1900 January Footnotes

[1] Letters and Miscellanies of Robert Louis Stevenson : correspondence addressed to Sidney Colvin, November 1890 to October 1894. by Robert Louis Stevenson; Sidney Colvin.

[2] Kidnapped is a historical fiction adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, written as a boys’ novel and first published in the magazine Young Folks from May to July 1886.

[3] Lady Mary Agatha Russell (1853 – 1933) was the daughter of the 1st Earl Russell (Prime Minister) and Frances, the Countess of Russell, and the aunt of Bertrand Russell.

[4] Barbara Rebell – Novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes.

[5] Esmond by William Makepeace Thackeray.

[6] R. A. M. C. (Royal Army Medical Corp) serving in South Africa in Anglo-Boer War.

[7] National Gallery Game – A “Happy Families” card game.

[8] Boer War – The Battle of Spion Kop was fought about 38 km (24 mi) west-south-west of Ladysmith on the hilltop of Spioenkop along the Tugela River, Natal in South Africa from 23–24 January 1900.

[9] Slade School of Fine Art, Gower Street, London. The UCL Slade School of Fine Art is the art school of University College London and was founded in 1868.

[11] Frederick Brown (1851-1941). From 1893–1918 he was Slade Professor of Art.

[12] Jessie Ada Titcomb née Morison (1867 – 1955) was the wife of William Holt Titcomb. She attended the Slade School of Fine Art and produced studies of children and other subjects.

[13] 34 I.Y. –  34th Imperial Yeomanry, British Army.

[14] Antique Roomthe room of plaster casts taken from antique sculptures which was used as a vital teaching tool in the Slade School curriculum.

[15] Henry Tonks, FRCS (1862 –1937) was a British surgeon and later draughtsman and painter of figure subjects, chiefly interiors, and a caricaturist. He became an influential art teacher as Slade Professor of Fine Art.

[16] The Florence Restaurant, Shaftesbury Avenue, London.

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