoyt – 3.18. Miss Smith left. Pouring rain. Milked Honest. Brought lamb in.

Monday 20th March 1911

Lovely day. Mixed feed for cows with James. New dairyman, George, came. Tom Kelly came. Mary left. Tom cut briars and made bonfires. I drove to Wrightstown with Faith and to Solly’s.

Tuesday 21st March 1911

Up at 6. Fed lamb. Drove Tante and Miss Hoyt to station. Mr Solly came. Sprayers came. Wrote Bertha. Did cow names. Talked to Tom. Fed lamb. Bob’s ear bad. Mr Solly phoned and Tante.

Wednesday 22nd March 1911

Up at 6.30. Out to give orders to Tom on rye field. Drove to Newtown to fetch char. Made butter. Arranged wood-piles. Fetched Tom and Jom. All sawed wood. 1 ½ hours. Gasoline engine saw. Jim drove Sarah (char) into Newtown in evening.

Thursday 23rd March 1911

Paid Annie and Lydia off. Tim to fetch Sarah at 7 a.m. Up at 6.30 to feed lamb. Drove to Newtown to ‘phone Tante. Helped pile wood. Tante came by 2.00 train with Nancy, Irish maid. New English cook and Lithuanian maid arrived 6 o’clock Cornell.

Friday 24th March 1911

Up at 6.30. Showed Nancy and Anna how to lay cloth and light fires, stoves, etc. Sarah came and cleaned men’s room. Very dirty! Bonnie, Betty’s calf born. Heifer. Tom did wood and onions and drove Sarah home. Letters Alys and Ella.

Saturday 25th March 1911

Up 6.45. Tom hauled coal. I made butter (2 ¾ lbs) and showed Nancy how. Tante headache. Not up till 6 p.m. I rode on Hope. Tom to milk. Mr Solly came. Omelette upset!

Sunday 26th March 1911

Wandered round with Tom. Tante out before dinner. Tom harnessed Barney, with Polly. Drove round field. I too. Tante and I drove to Newtown; called on Mrs Smith and then to Solly’s. Home 6.30. Found lamb in trough. 10.

Monday 27th March 1911

Rainy. Wrote Alys (26th). Tom did room with kerosene. Tante neuralgic, up at 12.15. Photos of Eva came. Wrote to Wade.


Tuesday 28th March 1911

Tom for oats. No success. I cleared up with Stanley all rubbish. I drove into Newtown with Hope for meat. Washing done. Tante helped with ironing.

Wednesday 29th March 1911

Tom and Kelly to haul posts. I made butter. Mr Solly came with stallion. I drove Tante to 3.52 train (Faith). Got sheep in, fed chickens. Tom in in evening for orders about rats. Wrote Alys – 27th.

Thursday 30th March 1911

Breakfast 7.30. By 9 train to Philadelphia. Left Faith at Cornell’s. To “250”. With Tante to Lit’s and Blaylock and Blyns. Bought two hats. Lunch with Mrs Hebbard. Bought rubbers, and suede shoes. Home to dine at 250 South 21st Street.


Friday 31st March 1911

Up at 7.30. By 9.45 train to Newtown with Tante. Faith very gay. Cold. 3 chickens hatched out. Fed chickens. Painted portrait of Tante 1 hour. Out at 9.30 to chicken-house.

Saturday 1st April 1911

Men started ploughing and rolling. 3 more chickens hatched out. Tom annoyed at Mr Solly. Mr Solly with stallion in. I to Newtown with Hope, to stores. Tom to Trenton. Wrote cow-cards.

Sunday 2nd April 1911

I drove Nancy to Roman Catholic Church at 10. Men came about silo and tank. Mr Solly too and stayed to dinner. Packed up, and Tante, Tom and I to station with Boz. Tante, Boz and I to Philadelphia. Spent night at 250 South 21st Street.


Monday 3rd April 1911

Packed slowly and muddled round. Mrs Horwitz called. After lunch to Broad Street station. Tante and I by 3.20 to Washington. To Shoreham Hotel. H and 15th Street. Dinner. Wrote Alys.

Shoreham Hotel 4.jpg

Tuesday 4th April 1911

Rain. Breakfast 9. Taxi to Capitol. In House of Representatives. New Congress 62nd assembled. Champ Clark elected speaker. Lunch at Library and over library all p.m. To Hotel, rested to 5.30 to 6.30. To dinner 7.30 with Miss Hoyt.

Capitol, Washington

Wednesday 5th April 1911

Walked to Treasury. Over it. To White House. To Smithsonian Museum. Saw Indian groups. Lunch at Capitol. In House of Representatives all p.m. Heard debate and vote on Rules. Underwood of Alabama. Wrote to Dr Davis and Patty. I unwell.

Diorama is of a Samoan Indian group with native artifacts – 1911

Thursday 6th April 1911

Very fine. Wrote Ella. I walked to 1412 Corcoran Street and called on Tom’s sister, Mrs Mollie Jenkins. Nice. Miss Joyt and Miss Emery to lunch and Miss Emery and Tante and I by steamer down Potomac River to Mt Vernon. Saw George Washington’s house and tomb. Back by tram.*

mount vernon
Mount Vernon


Friday 7th April 1911

Breakfast 9.45! I to Corcoran Art Gallery. Tante to find Miss Sewell(gill!). To station after lunch with trunks. Then to Capitol and in Supreme Court of Justice all p.m. By 5.35 train to Philadelphia. Dined on train. (Tony came).


Saturday 8th April 1911

I to shops, bought shirt-waist, stockings and stocks. Tante to Colonial Dames Meeting. I out to farm. Rained. Tom drove me home. After supper out to see animals with Tom.

* Back by tram through Alexandria – tram had white and “Jim Crow”[1] car – being in Virginia.
Hotel bill $34.15 with meals included.
Miss Hoyt, The Brighton

Sunday 9th April 1911

Busy getting rooms tidy. Out to meet Dr and Mrs Davis in “double fix” with Hope. Very cold coming back 3.18. Dr Davis depressed. He away at 8 o’clock.

Monday 10th April 1911

Fine day. Tante in bed till 6 with indigestion. I wrote to Dorothy. Tended lamb. Met man from Stone and Downey’s. (Marianne bred). Men whitewashing stable.

Tuesday 11th April 1911

Very fine. Tom Kelly left. Up 6 o’clock. Rode on Hope to Smithy. She was shod. Home by 9. Mr Solly there and carpenter and painter. Wrote Alys (28th). To Farmers’ Club at Lugar’s with Solly’s. Chickens from incubator came.

Wednesday 12th April 1911

Fine. Drove to Newtown (Faith). Shopped a long time, “bellowses”. Back 11.40. Let sheep out. Tom out with disc-harrow. Tante and I to Solly’s with eggs (2.40) and then to Philadelphia. To Wanamaker’s to see coats and skirts. To 250 South 21st Street.

Thursday 13th April 1911

Fine. Out to buy Easter flowers and to Wanamaker’s. Bought coat and skirt and frock. Lunched at Mrs Boyer’s. Nice. I alone to Bewley by 4.25. Cornell with Faith to meet me. Lost pendant.

Friday 14th April 1911

Rainy. Clipped vine. Tom did hotbed and told about San Morne. To Newtown with Faith. Shopped. Tom hauled coal*. I met Tante at 2.34. Arranged dining-room. Fed horses corn.

Saturday 15th April 1911

Drift had five puppies! Gardening done by Tom and Stanley – sods. Tom to Newtown for meat and to bank. Tante and I to Philadelphia (with Tom in double-fix). Dinner 7. To bed 1015. Dr Davis out at 9 to examine 15 nurses and patients. Twin lambs born.

* “It’s raining some, Miss Boyd”!

Sunday 16th April 1911

Cold, sunny. Up 7. To early Communion Service with Tante and Dr Davis. To Maternity Hospital with flowers after breakfast, and cemetery in landau. Rested. Wrote Alys (29th).

Monday 17th April 1911

Up early but not off by early train after all. Muddled all morning; lunch at station. I alone to farm. Cornell drove me out. Saw mocking-bird and American eagle in evening.

Tuesday 18th April 1911

Fine. I saddled Hope and rode her to Solly’s and then round by ford home. Lovely. Washed china in p.m. Glendora’s heifer born. I to meet Tante 5.27 with Faith.

Wednesday 19th April 1911

Saw about new man* and Tom took Barney to Newtown for collar. Tante and I did china and drove to Brownsburg for shad. Lovely. Rained. To Solly’s. Men took stove to attic.

Thursday 20th April 1911

Rained till 12. Cold. Tante headache. Up at 6 p.m. Frank cracked corn but too bad leaves. Tom mended dog kennel (Taming of Shrew and Pinafore). I drove Nancy to Newtown and shopped. Talked to Tante. With Tom to field to see about new fence at 5 till 6. Restless night with Floss.

Friday 21st April 1911

Fine. Muddled about with dogs. Men did fence posts in morning. I to Newtown at 1.30 Met Nancy to fetch pole and shares with Hope in surrey. I harnessed her myself.

Saturday 22nd April 1911

To Newtown? Burnt my face and indoors all p.m. Mr Solly came and sat all p.m. talking. Tom annoyed about work – unexpected! Talked to him.

* George Moore 19th

Sunday 23rd April 1911

Tom to Solly’s and made crate for Drift. Tante and I to Solly’s to dinner and to Doylestown after and back (22 miles). Mad dog had been here and all round. Tante and Tom to Solly’s.


Monday 24th April 1911

Tante headache. In bed till 6 p.m. Men hauled stone and gravel. Tom very mad about it – “quit”. I tended Drift, brushed her. Painted crate. Did pedigrees in evening and wrote “poem”.

Tuesday 25th April 1911

Hot. Wrote Alys. Up at 5 a.m. With Tom in market-wagon, took Drift and pups to Newtown. Harnessed Faith and took her to Newtown. Shops. Home 12. Mrs Brown called. Dr Davis to dinner; we met him at 5.30.

Wednesday 26th April 1911

Tante headache till 12. Heard about Nancy from Mrs L. I to oat field. Talked to Mr Solly there and Tom. Potato land ploughed. Wrote to Dorothy. Took Anna to station at 12. Men got my boxes down.

Thursday 27th April 1911

Hot and fine, buggy curtains off. Potatoes sown pig had 11 pigs. Floss 10 puppies. I packed a little. Tante to meet Mrs Pardee, who to lunch. Mad dog scare again. Got in stock. Tante took Mrs Pardee back 3.52. Cut cords of puppies. I met Dr Terry and Tom drove him back.

Penna Ry pays 6%

Friday 28th April 1911

Muddled about and packed. Lunch early. Tante and I drove to Edna’s and spent p.m. there and called at Cunningham’s on way back. Home at 8.30. Frank killed and taken away. Tante coldy.

Saturday 29th April 1911

I packed a good deal; very hot day. Sat on verandah in p.m. with Tante. Drove into Newtown to shops. Cotton dress and big hat. Did cow names.

Sunday 30th April 1911

Hot. W.C. stopped up. Row with G. Moore and he left – drunk, swearing. Floss’ kennel moved. Led horses to pasture. I to meet Dr Davis and then to Solly’s to say goodbye. Painted “Bewley Farm” sign in evening.

Monday 1st May 1911

Tom and Tony to haul silo. I packed. Tom took trunks* to station; thunderstorm. Tante and I off to Philadelphia. Dinner 7. Talked and Dr Davis gave me tickets for passages.

Tuesday 2nd May 1911

I shopped all morning buying presents. Tante to an alumnae meeting in p.m. I rested and packed.

New York

Wednesday 3rd May 1911

Off at 10 o’clock with Tante to New York. Arrived 12. To 32 East 38th Street. Lunch with Mrs Humphreys and Mr and Mrs Duane. Out in motor to Cathedral through park in p.m. Rested 5 to 6.30. Dressed. Dined, looked at books – fine editions.

Thursday 4th May 1911

Shopped with Tante at Altman to see Elinor Whitney’s baby. 9 months. Lunch with Mrs May Duane. To Metropolitan Museum after. Tante paid a call. To see “The Concert”. Very very good. (Leo) Deitrichstein.

New York – 1911

Friday 5th May 1911

In car “town, town” to Mr Humphreys’ office. Down Wall Street. In Trinity Church.

trinity church.jpg
Trinity Church, New York

Up Singer Tower, 900 odd feet. Lunched at Colony Club with Mrs Humphreys, Mrs Russell. To Tiffany’s. To see Will Collier in “Dictator”.

Singer Building, 1911 – New York City

SS Minnewaska

Saturday 6th May 1911

In omnibus car to dock – 58 West. Tante. On board Minnewaska. Goodbyes and sailed at 12.00. Wrote to Tante and Mrs Humphreys. Read, walked about. Dined at Captain’s table. On deck till 9.

SS Minnewaska

Sail for Europe on Minnewaska – 6th
* “This is worse than a funeral, Miss Boyd.”

Sunday 7th May 1911

Very calm and sunny. Up to breakfast at 9. On deck. Divine service at 10.30. Read “Jean Christophe[1]” and walked with meal-friend.

Monday 8th May 1911

Fine, sunny, hot. Read, talked to Messrs Donald and Jones – who lent books. Wrote to Tante.

Tuesday 9th May 1911

Hot then cooler. Read. Talked to Mrs Miller in chair next mine. Dance in evening. Mr Langslow introduced.

Wednesday 10th May 1911

Read and talked to Mr Jones. After lunch, played shuffleboard with Langslow and Carey and Griffiths. Fun. Talked to rancher from Wyoming all evening.

Thursday 11th May 1911

Fine. Read, walked. Played shuffleboard in p.m. with Miss Jeffery and Messrs Pearson and Jones. Fun. Watched quoits competition. Dance in evening. I sat and talked to Mr Porter and Mr Langslow till 11.

Quoits onboard

Friday 12th May 1911

Shuffleboard contest. Played with Mr Pearson. Read a little. Sports. Ran in potato race, egg and spoon race; won shoe race. Fun. Beaten in semi-finals for shuffleboard. Auction.

Saturday 13th May 1911

Read and watched shuffleboard finals and wrote Tante; and talked to Mr Langslow. Prize-giving and concert in evening. Fun. Long talk to Mr Langslow by moonlight, 11, till past 12. He invited me to Rochester. Phosphorescence.

Basket of fruit: apples, oranges, tangerines, black grapes, white grapes, ginger, lemon balls, croquettes, sticks of chocolates , Carlsbad plums, grapefruit.

Sunday 14th May 1911

Dull. No service. Packed. Sighted Scilly’s about 10.30 and Lizard at 12? Talked to Langslow’s and Mr Porter and Mr Tenbroeck in p.m. Mr and Mrs Miller after dinner. And Harry Langslow and Marconi man


Monday 15th May 1911

Slight fog. Up at 7. Packed, wandered about. Talked to Millers. Lunch 11.30 at 1.15 customs on board. Alys in the tender to meet me!! Introduced friends to her. Doz at St Pancras. To 8 Heath Mansions to tea and dinner. Home to Wade and Mowgli.

Tuesday 16th May 1911

Wrote Tante. Unpacked. Alys came; Alys and Nurse and Eva to tea. Lovely. I walked up with Alys and dined there. Den too. Alys walked home with me.

Wednesday 17th May 1911

Looked through boxes. Alys came down. Both to lunch at William Miles’. Shopped in town; tea at vegi. Home.

Thursday 18th May 1911

Ironed dress. Over to Aunt Alice’s to lunch. With Dorothy to Max Beerbohm’s[2] drawings. Tea at Miss Horner’s. Met Alys at Beaufort. Home to Shenton’s dance in evening.

Max Beerbohm, self-caricature (1897)

Friday 19th May 1911

Alys across. To Finchley Road together. I to Northwood. Spent day with Kitty. Mrs G. E. Barnard there. Home at 10.30. Tram for Willesden.

Saturday 20th May 1911

Alys over. I up there to lunch. Wrote to Tante. Alys, Dennis and Baby over to me to tea. Dennis did car with Ted. Alys and Dennis supped with me. Looked at my sketchbook after.

Sunday 21st May 1911

Up to Alys to dinner and tea. Dolly and Charley to tea. I to Aunt Rosa’s to call and stayed supper. Letter game. 15 letters, words.

Monday 22nd May 1911

Sewed in morning. Alys to lunch. She and I to Pimlico office. Tea at 8 Heath Mansions. Nurse out. Put Baby to bed. Dined and songs with Alys. Home at 10.

Tuesday 23rd May 1911

Sewed and wrote letters. Alys to bazaar in afternoon at Ennismore Gardens. Tea at Fuller’s. To William Miles to dine at 7.30. Home at 10.30.


Wednesday 24th May 1911

Sewed. To Alys to lunch. Polly there too. On Heath with Baby in p.m. Tea at 8 Heath Mansions. Home to supper.

Thursday 25th May 1911

To shops and wrote to Tante. Very hot. Alys over after lunch. To tea at Carnegy’s with Alys. Alys to dine with me. Lovely dance at Shentons’s. Arbuthnot Lane[3] there.

Friday 26th May 1911

Letter from Aunt Bella. Langslow telephoned. Alys over. I met Mrs Styer and took her to White City. Colonies Exhibition. Home to tea. Harry Langslow and Miss Chapman home 5.30. Alys too. George W in evening.

Saturday 27th May 1911

To lunch at Barnes and then with Josephine Palmer to Albert Hall. Tea at Aunt Alice’s. Dorothy back with me to Golders Green for weekend to Benmore.

Bazaar 23rd
Mrs Styer Academy – 26th
F Carnegy 25th
Dance 8.30
George 26th

Sunday 28th May 1911

Very hot. Strolled up to Alys’. Dinner there. On Heath with Baby and Alys. Home to tea. Out in “Suburb” till 7.25. Supper at home.

Monday 29th May 1911

Hot. Breakfast late. Dorothy away. Alys over. I to lunch with Uncle Harold. Home, light supper. Roses from Harry Langslow. To Albert Hall with Wade. King and Queen there. Very enjoyable. Home 11.30.


Tuesday 30th May 1911

Ironed skirts, hemmed skirt. To Aunt Alice’s to lunch. Miss Horner, Miss Fileri and Madame Ormond to tea there. Alys to supper. Nice day. She and I home together. Letter from Tante.

Wednesday 31st May 1911

Packed all a.m. Alys over. Boxes off at 2. I over to 8 Heath Mansions. Thunderstorm all afternoon and bad at 7. Stayed to dinner. Dennis home. Home at 9.30.

Thursday 1st June 1911

Breakfast 7. Off to Charing Cross. Wade saw me off 9 a.m. to Brussels. Very smooth, sunny crossing. Aunt Bella met me at Brussels. Hot journey. To 13 rue de l’Aurore. Wrote postcards.

Friday 2nd June 1911

Rainy. Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre had baths. I unpacked and crocheted. Rested ¾ hour in p.m. Out after tea, a little walk. They played bridge in evening and I crocheted.

Saturday 3rd June 1911

Quiet morning. Mademoiselle Eva to lunch. We in tram to Woluwe intending Tervuren, but rainy so came back and to Cinema at Porte de Namur. Home at 6.30. No tea. Bridge and crochet.

Brussels 1st to 15th
Uncle Harold 29th 12.30
Aunt Alice 30th

Sunday 4th June 1911

Hot. I to Goosens for ham. Tram there and back. Aunt Bell and Uncle Pierre to Mass. Rested in p.m. To Avenue after tea and sat till dinner-time. Cold supper and wine tasting.

Monday 5th June 1911

Hot. Sat in Bois with Uncle Pierre. Crocheted. Rested in p.m. and tried dresses.


To St Marie and Uccle and back by Gar du Midi with Uncle Pierre in trams. Dress on in evening.

st marie.jpg
Postcard – 1911

Tuesday 6th June 1911

Very hot. With Uncle Pierre to buy varnish at Elsen’s. Aunt Bella to shops.

Wednesday 7th June 1911

Hot, breezy. Wrote postcards. To call on Mademoiselle Verel. Varnished portrait. To town with Aunt Bella. Bought toys for baby.

Thursday 8th June 1911

To Marché with Aunt Bella for flowers. Arranged them. I unwell. Dinner-party at 7 o’clock. 3 Timmermans, Vandammes, Hipperts, Meeus, Vandershalen. Bridge after and talked to Agnes Timmerman.

Friday 9th June 1911

Baths in morning! Mademoiselle Eva to lunch. Out to Bois with Aunt Bella. Posted cards to Tom Caveney. Mademoiselle Verboeckhoven in to dinner and evening.

Verboeckhoven webP.jpg
Madame Verboeckhoven was the painter Eugène-Joseph Verboeckhoven’s wife

Saturday 10th June 1911

To town with Aunt Bella and bought 3 chemises and 2 bodices. To Tervuren in p.m. Open tram. Saw Musée du Congo. Lovely thro’ Forêt.

Musée du Congo, Tervuren

June 10th Miss Homer’s birthday.
1-10-0 in hand.

Sunday 11th June 1911

Out with Uncle Pierre in Avenue. To Cinema in p.m. Packed up.


Monday 12th June 1911

Up and Aunt Bella saw me off to Ostende. Nice crossing. Alys met me at Charing Cross and came back to “supper”. Eggs and spinach.

Tuesday 13th June 1911

Unpacked and looked at dresses. To Alys’ to lunch and see Baby. Mr Stanley Harris and sister called and had tea. I to Aunt Alice’s to stay. Wrote Aunt Bella. Wrote Tom.

Wednesday 14th June 1911

With Polly to buy Coronation seats and to New English Art Club. Rested in p.m. and wrote Tante. To Irish Play with Doz and Von Glehn. “The Casting out of Martin Whelan”.

Thursday 15th June 1911

To Sloane Street with Poz. Back in Jay Chapin’s motor-car. To Park with Doz and tea there and sat and watched people. Mr Tonks in evening. Very nice.

Friday 16th June 1911

Packed. Sent off box. To lunch at Miss Holmer’s with Aunt Alice. Tea at Beaufort. Home. Met Uncle Harold. To dance at Benmore. Very nice.

Saturday 17th June 1911

Muddled about. To shops. To meet Ella who arrived 4.45 St Pancras. Alys and Dennis in. Round to Benmore.

12th back from Brussels
To Aunt Alice’s – 14th – 17th?
Ella 17th

Sunday 18th June 1911

Wrote letters. Up to Alys’ to dinner. Kitty and Edward came in to tea. Ella and I to Uncle Harold’s after tea. Walked home. Supper at home.

Monday 19th June 1911

Worked. Alys over. All three to town to “Stand” and lunch at Oxford Circus Restaurant. To Mr Thew’s (me: family dentist). Tea at Tent House. Home to dinner.

Tuesday 20th June 1911

Shopped at Evans’. Lunched with Uncle Harold at Rendezvous. To House of Commons. I to call on Mrs Mileham. Ella to Nelly Barnard.

Wednesday 21st June 1911

I with Alys to Thew’s. She had gas and root of both out. Maud Barnard to lunch with Ella and me. Ella and I to tea with Alys and Baby. Alys toothache. Home to dinner.

Coronation Day

Thursday 22nd June 1911

Up 5.20. Met Alys and Dennis and Otto and all to Charing Cross. Arrived 7 at seats. Saw Coronation Procession of George V. Home through St James’ Park. Lunch at Alys. Home at 2.30. Rested.

Friday 23rd June 1911

Quiet day. Worked. To shops. Rested. Ella and I called on Miss Boosey and Aunt Ellen, and Mary Boosey in Hendon.

Saturday 24th June 1911

Packed. To shops. Alys over 5 minutes. At 3.30, Ella to Aunt Alice’s and I to Broadway (me: Cotswolds, Worcestershire) to stay with Tades and Brewtnalls. Arrived 7.2 p.m.

Sunday 25th June 1911

Rain, cold. Wrote to Aunt Bella. Out up village. Rather rainy. Slept in p.m.

Monday 26th June 1911

Wrote to Tante – 10th. Rain. Cold. Out to see Mr Parson’s house. Slept in p.m. Mr Parsons called and had tea. Mary Pemberton called and Baby John. Out for walk. Songs in evening.

Tuesday 27th June 1911

Sunny. Warm. Up to Bindery with Sylvia. To Russell House with Tades. Saw Miss Thompson and Miss Clarke. Mowed lawn, bought shears. Mrs Monkhouse and Madge Pemberton to tea. To Smallbrook and Mrs Monkhouse’s.


Wednesday 28th June 1911

Packed. To town by 12.30 train. Alys met me!! Home. Tea at 8 Heath Mansions. Home. Wrote Tades.

Thursday 29th June 1911

Sewed. Alys to lunch. Both of us to Harrow Speech Day. Great fun. Mr and Mrs Warner’s house. Home at 7.45.

Friday 30th June 1911

Packed and sewed blouse. Boxes off at 2. Out to bank and called on Miss Miles. Hair shampooed. Taxi to Alys. To dance at Benmore. 9 till 2.15. Nice.


Saturday 1st July 1911

Up 6.45. Dennis came at 8.30 in car. I off with him via Chelsmford, Colchester (petrol), Ipswich (silencer trouble and petrol fire in garage) to Southwold. Lovely. Alys, Baby, Wade, Nurse, Esther and Buchanans by train. Craven Cottages, Perfect.

Alys Dennis Eva Craven Cottage Southwold 1911 The Swift
Alys, Dennis, and Eva with “The Swift” at Craven Cottage, Southwold 1911

Mrs Monkhouse of New Zealand knows Mrs Flight (at Ambleside)
Miss Clarke knows Mrs Bacon.

Sunday 2nd July 1911

Showery. A little thunder. Sunny too. Children round. Ed and Den played croquet. On beach in p.m. with Baby. Wrote letters. Aunt Alice. Round to Kitty’s in evening.

Monday 3rd July 1911

North wind. To shops with Alys. All bathed. Very cold (1st). Drove in car to Harbour. To Kitty’s after lunch. Read on lawn. Dennis washed car. Played tennis with Alys. Read in evening. Letters from Mrs Jenkins.

Tuesday 4th July 1911

Fine. Hot. Alys 27th birthday. I wrote to Tante XIth. All bathed (2nd) – fine and warm. Kitty and Urusla Jeans to tea. Tennis and croquet. Sewed in evening.

Wednesday 5th July 1911

Fine. Hot. To shops. Letter from Tante. All bathed (3rd). Raft. Lovely. I did button-holes in p.m. and Alys and Dennis played croquet. Began bathing-gown. In car to Kessingland after tea. Kitty and Ursula Jeans in after supper. Worked.


Thursday 6th July 1911

Baby’s 2nd birthday. Bathed (4th) Lovely. Over to Johnson’s (Heard of H Thurston’s death – anthrax). Tennis.

Dennis&Eva exactly 2 at Southwold
Written on reverse: “Dennis and Eva exactly aged 2 at Southwold”

Friday 7th July 1911

Bathed (5th). Lovely. Hot. Dennis met Edward at Darsham. Friede Flight and Alan Slater came down by last train. On beach in moonlight.

Saturday 8th July 1911

Baby bathed. All bathed. Hot and lovely (6th). Picnic to Walberswick in p.m. with car and Alys and I walked. Dennis took Friede and Alan in car to Dunwich and Blythburgh. Tennis. Out after supper. I to Buchanan’s.

Sunday 9th July 1911

Colder. Bathed at 8.30 with Friede and Alan. Buchanans came. All walked on beach and bathed (8th). Lovely. To Covehithe in p.m. I drove with Kit. Tea there altogether. Nice. I unwell.

Piper Covehithe.png
John Piper – Covehithe Church

Monday 10th July 1911

Wrote Tante. Up early and saw Friede and Alan off by 7.30 train, also Edward. Mrs Jeans too later. Watched others bathing. Kitty lunch with us and tea. I to supper with her. All read old letters and laughed. Rex’s letter came. W and Esther quarrelled.

Tuesday 11th July 1911

Watched bathing. Dennis and Alys and Baby and nurse to Johnson’s to tea. Out with Kit in pony-trap and tea with her. Patty came. Kit and Pat round in evening. Alys and I played croquet. Dennis wrote.

Wednesday 12th July 1911

Roughish. Watched bathing. Very windy. Mrs Matthews and Mrs Jarvis called. Dennis, Alys and I to Aldeburgh in car. To Kit’s in evening.

Thursday 13th July 1911

Wrote to Hatty, N. Sime. Washed car. To shops. Bathed. Lovely. In p.m. Alys, Dennis, Baby and nurse to Maude Balfour’s at Wissett Hall in car. Wade to Lowestoft. I with Kit to tea at Nellie Jarvis’. Mrs Cooper there and others.

Friday 14th July 1911

Bathed. Lovely – 10th. Dennis to meet Otto at Darsham. Dr Beresford in evening till 10.30.

Saturday 15th July 1911

Kitty bed all day. Bathed rather cold and drizzly – 11th. Miss Scott and Betty to tea. Car tyre punctured. Edward arrived. We called on Buchanans in evening. Tennis with Otto.

Sunday 16th July 1911

I bathed before breakfast alone. All bathed after breakfast from shore. Patty also. Otto and Dennis to Johnson’s to tea. Kit, Patty and Edward here. Tennis a good deal all day.

Monday 17th July 1911

Bathed – 14th. Otto to raft too. Kit to London. Played tennis. All and Patty walked to Dunwich. Tea there. Walked back. Tennis. Tired. Read “The Mating of a Dove”. M. E. Mann.

Tuesday 18th July 1911

Shops. Bathed – 15th. Tennis with Patty and Dennis and Otto in bad tempers. I wrote Tante – 13th. Miss Scott and Miss Beresford and Miss Jordan and 2 babies to tea. I on pier with Otto. To White Coons in evening.

A long-running concert party

Wednesday 19th July 1911

Bathed – 16th. Tennis. To Covehithe in p.m. Alys drove me in car. Dennis and Otto walked. Lovely tea. All to “Confetti Fête”. Danced. Fun.

Thursday 20th July 1911

Bathed (17th), Kit and Patty also. Tennis. They both to tea also and expected Johnsons who didn’t come. More tennis. We round to Kitty’s in evening. Postcard game. Home 10.30.

Friday 21st July 1911

I sick in night 3 times. Slept badly. To shops. Bathed 18th. Lovely. Tennis till 1. Otto away. Dennis drove him to Darsham. Dennis to meet Edward, with Kit. Round to Buchanan’s in evening.

Saturday 22nd July 1911

On Sands with children. Bathed all together and “Brother” – 19th. All to Blythburgh. Picnic in car and pony-trap and cycles. All children too. Very hot. All to Coons in evening.

“The worst is not, so long as we can say this is the worst.” (me: Edgar – King Lear, Shakespeare)
One damn thing after another. (me: ? Mark Twain)

Sunday 23rd July 1911

I bathed before breakfast with Dennis, Patty, Ed and “brother”. Other bathed later and Dennis and Ed again. Wrote Aunt Alice. Dennis and Ed played croquet. To Buchanan’s. Postcard game in evening.

Monday 24th July 1911

Shops. Bathed. Talked to “Brother and Sister”, Swam to buoy with “brother” and Dennis. Alys to Dr Tripp for ear. Motored to Lowestoft and tea at Covehithe. Kit and Patty in evening. All to Coons. “Brother and Sister” too. Letter from Tante.

Tuesday 25th July 1911

Shops, sands. Bathed – 22nd. Swam to buoy with Dennis and Mr Cooper. Very hard swim against current. Johnsons to tea and children in garden. Beresfords. To Buchanan’s – Kit read Jacobs aloud.

Wednesday 26th July 1911

Bathe – lovely. Swam to buoy. Jellyfish. Den swallowed one. Alys and I to tea with Mrs Cooper on yacht “Loire”. To Coons, Confetti Fête, Coopers too.

Thursday 27th July 1911

On sands. Mr Cooper took photographs. Bathed – 24th. Nice but jellyfish. Saw Patty off at 2.20. Alys and I called on Nelly Jarvis. Motored round by Blythburgh in evening.

Friday 28th July 1911

Very hot. Packed. Bathed – 25th. Lovely. Took Baby to Halesworth in car. Saw her off and servants and Coopers. Tea with Kitty. Dined at Swan Hotel. Kitty too. Thunderstorm, so slept at Kitty’s.

Saturday 29th July 1911

Muddled round at Craven Cottage. Bathed – 26th. Dennis and I swam round pier. Tea at Kitty’s also dinner at 9.30. Edward arrived. I stayed at Kitty’s.

Sunday 30th July 1911

Up at 8. To see Alys and Dennis who off in car home via Cromer. Bathed with Kitty and Ed at 8.30. On sands and Gunhill. Rested in p.m. Hot but strong breeze. Wrote to Bee and Tom C.

Monday 31st July 1911

Lovely day again. Children bathed. We bathed – 28th. Wrote to Tante.

Tuesday 1st August 1911

Kit’s birthday – 32. Shops, Children bathed. We bathed (29th). Sent off letter to Tante and card to Elizabeth. Walked to Harbour and sat there. Nice. To Coons in evening. Thunderstorm.

Wednesday 2nd August 1911

To shops. Children bathed. We bathed. Kit unwell. Lovely bathe. Mr and Mrs Tripp and Mrs Jarvis to tea. Kit and I to Miss Chapman’s. Park Lane. Bought blouses! Necklace and Baker business.

Thursday 3rd August 1911

Bathed 31st. Tripp and Jarvis At Home at Centre Cliff Hotel.

Centre cliff.png
The Centre Cliff Hotel was owned by Adnams Brewery


Friday 4th August 1911

Bathed 32nd. Edward took me on side-car to Halesworth. I off to London. Uncle Harold met me. Home. To Alys in evening. Heard the News. (me: Alys pregnant)


Saturday 5th August 1911

Up to Alys. To Euston at 12. Met Uncle Harold. Both of us to Northampton to Round Church. To St Andrews. Saw Edward and Dr Martin. Tea. To Oundle by train. Supper there. Slept at Talbot Hotel. 1626 Very nice. Staircase from Fotheringhay Castle.

The Talbot Hotel in Oundle – 1626

Sunday 6th August 1911

Fine. Uncle Harold and I walked to Fotheringhay and back – about 7 miles. Lunch at Oundle. Rested. To Peterborough by train. Over Cathedral. Supper at Angel Hotel. Home 10.30.

Monday 7th August 1911

Fine. Up to Alys. She, Dennis and I to Watford in car. Lunch there at Essex Arms. Tea at Wendover. Back by Great Hampden and High Wycombe.

Tuesday 8th August 1911

To town with Alys. Very hot. Shopped. Back to tea.

Wednesday 9th August 1911

97º in shade, 100º at Greenwich. To swimming-baths. Up to Alys’ in p.m. She sick and sleepy. To supper with Elsa and Max.

Thursday 10th August 1911

Veto Bill[1] passed. Packed up all morning. Hot still. I unwell. To Alys’ after lunch to help with book cupboard. Home to supper. Dolly Embleton slept at 15P. Great Strike[2].

Friday 11th August 1911

To Kings Cross. Travelled up to Darlington, lunch on train. Met Uncle Harold. On together to Barras. To Slip Inn to join Aunt Eliza and Ella.

Slip Inn, Barras, Westmorland, Cumbria

Saturday 12th August 1911

Walked with Uncle Harold and Ella to glen. Very pretty. Sat out with Aunt Eliza. Rested in p.m. Ella and Uncle Harold out for walk.

To North.
Sheep – guinea each half bred – horns.
9th Hottest day recorded in England.

Sunday 13th August 1911

Hot. Walked with Uncle Harold to Brough – 6 ½ miles both ways. Wrote to Tante in p.m. and Alys. Posted them. Uncle Harold and Ella out. I out in evening a little way.

The Inn and Brough

Monday 14th August 1911

Very Fine. Hot. Uncle Harold and I walked to Kirkby Stephen 5 miles. Aunt Eliza and Ella drove. Lunch there at Kings Arms and tea. Called on Miss Isabella Faraday. I back with Aunt Eliza. Others by train.


Tuesday 15th August 1911

Ella and Uncle Harold for walk. Uncle Harold away by 12 train. Slept in p.m. Ella and I walked in evening. I milked cow a little.

Wednesday 16th August 1911

Letter from Tante. Ella and I to viaduct[3]. Hot. Sat in field. Slept in p.m. Ella and I walked to Brough Road through farms.

Belah viaduct

Thursday 17th August 1911

Letters from Aunt Alice and Alys. Ella unwell. Darned stockings all morning by roadside. Wrote to Alys. I milked Dinah. Read aloud Boswell.

Friday 18th August 1911

General Railway Strike. I sketched on Brough Road. Rested. Read Derelicts (Locke)[4]. Walked in fields. Sewed gabot. Patience in evening with Ella. Concert!

Saturday 19th August 1911

Little walk. Rested. Patience.

“I’ve no advocate to see one”.
“Fine liesh young woman”
“I’ll fettle ye a lunch”

Sunday 20th August 1911

Very fine. Strike continuing. Out with Ella to Glen and read there. Aunt Eliza out too. Rested. Wrote to Alys, Aunt Alice, Tante – card to Kit.

Monday 21st August 1911

Mizzly. Out for walk. Finished letter to Tante. Letter from Alys.

Tuesday 22nd August 1911

Rainy. Mr Pounder to Wensleydale. Fire in sitting-room. Wrote to Alys. Strike still on in north. Finished “Notorious Miss Lisle”[5]. Milked Dinah as Mr Pounder out late.

Wednesday 23rd August 1911

Fine. Walked with Ella. All drove to Brough with Mr Pounder. Rested in p.m. Read “Inheritance” by Miss Ferrier. Out to Vicarage – Stainmore, Lax. Milked Dinah. Mr Pounder out till 9.30.

Thursday 24th August 1911

Rainy. Letters from Alys and Dorothy.

Friday 25th August 1911

To Brought with Ella and new pony. 2 years. Telegram from Dolly Embleton. to return. Packed up.

Saturday 26th August 1911

Packed. By 12 train off to Darlington, crowded. Sat in corridor till York. Horrid journey. Arrived Kings Cross 7.10. To 8 Heath Mansions. Alys in bed, sick.

Sunday 27th August 1911

Alys in bed. Dennis doing car all day. Charley to tea. Wrote to Ella and Aunt Alice and Tades.

Monday 28th August 1911

Alys in bed. Patience, crochet and read. Comer of Harley Street. Dennis midnight.

Tuesday 29th August 1911

Alys in bed. Read “Cousin Ivo”. Dolly up and to tea. I to Golders Green to unpack. Kit telephoned. Dennis at 9.30.

Wednesday 30th August 1911

Alys in bed. Home to Golders Green and then to Army and Navy Stores. Davis’ notepaper. Doris’ trunk. Dennis in 8 o’clock.

Thursday 31st August 1911

To pay books. Alys in bed.

Friday 1st September 1911

Alys in bed. Nurse away, I took Baby out in pushchair to shops. Kitty up to lunch. I to shops. Philip Blanford called. Wade took Baby out. I bathed her.

Saturday 2nd September 1911

Took Baby to shops.

Sunday 3rd September 1911

Fine. Hot. Took Baby into Elsa’s garden. She cried. Alys up in p.m.

Monday 4th September 1911

Fine. Hot. With Baby to shops. Wade took Baby out. I to Registry Offices for Alys. West End Lane.

Tuesday 5th September 1911

Fine. With Baby to shops and by pond. Wade took her out in p.m.

Wednesday 6th September 1911

Alys better – up. At 10.30 Painters in flat. In Elsa’s garden after tea.

Thursday 7th September 1911

Very hot. Hottest ever recorded in September. Alys up to breakfast. With Baby to shops. Wade in p.m. To Golders Green; bus to bank. Walked up to Alys’.

Friday 8th September 1911

Very hot indeed. Alys and I and Baby in Elsa’s garden all morning. I unwell. Wade up. Alys pains. Hottest day? Wrote Ella.

Saturday 9th September 1911

Cooler. To shops with Baby. Alys bad pains. Wade up. I to shops in p.m. too. Flights called. Wash Baby’s blankets.

Wrote Whitehouses (8th) about flat quarterly from February 11th.

Sunday 10th September 1911

Alys pretty bad. I washed blankets. Dennis took Baby out. I played with her. Patience and impatience.

Monday 11th September 1911

To shops. With Baby to Golders Green. Miss Smythe came. After lunch I to Odette’s and bought 3 dresses. Home. Unpicked dress and phoned Alys.

Tuesday 12th September 1911

Hot. Headache. Busy with Miss Smythe. To lunch at Blanfords’ and tea at Aunt Louie’s. Home by 8 Heath Mansions and dined there. Dolly there. Rain.

Wednesday 13th September 1911

My 32nd birthday. Alys over! With her to lunch. To town to Registry Offices and tea at William Miles.

Thursday 14th September 1911

Hills At Home. I to Registry Offices in Finchley Road. To see Mazy de Nonancourt. Tea at Miss Horner’s. Supper at Aunt Alice’s.

Friday 15th September 1911

Lunch with Uncle Harold. To National Gallery. Home to tea. To dinner with Alys. To 8 Oak Hill from 9 to 10. Billiards with Uncle Harold.

Saturday 16th September 1911

Met Alys in Finchley Road. Worked and tidied all day. Up to Alys to sleep as Dennis away with Otto.

To Miss Horner’s 14th.
Miss Smythe 11th.
Aunt Louie’s 12th
Lunch Uncle Harold Friday
Philip at home 12.45
To lunch at Blanford’s – 12th.

Sunday 17th September 1911

Out for walk with Alys. Read. Dennis back at 7. I home.

Monday 18th September 1911

To William Miles’ – Lunch there. To meet Mazy and with her to St Paul’s and then home to tea. Saw her back in tube and to Alys for a little time.

Tuesday 19th September 1911

Kit came and she and I in town shopping and lunch all day. To Alys to tea on way home. Sore throat. Ted and Phoebe called in evening.

Wednesday 20th September 1911

Showers. Did sewing. Called on Mrs Wurzburg and Mrs Allingham, and then to Alys to dinner.

Thursday 21st September 1911

Showers. To lunch with Alys to meet Aunt Kate Davey. Called on Mrs Hutchison and Emily Allingham.

Friday 22nd September 1911

To town with Alys to choose her a hat. Lunch at Debenham and Freebody’s. Tea at 8 Heath Mansions. To dance at Shenton’s. Very nice.

Fashionable women’s long fur coats. 1911

Saturday 23rd September 1911

To Alys’ and Miss Smythe did my skirt. Lunched there. Mrs Flight and Claude, Minnie and Friede to tea, also Margy Wurtzburg. To theatre to see “Fanny’s First Play’ with Dennis and Alys.

MEV-11677161 - © - © The Michael Diamond Collection / Mary Evans Pict
Fanny’s First Play by George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950). First produced at the Little Theatre in the Adelphi, London, on 19th April…

Wurztburg – 10th.
Collins – Monday, Maie to tea Friday.
Mrs V Miles – 20th
Mrs G Allingham 21st
Mrs Hutchison 21st.

Sunday 24th September 1911

Miss Min W – 3 – 4.30.  All day doing blouse, grey with buttons. Miss Wheeler and Miss Zileri and Alys to tea. Up with Alys to supper at 8 Heath Mansions. George in evening.

Monday 25th September 1911

To town all a.m. To Alys to lunch. Dined with William Miles at 7.30.

Tuesday 26th September 1911

In bed all day. Temp 100. Just a cold. Wrote Tante and Teeds. Alys up in evening for 10 minutes.

Wednesday 27th September 1911

Read. In bed till 1.30. Alys over in morning. Read Jean Christophe[1] all p.m. To dinner at the Gerald Allingham’s 7.45 with Flight there. Songs. Home 10.20.

Thursday 28th September 1911

Breakfast in bed. Up . Alys over for an hour. Sewed and rested and read Jean C.

Friday 29th September 1911

Breakfast in bed. Did blouse (grey) To tea at the Hasler Harrises. 34 Bedford Square. To supper with Alys.

Saturday 30th September 1911

Breakfast in bed. Indoors all day. Did blouse. To dine at William Miles. E Vernor Miles and William and Cyril there.

William Miles 7.30 Saturday
Thursday Vernor Miles 7.30.
Wednesday dine at Allinghams 7.30-45.
To Kits on Tuesday
Ernie B – 24th
Friday – 34 Bedford Square

Sunday 1st October 1911

Breakfast in bed. Alys and Den over and took me in car. Kit and Ed to dinner there. Alan Baumer and Beevors to tea.

Monday 2nd October 1911

Indoors all day. Sewed. Out to see and Bacon. Aunt Alice and Dorothy to tea.

Tuesday 3rd October 1911

To town. Shopped at Selfridges a lot. Bought vest and stockings. Lunch at Alys. To tea at Styers. Back to dinner with Alys and till 930.

“Visitors’ Day is every day at Selfridge’s” – Edwardian poster

Wednesday 4th October 1911

To town with Alys. To Weymouth Street. Lunch at Debenham and Freebody’s and to buy tea gown. To Medical School (me: University College Hospital).

Tea gown ca. 1911

Thursday 5th October 1911

Packed all morning. To Aunt Alice’s to lunch. Rested. To Miss Horner’s to tea. To Alys to dinner.

Friday 6th October 1911

Packed hard. Boxes off at 12. Kitty and Alys to lunch. Sat by fire. To Finchley Road. Up with Alys to tea and dinner. Dennis home to dinner. Alys headache.

SS Minnewaska

Saturday 7th October 1911

Washed my head. Up to Alys’. Home, lunch and to Waterloo with Wade. Doz and Dennis there. I off to Southampton at 2. On Minnewaska[1] for New York. Very tired. Started at 4.30.


1st Daisy D.
Teeds – 4th
7th – sail for America?
Miss Horner 4.30 5th
Teeds – Wednesday

Sunday 8th October 1911

Very fine and sunny. Sat on deck. Divine service 10.30. I unwell. Read “Maitre de Forges”[2] and to bed early. Wrote Alys.

Monday 9th October 1911

Warm and sunny. Sat on deck and walked on front deck by prow. Slept 1 ½ hours in cabin in p.m. Read “Buried Alive”[3]. Wrote Alys and Kit. Talked to the Miss Browns in evening.

Tuesday 10th October 1911

Windy and showery. Changed chair to other side from Miss Brown’s. I to Browns’ cabin in evening. Sandwiches and beer.

Wednesday 11th October 1911

Read Kipling’s History[4]. Waterspout. Sports, greasy pole, boxing. Browns to my room in evening. Sandwiches and beer.


Thursday 12th October 1911

Very cold and damp. Sat out though and read. Talked to Dr Kroontz and Mr Jones. Rougher in evening. Wrote letters.

Friday 13th October 1911

Roughish and damp. Rain. Sat out all day. Read “The Spoilers” Rex Beach[5]. Lent by Dr Pattison.

Saturday 14th October 1911

Finer. Sat out and read and talked to Bermuda’s girl. Talked to Dr Kroontz and Italian in p.m. (Navone of Allassio). Wrote letters. Dance in evening 45 degrees. Talked to Browns.

Lost Face by Jack London[6].
Alaska Stories

Sunday 15th October 1911

Wireless from Davises. Past Nantucket at 7 a.m. Talked to Browns and Navone. Read “The Catspaw”[7]. Sighted land at 5.30. Talked and packed and wrote. Miss Brown told my palm.

Monday 16th October 1911

Breakfast 7. In dock 8.15. Dr Davis met me. To Manhattan Hotel. To Philadelphia at 1 o’clock and to Bewley Farm. 4.23. Arrived 6.20. Miss Biswanger there.

Tuesday 17th October 1911

Out to see puppies and horses. Latter remembered me. Tante up in p.m. and to barn.

Wednesday 18th October 1911

Wet. Very rainy. Out to barn. Tried to catch cockerel in pasture, with Miss Biswanger. Wrote Alys.

Thursday 19th October 1911

Rain. Indoors all day. Colded. Marked towels and lay on sofa.

Friday 20th October 1911

Wet. In bed to breakfast. Wrote bull-letter. Tante’s birthday.

Saturday 21st October 1911

Wet. In bed to breakfast. Indoors all day.

Tante’s birthday – 20th
Arrive New York – 16th

Sunday 22nd October 1911

Cowman Charles MacNair came. Finer. Tante headache. Drove Faith into Newtown to meet Dr Davis, who came to supper and away at 8.

Monday 23rd October 1911

Fine. Washing upsets with maids. Took snapshots. Drove to Newtown (Faith) to take photos to be done.

Tuesday 24th October 1911

Fine. Balderston to buy sheep. Tante up at 11.30 to see him. I to meet Dr Terry who came to see Cyrus’ cheek swelling. Drove him back to Newtown.

Wednesday 25th October 1911

Fine. Had kennels cleaned in morning. Drove Hope with Tante and Busy to station. They to town. I combed Robin. He very sick. Fed chickens.

Thursday 26th October 1911

Fine. Germans been one month. 5 ½ cents 800 lbs.  Christopher sold to Tranter. Wrote Alys. Saw to hens. In p.m. saw about getting 50 bushels apples off. Changing horses. Fed chickens and sheep. Talk to maids about leaving. Played and sang all evening.

Friday 27th October 1911

Walked to Mrs Solly’s with dogs. Mr Stapler called in car. Drove in at 5 to meet Tante and Busy. Also Jimmy drove 3 women and Finley in and new girls out. German cook. Tante miserable.

Saturday 28th October 1911

Muddled about, wrote letters about bulls. At 3, drove cook to trolley and then drove along towards Langhorne till 5.30 when met new cook. Train late.

Sunday 29th October 1911

Made butter, 10 lbs and wrapped up apples. Sollys called for 15 minutes.

Monday 30th October 1911

Washing. New girls came. Balderston for rest of sheep. Tante out and we clipped poultry wings. Busy drove girls to station.

Tuesday 31st October 1911

Combed puppies. One sick, so isolated them. Drove to meet Miss Marion Smith and Miss Roberta West who came to supper. Busy to bed early, bad cold.

Wednesday 1st November 1911

Up 6.30. Took Miss Biswanger coffee. Drove to meet new cook 10 a.m. Drove Tante to station. We two to Philadelphia. To Mrs Linky’s. Tante to Miss Irwin. Dinner with Dr Davis.

Thursday 2nd November 1911

Breakfast 8. Tante’s in bed. To shops. Bought tulle and boots at Hanan’s. Called for Tante at Hospital. Lunch at Kugler’s with her. Dr Davis operating and not in till 11.15. Slept in p.m. and to bed 11.


Friday 3rd November 1911

Exhaustive talk about farm and sailing in February. Finished letter to Alys. With Tante. Lunched at Reading Terminal and then to Newtown. Busy met us. Tante unhappy.

Saturday 4th November 1911

Dr Davis at 8.15. He, Tante and I started for Princeton in car. Lunch at ’79 Hall.

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 19.32.21
Don Swann – Old ’79 Hall, Princeton

Ball Game v. Harvard at 2.

Princeton Vs. Harvard, 1911

Motored home with supper at Trenton, planked steak, ice cream.

Oceanic 4th – Floss 4th or 31st.
Women in puerperal mania
Princeton 4th

Sunday 5th November 1911

Misses Cunningham and Ben called. Also the Solly’s.

Monday 6th November 1911

Sent letter to Alys. Tante headache. Picked up pears with Busy, Tante and Busy to Philadelphia. Cornell took them as raining. I wrote letters and played and sang.

Tuesday 7th November 1911

Fine. Did apples. Dr Terry to see cow. Busy. I had kennels scrubbed and changed. Floss etc. Dido tied up.

Wednesday 8th November 1911

Occupied with dogs and hens and in house. Met Tante and Busy by 5.30.

Thursday 9th November 1911

I drove to Sollys with butter and to Newtown, after lunch Tante. I drove to Smithy. Faith shod. Home by Wrightstown. Jimmy very impertinent to Tante.

Friday 10th November 1911

Tante to meet Mr McCormick who came to lunch and she drove him back for 1.50 trolley. Jim and Germans husked corn. Durmy killed two hens. Plucked them.

Saturday 11th November 1911

Packed up. Jimmy left drunk and using language. Maguire gave notice. Tante and I to Philadelphia by 3.52 (photos of puppies). Dined at 7 with Dr Davis. I and he to Watercolour Opening 8.30 to 10.00. Talked. Bed 12.

Sunday 12th November 1911

Breakfast 9.30. Tante up. Tante and I to Church (St Peter’s). Dr Davis joined us for Communion Service at 12. After lunch Tante and I called on Miss S Irwin. Rested. Dined at 7. Talked. I to bed 10.30.

st peters
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Philadelphia – built in 1761

Monday 13th November 1911

Tante and I to offices for chambermaid. Lunch at Sauter’s. To Leopold’s. Tante’s dress fitted, to Wanamaker’s. I bought shoes. Home. Rested. Wrote Alys and Doz. To bed 11.

Tuesday 14th November 1911

I unwell. Letter from Alys. With Tante to offices and lunch at Kugler’s. To Keith’s Vaudeville Show! Home and rested. Dinner. Dr Reynoldo of Boston in afterwards.


Wednesday 15th November 1911

(me: Davis’ Silver Wedding Anniversary 15th)
Very busy opening presents and arranging rooms. Busy came from Farm. Tante to hairdresser’s. In p.m. I to Vance’s and Whitman’s. Walked home from 3rd Street. Dr Davis out to dinner.

1911 Advertisement

Thursday 16th November 1911

Very busy arranging flowers. I out for little walk. At 4 till 6 Tea. About 70 people came. Miss Edith Bache poured out. Then at 8.30 supper. 20 all together. Very nice party. Miss Duane stayed night. To bed at 12.15.

Friday 17th November 1911

Tante bad cold. I wrote to Alys. Out in p.m. Walked to 11th Street and back.

Saturday 18th November 1911

Tante in bed with bad cold. Dr Sailer to see her. I crocheted and wrote letters. I to Newtown by 4.28 and Busy met me and in to Town to nurse Tante. I drove out to Farm, alone with cook. Dogs very pleased.

Davis’ Silver Wedding 15th

Sunday 19th November 1911

Up at 7.15. Fed dogs. Cook to Church. Mr Solly in a.m. I packed washing. To meet Dr Terry at 9.15. Drove him back to Ryan’s Corner. Amanson came in car for cockerels. Nice. Cleaned kennels. Wrote Alys. To bed 9.30.

Monday 20th November 1911

Up at 6.30. Fed dogs. In Surrey with Hope to meet girls. They didn’t come. Sent off letter to Alys. Charles took Dandy’s Dauphin to Langhorne. New girls came with Cornell 2.42. I to Newtown for ‘phone.

Tuesday 21st November 1911

Up at 6. Fed dogs with Fanny. Made 11 lbs 10 oz butter. Mary helped. Drove to station and shipped 10 lbs to Farly’s. After lunch, drove to Sollys. Fed chickens and dogs. Colder.

Wednesday 22nd November 1911

Up at 7. Fed dogs. With Hope in market-wagon to Freight Office. Then in buggy to Solly’s with dogs. Combed Dido. Floss all right again. Fed dogs and muddled around.

Thursday 23rd November 1911

To Newtown, left buggy at Randall’s. Ordered shoes. Drove home. Rode Hope 15 minutes! Drove to fetch Mrs Solly and sister-in-law over. Drove them back. Played on piano and read paper.

Friday 24th November 1911

Pouring rain. Combed Dido, fixed puppy gate. Wrote Aunt Bella and Wade. Drove to Newtown to Trenter’s. Cleared a little in evening.

Saturday 25th November 1911

Fine. Made 10 lbs 10 oz butter. Salted. Had dog kennels cleaned. To meet Tante and Busy at trolley at 4.35. Drove them home.

45 cents a lb butter to Farly’s

Sunday 26th November 1911

Germans left. Mr Solly all morning to talk to Tante who in bed till 2. I wrote Alys. Tante and I drove to Solly’s to call. Cider and pears.

Monday 27th November 1911

I to Newtown with Hope and market-wagon. Tante wrote Miss H. I to Alys. In p.m. Tante and I drove to Newtown, bought quilts 1.75 cents Pownall’s. Cleaned chicken house. Helped feed horses.

Tuesday 28th November 1911

Up at 7. Saddled Hope and rode her to Bett’s and Peter Foulkes. He shod her. Busy made butter and took to station. Changed kennels. Rain. La Rue came. Huskers came.

Wednesday 29th November 1911

To Newtown for basket. Faith and buggy. Geared up self. Also in p.m. geared up Hope in Surrey and all to station. Tante and I to Philadelphia. Dr Davis out till 10.30. I to bed 11.

Thursday 30th November 1911

Thanksgiving Day. Breakfast 9 a.m. Wrote letters. At 2 p.m. all 3 motored to Wayne to Barringer’s. Very nice visit. Home 5.30. Mrs Smith and Marion S to dine at 7. Thanksgiving Dinner. Bed at 10.15.

Friday 1st December 1911

Breakfast 8 a.m. Sent off letters to Alys and Dorothy and wrote Ella. Lunch at Miss Irwin’s and Cartleys there. To Wanamaker’s and Maternity. Miss Martin to dinner and doctors afterwards.

Saturday 2nd December 1911

Indoors all a.m. Crocheted. Wrote Kit and Ella. Out for walk to Schwarzes in p.m. In taxi with Tante to Kugler’s. Dined there. Oysters, terrapin[1], mixed grill, ice-cream. Walked to 11th – home by trolley.

Thanksgiving Day 30th
Terrapin $2.50 one portion.
Sam Bousma came Dec 1st.

Sunday 3rd December 1911

Indoors all day, aching – bilious, I suppose. Slept all p.m. Read “Lass of Lownes”. Tante and Uncle Doc out to dine at Bellevue Stratford. I had milk-toast.

Monday 4th December 1911

In bed to breakfast. Wrote letters. Tante to a meeting. Rested. Edith Bache to dinner 6.30 and to concert with me. Boston Symphony.

Tuesday 5th December 1911

Finished off letters. In p.m. Tante to Mrs Grant’s. I called for her and both to tea at Miss Smith’s at Pennyslvania Hospital. Crocheted and read “D’Arblay”[2]. Dr in at 10.00.

Wednesday 6th December 1911

Miss Biswanger came from farm. I out to Newtown by 1.23. Muddled about. With dogs and in stables. Did milk records.

Thursday 7th December 1911

Mr Solly in a.m. Up at 7. Cleaned kennels with Pieter all a.m. Drove to Newtown (Faith). Bought fish. Back by pike. Washed my hair.

Friday 8th December 1911

Made butter with Mary all a.m. Took dogs out. Men hauled wheat. By 3.52 to Philadelphia. Tante and Busy to Farm by 4.23. I to 250 South 21st Street. Dinner with Uncle Doc.

Saturday 9th December 1911

To shops all a.m. Xmas. To College Club[3], 1300 Spruce, to lunch with Edith Bache and meet Mrs Ben Coates, Louise Duane and Helen Boyd of Massachusetts. With Edith to 4400 Sansom Street to stay. To theatre to see “Just to get Married”[4] in evening.

5th letters to Alys, Ella, Kitty and E Wheeler.
Concert 4th
6th Campania (Liverpool)
7th Cedric (Liverpool)
9th Olympic (Southampton)

Sunday 10th December 1911

To Church at St Luke’s with Mrs Bache and Edith. Carrie Bache to dinner. 1.30. Edith and I to Haverford at 3.30. Called on Sylvester’s and young Mrs Warnack (bride). Edith read aloud in evening.

Monday 11th December 1911

Off to 250 South 21st Street at 10.30. Left bag and to shops. Posted dolls. Back to lunch. Slept in p.m. Tante out from farm. She and I to concert. Thomas Orchestra from Chicago. Very good. Albert Spalding[5], violin.


Tuesday 12th December 1911

Packed up and Tante and I out by 1.23 to Newtown. Got stores and drove to farm. I took Elaine to Rushland and shipped her. Quite dark driving home. Had Bob.

Wednesday 13th December 1911

Up at 7. Tante headache. Up in afternoon and about talking to men. I pottered round. Men ploughed orchard, bonfire.

Thursday 14th December 1911

Warm. I up at 7. Tante up at 12. Dog kennels cleaned. Round, seeing to things. Drove Fannie to train 12.33. Sent letter to Alys. Drove in again at 3 to get my bag opened. Tante had meat salted. Wrote letter to James Fellows. Tante dictated.

Friday 15th December 1911

Rain. Tante up at 13. Chas Wright quit. I up at 7 and helped feed dogs, make beds. Dr Terry to see pigs. He drove Fannie in. Letters from Alys and Miss Horner. Read them aloud. Desk in at window.

Saturday 16th December 1911

Tante stayed in bed till 6 p.m. Rainy all day. I drove into Newtown and shopped and out again. Muddy.

Recollections of a Diplomatist’s wife. Mrs Hugh Fraser.

Sunday 17th December 1911

Up at 8. Tante up at 12. Mary (Cook) to church. I wrote Alys. Mr Solly to talk to Tante all p.m. I unwell. Bad headache. Told in kitchen about Chas Wright’s deceit.

Monday 18th December 1911

Up at 7. Tante up at 12 though breakfast at 8! I put stuff on Dunny and combed him. Drove to Newtown and Tante to Philadelphia by 3.53. Wrote cards and letters.

Tuesday 19th December 1911

Up 7. Drove to Newtown and met Sollys. To Philadelphia and 9 train. Met Tante. All to Hospital and saw Edna and her baby. Sollys to lunch here. To Wanamakers first. All. I wrote letters. Nice evening. Talked of Indians.

Wednesday 20th December 1911

Tante up at 8 to breakfast! Went to see Busy at Hospital and shopped. Lunch at Kugler’s. Home to 250 South 21st Street. Then to Newtown at 4.23. Bought meat. To Farm with Faith.

Thursday 21st December 1911

Tante up at 12. Wrote Alys and Aunt Alice. Drove Mary to station and fetched Xmas tree and freight. With Tante to Newtown at 3.30. Shopped. Both tired in evening. Packed sugar and cream of wheat.

Cream of Wheat advert – 1911

Friday 22nd December 1911

Tante up at 12.30. Rain. Sketched Solly’s canvas. Took puppies out. Took cook in market-wagon to Newtown. Met Mary Collins. Did shopping. Did up Xmas presents all evening. Rain.

Saturday 23rd December 1911

Tante in bed till 7 with headache. I did Dunny’s back. Christmas tree in. Sam to Newtown. I to Newtown later for turkey with Faith and Bob. Decorated tree in evening. Very, very tired.

Tea caddy ½ filled 22nd a.m.

Sunday 24th December 1911

Tante up 1. I wrote letters, and talked to cook. Tante to meet Dr Davis. Dinner at 5. Christmas tree, Solly and men and maids and presents. 7.30 till 10. Hymns.

Monday 25th December 1911

Lovely day. Tante down to breakfast 9. Dr Davis and I for walk with dogs. Peeled chestnuts. Out to barns in p.m. Xmas dinner 5 o’clock. Received and wrote letters. Dr Davis away at 9.20.

Tuesday 26th December 1911

Pig away. Berbe came. Butter made. Took it to station 12.33. Rain and told maids about new plan and Tante gave notice to cook. Mr Solly came. Rain, rain.

Wednesday 27th December 1911

Eve over. Did odd things. New pigs born (6). Drove Tante to station. She to Philadelphia. Wind got up high. Mary Kane to Philadelphia. Sam took her to Newtown.

Thursday 28th December 1911

Very windy all night. Off to Philadelphia by 9 train. To 250 South 21st Street. Shopped with Tante. Lunch at Wanamakers. Slept 3 hours. Edith Bache to diner with me and both to see “The Faun” (William Faversham). Lyric Theatre. Wrote Alys.

Friday 29th December 1911

Tante at breakfast 8.45. She to dentist. I met her and shopped. Lunch at Sauter’s. Home. Then to station and to Newtown by 4.23. Tired. Faith reared twice. Very fresh. Moonlight, frosty.

Saturday 30th December 1911

Tante up at 12.30. I got men to move beds and Charity exercised. And new man;’s room cleaned. Fanny sick. Sam for desk. Bebbes all came and had tea and presents. Cockeral came.

Olympic 30th
Compania 27th
Baltic 28th

Sunday 31st December 1911

Snow in night. Pouring rain on top. I to station at 9.15. Met Mr James P Fellows. All round stables. Tante, he and I. Mr Solly in and talked to Mr Fellows too. Mrs Fellows in in evening. Talked. Lovely day.

Monday 1st January 1912

Tante headache. La Rue here. Mr Fellows to Newtown. Charles away for day. I met Dr Davis by 2.32. All walked about on farm. Cornell for Dr Davis at 9.20.

Tuesday 2nd January 1912

Helped Charles with butter. Took it to Newtown with Faith. Mr Solly took Tante and me to Farmers’ Club. I gave a “Talk” on the Coronation.

Wednesday 3rd January 1912

Walked about farm with Mr Fellows. Wrote letters. Drove Tante and Fanny to Newtown. Tante to Philadelphia 3.52. Took Fanny to Doctors. In barn. Wrote letters in evening.

Thursday 4th January 1912

2 eggs. Up at 7. Drove with Mr Fellows to Blacksmiths. Left Faith. Drove on to the Twinings. He and Frank talked hogs. Drove back again. I to Newtown. To meet new cook. Mr Fellows took sows to Twinings. Wrote letters.

Friday 5th January 1912

Blizzard. Very very cold. Mr Fellows and Sam to Smithy. I combed Dido. Tante not out. Stayed in Philadelphia. Wrote letters. Mr Fellows and Pieter helped to comb dogs in evening. Wrote milk cards. 2 above zero.

Saturday 6th January 1912

Cold but fine. Took dogs out. Combed Dido. Met Tante at 2.30. Mr Fellows with market-wagon to station. New sled came. Round barns with Tante.

Per month
John Dillon $20 and keep of horse which equals $10
Tom Cavanagh $22
“Matt” $22
Sam $25
William $18
Mary $6 a week
Bessie $4½ a week
Frances 24 a month
Sarah $1 and fares paid
Saidie $7

“No life on earth so happy as an old maid’s, when she done give up struggling” Darky Mammy to the eldest of 3.

Photographs $18 dozen of one pose
Photographs $1 ½ each

Don’t beat eggs in cake-making. Put them in just as they come from shell.

Paint carpet wrong side if old and threadbare.

Major Gillespie carried dispatches. Chewed up and swallowed them after learning by heart. Dressed as Spanish peasant. Dispathes to ask General Fremont to come south and join Navy.

Wade’s shirtwaist 1.50
Dennis’ socks 1.00
George’s socks 3 pairs 50
Alys’ dress 5.50

Where am I at?

Gloves 9-6
Shoes 14-6

2 camisoles at 5.50 = 11 francs
1 chemise at 8.90 francs
2 chemise at 8.75 = 17.50
Bodices 8.10 = 26.40
3 Chemises 1.1.2.
Blouse 7.11 Southwold
Shirt (with blue edge) $2
Shirt with Irish lace $4
Hat black and cherry $14
Hat small $10
Shoes suède $4
Shoes patent $2.50
Shoes Patient (Sowsis) $4
Stockings $0.75
Stockings 3 pairs plain $1.00
Stockings 1 pair openwork $.50
Shirt with sailor collar $3.00
Shirt with mauve piping $4.50
Stocks each 25 (5) $4.25
Ribbon – black 35c per yard $.50
Pins for collar 2 $50
Cotton dress $5.50
Coat and skirt (linen) $25
Alteration $2
Skirt (blue square neck) $.85

In hand $52
October 30th
Black laced boots $5.50
Tulle $1.50
Pumps (black glacé) $5
Suède shoes $4.0
Baby dress $3.75
Dress for Eva $2
McCarthy Girl $.50

“Can it” – shut up
“It sure will”
“I sure do”
Rubber – curious, staring.
Say, Monte, I’ve got to get a couple of suits bitten out for me” – York
“It’s up to you”
Up against it.

Professor McGee[6]
In Arizona, large crater (4000 feet across?) made by a meteor. All meteoric iron around and platinum. Exact trace of its entrance, like a bullet fired at the ground at an angle. Target.

Mr Baringer[7] wants money £40,000 to work. Discovery of meteor itself which must be platinum and very valuable. Platinum being double value of gold (40 per cent pay!)

Barringer Crater, Arizona

Lunch – May 3rd
Clear soup with lemon in it
Cutlets, apsaragus and potatoes
Strawberry short-cake and sauce
Caramels and marron glacés

Dinner – cocktails
Little neck clams
Soup – Cream of mushrooms?
Shad with roe
Squabs and salad

Like all good talkers, he knew how to delude his listeners into the belief that they were lacking an important part in their conversation. He allowed them to speak, solicited their opinions and listened as if they awakend the keenest interest in him; he developed what they had vaguely suggested – Evelyn Innes by Geo. Moore.

They had been thinking of each other, and had taken up their interest in each other at their blast thoughts rather than at their last words. She was more conscious of the reason of the sudden intimacy than he was, but he too felt that they had advanced a long way in their knowledge of each other. And their intuition was so much in advance of facts that they sat looking at each other embarrassed, their words unable to keep pace with their perceptions.”

“Church of England” story.
Officer coming off bridge in fog and nervous passenger. “East or west, Hames’ best”.

William Tell, the second one,
Missed the apple, shot his son.
“Bring the twins!” he cried, repeating,
“Art is long, but life is fleeting.”

There was a young lady of Reading
Who said “the infection is spreading”
and kept on repeating
Once bitten, twice Keating
And sprinkled it over the bedding

Tommy, where is your sister Nell?
Father, I pushed her in the well.
Child, you annoy me with your ways.
The water won’t be fit for days.

Cremate or embalm – “take no chances, do both”

Dr Davis in Rockies. Shed, and blanket. Enormous man enters with big revolver. Say, stranger, were you going to sleep here? Yes, I thought of it. Let back it and shared blanket.

Never known how many livestock.
Fire at Chicago. Wall of fire. 3 miles long which swept on from Sunday to Thursday (about 15 miles only stopped at end of city).

Martial law – could read papers all night. Roar like trains all the time. Jewels all melted and mixed in safes. Papers charred to ashes in fire-proof safe. Dr Davis was a policeman – about 18?

Dr Davis and Sioux Indians – walking along railroad, not speaking or lighting match – 10 miles at night past Sioux camps. Sioux coming down on them and settler strolled out on platform so Indians went away.

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