1919 – London, Netley, Isle of Wight, Brussels, Newcastle, Portinscale, Mauritania, Philadelphia


1919 Diary

In 1919, Edward is 43 years old, Kate is 40 years old and Alys is 35 years old. Eva is 10 years old and Philip is 6 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Wednesday 1st January 1919

Rain. Wind.
To Aldwych. Cold better. Met Ginx. Very busy all day. Lunch at New Court with Polly and Lucy Brewtnall. Busy p.m. too. Very wet night and windy. Walked to Eustace Miles Restaurant. Had supper there. Home by No 11. Took nails out of boots. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 2nd January 1919

Very fine, sunny, windy.
Sore throat. To Aldwych, felt rather ill. Busy. Had lunch in Office (Gurney). Home to supper, after very busy day. Unwell.

Friday 3rd January 1919

Saw Lucy Brewtnall off to Paddington. To Aldwych. Felt seedy and bad cough and cold. Lunch at Club. Talked to Mrs Passingham. Set to with Mr Woolf about coming tomorrow. Home to supper.

Saturday 4th January 1919

Stayed indoors all day, as cold and cough so bad. Sewed sleeves of black jumper. To bed 9.30.

Dine Baxter’s 7.30 Friday 3rd

Sunday 5th January 1919

Dull, rain.
Stayed indoors all day again. Polly called in a.m. Rested in p.m. (to save gas, as no more pennies!) Sewed Jaeger dressing-gown. To bed 9. Wrote letter to Tante.

Monday 6th January 1919

Fineish then dull.
Up 7.30. To Aldwych via dairy, and Sainsbury’s. Did new cases with Roxburgh. Madame Roefs called. Lunch at Club. Felt shivery and rotten. Back via 6 Elm Park Road to call for Alys and Eva who came to stay with me for 3 days.

Tuesday 7th January 1919

To Aldwych. Still felt rotten – aspirin and Alys and Eva to Thew for Eva’s teeth. Lunch at Club. Felt a little better. To Bank. Very busy all day, and very tired. Alys came for me at 6. Back by bus. To bed about 9.30.

Wednesday 8th January 1919

To Aldwych via Sainsbury’s. Felt even worse than usual all day – shivery and hot. Lunch indoors. Kit ‘phoned. Frightfully busy with new cases. Campbell up and talked. When got home had temperature 100 degrees. So to bed. Alys and Eva arraned to stay on. Temp 101 at 9 p.m.

Thursday 9th January 1919

Stayed in bed all day. Normal temp! Waited on by Alys. Lovely rest. Felt very tired.

Friday 10th January 1919

In bed all day. Lovey and restful. Just sat in sitting-room for tea and supper. Had hot bath. Eva read aloud to me.

Saturday 11th January 1919

Got up; Alys to town to buys shoes. Aunt Alice in, and also Mrs Leggett with fruit!!! Quiet p.m. Felt frightfully tired.

Sent letter to Tante – 6th

Sunday 12th January 1919

Indoors all day but up. Dorothy Barnard in a.m. Alys and Eva to Battersea Park Alys to Fred Barnard’s (Aunt Alice) after tea, and Eva read to me “Graciosa and Percinet”.

Graciosa and Percinet, a French literary fairy tale by Madame d’Aulnoy

Monday 13th January 1919

Very foggy and dark.
Up at 7.30 and goodbye to Alys and Eva (who away to Netley later). I to Aldwych. Managed to get thro’ work. Had lunch in, Mr Woolf with me! Left at 5. Quiet evening. Finished “The Man from the Clouds”. Storer Clouston. To bed 9.30. Read till 9 p.m.

Tuesday 14th January 1919

Mild, showery.
To Aldwych, via dairy. Felt a little better. Very busy day. 129 cases. Lunch in (Gurney) fish. Busy all day. Mr Baxter away 4.30. I stayed till 6 and then had supper at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Rainy night. Mild. Home and did accounts.

Wednesday 15th January 1919

Showery. Mild.
To Aldwych. Miss Hill away till lunch; not well. I did her cases and interviewed Boulanger, who died suddenly in my arms. Police. Lunch at Carr’s with Mrs Bonner. Fairly busy p.m. To Bonner’s to dinner 7.30. Nice evening. Home before 10.

Thursday 16th January 1919

Cooler and finer.
To Aldwych. Took washing to 6 Elm Park Road. Late, as buses full. Not too busy. Lunch at Club. Saw Madame Boulanger and little boy. Back via Finchley Road. No 13 and dined at Miles’es. Talked about Wade. Home at nearly 10. To bed.

Friday 17th January 1919

Colder. Fine. Dry.
To Aldwych. Very hectic day. All sorts of queries. Lunch with Mr Woolf, Mrs Bonner, Madame De Jongh, Mrs Jennings, Miss Hill at Temple Bar Restaurant. Amusing. Home via 6 Elm Park Road, where I had supper with Aunt Alice and Dorothy. Talked. Home at 10.

Saturday 18th January 1919

To Aldwych. Not very busy. Lunch at Club and then to Queens Road, Bayswater and to search for Mrs Geo. Hopkins at 54 Gloucester Gardens (for Aunt Bella). Home. Rested 3 till 4. To tea at the Leggett’s. Nice. Home. Omelette.

Sunday 19th January 1919

Foggy, then fine.
Busy a.m. Washed blouse and brush and mended things. In p.m. read “Observer” and got tea ready. Expected Favresse, who didn’t come, but Miss Guerin came (Australian girl, met at Eagle Hut). Took her to 31 bus at 6.50. Supper. Wrote E.P.D. (Uncle Doc) and Smith.

Monday 20th January 1919

Rain, cold.
To Aldwych. Mr Roxburgh there. Then to see Favresse off to Brussels at 11. Charing Cross. Lunch at Club. Not busy in p.m. Wrote Alys. Home, via Lyons, then to train, but no district trains running. By No 14. Made Welsh Rarebit. Quite good. Read “The Cardinal’s Snuff-box” (Henry Harland). To bed 9.

Tuesday 21st January 1919

Damp. Rain.
To Aldwych, via Kardomah. Not busy day. Lunch at Club. Renewals all p.m. Stayed till 6.15. Back via No 14 in rain. Did cheese and cook’s eggs. Nice.

Wednesday 22nd January 1919

Finer, colder.
To Aldwych, via Sainsbury’s. F.F.B. in “Willis Committee”. So I very busy. Lunch at Club. Posted sausage 3/10 to Alys. Boots to be soled. Refugee 187 cases. Record! Home by 6.30 via National Kitchen. Baked mince. Very good. Read in evening. To bed 9.

Thursday 23rd January 1919

Dry. Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych, via Barnard’s with washing. Plenty to do. Lunch at Club with Scott. Fuss with manageress. Not busy in p.m. Wrote Tante. Home 6.45 and cooked cheese sauce for fish and stale-cake pudding with treacle – very good supper. Read. To bed 9.10.

Friday 24th January 1919

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych via dairy and walked Sloane Square for dress preservers. Pretty busy. Lunch with Miss Guerin at New Court. Then to Australia House with her. Home at 6.15 and dressed. To Baxter’s 8.30 to dinner. Colonel Balfour took me in. Sir Laurence Halsey. K.B.E. there and took 31 bus home with me at 10.30.

Saturday 25th January 1919

Cold. Dull.
To Aldwych, via Sainsbury’s. Wrote to Miss E Folkes, 14 Bedord Square, Brighton about Mrs Hopkins. Wrote Aunt Bella. Lunch at Club. Home. Read and rested over fire. Out again to 1 West Cromwell Road, tea with Miss D Scott Owen. Lacquer work. Home. Quiet evening at 6 Elm Park Road till 10.

Letter to E.P.D. – 20th.
Letter from Tante – 22nd
Letter to Tante – 23rd

Sunday 26th January 1919

Dull. Damp.
Not out all day. Very busy, washing best tea-set and silver tea-pot. Polishing and dusting. Washed vest, too. Read a little. Miss Hill (Ruby) to tea, not her mother. Very interesting about “Trevvie” Hall and Captain Cromie in Petrograd (British spy in Russia), Left at 6.30. Read in evening. Washed up.

Monday 27th January 1919

Cooler, dull. Rain in p.m.
To Aldwych. F.F.B. late, not well. Woolf said not staying on! Mr Roxburgh 11 till 12.30. Lunch at Club. Wrote to Alys. F.F.B. home to lunch and not back to office. Stayed till 5.50. Home via Earl’s Court and National Kitchen in pouring rain. Supper, made chocolate shape. Read.

Tuesday 28th January 1919

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych, via South Kensington. Very crowded. Coat caught in gate. Not busy. Lunch at Club. To General Post Office to change Tante’s Postal order 10/0. Back. Tea. Home at 6.45. Poached egg. Felt sick. To bed 9. Very sick till 1 or 2 in the morning. Slept then, till 6 a.m.

Wednesday 29th January 1919

Not up. Temp 99.4. Bread and milk. Down to phone Mr Baxter from No 67. Back to bed. Slept nearly all day. Bovril at 3.p.m. Hot milk at 8. Nearly normal. Good night (probably ill from shock on tube, Tuesday a.m.).

Thursday 30th January 1919

Cold. Dull.
Tea and toast for breakfast. To Aldwych via 6 Elm Park Road, with washing. Not too busy. Lunch at Club, fish and milk pudding. To Smith’s. Stayed til 6 at Aldywch. Home via South Kensington. Bought plaice and boiled fillets for supper. Read “Lord John in New York”.

lord john

Friday 31st January 1919

Snow flurries.
To Aldwych, by tube. H.A.L. at Holborn. Felt faint all a.m. Smelling salts. Gurney lunch in office, and read Nash’s. Unwell. Felt better in p.m, Home by train – South Kensington. Supper (kipper).To 6 Elm Park Road 8 till 9.30. Frosty night. Bracing. To bed.

Saturday 1st February 1919

Snowy, dull.
To Aldwych, via dairy and Sainsbury’s. Not busy. Lunch at Club. To Bank first. To Golders Green. To see Roefs. Long talk, then to Aunt Louie’s. Mrs Phillips there. Nelly out. Home. Quiet evening, reading.

1st Letter from Busy.
Put 16.50 W.R.C.
26.50 E.B. (Edward Barnard) in Bank.

Strike Week – Tubes

Sunday 2nd February 1919

Dull, cold.
Washed brush. To Aunt Alice’s at 12. Mrs Falcon there. Stayed to lunch. Home. Did table-napkin and made potato soup and pudding. Read all evening and wrote Mrs Leggett. To bed 9.15.

Monday 3rd February 1919

Cold. Dark.
To Aldwych. Tube strike. Not busy. Mr Roxburgh came. Lunch at Club. To Somerset House to see Mrs Hopkins’ Will and get her death certificate for Aunt Bella. Away at 5 (as tube strike). Home via Earl’s Court to leave book at Mrs Leggett’s. Tore up letters and read till 9.45.

Tuesday 4th February 1919

Cold, dry.

To Aldwych, walked to Piccadilly, then got bus. Strikes on Tube and District railway. Wrote Busy. Every one late. Lunch at Club. F.F.B. not back in p.m. so I had a good deal to do. Left at 5 and walked all the way home, nearly 4 miles! No other way available!

Wednesday 5th February 1919

Snow, sleet, etc.
Walked to Piccadilly. No 9 to Aldwych. Still Strike. Bought candles. Not too busy. Wrote Aunt Bella and sent her certificate. Lunch at Club. Slush. Fairly busy p.m. Most of staff taken home by private motor-bus. Fun. Walked from South Kensington. Supper with Doz. Home 10.45. Letter from Tante. Aunt Alice and Dorothy to Miss Sargent’s.

Thursday 6th February 1919

Dull, dry.
Walked to Coleherne Court. There got private bus. Mr Leggett, Mr Campbell, etc, called for. To Aldwych. F.F.B. didn’t come at all. Lunch at Club. Very busy p.m., as alone. Home by private bus to Earl’s Court. To National Kitchen. Walked home. To 6 Elm Park Road with washing. Read “Mollmeit” Cynthia Stockley. To bed 9.30.

Friday 7th February 1919

Fine. Windy.
Walked via dairy to Coleherne. No bus so walked on to Piccadilly. “our’ Bus picked me up there. Busy day. F.F.B. still away, ill. Lunch at Club. Busy all p.m. Mertian away to Ostend. Home by private bus to Earls Court. To National Kitchen. Supper. Read. To bed 9.

Saturday 8th February 1919

Fine. Very cold. Hard frost.
Walked to Earl’s Court. Private bus to Aldwych. Not too busy. F.F.B. still away. Walked home, via Kardomah, where had light lunch. Mr and Mrs Leggett to tea! Very nice indeed. Washed up and to Aunt Alice’s after supper, till 10 o’clock. Home. Fire in bedroom.

Leggetts to tea 8th.
Letter from Tante – 5th.

Sunday 9th February 1919

Lovely day.
Up late. Hot bath but pipes frozen. Out with Doz by Battersea Park and Embankment. Lunch at home. Read and then read and tore up lots of old letters. Feschen. Wrote Tante. Finished “Wild Honey”. Cynthia Stockley. To bed 9.10.

Monday 10th February 1919

Fine, windy, dusty.
Up 7.25. Walked to Bond Street. Private bus to Aldwych. F.F.B came back. Miss Guerin came and took me to lunch – Temple Tea Rooms. Not very busy. F.F. B. away at 4. I tired to get train, but too crowded. Walked to Ritz. Bus 96 from there home. Muff! Wrote Mrs Leggett.

Tuesday 11th February 1919

Foggy, then sunny. Frost.
To Aldwych. Walked to Bond Street. Bus on. Not very busy (bought nutmeg grater). Lunch at Club. Busy in p.m. 100 cases through. Wrote Alys and to Doris, with 20/- for wedding present. Home by train and South Kensington at 6.15. Walked from there home. Muff! Wrote Mrs Leggett.

Wednesday 12th February 1919

Foggy, then sunny.
To Aldwych. Walked all the way, in 1 hour ¼. Rather difficult; worrying day for F.F.B. and me. Campbell bullying. Peto and Willis Conference. Lunch at Club. Busy all p.m. Home 6 via 86 bus. Cooked spaghetti and cheese for supper. To 6 Elm Park Road with washing. Ginx there.

Thursday 13th February 1919

Foggy. Frost.
To Aldwych. Walked all the way in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Not busy. Lunch at Club. Only 51 cases through. Home at 6 by train.

Friday 14th February 1919

Foggy. Dark. Then finer and mild.
To Aldwych. Walked all the way. Not very busy. Lunch at Club (pork!). Back. Read. Home by 96 busy. Shopped in near shops Read. Cooked haddock. To bed.

Saturday 15th February 1919

To Aldwych, via dairy and Sainbsury’s. F.F.B. not there. Not too busy, but Miss Wade down several times. Varenne and Derboven to say goodbye. Other posts. Home. Nice quiet afternoon. Evening at Aunt Alice’s till 10 o’clock.

Posted letter to Tante about Cape Cod – 11th.

Sunday 16th February 1919

Dull, pouring rain.
Washed vest and blouse and did ironing. Very busy with grey cloak and also altering evening dress neck. At 4 o’clock to F.F.B’s studio to M. Rosier’s show. After to tea at the Baxter’s. Two Red Indians there. Longlance (Cherokee) and Pierce (Seneca). Very interesting. Also many other. Lady Roberts and 2 sons and 2 A.S. Officers. Alys and Dennis arrived at my room at 11.20. Slept the night.

Monday 17th February 1919

Rain. Mild.
Breakfast. To Aldywch via Sainsbury’s. Pretty busy, cases. Lunch at Court Tea Rooms with Guerin, who in to tell me about wedding. Home. Shopped, beer, with Dennis and Alys. Nice supper at home and cosy evening. But later Dennis and Alys both upset – diarrhoea. Bad night for them.

Tuesday 18th February 1919

Wet and cold.
To Aldwych. Left Alys and Dennis in bed on floor. Very busy day. 97 cases. Wade came. Took her to lunch at New Court. Then arranged with Barsdorf’s for her to go to his mother at Knightsbridge Hotel. To Waterloo and dined with Alys and Dennis. Saw them off 7 o’clock. Home. Read. To bed 9.20.

Wednesday 19th February 1919

Cold, dull, dry.
To Aldywch. Walked to Piccadilly. F.F.B. in Committee. Willis. Lunch at Club. 81 cases, but not too busy. Home by 96 bus. Soup and baked egg; No milk left. Finished lining evening cloak. Sewed all evening. To bed 9.35.

Thursday 20th February 1919

Rain. Milder.
Took washing to Elm Park Road. Tube to Aldwych. Fairly busy. 70 cases. Had “nose-bag” in office. Read. Stayed till 6.15. Home by 96 all the way. Made lovely omelette for supper. Then made potato and milk soup. “Ideal” milk. Read. To bed 9.10. Awake 2 or 3 hours in night. No reason.

Friday 21st February 1919

Mild. Damp.
To Aldwych on 14. Walked from Piccadilly Circus. Not at all busy. Lunch at Club Talked in p.m. Wrote Alys. Home by 96. Quiet evening, sewed new belt into black pleated skirt. Read. To bed 9.45. Tried on evening dress, gloves. Wade to Bardsorf’s.

Saturday 22nd February 1919

To Aldwych. Not very busy. 33 cases. F.F.B. away to Brighton for Ford car. Home to lunch. Quiet p.m. sewing. Tea. Dressed in evening dress. To Criterion Restaurant at 7. Met Mr and Mrs Baxter and Captain Scott-Moncrieff. To “English-speaking Union” dinner. Churchill and Davis, U.S. Ambassador spoke. McEwan next to me. On in car to Savoy. U.S.N. dance. Hills there. Home at 12.

With Baxter’s to Anglo-American dinner 22nd.
Criterion 7 o’clock.
Potato salad 2/-
Letter from Aunt Bella – 18th
Wade to Knightsbridge – Friday.

Sunday 23rd February 1919

Quiet day. Put new silk on Mrs Leggett’s muff. To dinner 1 o’clock at Barnard’s. Back. Read. Wade came and told about being at Mrs Barsdorf’s at Knightsbridge Hotel. Sorted out French books. Tired. To bed 8.45.

Monday 24th February 1919

Letter from E.P.D. To Aldwych. Walked from Dover Street. Not busy. Lunch at Club. Typed to Tante. Quiet p.m. 58 cases. Stayed till 5.50. H.A.L. in doing cases. Home via South Kensington. Read in evening “The Pretty Lady” Arnold Bennett (rotten). To bed 9.15.

Tuesday 25th February 1919

Colder. Dry.
Walked all the way to Aldwych Not too busy. Lunch at Club – 9d. A good deal to do later on. F.F.B. away at 5. I away 6.15. To Aunt Alice’s to supper Miss Wedgwood there. Doz out.

Wednesday 26th February 1919

Dull. Rain all p.m.
To Aldwych by 96. Not busy. F.F.B. in Committee with Willis. I had lunch at J.P Restaurant. Not good. All p. in holiday! Buying handkerchiefs (1 dozen) for Uncle Pierre 35/-. and 1 dozen for Aunt Bella 17/6, and for Dennis 6 15/- and blankets for Aunt Alice’s birthday (£6.6.0 a pair! Single bed size). Home 5.30. To bed 9.

Thursday 27th February 1919

Dull, very cold.
Got butter and took washing to Elm Park Road. To Aldwych. Not too busy. Sandwich lunch and to Bond Street and Selfridge’s (Sundae). Not much work, 68 cases. Stayed on till 6.15. 96 bus home. Quiet evening – macaroni cheese and read. To bed 9. Read “Quaint Companions” Leonard Merrick.

Friday 28th February 1919

Dull, milder.
To Aldwych. Typed letter. Tube via Sainsbury’s and Bank. Paid in £16.19.0. Pretty busy. 76 cases. Lunch in office. Rolls and cheese and then to Canadian War Memorials Exhibition at Academy. Very interesting. Work all p.m. Tea and home at 5.40 via Earl’s Court and National Kitchen. Got supper veg’s. To bed 9.20.

canadian war

Saturday 1st March 1919

Sunny. Cold.
To see Aunt Alice; her birthday. To Aldwych via Temple. Busy. No F.F.B. Lunch at Club. To Buszard’s and Stewart’s for cakes. Met Susie Zileri at Hammersmith. Together to see “Abraham Lincoln” Drinkwater. Back to tea at Susie’s. Stayed till nearly 7.30.


Letter from Uncle Doc – Monday.
Letter to Tante 27th.
Letter to Uncle Doc – 28th.
Go to Uncle Sam or Lincoln with Tante’s money.
Blanket for A.B?

Sunday 2nd March 1919

Fine. Mild.
Unwell. No bath. Up late. All day very busy cleaning, dusting, polishing. At 5.30 Doz came and at 5 Mr and Mrs Baxter, all to tea. Very nice. Washed up, supper. Read. Wrote Miss Grant with 20/- cheque and Lady Godlee. To bed 10.

Monday 3rd March 1919

To Aldwych, via 96. Not very busy. Lunch at Club. To library. Got out “The Man Who Was Good” Leonard Merrick. F.F.B. Away at 3.45. H.A.L. very overwrought in evening. Worrying. Home by 96. Tired and worried, but nice quiet evening reading the Merrick. Very interesting. To bed 9.

Tuesday 4th March 1919

To Aldwych by tube. Not very busy. H.A.L. ‘phoned from L.G.B. about meeting. Lunch at Club. At 2.30. Campbell, Mr Leggett and some P.R.F.’s met and discussed boat 24th March for our cases. Maudslay Memorial given at 5.30. Home. Read “The Man Who Was Good”.

Wednesday 5th March 1919

To Aldwych by tube. Walked from Leicester Square. F.F.B. at Willis Committee. Lunch at Club. Got “Finn, the Wolfhound” by A.J. Dawson from library. Fairly busy p.m. 70 cases. Back in rain, by 96. Read “Finn” – enjoyed it very much. Dog shows.

Thursday 6th March 1919

Fine, sunny.
Became member of “English Speaking Union”[1]. To Aldwych. Walked to Hyde Park Corner and from Charing Cross. F.F.B. here and then he left for country. Busy with repatriation cases. Bedford, fair youth. Lunch at Club. 53 cases. Not too busy. Home via Elm Park Road. Stayed till 7.15. Home. Cooked spaghetti cheese. Read “Finn” Lovely. To bed 9.20.

Friday 7th March 1919

Rain, then fine.
To Aldwych, via 30 – Selfridge’s. Bought macaroni. Not busy. No fire. Mild (F.F.B. away all day). Lunch at Club. Anonymous caller about case. 61 cases, so I did about 50 myself. Didn’t feel very well. Tired. Home in rain. Soup and boiled egg. Read till 9 “Finn”. Very sad. Too sad.

Saturday 8th March 1919

To Aldwych via dairy and Sainsbury. F.F.B. came. Not busy. Home to lunch. Corned beef and brawn. Sat by fire all p.m. reading “Finn” and Green’s History and the Landmark. To 6 Elm Park Road after tea. Peter Harrison and “Doss” Palmer in. Home. Quiet evening. Buttered eggs.

£10 cheque to Tades. Ditto to Alice Barnard.
10/6 Lady Godlee

Sunday 9th March 1919

Washed vest. Out with Dorothy, round Battersea Park. Met Mr Tonks. Dinner 1 o’clock with Barnard’s. Home. Polly to tea with me. Alice Barnard and Dorothy Barnard to meet Phil Carr 1st time at Selfridge lot. Finished “Finn”. To bed 10.

Monday 10th March 1919

Dull, windy.
To Aldwych, via Swan and Edgar. Sale. Bought 2 night-gowns. Not at all busy. Lunch at Club. To library. Got “The Custom of the Country” E. Wharton. F.F.B. busy collecting numbers for boat on 24th. Home by 96, on top. Quiet evening reading “Le Médecin malgré lui” Molière[2].

Tuesday 11th March 1919

Dull. Rain. Mild.
To Aldwych via Kardomah for coffee. Tube to Dover Street. Not busy. 52 cases. Lunch at Club. Lists in for “Guildford Castle” on 24th. Home inside 96. Very windy. Wrote Alys. Macaroni cheese 2nd. Read “Les Précieuses ridicules” Molière[3]. To bed 9.20.

Wednesday 12th March 1919

Fine. Showery, mild.
Walked all the way to Aldwych. Not too busy. Mr Willis in and H.A.L. Lunch at Club. Nothing particular happened. F.F.B. home after lunch, as he felt ill. Quiet evening. Reading. Soup.

Thursday 13th March 1919

Posted ½ dozen handkerchiefs to Dennis. To Aldwych. Campbell up about embarkation list, often. Sent it down in p.m. Lunch, sandwich in office. To Peter Robinson to buy nightgowns (Vogue). Home by 96 on top. Quiet evening. Read and tried on nighties. Fire in bedroom.

Friday 14th March 1919

Cold, dull.
Dennis’ birthday. To Aldwych. Not at all busy. 34? Cases. Luncheon party at Waldorf. Farewell to F.F.B – Mr and Mrs Baxter, H.A.L, Miss Moore, Scott-Owen, Rosier – very nice, but sad! He left about 5.30. Worked, and cleared his desk till 6.10. Home. To supper at Barnard’s at 6 Elm Park Road.

Saturday 15th March 1919

To Aldwych, via dairy and Sainsbury. Tube to Piccadilly. Only 5 cases! So not busy, but cleared desk, Lunch at Club. Then to Albert Hall (9), to Natural History Museum to see Champion O’Leary Irish Wolfhound. Gave Albert Hall tickets to 2 U.S. nurses (for Clara Butt concert). Home to tea.

When O’Leary died in 1906 he was stuffed for the Natural History Museum

Sunday 16th March 1919

Dull, cold.
Busy a.m. Washing vest and mending underclothes. After lunch went to South Kensington museums. Science, boats, salmon, Indian, lace, dressed. Home to tea, rather tired. Read. Wrote Ella. Quiet evening. To bed 9.

Monday 17th March 1919

Letter from Wade and Tades (about South African passages). To Aldwych (F.F.B. gone). Changed my desk. Not many cases, but ‘phoning about South Africa and talking to Barsdorfs about Wade, and arranging about refugees on April 3rd. Lunch at Club. Home via 6 Elm Park Road but not in there. Read all evening. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 18th March 1919

Fine, sunny.
To Aldwych. Walked to South Kensington and from Hyde Park Corner. Very, very busy day. 105 cases. H.A.L. did about 25. I did the rest. Lunch at Club, and got “Three French Moralists”, Gosse, from library. Fuss about Vicker’s cases and referral who couldn’t go on 24th. Tiring worrying day. Home 7.15. To Elm Park Road after supper.

Wednesday 19th March 1919

Rain. Cold.
To Aldwych (tube), not so many cases but Committee (Willis and 8 others and I) at 11 till 12.30. Lunch at Club. Fairly busy all p.m. – 46 cases. Webb about. Gauntlett cases. Home late. 7. Meat pie. Made potato soup. Read about de La Rochefoucauld.

Thursday 20th March 1919

Wet and very cold.
To Aldwych (tube, Gloucester Road), via Sainsbury. Not too busy, but plenty all a.m. Staffordshire forms. De Kemel back. Lunch in office. H.A.L. in and did some cases. Busy with special cabin list till late. No tea. Home at 6.55. Dorothy Barnard with wine from Dennis.

Friday 21st March 1919

Dull, cold.
To Aldwych via dairy and Fortnums for jam. Pretty busy all day. Lunch in office, then hurriedly to Hanan’s for brown shoes £3.3.0 and not very nice, so didn’t get them. Stayed till 6.5. Home via National Kitchen. Supper. Read “Persuasion” (Jane Austen) and Times. To bed 9.20.

Saturday 22nd March 1919

Cold. Snow.
Hot bath. To Aldwych via Elm Park Road where Dennis staying and Sainsbury. Not busy. Lunch in office. Dennis came and the Grumbar’s! To see Guards march by 2 till 4 – over 8,000 (13,000 dead in France). Prince of Wales.

Tea in office. To buy seats for theatre with Dennis Embleton. Dined at Strand Palace Hotel, to see “The Boy”. Very funny. Home. W. Berry. “Sporty Boyce”.

the boy

3 dead men for every 2 living (Guards).

Sunday 23rd March 1919

Very cold. Dull day.
Washed vest and mended stockings. Walked with Doz and Dennis to Mrs Day’s. Lunch at Elm Park Road. Dennis and I to Natural History Museum and Science Museum – 3 till 5. Home to tea with me. Talked. Washed up (Dennis back to Barnard’s). Read “Persuasion” and paper. To bed 9.35.

Monday 24th March 1919

Very cold. Windy.
To Aldwych. Lunch in office. Quiet morning. Out to buy brown shoes – 42/- Walkover’s (after trying 3 other shops!) Very busy and late. In Campbell’s office till 6.45. To Compayne to dinner. Miles Morgan and Elsie there. Nice talk. Jerusalem.

Tuesday 25th March 1919

Cold. Sunny.
To Elm Park Road and saw Dennis again. To Aldwych. Very busy all day. Willis Committee at 11-12. No H.A.L. until evening. 69 cases. Lunch at Club. Busy all p.m. with renewals. Home late. Tired. Very cold. Supper in bedroom, read. To bed 9 o’clock.

Wednesday 26th March 1919

Cold. Sunny.
To Aldwych, via Mrs Sage – 47a Redcliffe Road and Sainsbury’s and Kardomah. Pretty busy. Wrote Alys at lunchtime. Lunch at Club. 54 case all day. Mr Leggett in evening. Left at 6.10. Supper in bedroom. Warmer. Read Gosse on La Bruyère (Caractères) 17th century. To bed 9.35.

Thursday 27th March 1919

Windy. Heavy showers.
Breakfast in bedroom. To Aldwych on 96 all the way. Not many cases. Only 30 all day. Typed a short note to Tante. Lunch in my room. Read. Wrench Wyatt came. Talk with Mrs Passingham. Late, waited for Mr Leggett. Left at 6.40! 96. Home 7.30. Supper in bedroom.

Friday 28th March 1919

Very cold and windy.
To dairy, then Aldwych on 96. Called for shoes. Embarcation forms in. Only 23 cases. Easy day, but had done “12,000” files to see why no forms. Lunch at Club. Home at 7 via Elm Park Road. Till 9.30. Aunt Alice and Dorothy Barnard both with colds.

Saturday 29th March 1919

Snow – 8 inches. Hot sun.
Snow, about 8 inches! To Elm Park Road and Sainsbury, then Aldwych (tube to Piccadilly). Hardly any cases. Lunch at office. To Grosvenor Galleries to see National Portrait Society’s Exhibition. Interesting. Jagger, Munnings. Then tea with Mrs Macindoe (Miss Querin) at Norfolk House, St James’ Square Club for Overseas Officers’ wives. Home.

Norfolk House, 31 St James’s Square, Westminster

Wrote Tante 27th.

Sunday 30th March 1919

Cold. Snow flurries and sun.
Summer Time
Very, very acute stiff-neck? All night, so couldn’t sleep at all. Unwell. Got up 8 o’clock. Too painful to lie down! Washed a few things and sewed. To 6 Elm Park Road. Doz in bed! Polly away at Sopley, so I stayed and helped Alice Barnard. Dinner there and tea. Slept on Polly’s bed in p.m. Home after tea. Read, cooked macaroni cheese, and chocolate. To bed 9.10.

Monday 31st March 1919

Cold. Sunny.
Did washing. Off by 96 to Aldwych. Stiff and tired all day. 51 cases. Lunch at Club. Very busy all p.m. Checking embarcation list; 50 cases very late. Wade to supper and Polly after supper. To bed 10. Letter from Tante.

Tuesday 1st April 1919

Cold. Foggy.
To Aldwych. Still tired, and hard worked. Only 30 cases, but difficult ones. Lunch in office – sausage and brown bread. F.F.B. came in. Mr Leggett in at 5.30; long talk with him and with Mr Campbell about refugees and boats. Home at 9.30 Late supper. To bed 9.5.

Wednesday 2nd April 1919

Sunny, frosty.
To Aldwych. South Kensington to Leicester Square and walked. Busy giving instructions to the interviewers. Lunch at Club. Tired. Wrote Tante on typewriter. Mr Leggett in and very pleased with the lists of case To Aunt Alice’s to dinner (salmon). Mr Steer in evening. Home about 10.

Thursday 3rd April 1919

Very fine and sunny.
To Aldwych. Moved up to 3rd floor, Mr Maudslay’s room, with Miss Hill. Tired. Lunch at A.B.C. and then to Royal Watercolour Society. Private view. Very bad! Anna Alma Tadema gave me the card. Not busy, but tired all day. Mr Leggett and Campbell in late. Posted letter to Tante. Home. Read. To bed 9.10.

Friday 4th April 1919

Warmer. Fine.
To Aldwych, via Hanan’s and Selfridge’s. Managing Committee (Willis, etc) at 11. till 12.40. Holiday Notices and discussed long. Lunch at Club. Typed Lec-Com. Letter from Interviewrs. Very few renewals. Wrote Aunt Bella. Home 6.50. Polly in after supper to talk about Dorothy and Aunt Alice going away.

Saturday 5th April 1919

To Aldwch, via dairy and Elm Park Road. Stuck in lift at Piccadilly. Hardly any work. Home to lunch. Rested, read over fire and then slept on bed till 5. After tea made black dyed jumper with gold lace. Nice. To bed 9.30.

Letter from Tante 31st
Letter from Aunt Bella 29th
Letter to Tante 3rd
Letter to Aunt Bella 4th
Letter to Times 5th

Sunday 6th April 1919

Dull. Mild.
Up very late. Bath. Breakfast 10.30. Mrs Francis away, so did own work. Washed vests. To dinner 1 o’clock at Aunt Alice’s. She and Dorothy go to Netley Inn tomorrow for week. Helped Polly wash up. Home. Finished black and gold jumper. Arranged things for going to Elm Park Road. Read paper.

Monday 7th April 1919

Fine. Mild.
Bad night, couldn’t sleep till past 3. No reason. To Aldwych via dairy and South Kensington. Very little work. Lunch in office, 2 eggs. H.A.L. in. Quiet p.m. Back via No 11 to Victoria then to Sloane Square by train (crammed). Walked to 101 Oakley Street. Then home. Packed suitcase and to 6 Elm Park Road to stay. Phoned to Susie.

Tuesday 8th April 1919

Fine, showery.
Breakfast with Polly. To Aldwych by No 11. Very quiet – 4 cases in a.m. M. Smeesters in to say goodbye and Masson in and “Captain” Abbott, now Secretary of Middle Class Union. Home at 7.10 via 44 Redcliffe Road for letters. Poz out to De Glehn’s for dinner. I had Wade to supper. Talked. To bed 10.

Wednesday 9th April 1919

Fine. Cool.
New servant came. To Aldwych. Mrs Gardiner and De Kemel back. Willis Committee 11. Lunch at Club. Very little work. Back via 44 Redcliffe Road. Letter from Busy (type-written). Back to supper with Poz at Elm Park Road. Read paper. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 10th April 1919

Wet. Cold.
To Aldwych (10!) by tube. Not much work. 25 cases all day. Lunch at Club. Fuss about bill. Quiet p.m. Wrote Dorothy Barnard with cheque for Netley. Home at 8.30. to Elm Park Road. Late, as waited for Mr Leggett. Quiet evening with Polly. To bed 9.45.

Friday 11th April 1919

Much milder, some sun.
To Aldwych. 96 from South Kensington. Not much work. Typed Cabin-List. Lunch at Club. Got “Piccadilly Jim’, Wodehouse, from Smith’s. Not busy all p.m. Home, shopped and took things to 44. To Elm Park Road for clothes and met Ella and Polly. Home to supper. Miss Hobinan in evening.

Saturday 12th April 1919

Rain. Then fine. Mild.
To Aldwych by tube. New brown shoes for 1st time. Mr Baxter in. Rather rushed a.m. Godalming, jaundice case! Lady Hilda Murray in, so late to lunch at Club. On to Leicester Galleries – De Glehn’s Show. After supper, to Elm Park Road and spent evening with Ella and Polly.

“Observer” to Aunt Bella 7th.

Sunday 13th April 1919

Fine. Showery.
Wrote Alys. Washed things; ironed serge skirt, and made new belt to black skirt. Busy till 4, when Ella came and had tea with me. Both out, round Redcliffe Square. Back to supper. Took her to Elm Park Road at 9.20. Back again and cleared up. Laid breakfast and to bed 10.15. Read “Piccadilly Jim”.

Monday 14th April 1919

Very mild. Rain and wind.
To Aldwych via Kardomah for coffee. No work to do. About 4 cases in a.m. Lunch at Buszard’s counter. To Selfridge’s for petersham belting. Bought History of U.S. by Cecil Chesterton and read it all p.m. Only 11 cases all day! Home. Quiet evening, reading. To bed 9 o’clock. Woke 12. Read.

Tuesday 15th April 1919

Showery, cold.
To Elm Park Road. Talked to Aunt Alice. Ella also. To Aldwych. Busy looking up Mientiers’ cases. Ella to lunch at New Court with me. H.A.L. in 2.15. Quiet busy all p.m. H.A.L. has to have sick-leave. To dine at Mrs Styer’s and home by bus at 10.30.

Wednesday 16th April 1919

Cold. Showery.
To Aldwych, via National Kitchen, Chelsea, with basket. 20 cases all day. Lunch at Club. To Bank and then Le Rouget. Éclairs for Ella. H.A.L. in to say goodbye till 28th! Ella ‘phoned, “cold” – not coming. Read “History of U.S”. Very little work. Home by Chelsea, 11, National Kitchen. Read. Over fire. To bed 9.30. Read “Landmark”. Letter from Aunt Bella.

Thursday 17th April 1919

Letter from Tante. To Aldwych, via Elm Park Road and Sainsbury. Tube. Not busy. Lunch at Buszard’s counter and bought éclairs again for Ella. Home 6. To Aunt Alice’s after dinner and Ella played. She had bad cold. Mr Steer in. I stayed till 11 and left with him.

Friday 18th April 1919

Very hot.
Nice day. Up late. Over to Aunt Alice’s to lunch. Ella in bed. In garden after lunch/ Then home and did all sorts of odd things. Lost desk key in evening and to 6 Elm Park Road again.

Saturday 19th April 1919

Very hot indeed.
Up 8.30. Nice a.m. Doz round. To lunch at Aunt Alice’s again and then Doz and I to Haymarket to see “Uncle Sam”. Very good. I had taken seats for Ella, who still in bed. Home.

Styer’s Tuesday evening.
Ella Tuesday lunch
“Uncle Sam” Saturday p.m.
Letter from Tante – April 17th

Sunday 20th April 1919

Much colder. Dull.
Up late. Washed vests. Over to Aunt Alice’s. Out with Doz. Home to dinner (after seeing Ella, still in bed). Busy p.m. laid tea and to Albert Hall, expecting D. Scott Owen but she sent note “flu”. So home and cleared tea. Arranged blue serge skirt. To bed 10.

Monday 21st April 1919

Dull, cool.
Up 8.30. Hot bath. Mended Mrs Leggett’s muff and took it round to her at “Adjutant’s House”, Royal Hospital. Back. Quiet p.m. at home. To Aunt Alice’s after supper. Doz at theatre. Ella in Aunt Alice’s room. I sat with her and sewed straw hat. Home 10.

Tuesday 22nd April 1919

Dull. Cool.
To Aldwych. Not busy. Scott away. No cases to speak of (5 all day!). But busy, trying to type letter to Tante and finding it very difficult. Should I stay more than 6 months or not?? Home via Elm Park Road. Saw Ella (down in drawing-room). Home. Tired.

Wednesday 23rd April 1919

Dull. Cool.
To Elm Park Road at 9.  To Aldwych. Very busy all day with Miss Scott Owen’s cases. Lunch at Club. Interviewed heaps of people, 17,000’s. Home 5.30 by 96. Dressed, dinner and to Australia House to England Speaking Union evening for St George’s Day. Concert, Dance. Trouble with redhaired Miss Croker, whose nose bled! Home 12.50!!!!

Thursday 24th April 1919

Fine. Cold.
Dorothy to Broadway. To Aldwych, via Piccadilly. Mr Willis for 11 o’clock Committee. Showed him 2 cases. Lunch at Club. Not any work to speak of. Home via Chelsea National Kitchen and Elm Park Road. Polly there (Dorothy to Broadway). Home supper. Orlando and Wilson trouble. Read papers in evening.

Friday 25th April 1919

To Aldwych, via Hanan’s and Prestat. No work. But ANZAC DAY and great procession of Australian’s. Prince of Wales and Prince Albert took salute at Australia House. Haig and Birdwood. Exciting. Lunch at Club. To Selfridge’s for hat-shape. Home and to Aunt Alice’s in evening till 9.40. Ella better.

Saturday 26th April 1919

Fine. Showery.
To Aldwych, via Sainsbury. Talked to Susie on ‘phone – about 6 months limit and Fiume. Lunch at Buszard’s counter. Shopped and home. Tidied. Ella to tea, and supper (as it rained). Cooked 2 omelettes. Ella back at 8.30 and I washed up and to bed about 10. I unwell.

St George’s Day 23rd – English Speaking Union 8 p.m.
Sold French plays for 2/-
Letter to Tante – 26th

Sunday 27th April 1919

Blizzard. Very cold and snow.
No bath. Very busy tidying and preparing for Ella. She over (in rain) to spend day. Potato soup. Talked and rested in p.m. Tea – washed up. Heavy blizzard and snow all p.m. and Ella had to go back 8.30 in it. Washed up again and to bed 9.25 after reading some U.S. history.

Monday 28th April 1919

Fine. Very cold.
Out in deep slush and snow to Elm Park Road and then to Aldwych, via Hanan’s. Busy typing list of cases for Van de Kerckhove. Lunch at Club. Mr Leggett back from holiday and in for 15 minutes. 12 cases in p.m. Home by train. Quiet evening, reading history of U.S. till 9.20 and newspaper. To bed 9.20.

Tuesday 29th April 1919

Showery. Very cold.
To Aldwych via Elm Park Road and Kardomah and Fortnum’s. Not much work. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at 78 Ashley Gardens. Wrote to Aunt Bella and “Busy”. Home by 96 which skidded and broke a side-car. Supper at 6 Elm Park Road. Nice evening. Polly and Ella played duets – César Franck.

Wednesday 30th April 1919

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych via 2nd hand book shops. They refused “Napoleon At Home”. No work to speak of. Lunch at Law Courts with Ella, and round Temple with her. Read “Eminent Victorians” in p.m. and Hill typed précis. Home by 96. Quiet evening. Reading “U.S. History”. To bed 9.20.

Thursday 1st May 1919

Showery. Mild.
To Aldwych, via bookshop and sold Gilman’s Women and Economics and Ganz’ water-colour book for 2/6. No work. To Bank and bought cream cakes. Lunch at Club. Home and prepared for Ella, who to supper and stayed till 10.

Friday 2nd May 1919

Stormy. Showers.
Letter from Uncle Doc. To Aldwych, via shops, and sold 9 French plays for 3/-. Did Income Tax papers all a.m. Lunch at Club. Mr Baxter in at 2. No work; all talked. Parent in to say goobye. She wept. Home and to Elm Park Road to supper. Poz out at theatre. Just Alice Barnard (Aunt Alice) and Ella. Home at 10.

Saturday 3rd May 1919

To Aldwych. No work, but goodbyes. Presentation to Mr Barsdorf – speeches and cheers. Lunch at Club. All p.m. Lovely Victory March of Colonial Troops, round Australia House. Exciting and beautiful. Mrs Moore and the 2 Scott Owens in to see it. Tea at Court tea-rooms. Home. Supper with Aunt Alice and Polly.

Wrote Aunt Bella
Wrote Miss Biswanger
Letter from Uncle Doc – 2nd

May 7th – Peace Forms handed to German Delegate.

Sunday 4th May 1919

Dull. Mild.
Busy mending stockings all a.m. After lunch, to Albert Hall. Clara Butt and Rumford. Australian Private F Goulder sat in other seat. Nice. Fine. Massed bands played “the New Colonial”. To tea at the Baxter’s. Home 7.30.

Monday 5th May 1919

Dull. Mild.
To Aldwych. Read The Times; nothing to do, as Committee really closed. Lunch at Club. The two Scott Owens came in in p.m. and Hill left early. Moore in at 4. Wrote letters to collect for Mrs Gilbert Samuel. Home. Supper. Washed and cleaned silver. To bed 9.45.

Tuesday 6th May 1919

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych, via Sainsbury. Had photos taken for passport. With Mrs Jennings, and to Australia House about Income Tax claim. No work. Did some embroidery. Home. Hill with me (walked from Victoria). Moore too. To supper with me. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 7th May 1919

Dull. Cooler.
To Aldwych; 10. Mr Leggett in to say goodbye. Letters from Woolf about Mrs Samuel. Lunch at Club. To Ted’s in Harley Street with passport. Read in p.m. and left at 5. Home. Sewed straw in hat till 7.30. Cold beginning. Took quinine. To bed 10 (wrote Woolf, Keyser and Baxter).

Thursday 8th May 1919

To Aldwych 10.15 via Post Office (sent off jersey, coat and skirt to be cleaned) and Passport Office. In St James’s Park. Wrote to Goodwin, Tulley and Mr Leggett. Lunch at Club. To E.V. Miles with Haunch of Venison papers (sale). Hill out all p.m. Home. Straw hat. To bed . Very sleepy. Read Peace Terms.

Friday 9th May 1919

Fine. Hot. Windy.
Letter from F Goulder! To Aldwych, via Hair Shop and book shop – another 2/- for books. No work. Wrote K. Buchanan, with postal order for 5/-, and Aunt Bella, with certificate (legalised) and Alys about staying on. Lunch at Club and to Selfridge’s for fudge and to Gower Street. Tired. Moore to tea, with sugared cake. Home via Elm Park Road.

Saturday 10th May 1919

Fine. Warm.
Letter from Mr Leggett. To Aldwych, via Sainsbury’s. Handed £5.5.0 to Mr Bassett for Mrs Samuel’s Testimonial. Lunch at Club. Home via Belgian patisserie shop. Rested all p.m. till past 5. Felt very tired (hot weather). Planned and sewed jumper of shot silk. To bed 9.30.

May 7th – Anniversary of Sinking of Lusitania.
Peace Terms handed to German Delegates.

Sunday 11th May 1919

Warm then cooler.Up late. Hot bath. Finished jumper. Washed things. Dorothy in. Over to Elm Park Road to lunch. Home directly after. Prepared tea for D. Scott Owen, who came at about 5. Went at 6.30. Wrote H.A.L. Finished white hat, lining. To bed 10.

Monday 12th May 1919

Dull. Drizzly then fine.
To Aldwych (last week) via Hanan’s. Didn’t do much work. Lunch at Club. Hill in to fetch things. Home and lay on windowseat all evening. Warm and fine. All p.m. at Passport Office. Got it after 1 ½ hours wait. To L.G.B.L. (Local Government Board, London?)

Tuesday 13th May 1919

Very Warm and fine.
To Aldwych, via Brompton Road and bought hat (first new one since 1916). Tried on jumper at Woolands. Wrote Mrs Bonner, and Alys and River Trips (sent 20/-) Quiet p.m. Wrote letters re McLean. Home 5.45. Altered check dress and also black hat. To bed 9. Read till 10.

Wednesday 14th May 1919

Hot. Windy.
To Aldwych (after ironing check dress). Walked to Knightsbridge. No work. Lunch at Club. Typed letters to staff about Meeting on 16th to present Mrs Samuel with gold cigarette case. Home. Tired.

Thursday 15th May 1919

Very fine and very hot.
Hot day. To Aldwych. Filed things. At 11 to Westminster Abbey (ticket). Wonderful Funeral Service of Edith Cavell[1]. Very impressive. Coldstreamers and Chopin. Lunch at St George’s House. To Aldwych. Tea to Consul and Machot (Venesoen). Farewell. To Elm Park Road after supper.

Friday 16th May 1919

Very fine and hot.
To Aldwych. Presentation to Mrs Samuel. Willis did it – very nervous. Lunch at Club. On with Mrs Passingham to Madame Harbour. Bought voile dress. To Queen’s Hall. Heard Monsieur de Laval on Edith Cavell. Very interesting. Back to Aldwych and then home. Found chicken from Wade and asparagus and chocolates from Uncle Doc.

Saturday 17th May 1919

Very fine and hot.
To Aldwych Busy clearing up everything. Left, for LAST TIME at 12.45. To Fuller’s and Rouget for cakes. Lunch at home at 2. To Elm Park Road after. Lovely tea and dance at 32 Sloane Gardens. Mrs Samuel’s Aldwych Tea. Dorothy to supper with me.

Thursday – 4th – Venesoen and Macho tea.
To Hanan’s on 12th
Monday – Fetch passport.

Sunday 18th May 1919

Busy all day, doing odds and ends ready for p.m. At 5 came Ruby Hill and then Dorothy, and at 5.30, Frank Goulder and Dick (Valentine) Finsh. Anzac. Large tea, cigarettes. Very nice. They stayed till 7.45. Washed up and to bed.

Monday 19th May 1919

Holiday! To town. Bought 2 pairs shoes at Hanan’s. On to Smith’s library. Lunch at Club! Back by Peter Jones, and bought grey silk jumper. Rested on bed. Tea. To Elm Park Road. Polly alone. Home. Sewed in evening.

Tuesday 20th May 1919

Fine. Hot.
Over to Elm Park Road. To phone Mr Styer, about Haunch of Venison. Home. Sewed various things. Finished black straw hat and empire petticoat. At 4 to Chelsea Flower Show. Tea at Susie’s. Walked home. To Elm Park Road after supper with chocolates. Steer there and Ginx. Sewed pink jumper.

Wednesday 21st May 1919

Fine. Hot.
To town to buy frock and hats. Got panama and grey hat, and mauve frock and striped frock (Selfridge’s). Lunch at Baber’s, Jermyn Street. Katie Blaikley! Home late. Tired. Supper and to bed at 9.30. Read “Mrs Thompson” W.B. Maxwell.

Thursday 22nd May 1919

Fine. Hot.
To town, via Earl’s Court, where paid electric bill. On to Golders Green to 47 Hampstead Way to fetch things from trunk. Home at 2 (via Bank). Lunch. Rested till 3.30. To Aldwych! Via Liberty’s. Gave address to Hyson. Home ’96. Supper. Parcel to Captain Guild and saw his flat. Wrote to Aunt Bella, Tades.

Friday 23rd May 1919

Fine. Hot.
I very busy all day. Unwell. Machined, sewed, ironed. At tea-time Captain Guild gave me ticket for Russian Ballet, so I alone to Alhambra at 8.30. Very wonderful Lubov Tchernicheva, Lopokova, Sokolova.


Saturday 24th May 1919

Fine. Hot.
Busy packing. Arranging and washing To Selfridge’s for frock and to Sainsbury’s for sugar for Alys. To Elm Park Road after tea to show new frock and hat. Ordered taxi for Monday.

20th Wrote Uncle Doc for chocolates and sent off letter to Tante.

Sunday 25th May 1919

Showery. Warm.
Busy, washing, sewing. To Aunt Alice’s to dinner and washed up with Polly. Home. Dressed, and to Styer’s to tea and sat in garden and stayed to supper. General Clemson(?) too. very interesting indeed. Marne. D.S.O. with bar. He and I in tube home. I packed till a.m.


Monday 26th May 1919

Fine. Hot.
Up at 6.30. Breakfast 7.30. 8.15 Waterloo train to Netley 9.35. Alys met me at Southampton. To Officers’ Quarters. Dinner. Kim very ill. Quiet p.m. To Hotel (Prince Consort) and shop with Alys. Colonel Houghton to tea. Very interesting. Showed us 440 birds from Sierra Leone. Cycled to Hotel after supper.


Tuesday 27th May 1919

Breakfast 8.30 in bed. Up on cycle to Alys’. She and I took Eva and Philip to bathe from beach. To Inn and sewed Alys’ dress. Up to dinner. Miss Davies and Captain Isaacs to tennis, tea and supper. I played several setts too. Lovely. Also with Captain Stevens. Kim very weak indeed.

Wednesday 28th May 1919

Breakfast 8.30 in bed. To Post Office. Sent wire to Derwent Water Hotel. To Alys. Wrote D.B. Wade. Dennis chloroformed Kim and did post mortem – enteritis. Eva bathed. Alys and Dennis to tennis party. Nash-Wortham’s. I tea with Eva and Phil and watched tennis. Dennis to dance at Southampton. Alys and I stayed home.

Thursday 29th May 1919

Hot. Very fine.
Up to Quarters. With Alys to Southampton. Shopped Lunch. Back at 3.30. Doris out in evening. Alys cooked omelette. Miss Harmer to supper. Cleared away and washed up.

Friday 30th May 1919

Hot, fine.
Hot bath. To Quarters. Wrote Tades. Took Eva and Philip to bathe. Very hot. Lunch. Alys and Dennis to call on Mrs Carr (General’s wife). I to Post Office and changed. Eva and Philip to Thomson’s to tea and Dobby and Tommy back to supper here. Walked to station with them, and I to Inn 10.15.

Saturday 31st May 1919

Fine. Warm.
To Quarters. Cleaned walls and dusted. Bathed Eva and Philip. Lunch. On cycle to buy buns. Tennis all p.m. I only watched. Captain Cooper’s tea in Mess. Captain and Mrs Lyell to tea with Alys. Major Stephens asked but didn’t stay. Out on seat after supper, talked to Captain Glayson.

Gave Mrs Francis 10/- on 26th
Tarling No 10. Taxi.

Sunday 1st June 1919

Fine. Hot.
Walked up. Tyre purchased. Dennis to Weymouth in car. Mrs Nash-Wortham in. Alys and I out to Huts. Miss Harmer in. Dennis and Captain Stevens in late to tea. 6.15. Doris out, Supper. With Dennis on pier after till 10. Then back to Inn.

Monday 2nd June 1919

Letter from Lloyd George and Willis! Up to Quarters. Mrs Forsyth called. Alys washed. I wrote Willis after lunch. After tea, Alys and I played tennis with Captain and Mrs Cowes. Alys dressed and to Southampton to dinner party – Ella Davis and Captain Isaac’s engagement. Dennis also.

Tuesday 3rd June 1919

Fine. Cooler.
Up to Quarters. Alys and I to Southsea for day to shop. Bought long coat for Alys, suit for Phil, sandshoes. Grey suede shoes for me. Lost train at Portsmouth, so only home at 8.40. Supper and I cycled back to Inn.

Wednesday 4th June 1919

Rain. Warm.
Darned stockings. To Quarters. Phil put on new suit, grey flannel. After lunch, cycled to Inn for keys. Dennis to London to see Sir J. Bland Sutton about post. Alys and I out to Y.M. (Y.M.C.A. Hut) and round. After supper down to watch dance at Y.M. and to see Miss Alford. I slept with Alys.

Thursday 5th June 1919

Up very late. Searched Honours List. Dusted. Went to pack, after tea. Dennis stayed on in London. Doris out. I stayed on at the Quarters for night.

Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Friday 6th June 1919

Fine. Hot.
Down to Inn. To Station 2/6 in landau. Off 10.30 to Southampton. Brockenhurst, Lymington, and steamer to Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Mr Baxter met me. To Yew Tree House to stay. Sat on Terrace – tea there. Kathleen Evans bathed. After supper to Hotel to see the Dodge’s. Gramophone.

Saturday 7th June 1919

Mist, then hot.
Sea-fret. Out in garden. And to Hotel to see Dodges’ again, and to Church to see Louise XIV statue. Mayonnaise-making after dinner and then walk with F.F.B. and Kathleen. Dodge’s to tea, on terrace. On beach with Kathleen. Told about E.B. in evening, after supper.

St James Church, St James Street, Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight,

Sunday 8th June 1919

To Hotel to telephone. Sat in garden. Back. I wrote Tades. Out at 2.30 for motor drive (all) to North of Island. Saw Freshwater, Blackgang, Ventnor, and tea at Godshill. Back via Newport, Shale and supper (the Dodge’s came).

Monday 9th June 1919

Fine. Dull a.m.
Mrs Baxter off to town at 6 a.m. to see Mrs Walkup (Serbia Relief). F.F.B. and I out and sketched in lane (in oils) in a.m. and again all p.m. To tea at 5 with the Dodge’s at Pier Hotel. At 8.30 in motor to Newport to meet Mrs Baxter and home by 10.

pier hotel

Tuesday 10th June 1919

Very fine.
Quiet a.m. drawing on terrace. Bathed with Kathleen at 11.30. Lovely. Sat on terrace after dinner, and Dodge’s to say goodbye. After tea, F.F.B. and I walked on Bouldnor Estate. Blue-slipper clay. Evening on terrace and in sitting room. Bed at 11.


Wednesday 11th June 1919

Very hot and fine.
Packed and sat on terrace. Mrs Baxter read aloud “The Young Visitors”. Lunch at 12.30. I away by steamer at 1.15. Met Colonel Armstrong at Brockenhurst, travelled 1st to Southampton. To Netley. Mrs Twining and Joan (2) to tea in grounds. Supper. Out to water croquet lawn. Read “The Young Visitors” – Daisy Ashford – Chatto and Windus.

Miss Miles died 13th.

Thursday 12th June 1919

Gale all day. Hot.
Up to Quarters. Wildly windy. Wrote Ethel about Miss Miles. With Alys to see Sale. Lunch. Alys and Doris to Sale. Red Cross Hostel. I with Philip all p.m. After tea. Alys and Dennis croquet and I wrote Doz. After support read aloud again to Dennis and Alys until 10.15. Back on cycle to Prince Consort.

Friday 13th June 1919

Up to Quarters. Alys to Hamble. Both to Netley village. To tea at the Lyle’s and played with hay. Alys, children and I. Strawberries – first this year. Alys, Dennis and I cycled to Hamble. Ferry to Warsash, “The Rising Sun:” and had lobster supper and cider. Good. 19/- for 3. Back 10.30.

the rising sun warsash
The Rising Sun, Warsash

Saturday 14th June 1919

About village with Alys; to stores. Wrote 5 letters. Bank, Mrs Francis, Mrs Lycett. To village again at 4 with Alys. Dennis played croquet with the General (Carr) who came up to tea (Major Stephen’s tea in Mess). Alys and Dennis both croqueted with General – 5.30 till 7.30.

To Baxters over Whitsun.
Paid Mrs F till 12th inclusive but not for Observer.
Wrote Tante 12th
Sent Mrs Francis 4/- for 19th
8 weeks since heard from Tante (12th).

Sunday 15th June 1919

Very fine.
Alys busy cooking Sunday dinner, all a.m. Dennis to arsenic poison case and Thomson’s. Alys made scones for tea and ginger cakes in evening. Mrs Harmar in, in evening.

Monday 16th June 1919

Very fine.
To Quarters. Alys washing in a.m. Dennis for picnic on motor-launch. Alys and I to Southampton. To call on Mrs Davis. Out. Croquet lawn after supper till 10.

Tuesday 17th June 1919

Very fine.
Cleaned silver with Eva and Philip. Alys ironing. Mrs Donaldson to lunch. Nice. Dennis sailed with General Carr. Alys made cakes. Dennis played croquet with General. Wrote Ethel.


Wednesday 18th June 1919

Hot. Fine.
To Quarters. Dusted. Then back and packed trunk. Very hot. To dinner with Alys. All to station. Alys, Eva and I by 3.12. to London. Late dinner at Waterloo. Taxi to Redcliffe Road. Round to Aunt Alice’s . In garden. Mrs Lemon there. To bed at home.

Drought ended 20th

Thursday 19th June 1919

Fine, windy.
I unwell. All three to town. Trying to buy frock and hat, Eva and taking her to Thew. Lunch Shoolbred’s. To Belgian Consulate, Bedford Square to get passports visa’d. To Debenham and Freebody’s. Tea there. To Kardomah and home. To 6 Elm Park Road and talked. Eva read in my room. Supper and to bed.

Friday 20th June 1919

Rain all day.
I unpacked. Alys and Eva out to shop. I to Belgian Military Office to have passports endorsed. Met the others and lunch at Selfridge’s. Shopped. To my Bank, Finchley Road for Lease of Haunch of Venison to Smith. Home. Very wet. Strawberries and cream. Cooler. Damp.

Saturday 21st June 1919

Out to shops and to Cook’s to buy tickets for Brussels. Lunch at Bouldnor Estate. Blue-slipper clay; to Hippodrome. Geo. Robey. Very good. Tea Maison Lombardy. Home by No 14. Alys to Sainbury’s.


Sunday 22nd June 1919

Quiet morning. To National History Museum in p.m. and South Kensington Victoria and Albert Museum. Alys to Elm Park Road.

Monday 23rd June 1919

To town, to Burberry’s and bought fur coat. Alys and Eva to lunch at Eva Webb’s and tea at Friede’s. I lunch Buszard’s and home. Prepared for supper. Aunt Alice to supper. Washed up. To bed 11.15. Wrote Aunt Bella.

Tuesday 24th June 1919

In all a.m. doing odd jobs. Shoolbred’s man came. To lunch at “Wayside”. To Selfridge’s. To Russell’s. Got things for Aunt Bella. Alys to Eva Webb’s to supper. Eva and I to Elm Park Road. I with Aunt Alice to hear Baroness de T’Serclaes speak – Trenches for 3 ½ years. Home.

British nurse and ambulance driver in World War I

Wednesday 25th June 1919

Fine. Windy.

Out shopping alone. Bought things for de Baeremaeckers. Lunch Selfridges’ downstairs. Alys and Eva lunch with “Dobby”. Home. Tades and Dorothy to tea. Busy. Strawberries. To Miss Palmer’s about rent. Alys to 6 Elm Park Road.

Thursday 26th June 1919

Alys and Eva to Thew’s and shops. I busy all day packing. They back after lunch but to tea at Mrs Tidy’s. Eva had new plate for teeth. All round to Elm Park Road after supper. Aunt Alice had sprained ankle and was in bed.


Friday 27th June 1919

Up at 6 a.m.. Off in motor, calling for Tades at Elm Park Road.. Charing Cross. Left 8.45. Dover – Ostende ‘Pieter de Koninck” – big ship. Nice. Luggage examined at Ostende. Left 4.46. Arrived Brussels 7.10. Aunt Bella met us. Victoria to 13 rue de L’Aurora. Uncle Pierre very well. Dinner and to bed soon after 9.30.


Saturday 28th June 1919

Dull. Warm. Windy.
Tades with Aunt Bella to town to market. I unpacked all a.m. Lunch 12.30 (rather dinner). Gave Aunt Bella presents and her commissions. Stockings, gloves. Out with her to buy tongue. Man to re-hang chandeliers, which had been hidden from Germans for 4 years.

To Brussels 27th
Letter from Tante 23rd – at last.

Poems from Chicago – 24th – Wrote E.P.D.
£2.7.6. single 1st class Brussels.

Sunday 29th June 1919

Dull. Cool.
Uncle Pierre’s Fête day. Busy preparing for big dinner at 1 o’clock. Monsieur and Madame Van Damme, Major Meeus, Madame Geurcaire, Mademoiselle Eva. Speeches. All stayed till 6.30! Tea. Quiet evening. Uncle Pierre to bed early. We also at 8. Sent letter to Alys.

Monday 30th June 1919

Cold. Dull.
Quiet day. Tades and I to take notes to Madame Bruère and Cauderlier, and to Marchés for eggs. 62 centimes each. Dinner. 12.30. Out again with Tades to Mademoiselle Verel. Took her boots. Back at 5. Monsiuer and Madame Schröder came at 6. Tea. Looked at postcards of Ostend.

Tuesday 1st July 1919

Cold. Showery.
Dull. Did beds. Out with Tades for Daily Mail. After lunch, all to the Van DaRedcliffe Roadmme’s for Bridge. Germaine Piot there. We played Halma and in garden. Talked. Home. Supper 7.15.

Wednesday 2nd July 1919

I with Aunt Bella to jeweller’s about size of ring. Montague de la C. Mademoiselle Margot Verboeckhoven to dinner. 12.30. Rested in p.m. and called on Madame Cauderlier. Coffee there. Quiet evening. Thunderstorm. Cold.

Thursday 3rd July 1919

Showery. Some sun.
Tades and I to town. Shops and tram. Back by Jardin Botanique. Uncle Pierre painted garden-seat. Finer, we sat out there. Quiet evening. Liqueurs.

Friday 4th July 1919

Sewed in my room and Aunt Bella played duets with Madame Woelaer. We sewed and listened. Mademoiselle Eva to dinner. Told experiences of prison. Tades and I to town, to fetch ring, and look at shops. Rue Neuve and Rue des Fripiers, St Gudule.

Saturday 5th July 1919

Finer. Hot, Thunderstorm in p.m.
With Tades to Palais d’Egmont. Duc D’Aremberg’s house. Saw work of prisoners. Compass in soap. To Cook’s and changed £12 exchange (30 francs for 20/-) General Brueland at 5 o’clock. Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre played Bridge after supper.

Sunday 6th July 1919

Hot. Fine.
Tades and I to Church in Rue Crespel. Thanksgiving for Peace. Dinner. Coffee on verandah. Shelled peas. Wrote Wade and Ella. Thunder. “Paul” came. Very ugly! Quiet evening.

Monday 7th July 1919

Fine. Lovely.
Tades and I to Mademoiselle Brumoux to see pictures. Flowers. Landscapes good. After dinner Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre to Bridge and American’s. Tades and I to Palais d’Egmont again. Sat in Avenue later; wrote Tante.

Tuesday 8th July 1919

Gabrielle” left suddenly, so we all did housework. After dinner, rested, and at 2.50 tram to Boitsfort and Bridge at Madame Ghesquière’s. Tades and I in garden, book. Halma. Young couple there. Talked of English and Canadian officers. Home 7.10. Supper and to bed.

Wednesday 9th July 1919

Some woman to help with work. I to Post Office. Wired Alys for dress. Marguérite (Margot) to dinner. I shelled peas. Aunt Bella and Tades out. Aunt Bella to dentist in a.m. and back late. Hélène Favresse to tea. Talked. Quiet evening. Wrote letters.

Exchange at 31 francs 50 cents the £1.0.0

Thursday 10th July 1919

Housework then Aunt Bella, Tades and I to town. To Bon Marché Innovation and Hirsch. Chose evening dress for me. Back to dinner. I again at 2 to be fitted for alterations. Monsieur Van Damme and Madames Cauderlier and L’Aumonier to tea. Hélène also. Interesting. Supper and early to bed.

Friday 11th July 1919

Aunt Bella, Tades and I 10.30 with General Breulandt to see Military Musée at École Militaire. Interesting. Heaps of Bosch uniforms, and all sorts of helmets, bullets through. Eva came in p.m. I unpicked black lace dress for Aunt Bella. To bed early – 9 p.m.

Saturday 12th July 1919

Fine. Hot.
Out with Aunt Bella to Bank and Mr Georges to change my cheque, for dress £19.0.0!!! He gave me 590 francs (or about). Aunt Bella and Tades to dentist in p.m. Uncle Pierre and I rested and played patience. Monsieur and Madame Schoonjans came and General Breulandt. Tried on evening dress.

Wrote Tante 7th
Wrote Jas Smith and Sons 9th
Wrote Aunt Alice 9th
Wrote Alys
Wrote Ethel Miles.

Madame L’Aumonier’s husband 1st échevin (municipal officer) was 14 months in prison in Germany. Sheriff – took Max’s place as bourgmestre (Mayor).

Anglo-Belge Tour (cost about £13.0.0)

Sunday 13th July 1919

Packed up. Carried trunk down half empty. Aunt Bella to Mass. Rested in p.m. and continued packing. Anna Verhagen to tea, and talk English.

Monday 14th July 1919

Rough. Rain.
Up 6.30 and to station in brougham; 9.40 train to Ostend. Met by Madame de Ridder and Mertian. To Hotel de la Plage. Talked to Massons, Maudslay. To Quay 3 to meet Union Anglo-Belge members. Tea at Hotel unpacked. Dinner 16 francs. Anna Tadema. To Karsaal at 9 – concert. To bed 10. Unwell.

Tuesday 15th July 1919

Very heavy showers.
Breakfast in room. 8.30 all started in military cars to Dixmude, Ypres, Kemmel. Lunch at Kemmel. Walked up Mount Kemmel. Cars through Houthulst Forest to Bruges. Received by old Mayor. Tea. On canals in boats. To Notre Dame (Michel Angelo). Dinner, Hotel du Commerce. Speeches. Back in cars to Ostende by 11.

Michelangelo’s “Madonna and Child” – Notre Dame de Bruges, Belgium

Wednesday 16th July 1919

Fine. Hot.
At 8.30 in same cars to Zeebrugge. To Cemetery. Then to Harbour. Saw 3 boats sunk by British being raised, and Mole. On to Ghent. Lunch Hotel de la Poste. To Château des Comtes and St Bavon. Van Eyck. Town Hall. Speeches. Champagne. On to Brussels. Quiet evening. Answered invitations.

Thursday 17th July 1919

Walked to Nord Station at 9. Train to Antwerp. To Town Hall. Motors to docks and quays. To Cathedral. Rubens. Big dinner at Town Hall at 2 p.m. with Bourgmestre and échevins. To Plantin-Moretus musée. Train to Brussels. Dinner. At 9.30 to British Legation (Sir Francis and Lady Hyde Villiers) to soirée. Back at 11 in motors.

Friday 18th July 1919

At 10.15 to Palais de Justice. Great reception of Lord Chancellor (Lord Birkenead, F.E. Smith) by Bench and Bar of Brussels. Speeches. Big dinner at Hotel Astoria. Meeting of Anglo-Belgian Union 2.30. with Anna to leave cards. Dinner with Anna and Whibley’s. To Palace. Presented to King Albert and Queen. Talked to them . On to Hotel de Ville. Received by Bourgmestre, Adolphe Max, Music. Talked to U.S. members of Scientific Research (Mitchell). Home to Astoria.

King Albert and Queen Elisabeth of Belgium

Saturday 19th July 1919

At 8.30 to Nord Station in taxi. To Louvain in train with Roxburgh, Spielmann, (Captain Ingram), Miss Sutcliffe. A.m. wandered about and lunch at Café near Gare. Back to Astoria. Goodbyes and taxi to Rue de l’Aurore. All at Cinema. General Breulandt in. Tired. Very early to bed.

Sunday 20th July 1919

With Tades to Marché to buy peaches and “Times” at Gare du Nord. Meeus in hurriedly to explain and give tickets.

Monday 21st July 1919

Very tired. At 4.30. all to Rue Royale to see arrival of Foch (Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch) and King Albert and Queen. Great crowd. Back with difficulty. Taxi. Tired. To bed very early.

Tuesday 22nd July 1919

Rain all day. With Tades at 9. Walked (no trams) to Rue Royale. Passing troops of all allies. Watched Peace Procession from Meeus’ room, as Van Damme, Ghesquière, Heurard. All and de Baeremaecker’s to dinner 12.30. Van Damme’s. Bridge, long p.m. Very tired indeed Home 7. To bed 8! Sore throat.

Wednesday 23rd July 1919

Pouring rain.
I stayed in bed breakfast. Coldy. Up to dinner 12.30. Margot Verboeckhoven came. Rested on bed. Aunt Bella and A to Richir’s (Hermann Richir) studio. I with Uncle Pierre all p.m. Wrote Doz first. To bed very early again.

Herman Richir 1866 – 1942, Brussels

Thursday 24th July 1919

Dull. Showery.
Tades and I with Aunt Bella to town. Bought tickets at Cook’s to Cercle Artistique to see Richir’s portrait of Mercier. Back to dinner. Wrote Tante. Tades and I to leave cards on Cauderlier and Lemonmier and called on Mademoiselle Verch. After supper made flags for dinner table. French and Belgian.

Portrait of Cardinal Desire-Joseph Mercier by Richir

Friday 25th July 1919

Rain, dark.
Busy preparing for dinner. Shelled peas. Wrote Alys. At 12.30 Madames Mestre, Ghesquière and Major Meeus to dine. Bridge later on, and Tades and Meeus and I in Salon. Smoked and talked. All left by 5.30. Quiet evening. General Bruere called.

Saturday 26th July 1919

Dull. Cold.
Aunt Bella, Tades and I to shop for Baby’s frock and chemises, all a.m. Rested after dinner. Eva de Baeremaecker came and General Ninitte. Tades and I to tea with Madame Cauderlier, Madame Thibaut there. Général Breuland came. Quiet evening. Aunt Bella read aloud and about Libre Belgique.

Letter to Tante and Uncle Doc – 24th with postcards of Louvain and newspaper.
3rd class only available 37.50 each.

Sunday 27th July 1919

Dull. Milder.
Aunt Bella to Mass. Tades and packed all a.m. Dinner “Clos du Roy 1900” Burgoyne! Last bottle. Monsieur and Madame Van Damme called, and Monsieur Tschaggeny. Tea. Quiet evening.


Monday 28th July 1919

Up early. Goodbyes. Tades and I in brougham to station. To Ostende, Dover. Quiet passage only rolly. Up to Charing Cross by 9. Long time procuring taxi. Back to 44 Redcliffe Road, via Elm Park Road with Tades’ box. Supper of sandwiches, made beds. To bed 11.30.

Tuesday 29th July 1919

Hot baths. Tades and I to Passport Office and I on to Oceanic House about passage to U.S. Lunch at 26 Compayne Gardens. Shopped and home. Wrote Aunt Bella. To Elm Park Road, fetched Tades. Supper at home and I unpacked and aired clothes. To bed 10.30.

Oceanic House, Cockspur Street, London

Wednesday 30th July 1919

Hot. Close.
Up 7.30. To Waterloo; met Alys; with her to Walton, Surbiton, Richmond to look for houses, apartments. Lunch Surbiton. Then to Hampstead and to Aunt Alice’s. Fruitless search. Dinner at “Imperial” at South Kensington. 3/9 each, good. Alys slept at my rooms.

Thursday 31st July 1919

Fine. Hot.
Up at 7.15. Goodbye to Alys. To Passport Office with Tades. To Cunard Line Office. To U.S. Consul’s. Home to lunch. Packed. To Euston. 5 p.m. train to King’s Langley. Edward and Kitty met me; back on side-car to Kitty’s, In garden, dinner. In to see Mrs Barnard and Patty.

Friday 1st August 1919

Fine. Hot sun.
Kit’s 40th birthday. She and I in pony-trap to Watford to Labour Bureau. Rested in p.m, till tea-time. Then Cook and Anne left!!! Did various housework, and put children to bed, laid cloth. Supped, cleared away, and washed up. To bed 10.20. Tired.

Saturday 2nd August 1919

Fine. Sun and breeze.
Cleared breakfast. Made 7 beds and Kit did housework. Charwoman there. Looked after Barbara. Rested in p.m. To tea with Cousin Mary and Jeanie. Stormy. Home. Wrote to Tante. To bed late. About 11. Cooked salmon.

Sunday 3rd August 1919

Dull, then fine.
Breakfast 9.20. Edward took Peter and George to Church. Did beds and I to see Mary Sanderman. Rested in p.m. Till 4.30. Tea in kitchen. Sat in garden. Lovely evening. Picked lettuces.

Monday 4th August 1919

Dull. Mild.
Did housework and talked to Kit. At 12. Edward took me on side-car to Watford. Handy (Handasyde) also. Tube to Piccadilly. Lunch at Appenrodt’s. 14 bus home. Rested. Sorted things out. Supper. Round to 6 Elm Park Road. Back at 9.30. Mrs Falcon and niece there.

Tuesday 5th August 1919

Warm. Fine.
Out early to try order Tarling, and to U.S. Consul; forgot photos so back to 44, and again to U.S. Consul, 18 Cavendish Square. Called at 35 Albemarle Street – Anglo-Belgian Union. Lunch at Aunt Alice’s Home. Packed until 9.30. To bed.


Wednesday 6th August 1919

Up at 7. Made sandwiches. To King’s Cross in Hacking’s taxi (5/6 incl) ticket 3rd, single to Newcastle £1.13.11. Easy journey. Sandwich and egg lunch. Ella met me at 4. Taxi to 2 Bentinck Villas 2/6, tip 2d! Tea. Sat in garden with Aunt Eliza and Ella. Sunny, windy. Ruby Stuart in. To bed 9.45.

Thursday 7th August 1919

Wrote Alys. Out with Ella to town, to take my watch to Reid and Sons. Back to dinneRedcliffe Roadr at 1. Rested on bed in p.m. Sissie to tea. Sat in garden until 9.30! Worked and music in evening. To bed 10.15.

Friday 8th August 1919

With Ella to call on Aunt Ellen. Charlotte and Polly out. Saw Peggy (Mortimer’s wife). Home by town to fetch watch. Rested in p.m. Needlework. Miss Smith called – arranged to come in Miss Mycock’s absence. Ella and I to Music-Hall to hear Dr Coward’s[1] choir.

Sir Henry Coward (1849 – 1944), conductor

Saturday 9th August 1919

Ella out to phone Dr Durrant 8.10. Sat in garden and sewed in morning. Wrote Busy. I to Sissie’s to tea; walked all the way home.

Wrote Tante from Kings Langley – sent it 4th.
Wrote to Busy – 9th

Sunday 10th August 1919

Sat in garden all morning. Talked “Pelman”[2]. Rested in p.m. Violet Nichol to tea. Sat in garden again. Selby called about 6 and stayed to supper and until 10.

Monday 11th August 1919

Windy. Fine.
To shops with Ella. Windy. Darned stockings in drawingroom. Miss Angus called. Ella and I to tea at Aunt Ellen’s. Mortimer and Peggy there. Interesting about China (Shanghai). Walked home.

Tuesday 12th August 1919

Fine and very hot.
To town with Ella, to library. Rested after dinner, dressed and to Kate Stephenson’s to tea. Tea in garden, and walked all round it. Home. Sewed in garden. To bed 10.

Wednesday 13th August 1919

Dull. Windy.
Unwell. Did the flowers. Out with Ella to shops. Rested in p.m. Sewed after tea, in garden. Supper at 6.45. Ella and I to Sissie’s to “evening”. Violet and Alistair Grant, Mark, Mary and Selby and Charlotte. “Magic Poker”, Egg and wine-glass trick – Chinese. Music. Home 10.15.

Thursday 14th August 1919

Rain till 10.30. then fine.
Rain then very fine. Ella and I cut out shoulder straps for black silk braces. To shops and to Elswick Lane. Rested in p.m. After tea (Miss Mycock out). Ella and I took Aunt Eliza in chair to Milthorpe’s and sat there. Miss Lily Seneck called after supper.

Friday 15th August 1919

Fine. Warm.
Out to little shops with Ella. Wrote Dorothy. Worked. Rested in p.m. Slept about 25 minutes. Sissie to tea and stayed supper with Aunt Eliza. Ella and I to Nichol’s at 6.30. High tea. Music. Loked at Violet’s presents and trousseau.

Saturday 16th August 1919

Very hot. Windy in p.m.
Thunderstorm early. Very hot later. Sissie up with message from Ida. Ella and I to shops. I put insertion in bodice sleeves. Rested after dinner. Had tea, and then with Ella to the Arthur Reid’s. Mary bad toe. Selby played Angelus to us. He walked home with us. Music in evening.

Sunday 17th August 1919

Quiet morning. Wrote Alys. Out for walk with Ella. She read from Bible. Rested in p.m. Early tea, Miss Mycock out and Katie. Cousin George Reid came with things for Philadelphia. Sissie also in. Look at old photographs in evening.

Monday 18th August 1919

Mr Senneck and Lily to tea. Ella and I out with Aunt Eliza in chair to recreation ground later.

Tuesday 19th August 1919

William Fitzroy-Bell came at dinner time. Stayed (from Tasmania). Ella and I to call on Cousin George Reid. He out. Bought present for Miss Mycock. W. Reid slept on sofa.


Wednesday 20th August 1919

Left Newcastle at 9.20 via Carlisle and Penrith to Keswick (3.40). Nice soldier in train. Unpacked. At 7.30 Dorothy Barnard arrived. Portinscale, Derwentwater Hotel.

Thursday 21st August 1919

Showery. Lovely.
Walked by Little Braithwaite to Causey Pike 2000 ft. Talked to “Charley Archer Clergyman” Wonderful view of all mountains. Dumfriesshire. Back by Swinside. No tea. Out again after dinner.

Friday 22nd August 1919

Pouring rain, then finer.
Walked to Keswick in rain. Bought hot-bottles and maps. Rested all p.m. on bed. After tea walked towards Catbells and talked to Mr Marshall of Hawse End.


Saturday 23rd August 1919

Launch to Lodore 10.30. Walked up ravine and to Watendlath. 2 sandwiches.

Watendlath Tarn by Charles Holmes

Walked down to Rosthwaite and had tea at “The Royal Oak” 1/6 each and got tariff for Scafell Hotel 12/6 a day. Walked back up Borrowdale. Past Bowder Stone and Grange.

To Portinscale 20th 10.20 – 3.42.
Saw Ella’s rooms. Lunch. 6.30 back to Portinscale (1.6 return) After dinner walked and heard owls.

Sunday 24th August 1919

Lovely. Fine.
Dorothy Barnard unwell. We went for walk towards Brandelhow. Sat in Waterlily Bay, on “hard”. Rested after lunch. Mrs Pock-marked (Bertie’s mother) talked. Out after tea to Nichol End. No boats to be had. Back by Ullock, across fields. After dinner, walked along Derwent River to bridge.

Monday 25th August 1919

Rain all day.
To Keswick by launch. Met Leo Reid’s. Looked in shops and bought post-cards. Walked home. Rested and at 3 Leo and Wilfred met us and rowed us to Kewsick. Tea with them there at The Meadow, Lake Road. Nice. Back by 5.35 launch.

Tuesday 26th August 1919

Showery. Mild.
In rain to Crosthwaite Church. Inside and round. Strolled towards Skiddaw. Hot. Dryer. After lunch rested and at 3.15 out by Newlands . Back to Little Town. Tea at Miss Wren’s 1/- each. Walked on to mines, and up valley. Lovely and wild. Home late for dinner. Very wet.

Crosthwaite Parish Church

Wednesday 27th August 1919

Very cold. Cloudy. Some showers.
Wrote Bank for £10. Walked by green road on Catbells to Manesty and Grange. Sandwiches by haystack. Walked on to Rosthwaite and further, to “Smithy”. Walked back to Lodore and took launch over to Portinscale. Rested. Read.

Thursday 28th August 1919

Drenching rain and very cold.
Started off 10 o’clock on char-a-banc. By Keswick, Grange, Rosthwaite, Seatoller to Honister Hause (Col) and Crag. Very, very steep. To Galesgarth. Lunch (in Kitchen) at Buttermere Hotel. Very wet. Drove home Newlands Valley (Robinson on right). Hot baths. Tea in bed! Dinner down. Read.

Friday 29th August 1919

Paid bill for week £11.8.0. Sat out for Skiddaw. Had sandwich lunch at white hut in Lonscale Fell. On and on and on. Clouds came up and closed in, but we got to the Summit, 3,045 feet. Down again. Very changeable, views magnificent. Home by 7 o’clock.

Saturday 30th August 1919

Walked to Bassenthwaite lake by road, past Braithwaite. Thornthwaite. Lovely. Sat on seat and at 3 o’clock went on lake in motor-launch. Tried for tea at The Pheasant, but crowds from coaches and couldn’t. Talked to little boy (N.Y.) Train home to Braithwaite and walked from there.

Scawfell Hotel 12/6 a day.

Saturday 31st August 1919

Perfect day.
Walked up Catbells and along on top of range over Maiden Moor and Narrow Moor to High Scawdell and Lobstone Band and nearly to Dale Head. Sandwiches on way. Perfect views. Back by , descending near Dr Withers. About 12 miles walk. Home at 7.40! To bed at 8.30.

Monday 1st September 1919

Wrote cards to Tante. Walked to lakes and took launch to Keswick. Walked up Castle Hill and on to Druid’s Stone Circle. Lunch in hay-stack. Back thro’ Keswick to tea at Hotel. Louie Bell arrived. Read in evening.


Tuesday 2nd September 1919

Wet, then lovely.
Started in drenching rain for Catbells. Along road to Bradlehow. Lunch in Ole Bill Shelter, quarry! Dried things, Lunch via Keswick to Lodore. Wonderful sight. Skiff on lake to Mrs Jenkinson’s with Dr Withers. Tea there. Rowed to Lodore. 6.30 launch to Keswick. Walked home for there. Lake too full to go to Portinscale. Packed up.



Wednesday 3rd September 1919

Windy, dull.
Breakfast 8.45. Tips – 10/-, 5/-, 5/-, – to the three waiters. Chambermaid 10/-. Boots 5/-. Bus to Keswick (David 2/-) Train with Dorothy Barnard to Euston 37/- each. 3rd single. Lunch in train, sandwiches. Arrived 6.45. Taxi to our address. 5/- in all. Wrote Mr Maudslay, Alys and Tades.

Thursday 4th September 1919

Warm. Dull.
Busy unpacking and arranging and washing gloves all a.m. Met Dorothy Barnard at Imperial Restaurant, South Kensington. Lunch together. Back with her to 6 Elm Park Road. Talked to Polly. Saw them both off at 3 (Polly to East Grinstead, Dorothy to De Glehn’s in Sussex). Home. Very quiet evening but trimmed out blue Homan. To bed 9.30.

Friday 5th September 1919

Very hot day.
Tidied, washed stockings and vest. Out at 12.30. Lunch at “Mulberry Cottages”. On looking for neck fur to match muff. To Finchley Road to my Bank for certificate. Home to tea at 5 o’clock. Sewed and planned tussore blouse. Bought 2 blouses at Harrie’s. To bed 9.30. Very hot. Read.

Saturday 6th September 1919

Hot. Lovely.
Wrote Wade and Alys. Out to Kardomah and Peter Robinson. Bought fur for neck to match muff. Home to lunch. Did sewing and altering serge coat. Out at 4 to tea with Sisie. Stayed till 6.30. Got supper at Blue Cockatoo 2/-, not good. Home. Read Times in evening To bed 10.45.

Cards to Tante – Sept 1st
Lake View Portinscale. Rooms where Professor Boyd stayed.

Letter from Tante – 5th

Sunday 7th September 1919

Up 9.15. Washed my hair, and all-sorts of things, stockings, etc. Hard at work all day, altering tussore blouse and blue serge coat (making waist). Out in evening to post letter to Doz and Leonora. Listened to hymns in road. To bed 10.

Monday 8th September 1919

Hot. Fine.
Busy washing, ironing. Wrote Alys. Out to lunch at Mulberry Cottage 1/3. Home. Read and tore up lots of Edward’s letters from Clifton and Cambridge and Nograd Ludany. Out at 4 to call on Nelly (Quits) Barnard-Komroff at Artillery Mansions. She away. To Army and Navy and home. Sorted War Refugees’ papers and wrote F.F.B. (Baxter).

Tuesday 9th September 1919

Very hot. Fine.
Unwell. Busy in a.m. Packed holdall and away at 12 to Paddington. Very hot, slow journey to Broadway, starting 1.30 arriving about 6. Lucy and Eva met me. Spent evening. Aunt Alice at Fairview’s. Slept with Eva.

Wednesday 10th September 1919

Very hot and fine.
Talked to all 3 Aunts in a.m. (Teeds called in). At 11.30 Eva and I off 11.50 to Paddington. Very hot journey, but passed off well. Taxi home to 44 Redcliffe Road. Tea 5. Wrote Alys and to bed early. Very hot. Eva in bed. Me on floor.

Thursday 11th September 1919

Very very hot – 87 degrees in shade.
Quiet a.m. I out to buy margarine. To lunch at Mulberry Cottage. Into Westminster Abbey (for coolness). On in taxi (after park) to Thew for Eva’s teeth. Taxi to Paddington (after ices at Selfridge’s) to try and see Dorothy Barnard. Home by metro and walked.

westminster abbe

Friday 12th September 1919

Very very hot.
Out to Sainsbury’s for sugar and to Town Hall for New Kitchen which gone. Home very hot. Lunch. Stewed apples and buttered eggs. Quiet p.m. reading. After tea to Whiteley’s to order ‘bus for Embleton’s on 16th. Home. Wrote Alys. Out to supper at “Good Intent”. Home to bed 8.

Saturday 13th September 1919

Much cooler. Grey.
My 40th birthday. Eva and I out to Alys’ flat (Colonel Inglis), 27 Greycoat Gardens. Dusted it. Lunch at Army and Navy Stores; on to National Gallery, and at 3 to Albert Hall concert. Home at 6. Early supper and to bed. Much cooler. Letters for Dorothy, Ella and Tades.

11th – 2 o’clock to Thew
9th to Broadway.

Sunday 14th September 1919

Dull. Cool.
Quiet a.m. Tidying and writing letters. To lunch at Imperial Restaurant, South Kensington with Eva.   On to National History and Science Museums, till past 3. Home. Tea. Quiet evening. To bed 9.30.

Monday 15th September 1919

Dull, cool.
Eva felt sick, no breakfast. I washed things. Out and bought fish and eggs. Boiled fillets plaice for lunch. Eva ate some and felt better. Both out on ‘bus to town. Cunard Line and War workers photos, home to tea. Eva cut out furniture. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 16th September 1919

Finer. Warmer.
Packed Eva’s suitcase and did various odd jobs. Felt sick and head-achey. Eno! Both out to lunch at Good Intent, got taxi. To 44 Redcliffe Road. Took Eva’s luggage. To Paddington; got her cycle. Another taxi on to Golders Green. Talked to Mrs Todd. She went. Got coffee for Alys. She, Dennis and Phil came from Netley. I home to Redcliffe Road late after supper 8.20 at Euston.


Wednesday 17th September 1919

Warm and very fine.
At 9.15 off to Bank and on to Shoolbred’s; then to Euston. 11.5 train to Crewe. Sandwich lunch. Changed and 2.40 to Chester. Arrived 3.45. Tram to Blossoms Hotel. Tea. Out and wandered about in town, and sat reading “Treasure Island”, near race-course. Back by Walls. Lovely evening.


Thursday 18th September 1919

Dull, some showers.
Breakfast and caught 9.10 train to Llandudno. Changed. Arrived Llanfairfechan. 11.9 Walked up to Bryn. Saw Dr Archdall and Edward. Took 1.10 train to Euston direct, no change. Lunch on train. Arrived at about 8. Dined at station restaurant. Tube to Golders Green. Slept with Alys. Dennis at Netley.


Friday 19th September 1919

Very cold. Fine.
Over to Redcliffe Road directly after breakfast. Spent whole day there tidying and packing. Wrote Aunt Alice. Back to Alys for night (after supper).

Saturday 20th September 1919

Over to Redcliffe Road for packing. After lunch at 2.45 to Albert Hall. Tetrazzini. Very wonderful. Madame Chemet, violin. Very good too. Tea at Belgian Shop and home to Golders Green. Supper with Alys and slept there.

Italian coloratura soprano

20th Tetrazzini p.m.
Engaged room for 17th at The Blossom, Chester.

Sunday 21st September 1919

Fine, warmer.
Wrote Polly and Kitty. Over to Redcliffe Road and busy there, packing both trunks. At 4 o’clock to the Baxter’s, 12 Upper Phillimore Gardens to tea. Home by No 28 whole way to Golders Green. Supper with Alys and slept with her.

Monday 22nd September 1919

Dull. Cold.
To Redcliffe Road. Packing all day. Finished packing trunks. Alys in town with children. Home to supper.

Tuesday 23rd September 1919

Took Eva with me to Redcliffe Road. To Bond Street on way to buy handkerchiefs for Tades’ birthday. Packed busily. Lunch – spaghetti and eggs. Also tea, and then home to Golders Green by bus and tube. Alys took Phil to town to buy his coat.

Wednesday 24th September 1919

Warmer. Dull.
To Redcliffe Road. Very busy day doing up packing-cases, Clapham books and sketch books. Finally home at 7.30 carrying suitcase on my shoulder. Alys and I sewed on names and marked Eva’s and Philip’s clothes for school.

Railway strike began 26th midnight.

Thursday 25th September 1919

Dull. Mild.
Alys (and I) took Eva and Phil to school. Phil’s first time On to my Bank and to Army and Navy Stores. Then I to Redcliffe Road. To Aunt Alice’s to lunch at 1. She and Dorothy just back from Broadway. Busy all p.m. packing up blankets, knives. Home to Alys at 7.40. Tired. To bed 9.15.

Friday 26th September 1919

Mild, and very windy.
Over at 9 to Redcliffe Road. Awaiting Shoolbred’s removal men, all a.m. One came, without van, at 11. Eldridge foreman. I lunched at Aunt Alice’s. Van and others at 1. Started packing at 2. Finished at 5.15. Took shelves to 6 Elm Park Road and back to Golders Green to stay. Dennis home.

Saturday 27th September 1919

Cold, fine.
Quite a busy day, doing some housework, and sorting books, for throwing away with Dennis. With Alys to shops after lunch, and called on Eva Webb. Arranged book-shelves and Phil’s presents all evening. To bed 10.45. Railway strike.

Move out of 58 Cathcart Studios – 26th
To Bank about Credit (Letter of) 27th.

Had Dumbwaiter sent off to Kitty – Army and Navy Stores £2.11.6 – 25th
Wrote Tante 25th

Railway strike all the week.

Sunday 28th September 1919

Phil’s 6th birthday. Presents and busy cooking. Fire in kitchen. Friede and Pamela called. Dennis and I out on Heath in p.m. Very cold. Eva Webb and John came. Alys to supper at Webb’s. Dennis after to call for her.

Monday 29th September 1919

Excitement over train strike. Dennis Embleton out on cycle to town and was demobilised and to tea at Aunt Alice’s. Alys and I moved furniture all day. Alys to man to hear about fuel and gas.

Tuesday 30th September 1919


Wednesday 1st October 1919

Took children to school. Alys and I to town. Tried to buy frock and failed. To Cunard Line to pay for passage. I home. Dolly out. Alys fetched children from school.

Thursday 2nd October 1919

Dennis cycled to Hospital. I took Eva and Philip to school. Fried fish for lunch. Alys began a bad cold.

Friday 3rd October 1919

Fine. Hot sun
Took children to school. Alys in bed to breakfast, bad cold. I to shops on cycle and again to fetch potatoes and wood. Alys up to dinner 1 o’clock. Spaghetti and we sat in sunshine 2 hours. Fetched Eva and Philip at 4. Wood-fire in evening.

Saturday 4th October 1919

Very fine. Warm.
Housework and to shops. Alys also. I cycled to Hampstead for prescription and cakes. De Vere. Eva Webb and John and Jane to tea, and fireworks in garden later. Read Bacon and Shakespeare in evening aloud.

Sunday 5th October 1919

Dull. Mild.
“Hot” baths. Dolly to Church. Did housework and cycled to buy newspaper. Helped Dennis with the earth for the Rockery. Marsdens called in a.m. Wrote letters (Landmark, etc.) Alys and Dennis to tea at Webb’s. Read in evening. Unhappy about leaving.

Monday 6th October 1919

Dull. Warm.
Took children to school. Walked on to Bank then bus to town and long time at U.S. Consulate getting passport visa’d. Lunch at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Changed £10 to $42. Bought tweed coat: 6 ½ guineas – Selfridges. Alys came there. Fetch Eva and Phil. Home. Dennis depressed about Teal.

Tuesday 7th October 1919

Sunny, bright.
Alys took Eva and Philip to school. I pottered round. Walked with her to Hampstead Registry offices. Early lunch. Alys to Goode’s and to fetch Eva and Philip. I washed and ironed things. Felt very coldy and throaty. Phoned Susie.

Wednesday 8th October 1919

Fine day.
Alys to Eva and Philip to school. I did cape, and went at 10.45 to Oakley Street for pears and then to Aunt Alice’s to dinner; and back at 4 to fetch Eva and Philip from school. Miss Triss Harmer and Miss Gardiner to tea and to supper. I put children to bed. I unwell.

Thursday 9th October 1919

Fine. Very windy.
Alys took children to school. Cleared out the attic with Alys all a.m. To Miss Dale’s before lunch, to explain about Eva. Sewed in p.m. and Alys made gingerbread. Both to call for Eva and Philip. Alys took Eva to dentist. Home to tea. Dennis in 7.35. They looked at his civilian clothes after supper. To bed 10.45.

Friday 10th October 1919

ALys took Eva and Philip to school. She and I both out to town and had lunch at Chantecler, Frith Street. To the War Photograph shop and bought Alys’ crocodile bag. Called for Eva and Philip and home. Fire in sitting-room.

Saturday 11th October 1919

Fine. Cold.
Felt very coldy. Out to shops and had children’s hair cut. Slept on bed after dinner. Kathleen and Dobbie Thompson to tea and supper. Piano and gramophone. I crocheted cap-rug wool.

Mauretania supposed to sail 11th – Booked berth B64.
Used to be £10 to $48 now $42.

Sunday 12th October 1919

Rain. Cold.
Did some tidying. Alys cooked. Aunt Alice and Dorothy came at 1 o’clock and stayed till after tea. Talked over fire. To bed at 10.20 after reading. I not out all day.

Monday 13th October 1919

Cold. Fine.
I took Eva and Philip to school. Dennis felt sick, Alys to Eva Webb’s. News of her engagement! Got room ready for Wade, who came at 4.30. I fetched Eva and Philip. Dennis home at 3 and to bed, felt sick.

Tuesday 14th October 1919

Fine. Cold.
Dennis in bed till lunch and to town at 1.30. I took Eva and Philip to school Wrote letters. Tidied attic with Alys. To shops with her, and fetched Eva and Philip. Dolly out. Wadie had tea and supper with us. Corrected proofs with Dennis till 11 p.m.

Wednesday 15th October 1919

Fine. Cold.
Alys took Eva and Philip. I packed and wrote postcards, etc.

Thursday 16th October 1919

Dennis cut his finger badly. Alys and I both fetched Eva and Philip. Mary Miles called.

Friday 17th October 1919

Fine. Warm.
Alys took Eva and Philip to school. I packed. Then Alys and I to meet Dennis – Shoolbred’s lunch and took his evening suit (to be pressed). On to search for rug for Violet. I took Philip home. Alys took Eva to Thew. Alys, Dennis and I to cinema “Peg o’ the Sea” in evening.


R.M.S Mauretania

Saturday 18th October 1919

Fine. Warm.
Finished packing. To shops with Alys. At 12.20 motor to Waterloo. Wade and Eva came. Lunch on way. Susie, Dorothy and Dennis at Waterloo. 1.55 Cunard Special to Southampton. On board Mauretania, Southampton 4. Left dock at 6.30. Unpacked. Fuss about berth.

R.M.S. Mauretania

Possibly sail for U.S.A. – 18th
Shared B66 with Miss Mona Hawkins. Miss Webber in B64 alone, gave me chocolates! On deck watching Ventor lights and St Catherine’s. To bed, upper berth, at 10.20.

Sunday 19th October 1919

Fine. Sunny.
Breakfast 9.15. On deck till 11. Divine Service. On deck-chair again. 1.30 lunch. Assistant surgeon and Dr and Mrs Dillon and their secretary and Major Fisher – all nice. On deck-chair in p.m. Tea in lounge with Miss Hawkin’s. Walked with her. Read in lounge alone after dinner.

Monday 20th October 1919

Dull. Rolly. Very fine in a.m. Sunny.
Breakfast 9 a.m. On deck all a.m. Warm. Read “A Man’s Lesson” W.B. Maxwell. On deck in p.m. Tea in lounge with Miss Hawkins; the Doctor and Major also joined us. Walked on deck. Dinner and read on deck starboard side till 9.30. To bed.

Tuesday 21st October 1919

Breakfast 9.30. Talked during it to Dr Dillon about politics, war. Very interesting. Friend of Count Berchtold[1]. Tea in lounge. Mr Price talked to us. Advisor to Labour Delegation.

Wednesday 22nd October 1919

Smooth. Sunny.
Very fine day. Sat on deck and talked to McCreery’s governess. Walked a little with Miss Hawkins. Tea in lounge with her and talked to Mr Price till 6. In lounge all evening.

Thursday 23rd October 1919

Heard that we were making for Halifax owing to New York Coat Strike!! Dr Scowcroft showed his photos to me in lounge. Very rolly and lovely black and white sea. Concert at 9. Mr Sexton sang sea shanties. Sir Harry Brittain[2] in chair sang John Peel. Auction. To bed about 11.

harry brittain
Sir Harry Brittain

Friday 24th October 1919

Very fine. Warm.
Docked in Halifax Harbour 7 a.m. Ship coaling all day and night. Sat on deck and talked to Verschueren and surgeons. At 3 pm. Went ashore (alone) and walked along Barrington Street and up to Citadel. Nice view. Saw refuge huts. Back at 7. Dinner. On deck looking at dance. Search for telegram.

Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Saturday 25th October 1919

Very fine. Hot almost.
Breakfast at 8.45. Found telegram. With Miss Hawkins to town. To public garden, and to devastated area[3] by tram.



Me – This next diary entry contains language that was deemed acceptable at the time. I have left it in the text for accuracy only – ie to be faithful to the original text.

Very interesting. Back to lunch on Mauretania. Sat on deck reading all p.m. Too tired to go ashore again. Read in lounge. Nigger Minstrel entertainment in evening till 11. Mr Green, etc.  Sailed from Halifax at 6 o’clock. On deck watching the coast and light-houses till 7. Didn’t dress for dinner.

Sunday 26th October 1919

Fine. Some fog.
Summer time ended in Canada and U.S.
Very long morning. Clock put back 1 ½ hours. Read “The Beach of Dreams” De Vere Stacpoole. Wrote Alys after lunch. Packed all p.m. Tea in lounge. Walked on boat-deck five till 6.30 with Dr Scowcroft. In library after dinner reading Sins in Pearson’s.


Monday 27th October 1919

Very hot day.
Bugle 6.30. Passed U.S. Medical inspection. Breakfast 8.30. In quarantine till 11. Lunch 11! Steamed in dock (without usual tugs) at 1.30. Davises to meet me. Waited for trunks until nearly 5 (strike so very slow). Away in taxi at 5.30. Train to Philadelphia. 6. Dined on train. To 250 South 21st Street – ice-cream! To bed at 10.15.

Tuesday 28th October 1919

Very hot. 85 degrees – record.
Tante in bed resting. Busy and I in car to stores and to Library to see Edith Bache. Very hot indeed. To market. Tante down to lunch. I unpacked a little and marked sheets. Edith Bache to dine at 7.

Wednesday 29th October 1919

Colder. 45 and 50 degrees.
Tante in bed till 3. I for long drive in motor with Lois Marsland (chauffeur) to Fairmount Park, Ardmore, Germantown. Then Busy too, to market. Lunch 1.30 with Busy. Washed up with her. Tante, Busy and I to Hog Island in car at 4. Great ship-building place.

hog island
Hog Island Shipyard

Thursday 30th October 1919

Warmer. Dull.
Wrote Alys and Dorothy. Tante in bed till 6 p.m. Coldy. With Busy to shop, apples. Unpacked a little more; took Laddie Boy to Rittenhouse Square. All 3 made lambswool cushions for President (Woodrow) Wilson in evening.

Rittenhouse Square postcards.

Friday 31st October 1919

Very warm.
Tante up to lunch. Sat with her in a.m. and laid cloth. Sewed and finished cushions. Packed the eggs. Busy and I in car to post-office. Uncle Doc late to lunch, and off to Chicago. Read American magazine. To bed 10.35. Dr Macrae to see Tante.

Saturday 1st November 1919

Fine. Warm.
With Busy to Veterinary College. Took Laddie. To markets (in motor) back at 12. Tante felt worse, and stayed in bed. Dr Macrae to see her at teatime. Mustard plaster. I rested on sofa in drawing-room and read. Showed Tante my order in evening.

Chancellor of Exchequer (Austen Chamberlain) says that in March 1920 Great Britain will owe US £842,009,000. Allied Governments will owe Great Britain £1,740,000,000.

Sunday 2nd November 1919

Colder. Sunny. Windy.
Tante in bed all day. I out walk with Laddie to 13th Street and fetched “Inquirer”. Rested and slept on Tante’s sofa in p.m. Busy to call on two maids and took Baches out in motor-car. Ice-cream in Tante’s bedroom. To bed 10.45.

Monday 3rd November 1919

Dull. Cold.
Housework. Early lunch 12.30. Mrs Coryell came. I in motor with Laddie to have his photo taken. Met Edith Bache and Pat. Then with Mrs Coryell to Maternity Hospital to choose carpet. Drove her home. Back at 5. Dressed. Busy and I to concert. Symphony – Rachmaninoff[1]played. Mrs McCord to dinner with Tante.


Tuesday 4th November 1919

Dull. Not cold.
A good deal of housework. Swept and dusted dining-room and my room. Out with Laddie to Dewees. Washed up dishes, while Busy to answer advertisements. Uncle Doc home again, from Chicago, and out to Atlantic City. Sat in Tante’s room for hours. Headache. Thunder.

Wednesday 5th November 1919

Fine. Very cold.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc and Busy. Housework. Walked to 11th Street. Brought back papers. Busy out to see maids. I laid lunch. Uncle Doc in to lunch. Marked sheet in Tante’s room all p.m. Uncle Doc to Wilmington and only home at 10.

Thursday 6th November 1919

Fine. Warmer.
I unwell. Out at 9.30 with Busy in car to interview “Rose Powers”. On to shops for fruit, vegs. Home. I walked to Penn Square with Tante’s blouse. Uncle Doc in to lunch. I sat with Tante. Out in car at 4 to take watch to Edith Ker-Reid, Queen Lane. Tea there. Uncle Doc in to dinner. Played “Hearts” in Tante’s bedroom.

Friday 7th November 1919

Dull. Mild.
Made bed, and did breakfast things. Busy out to Bank. I marked sheet, and laid lunch. Uncle Doc in. I out to Garty’s (Fogarty’s) and to Mrs Boyer’s and to fetch “Bulletin” taking Laddie. Tante down to dinner at 7. Victrola in evening. Dr McCrae came. To bed 10.15.

AD: VICTROLA, 1919. American advertisement for the Victrola, manufactured by the
American advertisement for the Victrola, manufactured by the Victor Talking Machine Company, 1919.

Saturday 8th November 1919

Fine. Sunny.
Uncle Doc (who had slept at Atlantic City) in at 10. At 10.30 he and I in car, fetched Edith Bache for Library. All to Princeton. Lunch in ’79 Hall. To Stadium. About 30,000 people. Football. V. Harvard. Very exciting. Back to ’79. Walked round campus. Drove to Trenton. Dined at Hildebrecht’s. Took Edith home. Home ourselves. Tante down. To bed 11 p.m.

Sent off mats to Alys – 4th
Cousin Edith and Cousin Charles Ker Reid.
Cousin George’s brother – Manheim Apartment, Green Lane, Germantown.

Sunday 9th November 1919

Fine. Sunny.
Did housework. I took Laddie a walk by Broad and Penn Square. Parkway and 20th. Uncle Doc in to lunch, and slept all p.m. upstairs. Busy home – 3 till 10. I rested in drawing-room. Uncle Doc out at 5. Tante and I alone to dinner. I washed up. To bed nearly 11. Uncle Doc at A. Mantell.

Monday 10th November 1919

Fine. Warm.
Took Laddie out. To china shop 18th Street. Bought blue shirt. Uncle Doc away all hours. Hair-dresser to do Tante’s hair. I slept in p.m. Headache. Tea at 6. Tante up. All 4 of us to Bellevue Stratford. Suffrage Convention dinner. McAdoo[2] and Mrs Kellogg and Governor Sproule spoke.

Tuesday 11th November 1919

Dull. Rain.
Quiet a.m. Uncle Doc in to lunch. Directly afterwards, Busy, Tante and I to Bellevue to hear Mrs Funk and Mrs Dobyns debate Democrat and Republican. To Kugler’s to dinner. 6.30 To Wanamaker’s to Armistice Night Concert. Very good.

Wednesday 12th November 1919

Very hot.
Housework in a.m. Out to buy butter, and to china shop. Very hot, tiring day. Sewed hooks on curtains. At 4.30 with Tante in taxi to Wanamaker’s to buy wardrobe. None. All 4 to dinner. Busy out on evening. Uncle Doc sang. Played “Hearts”.

Thursday 13th November 1919

Rain, then cold and dry.
Housework and packed President’s eggs. Busy out to her Convention. Uncle Doc to Wilmington. Tante to Alumni luncheon. I alone. Read and wrote Alys and posted it. Cousin Edith Reid to tea. Busy out in evening again. Miss Beale in 9 till 10. To bed 10.30. Sleepy.

Friday 14th November 1919

Fine. Cold.
Tante in bed till 6. Headache. I out to 10th Street about electric iron. Bought Sorosis boots. $13. Took Laddie. Uncle Doc in to dinner and evening. Victrola tunes. To bed about 10.30. Uncle Doc out to Mrs Smith at Maternity, and slept at Club.


Saturday 15th November 191

Very fine. Lovely.
I took Laddie to Dr Lentz – Veterinary Hospital at 9.30. Back by 11. Changed and packed bag. Lunch, all together. Tante, Uncle Doc and I to Atlantic City by 1.40 train. To Traymore Hotel. Lovely suite of rooms. Out on boardwalk, rolling chair for Tante. Dined 7 o’clock. To theatre “All the King’s Horses” Anspacher. Very good. Labour and Strikes. Kathryn Kidder. Oyster supper at 11.30 in Ocean Grill and watching dancing. Amusing. 15th is 33rd Anniversary of Davis’ Wedding Day.

atlantic city

Sunday 16th November 1919

Very fine.
Breakfast in our rooms. I up about 10. Wrote Alys. All out on boardwalk (rolling chair for Tante) from 12 till 5. To Inlet. Saw sea-plane. Lunch at small restaurant at 3, Back to Hotel. Tante called on Mrs Mott. Dinner in room. 8.40 to Philadelphia.

rolling chair

Monday 17th November 1919

Fine. Mild.
New maid came. Russian. Fanny. Tante and I out in taxi to Rummage Sale in pm. Slept on bed. Dinner and then papers and “Hearts”. Dinkle came.

Tuesday 18th November 1919

Warm. Fine.
Felt sick. Unpicked maid’s dress. Out with Laddie in Rittenhouse Square. Sat there Out again to buy Hamburg steak[3]. Uncle Doc in to lunch, Tante down late and cross. Songs practised in p.m. Edith Bache called with photos. Uncle Doc to Atlantic City. I to bed 9.30.

Wednesday 19th November 1919

Cold. Windy.
Felt better. Wrote George Reid. Out to shops to buy horseradish and chocolate for Tante and sugar (none anywhere). Uncle Doc in to lunch (pork chops didn’t arrive). Tante and I to hear Mrs Hobbs (English) speak on Agriculture in England. To call on Mrs Coles. Uncle Doc in to dinner. Song practise in evening.

Thursday 20th November 1919

Fine. Cold.
Tante in bed till 4. Busy to Dock Street Market. I out with Laddie. Edith Bache to lunch. I marked 12 napkins. Out to Rummage Sale and looked in shops. Miss Bispham to sing to Tante’s accompaniments. E.P.D. (Uncle Doc) at White House all day. Home at 9.30 and told us about it. Songs in evening.

Friday 21st November 1919

Did up eggs for President. Busy all day with preparations for evening. Tante up to lunch, and cut up chickens and made mayonnaise. I in car to Lewandos and to Fluke’s in a.m. E.P.D. received eight of his assistant surgeons to supper at 8 p.m. Waiter to help.

Saturday 22nd November 1919

Fine. Mild.
Busy and I washed glass cupboard. Miss Twining from Newtown called. Uncle Doc took Laddie out to Devon. Tante, Busy and I out in car to Navy Yard to call on Mrs Schroder at Cassie Johnson’s. Nice people. Uncle Doc to Atlantic City, so not in to dinner. We had songs, and I showed my drawings.

21st Uncle Doc’s dinner to staff – 10 doctors.

Sunday 23rd November 1919

Fine. Windy.
Tante quiet all day, till 5. I took Laddie a walk in Parkway. Rested in p.m. 3 till 5. Fanny’s day out. All 4 supped at 5, and in car to a Parish Hall. Helped Girls Friendly Society to give supper to soldiers and sailors. Historic Hikers. Musical. Miss Bispham sang. Tante accompanied. Chairs, etc.

Monday 24th November 1919

Fine. Cooler.
Busy out with Fanny in car, to buy dress. I with Tante. Then I wrote Dorothy, and washed scarf and brush. Tante up at 8 only; after dinner she dictated Jefferson Report (Jefferson Hospital), and Busy and I type-wrote it in office. E.P.D. to dinner of Hospital Trustees.

Tuesday 25th November 1919

Fine, then rain.
E.P.D. out all night. Case at Maternity. Tante out to Auxiliary Hospital. Meeting. Busy and I to shops in car. All lunched together. Rested in pm ,and helped Busy with blankets. E.P.D. took me to Opera ”Aida” at 8.15. Destinn[4]. Tante and Busy to Parish room meeting. Martinelli[5] (Tenor).

Wednesday 26th November 1919

Uncle Doc to Atlantic City at 5 a.m. Busy out to shops. I got Tante’s breakfast at 11. Uncle Doc in to lunch. Mrs Jackson called (Wilmington). I out with Laddie. All 4 to hear the Pope’s Choir (from Vatican) at Opera House. Very good indeed.

Thursday 27th November 1919

Dull, then clear.
Wrote Ella and Alys. Thanksgiving Day. Odd jobs and sat with Tante. Busy away home at 12.30. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante down also. At 2.30 we three in motor for drive to West Chester; home 6. At 6.30 dined – oysters, turkey, cranberry pie and ice-cream. Songs and hymns and cards in evening.

Friday 28th November 1919

Dull. Showery.
Tante headachey and so in bed till 5.30 p.m. I out to buy Hamburg steak with Laddie. Wrote Dorothy and Ruby Hill. Uncle Doc in to lunch. Tante and I in car at 6 to Kugler’s to dine. Then to Stanley Movie Theatre. 7 till 9.15. Uncle Doc addressing Nurses.


Saturday 29th November 1919

Rain. Mild.
Uncle Doc to Atlantic City. Tante had breakfast before 9. I in car to Reading Terminal Market and Bradley Market. Tante and Uncle Doc at lunch. Read “Mare Nostrum” in p.m and Tante slept on sofa. Uncle Doc in at 6.15. Dined 6.30 – beef. Uncle Doc sang in evening and Victrola. I showed him my advertisement drawings.

Sunday 30th November 1919

Fine. Growing colder.
Tante breakfast 9. I out a walk with Laddie to Park entrance. Windy. Uncle Doc in to lunch. Tante down 1.45. Read “Mare Nostrum” in p.m. Supper – cold turkey. 6 p.m. All in taxi to St Peter’s Church – Choral service. Home 9.15. Ice-cream.

Service Leaflet for the First Sunday in Advent at St. Peter’s Church, Philadelphia (1919)

Monday 1st December 1919

Fine. Cold.
Darned stockings (breakfast with Uncle Doc). Tante down to lunch. I took Laddie to Rittenhouse Square. At 2.40 Tante and I in car to fur-coat place and Bank. Met Uncle Doc at pier at 4. Other shops and home. Uncle Doc out for both meals. Tante and I to Symphony Concert 8.15.

Tuesday 2nd December 1919

Dull. Cold.
Tante slept on. Uncle Doc called out 3 a.m. I out in car to market and Wanamaker’s for ribbons. Tante bad headache, in bed till 6.30, then down in dressing-gown. I darned stockings. Uncle Doc in to lunch, to Atlantic City later. I with Mrs McCord to Opera. Donizetti’s Elisir D’Amore. Caruso.

Wednesday 3rd December 1919

Fine. Cold.
I out with Laddie to Vet. In car and to shops. Miss Leach to see Tante. I unwell. Uncle Doc in to lunch. I in bed till late. Dinner. I sewed. Fanny out. Uncle Doc into to dinner and all 3 washed and dried things after. Songs, Rubenstein, Chopin, sat by fire. To bed 10.45.

Thursday 4th December 1919

Very cold.
Letter from Alys, posted Novemeber 9th. Tante breakfast 9. Put away linen. Sewed in Tante’s room. Wrote Alys. Man came to fix electric stove and boiler in Tante’s room. All watched him.  I in car with Uncle Doc. Left him at Hospital and I to Dennison’s and Evan’s. Home. On sofa in writing-room with Tante. Uncle Doc to Atlantic City. Tante wrote Susie. I read.

Friday 5th December 1919

Raw. Dull.
Tante breakfast 9.30. I in car to shops – Wanamaker and met Uncle Doc at Broad Street Station 11.26. Took him to Maternity; I to Murphy’s, then home. Uncle Doc to lunch (fried mushrooms). Tante down late 2.10. She and I in car to various places. I walked home with Laddie. Uncle Doc in to dinner – very tired. He slept on sofa all evening. I painted Victrola Index.

Saturday 6th December 1919

Out at 8.40 to Wall and Ochs with Uncle Doc’s spectacles. Then in car to Market. Home, worrying time phoning Hospitals, Racquet. Walked to Wall and Ochs again, for glasses. Uncle Doc in to lunch. Talked of God and prayer. Tante in bed till 4. Then to talk to Rector. I sewed. Uncle Doc into dinner. Victrola. Fanny Reid in despair $80 stolen. Accused Maria . Great talks.

2nd Opera Caruso as Nemorino.
Mabel Garrison – Adina
Malatesta as Dulcamara (doctor)
Unwell – 3rd
Wrote Alys – 4th
Sent off pencil sharpener to Phil – 4th

Sunday 7th December 1919

Fine p.m. Dull a.m.
Searched Fanny’s room for money. Took Laddie a walk to Washington’s statue. In p.m. all waited for Fanny to pack. She left. Mrs Tilly Markoe called. In car to Maria’s and to Hospital. Tante called on Mrs Coles. To Church after supper. All 3.

Monday 8th December 1919

Rain. Mild.
Breakfast alone. Uncle Doc out early. To various registry offices – Vermuth, Huston, Rogers. Bought salsify and home. Lunch alone. Uncle Doc back for office hours. Tante in bed all day with toothache. I in car to post calendars to Susie and present to Eva. Uncle Doc at Atlantic City. I wrote Alys, Wade, Dorothy.

Tuesday 9th December 1919

Dull. Warm.
Out in car to Market and to Whitman’s and to meet E.P.D. who didn’t come on 11.26 train. Home. To Hospital with Uncle Doc in car and then both to Miss Magee’s tea. Home. Laid dinner, dressed. All had dinner. Tante down at 6.30. I with Edith Bache to Opera. La Tosca Hackett (tenor), Scotti, Geraldine Farrar.

Wednesday 10th December 1919

Uncle Doc out to breakfast. In at 9 a.m. Tante in bed till 6 p.m. Uncle Doc in to lunch. I out to 4 registry offices for maids. Tante milk-toast at 6. Both in car to Parish room, Girls Friendly Meeting. Supper and Concert. I talked on refugees, air-raids. 9.30 – 10 p.m.

Thursday 11th December 1919

Uncle Doc in at 1.30 lunch only (from Atlantic City). I in car at 9.30 to Meriano’s. Home. Tante out Maternity at 12. Very hurried dressing. All 3 lunch together. Rested in p.m. Dressed. Laid dinner. E.P.D. out to dine. We met him at 8.30 at Charity Ball (Grand Tableaux). Home in taxi at 11.15.

Friday 12th December 1919

Rain all day.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante very tired and stayed in bed till 7 p.m. I did needlework and had lunch with E.P.D. then did up President’s eggs and took them to post. Bought lettuce. With Tante to Girl Friendly’s Bazaar. Very tired. Made beds. Uncle Doc to Atlantic City 11.30 p.m.

Saturday 13th December 1919

Dull. Warm.
Tante a bad cold in her head. I out in car to market. Sewed. Laid table. Wrote Alys in p.m. Sewed pincushion for Uncle Doc. Tante up to dinner at 7. Uncle Doc and I washed and dried dishes. Sat in drawing-room. Played “Hearts”. To bed about 10.35.

On 8th sent letters by Imperator (10th).
9th sent chocolates to Dennis Embleton for Christmas
8th sent books to Eva and calendar to Baxter’s.
Letter from Alys – 13th

Sunday 14th December 1919

Fine. Colder.
Tante in bed till 6.30. Uncle Doc and I had breakfast. Took up hers. I out to Norris’ for chocolate. Lunch with Uncle Doc who helped clear away. I out 2.30 in car, Wissahickon. 8 called on Baches. Tante cooked calves sweetbreads in chafing dish. E.P.D helped with washing up, and made his bed!

A metal cooking/serving pan on a stand with an alcohol burner holding chafing fuel below it.

Monday 15th December 1919

Breakfast with Uncle Doc. He out. I in all a.m. doing various housework. Tante in bed all day. I out at 3 p.m. to get onions, and walked thro’ City Hall and Wanamakers. Dr McCrae came at 8.40. Uncle Doc and I had dinner alone. Tante had milk toast. Made beds 9.30. Read aloud “The Young Visitors” (Daisy Ashford) till 10.30.

Tuesday 16th December 1919

Cold. Fine.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc. He to Atlantic City and missed office hour. Sat with Tante. Out to shops for yeast. Lunch alone. Tante slept 1.30 till 5.30. I in car to Snellenburg’s at 3. Rested. Dressed Dr McCrae came to see Tante. Dinner with Uncle Doc and washed up with him. Tante not up . To Opera to hear La Bohème with Mrs McCrae. Home and made beds.

Clothing Store

Wednesday 17th December 1919

Snow. Cold.
Maria’s niece Jenny to see Tante. I out to Meriano’s and walked to Cook’s. Lunch with E.P.D. Busy came in p.m. To see both, and discuss operation. Dined with E.P.D. alone. And washed up and then sat by fire till 9 alone, and then up in bedroom. Sewed cushions. Made bed.

Thursday 18th December 1919

Very, very cold. Dull.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sink frozen up. I out in car to Snellenburg, Wanamaker and Bank till 12.30. Lunch with E.P.D. Sat with Tante and darned. Tante up to dinner in dressing-gown. I finished letter to Alys and posted it. Victrola in evening. Tante slept by fire. I did index. Sink frozen.

Friday 19th December 1919

Snow, all day frost.
Out in car to market then home, and Louis met E.P.D. at Broad Street. Lunch with E.P.D. Did up President’s eggs and home from Parkway, with Laddie. Tante not up all day; sat by fire till 9. Then in Tante’s room. E.P.D. slept on sofa.

Saturday 20th December 1919

Jenny came! Showed her work. Out in car at 10.30 to 60th and Walnut Store for potatoes and apples. Lunch with E.P.D. Did up calendars. Tante down to dinner, and Mrs Boyer called 5.30, so dinner 6.45. Showed Jenny how to make beds. To bed 10.25.

La Boheme – Puccini.
Orville Harrold – Rudolfo
Frances Alda – Mimi
Margaret Romaine – Musetta
Scotti – Marcello

Sunday 21st December 1919

Fine. Milder.
Breakfast 9. Down at 9.30 to show Jenny. Tante slept on till 12.30. Uncle Doc out to visits. I wrote Ella. Uncle Doc in to lunch 1.30. I out in car to Park and skated on Concourse Pond about 40 minutes. Home. Tante down to supper. E.P.D. and I washed up and made beds. Jenny out, but came back!

Monday 22nd December 1919

Warm. Fine.
Out in car 10.30 to do Christmas shopping for Busy and E. Bache. Home at 1. Uncle Doc in to lunch. Tired. I tied up presents and posted them. E.P.D. to Atlantic City for dinner, and only back at 12.30. Tante down at 6.30. To bed 10.15. Down and prepared orange juice.

Tuesday 23rd December 1919

Fine and warm.
E.P.D. away early (5) to Washington. I with Tante to A. Store and out to Meriano’s. Lunch at 12.30 and I in car to Navy Yard and saw launching of U.S.S. Relief – Hospital ship. Admiral and Mrs Braisted, Admiral Pickrell, Dr Deland. Back. Tante down to dinner, dressed. E.P.D. in at 9.30.

Wednesday 24th December 1919

Dull. Colder.
Out early to Meriano’s and back with meat for lunch. Then in car to Sautter’s and to Wanamaker’s for maids’ presents. Lunch alone. Out at 3 in car with parcels to deliver and President’s eggs; to buy holly. Met E.P.D. at pier. To St Agnes Hospital. Home. Tante down at 5. Dinner. Presents (goldwatch bracelet). Hearts.

Thursday 25th December 1919

Very cold. Bright. Snow.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Out with Laddie in Square. Put away linen and sat with Tante. E.P.D. out to Hopsitals, in to orange juice. Made lamp-shade in p.m. Tante and E.P.D. slept. I wrote to Aunt Alice. Dinner 6.30. Evening dress. Miss Leach in. Victrola and Xmas hymns afterwards.

Friday 26th December 1919

Milder. Dull.
Breakfast with E.P.D. and with him to Cauldwell’s about my watch bracelet. Walked home, buying Laddie a collar. Lunch with E.P.D. and then sat with Tante and sewed cloth for service table. Out with E.P.D. in car 4 o’clock to Blockley and over Philadelphia General Hospital. Very interesting and training school. Tante down at 6.30. I very tired and to bed 10.

J.E. Caldwell & Co at 902 Chestnut Street

Saturday 27th December 1919

Mild. Dampish.
Took aspirins. Out at 10.30 to Bank and to buy mushrooms at 12th Street Market. Lunch with Uncle Doc. Sat with Tante till 3. She up and in writing-room. Maria cleaned her room. E.P.D. to Atlantic City in evening, and back 12.30. Tante and I dined alone. Jennie out till Sunday a.m. To bed 11.15. Orange-juice.

Sunday 28th December 1919

Upset about Tante’s fire. Breakfast 8.30. Uncle Doc out till 4. I in Tante’s room all a.m, except round Square. Miss M Coles called, and in p.m. Mr and Mrs Blair from Washington. Tante down at 6 and made mayonnaise and cooked mushrooms. Wouldn’t eat ice-cream. Read cyclopaedia about Church.

Monday 29th December 1919

Very fine.
Breakfast with Uncle Doc. I sat with Tante and sewed pillowcase till 12.30. Out to Meriano’s with Laddie. E.P.D. in to lunch. I with Tante till 4. Out with Laddie. Wrote Dennis. Dinner and read aloud Atlantic Monthly article about Wilson. To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 30th December 1919

Sat with Tante. E.P.D. to Wilmington. Dr McCrae came. I in car to 60th Street Market. Sat with Tante and sewed. Wrote Alys. In pm. Got out frocks. Rested 30 minutes. At 6.30 E.P.D. with Tante and I and Miss Clayton in car to Bellevue. Dinner with Dr Krusen. E.P.D. speech. Mrs Groome.

Wednesday 31st December 1919

Very fine.
I in car to shops and to Park; saw skating. Out and walked with Laddie in snow. Xmas presents from Alys, to Eva 2 ½ dollars Duty. Busy called. E.P.D. in to dinner, very tired. He slept on sofa after dinner. I to bed 11. They up to see New Year in.

Wrote Dennis 29th
Wrote Alys 30th

Wrote Shoolbred with cheque £4.16.0 – 31st
Wrote Smith and Sons – 31st for rent.

Prices in Bruseels during War:

Milk 1.75 a pint
Flour 21.50 a kilo
Sugar 18.50 a kilo
Coffee 90.00 a kilo (£1.10.0 alb.)
Meat 34.00 a kilo
Butter 60.00 a kilo (now 14 for a kilo, 5/- for a lb).

John Burns and Canadians, USA – Thames and Mississippi, Amazon – “I ‘ave. Yes, a lot of muddy water, but look at this; liquid history.”

The Lethe of the London Streets –
Chesterton – “Young man, why aren’t you out at the front.” He responded, “Madam, if step around on this side, you’ll see that I ‘out at the front.’”

Half-drunk man, asking for lavatory in restaurant – 2nd door on left, “Gentleman” on door, but don’t let that deter you.

“Lady Lavery”. Soldiers and chevrons. Read one for wife, some ones for children “Naughty, naughty” – Sorry delayed, wash-out on the line. Never mind borrow a shirt and come along”, Choate’s answer.

Darky cook, on being engaged: “Do you’se live classic or domestic?”

“At Club, discussion strike – well you can spend the night on doorstep, considerin’ lock-out”.

“I’m sorry, I left my notes in the train, so I must ask you to put up with the words which the Lord put into my head”.

“Voici, L’Anglais avec son sangfroid habituel”.
“Am I a deamne or a hessen?”
Excuse me if I a little station make” – German
(Old cups o’tea” Libby)

English is a recognisable dialect of the American language.

Ideals are exactly the same, blood is very much the same, and language approximately the same.

Let us tell you how to see Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Shakespearean Towns, Birmingham.

U.S. Soldiers and lecture on Tact
One: Wot is this tact?
Other ones’ story as example: Plumber, pre-war, bath-room, young lady in bath. Excuse me, Sir”.
That’s tact.

“Nannie, I’m spilling”.
“Fell two flights, wiz is ead I ze low and is ekls in ze igh.”

J Choate at Buckingham Palace, signed book without middle initial. “I always drop my aitches in London”.

Pilgrim Fathers toast to women “Without whom they would never have earned their name.”

Chemist boy asked for plaster.
What for? Mother’s found the lady wot took the door-mat.

Jew and present to the judge. Council horrified. “Sent in in the other fellow’s name; Foch and Kitchener”.

“For the Sick”
“For the Blind”

“You fight for the money, we fight for the honor.”
“Oh yes, we always fight for what we have’nt got”.
“What can we do for suffering humanity”

(Ford). “Put another spring in the back seat”.

Do good with what thou hast, or it will do thee no good. William Penn.

Everyone feels fear, and your true aristocrat is not one who has eliminated it, but one who controls and ignores it. H.G. Wells.

What I spent, I had
What I gained, I lost
What I gave, I have.



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