1901 Newcastle, London, Broadway, Oxford, North Berwick, Northumberland

1901 Diary
K. Boyd

In 1901, Edward is 25 years old, Kate is 22 years old and Alys is 17 years old.

Holloway’s ointment
Jaegar darning-wool

“A Sutler wrapped in his ulster grey
Sat watching the moonbeams’ lustre play
On a keg that lay in the bushes.
Thou rulest the brave
Thou lurest the strong
To see the result of battles belong.
And the rustle of leaves took up the song.”

Actual version:
‘A Sutler sat in his Ulster grey,
Watching the moonbeam’s lustre play
On a keg washed up by the angry waves.
He mused, and the rustle of the
leaves in the wind,
Made him ponder this over in his mind,
Thou rulest the weak, thou lurest the strong,
And the result is seen in a world, gone wrong.’


Tuesday 1st January 1901

Called on Aunt Margaret and Aunt Christian. To tea with Ella and Alys to Miss Dodds. Evening at South View. Charade there.

Wednesday 2nd January 1901

To shops with Ella and to call on Mr Deacon. Rested. Cut out apron in evening. Mrs William Angus and Harry Reid in.

Thursday 3rd January 1901

Doing apron. Rested in afternoon and read “Married or Single” – Croker – Ella, Alys and I to dinner 6pm at the William Angus’.

Friday 4th January 1901

Made apron all morning. Ella and Alys to see “Bobo” Carre. Bathed. Ella, Alys and I to South View. Music, etc.

Saturday 5th January 1901

To tea at Aunt Margaret’s.

Wade 10/- to 21st January

Sunday 6th January 1901

Did my comp “party”. Aunts to Meeting. Caroline Crel and Bertie to tea and 2 Sandemans and Leo and Selby and Percy Langford and Philip, etc.

Monday 7th January 1901

Packed all morning. Alys and I travelled up to London. W.H (Wedderburn House) Thick snow. Unpacked.

Tuesday 8th January 1901

I to Slade. Unwell. Snow fell all day. Home early. Lesson from Pro. 4.30.

Wednesday 9th January 1901

At home all day.

Thursday 10th January 1901

To Slade – lesson from Pro Nice. Lunch with Doz in college. Nice.

Friday 11th January 1901

To Slade. Fog, electric light on mostly. Remarks from Tonks. Home early. Giddy.

Saturday 12th January 1901

Fog. D and I shopped. Prep for party. Rested. 6.30pm 4 Brewtnall’s, 5 Faraday’s, 2 Morgan’s, D and Collin’s, Phyllis Waterlow and Joyce Collier. Supper at 7.30. Games and dancing.

Sunday 13th January 1901

Not out all day. Wrote to Ella, etc. Aunt Alice to Broadway. Alys to Miles’. M. and S. Morgan and Kitty and Guillermo and Eddy and Tom called.

Monday 14th January 1901

Did needlework. With A to shops. To Slade for anatomy lecture which was not on. To Aunt Rosa’s party. Nice.

Tuesday 15th January 1901

Slade – lunch at Shoolbred’s. Sale on. Nice lesson from Pro! Aunt Ada to stay here.

Wednesday 16th January 1901

To Chreiman with Alys. To lunch at Aunt Louise’s with Polly, and tea.

Thursday 17th January 1901

Slade. Mabel Lucy came too. No lesson. Tonks signed my drawing – lunch with Uncle Harold at the Holborn.

Friday 18th January 1901

Slade. Lesson from Mr Russell in Antique Room. Criticisms of sketches by Tonks. Fun. Kit to dinner and she, A and I to see Alice in Wonderland[1] with Guillermo who took a box. Vaudeville.

alice wonderland.jpg
Alice in Wonderland by Henry Savile Clarke

Saturday 19th January 1901

Rainy. To library to get Florentine Nächte[2]. Ping-Pong. Aunt Rosa called. Guillermo to dinner. Magic lantern.

A and I washed head on 13th.
Doz to lunch Friday
Robin lectured 14th

Sunday 20th January 1901

Out with Aunt Ada. She in bath-chair in afternoon. Kitty to tea. The Queen very ill.

queen victoria.jpg

Monday 21st January 1901

With Alys to Chreiman. Then to Madame Tussauds to occupy an hour. Met Doz and lunched at Baker Street. She and I to see Edward. Nice visit. Anatomy lecture.

Tuesday 22nd January 1901

To Slade School. Nice lesson from Mr Russell. Perspective lecture. Sent and got permission for alternate Friday’s in life!!!

Wednesday 23rd January 1901

Chreiman with Alys. William Miles to dinner with Poz.

Thursday 24th January 1901

To Slade. Saw Kit and Robin off at King’s X at 10am. King Edward VII proclaimed in the City and elsewhere. Anatomy lecture.

edward 1901
King Edward VII, 1901

Friday 25th January 1901

Slade. Life-room!!! V. nice lesson from Pro. Talked to Mr Mitchell. Alys to lunch with me after Chreiman.

Saturday 26th January 1901

Drew “Florentine Night”. To South Kensington, met Poz. Saw Hack and White Exhibition. Tea. Back. Had pain all night.

Queen Victoria died Jan 22nd at 6.30pm

victoria last moments.jpg

Sunday 27th January 1901

Doz, Alys and I to Westminster Abbey service at 10 o’clock. Pain. Mr G. E. B. called. Oliver to tea and supper. Jamie Geddes to tea.

Monday 28th January 1901

Alys to Chreiman. I drew all morning. Pain better. To anatomy lecture at Slade in afternoon.

Tuesday 29th January 1901

Slade. Nice lesson from Mr Russell in antique.

Wednesday 30th January 1901

With Alys to Chreiman.

Thursday 31st January 1901

To Slade. Horrid model. Nice lesson from Mr Tonks, who drew leg “badly” he said.

Friday 1st February 1901

To Slade. Lesson from Russell, who thought I had been drawing the same one all the week, and I had only begun it an hour ago. Fun! Spoke to Mitchell.

Saturday 2nd February 1901

All 5 of us to 22 Upper George Street from windows of where we saw the Queen’s funeral. An impressive sight. Military pageant, German Emperor, etc.

victoria funeral.jpg
Queen Victoria’s funeral procession

Memo: 3 Kings and several crown princes

Sunday 3rd February 1901

To St Peter’s with Alys. Called on G. E. B.’s to tea there.

Monday 4th February 1901

A to Chreiman. Aunt A and I to see Edward. Nice visit.

Tuesday 5th February 1901

To Slade. Lesson from Russell. Gavin and Peppercorn to see King and Kaiser in Hyde Park. Did Perspective.

Wednesday 6th February 1901

Aunt A and Poz to A to Barnards. Did accounts with Aunt A all morning. To Addison Hall (School) with Alys 1st time. Nice class.

Thursday 7th February 1901

A to Chreiman. To Slade. Uncle Ned to see sketches and lunch with me at Shoolbred’s. I to Burlington House (Royal Academy Of Arts) with him to see pictures. Anatomy lecture.

Friday 8th February 1901

A to Chreiman. To Slade. No lessons. Poz and Alys to lunch. Criticisim. Pro. Nice. Miss Roberts to dinner and concert at V. Hall.

Saturday 9th February 1901

Took Conis to see Broad. Alys to French. Alys headache. I to tea at Northwood with Embleton’s.

Sunday 10th February 1901

To Northwood to Embleton’s. To Church morning and evening. Stayed night there. I unwell.

Monday 11th February 1901

Left Northwood. To Miss Chreiman’s. To Wedderburn House. I to Anatomy lecture at Slade. All to Henry V at Lyceum box. Lewis Waller.


Tuesday 12th February 1901

To Slade. Aunt A to Highbury. Nice lesson from Pro. Horrible perspective lecture.

Wednesday 13th February 1901

Sewed and went on heath with Conis. With Alys to Addison Hall. Tea at Aunt Nelly’s.

Thursday 14th February 1901

Slade. No lesson. Lunch with Button and lovely lecture on anatomy. Aunt A back from Highbury. A to Collins and unwell.

Friday 15th February 1901

Slade. Antique! Nice lesson from Mr Russell. Mr Tonks signed my drawing. Short poses. Teeds to spend night. Aunt A to Carr’s.

Saturday 16th February 1901

A not to French. Poz to Brewhall’s and Carr’s to stay. Teeds and I to Wallace Collection[1]. I to G. E. Barnard’s to stay.

Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1

Sunday 17th February 1901

To Meeting with Mr Barnard. Talked to Mrs B and wrote to Kitty. Maie to Church. Back to Wedderburn.

Monday 18th February 1901

To Chreiman with Alys. Aunt A to see Edward and I to lecture at Slade.

Tuesday 19th February 1901

Sending in day at Slade. To Slade. Headache. Russell. Foggy. Got permission for every day in life room. Perspective. Paul and Lois to dinner.

Wednesday 20th February 1901

To Finchley Road and banks with Aunt Alice. To Uxbridge Road class with Alys. Aunt Ada there. To Mrs A Miles to tea.

Thursday 21st February 1901

To Slade. Aunt A to Broadway to see about cottage. No lesson. Lunch with Peppercorn. Anatomy lecture.

Friday 22nd February 1901

To Slade. Nice lesson from Pro. Short poses.

Saturday 23rd February 1901

Wrote letters. To Ruskin’s and Academy with Alys. Tea in Bond Street.

Paid Aunt A for board and till week ending 23rd.
Paid Wade to February 18th.

Sunday 24th February 1901

Business conversation with Uncle H and Aunt Alice. To supper at 15 Cannon Place with Alys. Only Paul and Lois there. Hide and seek.

15 Canon Place.png
Today – 15 Cannon Place, Hampstead, London (house on left)

Monday 25th February 1901

To Chreiman with Alys. To Slade for lecture. Nice.

Tuesday 26th February 1901

To Slade. Nice lesson from Russell. Lunch with F Flight. Perspective Examination. 3.30 – 5.00.

Wednesday 27th February 1901

In bed to breakfast (a cold). Drew “Prodigal Son”. Marmalade making.

Thursday 28th February 1901

Slade. No lesson. Lunch with Button – Her postcard album. Anatomy.

Friday 1st March 1901

Aunt A’s birthday. To Slade. Drew in “little life”, and had a lovely lesson from Tonks. Tadema called and others. Anna Tadema[1] to dinner and saw my drawings.

Miss Anna Alma-Tadema by Laurens Alma Tadema (father)

Saturday 2nd March 1901

In bed to breakfast. Cough. Audrey to lunch and Phil Carr – Alys.

Received £20 from Aunt A – Mar 2.
Passed the P Exam on 26th and was one of the six who could get prize, all so good!

Sunday 3rd March 1901


Monday 4th March 1901


Tuesday 5th March 1901

To Slade and got permission to do a monochrome.

Wednesday 6th March 1901


Thursday 7th March 1901

To Slade, felt ill.

Friday 8th March 1901

Painted monochrome at Slade – Despair!! Two nice long lessons from Pro. Criticisms.

Saturday 9th March 1901

In bed all day. Bronchial. Dr Neale came to see me.

Sunday 10th March 1901

In bed all morning. Charlie Warren called. Ping pong.

Monday 11th March 1901

To Slade lecture but felt achey in glands. Slept alone.

Tuesday 12th March 1901

Awoke with mumps. Dr Neale.

Wednesday 13th March 1901

Mumps. Dr Neale. Unwell. In bed much pain.

Thursday 14th March 1901

In bed. Pain. Dr Neale.

Friday 15th March 1901

In bed. Pain. Dr Neale.

Saturday 16th March 1901

In bed. Dr Neale. Pain.

Sunday 17th March 1901

In bed. Still pain.

Monday 18th March 1901

In bed. Dr Neale. Aunt Alice to see Edward.

Tuesday 19th March 1901

In bed. Pain gone. Heard I had passed pro exam. Ate bread and milk. Read “Children of the Ghetto[2]”.

Wednesday 20th March 1901

In bed.
Dr Neale.

Thursday 21st March 1901

In bed.

Friday 22nd March 1901

In bed.

Saturday 23rd March 1901

In bed. Dr Neale came.

Slade breaks up March 23rd.
Paid Aunt A to 23rd board
Paid Wade to March 18th.

Sunday 24th March 1901

In bed.

Monday 25th March 1901

In bed. Ate fish and solids for first time after 14 days on slops.

Tuesday 26th March 1901

Up at 11 o’clock. Aunt Alice, Doz and Alys to Coronet Theatre with Sargents and supper at a “Parsons” afterwards.

Coronet Theatre, 103 – 111 Notting Hill Gate, London

Wednesday 27th March 1901

Began Romola[3].  Up at 11.00. Dr Neale came.

Thursday 28th March 1901

Up at 11.00. Wrote letters. Lindsay MacArthur (artist) to dinner.

Friday 29th March 1901

Dorothy developed mumps. Up at 11.00. Drew.

Saturday 30th March 1901

Dr Neale came to see Doz. Painted “On the Road”. Wrote to Ella.

Sunday 31st March 1901

Wrote to Frau Telkl and Minnie.

Monday 1st April 1901

Census Day

1901 Census.png
Actual 1901 Census entry

Tuesday 2nd April 1901

Painted “On the Road” a good deal. Dr Neale to see Doz and saw me too. I out for a walk with Alys. Wrote 4 letters in evening.

Wednesday 3rd April 1901

Out to meet Alys from music-lesson. Rested. Painted. Finished “Romola”.

Thursday 4th April 1901

Out down to Finchley Road alone. Painted. Read “A window in Thrums[1]”.

Friday 5th April 1901

On Heath with Alys after lunch. Sat and talked to Doz. Tidied cupboard, etc, all evening.

Saturday 6th April 1901

Sarah’s ankle bad. Bought waterproof at Barnes. 1 9/6.

Paid House to 9th.

Sunday 7th April 1901

On Heath with Alys. Met Faraday’s. Aunt A to 54 Bedford Gardens. Sarah’s ankle all right.

Monday 8th April 1901

Did waterproof. Lunch in dining room. 1st time for a month. Packed up.

Broadway, Worcestershire

Tuesday 9th April 1901

To buy Abergoldie with A. Packed up. A and I to Miss Davis’ Broadway (Mayfield). Saw Poz at Russell House. She and Alwyn called.

Russell House, Broadway, Worcestershire

Wednesday 10th April 1901

Rain. A and I to Russell House. Poz, Laurence, Jack, Alwyn, George there.

Thursday 11th April 1901

Rain. At Russell House from 3.30 to 7. Knitted, etc.

Friday 12th April 1901

Did blankets with Polly, Lawrence away. Polly, Jack, Alwyn and George to tea. Rain.

Saturday 13th April 1901

Tea at Mrs Mann’s. Saw Marriott and Balfour.

Miss Andrews 10th

Sunday 14th April 1901

Church with Alys. Alys, George and I to tea at Russell House with Jack. Poz to tea with Navarro’s.

Monday 15th April 1901

A unwell. To Smallbrook with Poz. Laurence back again. George in all day mostly, also Alys. I called on Miss M V White. To Millet’s. Fiend party – fun – danced.

Smallbrook Cottage, Broadway, Worcestershire

Tuesday 16th April 1901

Alwyn in. He said goodbye and left with Miss White. To Willersey with Poz. Read Patience Sparhawk[2].

Wednesday 17th April 1901

Sketched. Played tennis at Russell House. Fine day !!! Ned Griffen, Laurence, Jack, George and Ball and Guy there.

Thursday 18th April 1901

To Smallbrook with Poz on bicycles. Waited there. Again in afternoon there. For tennis in evening with Ned Griffin and Alys and Jack. George in evening.

Friday 19th April 1901

To Smallbrook with Poz and Alys. Long confabs with Grimmett. To tea at MacArthur’s with Poz. Alys to Russell House.

Saturday 20th April 1901

Alys headache. Sick and pain and in bed till supper. I read to her and out very little. I unwell. Poz to tea.

Slade term begins April 15th
Gertrude Atherton.

Sunday 21st April 1901

Slack. Read and wrote. To tea with Mrs Mann. I to Church. Mr Moss preached.

Monday 22nd April 1901

Alys and Poz picked primroses in wood and broke bicycles, at least horses did! Peppermint making with George. 3.pm Tea and tennis at Russell House. Aunt Alice and Doz came to the Walnuts!!

Tuesday 23rd April 1901

F. B’s. to Smallbrook. A and I watched tennis at Russell House. Alys and George to cowslip fields. I to tea with Jack. Sketched at R.H.’s Tennis there. To Miss White’s.

Wednesday 24th April 1901

Sketched in morning. Rested and read. Tennis at Russell House. All to Miss White. George’s party. Fun.

Thursday 25th April 1901

Alys headache but to Smallbrook where we all (F.B’s.) worked hard all day at wallpaper scraping. Lindsay and Laurence tennis at R. H.. Aunt A to tea with me to Smallbrook.

Friday 26th April 1901


Saturday 27th April 1901

To Smallbrook. Cut papers with Laurence, George and Alys. On motor car to Lord Elcho’s[3]with Aunt Alice, Doz, Mr Miller and Jack. Russell House in evening. Songs.

lord elcho.jpg
Hugo Charteris, 11th Earl of Wemyss – Lord Elcho

23rd Miscellaneous Concert Albert Hall

Sunday 28th April 1901

To Smallbrook. Wallpapered. Mr MacArthur and George, Mr Millet and Laurence away.

Monday 29th April 1901

To Smallbrook. George too, all day. Finished our room wallpapering. Tea at Annie Roberts. Tennis at Russell House. Spiffing.

Tuesday 30th April 1901

To Smallbrook all day. George too. Finished Aunt A’s room. Tea in field with George. Packed.

Oxford – London

Wednesday 1st May 1901

Paid bills. Alys and I and George and Jack all to Oxford. Lunch together. Then boys off to Schools. A and I tea there and saw Colleges and then to Wedderburn House (Hampstead, London).

Thursday 2nd May 1901

To Slade School. Painted monochrome. Lesson from P. Wilson Steer[1]. Alys to Chreiman. Cycled on Heath.

wilson steer.jpg
Philip Wilson Steer

Friday 3rd May 1901

To Slade. Drew all day. Nice lesson from Pro. And welcome back. Walk with Mr G. E. B.

Saturday 4th May 1901

To shops with Alys. Barnes etc. Lodgings hunted in afternoon. Oliver Blanford to tea.

May 1st A and I saw Magdalen College, New College and Christchurch. Cathedral, etc and walked to river. 5.47 train from Oxford.

Sunday 5th May 1901

On Heath. To tea and supper at Aunt Rosa’s. Also to Golder’s Hill with them.

Monday 6th May 1901

Lodging hunting 10 to 11. Miss Chreiman with Alys. Lunch in town. To see Edward. To lecture at Slade.

Tuesday 7th May 1901

To Slade. Painted. Lesson from Pro. Sat to Miss Roberts in her studio.

Wednesday 8th May 1901

To search for lodgings. Poz returned.

Thursday 9th May 1901

To Slade all day. Painted. With Poz to Chelsea. Miss Childer’s dance. Very jolly. Danced with Rollins, Taubmann, Harris Browne. Porter, etc. Home at 4 am on Friday.

Friday 10th May 1901

To Slade. Painted monochrome.

Saturday 11th May 1901

To look for lodgings. All over Hampstead and Belsize, etc, To dinner at 26 Compayne Gardens with Poz. Nice.

Sunday 12th May 1901

Packed. To tea at Cousin Mary’s and met Bertie. Very tanned from South Africa. Aunt Alice and Doz home.

Monday 13th May 1901

To Guildhall to see Spanish Exhibition with Aunt Alice, Poz and Mr Millet. Alys and I to 16 Winchester Road to stay. I to anatomy lecture.

Tuesday 14th May 1901

To Slade. Alys to lunch with me. Then to call on Miss Childrens with Poz. Back by steamer.

Wednesday 15th May 1901

To Vernor Miles. 30 Theobalds Road all morning. Poz and Doz to dinner. Poz stayed.

Thursday 16th May 1901

To Slade. Bad lesson from Tonks – “You ought to draw better than that, etc”. Anatomy lecture.

Friday 17th May 1901

Slade. Drew. Nice lesson from Tonks.

Saturday 18th May 1901

Sat for Miss Roberts. Poz to Wedderburn House. To Kew with G. E. B. and Charles Blair Waterston.

Tuesday – got permission to paint from life.
Wade May 13th £1-0-0.

Sunday 19th May 1901

Tidied room. To Wedderburn House to tea. Called on Louie and Grosvenor.

Monday 20th May 1901

With Alys to Miss Chreiman’s. Lunch at Pagani’s with Alys and Poz. To see Edward. Nice visit. To anatomy demonstration at Slade.

Tuesday 21st May 1901

To Slade. Nice lesson from Russell. Anatomy demonstration.

Wednesday 22nd May 1901

To Dr Neale’s with Alys for her eczema. To Shoolbred’s to lunch. Anatomy Exam. University College 2.00 to 5.00. Prof Thane gave us tea in the middle. I unwell.

Thursday 23rd May 1901

Slade – Rheumatism bad in wrist. To Wedderburn House.


Friday 24th May 1901

With Conis to Broad’s. With Alys to Southwold by 3.20 train from Liverpool Street. To Mrs Fish, 2 Albert Place. Lovely there.

Saturday 25th May 1901

Morning on beach talking to Palmer!!!!! Tea among gorse across the line. To Church.

Sunday 26th May 1901

To Walberswick. On a boat up the river with Alys for an hour. Lunch on wall. Sands. Pier in evening.

Monday 27th May 1901

On Sands. Talked to Smeesh!!! Sea fret. Sports on Common, fun.

Tuesday 28th May 1901

Talked long to Old Palmer. Saw over brewery. Away to London by 2.20 train. Crowded.


Wednesday 29th May 1901

Very hot indeed. To enquire about Conis. To Chreiman with Alys. To Hyde Park with Doz. 8d. Wedderburn House.

Thursday 30th May 1901

To Slade. No lesson. Stood for Miss Hall. 2 hours nearly.

Friday 31st May 1901

To Slade. No lesson but did a fair drawing. To Westbourne Grove with Alys.

Saturday 1st June 1901

A to French. Miss Banks here. We took Audrey to Earls Court. Military Exhibition. Fun. Chutes [1] etc. Conis home, minus his eye.

Sunday 2nd June 1901

Walked to Heath. Miss Roberts and Culley to tea.

Monday 3rd June 1901

To Miss C with Alys. To see Edward – nice visit. Mr D’Oyly Carte[2], etc introduced! To swimming baths with Alys.

Richard D’Oyly Carte

Tuesday 4th June 1901

To Slade. Lesson from Billee. Lame leg from swimming.

Wednesday 5th June 1901

Alys headache and in bed. I out to shops, etc. 4 times. To tea at Wedderburn House to see Dryden Donkin.

Thursday 6th June 1901

To Slade, but half holiday. Painted self in oil. To swimming baths with Alys. Lovely. Dived a lot off spring board. Kit to late dinner.

Friday 7th June 1901

To Slade all day. Lesson from Russell. Alys to lunch and see sketches. Talked to Mr Mitchell. To tennis at Wedderburn House. Kitty to dinner and stayed night.

Saturday 8th June 1901

To Mr Broad’s with Conis and K. All of us to swimming baths. K and I dived off 2nd board and Alys jumped off top one! Alys and I to Academy and then to Aunt Nelly’s.

Sunday 9th June 1901

Very tired. In all morning. To Mr David Greene’s with Cousin Mary to see picture. Paul to supper.

Monday 10th June 1901

I to Islington to get tickets for Military Tournament. To Slade for sketch criticism. Alys to baths. I not in.

Tuesday 11th June 1901

To Slade. Nice lesson from Pro. Sat for Miss Roberts.

Wednesday 12th June 1901

Shopped and worked. To Military Tournament with Alys and Kitty. Lovely.

Thursday 13th June 1901

To Slade. Bad lesson from Tonks.

Friday 14th June 1901

To Slade on cycle. No lesson. To tennis at Wedderburn House. Alan Baumer, Charlie Buchanan and Kitty.

Saturday 15th June 1901

To sit for Miss Roberts. 9.30 till 11.30. To Patti Concert at Albert Hall with Alys. Lovely. Did mauve muslin blouse.

Adeline Patti – Italian opera singer

Wade – June 10th

Sunday 16th June 1901

At home. Wrote letters, etc. To G. E. B.’s to tea.

Monday 17th June 1901

With Alys to Dr Neale’s and Miss Chreiman. She unwell yesterday. To see Edward with Aunt Alice. To tea at Miss Roberts’ studio.

Tuesday 18th June 1901

To Slade. Began painting portrait. Alys to Aunt Kitty.

Wednesday 19th June 1901

Took bicycle to Groves for a free wheel. Took Con to Broad’s. He out. A and I called on Baumer’s.

Thursday 20th June 1901

To Slade. Painted portrait. Two lessons from the Pro! Sat to Miss Roberts. Alys called for me. We bought trunk.

Friday 21st June 1901

To Slade. Drew in little life-room. Fairly nice lesson from Tonks!!!!! Alys to tennis. Kitty stay night.

Saturday 22nd June 1901

To Broad’s with Conis and Kit. To tennis at Wedderburn House, very nice. Oliver and Paul Hunt and Eddy.

Sunday 23rd June 1901


Monday 24th June 1901

I unwell

Tuesday 25th June 1901


Wednesday 26th June 1901

Shopped. Alys and I to Northwood to Embleton’s. A lovely day.

Thursday 27th June 1901

To Slade. Painted all day, and had two nice lessons from Mr Steer. Called on Hanhart’s. Wade to supper. Alys and I with Doz and Oliver to “Charles 1st”.

Friday 28th June 1901

To Slade. Then to E. V. Miles’. Lunch with Uncle Harold. Strawberry Tea and prize giving at Slade. Alys came. To Wedderburn House. Tennis.

Saturday 29th June 1901

Packed a little, etc. Shopped all the morning. To D’s tennis club. To Mrs V Miles to enquire. Played ping-pong with Keeps.

Sunday 30th June 1901

To dinner and tea at Wedderburn House. Poz’s birthday. Packed up.


Monday 1st July 1901

A and I to Newcastle. Also Conis by 10 am train.

Tuesday 2nd July 1901

To tea at Sidney and Frances’ on cycles.

Wednesday 3rd July 1901

Ella to Perth. I saw her off.

Thursday 4th July 1901

To Southview.

Friday 5th July 1901


Saturday 6th July 1901

Alys and I to Simonburn Cottage, Humshaugh.

Simonburn cottage.png
Simonburn Cottage, Humshaugh, Hexham

Sunday 7th July 1901

Alys to Meeting with Aunts and for walk with Robin. Visitors in evening.

Monday 8th July 1901

Up to Southview. With Sissie and Aunt Eliza to Miss Maud May’s At Home at Conservatoire.

Tuesday 9th July 1901

To Cousin Harriet’s. Miss Dodd called. A and I to Havelock’s on cycles. Hatty to supper.

Wednesday 10th July 1901

To town. All together. Thunderstorm. Saw Armstrong’s in evening.

Thursday 11th July 1901


Friday 12th July 1901

Hatty, Alys, Nelly, Robin and I to Whitley for the day by train. Paddled.


Saturday 13th July 1901

I to tennis, tea cycling and supper with Sandeman’s.

Paid Wade up to July 8th

Sunday 14th July 1901

To Meeting with the Aunts.

Monday 15th July 1901

To tea at Miss Dodd’s.

Gullane, East Scottish Coast

Tuesday 16th July 1901

Travelled to Edinburgh. Alys and I and Con. Called on Mrs Bell. On to Gullane. To Simes.

Wednesday 17th July 1901

Bathed. Lovely.

Thursday 18th July 1901

Sketched and bathed in afternoon.

Friday 19th July 1901

Drew Balgay. Bathed.

Saturday 20th July 1901

Rode to Dirleton. Bathed.

Sunday 21st July 1901

Alys headache. We others to Church of Scotland. For a walk with Nell.

Monday 22nd July 1901

Wrote letters.

Tuesday 23rd July 1901

Golfed Tuesday. Kitty and Jack cycled here from Largs (and boat) (on Monday). I rode to North Berwick.

Wednesday 24th July 1901

Wrote letters. Golfed.

Thursday 25th July 1901

Nell unwell. A and I on rocks, a long walk.

Friday 26th July 1901

Bathed in morning with Alys. Gooseberries. At Clapperton’s. A and I bicycled to Dirleton.

Saturday 27th July 1901

Bathed. 11am. A and I golfed.

Sunday 28th July 1901

All to Church. Walked to Geoffy’s Nook.

Monday 29th July 1901

Bathed. Sketched and ate fruit in hall garden. Sketched smithy.


Tuesday 30th July 1901

I unwell. Rested and lay on bed nearly all day. Alys and Nell bathed.

Wednesday 31st July 1901

Did cosy’s. Alys and Nell bathed. Waterston’s called in evening.

Thursday 1st August 1901

I sketched all the morning. A and Nell looked after baby. A and Nell golfed.

Friday 2nd August 1901

Ate gooseberries. Sketched. Nell and A bathed pm.

Saturday 3rd August 1901

Wrote to Auntie Katie and Oliver.

Reading Rosebery’s “Napoleon last phase”[1] and Dr John Brown’s papers[2].

Sunday 4th August 1901

Not to Church. Very windy. Walked to the Lady’s Well.

Monday 5th August 1901

Bathed afternoon. Windy.

Tuesday 6th August 1901

Rain. To shops. Waterston’s in.

Wednesday 7th August 1901

Cycled to North Berwick and back. Fitzroy Sandeman called.

Thursday 8th August 1901

Cycled to Tantallon Castle.


Lunch in Canty Bay.

Canty Bay, North Berwick, Scotland

Train from North Berwick to Longriddy and cycled back altogether.

Friday 9th August 1901

Bill came to take his son back to Hawick. Golf. Bathed. Called on F. Sandeman.

Saturday 10th August 1901


Sunday 11th August 1901

To Church. Walked.

Monday 12th August 1901


Tuesday 13th August 1901

Bathed. Jim and Min and Saida came.

Wednesday 14th August 1901


Thursday 15th August 1901

Bathed and packed. With Nell and Jim and Mina to Clapperton’s. Miss Esie and Affie Sime there.


Friday 16th August 1901

A and I travelled to Edinburgh. Lunched with Mrs C Bell and Mary and Miss Swindell. Then on to N. C. and to Bardon Mill. Met by Ella. To Croft House. Aunts and Miss Leydhecker.

Saturday 17th August 1901

Rain all day nearly. A walk after tea.

Sunday 18th August 1901

To Church in evening.

Monday 19th August 1901

Cycled with Ella to Haydon Bridge. Called on Aunt Margaret.

haydon bridge.jpg
Haydon Bridge, Tynedale, Northumberland

Tuesday 20th August 1901

Aunt Edith over from Haydon Bridge. All took lunch up Barcombe Hill. Saw Vindolanda Roman camp at Chesterholm.


Wednesday 21st August 1901

Francis (Sidney Reid) to tea; I sketched on way to Haydon Bridge.

Thursday 22nd August 1901

Alys, Ella and I cycled to Haltwhistle. Very hot. Walter Reid to tea.

Lamley viaduct, Haltwhistle by Richard Hart-Jackson

Friday 23rd August 1901

Sissie spent day here. I sketched cottage in morning. Picnic by river. Tea. Cycled some way back with Sissie.

Saturday 24th August 1901

Sat in field and read. Baron’s cycled to Haltwhistle after tea with Ella and Alys.

Sunday 25th August 1901

To Church. I stayed for Communion Service. Sat and read in fields.

Monday 26th August 1901

Rainy. Worked and read.

Tuesday 27th August 1901

Cecil Reid over; He with us four to see the lakes and Roman wall. Tea at Hotbank.


Wednesday 28th August 1901

To Hexham. Tea and the Abbey.

Hexham Abbey

Thursday 29th August 1901


Friday 30th August 1901

Packed. Ella a sick headache and unwell. All travelled to Newcastle and all to 2 B. V. I unwell too.

Saturday 31st August 1901

Indoors all day. Worked.

Northumbrian lakes. Crag Lough, Greenlee, Broomlee and Grindon.
Twice Brewed.
Sir Edward Blackett and Bonnyrigg.

Sunday 1st September 1901

Leo in. A and I to tea at Aunt M’s. Sandeman’s called.

Monday 2nd September 1901

Milly off to Whitehaven. We to town. Tea at Aunt Ellen’s.

Tuesday 3rd September 1901

Called on Aunt M and had walk with Sissie. To vets with Ella. Christy in evening about coal mine.

Wednesday 4rd September 1901

Ella, Alys and I to Durham. Lovely time there. Christy, Leo and Mortimer in evening.

Thursday 5th September 1901

To the old castle with Christy. Dr Armstrong and Selby in evening.

Broadway, Worcestershire

Friday 6th September 1901

Travelled to Broadway; to Smallbrook. A and C and I arrived at 9pm.

Saturday 7th September 1901


Sunday 8th September 1901

To tea at the MacArthur’s.

Monday 9th September 1901

To tea at the Millet’s. Tennis.

Tuesday 10th September 1901

To tea at Bartlett’s.

Wednesday 11th September 1901


Thursday 12th September 1901


Friday 13th September 1901


Saturday 14th September 1901


Sunday 15th September 1901


Monday 16th September 1901


Tuesday 17th September 1901

Doz and I to lunch at Elcho’s. Played in cricket match at Winchcombe. Rain. Home in Brougham.


Wednesday 18th September 1901

Travelled up to London – Alys, Conis and I. To 16 Winchester Road.

Thursday 19th September 1901

Alys and I to Dr Neale’s.

Friday 20th September 1901

Alys to school.

Saturday 21st September 1901

Alys and I to town. Shopped.

Sunday 22nd September 1901

Wrote letters. To tea at G. E. Barnard.

Monday 23rd September 1901

Alys to school. I to Wedderburn House to get things. Called on Mrs V Miles. A. headache.

Tuesday 24th September 1901

Alys to school. I lunched with Uncle Harold and called on Fr. Stokl. Aunt Esther and Josephine called.

Wednesday 25th September 1901

Alys to school. Kit came. All to tea at Mrs E. V. Miles.

Thursday 26th September 1901

Kit and I to 30 Theobalds Road and shopped and lunch in town. Called on Aunt Rosa. Tired. A. to school.

Friday 27th September 1901

Called on William Miles. To Wedderburn House and Buchanan’s.

Saturday 28th September 1901

Kit back. To Elder Miss Blossom Kendal’s with Alys and Stokl.

Sunday 29th September 1901

Poz and Doz back. To Wedderburn House.

Monday 30th September 1901

A. to school. I to town with Poz. Lunch at Wedderburn House. To Morley’s. To E. V. Miles.

Tuesday 1st October 1901

A. to school. To Miss Morley’s and bank.

Wednesday 2nd October 1901

Paid bills and shopped. To Chatsworth Road.

Thursday 3rd October 1901

A. to school. I unwell. Do to lunch. Chris to dinner.

Friday 4th October 1901

To Miss Morley’s.

Saturday 5th October 1901

To Miss Morley’s. Alys and I to Euston to meet Milly Leydhecker at 7.10. She to stay with us.

Sunday 6th October 1901

Quiet. Wrote letters with Milly. To Wedderburn House. Tadema’s and Kit there.

Monday 7th October 1901

To see Edward? I to see Edward. Aunt Nelly met me there. Milly in Westmisnter Abbey.

Tuesday 8th October 1901

I to Slade. 1st day. Lesson from Pro in big life room. Milly with Po and Doz to National Gallery.

Wednesday 9th October 1901

Alys, Milly and I to Tower of London. Alys half-holiday.

Thursday 10th October 1901

Slade. Milly to St Paul’s. To tea with Miss Roberts at 3 Blenheim Street

Friday 11th October 1901

To Slade. Milly to tea at Wedderburn House.

Saturday 12th October 1901

With Alys and Milly to Houses of Parliament and Tate Gallery.

Wade back at 77 Pine Road. October 9th

Sunday 13th October 1901

To Hyde Park with Alys and Milly . To Buchanan’s.

Monday 14th October 1901

A. to school. To shops with Milly. I saw Milly off to Maidstone from Charing X.

Tuesday 15th October 1901

To Slade. Alys a headache and in bed till tea-time. Sleeping.

Wednesday 16th October 1901

To E. V. Miles about my Will. Alys better.

Thursday 17th October 1901

To Slade. Alys not to school. To Aunt Rosa’s.

Friday 18th October 1901

To Slade. Lesson from Tonks.

Saturday 19th October 1901

First fencing lesson from Biggs with Doz and Cootise Relf. A. and I to Aunt Nellie’s to lunch and tea.

Sunday 20th October 1901

Wade to tea and supper.

Monday 21st October 1901

To bank. A. to school. To see Edward. Aunt Ada met me there. To Criticisms at Slade.

Tuesday 22nd October 1901

Alys headache and in bed. Sick til lunch. I cut out blouse. Read Vanity Fair[1] aloud.

Wednesday 23rd October 1901

A. to school. Did blouse. Kit to lunch. To lecture.

Thursday 24th October 1901

To Slade. Nice lesson from Tonks.

Friday 25th October 1901

To Slade. Nice lesson from Tonks. Me first of all in the big Life Room – saw donkey.

Saturday 26th October 1901

2nd fencing lesson. Aunt Ada to lunch and stay. To tea at Wedderburn.

Sunday 27th October 1901

Up to Wedderburn.

Monday 28th October 1901

To shops with Aunt Ada. To Guildhall with Doz and C. Rily to see Abbey’s pictures.

Tuesday 29th October 1901

Slade. Lesson from Russell.

Wednesday 30th October 1901

E. V. Miles

Thursday 31st October 1901


Friday 1st November 1901


Saturday 2nd November 1901

Fencing – 3rd with Doz to Temple Church. Aunt Ada to stay again

Sunday 3rd November 1901

Not out. Did my comp.

Monday 4th November 1901

To Louis for my dress fitting. Too foggy to go to Edward. Dense fog.

Tuesday 5th November 1901

Slade. Painted. Two lovely lessons from Mr Tonks. Monochromed portrait.

Wednesday 6th November 1901

Shopped. To Slade to dry my painting. To theatre to see Sherlock Holmes. William Gillette[1]. Excellent. Alys, Tades and Doz there.

Sherlock HOlmes.jpg

Thursday 7th November 1901

Aunt Ada away. To Slade. Two lovely lessons from Mr P Wilson Steer on my painting. To “Elijah[2]” at Albert Hall with Alys. Cab back.

Friday 8th November 1901

To Slade. Drew. Lesson from Russell. Criterion for Prize Comp pictures. Miss Boodle and Miss Adams to Wedderburn House. Packed in evening. I unwell.

Saturday 9th November 1901

I packed. Alys to music-lesson. To Wedderburn House to stay. Doz, Alys and I to see Lord Mayor’s Show from Somerset House with George Adams.

lord mayor.jpg
“Crowds block the passage of the State Coach in the 1901 Lord Mayor’s Show.”

To Miss Roberts to tea – 3rd
To lecture on Faraday by Silvanus Thompson[3]at Conservatoire. Introduced to him.


Sunday 10th November 1901

Quiet all day. Unpacked. Arranged Greek dress for tomorrow. Oliver called.

Monday 11th November 1901

To dance at 25 Great Russell Street. Miss Bruce’s. Fancy dress 10.30. Breakfast at Gray’s Inn. Back at 8 am on Tuesday.

Tuesday 12th November 1901

Slade. Painted. Lesson from Pro. To dinner at Keeps. 43 Avenue Mansions.

Wednesday 13th November 1901

To New Gallery. Private View with Miss Bruce. To lecture.

Thursday 14th November 1901

To Slade. Two painting-lessons from Pro.

Friday 15th November 1901

To Slade. Drew nice lesson from Mr Tonks. Very nice criticisms from Mr Tonks.

Saturday 16th November 1901

Lovely fencing lesson. To see St Etheldreda’s, Ely Place[4].


Fun at Miss Bruce’s on 11th – Rothenstein-Carr, Saloman, Playfair. Miss Aubrey Beardsley, young Grossmith, Watts, Two Bruceman, etc, etc, etc.

Sunday 17th November 1901

Teeds to lunch. A. and I called on Keeps and Vernor-Miles.

Monday 18th November 1901

To meet Milly at Victoria. To new Eng Art Club. To see Edward. To dinner at E. V. Miles. To music at Buchanan’s.

Tuesday 19th November 1901

To Slade – painted. No lesson. To call on Miss Horton. Bertie and Tom called in evening.

Wednesday 20th November 1901

With Milly to St James’s Palace and Buckingham Palace. To lecture with Doz.

Thursday 21st November 1901

To Slade. Very nice. Lesson from P. Wilson Steer. To International Exhibition with Miss Norton. To Patti concert at Albert Hall with Milly at 8 o’clock.

Friday 22nd November 1901

To Slade. Drew. No lesson. Met Milly and Miss black at British Museum. Tea at Fuller’s. Kitty to dinner; all of us to Sherlock Holmes – Gillette at Lyceum.

Saturday 23rd November 1901

To fencing lesson. To Westminster Abbey – Doz and Alys. Tea with Misses Boodle and Aldrich at Chelsea. Poz and Doz to William Miles to dinner.

Sunday 24th November 1901

To Church. Aunt A. Milly, Alys, Oliver to tea and supper. Mr Waterston and Phyllis called. Mrs Garnett and Mrs Waller to supper. Milly later. A. and I called on Aunt Rosa.

Monday 25th November 1901

To Zoo with Milly all morning. Quiet in afternoon. To shop a little. Milly to dinner and songs.

Tuesday 26th November 1901

Slade. Began life-painting. Nice lesson from Pro. Bought pink satin dress at Shoolbred’s. Lecture by Sir Harry Johnston on Uganda.

Sir Henry Hamilton Johnston

Wednesday 27th November 1901

To bank. To architecture lecture. Nelly Moir too.

Thursday 28th November 1901

Slade – painted. Lesson from Pro.

Friday 29th November 1901

Slade. Lesson from Tonks. Characterless – “leg good”.

Saturday 30th November 1901

Fenced. Lovely. To Private View at O. W. S. with Doz. Mary Boy and E. H. called.

Paid Aunt A. to Dec 21st.

Sunday 1st December 1901

Fenced with Doz and did things all morning. To tea at Tadema’s with Poz. To supper at E. A. Waterlow’s with Aunt Alice and Doz.

Monday 2nd December 1901

Washed Conis. Worked. To see Edward with Aunt Alice. To tea at Mrs Hutchison’s. To meet Margaret Embleton (me: Alys’ future sister-in-law).

Tuesday 3rd December 1901

To Slade. Painted. Musical evening. Aunt Mary and Louie and Nelly to evening – Brewtnall’s, Buchanan’s, R Yeld, Mr Garnet, Ted Barnard.

Wednesday 4th December 1901

Slept on late. To Architecture Lecture.

Thursday 5th December 1901

Slade – two painting lessons from Steer (lovely). Mrs Millet and Mr Parsons to dinner.

Friday 6th December 1901

To Slade. Alys to lunch and we both to Bushey to see the Herkomer School[1]. Tea at Laidman’s.

Saturday 7th December 1901

Unwell, Doz too so not to fencing. Shopped a little in Finchley Road. Alys to concert at Albert Hall with Nelly Moir.

Sunday 8th December 1901

Alys headache.

Monday 9th December 1901

Miss Parsons for my fancy dress. Called on Mrs Collins and Mrs Matthews.

Tuesday 10th December 1901

Slade – no lessons.

Wednesday 11th December 1901

Slept on. To shops with Alys. No lectures.

Thursday 12th December 1901

Slade. Nice lesson from Pro. Children’s party at Wedderburn House.

Friday 13th December 1901

To Slade. Pencil drawing. Nice lesson from Mr Tonks. Criticisms of sketches by Mr Russell!!! To dance at Cavendish Rooms. Poz, Doz, Charlie Buchanan’s. Grand Hunt. J Geddes*.

Saturday 14th December 1901

To fencing lesson. Lovely only Doz and self. Did Dutch hat in afternoon. Alys to theatre, Struwwelpeter[2] with Frieda Keep. Headache later.

Paid Wade to Dec 9th.
* Hildestein’s subscription dance 5/- tickets. Dennis Embleton there and Dr Yeld. Lippmann! After the paunch, etc.

Sunday 15th December 1901

Alys in bed all day with headache. Fenced an hour. Called on Miss Roberts. Alan called. Cousin Jeanie and Fraulein Koch to supper.

Monday 16th December 1901

Bought shoes for fancy dance. To see Edward (alone).

Tuesday 17th December 1901

To Slade

Wednesday 18th December 1901

Did my hat. To last lecture.

Thursday 19th December 1901

To Slade. Occupied in arranging for dance.

Friday 20th December 1901

To Slade. Did evergreen decorations etc for dance. Home at 4. Dressed Dutch dress to Slade dance with Oliver (Pierrot) and Paul (ploughboy).

Saturday 21st December 1901

Couldn’t fence as hurt knee. Took Alys to Browne’s for her eyes. To Miss Morley’s. Poz to Newcastle.

Slade dance 7pm to 2am – great fun. Dresses excellent. Mr Steer, Mr Tonks, Mr Russell and Mrs Russell.

Sunday 22nd December 1901

Did up presents, etc – to Miss Roberts.

Monday 23rd December 1901

Alys and I to Badcock. Aunt Alice and Doz to Broadway. I had photo taken in fancy dress. We called on Tadema’s. Heard of Onslow Ford’s[3] death.

onslow ford.jpg
Onslow Ford

Tuesday 24th December 1901

To town with Alys. Lunch with Uncle Harold and Paul at Pagani’s. Shopped. Rain.

Wednesday 25th December 1901

A and I alone. Opened presents. Over to Aunt Nelly’s to dine at 2.30. Ellises in evening. Charles, etc. We stayed all night.

Thursday 26th December 1901

Called on Aunt Blair and Mrs Edmund Blair Leighton. Back to Wedderburn House. Took Conis to Broad’s.

Friday 27th December 1901

Florence away. Packed. Were going to Clifton but I had liver chill so to bed. Alys wrote letters. Gave F. 2/6.

Saturday 28th December 1901

Wade here, as Sarah for holiday. I in bed all day but better. Read “March Hares[4]”. Wrote 7 letters.

Sunday 29th December 1901

Alys for walk with Faraday’s. I got up. Wrote letters. Mr G. E. B. and Colt called.

Clifton, Bristol

Monday 30th December 1901

Packed. Alys and I to Clifton to stay with Davey’s. 1.10 pm arrived 4.36.

Tuesday 31st December 1901

To shops and on downs and saw College (me: where Edward went to school).

Paid Wade to February 3rd
Paid Wedderburn House Board to Jan 29th

Memoranda (at end of Diary)

“The Queen’s Twin” by Sara Orme Jewett

“It is well to be conversant with great elements in life and death, reason and madness.” – Dr Thomas Chalmers

“God forgets not his own purposes, though executes them in his own way, and maintains his pace, which he hastens, not and shortens not to meet our impatience.” – Dr Thomas Chalmers.

“Few men are endowed with such a brain as Hugh Miller–huge, active, concentrated, keen to fierceness; and therefore few men need fear, even if they misuse and overtask theirs as he did, that it will turn, as it did with him, and rend its master. But a§ assuredly as there is a certain weight which a bar of iron will bear and no more, so is there a certain weight of work which the organ by which we act, by which we think, and feel, and will–cannot sustain, blazing up into brief and ruinous madness, or sinking into idiocy.” – Dr. John Brown M. D.

An English woman’s love letters by Laurence Hausman
Artist annuity Fund
Silvanian Paper.

Noun Game – each suggests a noun. Make a story of it.
Dominoes – make a multiple of 5.




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