1898 February Footnotes

[1] An impressive example of a Victorian vestry hall, designed in the Italianate style (with a campanile tower) by H.E. Kendall and Frederick Mew, Hampstead Old Town Hall was hailed as ‘a decided ornament to that part of Haverstock Hill’ (Ham and High) when it opened in 1878.

[2] Jean-Paul Richter (1847 – 1937) was a German art historian. Richter was born in Dresden as the son of a theologian and studied theology himself, becoming tutor to the young Alexander Frederick, Landgrave of Hesse. His appointment as tutor gave him the opportunity to travel around Europe and he became interested in Italian art. He wrote for Baedecker tourist guides and met Giovanni Morelli in 1876, whom he later introduced to Bernard Berenson. He moved to London in 1877 and wrote several catalogues of art, but is chiefly remembered today for his work on the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.

[3] Pieter Rodeck was Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s nephew.

[4] The Aerated Bread Company Ltd (A.B.C.) was a company founded and headquartered in the United Kingdom. Although it is often remembered as running a large chain of tea rooms in Britain and other parts of the world, it was originally established in 1862 by Dr. John Dauglish as a bakery using a revolutionary new method he had developed, with the tea rooms starting in 1864.

[5] Harry Plunket Greene (1865 – 1936) was an Irish baritone who was most famous in the formal concert and oratorio repertoire. Making a great contribution to British musical life, he wrote and lectured on his art, and enriched the field of musical competitions and examinations.

[6] Leonard Borwick (1868 –1925) was an English concert pianist especially associated with the music of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms.





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