1908 Neuchâtel, London, Kings Langley, Brussels, Hawes, Alnmouth, Rothbury, Paris,


1908 Diary

In 1908, Edward is 32 years old, Kate is 29 years old and Alys is 24 years old.

“The Wanderer’s Diary” – K. Boyd

Bought at Montreux January 1908.

Neuchatel, Switzerland

Wednesday 1st January 1908

Tried skating. Tobogganing. No good. Thaw. Bad ice, etc. Sent C. H. W. 5 pound cheque.

Thursday 2nd January 1908


Friday 3rd January 1908


Saturday 4th January 1908


Sunday 5th January 1908


Monday 6th January 1908


Tuesday 7th January 1908


Wednesday 8th January 1908

Fancy Dress Ball. Great fun. Cotillon with Mr Brumner. Danced with Johnny Evans and Dr Alexander, etc.

Thursday 9th January 1908

Evans left?

Friday 10th January 1908

Dent de Vaulion[1] with Mr Styer. I alone to top.

dent de vaulion.jpg

Saturday 11th January 1908

Up Dent de Vaulion with Wilfred.

Sunday 12th January 1908

Skated all morning. Rink “plate glass” ice. So not good. Very cold. Up Dent de Vaulion. Ski-ing up.

Monday 13th January 1908

Skated. Up Dent de Vaulion with Mr and Mrs Eaton, Mr Chatfield and Dr Alexander. Lovely view and back by moonlight later. Not good ski-ing. Hot sun, then crusty.

Tuesday 14th January 1908

Skated all morning, lovely on big lake (Lac de Joux). Mr Bell also. Showed me baiting fish. Very nice. Ferns on ice. Skated all afternoon with Dr Alexander chiefly, on a piece we swept ourselves. Felt in good form. Lovely ice just at tea-time.

Lac de Joux.png

Wednesday 15th January 1908

Mademoiselle Sentier skated to Rocheray with Dorothy, Mr and Mrs Eaton, Mr Chatfield and Dr Alexander. Lunch there. Skated back. Tea with Eaton’s. To village and tobogganed by moonlight. Wrote to Alys, near bridge-players, walked up from luge-ing with Mr Bell and Dr Alexander.


Thursday 16th January 1908

Skated till 12. Got Norwegian address from Mr Bell. Took 2.20 to Le Day, changed and on to Lausanne, changed and had coffee and rolls. Arrived at Montreux at 5 something. Met by Auntie Kate. To Pension Masson, Territet.

Territet, Montreux, Aux bords du Léman; 1900

Friday 17th January 1908

To see Montreux. Shops, and Kursaal, etc. Wrote to Mrs Styer. Wrote to Alys?


Saturday 18th January 1908

To Caux with Auntie Kate. Foggy here, but hot sunshine there. Saw skating and luge-ing races. Lunch out on terrace, took off coat, too hot. People with sunshades. White dresses. (back to tea), walked to Glion and funicular from there.


Sunday 19th January 1908

To Church with Carrie. Foggy. Wrote to Ella and Dorothy.

Monday 20th January 1908

Foggy. To town alone and shopped. Back by tram. Read, and wrote to Kitty.

Tuesday 21st January 1908

To shops with Emma. To Chamby by train with the two woodlands and walked up to Les Avants. Very foggy. Nice coffee there. I by train back, they walked. Bésigue (Bezique) with Auntie Kate.

Wednesday 22nd January 1908

To Aigle with Emma and Carrie. Back to lunch at 1. Sunshine. Fog still at Montreaux. Rested and read “Le Blé qui lève” (Bazin). Letter from Alys. To shops after tea, alone, to fetch my watch. Bought little gun-metal one for 18 fr 50. Played Rickety Ann[2] with Roper and Kings, etc.


Thursday 23rd January 1908

Packed, then with Aunt Emma to Chillon. Saw over Castle Bonivard’s[3] cell, etc. Carnie off to Chateau d’Oex. I off to Neuchatel after tea. 5.26 train. 7 francs 4 ticket. 2.50 luggage. Met by Mrs Embleton and Rex.


Friday 24th January 1908

To shops with Margaret. Wrote to Alys. To call on Mrs Chabul with Mrs Embleton and shopped.

Saturday 25th January 1908

In bed to breakfast and lunch – headache and cold. Bad news of Aunt Sarah for Ella. Up to tea. Margaret and Rex to skating. Wrote to Ella and Shenton’s.

Sunday 26th January 1908

In bed to coffee and rolls. Mrs Embleton to church. Up – did bedroom, and dusted rooms. Wrote to Alys after dinner. Did Dolly Dimple with Helen. Margeret and Rex up Chaumont. Rex to church.


Monday 27th January 1908

Not out. Up to breakfast. Better. Darned Rex’s socks and cleaned about. No letters. Wrote to Mrs Styer and E. V. Miles. Rested a little on bed and read “Princess Priscilla’s Fortnight” by Countess Arnheim[4].

Tuesday 28th January 1908

Breakfast at 7.30. Up in dressing gown. Rex off at 8.10. House-work. Out with Mrs Embleton to market. Lovely view of mountains. Sunshine. Out with Helen (her 1st time) after dinner. Heard of Aunt Sarah’s death (at 6.15 on Sunday morning). Margaret’s cold bad. I fried bacon for supper. Rex washed his head.

Wednesday 29th January 1908

Up at 7. Breakfast at 7.30. Margaret in bed to her’s. Rex off at 8. Housework. View of Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc

Thursday 30th January 1908

Breakfast at 7.30. To town alone by tram and bought oranges and butter. Wrote to Alys. Walked to Valengin with Margaret, Rex and Eric Stadelbauer. Lovely walk, snow. Went over Chateau and then had chocolate and cakes at little patisserie. Walked back by Gorge du Seyon. Lovely. Stadelbauer to supper and had his gramophone with him and left it.

Gorge de Seyon

Friday 31st January 1908

Breakfast at 9.15. Out with Margaret to Mrs Morley’s and to town. I made boiled custard in evening. Margaret out to an evening (Morley’s).

Saturday 1st February 1908

Breakfast at 9. I did breakfast things while Margaret to market. Letters from Kit and Ella. Snow all morning. Margaret, Rex and I out with luge after dinner – jolly. Shopped on way home. Wrote to Ernest Vernor Miles and Aunt Alice. Rex to dancing class.

Sunday 2nd February 1908

Breakfast at 9. To Church with Margaret and Rex. Mrs Embleton not well. Arverdieck to tea. To Church in evening (5 o’clock) with Margaret and Rex and Arverdieck. Walked home with Rex and Miss Noble and Miss Arrowsmith. Cooked bacon and eggs for supper.

Monday 3rd February 1908

Mrs Embleton in bed all day. Housework. I cleaned drawing room and dried up, etc. Margaret not well. I to town with Rex and after dinner out luging with Rex up Chaumont and on the Cassade (station road). Fun. Margaret to choir practice at 8. Rex washed up and I dried. Read “The Right of Way” by Gilbert Parker. To bed at 10.30.

Tuesday 4th February 1908

Lovely day – cold. Breakfasted 7.30. To market with Margaret 9.30. Washed up,e tc. Mrs Embleton in bed still. Letter from Alys and snaphots from Wilfred Styer. Out with Helen to town; with Margaret to Stadelbauer’s and tram to Saint-Blaise – tea there – and walked to skating, but no one on. Back at 6.30. To town after supper. Bed at 10.00.

Wednesday 5th February 1908

Breakfast 7.30. Washed up. Breakfast to Mrs Embleton and Helen. Wrote cards to H. W. A. and Mileham and Auntie Kate. With Rex to town. Took Margaret’s fur-coat. Wrote to Alys and Wilfred and card to Aunt Bella. After dinner, Margaret and Rex and Miss Noble up Chaumont. With Helen to shops. Large tea! Cakes from Hemmeler’s. Margaret, Rex and I to theatre after supper to see Les Âmes Enemies by Loyson. Very good. About a libre-penseur (me: free thinker) and his wife and chid.

Thursday 6th February 1908

Breakfast 7.30. Mrs Embleton still in bed. Did housework. To market with Margaret and shops. After dinner went with Margaret – to skate by train on Marin. Lovely ice but very thin. Stadelbauer there. Back at 6.15. Supper 7. Stadelbauer in after supper. Cigarettes, Gramophone by wood firelight and out luging at 11.30pm. Fun.

Friday 7th February 1908

Breakfast at 9.30. Clara came. Housework. Letter from Alys. Luged with Helen on St Nicholas. Mrs Embleton up. Wrote short letter to Alys. Early to bed.

Saturday 8th February 1908

Breakfast 8.30. To market with Margaret. Housework. Mrs Embleton up to lunch. After dinner Rex, Margaret, Helen and I to skating at Marin. Back by boat. Lovely warm sunshine, no wind. Back to supper. Margaret and Rex back there to skate by lights after supper. Not I.

Sunday 9th February 1908

Hot chocolate and rolls at 9.30 with Rex and he and I up Chaumont to see the Courses de Bobsleighs and luges. We had dinner up there at 12.45. 3 francs each. Good. Walked down again. Margaret to skate again. Rather tired and stiff neck. Rex to church. Early to bed. Electric light fused. Margaret and Rex developed photos.

Monday 10th February 1908

Breakfast about 9.00. Housework. Perfect weather. With Mrs Embleton to inspect school/Institution Moraive for Helen. Very nice indeed. Arranged for Helen to go there. Back to supper.

Tuesday 11th February 1908

Lovely sunshine. Read in bed to breakfast with a cold – but out later. We had coffee, etc at 8.30. Did washing and washed up, etc. To market with Margaret. Letter from Alys. Margaret and I to have our hair shampoo’ed (very good 2 francs) and tea at Hemmerler’s. Lovely. Wrote to Kitty. Miss Noble in evening. Margaret to choir practice and furious about it.

Wednesday 12th February 1908

Breakfast 7.30. Lovely day. Margaret and Rex to Vue des Alpes with Roulet Pension. Clara came. I to Mercure’s . I back by tram’ed to Corcelles and walked a long way thru’ woods Calombier. Lovely. To there and back by Boudry train. Margaret and Rex home 7.30.

Neuchatel Vue avec Chateau et Alpes – taken between 1890 and 1905

Thursday 13th February 1908

Breakfast 7.30 in dressing gowns. To market with Margaret. Lovely sun and frost. Letter from Ted. Strolled about town with Margaret. To Arverdieck’s and Margaret to choir practice. Hurried supper. Dressed. All (except Helen) to Abounemont concert. Rather good.

Friday 14th February 1908

Lovely day. Breakfast 8.30. Homework, not out in morning. Darned stockings. Rooms cleaned, etc. Holmes’ called. Helen’s pinafores. Tea at Hemmeler’s with Margaret and Miss Noble. Shopped. Quiet evening. Finished “The Right Way”.

Saturday 15th February 1908

To market with Margaret. Dull weather. Lovely letter from Kitty. Card from Ella. Wrote to Alys. Mrs Embleton, Helen and I took train to Champ de Moulin and walked down Gorge de L’Areuse. Fearful icicles and ice so dangerous that we could not get to the end. Tea at Boudry. Train back. To Rex’s dancing class with Margaret and Rex. Fun. Arverdieck walked back with.

champ du moulin.jpg

gorge l'areuse.jpg
Gorge L’Areuse

Sunday 16th February 1908

(Rain so not up at 6.30 to go to Les Hauts-Geneveys) Mrs Embleton and Helen to Church. Margaret and Rex late 11.15. I wrote to Kit and Ted. Stadelbauer and Holmes girl to tea. Margaret and Rex to Church.

haut genevey.jpeg

Monday 17th February 1908

Breakfast 8.30. Cleaned boots and shoes, etc. Rainy. Wrote to Polly. To Hemmeler’s. Treated M. Rey and Helen to tea there. Arverdieck came in at 6.00.  Miss Noble in evening.

Tuesday 18th February 1908

Breakfast at 7.30. Card from Dennis and Alys to say come for Picnic Dance, Friday. Darned stockings and did housework. To theatre to see “Die Lustige Witwe(me: The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár) with Margaret, Rex and Mrs Embleton. Very good indeed. All in German. Great fun.

Wednesday 19th February 1908

To shops with Margaret. Wet day. Mrs Embleton, Margaret and Rex and I to the Holmes’ dance at Palais Rougemont – 8.30. Fun. Danced with Arverdieck, Greenfield, Rex, etc.


Thursday 20th February 1908

Stayed in bed to coffee and rolls. Up at 12.30. Packed all afternoon. Off to station at 9.30. Train to Paris. Comfortable. Slept all night.


Friday 21st February 1908

Arrived Paris 7.20. Drove across in cab to Gare du Nord.

gare du nord.jpg

Had rolls and coffee there. Started at 8.25 for Boulogne. Arrived about 1? Crossed. Smooth. Sat on upper deck with American lady. To Charing Cross. Met by Alys and Dennis. Up home with them. Koko ill.

Saturday 22nd February 1908


Sunday 23rd February 1908

To tea and supper at Otto May’s. New home.

Monday 24th February 1908


Tuesday 25th February 1908


Wednesday 26th February 1908

To tea and supper at Kitty’s. Temperature 101 in evening.

Thursday 27th February 1908

Alys’ At Home. In bed with influenza 103.4. Alys’ At Home day.

Friday 28th February 1908

In bed. Alys At Home day.

Saturday 29th February 1908

Bed. Koko died?

Sunday 1st March 1908


Monday 2nd March 1908


Tuesday 3rd March 1908

Bed – normal temperature. Up in dining room (dressing gown) in evening. Felt very sick.

Wednesday 4th March 1908

Ted influenza so Dr Taylor came. In bed – jaundice.

Thursday 5th March 1908

Dr Claude Taylor came. In bed – jaundice. Bright yellow! Pain.

Friday 6th March 1908


Saturday 7th March 1908

Dr C Taylor came. Bed.

Sunday 8th March 1908

Bed. Saw Aunt Alice for 5 minutes.

Monday 9th March 1908

Dr Taylor came. Bed.

Tuesday 10th March 1908

In bed. Took toast for tea.

Wednesday 11th March 1908

In bed. Fish for lunch.

Thursday 12th March 1908

Dr Taylor came. Got into drawing room in evening.

Friday 13th March 1908

Dressed at 11.00. Up.

Saturday 14th March 1908

Up at 10.30. Mrs Styer and Mabel in morning. Lois in.

Sunday 15th March 1908

Up. Ayrton’s called in. Uncle Harold and Gilbert Sandeman in.

Monday 16th March 1908

Kitty up. Agatha Hall to tea.

Tuesday 17th March 1908

Up at 10.30. Letter to Rex. Aunt Bee and Colin called. Kitty to lunch and work. Alan Baumer and Dolly called at teatime.

Wednesday 18th March 1908

Alys to German. I out alone a little way first time. Very cold. Rested. Mr Embleton from Ewell called. To tea at Phoebe’s.

Thursday 19th March 1908

Out to Mrs Symcox’s. Dr Taylor came. Kitty in. Mrs Styer and Dorothy and A Stoke Roberts called in. Dorothy Barnard up and to lunch. Mabel Styer to tea. Ted in. Did white nun’s veiling blouse.

Friday 20th March 1908


Kings Langley

Saturday 21st March 1908

Packed up. To King’s Langley to Patty’s “Hillmead” to stay. Mrs Archer, Miss Lizzie Morison and Jim Archer there. Cousins Mary and Jeanie and Cecil in evening. Writing games and music.


Sunday 22nd March 1908

Windy. For short walk alone. Rested. To tea at Mrs William Archer’s – Langley Rise.


Monday 23rd March 1908
Very fine. Letters from Alys. For walk with Jim Archer over fields – muddy. Mrs Harold Parsons (Douie) to lunch and to tea. Rested all afternoon. Letter from Lucy Brewtnall and Cousin Fanny. Out with Cousin Mary. Patty, Jim Archer and I did “hanging quotations” in evening. “Tiger, tiger burning bright”, “Shine out little head, etc.”


Tuesday 24th March 1908

Beautifully fine. Wrote to Lucy and Ernest Vernor Miles. I walked to village and up common lane and sat over ½ hour by a haystack. Sat out in garden, crocheting Irish lace collar. Rested all afternoon. Read “The House of Gentlefolk” by Turgenev. Cousin Mary to tea. Out later, in fields alone. Letter game and acrostics in evening.


Wednesday 25th March 1908

Rainy. Miss Morison away. Wrote to Alys and Aunt Alice. Out for short walk in rain and to Buchanan’s. Talked over sketches. Patty and I talked over fire all evening.


Thursday 26th March 1908

Rainy. Patty to town all day. I wrote to Mrs Embleton and Cousin Fanny. Letters from Uncle Harold and Alys. Out with Cousin Mary and looked at her sketches. Rested. Did sealing-wax hat pins with Cousin Mary. Crochet; and Jim Archer read “Fitzboodle Papers”[1] aloud in evening and talked about Turner, etc.

Kings Langley

Friday 27th March 1908

Finer. I up to Euston by 12.8 train; met by Jim Archer. He and I walked to Quits’ studio. Lunch there, and saw her portraits. Jim Archer and I on to “Fair Women” Exhibition at New Gallery[2]. Very good indeed. Queen “Séraphita” by Augustus John[3]!! Tea at 4.30 at Elphinstone’s, Regent Street. Then in tube to Euston and back to King’s Langley by 5.45. Rested. Patty, etc to Jean Waterston’s concert Mrs Archer and I to supper at Mrs William Archer’s. I up with Cousin Mary to Rose Cottage and slept there in Cousin J’s bed.

augustus john.png
Augustus Edwin John, O.M. R.A.

Saturday 28th March 1908

Fine. Breakfast at Rose Cottage alone. Out for walk alone. Did sealing wax pins and buttons with Cousin Mary till 1.30. Rested all afternoon. Out with Cousin Mary after tea, lovely evening and walked alone on common. Talked of Gilbert and Sullivan, etc and quotation game in evening.

Sunday 29th March 1908

Windy. Fine. Read. Jim Archer to meet Alys and Dennis by 11 train. They came. We strolled on common, etc till dinner 1.30. Then Alys, Dennis, Jim Archer and I all walked to Chipperfield and back to fields and wood. Mowgli too. Lovely. To tea at Cousin Jeanie’s (Cousin Mary and Cecil to Meeting). Nice tea party. Back to Hillmead. Cautionary Tales by Belloc. Jim Archer and I to station with Alys and Dennis to see them off by 5.54 train. East’s book and Jim Archer’s photos in evening.


Monday 30th March 1908

Fine. Rain later. Mrs Archer, Patty (on cycle), Jim Archer and I all for drive to Chenies. Very interesting tombs in Russell Chapel. Bedfords. Sketched sky from my window afternoon. For walk to Berrybush Woods with Jim Archer. Pouring rain on way home. Jim to Cousin Mary and Jeanie’s in evening. Cecil played.

Chenies, Buckinghamshire, by Harold Sutton Palmer 1929

Tuesday 31st March 1908

Fine, windy. I unwell. Wrote to Kitty. Sketched clouds and view from dining-room window all morning. Out with Patty after dinner on common. Rested 1 hour. Crocheted after tea and talked to Mrs Archer. Finished Alys’ collar. Jim Archer back from town at 5.20. Talked too – after supper. Patty, Jim Archer and I to Buchanan’s to an “evening”. Writing games – missing word, etc. Matthew Arnold’s there.

Wednesday 1st April 1908

Wrote to Carrie Davey and Ernest Vernor Miles. Out with Cousin Mary on Common. Drew on Common alone till 1.10. After dinner, drew Hillmead (this house) back view and garden till tea-time. Jim Archer doing “oil” pigment process on prints all day. He and I for walk to Shendish and other woods after tea. Home at 7.30. Lovely sunset. Cousin Jeanie in evening.


Thursday 2nd April 1908

Wrote to Alys and N. Lomax and Henry Allingham (congrats). To Cousin Mary’s and did sealing wax pins. Jim Archer in too, and tried. Emily and Blanche Bruce to dinner and tea. Very nice. For a walk with them after dinner. To station with after tea. Jim Archer out to dinner in town. Letter from Agatha Hall telling of her engagement to Shore. Wrote to her and Ted. To Buchanan’s in evening with Patty.

Friday 3rd April 1908

To village with Cousin Jeanie. To canal with Patty and home alone (she to London). Rested, slept. To Buchanan’s to tea at 4. I met Jim Archer from station and walked with him to Bedmond and Abbots Langley and back by Hunton Bridge. Lovely sunset. Buchanan’s in evening.

Saturday 4th April 1908

Very fine, Cold. Did sealing wax buttons with Cousin Mary. Jim Archer to bed with influenza? I up to London by 3.10 and to Aunt Alice’s at Chelsea – by tubes and cab for South Kensington. Nice evening. Dolly read aloud from Sandra Belloni.

Sunday 5th April 1908

Showery. Mrs Arthur Somervell called to congratulate Doz on her scholarship. Aunt Alice, Dorothy and I to Mr Sargent’s[1] house. He away. We went all over the house, and saw his pictures also, most interesting. Portraits of Duke and Duchess of Connaught and Mr Arthur Balfour. After lunch, Dorothy and I to Mr A Parsons’[2] – met all sorts of people – C Carr’s, Gerald Horsley’s[3], Ormond’s[4], and Collier’s, Marie Corelli[5], Maurice Hewlett[6].

Monday 6th April 1908

Finer. Cold. Out with Dorothy to Sloane Street and Harrods. Rested after lunch and Alys came at 3 and had tea. Out with Dorothy after tea on the front read Sandra Belloni after dinner. Talked about my future career!

Tuesday 7th April 1908

Fine. Sunny. Ironed blouse and Alys’ collar and darned stockings. Out to tennis with Dorothy and Mr Ormond (Violet Sargent’s husband). Lovely. 2 setts. Heard from Alys about Mrs Embleton’s return for operation. Telephoned Alys. Dolly and Phil Carr to dinner.

Wednesday 8th April 1908

Fine. Telephoned Alys. Sketched 4 chimneys and spider. With Aunt Alice to look over house in Glebe Place, etc. To tea and dinner with Alys and saw her and Dennis off to Calais and Boulogne to meet Mrs Embletons and Dolly for Neuchâtel. I back to Chelsea. 9.30.

Thursday 9th April 1908

Did Tades’ cloak. Doris arrived in morning. Doris and I to shops and to see E A Abbey’s[7] pictures and mural dog at university of London – for Philadelphia. Slept after lunch. Telephoned to Alys at 6.30. She back again. Sandra and Tades’ kimono.

Cordelia’s Farewell by Edwin Austin Abbey

Friday 10th April 1908

Saw over Doris’ clothes all morning. Miss Zilleri to lunch. I took Doris to Evans’, etc and bought her coats and skirt and blouses. I on alone to Hill’s “Picture Tea” Rather fun. Up to Alys’ to dinner. Dennis there too. They brought me to Piccadilly at 9.45. I home to Chelsea in Union Jack.

Saturday 11th April 1908

Doris away to Broadway. Dorothy and Doris to Madame Osterberg’s[8]. I to shop in Knightsbridge for Doris. Polly arrived. I to tea with Dolly Carr in her studio. Home. Met Mr Steer in Kings Road and talked. Mr Sargent called and stayed to dinner. He played duets with Polly (Faure) and Iberia. Lovely. I sketched him at piano. Top spinning. Seraphita.

Sunday 12th April 1908

Foggy and dark. Breakfast late. Sketched in room. Mrs Embleton operated on by Sir V Horlsey but no good – cancer – he says she can only live 8 months or a year. Talked to Polly and Dorothy about house. Polly and Doz and I to South Kensington for Museum, especially to see Chelsea China and Ming and Bristol white glass. Home to tea late.

Monday 13th April 1908

Fine, Sunny. Heard from Aunt Alice about Mrs Embleton. Went with Aunt Alice, Polly and Dorothy to look over house in Cheyne Walk. She decided to take it! Dorothy away to Broadway. I to meet Alys at Vegetarian Restaurant. Lunch there and to Marshall’s and Evans with her. She home. I to National Gallery. Back to tea. Dolly Carr there.

Tuesday 14th April 1908

Over to Hampstead to Alys. Called on Styer’s (away). Lunch with Alys, Dolly Embleton there. Went over house. Windmill Hill with them. Alys to see Mrs Embleton. I inspected my clothes in bunk, etc. Received photos from Dr Alexander. On Heath with Alys. Tea and then dined and slept at 8 Heath Mansions. Wired to Aunt Alice.

Wednesday 15th April 1908

Colded. Dolly up. All over house again with Dennis. I back to Chelsea, tube and bus. Did Tades’ cloak and wrote to Dr Alexander and Dorothy and Styers. Rested (slept) all afternoon. To see Maud Allan[9]at the Palace Music Hall at 8.30. Wonderful Dancer. “Nelly” Ward came too. Mr Sargent gave us the stalls.

Maud Allan as Salome in ‘The Vision of Salome’

Thursday 16th April 1908

Very bad cold but up. Lovely day. Packed small green box. Read Sandra. Aunt Alice and Polly to lunch with Tadema’s at Savoy. Lady Tad’s birthday. After tea, I over to Kitty’s to spend Easter. Edward Buchanan away cycling tour. Slept in Kit’s room.


Friday 17th April 1908

Fine. Out with Kit to Judges Walk and round by pond. Rested all afternoon. Nurse out so had baby. Alys to tea accidentally. Ironed and unpicked black silk skirt.

Saturday 18th April 1908

Windy. Cold. Cold bad still. Not out. Sewed black skirt and read “The Missioner” by Oppenheim.

Sunday 19th April 1908

Hail, etc, Not out all day. Dennis and Alys in morning. Rested. Christina to tea. Kit read “Light Freights”[10] aloud to me.

Monday 20th April 1908

Sunny and snowy. Out to see house in Orman Road. Snow showers. Rested. Up in cab to 8 Heath Mansions with Dennis and Alys on Heath, saw man on stilts. To Uncle Harold’s after dinner. All 3 of us and Mowgli.

Tuesday 21st April 1908

With Alys to town. Lunch with Dennis at Shoolbred’s. Shopped, Alys home. I tea at Vegi. Back to Chelsea. I to see Mrs Embleton at the nursing home for ¾ hours. Aunt Alice and Mark Symonds at Beaufort House.

Wednesday 22nd April 1908

Letter from Mrs Styer. Sunny> out with Aunt Alice to see Cheyne Walk house. To town afternoon alone and called at Agents (May and Rowden, White Druce and Co and Elliot, Boyton and Co) about Haunch of Venison Yard premises. Tried on cloaks at Lewis’. Home to dinner at Chelsea. Did evening dress sleeves till late.

Thursday 23rd April 1908

Snow, rain. Cold. Did evening dress neck all morning. Grey cloak came. Met Alys at Debenham and Freebody’s – shopped at Army and Navy with her. To dinner with her, and back alone about 9.30. Wrote to Ted and Frieda. Snowed hard.


Friday 24th April 1908

Snow lying thickly on roofs, etc. Very cold. Sunny. I not out. Darned stockings. Coldy and headachey. So not to New Gallery. Private View with Aunt Alice or to Ted’s dance in Hampstead. Tried on blue silk dress and did lots of odd things. Alys came up. Then she off to meet Margaret and Rex from Neuchâtel. Wrote to Dolly Carr.

Saturday 25th April 1908

Cold. Worked in morning. Washed and ironed, etc. Aunt Alice lunched with Uncle Harold. To Queen’s Hall and met Alice at 3.00. Lovely concert. Nikisch[11] conducted. Tristan and Isolde (Prelude and Liebestod) lovely – warmer.


Monday 26th April 1908

Warmer. To Albert Hall with Aunt Alice. Lovely concert. Miss Sanders and Miss F Hawtrey in and Dolly Carr and Miss Garrard. Mark Symons[12] showed Aunt Alice and me his drawing and portrait of his brother – very good.

Symons pianist.png
The Pianist by Mark Lancelot Symons

Tuesday 27th April 1908

In rain. To Agents. Met Alys at Evans’. Turned rainy. Did some shopping and to lunch with Alys. Rex there. Dennis up. I to tea with Kitty and talked about investments to Eddy. To dinner there too. Home at 9.30. Very wet. Polly and Dorothy back.

Wednesday 28th April 1908

Very rainy again. Slept on floor. I unwell. Barnards over Cheyne Walk House again. I telephoned to Newman Plumbing Co and darned stockings. Rested all afternoon. Wrote letters – Slept on floor in Polly’s room again. Very comfortable.

Thursday 29th April 1908

Warm and Sunny. Lovely day. In bed to breakfast as late. Off to meet Dorothy. Had lunch with her at Appenrodt’s[13]. Then over Haunch of Venison Yard premises. Then station, etc. To see Aunt Alice over to Newcastle at 2.20. Met Alys. To my bank and tea at 8 Heath Mansions. Back to Chelsea. Tired. Wrote to Stockbrokers, Uncle Harold, Tades.


Friday 30th April 1908

Hot. Made beds. Katie Warwick to sew for Poz. I did Income Tax papers. Then out to meet Louie Bell at National Gallery. Lunch with her at “Eustace Miles[14]”. To National Portrait Gallery and up Regent Street to Debenham and Freebody’s. Met Alys. Alys and I to see Mrs Embleton. Rex there. Then Alys and I to Mrs Allingham’s Private View[15] (Fine Art Society). Then I home. Tired. Packed to see if box would do. Wrote to Uncle Harold again and to Dolly Carr and about rooms.

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 21.28.40.png
Pause for Reflection by Helen Allingham

Friday 1st May 1908

Fine. Hot. Worked at grey dress body and washed and ironed all morning and afternoon too. Busy sewing. Mrs Trowes and Lady Tadema called. Dorothy and I to Army and Navy Stores after tea.

army and navy.jpg

Saturday 2nd May 1908

Very hot indeed. Wrote or worked. Polly and I to Wooland’s and met Doz. All to lunch at Pagini’s with Uncle Harold. All three to Queen’s Hall. Nikisch concert and Miss E Smythe’s[1] “loreckers” (Wreckers) performed. Mr Sargent sat next to us (gave us our tickets). Tea out. After dinner all round to the Von Glehn’s[2] to spend evening. Duets on two pianos, etc. Very nice. Back at 11.15.

Sunday 3rd May 1908

Trimmed Polly’s hat all morning. With Polly to Albert Hall pm. Saw Mr Brunner there. He walked to Queen’s Gate with us. Percy Grainger[3] called on Dorothy.

Monday 4th May 1908

Warm. Dull. Out early to town. To Haunch of Venison Yard and Agents and Scott’s. Then up to Alys’ and had lunch with her. To Kitty’s afterwards with Alys. Both to town and had tea there at Vegi. I home via Sloane Court to Chelsea. Wrote to Louie Bell and D. Styer and Ted. Posted letters with Dorothy.

Tuesday 5th May 1908

Rainy. Out to the Leonard Harrison’s for Polly. Wired to Aunt Alice that Polly would go to Newcastle. Packed a little. With Dorothy to see over houses – Oakley Street. Polly off to Newcastle after lunch. I packed, and then to stores and bought new trunk 2.16-0. Packed and off in four-wheeler to Styer’s to stay (12 Wedderburn Road, Hampsted, NW3). Arrived 6.30. Quiet evening.

Wednesday 6th May 1908

Wet. Wrote to Aunty Alice, Ella and Doz. To town with Mrs Styer all day. Bought my ticket for Brussels at Cook’s. Mrs Styer to Konski’s (49 Conduit Street)


and Martial and Armand, Bond Street for fittings. Lunch at Fuller’s. Lovely. I bought sunshade, etc, Home in a taxi-cab. Tea – dressed for dinner and Mrs Ostertag and daughter for dinner. Alys and Dennis telephoned and Dorothy sore throat.

martial armand 1908
Afternoon dress by Martial et Armand, photo by Félix, Les Modes July 1908.

Thursday 7th May 1908

Very fine. To Debenham and Freebody’s with Mrs Styer. Home 2. In hansom. Dorothy in bed all day, tonsillitis. I to Kitty’s after lunch. Her baby arriving unexpectedly. Alys there and Edward. Back here to tea. To dine at Pioneer Club with Mrs Styer. Debate on “Hustling”. Home in cab. Kit’s baby girl born. Telegram.

Friday 8th May 1908

Wet. To Academy with Mrs Styer. Lunch at Stewart’s, Bond Street. To Konski’s for her to be fitted. Met Mr Styer and tea at Fucler’s. Home in taxi-cab. Rested. Played “Spelke” all evening.

Saturday 9th May 1908

Very fine. To have my head shampoo’ed at Scherf’s. Very well done by Miss Hill. Shopped. Out with Dorothy. Slept all afternoon. On Heath with Mrs Styer after tea. Mr and Mrs Styer to theatre with Osterberg’s. Dorothy, Vera and I played spelka and ping-pong!

Sunday 10th May 1908

Fine. Breakfast at 10.00. I to Hyde Park with Mr Styer. Rather amusing. Dinner at 2. Read afterwards. To see Kitty – for 15 minutes. On Heath with Mr and Dorothy. Alys and Dennis and Mr Backhouse to supper and Mr Oscar Eckenstein[5] . Spelke. Alys won! Bed at 11.30. I packed till 1am.


Monday 11th May 1908

Fine. Breakfast 7.30. Drove to Charing Cross. Alys and Dennis there to see me off by 9 train. Lovely crossing to Ostend. Very calm. Lunch on board (Leopold II) – 4 francs. Met by Aunt Bella at Brussels. 5.20. To 13 rue de l’aurore – Mademoiselle Eva to dinner. Uncle Pierre well and young looking. Aunt Bella also. To bed at 8.30. Two rooms.

Paddle Steamer LEOPOLD II built by William Denny & Bros in 1893

Tuesday 12th May 1908

Rain. Breakfast in bed at 9 o’clock. Unpacked very thoroughly. To Concours Hippique (1st day). At 2 o’clock in brougham. My white cloth dress and white silk hat. Very nice indeed there. Shower. Box with Baron de Schluga and Madame Ypert there. Tea and coffee. M. Meeus home in our carriage. “en tenne” and lovely. Home at 7.10 dined. I wrote to Mrs Styer and note to Alys. Bed at 9.

Wednesday 13th May 1908

Lovely sun; and hail-storms. Up to breakfast at 9 o’clock. Made my bed and dusted room. Out by self to Post Office. Warm. Met M. Meeus, riding. Talked to Lisa. To Concours at 2.30. Very interesting (blue coat and skirt and little blue hat). Tea with Baron de Schluga[6] there. Home at 6.30. Mr Meeus in evening. 9 till 10.20.

Thursday 14th May 1908

Fine on the whole. Out with Uncle Pierre to town by tram. To Bazaar, Montague de la Cour, etc. Mademoiselle Eva to lunch. She and Aunt Bella to dressmaker. Uncle Pierre and self to Bois. Tea., Mademoiselle Verboeckhoven to tea and dinner. Very amusing. Mademoiselle Eva to dinner also. Wrote to Alys.

Friday 15th May 1908

Fine. I out in morning to post and Madame Ravel’s. Letter from Alys. Concours Hippique, Blue silk dress. Carriage at 2.30. High jump. Fearfully exciting. D’Aufresne leapt 2 metres 10 on “Miss” and Crousse (a French captain) 2m 20 on Jubile (7 feet 2 inches!) winning. Prince de Ligne spoke to me. Quiet evening.

Saturday 16th May 1908

Dull. No rain. Letter from Dorothy. Made bed, etc. Wrote to Dorothy and Ella. To pillar-box. Trimmed hat. To Concours Hippique at 2 o’clock. Grey dress and cloak and white silk hat with roses and tulle. First day of Military International. Very interesting indeed. French and Dutch officers. Quiet evening. Knitted.

Sunday 17th May 1908

Dull but warm. Wrote to Alys. In Bois with Uncle Pierre. Aunt Bella to Mass. After dinner to the florists with Aunt Bell and Uncle Pierre. Then he and I to Bois and sat and watched the Retour de Courses. Home at 5.30. Supper 6.30. Maria out. Sleepy.

Monday 18th May 1908

Very fine. Hot. Breakfast 8.30. Out at once to Bois with Uncle Pierre to “Cloche” to see Paper Hunt start. Prince Albert and loads of people – officers, etc. Very pretty sight. 9.30 Home slowly. Concours Hippique after lunch. 2 o’clock. Exciting. Coupe de L(?) won by Picard. (young s. l. of chasseurs). To dinner party at the Vandamme’s. Nice. M. Clarss and 2 filles and M. and Madame Ypert and Baron de Schluga. Home 11.

Tuesday 19th May 1908

Hot. Breakfast 9.30. Mademoiselle Eva to lunch, tea and dinner. With Uncle Pierre to Military International at Boitsfort. Very pretty indeed. Baron de Schlaga with us. Saw William Meeus, Van Langendonck’s, etc. Tired. Awfully hot. French officers in tram back. Nice. Desemetz, Auriol de Troussures. Daugons.

Wednesday 20th May 1908

Hot and fine. Trimmed white silk hat with veil and had hot bath! Concours Hippique at 2.30. Very nice, William Meeus got a 3rd prize. Walked around and in gallery with Uncle Pierre. White cloth dress. M. Tschaggeny there.

Thursday 21st May 1908

Very hot. Thunderstorms. Awful accident (train) in Antwerp – 40 killed, 200 wounded.

Antwerp train.png

To the Tschaggeny’s to tea and see his pictures. Awful thunderstorms all day – fine intervals. Read Vie de Pasteur by Vallery Radot. Letter from Alys.

Frédéric Pierre Tschaggeny – 1851-1921 – JEUNE FEMME À LA PERRUCHE

Friday 22nd May 1908

Very cold. To Elsens’, Rue Méridien with Uncle Pierre by tram to buy canvas. To Councours, Military International – last day at 2.pm. Very exciting, indeed. Crousse got 1st prize and deserved it. Valrogen 2nd. Then Nyssens (Belgian) and Picard and Blommaert.

Saturday 23rd May 1908

To Rue Méridien and to call on Madame Vandamme.

Sunday 24th May 1908

Card from Alys. Painted Uncle Pierre ¾ hour in morning. Out a little way. Called on Baron de Schluga but he was out. Letter to Alys.

Monday 25th May 1908

Grey – rainy. Painted Uncle Pierre for one hour. Then to town with him to Banque. Tram. To town with Aunt Bella after lunch. Pouring rain. Read “Vie de Pasteur”. Lovely. Gas fire in evening nice. Letter from Alys.

Tuesday 26th May 1908

Grey again. Painted Uncle Pierre 1 ¼ hours. Mademoiselle Eva came. Visitors to tea. Eva’s cousin and baby Renée and Madamoiselle Wauters and Laure. M Meeus in at dinner-time and had champagne with us. Told horse-stories. Englishman who said to him “we sell our pretty horses (to Parisienne’s), we keep our good ones.”

Wednesday 27th May 1908

Finest. Painted in bathroom first and then Uncle Pierre for one hour. 4th sitting. To Bois in afternoon and to Place Stéphanie after tea with Aunt Bella. Baron de Schluga called. Did lampshade in evening.

Thursday 28th May 1908

Fine-ish. Painted Uncle Pierre 1 ½ hours. Wrote to Wade and Agatha and note to Alys. Letter from Alys. Out a little but very windy so could not sit, so came in again.

Friday 29th May 1908

Dull, rainy. Painted Uncle Pierre 1 ½ hours about – 6th time. Did lampshade. All meant to go to Timmerman’s but pouring rain when dressed so didn’t. I walked to Place Stéphanie alone after tea, for exercise. Read Pasteur.

Saturday 30th May 1908

Stormy. To Marché au Ste Croix in morning to buy plants with Uncle Pierre and Aunt Bella. Thunder about. Wrote to Aunt Alice. To Rue de Namur with Aunt Bella after lunch. Shops. M. Meeus bought me his articles in Belgian Militaire in evening. Read Pasteur all evening. L’ homme est Hydrophobe mais le chien enragé n’est pas. Il boit. Cried.

Sunday 31st May 1908

Very fine. Painted Uncle Pierre 1 hour. Aunt Bella to Mass. I with Uncle Pierre to Wenmacker’s and sat in Avenue. Wrote to Mrs Styer and Mabel.

Monday 1st June 1908

Very hot and fine. To bank with Uncle Pierre. Painted in morning. Uncle Pierre’s coat, etc. To meet Aunt Ada with Aunt Bella at Gare du Nord. Lovely to have her share my bed and drawing room. Thunderstorms in night.

Tuesday 2nd June 1908

Very hot indeed. Wrote to Mrs W Miles. Mademoiselle Eva to spend day. Did washing, etc. Aunt Ada unpacked. To Rue de Bailli[1] with Eva. M. Meeus in after dinner and took Tades and me to Parc. Music, nice. Back by Boulevard Militaire and Petit Suisse at 10.35.

Wednesday 3rd June 1908

Very hot and fine. Wrote to Alys. With Tades to Ravel’s and to Ecole Militaire to see Meeus about afternoon. I unwell at 4 o’clock. M. Meeus came and we all went to Tervuren by trams. Lovely. Had café and cramique (brioche) there. And then Meeus took Tades and me for a walk (40 minutes) in the Forest (de Soignies). Perfectly glorious. Beech and Chestnuts. Cathedral Allées. First forest in world. Back by tram. M.M. to cold supper. Garden till 10.00.

Thursday 4th June 1908

Very hot indeed. With Tades to Musée des Beaux Arts. Lovely Rubens – lots of Jordaens, Course and ugly. Overpowering heat. Thunderstorm from 5.30 till 10.30. Brilliant lightning.

Friday 5th June 1908

Cooler. Sun and wind. Berthe left. Good luck. Made beds, etc. Painted Uncle Pierre – finished his portrait. 9 sittings. Out with Tades to chose gateaux and on to town. Montagne de la Cour and Boulevard Centrale and back by town tram. Bought carnations 1 franc for 3 (hats) and roses, etc. Read Pasteur. Did parlourmaid’s work, all of us.

Rue Montagne de la Cour, towards the lower town – Watercolour by Jacques Carabain. 1895

Saturday 6th June 1908

Bourrasques et Jiboulées. Fresh – showers. Cold. Housework, then looked at portfolios of Verboeckhoven’s[2] studies with Uncle Pierre, in grenier (attic). Gave me 6!!! Aunt Bella, Tades and I to town to buy baby’s dress for Kitty’s new Baby Katharine – my god-child. Played double demon with Aunt Bella.

This is one of the pictures given to Kate. My mother has it.

Sunday 7th June 1908

Cold. Made beds. Tades and I to Church. Rue Stassant. Out before sermon as late. In garden and rested in afternoon. Out after tea in Avenue, all of us. Madame de Keyser to tea (paints portraits). Read Pasteur in evening. Varnished the portrait with Vibert vernis à retoucher.

varnish.jpgMonday 8th June 1908

Cold. Wrote to Mrs Miles and postcard to Alys. New cook “Leonie” came.

Tuesday 9th June 1908

Fine. With Uncle Pierre and Tades to Elsen’s and St Gudula and Bazaar.

The Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula – Brussels – circa 1900

To theatre “La Bouquetière des Innocents” at Molière theatre. Very good indeed.

Wednesday 10th June 1908

To patisserie with Tades. To Elsens’ to choose frame for portrait of Uncle Pierre. Packed up. M. Meeus in evening.


Thursday 11th June 1908

Breakfast at 7.15. Uncle Pierre and Tades to station with me. I off to London. Miss Gorsey as far as Ghent. Nice crossing, a little foggy. Alys and Dennis at Charing Cross. Drove in four-wheeler to the Miles’. Just Mrs William Miles and Ethel. Very nice. To bed at 9.20.

Friday 12th June 1908

Fine. Breakfast 8.15. To Alys’. With her to shops and to see Mrs Embleton at Windmill Hill and Sylvia at Aunt Rosa’s. Lunch with Alys. Rex in. Scraped windows. To tea at Compayne. Sylvia called. Wrote to De Baermacker’s (me: Uncle Pierre and Aunt Bella). Cross-stitch in evening.

Saturday 13th June 1908

Fine, Windy. Drove with Mrs Miles to Madame Albert’s. On with Dennis to Olympia and Whiteleys Horse Show tickets. Took 2 for 23rd. Home via Miss Miles’ – 97 Priory Road. After lunch, I over to Aunt Alice’s. I saw her and Dorothy. Tea there. Fraulein Moskovsky there. Home to dinner at Compayne again. Ethel to a lecture and I played patience with Mrs Miles.

Sunday 14th June 1908

Fine. To Church (Child’s Hall) with Mrs Miles. Drove up to Alys. Dorothy there. To dinner too. Out after and to 2 Windmill Hill to see Embleton’s. Locked out of flat so to Faraday’s to supper. Home in borrowed hat and coat at 9.45 to Compayne.

Monday 15th June 1908

Fine. Wrote to Miles (scarlet fever) Morgan and Mrs Styer and Agatha (p.c.) to Miss Miles; her 82nd birthday. Saw miniatures with Miss Edith Chater, there. Up to Alys’ after lunch and Embleton’s. Miss Boodle to tea with Alys and Dennis and Otto back to tea too. Nice. Alys and I to Kitty’s. Saw Ed and the two babies. Back to Compayne. Read “Barchester Towers[3]” and talked. Letter from Aunt Ada.

Tuesday 16th June 1908

To Agatha’s. Fine, then rain. To Green and Edward’s. Then wrote long letter to Uncle Pierre and to Aunt Bella also. Mrs Miles drove me to Agatha’s studio. Tea there. Nice. Back to Compayne. Mrs Miles read aloud “Barchester Towers” in evening. Alys and Dennis to dinner.

Wednesday 17th June 1908

Rain. Occasionally. Wrote to Osgood and p.c. to Styers. Alys in. I up with her to 8 Heath Mansions. Mrs Embleton pain for 24 hours. Lunch with Alys. Both rested and slept after. I to call on Mrs Vernor Miles, and then on to Flights. Mr and Mrs E Vernor Miles and Mrs Turner and Mary Miles and Eustace Miles – all to dinner.

Thursday 18th June 1908

Fine. I out early. Ethel not well. In bed. Met Alys and Uncle Harold. I across to Chelsea. Talked to Aunt Alice, etc. With Dorothy to Woolland’s to buy opera cloack. Thru’ park and saw D’Aufresne and Lancksweert, etc riding! Home with Lucy Brewtnall. To Franco-British Exhibition[4] with Lucy, Denise and Miss Hamar. Nice.2 till 5.30! Cootie and Leonard to stay.


Friday 19th June 1908

Fine. Hot. Lucy to 8 Heath Mansions. I out to town. Called at my 3 house agents about Haunch of Venison Yard. To New English Art Club Exhibition. Enjoyable. Agatha and Dr Lewis Shore met me there. I home with them to lunch at M. Halls. Called on Mrs Eaton, Abercorn Mews. She out. Home to Compayne. Dined at 6.30. Mrs Miles, Ethel and I in taxi to theatre “L’affaire des Poisons” Sardou[5]. Coquelin in it. Simply splendid. Never enjoyed a play as much, I think. Wonderful.

laffaire des poisons.jpg

Saturday 20th June 1908

Fine. Sunny. Cricket match. With Ethel to Free Library. Wrote to Winnie Field and D. Carr. In taxi-cab with Cootie to Gifford House[5], near Putney. To see Leonard play cricket, etc. Nice afternoon. Watched cricket. Tea out too. Back at 7.30 by 2 hansoms and Union-Jack bus.

gifford house.jpg
Gifford House, Putney Heath, London

Sunday 21st June 1908

Fine. Cooler. With Mrs Miles to Church, Miss Miles and Edith Chater to dine 1.30. Talked to Ethel and rested after dinner. No one called. Leonard and Cootie rested. Hymns in evening. “There is An Eye[7]”, etc all sang. Nice. Leonard sang other songs.

Monday 22nd June 1908

Fine and hot. Up to lunch with Alys. To Styer’s to tennis and tea. Gould and Pritchard there, fun. Back to dinner at Compayne. Alys and Dennis to dine, also the Vernor-Miles and a Mr Chater (no relation). Very nice man who took me in to dinner.

Tuesday 23rd June 1908

Fine and hot. Alys came down. And we played tennis. 1 sett. Fun but very hot. Ethel and I to Horse-Show at 2.30 till 6pm. Had tea there. Nice. Lovely show. D’Aufresne, etc rode. Thomas Glencross, Newton, etc. Good. Back to dinner. At 8.30 I to Nelly’s (Quit’s) cold supper in Studio. Theodore Stier (Musical director of Vedrenne Barker[8]) and Casson[9], actor and Spencer Pryse[10], artist, and J. Archer and some ladies. Very good. Music for Stier. Back in cab at 12.00.

Wednesday 24th June 1908

Fine. Hot. Wrote long letter to Aunt Bella. Denise’s operation. Alys down with telegram from Jim Archer. Out with Alys. Dressed. After lunch I to St James’ Theatre. Met Patty and Jim Archer there. Saw “The Thunderbolt” George Alexander[11]. (Destroyed will). Tea at National Library Club with Jim Archer and Patty. Home to dinner. Barchester Towers. Fred came. Read aloud.

George Alexander

Thursday 25th June 1908

Fine. Hot. Packed up. Up in cab to Alys’. Down to Slade. Saw prize-studies and Deedie Lindquist and Tonks and Steer. Met Dennis at Hospital. Tea with him. He, Alys and I to Franco-British Exhibition. Saw machinery and boats and had dinner. Dennis and Alys in “scenic railway”. Saw McVitie’s Petit Beurre made and Pasteur things – very very interesting.

petit beurre.jpeg

Friday 26th June 1908

Fine. Hot. To Aunt Alice’s. Saw all 3. Home to lunch. To Mrs Embleton (2 Windmill Hill) to tea. Out with her in bathchair, Jim and Rex. Sat on Judge’s Walk (Margaret and Dorothy at Franco-British Exhibition).

Saturday 27th June 1908

Fine. Hot. Alys and Dennis to Opera to see Rigoletto with Mrs Comyns Carr and Dolly Carr in box. I to 2 Windmill Hill all evening with Embleton’s.

Sunday 28th June 1908

Fine. Hot. Up very late. Over to 2 Windmill Hill and sat in garden. Very hot. Dennis took his Mother out in bath-chair and he and Rex carried her up to the flat to tea with us. Rex, Jim and Nichols came up to Roof, etc.

Monday 29th June 1908

Fine. Hot. Alys and I to town. Shopped a lot. I bought easel, oil paints, etc. Lunch at A. B. C. To Chelsea to Miss Boodle at Burton Court. Tea with her and Miss Adelaide Boodle. Then to Chelsea Pageant with E. D. B. Lovely. Very interesting indeed. Dennis home to dinner. To Windmill Hill.


Henry VIII and Thomas More

Tuesday 30th June 1908

Fine. Hot. Packed hard all morning. Alys helped me. Tea early and to Kitty’s at 5 o’clock. Christening of her new daughter at St Stephen’s. Ernest Morison. I God Mother. She called “Katharine”. Tea again at Kit’s. To Windmill Hill.


Wednesday 1st July 1908

Fine. Hot. Alys and I to Kings Cross at 9.30. Met Dolly Carr and she and I off by 10 1m train to York, Northallerton (lunch on train) and finally arrived Hawes in Yorkshire. Drove 1 ½ miles from station to Shaw Ghyll Cottage, Simonstone. 1000 ft above sea. Lovely place, nice rooms. Very tired. Journey so hot and long. Arrived Hawes at 6.15 about. Slept like a top. Light till 10pm.

Hawes 1908.png
Hawes, Market Day 1908

Thursday 2nd July 1908

Fine. Hot. Breakfast at 9. Dolly and I walked down to Hawes village. Shopped at Foster’s (grocer) and bought paper, ink, etc. and Shaw sun-hats. Very hot walk home at 12. Slept after lunch. Wrote to Dorothy. After tea strolled about with sketch-book. To bed at 9.45.

Friday 3rd July 1908

Fine. Breakfast at 9 o’clock. Dolly had bilious attack in night but up. I painted in the Gyhll. Waterfall and trees on panel in oil. Dolly did red chalk drawing. Walked out on to hill up Wensleydale with Dolly. Read a little. To bed early.

Saturday 4th July 1908

Rain then finer. Walked with Dolly down to Hardrow. Also up to Hardrow Scaur. Lovely huge waterfall where Mr Steer painted. Did fancy-work (Aunt Bella’s table centre) after dinner. Saw Mr Pratt milk cows in the field. Did pencil sketches. Patience in evening.

Scan 7
“P. Wilson Steer painting” – postcard sent to Dorothy (Doz) Barnard by Kate.
Hardrow Scaur, 1908

Sunday 5th July 1908

Rainy. Wrote to Elsa and 3 business letters. Out on hillside with Dolly in rain. Lovely. Letter from Alys from Southwold. Did table-centre in my bedroom all p.m. Out with Dolly up the glen a long way. To a high waterfall. A lovely walk. Drear and bleak hills, lovely but fine.

Monday 6th July 1908

Grey. Misty later. Painted quick oil sketch on old canvas in Ghyll from 10.30 nearly 1. Very enjoyable. Cold. Rested after dinner. Read “The Lady of Aroostook” by Howells[1]. Good. (I unwell). Out long walk by self round by Hardrow and later with Dolly on hill in mist. Songs.

Tuesday 7th July 1908

Rainy. Fine later. Dolly out painting in fine interval. I at home all morning. Mended blouse and read paper, etc. Slept after dinner. Wrote to Alys. Out for walk up hill and along late and sketched in small sketch-book. Very fine evening. Sunshine. Starlight and moonlight night.

Wednesday 8th July 1908

Pouring rain. Letter from Dorothy. I mended combinations and Dolly read Ruskin’s “Modern Painters”[2] aloud. Both walked to Hawes and shopped. Slept after dinner. Then I read Ruskin to Dolly while she worked. Out a little.

Ladies’ combinations pattern, ca. 1908

Thursday 9th July 1908

Showery. Finer later. Letter from Ethel Miles. Out on hillside with easel and started 20 x 16″ canvas of rolling clouds and distant hills. Exciting. Dolly also painted all morning. Rested after dinner. Tried to draw sheep after. Out with Mr and Mrs Pratt in the trap. He drove us to Cotter Force (or Foss). Very lovely. Back by Hawes. Splendid effects of sun and cloud. To Hardrow Scaur. Dolly out after supper alone till 9.45. I read “Kith and Kin” Fothergill[3].

Cotter Foss.png

Friday 10th July 1908

Rain, then sunny. Windy. Letter from Alys and Brägger. Wrote to Ethel Miles and Denise. In other sitting room. Dolly painted sky, indoors. Dolly and I out to the Scaur. Lovely. Hot. Rested, then up on hill and tried to draw thorn-tree in high wind. Sewed and Dolly read “Modern Painters” aloud.

Saturday 11th July 1908

Rain. Painted portrait sketch of Dolly sewing from 10 till 11.20. Then she and I out on Stagsfell. Long, lovely walk and climb; raining. Read “Kith and Kin” after dinner. Wrote to Alys and Ella. Out with Dolly and Bell Pratt to Scaur and Gyhll. Wonderful waterfalls. Hardrow Scaur 100 feet waterfall and enormous. Ruskin and needlework in evening. Dolly and slept badly. Read in night.

Sunday 12th July 1908

Finer. Rain early. Breakfast late. Out with Dolly a long way up the road. Slept after dinner. Refreshed. Up the hill again later and sketched sheep with Dolly. Supper. Dolly to bed at 9.15. I at 9.40.

Monday 13th July 1908

Dull and then rain. Sunny till 9.30. Up the hill and painted foreground of picture begun on 9th. Rested after dinner, did not sleep. Out in field with Bell. Thunder shower and the stream full again and waterfalls dashing. Dolly read Ruskin aloud, then out. I talked to Mrs Pratt and sister. Letter (short) from Alys. Wrote to Kitty. To bed at 10.30.

Tuesday 14th July 1908

Cold. Grey and occasional sun. Walked to Hardrow to post my letter. I up hill and sketched sheep and hens in oils. Rested. Dolly up hill a long way. Out with Bell. Started picture 20 x 24” in lane. Walked a little with Bell. Read “Beloved Vagabond”[4]. Bed at 10.15.

Wednesday 15th July 1908

Very cold. Grey. Walked with Dolly up coalmine road about 3 miles, and then back. Rested in afternoon. Started painting lane after tea but glimpse of sun went, so had to stop. Drew sheep (Mog) – Very cold. Fed calves. Read “Vagabond”. To bed 10.30. Copied Rubens’ drawing in red chalk.

Thursday 16th July 1908

Rain. Poured. Walked with Dolly to “buttertubs” and further. 10 till 12.40. Wet. Rested. Read Life of Rubens. Wrote to Dorothy. Drew in chalk. Out again 6.30 till 7.30 in rain. Songs in evening and read. Did hair in Dolly’s bedroom.

Friday 17th July 1908

Rain. Thunder. Walked with Dolly to Hawes. Shopped. Bought skirt-brush, braid, etc, et, bacon. Dolly read Ruskin aloud and I sewed on braid. Rested. Began “Love and the Spy” by Williamsons[5]. More Ruskin and sewing. Dolly out with Bell to see Scaur and I alone up hill. Fields flooded and streams terrific everywhere. Heavy rain. Wrote to Polly and Nell Sime. Read. Songs. Stormy night.

Saturday 18th July 1908

Dull. Windy. Walked with Dolly to Cotter Force by white gates. Lovely colours in water. Back by Hardrow. Letters from Kitty and Alys. Lovely. Wrote to Alys. Read. Drove with Pratts to Hawes and to see Aysgill Force (thro’ Gayle). Nice.

Aysgill Force

Sunday 19th July 1908

Fine. Sun! To Church at Hardrow with Dolly. Old vicar (82?) who sang out of tune very loudly. Saw pretty child and asked for her to sit to me. Read all afternoon. Walked with Dolly to Buttertubs[6]. Sketched sheep and geese on way home. Read Ruskin aloud and copied drawings of Rubens.


Monday 20th July 1908

Rain then finer and sun occasionally. Lizzie Hunter (aged 5) and her sister Jane-Anne came at 10.30 and I painted the former for about an hour and 10 minutes in the calf-field. Rested and read. Out with Bell Pratt and painted his portrait for about an hour. Tired.

Tuesday 21st July 1908

Fine. Sunny Hot. Painted up hill in thorn-field all morning. Very hot. Dolly painted in hayfield jolly sketch. Rested. Painted in lane, sunny effect on trees. Very exciting. Large canvas. Painted till 7.30. Very tired. Letters from Dennis and Alys.

Wednesday 22nd July 1908

Fine. Hot. Letter from Alys. Drove at 9.30 to Bolton Castle (through Askrigg – devastated by cloud-burst). Lunch at Bolton. Mrs Leonard and Mr Pratt with. Sketched Castle. Drove back by Aysgarth (saw Falls) and Bainbridge. Tea at Bainbridge. Home at 6.30. 27 miles in all. Tired. Headache.

Bolton Castle  – James Whitelaw Hamilton (1860–1932)

Thursday 23rd July 1908

Fine – dull later. Card from Ella. Painted in calf-field. Lizzie came as model. Rested and slept in afternoon. Wrote to Alys. Walked to Hawes with Dolly to post letters and buy things and to station. Painted Bell Pratt in field and driven in by midges, so continued in my bedroom till 8. Lovely sunset.

Friday 24th July 1908

Grey. Up to thorn-tree field and painted foreground and middle distance all morning rested. Rain in evening.

Saturday 25th July 1908

Rain, finer later. Lizzie came and I painted her hands, dress, etc up in my bedroom. Rested. After tea to Hawes to post letters, etc. Lovely rainbow and thunder. Started Lane picture but painted Bell in bedroom. Sun. Finished his portrait. Dark. Did not sleep well.

Sunday 26th July 1908

Grey, dull. Walked with Dolly to Hawes and on to Gayle and to Aysgill Foss. Lovely walk home across fields 6 or 7 miles. Rested, read “Donatienne” Bazin[7]. Out with Dolly in hayfield and her composition. And then drew old old sheep till 7.30. Walked up hill and in to supper.

Monday 27th July 1908

Grey. Letter from Ted. Painted grey wall (behind “Lizzie”) all morning. Rested. Painted lane a little in sunny glimpses and then did sorrel and grasses on Lizzie’s picture till 7.30.

Tuesday 28th July 1908

Sun and grey alternating. Up and painted in thorn-tree field for 30 minutes. Then packed. Rested and packed again and walked to Hawes with Dolly after tea. Too grey to paint lane.


Wednesday 29th July 1908

Very fine. Breakfast at 7.30. At 8.30. Dolly and I off to Northallerton (by 9.7) Parted there. She to London. I to Alnmouth (me: Northumberland) direct. Met by Ella at 1.1. Back to Sandridge to dinner. Aunt Eliza and Cousin Marion there. Rested a little. Out with Ella on links, bunkers. Out again after tea for walk with Ella. Lovely air and sea delicious. To bed 10.30. Unbroken night.


Thursday 30th July 1908

Fine. Out with Ella to shops and then with Aunt Eliza (in bathchair), boy pushing along links for an hour. Then Bathed. Ella too. Lovely, long run down. Slept hard in afternoon. Out with Ella across ferry to Waterside and walked there. Very pretty.

Alnmouth Links.jpg

Friday 31st July 1908

Fine, windy. To shops. At 11 all for drive to Warkworth; saw castle and river. Very beautiful. Very windy. Back at 1.15. Rested and read. Then out and I bathed alone at 4. High tide. Very delicious. After tea, Ella and I walked a little on links and road. Pretty. Ella to baths and I walked to Bridge – lovely.

Warkworth Castle – c. 1900


Saturday 1st August 1908

Dullish. Letter from Alys. I bathed alone. Ella packing. I packed. Pencil sketched. All after tea (at 4.15) to station. Travelled to Rothbury via Morpeth. Lots of luggage. Very nice rooms at Miss Clark’s, Prospect Villas. Tired. Supper 9.15. Bed.

Sunday 2nd August 1908

Very Fine. Unpacked. Out in field Hot day. Rested on bed p.m.Lovely with Ella and sat on heather. Beautiful. Views of Simonside etc, and lovely heather.


Monday 3rd August 1908

Fine. Bank Holiday. Wrote to Ted. Out to shops with Ella. Then up in field at back with Aunt Eliza and Cousin Marion. Darned stockings. Out again all p.m. Reading etc. After tea walked with Ella to Thrum Mill. Pretty. Sat. Supper at 7.45. Work and music. Bed at 10.30.

thrum mill
Thrum Mill, River Coquet, Rothbury, Northumberland

Tuesday 4th August 1908

Fine. Letter from Wade. Shopped and to station to meet the fish. To Thrum Mill. Rested in field.

Wednesday 5th August 1908

Grey and showery. Wrote to Aunt Alice. Out in field. Out with Ella on walk. Lovely. Saw Cheviots. Rested indoors. Walked up to Whitton Tower after tea, across river. Read Virginibus Puerisque[1]aloud and worked.


Thursday 6th August 1908

Dull then lovely. Letter from Alys. To shops with Ella and lovely long walk all through Cragside[2] grounds (belonging to Lord Armstrong). About 6 miles. Rested in field; after tea, I went to river and sketched watercolour for about 1 ¼ hours of river and bridge.

Cragside, Rothbury

Friday 7th August 1908

Fine, Hot. Cooler later. To shops and station for fish with Ella. Sat in field darning stockings. Rested on bracken etc. All p.m. with Aunt Eliza up to the heather and back – a long walk for her. Lovely. Worked all evening at table centre for Aunt Bella. Patience.

Saturday 8th August 1908

Hot then grey. To shops. Then sat in field at back and sketched watercolour. All up there. Read on sofa after dinner. Lovely walk with Ella round by heather and thru’ woods and back by Thrum Mill for eggs. Worked and played double demon in evening. Good night.

Sunday 9th August 1908

Fine. I unwell. Ella and I walked by riverside and across further bridge. Sat with Aunt Eliza by river. Windy. Wrote to Mrs Styer, Wade, and Hatty. Rested after dinner. Frank Archer cycled over from Newcastle and had tea. Ella and I out for walk along Sandy Lane in evening. Music.

Monday 10th August 1908

Rain then fine. To shops with Ella. Mended combinations. Rested in bedroom. Window broken by cricket ball. After tea out with Ella and Aunt Eliza in bathchair. Little boy to push up to Thrum Mill. Lovely evening after the rainy morning. Worked and music. Letters (lovely) from Polly and Alys. Slept in Ella’s bed.

Tuesday 11th August 1908

Very cold. Rain and Sun. Thunder. To station with Ella to meet fish. Rain. For a walk by Cousin William’s. Thunder. Rested all p.m. Headache.  Read “L’Ile Inconnue[3]. Sunshine. After tea walked with Ella up hill at back to Beacon and towards Cartington Castle[4]. Splendid views and effects. Quite wonderful. Never seen greater beauty in a landscape.

Cartington Castle

Wednesday 12th August 1908

Dull. No rain. Very cold. Walked with Ella to Tossan and saw over tweed mill. Back by road by rectory. Headache. Rested in p.m. and slept. Wrote to Alys. Out after tea to shops and walked by Sandy Lane. Work in evening. Fine as so cold – and hot bottle!

Thursday 13th August 1908

Fine. Warmer. Out to shops and then sat by river with Aunt Eliza and Cousin Marion. Rested and read in field at back all p.m. Sunny and cold wind. Lovely walk with Ella after tea to Cragside lakes and back by heather hill. Saw grouse.


Friday 14th August 1908

Fine but wet mist. To station for fish with Ella. Out with Aunt Eliza in bathchair. Joseph Hewitt pushing. On Ella’s cycle a little way along Thropton Road 12.30 to 1.00. Read in drawing room by fire all afternoon. Out with Ella to golf links. Nice walk. Ella tried on my black silk dress and washed her head.

Saturday 15th August 1908

Fine. Warmer. Letters from Alys and Mrs Styer. To shops. Ella with Aunt Eliza in chair and I with Cousin Marion down by river. Knitted tie for Uncle Pierre (began it). Rested in Field. Walked with Ella towards Cartington Castle. Lovely on heather. Slept in Ella’s bed.

Sunday 16th August 1908

Fine, lovely. I wrote to Alys. Ella and I to church. Read “The Challoners” – E. F. Benson. All p.m. in drawing-room. Frank Archer cycled here and had tea and a walk up to Beacon Wood. Ella and me on heather. Out with Aunt Eliza and Cousin Marion. Read in evening. Music from Ella.

Monday 17th August 1908

Dull. Scotch misty. Dry later. To shops and Thrum Mill with Ella and about a mile along Brinkhorn Road for walk. Ella unwell. Rested and read “Challoners”. Don’t care about it. Worked. Out with Aunt Eliza and Cousin Marion after tea and alone up hill a little.

Tuesday 18th August 1908

Misty. Rainy all day. Out to shops and station for fish alone. Ella not out all day. Worked. Rested and read “George Harley F.R.S.” by Mrs Alec Tweedy[5]. Wrote to Dorothy (in Purtud, Val d’Aosta – Courmayeur[6]). Read aloud. Virginibus Puerisque and Sense and Sensibility. Worked and out alone, along the Sandy Lane. Fire.

The Alps Val D’Aosta, Purtud
John Singer Sargent

Wednesday 19th August 1908

Scotch Misty. Letter from Dorothy. Fire all day. Out to shops. With Ella to bridge to Tossan and back. Got out blouse patterns and muslin blouse to make. Also Ella started a voile one. Sewed in p.m. Read “Harley”. Out with Ella along road and to Cousin William Reid’s garden and quarry. Read Sense and Sensibility aloud and worked.

Thursday 20th August 1908

Scotch misty – wet. Letter from Alys (saying I must go to Paris with them). Out to shops and walked past station – large lamb market and heaps of farmers. Nice walk to river with Ella. Worked at my muslin blouse; wrote to Hatty. Read “Harley”. Out alone up to Cragside lodge on the hill and back. Rainy. Talked to David Dixon. Worked and patience.

Friday 21st August 1908

Rain. Fine later. With Ella to get fish at station. Home in rain to shops. Worked hard at my muslin blouse. Read Harley in p.m. Out with Ella up to heather and round by drive. Lovely walk. Perfect sea of heather everywhere. Nice fine evening.

Saturday 22nd August 1908

Fineish. Out with Ella to shops. Felt queer so came home and took “Eno” and lay on sofa and read “Le Mariage De Chiffon” par Gyp (Calmann-Levy). Card from Alys. Rested all p.m. with hot bottle. Read and slept. Felt weak-legged. Worked a little and out with Aunt Eliza – to shops and bridge. Ella on cycle to Cartington. Read aloud Sense and Sensibility in evening and played “Russian” patience. To bed at 10.00.


Sunday 23rd August 1908

Fine (short showers occasionally). With Ella to heather. Wrote to Alys. Read “Chiffon” – finished it. Rested. Slept and read till 4.30. Wrote to Ethel Miles. Lovely walk with Ella to top of Cragside, saw 3 lakes up there and magnificent views. Very tired. Home at 8.

Monday 24th August 1908

Fine. Dullish. Did washing. With Ella to shops and dawdled about shops with Aunt Eliza a little. Sat in field at back and knitted Uncle Pierre’s tie and Ella read “L’Ile inconnue” aloud. Wrote to Aunt Bella. Did blouse and read Harley. Out with Ella to Carterside. Got eggs. Out to buy bacon. Read Sense and Sensibility aloud in evening and worked and patience.

Tuesday 25th August 1908

Hard rain. Finer after tea. Ella to get fish alone. I worked all morning at my blouse. Read in drawing room p. m. “Moth & Rust” by Mary Cholmondely[7]. Out with Ella after tea. Headachey but better when out. Up to station alone. Worked and Patience Diplomat[8] in evening.

Wednesday 26th August 1908

Fine a.m. Very wet. To shops and to village and bridge with Aunt Eliza. Saw trip trains come in. Loads of people for flower show and sports at Cragside. Letters from Kitty and Alys. Sat by river. Read in p.m. Saw runaway horse. Did blouse and read aloud Sense and Sensibility. Out down village and little walk alone. Blouse and patience “Russian”[9] in evening. Very windy night.

Thursday 27th August 1908

Bright sun and heavy showers. Slept on. To shops with Ella and Aunt Eliza in chair. Robert Detchen pushed Aunt Eliza’s chair to Thrum Lodge and she, Ella and I walked up to Cragside. Lovely. Showers. Home at 1. Rested. Out with Ella a little, to station, etc in evening in fine interval. Finished blouse. Wrote to Alys. Patience.

Friday 28th August 1908

Sunny, some showers, very windy. Painted from my window. With Ella to station for fish. Down by river. Sat a little. Did cotton skirt and Aunt Eliza’s cap. Read “The Playground of Europe” by Leslie Stephen[10] about Switzerland. With Ella lovely walk by the drive, picked heather. Did cap for Aunt Eliza.

Saturday 29th August 1908

Fine. Windy. Out to shops with Ella. Then up to Beacon on our hill. Very windy indeed. Wrote to Kitty. Read The Leslie Stephen book. After tea with Ella, across to Cragside lakes and lovely new walk in a little chine with waterfalls. Worked and did Patience.

cragside lakes
Cragside waterfalls

Sunday 30th August 1908

Fine, showers also. Out a little way by river with Ella. Read. Packed up. Out lovely walk past Cousin William’s and back by the cairn on our hill. Delicious colour, views and heather by sunset. Packed. Fine in evening.


Monday 31st August 1908

Fine. Rain later. Packed up. Cycled to station at 11. Others in omnibus with luggage. All to Morpeth together. Then Cousin Marion and Ella to Edinburgh and Aunt Eliza and Puck and I to Newcastle. Met by Sissie. Cab home to 10 Lynnwood Avenue. Rested and slept. Tea, supper, hot bath and bed at 9.45. Wrote to Alys – letter from her.

Tuesday 1st September 1908

Gales. Showers. Sun. Out with Sissie a little way. Aunt Ellen called. Rested. Over (walking) to Aunt Ellen’s to tea. Tram back, after. Walking down Northumberland Street – met Selby. Music (I sang) in evening and saw Sissie’s postcards.

Wednesday 2nd September 1908

Fine. Very windy. I over to Nichol’s new house – 116 St George’s Terrace. Saw all of them and over the house. Back by tram. Rested. Wrote to Ella. Cousin Carry in after tea. Worked. Music. Sang. Felt coldy. Hot bath and aspirin!

Thursday 3rd September 1908

Grey. Cold. Dusted drawing-roon. With Sissie to town. To Lit and Phil. And several places – Reid and Sons for spoon and fork for Katharine Buchanan – my god-daughter. Up to call on Cousin Ida and Selby Reid. Home to dinner. Rested, read Howell’s “Open-eyed Conspiracy”. Violet to tea, Nora called. Wrote to Alys. Selby from 7.00 till 9.30.


Friday 4th September 1908

Fine. Cold. Showers. Out after dusting drawing-room and making bed, to Post Office. And walk with Sissie. Called on Cousin Ellen Sandeman, she and Nora there. Rested in drawing-room. Washed Puck. Cousin Harriet and Amy called. Also Menie and Constance. Out a little with Sissie. Mrs Fleming at 8.30. Talked about Switzerland.


Saturday 5th September 1908

Grey. Fine In London. Packed up. Sissie saw me off to station. Travelled to London. Sandwich lunch. Miss Eyre in carriage. Met by Alys. Home in motor-cab (8 Heath Mansions) To dinner at Kitty’s with Alys. Dennis came there.

Sunday 6th September 1908

Fine. Down to Kitty’s to take spoon and fork for Katharine. In all day. Dennis at Clemenson’s. Round to Mrs Embleton at night. Wrote to Sissie.

Monday 7th September 1908

Very fine and hot. Wrote to Aunt Alice – at Slawton. To shops with Alys. Then she and I to Franco-British Exhibition. All day. Lovely. Senegalese village[1], etc and sat in gardens with band.


Back by Oxford Street and called for Dennis. Home. Dined hurriedly. Said goodnight to Mrs Embleton. All 3 in motor-cab to Hungarian Exhibition at Earls Court.


Saw Bostock’s menagerie[2] and Consul’s ape[3]. Wonderful. Great fun. Roundabout back by tube at 11.30.



Tuesday 8th September 1908

Fine. Hot. Later rain, windy. To shops. Cotton dress. In at Windmill Hill. Down to see Vernor Miles at 2.15 with Alys. Lunch in town. Mrs Geddes and Mary called after tea.   Kitty and Edward in 8.30 to 9.30. Dennis later.

Wednesday 9th September 1908

Fine. Showers. To shops for Alys. Jim up to read. I to lunch with Kit at 12.15. She and I to Northwood to see her new house “Haslemere”. I back by 3.32 train. Home just as Dennis and Otto appeared. Alys to Daisy Rush’s wedding with Jack Davidson. Otto to tea and dinner. Out for walk with Mrs Embleton, Jim, Charlie, Dennis, Otto, Alys and dogs. Cosy evening over fire. Basilisk, etc. Otto played.

Thursday 10th September 1908

Fine. Colder? Alys and I in town all day trying to buy coat and skirt for her and ulster[4] for me, and failing. Gamage’s, Wallis’, Swan and Edgar’s, P. R’s (me: ?), Evans, Duncan Smith’s. To tea at Mrs Matthews. Home. Read and sang. After dinner at 8.30 into Windmill Hill and knitted there. Home at 10.00. Dennis back at 10.30.

Friday 11th September 1908

Fine. Washed gloves etc. Out to shops. Out to Kensington shops with Alys and Whiteley’s. Bought her blue serge coat and skirt. Lunch at Whiteley’s. Home. Kitty and Edward to dinner here. Dennis back, 7.40.

Saturday 12th September 1908

Fine. Warm. Jim up. I to shops. I unwell. Ernest Morison called. Sat on leads. Hot sun. Lunch late. Dennis home. To Mrs Embleton’s. Edward Buchanan and Handasyde came there. All for walk together. Colder. Tea at Windmill Hill – us 3.

Sunday 13th September 1908

Fine, warm, grey later. Mrs Embleton to Church! I called on Aunt Rosa. Dennis and Alys for walk. Met Kitty at Windmill Hill. Mrs Embleton to dinner 1.30 here. I read “Donatienne[5]” and Alys and Dennis cooked jelly and Mrs Embleton slept all afternoon. Tea here. All out for a walk on heath, a mile. Us over to supper at Embleton’s –nice. My 29th birthday. Wrote Ella. Played patiences at Windhill House.

Monday 14th September 1908

Fine and warm. Out to shops. Jim not round as he had burnt his face. Alys and I called on Mrs William Miles and then on to Kitty’s (latter out). Worked after lunch and then to call for Dennis at Hospital; tea at Shoolbred’s. Home (all). Wrote Aunt Eliza.

Tuesday 15th September 1908

Rainy. Wrote to Aunt Alice. Down to shops and library. I to lunch with Kitty and helped with baby and packing all afternoon. Alys in also after lunching with Dennis. Home to tea at 5.00. Tired. Alys and I to dine at William Miles’ – 3 Morgan’s there. Dennis at home at 5.00 to 1 a.m.

Wednesday 16th September 1908

Fine (showery). Alys coldy. I to Windmill Hill. Alys and I about Hampstead and library. After early lunch both to Northwood. Saw Kitty in her new house. Called on Baumer’s there too. Then met Dennis and Otto at Hospital all to Otto’s together. Dined there. Back late. Mrs Embleton not so well.

Thursday 17th September 1908

Fine and hot. Alys in bed till 5.30 with bad cold and headache. I worked at blue tussore[6] blouse. French knots[7]. Out to shops, etc and I over to Windmill Hill. Read and worked in p.m. Out to Post Office and met Dr Alexander! Dr Hef expected to dinner but didn’t come. Dennis up but back to hospital till 12.30.

Friday 18th September 1908

Fine. Very hot. Both Alys and I felt illish. To shops and Mrs Symcox. Read and took aspirin. “Bad Bloaters for Boredom”. Round to sea Lois. Home for tea and then to see Flights. Round to Windmill Hill. Dennis home at 9.15. Gave Mrs Embleton x-rays. All tired and cross.

Saturday 19th September 1908

Fine and warm. To Mrs Symcox and to Finchley Road with Alys. Very hot. Worked and read. For walk with Margaret in p.m. Dennis home at 5.30 so tea late. I over to Windmill Hill. “Aunt B” and Peter called there. Cards at Windmill Hill.

Sunday 20th September 1908

Hot and fine. For walk on heat with Dennis and Alys. Mrs Embleton over to dinner (1.30) and tea. All out together (bath-chair). Rex and Jim here to supper. Read “Lame Dogs Diary”[8]. Alys to bed early.

Monday 21st September 1908

Fine and Hot. Did my new white silk blouse all morning. Cut it out; tucked sleeves. Out to town with Alys in afternoon. Wardour Street and Sorosis and cofffe at “vegi”. Bought 12/11 hat mauve silk at Bourne and Hollingsworth[9]. Ted and Phoebe in; did my blouse all evening, till midnight. To bed at 1.20 a.m.


Tuesday 22nd September 1908

Hot and Fine. Foggy later and cold then rain. To shops. Lois to lunch with us. Styers in. All walked to Garden Suburb at Golder’s Green. Back in train. Tube. To tea at Windmill Hill. Did blouse in evening and to Windmill Hill. Rowdy evening. Arvadieck came there.

Wednesday 23rd September 1908

Fine-ish. Jim over. Alys and I out to Mrs Symcox and shops and then to lunch at Aunt Alice’s. Home to tea. Dennis back. Ted in and talked. Over to Windmill Hill. Henry Stephens to dinner. All over to Windmill Hill at 9.00 and to workshop, etc.

Thursday 24th September 1908

Fine-ish. Warm. Out on Heath with Mabel Styer on long walk and talk. To Whiteley’s in afternoon with Alys and had coffee in Westbourne Grove “Carena”. Back by Paddington and Shoolbred’s. Over to Windmill Hill. Barbie there. Ted in evening. Dennis in at 11.30. To bed late.

Friday 25th September 1908

Fine. Warm. To town with Alys. She to Mr Badcock’s for her teeth. Alys rested all p.m. and I worked not being tired. Wadie to tea. Dennis back at 6.30. Dinner 7.00. Over to Windmill Hill early to meet Dr Claude Taylor. I played chauvette all evening with Dolly. Jim and Gerald Arvadieck. Fun.

Saturday 26th September 1908

Fine. Over to Windmill House. Did my black silk sleeves. Over to Chelsea, and called at Mrs William Miles on way. Lunch with Aunt Alice and Dorothy. Walked in Battersea Park with Dorothy. Tea at Beaufort House. Started home at 6.30.

battersea park 1908
Battersea Park SW London – 1908

Sunday 27th September 1908

Fine. Out for walk on heath. Mrs Embleton to lunch. Read in afternoon and arranged boxes (trunks). Over to Windmill Hill and played patience and again after dinner. Fire in evening and read round it here, lovely.

Monday 28th September 1908

Fine. To shops. Did my black silk sleeves all morning and afternoon, till 2.45. Then met Mrs Styer and D. Styer and played tennis on gravel court at library. Two setts. To tea at Styer’s. Alys to meet Dennis. I home. Windmill Hill and to Shenton’s in evening. Gingerbeer.

Tuesday 29th September 1908

Fine. Hot. Down to town to buy Dennis’ shoes in Regent Street then to Northwood to spend day with Kitty. Very nice day. Played with children and lay on rug in sun all afternoon. Home at 7.10. Very tired from heat all day (73 in shade). Dennis in late. 12.00.

Wednesday 30th September 1908

Very fine and hot. 79 in shade. Packing all day. Mrs Vernor Miles and Mary and Miles called. Supper at Windmill Hill. I played chauvette late.


Thursday 1st October 1908

Very fine and hot. Over to Windmill Hill to say goodbye. Then off. Alys and I to Victoria 8.30. Train to Newhaven 10.00. Boat to Dieppe 11.30 (“Brighton”). Train 3.45 to Paris. Arrived 7.20. Drove in Victoria, very crowded. To Hôtel Britannique, 20 Avenue Victoria . Rooms there. Dinner. Out in Boulevard de Sébastopol.


Friday 2nd October 1908

Fine. Very very hot. To Île de la Cité and past Notre-Dame. Then steamboat up river to Charenton. 1d each. Walked to Bois de Vincennes – lunch there.

bois de vincennes

Walked back to Charenton. Boat to Auteuil. Tea there. Tram to Madeleine. In and sat at a service. Walked home by Rue Royale and Rivoli and Tuileries. Dinner at a Duval near. Out on embankment.


Saturday 3rd October 1908

Very, very, very hot and fine. Out to Avenue Victor Hugo by Metropole train (L’Étoile), Engaged rooms at pension – 22 Rue Gustave. Then walked to Bois de Boulogne. Lunch at Pavillon d’Armenonville. Very dear – 20 francs (and tip extra 2 francs!!) Walked to Longchamps racecourse and then back by Lacs and coffee at Chinese restaurant. Dear. Back by Metro and fiacre, etc. Alys bought a hat; 35 francs. Home. Dined cheaply in hotel. Bus and tram rides all round till 10.00.

victor hugo 1908

Sunday 4th October 1908

Very very hot and fine. To Notre-Dame.

Notre dame

Inside and up tower to top and all round by the gargoyles and chimères. Very nice. Home. Then to Lapérouse Restaurant for lunch. Very bad. Alys and I drove with luggage to 22 Rue Gustave-Courbert, Avenue Victor Hugo. Dennis to Institut Pasteur then (leaving luggage) Alys and I to tea out and to Avenue de l’Opéra by train. Then to Luxembourg Gardens and pictures. Saw 16 balloons up at once. Dined at a Duval. Steamboat to Auteuil 9.00. Lovely. Tram home. To bed at 9.30.


Monday 5th October 1908

Cooler. Warm later. I up and out to Rue Rivoli alone for change and stamps. Packed up. To Duval for lunch. Very bad. Alys and I drove with luggage to 22 Rue Gustave-Courbet, Avenue Victor-Hugo. Dennis to Institute Pasteur then (leaving luggage) Alys and I to tea out and to Avenue de l’Opéra by train. Walked up to it and Rue de la Paix (Worth, Paquin, etc ). Home. Dined en famille at 7.00 at pension. Out in the Bois de Boulogne till 9.15.

Paquin – Evening Gown 1908

Tuesday 6th October 1908

Very fine and warm, sunny. Breakfast at 7.30 upstairs. All to Institute Pasteur by train. Left Dennis there and Alys and I to Bon Marché and spent 2 hours there! Bought 4 blouses, hat, etc. Very tired. Met Dennis and lunched at Lapérouse. All up Eiffel Tower (940 fr) Rather terrific. Spent 2 ¾ hours up there wandering about. Out in bois in evening.


Wednesday 7th October 1908

Very fine and hot. Dennis to Pasteur. Alys and I out on little walk. All in to lunch. Walked to Les Invalides and saw the Tomb of Napoleon. Very impressive. 60 flags, etc. Took bus (very dear – 30 centimes any where inside, 15 imperiale) to Madeleine. Walked along Boulevard Capucines, Italiens, Montmartres, to have tea at Laiterie. Then home by metro. Out to Étoile and Bois after dinner.

Les Invalides

Thursday 8th October 1908

Very fine and hot. Dennis to Pasteur (left here 7.30) Alys and I to Étoile and Champs-Élysées. Sat there. All in to lunch. Then went by steamer up to Pont Austerlitz. German officer with us and to Jardin des Plantes. – poor show of living animal but excellent Musée of extinct ones, and comparative anatomy. To Opéra by train and sat at Grand Café after dinner.

champs elysees

Friday 9th October 1908

Very fine. Sunny. Dennis to Pasteur at 7.30. Alys and I not out all a.m. Dennis home at 11.30. read French and knitted. At 2.30 we 3 and German Officer (Dalke) by steamer to Sevres. Saw Musée Céramique and the manufactory. Walked thro’ Bois to St Cloud. Saw fountain there (18th century) and lovely view from terrace; man who asked about Canada (furrier). Café and tartine (very expensive). Home by boat. 7. Dark. In Bois in evening.


Saturday 10th October 1908

Pouring rain the fine. Very dark. Alys and I ironed blouses and read. Accounts. After lunch went (German officer too) to Louvre. It shut at 4. When we had chocolate and rolls at Laiterie 146 Rue de Rivoli – very good. Home by tram. Very fine. In Bois after dinner.

Sunday 11th October 1908

Very fine and hot. Up early and all three to Gare de Lyon by metro. Off by 9.20 train to Fontainebleu. Arrived 10.35 about. Tram to town. Saw over Château. Very very interesting. Historically. Lunch at Chancellerie Rue Grande. Then walked to Croix de Calvaire. Lovely view. Wandered about in Forest. Lovely – perfect. Café near Gare and home 5.11 arrived ,7.30 at house. Late for dinner. Alys a cold. Out in Bois.


 Monday 12th October 1908

Very fine. Warm. Out in Trocadero Gardens with Alys. Sat and read. After lunch all to Bois and read, on chairs. Alys a bad cold – walked down Champs-Élysées. Walked a little in Bois in evening.

Tuesday 13th October 1908

Very fine. Hot. Wrote to Doz and E. Miles. And Osgood. Out with Alys. Sat in Avenue Henri Martin and met Dennis. After lunch all to Église Sacré-Cœur. View. Then to Dufayel’s shop (Waring like) Montmartre. Then by metro over to Père Lachaise cemetery. Over it, interesting. Saw tombs of Molière, La Fontaine, Sidney Smith (Admiral) etc, Read in evening.

Wednesday 14th October 1908

Very fine. Hot. I unwell. Alys and I over to Boulevard du Montparnasse to look at rooms. Walked up Rue St Jacques too. After lunch all – and Herr Dalke – to Louvre. Looked at pictures 2 till 4. Alys and Dennis separately. Dennis to a conference of pathology at 5. We had chocolate in Rue Rivoli and walked to Concord and boat home. Tired. In Bois, all 4 after supper.

Thursday 15th October 1908

Very fine. Hot. I bought green coat at Louvre 125fr. Out in morning. Lunch at 12.30. All 4 (Herr Dalke) to the Palais de Justice, saw over it and Sainte-Chapelle, wonderfully lovely. Magnificent windows Then saw the Conciergerie and room where Marie Antoinette was kept 66 days under the eyes of the soldiers, day and night – terrible. Then to Musée Carnavalet (Madame de Sévigné’s house). Very interesting. Revolutionary relics, etc. After dinner all 4 to a café on Avenue de Wagram.


Friday 16th October 1908

Very fine. Hot. Felt colded. Aspirin. Wrote. Out to to Trocadéro and fetched blue blouse. All 4 out by steamer to Bellevue and funiculaire up along the terrace, lovely view of Paris. Several artists. Had horrid coffee and home by steamer. To Bois (all 4) in evening.


Saturday 17th October 1908

Very fine and hot. Out in morning. Wrote to Kitty after lunch. All in to Place d’Italie by train, and to the Gobelins tapestry place. Saw it being made.

Place d'italie

Very interesting indeed. Then walked to Jardin de Plantes and saw over the Galerie de Zoologie.   Very fine collection indeed. Coccus – Birds, shells etc. Boat to Louvre and then chocolate at Laiterie. All 4 to Boulevard des Capucines café 8.30 till 10.00.

Sunday 18th October 1908

Dull till 4. Fine-ish, cooler.
Dennis to Pasteur. Alys and I to meet him. After lunch lazily walked to Étoile (Arc de Triomphe) and sat a long time watching people going to the races at Longchamp. Then to Louvre 20 minutes. Tea at café (chocolate and cakes). Home to dinner. Walked by Tuileries.

arc de triomphe

Monday 19th October 1908

Fine. Cold. Alys and I to Louvre magazine. Had button on my coat put. Back to lunch. After lunch all 3 and Herr Dalke to shops in Quartier Latin. Collins, for things for Dennis and to Louvre magazine and all had chocolate at Vacherie Renommée. Back on omnibus Bourse – Passy.

A Busy Town Square, Paris 1908Eugenio Alvarez Dumont (1864-1927)

Tuesday 20th October 1908

Fine. Very cold. Wrote to Ella. To Louvre and La Samaritaine shop with Alys. Met Dennis 12.30 to Lapérouse for lunch then to Musée de Cluny, then to Pantheon “Aux grands Hommes, la Patrie reconnaissante”. Then to Saint-Étienne-du-Mont church. Tomb of Sainte-Geneviève – patron saint of Paris. Home to dinner.

Advert for La Samaritaine women's clothing 1908

Wednesday 21st October 1908

Damp and very cold. Out a walk in morning. Herr Dalke too, to Étoile. After lunch all together (4) to Gustave Moreau Musée Galerie. Lots of unfinished pictures – nice colour in some. Then to Church and walked along the Grands Boulevard. Had coffee – Boulevard des Italiens. Went into Cinematograph show. Very good. Wilbur Wright, etc. Home by train. Out after dinner. Very cold.

Thursday October 22nd 1908

Cold. Fine. Alys and I for walk in Bois. Lovely weather. Pretty. After lunch, all and Herr Dalke to Invalides to Musée d’Artillerie and very interesting. Relics of Napoleon and his generals, etc, and uniforms of all ages. Chocolate at Renommée and home. Not out in evening.

Friday October 23rd 1908

Fine. Cold. Alys and I to Bon Marché by tram. All to Grand Palais to see the Salon d’Automne after lunch. Herr Dalke too. Very eccentric indeed. August E. John’s work sane by comparison. Ghastly show. Hidious nudities.


Saturday October 24th 1908

Fine-ish, rain later. Alys and I to Louvre magasin. Looked at dresses and skirts. Home. Lost my purse and grand affair. Found it and felt very foolish. To Louvre shop and Musée with Alys and Dennis. Met Herr Dalke there. Tea and home by boat. I with Mademoiselle de Naudiz to hear lecture on Literature in evening. Lovely. Pagot.


Sunday October 25th 1908

Very cold. Grey. At 10 o’clock by train (electric) from Champ de Mars to Versailles. Walked to Jeu de Paume. Looked in. Then to Palais and all over it. Lovely. Then lunch at Restaurant du Musée (very good 3 francs each). Then walked to Le Trianon by park and saw over both and Carrosserie and the Hameau by lake. And the various ponds, etc. All very fine. Tea at pâtisserie in town. Fair going on. Boatswings, etc. Back by express. Home at 6.

Monday October 26th 1908

Fine, lovely and cold. To Pygmalion and Louvre magasins with Alys. Bought blue “jupe-montante“ 59 francs (reduced from 69). After lunch we 3 to Bastille (metro). Then walked to Place de la Republic and along Boulevards St Martin, St Denis. Looked at Arches. Coffee and Cinemat. 75.

Tuesday October 27th 1908

Fine. Warmer. Alys an I by tram to Madeleine and looked in shops and walked along Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Took tram home. All to Louvre (Herr Dalke too) after lunch. Looked at 19th century French pictures and ancient Egyptian things, and drawings by all old Masters. Fine. I bought 1 of (Andrea) del Sarto’s heads – 4 francs. Home in steamer and as far as Autieul and back, as so lovely. Riddles, etc, in evening. Herr Dalke in Alys and Dennis’ room, etc.

Deux études de têtes d'homme, de face
Two Male Head Studies, Frontal View

Wednesday October 28th 1908

Fine and very hot. Alys and I by boat to Louvre. Shopped at the Magasin de Louvre. Met Dennis at Palais Royale and lunched together at the Duval Rue Montesquieu. To Louvre Musée after lunch. Home by boat. After dinner Miss Van Kuran and I to see Coquelin aîné in Cyrano de Bergerac. Lovely. Alys and Dennis and Herr Dalke to the Moulin Rouge.

Thursday 29th October 1908

Very fine and hot. Out in Bois (all four) and sat and strolled watching the cavaliers. Fun. Dennis to Pasteur Institute in afternoon. Alys slept. I knitted. To Louvre at 3.00. Met Herr Dalke there and had chocolate after and then walked along the Avenue de l’Opéra and took tram home. After dinner out to Boulevards with the De Naudins and to Cinematheatre (Italian riders, etc) and ate hot brioches afterwards at “La Lune” Porte Saint-Denis.

Friday 30th October 1908

Very fine. Hot. Packed for an hour then Alys and I to shops. Bought fur, etc. After lunch all four in taxi motorcab to Boul “Mich” (Saint-Michel). Saw Sorbonne and Church and then saw St Sulpice and walked back to Louvre seeing Saint-Germain-des-Prés (Roman tower?) on way. Packed and packed. Home by Gare St Lazare to order omnibus.

st germain
Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris
Jean-François Raffaëlli


Saturday 31st October 1908

Very fine. Warm. All off to Gare de l’Ouest (Lazare). Herr Dalke too and saw us off by 10.20 train to Dieppe. Lunch on train. Lovely scenery. Autumn tints perfect. Very smooth crossing to Newhaven, arrived London about 7.30. Dolly met us. Drove up in private bus (12/-) from Victoria. Over to Windmill Hill in evening. Unpacked.

Sunday 1st November 1908

Rather foggy. Warm. Out along ridge with Dennis and Alys to quiz the dress with Paris eyes. Mrs Embleton to dinner 1.30. I to tea at the Styer’s. Mr Gallatly there and Mr Neville. Mrs Embleton, Dolly, Rex and Charlie to tea with Alys. Out on Heath again after supper.

Monday 2nd November 1908

Fine. Warm. To town with Alys. Tried to buy blue satin blouse, failed, but bought material. Lunch at Lyon’s Popular. Home. Down to town and met Dennis and all to Chelsea and had tea with Aunt Alys and Doz.

Tuesday 3rd November 1908

Fine. Cooler. Tried on evening dress, etc. Out to shops. Made bearskin toque[1] and Alys made her muff (electric seal[2]). Doris Collins called (Paull). Margaret spent evening. Dennis in at 11.00.



Wednesday 4th November 1908

Fine. In all morning. Doing blouse. Tucked sleeves, etc. After lunch with Alys to call on Mrs Waghorn and tea there, and to call on William Miles too. Sewed all evening.

Thursday 5th November 1908

Fine. Did blue blouse all morning. Very cross as failure, so far. To town with Alys. Chose “History of Painting[3]” for Agatha’s wedding. Lunch at Circus Restaurant. To Private view of Portrait Painters Exhibition at National Gallery and to see Rackham’s[4] drawings of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Home to tea. Otto up to dinner. Guy Fawkes night. To Windmill Hill.

The Meeting of Oberon and Titania, 1908 (Shakespeare) by Arthur Rackham

Friday 6th November 1908

Fine. Alys to town with Dennis. I packed and arranged things all morning and altered mauve evening dress. Made squirrel fur hat – lampshade. Out to shops in afternoon with Alys. Dinner at 7. To Picnic Dance – great fun. Danced five times with Mileham, 3 with Henry Allingham – Mr Brunner there!!

Saturday 7th November 1908

Fine. Cold. Packed hard. Drove to Finchley Road Station. Train to Northwood. Met by Kitty, Edward and “Ruth” (boa-hound – Great Dane aged 6 months). Rested after lunch. In garden, etc. Tom Buchanan staying weekend. Played picture postcard quotations.

Sunday 8th November 1908

Very fine. Cold. Elsa Ayrton called at 10.30. Eddy and Tom out on cycles for day and Kit and I for a walk to reservoir. Lovely day. Cold and hot sun. Read by fire after dinner. Tea 5. Eddy and Tom back. Played with children. Eddy read “Short Cruises” Jacobs aloud in evening. Alys telephoned. Bed at 9.50.

Monday 9th November 1908

Very fine. Very cold. Elsa called while Kit was bathing baby with Virginia. All out together. Then I wrote to Ella and some business letters. Read after lunch and then to tea at Elsa’s with Kit.

Tuesday 10th November 1908

Fine and very frosty. Out with Kit at 11 to shops and lovely walk by Batchworth Heath and to Moor Park and back by Watford Road. Long way. Lovely. Ponds all ice.


moor park

Wednesday 11th November 1908

Fine. Warm. Out with Handasyde. Worked. Rested after lunch. Wrote to Ella. I out alone. Met Baumers. Took Ruth. Kit had Dr Oscar Hildesheim for ulcers in her throat.

Thursday 12th November 1908

Fine. Warm. Out with Kit and children – 2 prams. Miss Horan and Virginia too. Very sunny and hot. Nurse out all day. Alys came at 2.50 and stayed till 6-9. I saw her to station. Kit coldy.

Friday 13th November 1908

Rain then lovely. Kit in bed with cold, all day. Elsa came in and asked me to go away with her. I went for long walk with Ruth. Hot. Sat on terrace and read “Children of the Nile” by Marmaduke Pickshall. Ethel Baumer called. Worked hard at blouse. Talked to Edward in evening. Bed at 9.50.

Saturday 14th November 1908

Fine. Edward at home all day. I round to Elsa’s. Then for walk to Ruislip with Ed and Ruth. Very nice. Quiet afternoon by fire in dining room. Kit up and better. Worked hard at blouse and finished it late at night. I unwell in evening.

Sunday 15th November 1908

Dull. No rain. I to Ayrton’s. They in garden. Then all out for stroll by Dene Road, etc. Dinner with them at “Wispers”. Home at 3.15. Anne Hattersley here to tea and supper.

Monday 16th November 1908

Dull. Raw. Alys telephoned to ask to me to lunch. I went. She met me with Mowgli and told me interesting news. Back to Northwood by 2.20 train. Mrs Heidesheim (Miss Sampson of Slade) to tea. Very nice. I round to Elsa’s (with Ruth) after dark with message for Alys about Badminton. Alys telephoned again in evening.

Tuesday 17th November 1908

Very fine. Kit and I to King’s Langley by invitation. Horrid journey – 2 changes. Patly and Jim Archer met up. After dinner at 1.30 Kit to see Mrs Beart and Buchanans and I for walk (on cycles failing) with Jim Archer. To Chipperfield and back to tea – 4.30 – after tea drove to station. Arrived Northwood 6.00.

Wednesday 18th November 1908

Dull. No rain. Kit unwell. I worked at black belt and wrote for bath-tub. Out with Ruth. Read all afternoon and then out Gophir Tunnel with Ruth.

Full of wise saws and modern instances”

Thursday 19th November 1908

Changeable. Cooler. Wrote to Aunt Bella. Rubber bath for my god-child arrived and I gave it to Kit. I to meet Alys at 12.30. She here to lunch; also Jim Archer (cycled here). After lunch, all for walk. Jim Archer and I onto Moor Park alone – “Koh Samui” – tea. Sat in drawing-room. Jim Archer off at 5.40. Alys at 6.00. I to see her off. Max Ayrton in evening. About Haunch of Venison Yard (me:  family property in London).

Friday 20th November 1908

Cold (frost), sunny. Elsa in with Virginia in morning. Kit and I worked, and out for little walk with Ruth. Read in afternoon. Edward home early and to Albert Hall with Gordon Forbes (Clara Butt). Kit and I to Baumer’s to tea. Elsa there too. Did Kit’s curtains in evening.

Saturday 21st November 1908

Very fine. Dawdled about. Then for walk with Kit, Edward and Ruth. Very nice. Rested upstairs after lunch. Patly came to tea. Tried on evening dresses. Rain in night.

Sunday 22nd November 1908

Fine. Hot. Kit and I to Church at St Emmanuel’s. Walked round Dene Road. Alan Baumer and Jack Barnard called and had tea here. Kit bad headache. To bed early. 9.15

Monday 23rd November 1908

Fine. Windy. I up to by 10.31 to Marylebone and to Theobald’s Road to see Ernest Vernor Miles re: Canada and Haunch of Venison Yard. Then to lunch with Alys and back here by 2.23 train. Out with Kit to tea at Mrs Hidesheim’s. Nice. Dr Oscar Hildesheim and John there. Aged 10 months.

Tuesday 24th November 1908

Fine. Elsa and Virginia round. Kit and I round to Elsa’s. Long talk. Kit and I talked all afternoon. Mrs Hignett called (a hospital nurse??) – common.

Wednesday 25th November 1908

Very fine. Packed up. In garden a little. Kit away to see Mrs G. E. Barnard (me: Kit’s mother). I off in cab at 12.20 and to Marylebone. Met Alys. Did shopping with her and lunched. To tea at 8 Heath Mansions. Then to Aunt Alice’s at Chelsea. To stay. After dinner Mr Steer and Mr Tonks called and Valentina Hawtry (me: feminist author).

Thursday 26th November 1908

Fine. Telephoned Alys. Went to 3 Verulam Buildings, Gray’s Inn Road, and saw Max Ayrton. Nice talk about Haunch of Venison Yard. Back to lunch.

Friday 27th November 1908

Fine. Met Alys 11.45 at Piccadilly. Shopped and lunched with her. Back here, and with Aunt Alice to tea at Mademoiselle Ormond’s (94 Cheyne Walk?)[1].

By John Singer Sargent – his niece, Rose-Marie Ormond

Miss Douglas there. To theatre with Doz (stalls) to see The Flag Lieutenant – Cyril Maude with Winifred Emery. Nice.


Saturday 28th November 1908

Fine. With Aunt Alice to Brook Street and met Dorothy and Mr Tonks there. At 11.30. Went all over Haunch of Venison Yard with them. Then all walked down to Carfax and saw paintings by Cayley Robinson and Carlotta by Augustus E. Johns. Then home in motor-bus. Rested all afternoon. Knitted and worked in evening. In bed 11.00.

Sunday 29th November 1908

Damp. Washed and ironed lace sleeves and front of Irish collar, etc all morning. Aunt Alice to lunch at Tadema’s. I out with Doz for walk in Battersea Park after lunch till dark.

Battersea Park 1908

Monday 30th November 1908

Damp. Warm. Off to Northampton alone by 12.15 from Euston. Lunch on train. Talked to man from New Zealand, etc. Took hansom to St Andrew’s Hospital and saw Dr Martin and Edward for 20 minutes. Very quiet. Cab back to station and caught the 3.11 to London. Tea at Chelsea. Very tired. Letter from Mr Tonks about Haunch of Venison Yard.

Tuesday 1st December 1908

Dull. Went and telephoned to Ernest Vernor Miles and then wrote letters and did work. Sewed and rested a little. Dolly Carr to dinner. Wrote to Mr Tonks about Haunch of Venison Yard.

Wednesday 2nd December 1908

Dark. Raw. Patched bodice and did Aunt Alice’s braid. Wrote letters. Telephoned after lunch. Dolly and I in taxi cab with Aunt Alice (she to Hastings with A. Benecke). Dolly and I to Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace – saw over them. Very interesting. Then to Roman Catholic Cathedral and then to Chepul’s and saw A. E. Johns’ drawings. He was there, himself. I chose 2 reproductions. Teeds appeared and had dinner here.

Westminster Cathedral, Victoria, London SW1

Thursday 3rd December 1908

Very dark. At 12.30 I met Max Ayrton at Jubber’s and had long talk with Ferdinando re Haunch of Venison Yard. Miss Valentine Hawtry to dine. To Hall’s to tea and see Agatha’s presents etc. Asked me to be understudy bridesmaid if Helen was ill.

Friday 4th December 1908

To Dolly Carr’s I morning. To Hall’s to tea and see Agatha’s presents etc. To Alys’ to tea and dinner. Dorothy to dinner at Emily Sargent’s.

emily sargent
Emily Sargent Sister of John Singer Sargent

Saturday 5th December 1908

Agatha’s wedding to Miles? Clear. Light. Trimmed hat. Sewed. Did Dorothy’s mauve evening dress. Wrote to Max Ayrton. To Agatha Hall’s wedding at St Mary Abbotts. Very nice and enjoyable. Mabel Culley and Helen Roberts bridesmaids. Dorothy and I to Fauré, Swinton (Elizabeth ‘Elsie’ Ebsworth) and Elwes (Gervase Elwes tenor) concert at Bechstein Hall in evening. Nice. Sargents there and Mrs Matthiase.

Elizabeth ‘Elsie’ Ebsworth

Sunday 6th December 1908

Dark. Rain. Breakfast at 10.45! Talked to Dorothy and did her dress all morning and park afternoon. Out after tea with Dorothy. Met Mr Steer. Round to Tite Street with Mr Sargent’s animal book. Packed a little.

Monday 7th December 1908

Brighter. Packed up. Out to Sloane Street to get gloves from Hayfords. Aunt Alice back to lunch. Talked. I did Dorothy’s dress all p.m. After tea, I went off to Mrs William Miles (box by L.P.D. and with holdall). Lovely fire in bedroom. Very comfortable.

Tuesday 8th December 1908

Fine. Sunny early. I walked up to Alys’ and spent 2 hours there. Luncheon party. Miss Johnstone, Miss Adair, Mrs Ernest Vernor Miles, etc. Mrs Butterworth talked after lunch. Then I unpacked my box which had come. Denise came. Ernest also. Ethel and Denise to Pirates of Penzance. I with Miss Chater to hear Kearton (Richard) lecture on birds. Lovely.

Wednesday 9th December 1908

Fine. Miss Butterworth in. I with Ethel to Westbourne Grove. Saw the Alberts and shopped after lunch. Ethel and I to His Majesty’s Theatre. Met Dolly Car and all saw Faust (Mr Carr and Stephen Phillip’s version). Beerbohm Tree and Marie Lohr. Very good.

Thursday 10th December 1908

Wild. Storm. Fine later. I up early to see Alys, Denis and Miss Smythe. Wrote to Kitty. Alys walked down with me. Leonard Danby to lunch. At 1.40 Mrs Miles, L and I drove to Cottie’s at New Barnet. Very nice visit. Saw all over the house and had tea. Mrs Miles and I drove back again. Patience in evening. Knitted.

Friday 11th December 1908

Fine. Lovely. I walked up to Alys – was fitted by Miss S. Alys came down to lunch at Compayne. Denise and Ernest and Miss Pead too. All to Barnes together. Alys and I called on Miss Miles. Mademoiselle de Foublanque called here. Ethel and I to Westminster Chapel (congregational) to hear Rev Campbell Morgan’s lecture on Joel. Heard of Josephine’s return.


Saturday 12th December 1908

Fine. I walked up to Alys. Did some shopping with her. Molly and Miles, and Mary and Miss Crawfod to lunch. They all with Ethel to Queen’s Hall. I read “Cyrano”. Then I to Styers At Home. Music and palmist. Alys there too. Dr Claude Taylor, Miss Stretton and sister. Mr Bunner etc. Had our hands told by palmist – fun. Back at 7. Mary to dinner. Games after. Vegetable game etc. Molly danced.

Sunday 13th December 1908

Damp. I drove to Church (Child’s Hill) with Mrs Miles and Miss Butterworth. Latter and her daughter and Miss Chater to lunch. Talked to Ethel in afternoon and Stuart. Dennis Robinson to dinner. Puzzles and 3 line novels afterwards.

Monday 14th December 1908

Wet. Rainy. I out to Bank. At 12 drove up to Alys in brougham. Then out to Heysham. Lunch there. Played billiards. Out with Mrs Ernest Vernor Miles and Mary in rain to call on Mrs Hall by tube. Four wheeler to Annie Albert’s. Greta Williams there. “Stella” Singer. Home. Dressed. Mr and Mrs Reed to dinner and the Vernor Miles. Played novel game. Wrote to Wade and Bertha.

Tuesday 15th December 1908

Finer. I unwell. To shops with Ethel and telephoned to Alys. At 11, I to town alone and shopped. To 150 Wardour Street. Chose lamp for Mrs E. Lunch with Uncle Harold at “Cri”. To National Gallery to see new Turners. To Finsbury Park to see Bertha. Home to tea. Then Ethel and I and Miss Miller and Miss Chater to Eustace Miles’ Restaurant Xmas dinner. Prof Spicer. Mr Darwin.

Wednesday 16th December 1908

Dark. With Ethel to shops. Home and wrote letters to Auntie Kate and Ella and Uncle Harold about lamp. After lunch, I with Ethel to town. Met Denise and Mademoiselle. Had 1/- giant photo taken at Peter Robinson’s. Fun. To Liberty’s, Chesham House and saw puzzle boxes. Home. Lillie Little to tea Annie and Albert to dinner. He talked of Servais the great Belgian (?) cellist.

Adrien-François Servais (1807 – 1866)

Thursday 17th December 1908

Rainy. Out to shops. Bought things at Porter’s. Knitted. Then Alys came to lunch and she and I went to see Barrie’s play “What every woman knows”. Gerald du Maurier and Hilda Trevelyan. Very good indeed. Scotch family and M.P. ec Coffee at vegi. Shopped. After dinner patience and did parcels up.

whateverywoman wants
Gerald du Maurier and Hilda Trevelyan in “What Every Woman Wants” – 1908

Friday 18th December 1908

White fog. With Ethel to Whiteley’s to change Virginia’s pram. Bought 2 blouses by myself. Home. Stewart and I to Queen’s Hall to Royal Artillery concert. Very nice. Tea there. Home. Leonard Danby to tea there. Ethel to lecture so out to dinner. After dinner, Mrs Miles, Miles Stewart and I played 2 rubbers of Whist. Read “Jock of the Bushveld” – Fitzpatrick.

Saturday 19th December 1908

Dull. Rain. I to my bank and to Mrs G. E. Barnard to call. Back to lunch. Miles Stewart and I to Queen’s Hall to hear Elgar’s Symphony, etc. Richter conducted. Very enjoyable. Played cards in evening. “Heap in the middle 1234 etc” and aces out and “stop” each a pack.

Sunday 20th December 1908

Dull – Desinograph. To Church. Carriage there and back. Miss Chater to dinner. Desinograph after till 3.45. Then Molly, Miles Stewart and I all to tea at Alys and Dennis’. Rex there. Very successful tea-party. Home at 6.30. Cyril and Crossfield called. After dinner we played “novels” and puzzles and desinograph!!

Monday 21st December 1908

I look at Miles’ photographs and then packed up all morning and knitted tie. After lunch I drove up to Heath Mansions in four wheeler to stay. Alys and I to fetch Dennis at Hospital (UCH) and tea at Shoolbred’s and to Peter Robinson’s and photographed. Home.

Tuesday 22nd December 1908

To town with Alys again. Bought knickers. Altered blouses. Met Kitty and had lunch at Stewart’s together. Bought dressing-gown for Mrs Embleton for Alys and Dennis. Ted in evening. Alys worried about B (me: ?baby).

Wednesday 23rd December 1908

Dull. Cold. To Prince’s with Alys. Took skates to be sharpened. Tried to shop but home as Alys felt ill. Busy afternoon at home. Calendar for Mrs Miles, etc. Sent off presents. Charlie and Helen up. Scandal about Bessie.

Thursday 24th December 1908

Dull. Very cold. Out to shops. Finished calendar in p.m. Alys slept. Out to shops again at 5 and post office.

Friday 25th December 1908

Dull. Cold. Dennis to Church with Embletons. Alys not well so she and I stayed at home. Uncle Harold and Paul in. Dennis and I walked on Heath. Afternoon at 2 Windmill Hill. 13 with Lindquists. Jolly. Games after. “Vegetable” suggestions etc. Home at 11.00.

Saturday 26th December 1908

Dull. Cold. Bessie out all day. We made sandwiches and then took train to Pinner (with Mowgli) and had lunch there and then walked to Northwood by fields and Oxley Woods; and to Kitty’s. Had tea there, and also stayed on to supper. Very nice. Motorcab up from Swiss Cottage.

Sunday 27th December 1908

Snowing. Alys in bed all day – sick. Mrs Embleton and Dennis for a walk. I to Aunt Rosa’s. Mrs Embleton to dinner here. In drawing-room after dinner. Dennis smoked. Dennis and I along ridge in snow.

Monday 28th December 1908

Lovely sun. Frost. Out with Alys on Heath. Alys very depressed and sick. Finished table-centre for Aunt Bella. I over to Windmill Hill with Dennis. Alys to bed at 9.00. Drawing-room fire and Dennis smoked there.

Tuesday 29th December 1908

Snow storm all day and frost. Alys better. I had duct stopped up. Neither out all day I ironed work for Aunt Bella and did it up with Uncle Pierre’s tie. Margaret in. Leigh and Graham Hutchison up to borrow toboggan. Did various sewing. Dennis home to dinner. Alys and I read. Fire in hall as so cold. Ted in at 6.00.

Wednesday 30th December 1908

Lovely. Sunny. Snowy. Out to shops with Alys and then on Heath with toboggan. Everyone out there. Again after lunch (Alys rested). Dolly, Helen and Jim came and Harvey Webb and Edith Baumer and her children and Nelly and Henry and Mary L and O’Reilly, Dr Hills, the Goldschmidts, etc. Great fun. Back to tea. Rested. Dolly in and stayed to dinner. Out to tobogganing with skis later with Dennis and Jim, Rex, Charlie, Helen, Dolly, Alys. Fog. Fun.



Hotel Breyer – v. comfortable
Hotel Bonevard – good
Territet – Bel Air Hotel – small
Montreux Hotel National, Montreux (not Bristol) – Hotel Bon Port – good, Hotel Eden (Best). Masson have a penion at Murreau in summer. Pension Morier, Chateau d’Oex.
Hotel Metropole (E. Miles).
Hotel Modern – Both near Gare de Lyons, Paris
Hotel Duval – Rue Montesquieu – quiet and cheap
Hotel Britannique 20 Ave-Victoria – respectable, noisy but dowdy.
Lapérouse – quai de grands Augustins
Vacherie 126 Rue de Rivoli 

Soup – boiled haricot beans and parsley omelette
– Hot beef, vegs, oranges.
– Peas soup, fried eggs, cold ham and veal sausage
– Cold beef, vegs and chocolate puds
Soup – boiled macaroni, hot bacon and fried eggs.
Cold beef – fried up potatoes and cauliflower together in a little lard, rice pud and chocolate pud. Boil milk, throw in ¾ teacup of washed rice, let simmer (stir occasionally) on asbestos mat over tiny gas for about 3/4 hour. Nice.
Soup, omelette (chop up onion and fry it in lard till brown, toss about, then add eggs and chopped ham mixed together with a little milk and pour over the onion in frying pan, also mix into egg some herbs) and porridge (put 2 handfuls or so of Quaker oats in cold water in saucepan and allow to cook about 25 minutes adding water as it thickens – STIR.
Hashed beef with onions and gravy – and pink cornflour shape. Oranges.
Soup with sago. Fried eggs and bacon and sauté potatoes.

Swiss roll – beat up 3 eggs and 3 oz (3 tablespoonfuls) of castor sugar for ¼ hour over a saucepan of warm water. Warm and sift 3 oz of fine flour and mix it lightly to the eggs and sugar with a little vanilla essence. Spread the mixture evenly over a tin lined with greased paper and bake quickly (about 10 minutes a nice brown. Spread with jam (which should be warmed but not imperative) and roll up (in paper with sugar on it) quickly so that it doesn’t crack! Leave to cool in the paper

Cornflour – for 1 pint milk and 2 tablespoons cornflour. Stir very well and quickly when pouring on to avoid lumps. Teaspoon of vanilla essence and no sugar.

1 breakfast cupful flour ½ lb
1 teacup of sugar ¼ lb
1 tablespoon sugar 1 oz
1 tablespoon flour 1 oz
1 teaspoonful salt ¼ oz
1 teacup 1 gill
1 tumblerful ½ pint

Tongue Toast (breakfast) – two tablespoonfuls (2 oz) of very finely minced tongue, mix it with 1 tablespoon of cream and a dust of cayenne pepper; make it hot and place on buttered toast.

Cornflour mould – 1 quart milk, 4 small tablespoons cornflour. Boil milk and pour on to the cornflower (smoothed with a little cold milk before), stirring well, then boil all together 10 minutes or 15 and sweeten and flavour to taste. Wet a basin or mould and pour in and turn out when cold.

Kedgeree – steep a dried haddock boiling water for 10 minutes. Wash and boil 1 teacup rice for 20 minutes. Melt 1 tablespoon butter and put fish, rice and pepper, salt (nutmeg) into something and make very hot, pile on a dish and sprinkle chopped parsley on it.

Boiled rice, mixed with jam in a pie dish, white of egg beaten at top in lumps, warm it (nice pudding).

Too bashful to propose personally and too impatient to write, he said (by telephone) “My dear, dear Suzy, will you marry me?” She answered promptly “Yes, I will – who are you?”

Trollope – (The Wardens, Barchester Towers, Phineas Finn, Dr Thorne)

“How doth the simple spelling bee?” – Owen Wister

Comyns Carrs – 3 Fitzjames Terrace (Baron’s Court)

Seraphia – Seraphito – in a Novel of Balzac’s – a sort of mystic woman in Norway. A kind of spirit? Swedenborgian? Sometimes female and sometimes male but this does not explain A. E. John’s (Augustus Johns) picture – very bad – J. S. Sargent.

Guest-room – open the drawers that are at the guest’s disposal a crack. Have a fire lighted (winter) and leave a fireguard on. Tea in morning. Biscuits in room. Books, calendar, waste-paper basket. Have stand for the trunk.

Lunch – Cold mutton and warmed up cutlets and fowl, asparagus and potatoes.Lemon sponge, Bread and butter pud.

Dinner – clear soup, salmon trout and sauce. Hot salt beef and suet dumplings and vegs. Green peas and potatoes. Marrow on toast and anchovy toast. Cake pudding and jam sauce. Strawberries and cream. Coffee.

Lunch – Cold salt beef. Cold mutton. Cold fish. Lettuce and mashed potatoes. Yellow shape and apricot jam. Coffee.

Dinner – soup (calves head, tongue and brains soup) fried cutlets, green peas and potatoes. Welsh rarebit. Stewed cherries, custards. Dessert cherries.

Lunch (Out to Heath Mansions).
Dinner – Peas – soup. Green. Salmon. (Choux fleur aux gratin for Eustace). Peas. 2 fowls roast. Fried veal cutlets. Prune shape with cream whipped jelly. Cheese stewed in casseroles. Dessert (strawberries, etc).

Lunch – Hot shoulder of mutton. Veal cutlets (warmed up). Castle puddings. Stewed cherries.
Dinner – soup. Salmon mayonnaise. Peas. Loin of lamb, mint sauce. Calves head on toast, jelly in glasses. French pancakes, bloater on toast. Cheese. Dessert (strawberries).

Lunch – roast fowl. Cold lamb and veal in shapes, minced, warmed up, vegs. Gooseberry fool and custards.
Dinner – soup, fried fish-filleted, sauce. Hot round of beef, potatoes and cauliflower. Victoria sandwich, home-made in pieces. Strawberries.

Dinner – soup, mushrooms on toast, fried sweet-breads in gravy, green peas and Welsh rarebit. Stewed gooseberries and custards, strawberries.
Late dinner – clear soup. Fried fish. Grilled half hot fowl and cold boiled other half. Brussels sprouts and fried potatoes. French pancakes. Sardine on toast (cold), hot chestnuts and dessert.

Lunch (party)
Hors d’oeuvres of tomatoes (a slice) on toast and anchovy on it and watercress sprig. Then fried fish and sauce. Then 2 roast pheasants, bread crumbs (dried) round, bread-sauce, potatoes (fried), cauliflower. Then lemon sponge and pastries. Then cheese-straws.

Cold pheasants, veal creams in sauce (fresh veal), hot beefsteak, fried potatoes round it. Loom sausages. Brussels sprouts, potatoes. Cold lemon sponge and apple dumpling.

Tomato soup, roast fowl, bread sauce, cauliflower and potato. Pastry (Victoria Sandwich slices), Welsh rarebit, chestnuts.

Hot roast leg mutton and veg. Bread and butter pudding.

Clear soup. Lobster, stewed fowl and sausage. Gammon omelette. Chestnuts.

Soup. Fried fish and brown bread and butter, stuffed tomatoes, hot calves head – saddle of mutton, potato balls, veg. Redcurrant jelly. Mince-pies, wine jelly, cheese-straws, chestnuts and dates,

Clear soup, Lobster. Veal cutlets and bacon, Roast fowl, etc, Apple meringue, Mince-pies, anchovy on toast – hot. Chestnuts. Etc.

Stew a cucumber and let it simmer. Strain the water, add a little borax powder. Bind a sponge filled with this on forehead. Bathe cheeks

Or lemon juice with half water, but grease afterwards

For blackheads – steam with spout of kettle of boiling water till face perspires. And rub gently with finger tips during. Then wash with 10 hot waters and borax in each. Finally cold. Cream the face well.

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