1898 June Footnotes

[1] Speculations : literary and philosophic by Thomas De Quincey – first published 1862.

[2] A Simpleton” by Charles Reade – 1873

[3] Cretonne was originally a strong, white fabric with a hempen warp and linen weft.

[4] Hear My Prayer is a Christian anthem for soprano solo, chorus and organ or orchestra composed by Felix Mendelssohn in Germany in 1844. It includes “Oh for the wings of a dove”.

[5] Possibly “The battle-fields of Germany: from the outbreak of the Thirty Years’ War to the Battle of Blenheim” by G B Malleson – originally published 1884.

[6] Tripos is the final honours examination for a BA degree at Cambridge University.

[7] Edward left Bournemouth to take up a position as tutor (me; we think) to the family of Countess Pejácsevich Mikó – address Nógrád Ludány, Hungary.

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