1898 Bournemouth, London, Cambridge, Swanage, Isle of Wight, Skye, Newcastle, Austria


In 1898, Edward is 22 years old, Kate is 19 years old and Alys is 14 years old.


Saturday, 1st January 1898

Up to Westbourne with Poz, Doz and Alys. Rested in afternoon and read “Greville[1]”. Began journal. Alys did “Irish jig” and we all dance in evening. Letters from Brussels.

Ed and I must call on Brennand’s. Ditto on Reece’s before the 6th.

Sunday, 2nd January 1898

Mother and Edward to St Michael’s. The rest of us on moor. Met Aunt Rosa, etc. Rested in afternoon. Aunt Alice and Mother to MacKenzie’s. I to bed early. Read Greville. Giddy.

Monday, 3rd January 1898

Doz I and to Westbourne in omni. To Miss Heath’s etc. Embletons called. Mother bicycled. Ed and I to call on Reece’s, Brennands, Marriners and Hakes. Danced in evening. Very hot.

Tuesday, 4th January 1898

To town with Mother. Bought fur and white shoes. Home in omnibus. Alys and Kate on pier. Alys and I to Sharpe’s. Several children there. Games and dancing. Ed called for us. Rheumatism in hip.

Wednesday, 5th January 1898

Poured with rain. Got my box down from loft and got things to pack. Mother and Aunt Alice to cemetery. After lunch, Doz and I to Shaftesbury Hall to hear Kennerley Rumford[2], who was at Osborne[3]. Geo Ferguson instead. To bed very early.


Thursday, 6th January 1898

Packed in morning. Doz out. We (Aunt Alice, Doz and I) to London by 2 trains. Tea and dinner at Wedderburn House. At 9.15. Doz and I in cab to 72 Fitzjohns Avenue (Johnston’s). Dancing 9 pm to 2 am. Very jolly indeed.

Friday, 7th January 1898

Very fine
In bed to breakfast with Doz. Uncle Harold and Miss Parsons came. Doz and I to shop a little. Rested. Aunt A to Tadema’s[4] at 7.45. Doz and I at 10 to Tad’s. Dancing and 2 suppers. Saw Poynter’s[5], Sargent[6], Parsons[7], David Murray[8], Dicksee[9], O. Ford[10] and home…..

Saturday, 8th January 1898

Fine. Misty.
…at 2.30 on Saturday. Slept till 11.30. Breakfast in bed. Had lunch. Aunt Alice to Mr Parsons to see Lau Millet (Laurence Millet painted by John Singer Sargent). Doz and I for long walk on heath. Went quite slowly. Arthur Carr to tea about Dolly Carr. Read Greville. Early to bed.

Laurence Millet.jpg

John Singer Sargent, Portrait of Laurence Millet (1887)

Sharpe’s 4.
7 Tues 4th.
To call on Weshmans
Owe Mary 4d – pd.

Sunday, 9th January 1898

Fine and very cold
Up late. Wrote to Mother – a long letter. Dolly and Tommy Carr to lunch. The former to stay. A bad cold she has! Doz and I to call on G E Barnard. Saw Kitty and Patty and Mr Barnard – had tea there.

Monday, 10th January 1898

Beautiful day
Aunt Alice in bed all day with headache. Doz to Eira Neale. Dolly Carr and I for walk to Hampstead Heath. I unwell later; headache, etc. Early to bed Fuss about D. Carr’s return. Phil Carr called.

Tuesday, 11th January 1898

Quite fine
Stayed in bed till tea-time. Read “Jackanapes[11]” and Greville. Wrote journal. Doz to Eira’s and to Drill Hall to practice. Edward to tea. Doz, Laurie and I to dance at Drill Hall. 7.30 to 12. Very jolly. Uncle Harold’s dance.

Wednesday, 12th January 1898

Stayed in bed to breakfast. Ed and Robin called. Rested all afternoon. Ed went to Cambridge. We 3 to Aunt Louise Moir’s. Met loads of cousins. Games and music. Home at 11.20. Neuralgia – horrid.

Thursday, 13th January 1898

Thick fog
Quite black and dark and then yellow. The worst fog Aunt Alice has known at Weddeburn! I wrote to Alys; Doz not to Eira’s. Doz, Laurie and I shopped. Finchley Road and library. Horrid smell, the fog has. Read Sonnets, letters, etc. To bed 10.20.

Friday, 14th January 1898

Fog slight
Doz to Eira’s. Aunt Rosa and Laurie to town. Telegram from Mother to say Alys had Scarlet Fever. Fuss and sorrow about this. Aunt A to Dr Neales’. D and I to Primose Hill. Mary Geddes called. Poz and Kate to Rowan Tree House. I wrote to Mother. To bed 10.35.

Saturday, 15th January 1898

Eric to stay here. Dox and I to town to United Service Institution and National Portrait Galley. I bought “Sir Thos Picton”. Mrs Sargent called. Aunt A headache. Wrote to Mother. I neuralgic. Read Greville and “Letters of IV Centuries[12]”. Not very foggy.

Picton NPG.jpg
Sir Thomas Picton. by Sir Martin Archer Shee oil on canvas, engraved 1812

Jan 10th School of Art begins.

Owe Aunt Alice 4d – pd
Owe Aunt Alice 2d – pd

Sunday 16th January 1898

Thick fog
Very foggy. Cleaned gloves and shoes with benzoline. Kate and Laurence Millet to lunch. Mr G. E. and Patty Barnard and Robin and Paul and Alan Baumer called. Bad neuralgia, so early to bed 8.45.

Monday, 17th January 1898

Thicker fog. Cold.
In bed to breakfast. Sore throat. Played with Eric and made washing-bag. Doz to Eira! Late. Kitty called and had tea here. My neuralgia came on again. Wrote to Mother. Played cards. To bed at 10.30.

Tuesday, 18th January 1898

Fine. Some sun
Cold fairly heavy. Went shopping in Finchley Road with Aunt Alice. Wrote to Alys. Aunt A and Doz to R. I. (Royal Institute) lecture Geddes[13]. I wrote to Ella. In evening Aunt Alice and Dorothy to Tadema’s. I to bed at 10. Read “Lord Lawrence[14]”.

Wednesday, 19th January 1898

Fine. Some sun
Out on Heath with Aunt Alice. Doz unwell, but to Eira. My throat rather sore. Long rest in afternoon. Read “Papers on Art” Carr[15]. Aunt Edith to tea and dinner. I to bed early.

Thursday, 20th January 1898

Fine, some rain
In bed till tea-time. Wrote letter and unpicked for Miss Parsons. Got up for tea. Felt much better. Read “Papers on Art”. Doz read “Pepys[16]” to me aloud. Aunt Alice to Vernor Miles.

Friday, 21st January 1898

In bed to breakfast. Darned stockings. Up soon after. Kitty came and stayed all morning with me. Aunt Alice to Mr Parson’s to lunch and not back till 11 o’clock. p.m. My throat very sore, could hardly speak.

Saturday, 22nd January 1898

Very fine
Stayed in bed all day. Went into Mr Strettell’s room to stay. Read “Cranford” and Doz bought the “Dispatches[17]” in which I read all the afternoon. Aunt A and Doz to hear Geddes on Cyprus (Royal Institute) Dr Browne came to see me. I wrote to Alys. Letter from Wade and Julie.

Call on Tademas Jan 17

Call on Johnstons
Call on Lees

Sunday, 23rd January 1898

Read “Dispatches” and drew. Aunt Alice and Doz to lunch at the Carr’s. Dr Wm Neale to see me! I must stop in bed all today. Wrote to Edward and Mother. Played “Patience” with Aunt A, who returned at 5.00. Began Wheezing.

Monday, 24th January 1898

In bed all day. Doz to Eira’s. I darned stockings, counted washing. Read Dispatches and Cranford. Doz to call on Lees. They out. Kitty came in. 2 letters from Ed about Cambridge. Played Patience with Aunt Alice.

Tuesday, 25th January 1898

Aunt Ada came to lunch and tea. And had a nice talk with me. I marked three handkerchiefs. Darned stockings and wrote to Ed, Julie and Mother. Dr Neale came; I to stay in bed “another 48 hours”. Patience with Aunt Ada.

Wednesday, 26th January 1898

Aunt Alice to Election. Sarah Stomden’s boy got in to Orphange – 700 votes. V. G. I wrote to Mother. Marked handkerchiefs. Aunt Edith to tea. Wrote to Polly. Played Patience with Aunt Alice. Read Dispatches. Stiff leg. Bed all day.

Thursday, 27th January 1898

Fine. Doz biked.
Darned stockings, drew hands. In bed all day. Kitty called in morning. Aunt Alice out. Dr Neale came. Said I might get up tomorrow. Received parcel from Aunt Eliza. Finished “Cranford”. Read “Dispatches”. Played “Patience”.

Friday, 28th January 1898

Read “Dispatches”. Got up at 12 o’clock. Luther’s Table Talk[18]and Pepys Diary came. Wrote cards to Ed, Mother and Kit. Letter to Waterloo. Cousin Mary to tea. Polly and Kate Slater came home from Bournemouth. To bed 9.50. Very good night.

Saturday, 29th January 1898

Fine. Cold
Darned stockings and read “Dispatches” all day. Dr Neale came in morning. Poz to give lessons. Doz to music-lesson and both to “Walter Smith’s”. Pierrot entertainment “at home” 4.30. Aunt Alice to Prof Geddes – 2nd lecture. Mary away for her holiday.

Dr Neale coming on Tuesday.

Dr Neale coming on Thursday.
I owe Aunt Alice 5/4 Saturday – pd
Shilling postal order 6d p. c. Medley.

Sunday, 30th January 1898

Wrote to Mother, Edward and Aunt Eliza. Read “Dispatches” and looked at hats. Mrs Sargent and Emily called. Aunt A and Poz to Cannon Place in evening. Doz and I did Tree of Wellesley[19].

Monday, 31st January 1898

Very fine and sunny
Dr Neale came. I went out for ¼ hour before lunch and again after. Bought account book. Kitty came to tea. Charlie Buchanan called. I did accounts and read “Dispatches”.

Tuesday, 1st February 1898

Poz out early. I in bed to breakfast all these days. Went out with Poz to Finchley Road. Trimmed Poz’ hat. Aunt A to lunch at Sargent’s and with Doz to lecture at R.I. Poz unwell. We rested. Wrote to Mother. Letter from Ed.

Wednesday, 2nd February 1898

Lovely, Sunny
Poz out all day. Aunt A in bed all day with slight head-ache. I out alone, bought shoes, etc. Wrote to Mother and Ed. Out with Doz again after lunch. Aunt Edith to tea. Got II Vol of Dispatches. Finished 1st. Doz to dinner-party at Collins’.

Thursday, 3rd February 1898

Fine, cold
Out to Finchely Road in morning. Put red pompom in my hat and velvet. Miss Boodle to lunch and tea. Very nice. At 7.15 Aunt Alice, Doz and I to Subscription Dance at Vestry Hall[1]. Very jolly. Kitty there. Home at 12.00. Dr Neale to see me at lunchtime.

Hampstead Old Town Hall – An impressive example of a Victorian vestry hall

Friday, 4th February 1898

Snowy. V. cold
Wrote to Mother, Miss Parsons and card to Ed. Kitty here at 12 for music lesson. Rested in afternoon; read “Dispatches”. Cousin Mary called. Aunt A and Poz to Mrs Lees in evening. Doz and I read and talked.

Saturday, 5th February 1898

Out to pay bills. Doz to Cousin Mary’s. Cousin Jeanie gave me a Voice Production lesson. Doz and I together to Royal Institution. Heard Prof. Geddes and spoke to him. He splendid. Grosvenor and LL to dinner.

Feb 3rd Subscription Dance
Owe Poz 10d – pd
Cousin Jeanie on Sat at 12.00

Sunday, 6th February 1898

Wrote to Alys, Edward and Kitty. Read Dispatches. Out on heath in evening.

Monday, 7th February 1898

Aunts Ada and Edith to Cambridge (Monday). Alys been in bed 1 month. I up to breakfast. Trimmed Doz’s hat. Cousin Jeanie came. 2nd lesson. Dr Neale came. I rested. Aunt Alice, Poz and Doz to Davenport’s to dinner. I drew and read Dispatches.

Tuesday, 8th February 1898

I wrote journal. Up to breakfast. Lois to lunch. I rested all afternoon, unwell; read Dispatches. Wrote to Edward and Mother. Lucy and Doris influenza. I to bed 8.15 a little colded.

Wednesday, 9th February 1898

In bed till tea-time. Drew a good deal and read over a 100 pages of “Dispatches”. Kitty bicycled over but didn’t stay long. Aunt Edith to tea. Went to bed before late dinner. Read Dispatches. Our visit to Cambridge put off.

Thursday, 10th February 1898

In bed to breakfast. Miss Parsons all day for my dressing-gown. I helped with it all morning. Went to Royal Institution with Poz to hear J P Richter[2] of “Some Italian Pictures at the National Gallery”. Very Jolly.

Friday, 11th February 1898

Cambridge Visit to the fore again. I out. Cousin Jeanie here. My 3rd lesson. Kitty here for her 2nd music-lesson. My Medley Book arrived. Aunt Edith and Doz to a “Pop” concert and Aunt Alice to Hon. Mrs John Collier to dinner.

Saturday, 12th February 1898

Doz, Kitty and I to Cambridge by 11.10. from Kings X. Lunch with Ed at Sidney. Walked to Jesus, John’s and Trinity Colleges and to the River, saw eights go off. Atkinson and Warren with us and to tea, also Eustace Pollock and Scruby. Then to King’s Chapel, heard Service then home by 6.12 train. Mrs Roller sang in evening.

Ed asked us to Cambridge on the 12th. Sat.
Saw Round Church too, at Cambridge.
Owe Aunt Alice 2/8 ½ – pd
Dr Neale coming on Monday

Sunday, 13th February 1898

In bed to breakfast, Doz also. Wrote long letter to Mother 6 ½ pages. Also to Edward. Doz and I called on Wm. Miles. Poz to lunch at Tadema’s. Pieter Rodeck[3] to tea. Boomerangs. Cousin Mary and Cecil in. Aunt Alice head-ache.

Alma Tadema Self-portrait with Daughters Anna and Laurense and Cousin Pieter Rodeck .png
Self-portrait with daughters Anna and Laurense and cousin Pieter Rodeck by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema – circa 1885-1887

Monday, 14th February 1898

I out 3 times. To library, shops, etc. Miss Parsons here for Poz. Cousin Jeanie here. Singing! Kit called and had lunch here. Doz out to lunch. Muriel and Gertrude Davenport to dinner and we played games (paper). Aunt A better.

Tuesday, 15th February 1898

I out, called on Cousin Mary – and to shops. Miss Parsons here. Wrote to Mother and Alys and sent paper games. William Miles and called. We all to Cousin James’ from 5.30 till 9.45. Poz had bad turn and was ill. Back in cab.

Wednesday, 16th February 1898

Poz in bed all day. Kit came. Aunt A and I met Doz; had lunch at “Cri” with Uncle Harold. Doz to theory exam. Aunt Alice and I to St Paul’s crypt, etc. Tea at an A.B.C.[4] Very tired. Home. Aunt Edith in.

Thursday, 17th February 1898

Miss Parsons here. I to Finchley Road. Telegraphed to Kitty. Met Kitty at station 2.16. We two to R.I. to lecture together. Had tea together in A.B.C. French class in evening. 8.00 to 9.00 Cecil, Kitty, Doz.

Friday, 18th February 1898

Very bad day so not out at all. Snow, etc. Kitty for music lesson. Edward and Warren to tea. Miss Boodle to stay the night. Ed and W to a dance at Miss Millars and slept there.

Saturday, 19th February 1898

Miss Boodle, Doz and I to town. All morning in National Portrait Gallery. Lunch at C. S. Stores in Haymarket. To National Gallery. Doz unwell. I to dinner at Hanharts – 7.00 to 9.30. Cab there and back alone.

Dorothy’s exam Feb 16th
Davenports to dinner 14th Monday
Miss Boodle to stay 18th Friday
People owe me 7/10 ½

Sunday, 20th February 1898

Rather wet. Doz in bed. I wrote to Mother and read 4th Vol Dispatches. Uncle Harold in. I rested and to tea at Chatsworth Road. Nice talk to Kitty. Home alone after dark 6.45.

Monday, 21st February 1898

Very foggy. Not out all day. Did French translation. Rested and read “Dispatches”. Aunt Ada came and stayed all night. 2nd French lesson. Kitty and Cecil Buch and Doz – 30 minutes.

Tuesday, 22nd February 1898

I to Cousin Jeanie’s for a lesson, at 10.30. Very nice one. Rested in afternoon, and then out with Polly. Anna Tadema to dinner and spend evening. Read 30 minutes.

Wednesday, 23rd February 1898

Miss Parsons all day. I worked with her to make Alys’ dressing-gown. Cousin Jeanie came. I had a lesson. Called on Walter Smith’s with Doz across the heath. Wrote to Alys, Aunt Ammie. Card to Kitty.

Thursday, 24th February 1898

Down to England’s Lane to buy some benzoline. Cleaned gloves. Did French. With Kitty to lecture at R.I. Tea in town. Kitty to dinner and French class. Aunt Ada to sleep with me.

Friday, 25th February 1898

Helped stir marmalade, made bows for shoes, etc. Cousin Jeanie for my lesson. Kitty for her’s. All (but Poz) to Plunket Greene[5] and Borwick[6] Concert, St James’ Hall.

Pieter Rodeck to dinner. Aunt A, Doz, he and I to Sub Dance (see mem).

Saturday, 26th February 1898

Up to breakfast. Aunt Ada went away from us. Rested in afternoon. Read Dispatches. Doz to music lesson. Aunt Edith came to sleep with me.

Borwick and P. Greene’s concert 25th
Subscription Dance 25th Feb
26th Buchanan’s – no
Very jolly dance indeed. Doz and I each 5 ½ dances with Pieter and 3 with Eddy. Programmes quite full.

Sunday, 27th February 1898

Wrote to Mother, all morning. Cleaned shoes and gloves. Rested with Aunt Edith for one hour. With her to Aunt Rosa’s directly after tea. Spent evening and had supper there. Home at 10.00

Monday, 28th February 1898

Wrote to Alys. Trimmed Doz’s hat partly and lined it and unpicked her dress and did French. Josephine Miln. I alone at 3.00 – 5.00 to Aunt Ammie’s. Stayed to tea. Back at 6.00 -7.00. Got tulips. French lesson. No Cecil.

Tuesday, 1st March 1898

Miss Parsons here, half a day for me, half for Doz. Our evening dresses. I to Cousin Jeanie’s for lesson. Aunt A to lecture alone. Pieter and Anna to lunch. H. Called. Doz and I Collins’ at 9 o’clock. My high white dress met Dr Ker Gray[1].

Wednesday, 2nd March 1898

Went with Polly in a hansom to the Valentia’s (62 Pont Street). She gave a lesson and I walked up Sloane Street and had some milk. Passed Woolland’s[2] and Harvey Nichols[3]. Met Poz in ¾ hour. Drove home. Rested. With Doz to dinner party at William Miles’ at 7.30. Had tricks and games. Home at 10.45. Nice.

Thursday, 3rd March 1898

With Aunt Alice at 10.45 to Peter Robinson’s. Met Aunt Ada and all chose coats and skirts. Chose a green hat for me. Had lunch at Pagani’s with Uncle Harold. Bought stuff for Aunt Bella’s cosy at Liberty’s[4]. No French class. Aunt Ada slept with me.

Libery & Co, London

Friday, 4th March 1898

Cut oranges for marmalade all the morning. Cousin Jeanie and Kitty came. I trimmed Doz’s grey hat and wrote to Mother. Aunt Ada went back. Read “The Vintage”. By E F Benson[5].

Saturday, 5th March 1898

Out twice with Doz for a lovely walk on the heath. My coat and skirt came. Rested. Anna Tad to dinner. Ted called. We to Buchanan’s at 8. Games, charades, music. Davenport’s, G.E.Bd, Blaikley’s. Charles Archer.

On Wednesday after lunch I wrote to SEC at Apsley House[6].
Thurs evening. Received admission card
Tuesday Aunt Nelly’s .
Wednesday “Trelawny of the Wells[7]”?
Thursday. Shopping and lunch at Pagani’s
Saturday Buchanan’s. 7.30 8.00

Sunday, 6th March 1898

In bed to breakfast. Read “Vintage”. Up at 12.00. Wrote to Mother and Edward. Card to Cousin Jeanie. Sent patterns to Barkers. Mr G.E.B and Kitty called. I unwell. Aunt Alice to Bedford Gardens.

Monday, 7th March 1898

In bed to breakfast. Miss Parsons came. I did dressing gown. Rested. To Collins to call and to Belsize. Doz to Miss Curtis’ for an exam. I cut skirt pattern. Finished 4th Vol. D.

Tuesday, 8th March 1898

Did dressing-gown all the morning and afternoon a little. Read and rested. Poz in bed till tea-time, unwell. Aunt Alice to lecture. Finished Alys’ buttonholes.

Wednesday, 9th March 1898

Went with Aunt Alice to choose wall-papers at Woollams[8] and Haywards[9]. Mr Harold Roller came to lunch and stayed to tea. I rested. Mrs Davenport called. Lined my new green hat. Poz out all day.


Thursday, 10th March 1898

Wrote to Mother and sent off patterns of wallpaper to her. Began to trim my hat. At 3.15 took train (met Kitty) to Nelly’s. Had tea in her studio; Annie and Charlie Archer. Saw “Aunt Em”. To dinner at G.E.B.’s home.

Friday, 11th March 1898

Went with Aunt Alice to Royal Academy. Saw the Millais exhibition. Lovely. Had lunch at St James’ Restaurant (curry). Met Poz, Doz, Kitty and Aunt Ada and Coz Jeanie at Plunket Green’s and Borwick’s concert (see mem). Coz Mary to dinner.

Saturday, 12th March 1898

With Doz to Buch’s. Both had lessons. Home. After lunch Aunt Alice, Doz and I to Apsley House. Saw over it, “museum” pictures and private suite room. I to Kitty’s to late dinner and stayed the night. Slept with Kitty in spare-room.

At Concert on 11th. Saw Mrs Somerwell and Maud Caffin and Mrs de Navorro (distantly). Hermann Herkomer[10], Geoffrey Green, Mrs Roller.
Apsley House March 12th.

Sunday, 13th March 1898

Doz in bed. Ed in London on tandem.
Helped Kitty with housework. Ellen out, so we laid cloth and cooked potatoes etc. Talked to Mrs Barnard; talked to Maie. Kitty and I to call on Matthews. Wrote to Mother. Slept with Kitty.

Monday, 14th March 1898

Did a little housework. Came back to Wedderburn; did French. Letters from Mother and Alys. I cut out my blouse lining under Miss Parson’s directions. Read “Shakespeare” by Dowden[11].

Tuesday, 15th March 1898

Trimmed my green hat. Went to Cousin Jeanie’s. Had very good lesson. At 2.26 took train with Aunt Alice to Queen’s Hall. Heard Denis O’Sullivan’s[12] Irish concert. Sat by the Sargents. Home alone. Met Uncle H.

Denis O’Sullivan

Wednesday, 16th March 1898

Kate forgot to bring hot water, so I in bed to breakfast. Did lining and collar of blouse. Bicycled a little with Aunt Alice. She and I to town. Maples[13] (for stair- carpets), Faraday & Sons[14], Morants[15]. Wrote to Mother and unpicked Aunt A’s dress. Measles at Aunt Nelly’s. So no French.

Thursday, 17th March 1898

Doz a bad night. To Eira’s but in bed after. Cut out some more of silk blouse, with Polly’s help. Bicycled (on Doz’s) with Josephine Miles a little. Very windy. Called alone on Neale’s and Hanharts. Tea at both. Wore covert suit, French class in evening.

Friday, 18th March 1898

Up to the library, changed book and got Vol V of the Dispatches. Walked on heath too, alone. Did blouse and rested. Hanharts called and Mr Somerwell. Doz and I, Aunt Rosa’s to dinner 8.30 or so, had games. Home at 10.00. Dull. Hunts and Rush – (me:  I have no idea what that means).

Saturday, 19th March 1898

Did blouse all morning. At 11.45 Aunt Alice and I and Doz (after music-lesson) to South Kensington. Doz and I to Natural History Museum. Met Uncle Harold and Polly. Had lunch at Veglio’s (me: Oxford Street).


To Trelawney of the Wells at Court Theatre[16]. Tea and home. Poz to bed. All early.

Trelawny of the “Wells” – a comic play by Arthur Wing Pinero

(Wellington and Waterloo – March 16th)
Concert Queen’s Hall 15th Tues
Aunt Rosa’s on Friday 7.

Sunday, 20th March 1898

Wrote to Mother. All the others in bed to breakfast. I up alone. Called on William Miles. To tea at 30 Chatsworth Road, had a good talk with Kitty. She and Mr G. B. Barnard back with me.

Monday, 21st March 1898

Miss Parsons here. I alone to breakfast. Worried over my blouse all day. Bicycled on Doz’s to Regent’s Park. Round inner circle three times. Jolly. French class in evening. Said goodbye to Kitty.

Tuesday, 22nd March 1898

Miss Parsons here. I over heath with Doz. Bicycled home. To Baker Street and back. Foggy. To Cousin Jeanie, nice lesson. Did blouse all afternoon. Aunt Alice to Tad’s to lunch. Poz’s blouse too.

Wednesday, 23rd March 1898

Miss Parsons here. Did my blouse, rainy. Wrote to Mother and Alys. Did blouse a good deal. Practised singing. Doz and I to the Davenport’s. 14 girls there. Music. Home at 10.20 or so. Not bad.

Thursday, 24th March 1898

Snow in morning and evening. Very windy. Did (finished my blouse) needlework. Rested. Read 1 hour Dispatches and 40 minutes of Merchant of Venice. Edward arrived at 6.30. He and I to Lyceum to see Merchant of Venice acted. Sir Henry Irving and Ellen Terry[17].

irving terry.jpeg
Sir Henry Irving and Ellen Terry – Merchant of Venice

Friday, 25th March 1898

Snowed all day. I cut out Aunt A’s, head-achey in bed, and my cosy and muddled about. Ed and I to Addison Road and Queen’s Club but University Sports postponed, so we to 3rd Borwick and Greene concert and then home. Wrote to Mother.

Saturday, 26th March 1898

Rain and snow. Went to Finchley Road. At 2 o’clock Eddy and Bertie called for Doz and me and we 4 went to Putney to Thames Rowing-Club, and saw the Boat-Race. Very rough. Buchs back to dinner and Charlie Warren. Games in evening.

Davenport’s Club 23rd
Sports Mar 25th
Boat-Race Mar 26th
Kitty to N.C .on Thurs 24th
Thurs to town and theatre
Oxford won easily, having won the toss.

Ed went on the Cambs steamer.

Sunday, 27th March 1898

Rained all day. At home all day. Edward and Aunt Edith (to lunch) to concert at Queen’s Hall. Wrote to Mother and Kitty. Warren to dinner and chess.

Monday, 28th March 1898

Poz and Doz to Somerville’s to lunch and exam. Edward away at 1.30 to Cambridge and Lowestoft. I out to pay bills. Rainy. French class. Cousin Mary called and to dinner.

Tuesday, 29th March 1898

Doz for her exam of Tate racquet. I to Cousin Jeanie’s. Rest in afternoon. Aunt Alice, Doz and I in cab to Tadema’s at 9.30. Home at 12.30. Gosses and Gods (me:  I have no idea what that means).

Wednesday, 30th March 1898
Out with Doz to Heath and Miss Parsons. Wrote to Alys. After lunch to Henschel[18] concert. Stalls.

Sir Isidor George Henschel (1850 – 1934)

Coz Jeanie and Poz (tea) and dinner at St James’ restaurant. Aunt and me. Met Doz and Uncle Ned at 7.45. To see Julius Caesar at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Tree[19] – Waller[20].

Thursday, 31st March 1898

In bed to breakfast. Tired. Read one hour “Dispatches”. Made bag for Fr. Schultz. Bicycled for 10 minutes. Aunt Alice and Poz to town. I to Mrs Arthur Miles. Met Aunt Alice and Aunty Nelly. Tea. French class, last one in evening.

Friday, 1st April 1898

Heard Doz had passed her exam! Called on G.E.B.’s and then to Cousin Jeanie (last lesson. Mr A Somerwell to lunch. Poz and bicycled with him to Highgate. Cousin Mary in. Rested. Bicycled with Doz to Teed’s and on. Aunt Alice out to dinners.

Saturday, 2nd April 1898

Trimmed Aunt Alice’s old hat. Bicycled with Doz to Aunt Rosa’s, etc. Rested a little then bicycled with Doz to the Zoological Gardens. Saw Laura and Daisy Ape. Doz and I to dinner at the Hanharts. Phonograph and songs.

Wellington and Waterloo – 29th
Shall owe 1/6 – pd
Dorothy’s exam – Mar 29th
Tadema’s on Tuesday
Theatre Wed

Sunday, 3rd April 1898

Made ribbon band and read a little. Aunt Edith to lunch. Aunt A, Doz and I to Mr Parsons and to see E A Abbey’s[1] picture. King Lear at the Fine Arts.

King Lear by Edwin Austin Abbey

Also Mr Sargent’s pictures and portraits. Saw Tree[2] and Mary Anderson[3] and Fanny Davies[4], etc, etc.


Monday, 4th April 1898

Packed all morning, lunch at 12.45. Aunt Alice with me to Waterloo. I travelled anon to Swanage alone; met by Mother and Alys!!!! Joy. Changed at Wareham, I had dinner and unpacked. Slept with Alys.

Tuesday, 5th April 1898

Up to breakfast. Out on rocks in morning. Rested. I sat by fire in afternoon, and then out again after tea to fields and on to the downs, lovely sunset, etc. Louis with us always.

Wednesday, 6th April 1898

All went out on Sands. Read books. I read Napier on rocks. Out on pier in afternoon. Saw torpedo boats (4), each carries 6 torpedoes. Out again in evening. Mother got “Roberts[4]” from the library.

Thursday, 7th April 1898

Out to shops, early dinner I. Very misty, but we went out on Sands and along to fields and picked primroses. Conis too. Very funny, Out again in evening. Read “41 Years in India” Roberts, aloud.

Friday, 8th April 1898

Out in donkey-cart to Studland. All morning. Con too. Went in the Church[5] and on Sands and to dairy. Wrote to Doz. Out on rocks in evening, over the downs. Read “Roberts’ aloud.

Studland church.jpg
St Nicholas’, Studland

Saturday, 9th April 1898

Too rough for boats to go. Sat on rocks. Saw Inez. Wrote to Miss Boodle. Bought new sandshoes. On rocks, saw coastguard-men playing quoits. Read Jane Austen’s “Northanger” aloud.

Academy Sunday, April 3rd
My day also

Sunday, 10th April 1898 – Easter Day

Rainy. Wrote to Edward. To Church with Mother. Took the sacrament. All went for a walk to Tilly Whims over downs. Very windy indeed. Louis would go after rabbits. Stormy.

Monday, 11th April 1898

Saw the boat come in. Went on rocks, very rough, lovely. Stayed at home all afternoon. Miss Evans called. Alys and I out. Vey rainy. Read Roberts and “Northanger Abbey”[7].

Tuesday, 12th April 1898

Alys and I by “Brodick Castle” to Bournemouth.


Mother by train. Walked to Condercum. Lunch there. Tea at Cox’s in Westbourne. Train back to Swanage. Conis left at Swanage. Letter from Julie.

Wednesday, 13th April 1898

Played hockey with Miss Evans, etc, on Sands. Mr Archer to dinner. Alys and I on rocks. Mlle Patin in after tea and we all talked French and took a walk.

Thursday, 14th April 1898

Very wet all day. To station and called on Sharpes at hotel. In afternoon at 4.30 Mrs Evans and Noël Evans to tea. She talked of Lucknow (see “mem”). Also Mrs Sharpe, Ellen and Willy. Played. Mlle Patin.

Friday 15th April 1898

Out in rowing boat with Sharpes to Old Harry Rocks. Moved in new lodgings “West Moreland” A few doors off. To meet Aunt Edith who came. On rocks at Peveril Point in evening.

Old harry rocks.jpg

Saturday, 16th April 1898

Out of rocks at P. Point. Mlle Patin came to us there. Mother and Teeds on rocks. Read then Mother and I to tea-party at Mrs Evans’ then for a walk by Church, etc. Read Lord Roberts. Conis paw bad.

12th Wellington and Waterloo
Mrs Evans’ sister and her husband and child at Lucknow – all died.
His arm shot 1857

Sunday, 17th April 1898

To Church with Mother and Alys. On Sands in afternoon, read “Roberts” and saw Dorset Artillery Volunteers go to Church (parade). Walked along path to Tilly Whim after tea. Wrote to Doz.

Monday, 18th April 1898

On pier and saw boats go off, very rough. After lunch, all to Corfe Castle with Mlle, also so talked a lot of French. Sketched at Corfe and had tea there. Home. Fine evening.

Corfe Castle.jpg

Tuesday, 19th April 1898

Still rough, but Mother and I at 12.15 by boat to Bournemouth. Lunch at Bungalow; to Dr White’s and then to Condercum. Tea and business there. Back to pier. Teeds and Alys met us. All home to Swanage on Monarch.

Edith (Teeds), Ada (Tades) Faraday with Alys and Kate Boyd – Swanage 1898

Wednesday, 20th April 1898

Out for walk with Mlle Patin (Alys and me). Picked cowslips on rocks. Read “Brave Dame Mary[8]” and painted a post card. Miss Evans and Mrs Horton to tea. Miss Evans away but back to supper with us (Dr Fowle and the 4 Indian girls).

Thursday, 21st April 1898

Played ball in garden. Mother unwell. Alys and I for walk with Mlle Patin and on pier. Conis’ paw very bad.

Friday, 22nd April 1898

Mother’s birthday, presents, etc. All on rocks. Marriners by boat, but went away soon. Mlle Patin to tea, Alys and I on rocks in afternoon. Walked about a little in evening.

Saturday, 23rd April 1898

On rocks all morning. By the ledges. Home and rested in afternoon. After tea all walked to the Lighthouse (Anvil Point). Saw over it. Oil (paraffin) lamp. Very strong.

St Catherines is the strongest lamp in the world, but it is electric, and they are no use in a mist.
War between Spain and America declared on 22nd. First shot fired 23rd.

Sunday, 24th April 1898

Conis better. Mother and I to Church. Teeds and Alys on rocks. Wrote to Edward and Uncle Pierre, and read “Roberts”. Walked on downs by quarries. Finished reading “Northanger Abbey”.

Monday, 25th April 1898

Out on rocks. Conis paw rather bad, All of us with Mlle Patin to Godlingston. Picked heaps of primroses and king-cups, etc. Went in rowing-boat with Alys in evening alone. Arranged flowers.

Tuesday, 26th April 1898

On pier. Miss Coles came and Audrey and spend day. On rocks. Also in afternoon on rocks by zig-zag path. Saw Miss Coles off by boat at 4.45. The others for walk. I wrote. Ready Timothy’s Quest[9] aloud.

Wednesday, 27th April 1898

Very foggy. I painted blackthorn. No Marriners. Audrey and Alys took dinner on rocks. I came out and played with them, great fun. Mother and I to Evans’. Saw Miss Burton. Walked round by lighthouse.

Thursday, 28th April 1898

Misty, Expected Marriners but they didn’t come. Mlle P. came. Had lunch of sandwiches and fruit and gingerbeer etc on ledge rocks, on pier; met Mr Jennings. Audrey away with the J’s after tea by Monarch. Saw “Marsden”.


Friday, 29th April 1898

Packed all morning. Saw Aunt Edith off at station at 1230. Had dinner. Rained hard. Read Lord Roberts’ book. Us all to Bournemouth by “Monarch” at 4.45. unpacked, etc at Condercum.

Saturday, 30th April 1898

Mr Boniwell all day. Hung pictures, put down dining-room and stair-carpets, and moved furniture. We very busy all day. To Westbourne, etc afternoon. Read Timothy aloud in evening. I unwell.

26th Wellington and Waterloo
“Under the blue flag” Monmouth (Godlingston)

Sunday, 1st May 1898

Read Leigh Hunt’s[1] essays and Across the Plains[2] all morning. Read “Denis Duval[3]” afternoon. Wrote to Aunt Alice and Edward. Wrote Medley Club card. Cooked eggs. Arthur Wellesley birthday. 1769.

Monday, 2nd May 1898

Gave Alys 1¼ hours lesson. French verbs. Geography. Dictation. Muddled about. All into town in afternoon. Shopped. I bought “William the Silent”. Tea at Bungalow. Met Miss Andrews. Finished “Tim”.

Tuesday, 3rd May 1898

Gave Alys lessons. History. We painted lot of frames black, gilded, etc. New carpet came. Put new cords on pictures. Saw about curtains. Headache. Read “W the Silent” in evening.

Wednesday, 4th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Dutch History. All went to town. Shopped. Boniwell here, who arranged things, pictures, etc. I read a little and muddled about, wrote letters for Mother. Read “Cranford[5]” aloud.

Thursday, 5th May 1898

Had lessons. Literature – St Thos. More. Alys had headache and I read to her afternoon. She got better. I arranged picture cords.

Friday, 6th May 1898

Had a few lessons. I trimmed Mother’s Hat. Alys a cough. Mother and I called on the Marriners, Fogerty’s (at “Gorteen”) and De Karps. Back by train Worked and read Cranford aloud in evening.

Saturday, 7th May 1898

Mr Boniwell put down carpet in middle room – picturesque. Dr White came. Shakespeare reading. Alys and I to tea at Sharpes, mad games in garden. Called in and saw Aunt Margaret and Sissie and Aunt Ada at Rosa’s.

Tree House. Wade and Lily to Winter Gardens
Medley Club p.c. May 2nd in evening.

Sunday, 8th May 1898

Not out all day. Wrote to Dorothy and Kitty. Sissie came in, tho’ raining hard. I framed Sir Thos Picton. Read “Parables from Nature[6]” Ewing. I sang a little.

Monday, 9th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Muddled about. Letter from Dorothy. Looked at our bicycles. Went to Westbourne. Took my bicycle. Called on Vernons, MacKenzies, Michells and Aunt Marg. Met Miss Andrews, etc.

Tuesday, 10th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Changed rooms about. Mother and Alys moved into middle room. Sissie came to tea. Mother and I into town and chose a rug. Read aloud and worked in evening.

Wednesday, 11th May 1898

Gave Alys lesons; walked up to Westbourne, did shopping, went to tea at Aunt Margaret’s, in evening for walk on common with them. Bicycled home!! Accompanied by Sissie. Uncle Harold spent the night.

Thursday, 12th May 1898

Uncle Harold went away. Gave Alys lessons. Went up to Westbourne with bicycle. Alys head-ache. I to Winter Gardens with Aunt Ada and Sissie. Alys better. Read aloud and did cosy for Aunt Bella.

Friday, 13th May 1898

Up to Westbourne for bike. Gave Alys lessons. Muddled about. Went with Mother to call on Vernons. Had tea there. Went to Aunt Margaret’s. Alys to tea there. Home. Read aloud and worked.

Saturday, 14th May 1898

Alys had a stiff neck so in bed all day. No lessons. I on bike to town, shopped, etc. Very hot. Cotton blouse!! 1st time. Rested and read “Yellow plush[7]”. Mother to call on Smales and Dears. Gardener came. We covered bed with chintz. Wellington and Waterloo – Tuesday 10th.

11th Mother and Alys to Dr White’s – Alys got hooping cough!!

Sunday, 15th May 1898

Looked over lace (and tidied millinery box). Wet morning, fine later. Sissie to dinner; Mother to dinner at R.T.H. and tea. Mr Smales called. I walked up Chine with Sissie.

Monday, 16th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons. We both bicycled into town and shopped. Aunt Margaret to dinner and tea. Alys, Aunt Ada and I bicycled to and about Canford Cliffs after tea. Lovely. Read 45 minutes.

Tuesday, 17th May 1898

Alys and I (after lessons) bicycled into town. Shopped, etc. Mrs Browne and Mrs Mann called, also Mrs and L Vernon and Mrs Smales, and Aunt Ada and Sissie, all to tea. I talked to Wade about recipes.

Wednesday, 18th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons; we bicycled up; leading Aunt Ada’s and Sissie’s bikes. Brought home leg of lamb 6 lbs or over!!! etc. Played bicycle polo on lawn. Aunt Ada to tea. Mrs and Miss Welchman and Mrs and Miss Cooke called. Wade in evening – ginger wine.

Thursday 19th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons, it rained hard. Cycle things came. Wade went away (to Mrs Joiner’s) and Lily went home. I in cab with Wade and met Sarah Standen who came as cook. “Lines” as new house maid”.

Friday, 20th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons, it poured with rain. Aunt Ada came in and we worked, etc. I unpicked white crêpon skirt, etc. Finished Cranford aloud in evening and did my blue blouse.

Saturday, 21st May 1898

Had lessons, Alys and I went on bikes to see Mme Ledger. My back tyre burst with a pistol shot noise. I walked home (and trap). Alys to dinner at Aunt M’s. Mother to tea there. I cut out and began crêpon blouse.

Wade went away 19th
Sarah Standen and Lily Lines came.
Death of William Ewart Gladstone.
Ascension Day – 19th May

Sunday, 22nd May 1898

To St Michael’s with Mother. Sermon by Mr Toyne on Gladstone; Dead March in Saul[8] played. Aunt Margaret, Sissie and Aunt Ada to tea; we walked up Chine with them.

Monday, 23rd May 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Wade called. Muddled about. We all went into town, also Aunt Ada, and did lots of shopping. I spent almost £2′ of allowance. Things for Cambridge. Got my bike (mended). Called on Miss Andrews.

Tuesday, 24th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Muddled about working – Miss Andrews came to dinner and tea. Sissie to practise and dinner too. We bicycled to Miss Baumer’s and about. I for ride of W. Cliff with Aunt A and Sissie.

Wednesday, 25th May 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Then did needle-work etc, ect. Afternoon went with Mother to call on Brennands at Belmont, Upper Parkstone. Very nice. Called on Miss Michell – did curtains in evening. Alys for bike ride.

Thursday, 26th May 1898

Gave Alys lesson. Bicycled to Westbourne. Mother to town with Aunt Ada. Afternoon, Alys and I bicycled to meet the Simes at Station. Mrs Nell and Phil all duly arrived. Quiet evening.

Friday, 27th May 1898

Put out croquet. Played a game. Bicycled to shops. Nell and Phil hired bikes for a week. Lay on lawn all afternoon and read. For a bicycle ride with Sissie to Sandbanks. Great fun. Card tricks.

Saturday, 28th May 1898

All went on “Monarch” to Swanage. Had dinner on cliff. Took a trap to Tilly Whim caves. Had tea on steamer coming back. Very calm (Aunt Ada came with us). Zoetrope and monkey evening.

Monarch – Steamer

Simes come – Thurs 26th
Wellington and Waterloo

Sunday, 29th May 1898

Wrote letters to Dorothy, Ella and Wade. Wandered about the garden. Played ball. Walked on moor with Nell, Phil and Alys; Aunt Margaret and Ada called. Leech in evening.

Monday, 30th May 1898

Marked the tennis-court and cleaned bicycles and Phil mended my Cyclometer. Played tennis, Aunt Ada also. Then Nell, Alys, Phil and I for a ride to Golf links. Played “Patience” and fortune telling etc, evening.

Tuesday, 31st May 1898

Rainy, with intervals. Told fortunes and read in morning. Mother and Phil to Westbourne. I rested in afternoon. I unwell. Nell and I talked and worked together. Mrs S and Mother to tea at Aunt M’s. Alys and Phil for a walk. Looked at Map Screen.

Wednesday, 1st June 1898

Showery and unsettled. I marked stockings. Talked about Nell’s skirt. Nell and Phil bicycled to P.O. Phil took off Alys’ chain. Nell, Phil, Alys and I walked to tea at Aunt Margaret. Aunt A back with us. Music and “Patiences” in evening.

Thursday, 2nd June 1898

Worked. Sissie called, told her fortune. Simes packed. Showed them my sketches. On Sands. Simes went away by 1.55 train to London. I trimmed Alys’ hat. Aunt Ada to tea and tennis.

Friday, 3rd June 1898

Cleaned my white dress. I rested all morning and read, as I was tired. Mother out. Alys to dinner at Aunt M’s. Mother to tea at Aunt M’s. I to Miss Heath’s to be fitted, and called for Mother.

Saturday, 4th June 1898

Us 3 to town by Sands. Did shopping and Mother fitted at King’s. Ordered “De Quincey[1]”. Aunt Margaret, Mrs Walker, Aunt Ada and Sissie to tea and supper. Wade called. Tennis. Walked up Chine with them.

Mem: Miss Heath’s Fri – Mother

Sunday, 5th June 1898

Mother and Aunt Ada to Church. I tidied drawers and wrote journal. Wrote to Doz and Edward. Leigh Hunts called, had tea. Also Sissie and Aunt Ada. Walked up to Aunt M’s. Read Simp[2].

Monday, 6th June 1898

Muddled about. Marked tennis-lawn. Mother other. Mother and I to Harrises, tea. Met MacKenzies, etc. I bicycled with Alys to Westbourne. R. T. House etc. Trimmed my white hat. Tried on, etc.

Tuesday, 7th June 1898

Did odd works. Tidied and Keating’ed curtain cupboard with Mother.

Keatings powder.jpg

Rested. Made Mother’s tie. Mother and I to Toynes – At Home. Tea, Bellairs, Harrises, Mrs Melville. To town, King’s, etc and R. T. House.

Wednesday, 8th June 1898

Rain, rain! Did various sewings and odd jobs; headachey. Rested. Read a good deal – “Simpleton”, etc. Began cretonne[3] cover for chair. Very hot. Mother and Alys to R.T.H.

Thursday, 9th June 1898

Bicycled to Westbourne. My tyre burst! Did a great deal of shopping. Sunshade, ribbons, etc, etc. Aunt and Sissie went away. Mother and I to tea at MacKenzies. Packed, etc all evening. Very hot. Aunt Ada to stay.


Friday, 10th June 1898

We went to station. Took 11.00 train to London. Had lunch at Midland Hotel with Aunt Alice. Off to Cambridge at 5 o’clock. Met by Edward. To his rooms. Saw Scruby. Mother and Alys head-achey. Ed and I to supper at N Warren’s; Met Rusts and Edith and Frances.

Sidney College, Cambridge

Saturday, 11th June 1898

Ed bought in “Rix of Trinity and Pollock”. All went and met a party of Rusts, Warrens, and some Clare-men; rowed down river to Bailsbite in 3 boats. Lunch picnic there. Saw races at Ditton at 5pm. Rowed back. Awful fun. Grand crush. Supper at Cyprian.

Rust’s rooms at Clare College

May Week at Cambridge – 8th – etc.

Sunday, 12th June 1898

Breakfast at 10.00 or so. Walked about the colleges and back. Trinity, etc. Lock and Pollock in at Ed’s rooms. Lunch at Peacock’s. To King’s Chapel at 3.00. Very crowded and lovely anthem. Oh for the Wings[4], Quiet evening in Edward’s rooms. C.N.W. (me:  eh?) in too.

Monday, 13th June 1898

Breakfast at 10.30! Walked to colleges. In a boat on the “backs” with Lock. To Trinity Library, etc. To lunch with C.N.W. at Emmanuel. Lilleys to tea at Edward’s. Doz arrive 6.19. Dressed. To dinner. 8 pm at Ed’s. Also Messrs Atkinson and Warren. Sidney Ball from 9.30 until 5am on….

Tuesday, 14th June 1898

Tuesday morning. Photo taken. Got to bed at 5.45 or so. Woke at 8.30. Pollock in to say goodbye. Went off by the 12.00 train to London. Parted with Dorothy and on to Bourenmouth. Aunt Ada at Condercum. Unpacked, talked over fire, to bed.


Wednesday, 15th June 1898

Very busy all day; doing things in the house and about. Preparing for De B’s (me: Pierre and Isabella “Bella” de Baeremaecker from Brussels). Read “Blenheim[5]”. Played tennis. Uncle Pierre and Aunt Bella arrived! At 10 o’clock having travelled from Brussels today.

Thursday, 16th June 1898

De B’s in bed to breakfast. I busy in house. In gardens, etc. Very fine! All the others for a long drive about Bournemouth; I rested and wrote to Doz and Kitty. We played tennis. Go-ban and cognac and pralines.

Friday, 17th June 1898

De B’s encore in bed to breakfast. Aunt Ada and I to Westbourne. Had croquet out. Edward got 4 telegrams to congratulate him on his getting a “first class” in his Tripos[6]!!! (me: Edward’s degree was Exhibitioner Natural Science Tripos 1st Class) Oh Joy!!! A drive at 2.30. We played tennis a lot. Speeches at dinner.

Saturday, 18th June 1898

Did housework a lot. Aunt Ada, Alys, Edward and I bathed. First time this year!!! Very warm. After dinner croquet. I on bike to station, Marriners etc. Uncle Pierre learned to bicycle on lawn. Mrs Vernon called. Go-ban in evening and songs from Aunt Bella.

Sidney Ball. Monday 13th
Edward Boyd Esq B.A.

Sunday, June 19th 1898

Uncle Pierre on bicycle. Muddled about in garden. I wrote my “journal”. Croquet out, we played with Uncle Pierre and Aunt Bella. Sent invitations for At Home.

Monday, June 20th 1898

Edward went off to Cambridge to take his Degree. 10.30. Aunt Ada, Uncle P and Alys and I on Sands. We 3 had lovely bathe – 2nd. To town in afternoon. Arcade, Bungalow, etc. Singing in evening and Go-ban.

Tuesday, June 21st 1898

Did housework, etc. Aunt Ada, Alys and I had lovely bathe – 3rd, Mother and the De B’s to Westbourne, a little rain but we 3 at home, played tennis. We had a “six” at croquet in evening. Songs.

Wednesday, June 22nd 1898

Did housework, etc. I on bicycle to Westbourne, shopping, met Aunt A. Alys and Uncle P in Burton Road. He on bicycle about, and returned with me. Croquet in afternoon. Edward came back in evening. Aunt Bella sang.

Thursday, June 23rd 1898

Mother, Alys, Ed and I drove to town; had photographs taken and shopped. Cut sandwiches in afternoon; and had tea-party, as see mem. Wade came and helped to serve. Played tennis and croquet. Uncle P “migraine”.

Friday, June 24th June 1898

Rained all day hard. We packed and saw to Edward’s things. He and Uncle Pierre to town. Wadie came and did sewing. Had songs in evening. Dear old Edward sang “Sleep”. Uncle P sang.

Saturday, June 25th June 1898

Packed and did heaps of things. All morning. Rainy, showery. At 1.30 we all to station to see Edward off to Hungary[7]via see “mem”. Mother and Alys home. The De B’s, Aunt Ada and I to Winter Gardens. Walked home, songs, etc, in evening.

Tea-party on Thursday – Brennands, Marriners, Vernons, Smales, Travanions, Welchmans, Harrisons, Reeces, MacKenzies, Highmores.
Edward to Harwich, Rotterdam, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Danube, etc.

Sunday, 26th June 1898

Played croquet all morning. I wrote to Dorothy. Had many games of croquet and De B’s tried bicycling. Very showers; into summerhouse. Paper games in evening.

Monday, 27th June 1898

Uncle Pierre on bicycle and Aunt Bella played at croquet with Alys. I read French papers to Uncle Pierre. Read 1 hour of Napier. Played croquet (six people). Played race-course and Aunt Bella sang.

Tuesday, 28th June 1898

Did washing, bed, etc. All in carriage to station. Saw Aunt Ada off by 11.00 train to London. I on her bike. All to town, on omni to Boscombe, etc. Rest and croquet. Whistling and singing in evening.

Wednesday, 29th June 1898

Did housework, etc, in morning. Gave Uncle Pierre presents. Afternoon, all drove to Brennands. Music, badminton and croquet la-bas. Very nice. Back in brake. Croquet at home, early to bed.

Thursday, 30th June 1898

All drove to pier. Went by “Brod. Castle” for a cruise in Poole harbour. Very nice. Did odd sewing. Madame and Marie de Karp to tea and dinner (late). Songs and croquet and French. Nice.

Brodick Castle.jpg
Brodrick Castle – paddle-steamer

Friday, 1st July 1898

At 10.30 we all drove off with Wickham in char-a-banc to Lord Allington’s farm. Lunch on grass, saw thorough-breds, lovely ones. Tea at Wimborne, lovely morning but drizzly rain later

Saturday, 2nd July 1898

Did housework, etc. Mother and De B’s to Westbourne. I unwell. Muddled about. In afternoon read to Uncle Pierre a lot of French, about Gambetta’s brain, and the analysing of air, read Napier and darned stockings. Miss Coles called.


Uncle Pierre’s Fête – 29th
Polly’s birthday – 30th
Lord Allington’s “Thistle” 15 months chestnut

Also old mare – 26 years old.

Sunday, 3rd July 1898

Wrote to Edward and Kitty. Did housework and flowers, etc. Showed Uncle Pierre “Wellington and Waterloo”. Rested, read the Harveian Oration. Wm Roberts. MD FRS[1]. Walked to Wickhams. Got things ready for tomorrow. Eclipse of moon.

Isle of Wight

Monday, 4th July 1898

Drove down to pier. There the De B’s, Alys and I left Mother and went on boat to Cowes; lunch there. By Coach to Ventnor (via Newport, Godshill and Wroxall). To Royal Hotel, Table d’hôte, then walked about Ventnor.

Royal Hotel Ventnor.jpg
The Royal Hotel, Ventnor (2019) – Victorian style hotel by the sea

Tuesday, 5th July 1898

Saw horses of Mr Cloots with landau and pair to Carisbrooke.

Carisbrooke Castle – an Elizabethan artillery fortress, a king’s prison and a royal summer residence.

Lunch there at “3 bells” (me: perhaps an “in” joke as there is the Eight Bells Pub at Carisbrooke). Saw over castle. Drove to Shanklin. Sweet. Down in lift and walked up chine, drove (after tea) on to Bonchurch and Ventnor. After late dinner to coach stables.

Wednesday, 6th July 1898

At 10.10 off on coach for lovely drive right to Freshwater Bay. Had lunch there at hotel. Coach to Yarmouth. Lounged about and ate strawberries. On “Monarch” at 4.00. Started at 7.30. Arrived home at pier at 9.30. De B’s, etc, home and supper and to bed, assez tard (me: Fr. quite late).


Thursday, 7th July 1898

Did housework, flowers, tec. Read to Uncle Pierre a little – croquet, etc. Miss Harris and Miss A.H. called tea in garden. Mrs, Dr and young Dr Embleton (me: Alys’ future father-in-law) called and had tea in garden. Played croquet. Dr E aged 88.

Friday, 8th July 1898

At 10.30 drove to square. Went on char-a-banc for 1/0 drive. Round by Throupe, etc. Read to Uncle Pierre and self in afternoon. Croquet in evening. And “Braga’s Serenade”[2].

Saturday, 9th July 1898

Did housework, etc. Read “De Quincey”. Played croquet. The De Baeremaeckers and Alys drove to the Cemetery[3], and took flowers. I read a great deal and wrote some “journal”. Croquet.

Photos may come – 4th

Sunday, 10th July 1898

Wrote to Edward. Played croquet. Got box from loft and Aunt Bella packed a little. Hannah MacKenzie to tea. Aunt Bella sang a lot. Uncle Pierre’s English speech!

Monday, 11th July 1898

Uncle Pierre slight headache. I unpicked skirts for cleaning. All to station. We 3 saw the De B’s off to London by 2.00 train. Then we into town. Bought Holland skirt, etc. To Laney’s. Watered garden in evening and cleaned gloves.

Tuesday, 12th July 1898

Cut out white bodice and made a good deal of it. Did strawberries for jam, played croquet and did some gardening. Had pains. Began “Pride and Prejudice[4]” aloud.

Wednesday, 13th July 1898

Gave Alys lesson from 9.45 to 11.45. Dutch hist. Shakespeare, etc. Rested a little. Put away Ed’s books from packing-case. Did more of bodice. S and Lines to Winter Gardens. Read aloud and worked in evening.

Thursday, 14th July 1898

Gave Alys lesson. Then we both bathed (my 4th). Practised v.p. (voice projection) Called on Cookes with Mother. Tea there. I bicycled to Miss Heath, tried on there. Alys to tea at Marriners. I tore up letters. Read aloud and worked.

Friday, 15th July 1898

Gave Alys lessons, did not do much. Alys bathed. I made white tie; rested. Mother to call on Welshman’s. Wade called. I wrote to Edward. Tennis with Audrey and Miss Barker.

Saturday, 16th July 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Went on Sands with her, and watched her bathe. Very hot. Rested and read “Daniel Deronda[5]”. With Alys, bicycled to W’bourne and paid bills. Read aloud and worked in evening.

de Karps – 16th postponed.

Sunday, 17th July 1898

Read and muddled about. Mr Smales called. I tidied my cupboard and tore up heaps of letters, etc. Went and sat in gardens. Read aloud in evening. “P&P”.

Monday, 18th July 1898

Bicycled to Talbot Woods. Met Miss Coles, etc and sketched. Bicycled quickly home; on Sands, bathed (5th). Alys also. Mother to town. Alys sick and headache sunstroke perhaps. Mrs Smales called.

Tuesday, 19th July 1898

I bicycled into town and paid any amount of bills etc. Alys better and up. Rested in afternoon, read “Napier”, etc. Wade to tea and evening. Worked in evening.

Wednesday, 20th July 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Went to Browne’s garden-party at 4.30. Train. Very nice. Golf, croquet. Girls delightful. Read aloud and worked in evening.

Thursday, 21st July 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Went on to Sands. Rested, etc. Dr Embleton (Jnr) called, also Polly for 5 mins! And Mrs Marriner. We 3 to evening at Smales. Dinner – 10.30. Sleepy.

Friday, 22nd July 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Mother to Polly’s. Raining. Alys headache, we read aloud in her bedroom. I made stock. Sarah’s little girls came. I to W’bourne.

Saturday, 23rd July 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Then up to Westbourne; then bathed. Met Miss Coles on Sands, etc. Mother and I to garden-party at De Karps. Welshmans, etc. Read aloud in evening.

Browne’s “At Home” 20th`
De Karp’s – 23rd

Sunday, 24th July 1898

Walked to Ra’ste (me: ?). Went for 2 hour drive with Polly. Talbot Village, etc. read. Wrote to Dorothy and Edward. Played ball with Alys. Read aloud “Lord of the Isles[6]”.

Monday, 25th July 1898

Mother and Lines off to Polly at station. Lines with Poz to York, Whitby. Alys and I to sketch in Talbot Woods. I had pains. To swimming-baths (not open). To tea and Badminton at Marriners. Wade in.

Tuesday, 26th July 1898

Did housework. Gave Alys lessons. Bathed with her (7th). Jolly. Played tennis 2 setts. Rested, read 1 hour Napier. Miss Coles to supper and talk. Very nice indeed.

Wednesday, 27th July 1898

Gave Alys lessons. Rather rainy. I “Keating’ed” my cupboard and did some sewing. Trimmed Mother’s hat. Alys marked tennis lawn. Picnic with Marriners prevented by rain. Read aloud and worked.

Thursday, 28th July 1898

Did housework. Mother and Alys to town. I trimmed my brown hat, etc. Rested and hot. Played tennis with Alys. Very marshy and wet. Audrey and Brian to tea and tennis, etc. Finished “Pride”.

Friday, 29th July 1898

Bicycled down to swimming baths. All (Audrey, and Miss Barker) in. Lovely. Dived, etc. Rested. Audrey to tea. She and Winnie Vernon to tennis. Jolly. Mother to call on Fogertys. Read and worked. Odd jobs.

Saturday, 30th July 1898

Did odd work, needlework. After dinner, all met Marriners. Bicycles and ponycart and drove to Sandbanks. Ferried across. Had tea at other side. Got there – shells, etc. Mr Reed came too. Bicycled home. Great fun.

Talavera 27th– 28th 1809[7]

Sunday, 31st July 1898

Tidied up things and wrote to Aunt Alice (for silk) etc, read “Daniel Deronda” – Wrote to Edward and Ella. Watered garden and muddled about. Prince Bismarck[7] died.

Monday, 1st August 1898

Alys and I bathed. Eileen and Dulcie Fogerty came to dinner. On Sands, etc. I made cheese straws. Mr Fogerty to tea and took the girls back after. I read Napier/Pailly aloud.

Tuesday, 2nd August 1898

After getting things ready for packing, Alys and I bicycled to station. Met Mary and Selby. Read and played tennis till tea. After tea walked on Sands and cliffs. Phil Thornton and Wade came. Played Go-ban.

Wednesday, 3rd August 1898

Went into town and Boscombe on omnibuses, with M and S Reid. After lunch arranged things for packing. Mrs Foster and Miss F. Vernons called. We drove to pier to see Reids off to Ryde. Packed up etc.

Thursday, 4th August 1898

Packed hard all morning. At 1.15 went by train to London. Drove in front of omnibus to Kings X. Had some fowl in waiting-room. Got train at 7.45 corridor carriage to ourselves. Lay down, dozed, etc. Arrived York 11 something.

Friday, 5th August 1898

Newcastle 1am. Edinburgh 4.00 over Forth Bridge. Passed Perth. Cups of tea at Kingussie. Slept a little. Alys 5 hours. Mother 1 hour. I 3 hours. Arrived Inverness. Got sandwiches. Left for Kyle of Lochalsh 2.30? Arrived Kyle 5.00. Boat to Portree. 8.00.

The Isle of Skye

Satuday, 6th August 1898

Slept at Portree Royal Hotel.

royal hotel skye.jpg
Royal Hotel, Portree, Skye

Breakfast at 9.30. Went off in wagonette (heavy shower). To Snizort. Met Phil Sime en route. Arrived The Manse. 8 miles from Portree. Lunch there. Lovely house, warm welcomes from Simes. Rested and unpacked. The others for a walk. I read. Nell sang in evening.

Medley Club p.c. 1st August.

Sunday, 7th August 1898

Letters, etc from Edward. Wrote long letter to Dorothy. After dinner at 1.00, all went for walk about 3 ½ miles? Very marshy on moors; picked orchids. Great fun. Read, and music all evening.

Monday, 8th August 1898

Nell, Alys and I out to the “Burn, beck or stream”! They fished. I sketched. Lovely day. Very jolly. Others out too. Phil with Keeper and pointers. Rested in afternoon. Spelling game in evening. Music.


Tuesday, 9th August 1898

All out on moor, by first “burn”; Sketched, fished and had lunch there. Very lovely. Climbed hill and nearly slept! Home to tea at 5.00. Bill arrived after late dinner! Began “St Ives[1]”.

Wednesday, 10th August 1898

Rainy. Wrote to Hatty. Bill and Phil out fishing. We went for a walk, south. Read all afternoon. After tea for walk north. About 4 miles? Cattle, mist, etc. Very nice. Men shot rabbits. We girls tried to shoot.

Thursday, 11th August 1898

Very rainy. I wrote to Uncle Pierre and worked a little and read. Ditto in afternoon. Went to Post-Office. After tea, Nell, Alys, Phil and self fished in burn till 2.30. Bill to Portree. John Sanderson arrived. Talk, etc in evening.

Friday, 12th August 1898

Made sandwiches for shooters. Fred Williamson arrived. Doz tore my dress. Men out to shoot! Very windy. We on sands and read in afternoon. Men back to tea (6 brace and an adder!) Talk and work. To Post-Office, wet. Music interesting conversation.

Saturday, 13th August 1898

Made sandwiches. Men all out fishing. Phil and Mr W home to lunch, others home to tea. I worked, etc. Music. I taught Mr W and Phil “Trefoil Patience”; card-tricks and Whist.

12th Aug – grouse shooting begins!!!
Mon. N.P. 1.30. Then Palmerston 25 Fri 1 hour.

Sunday, 14th August 1898

Wrote to Wade and Dorothy. All to 1 o’clock service at Church. Some Gaelic. Rested in afternoon. Headache bad. For a walk with the men along the road. Music. Read “St Ives”.

Monday, 15th August 1898

Made sandwiches. Us 3 girls out with the shooters all morning. Saw grouse, pointing, etc. We 3 home to lunch. Sketched in afternoon from window. All out after dinner. Not me and Mrs S. Men tried to fish!!!

Tuesday, 16th August 1898

Phil to Portree. Others fishing. I sketched. Post-Office. Nell and Alys read. Tried Nell’s bike. After lunch, Phil and Mr W rowed us ladies (5) up loch to call on Mrs Purves at Kingsburgh. Nice. Rowed back. To P.O. after dinner. Very fine day.

Wednesday, 17th August 1898

Mr W went away at 8 am. Bill and Mr S went shooting. I sketched. Post Office again. Dave arrived. All home to lunch (4 ½ brace). Lounged about and then went in boat; the 4 men and us 3 girls fished for haddocks. Caught 3 in 3 hours!!! Bill went away after dinner. Walked to P.O.

Thursday, 18th August 1898

Alys and I bathed in Loch. John Sanderson and Dave took Mother, Nell, Alys and me on Loch. Rowed to Skirmish. Walked up there; talked of Balfour’s book, etc. Nell and I rowed back. Phil and Mr S cycled to Portree to meet James Brown; all arrived. I sketched, bathed. Played “Suggestions” and “Rushing Scandal” in evening.

Friday, 19th August 1898

All off in two traps and 3 cycles to Uig. I drove our trap. At Uig, in a wagonette to Quiraing. Then walked, lunch on heather. Climbed very high; great fun, very hot. Splendid and wonderful scenery. Drove to Uig. Tea there. Home. Card tricks and “reel”! In evening – see mem.

Saturday, 20th August 1898

Four men out shooting; made sandwiches. I read Napier and we picked and shelled peas. Very lazy all day. Read Napier and Boswell’s Hebrides[2], etc. all afternoon. Men home to tea 5 ½ brace, 2 hares. Sat in garden and talked till dinner-time. Music in evening.

* a grand day. I have never done such climbing, or seen such a place. Should never have got up but for John Sanderson’s aid and stick. Neat whisky on top!!! And a fine drive home, learning Gaelic. And a splendid real reel at 10.30!!! pm.

Sunday, 21st August 1898

I drew map of Skye. All to Church, very rainy. Came back, changed skirt. Finished map and read St Ives. Alys a head-ache. Nell and I and 3 men (not Dave) for walk across heather. Found white heather. Changed again as wet. Music in evening.

Monday, 22nd August 1988

John Sanderson away at 5 am! I walked with Mother and Mrs Sime to P.O. and burn. Nell unwell and in bed. After lunch Alys and I out on loch with the 3 men, meant to fish but it poured with rain!!! All drenched to the skin. Quiet evening.

Tuesday, 23rd August 1898

James Brown, asthmatic, felt ill. Went for a walk. Mrs Sime, Mother and Dave and Phil to Skirmish to call on MacDonalds. I painted Nell’s portrait. Read ½ hour Napier. Worked, wrote journal. I to Post Office with Phil in evening.

Wednesday, 24th August 1898

James Brown away before breakfast. Dave and Phil out shooting 1½ hours.I bicycled 6 miles on Nell’s bike. Read and picked heather in afternoon and painted Nell. Les 3 girls and the men out loch-fishing – caught a good many.

Thursday, 25th August 1898

At 10 o’clock all (except Mrs Sime) went in two carts and cycled to Portree. Saw sports, games, Highland Gathering. Had lunch at Royal Hotel.

Skye Highland Games.png
Skye Highland Games – Throwing “Heavy Hammer”

Men in kilts, bag-pipes, etc. Great fun. Home at 5.30 or so. Music in evening.

Friday, 26th August 1898

Made sandwiches. Worked. Rain and gusty all day. Dave and Phil out fishing all day. Read Napier. Two Miss Purves called. Worked a lot. Danced in evening. Waltz, etc. Also “Kicked the Cork”. Very stiffening.

Saturday, 27th August 1898

Very rainy. Worked and read and we 3 girls walked up “Storr Rock” way, about 2 miles along. Got very wet. Men fished and caught a lot! Phil in burn; they drove there and back. Music and books in evening.

“Nish” means “nose” or promontory or headland.
Skye – Skianach “winged”
Uid, a bay, cove

Sunday, 28th August 1898

Rainy. Read a good deal of “St Ives”. Went for walk to stream, with A & P. Headachey. Read and wrote journal all afternoon. Music from Mrs Sime.

Monday, 29th August 1898

Showery. Worked at cover of my basket-trunk all morning. After lunch men to fish and we 3 girls walked miles up the burnside. Got very wet. Worked and drew profiles in evening.

Tuesday, 30th August 1898

I unwell. Read Napier 1 hour and worked in drawing room. Dave and Phil out shooting till dinner at 3. Phil to Portree to meet Adam Brown who arrived here at 8 pm. Played cards, sport, etc. Servants to party. Began Francis Cludde[3].

Wednesday, 31st August 1898

Worked and read Napier and Francis Cludde all morning. Dave and Phil to shoot rabbits. Nell, Alys and Adam B to fish in burn. All the others fished in loch in afternoon. Minister called. Played “hearts” in evening. Fun.

Thursday, 1st September 1898

Walked to Post-Office, and Mrs Sime and I called on Mrs McRury. Read and worked all day. Dave away after tea. Phil to Portree with him, and back at 10.15. Adam B fished a lot. So did Nell and Alys. Patience.

Friday, 2nd September 1898

Picked peas. Went out sketching puppies’ cottage alone all morning. Men fished all day. Rested and read Napier 1 hour and “Francis Cludde”. Worked and played “patiences” in evening. Till late.

Saturday, 3rd September 1898

Out to Post-Office. Rainy. Read “Francis Cludde” all morning. In afternoon Nell and I out fish in the burn with Phil and Adam B. Got soaking wet. I caught a sea-trout! “Pru R ta rod!” (translated: thanks for the rod!) –  Worked and played at “Hearts”. Music.

The Story of Francis Cludde. Stanley Weyman.

Sunday, 4th September 1898

Packed, and then all went to Church; very good sermon on the Prodigal Son. Read in afternoon and walked down to see puppies once more, with Adam B and Phil. At 5.00, Mother, Alys and I drove to Portree in wagonette; slept at Royal Hotel.

Monday, 5th September 1898

Phil saw us off by “Gael[1]” steamer at 8.30.

gael skye
PS Gael (paddle-steamer)

Train from Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness. Lunch there. Train on to Perth. Very hot; headaches. Met by Louie Bell; drove to ?Craigemrar? Scone. Supper and to bed with Louie.


Headaches. Met by Louie Bell; drove to ???Craigemrar Scone???. Supper…..

Tuesday, 6th September 1898

Many wasps. Went on car into Perth with Mabel. Did some shopping. Saw Ida, maid of Perth house. Rested and read Vanity Fair. Walked by burn and trees with Alys and Mabel in evening. Music.

Wednesday, 7th September 1898

Ate gooseberries and grapes in garden and greenhouse. At 12.30 Mother, Louie, Alys and I in train to Edinburgh. Lunch at Jenners, Princes Street. Saw over Castle and Holyrood. Tea. At 6.30 Louie back to Perth. We 3 on to Newcastle. 2 ½ hours. Leo met us. Aunt Eliza not well. Slept with Ella.


Thursday, 8th September 1898
Aunt Edith in: I over to Aunt Margaret’s. Talked there. Rested and read “Sydney Smith[2]”. Dr came to Aunt Eliza. After tea, Ella and I for cycle ride. Two Ball Lonnen etc. I on Teed’s bike. Selby in, in evening.

Two Ball Lonnen 1905 B.jpg
Two Ball Lonnen, Fenham, c.1905

Friday, 9th September 1898

Unpacked a little. Sat out in garden and read. Dr for Aunt E after dinner. Ella with we 3, went to town, by omnibus. Bought work etc. I called on Cousin Harriet in evening. Alys and Ella on bikes. Leo came in.

Saturday, 10th September 1898

Worked in morning, etc. Ella, Mother and Aunt Edith to Hersham at 1 o’clock till 10 p.m. I rested and read all afternoon. For cycle ride (of sorts) with Sissie, Alys and Selby. I on Ella’s. Windy. Read and worked in evening. Dr to Aunt E. She up in evening.

Shall be in Newcastle when I write this page, I suppose!
Am there!

Sunday, 11th Septmber 1898

Walked to Meeting with Alys, Teeds and Sissie. Showery. Tram back. Wrote to Ed and read. Alys and I to tea at Aunt Margaret’s. Leo came in there; A for walk and others. Selby in here to supper. Aunt E up.

Monday, 12th September 1898

I on Ella’s cycle for ride with Sissie and Teeds. Went to Jesmond Dene.

Jesmond Dene ca. 1900

Two Ball Lane (Lonnen), etc. Cattle! Rested and read “Endymion” by Beaconsfield[3]. Mother, Ella and I to theatre (Leo too to see Alexander in “The Ambassador”) Walked home; Leo to supper.

Tuesday, 13th September 1898

My 19th birthday. Ella and I to town. Shopped, had milk, buns, etc. Received 5 letters and many presents. Mrs Motham and Mrs Armstrong called (at Home Day). Mother to Grangeville to supper. Worked and read.

Wednesday, 14th September 1898

Mother, Ella, Sissie, Alys and I down to Cullercoats. Saw Aunt Christian, etc. Had lunch, sandwiches on Rocks at Whitley. Lost waterproof cape. Tea at shop. Ella with Mother to call on Aunt Francis. Home by train, etc. Selby in and Leo also.

Tyne tug Cyclop, Cullercoats 1898

Thursday, 15th September 1898

Aunt Eliza’s birthday. Alys for cycle ride with Sissie. And our hairs washed. Charlotte in. Ella called with me on Kate Stephenson, saw sketches. Went for ride to Jesmond with Ella and Alys. Mother telegraphed for and started for Teschen in Austria. Edward ill there. Chaos.

Friday, 16th September 1898

Wrote letters to Aunts Alice and Nelly and Sarah Stenden, Minnie, Cousin Ammy. Up the road on cycle. Rested in afternoon. Ella, Alys and I to tea at Charlotte’s on cycle then to supper at Arthur Reid’s; had games. Leo and Selby bicycled home with us.

Saturday, 17th September 1898

Bought notepaper, etc. Wrote to Nell Sime, Kitty, Wade and Uncle Harold. Worked with Ella in garden in afternoon. Thorburns to play with Alys. Sent card to Mother. Alys and I to recreation grounds. Christy to supper and billiards with Alys.


On my birthday Alys gave me penknife. Ella – “Essays of Elia[4]”. Aunt S – Sydney Smith, etc”, Aunt E – sketchbook, Ed – Scarves and ring, Kitty – Treasure Island, Mother – gloves, thimble and white heather charm.

Sunday, 18th September 1898

Others to Meeting. Aunt Eliza in bed. I at home. Aunt Edith over here; good chat with her. Rested and read “Endymion” in afternoon. Called at Southview after tea. Walked with Hatty. Mr and Mrs Sandeman in. I to supper at Aunt Margaret’s.

Monday, 19th September 1898

Wrote to Aunt Alice, Tades, Mrs Geddes, Sarah, Minnie. Ella and Alys to tea at Menies. I rested and read Lamb’s Essays[4] 45. Telegram from Uncle H. Ed sunstroke. Mrs Carnie and Hannah and Norah in.

Tuesday, 20th September 1898

Letter from Uncle H. Ella, Alys and I to town, did a lot of shopping. Rested and wrote in the afternoon. Mary Selby Reid to tea and evening. Alys and I for cycle ride with Christy and Selby. Ella to choir.

Wednesday, 21st September 1898

Rode with Ella over to Mr Deacon’s. Sat with Alys and Hattie in Southview garden and worked. Card from Mother at Troppau. Alice Reid to tea. Read “Tramp Abroad[5]” aloud. Music and work.

Thursday, 22nd September 1898

Had sore throat. Wrote to Mother, Uncle Harold. Wire saying Aunt Ada not gone to Troppau. To Post Office. Two letters from Mother! Worked in evening. Christy in, played billiards.

Friday, 23rd September 1898

Letter from Aunt Alice, etc. Stayed indoors all day. Worked and read Endymion, etc. Had a cold. Wrote letters. Read “Blindpits[6]” aloud in evening. Music, Leo in late. Early to bed.

Saturday, 24th September 1898

Stayed in bed with cold. Read “Endymion” and worked. Letter from Mother. Edward better! Got up to supper. Made rosettes for M’s bonnet. Constance Reid to tea.

“A courage to endure and to obey” – Isabel – Tennyson
Who cares for that sweet Motherland who gave them birth
Nobly to do, nobly to die”
– Tiresias – Tennyson.

Sunday, 25th September 1898

Stayed in bed till dinner. Aunt S and Alys to Meeting. I wrote to Uncle Harold, Mother, Aunt Alice, etc. Rested. Polly and Mort to supper. Selby, Percy, Langford, Effie, Hatty, Chris in evening.

Monday, 26th September 1898

Letter from Mother. I up to dinner. Wrote to Mother, Sarah and Mrs Sharpe. Card from mother changing plans. Ed better. Read and worked. Miss Dodd and Fanny in evening. Alys a cold and cough.

Tuesday, 27th September 1898

Got up directly after breakfast. Alys in bed all day, with heavy cold. I worked a lot. Aunt M in. Rested in afternoon. Ella to choir practise. I drew with Alys. Read “Endymion”.

Wednesday, 28th September 1898

Settled with Aunt S. Up to breakfast. Worked and wrote letters. Sent off Mother’s bonnet, etc to Troppau. Rested and copied A.W. (Arthur Wellesley) from I.L.N. Leo in after supper.

Thursday, 29th September 1898

Wrote to Dorothy. Alys and self both up to breakfast. Darned stockings all morning and wrote to Mother. Rested and read “Wandering in Hungary”[7]. Hatty and Nelly to tea. Music. Christy in after.

Friday, 30th September 1898

Late to breakfast. Worked at A’s nightgown. Out after dinner. Changed cheque and did shopping. Ella to Aunt Ellen’s. Worked and read “Blindpits” aloud in evening.

Saturday, 1st October 1898

Worked at A’s nightgown. Read Kitchener’s ‘Dispatches’[1]. To Aunt Margaret’s to read letters. Stayed to dinner. Had music-lesson on Schubert. Worked and read in evening.

Wrote to Mother:
If Edward is recovering, what does anything else on earth signify?

Sunday, 2nd October 1898

All others to Meeting. I unwell, so not. Read “Thackeray” and “Endymion” and wrote journal. Rested. Cousin and Sidney and Mark in. Alys and Ella to tea with Sissie and Aunt M. Sissie in in evening.

Monday, 3rd October 1898

Gave Alys lessons – 1 hour. Went out and bought materials for her hat. Practised 30 mins. Trimmed her hat. Over to Aunt M’s to read letter. To post. Wrote card to Mother. Selby to billiards and supper.

Tuesday, 4th October 1898

I out, bought feathers; and stuck them in hat. Gave Alys lessons. Worked and wrote to Mother and Kitty. Ella to choir. Aunt Margaret in. Billiards and photos with Nelly and Christy Sandeman. Music lesson.

Wednesday, 5th October 1898

Worked at A’s nightgown and gave her lessons. Foggy. Rested 1 hour, reading “Thackeray”. Walked to Aunt Ellen’s with Ella and Alys to tea. Took trams, etc home at 8 o’clock. Leo in after supper here.

Thursday, 6th October 1898

Ella to lecture – “Animal and Plant Life”. I bought book 8/- reduced from 28/-! Hatty’s music lesson. Wrote to Mother, and Warren (card). Mrs M Dodd, Madge, Marjory and Gladys to tea and games. Aunt S and I to Graingeville.

Friday, 7th October 1898

Down to the bank with Ella. Alys out with Hatty. I rested and read “Private Life of Napoleon[2]”. 1 hour by Lévy. Ella and I to Mr Deacons to tea. Saw his Faraday portfolio (* see mem). Ella sang. Tram up home. To bed.

Saturday, 8th October 1898

Ella and I to town, library and Dr Campbell. Ella first home. I alone. Gave Alys lessons afternoon and drew portraits of Gleig, Disraeli and Sydney Smith from “Maclise[3]”, Wrote to Mother.

* At Mr Deacon’s. Saw a book of Uncle Faraday’s in which he had posted portraits and letters of and from many celebrities of his day. Chiefly scientists but some not.  Staël[4], Siddons[5], Alex Humboldt[6] (French letters), Lady Lovelace (Byron’s daughter)[7].

Sunday, 9th October 1898

To Meeting. Wrote to Mother. To tea at the Sandeman’s. Saw Hatty’s room, etc. Alys to Aunt Ellens. Morty, Hatty, Christy, Philip and Menie’s in.

Monday, 10th October 1898

Gave Alys lessons and went for cycle ride with Hatty about 7 or 8 miles? To Aunt M’s to tea. Neuralgia from music. On Tuesday, billiards in evening!

Tuesday, 11th October 1898

With Ella to buy trunk. Packed a good deal. Dr Campbell came and syringed my ears. Packed all afternoon. Rested and read 30 minutes.

Wednesday, 12th October 1898

Finished packing. Ella saw A and me off to London at 10.50. Comfortable journey. Slept at Turnham Green in Aunt Ada’s room; saw Polly and Aunt Alice and Doz.

Thursday, 13th October 1898

To Victoria with Uncle Ned, Aunt Ada and Alys; Met Uncle Harold. He and I in train to Queenboro’[8]. In boat “Nederland[9]” to Flushing. Made friends with Young’s and Glasgow’s. Train to Berlin. Supper in train and sleep. Nice corridor carriage. Arrived Berlin at 7.30am.

The day boat, Nederland.png
SS Nederland – Queenborough to Flushing

Friday, 14th October 1898

Walked up the Friedrichstrasse[10]; Uncle Harold got shaved. At 8.30 off in train. Had dinner and tea in train. Walked about for 2 minutes at Breslau. Changed (Customs) at Oderberg. and again at Schönbrunn; met by Mother and Dr Felkl at Troppau[11]. Supper and then to Anstalt.

troppau 1898.jpg

Saturday, 15th October 1898

Had coffee and roll in bed at 8.00. Then up. Wrote to Alys. Uncle Harold came from Römischer Kaiser (hotel). Had lunch with Felkl’s. Drove into town with Uncle H. Mélange at café and dinner 7.30 at Hotel. Drove out “home” again.

Got mixed so wrote Tues events on Mon and v.v. (me: I put it right way round!)

Sunday, 16th October 1898

Wrote to Ella after breakfast. Uncle H came. Walked to town with him and Dr Felkl. Lunch at a café. Rested at Hotel. I for drive with the Felkls. Mother rested. Mélange at café. To Hempels. Supper at Hotel. Drove home.

troppau 1898 2.jpg

Monday, 17th October 1898

Uncle Harold to dinner here, rested. Then all to town “zu Fuß(on foot) with the Frau Doktor did a lot of shopping. Bought cards, halma, etc. Dinner at Romischer. Very difficult to get cab home. Very late.

Tuesday, 18th October 1898

Went for drive to Post Office. Very fine day. All 3 saw Dr Bock who spoke of having Vienna specialist for Edward. Uncle H to stay on. We rested and wrote cards. Uncle H in evening. No supper.

Wednesday, 19th October 1898

I stayed in bed all day because of cold and cough. Dr Felkl came to see me 5 times or so! Vienna Doctor Chroslek to see Edward and give opinion on Fever. Mother and Uncle H to see him. Nothing decisive. I read and wrote to Ella and Alys.

Thursday, 20th October 1898

I in bed till dinner; then up. Mother and Uncle H to see Edward. He quiet and better. Letter from Alys. Frau and Doktor Felkl out; Mother and I tea together. Uncle Harold to supper alone with us 2. He away. We played Halma.*

Friday, 21st October 1898

Uncle H away to Berlin and England at 4.00 am! Mother and I for walk along road and back by Parc. Lovely Autumn – unusual colours in trees. Rested, looked at books. I copied “Tiroler” on wood. Played “Halma” and to bed.

Saturday, 22nd October 1898

Up at 11.00. With Mother to see Edward. Also Dr Felkl. Ed came and sat in garden with us. Very thin and tall. Rested and then after tea with Mother and Dr F to the Nachtwehs**. Work, supper and music. Nice. Drove back.


On 16th saw a wedding and a funeral – interesting.
* Halma – not like ours.
**Nachtweh’s, Frau Doktor’s parents

Sunday, 23rd October 1898

Wrote letters to Ella and Alys. Out for little walk. Not to see Edward. Nachtweh’s to supper, 4 of them. Talked of dances and programmes. Early to bed, we two.

Monday, 24th October 1898

Out for walk in Parc. Read and drew Von Moltke[12] and Bismarck[13]. At 2.30 with Herr Director to see Edward. He much better; walked in garden with him and in his room. Drew, poker worked and Halma.

Tuesday, 25th October 1898

Up at 10. Walked with Mother into town; Met Fr Hempel and did shopping with her. Had dinner at “Kaiser”. Drove home. Went to see Edward with Dr Felkl. Played Halma. Dr colded.

Wednesday, 26th October 1898

Up and went to see Edward, but Dr Boeck there so didn’t stay long. Again at 2 o’clock, M and I alone to see E for ½ hour or so. Then back. I headache and pains and feverish so in bed. Slept. Good night.


Thursday, 27th October 1898

Stayed in bed all day. Drew and copied pictures and traced, etc. from “Der Deutschen Österreichs” Mother read “An Open-Eyed Conspiracy[13]”: to me. She saw Edward and walked in garden.

Friday, 28th October 1898

Stayed in bed all day. Drew, etc. As before and Mother read to me. Mother for long walk with Edward and Dr Bolck. She read to me a lot.

Saturday, 29th October 1898

Mother out with Edward, who not so well. I drew and read “David Grieve”, etc. Dr Felkl and Edward came up. Edward nice, but “one-idea’d”.

Ed been ill 6 weeks on the 26th

Sunday, 30th October 1898

Mother saw Ed and Dr Boeck in morning. I up to dinner. Rested in afternoon. Ed up to see me. Slightly better. He wrote to Alys! Nachtwehs and Kirns to supper. 9 in all. Tired.

Monday, 31st October 1898

In bed. Up before dinner. Read, etc. At 2 o’clock of 1.30 went out in landau for drive with Mother and Edward. Dr Felkl bicycled with. Exciting. Edward to tea. Very nice. Halma in evening.

Tuesday, 1st November 1898

Up before dinner, unwell. Rested and read the Napier and lot of “David Grieve[1]”. Also sketched from Window. Grand fête day. Cemetery (Friedhof) all lighted up and illuminated, till 12.00. Felkls out late.

Wednesday, 2nd November 1898

Dorothy’s 21st birthday!I got a letter from her. Frau Doktor gave me cooking lessons. Meringue, etc. Fun. Mother to see Edward. I read and wrote to Ella, and Alys. Played new Halma in evening.

Thursday, 3rd November 1898

Frau Doktor in bed all day. I with Mother to see Edward. He in bed. I drew and again to see Ed. After dinner. Also Dr Boeck. Late up. Played card and to bed early.

Friday, 4th November 1898

Frau Doktor’s little baby boy born at 7.30 am. Mother and I to see Edward, he in bed but well. Saw Dr Boeck first. After dinner we walked to town, did shopping and had “mélange” at the Café. Walked home. Met many soliders and officers. To bed

Saturday, 5th November 1898

Up fair early. Out to see Edward (also Dr Boeck). Very fine day. Mother and I saw the new baby and his Mother. Their first visitors. Walked up road and again to see Edward. He very nicely. Dr out, Nachtweh’s came.

Card to Alys on 4th – Mother
Card to Ella on 5th – Mother
Letter to Aunt Alice 5th – Mother

Sunday, 6th November 1898

Very wet. Over to the billiard-room where saw Edward and Dr Boeck. E very well. Rested after as large dinner; then to E’s room again ½ hour. Drove in Nachtweh’s trap to Hempels to tea. Nice. Drove back 6.00. Dr away for 2 nights.

Monday, 7th November 1898

Over to see Edward at 11.00. He very well. With him an hour. After dinner M & I walked to town. Shopped and out again. Very muddy. To Ed, again, before tea. Tea, Nachtweh’s. I played billiards with Ed – 40 minutes.

Tuesday, 8th November 1898

Across to Edward. He very well. A walk to bridge and back after dinner, and then to Edward again. Nachtweh’s. Herr Director came up and had long talk with us here. Interesting. Dr Felkl came home at 9.30.

Wednesday, 9th November 1898

Across to Ed. Sat in garden with him, and walked round. He not so well. Hungarian thoughts. Quiet. To town to post Ella a paper. Very fine. Again to Ed. He very well!!. Dr F came in. Nachtweh’s in. Played Halma. Herr Director also up. About Faraday of Manchester! Herr Kunz – Austrian lawyer.

Thursday, 10th November 1898

Very hot and fine. Sat an hour in garden with Ed. I walked into town (mother as far as Barracks) to Dr Hempels and buy violets. To see Ed 1 ½ hour again. He in bed and unhappy. To Nachtweh’s to supper. Halma, etc Sister in law who spoke English.

Friday, 11th November 1898

Very fine and hot. Over to Edward. He in bed. Herr Director there after dinner, I with letter to post. Mother to Edward early. I joined them, sat in garden and room. He fairly well. Read Napier 1 hour. Played Halma in evening.

Saturday, 12th November 1898

To see Edward, in garden, talked with Dr Messenhauser! In afternoon, Mother and I to town to shops. Rest etc and Fr Hemples. After talked with Dr Boeck about going to England! To see Ed and tell him of schemes. He fairly well. Talked much with Dr Felkl, Fr. Fontaine, Herr S Wabaum.

Medley Club p.c. 7th Nov
Tell Alys “Dokle Felkl” and photo
Wrote to Alys long letter 7th Nov
Finished David Grieve 10th.

Sunday, 13th November 1898

Frau Doktor up to dinner
Over to see Edward – with him in garden, near kitchens. M and I for walk in fields to chapel. Again to see Edward in garden, etc. He very well. Mr Dr Boeck on stairs in his room – had long talk. Wrote to Uncle Harold.

Monday, 14th November 1898

With Edward in garden; worked. Mother unwell. I walked to town to bank and to see Fr Hempel’s a minute. Mother and I to Edward’s room and in gardens. He very well and sweet. Wrote to Ella. Mother wrote to Aunt A, Mr Edwards and Dean.

Tuesday, 15th November 1898

Watched “Gelb Pudding” (jelly pudding) being made. Over to Edward. He not well. Saw Herr Director. To Edward again in afternoon. He up and slightly better. Out with him. Met Doctors. Mother and I alone to supper. Dr out. Edward ill.

Wednesday, 16th November 1898

?****? in night. Dr Boeck called up and to him. I made “Crème” pudding with Mme Kar. Not allowed to see Edward. Saw Herr Director. Went for little walk in field. Very muddy and dull. Played Halma. Fra Doktor to supper. Letter from Doz and Alys.

Thursday, 17th November 1898

Made “Groats pudding” with Marika. Saw Dr Boeck and then to Edward. Stayed ¾ hr. Herr Kunz very “gone” on me. Walked to post-box. Muddy. Saw Ed again and long talk with Dr Boeck in evening.

Friday, 18th November 1898

Made Schrarnitzel** with Marika. M and I down and talked long to Dr Boeck. Not to Ed. He sleepy. For a little walk in afternoon. At 5.30 to Ed. He very ill but so sweet! Took him to ?***?. Heard about King and couldn’t sleep.

Saturday, 19th November 1898

Mother and I up early and into town to bank, Hempel’s etc. Walked back. Saw Dr Boeck. Dr Felkl took me over kitchens. Packed. Early to see Ed. Dr Boeck came too and back with us. Ed wouldn’t eat.

Manfred Herbert (Bertel) Heffmuth
17th Nov – Edward very tired and “distrait”. Also 18th, 19th
** Schrarnitzela

Sunday, 20th November 1898

Packed a little. Made apfel schaum (apple cake). Over to Ed. Dr Felkl also. Made him eat a good dinner. Nachtwehs and ??F?? Hempel. A little walk. Final packing. M to Dr Boeck.

Monday, 21st November 1898

Said goodbye to all and 5 of us to station. At Oderberg[2] an hour. Herr Von Walcher helped us. Travelled straight on to Berlin uber Breslau, arrived there at 9.00. Met Uncle Harold and Stevens. Dr Felkl came on ….

Tuesday, 22nd November 1898

….with us to Flushing. Schittenhelm went back. Travelled all night to Vlissingen[3], slept a good deal. Over in steamer to Queensboro’. Very rough. Sea-sick for 1st time. To Victoria. To Wedderburn House. Ed to Savage’s[4].


Wednesday, 23rd November 1898

Stayed in bed till dinner time. Mother up to tea. Read Kiplings “The Day’s Works[5]”. And talked. Very dull weather. Uncle H in in evening. Alys of course at W.H. unpacked. Cecil Buch in!!

Thursday, 24th November 1898

Both in bed to breakfast again. Up after. Doz not very well. Talked much to Doz. Read Napier and began “Half a Hero[6]” Mother and A out. Wrote to the Austrians and to Mrs Sime.

Friday, 25th November 1898

Worked and read in morning. Marked stockings and wrote cards. Rested and read Napier. Miss Geo Waterston and Mary Geddes and friend of Mrs Tadema called. Read and worked in evening.

Saturday, 26th November 1898

Worked all morning. Not out. Rain. Rested. Alys to dancing class. Aunt Ada to tea. Uncle Harold in. Doz washed my head twice. Read Napier and played Halma.

Thurs 35 mins Napier
Friday 1.20 Napier
Saturday 1.05 Napier
Total 3.00 hours

Sunday, 27th November 1898

Read “Half a Hero” and walked up Heath Street. Phil Sime came up and had tea. Also Kitty, with a cold.

Monday, 28th November 1898

Gave Alys some lessons. Doz in bed, but up later. I talked to her and wrote journal. Read Napier 30 minutes and talked to Doz.

Tuesday, 29th November 1898

Went to Green and Edwards[7] with Aunt Alice and Mother to choose me a winter coat. I to Brondesbury to enquire after Mrs Barnard. Aunt Alice and Poz to Tadema’s to hear Dohnáni (sic – Dohnányi)[8].

Wednesday, 30th November 1898

With Mother, Aunt Alice, Poz and Alys to Marshalls[9]. Bought a black jacket. Rested on bed. Worked and read. Finished Half a Hero.

Thursday, 1st December 1898

Alys and I across to Acton to Aunt Nelly’s. Brought large parcels of clothes home. Rested in drawing-room. Began “Mr Witt’s Widow[1]”. Phil Sime came to later dinner. Played Garboosh, etc

Friday, 2nd December 1898

Gave Alys dictation and meandered about, feeling colded. Went out at 4 o’clock. Mrs Allen and Miss A to tea. Cousin Mary with others to concert. Charlie Warren (me: friend of Edward’s) in. Played Garboosh.

Saturday, 3rd December 1898

In bed all day. Slept and felt very ill, aching, sore throat, headache, etc. Anna Tad, Kitty, Pieter and Uncle H called. Read “Ranjit Singh[2]” 1 hour. Unwell in night and evening.

Mon 30. N
Tues 30. N
Wed 45. N
Thur 30 N
Sat 45 N
(me: I think is it Minutes of Napier read)

Sunday, 4th December 1898

In bed all day. Read and finished “Mr Witt’s Widow” and “Treasure Island’. Mother and Alys to Aunt Rosa’s to tea and supper. Talked to Poz and Doz. Began “Soldier’s Three[3]”. Mr G.E.B. and Uncle Ned.

Monday, 5th December 1898

In bed all day. Miss Parsons for Poz. I worked at Mrs Lime’s cloth and read Napier. Sore throat. Talked to people – Poz, Doz, etc.

Tuesday, 6th December 1898

In bed to breakfast. Kitty came to see me. Worked. Got up to dinner. Rested after. Tried on white dress. To bed early. Aunt Alice and Doz to dinner at Tait’s. Poz unwell.

Wednesday, 7th December 1898

Up after breakfast. Unpicked, ironed, etc chiffon of dress. Miss Parsons for Alys. Rested a long time. Mother out and no rest. Aunt Alice, Doz and I to Duke of York’s Theatre – “Lady Ursula” by A Hope. Very splendid indeed.



Thursday, 8th December 1898

In bed to breakfast. Read Napier. Miss Parsons for Polly. After dinner to G. and E to choose hats. Doz and I to meet Chrissie and Kitty to Ladies’ University Club[4].

Friday, 9th December 1898

Miss Parsons for me all day. Down to Finchley Road. Bought purple hat. Head-ache. Did white silk skirt. Up to breakfast. Cecil Buchanan in. Sent photo to Kitty. Did rouleau.

Saturday, 10th December 1898

Miss Parsons for half a day. Worked with her and ironed. With Doz to Geddes to lunch. With Mary Geddes to Golders’ Hill after nice walk. Home to tea. Uncle Harold in and talked about Edward.

Sunday, 11th December 1898

Stayed at home and wrote to Ella. Doz unwell and in bed. Aunt Edith came to dinner. I rested and then up to Aunt Rosa’s. Stayed to tea and supper. Uncle H brought me back.

Monday, 12th December 1898

Cleaned gloves, and washed shawl, etc, all morning. Short rest. With Poz on tram. To Shoolbred’s[5]. To Mrs Archer’s. Mother and Alys to Dohnányi’s last recital at St James Hall.

Tuesday, 13th December 1898

Went over to Brondesbury to see Kit and talked. Back to lunch. Rested and slept in afternoon. After dinner, Mother and Alys helped us to dress. F.B.’s and I to Tadema’s. Jolly music evening. Dohnányi, Henchels[6]. Amb. Poynter. See mem.

Wednesday, 14th December 1898

Miss Parsons. Worked with her all morning. In afternoon out for short walk to Green and Edwards. Shopped with Mother. Bill, Dave and Phil Sime called after dinner. Played Matrimony, etc, Monkey on bike. Jolly evening.

Thursday, 15th December 1898

Went with Alys into town. Bond Street. Saw “Prince Regent”. Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly. Regent Street etc. Rested. Collins, Faradays and Eira to tea – dancing and games.

Friday, 16th December 1898

Down to Huxham’s shopping. Bought silks, ribbons, etc. Worked at hairpin cushions. Aunt Ada over. Mr and Mrs Collier called and Mrs Corbett and two nieces. Aunt A and Doz to Halls at Home. 9.00 – 11.30.

Saturday, 17th December 1898

With Dorothy to Portman Place and Oxford Street. Rained, fun. Worked in afternoon. Phil Sime called and stayed all evening with us to see “Display”; Alys dancing-class. Rather fun. Tired.

Napier 13th 35
Napier 15th 20
Napier 16th 30
At Tadema’s – spoke to Mrs Sargent, Mrs Roller, Mr Corbett, Andrew Gow[7] and Mrs Tad introduced Ambrose Poynter[8] to me. F Dicksee[9] bowed and smiled! Onslow Ford[10] there. Fanny Davies.

Sunday, 18th December 1898

Mary away. Her mother ill. All did housework. Wrote to Uncle Ned and Frau Doktor. Rested and read “Beach of Falesá[11]” and “Bottle Imp[12]” and Uncle Harold in in evening.

Monday, 19th December 1898

Polly away to Broadway. Muddled about. After lunch, Mother and I to Bournemouth by 2.15 train Waterloo. Saw Browne’s. Sarah and Conis greeted us. Busy seeing after things.

Tuesday, 20th December 1898

Very busy all day muddling, tidying and settling things. Very fine. Wrote cards (3) to Troppau. Up in loft and all over the house.

Wednesday, 21st December 1898

Did a good deal of work and packed with Sarah. Mother, Conis and I travelled to London again by 4.00 train. Cab from Waterloo.

Thursday, 22nd December 1898

Unpacked; foggy. Rested. After tea (at 6.00) Aunt Alice, Doz, Alys and I to “Trocadero” where we dined with Phil, Dave and Mr Williamson*. To Theatre and concert after.

Friday, 23rd December 1898

Did housework. Aunt Alice off to Broadway. Doz to see her off and called on Tadema’s. I to shops. Did up presents. Sent off parcels, etc. Mother unwell. Lamp horrid.

Saturday, 24th December 1898

Did housework and made batter for fritters. To shops with Dorothy and Conis. Did card for Miss Andrews. Went with Doz to Buchanan’s. Made apple fritters, and tie muslin.

* Phil gave us the dinner. He, Fred Williamson and Alys to Gaiety to see “Runaway Girl[13]”. Dave took us 3 to Queen’s Hall “Strolling Players Amateur Orchestra Society” concert.

runaway girl.jpg

Sunday, 25th December 1898 – Christmas Day

Did housework. I made Yorkshire pudding. Doz, Alys and Teeds and I on Heath. Met Faradays and Hunts. All of us to Cannon Place for tea and supper. Presents, charades. Etc.

Monday, 26th December 1898 – Boxing Day

Did housework; then all over to Aunt Nelly’s to take presents, etc. Home to lunch at 2.30! Quiet evening. Work, etc.

Tuesday, 27th December 1898

Poured with rain and gales. Not out all day. Did housework, etc. Uncle Vernor came in to tea. Sewed and read in evening. Kitty in morning.

Wednesday, 28th December 1898

Did housework. I down to Coles’. Did Alys’ dress. Sewed in afternoon and rested. Doz, Alys and I to Mr Parsons. Children’s party. Great fun but Alys not well. Left at 11.15. Teeds with Mother.

Thursday, 29th December 1898

Slept late. Helped Doz to pack. She off to Broadway. Wrote to Kit. With Mother to shops. Read in evening. Mrs Matthews came. I worked.

Friday, 30th December 1898

Miss Parsons all day. I worked with her all morning. Insertion evening – body and red blouse. After lunch met Kitty and with her to New Gallery. Aunts Nell and Ada. Saw Burne Jones works. Met lots of people.

Saturday, 31st December 1898

Miss Parsons (who slept here) worked till 11.30. Then went. I sewed all morning. In afternoon to Finchley Road. Worked after tea and dinner at my red blouse. Read “Across the Plains[14]

von Glehn – (me: possibly Louise Hume Creighton (née von Glehn; 1850 – 1936) was a British author of books on historical and sociopolitical topics, and an activist for a greater representation of women in society, including women’s suffrage, and in the Church of England.
Mon 40
Tues 40
Wed 30
Fri 30
Sat 1.00

Pages at beginning and end of diary

Great fun at Mr Parson’s – a ventriloquist. Older people later. Danced with Phil Carr, Mr Simmonds Gynx. Mr Parsons and Occy.

Xmas Presents
Mrs Sime – cloth
Aunt Alice – hairpin cushion
Mrs Tadema – book?
Alys – handkerchief
Doz – hat pins?
Poz – magazine
Wade – tie
Minnie – notepaper

Have crossed the Channel or North Sea 8 times – 5 different ways

1.Dover to Calais
2. Boulogne to Folkestone
3. Dover to Ostend
4. Antwerp to Harwich
5. Queenboro’ to Flushing

Have been twice the Dover-Ostend and Antwerp-Harwich routes

Countries in Europe I have been to:-
France (Paris, etc)
Switzerland (Davos, etc)

At Tademas Jan 7th – danced with Pieter, Mr Parsons (supper) and Anna Tad and Tessa Gosse (Sir Roger). Spoke to Mr Sargent, David Murray, Mr Dicksee (Punch). Tadema. Great fun. Home at 2.15. Each person had present. Murray (like Sarasate) had bagpipe, whooped a great deal, slapped me on the back in Sir Roger. Messrs Dicksee and Sargent had ducks. Tad had a pig. Also they had badges which they wore. Sir Edward Poynter had “I’m really very good” or something like that. Mr Carr had “I’m being very nice, try me”. Tessa had “I’ve lost my muzzle”. Anna T had “Does Tootsie love Wookie?” Mr Simmonds (sculptor) was there and Mrs S. Also Lady Lewis, Herbert Thompson, Onslow Ford. Mary and other Gows. 6 R.A.’s and 2 A. R. A’s, 1 P.R.A. Dr Eppes and Mrs Gosse.

At Aunt Rosa’s dance on the 11th:-

Danced with Alan and Leslie Baumer, Robin, Paul and Eric. Frank and Jack Rush. Messrs Conrad, Canney and A. Al. Great fun.

Eric: “May you have the pleasure of dancing with me?” (me: I love this!)

Kind regards and love to Mother from Mrs Baumer, Mrs and Frank Rush

Wednesday, 2nd March, I wrote to “Sec to Duke of Wellington, Apsley House” and on Thursday, evening received my letter back turned down at one corner with “Admit Mrs Boyd and friends and Saturday or Tuesday in March between 10 and 12 am or 2 and 4 pm. By Order Geo. Coxon” sic.

Woollands & Co, Knightsbridge
Harvey Nichol & Co, Sloane Street
Debenham & Freebody, Wigmore Street
Marshall & Snelgrove, Vere Street

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