1905 Switzerland, London, Great Missenden, Southwold, Newcastle, Whitley Bay, Nice


1905 Diary

In 1905, Edward is 29 years old, Kate is 26 years old and Alys is 21 years old.

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Sunday 1st January 1905


Monday 2nd January 1905


Tuesday 3rd January 1905


Wednesday 4th January 1905


Thursday 5th January 1905


Friday 6th January 1905


Saturday 7th January 1905

Games. Staring Grab etc with David’s etc. Great fun.

Sunday 8th January 1905

Started home from Grindelwald.


Monday 9th January 1905

Arrived home in evening – tired.

Tuesday 10th January 1905


Wednesday 11th January 1905


Thursday 12th January 1905

Our dance at Wellington Hall. Over a 180 people. Success.

Friday 13th January 1905


Saturday 14th January 1905


Sunday 15th January 1905


Monday 16th January 1905


Tuesday 17th January 1905


Wednesday 18th January 1905


Thursday 19th January 1905


Friday 20th January 1905


Saturday 21st January 1905


Sunday 22nd January 1905


Monday 23rd January 1905


Tuesday 24th January 1905


Wednesday 25th January 1905


Thursday 26th January 1905


Friday 27th January 1905


Saturday 28th January 1905


Sunday 29th January 1905


Monday 30th January 1905


Tuesday 31st January 1905


Wednesday 1st February 1905


Thursday 2nd February 1905


Friday 3rd February 1905

Dolly Carr and Dorothy to tea in studio.

Saturday 4th February 1905


Sunday 5th February 1905

Alys to Church. I wrote letters. Called on Cummins and to Aunt Rosa’s to supper.

Monday 6th February 1905


Tuesday 7th February 1905

Mrs Hollis all day. Painted her.

Wednesday 8th February 1905

Not to Slade as rheumatic wrist. To French Artists’ Exhibition at Grafton Galleries. Painted Mowgli and self.

Thursday 9th February 1905

Slade. Mr Steer. Lunch with Dennis. Alys got drawing signed. With Nita to New Gallery. International Exhibition. Wade came to concert at Conservative Club.

Friday 10th February 1905

Mabel Styer all day. Painted in in morning. Dorothy Styer and Vera to tea. “Beauty and the Barge[1]” in evening.

Saturday 11th February 1905


Sunday 12th February 1905


Monday 13th February 1905


Tuesday 14th February 1905


Wednesday 15th February 1905


Thursday 16th February 1905


Friday 17th February 1905

Mabel came.

Saturday 18th February 1905


Sunday 19th February 1905


Monday 20th February 1905


Tuesday 21st February 1905

I unwell.

Wednesday 22nd February 1905


Thursday 23rd February 1905


Friday 24th February 1905

Mabel came. All to John Bull’s Other Island[2]at Court Theatre.

Saturday 25th February 1905


Sunday 26th February 1905

Did photographs.

Monday 27th February 1905

Prince’s (me: skating)

Tuesday 28th February 1905

To Aunt Alice’s to dinner. Shentons to cocoa and took me home.

Wednesday 1st March 1905


Thursday 2nd March 1905


Friday 3rd March 1905

Made sandwiches. Dance.

Saturday 4th March 1905

To Embleton’s – for weekend.

Sunday 5th March 1905

To Early Service and Morning Service. Very rainy.

Monday 6th March 1905

Slade. I came home and Alys to Northwood again.

Tuesday 7th March 1905

To Concert at Queen’s Hall.


Wednesday 8th March 1905

I in town and to see Aunt Alice. Alys home.

Thursday 9th March 1905

Wade came to make marmalade. Aunt Alice and Doz to Nottingham.

Friday 10th March 1905

Mabel to lunch and for a walk on Heath. Dolly to tea and dinner, and slept at Shenton’s.

Saturday 11th March 1905

Dolly spent weekend at Shenton’s.

Sunday 12th March 1905

Eddy (Edward Buchanan) and Kitty (Barnard) to tea and supper (engaged!)

Monday 13th March 1905


Tuesday 14th March 1905


Wednesday 15th March 1905


Thursday 16th March 1905


Friday 17th March 1905


Saturday 18th March 1905


Sunday 19th March 1905


Monday 20th March 1905


Tuesday 21st March 1905


Wednesday 22nd March 1905


Thursday 23rd March 1905

Last Slade.

Friday 24th March 1905

Margaret Embleton to Shenton’s. I skated with them. Sylvia and Polly for weekend.

Saturday 25th March 1905

I unwell. Embletons to tea, etc. Evening in Studio. Gramophone, dancing, etc. Fun. Lois and Lawrie.

Sunday 26th March 1905

Alys and Sylvia to Chorley Wood. Shentons and Jack Enich and Poz and I on car to Hatfield. Tea there. Very nice.

Monday 27th March 1905

Dolly back with Shentons and to skating with them and Alys too. I to Vernor Miles to dinner. Pat Hamilton there. Mr Davis’ suicide in Regents Park.

Tuesday 28th March 1905

Dolly slept here. To Whistler’s lunch in town. Tea at the Thompson’s.

Wednesday 29th March 1905

Slept late.

Thursday 30th March 1905

To singing lesson. 5 to make up from Autumn Term.

Friday 31st March 1905


Saturday 1st April 1905


Sunday 2nd April 1905


Monday 3rd April 1905

Miss Smythe for 1 day.

Tuesday 4th April 1905

Mr and Mrs Matthews to tea.

Wednesday 5th April 1905


Thursday 6th April 1905

To singing. To town to meet Margaret and she back and spent night. Alys and Dolly to Guy’s and Dolly back for night.

Friday 7th April 1905

Margaret’s foot bad so she stayed on.

Saturday 8th April 1905

Alys to Hamlet (Young Irving) with Sylvia. Dennis to tea. Shenton’s brought Dolly back on car. Dinner at No 7; then Studio evening – Alan Baumer and Lois, Paul and Lawrie came. Embleton’s stayed night.

Harry Brodribb Irving as Hamlet, 1905

Sunday 9th April 1905

Embletons all day. I to Church with girls. For a walk. Rainy. Wibbly wob. Unhappy day for me. Very tired.

Monday 10th April 1905

To Slade again. First day of Summer term. Very tired. Took Mowgli for along walk on Heath in rain. Ted bought roses. Margaret went home.

Tuesday 11th April 1905

To Biddulph to tea.

Wednesday 12th April 1905

To Slade. Called on Mrs E. V. Miles. To Faraday’s at 8.30. Tired. Charades.

Thursday 13th April 1905

To Slade. Drew. Stayed to short poses. Saw Sylvia off to Southport 10am.

Friday 14th April 1905

To singing lesson. Nice. 3rd.

Saturday 15th April 1905

Alys to Northwood for weekend. I to lunch with Phoebe and Ted in town and to see Mr Hines’ pictures. Private View.

Frederick Hines
– By the river, 1905

Then tea, mouched about and to pit of “Everybody’s Secret”. Very good.

everybodys secret.jpg
Theatre Royal, Haymarket – theatre programme – Everybodys Secret by Pierre Wolf

Sunday 16th April 1905

Lovely day. To Great Missenden and cycled to Great Hampden with Phoebe and Ted. Lunch at Mrs Baldwin’s, Martin Cottage. Mr Woods and barn. Tea at Baldwin’s. Engaged rooms for Easter Break.

Monday 17th April 1905

Raised Emma’s wages. To Slade. To see Edward and then walked to Guy’s Hospital. Saw 6 or 7 cases x-rayed and then tea with Ted and home.

Tuesday 18th April 1905


Wednesday 19th April 1905


Great Missenden

Thursday 20th April 1905

Down to Great Missenden with Phoebe and Ted and cycled to Great Hampden. Stayed there 4 nights.

Friday 21st April 1905

Slacked all day. Very showery.

Saturday 22nd April 1905

Cycled to Aylesbury. Lunch there at Riching’s High Street. Very nice. 24 miles altogether.

Sunday 23rd April 1905 – Easter Day

Saw Chair Shops and lathes in wood. Cycled to Wendover and tea at “King’s Head” there nice – 12 miles.

Monday 24th April 1905

Alys at home. We cycled to Thame and had horrid lunch. Nice tea at Princess Risborough (Wheatsheaf) – all back to Hampstead.

The Wheatsheaf was situated on the Market Place and is the building on the right hand side of the above photo.

Tuesday 25th April 1905

To singing. Lesson at 3. 4th.

Wednesday 26th April 1905

To Slade. Dolly and Jim Embleton cycled over to tea and dinner at No 7.

Thursday 27th April 1905

Kitty came up and stayed to lunch.


Friday 28th April 1905

Alys and I down to Southwold to the Elms. Mr Matthew’s house.

Saturday 29th April 1905

Went lodging hunting and to Captain Grubbe’s. Ted and Phoebe to stay weekend at Embleton’s.

To singing 25th – 3rd

Sunday 30th April 1905

To Church. Rained. Read John Chilcote. M. P. by Katherine Thurston. To Walberswick, fine evening.

Monday 1st May 1905

House-hunting etc. Maggie’s fiancé, Douglas Simmonds, came to tea.


Tuesday 2nd May 1905

Alys and I back to Hampstead. Sylvia to stay with us.

Wednesday 3rd May 1905

To Slade. Drew and had lesson from Mr Russell. Nice. Dolly to stay with Shenton’s. Drawing exams at Polytechnic.

Thursday 4th May 1905

Phoebe got a bad cold and went to bed. I to singing – last. Polytechnic after dinner. In car with Ted to fetch Dolly.

Friday 5th May 1905

In and out with Phoebe. Kitty and Eddy to dinner. Alys and I in car to fetch Dolly. Back from last exam late.

Saturday 6th May 1905

Phoebe got up after lunch. I to call on Cousin Mary. Dolly went home.

To singing 4th at 11.00.

Sunday 7th May 1905

To Church with Alys. To eat at Mrs Blanford’s.

Monday 8th May 1905

To Slade. Lovely day painting. Sweet figure model portrait. No lesson. Phoebe read aloud Kipling in evening. Nice evening.

Tuesday 9th May 1905

Cycled over to see Aunt Alice. Mowgli followed for 1st time. I stayed to lunch there. Alys to Northwood to tennis.

Wednesday 10th May 1905

To Slade. Very nice criticism from Pro on Monday’ study; nice atmosphere, good colour scheme. Good portrait. Very good day Study!!!

Thursday 11th May 1905

To Slade. Did monochrome. Two lovely long lessons from Mr Steer. Kitty came after to dinner accidentally. Took her back in car.

Friday 12th May 1905


Saturday 13th May 1905


Sunday 14th May 1905

On river for first time this year. In skiff with Shenton’s.

Monday 15th May 1905

Slade. Then Alys with me to see Edward. Her first time. Nice visit.

Tuesday 16th May 1905

Tennis at Styer’s?

Wednesday 17th May 1905

Slade. Helped with car. Tyres.

Thursday 18th May 1905

Slade – monochrome lesson from Russell. Talk with Tonks. Met Dennis at tea at A. B. C. and then down to Northwood with him. Very nice. Lovely bluebells by moonlight. Home 9.46.

Friday 19th May 1905

Beatrice Davy and Margaret Embleton to lunch. Called on William Miles; and on to dinner at Eddy Buchanan’s. Kit and Gordon Forbes there. Very nice.

Saturday 20th May 1905

Packed camping things and all down to river. Camped out on the “Mole” (me: tributary of River Thames) – in Nollie and skiff with Shenton’s. Lovely. Mowgli too.

To see E. B. 15th
To see Aunt Ellen May 16th?

Sunday 21st May 1905

Lovely time on river. Sailed in Nollie with Ted. Home at 10.30.

Monday 22nd May 1905

Slade. To tea at William Miles’.

Tuesday 23rd May 1905


Wednesday 24th May 1905

Slade. Finished my shadow-side figure painting*. Nice lesson from Pro.
*afterwards this got 2nd prize for figure painting.

Thursday 25th May 1905

Slade. Began portrait. Nice lessons from Steer.

Friday 26th May 1905

Andrew Reid’s to spend the day.

Saturday 27th May 1905

River picnic. Phoebe, Ted, Alys and I on car. Met M. and D. Embleton and J. Enoch and L. and B. Wood. Tea in the River Mole. Two boats. Supper after Embletons had gone. Shentons and I camped out.

Andrew Reid’s to lunch May 26th.

Sunday 28th May 1905

Delicious day. Jack Enoch to breakfast on the bank of Mole. Lovely. We sculled up to Sunbury. Home on car in evening.

Monday 29th May 1905

To Slade. I to baths with Joyce Collier. Lunched with Dolly. Met Alys and shopped. Dennis came to dinner. Walked to Golders Hill. Lay on heath. Ted and Phoebe too. Dennis stayed as he lost his train.

Tuesday 30th May 1905

Alys and I to Academy early. 2 hours there. Then lunch at Slater’s and back with Ted to Hampstead. Hospital bazaar. Met Phoebe there. With Phoebe and Ted to “Business is Business[1]” in evening.

Wednesday 31st May 1905

Stayed at Home. Boil. Alys to Miss Blanford’s. I unwell.

Thursday 1st June 1905

Not to Slade.

Friday 2nd June 1905

To town. To Mrs Innes’ to dinner.

Saturday 3rd June 1905

To Baumer’s to tennis. Dorothy came to stay in evening.

Sunday 4th June 1905

On river with Doz and Lois, Laurie and Eric. Lovely day. Lunch and tea out.

Monday 5th June 1905

Wet all day. Alys to Slade. To Shenton’s in evening. Gramophone.

Tuesday 6th June 1905

Wet day. Doz in bed all morning. Drove with her to Biddulph. To tea there.

Wednesday 7th June 1905

To Slade but did not work. Down to Chatham by 5.26 to R. E. Ball (Royal Engineeers). 9.30. Great fun. Philip Blanford, etc, there. Miles asked us.

Thursday 8th June 1905

Danced all night. Home at 4.30 am to 4 York Terrace. Ethel came and all to lunch at the R. E. Mess, Brompton, Barracks * Concert afterwards in garden. Home at 4.30. to Hampstead.

Friday 9th June 1905

Wet day.

Saturday 10th June 1905


* sat opposite General Sir Reginald Hart.

General Sir Reginald Clare Hart (1848-1931)

Monday 11th June 1905


Tuesday 12th June 1905


Wednesday 13th June 1905


Thursday 14th June 1905


Friday 15th June 1905


Saturday 16th June 1905


Sunday 17th June 1905


Monday 18th June 1905


Tuesday 19th June 1905


Wednesday 20th June 1905


Thursday 21st June 1905


Friday 23rd June 1905

Slade prize-giving. I got two prizes. £4 and £3 – nice. Strawberry tea. Dennis to it.

Slade 1905 Strawberry Tea.jpg
1905 Strawberry Tea – one of those ladies is Aunt Kate!

Saturday 24th June 1905


Slade ends.

Sunday 25th June 1905`


Monday 26th June 1905


Tuesday 27th June 1905

Wade spent day out on car and it broke down at Whetstone.

Wednesday 28th June 1905

To Slade but soon away. Alys throat bad. Phoebe and Ted and I to Soirée at University College. Alys in bed.

Thursday 29th June 1905

Alys in bed with tonisilitis.

Friday 30th June 1905

Alys in bed all day. I unwell.

Saturday 1st July 1905

Alys in bed all day. I to garden party at the Styer’s.

Sunday 2nd July 1905

Alys up but very pale. Mr Styer called and Ernest Molison to supper. Kit and Eddy in.

Monday 3rd July 1905

Alys up after breakfast. Boultings to No 7. Aunt Alice and Doz called in evening.

Tuesday 4th July 1905

Alys’ 21st birthday. Down to Northwood. Marked tennis-court, etc. Phoebe and Ted down at 7 and to supper. Alys and I stayed. Phoebe and Ted home.

Kate and Alys taken at NOrthwood St Winifreds on Alys 21st birthday
Kate and Alys taken at Northwood, St Winifred’s on “my 21st birthday”.

Wednesday 5th July 1905

Lazy in garden. Tennis after tea. Geoffrey Stanger came. Nice tennis.

Thursday 6th July 1905

Alys and I home. To town, bought hats, etc. Home to tea.

Friday 7th July 1905

To Alys’ bank with Uncle Harold. Aunt Alice to lunch and tea too.

Saturday 8th July 1905

Alys and I to Cole Green Station to Old Rectory, Little Berkhamsted to stay with Mr and Mrs Clive Davies. Miss Bannerman and Mr Arthur Davies there. Lovely motors, etc. Rode to Hatfield, etc.

Mr Davies’ cousin (me: Hubert Henry Davies[1]) wrote “Cousin Kate[2]” and “Mrs Gorringe’s Necklace[3]”. Mrs Davies’ father is Francis Fox[4], Alyn Bank. Wimbledon and uncle, Sir Douglas Fox[5].

Sunday 9th July 1905

To Church. Mr Gibson, vicar, Bertram Fox[6] staying there. For a walk and to church in evening. Thunderstorms.

Monday 10th July 1905

Mr Arthur Davies away on his Darracq motor.

1905 Darracq 200

Mrs Davies drove us into Hertford in dog-cart. Bosanquets to tea. Tennis and cricket. Hearts in evening.

Tuesday 11th July 1905

Driven to Cole Green by Mr Davies in his Clement motor. Home.


Wednesday 12th July 1905

Ted’s birthday – 33. To town To Guy’s (me: Hospital) for the prizegiving and garden-party. To see the little Michus[7] after. Evett[8]. Good.

Thursday 13th July 1905

Wade came and slept. Very hot.

Friday 14th July 1905

Alys to Northwood.

Saturday 15th July 1905

Ted and Phoebe to garden party. Then we 3 to river and camped out on Steven’s Eyot[9].

Sunday 16th July 1905

Exciting morning. My boat unmoored by bathers. Ted to the rescue! Quiet day in backwater. Nearly Molesey lock.

molesey lock 1905.jpg

Monday 17th July 1905

Met Alys, etc at lunch. To see Edward with Alys.

Tuesday 18th July 1905

Wade came. Mrs Waghorn and May and Lois to tea.

Wednesday 19th July 1905

Grace Sandeman to lunch. She and Alys bridesmaids at Kitty’s wedding. Reception etc. Paul to supper and with us to dance at the Walter Smith’s.

Thursday 20th July 1905

Stretched canvas 4 x 3 foot.

Friday 21st July 1905

Drew in studio. Wade went.

Saturday 22nd July 1905

Began my painting of “Suffer little children” for Slade. To Crystal Palace[10] with Phoebe and Ted.

Postcard of the Crystal Palace dated 1905

Lovely. Fireworks. Saw airship.


Sunday 23rd July 1905

Rainy. Painted my scriptural picture all day. Doz called. Out on car in evening to Whetstone and back.

Monday 24th July 1905

Hasler. To tennis at Styers’.

Tuesday 25th July 1905


Wednesday 26th July 1905


Thursday 27th July 1905

Hasler. Alys to Northwood. To Mrs Styers to tennis and dinner.

Friday 28th July 1905

I unwell.

Saturday 29th July 1905

Alys bad cold. I out on Teds’ and Henry Allingham’s cars for picnic. To Shenley and St Albans and Watford, etc, Great fun. Mr Walker too. Wade to Northwood.

Sunday 30th July 1905

Alys better. To Taplow with Faraday’s and Shenton’s. Sculled up through Boulter’s Lock to Cookham. Lunch there. On to Bourne End and back. Tea at C. and home.

Boulters lock.png

Monday 31st July 1905

Ted bad cold. Wade came to stay.

Tuesday 1st August 1905

Met Sylvia and Doris at Waterloo. They met Lucy. All here. I slept at Shenton’s.


Wednesday 2nd August 1905

3 Brewtnalls and us too to Southwold by 10.27 train. To East Cottage. Emma came.

Thursday 3rd August 1905

Very rainy.

Friday 4th August 1905

Very rough indeed. Splendid. Alys and I to Halesworth to meet Phoebe and Ted!!!

Saturday 5th August 1905

Bathed but very rough and uncomfortable. Walked to Walberswick pier.

Children Paddling
Philip Wilson Steer1891

Sunday 6th August 1905

Bathed before breakfast. J. B. too. Across common to haystack. Nice morning. Phoebe unwell. Sat on beach.

Monday 7th August 1905

Rough. Didn’t bathe. Up the Church Tower and Lighthouse. To circus. Saw lifeboat launched. On pier for phosphorus evening.

southwold lighthouse 1905.jpg
Photochrome from Camera Images GBPictures archive, taken around 1905

Tuesday 8th August 1905

Bathed before breakfast. Lovely. At Sam May’s. Ted too and again after at Palmers’ with Brewtnall’s. Picked sea lavender. Phoebe and Ted away. Alas! Letter from Kitty.

Wednesday 9th August 1905

Bathed (5th), cold day. Wrote to Aunt Alice and Kitty.

Thursday 10th August 1905

Bathed – 6th. Took our lunch to Walberswick. Then sketched in afternoon. Home to tea. Played tennis. Wrote letters to Phoebe and Ted and to Margaret Embleton.

Friday 11th August 1905

Bathed, Alys and Lucy and I (7th). I took Mowgli to raft. Played tennis.

Saturday 12th August 1905

Alys and I bathed (8th) before breakfast. All with Hurr on sailing boat to Dunwich. Lunch there in field. Lovely sail back and out. 10/0 all together. Tennis after tea.


Sunday 13th August 1905

To haystack and sketched. To Easton Broad after dinner with Jack Hurr. To Church in evening.

Monday 14th August 1905

Bathed – 9th. To Walberswick to tea and sketched.

Tuesday 15th August 1905

All to Lowestoft on motor bus. Horrid place. On pier bathed (10th). Home at 4.50 – 6.30.


Wednesday 16th August 1905

Alys and I bathed (11th). Very rough. Wrote letters.

Thursday 17th August 1905

All bathed – 12th. To see East Lynn.

Friday 18th August 1905

Bathed – 13th. Phoebe and Ted down.

Saturday 19th August 1905

Jack Barnard down. Bathed.

Sunday 20th August 1905

Bathed before breakfast – 15th. And to Church with Brewtnalls. On Common to fly kite. All walked to Easton Broad. Lovely evening.

Monday 21st August 1905

Bathed early. Lovely 16th. Phoebe and Ted and Alys and I with Hurr, sailing to Dunwich, and all about. Very blowy and large waves. Lovely. Tennis.

Tuesday 22nd August 1905

Drizzly. Bathed 17th. Tennis. Ted and I to Walberswick. Phoebe and Ted away.

Wednesday 23rd August 1905

Bathed – 18th.

Thursday 24th August 1905

Bathed – 19th.

Friday 25th August 1905

Bathed – 20th. Shentons came down. Four Embletons arrived by bicycle.

Saturday 26th August 1905

All bathed – 21st.

Aunt Margaret died Saturday 26th.

Sunday 27th August 1905

Bathed before breakfast. Phoebe, Ted and Jack and Dennis and I to Walberswick ruins.

walberswick ruins.jpg
St Andrew’s, Walberswick

Monday 28th August 1905

Bathed in afternoon. Very rough and rainy all day. Ted mended tyre. Dolly and Jim to tea.

Tuesday 29th August 1905

I unwell. Photo’ed the others bathing before breakfast. They went sailing. We played tennis. P, T. and J. Embleton off on cycles home. Ted and Phoebe back too, by train.


Wednesday 30th August 1905

Very wet and rough. All packed. Eclipse of the sun. Back to London. Dinner at the Shentons. Alys not well.

Thursday 31st August 1905

Alys and I to Kitty’s and Eddy’s to late dinner.

Friday 1st September 1905


Saturday 2nd September 1905

I for motor ride with Mr Allingham. 35 miles by Barnet, etc. Nice.

Sunday 3rd September 1905

Alys and Brewtnall’s to Church.

Monday 4th September 1905


Tuesday 5th September 1905


Wednesday 6th September 1905



Thursday 7th September 1905

Packed all morning. Aunt Ada arrived to stay. Alys and I off to Newcastle by boat. Jack Barnard and Ted saw us off at 6pm. Very good night. I slept well.

Friday 8th September 1905

Rough from 7 to 8.30 am then quite calm. Lovely blue sea and white caps. “Tynesider” arrived Newcastle 6.30pm. Cab to 2 B. V.

Tynesider – Cargo Ship

To Newcastle 7th 4pm

Saturday 9th September 1905


Sunday 10th September 1905


Monday 11th September 1905

To Whitley with Ella to look for rooms.

Tuesday 12th September 1905

To town with Alys.

Wednesday 13th September 1905

My 26th birthday.

Whitley Bay

Thursday 14th September 1905

Down to Whitley. Aunts, Ella and Alys and I Manor House (Mrs Wilson). Very nice.

whitley bay 1905.jpg

Friday 15th September 1905

Sissie came to join our party. Alys and I bathed 24th.

Saturday 16th September 1905


Sunday 17th September 1905


Monday 18th September 1905

To North Rocks with Aunt E.

Tuesday 19th September 1905

Took Aunt E in chair to Monkseaton and along. Reading Dr Claudius[1].


Wednesday 20th September 1905

Violet came. Sissie and Alys and I bathed. Took Aunt E in chair. Cycled with Sissie to Hartley. Letter from Phoebe.

Thursday 21st September 1905

Sissie and I bathed 26th. Sissie and Alys bicycled to Seaton Delavel. Lord Hastings’ place. I unwell.

Hastings .jpeg
Seaton Delaval Hall

Friday 22nd September 1905

Bathed with Sissie 27th. Up to Newcastle with Sissie all day.

Saturday 23rd September 1905

Bathed 28th. Very rough with Sissie, Aunt E giddy.

Sunday 24th September 1905

On rocks. Bathed with Sissie 29th. To Presbyterian Church with Sissie.

Monday 25th September 1905

Sissie sick attack. On North rocks with Ella. Lovely rough sea. Alys and I to Newcastle to Reid and Sons[2] and to tea at the Nichols, and called on Aunt Ellen. I home. Alys slept at Nichol’s.


Tuesday 26th September 1905

I bathed before breakfast 30th alone. Lovely. Alice Reid to dinner. Walked to Cullercoats with her. To Newcastle with Ella after tea. To Watts’ exhibition. Supper at Tilley’s. To choir practise. Met Alys. All home to Whitley at 10.00.


Wednesday 27th September 1905

Very wet. I unwell.


Thursday 28th September 1905

Back to Newcastle. Aunt Ada came.

Friday 29th September 1905


Saturday 30th September 1905

Started by “New Londoner” boat at 1.30pm. Very rough. Great fun. Songs in saloon after tea. Nice berths. Cabin to ourselves.

new londoner.jpg
New Londoner – Passenger Cargo Ship

26th Heard Mr Preston’s choir practice “Everyman” by Watford Davies.

Sunday 1st October 1905

Very came. Saw Southwold at 6.30. Read and arrived at Free Trade Wharf  2 o’clock. Met by Phoebe, Ted, Allingham, Wurzburg and Jack B. All home in A’s big car and luggage! For a ride.*

Monday 2nd October 1905

Down to Kitty’s to lunch.

Tuesday 3rd October 1905

To Dorothy at Chelsea to lunch, she back with us to tea at Kitty’s At Home.

Wednesday 4th October 1905

Kitty’s 2nd At Home Day. Helped her.

Thursday 5th October 1905

To Mrs George E. Barnard’s to tea.

Friday 6th October 1905

To town. Shopped wedding presents for Nita and Christy. Called on Lucy at Sesame House.

Saturday 7th October 1905

To Ludovici’s and to town for stuff. Vesey’s called. Wade to tea. Shentons away to Boultings at Beamore on car.

* (Oct 1st) to Shenley on Mr Allingham’s car, all 7 tea there at 6 o’clock and back.

Sunday 8th October 1905

I to lunch at tea with Dorothy. Walked in Battersea Park. Sylvia and Lucy here with Alys. Alys and I to supper at Aunt Rosa’s. Philip Williams there and Mr Barclay.

Monday 9th October 1905

Shentons back.

Tuesday 10th October 1905


Wednesday 11th October 1905

To town. To Lechertier Barbe and Co[3].


Thursday 12th October 1905


Friday 13th October 1905


Saturday 14th October 1905


Hired lay figure on 11th.

Sunday 15th October 1905


Monday 16th October 1905

Painted. To see Edward.

Tuesday 17th October 1905

Painted till 3. To Miss Blanford’s to tea.

Wednesday 18th October 1905

Painted till 3.30. To Miss Jerningham’s to arrange about Alys’ lessons.

Thursday 19th October 1905

Painted all day.

Friday 20th October 1905

Painted all day. Not out.

Saturday 21st October 1905

Painted all day. Not out.

Sunday 22nd October 1905

Painted till dark.

Monday 23rd October 1905

Picture went off to Slade. Down to see Lucy. To Battersea Dogs Home with Phoebe and Alys, to look for Brownie.

Tuesday 24th October 1905

To see Lucy with Dr Glanville. To lunch with Kitty. To meet Dorothy at Biddulph. To Northwood to tea and supper. Card-games and spent night with Alys. 1st lesson Jerningham.

Wednesday 25th October 1905

Back from Northwood. Home. To town to choose paper for kitchen. Lunch with Phoebe and Ted To Slade. Home. To Debate with E. Styers; To Soirée at Town Hall. Flinders Petrie [4] lecture.

Flinders Petrie

Thursday 26th October 1905

Down to Slade. Lunch at Shoolbred. Bought fur toque. Called on Dr Glanville about Lucy. Quiet evening reading “Trumpet Major[5]”.

1905 Advertising Engraving

Friday 27th October 1905


Saturday 28th October 1905

Down to fetch Lucy. To Victor Horsley’s[6] and back. Here with her. She to bed.

Sunday 29th October 1905

Sylvia up to spent day and out with others on “the Dennis car”. Maie Barnard to tea and Norah Naylor etc. To Styer’s to dinner. Found Sylvia with influenza when we came home.

Monday 30th October 1905

Alys looked after Sylvia. Lucy better.

Tuesday 31st October 1905

Sylvia still in bed. Lucy up on sofa in evening.

Wednesday 1st November 1905


Thursday 2nd November 1905

Lucy up to dinner, tea and supper.

Friday 3rd November 1905

Sylvia up. Lucy worse. Feverish. Dr Glanville over at 11.30pm.

Saturday 4th November 1905

Sylvia headache and in bed. Lucy worse, feverish and ear-ache all day. Dr Glanville in twice.

Dr Glanville almost every day.

Sunday 5th November 1905

Dr Glanville to see Lucy. Rather anxious about her. Sylvia up. Uncle Harold and Shentons to tea. Lucy a better night.

Monday 6th November 1905

Dr Glanville to see Lucy. She much better. To Criticisms at Slade. Very nice. Said my Composition was good.

Tuesday 7th November 1905


Wednesday 8th November 1905


Thursday 9th November 1905


Friday 10th November 1905

Shentons, Alys and I to 1st picnic dance. Very nice.

Saturday 11th November 1905

Sylvia quite well and out.

Lay figure goes back on 8th.

Sunday 12th November 1905

Row with Allingham. Sylvia and Alys walked on Heath. Sylvia was going back to Winkworth but feverish again so to bed. Kitty and Eddy to supper.

Monday 13th November 1905

Sylvia in bed with fever and rheumatic pains. Lucy up. I to town. Aunt Alice and Poz back from Cromer.

Tuesday 14th November 1905f

Sylvia in bed all day. Very rheumatic. Lucy in at Shentons, Phoebe at home. Alys and I to town. I to lunch at Biddulph.

Wednesday 15th November 1905

Lucy up at and out on leads. Sylvia very rheumatic.

Thursday 16th November 1905

Lucy in bed more earache. Aunt Ada came from Newcastle. We slept at Shenton’s.

Friday 17th November 1905

Lucy up. Phoebe, Ted, Alys and I a box at Camden Theatre to see “Scarlet Pimpernel[1]”. Nielson and Fred Terry. Very good.

Saturday 18th November 1905

Lucy earache again. Dr Glanville to see her. Aunt Alice came up and stayed till night. Made kitchen into operating theatre. Dr Glanville and Mr Collier (surgeon from St Mary’s) came at 8.30pm *.

Lucy had chloroform and abscess taken out of her head. Ted helped immensely. Nurse Wallace here. Uncle Harold in.

* mastoid disease (mastoiditis)

Sunday 19th November 1905

I to Miss Hall’s studio to tea. Dr Glanville at 7. Lucy’s wound dressed. Very bad and painful. Tears.

Monday 20th November 1905

Out on Heath with Tades, lovely walk, sunshine. Dr Glanville at 3, Lucy’s wound dressed. Painful. Tears. Margaret and Dennis Embleton in evening. Stayed dinner and evening.

Tuesday 21st November 1905

Dr Glanville at 1.45. Tears. Aunt Alice and I to Sesame House. Aunt Alice here to tea.

Wednesday 22nd November 1905

With Kit on Heath. Dr Glanville at 1.15. Tears. Mrs Embleton to lunch Alys to Winkworth Hall. Mrs W. Miles called. Aunt Ada to Faraday’s.

Thursday 23rd November 1905

Felt very tired and ill. Not out all day. Too tired.

Friday 24th November 1905

I stayed in bed all day at No 7. Tired and sleepy. Read “Frederick the Great[2]”, Carlyle. Alys to dance with Adam Roberts.

Saturday 25th November 1905

In bed to breakfast up afterwards. Very tired. Read “Frederick”. Lovely. Alys to dinner at William Miles.

Sunday 26th November 1905

Up late. Dr Glanville did not come. Miss Brewtnall to tea. I unwell.

Monday 27th November 1905

Dr Glanville came. Aunt Ada and I to shops. Read “Gentleman of France[3]” to girls.

Tuesday 28th November 1905

Not out. Wet. Sylvia and Lucy both dressed and up in drawing-room.

Wednesday 29th November 1905


Thursday 30th November 1905

In town and had High Frequency[4]. Lunch at Pagani’s with Phoebe and Ted. To Maria Flights at home. Woodward’s.

high frequency.jpg
High Frequency Body Electrode Applied to the Face.

Friday 1st December 1905

Picnic Dance, great fun. Gramophone extras.

Saturday 2nd December 1905

Phoebe heard of Mr Hollis’ death. To see lacrosse on Heath with Tades, Phoebe and Bee.

2nd Aunt Bella invited us to Nice for Xmas.

Sunday 3rd December 1905

Alys to Flight’s at Burwash. Aunt Alice to lunch. Collier (Stansfield) to sew up Lucy’s wound. Uncle Harold in. Called on the Walter Smith’s. I to supper at Styer’s.

Monday 4th December 1905

To town with Mabel. Bought cream dress for Nice.

Tuesday 5th December 1905

To town with Alys/whom I met from Burwash. Shopped all day. Charing Cross accident[1] so could not get bag.

Wednesday 6th December 1905

Alys to Bazaar with A. Hecht. Sylvia worse.

Thursday 7th December 1905

Alys and I to town. Sylvia very ill.

Friday 8th December 1905


Saturday 9th December 1905


Sunday 10th December 1905



Monday 11th December 1905

Off at 7.30 to Victoria. Alys and I to Calais, very foggy. To Paris. Café there. On to Marseilles, slept well. Arrived Marseilles.

Tuesday 12th December 1905

9 am. Spent an hour walking about, wrote cards. On at 10.50 to Nice. Lovely journey, but very long.

Wednesday 13th December 1905

To Palais de la Jetée[2]. Lovely orchestra. To casino.

palais de jetee.jpg
Palais de la Jetée, Nice

Thursday 14th December 1905

53 Rue de France, Nice.

Friday 15th December 1905


Saturday 16th December 1905

With Alys, Uncle Pierre and Mademoiselle Gouzée to casino after dinner. Great fun. Gaming, etc. Baccarat.

Nice 1905.jpg
Casino in Nice on the Riviera south of France c. 1905

Sunday 17th December 1905

To Casino. Won 1 franc and lost 1. With Alys, walked to the castle and had lovely view from there. Wrote to Phoebe and Ted.

Monday 18th December 1905

Dull day, occasional sun. To lunch at Villa Jaffé. Very nice people.

Tuesday 19th December 1905

Dull. Letters from Ted and Aunt Ada.

Wednesday 20th December 1905

Rainy. Sent off flowers to Tades, Aunt Rosa and Aunts in Newcastle and to Mrs Embleton.

Thursday 21st December 1905

Out on jetie in morning. Lost 1 franc. To Opera at 8.30. “Siberia” by Giordano[2]. Mademoiselle Magarin, etc very good. Lovely long letters from Phoebe and Ted.

Friday 22nd December 1905

With Aunt Bella to washer-woman and market. Wrote to Phoebe and Ted and Dennis. Called on Mademoiselle Jaffé. Finished “The Mayor of Casterbridge[3]”.

Saturday 23rd December 1905

Out on Jetée with Uncle Pierre. Nice concert. Lost 2 francs. Called on Mrs Dart and left cards at the du Coupigny’s. To Casino and Cercle after dinner nice.

Sunday 24th December 1905

To inquire about bathing. To concert on Jetée with Uncle Pierre. Very good. Letter from Tades. Wrote to Sylvia. Letter from Dennis.

Monday 25th December 1905

Alys and I had delicious bathe in Mediterranean Sea. To Jettée concert. To Casino pm. Alys won 1 franc. To dinner. 7 o’clock at Hotel. Beau Rivage (hotel) with Comte and Comtess de Coupigny and others – 15 in all.

Beau rivage.jpg

Tuesday 26th December 1905

Wrote to Shentons. Out shopping with Alys. Out with Uncle Pierre. Washed our heads after lunch. To Casino after tea. Concert. Met Coupigny’s there. Letter from Phoebe.

Wednesday 27th December 1905

Wet! Wrote to Ella and Kitty. I unwell, rested, slept all afternoon. Tea in bed. Felt faint at dinner, so to bed and dinner in bed.

Thursday 28th December 1905

Dull day, rainy. Alys and De B’s on pier to concert. I indoors. Letters from Tades and Shentons. To tea at Casino, Concert there. Mademoiselle Gouzie also. Very hot and crowded. Nice evening. Music.

Friday 29th December 1905

Finer. Out to shops with Uncle Pierre. Called on the De Coupigny’s. Alys and I shopped. Quiet evening. Aunt Bella a cold. Read Frederic.

Saturday 30th December 1905

To La Jetée concert.  Lovely. Gouziees there. After lunch walked to Castle and back by cemetery and old Nice. Most interesting. Mademoiselle Gouzie took us. Quiet evening. Card from Mrs Styer at St Moritz.

Sunday 31st December 1905

Alys and I to church. I wrote to Phoebe and Ted (Alys too). Walked to Place Masséna[4] and back very slowly. Played reversi and patience. Letter from Ted.


Pages at end of diary:

Pumphrey & Son
44 & 48 Cloth Market
Postage paid on 1. 8d quality
(me: Pumphreys of Newcastle have a history which can be traced back to the year 1750. – Tea and Coffee sellers)

Cold meat – lunch – watercress salad and potatoes, chestnuts.

Dinner – thick soup, fish (mullet) with potatoes and suce, baignées soufflé (and pears dessert)

Lunch – veal steak, mixed potatoes and greens
Dates and almonds and raisins.

Lunch – cold beef, beans and potatoes. Chestnuts.

Boiled fowl, potatoes,
Baked apples.

Lunch – cold lamb and cold beefsteak, remains of chestnut cream. Grapes.

Dinner – soup and wolf (de mer) and apple fritters.

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