1909 January Footnotes

[1] TaminiBorn Otto Haselbaum. He was the son of a German father and an Italian mother. His debut occurred in 1908 at the Viennese Volksoper. After he had appeared as successful there, he guested in 1910 in London. Also in England he excited sensation, so that he returned several times to London. As a member of a German traveling opera he travelled around Holland and sang among other things at the Amsterdam Rembrandt theatre. Probably he retired from the stage in 1914.

[2] Kathleen Parlow (1890 – 1963) was a child prodigy with her outstanding technique with a violin, which earned her the nickname “The lady of the golden bow”. Although she left Canada at the age of four and did not permanently return until 1940, Parlow was sometimes billed as “The Canadian Violinist”.

[3] Fred Terry (1863 – 1933) was an English actor and theatrical manager. After establishing his reputation in London and in the provinces for a decade, he joined the company of Herbert Beerbohm Tree where he remained for four years, meeting his future wife, Julia Neilson. With Neilson, he played in London and on tour for 27 further years, becoming famous in sword and cape roles, such as the title role in The Scarlet Pimpernel.

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