1904 February Footnotes

[1] Lorna Doone: A Romance of Exmoor is a novel by English author Richard Doddridge Blackmore, published in 1869. It is a romance based on a group of historical characters and set in the late 17th century in Devon and Somerset, particularly around the East Lyn Valley area of Exmoor.

[2] Dickins & Jones was a high-quality department store in London, England, which traded between 1835 and 2007, although tracing its origins to 1790. From 1835, the main store was in London’s Regent Street.

[3] Puttick & Simpson, Auction house founded 1794 by James Fletcher; purchased 1846 by Thomas D Puttick and William S Simpson. Trade card in Heal Collection, advertises “Messrs Puttick & Simpson, Auctioneers of Books, Pictures, Engravings, Antique China & Furniture, Plate, Jewelry, Coins, Postage Stamps & Musical Instruments…”

[4] Ib and Little Christina refers to two theatrical adaptations by Basil Hood of the 1855 fairy tale by Hans Andersen of the same name. Hood then rewrote Ib an Little Christina as an opera styled “A Picture in 3 Panels”, with music by Franco Leoni.



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