1897 Newcastle, London, Bournemouth, Brussels, Felixstowe, Whitby, Bournemouth

In 1897, Edward is 21 years old, Kate is 18 years old and Alys is 13 years old

K Boyd
Jan: 1897

Alum Chine


Sunday, 27th December 1896

In bed till teatime. Read and wrote. Mother to lunch at Arthur Reid’s. Polly and Caroline Cree to tea. Morty Norah, Hatty, Christy and Charlie and Bertie Buchanan in, in evening.

Monday, 28th December 1896

In bed to breakfast. Helped Mother with my new white dress. Read and muddled about. Christy and Horace in evening. Ed to supper at Southview.

Tuesday, 29th December 1896

Town to buy flowers on the hill with Mother. Rested in afternoon. To dance at the West End Assembly Rooms. 7.30 to 1am. Great fun. Kitchen Lancers[1].

assembly rooms newcastle.jpg
Assembly Rooms, Newcastle – built 1776

Wednesday, 30th December 1896

Not up till 12.30! Out for a little walk in afternoon. Nelly Sandman to tea. Selby in evening. Played “Jacob”[2].

Thursday, 31st December 1896

Mother, Alys, Edward and I to Tynemouth. Called on Walter Reid’s and on rocks. To tea at Thornleigh in evening. With Mother, Alys and Edward. Christy to billiards.

Friday, 1st January 1897

Leo our “first foot”. He and Morty came in at 12.10 am. I went for a walk with Hatty. Made calls. Edward to Sunderland. Ella, Ed, Alys and I to evening at Wardle Terrace. Sissie, Charlotte, Aunt Ada, Morty and H. Luckley there.

Saturday, 2nd January 1897

Mother, Ella, Aunt Ada, Alys, Ed and I to Whitley and Cullercoats by rocks. Back to dinner. Miss Dodd and Harold. Luckley called. Leo to supper.

Saddle Rocks, Cullercoats

Weather (me: now written down side of diary) – very dull weather, rain every day

Sunday, 3rd January 1897

Walked to Meeting with Ella. Edward and Jack also. Read “Nancy”[3]. Mr Sandeman and Hatty and Christy in.

Monday, 4th January 1897

Sewed in morning, trimmed hat and called on Pattinson’s at Gateshead with mother, in afternoon. Ella and Ed to Moncrieff’s since 7.30 – 1.00. Ernest Reid in. Played and sang to us.

Tuesday, 5th January 1897

My music-lesson. In all the morning. At Home Day. Mrs Durrant and Armstrong girls called. Penman and Hugh to tea and billiards.

Wednesday, 6th January 1897

At Home all morning. Sewing, practising, etc. To Aunt Francis to tea with Mother and Ella. They also to call on Armstrongs. Christy in evening. Billiards, etc.

Thursday, 7th January 1897

Wrote long letter to Kitty. Indoors all day. Cousin Harriet and Mr Nichol in evening.

Friday, 8th January 1897

Aunt Eliza in bed all day. Bilious in night. My music-lesson. Uncle David to dinner. Alys and I to party at the Burnip’s.

Saturday, 9th January 1897

Much hail and stormy
To town with Mother, Ella, Ed and Alys. To “Art Circle Exhibition” at College and shopped. I to town again in afternoon but A. C. shut up. Practised after tea. Uncle Vernon in and Cousin Sidney to supper.

Sunday, 10th January 1897

Very foggy
Aunt Eliza in bed to breakfast. All to Meeting[4] except she and me. Back to dinner here. Alys, Jack, Ed and I to called on Sandemans. I to tea and Nichol’s. Ella in after. Selby, Christy, Jack, Morty, Leo and Uncle Vernon in evening.

Monday, 11th January 1897

Very foggy and dark and mild
Very busy making sandwiches and lemonade, etc. Ella headache. Called on Aunt Margaret. At 5 o’clock came 2 Thorburns, 2 Burnips, 3 Walter Reids, Helen Angus, 2 Brims, 4 Sandmans, 2 Nichols. Had games and dancing till 9.30. Selby in to help.

Tuesday, 12th January 1897

Very foggy and dark
Indoors all morning. Wrote to Mrs Barnard. My music-lesson. Practised and to Angus and with Alys in afternoon. William Reid’s (Mr and Mrs) and cousins Martha and George to supper. Morty in afternoon. Ed packed.

Wednesday, 13th January 1897

Light and clear! With sun am. Hail and rain pm.
Edward went away by 10.5 train to Cambridge. Mother to dinner at Aunt Ellen’s. Ella and I read French with Sissie. Alys to party (dance) of the Brims at West End Assembly Rooms. Mother, Ella and I to spend evening at Armstrongs. Music, sandwiches.

Thursday, 14th January 1897

Snow and some sun
Wrote to Miss Morison. Mother to spend the day at Aunt Margaret’s. Alys’ last music lesson. Alys to Miss Bromley’s to tea. I rested and drew two portraits of Ella and wrote and drew in Mary’s book. (M Selby R) – (me: not sure what that means!)

Friday, 15th January 1897

Much snow and some sun. Slight frost.
Mother and Ella to town. Alys and I bandaged up our bicycles. My last music-lesson in afternoon. I practised. Mother, Ella, Alys and I to South View to tea. Music and hide-and-seek, etc. Home to supper.

Saturday, 16th January 1897

Very snowy and cold and frosty
Packed all morning and muddled about. I unwell. Mother, Alys and I had cab and called on Aunt Ellen, Sidney and Charlotte, Cousin Ida and Mother on Mr Deacon and Dr Embleton[5]. Alys to bed at 5.30 with bad headache.

Sunday, 17th January 1897

Bright, sunny and snowy
All to Meeting but Alys and me. I anxious about Conis. Copied out M: F book. Rested and wrote to Ed. Read “Wrecker”[6] and finished “Caged Lion”[7]. Mr Sandeman and Effie, Hattie and Christie in evening. Leo to supper.


Monday, 18th January 1897

Frosty and sunny
Packed in morning till 12.30. Alys and I went to say goodbye to Aunts M and Christian. At 12.30 omnibus came. Ella, Aunt Ada, Charlotte and Polly and Christie to see us off to London to smoking corridor carriage. Short journey. Met at King’s Cross by Uncle Harold. To Wedderburn House, supper and to bed. I slept with Dorothy.

Tuesday, 19th January 1897

Cold. Thaw
Drew and unpacked in morning. Doz to Neale’s. Poz practised. Rested in afternoon on bed with Doz and read “Wrecker”. Dinner at 7.00(?) Looked at photos. At 10 o’clock Poz, Doz and I to Alma-Tadema’s[8]. Stayed there till about 1am. Music, dancing and billiards. Fun!

Alma tadema.jpg
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema – self portrait

Wednesday, 20th January 1897

Raw and cold. Thaw
Indoors all morning. Conis’ muzzles came. Alys in bed all day. Aunt Edith to tea but Mother and I to Uncle Harold’s to tea and later dinner. Played with children and geographic Whist.

Thursday, 21st January 1897

Frosty, cold
Wrote to Ella. Went out with Poz and the bicycles. Mother and Alys to Badcock’s. Read all afternoon and evening. “Extra books” letter, etc. Looked at Uncle Fred’s proofs and pictures.

Fred Barnard illustration

Friday, 22nd January 1897

Much snow fell. Sunny cold early
Walked to Finchley Road with Dorothy. Muddled about, read, wrote to Edward, etc. Read “Wrecker”. Mother to town. Cousin Mary Buch and Mrs Allen called “at Home”. Dorothy, Alys and I to Aunt Rosa’s to tea. Games and magic lantern. Home at 8.00

Saturday, 23rd January 1897

Much snow
Aunt Alice, Poz, Doz and I to New Gallery – saw Watts’[9] pictures. Then had lunch at the Criterion[9], and then walked to Westminster Abbey. Saw royal tombs and stayed in for ½ hour service. Then to Houses of Parliament. Over them. Westminster Hall, etc. Mrs Parsons called in evening.


Sunday, 24th January 1897

Cold and fine
Doz and I not awake till 11.00. The others on Hampstead Heath. Aunt Nelly, Doris and Aunt Edith to lunch. Mr and Mrs and Mary and Cyril Vernor-Miles and Miss Waterston (Anne) and Bertie Buchanan to tea.

Monday, 25th January 1897

Thaw, slushy, cold
Went with Mother and Alys to town. Shopped, had lunch at Criterion, then to New Gallery. Then home in omnibus. Aunt Vernor to lunch and tea. Looked at pictures in evening and read. Neuralgia.

Tuesday, 26th January 1897

Sunny but bitter cold later
Mother and I to Highbury in morning, called on Cousin Jane Barnard. Then to Vincent’s then to lunch at Aunt Louie Moirs. Talked to Nelly. At 3 o’clock to call on Aunts Mary and Caroline – 54 Aubert Park. Then home. Uncle Harold called. Read “Wrecker”. A and D to Drury Lane[11] pantomime.
Drury Lane.jpg

Wednesday, January 27th 1897

Sunny and cold – fine
Stayed at home all morning. Read and talked. Doz and Poz both out. Doz called with me on G. E. Barnard at 31 C. Road . Met Miss Deakin. Looked over all Uncle Fred’s (me: Fred Barnard, illustrator and Poz and Doz’s father) “Jaw Twisters”, etc, etc and chose one.

Thursday, January 28th 1897

Nice day, some sun.
Went to the National Gallery with Aunt Alice. Saw Miss Sargent. Student’s day. Mother took Alys and me to Wembley Park to skate in the afternoon. I skated badly! Bad ice.

Friday, January 29th 1897

Sunny and cold
Alys and I to Wembley to skate all morning. Nice. Doz in bed all day with cold. Mother and Poz to Fanny Davie’s[12] concert. All of us, but Aunt and little Alice, to Lyceum to see “Cymbeline[13]”. Miss Terry[14] delicious as “Imogen”. Stage box. Cab home. Doz too.



Saturday, 30th January 1897

Dull and rainy
Packed all morning. At 12 o’clock Mother, Alys and I drove to Gatti’s[15]. Met Uncle Harold there and had lunch. Then to Waterloo and travelled to Bournemouth.  Tea and supper. Nice and cheerful. Con mad with joy. Wade and Minnie well. We unpacked.

Sunday, 31st January 1897

Fine but not sunny
Arranged my room all morning. Read “With Edged Tools[16]” all afternoon. None of us out all day. Minnie to Church, evening. I wrote to Aunt Sarah and Ed. Did Canada maps with Mother.

Monday, 1st February 1897

Drizzling and muggy
Mother and I called on Miss Coles and Miss Radmar and to school of Art, then to town. Shopped Alys to Glenelly to Miss Boodle’s (me: it must be another Miss Boodle – there were a few sisters from what I can gather) lessons. We read “White Turrets[1]” aloud in evening.

Tuesday, 2nd February 1897

Rain, hot.
Alys to Glenelly. Rained all day. I ironed and sewed in morning. At 2.00 I walked to school to Art. Drew old man there for 2 hours, then walked home. Read aloud.

Wednesday, 3rd February 1897

Rain on and off all day
Alys to Glenelly. Mother and I sewed all morning. I at my new silk front. Mother and I called on Cox’s and Vernon’s. Mother to tea at Glenelly. I wrote to Doz. Read aloud and worked.

Thursday, 4th February 1897

Showery all day, Heavy rain in evening.
Alys to Glenelly. I arranged things for drawing-class. Study, etc. Miss Coles came at 2.50. and brought the old model, Mr Troke. I drew him. Alys drew vases. Miss Coles to tea and talked. Read aloud in evening.

Friday, 5th February 1897

Drizzly rain, warm
Worked all morning with Mother. Alys to Glenelly. Carrie Davey expected to lunch but too wet. I went to School of Art till 4.30. and then met Mother who with Alys and me went to town. Shopped. Got shoes for dancing class. Read aloud.

Saturday, 6th February 1897

Rain, warm
Did ball exercises with Alys and muddled about. We all drove to dancing-class (1st) at 2.30, called for Miss Radmar. Very nice class, only 4 of us. Maude Young, Vera and Audrey. To tea at Mrs Marriner’s. Alys head-ache. Read aloud.

Sunday, 7th February 1897

Fine!!!! Sunny
Wrote to Hatty, Edward and Aunt Eliza. Miss Andrews to dinner, and tea. Alys and I went on the Sands to see the landslip Mother read “Pygmalion” by William Morris[2] to us. Mother’s eyes bad. Began reading for Medley Club (me: anyone heard of that?).

Monday, 8th February 1897

Fine, a little sun. Rain later on.
Alys to Glenelly. I muddled about and read “Green’s History”[3] for my half hour. Mother and Alys to Winter Gardens and tea with Carrie Davey, etc. I bound Mother’s shoes and did her hat. Wade and I to Millinery Class at School of Art from 7.00 to 8.30. Made bows of paper.

Tuesday, 9th February 1897

Some rain, drizzly – fine at 2.00
I tidied my cupboard all morning. Read ½ hour. Alys to Glenelly. Miss Boodle and Audrey to dinner. I to S. of A. Drew little girl, big sized paper. Audrey to tea. Read aloud in evening.

Wednesday, 10th February 1897

Rain. Horrid day.
Read ½ hour aloud to Mother. A to Glenelly and sewed. Miss Carrie Davey and Miss Hubbard to dinner. We drove with them as far as Burnside. And Mother and I had afternoon tea. There. Walked home. Read aloud in evening about Manson.

Thursday, 11th February 1897

Rain. Disgusting, misty day, hot.
Alys to Glenelly. Mother to the Fletcher’s. I sewed and wrote to Doz. Hannan MacKenzie to painting lesson, also Miss Cols and Mr Troke. I walked up with Miss Coles and to tea and fetched Mother at the Marriner’s. Wrote to Ella I evening and read.

Friday, 12th February 1897

Dull and rain later
Read and worked in morning. Alys to Glenelly. I to S. of A. (me: School of Art) in afternoon. Walked up with Mother. She to Mr Ledger’s. Bought new board. Brought it home in the rain. Mother did my hair up.

Saturday, 13th February 1897

Dull and showery
Darned stockings and burnt name on board. Alys and I to dancing class. 10 or 12 girls there. Fun. All of us 3 and Audrey to tea at the Oakes’. I walked home with Mother. Alys fetched later (Mother called on the Douglases).

Sunday, 14th February, 1897

Fine and sunny
Bible-reading and then Alys and I undid our bicycles out of crates, and cleaned them. I wrote to Kitty and Toni. Read the “Mill on the Floss[4]” and Mother read aloud “Stephanie’s Children[5]” and “Pygmalion” in Earthly Paradise[6].

Monday, 15th February 1897

Sunny and fine
Sewed in morning and read 35 minutes. Alys to Glenelly. We rode to Tower House (the Fletchers) on bicycles at 2 o’clock. Had music lessons from Miss Polexena Fletcher. Rode home. Wade and I walked to Millinery class at 8.30. I trimmed Mother’s hat. Miss Coles there.

tower house.jpg

Tuesday, 16th February 1897

Dull but quite fine
Wrote to Mrs Barnard and Edward. Winnie Vernon called. I read 30 minus. Alys to Glenelly and to fetch music from Fletchers. I bicycled to S of A. Drew – stumped. Bicycled back. Mother called on Patersons, Cox’s, Stewarts. Read aloud in evening (Practised one hour).

Wednesday, 17th February 1897

Very lovely and sunny: frosty
Practised and read and wrote to Ella in morning. Mother and I unwell. Alys bicycled to dancing class which was changed to today. I read and worked all afternoon. Minnie took my bicycle to Passmores. I giddy and sicky in evening. Slept with mother.

Thursday, 18th February 1897

Exquisite, sunny
Stayed in bed till 12.30. Read “Mill on the Floss”. Read 40 mins yesterday. Drawing lesson in afternoon. Hannah stayed to tea. I painted and drew Alys after tea. Mr Theodore Vincent came in evening and stayed till 10.00.

Friday, 19th February 1897

Drizzly and dull
Practised an hour. Read 45 minutes. Drawing-room finished being painted. Read “Mill on the Floss”. Alys to Glenelly. Didn’t go to S. of A. Read 60 minutes more to Mother in evening of “Green”. Daisy Spratt to tea with Alys. Played in Study.

Saturday, 20th February 1897

Fine and sunny
Alys made bread. We practised and I painted Alys. Mother called on Smales’ and Mr Blake came and lanced Conis’ foot while I held him! Read “Stephanie’s Children” aloud.

Sunday, 21st February 1897

Fine and sunny
Mother and I to St Michael’s. Mission sermon. I wrote to Doz and Edward. Miss Boodle and Mr Smales called, not to tea. Read aloud in evening. I finished “Mill on Floss”.

Monday, 22nd February 1897

Very fine and lovely
Practised and read “Green” in morning. Alys to Glenelly. Alys and I on bicycles to Fletcher’s at 2.30. Influenza in the house. So no lessons. Rode home round about. Millinery class with Wadie (me: Wade’s family nick-name). Brown Hat.

Tuesday, 23rd February 1897

Fine but dull
Practised and finished letter to Doz. Alys to Glenelly. Audrey to dinner and tea here. I to S. of A. Nice. Bicycled to Aldworth’s after. Bought P. blue. Misses Douglas called. I read aloud “Green” and “Stephanie”. Letters from Ella and Hatty.

Wednesday, 24th February 1897

Fine but windy
Practised a little. Rode up on bicycle, met Alys, went with her to station. Met Tommy Carr by 12.45 train – from Winchester. He had dinner with us. We 3 on Sands. And cliffs and moor, to Durley Chine. Tea. On bikes to station. He took 6.20 train back. Miss Highmores called.

Thursday, 25th February 1897

Fine but dull
Did green-house with Mother and took Conis to Blake’s on bicycle. Miss Coles, Hannah and Mr Troke. Nice lesson. Hannah to tea. All walked to Westbourne. Read aloud “Stephanie”.

Friday, 26th February 1897

Fine, very windy
Saw to the putting up of the Drawing-room pictures by Mr Boniwell. Rode on bike to Fletchers with a note and then on to S. of A. Finished my “girl” drawing. Met Mother at “Arran”. Tea with Mrs Stewart. Read “Stephanie” and finished work for piano.

Saturday, 27th February 1897

Lovely day
Arranged Drawing-room. Carriage to dancing in afternoon. Awfully hard class. I had head-ache. New steps difficult. Alys to tea at Vera’s. We met Aunt Nelly at station. She to stay with us. I went to bed at 8 with bad headache. Mr Carr called.

Sunday, 28th February 1897

Windy, some rain
Aunt Nelly in bed all the morning. Mother in green-house. I helped her. I wrote to Edward, Aunt Alice and Hannah. Painted Alys. Tea in Drawing-room. Read “Hereward the Wake”[7] all evening.

Monday, 1st March 1897

Fine early, rough and rain later
Worked and practised. Miss Andrews called in morning. Letter from Doz. We expected Miss Fletcher for music but she didn’t come. Made out the Irish Jig in evening and read Stephanie – finished it.

Tuesday, 2nd March 1897

Fine in morning. Rain and high wind later
Aunt Nelly, Mother and I drove to see Carr’s but met them in gardens. Walked with them. Shopped at Hugh King’s. Drove home. I bicycled to S. of A. Began new head. Miss Brennand talked to me. Rained as I came home. Alys and M to hear Slivinski[1]. I slept with Aunt Nelly.

Wednesday, 3rd March 1897

Stormy, windy, fine.
Very windy and stormy. Went to be fitted by Miss Heath. Can’t remember what else.

Thursday, 4th March 1897

Fine but windy
Fitted by Miss Heath for tweed. Arranged Study and practised. Drawing lesson. Hannah and Mrs Embleton to tea. Practised dancing with Alys. Slipped my knee-cap in Castinett (sic) Dance. Dr Gardener put it back and in a splint. I in bed in Mother’s room.

Friday, 5th March 1897

Changeable weather
In bed all day. Dr White came in morning. Cradle and ice-bag over my knee. Finished “Hereward the Wake”. Began “Theo[2]” was moved into my own bed, which was brought in here. Knee rather bad. Good-night.

Saturday, 6th March 1897

Felt better. Aunt Nelly and Alys to dancing class in morning. I finished “Theo” and began “Philip[3]” by Thackeray. Read Green – 40 minutes. Good-night.

Sunday, 7th March 1897

Washed thoroughly in morning. Dr White came. I ready “Philip” and wrote to Doz and to Ed. Letter from Doz in morning. Left off ice-bag. Mother and Aunt Nell to Miss Andrews.

Monday, 8th March 1897

Alys’ half-term holiday. She to Miss Fletcher’s for music lesson. I read “Philip”. Hannah McKenzie called and saw me. Alys gave me flowers. I read “Jungle Book[4]” to her. Wade to millinery.

Tuesday, 9th March 1897

Fine, wet later
Alys to Glenelly. I read letter from Hannah Sandeman. Rested. Alys asked to Vera’s but too wet. She and I worked. I made doll’s hat of red and black silk. I read to her. Good night.

Wednesday, 10th March 1897

Very fine
Dr White came. Alys bought me little doll. Cost 9d to dress. Minnie’s brother came. Mr Archer to supper.

Thursday, 11th March 1897

I read Bootle’s Baby, Mignon’s Secret and Mignon’s Husband[5]. Mother and Aunt Nell to concert. Parcel from Ella – night socks from Aunt Eliza. Did doll’s stays.

Friday, 12th March 1897

Very fine
Wrote to Doris and Ella. Lovely day. Lots of flowers. Mrs Barnett called. Miss Boodle came up and saw me, brought lilies of valley from Miss Michell. I read Old, Old Story R. N. C.[6]

Sunday, 14th March 1897

Showery with bright intervals
Read and finished The Old, Old Story. Wrote long letter to Kitty and note to Doz. Played “Telegrams” in evening and I read “Red Dog[7]” in Jungle Book aloud to Alys.

Monday, 15th March 1897

Shower with bright intervals
Letter from Doz and Mrs G. E. B. and letter and “Pheon” from Edward. Alys to Miss Slade for drawing. 1st time. Read “Philip”. Nothing particular happened. Read Becket[8] for 45 minutes to Mother. Aunt Nelly Read “Brontës”[9] aloud.

Tuesday, 16th March 1897

Great business in clean sheets etc, etc. Aunt Nelly went away. Mother and Alys to station with her. Alys’ music lesson from Miss Fletcher at Burnside. I finished “Philip”. Dr White came and took off one bandage. Sticky, hurt like fire! Began “Monks of Thelema[10]”.

Wednesday, 17th March 1897

Received flowers from Kitty. Had my bed turned round. Read “William[11]” and Becket 45 minutes and “Monks”. Trimmed Mother’s bonnet very nicely with violets and black statin ribbon. Took off my other sticky bandages myself.

Thursday, 18th March 1897

Lovely day
Winnie Vernon came to see me in morning and brought 3 books. I bound my silk front. Miss Boodle came and tea with me and talked. I read 45 minutes William the Conq (sic). Mrs Oakes called. Mother to Embletons to offer Nansen[12] ticket.

Fridtjof Wedel-Jarlsberg Nansen (1861 –1930)

Friday, 19th March 1897

Lovely day
Letter from Doz. Postcard from Kitty. Cleaning and tidying etc all the morning. Read “William” 45 minutes and finished Monks of Thelema. Mother and Alys to Boscome Theatre to hear Nansen!!! At 7.00 till 10. Or so.

Saturday, 20th March 1897

Fine – not much sun
Letter from Edward. Vera gave me lovely flowers which I painted in morning. Alys to dinner and tea at Oakes and dancing class with them. I wrote to Edward. Miss Coles came and saw me. Mother to Westbourne. Mrs Marriner saw me too.

Sunday, 21st March 1897

Finished “A Daughter of Heth”[13]. Very sad end. Miss Andrews came to dinner and tea. She came up to see me and gave me “Idylls of the King[14]”. Mrs James Blaikley to tea. Began “Sentimental Tommy[15]” wrote to Harry and Kitty.

Monday, 22nd March 1897

Sweep came and Tom Rabbits to new boiler. I read 1 hour “William the Conqueror” and read “Sentimental Tommy” aloud to Mother. Alys to Glenelly and Miss Slade’s drawing class. Dr White came, had tea and did my leg up with a fresh bandage. Mother to Glenelly. I began “Sesame and Lilies[16]”.

Tuesday, 23rd March 1897

Alys pinched her finger in the door and fainted. She was put to bed and kept there all day, tho’ quite recovered. I wrote to Ella. Miss MacKenzie and Gwen game up to see us. Gwen said “Goodybye” as she is going away to London. I read S. T. and W. the C (45). Mother began “Sweetheart Travellers[17]”.

Wednesday, 24th March 1897

Alys to Glenelly. Letter from Ed. “Studio[18]” from Uncle Harold to whom I immediately wrote. Had a headache all day. Read “Sesame and Lilies” and finished S. T. Also read W. the C. 30 mins. Edward came home from Aldershot at 7 o’clock.

studio 1897.jpg
The Studio: March 1897 Edition

Thursday, 25th March 1897

Louie and Mabel Bell came! They are staying at the “Osborne”.

Osborne house.jpg

Lovely to see them. Edward showed me W. A. G. Christie’s drawings. Wonderful! Lard from Kitty. I read My Poor Dick[19] all through and 1 hour of William. And some Sesame. Mother called on Trevanions and Davis’. Alys to dancing-class.

Friday, 26th March 1897

Rain early, fine later
Received Caramels from Ethel Miles. Read William ¼ hour and finished it. Read “That Imp”[20]. Mother and Alys to town to shop. Letter from Uncle Pierre[21]. Mother gave me Nansen’s photograph. I trimmed and made acting hat. Miss Blinkhorn came up to see me.

Saturday, 27th March 1897

Fine – windy
Did pockets for E’s trouser and he read us his Faraday essay[22]. The Bells came to tea and Mrs Bell and Louie and Mabel came up to seem me. Dr White called and took off my splint and bandages.

Sarah (née Barnard) and Michael Faraday

Sunday, 28th March 1897

Not very fine, some showers
Read and wrote to Doz, Poz and Ethel Miles. Ed called on Miss Andrews.

Monday, 29th March 1897

Lovely day
Miss Andrews called. Mother to the Osborne to lunch with the Bells. Mabel Bell and Miss Coles called and had tea with me. Louie walked back with Mother. Dr White came at 4.30 and put me on a starch bandage. I began Ed’s cap. Read Tom Sawyer Detective[23]. Made pin cushion.

Starch bandage.png

Tuesday, 30th March 1897

Beautiful day
Letters from Hannah, Hatty and Miss Havard. I had head-ache. Did Ed’s cap. Alys to tea at Vera’s. Read “Giles’ Visit (sic) to London[24]”. Louie came across.

Wednesday, 31st March 1897

I did Aly’s Irish Jig skirt etc and Edward’s cap. Miss Boodle came to tea with me. Miss F Simpson called. Edward to tea at the Reeces. Shoolbred Stores came. Wrote to Miss Havard. Mother and Alys on char-a-banc


Thursday, April 1st 1897

Dr White came, said I might get up!!! (me: there is a picture of black hole and happy dancing people) Have been in bed just a month! Wrote to Kathleen Birch, Bells called in morning. I dressed and walked to Mother’s bed! Awfully funny, tiring and long way! Wrote to Ella. Horace Vernon to supper. Alys laughed.


Friday, April 2nd 1897

Dressed and walked with Mother and Minnie into next room. Where sat on Wade’s chair! Kathleen came to see me. Nice. Mother and Alys to Fletcher’s concert and tea with Bells at Bungalow. I slept with Mother. Edward to London to W. H. (Wedderburn House) for boat-race and sports.

Saturday, April 3rd 1897

Had horrid stiff neck all day. Agonizing. Cambridge got beaten in sports yesterday. And in boat-race this day, alas! My crutches came from Bridges and I tried them, but didn’t dress all day. Neck too bad. Slept with Mother again. Alys in my bed. Read “The Czar[1]”. Alys to dancing, Mother to the Bells.

Sunday, April 4th 1897

Fine, later dull
Neck much better, I got up earlyish and walked about on crutches on my room, etc! Quite lovely. Letter from Doz and Edward to Mother. Bells, L and M to tea. Read “The Czar” a lot. Letter from Dorothy.

Monday, April 5th 1897

Got up at about 11. Read and worked a little. Mrs Trevanion’s couch was sent in. I wrote to Sissie. Mother to tea with Mrs Simpson. Kathleen Birch came to tea.

Tuesday, April 6th 1897

Rough and Rainy
Dr White came and Miss Andrews in morning. Alys to dancing-class. Mother called on Oakes, Sharpes and Brennands. Miss Michell called on me.

Wednesday, April 7th 1897

Hail, thunder and high temperature
Mother with Bells on char-a-banc to Christchurch. She called on Chomeley’s and Welchmans. Hannah McKenzie came to see me in morning. Downstairs to supper!!! Trimmed hat in evening and began novel. Leghorn[2].

Leghorn straw

Thursday, 8th April 1897

I washed and dressed myself!! Grand!!. Began “Consuelo[3]”. Walked down and upstairs myself! Sat in garden. Went for a drive. To Dean Park. Sports with E and A and H. M. Spratts called. Vera to tea. W. S. Mimete “Sign of the Cross”. I very tired.

Friday, 9th April 1897

Finished Alys’ dress for dancing. Accordian skirt from waist. White body and mauve ribbons. Wrote story a good deal. Otherwise didn’t do much.

Saturday, 10th April 1897

Alys to dancing. Mother and Alys to Mont Dore[4] – show off.

Mont Dore.jpg
Mr Bell and Louie called. Ed to meet Dorothy who came by 2.15 train Waterloo. Lovely. They played and sang “Geisha[5]”. Ed and I wrote novel together.


Sunday, 11th April 1897

Ed and Doz for a walk to Mrs Berry’s. I read “Consuelo”. Expected Neales to tea but they didn’t come. Mrs Spratt and Daisy came in. Knee pretty bad. Rather tired, and so did nothing all day.

Monday, 12th April 1897

Got up and sat in drawing room. Read “Consuelo” and “Wellington”. Mother and Edward to late dinner at the Osborne with Bells.

Osborne HOtel.png

Doz read “Wellington[6]” aloud to me and we raved over him together.

The 1st Duke of Wellington wearing field marshal’s uniform with Order of the Golden Fleece, star of the Order of the Garter and other decorations, by Thomas Phillips

Tuesday, 13th April 1897

Middling early, beautiful later
Doz to town on bicycle home and Mabel Bell to lunch. Played Geisha songs. Bells and Doz and Ed played tennis. Miss Turner and some Embletons called. Mrs Neale, Eira and a Miss Bell called too and had tea. Mother and Edward to dinner at Boscombe Theatre.

Boscombe Theatre.png
The Grand Theatre, Boscombe

Wednesday, 14th April 1897

Got up. Mrs Fred Simpson to tea. Also Oliver and Philip Blanford and Walter Reece, they played tennis with Doz and Ed. Alys to Vera’s later. I read “Wellington” and “Consuelo”.

Thursday, 15th April 1897

Alys’ lessons stop. Darned stockings and read “Consuelo” and “Wellington” in Encyclopædia. Hannah McK called, she has my bike, all the other to Oakes to see their play in which Alys took part. Madder than ever over Wellington.

Friday, 16th April 1897 – Good Friday

Some rain, much wind
Alys and Dorothy to lunch and tea at Neales and bicycled to Throupe with them in rain. I unwell and came to bed, had no lunch. Felt better later. Mrs Trevanion called. I read W and began “the Sowers[7]”.

Saturday, 17th April 1897

Hanhart came in morning. Also Neales. Doz, Ed and Alys to Boscombe Theatre to see “Love in Idleness” Ed – Jerry – and to high tea at Hanhart’s. I wrote to Aunt Sarah and Kathleen. Dr White came. I stood up.

Sunday, 18th April 1897 – Easter Day

Mrs and Mr and Rob Innes called and stayed to dinner and tea. Also Miss Andrews – Oliver Blanford to tea too. I felt bilious. Mother tired. Doz and Ed to Dr Whites.

Monday, 19th April 1897 – Bank Holiday

Doz and Alys to Dr White’s again. Knee cap too small. Doz and Ed there again in afternoon. Kathleen to tea. Hanharts to tea and supper. Had games and music.

Tuesday, 20th April 1897

Doz to town. Got me watering can. I finished “Wellington”by G Hooper. Cried over it! The first and only book I ever have! Neales to tea, and for a ride with Doz and Alys. I copied Ed’s essay and they sang songs.

Wednesday, 21st April 1897

Doz and Alys to Wimborne with Neales, bicycling. George Pardoe to dinner, tea and spent the night. Went to Winter Gardens and theatre with Edward and played tennis.

Thursday, 22nd April 1897

Edward back to Cambridge in morning – 10.30. We all, (me too), went to see him off. George away too. Gave Mother presents. I walked alone. Alys danced jig in evening and we sang. Miss Andrews to tea and stayed 5 hours. 2 hours alone with me – Doz and Mother to concert.

Friday, 23rd April 1897

Not up to breakfast. Finished Ed’s essay. Read Lord Houghton[8]. All drove to town and De Karps. Dr White and Miss Boodle came while we were out!!

Saturday, 24th April 1897

Copied Wellington into book. Alys in bed all day.

Sunday, 25th April 1897

I walked with Dorothy to Gardens and we read “Smiles[9]” about Wellington. Miss Coles and Harry Blaikley called and to tea.

Smiles Wellington.png

Monday, 26th April 1897

I began portrait of Doz, and Miss Andrews came. We drove to Free Library and got Gleig’s Life of Wellington[10]. Mother and Doz to tea with Mrs Simpson. I read Gleig and was tired.

Tuesday, 27th April 1897

We all went to Swanage on the Monarch by early boat and back before lunch, foggy. Mrs Simpson and Oliver to tea and Winnie Vernon. Mrs and Enid Hanhart called.

Swanage steamer.jpg
Swanage Pier with steamers

Wednesday, 28th April 1897

Beautiful day
Cut out Mother’s blouse (front). We all drove to Sand-banks (sic) and Haven Hotel at 3 o’clock. And had tea there under trees. Doz and Alys bicycled. I sketched. Lovely.

Haven Hotel, Sandbanks, Poole

Thursday, 29th April 1897

Made silk front for Mother on calico bodice. Doz made “Stock[11]” for me. Mother and Alys to Tableaux[12] at theatre in evening. Audrey there.

The Game of Life, ca. 1895

Friday, 30th April 1897

Winnie Vernon called. Mother, Dorothy and I drove to Miss York’s house and saw “Drawing-room play[13]”. From 8.30 – 11.00. Songs too. Miss De Karp and Welchman acted. Very nice.


Saturday, 1st May 1897

Lovely day
We drove down to the pier and heard the band and walked up and down. I read “Phroso[1]”. Dr White came and saw Alys and me. Arthur Wellesley[2]’s birthday 1769.

Sunday, 2nd May 1897

I wrote to Ella and copied “A. W’s”. Also Doz did likewise. Blanford boys to tea and Mr Smales and Hannah MacKenzie. Oliver told us about mad woman!

Monday, 3rd May 1897

Doz packed all morning and we talked. After lunch Doz went away and we went to Miss Heath’s. Edith, Francis, Alice and Mabel Warren came to tea and played tennis. Also Ysobel Sanctuary.

Tuesday, 4th May 1897

Letter from Doz! Wrote to her and made my tweed Tam o’Shanter. We all drove to town in afternoon. I had a new dress fitted at Hugh King’s. Eva and Lyall (sic – should may be Lisle) Atkey to tea with Alys to tennis. Paris accident[3].

Paris accident.jpg

Wednesday, 5th May 1897

Mother and I to Miss Heath’s about my tweed dress. Mrs Sharpe and Mrs and Hannah MacKenzie to call.

Thursday, 6th May 1897

Mother and I to call on Embletons, Miss Baumer and Mrs and K Birch and Mrs Oakes. All in, except latter.

Friday, 7th May 1897

Mother and I called on Mrs Marriner, Madame de Karp and to tea (and music) at the Brennands. I talked to Eva Reece.

Saturday, 8th May 1897

Faradays to Bournemouth
Mother, Alys and I drove to town. Shopped a great deal. Hugh King, Barnes, Free Library, etc, etc. Lunch at Bungalow. Home by train from E. Station. To Miss Heath’s. Met Fogertys – I read Napier’s Peninsular History[4]. Collars from Doz.


Sunday, 9th May 1897

I wrote to Doz (long letter) and Kitty. Uncle Harold to tea. I read “Ode on Death of Duke of Wellington” by Tennyson[5]. Began “Flotsam[6]”.

Monday, 10th May 1897

Miss Andrews called and Uncle Harold and Lois and Eric. Tea-party in afternoon to which came – Mrs and Eva Reece, Mrs Mariner and Foster, Mrs Embleton, Dr and Mrs Gardiner. Audrey all day here. Alys headache.

Tuesday, 11th May 1897

Trimmed Mother’s hat and bonnet strings. Miss Andrews to lunch. After lunch, at 3.00, we drove to town. Bright’s, Pitman’s, Hugh King’s. My dress fitted. Then we went to tea with Miss Michell and Miss Boodle. I read Flotsam.

Wednesday, 12th May 1897

Tidied and “Keating-ed” my cupboard all morning. Finished “Flotsam”. Walked with Mother to call on Smales and Vernons. Mother to Aunt Rosa’s! Read “Nelson[7]”. New dress from H King’s.

Keatings powder.jpg
“Keating’ed my cupboard”

Thursday, 13th May 1897

To town in carriage. Took Conis to Blakes and left him. Had our heads shampoo’ed. Miss Boodle to lunch. Mother packed a lot. I very tired. Why? Read 1 hr Napier and tidied a lot.


Friday, 14th May 1897

Travelled to London to 1.55 train. Met by Aunt Alice and Doz at Charing X. Then to Turnham Green and stayed the night at Aunty Nelly’s. Saw Coz Fanny.


Saturday, 15th May 1897

Breakfast at 7.30. Aunt Ada and we 3 travelled to Dover from Charing X. And then crossed to Ostend on the “Marie Henriette”. Very calm, but windy. Then by train from Ostend to Brussels. We were met by Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre[8]. To stables.


Sunday, 16th May 1897

Unpacked a little and rested and in “l’écurie”. In afternoon we all drove in Victoria and Phaeton to the Race-course[9]. Exciting races. Gay colours. I drove back in phaeton with Alys and Uncle P. All to dinner at Madame Wich’s (me: Aunt Bella’s mother). 6.30.

Edith Cavell painting of the racecourse at Boitsfort, Brussels – 1893

Monday, 17th May 1897

Fine but thundery
“Longchamps Fleuri[10]” – Aunt Bella, Mother and I to Madame Heuroz and watched from there. The others to Bois[11]. Lovely.

Longchamps Fleuri2.pngLongchamps Fleuri.png

Tuesday, 18th May 1897

In Avenue[12] in morning – watched riders, etc. Alys in phaeton with Uncle P. Aunt Ada, Mother, Alys and I drove in Victoria with both horses in Bois in afternoon. In Avenue in evening. Mieus’es called.

Wednesday, 19th May 1897

In Avenue in morning, Alys, Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre in phaeton. We four English in tram to Schaerbeek[13] and back. Madam Deppi to call. In Avenue in evening.

avenue louise.jpg

Thursday, 20th May 1897

Fine, hot
In stables in morning and muddled about. All drove in Victoria to Exhibition[14] in afternoon. Awfully hot, but nice. Home in tram. Stables in evening. All tired.


Friday, 21st May 1897

Horses washed. I watched and drew them. All except Mother and Aunt Bella drove in Bois with Madame Wich. Victoria and pair, on Avenue in evening.

Saturday, 22nd May 1897

Fitted for bodices in morning. Mother, Aunt Ada, Alys and I to Montagne de la Cour. “Shopped” a lot. Photo of Waterloo. Madame and Madamoiselle Eva came to stay for a week. I trimmed my hat.

Sunday, 23rd May 1897

Did hat, etc. All (Madamoiselle Eva too) drove to Boitsfort for races, in afternoon. Alys and I in phaeton after Madame Wich to dinner. 6.30.


Monday, 24th May 1897

Muddled about. Uncle Pierre took Mother, Aunt Ada, Alys and me to Groenendael (By Soignies) for the races[15]. By train. I wrote to Doz. Monsieur Deppe called and tea. We all went to Mieus’ after dinner. Games and music.


Tuesday, 25th May 1897

In unwell. The Army doctor came. Drove in Bois in afternoon. Aunt Bella, Alys and I alone.

Wednesday, 26th May 1897

Alys and I for drive in phaeton with Uncle Pierre. The guard saluted! Drums, etc, Rested in afternoon and read “Two Cities[16]”.

Thursday, 27th May 1897

Wrote to Edward. To races at Boitsfort. Alys and I back in phaeton. Aunts Bella, Ada and Eva to see Sarah Bernhardt[17] at theatre. D aux C[18]. Uncle P, Alys, Mother and I to Bois – Had lemonade, etc.

Bernhardt D Camelias.png

Friday, 28th May 1897

West with Un. P. in phaeton. First French lesson from Mlle Paneele.

Saturday, 29th May 1897

Edward’s 21st Birthday – Madmoiselle Paneele came. Went shopping in Montagne de la Cour. Bought Mother’s bonnet.

Montagne de la cour.jpg
Montagne de la Cour, Brussels

Sunday, 30th May 1897

Fearfully Hot
Spent the day with Madame Wich at “La Petite Espinette[19]”. Walked and sat in Bois. Saw the Czar’s private secretary.

Monday, 31st May 1897

Went to be fitted for white dress. Mlle Panceele came. Went to the École Militaire. Mlle Eva went away.

Tuesday, 1st June 1897

Very fine and awfully hot days
Went to dress-makers. To Concours Hippique[1] in train First day. Stewingly hot. Box. Splendid.

Wednesday, 2nd June 1897

Ditto weather
To dressmakers. To Concours Hippique – 2nd day. Cooler. Mr Mieus to dinner. Splendid. Thunder–storm.

Thursday, 3rd June 1897

Ditto weather
To Concours Hippique – 3rd Day. Hot. Mother didn’t go. M Mieus to late dinner. Splendid.

Friday, 4th June 1897

Ditto weather
To Concours Hippique – 4th day – with Mr and Mrs Meius. Aunt B, Uncle P and Alys in phaeton. I returned in phaeton. M and Madame Meius to dinner. Splendid. High jump.

Saturday, 5th June 1897

Ditto weather
Concours Hippique – 5th – and (alas) last day. Both the Meius to dinner. Began letter to Doz. I drove in phaeton. Lovely day at Tervuren.

Sunday, 6th June 1897

Fine – Cooler
Mother, Aunt Ada and I to Church. Rue Strassart. No sermon. Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre to call on Lady Plunkett[2]. English Minister’s wife – not at home. M and Mme Deppe to tea. Madame Wich all day.

Monday, 7th June 1897

Rained – to races at Boitsfort. Alys and I in phaeton, others in tram. Alys and I introduced to Prince Ligne (Edouard)[3] and Gen Lünden[4]. Back in phaeton also.

Tuesday, 8th June 1897

Rained a little. All the fourage (sic) (me: forage) came. Straw, hay, oats, etc. Alys and I to tea at the D’Aufresne de la Chevalerie’s (sic) (me: Daufresne de la Chevalerie) . Very nice. Rue Malibran. Played tiddledewinks (sic) and hide-and-seek.

Wednesday, 9th June 1897

Rain early, fine later
Miss Paneele came. 4th time. We all went to École Militaire. Mr Torff’s horse; Mascotte did grand things. Haute école. Trot Espagnole. Galop on 3 legs! Etc, etc. Alys rode home on Darky.

Thursday, 10th June 1897

Alys out on Darky – rained. Read “Motley[5]”. Wrote to Hannah MacKenzie. To tea at the Deppes. Saw M Deppe’s autograph books. Lovely. Letters from Wellington and Nelson and Massenet and Voltaire, etc, etc.

Wellington sig.png

Friday, 11th June 1897

Alys out of ride with Uncle Pierre at 10.00. Madamoiselle Paneele came – 5th. Aunt Ada in phaeton with Uncle Pierre all about. Aunt Bella and I to dressmakers and town. Alys headache. Mother sick. Better.

Saturday, 12th June 1897

Aunt Bella rode with Uncle Pierre in the morning. Alys in bed. Uncle Pierre and I in phaeton to Tattersalls after lunch. I introduced to Count “Boreghraf” (sic) (me: Comte de Borchgrave), his son and Lünden there. To Porte (de) Namur and drank bock! Alys chicken pox. I drove a lot.

Sunday, 13th June 1897

Hot fine
Alys of course in bed. Mother at home. We others to see Manifestation. 30,000 men and then to Espinette for the day – Hot! Avenue in evening. Letter from Doz.

Monday, 14th June 1897

Far too hot
Dr Stainforth came. I may ride! Alys severe au variselle. Almost small pox! Aunt Ada and I to Bois. Read and had coffee. Met King[7].

Tuesday, 15th June 1897

Uncle P and I to Station in Victoria. Edward arrived late. 11.30. Met King. Talked to Edward and to Bois with him. Aunt B and Uncle P called on Prince de Ligne.

Wednesday, 16th June 1897

Out for ride with Uncle P on Darky. Only “au pas” in Bois. To Bois. Victoria – Alys better. Read Phyllis by Mrs Hungerford.

Thursday, 17th June 1897

Rain in morning. Ed and I in phaeton to the last race. Fine. Aunts A and B in tram. To “fair” and on round-about.

Friday, 18th June 1897 – Waterloo Day

For ride with Uncle Pierre. Rainy. Went to Boulevarde and a long. Trotted a lot. To Exhibition in afternoon. Beaux Arts.

Saturday, 19th June 1897

Rained all day on and off
Uncle Pierre, Aunt Bella, Mother, Ed and I in coupé to Exhibition. Saw Manufacturers, etc, etc. and ate gaufres (Belgian waffles). Called for by brougham again. Bouillets called.

Sunday, 20th June 1897

Aunt Ada, Ed and I to church. 35 men in uniforms, etc. All the Foreign Embassies. Plunkett too. Madame Wich all day. In Avenue in evening. Jubilee service. Wrote to Doz.

Monday, 21st June 1897

Out for ride with Uncle Pierre. In Bois. Lovely. To dressmakers with Aunt Bella. To Bois with Aunt Ada. Aunt Bella had bad neuralgia. Letter from Doz.

Tuesday, 22nd June 1897

Fine, hot
JUBILEE (DIAMOND) DAY. 60th!!! an (years) of HER MAJESTY’S REIGN. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! To Fête Hippique – drove all the way in Victoria. Very nice. 4 horses in row. All Officers. Queen there. Hungarian Horses. To Bock (me: maybe brewery) in evening.

Wednesday, 23rd June 1897

Fine, hot
Had chicken-pox. Doctor came. Uncle Pierre and Ed to Tervuren. To bed at 3 o’clock.

Thursday, 24th June 1897

In bed all day. Uncle P to Tervuren.

Friday, 25th June 1897

I unwell. In bed all day. Light attack though – not like Alys’. Alys better and up to see me. The others to Exhibition for dinner.

Saturday, 26th June 1897

I got up – and down to Mother’s room. Read “Heir of Redcliffe[9]” (sic) (Heir of Redclyffe) And “But Men Must Work[10]”.

Sunday, 27th June 1897

Thunderstorm for 4 hours
All to Petite Espinette except Mother, Alys and I. I remained in bedroom.

Monday, 28th June 1897

I allowed to come down. Read “Heir of Radcliffe”.

Tuesday, 29th June 1897

Uncle Pierre’s Fête. Mother in phaeton with him. Monsieur Wich and Mademoiselle to dinner. Grand. Toasts. Champagne ice, etc. Doctor came. Gave rug.

Wednesday, 30th June 1897

Alys and I in phaeton with the General. To Exhibition and Bois. Both drove a good deal. To sit in Bois in afternoon. To Namur to Bock in evening with M Mieus. Met Prince Albert[11].

Prince Albert I.jpg

Thursday, 1st July 1897

For ride with Uncle Pierre. Edward and Alys also. Ed at 7.30. To Bois in afternoon. To Grand Place in evening. Bock. Shrimps. Mieus’ magnificent place. Thrilling.

Friday, 2nd July 1897

On horseback with Uncle Pierre to Bois. Lovely ride. Ed too. Aunt Bella in bed all day with sore throat. Aunt Ada in phaeton in afternoon. Morty Reid to late dinner. Ed to North Pole[1]with him.

POle Nord.jpg

Saturday, 3rd July 1897

Rode with Un. P. Alys and Ed aso. To Tatersalls in afternoon. Four Generals, Lünden, du Roi, etc. Alys and Ed also. Nice. In Avenue. Aunt Bella in bed. I cantered on Darky.

Sunday, 4th July 1897

Alys for ride with Uncle P. Her birthday. Madame Wich to spend the day and Rita. We to Concert at Pelouse. Les Anglais in Bois at 4 o’clock. Finished first vol of Motleys Dutch Republic.

Monday, 5th July 1897

Uncle Pierre with Alys in phaeton. I out with Ed to town. Bought books and Times of 1815. To Beaux Art Musée (me: Les Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique) and Sablons – Statues of Egmont and Horne, Guillaume le Taciturne, de Brederode, Marnix of Aldegonde and Mercator. Alys bicycled in evening.

Tuesday, 6th July 1897

Painted in stables. To Exhibition in coupé. Back by new tram. To Eastern parts. Bought hair thing.

Wednesday, 7th July 1897

Alys and I for rides with Un. Pierre. I cantered a lot. M. Meius with us. Aunt Bella, Uncle P and I to Horloge and back. Walked slowly. Others to town. Letter from Doz.

Thursday, 8th July 1897

Ed for long, fast ride with Un. P. and Comte Des Manety De Biesme(?) (me: de Manet de Biesme) then I for ride. Ed to Namur on bike. Aunt A and I to town and Sablons. All (and Meius’s) to Wulfs Circus at Midi. Very good.


Friday, 9th July 1897

Alys and I for rides with Un. Pierre. Madame Wich to dinner at 1 o’clock. Muddled about till 4. Tea in garden. At 4.30 cabs came. We five said “Goodbye” to all. Alas. Journey to Antwerp Quay. On board the “Chelmsford[2]” at 7 or 6.30 started for Harwich. Alys and I berth to ourselves. Calm crossing. Met the Welshes. Nice. Very calm.


Saturday, 10th July 1897

Arrive at 5 o’clock at Parkeston Quay and train to Ipswich and then to Felixstowe. Got trap and looked for lodgings. Took rooms at Mrs Morsley’s Melrose. Nice. All very tired, not much sleep for so long. Lunch at 12 on beach, slept there in afternoon. Tea at 4.00. Edward to Cambridge for Vac: We on cliff after tea. Supper at 7.00. To bed early A and I together.

Sunday, 11th July 1897

Unpacked in morning. On beach and then in Cliff Gardens[3]. Lots of soldiers about. Quite like Brussels!

cliff gardens felixstoew.jpg

Monday, 12th July 1897

Went on rocks and sands, etc.

felixstowe 3.jpg

Tuesday, 13th July 1897

On sands and rocks.

felixstowe beach 2.jpg

Wednesday, 14th July 1897

Sat on sands and ate gooseberries. Alys and I to big breakwater and dug.

Thursday, 15th July 1897
Asked about beach tent at Marsh’s. Dug and went on rocks in afternoon. Bicycled at 5. I actually tried and succeeded a little!!!


Friday, 16th July 1897

Had our first bathe from our beach tent. Lovely. So warm, and strengthening. Mother lodging hunting. Alys and I dug large holes on sands. Bicycled in evening. Lovely. Mother very good!

Saturday, 17th July 1897

Bathed in morning. 2nd. Very jolly. To “Herm”[4] in afternoon. Edward and Charlie Warren came here on bicycle from Cambridge – 74 miles! They slept here.

Sunday, 18th July 1897

Ed and Warren to Bawdsey Ferry[5]. Alys and I bathed. 3rd. Not Aunt A. All on beach in evening. I wrote to Doz.

Bawdsey ferry.png
Monday, 19th July 1897

Alys and two boys on bikes to Bawdsey – lodgings. We all bathed. Ed, A and I on donkeys! Very terrific. I for bike ride about three miles. Seul (Fr. Alone).

Tuesday, 20th July 1897

Ed and Charlie Warren away at 8.00. Back on bikes to Cambridge. We bathed. Mother unwell. All to tea and Mrs Healy’s beach tent. Then we three and Mrs H on bikes. Very bad ones. Home. Read 4 Georges[6].

Wednesday, 21st July 1897

Fine then rain
Alys and I dug on sands. We 3 bathed. 6th time. Mrs Healy to tea and her two children and rain. Read “L’Abbé Constantin[7]”.

Thursday, 22nd July 1897

Aunt Ada and I to see apartments at 7, Ocean Terrace. Bathed (7).

Friday, 23rd July 1897

I sketched. We bathed in afternoon. Alys both morning and afternoon (8). Aunt Ada, Mrs Healy, Alys and I to Bawdsey Ferry on bicycles. 2 hours?

Saturday, 24th July 1897

Felt ill. Not out in a.m. Alys and Aunt A bathed in morning. Mother and I packed a little. Alys and I bathed at 4 o’clock. I sketched at home. One cliff and in town in evening. Moved upstairs.

Sunday, 25th July 1897

Packing, etc. Sketched. Very windy.


Monday, 26th July 1897

Started for station before 9 o’clock. Aunt Ada to London to C. Place. We 3 to York. Arrived 4.30? Walked on walls and in Cathedral. Bought fruit and saw Wellington Print. Slept at N. E. R. Hotel.


Tuesday, 27th July 1897

Showery at Whitby
At 10 o’clock. By train to Whitby. Mayor and M. P. Douglas IOM (me: Isle of Man) in carriage, very interesting. Hall Caine[8] etc. Booked for lodgings in Whitby. Settled at Mrs Maw’s, 7 Crescent Avenue for a week. Whitby seems quite horrid.

Wednesday, 28th July 1897

Felt rheumatic and coldy all day. In bed to breakfast and indoors all day. Mother and Alys to look for new lodgings. Read Ebb-Tide[9]. Very nice and awfully exciting.

Thursday, 29th July 1897

In bed til 1 o’clock. Up to dinner. Read “Harold[10]” and finished E. T. Began “Hero Worship[11]”. Drove across in Jocky-trap to Prospect Hill for lodgings. Took them.

Friday, 30th July 1897

Alys bathed. I on cliff. Uncle Harold and family came down. We saw them all.

cliffs whitby.jpg

Saturday, 31st July 1897

Mother and to market. Shopped. Met Mr Smales, who introduced numerous relatives. On Cliff.


Sunday, 1st August 1897

Wrote to Edward. Read on Cliff. “Hero-Worship” and “Harold”. In field with Faradays in afternoon. On wharf and pier with Faraday’s in evening.

Monday, 2nd August 1897

Egton, lovely. I had neuralgia. I sketched in morning close to mill. Very hot. M, Alys and I in train to Egton Bridge. Tea and supper with Smales. Long walk to Gamekeeper Bridge. Back late.

egton bridge.jpg
Egton Bridge

Tuesday, 3rd August 1897

On sands, sketched. At 3.00 pm all came here. Fairleigh. Prospect Hill. I to bed after tea. Lovely view.

Fairleigh, Prospect Hill, Whitby.png
Fairleigh, Prospect Hill, Whitby

Wednesday, 4th August 1897

In bed all day. Headache. Feverish, etc. Read “Motley[1]” lent by Uncle Harold and “Waterloo” by Hooper[2]. Moved in other room. Doctor Tinley called.

Friday, 6th August 1897

Read all day. Doctor came. Alys to tea at Faradays.

Saturday, 7th August 1897

Read “Charles O’Malley[3]”. Very enjoyable. Doctor Tinley came.

Sunday, 8th August 1897

Read in morning. Wrote to Doz. Got up in afternoon. Remained upstairs.

Monday, 9th August 1897

Dr came. Alys on sands. Letter from Dorothy. Got up after breakfast.

Tuesday, 10th August 1897

For drive in morning (short). Up soon after breakfast. Read “C. O’M” and “Waterloo” and copied Lord Raglan’s and Wellington’s portraits.

Wednesday, 11th August 1897

Up. Read and wrote to Ella. Sat in garden. Dr Tinley came. Rested. Uncle Harold came in evening.

Thursday, 12th August 1897

Did some of our blouses. Read “O’Malley” Rested. Read “Waterloo”. Alys to Horse Show. Robin to tea.

Friday, 13th August 1897

Out in donkey chair.

donkey chair.jpeg

Right into Baxtergate. Shopping and on quay. Horrid. Rested and read Waterloo.


Saturday, 14th August 1897

Dr Tinley for last time. Mother, Alys, Faradays and Blair-Leightons for a picnic to Mulgrave Woods. Not home till 8. I finished my blouse. Finished “Waterloo” and “Chas O’Malley”.

Postcard of Mulgrave Woods

Sunday, 15th August 1897

Up to breakfast. Went for a walk towards Ruswarp and home by Waterstead Lane. Anxious letter from Ella. Uncle Harold and Aunt Rosa to tea. Alys in bed after dinner with head-ache and cold. I better.


Monday, 16th August 1897

Fine, Windy
Alys in bed to breakfast. Uncle H and Aunt R took me for a nice drive. H went to London. Alys and I shopped after tea. Mother (with Robin) to meet Aunt Edith! by 9 o’clock train. Home. Supper – to bed.

Tuesday, 17th August 1897

Terrific wind
Aunt Edith, Alys and I to do shopping. Fearful wind. All to “life-saving apparatus” bazaar in afternoon. I all in white – alone! Alys to tea at “Rothbury”.

Wednesday, 18th August 1897

Rain showers later finer.
Aunt E and Mother out in morning. Alys cut out her blouse (!) I worked. Alys and I up to Abbey and Parish Church in afternoon. I began a “Stock” blue green. Mother and Aunt E out again in evening.

Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey

Thursday, 19th August 1897

Shower, fine later
All on sands in morning. I bathed with Lois and Alys ! (my 9th). Caught in rain. To Ocean Road. Finished my new stock. All out shopping and on pier in evening. Talked to Wheatley about the “Scar”.

whitby scar.jpg
Whitby Scar, Yorkshire
Alfred William Hunt (1830–1896)

Friday, 20th August 1897

Very windy, fine later
Rained a little. Worked and wrote to Doz. Alys to see Wheatley. Mother and Aunt Edith to Sandsend after tea. Edward arrived from Grantham. We went to Sports. Robin and Paul won 3 legged race. Alys in potato and egg and spoon race.

Saturday, 21st August 1897

All to market. Alys, Edward, Robin, Paul, Lois and Mr Nash with Wheatley to Scar. 12 o’clock till 5.00. Frank Nash to tea. Rain later. They brought home fossils. I made suspender band.

Sunday, 22nd August 1897

Mother, Alys, Ed and I to Parish Church. Very quaint. Ludicrous vicar. Square pews. Aunt E in bed.

Monday, 23rd August 1897

Bathed with Alys and Lois. Mother and I to Sandsend, but rooms there taken. Met by Alys and 3 Faradays.

Walter G. Peace East Row Beck .png
Walter G. Peace (British exh.1897): East Row Beck Sandsend Nr. Whitby

Tuesday, 24th August 1897

Bathed with Alys and Esmé. Lois not allowed to. Mother and I took rooms at Prospect Place.

Wednesday, 25th August 1897

Very nice, showery early
Uncertain weather, but never the less all of us, all the Faradays, the Blair-Leightons and Mr Nash, went by train to Goathland[4]. Dinner and tea at Hotel there.


Thursday, 26th August 1897

Very fine
Alys, Ed and I with Uncle Harold and his 5 children on the Scar, as far as the Black Nab. Back by cliff. Louis, Laurie and Eric to tea. I very tired.

the black nab.jpg
The Black Nab

Friday, 27th August 1897

Very fine
Saw the Faradays off at station at 9.55. Alys and I bathed. Not very nice. After lunch went and sat on bridge and saw the Regatta from there. Spendid view. Aunt E, Mother, Alys and I to “Love in Idleness” in evening.

Saturday, 28th August 1897

I went and sketched on the quay. Edward and Alys on Scar. Finished “Sylvia’s Lovers[5]”. On pier in evening.

Sunday, 29th August 1897

Mother, Aunt Edith and Edward to the Parish Church. I wrote letter card to Kit and did maps of Quatre Bras and Ligny[6]. I painted Smales’ house. Walked in fields in evening.


Monday, 30th August 1897

Mother, Aunt E and Alys on Scar and shopped. Edward walked to Robin Hood’s Bay[7] and back. I machined new blue blouse (from Whiteleys). So did Mother do Alys’. In fields in evening.

Robin HOods bay
Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay

Tuesday, 31st August 1897

In town with Mother in morning. Moved (packed, etc) into “Prospect Villa”. Jolly rooms. Arranged ourselves there. I to town with Teeds and Alys. Slept with Teeds (me: Aunt Edith’s nickname).

Wednesday, 1st September 1897

Edward walked to Kettleness from Sandsend. I to town. After lunch we all went to Kettleness. Rowed across bay to Runswick. I sketched there. Walked to Hinderwell Station. Drunken man


Thursday, 2nd September 1897

Rain, Dreary
Rained all day. I not out all day. Did odd works. My blue and pink blouses, etc, etc. Ed to Robin Hood’s Bay with Stephen Farmer. Did Teed’s hat.

Friday, 3rd September 1897

Rain but finer later. Windy
Very rough. Rain. I to town and pier with Edward. Mother and Teed to Sandsend. To pier with Alys before tea. To pier with Alys and Ed again after tea. Splendid sea clashing over.

Saturday, 4th September 1897

Rain, fine later
I got a cold or something like one. Worked at my blue blouse. Cousin Fanny to dinner and tea. Finished “Hero Worship”.

Sunday, 5th September 1897

Stayed in bed till after tea. I unwell and coldy. Read Jack Hinton[1] and “Canterbury”. Up in evening – Aunt E, Alys and Ed.

Monday, 6th September 1897

In bed to breakfast. Worked at red merino front. Finished it in evening. Read Motley – Don’t think I went out? Mother and Alys to Sandsend.

Tuesday, 7th September 1897

Sketched in morning in Mother’s bedroom – Aunt Edith, Edward and I took train to Egton Bridge. Met the Blair Leighton’s and Frank Dicksee’s[2] there.

An Offering by Frank Dicksee

Walked to Glaisdale. Train home from there. Mother not quite well.


Wednesday, 8th September 1897

Sketched in Mother’s room. Went for drive with Aunt E – in pony-trap round by Ruswarp and Glen Esk. Went to “Grossmith”[3] in evening. Very nice and funny. On pier in afternoon.

Thursday, 9th September 1897

Went out and sketched Upgang Farm. Went with Ed and Alys on the South Pier. Very jolly watching the sea, rough and rushing over the pier. Called on the Smales in evening. Ed and I.

Friday, 10th September 1897

Fine, showery
Did Aly’s nightgown and read Motley aloud to Mother. Went with the Smales to Sleights[4] by train and walked to Aislaby and had tea there. Very jolly time. Train back.

Saturday, 11th September 1897

Went and sketched the Parish Church and the Abbey. The others went about in pony-cart. Cousin Fanny to dinner and tea. She and mother to Abbey. Alys and I to see her off and choose photos.

Sunday, 12th September 1897

I went to see Mary Colnforth, 7 East Crescent. Read to her “What Katy Did” and talked. Painted in afternoon. Alys and I to St Hilda’s Church in evening with Edward. Card to Kitty.

St Hilda's.jpg
St Hilda’s Church

Monday, 13th September 1897

Teeds gave me “Motley’s Dutch Republic”. Joy! My birthday. I 18!!! Ed to Peak. Alys to Sandsend. Mother and I to call on Charles and Edward Smales. Tea at formers. I on sands and in town. Shopped.


Tuesday, 14th September 1897

Duke of Wellington died 1852.
Breakfast early. Travelled to London by the 9.40 train from Whitby. Ed left us at York for Bristol. Arrived at Kings X 4.25. To Baker Street. Met by Kitty. Slept with her at Chatsworth Road. Mother and Alys to Wedderburn. Teeds to Bedford Park.

Wednesday, 15th September 1897

Kit and I made beds, did silver and bathroom, etc. Then over to Wedderburn House. Had lunch there. Aunt Ada and Sylvia also. Back to late dinner. Patience in evening. Alys to Oakes.

Thursday, 16th September 1897

Did housework and K did her Stock. I wrote to Ella. Helped Patty with sandwiches. Ernest Morrison and Frank Archer and Bertie (Nita also, Tom and Cecil Burke to tea and croquet. Mr B, K and I to Earl’s Court in evening. Up the Great Wheel 15 – 20 minutes.

Great Wheel, Earl’s Court, London

Friday, 17th September 1897

Did housework. Trimmed my hat. Went to Aunt Ems. Saw all her sketches. Kit sat for her portrait miniature. Rain. Florry Miekle came.

Saturday, 18th September 1897

Fine. Cold
Did housework early. Aunt Grace and Miss Jane Archer to dinner. Kit and I to Wedderburn after dinner. Saw Aunt Alice. Alys back from Vera’s. Uncle Harold, Aunt Rosa, Mother and I to see Hamlet – Forbes-Robertson[5]. Glorious. Slept at W. H.

Forbes Hamilton Hamlet.jpg
Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson

Sunday, 19th September 1897

Talked to Aunt Alice, etc. Received Doz’s present! Back to Chatsworth Road. Mother and Alys to tea there.

Monday, 20th September 1897

I packed and made Kit’s Tam o’Shanter. After lunch with Kit to Waterloo Station. Met Mother and Alys ad Uncle H. Travelled to Bournemouth.


Tuesday, 21st September 1897

Unpacked and arranged a lot. Went to Westbourne to Passmore’s. Went to meet Dorothy at the station. She came.

Wednesday, 22nd September 1897

Miss Boodle to lunch. Edward came in evening – having biked from Sidmouth – 73 miles.

Thursday, 23rd September 1897

Fine – then showery
Ed, Doz and I bicycled to Pier. On it. Rather jolly. To Miss Boodle’s to tea. Came home in her hats.

Friday, 24th September 1897

Bicycled to Westbourne. Shopped. Alys to Glenelly. To Winter Gardens in evening. Doz, E and I saw “Cox and Box”[6] acted.

Saturday, 25th September 1897

Bicycled to pier, went on board the “Cambria”. Audrey with us. To Southampton, up the waters. Lunch of bread and sausage and chocolate. Back at 4.30. Biked home. Finer.

Sunday, 26th September 1897

Walked on the Sands. Read.

Monday, 27th September 1897

Fine, hot
Doz and I to town and School of Art and called on Birch’s twice. Shopped, etc. Ed and Doz played tennis. Began my cupboard.

Tuesday, 28th September 1897

Fine, hot
Alys and I at 12.30 to Miss Coles. I sent off cuffs to Kitty and tidied my cupboard. Ed and Doz to Barton Court. Mrs Marriner and Mrs Foster called. Mother bicycled and called on Mrs Walker.

Wednesday, 29th September 1897

To town? Doz and I to Westbourne. Called on Cholmeley’s. To tea with Hannah. Bad eye she had. Thunderstorm. So not to Mrs Michell’s.

Thursday, 30th September 1897

Doz and I to town. Shopped, etc. I bought “Glug” (me: I have no idea what this is – maybe a decanter). 1st Drawing lesson 2.30. Mr Troke and Miss Cholmeley tennis. She to tea. Also Mrs Embleton, Reece and sister-in-law. Mother bicycled. All to Winter Gardens – ?***? and Jubilee photos.


Thurs, 30th (last few words) – “?Vento? and Jubilee photos”

Friday, 1st October 1897

Doz and I bicycled to town to shop. Cut sandwiches. Mrs Brennand and Miss B, Mrs MacKenzie and Mr Smales to tea. We danced in evening. I waltzed !!!!!! Read Gleig.

Saturday, 2nd October 1897

Up with Alys to Fletcher’s. 1st music lesson. 11.00, 12.00, both. Doz packed and she and Ed called on Miss Michell. A and I saw Doz and Ed off to London by 1.55 train. Alys headache.

Sunday, 3rd October 1897

Fine, windy
To 8 o’clock service with Minnie on bicycles. Read all day. Alys in bed all day. Cut drawing-paper.

Monday, 4th October 1897

Washed blouse – crêpon. Alys to Glenelly till 11 o’clock.. Alys and I on bicycles on moor. Great fun. Mother to MacKenzies we to call for her. Minnie gave notice!!!

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 17.33.02.png

Tuesday, 5th October 1897

To School of Art at 10.30 till 12.30. Drew still-life groups. Bicycled. Mrs Embleton and old Dr Embleton (me: that is what he was known as – “Old Doctor Embleton”) to tea. Mother bicycled. Did bills in evening. Wrote to Doz. Read “Wellington”.

Wednesday, 6th October 1897

Went to town with Mother till 4 o’clock. Bought hats at Barnes and ordered dresses at Hugh King’s. Read and practised. 1 ¼ reading “Wellington”.

Thursday, 7th October 1897

I unwell and in bed to breakfast. Got Study ready. Looked at hats. Drawing-class. Mr Troke, Miss Coles, Cholmeley and Hannah to tea. Did my blouse in evening. Mother calls.

Friday 8th October 1897

In to School of Art. Walked and omnibus. Continued group – shading. Mrs Lipscomb to tea. Read “L’abbé Constantin” in evening.

Saturday, 9th October 1897

Alys and I to Miss Fletcher’s. I had atrocious lesson. Very unhappy day in consequence. Painted berries (iris), group etc, etc. Bad night. “L’abbé Constantin”.

Sunday, 10th October 1897

Finished my group, iris berries, etc. Mrs Lipscomb, her sister, Mrs Bralesford anad daughter Dorothy to tea at 5 till 7. I wrote to Edward.

Monday, 11th October 1897

To town with mother. Practised.

Tuesday, 12th October 1897

To School of Art. Practised. German candidate – as housemaid – called with Miss Philo. Juliana Rubinig. I had to talk German. She had not a word of English.

Wednesday, 13th October 1897

To town with Mother. To Hugh King’s to have dresses tried. New waterproof carriage to West Cliff. Called at Toyne’s, Embleton’s and Baumer’s. Dressmaked. Theodore Vincent called in evening.

Thursday, 14th October 1897

Made milk pudding. Bicycled in Branksome with Alys. Mrs Lipscomb to lunch and tea. Drawing class. Hannah and Miss Cholmeley to tea. Last day of Mr Troke. Miss Harris called.

Friday, 15th October 1897

To School of Art. Rained coming back on bicycle. Audrey to lunch. Mother and I to town, Hugh King’s etc. Met Aunt Nelly and Sylvia at station.

Saturday, 16th October 1897

Our music-lesson postponed. I painted group (Japanese). Bicycled to town with Alys to buy stay-busks etc. To Westbourne also again. Read aloud. H Fletcher. Read “Lord Wellesley”.

Sunday, 17th October 1897

Mother and I to St. Michael’s Mission sermon – ¾ hour. Taylor, Mr Smales and Mrs Lipscomb to tea. I wrote to Edward, Dorothy and Kitty. Read “With Wellington in the Battle Smoke”[1].

Monday, 18th October 1897

Painted in morning. Sylvia, Aunt Nelly and Mother on Bicycle. I to Westbourne to get cyclometer-glass. Wade and Mother to Dr Whitey. Mother and Aunt M to tea at Lipscombe. I read “Lord Wellesley”

Tuesday, 19th October 1897

I to Sch. Of Art. Drew whole figure from antique. Bicycled. The others to town (drove). Mother and I called on Cook’s, Highmore’s, Radmar’s, Sharpes and Miss Michell. Only latters in. Tea there. Head-ache.

Wednesday, 20th October 1897

Mother, Aunt Nelly and Sylvia and I to Branksome. Bicycled splendidly. Bicycled with Alys to Weston Hall. Then with Mrs Lipscomb and her niece, Dorothy, to Winter Gardens. Performing Cockatoos! Gave Sylvia music lesson (1st).

Thursday, 21st October 1897

Miss Andrews came in morning. All to Branksome, bicycled. I hired a machine as well as mine for them. Drawing-class. Aunt Nelly as model. Hannah and Miss Cholmeley to tea. Trafalgar Day.

Friday, 22nd October 1897

I to Sch. Of Art. Drew antique figure in another position. Bicycled to call on Mrs Philo. Wrote to Doz. Called with Mother on Mrs Marriner and Madame ade Karp (and Audrey’s). Walkers expected but didn’t come.

Saturday, 23rd October 1897

Music lesson in morning. Then bicycled in Branksome. Mother and Aunt Nelly, Alys and I for ride with Miss Cholmeley. 10 miles. Winton etc, and to tea with the Chomeley’s at Claverton by request.

Sunday, 24th October 1897

Mother and Aunt Nelly to St Michael’s. I wrote to Edward. Read. Finished “Lord Wellesley”. Alys and Syl. to St Ambrose afternoon, Miss Boodle to tea. I felt giddy in night or queer.

Monday, 25th October 1897

I in bed to breakfast. Copied “Wellesley” etc. Gave Sylvia music-lesson 2nd. Miss Andrews to lunch and tea. Mrs Brennand and daughter and Mrs Cooke and daughter called.

Tuesday, 26th October 1897

To School of Art. Madame De Karp to lunch. I walked with her to Westacie. Practised in evening and read “Motley” and did table-cloth – crewel-work.

Wednesday, 27th October 1897

In box-room doing black box etc all the morning with Mother. Very busy. Audrey to lunch and tea. To tea at Brennands. Then at home day. Called at Cholmeley’s. Games with Audrey.

Thursday, 28th October 1897

Sylvia’s 3rd music lesson. I to Embleton’s and Miss Heath’s with Alys. Drawing-class as usual. Aunt Nelly as model. Mrs Jackson called.

Friday, 29th October 1897

To School of Art. Drew hand. To Cemetery with Alys on bikes after lunch. Took chrysanthemums. Mrs Stuart and Marion to tea (called) and Dolly MacKenzie.

Saturday, 30th October 1897

Alys and I to our music-lessons. Quite decent ones. I drew and painted group of beer-bottle, glass and silver kettle. Very difficult!! Mother and Alys to tea at Fogerty’s at Boscombe Park. Doreen.

Sunday, 31st October 1897

Began letter to Doz for her birthday. Finished painting my group. Wrote letter-card to Edward. Read “On the Face of the Waters[1]”, Minnie’s last Sunday. I feverish.

Monday, 1st November 1897

Sent Medley Club Postcard. In bed to breakfast, throat sore. Dr White came. I up but to bed again after lunch, not ill but told to to bed! New German maid, Julie, came. Sent off Lord Wellesley to Doz.

Tuesday, 2nd November 1897

In bed all day. Read and worked. Aunt Nelly went away to London at 1.00. Sylvia and Mother to town. Alys to Sharpe’s to tea. Hannah MacKenzie here to tea.

Wednesday, 3rd November 1897

In bed to breakfast. Then up. Very shivery, throaty and miserable. Dr White came and made me more cheerful. Rheumatism in throat.

Thursday, 4th November 1897

Lunch in Study. Felt better. Had drawing-class. Bessie Cuff as model.

Friday, 5th November 1897

Shivery again. Painted chrysanthemums. Mr Smales called. I began “The Story of Two Noble Lives” Augustus Hare[1].

Saturday, 6th November 1897

Stayed in bed all day. Read and worked. Dr White called.

Sunday, 7th November 1897

In bed. Painted Virginia creeper. And read. Alys and Sylvia to church at St Ambrose. Wrote to Edward. Centenary of Lord Wellseley’s start for India 1797.

Monday, 8th November 1897

Foggy. Hot.
In bed till evening. Miss Andrews to lunch and tea. Very foggy. Letter from Doz, at last!

Tuesday, 9th November 1897

I unwell and had no breakfast but bad all the morning. In bed all day. Read Motley. Mother to Madame Ledger’s and town. Mme L very ill.

Wednesday, 10th November 1897

Up after breakfast. Read “Motley”. Mother bicycled with Alys in afternoon in Branksome. Miss Michell called. I began “Slave of the Lamp” – Merriman. Sylvia’s music lesson.

Thursday, 11th November 1897

Up after breakfast. Mother and Sylvia to Westbourne. Drawing-class. Began painting “Bessie”. Hannah stayed late. I finished cloth (tea)!

Friday, 12th November 1897

Began cosy for Aunt Bella! Alys and Syl. Grand ironing. Minnie helped. Mother to Mme Ledger’s and Miss Dersley’s.

Saturday, 13th November 1897

Alys for music-lesson. Sylvia and I for little walk. Mother and Alys to Winter Gardens to hear Madame Albani[3], Miss Fanny Davies[4] and Lempriere Pringle[5] and Maud MacCarthy[6] – violin.

Sunday, 14th November 1897

Up at 11.00. Wrote to Doz and Edward and Fanny Walsh. Alys and Sylvia to St Ambrose. I drew myself – profile. Mr Smales to tea. Julie to Church in afternoon.

Monday, 15th November 1897

Up at 10.30. Gave Sylvia music-lesson. Audrey to spend the day here and play dolls with A and S. Hannah McK came and we painted chrysanthemums. Miss Boodle to tea. Work and Tom Brown[7].

Tuesday, 16th November 1897

Up at 10.00. Our room cleaned. Mother to Madame Ledger’s. Not out all day. I drew myself (full face) in galce in Study. Very tired in evening. Began “Earl Canning”[8].

Wednesday, 17th November 1897

Fine, muddy
Up at 9.45. Practised and bicycled to Branksome. Slowly. Muddy. Syl music-lesson. I painted myself. Alys bad headache. Dr White called. Tom Browne in evening.

Thursday, 18th November 1897

Fine, muddy
Up to breakfast! Alys in bed to breakfast and not to school. I bicycled to Cussans and Westbourne, bought 3 paints. Drawing-class – jolly – Bessie Cuff. Hannah and Miss Cholmeley to tea. “Tom Brown”.

Friday, 19th November 1897

Fine, coldish
Up to breakfast but not to Sch. Of A. Letter (explosion) from Doz. Bicycled to Westbourne Then on Sands. Neuralgia. Miss Andrews to lunch and tea. I had bad pain and headache. Plum puddings made. To bed early.

Saturday, 20th November 1897

In bed to breakfast. Up at 11. Alys to music-lesson on foot. Keys lost.

Sunday, 21st November 1897

Alys and Sylvia out with Julie. I felt sick, was not, though – Read “Canning” Did designs.

Monday, 22nd November 1897

Fine. Cold
Worked and drew. Counted clothes. Called on Miss Harris’s with Mother. Miss Ansdale there. Alys and Syl. to tea at the Marriners. Badish night.

Tuesday, 23rd November 1897

Drew and I worked – to town with Mother. Bought her jacket and toque, etc. Indian ink. Wrote long letter to Doz.

A Victorian lady’s toque (hat)

Wednesday, 24th November 1897

Sylvia’s music-lesson. We walked up to Westbourne. I drew “The Children’s Hour” carefully. Tom Brown and work. Headache.

Thursday, 25th November 1897

I drew “Bo Peep”. In bed till 12.00. Got Study ready for class. Class took place by my throat bad, so I to bed. Dr White came. I drew in evening. My fête day.

Friday, 26th November 1897

Fine. Cold
Up at 11.30? Letter from Kitty. I drew in morning, then out with Sylv on Sands and Common. Wade to town. Ellen Sharpe to tea and games; Mother to tea at Mrs Embleton’s.

Saturday, 27th November 1897

Alys to her music-lesson. I wrote to Kitty. I up at 11.00. The other all to dancing-class to watch. I drew “Diddles” and looked at old drawing books.

Sunday, 28th November 1897

Very stormy
Wrote to Ed and sent my golf girl. Drew. Romped with Sylvia. Drew “Saunters” etc.

Monday, 29th November 1897

Sylvia and I to Westbourne. Left Studio at Hannah’s. I posted “parcels”. Alys and Mother to town, did heaps of shopping. I drew and read “Motley”.

Tuesday, 30th November 1897

Arranged Kit’s room. Kitty came, unpacked, worked and Mother read T.B. Kitty played on piano.

Wednesday, 1st December 1897

Kitty and I made beds. Out for a walk on Sands. Sylvia too. Rested in afternoon Mrs Smales to tea. I drew and Kit played in evening.

Thursday, 2nd December 1897

Very cold and fine
Kit and I to town for butter, back over moor. Lovely day. Drawing-class in afternoon. Mrs Embleton and Queen – to tea also Hannah and Miss Cholmeley. Alys sick.

Friday, 3rd December 1897

Frosty. Fine
Kit and I bicycled in Branksome in morning. Alys in bed, sick. So Kit on her bike. Mrs Reece and Eva Reece called. Kit practised and I up with Alys. I finished “Motley’s Dutch Rep”.

Saturday, 4th December 1897

Fine, warmer
On Sands with Sylvia and Kit. Rested in afternoon. Mother to call on Mrs Scott, etc, Baumers. Kit and I to call on Smales. Very nice little call. Wrote to Hannah.

Sunday, 5th December 1897

Wrote to Edward. Walked on Sands to Mrs Berry’s with Kit and Sylvia. Put on evening dresses.

Monday, 6th December 1897

Set off letter to Doz. Sewed in morning in dining room. To Concert with Mother and Kitty, at Winter Gardens. Saw Miss Baumer and Boodle.

Tuesday, 7th December 1897

Wrote to Ella. Kit in bed all day. Unwell. Alys and I bicycled to Westbourne with my bodice. Shopped.

Wednesday, 8th December 1897

Darned stockings. K practised. Edward came home at 4 o’clock. Mother, Kit and I to tea at Cholmeleys. Nice. At 8.30 we 4 (Ed in uniform) to “Military Ball” at Hotel Dore. Home at 1.30. Ramsey, Vaughan, Jeffes, Stern, Reece, Duncan, Marriner.

Thursday, 9th December 1897

To bed at 3 am! Woke at 9.30. Kit at 10.30. Received “Napier” from Doz. Drawing-class. Cut out blouse with Hannah. Pretty much tired!

Friday, 10th December 1897

Muddled about. Drew for “Ladies Field[1]” and Kit practised. Rested. Wrote to Doz – short letter. Mother to call on Cooke’s. On Sands after supper to see moon.

Saturday, 11th December 1897

Rained then fine
I up to Westbourne on bike. Alys no music lesson. Mother, Kit and I to Theatre – Madame Sans-Gêne[2]. Jessie Eustace. Napoleon – Mr W Lee. Very good.

A scene from Madame Sans-Gêne

Sunday, 12th December 1897

Wrote to Hatty. Read “Denis Duval[3]”. Kit and Ed to evening church.

Monday, 13th December 1897

Began “Evan Harrington” by Meredith[4]. Had extra drawing-class. Kitty and Edward to Winter Gardens. To Arnold College with Kit, Wade and Ed. Songs and Gerald Grace.

Arnold College.png
Tuesday, 14th December 1897

Fine, thunder
To Miss Heath’s. Black skirt fitted. To town with Kitty. Met Wade and got her hat. Tea at Bungalow. The others to Camacha for acting. Not Ed

Wednesday, 15th December 1897

Fine. Hot
Kitty rested. I worked at blouse. Miss Reece came with invitation for tomorrow. Kitty bicycled with Alys. I rested and read. E H. Kitty felt ill.

Thursday, 16th December 1897

Kitty in bed all day – feverish. I up to Hannah’s with Sylvia. I unwell. Finished my corduroy blouse. The others to Arnold College entertainment. Alys sick and ill in night. Drawing class put off.

Friday, 17th December 1897

Ed for doctor. Alys in bed all day. Dr White came at 9 o’clock.

Saturday, 18th December 1897

Took Alys and Syl to dressmakers in carriage. Dr White came at 4.30. Kit – Influenza. Uncle Ned came. Ed feverish but to station.

Sunday, 19th December 1897

Uncle Ned and Ed for a walk. Dr White came. I read and saw after Kitty, etc, etc, Showed drawings to Uncle Ned.

Monday, 20th December 1897

Uncle Ned and Sylvia away. Mother to Station. Drawing-class. Last one. Finished my “Cuff” girl. Dr White came. Ed to bed.

Tuesday, 21st December 1897

Ed in bed – but got up later and then to bed again.

Wednesday, 22nd December 1897

Dr White came. Edward “jaundicey”. Mother and I to town, did heaps of shopping, cards and presents. Saw “Wellington Memorial” – Major Griffiths[5].

Thursday, 23rd December 1897

Kit got up. Alys and I to Westbourne – I bought cloth, etc for Mother’s board. We rested. Finished “Evan Harrington”.

Friday, 24th December 1897

K in bed to breakfast. I did Mother’s board with green cloth. Alys and I bicycled to Westbourne. Mother to Miss Andrews. Decorated the room with holly, etc. Mrs Smales called. Dr White came.

Saturday, 25th December 1897

Worked about house and went on Sands. Ed up to dinner after 1.30. Amusing repast!!! Opened heaps of presents all afternoon. Ed to bed before supper.

Sunday, 26th December 1897

Wrote French letter to Uncle Pierre; and to Aunt Bella. Walked to Westbourne, to Reece’s with Kit. Rested and read “Napier”. Mr Williams and Mr Macray Moir called in evening. Ed up after breakfast.

Monday, 27th December 1897

Kitty packed. Alys and I biked to Westbourne. Kitty and I to Reece’s at 8 till 10.45. “Music and games”.

Tuesday, 28th December 1897

Fine and then rain
With Kitty to station. She to London by 11 train. Uncle Harold called. Aunt Alice, Polly and Dorothy came by 4.50 train and Kate Slater!

Wednesday, 29th December 1897

Fearful rainy all day
I read “Greville Memoirs[6]” and wrote letters. Gave presents. Read “The Wellington Memorial” – Doz’s. Splendid. Played “Who Knows”.

Thursday, 30th December 1897

Changeable. Fine
On Sands with Poz, Doz, Kate, Alys, Edward and Conis (me: phew, I do worry about that dog!) Fine sea. Read “Greville”. Doz finished Napiers IV Vol. Doz and I to MacKenzie’s. Paper games. Supper, etc. Home at 10.30.

Friday, 31st December 1897

Fine, changeable
Doz and I to town. Bought white silk and gloves. Walked home. Read Greville in afternoon. Worked a little. Mother and Alys to Aunt Rosa’s. Exeter Road.

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