1908 January Footnotes

[1] The Dent de Vaulion is a mountain peak of the Swiss Jura, overlooking the lake of Joux and Vaulion in the canton of Vaud.  A small ski resort is located on its slopes. The municipality of Vallorbe is located on the mountain’s foothills.

[2] Rickety Ann or Kate is a trick taking card game. This means every player tosses in a card and the player with the highest card in the same suite as the first card wins the trick and the cards. But wait! the person with the lowest running score wins. So winning a trick is not necessarily good.

[3] François Bonivard (1493–1570) was a nobleman, ecclesiastic, historian, and Geneva patriot at the time of the Republic of Geneva. His life was the inspiration for Lord Byron’s 1816 poem The Prisoner of Chillon. He was a partisan of the Protestant Reformation, and by most accounts was a libertine, despite his vocation.

[4] Princess Priscilla’s Fortnight is a 1905 comedy-drama novel by the British writer Elizabeth von Arnim, known at the time as Elizabeth, Countess Russell.

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