1909 Villars, Le Pont, Dover, London, Southwold

1909 Diary

In 1909, Edward is 33 years old, Kate is 30 years old and Alys is 25 years old.

Friday 1st January 1909

Off to Charing Cross. Dennis and Alys saw me off at 10.00 Folkestone and on boat. Thick fog so anchored off Boulogne. Landed at 1.15 after 13 hours on the sea. Made friends with Miss Pinsent.

Saturday 2nd January 1909

Off to Paris. Slept a good deal. Arrived at 6 a.m. breakfast at Gare du Nord. Ceinture to P. L. M. 8.25 to Lausanne. Engine broke down. So lost train on and had to sleep at Lausanne. Shared room with Miss Pinsent. Comfortable at Terminus Hotel. Made friends with Mr and Mrs Montague Smyth’s. Nice and Mr Selwyn.

Villars, Switzerland

Sunday 3rd January 1909

Up and off by 9.35 to Bex and then Villars. Lunch with Styers – at Hotel Victoria – out to Rink. Then tobogganed on ice run and village run and again by moonlight till 10.


Monday 4th January 1909

On rink all morning. Very jolly. Hot. Tobogganed to Chesières after lunch. Tired and on to Huernon. Dance at Muveran Hotel. Jolly but too full. Montague Smythes.


Tuesday 5th January 1909

Breakfast at 9.15 with Mr Styer ski-ing. Very hot indeed. Rested. Slept. Wrote to Alys. Out and painted mountains. To dance at Bellevue. Very nice. Carlyle 3 dances. Nice.


Wednesday 6th January 1909

Skated all morning. Talked to Carlyle. Slept after lunch. Watched hockey. Ch’re Davies there. Luged to Chesières and on with Mrs Styer. To concert at Bellevue with Miss Kennedy. Sat next Charley Le. Very good tenor. Ziegler. Nice.

Thursday 7th January 1909

Started at 10 o’clock by sleighs and walking to Chamossaire. Cunninghams too. Lunch on the way. Lovely view from summit. Home to tea D.V. and I to impromptu dance at Muveran.


Friday 8th January 1909

Snowing all day. Letter from Alys. Skated. The Clive Davies’ on. Skated all afternoon too. Talked to Carlyle and walked back with him. To hear Capper (thought reading) at Muveran in evening.

Le Pont

Saturday 9th January 1909

Off at 10.15 to Le Pont via Bex and Lausanne and Le Day. Lunch in train. Arrive Le Pont 4.00. Tea in lounge. Saw Mr Bell, the Goodhart’s, O’Brian’s, etc. Dinner. Read and danced a little.

Sunday, 10th January 1909

Breakfast at 10.00. I to Church service and communion., downstairs. Skated all p.m. Concert in evening.

Monday 11th January 1909

Changed bedroom to No 77. Out to get ski’s. Skied to Abbaye with Mr Styer after lunch up towards Vaulian and back by shoulder. Snowed. Skated. Tea at Mon Désir – wrote to Alys.

Tuesday 12th January 1909

Rain. Asked Mr Bell about ski’s. Walked alone to railway towards Vallorbe. Read all p.m. Wilfred to dinner. His 21st birthday. Danced all evening.

Wednesday 13th January 1909

Rain all day. I unwell. Not out at all. Watched Bell and Anderson* affair. Crocheted and read and wrote to Alys.

Thursday 14th January 1909

Rained all day. Read, crocheted. After lunch saw Mr Styer and Wilfred off. Worked, read, rested. Dull. Dance a little with Dorothy.

Friday 15th January 1909

Rain still!!! Packed up. Vera and I off by 2.20 train. Dinner on train 5 francs each, very good. Arrived Paris 10.55. Metro to Place de la République Hotel Moderne. Mr Styer and Wilfred there in bed.


Saturday 16th January 1909

I up at 6.45 Café Complet. Metro to Nord. Off by 8.25 train to Boulogne. Very rough crossing. Bolland there. Nice. Arrived Charing Cross 3.50. Alys and Dennis to meet me. Off at 4.25 with them and Helen to Dover. Dined at Lord Warden. Saw Helen off 11 p.m. boat. Slept at Lord Warden also.

Lord Warden
Lord Warden Hotel, Dover

On 13th, awakened by Mr Anderson asking Mr Bell about his prospects. Very little else and “marry my daughter”, “your people”, etc and “no, not yet”. Correspondence.


Sunday 17th January 1909

Very good breakfast at 10.00. Out on pier and along parade. Lunch at Dover Castle Hotel (not bad) 1/6 each. Read. Out and met Styers from Paris!!! Tea and home by 5.20 train. Supper and to bed.


Monday 18th January 1909

Alys and I to shops and agents and looked over rooms. Also in afternoon, Child’s Hill, etc. Very tired and slept (both) from tea till dinner. Mrs Embleton up in evening.

Tuesday 19th January 1909

To look at flats again. In afternoon to Golders Green and found a “2 stories” there which may do £55 per annum. Excited about it. Dennis late. Down to tea with him.


Wednesday 20th January 1909

Alys and I over to Golders Green. Walked and back by 11.00. Shopped in Hampstead. Rested. Down to Finchley Road. Met Kitty. She and Edward to dinner and for her 1st injection. Over to Windmill Hill.

Thursday 21st January 1909

Dennis and us over to Golders Green by tube. Shopped in Hampstead. Mrs Cleminson to lunch. Walk on Heath. Bessie out. Dennis late.

Friday 22nd January 1909

To Aunt Alice’s to lunch with Alys. Packed. To Heysham to stay with the Ernest Vernor Miles. Billiards in evening.

Saturday 23rd January 1909

Crocheted and wrote letter. Very, very cold. Alys and Dennis in. I out to tea with them. Mr and Mrs Ernest Vernor Miles, Crosfield and I to dinner at Compayne Gardens. Palmers there.

Bessie given notice to go on 23rd.

Sunday 24th January 1909

To church with Miles’. Read in afternoon, ate oranges, ditto evening, Cyril’s friend, Graham, staying here.

Monday 25th January 1909

To see Alys and to town with her till 1.30. Walked with Mary to Golders Green and back. Dined 6.30 and to Queens Hall afterwards. Mrs M and Mary. Heard Tamini[1] and Kathleen Parlow[2].


Kathleen Parlow, London 1905

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 20.08.32

Tuesday 26th January 1909

Round to Alys and to call at Freida Flight’s. After lunch to call on Frank Bennett with Mrs M. and Mary at Yeoman’s Row. Mr and Mrs Fred Garrett to dinner and stayed night. Josephine and Percy to dine too. Billiards and bridge.

Wednesday 27th January 1909

Fog. Walked over to Golders Green with Mary and back by 11.30. Crocheted. To Town Hall to hear Blind School Choir. Very good. Thick fog. To dine at Café d’Italie, Great Compton Street (2/6 – very good). Met Mr M. there. To New Theatre to see Henry of Navarre. Fred Terry[3]. Very good.


Thursday 28th January 1909

With Alys over to Golders Green. To Drill Hall after lunch to see Ernest and Miss Campbell’s classes. After tea, round to Alys to stay the night. Did curtains.

Friday 29th January 1909

Back to Heysham. Changed and to East Croydon with Mrs M to lunch at the Bennetts (Alipore). Back to tea at 5.00. I to dine at the Styer’s at 7.00. Called for Mary at Claude Taylor’s.

Saturday 30th January 1909

To Golders Green with Mrs Miles and Alys. After lunch to call at Compayne with Mrs M and Crosfield. Called in at Aunt Rosa’s on way home. Very nice. Billiards in evening.

Sunday 31st January 1909

To Church. Read all afternoon. Wrote to Owen’s. Ate oranges over fire. Percy Palmer in evening.

Monday 1st February 1909

Out, called for Alys. To town. Met Ferdinando and over Haunch of Venison Yard with him. Met Dolly Carr and N. G. After lunch, over Hampstead Hospital with Mary. All to dine at Compayne. Percy showed his photos.

Tuesday 2nd February 1909

Packed. 2/- to each maid (4/0). Left the Miles’ – To Alys . Kitty to lunch there. Over to Golders Green after lunch alone. To Hospital with Kit. Dined at Fascati’s with Kate and Edward. Home.

Wednesday 3rd February 1909

Alys in bed all day. I washed her and blouse and ironed. Dorothy to lunch. Dr Gray to see Alys. Doz and I to Golders Green and met Wade there. Back to tea. Dennis home to tea. I slept with Alys because of Dennis’ cold.

Thursday 4th February 1909

4 – 6 Erna Collins’ tea. Alys in bed. Sat up later. No dressed. To Erna’s Treasure Hunt Tea. Uncle Harold in evening. Dennis later.

Friday 5th February 1909

Out at 10.00 with Dorothy to Faraday & Sons. Chose fittings 2-10-0 Sitting-room. Home. To Golders Green. Saw Gas Company man and Whitehouse. To Camden Town. Chose gas stoves. Home. Alys up all day since 11.30.

faraday and sons

Saturday 6th February 1909

Out to shops. Aunt Alice up to lunch, Dennis also. All walked over to Golders Green and over 15 Parade. Dennis and I walked back. Vesey’s called. I packed and ironed white dress. Read.

To Elsa’s – 5th
Meet Ferdinando Monday at 11 – Haunch of Venison Yard.
Meet Dolly Carr Monday at 11.45 – New Gallery
Meet Mabel Styer Wednesday – Tube Hampstead
Wade Wednesday 2.45

Sunday 7th February 1909

White fog. Fine later. I off to Northwood. Met by Elsa and Max Ayrton at 11. To stay with them. Rested after lunch. Max up to town for night. Alan called. Read.

Monday 8th February 1909

In bed to breakfast. Round to Kitty’s. Dorothy Hill and Miss Mibray to tea.

Tuesday 9th February 1909

Max to Badminton.

Wednesday 10th February 1909

Up to town with Elsa to Mr Wornum’s and to Mrs Daniels’. Rested all p.m. Alan to dinner.


Thursday 11th February 1909

Packed up and back to Hampstead to Alys. Called on Hills’ with Alys. In at Embleton’s. Cut out flannels in evening.

Friday 12th February 1909

To Army and Navy Stores all morning. Bought Pitcher thing. Over to Golders Green. Measured for curtain rods. Walked back. Met by Alys and Dennis.

army and navy

Saturday 13th February 1909

I over to Golders Green. Wade there. Stained floors. Home to lunch. Again in afternoon with Alys and Dennis and tea there. Thermos cocoa, etc. Put up curtain rods, etc.

To Alys – 11th

Sunday 14th February 1909

Packed up. Walked over to Golders Green but forgot key.

Monday 15th February 1909

Warehouse men took my things and studio things to Golders Green. I over there after lunch to receive them. Alys in bed all day.

Tuesday 16th February 1909

Shoolbred’s men came with my furniture from warehouse. Charwoman, Wade and I arranged things. Alys over to sandwich lunch. Slept at 8 Heath Mansions.

Wednesday 17th February 1909

Over early to Golders Green with Mowgli. To stay. Very busy. Put down carpet. Alys to meet Tades.

Thursday 18th February 1909

Alys and Tades over to call.

Friday 19th February 1909


Saturday 20th February 1909

Dolly Carr came to see me and her maid “Olive” came to stay. I to Hampstead and Margaret, Rex and Charlie over to tea with me.

Charwoman (Mrs Lay) 4 days

Sunday 21st February 1909

Alys, Tades and Dennis called. I to tea and supper at Heath Mansions.

Monday 22nd February 1909

(Bessie left and Esther came). To town with Tades and Alys. To Army and Navy Stores. To Dog’s Home to see bull-terrier. Shoolbred’s lunch. 8 Heath Mansions to tea. Alys and Dennis to dine with me at Golders Green.

dogs home

Tuesday 23rd February 1909

Out to Child’s Hill in morning. Up to Alys’ to tea and machined clothes there. Home to dinner.

Wednesday 24th February 1909

Unpacked trunks and arranged bookshelves. Dolly Carr came to stay. Mrs Embleton and Jim called. Went for a walk with us and stayed to tea.

Thursday 25th February 1909

Dolly Slade. I to Heath Mansions and then to town, to buy eider-down etc. Back to lunch. Wrote etc. Very cold. Snow.

Friday 26th February 1909

Dolly to Slade. I did floor staining. Kit accidentally to lunch. Out to Child’s Hill with her. Made pillow-case and arranged linen-chest. Dolly early to bed.

Saturday 27th February 1909

Ironed and trimmed hat. Polly came to lunch. Jim in. Dolly in bed till 11.30. I to At Home at Mrs Hall’s to meet Agatha. Read “Two Years Ago”.

Dolly’s Slade days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.
Teaching 11.30 – 12.30 Monday and Thursday.

Sunday 28th February 1909

Snow. Alys, Tades and Dennis over. Tades to dinner. Dolly out. Tades and I a walk in snow. After tea over to Alys to supper. Otto May to supper there. Ted drove me home in car.

Monday 1st March 1909

I to Compayne early. Percy influenza. I to Alys and then tobogganed with Jim Embleton. Lunch with Alys. Home and took Mowgli for a walk. Then to Chelsea. Tea at Aunt Alice’s. Back to dinner. Sleepy.

Tuesday 2nd March 1909

Snow. Out with Mowgli. Dorothy to lunch and tea. Rested after lunch. Dolly at Slade. Snowstorm all night – deep.

Wednesday 3rd March 1909

Dolly at Slade. Percy Palmer called at 10.00. and we went up to Alys and out tobogganing. And tobogganed all morning. Great Fun. Came home and had hot bath and rested. Rather stiff and bruised. Snowed all p.m. and evening.

Thursday 4th March 1909

Percy called at 10.00 and we tobogganed till 2.00 and had lunch at Alys’. Great fun. Home at 3.30 and washed my golf-jersey, gloves and shawl and had a quiet evening reading.

Friday 5th March 1909

I to town all morning. Bought stair-carpet, saucepans etc. Over to Alys’ after tea and again after dinner to go tobogganing with Dennis. Very icy runs. Skis also. Ted Waghorn over.

Saturday 6th March 1909

Thaw. Snow slush. I over to Hampstead. Shopped. Dolly in bed all day. Also Olive Branch, temp 105. Dennis and Alys to tea and afternoon. I sent for Dr Andrews at 103.0 as Olive so feverish. Bed at 12.30.

Sunday 7th March 1909

Very fine and sunny. Dolly up at 12.00. I dusted. Etc. Olive 104.4. Dr Andrews in and said Olive had severe measles. I over to Heath Mansions (not in). Back in Ted’s car with bed. Etc. Nurse in for Olive.

Monday 8th March 1909

Bed, in sitting room for nurse. Housework. Dr Andrews came. Dolly and I to town. Shoolbred’s to tea. I saw Dennis. Home by tube. Tired.

Tuesday 9th March 1909

Up to Hampstead to shop with Dolly. Upset Wade a lot. Mrs Marsh. Slept. Rested by fire all p.m. Alys over. Out with her and Kim. Wrote to Post Office. Olive much better.

Wednesday 10th March 1909

I to Hampstead. Shopped and brought back things. Dolly and I for walk, on fields. Muddy. Dr came after tea. Nurse out. Read “The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard” – Anatole France.

Thursday 11th March 1909

Out to Debenham and Freebody’s, met Aunt Alice and had lunch there. To Jubbers, and to sorting office at Downshire Hill.


Friday 12th March 1909

Up to Hampstead with Dolly. Shopping and telephoning.

Saturday 13th March 1909

Up to Hampstead with Dennis in Dr Andrew’s car! Phoning, etc. Tube back. Olive off to London Fever Hospital, Islington in ambulance. Aunt Alice came and Dolly to Horsted Keynes. Dennis and Alys over and I walked to Hampstead with them. Tube back.


Wade’s wages 13th £2

Sunday 14th March 1909

Snow. Out to Alys’ via Golders’ Hill. Walked with Alys and Dennis and walked home. Golders’ Hill again. Painted self in felt hat all p.m. Enjoyable. Read and wrote to Dolly Carr.

Monday 15th March 1909

Snow. Coals in. Out to Alys’ in morning and back. Walked both ways. Painted self in red blouse all afternoon. Read Boccace, and Battle of Marathon.

Tuesday 16th March 1909

Finer. Out with Mowgli to shops. Then to Wallace and Fair Woman Exhibition. Home to lunch and painted self in white blouse. Great fun. Out with Mowgli and met Jim Embleton. Letters in evening.

Wednesday 17th March 1909

To town with Alys, shopped. Kensington. Lunch Derry and Toms. Bought shantung for coat and skirt for her. Home to tea. Trimmed hat and painted it. Cut out linings in evening.

Thursday 18th March 1909

Fine then rain. Wrote to Dolly and sent books. Out with Mowgli to Child’s Hill. Painted self in felt hat before and after lunch. Out again in evening with Mowgli. Very muddy. Made cushion-covers.

Friday 19th March 1909

Heard Dolly had measles! I unwell. Felt bad all morning. Read and sewed cushions. After lunch by tube to Alys’ with Mowgli. Walked back together. Rested. Mantle-piece polished.

Saturday 20th March 1909

Out to Alys’ and shops. Alys and Dennis over here. And we saw over “Dorneycot“ and then had tea in kitchen. Made lampshade.

17th fortnight since Olive started measles. Sent Dolly “Illumination” and “Foul Play”.

Sunday 21st March 1909

Slept later. Wrote to Nell Sime and Aunt Alice. To walk, met Alys and Dennis by Leg of Mutton Pond. Wet in afternoon. Read “Beccacio” and “15 Decisive Battles”. To bed 9.45.


Monday 22nd March 1909

Out up to Alys’. Left Mowgli. On to Kensington and Chenil’s and Chapman’s then to Academy. Then to Shoolbred’s and to Slade after to see Pro. Home. Called for Mowgli. Painted till dark.

Tuesday 23rd March 1909

Mrs Lay to clean bedrooms. I out to Hampstead and painted all afternoon – very badly.

Wednesday 24th March 1909

Mrs Lay – sitting-room cleaned. I to Hampstead. I tidied out boxes of old papers, letters, etc.

Thursday 25th March 1909

Mrs Lay again. I up to Hampstead and town with Alys all day, looking for hats. I met Ted and Phoebe at Lyons. Dined there. I to see “An Englishman’s Home[1]” with them and they saw me home.

Englishman's Home

Friday 26th March 1909

Stair-carpet laid. I to Stores and bought presents for Allingham-Lomax at Liberty’s. Platters in pewter 15-6. Tea in town. Read aloud to Wadie in kitchen.

Saturday 27th March 1909

Up to Hampstead by tube taking blanket, bedpan, etc. Walked home. Headache. Did little green curtains all afternoon. Alys and Dennis over after tea and helped.

Pictures to Academy 27th.

Sunday 28th March 1909

Very wet. Got up late. Had bath and washed hair. After lunch walked to Hampstead (tube) and walked back with Alys and Dennis and Jim. Did curtains. Uncle Harold called.

Monday 29th March 1909

Did washing. Painted shelves. For walk with Mowgli. Wade to Shire Hall. Dennis called. Alys had a fall and in bed. I out with Dennis. Cooked supper for Wadie. Read aloud.

Tuesday 30th March 1909

Tube to Hampstead. Shopped for Alys. Walked back. Painted bed. With George to see little pigs. Wet. Walked back. Tidied up shelves. Washed Mowgli. Read aloud to Wadie “Yellow Room[2]”.

Wednesday 31st March 1909

Housework. To Hampstead and town with Wadie. Selfridges and lunch at Lyon’s Popular. Fun. Needlework in afternoon. Read aloud in evening. Wrote to Mrs Hewett and Mr Tonks.

Thursday 1st April 1909

Walked to Green and Edwards (me: Hampstead department store). Shopped. Met Alys. Walked back.

Friday 2nd April 1909

Ironed my dress. To Alys. To Picnic Dance with Shentons. Very enjoyable. Todlee, Crooks and Townrow, etc.

Saturday 3rd April 1909

Out with Mowgli. Shentons called for me in car. To wedding of Nellie Lomax and Allingham[1] and reception after. Nice. Back in car. Tea at Shentons. Dinner at Alys’.

Fri 2nd out of quarantine.

Sunday 4th April 1909

Out with Dennis and dogs in fields. Lunch at Alys’. All three to Sir Ernest Waterlow’s and then taxi-cab to Mr Parson’s for Academy Sunday. Very successful. Supper at 8 Heath Mansions.

Alfred William Parsons
Alfred William Parsons (1847 – 1920)

Monday 5th April 1909

Out with Mowgli. Over to Chlesea. Whole day at Aunt Alice’s. Home at 10.00.

Tuesday 6th April 1909

Out with Mowgli to Alys’. Lunch there. To interview Mrs Hewitt, 14 Queen Anne Street. Tea with Alys and she and Dennis to dine with me.

Wednesday 7th April 1909

Up to Alys and worked. Stayed lunch; back on cycle. Ernest Morison called on me. Up to Alys’ again to tea.

Thursday 8th April 1909

Walked to Barnes[2] and shopped. Rested all p.m. Read “Daphne in Fitzroy Street” – Nesbit.

Friday 9th April 1909

Cycled to Finchley Road and went to Northwood to Kitty’s. Maie there. Sat in garden. Hot and lovely. Cecil came. Cycled 11 miles (Harefield, etc).

finchley road

Saturday 10th April 1909

Still hot. Out in garden all time. Cycled to Watford and back by Rickmansworth. Tea at Rickmansworth. 15 miles in all. Very nice.

Rickmansworth 1909

Alys and Dennis to Swanage, c/o Mrs Barker, Peveril Point

Sunday 11th April 1909

To Presbyterian Church with Kit. Very windy. Sat in garden. Jack Buchanan came to dinner and tea.

Monday 12th April 1909

Colder. Cycled to Ruislip and round – about 6 miles in all before lunch. Sat over fire and ate sweets. Rainy.

Tuesday 13th April 1909

Rain. Out to seek charwomen with Kit till 1.00. After lunch, caught 2.17 to town. To Mrs Hurst’s and Truman’s Registry’s. Home to tea. Changed and to dine with Alys and Dennis.

Wednesday 14th April 1909

Lovely day. Up to Alys’. She back to lunch with me. Alys rested. I back to tea with her. Called at Windmill House. Walked home.

Thursday 15th April 1909

I down to 50 Queen Anne’s Gate to ask about Ablett[3]. Home to lunch. Wade up to Alys. Alys to dinner. I to sleep at Heath Mansions.

Friday 16th April 1909

Alys to Shoolbred’s, etc. Lunch at Oxford Circus Restaurant. Home. William and Mary to tea. Wrote letters.

Saturday 17th April 1909

I unwell. To Fishmonger’s Hall to see about Exhibition of children’s drawings. Lunch at Vegi. Met Aunt Alice at Queen’s Hall. To concert. Tea with her afterwards. Home.

Sunday 18th April 1909

Out with Mowgli. Painted sepia group. After dinner, Mrs Embleton, Helen, Rex and Dennis over. Walked with them in fields. To supper at Alys’. Home 9.20.

Monday 19th April 1909

Wrote Doz. Out with Mowgli. To Ablett’s lectures and no specimen class-teaching.

Tuesday 20th April 1909

To Ablett’s at 10.15. Exam in object drawing all morning. Lunch A.B.C. Lectures (2) and 1st test snapshot drawing. Alys and Dennis to dinner.

Wednesday 21st April 1909

To Ablett’s. 10 a.m. Exam in shading. Very tiring. 2 lectures and snapshot test. Intermediate. Lunch A.B.C. alone. Tea with Miss Wilton and Islett? Nice. Very very tired. Uncle Harold came in.

Thursday 22nd April 1909

To Ablett’s. 10 a.m. Exam in water-colour painting group. Successful apparently. Lunch with Miss Setter. Lectures and snapshot test No 3. Tea at vegi. Telephoned Alys. To Mr Steer’s Private View. To bed early.

Friday 23rd April 1909

To Ablett’s. Exam in figure drawing and memory head. Lunch A.B.C. 2 lectures afternoon and then tea at A.B.C. Theory Exam. 5 to 7. Home at 8. Very tired.

Saturday 24th April 1909

In bed to breakfast. Packed Dolly Carr’s box. Wrote letters. Stuck in photographs all afternoon and evening. Very tired after the weeks’ work.

Sunday 25th April 1909

To Church at Hendon Parish Church. Alys and Dennis to dinner. Alys rested. I up to tea with them.

Monday 26th April 1909

Cycled to my bank. Mowgli followed. Knitted on balcony till 4.00. Up to Alys. Ironed my dress. Dinner To dance (Vernor Miles’) at Conservatoire 9-2. Very enjoyable indeed. Slept at 8 Heath Mansions.

Tuesday 27th April 1909

Back home again. Ethel and Denise to tea, also Mrs Hutchison. Up to Alys’ to dine and sleep.

Wednesday 28th April 1909

Shopped. Home. Arranged tea, etc, flowers. Mrs Hall and Edith and Mr Barber called. Also Mrs William Miles and Miss Clark and Mrs Flight and Friede. To supper at 2 Windmill Hill. Two-step, etc.

Thursday 29th April 1909

Painted self 1½ hours. To town to lunch with Uncle Harold at the Rendezvous, Dean Street. Shopped. Tea at Alys’. With her to dine at Lyons Pop and then to Albert Hall “Votes for Women”[4].

votes for women

Friday 30th April 199

Painted self, mirror etc. all day. Walked to Hampstead and back after tea. Changeable, gusty day.

26th – dance, very nice. Dance W. F. Johnstone. 2-step. Percy then Embletons, Alan Cave, Johns’ etc.
At Albert Hall on Thursday. Heard Mrs Pankhurst[5] speak also Mrs Pethick Lawrence[6] and C Pankhurst[7] and A Kenney[8] etc.

Saturday 1st May 1909

To St Margaret’s School to teach a class before Ablett and examiners. Alys to lunch. Helen and Mr Mitcham to tea. Wrote letters, Ella, etc.

Sunday 2th May 1909

Painted all morning. Alys and Dennis over for walk. I up to then for supper and called on the E. V. Miles’ – Mr Barber there.

Monday 3rd May 1909


Tuesday 4th May 1909

To Alys’ – Kitty there. Tea together. Up to dinner with Alys. Slept at Alys’. Did her belt.

Wednesday 5th May 1909

Back to Golders Green. Arranged flowers and cut sandwiches. Miss Evelyn Hill called, also Louie Grosvenor Barnard and Mrs Styer and Dorothy. To evening at Daisy Davison’s. Awful people. Rush’s nice.

Thursday 6th May 1909

Up to Alys and to town with her. Shopped at stores, lunched at Vegi. To Steer’s show. Home. Stayed at 8 Heath Mansions. Altered Alys’ dress. Dennis very late, not back till 2.30 a.m.

Friday 7th May 1909

To Committee Meeting at Hampstead General Hospital. 11.30. Very dull. Home to Golders Green. Telephoned Alys. Called on William Miles. Met Kit and Ed and dined Frascati’s. Taxi. To Bechstein Hall: J. W.’s (Joan Waterston) concert. Great fun. Good.


Saturday 8th May 1909

Painted hard. And after lunch too. To Styer’s to tennis and tea and stayed to dinner. To Alys’ on way home – at 9.

7th To Joan Waterston’s concert.

Sunday 9th May 1909

Painted all morning. Self in felt hat. To Alys’ with Mowgli and on West. Wade to Albert Hall. Tea at Beaufort House with Poz. Supper at Alys.

Monday 10th May 1909

Painted a little; did washing. Out to buy eggs and meet Alys. She to lunch. I cut out her dressing jacket. Dennis over. Walked to stream. Sewed in evening and read.

Tuesday 11th May 1909

To Alys to sleep. Did bills.

Wednesday 12th May 1909

At Home Day. Mrs Wurtzburg and Mrs Blanford called.

Thursday 13th May 1909


Friday 14th May 1909

To paint at 4 Mauresa Road. B Hollis sat. Lunch. Tea and dinner at Chelsea.

Saturday 15th May 1909

To Northwood. Weekend. Tennis and tea at Baumer’s. Jolly.

Wages – 13th £2 paid

Sunday 16th May 1909

In garden all morning. Swing, etc. Mr and Mrs Rackham to tea. Nice. Alan to supper, musical box.

Monday 17th May 1909

Rain. Tried on grey dress. Helped Elsa with her’s. Up to town and to Badcock’s with Alys. Lunch with Dennis who met us. Home. Bertha to tea with Baby.

Tuesday 18th May 1909

To Hampstead shops with Alys. Wrote Miss Benton. Miss Wilton to tea. Nice. Did evening dress and sleeveless coat all evening.

Wednesday 19th May 1909

To Hampstead shops. Back by Tate. At Home Day. Erna Collins, Nelly Jarvis, Maggie Simmons, Maie Barnard, Bella Bell, E. & M. Wetherbec, Fanny Carnegy. Tired. Alys and Dennis came in – lovely.

Thursday 20th May 1909

Very hot. To town with Mrs Embleton to choose tea-gowns for Alys. Called on Mrs Hutchison. Did evening dress

tea gown
1909 Tea Gown

Friday 21st May 1909

Very very hot. To Chelsea. Painted Bea all morning. Sandwich lunch there. Left at 2. Home. Ironed dressed and rested there. To dance at Drill Hall. Great fun. Back with Odgers in their carriage.

Saturday 22nd May 1909

Wrote letters. To Hampstead. Then met Lois at 140 Harley Street. Together lunched at Vegi (met Uncle Harold there). To New English Gallery show. Then I met Mary Miles at Albert Hall. Empire Day concert. Nice. Back to Heath Mansion. Dined there. Mrs Embleton, Rex and Charlie also. Alys sick and went to bed first. Home at 9.30. Bad blister on heel.

Sunday 23rd May 1909

Hot. Out and picked May blossom. Arranged muslin dress etc. and wrote letters. Dorothy to tea and supper. Uncle Harold called. I over to Heath Mansions after supper. Home 10.00.

Monday 24th May 1909

Dusted and tidied. To Hampstead for asparagus. Aunt Alice to lunch. To tea at Mrs Blanford’s. To dinner at Mrs William Miles. Cuffs there. Back with Peter’s.

Tuesday 25th May 1909

Rain. To High School 9.30. Watched drawing lesson all morning. Lunch at vegi. To Griffith, Powell and Smith. Home. Tea at Miss Wilton’s. Home. Sewed blouse in early evening. Wrote.

Wednesday 26th May 1909

To Hampstead. Very wet. At home. Winnie Turner called.

Thursday 27th May 1909

To High School. Shopped. Very wet day. Called on Miss Clarke and Mrs Jarvis.

Friday 28th May 1909

To paint at Chelsea. Lunch at Beaufort House. Back by National Gallery and Tucker’s pictures. Dance at Drill Hall. Very nice indeed. Godlee, Wheeler, etc. Home in car – very tired.

Saturday 29th May 1909

Down to Northwood. Lay in hammock at Kitty’s. Played tennis a little. Stayed on to dinner and the night. Telephoned to Wade.

Sunday 30th May 1909

Home at 11.00. Polly there. She and Mrs Embleton to dinner 1.30 and Mrs Embleton and I to Shire Hall. She back to tea and supper. Fine day.

Monday 31st May 1909

Very fine. Alys and Dennis in morning. I to lunch at Compayne Gardens. Picnic there. Met Dolly Carr at New Gallery. Pictures and tea. To dinner with Alys. Dennis walked back with me.

Tuesday 1st June 1909

Dull rainy. Did white linen skirt and coat all p.m. Called on Daisy Davison, Maggie Simmons and Mrs Rush.

Wednesday 2nd June 1909

Made baby bonnet for Alys all a.m. Took it up to her and called on Wurtzberg’s and Winnie Turner.

Thursday 3rd June 1909

To town, bought present for Phyllis Waterlow. Looked for ball-dress. Called on Fanny Carnegy and Evelyn Hill.

Phyllis, younger daughter of E A Waterlow, Esq – 1895

Friday 4th June 1909

Sewed at baby dress all a.m. Washed and ironed 2 collars. To Alys’ and shopped. Rainy, tea with Alys and Dennis. To dance at Drill Hall. Great Fun. Drs Adams Crooks, Townrow and Murdo Ch. Back in Ted’s car with Miss Peters and Miss Stanmore.

Saturday 5th June 1909

To Elsa’s by 12 train (12.7 from Finchley Road). Rested all p.m. Helped Elsa with her hat for wedding. Left by 9.5.

Sunday 6th June 1909

Up late. Walked to Alys’. Rainy. Tube back with Alys. She and Den to dinner and tea. Rested and read all p.m. To supper at 8 Heath Mansions. Home at 10.00. Ted in at 10.00.

Monday 7th June 1909

Packed. Walked to Child’s Hill. Lunch. Called on Mrs Collins. Up to Alys to stay while Dennis is at Cambridge for M.B. exam (me: Batchelor of Medicine exam). Out to Judges’ Walk. Worked.

Tuesday 8th June 1909

To town. Hyde Park with Alys. Lunch at Evans. Shopped. Saw Gwen Robertson.

Wednesday 9th June 1909

To town, Leicester Square and Kensington with Alys. Bought evening dress for me at Stagg and Mantle’s. Lunch at “Corner House”. I called on Mrs Styer and Nelly Allingham.


Thursday 10th June 1909

Vicissitudes about Ella. Kitty spent day. Telegrams, etc. Edward up and stayed dinner.

Friday 11th June 1909

I called on Mrs Wetherbee.

Saturday 12th June 1909

To Mrs Embleton to tea.

Mrs Collins – 7th
Mrs Styers, Mrs H Allingham – 9th – 3.30 and 4.30
10th – Elsie’s and Nelly Allingham
11th – Mrs Wetherbee

Sunday 13th June 1909

Out on Madeira Walk. Read. Wrote Sylvia.

Monday 14th June 1909

Out to shops. Cleaned out 2 cupboards. Dining room spring-cleaned. Wade up. I to Miss Horton’s. She out. Out in evening again.

Tuesday 15th June 1909

Called on Miss Horton’s. On with Alys to meet Aunt Eliza and Ella at King’s Cross (and Aunt Alice). I down with them to Northwood. Settled them at Wispers. Back to 8 Heath Mansions.

Wednesday 16th June 1909

To Miss Horton’s. Watched 2 painting classes. Kitty to lunch. All in Ted’s car to St Peter’s. Phyllis Waterlow’s wedding to Cyril Lloyd. Big reception at Sir Ernest’s. I to Comyn Carr’s to At Home afterwards. Back. Bertha and Teeds at Alys’. Tired.

Thursday 17th June 1909

To shops. Mrs Embleton very ill. Took Alys’ bicycle and Mowgli down to Northwood after lunch. Tea and supper at Wispers. Walked to Kitty’s with Ella. Back at 9.45. Very tired. Dennis home.

Friday 18th June 1909

Mrs Embleton very ill. Sir Victor Horsley up and a nurse. I unwell. I to call on Mrs William Miles and Miss Miles.

Saturday 19th June 1909

I down to Elsa at Sir Ernest’s. Mrs Embleton very ill. Colostomy settled on. Claude Taylor did it. Owen (R.M.O) at University College Hospital anaesthetised. Aunt Alice, Rex, and Charlie to tea. Dr Owen to dinner and Rex and Charlie.

16th Waterlow wedding. 2. 30 St Peter’s.
Comyns Carr’s – 4-7
Dine with Innes at 7 – 19th.

Sunday 20th June 1909

Mrs Embleton very ill indeed. I to tea at the Innes’ to explain why not there yesterday.

Monday 21st June 1909

Mrs Embleton very bad. Helen and Jim sent for. Two nurses. Aunt Alice to tea and dinner. Helen came and slept here. Mrs Embleton slept and felt refreshed. Pulse stronger.

Tuesday 22nd June 1909

Mrs Embleton rather better. I met Kitty at Finchley Road.

Wednesday 23rd June 1909


Thursday 24th June 1909

To town and shopped. Bought towel-horse.

Friday 25th June 1909

To Chelsea. Painted Miss Finch. To lunch with Dorothy. Back at 8 Heath Mansions. To dance at Drill Hall. Not such fun as before. Strawberries at Shenton’s.

Saturday 26th June 1909

Home and packed a little. Down to Northwood to stay at Wispers, with Aunt Eliza and Ella.

25th – dance

Sunday 27th June 1909

Dull. Long walk to Batchworth with Ella. Read in p.m. Out with Aunt Eliza and Sissie. To Kitty’s and again after supper to telephone.


Monday 28th June 1909

Back with Ella to Hampstead. Home to lunch. Up to Alys’ after dinner to hear about Mrs Embleton. Ella stayed at Uncle Harold’s the night. I home to sleep.

Tuesday 29th June 1909

Drenching showers and thunder. Up to Alys. Sir V. Horsley to see Mrs Embleton. Kit to lunch. I with her to Miss Aldred’s. Tea at Shoolbred’s. Ella back with me to stay.

Wednesday 30th June 1909

Up with Ella to Hampstead. Watched lesson at Miss Horton’s. To town. To Westminster Abbey. Lunch with Aunt Alice at E.M. Rest. To Selfridges. Met Patty and Jim Archer at Leicester Galleries. Ford Madox Brown’s. They back to tea here.

madox brown
Ford Madox Brown (1821 – 1893)

Thursday 1st July 1909

With Ella to Garden Suburb and then saw her off at Finchley Road. Nurse Owen to tea. Up to Alys to tea. And to dance at Styers at 9.00. Met Rex there. He saw me home at 2.30 am. Jolly dance.

Friday 2nd July 1909

Up at 9. Shopped. Home changed. Shoolbred’s lunch with Dennis. Shopped with him. Liberty’s, etc. Home. Elsa Aytron to tea and Max and she to dinner. Success. Very very tired.

Saturday 3rd July 1909

To fields with Mowgli. After lunch to “Hogarth Fair” at Slade. On to Northwood. Tea with Aunt Eliza. Cousin M. Buchanan and Jas Blaikley’s Garden. Supper with Aunt Eliza. Home 10.30 pm.

July 1st dance
28th – Albert Hall – Shackleton.

Sunday 4th July 1909

Alys’ 25th birthday. I walked up and spend day there. Mrs Embleton very ill and operation again. Rex and Charlie over. Did puzzles, etc. Owen to tea. Dennis and Alys walked ½ way back with me.

Monday 5th July 1909

Up to Alys by tube. Sewed, etc. Aunt Alice in. Shopped. Home to lunch. To Academy and Selfridges. Bought hat there. Home. Tired. Phoned Alys.

Tuesday 6th July 1909

Up to Heath Mansions. Alys beginning pains. Nurse Wurr arrived 6.30 am. Dr Gray at 5.45. Alys chloroformed at 6.30. Girl born at 8.35. Dark hair. 6 lb 7 oz. Dennis showed it to me. (me:  the birth of my grandmother). Wrote letters. Slept at Shenton’s. Gray left at 11 pm.

Scan 32

Wednesday 7th July 1909

Ordered dinners and did washing. Sent telegrams. To shops. Sent off notices to papers and Alice came and saw baby. Margaret and Dolly and Kitty in p.m. Dr Gray at 4.30. Alys all right. I took Baby over to Windmill House and Dennis showed Mrs Embleton. Great enthusiasm of new aunts and uncles, and Aunt Bea and Collin. Dennis walked home to Golders Green with me at 10.00.

Thursday 8th July 1909

Up and did shopping, etc, callers – Mrs Styer, etc. Flowers and cards. Dr Gray came. For walk with Dennis. Very cold. Home.

Friday 9th July 1909

Up at 9.30. 8 Heath Mansion. Dennis been up all night with Mrs Embleton. Farewells, etc as everyone thought her dying. Sad day. Alys very sad. I over to Windmill Hill a good deal. Helen and Charlie to see Baby. Him and Rex to dinner. Mrs Embleton better – I slept at 8 Heath Mansions. Dennis up.

Saturday 10th July 1909

Housekeeping all morning. Dennis in to breakfast. Everyone more cheerful. Baby sweet. Margaret up. Den and I to Aunt Bea’s before tea. Dennis walked back with me and dogs. Home.

Name for Baby:
“Alys Eva Faraday Embleton”.

Sunday 11th July 1909

To 8 Heath Mansions early. Elsa came in. For walk with Dennis. To call on Styers’ with Rex. Uncle Harold in.

Monday 12th July 1909

To 8 Heath Mansions. Up early. Did housekeeping. To meet Aunt Alice – Finchley Road. Both lunch at Compayne. Up at 8 Heath Mansions. Aunt Alice saw Alys. Took Baby over to Windmill House. Tube home.

Tuesday 13th July 1909

Up 8 Heath Mansions. Elsa called. Hot. Kit to lunch. Stormy. Mrs Cleminson called. I took Baby out on Heath – her 1st walk. Otto to tea. Back with Dennis, walked.

Wednesday 14th July 1909
To Miss Horton’s. Dennis walked up to his Mother. Took Baby out on Heath with Nelly Allingham. Out a walk with Dennis. Ted drove us back his car.

Thursday 15th July 1909

Fine and warm. Took Baby out with Dolly. Sewed. Elsa and Max up in Grove. Heard about £75 per annum. Dennis very tired.

Friday 16th July 1909

To 8 Heath Mansions and did housekeeping. Shopping. To Chelsea. Painted Miss Finch all day. To tea at Aunt Alice’s. Ella there. Back at dinner at 8 Heath Mansions.

Saturday 17th July 1909

Housekeeping in Hampstead. Then met Dorothy at 30 New Cavendish Street to see Dr Gray. Both met Ella at E. M. Restaurant. Lunch. At theatre. “School of Scandal”. Tree. Very good. Stalls. Tea in Stewarts. Home.

school for scandal
Samual French, Ltd., London, No. 399, with the stage directions recorded from the production by Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, on April 7, 1909.

Sunday 18th July 1909

Up to 8 Heath Mansions. Ayrtons came. Max and Dennis out. Elsa rested. Ella to dinner and to see Alys and Baby. I back to Northwood with her to tea and supper. Home by 8.16 with cycle – 8 Heath Mansions and home.

Monday 19th July 1909

Very fine. Did shopping. Aunt Eliza and Ella came to see Alys (in taxicab). Lunch. Rest and tea. Dennis back and met them on stairs. Alys in drawing room (carried in).

Tuesday 20th July 1909


Wednesday 21st July 1909

Doz up to see Baby. She and I lunched at Evans! I to Kings Cross and saw Aunt Eliza and Ella off. I unwell. Home. Aunt Rosa and Lois to tea here. Back to 8 Heath Mansions – Alys on sofa.

Thursday 22nd July 1909


Friday 23rd July 1909


Saturday 24th July 1909

To Erna Collins’ At Home at Wharncliffe Rooms before her marriage to Mr Huson.

Sunday 25th July 1909

To Kitty’s early. Rain. Very nice day. Children and talking.

Monday 26th July 1909

Back by 9.15. Home then up to Alys. Then to Chelsea to lunch. Clapham with Dorothy to High School. Home to dine with Alys. Tired.

Tuesday 27th July 1909

To Hampstead. Teeds to lunch. Bertha to tea. I to see Blériot’s monoplane with Dennis at Selfridges[1].

Crowds at Selfridge's examining the first aeroplane to cross the Channel
Crowds at Selfridge’s examining the first aeroplane to cross the Channel. From The Sphere of 7 August 1909.

Wednesday 28th July 1909

To Hampstead. Home and did some sewing. Up again to 8 Heath Mansions. Aunt Alice and Sylvia there. Sylvia and I dined in town and to Criterion Theatre. “Mr Preedy and the Countess”.

“Mr. Preedy and the Countess,” by R.C. Carton, at the Criterion Theatre

Thursday 29th July 1909

To Hampstead. Sylvia to Chelsea. Home after lunch. Tades and Lucy to tea. Up to see Alys and Baby. Tades and Lucy back to dine and sleep. Alys out in Grove.

Friday 30th July 1909

Up at 7.00. Breakfast 7.30. To Victoria. Saw Tades, Teeds and Brewtnalls off to Varangéville (me: North-Eastern France). Did Alys’ shopping. Home. Packed and wrote letters. To Elsa’s at Wispers. Stayed there.

Saturday 31st July 1909

To shops. Max away to Sir Edward Busk’s[2].

Bleriot flew the Channel on Sunday 25th on aeroplane (monoplane) – 1st man.

Sunday 1st August 1909

Rain. Tried to paint Virginia. Read “The Broken Road” – A F. W. Mason. Good.

Monday 2nd August 1909

Rain, rain and dull. Painted the garden. Max and Alan back and to dinner.

Tuesday 3rd August 1909

I to Alys’ by early train. Baby 1 month old. Nurse Wurr left. Baby very good.

Wednesday 4th August 1909

Very fine and hot. Down in a taxi with Wade and Baby to buy pram. Alys and I to Morris’.

Thursday 5th August 1909

Very fine and hot. Took Baby out in pram. Laurie to dinner.

Friday 6th August 1909

Very fine and hot. Otto to dinner.

Saturday 7th August 1909

Very fine and hot.

Sunday 8th August 1909

Very hot. To tea at 2 Windmill Hill. Margaret’s birthday.

Monday 9th August 1909

Very fine and hot. Alys to dentist and Dolly Embleton up. Took Baby out in pram. Dolly to lunch.

Tuesday 10th August 1909

Very fine and hot. Busy arranging nursery and new nurse came (Lizzle Dale). I home to Golders Green after dinner. Rex with me. Walked.

Wednesday 11th August 1909

Very hot. Shopped and tube to Alys’. Back to lunch. Painted background to portrait of self and after tea, sketched on panel till nearly 7.

Thursday 12th August 1909

Very hot and fine. Washed and ironed blouse and 2 scarves of cotton. Alys over to see muslin dress. To dentist and shopped with her. Lunch Shoolbred’s. Tea at Heath Mansions. Ruth at Goldens Green. Made cakes.

Friday 13th August 1909

To town.

Saturday 14th August 1909

To Bank by motorbus and on to St Pancras but Aunt A and D not there. To Alys’. Alys and Dennis to Barby Lindquist’s wedding to Jack Archer. I stayed at Alys. Home to dinner.

Sunday 15th August 1909

Very fine and hot. Very very hot. I up 7.30 to Communion Service at New Church. Indoors all day sewing till 6 then walked to Alys’. Gave Baby her bath 7.30. Walked home.

Monday 16th August 1909

Sewed, did wash-up. Walked to Child’s Hill and back by Heath. Rained at 1 o’clock. Sewed at Baby’s dress (short).

Tuesday 17th August 1909

Up to Alys. She out. Back by Finchley Road. Bee Hollis to tea and till 6.45. Rain and colder. Up to Alys to dinner. Dennis late. I back at 11. Rex 11.20.

Wednesday 18th August 1909

Drenching rain. Up to Alys later. Fine. Lunch with her. To shops and Whitings, South End Road. Walked back.

Thursday 19th August 1909

Aunt Louie and Nelly called. I hung pictures and painted watercolours till tea and then out to sketch (oil) till 6.30. Walked in fields.

Friday 20th August 1909

I unwell. To tea at Bee Hollis’. Rain.

Saturday 21st August 1909

Packed a little and painted. Watercolours. Dennis and Alys over.

Sunday 22nd August 1909

Nelly, Henry and Gerald Allingham called on car at 9.45. All drove to Weybridge. Punt on Wey all day. Lunch and tea. Fun. Supper at Weybridge. Drove home on car. Arrived 11.45.

Weybridge, Surrey – The Monument & Monument Stores 1909


Monday 23rd August 1909

Packed up. To Finchley Road and up to Alys. I down to Southwold with Mowgli. Arrived at 8.30. Met by Kit and Ed Buchanan. To stay with them at Ella House.

Tuesday 24th August 1909

Pottered about, and looked at rooms for Dennis and Alys. On beach a little. Sandemans, Archers, etc. Music at Mrs G. E. Barnard in evening. Frank and Maggie.

Wednesday 25th August 1909

On beach. Bathed. Lovely. Heavy thunderstorm. Rain all p.m. Slept in bed. Worked in evening.

Thursday 26th August 1909

Rainy. Bathed with Edward. Got rooms for Alys. Music at Wavecrest.

Friday 27th August 1909

Kit and family away by 12.20. Bathed with Patty at 12.30. Moved to Pearson’s Hotel. Letters from Gerald and Dahlke. Walked to Walberswick. Saw Miss Brand and Mrs Atkinson. Wrote to Gerald.

Saturday 28th August 1909

Met Mileham! Walked with Patty, Maie, Nelly S and Artie to Covehythe. Bathed off beach. Lunch on beach. F Archer too. Others arrived to tea at Inn there. Mrs G. E. Barnard, Hannah, and Nancy and Baba (Ellinor) and Maggie Archer and Grace and Chris. Nice party (12). I walked home with Maie by beach. Mowgli enjoyed it.

Sunday 29th August 1909

Up at 8 and bathed at Palmer’s. Breakfast. Walked to Blackshore and home by beach. Dined 1.30 at Wavecrest. Slept out in moonlight.

Monday 30th August 1909

Drizzly. Fine later. Bathed from tent with Sandemans. Sketched at Walberswick trees (Corot Trees). Music in evening at Wave Crest.

Jean-Baptiste Corot – Ville D’Avray

Tuesday 31st August 1909

Bathed with Nelly. Sketched on beach, very cold, so in a hut. To concert on pier in evening.

Wednesday 1st September 1909

Bathed – alone. Strongish waves. All to Blythburgh. F. and H. Archer and family away. Grace and I sketched at Blythburgh.

Thursday 2nd September 1909

Warmer. Saw Patty off. Bathed alone. Read. To Walberswick and sketched alone. Back by train.

George Dunkerton Hiscox (British, 1840-1909), ‘Walberswick, Suffolk’,

Friday 3rd September 1909

Sketched with Nelly by salt-works.

The Salt Works – Ferry Road

Saturday 4th September 1909

Did shopping. Bathed with Grace and Miss Middleton at Sam May’s. Supper at Wavecrest. To meet Alys, Dennis, Baby and Nurse at 8.30. To 72 Stradbroke Road. Sketched in rain all p.m.

Sunday 5th September 1909

To Church at 8.00. Walked to Blackshore. Read in p.m. Dennis a bad cold. Sketched, walked to Easton Broad.

Monday 6th September 1909

Bathed (all) and Nelly. Rainy and cold and rough. Dennis’ cold much worse. I slept with Alys and Baby. Letter for G. A.

Tuesday 7th September 1909

I bathed with Nelly. Dennis in bed all day. I to G. E. Barnard’s. Viola and piano.

Wednesday 8th September 1909

Bathed with Alys and Nelly. Dennis up.

Thursday 9th September 1909

Up to town by 10.15. To Convent of Our Lady of Zion in 38 Chepstow Villas to apply for post as drawing mistress. Then to Northwood. Toni and Adolf Rath. Slept on sofa in drawing-room.


Friday 10th September 1909

Went home to Golders Green after lunch. Up to Torley’s for dog. Practised giving lesson for exam.

Saturday 11th September 1909

Up at 7.30. To Westminster for exam in teaching (Ablett) at 10. Very nasty ordeal. Home to lunch. Down to Southwould again at 3.25. Arrived 7. Met by Alys, Dennis and Otto at Blythburgh. To Pier Concert. Grace and Nell there.

Sunday 12th September 1909

Bathed from tent with Mary and Nell S. Walked to Covehithe after dinner. Nell too. Grace cycled there. Tea there. Fun. Walked home.

Monday 13th September 1909

Otto away at 8.30. Very stormy, gale (my 30th birthday). To Mrs Matthew’s to tea. Rain.

Tuesday 14th September 1909

Bathed. Rough. Violet and others. Nichols arrived 2 p.m. Muddled about. Very cold. Alys and Violet to music at Wavecrest. Dennis and I to Pier concert. Violet spent the night.

Wednesday 15th September 1909

Photographed baby. Bathed. Lovely – choppy. Double somersaults. Saw Nichols off 2.20. Cold dull. Read “Castle Inn[1]”. To Pier concert. Stork too. Rather good.

Alys and Eva

Thursday 16th September 1909

Fine. Maie to see Baby bathed. Bathed. Lovely. Walked to Dunwich by sands. Tea there. Ferry interruption. Home at 8.

dunwich 1909
All Saints’ Church, Dunwich 1909

Friday 17th September 1909

Dull and cold. Bathed. Wrote to Doz. To Pier concert.


Saturday 18th September 1909

Packed. Bathed – lovely and warm. Long swim. All to London by 2.20 train. I home by tube.

Sunday 19th September 1909

I unwell. Quiet morning. Wrote letters. To Faraday’s to tea. To Alys to supper. Walked home.

Monday 20th September 1909

To Clapham to see about Training College[2]. Saw Miss Welch. Lunch in town. Met Alys and shopped. Home after tea. Packed my box (after washing).

Tuesday 21st September 1909

To Clapham. Busy day arranging time-table. To Mrs Pountney’s School again all p.m. Tired.

Wednesday 22nd September 1909

Up at 7.30. Prayers at school at 9.00. Wrote essays on “Ideals”. Sketched and began design after dinner. To bed at 10.00.

Thursday 23rd September 1909

Up at 7.00. Design before “breakfast”. Address from Mrs Woodhouse. Then Miss Welch. Then brush drawing. Did IV in p.m Very tired. Plant drawing till 10pm.

Friday 24th September 1909

Up at 7. Lesson to Div III. Did brush work prep. Muddled about after lunch. Old Girls meeting 4 to 6. Home to Golders Green. Alys and Dennis there. Began portfolio.

Saturday 25th September 1909

All day doing portfolio and classifying drawings, etc, and mounting. To Blaikley’s “Borrodaile” sketch-club. Felt very tired and had haemorrhoid. Hot bath and to bed at 10.30.

Miss Dingwall
Miss Monkhouse
Miss Lees
Miss Mouse?
Miss Hockley

Sunday 26th September 1909

Up at 9am. Allinghams came in car at 10.30. and took me to Box Hill.

Box Hill
Zig Zag Box Hill, Leatherhead Dorking 1909

Lovely. Picnic there. Round by Westcott to Wisley and Ripley. Supper at Eldon House. Home at 9.30.

1909 POSTCARD – *Wisley Hut On The Ripley Road, Near Woking

Monday 27th September 1909

To Clapham early. Meeting and then “Special Methods” Meeting again. Elocution at 12.30. Div V in p.m.

Tuesday 28th September 1909

Lower third. Discussion on notes. Div. III in p.m. Pup.

Wednesday 29th September 1909

9.30 History of Education. Plant drawing and design. Exhibition of portfolios. Free afternoon. Did design.

Thursday 30th September 1909

Divinity lecture from Mrs Woodhouse. To Parish School and gave 41 girls lesson on hat-box lid. Emmy Brownstone criticised. Brush drawing lesson. Div IV in p.m. Miss Ritchie gave lesson. Marked. R.S. Work.

Friday 1st October 1909

Up at 6.30. Did brushwork. Lupin leaves. To school. Painted plums with IIIrd form.   Criticism on R. S. lessons. Psychology and Manual Work. Home (to Alys’ to dinner). Bed at 9.30.

Saturday 2nd October 1909

Out to town to buy Chinese lantern. Home and painted it. Up to Alys’. Lunch there with Kit, Gwen Cave and Mrs Hunt, Alys and Dennis. To Church. “Alys Eva Faraday Embleton” christened at 2.15 (me: my grandmother). Will Cave god-father. Margaret and Kitty – god-mothers. Kitty held her. Home to tea at Golders Green. Wrote lesson notes and lots of letters.

Sunday 3rd October 1909

Did lesson notes and Divinity. To Alys’ to dinner. To Albert Hall alone (Eddy Brown)[1]. To tea at Aunt Alice’s. Supper at Alys’.

Eddy brown
Eddy Brown

Monday 4th October 1909

To Clapham early.

Tuesday 5th October 1909


Wednesday 6th October 1909


Thursday 7th October 1909

To Divinity. Then shading by Miss Brain. Parish School at 11. I gave lesson on Chinese lantern. Brushwork at 12.30. Division IV. Dock leaves on brownish paper. Marked P. school drawings 2 hours in evening.

Friday 8th October 1909

Div III then Criticisms on lessons from Miss Welch. I came out top of 6. Psychology and Hand work in p.m. Alys came after tea and we travelled back together. I dined with them. Home at 10.00.

Saturday 9th October 1909

Did Lesson Notes till 11.30. Then to Mr Styers with lease and to Uncle Harold. Lunch with him at Rendezvous. To Highbury. Called on Uncle Vernor, tea at Aunt Louie’s. Saw Aunt Mary. Home. Alys and Dennis in evening.

Lunch with Uncle Harold – 9th.
Write to Aunt Louie.

Sunday 10th October 1909

Wrote Divinity Notes from 9.45 to 11.15. Out with Mowgli and Charlie and Rip. Alys and Dennis to dinner and tea and Bubbles (me: Baby Eva) and nurse too. Back with them to supper there. Back early.

Dennis and Eva

Monday 11th October 1909

Up at 7.30 and to Clapham. Special Methods and then Watercolour all morning. Div V all p.m.

Tuesday 12th October 1909

Up to 6.30.

Wednesday 13th October 1909

Up at 6.30. Did brush drawing. History of Education. Plant drawing and design (honeysuckles strips). Free afternoon. Wrote out notes and did brush drawing. Out with Miss Atwood. Did essay on Relation of Theory and Practice of Education to Sociology.

Thursday 14th October 1909

Up at 7.45. Divinity – shade. Parish School (Ampelopsis leaf) Brush drawing. After lunch, Div IV, (soup-plates). To tea (with Miss Atwood) at Miss Welch’s. Nice. Out for walk. Marked drawings.

Friday 15th October 1909

Up at 7.00. To Elms and did Handwork. Criticisms of lessons. I top again – a V. G. Psychology and Handwork in p.m. After tea to Hampstead. Dinner with Alys and Dennis (they depressed about Dennis’ work). Home at 9.30.

Saturday 16th October 1909

Up at 8. Did lesson notes on umbrella. And paper on recitations and watercolour. To dinner at Aly’s. Saw Bubbles bathed. Sketched her. I unwell. Did photos.

Sunday 17th October 1909

Did water-colour and Divinity Notes. Out with Mowgli. To Alys’ to tea. Called on Mrs Embleton. To Styers’ for supper.

Monday 18th October 1909

Up at 7.30.

Tuesday 19th October 1909


Wednesday 20th October 1909

Mr Tonks’ letter and discussion with Mrs Woodhouse.

Scan 4
Henry Tonks’ letter to Kate
Scan 5
Kate’s response

Thursday 21st October 1909

Last lesson at Parish School. Umbrella. Alys to lunch at Mrs Pountney’s. Arranged lesson for Miss Welch alone. Div IV collars and ties.

Friday 22nd October 1909

Did beech leaves for lesson notes. Discussion. Psychology. Handled. To Alys to dine.

Saturday 23rd October 1909

Did lesson notes. Kit at 12. And she and Ed to lunch. Teeds to tea. Worked till 10.00.

Sunday 24th October 1909

Did Divinity Notes. To Alys’ to tea and supper.

Monday 25th October 1909

Off at 8.45. Special Methods and Water colour. Did design all afternoon. Thistle conventions.

Tuesday 26th October 1909

In at lesson Div III and then notes. Gave lesson on beech leaves to Lower III, all myself. Marked drawings all evening. P. & H. S.

Wednesday 27th October 1909

History of Education. Plant drawing and lecture. Miss Welch told me I gave “a poor lesson” yesterday. Misery! Brush work all p.m. Copied notes in evening.

Scan 36

Thursday 28th October 1909

Heard that Mrs Embleton died 3.30p.m. Wednesday. To Divinity. Got permission to go home. To Chelsea to lunch and to Windmill Hill to tea with Dennis and 3 boys and more. Home to Golders Green. Alys and Dennis there too.

Friday 29th October 1909

To town with Alys. Shopped for her mourning all day. Bought hat and coat for her. To Windmill Hill twice. Ordered flowers. Wreaths at Windmill Hill. Bought gloves for Margaret.

Saturday 30th October 1909

All to Bournemouth to Mrs Embleton’s funeral. Lunch on train. Mrs Hutchison, Thorntons, Hills, etc. Tea at Mr Hunts’. Back by 5.30 train. Home at 9.30 to Golders Green.

Sunday 31st October 1909

Wrote Divinity. Pouring rain. Up with Alys, Dennis and Bubbles to Windmill House. Rex and Helen to tea.

Monday 1st November 1909

With Alys to Hampstead. To 8 Heath Mansions and saw Elsa. Rested in afternoon. Wrote to Aunt Bella.

Tuesday 2nd November 1909

Miss Welch took Div III for pattern lesson. Beech leaves.

Wednesday 3rd November 1909


Thursday 4th November 1909

Helped Miss Hilllens with IV Division candle shades, etc. Foggy so stopped early.

Friday 5th November 1909

To Chelsea. To stay with Dolly.

Saturday 6th November 1909

Aunt Alice and Polly to Weybridge. I did fairy story all day.

Sunday 7th November 1909

Up late, no servant. Pot meals. Ethel Miles called. To tea with Doz at Alys’ at Golders Green.

Monday 8th November 1909

To Clapham. Special Method. Water-colour. With Miss Atwool to town to dentist and shops. Fun. Back at 6.30 (tea at Selfridges). Handwork in evening.

Tuesday 9th November 1909

Class Div II. Drew Pandora. Did life sketch. Took Div III in p.m. Finished their design. Very tired. Out with Miss Atwool.

Wednesday 10th November 1909

To History of Education. Then did mounting all the morning. Met Alys at lunch and with her to New Gallery. Private View portrait painting exhibition. My picture there.

Thursday 11th November 1909

Did painting on Exhibition drawings all morning. Modelling in Clay 2.30 to 4.30. Mr Mark Rogers taught. Nice afternoon. Handwork prep all evening.

Friday 12th November 1909

Did lesson notes etc at Elms House all morning. Psychology and Handwork in p.m. To supper at Arley and to lecture at Art School on Lettering. Home to Golders Green by tube at 1.15.

Saturday 13th November 1909

Worked at lesson notes and other lessons. Aunt Alice came. Out with her 30 minutes. Rested in p.m. Did divinity notes. To dance at Supper Club with Shentons and Friede Flight. Townrow and Crooks. Great fun.

Memo: Heard my portrait of Margy got into Portrait Painters Exhibition at New Gallery.
Elsa’s boy born Nov 8th.

Sunday 14th November 1909

Slept at Shentons. Not up till 11.30 or 12. Home to Golders Green at 1.30. Out with Dennis. Foggy and damp.

Monday 15th November 1909

To Clapham. Special Methods. Watercolour. Did turnip on brown paper in p.m. Out to shops at Plough.

Clapham. HS

Tuesday 16th November 1909

Did painting for exhibition. Notes of lessons criticism. My lesson to Div III black bottle and cup. I unwell. Back to school to help in evening.

Wednesday 17th November 1909

No History of Education. Mounted drawings all morning. Back to school to help in evening. Arranged drawings.

Thursday 18th November 1909

Divinity. Then I to town to Varnish Day[1]. View of New English. Modelling in p.m. David’s eye. Back to school and helped with exhibition work. Till 9.30. Essay in evening in M. Kestina’s R.

Friday 19th November 1909

Painting notices all morning. Psychology 2.30. Colour–hearing. No Handwork but exhibition in Hall of Drawing with Professior Pite. Lecture at 8 and home at 10.30 to Golders Green.

Saturday 20th November 1909

To Hampstead with Alys. Signed Lease of Haunch of Venison Yard. Rested in p.m. Bee called. Otto to dinner and nice evening. Rex and Charles to tea.

Sunday 21st November 1909

Max called. All up to Heath Mansions and saw Elsa and Baby. Did Divinity notes. Henry Stephens and his fiancé to tea and Dorothy. Wrote letters to Agatha.

Alys and Eva – 4½ months – 1909

Monday 22nd November 1909

To Clapham. Special Methods. Bad watercolour of bottle. Did brushwork in afternoon. With Miss Atwool to shops after tea. Did psychology notes.

Tuesday 23rd November 1909

To Div II. Then Criticisms and then arranged studio. Lesson to Div III on pilgrim basket and sunshade. Very bad, they got unruly and rowdy. To Plough with Miss Kestin.

Wednesday 24th November 1909

To History of Education. Then to design and talked to Miss Welch about shading and Mr Tonks. Lunch at Elms House and to town with Miss Atwool. To New English Show and shops. Tea at Liptons. Nice time. History of Education in evening.

Thursday 25th November 1909

Modelling. Finished David’s eye.

Friday 26th November 1909

Home at 7. Read Lease from Mr Styer of Haunch of Venison Yard.

Saturday 27th November 1909

To Hampstead with Alys. Saw Elsa. With Alys and Bubbles to call on Mrs Batty in taxi. I to Mrs William Miles to stay.

Sunday 28th November 1909

To Church with Mrs Miles. Miss Miles and Miss Moss and fiancé etc to dinner. Wrote letters about Haunch of Venison to everyone. William and Cyril to tea and some other people.

Monday 29th November 1909

Breakfast at 8. Off to Clapham. Special Methods. Mr Tonks inspected Art Department. Very funny. Watercolour. Did design all afternoon.

Tuesday 30th November 1909

Much better lesson to Div III. Gave them lecture on behaviour first. Memory lessons.

Wednesday 1st December 1909

Worked at Brushwork all afternoon. And to Aunt Alice’s at 6. Very nice visit and dined there. Back at 10.15 to Arley.

Thursday 2nd December 1909

Divinity. Told Miss Welch about my change of fortunes. Modelling. Began David’s mouth.

Friday 3rd December 1909

Home at 6.45 as tea at Plough.

Saturday 4th December 1909

Drew clothes-horse etc. To Exhibition at Library with Alys. Friede and Miss Pinie there.

Cootie’s boy born – 30th

Sunday 5th December 1909

Divinity Notes till 1.15. On Heath. Met Alys and Dennis at Compayne. Mrs E. Vernor Miles and Doris to tea also and Embletons and the Baumers. I to dine at Styers.

Monday 6th December 1909

To Clapham. Special Methods and water-colour. Did brush-drawing in p.m. Neuralgia in face and aching.

Tuesday 7th December 1909

Made lists etc. Saw Mrs Woodhouse. Miss Snow gave lesson to 40 girls in Studio (including my division). I helped.

Wednesday 8th December 1909

Brush-drawing exam. Bunch of violets. Lunch at Elms Huose. To town with Miss Atwool. Shopped and to Grafton folio. Saw Exhibition. Very fine indeed. Back to Arley at 7.15 p.m. Read in Miss Kestin’s room.

Thursday 9th December 1909

Did marks and lists etc all morning. Saw Mrs Woodhouse. Clay-modelling in afternoon. Finished Michelangelo’s David’s mouth. Shopped in Clapham with Miss Atwool.

Friday 10th December 1909

Read in library.

Saturday 11th December 1909


Sunday 12th December 1909

Antony Ayrton’s[1] christening.

Monday 13th December 1909


Tuesday 14th December 1909


Wednesday 15th December 1909


Thursday 16th December 1909


Friday 17th December 1909

I unwell

Saturday 18th December 1909


Sunday 19th December 1909


Monday 20th December 1909


Tuesday 21st December 1909

To school. Received reports. With Miss Baker to town, lunch and home to tea. Bubbles, etc. Saw her back to Euston.

Wednesday 22nd December 1909

To town?

Thursday 23rd December 1909


Friday 24th December 1909

In town all day. Shopping with Alys. Sent off cards and parcels. Stayed at Heath Mansions.

Saturday 25th December 1909

Out a little way with Dennis. Embletons all in to late dinner. Crackers and card games after till past midnight.

Holidays begin 21st

Sunday 26th December 1909

Jim and Rex in to move furniture and stayed lunch.

Monday 27th December 1909


Tuesday 28th December 1909


Wednesday 29th December 1909

To tea with Bertha.

Thursday 30th December 1909

Found charwoman. In town all day shopping – blouse, etc. To tea with Miss Wilton. Mabel called.

Friday 31st December 1909

Tidied round. Up to Hampstead. Lunch with Alys.

Picnic 31st?

Teaching Hints (Teeds)

Speak on the up – raised voice.
Be cheerful and jolly and make yourself one of them.
Not critical.
Always give praise and blame together.
Silence when you want their attention is good.
Just stand and look at them.

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