1897 January Footnotes

[1] Kitchen lancers was a more boisterous version of the dance that was popular in the early 20th century.

[2] Jacob – rather similar blindman’s bluff.

[3] Possibly Nancy Noon by Benjamin Swift published in 1896.

[4] Meeting is possibly Sandemanian.

Prominent Sandemanian families include the surnames Barnard, Baynes, Baxter, Boosey, Bell, Deacon, Faraday, Leighton, Mann, Vincent, Whitelaw and Young.” – Wikipedia

“The Sandemanian church is a non-conformist protestant movement which began in Scotland in 1730’s and spread into England and to the USA. The church was founded by John Glas but much of the teaching was developed and promoted by his son-in-law Robert Sandeman, who founded churches in England and in North America.” – Wikitree

The churches were close knit communities, and many families were members of the church for several generations.

[5] Dennis Embleton MRCS, FRCS, LSA, MD (Pisa) MD FRCP, (1810 – 1900) was a Newcastle medical doctor and surgeon of the middle and late 19th century. He was also Dennis Embleton’s (Alys’ future husband) grandfather.

[6] The Wrecker is a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson in collaboration with his stepson Lloyd Osbourne.

[7] The Caged Lion by Charlotte Mary Yonge – published 1870.

[8] Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, born Lourens Alma Tadema; (1836 –1912) was a Dutch painter of special British denizenship. He settled in England in 1870 and spent the rest of his life there.

[9] George Frederic Watts OM RA (23 February 1817, in London – 1 July 1904) was a British painter and sculptor associated with the Symbolist movement. He said “I paint ideas, not things.”

[10] The Criterion Restaurant is an opulent restaurant complex facing Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London. It was built by architect Thomas Verity in Neo-Byzantine style for the partnership Spiers and Pond, which opened it in 1873.

[11] The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, commonly known as Drury Lane, is a West End theatre and Grade I listed building in Covent Garden, London, England.

[12] Fanny Davies (1861 –1934) was a British pianist who was particularly admired in Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, and the early schools, but was also a very early London performer of the works of Debussy and Scriabin.

[13] Cymbeline also known as The Tragedie of Cymbeline or Cymbeline, King of Britain, is a play by William Shakespeare set in Ancient Britain ( c. 10–14) and based on legends that formed part of the Matter of Britain concerning the early Celtic British King Cunobeline.

[14] Dame Alice Ellen Terry, GBE (1847 – 1928), known professionally as Ellen Terry, was a renowned English actress of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

[15] Gatti’s Adelphi (Theatre) Restaurant, The Strand, London WC2.

[16] With Edged Tools a novel by Henry Seton Merriman – published 1894.

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