1897 December Footnotes

[1] Magazine – Ladies’ Field (1896–1928).

[2] Madame Sans-Gêne is a historical comedy-drama by Victorien Sardou and Émile Moreau, concerning incidents in the life of Cathérine Hübscher, an outspoken 18th-century laundress who became the Duchess of Danzig. The play is described by its authors as “three acts with a prologue” (“Comédie en trois Actes, précédée d’un prologue”). It premiered at the Théâtre du Vaudeville, Paris, on 27 October 1893, starring Réjane in the title role. The play was revived many times in France and toured in the English provinces in 1897.

[3] Denis Duval: A Novel by William Makepeace Thackeray. Published 1864. This is Thackeray’s last novel, left incomplete at his death.

[4] Evan Harrington is an 1861 novel by George Meredith, a glowing comedy of Victorian presumptions.

[5] The Wellington Memorial. Wellington, his comrades and contemporaries. by: Griffiths, Arthur, 1838-1908. Publication date: 1897

[6] The Greville Memoirs: A Journal of the Reigns of King George IV. and King William IV.  Book by Charles Greville – published 1874

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