1908 July Footnotes

[1] The Lady of the Aroostook is a novel about the passage of innocence to experience for a young girl and also about the breaking of old customs and traditions. A novel written by William Dean Howells in 1879.

[2] Modern Painters (1843–1860) is a five-volume work by the eminent Victorian art critic, John Ruskin, begun when he was 24 years old. Ruskin argues that recent painters emerging from the tradition of the picturesque are superior in the art of landscape to the old masters.

[3] Kith and Kin by Jessie Fothergill – a novel published 1880.

[4] The Beloved Vagabond is a 1906 British novel written by William John Locke. It is the most famous work of Locke. In nineteenth century France an architect decides to disguise himself as a tramp.

[5] Love and The Spy by C. N. & A. M Williamson  – Alice Muriel Williamson (1858 – 1933), who published chiefly under names “C. N. and A. M. Williamson” and “Mrs. C. N. Williamson,” was an American-English author.  Published 1908.

[6] Buttertubs Pass, North Yorkshire – 1,725 feet – named after the 65-foot-deep limestone potholes just off the road near the summit. It is said that farmers would store their butter in these natural holes on hot days on their way to and from the market.

[7] Donatienne by René Bazin – published 1903 – literary fiction.

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