1900 Bournemouth, London

1899 Diary is missing. I can find nothing so far.
1900 – there are three diaries – all Kate’s.

The first is a larger diary. I will start there….

In 1900, Edward is 24 years old, Kate is 21 years old and Alys is 16 years old.

Inscribed on inner front page:
Katharine Boyd
Alum Chine

Wedderburn House


Monday 1st January 1900

Read 45m Stevenson’s Letters[1]. Kit and walked to Westbourne. Posted Mr Morison’s frame. Mother called on McKenzie’s and Miss Dursley. Alys and Robin on the motor car. Kit and I to “At Home” at Miss Harris. Bagatelle, music, friend of L Borwick.

Leonard Borwick.jpg

Tuesday 2nd January 1900

Alys sore throat but had lessons. Kit and I to town and then on pier. I bought books (19s 11d). Mother to Leonard Browne’s. I read to Alys “Kidnapped[2]”, and rested. Mrs Hetherington called. Kit to Moir’s to tea. Read Stevensons letters 30 minutes.

Wednesday 3rd January 1900

Beautifully rough. Kit, Robin and I on sands. Lovely sea and foam, breakwaters. Alys in bed all day. I read to her and rested. Mother called on the Lady Agatha Russell[3] (daughter of Lord John Russell) and Mrs Cholmeley and Miss Andrews. We played writing 3 line novels in evening. Read 45 mins Stevenson. Began sleeping-helmet for T Atkins.

lady agatha russell

Thursday 4th January 1900

Trimmed Miss Andrews’ hat! Aunt Louie and Nelly in. I knitted cap for soldier. Hard. Kitty, Robin and I walked to Winter Gardens. Aunt Edith cycled there. King Witlaf by Cuthbert Hawley. And Niels Gade Symphony. Novel game in evening.

Friday 5th January 1900

Read 30 mins Stevenson’s. Mother and Robin to town. Mrs Embleton and her baby came in. Kitty and walked to station with Robin and saw him off, and then to town. Shopped and paid bills. Miss Dersley and Miss Blinkhorn to tea. Music in evening.

Saturday 6th January 1900

Kit packed up. She and I cycled to station for “outside porter”. Windy. After lunch. Kit and I walked to station. I saw her off to Blandford. Joined Teeds and Mother at Gardens and Borwick’s recital. Moirs for evening.

Sunday 7th January 1900

Mother and I to to St Michael’s. Embletons walked with us home. Read Stevenson. Teeds and I to tea at Cholmeley’s. Nice-ish. Church – 3d.

Monday 8th January 1900

Alys to Marriners all day. Housework. Mother and Teeds in bed. Mother up after break. Mended clothes and did washing. I to town after lunch. Fine day. Spent 4s 4 ¼d. Black satin tie ribbon – frilly stock. And dress braid. Read Stevenson 20 mins. Knitted. Bought Khaki wool. Coote left.

Tuesday 9th January 1900

Mother and Teeds in bed to breakfast. Teeds in bed all day. I cycled into town, very muddy and greasy. Cycled to Miss Heaths. Afternoon with cloak. Mr Toyne called. Wrote to Mr Morison and invitation for Saturday. Stevenson 15 mins. Bad night. Read “Rebellion” 40 mins after 12.30.

Wednesday 10th January 1900

Teeds in bed all day. Early to Blake’s with Conis, about his eye. Called at Embleton’s. To Miss Radmar’s boys dancing class, Alys there. I danced Lancers. The two Toynes there. Audrey, Sharpes, etc. Rested afternoon. Mother called on Mrs Falkner. Read 1.5 Rebellion this day. 30 Hamerton. A’s cycle pin 1 shilling.

Thursday 11th January 1900

Began ‘Balaclava’ cap. To Miss Heath’s with Mother and Alys early. Then to station. Met Kitty! from Blandford. Walked across common home. Kit to lunch and then Alys took her back to station and she off to London. Teeds down to supper. I unwell, rested read 30 minutes ‘Rebell’[4] and carved.

Friday 12th January 1900

Very busy all morning clearing out box-room with Mother. I arranging curtains. Rested in afternoon. Read 1 hr “Rebell”. Mother called on Mrs Trevanion. Letter from Miss Coles. Teeds up to lunch. Very brisk. Worked hard at curtains. Esmond[5].

Saturday 13th January 1900

Worked. Miss Andrews called. Mother and Alys to town. Teaparty of my friends. Miss Vipan, Cholmeley, Hieuly, Welchman, Winnie. Carved Uncle H’s pipe-rack in evening and knitted.

Sunday 14th January 1900

Alys and I to Church. Bishop of Stepney preached. Dolly and Jim Embleton walked back with us. Wrote to Miss Coles and Edward. Went to tea at McKenzies. Humphrey Davey’s there.

Arthur Winnington-Ingram – Bishop of Stepney

Monday 15th January 1900

Mother in bed to breakfast. Mrs Dyke (char) came. Sweep in dining-drawing rooms and kitchen. Very rainy all day. Loved in study. Housework.

Tuesday, 16th January 1900

Rainy early. Did plenty of work about. Mother’s room cleaned by Mrs Dyke and box-room. Fine in afternoon. Alys and I to Leonard Browne’s to tea. Very nice afternoon. They sent us home in their carriage. Knitted. Tired.

Wednesday 17th January 1900

Did a great deal of clearing up. Mrs Dyke cleaned big spare-room and study. Got our boxes down from the loft with the gardener. All to station to see Aunt Edith off to London. Then to town. Chose red cloth dress for me, also black skirt (£1 9s/6d)! To Miss Heaths. To tea at Welchman’s. Did my cupboard. All very tired.

Thursday 18th January 1900

Finished Balaclava cap. Worked hard, tidying and Mrs Dyke cleaned my own room and loft and Sarah’s room. Mother and I much in loft. I to town to Hugh King’s to be fitted. Then Lady Agatha Russell, Mrs Cooke, Mr Clark and 2 Embletons called. To Mrs Vipans to tea where I met Mother. Called at Marriner’s for Alys; and for books at Miss Cholmeleys.

Friday, 19th January 1900
Mother in bed to breakfast. Housework all morning, Mr Boniwell here to do odd jobs. We cleaned glass, etc and Mrs Dyke cleaned hall and scullery. Mother and Alys in carriage to Bank, and Cemetery and Ponder’s and Embleton’s. I to town alone. Hugh King’s and various shops. Gloves (1s/6 ½d) Also to tea at Miss Michell’s . Tatchbrook. Umbrella. 3d.

Saturday 20th January 1900

Mother up to breakfast. Very rain. I not out all day. Did lots of work about house – linen; packing, etc. Mother called on Lady Agatha and Mrs Hetherington. Neeldework.

Sunday 21st January 1900

Packed a good deal. Got things to loft. Very wet and misty. Hannah MacKenzie to tea. Read in evening.

Monday 22nd January 1900

Lovely day – springlike, birds, etc.
Mother and I up by 1st motor car from Alum Chine(!) to Square. Hugh King’s, Mrs Faulkner, etc. Home by omnibus and car! Minnie came in afternoon and bought my cycle. Hon Rollo Russell called to see about house, etc. Mother to Westborne by car. We 3 called on Mrs Smales. Private car at 9.pm. (Sarah S and Alys in car too). Set off 2 Balaclava caps, 1 pair socks, 1 Tammy to Miss Trevanion for R. A. M. C.[6]


Tuesday 23rd January 1900

Very busy finishing up house, packing etc. At 2 o’clock we all went off to London; Conis and Sarah Standen too. The Russells in Condercum (for 3 months?). We to Wedderburn House. Aunt Alice and Doz there. Headache. Slept alone.

Wednesday 24th January 1900

Rested and read quietly all morning. Copied the Inventory of some things in Condercum all afternoon. Poz arrived in evening. Fred Ormsby in. Played National Gallery game[7]. Knitted.

Thursday 25th January 1900

Spion Kop[8] taken. Mother and I to Gower Street to see about Slade School[9]. Saw Prof. Brown[11] and Miss Morison[12] there. Shopped in town. Mother’s coat and skirt; and my hat (17/6) Rested (Mother) in afternoon (lunch in town). All to dinner at William Miles. Very nice indeed. Percy Palmer there in khaki uniform. ‘34 I.Y.[13]’ Nice.

Friday 26th January 1900

I off at 9.20 on tram to Slade School, University College 1st day. With Miss Carrick, Miss Cully and another to Albany Street and saw 4 companies of Yeomanry to go off (march past). Great fun. Percy Palmer in 3rd set. Also saw Prince of Wales. To Slade and drew in Antique Room[14]. Mr Tonks[15] came once. Tea and lunch there. Back. Bertie and Tom Buch (Buchanan) in. Bertie’s farewell visit as he goes off to the war. Gordon Highlanders.

Henry Tonks – Slade Professor of Fine Art

Saturday 27th January 1900

Doz and I to see the Landscape Exhibition with Mr Waterlow’s (Mrs Embleton) ticket of invitation. Lunch at Florence’s[16]. To Van Dyke exhibition at Burlington House and to tea at G. E. Barnard’s.

Florence Restaurant.png

Sunday 28th January 1900

Read paper, knitted, etc. Uncle Harold and Lois and Paul in. Poz and I to tea at Buchanans. Wade and I long talk together. Fred Ormsby there. Snow.

Monday 29th January 1900

Medley Club book and card. I off at 9.15 to Slade School. All morning in Antique Room. Mr Russell on lesson, 2 ½ hours. Then lunch in College. 1 ¾ hours after lunch. No lesson then tea 3.15 and then 1 hour in life-room. “Short poses” 10 mins nude model.
5 ¼ hours drawing.

Tuesday 30th January 1900

Wrote to Miss Coles, and knitted. After lunch, Mother, Doz and I to Mr Horsburgh’s lecture – Fra Angelico. Lovely slides. Went to Lyceum at 8.00 with Alys and Grosvenor and Louie. Saw “The Snow Man” Rosalie Jacobie (cripple), James Welch.

james Welch.jpg
James Welch – actor

Wednesday 31st January 1900

Aunt Alice bad headache. To Slade School at 9.00. One lesson morning from Mr Tonks. Also one short “comment” afternoon – “that’s much better” !!!!!! Lunch alone in College. Short poses in life room. Same model (girl). I did 3. Then to Acton by omni and train. Supper and games with the R. W. Boyds. 30 Grafton Street. Back at 11pm.

Thursday 1st February 1900

Not out all day I. Dr Neale to see Aunt Alice who was much better. Kitty influenza. I knitted and wrote roughly, paper on “Fra Angelico’s place in Italian Art”. Wrote to Kit and Cootie. Mother called on Mrs Embleton. Finished my Sleeping Helmet (soldiers).

Friday 2nd February 1900

To Slade School. Drew a skull all morning. No lesson. Lunch in College, then drew in Antique Room. Mr Tonks gave me a lesson. Then to Highgate to stay at the Blanford’s. Mother also there. Heavy snow.

Saturday 3rd February 1900

All white! 7 inches of snow. Mother breakfast in bed. I copied out my Anglelico paper. Mrs B to theatre. Mr and Mrs Fred Wylie (Welsh Regt) to dinner. Frank Blanford came.

Sunday 4th February 1900

To Church with Mother, Mrs Blanford, Frank and Oliver. Stayed for Communion Service. To Highgate School Chapel after lunch, with Mother, Mrs B and Philip. Nice. Ernest to supper.

Monday 5th February 1900

To Slade School. Started at 8.45. Oliver took me as far as Euston Road. Drew, and had lesson from Mr Russell. Called and talked to Miss Morison. Lunch in College, met Mother. Both to see Edward at Bethlem Hosp. Fairy nice visit. Home by omnibus. Very tired. Wrote to Kitty. Back to Hampstead.

Bethlem Hospital, St George’s Fields in Southwark

Tuesday, 6th February 1900

In bed to breakfast, because so tired. Up and sewed skirt and read paper. Lovely day. With Doz to Mr Horsburgh’s lecture. Class first. Got A- for my paper. Mother to lecture too, on Botticelli. Lovely slides.

Wednesday 7th February 1900

To Slade School. Chain for kitty. Khaki wool for socks. Nice day, drawing Antique figure – tram there and back. With Alys in hansom to Albert Hall, our seats. Imperial Concert, Prince of Wales there. Albani and Edward Lloyd, etc. Home in hansom.

Thursday 8th February 1900

In Morning wrote part of paper on Botticelli’s art. To G. E. Barnard’s after lunch. Talked to Kitty; tea and late dinner there – Mary Morison. Slept in Drawing-room.

Friday 9th February 1900

To Slade School all day. Very foggy. Electric light. Tonks. Drew hard all day at dancing faun. Sketch-club criticisms by Professor Brown. Fun. Late home. Slept in Mother’s room. Alys not well.

Saturday 10th February 1900

Alys feverish. Wrote paper and letters to Miss Vipan and Mrs G. E. B. Doz and I to fencing – lesson 1st this year (my 14th). Kegan taught as Stubbs is out at Colenso! Spion Kop[1], etc. Very nice. Slept in girls room.

Sunday 11th February 1900

At home, read and copied out my Botticelli paper. Grosvenor in with medals. Reggie Yeld, Charlie Warren, Nita and Kitty to tea. Poz and Doz called on Smith’s. Cousin Jeanie and Cecil to supper.

Monday 12th February 1900

Skating everywhere. To Slade in spite of bad fog – sent in permission to draw in life-room. No omnibus but but tram. Russell’s day. I unwell. Sent in “Slave” drawing for life-work. Home to lunch. Rested all afternoon. Knitted. Mother to Aunt Rosa’s to call, and Doz.

Tuesday 13th February 1900

In bed to breakfast. Miss Parsons all day. Drew and muddled. Doz and I to class and lecture by Mr Horsburgh. A- paper. Mother also to latter, and asked Mr H to tea but he couldn’t come. Mrs Collins called. Knitted, read Pendennis[2] to Alys. Dr Neale to Alys.

Wednesday 14th February 1900

Very snowy. So not to Slade School early. But at 12.00 to Shoolbred’s[3]. Bought shoes. Had lunch and galoshes. Tonks angelic. “Not yet” in life room.

Thursday 15th February 1900

Simply wretched. Rainy day. Dr Neale to Alys who still in bed. Doz at home and she and I made fencing jackets all morning. Barbara in and E Miles. Rested in afternoon. Doz and I in cab to Lyceum to see 1st night of Benson’s Henry V[4]. Dress circle. Mr Joe Anderson sat next me and got our cab home. Lovely!!!

Friday 16th February 1900

To Slade School. At 11 o’clock heard of the Relief of Kimberley[5] by French. Great excitement. Lunch in College. Lesson from Tonks in morning. He quite angelic again. No lesson afternoon. Left early. Shopped in Oxford Street – and home by omni to Swiss. Safety pins and busks 1/0. To British Museum for walk with Miss Cully.

Saturday 17th February 1900

Mary Geddes in. Did fencing coats. Doz and I to fencing. Very tired after it. Alys up to tea. Talked to Biggs.

Sunday 18th February 1900

Aunt Alice to Highbury. Frank Moir died. I to St John’s Church alone. Mother and I called on William Miles in afternoon. Percy there. Alan Baumer to tea.

Monday 19th February 1900

Aunt Caroline (Barnard) died. I in omni to Slade School. Russell gave me one lesson. I had lunch at Shoolbred’s; then met Mother at Baker Street and she and I went to see Edward. Very nice visit; had his violin. Alys “Barclay” in evening. Wrote to Ella.

Tuesday 20th February 1900

In bed to breakfast as slept on. Aunt Alice to Highbury. Kitty for music-lesson. Doz and I to lecture, Horsburgh. Last picture one, lovely. Sistine roof. Michelangelo. Doz to dinner at the Tadema’s. Pink satin. Washed my head.

Wednesday 21st February 1900

To Slade School by omnibus. Lovely day. Lunched at Shoolbred’s with Kitty; then took her over Slade School. Drew till 3.15. Lessons from Tonks and Russell in morning. None in afternoon. Short poses, Black man, fine; difficult. Back in tram. Read Michelangelo.

Thursday 22nd February 1900

Alys up to breakfast. Did Conis. We 4 girls to Finchley Road. Tried to get vet. India-rubber (3d). Rained. Alys and Poz back in cab. Mother to town. I did Michelangelo paper all afternoon and after tea too. Very difficult.

Friday 23rd February 1900

Mother to Aunt Nelly. Aunt Alice to Highbury. To Slade School by tram. Did kneeling figure. 3 “looks at”; hardly lessons by Tonks. He very pleased. I believe the last two! Lunch at Shoolbred’s with Miss Button. Cousin Mary at Wedderburn House. Doz to Coronet Theatre to see programmes for War Fund, Princess Louise’s[6] and to Kensington Palace to supper.

Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll

Saturday 24th February 1900

Finished off my paper. To fencing-lesson with Doz. Rain. Nice lesson. Paid Bigges for things (4/7 ½ d). He charming. 3rd lesson.

Sunday 25th February 1900

Copied out my M. A. paper. Headache all day. Grosvenor in morning. Maude Caffin to dinner and tea. Josephine and Percy Palmer called. Mr Smith to tea.

Monday 26th February 1900

To Slade School all day. Two lessons from Russell. Lunch alone at Shoolbred’s. Sent in drawings for permission to draw in the life. Consequent tenterhooks. Omnibus home. Mrs Birmann (Scout’s wife) called.

Tuesday 27th February 1900

Lazy. In bed to breakfast. Felt ill. Kitty to music-lesson. Did fencing-coat. Doz and I to Horsburgh lecture on Chaucer. Got A for paper.
Surrender of Cornje[7]. 4,500 prisoners. Aunt Alice to dinner at the Tadema’s.

Wednesday 28th February 1900

To Slade all day. Two lessons from Tonks who was delightful and said my Discobulus was “very good”!!! Did not stay for short poses. Dressed, at 7.30 came Kitty, Messrs Smith, Geddes, Warren and Blanford. Nice dinner-party. Barclay waited. Great fun. Games paper and C. A. B.

WARNING: This month is not good, not good at all.

Thursday 1st March 1900

LADYSMITH RELIEVED[1]. Tremendous excitement all over London and England. Leaps, cheers, etc. Miss Parsons all day. I worked with her and made grey blouse (3/6). Evening body etc. Busy day. Tried Josephine Miles’ bicycle. Finished fencing jacket.

Friday 2nd March 1900

To Slade School all day. 3 lessons from Tonks. Nice. Kitty came and we had lunch at Shoolbred’s together. I drew Discobolus. Very nice male model for short poses. Easy. Home 6pm. Miss Parsons for Poz. Mother to Highbury.

Saturday 3rd March 1900

Alys colded. Mother and I shopped in F. Rd. Doz and I to fencing. Lesson (my 4th). Very nice. Showed our foil case. Alys acted at Collin’s; and the other audited. Alys bad cold and to bed.

Sunday 4th March 1900

Doz and I fenced. Aunt Rosa, Uncle Harold and Lois in. Kitty and Mr Waller to tea.

Monday 5th March 1900

To Sale School. No lesson in morning. Football Cup[2] excitement by students. Lunch alone at Shoolbred’s. Lesson from Billee at 2 o’clock. “Better” !!! Venus. Left early and with Mother and C. N. Warren (Charlie Warren) to see Edward. Nice visit. Barnards to L MacArthy’s. Alys in bed all day with cold.

Tuesday 6th March 1900

Miss Parsons. Did my white dress. My half-day. Doz and I to lecture by Mr Hosburgh. Wars of the Roses. Nice. Mother and I called on Warrens. Nice. Fenced with Doz. Dolly Carr to dinner.

Wednesday 7th March 1900

To Slade School. 3 turns from Tonks. Nice. Lunch at Shoolbred’s. with Misses Button and Dangerfield. Nice. Mother to call on G. E. B’s and Matthews. Short poses, a nice little girl model. Sketches up. Fun. Edward and the Burghers of Calais[3]. Fenced.

Edward burghers calais.jpg

Thursday 8th March 1900

Muddled about, sewed on braid, etc in morning. Doz and I to Burlington House. After lunch to Mrs Collier and Mr Barrett. Met Kitty and saw Van Dyck Exhibition. Very nice. 2nd time. Drove about Piccadilly Circus to see Queen. Huge crowds (like Jubilee Day). Fun. Didn’t see her. Home at 6.40 and at 7pm dined at the Baumer’s – Mother and I. Slept with Doz. Aunt Alice dined at Parsons’ and stayed till 9th.

Friday 9th March 1900

Spring Day!
To Slade School; wore new grey blouse. Nice lesson from Tonks. Drew “Slave”. Lunch at Shoolbred’s with Miss Button, etc. Drew till 3pm then sketches criticised by Tonks. Very nice. All students to Portland Place and had a procession down it (I also). Stopped by Chinese Embassy and saw the Queen drive by! Cheers, etc. I alone home by Baker Street. Eddy Buchanan to dinner and to a picnic dance with Poz and I, Baumers etc. Nice. Got home 1 o’clock – am!

Saturday 10th March 1900

Tired; didn’t do much. Doz and I to fencing lesson. Nice. My 5th. Pieter called and played on musette. Drew Andromeda.

Sunday 11th March 1900

Grosevenor and Louie called. Fenced with Doz all morning. Called on Aunt Rosa with Kitty. J Geddes and Oliver Blanford called and Miss Bankhart.

Monday 12th March 1900

To Slade all day (20th day). Lesson from Billee. Drew hands. Sent in for permission to draw in the life. Very fine day. Ethel Baumer to lunch at Shoolbred’s with me. Nice. Girls for short poses. Home on tram. Ted Barnard to dinner.

Tuesday 13th March 1900

Worked at Alys’ dress. Heard of French entering Bloemfontein!!! Kitty to music lesson.

Wednesday 14th March 1900

I to Slade. Got permission to draw in life-class. Mother to Acton to see Boyds, Randalls, etc.

Thursday 15th March 1900

Aunt Alice, Doz and I tot tea at Mr Smith’s; Mother and Polly joined the two fomer and all 4 to box at Lyceum to see Richard II. Benson.

Friday 16th March 1900

I to Slade School. My first day in the life-class. V. nice. Lesson from Tonks. Cousin Mary to dinner and Cecil in afterwards. Mother read tons about Richard II in Greene’s History.

Saturday 17th March 1900

Mother told us at breakfast of Bill Simes’ boy’s birth. Mother died at 10 o’clock am.

The diary finishes. No more is written in this book.

Me: I am devastated. Such a final sentence.  The poor family. They are already going through Hell with Edward and now this. Out of nowhere, aged 49, Mother dies. 

According to family history, Mother died in the bathroom and Alys (my great grandmother) had to climb through the window (as she was the smallest) to find her mother dead.  From then on Alys had migraines. Their lives would never be the same again.

New Diary…

Wednesday 28th March 1900

Aunt Alice and I to Bournemouth. Stayed at Grand Hotel (to fetch Mother’s Will).

Thursday 29th March 1900

Aunt Alice and I drove to Condercum. Brough Despatch Box back. Up to London again.

Friday, 30th March 1900

Kitty in. She and Aunt Alice to Trafalgar Buildings.

tralfalgar 19000.jpg

Saturday, 31st March 1900


Sunday 1st April 1900

Mr G. E. B. called. Also Grosvenor and Emily and the Trowers. Paul to tea and dinner.

Monday 2nd April 1900

Kitty begins at Trafalgar Square. With Aunt Alice and Uncle Harold to see Edward. Lois has diphtheria at Dorking. Aunt Ammy called.

Tuesday 3rd April 1900


Wednesday 4th April 1900

Took Conis to A. Broad. MRCVS. Cab 1/6

Thursday 5th April 1900

Barnards to J. Sargent R. A.’s Bought cycling skirt grey at Barnes £1.1.0.


Friday 6th April 1900

Business with Aunt Alice.

Saturday 7th April 1900


Sunday 8th April 1900

Mrs Blanford and Oliver and Kitty called.

Monday 9th April 1900

Conis back from vets. All down to Broadway – 1.40. Aunt A, Alys and I to Miss Tennant’s. Poz and Doz to Maude Coffin’s.

Tuesday 10th April 1900

Dressed Conis’ foot. Doz held him. Up to Maude’s. Cycled. Windy.

Wednesday 11th April 1900

To Millet’s to tea. Played hockey. Pouring rain.

Thursday 12th April 1900

Alys and Poz to Pems to tea. I to tea at Maude’s. Lawrence there. Compton’s in evening there.

Friday 13th April 1900 – Good Friday

Wrote to Miss Evans, Mrs Sharpe and Miss Miller. To tea at Mrs Mann’s with Alys.

Saturday 14th April 1900

Mr and Mrs J. M. Barrie[1] to the Millets. Teaparty here. Comptons. Maude and Poz and Doz and Laurence and Jack Millet. Played “gdp” with Jack, Alys and Doz.

NPG x5161; J.M. Barrie by Herbert Rose Barraud
James Matthew Barrie

Memo: To write to Mrs Blanford when we get back.

Sunday 15th April 1900 – Easter Sunday

I to early service at 8.00 – alone Millets and Pems and Comptons there, etc. All to 11 o’clock service. Mr Morgan preached. Wrote to Kitty. To evening service at Willersey.

Monday 16th April 1900 – Easter Monday

All up to meet at the Fish. Doz, Alys, K. F. and Lawrence Millet and I followed hounds a good way. Home at 2.00. Rested. Called on Pems with Doz and to old church.

Tuesday 17th April 1900

Stiff leg. Rain. Alwyne in. Wrote to Auntie Kate. Alys to hockey at Moreton with others. I called on Mrs Mann.

Wednesday 18th April 1900

Dorothy, Alys, Alwyne and I all cycled to Stratford-on-Avon. Lunch at “Golden Bee”. Walked about. Train to Honeybourne. Cycled home.

Thursday 19th April 1900

Saw Mrs Mann off. Maud, Poz, Doz, Alys and I to coppice for primroses. Nice. Evening at Russell House. Games. Comptons, L MacArthur. Mr Parsons.

Russell House, Broadway, Worcestershire

Friday 20th April 1900

To Russell House. To cowslip field with Doz. Cycled. To tea at the MacArthur’s. Doz and Poz too. Walked to Saintbury. I back to Gables.

Saturday 21st April 1900

All watched and played tennis at Russell House. Spencer Flower too. Cider. Great fun. Aunt Alice, Poz and I to tea at Lady Lifford’s. Doz, Alys and May Pem. Cycled to Beckford 22 ½ miles altogether.

Sunday 22nd April 1900

Alwyne went. To Church with Kate. Law of Jack. Mr Moss preached. Lunch at Millet’s. Rounders. Packed up.

Monday 23rd April 1900

Aunt Alice, Alys and I to Bournemouth via Bath. Stayed at Newlyn’s Hotel.

Tuesday 24th April 1900

Over to Condercum. W, Hankinson valued the state of “L. R. B.” (Lucy Reid Boyd). We tore papers and packed. Table d’hôte at Newlyn’s.

Wednesday 25th April 1900

Warehousemen from Maple’s. Packed all day. Table d’hôte at Newlyn’s.

Thursday 26th April 1900

Packed at Condercum all day.

Friday 27th April 1900

Packed at Condercum all day. I left it.

Saturday 28th April 1900

Alys and I drove to Cemetery with tulips (father is buried there). All to London. Wedderburn House. I unwell. Poz and Doz back from Broadway with Conis also.

Sunday 29th April 1900

In bed to breakfast. Wrote to Aunt Bella. Poz to Hindhead to Lady Tadema[2].

Monday 30th April 1900


Tuesday 1st May 1900


Wednesday 2nd May 1900

To Slade School. Criticisms of sketches. Tonks. Fun.

Thursday 3rd May 1900

In bed. Rain. Colded.

Friday 4th May 1900

With Aunt Ada and Alys to see lodgings in 10 Well Walk.

10 Well Walk, Hampstead.png
10 Well Walk, Hampstead, London NW3

Saturday 5th May 1900

In bed, sore throat. Poz back from Hindhead.

1st and 3rd Monday’s – Edward

Sunday 6th May 1900

In bed. Charlie Warren called, also Dolly Carr to lunch. Sir Alma and Lady Tadema and Mr Parsons called. I up to dinner.

Monday 7th May 1900

Uncle H to see Edward. Out to Hampstead. Polly and Alys to Trafalgar Square to see Ladysmith[1] heroes procession Naval Brigade.

British Film Institute – The Heroes of Ladysmith Marching through London – 1900

Ladysmith Parade.jpg
Ladysmith Parade

Tuesday 8th May 1900

To Slade School. Lessons from Russell.

Wednesday 9th May 1900

To Slade School. Lesson from Tonks and Russell. Lunch with Miss Button. Aunt Louie and Nell came.

Thursday 10th May 1900

Life room in Slade. Tonks – nice.

Friday 11th May 1900

To Lords (Lord’s Cricket Ground) with Doz and Mr Smith – cricket match. Good afternoon. Mr Smith to dinner.

Saturday 12th May 1900

A and I to fetch Audrey. Took her to zoo.

London Zoo 1900.jpg
London Zoo, Regents Park – 1900

Memo: Blanford

Sunday 13th May 1900

To Aunt Rosa’s.

Monday 14th May 1900

Packed. Alys and I to 10 Well Walk to lodgings. Aunt Ada too. Ceiling came down.

Tuesday 15th May 1900

To Slade School. Lunch with Uncle H. British Museum.

British Museum.jpg
British Museum, Great Russell Street, London

Wednesday 16th May 1900

To Slade School. Lunch Miss Button.

Thursday 17th May 1900

To Slade. Life-room. Miss Dangerfield lunch.


Friday 18th May 1900


Saturday 19th May 1900


Memo: Wade – 8/ till May 26th

Sunday 20th May 1900

To G. E. Barnard’s (cousin)

Monday 21st May 1900

To see Edward with Aunt Ada.

Tuesday 22nd May 1900


Wednesday 23rd May 1900


Thursday 24th May 1900

Slade. Lesson from P. Wilson Steer[1].

Wilson Steer.jpg
Philip Wilson-Steer (1860 – 1942

Friday 25th May 1900

To French Class to hear Alys. C. N Warren called.

Saturday 26th May 1900

Conis rheumatic. Lunch at W. H. Fenced with Josephine, Audrey here. To Child’s Hill.

Invitation from Uncle Pierre. Alys and I to go to Baden-Baden. Aug.

Sunday 27th May 1900

To Mrs Blanford’s.

Monday 28th May 1900

Military Tournament 2 till 5. Solar eclipse.

Tuesday 29th May 1900

To Slade. Edward’s 24th birthday. Called on Kitty who gone and 7 B’s (Buchanans) all out!

Wednesday 30th May 1900

Made lunch with Button. Bought tennis shoes 4/6. Joined Sketch Club. Tea with Kitty.

Thursday 31st May 1900

Slade – Tonks. Polly to lunch with me at Shoolbred’s.

















[1] Philip Wilson Steer (28 December 1860 – 18 March 1942) was a British painter of landscapes, seascapes plus portraits and figure studies. He was also an influential art teacher.











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