1901 December Footnotes

[1] Herkomer Art School – the School was established at Bushey in Hertfordshire in 1883 by Hubert von Herkomer to teach composition, landscape and portraiture. It catered for an average of thirty students a year and admitted both sexes, although women had to be under twenty-eight and unmarried. When the School closed in 1904, it had taught more than 500 students during the twenty years of its existence, many of whom, such as Algernon Talmage and William Nicholson, went on to achieve distinction. Much of the success of the school can be measured by its alumni who included Lucy Kemp-Welch, who directed the School after Herkomer, George Harcourt, Tom Mostyn, E. Borough Johnson and Roland Wheelwright.

[2] Shock-headed Peter = Struwwelpeter : a children’s farce with songs in two acts by Walter Rubens; Philip Carr; Nigel Playfair; Heinrich Hoffmann. An original musical first performed in London at the Garrick Theatre, 26 December 1900. See Gänzl, Kurt. Encyclopedia of the musical theatre.

[3] Edward Onslow Ford RA (1852 – 1901) was an English sculptor.

[4] March Hares by George Forth [pseud. Frederic Harold] – published 1896.

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