1911 October Footnotes

[1] SS Minnewaska was one of the ships that assisted Carpathia with sending out survivors names following the Titanic disaster.

[2] The Ironmaster (original French: Le Maître de forges) is a French novel by Georges Ohnet, published in 1882.

[3] Buried Alive by Arnold Bennett. Published 1908.

[4] A History of England, by Rudyard Kipling and C. R. L. Fletcher. Published 1911.

[5] The Spoilers is a novel by Rex Beach based in Alaska that was one of the best selling novels of 1906.

[6] Lost Face is a collection of seven short stories by Jack London set in the Klondike Gold Rush, Yukon, Alaska, Canada. Published 1906.

[7] The Catspaw by William Hamilton Osborne. Published 1911.


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