1904 London, High Wycombe, Hindhead, Broadway, Lake District, Gullane, Newcastle, Switzerland


1904 Diary

In 1904, Edward is 28 years old, Kate is 25 years old and Alys is 20 years old.


Thursday 31st December 1903

Lois’ birthday dance

Friday 1st January 1904

To skating at Hengler’s 8 – 11.

Saturday 2nd January 1904

In bed all day with feverish headache. Poz up. P and T in evening. I cross.

Sunday 3rd January 1904

Aunt Alice up. A to skating. I at home alone. 6 hours. Wrote and read.

Monday 4th January 1904

Aunt Alice to N. C. (me: Newcastle) Alys to skating.

Tuesday 5th January 1904

“Kim”[1] in evening. Lovely. At Shenton’s.

Wednesday 6th January 1904

Foggy. Not out. Kit bad cold and up to spend night here. Alys to skating.

Thursday 7th January 1904

Kit away after lunch. “Kim” in evening. Lovely.

Friday 8th January 1904

To Mr Hosking – 10th. Wrote to Aunt Alice. Others to skating.

Saturday 9th January 1904

Alys to fencing. Alys to Innes’ evening. I at Shenton’s. Jack Enoch there.

Sunday 10th January 1904

Poz called and stayed to lunch. Alys to skating. I at home. Emma out.

Monday 11th January 1904

Kit came to stay. Ernest to dinner.

Tuesday 12th January 1904

Kit’s cold bad. Teeds to lunch and tea in prompt. Read aloud. Stevenson’s[2] essays in evening.

Wednesday 13th January 1904

Kit bad and coldy. To lecture by Mrs Boole[3] at Somerwell’s. Very nice. Tea with Poz and Doz. Alys to skating.

Thursday 14th January 1904

Kit much btter. To dinner at West End Hotel. Ernest Morison’s 21st. Prof Whist.

Friday 15th January 1904

To singing lesson. Nice. Kit to call at Morison’s and Katherine’s. To skating.

Saturday 16th January 1904

To fencing. Alys to Northwood to hockey. In at Shenton’s. Read New Arabian Nights[4] aloud.

* Thursday Ernest’s 21st birthday party. Alys got Booby Prize.

Sunday 17th January 1904

To skating. Lovely. Mrs Shenton in evening.

Monday 18th January 1904

To see Edward. On to Guy’s (me: Guy’s Hospital) to meet Ted. Tea with him. Met Alys at Harley Street. All to skating. Tufty there.

Tuesday 19th January 1904

To evening at G. E. B’s.

Wednesday 20th January 1904

Alys to music lesson. I met her. Lunch at F. B’s. To lecture by Mrs Boole. Tea with Doz in Kensington. To skating. Alan and Frank there.

Thursday 21st January 1904

Called on Aunt Rosa. Rested In at Shenton’s. Ted read Saratoga Trunk[5] aloud.

Friday 22nd January 1904

To Mr Hosking. Nice lesson 12th. Skating.

Saturday 23rd January 1904

Fencing. Very foggy. To G. E. B’s. Slept all afternoon.

G. E. B.’s – January 19th.
Emma’s wages 1-16.8 – 17th.

Sunday 24th January 1904

To skating.

Monday 25th January 1904

To skating. 10 minutes waltzing in evening. Lovely (at our request). Yardley and Spiers there.

Tuesday 26th January 1904


Wednesday 27th January 1904

To lunch at Biddulph. To lecture by Mrs Boole at 2 Albert Place. To skating. Lovely. Alan and Frank there.

Thursday 28th January 1904

New piano came. Broadwood quarter grand[6]. Ted played on his violin. Lovely. Finished Phroso.


Friday 29th January 1904

To Mr Hosking. “Throaty” lesson.

Saturday 30th January 1904


Sunday 31st January 1904

Skating. Quiet evening by fire. Nice. No reading.

Monday 1st February 1904


Tuesday 2nd February 1904

To Fanny Carnegy’s to tea.

Wednesday 3rd February 1904


Thursday 4th February 1904

To Mrs Angus’ to tea.

Friday 5th February 1904

Hosking. Skating.

Saturday 6th February 1904

Fencing. Nice lesson.

Sunday 7th February 1904

I to Dulwich with Kit. To call on William Archer’s.

Monday 8th February 1904

To skating. Alan there. Ted tired and in bad form.

Tuesday 9th February 1904

Not to Flux’s as so wet. Did green blouse. Phoebe read aloud in evening – Lorna Doone[1].

Wednesday 10th February 1904

To skating. Home early! Ted fell and hurt his leg.

Thursday 11th February 1904

Amateur Skating Club At Home till 1.30. Fun. Phoebe turned 3’s alone!!!!

Friday 12th February 1904

To Mr Hosking’s. Very wet. Finished green velvet blouse. I not to skating. Felt throaty.

Saturday 13th February 1904

Alys and I unwell so not to fencing. Kit and Cecil in.

Sunday 14th February 1904

To skating. Very lovely but not good waltzing.

Monday 15th February 1904

Not to skating. Feverish.

Tuesday 16th February 1904

Quiet all day. On Heath.

Wednesday 17th February 1904

To tea at Biddulph. Mr Harrison there. Great fun. Dark and to skating. Fair man talked to Ted. Alys waltzed with Brewer.

Thursday 18th February 1904

Lorna Doone in evening.

Friday 19th February 1904

Called on Aunt Rosa and to Dickens and Jones[2] to be fitted. Alys had 3 waltzes with Brewer at skating. Ted palpitations so not skating much.

Dickens and JOnes.png
Dickens and Jones, 224 – 244 Regent Street, London

Saturday 20th February 1904

To fencing. Doz hurt at my keenness on skating; so decided to join Fencing Club.

Wade left Harrisons – 19th

Sunday 21st February 1904

Aunt Alice and Sylvia to dinner. To skating. Late-ish. Ted not very well.

Monday 22nd February 1904

To fencing-club. 4.15. Not to skating. None of us. Lorna Doone instead.

Tuesday 23rd February 1904

To sale at Puttick and Simpson’s[1]. Our old piano went for £13.00.

An Auction at Puttick & Simpson dated 1862 by F. Virnoldes

Wednesday 24th February 1904

Called on William Miles. To Biddulph to tea. Skating. Phoebe bad form. Ted better. Frank there.

Thursday 25th February 1904

Aunt Rosa, Teeds and Lois to tea.

Friday 26th February 1904

To Mr Hosking’s – 4th. Skating.

Saturday 27th February 1904

To fencing. Then Alys to baths. I met Kit and with her lunched in town. Then to theatre (Lyric) to see “Ib and little Christina[4]” Ben Davies, Susan Strong.

Sunday 28th February 1904

Dorothy up to dinner. We late to skating.

Monday 29th February 1904

Wade to lunch. To Fencing Club. To Harley Street after, dined in town and to skating. Lovely – all in good form.

Tuesday 1st March 1904

To Biddulph to lunch. Conis also. Aunt Alice’s birthday.

Wednesday 2nd March 1904


Thursday 3rd March 1904


Friday 4th March 1904

Hosking – 5th. Skating.

Saturday 5th March 1904


Sunday 6th March 1904


Monday 7th March 1904

Fencing Club. To skating. No hats.

Tuesday 8th March 1904

To town all day. Lunch at Buszards.

Wednesday 9th March 1904

Alys to music lesson. Cousin Mary to lunch. Called on Mrs Moore and Mrs Vernor Miles. Skating. English figure skating competition. Not nice.

Thursday 10th March 1904

To Biddulph to lunch. Aunt Alice alone. Exhaustive talk on skating. Ted and Phoebe lovely in evening.

Friday 11th March 1904

A little cold, so no singing. Alys and I lovely walk on Heath. Sunny and haystacks. To Dr and Mrs Brown Carthew’s to dinner with Phoebe and Ted and then skating.

Hampstead Heath, London

Saturday 12th March 1904

To fencing. No Doz. Kit to lunch. All to tea at No 7.

Sunday 13th March 1904

I not to skating. Sore throat. The others went.

Monday 14th March 1904


Tuesday 15th March 1904


Wednesday 16th March 1904

To skating.

Thursday 17th March 1904


Friday 18th March 1904

Singing – 6th. To skating. No Alys (to a rehearsal). Very tired.

Saturday 19th March 1904

To fencing.

Emma’s wages – 17th.

Sunday 20th March 1904

To Mrs Blanford’s to dinner. Then on to skating.

Monday 21st March 1904

Fencing Club. To skating.

Tuesday 22nd March 1904

To Cousin Mary’s to dinner and evening.

Wednesday 23rd March 1904

To tea at Biddulph, with Aunt Alice to Harley Street. She dined with us and to Hengler’s.

Thursday 24th March 1904

Wade for marmalade making. To Mr Parson’s Picture afternoon. Poz there. Aunt Alice headache.

Friday 25th March 1904

Singing hoarse and home soon. Boiled marmalade. Not to skating. Ted’s laryngitis too bad.

Saturday 26th March 1904

To fencing. Rested. Fenced with Doz at Kingsley Display at Gym 7 o’clock.

Sunday 27th March 1904

To Sir E Waterlow’s picture show[1] and tea at Grosvenor. Barnard’s.

The Mill at Hemingford Grey by Sir Ernest Waterlow – exhibited at the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours in 1904.

Monday 28th March 1904

To Aunt Alice’s for talk. Alys to club meeting.

Tuesday 29th March 1904

Aunt Alice and Doz to Broadway.

Wednesday 30th March 1904

Photoes at gym. To meet Sylvia and see her off. Called on Mrs Mures. To Fencing Club meet. With male visitors. Fun.

High Wycombe

Thursday 31st March 1904

To Amersham by train, Ted and Phoebe and cycles too. Cycles 8 miles to High Wycombe. Stayed at Falcon Hotel.

Falcon Hotel, High Wycombe – building behind lamp post

Friday 1st April 1904

Walked in woods and photographed. Cycled to Stokenchurch. Awful head wind. 7 miles. Home 7 miles in 30 minutes.

Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire

Saturday 2nd April 1904

Ted to town. We 3 walked about 6 miles with cameras. Developed photographs afternoon and evening.

Sunday 3rd April 1904

Rode to Great Marlow and back – 12 miles. Then after dinner to Hampden and back by Risborough Hillock. About 30 miles in all.

Monday 4th April 1904

Cycled to Great Missenden. Lunch at Red Lion there. On to Hampden and tea there at Mrs Baldwin’s. Nice. Found pheasant.


Tuesday 5th April 1904

Cycled to Amersham. Lunch there and home by train. Tea all together. Flash light photographs.

Wednesday 6th April 1904

In town all day and to Biddulph to get key, etc. To skating, Headaches.

Thursday 7th April 1904


Friday 8th April 1904


Saturday 9th April 1904


Sunday 10th April 1904


Monday 11th April 1904


Tuesday 12th April 1904

To Slade with Bee Hollis. Lunch.

Wednesday 13th April 1904


Thursday 14th April 1904

Met Lucy and Doris and took them to Waterloo.

Waterloo Train Station, Lambeth, London

Friday 15th April 1904

To Mr Hosking then met Alys and to Slade. Saw Mr Tonks. He very nice.

Saturday 16th April 1904

To New Gallery Private View. Then lunch in town and on river in Nollie with Ted and Phoebe. Nice.

Sunday 17th April 1904

To skating. Lesson from Angholtz. Very nice indeed. I in very good form.

Monday 18th April 1904

Breakfast at 8. To Slade with Alys! Lesson from the Pro. Alys one from Mr Russell. Dined in town and to skating till 11. Rather tired.

Tuesday 19th April 1904

To Slade again. Alys had 2 lessons from Tonks! Nice. I lesson from Pro. Bee there. Called on Lee’s. Nice evening. Phoebe read aloud.

Wednesday 20th April 1904

Polly came to lunch and stayed. I hung pictures. On Heath with Poz and Conis.

hampstead heath.jpg
Hampstead Heath, London

Thursday 21st April 1904

To singing at 11. 9th lesson. Met Alys and to town, bought dance shoes and developed photos and in to Shentons with Poz. Lantern slides.

Friday 22nd April 1904

Poz away at 8.30. Alys and I to Slade. Nice lesson from Tonks afternoon and to dance at Drill Hall till 3am.

Saturday 23rd April 1904

To Fencing Club at 10.30. Then in swimming-baths. Rested. Horrid evening.

“You know I don’t think it’s at all bad, considering you’ve been away.” (me: I am assuming this is what Tonks said to Kate upon her return!)

Sunday 24th April 1904

On Welsh Harp. To skating.

Monday 25th April 1904

To Slade. Italian boy model. To skating.

Tuesday 26th April 1904

To Slade. Fainting and crying woman model.

Wednesday 27th April 1904

Polly came. Alys to skating.

Thursday 28th April 1904

To Hosking 10th. Fencing on roof (Club) at 5.15. Poz out to dinner. We to skating.

Friday 29th April 1904

Up at 7.15. Poz away. We to Slade. To British Museum, Harley Street and skating. Last night.*


Saturday 30th April 1904

Up at 7.30. To Haslemere. To Hicht’s – Lucy and Doris there. Walked to Punch Bowl and Gibbet. Very tired. Home 8 hours travelling.


Gibbet Hill, Hindhead by J M W Turner

* Alys did Polonaise with March. I with “Pink Boy”. I went in for Pairs dancing and won.

Sunday 1st May 1904

Slept till 1 o’clock. Dinner on Heath and rested there. Shentons on river with Phoebe and Carthew Brown’s. Ted in late.

Monday 2nd May 1904

Vacuum Rubber Cleaner came. 8am till 4.20. Ella arrived at 4.30 – from Torquay.

Tuesday 3rd May 1904

I in bed till lunch with asthma. Teeds to lunch. Mrs Mann to tea. Shentons in evening.

Wednesday 4th May 1904

Ella off at 9 o’clock. I up to lunch. Felt bad. Nellie Barnard to tea. Shentons bought a motor car. We went out in it. Great excitement.

Thursday 5th May 1904

In bed to breakfast.

Friday 6th May 1904

Conis had an epileptic fit at midnight.

Conis by Geoff Barnard (Kate’s cousin)

Saturday 7th May 1904

Kit came. Conis another fit. Kit stayed night.

Cleaner Co coming 2nd May 8 am.

Sunday 8th May 1904

Kit all day. Eddy Buchanan to tea. Down to see motor car failure.

Monday 9th May 1904

Alys to Baumer’s dance. Portman rooms.

Tuesday 10th May 1904

To Law Courts. Met Lucy and Doris. At Waterloo saw them off at Marylebone. To Law Courts and then Harley Street and the “Earl and the Girl” at the Adelphi[1].

earl and the girl.jpg

Wednesday 11th May 1904

To Law Courts all day. Till 4. Sir Victor Horsley, H Horsley and Judge Giles in witness box.

Court Case 1.pngCourt Case 2.png

Court Case 3.png
Evening Standard, London 1904

Thursday 12th May 1904


Friday 13th May 1904

I unwell.

Saturday 14th May 1904

On river to lunch and tea. Conis too.

Law Courts – Pare v. Cloete Smith case. Judge Lawrence Counsels. Duke (C. S.) and McCall (P.). Victor Horsley and Huxley, etc witnesses.

Sunday 15th May 1904

On Welsh Harp sailing – to tea at Lewis Baumer’s. Called on Mrs Stayer.

Monday 16th May 1904

Slade. Saw Dennis. Developed photos.

Tuesday 17th May 1904

Slade. Lessons from Tonks. To Finchley Road with Dennis. To baths, printed photos.

Wednesday 18th May 1904

To Compayne (me: Compayne Gardens, London NW6)  to see Poz. To town with her. Mary Geddes to tea.

Thursday 19th May 1904

To Mr Hosking – 11th

Friday 20th May 1904

To Slade. Sylvia came.


Saturday 21st May 1904

To Hindhead. To Hicht’s with Sylvia.

Sunday 22nd May 1904

To Church. Nice sermon from Prebendary Jakes.

Monday 23rd May 1904

Lovely walk to Gibbet and further. Took photos.

Tuesday 24th May 1904

Home again. Off to Roehampton. Teeds had been very ill. To Compayne. Wrote letter.

Wednesday 25th May 1904

To Slade. Painted. 1st day of head. Teeds drove over all the way here to stay.

Thursday 26th May 1904

Looked after Teeds. To singing. Did photos of Hindhead.

Friday 27th May 1904

Alys to Slade. I looked after Teeds. Emma to Middlesex Hospital. Teeds out for 10 minutes with me. Alys on motor car with Ted and Phoebe.

Saturday 28th May 1904

Emma to Guys. Alys to Tennis Club. Tades came – 7.30.

Sunday 29th May 1904

Miss Schubert came. Aunt Rosa, Uncle Harold and Lois, Poz to tea and supper.

Monday 30th May 1904

Slade. Chose hat with Tades.

Tuesday 31st May 1904


Wednesday 1st June 1904

Slade. To Islington for tickets.

Thursday 2nd June 1904

To Mr Badcock’s on motor car. At 12.15 lunch in town, shopped.

Friday 3rd June 1904

Slade. To Winnie Turner’s At Home. Sent in for certificate painting. To meet Sylvia on Ted’s motor-car.

Saturday 4th June 1904

On river. Met Kit at Richmond. In Nollie.

richmond 1904.jpg
River Thames, Richmond – 1904

Sunday 5th June 1904

To river. Alys and Sylvia on car with Ted and Phoebe. I by train. Lunch and tea on river. Sylvia back by car.

Monday 6th June 1904

Slade. New portrait model. Sylvia met us at Shoolbred’s. Lunch and then to Military Tournament. Fun. To Uncle Harold’s after dinner.

Military Tournament 1904
1904 Royal Military Tournament – Push-Ball Horseback

Tuesday 7th June 1904

Sylvia back to school. Called on Mrs Adair Roberts and Mrs Baumer and Cootsie Gow. To baths.

Wednesday 8th June 1904

Slade. To Blair Leighton’s after and to Cousin Fanny’s. Early to bed.

Thursday 9th June 1904

Alys to Badcock. I dressmaked. To Mrs Styers to tennis and stayed to dinner. Very nice. To Shenton’s. Fred and Bee there.

Friday 10th June 1904

Slade. No lessons for either of us. To Slade Club with Goosey and Godfrey. To Debenham’s and bought silks.

Saturday 11th June 1904

To fencing. I to baths later. Katie Fish came. On Heath. To theatre – “Cherry Girl[1]” – us 3 and Shenton’s and Fred Hollis. Very nice.

cherry girl.jpg

Sunday 12th June 1904

Teeds called! To Golders Hill – with Katie Fish. She went after lunch. Alys and I called on Miss Schubert and to supper at Aunt Rosa’s.

Monday 13th June 1904

Slade. Painted Mr Swain. Nice old man. I unwell.

Tuesday 14th June 1904

Tennis at Roberts’.

Wednesday 15th June 1904


Thursday 16th June 1904

Alys to Mr Badcock. Ethel Miles and Fanny Carnegy to lunch and Bobs. Fred Hollis to tea and to Tennis Club with us.

Friday 17th June 1904

Slade. Drew all day. Ruth Turner to lunch with us. Crits by Pro. To Tennis Club.

Saturday 18th June 1904

To Woolwich.

Sunday 19th June 1904

To Mrs Blanford’s to tea and supper. Ted took us and called for us in motor-car.

Monday 20th June 1904


Tuesday 21st June 1904

Auntie Kate and her nieces to tea. They went, and she stayed night.

Wednesday 22nd June 1904

Slade. Called on Misses Hills.

Thursday 23rd June 1904

Wade to lunch and tea. Alys and I to Watts – to dinner.

Friday 24th June 1904

To Slade. Prize-giving and strawberry tea.

Saturday 25th June 1904

To Aunt Ems with Kit to tea at Kardomah. To Aunt Rosa’s evening.

Sunday 26th June 1904

In Ted’s and Fred’s motors to river. Lunch in Richmond Park. Tea on river. Jack Lonsch too and Kitty. Great fun. Kit slept here.

Monday 27th June 1904

Packed. To Broadway. Smallbrook. Dinner in garden.

Smallbrook Cottage, Broadway, Worcestershire

Tuesday 28th June 1904

In garden. To dinner at Russell House.

Russell House, Broadway, Worcestershire

Wednesday 29th June 1904

To Stratford.

Thursday 30th June 1904

To the village with Doz. To Mrs Adams to tennis. Lindsay and Robert Macarthur in evening. Maud Coffin to dinner.

Friday 1st July 1904

To Windermere via Birmingham and Oxenholme.

Saturday 2nd July 1904

Sketched all morning. Then after lunch on to Keswick. To Derwentwater Hotel. Very nice indeed.


Sunday 3rd July 1904

Walked to Skiddaw and climbed a little way up with Coniston (me: dog, Conis). Slept all afternoon and home by ferry on lake in evening.

Monday 4th July 1904

To Lodore Falls by bus and char-a-banc. Home by electric launch. Left after lunch for Carlisle. Tea there. On to Corbridge. Aunts and Ella.


Tuesday 5th July 1904

Ella in bed. Out a little. Wrote letters. Saw Aunt M and Sissie.

Wednesday 6th July 1904


Thursday 7th July 1904


Friday 8th July 1904


Saturday 9th July 1904


Paid Emma 6 wages to July 4th.

Sunday 10th July 1904

To Church with Alys and Ella. Harry Luckley (curate) preached.

Monday 11th July 1904

Sketched. Cousins Martha and Marion to tea. To Dilston with H. Luckley.

Tuesday 12th July 1904

To Humshaugh for the day.

Wednesday 13th July 1904

For pony-drive to Hexham with Aunts. Sketched. Rode to Stocksfield with Ella.

Thursday 14th July 1904

I unwell. Leo and Leonora to tea and supper. Horace and Sissie to tea. Gibbie to supper.

Friday 15th July 1904


Saturday 16th July 1904

Drove the Aunts and Ella. To Aydon Castle.


Emma’s wages 17th.

Sunday 17th July 1904

To Church. To Church in evening. Aunt too and Ella. Harry preached.

Monday 18th July 1904

To tea at Harry Luckley’s. To Mrs Borkwell’s afterwards.

Tuesday 19th July 1904

Cycled at 1.30 to Chollerford. Chesters with Horace and Alys. Tea at Humshaugh at Aunt Ellen’s. To Hexham on way back. Ella and Sissie met us.

Wednesday 20th July 1904
Cycled to Linnels Bridge with Ella. Violet Nichol spent day here. Few drops of rain.

Also known as Linnels Bridge

Thursday 21st July 1904

Cousin Marion to lunch. Ted Barnard and his wife to tea.

Friday 22nd July 1904

To Borcovicus with Ella. (Housesteads) Rain. Sandwich lunch. And back. Thundery. Conis had 4 fits. Began at 8am and last one at midnight.

Borcovicus – The Roman camp at Housesteads

Saturday 23rd July 1904

Drove with the Aunts. To tea at Aunt M’s.

Emma’s board wages begin again on 18th July.
Vindolana (me: Roman Fort along Hadrian’s Wall)
Cilurnam (me: Roman Bridge and Gate)
Borcovicus (me: Roman camp)


Sunday 24th July 1904

To Early Service. To Morning Service – Vicar (new). Henry Londsdale read himself in – Horace to tea. Rain on and off all day.

Monday 25th July 1904

Out with Alys.

Tuesday 26th July 1904

Cycled to Blanchland with Harry and Horace. 24 miles in all.


Wednesday 27th July 1904


Thursday 28th July 1904


Friday 29th July 1904

To Newcastle. 2 Bentinck Villas.

Saturday 30th July 1904


Sunday 31st July 1904

To Southview, etc.

Monday 1st August 1904

Washed my head. To Cousin Harriet’s to tea. Aunt Margaret’s to supper.

Tuesday 2nd August 1904

Called on Leonora. 26 Highbury.

Gullane, Scotland

Wednesday 3rd August 1904

To Edinburgh 9.35. Lunch at Jenners. To Hatty’. On to Gullane at 6.30. To Simes.


Thursday 4th August 1904

Bathed. 1st. Lovely.

Friday 5th August 1904

Bathed. 2nd. Nell too. Choppy. Miss Clapperton and Mrs Bulgany called.

Saturday 6th August 1904

Rainy. Bathed. Miss Sharpe for Haddington. Adam Browne came and stayed.

To Simes on 3rd? Kit at 26 Craven Terrace till August 3rd.

Sunday 7th August 1904

To Church with Nell, Alys and walk with Adam. All of us 4 to Juvvie’s Hook after tea.

Monday 8th August 1904

Adam away. Bathed. Not Alys. Sketched after tea.

Tuesday 9th August 1904

Bathed and sketched.

Wednesday 10th August 1904

Cycled to Canty Bay.

Canty Bay.png

Crossed to Bass Rock.  Lunch at Tantallon Castle.

Tantallon Castle with Bass Rock in the background

Cycled back 16 miles in all.

Thursday 11th August 1904

Rain all day. Developed photographs. 8d.

Friday 12th August 1904

Bathed – 6th.

Saturday 13th August 1904

Bathed. Alys and I sketched on rocks.

3 weeks of 6 – wages – 8th.

Sunday 14th August 1904

Other 3 to Church. I a walk with Conis. Alys and I walked to Aberlady Bridge alone.

Aberlady bridge.jpg
Aberlady Bridge

Monday 15th August 1904

Bathed with Alys. Very low tide and very cold. Rained later. Painted roses.

Tuesday 16th August 1904

Bathed 9th. Lovely. Washed Conis. Mrs Sime to Edinburgh. I unwell. Letter from Phoebe.

Wednesday 17th August 1904

Read “Katharine Frensham[1]” by B Harraden. Read Memoirs of Countess of Leinster[2].

Thursday 18th August 1904

Read “Romance[3]” by Hueffer. Golfed.

Friday 19th August 1904


Saturday 20th August 1904

Sketched Smiddy. Alys golfed. Read “The Long Night[4]” by Stanley Weyman – goodish.

Paid Emma £2. B. W from July 18th to August 15th.
Paid Emma 1.16-8 6/7 ish.

Sunday 21st August 1904

Read The Interloper[5]. To Church with Nell. Eddy Buchanan to tea and a walk with us.

Monday 22nd August 1904

Wet. Wrote to Doz. Read “The Vineyard” J Oliver Hobbs. Not very good.


Tuesday 23rd August 1904

To Newcastle via Edinburgh where lunched. To 8 Graingerville North.

Wednesday 24th August 1904

Alys and Sissie off to Saltburn. I with Aunt M.


Old Saltburn, 1904

Thursday 25th August 1904

To town with Ella. Wet-ish. Bought work.

Friday 26th August 1904

Aunt M in chair. To recreation ground.

Saturday 27th August 1904

To town early.

Sunday 28th August 1904

Aunt M and I to Miss Proctor’s. To Southview in evening. Violet to dinner.

Monday 29th August 1904

Very hot. Mr Boughless took Aunt M. We went to moor. To 2 B. V. in evening.

Tuesday 30th August 1904


Wednesday 31st August 1904



Thursday 1st September 1904

To London. Met Alys at York.

Friday 2nd September 1904


Saturday 3rd September 1904


To Newcastle on 31st and Home on 2nd.
Paid Emma’s 6 weeks to August 29th.

Sunday 4th September 1904

To Parish Church. To Aunt Rosa’s to tea.

Monday 5th September 1904

Sketched with Lois.

Tuesday 6th September 1904


Wednesday 7th September 1904

Cycled to Highgate Pond and had exquisite bathe there. Diving, etc.

Highgate Pond.jpg
Whitestone Pond, Hampstead Heath

Thursday 8th September 1904

To Swimming baths. To Kitty’s.

Friday 9th September 1904

To town. Lunch with Harold and P. F. Au Petit Riche in Great Compton Street. Tea with Kit.

Saturday 10th September 1904

Kitty came for weekend. Sylvia came.

Sunday 11th September 1904

To St Paul’s with Kitty. Canon Scott Holland preached. Shentons arrived home on car.

Monday 12th September 1904

Took Sylvia to her Maria Grey exam[1]. Phoebe to lunch.

Tuesday 13th September 1904


Wednesday 14th September 1904


Thursday 15th September 1904

To singing – 1st.

Friday 16th September 1904

I unwell. To town with Aunt Alice and Doris.

Saturday 17th September 1904


Sunday 18th September 1904

Alys and Sylvia to Aunt Rosa’s. To Kit’s in motor car. Stayed to tea and supper.

Monday 19th September 1904

Alys to baths. Model and painted.

Tuesday 20th September 1904

Dined at William Miles and to Queen’s Hall Concert with Ethel and Miles and John Von Emster.

queens hall.jpg
Queen’s Hall, Langham Place, London

Wednesday 21st September 1904

To baths.

Thursday 22nd September 1904

To singing – 2nd. With Alys to Prince of Wales Road Baths.

Prince of Wales Baths.jpg
Prince of Wales Baths, Kentish Town, London

Fun. Cycle ride with Miles Mogran and he back to tea. Aunt Alice to stay. I slept with her.

Friday 23rd September 1904

Aunt Alice to Tadema’s. He ill.

Saturday 24th September 1904

I went down to Broadway and Conis died. No pain. Phoebe and Ted in in evening and music.

Conis died – Sept 24th.

Coniston “Conis”

Sunday 25th September 1904

Mr and Mrs Banford to tea. Aunt Alys and I to Aunt Rosa’s. Phoebe and Ted took Frank Rush out in motor. Peter got killed by another car.

Monday 26th September 1904

To baths. Type-wrote Robin’s Essays. To Queen’s Hall. Wagner Concert with Miles Morgan. Aunt Alice also with Shentons. Went in their car. Aunt Alice and Sylvia away.

Tuesday 27th September 1904


Wednesday 28th September 1904


Thursday 29th September 1904


Friday 30th September 1904


Saturday 1st October 1904


Sunday 2nd October 1904

Rainy. Read “Wrecker[1]”.

Monday 3rd October 1904

Alys to Slade. I at home with cold. Mrs Hollis and Bee in evening.

Tuesday 4th October 1904


Wednesday 5th October 1904

Slade. Home early. Stained studio floor.

Thursday 6th October 1904

To Aunt Alice with Mowgli[2]. Ruby Burford from 2 to 4. Moved furniture into studio and stained floor (waxed it).

Scottish Terrier – Mowgli

Friday 7th October 1904


Saturday 8th October 1904


Sunday 9th October 1904


Monday 10th October 1904


Tuesday 11th October 1904


Wednesday 12th October 1904


Thursday 13th October 1904


Friday 14th October 1904


Saturday 15th October 1904

To Embleton’s till Monday.

Sunday 16th October 1904

To Church

Monday 17th October 1904

To Slade direct from Northwood.

Tuesday 18th October 1904

I unwell?

Wednesday 19th October 1904


Thursday 20th October 1904


Friday 21st October 1904


Saturday 22nd October 1904

Fencing – 1st.

Send “Workers” (painting) to P. Young – 21st.

Sunday 23rd October 1904

To Turner’s to tea (Bishop of Islington). Nice.

Monday 24th October 1904

Slade. To Aunt Alice’s.

Tuesday 25th October 1904


Wednesday 26th October 1904


Thursday 27th October 1904

Fog so no Hosking.

Friday 28th October 1904

Doz and Poz to stay. Slade.

Saturday 29th October 1904

Fencing 2nd. To baths. To Miss Hills’ At Home.

Send in Competition picture to Slade – 24th.

Sunday 30th October 1904


Monday 31st October 1904

Slade. Shentons in evening.

Tuesday 1st November 1904

Poz and Doz went.

Wednesday 2nd November 1904

Slade. To Town Hall to Soirée. Scientific Society.*

Thursday 3rd November 1904


Friday 4th November 1904


Saturday 5th November 1904

Emma ill. Tonsillitis. I to fencing. Teeds to lunch. Helen Roberts and A. Hall to tea in Studio. To Thompson’s in evening.

* Sylvanus Thompson lectured on Japanese magic mirrors. Shinto Religion, and Buddhism (ancestors, etc).

Magic Mirrors.png

Sunday 6th November 1904

Studio. To Highgate. Mrs Blanford out. On to Aunt Alice’s – tea there. Rain.

Monday 7th November 1904

“Workers” criticised. Alys headache. To Prince’s – 1st time this year.


Tuesday 8th November 1904

Ruth Turner and Marion Turner to tea in Studio. Called on Buchanan’s in evening. Out in motor car. Lovely.

Wednesday 9th November 1904

Got Mr Steer to criticize my “Workers”.

Thursday 10th November 1904


Friday 11th November 1904

To Prince’s – 2nd time.

Saturday 12th November 1904

Kit to lunch, tea and dinner. To Studio with her to her house in evening. Mr de May there – games.

Sunday 13th November 1904

Out in cars to Rickmansworth. Awful fog. Came back by train.

Monday 14th November 1904

To Slade. Home early. Tired.

Tuesday 15th November 1904

Feverish and I in bed. Up to tea.

Wednesday 16th November 1904

I unwell. Rested. Margaret Embleton to tea. Alys to Slade. 1st Perspective. Phoebe and Ted to dinner (her birthday – 31) and to “Tempest” (Sir Hubert Beerbohm Tree) afterwards.


Thursday 17th November 1904

Not to Hosking. Did grey skirt all day.

Friday 18th Noveber 1904


Saturday 19th November 1904


Sunday 20th November 1904


Monday 21st November 1904


Tuesday 22nd November 1904


Wednesday 23rd November 1904


Thursday 24th November 1904

Thick snow. 3 inches. To Law Courts. Witnessed against Mullan.

Friday 25th November 1904

To Ealing to dance. Spent night at Watts.

Saturday 26th November 1904

Home. Alys to Embleton’s – bazaar. I to Miss Hall’s Studio. Acting. Thick fog.

Sunday 27th November 1904

To G. E. B.’s. Ted and Phoebe called for me in car.

Monday 28th November 1904


Tuesday 29th November 1904


Wednesday 30th November 1904


Thursday 1st December 1904


Friday 2nd December 1904


Saturday 3rd December 1904


Sunday 4th December 1904

Alys in bed – colded. Kitty and Mr de May and Shentons to tea.

Monday 5th December 1904

Slade – new red-haired model. Nice. To see Edward.

Tuesday 6th December 1904


Wednesday 7th December 1904

Slade. Alys not till lunch. Dolly Embleton to lunch. Nice lesson from Steer.


Thursday 8th December 1904

To town. Shopped all day.

Friday 9th December 1904


Saturday 10th December 1904


Sunday 11th December 1904


Monday 12th December 1904


Tuesday 13th December 1904


Wednesday 14th December 1904


Thursday 15th December 1904


Friday 16th December 190


Saturday 17th December 1904


Sunday 18th December 1904


Monday 19th December 1904


Tuesday 20th December 1904


Wednesday 21st December 1904



Thursday 22nd December 1904

Thick fog. Started for Grindelwald; crossed Dover – Calais in Queen (turbine). Dined at Gare du Lyon. Paris.

The first Dover and Calais mail turbine steamer—the “ Queen ”– was built in 1903

Friday 23rd December 1904

On to Dijon, changed 3am. Changed at Dole and at Pontarlier. Tea at Berne. Arrived Grindelwald at 10pm. Moonlight.


Saturday 24th December 1904

Skated on our rink. Tobogganed.


Travelled with 6 Styers and 2 Dorans.

Sunday 25th December 1904 – Christmas Day

Skated and tobogganed. Christmas tree and music.

Monday 26th December 1904

Ball at the Bear Hotel.

bear hotel.jpg

Tuesday 27th December 1904

Had schee (ski) lesson 1st. Dance at our hotel.

Wednesday 28th December 1904

To Lower Glacier. Went scheeing with Alys and Teddy. Progressive whist.

lower glacier.jpg
The Lower Glacier, Grindelwald, with the Eiger
1802 by J. M. W. Turner

Thursday 29th December 1904

To Lütschine Gorge. Crones also. Indoor gymkhana.

Friday 30th December 1904

Fancy Dress Ball. Great fun.

Saturday 31st December 1904

Blizzard. Tobogganed.

End of Diary Notes

Haunch of Venison Yard 1908

Pare v. Cloete Smith case
Judge Gile (in the witness box)

“I make it a wholesome rule not to interfere with other people’s business.”
Judge Laurence (conducting the case) “and yet you spend the whole of your life doing nothing else.”

Fencing Coat  14-6
Lunch at R .      9-2
Fares                  5-0
Tips                       9
Tea, etc              4-0
Strawberries       6
Sunshade          1-0

Sat 4th
Fares                 3-0
Bananas              6
Chocolate            6
Lunch               5-0

Mil. Tourn.      18-0
Progs, etc           2-0
Fares                  3-3

June 1st
Slade lunch       2-6
Fares                  1-0

3rd lunch            2-8
Fares                   1-0

“Legende” Bohn No 7 Opus 300? Or something
* Romance Svensen
* Legende Wiensiawski
* Cavatina Raff
Le Cygne Saint Saens
Sonatas for Violin and Piano – only 1d.
Andante Movement of 6 and 8

Open, slip, take in.
Bring wool in front of needle.

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