1905 September Footnotes

[1] Dr. Claudius, A True Story – Book by Francis Marion Crawford. Published 1883.

[2] Reid & Sons is a firm of silversmiths founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1788 by Christian Ker Reid (me: Kate’s great-great grand-father) and which continues to trade today as part of the ‘Goldsmiths Group’. In 2013 Reid & Sons celebrated its 235th anniversary. Among the company’s most notable commissions are the FA Cup, the Rugby League Trophy and Ernest Shackleton’s chronometer.

[3] Lechertier Barbe and Co, 60 Quadrant, Regent Street – “Colourmen and Stationers” – canvas, stretchers and panel suppliers.

[4] Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie, FRS, FBA (1853 – 1942), commonly known as Flinders Petrie, was an English Egyptologist and a pioneer of systematic methodology in archaeology and preservation of artefacts. Petrie developed the system of dating layers based on pottery and ceramic findings. He held the first chair of Egyptology in the United Kingdom, and excavated many of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt in conjunction with his wife, Hilda Petrie. Some consider his most famous discovery to be that of the Merneptah Stele, an opinion with which Petrie himself concurred.

[5] The Trumpet-Major is a novel by Thomas Hardy published in 1880.

[6] Sir Victor Alexander Haden Horsley FRS FRCS (1857 – 1916) was an accomplished scientist and professor.  He was a supporter for women’s suffrage, and was an opponent of tobacco and alcohol.

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