1902 Bristol, London, Ramsgate, Brussels, Southwold, Newcastle,


1902 Diary

In 1902, Edward is 26 years old, Kate is 23 years old and Alys is 18 years old.

At beginning of diary
Had 33 bathes at Southwold

Clifton, Bristol

Found in previous diary:

Wednesday 1st January 1902

A and I had our photographs taken at Abel Lewis’. At 6.30 party here. 4 Barons, 2 Champions, 2 Sibleys, Miss Lecky.

Thursday 2nd January 1902

To town. Over the Cathedral. Very nice. To Ping-pong at Miss Dester’s with Aunt Carrie and tea there.

bristol cathedral.png

Friday 3rd January 1902

Auntie Kate, Alys and I saw all over the College. Lovely (Tadema’s, etc). Aunt Carrie, Alys and I to tea at the Baron’s. Miss Weedon to supper here.

Saturday 4th January 1902

Alys headache. Rain. Not out all day.

Sunday 5th January 1902

I to Congregational Chapel with Mrs D and Auntie Kate. Alys and I tea with Auntie K in her room. Saw her sketches.

Monday 6th January 1902

Alys, Auntie K and I to lunch at Mrs Adams’. The other end of Bristol. Miss McGill and Miss Teddon to tea.

Tuesday 7th January 1902

A and I to Abel Lewis’ on tram. We and Auntie Kate to lunch at Mrs Tanner’s. They sent carriage and ping-pong and tea there. Bookbound.

Wednesday 8th January 1902

I unwell. Wrote to Morant’s (me: Kate’s deceased father’s firm in London). Bookbound. To call on Misses Hughes and Ludlow with Auntie Katie. To Dickens reading.

Thursday 9th January 1902

With Beatrice to St Mary Redcliffe[1] of Temple Church. We made sweets in evening.

St Marys redcliffe.jpg


Friday 10th January 1902

Back from Clifton. To Zoo and packed. To London at 3 o’clock. Called for Conis.

Saturday 11th January 1902

To fencing lesson. Not Biggs. Kitty to lunch and we to to town. She sat for Albert Hall. Tea at Callard’s. Alys and me to Miss Morley’s.

Sunday 12th January 1902

With Teeds to Church. Teeds to lunch. Poz, Alys and I to Garrick Theatre to Peter’s Party. Fun!!!

Monday 13th January 1902

With Kit to Miss Hall’s Studio. She sat for us till 1 o’clock. Shopped with Kit, Aunt Alice back and called on Tromlett.

Tuesday 14th January 1902

To Slade. Left after lunch. To Mr Parson’s party at 5 till 12. Dancing, great fun. Carrs, Bromages, etc.

Wednesday 15th January 1902

To shops, bank and Brook Deedes[2]. Called on Louie Barnard with Poz.

(me: started 1902 Diary)

Thursday 16th January 1902

To Slade. Drew execrably. Very bad lesson from Tonks (my last!)

Friday 17th January 1902

Not to Slade or out as colded.

Saturday 18th January 1902

Fencing, Biggs. To G. E. B.’s party. Dancing.

Sunday 19th January 1902

Teeds all day. Kitty and Grace Sandeman to tea. Harry and Eddy to supper.

Monday 20th January 1902


Tuesday 21st January 1902

To Slade. Began portrait. Home after lunch and rested. To dance at Drill Hall – Aunt Rosa’s Mrs Garrett too. 8.30 till 2 or so.

Wednesday 22nd January 1902

In bed all day. Alys to 1st Confirmation Class.

Thursday 23rd January 1902

In bed. Dr Neale came. Bronchitis – poultices.

Friday 24th January 1902

Dr Neale came – congestion of the lungs – poultices.

Saturday 25th January 1902

Dr Neale came – influenza – poultices.

Paid Aunt A to 25th board 

Sunday 26th January 1902

No Dr Neale. I had attack of pleurisy. Painful – poultices.

Monday 27th January 1902

Dr Neale – German Measles at Alys’ school so she at home.

Tuesday 28th January 1902

Dr Neale – I unwell.

Wednesday 29th January 1902

Dr Neale. Alys to Confirmation Class.

Thursday 30th January 1902

Dr Neale – Madame Wich (me: Aunt Bella (Uncle Pierre’s wife’s (Bella) mother (Brussels)) died.

Friday 31st January 1902

Kit came in to see me.

Saturday 1st February 1902

Dr Neale – he ill.

Sunday 2nd February 1902

Kit came – nice talk.

Monday 3rd February 1902

Dr Neale came. Heard of Milly’s engagement.

Tuesday 4th February 1902

Alys to Confirmation Class – 3rd.

Wednesday 5th February 1902

Dr Neale came – very foggy.

Thursday 6th February 1902

Bound “The Rivals”. Got up at 4 o’clock. In drawing room. To bed at 8.30. Aunt Alice away to 54 Bedford Gardens.

Friday 7th February 1902

Got up at 4pm. Poz to bed with influenza.

Saturday 8th February 1902

Very foggy. Black. Aunt Alice back. I up in afternoon. Dr Neale came.

Paid Wade to February 3rd.

Sunday 9th February 1902

Up to dinner 1.30. Very sunny. J Geddes to tea. Mr G. E. B. and Eddy Buchanan called. Latter to supper. Doz to bed – influenza!

Monday 10th February 1902

Poz and Doz in bed all day. Dr Neale came and saw us all. I up at 9.30. Alys to school again and slept with me.

Tuesday 11th February 1902

Alys came out with German measles rash! Dr Neale to see her. She put in Aunt A’s room. Poz sent off to 54 Bedford Gardens. I nursed Alys.

Wednesday 12th February 1902

Dr Neale came. Aunt Alice and I out. Also after lunch cab up to Heath Mansions and looked over them.

Heath Mansions.png
Heath Mansions, London NW3

Thursday 13th February 1902

Dr Neale came. Aunt Alice and I to flats in Cannon Hill.

Friday 14th February 1902

Aunt Alice to lunch at 54 Bedford Gardens with Poz. I to bank.

Saturday 15th February 1902

Up to flats.

Sunday 16th February 1902

Met Uncle Harold at flat. 10.30. Very cold. Skating.

Monday 17th February 1902

Aunt Alice and I up to flat. Dr Neale here. We chose tiles – Aunt Alice to 54 Bedford Gardens to tea.

Tuesday 18th February 1902

Aunt Alice and I up to flat. Looked at papers. Alys had bath and slept in my room again. Mr Bailey came and talked.

Wednesday 19th February 1902

Alys up and in dining room.

Thursday 20th February 1902

Not out. Aunt Ada to tea and supper. Talked of Brussels.

Friday 21st February 1902

Dr Neale. To town with Aunt Alice. Lunch at Pagani’s. Chose wallpaper for flat.

Saturday 22nd February 1902

Alys and I up to flat.

Paid Aunt A to 22nd.

Sunday 23rd February 1902

Aunt Alice and Uncle Harold and I to flat to settle wallpaper.

Monday 24th February 1902

Aunt Alice and Doz to Ramsgate.

Tuesday 25th February 1902

Alys and I to flat with Aunt Ada who here to lunch. We made blouse for me – silk stripe. Signed Agreement.

Wednesday 26th February 1902

Alys and I to flat to order wall-papers. Did blouse.

Thursday 27th February 1902

Alys and I to town. Chose electric fittings at HFS (Messrs Faraday and Sons – Uncle Harold’s firm) and got present for Aunt Alice. Worked at my blouse all afternoon. I unwell.

Friday 28th February 1902


Saturday 1st March 1902

Wade spent day sewing for us.

16 Royal Crescent, Ramsgate. 


Sunday 2nd March 1902

I to Ramsgate by 11.00 train (Victoria 6/2d) to stay at Mrs Du Maurier’s house lent to Mrs Comyns Carr. Dolly Carr there.

Monday 3rd March 1902

On to piers;



To Broadstairs on electric tram.


Nice. To harbour again.

Tuesday 4th March 1902

In bed all day with sore throat, headache, etc. Read “Benefactress[1]”.

Wednesday 5th March 1902

Up to lunch. Out in bathchair 2.30 to 3.30 (1/6). Read The “Woman in White[2]”.

Thursday 6th March 1902

Up to breakfast. Out on bathchair and again after lunch. Alys influenza.

Friday 7th March 1902

I bad runny cold. So in bed. Mrs Carr and Doz to London.

Saturday 8th March 1902

In bed all day. Better.

Mar 3rd

Sunday 9th March 1902

Better – up and in drawing room.

Monday 10th March 1902

Moved to 4 Royal Crescent.

Royal Crescent aerial.jpg

Alys came. Dolly Carr to London. Aunt Alice here with us.

Tuesday 11th March 1902

Up to breakfast. Out to shops and on pier.

margate pier.jpg

Wednesday 12th March 1902

Aunt Alice away to London.

Thursday 13th March 1902

On pier. Mr Lorry photographed dredger “Currly” (sic).

Alys and I to Broadstairs.

Friday 14th March 1902

On pier. Rough.

Saturday 15th March 1902

On pier. To Broadstairs on tram.

Sunday 16th March 1902

Very fine. I a bad headache.

Monday 17th March 1902

Out on pier. Heard of John Foreman being drowned in harbour on 15th. 1am.

Tuesday 18th March 1902

To Margate and back on tram.



Wednesday 19th March 1902

Out in boat, rowing. Nice.

Thursday 20th March 1902

Very rough and windy. Saw Smacks come in on pier.


Wrote to Maples[3] and sent inventory.


Friday 21st March 1902

On pier. To Broadstairs for butter. On pier in evening.

Saturday 22nd March 1902

On pier. Saw “Brenda” tugged out. Also Sirius and Sonia. True Love nearly collided with pier. Talked to young one on pier. Also to Donald Seafield’s and his mother – nice.

Paid Aunt Alice to 22nd

Sunday 23rd March 1902

On pier. Fine but windy. Walked to Pegwell Bay. On pier twice in evening. Back at seven.

pegwell bay.jpg
Pegwell Bay, Kent – a Recollection of October 5th 1858, by William Dyce


Monday 24th March 1902

Paid bills at shops and on pier. Mr Lorry on dredger. Saw Fawn and Old Goody go out. Up to London 3.25 to Wedderburn House.

Tuesday 25th March 1902

Lady Day. Alys and I to flat. To Slade to get things. Doz to Carr’s and theatre and met Gillette[4] and Forbes-Robertson[5].

Wednesday 26th March 1902

Shopped. Aunt A too. To flat. Alys, Aunt A, Poz and Doz to theatre.

Thursday 27th March 1902

To town all day – bought 2 dresses for Alys at Emile’s (Meta Grundy) and one for me. Called on Miss Roberts and Mr G. E. B.

Friday 28th March 1902

Worked. To Messiah at Albert Hall with Poz – 7 till 10.

Saturday 29th March 1902

To fencing – last lesson.

Sunday 30th March 1902

Rain. To dinner at G. E. B’s to see Mr Millet’s[6] picture. To tea at Uncle Ned’s.

Monday 31st March 1902

To call on Mrs Baumer with Poz.

Tuesday 1st April 1902

Trimmed hat and to flat. To call on Mrs Carr alone. Wrote to Hannah and Ella and Minnie.

Wednesday 2nd April 1902

Up at flat. Our furniture from Maple’s warehouse. Hard work but joyful.

Thursday 3rd April 1902

At flat again. Nice foreman “Catt”. Poz and Doz in afternoon there. Aunt Alys to Ben Hur[1] – 1st night. Furniture finished.

ben hur.jpg
Ben-Hur, Drury Lane, London

Friday 4th April 1902

Up at flat. To flat in afternoon too. Fetched bedding for L. Millet who came here. To Sherlock Holmes with Alys, Doz and Laurence and Paul.

Saturday 5th April 1902

To Maple’s Depositary with Alys. Rained hard. Did green blouse. Others to theatres.

Write to Morants for £50 April 1st
Aunt A to April 5th
Paid Wade to 31st

Sunday 6th April 1902

Quiet morning. To Mr Parsons and Mr Sargent to see pictures.

Monday 7th April 1902

Dresssmaded (sic). To Miss Morley’s. Aunt Alice, Poz and Laurence to Paolo and Francesca.

Tuesday 8th April 1902

Laurence away. Made green blouse. To Miss Grundy’s with Alys. Called on G. E. B’s. Kitty here and to flat. Poz to dinner at Tadema’s.

Wednesday 9th April 1902

To Miss Lariner’s.

Thursday 10th April 1902

To flat. Moved things and arranged them. To supper at Buchanan’s – Alys and I.

Friday 11th April 1902

To Miss Grundy’s. Mrs Blanford and Oliver called and A. E. Miles and Louie Vinert.

Saturday 12th April 1902

To Miss Lariner’s. To flat. Buchanan’s to dinner.

Sargent’s “Lord Ribblesdale” and Duchess of Portland and Atchison Girls – lovely. Norwegian scene too.

Lord Ribblesdale by John Singer Sargent (National Gallery)
Winifred, Duchess of Portland by John Singer Sargent 1902
Norway sargent.png
On His Holidays, Norway, John Singer Sargent, 1901-1902

Sunday 13th April 1902

Up to flat and met Uncle Harold there. To tea at Aunt Rosa’s. Lovely and hot.

Monday 14th April 1902

Lovely day, out with Doz.

Tuesday 15th April 1902

To Tadema’s evening. Dancing and handkerchief game.

Wednesday 16th April 1902

To concert. Queen’s Hall 8.30 with Alys.

Thursday 17th April 1902

Miss Parsons – called on Mrs Hanhart. “Thursdays except the first”.

Friday 18th April 1902

To Lariner’s. Up at flat. Alys, Wade and Fanny. Cleaning and arranging all day.

Saturday 19th April 1902


Lariner’s – 10 Friday

Sunday 20th April 1902

To Blanford’s.

Monday 21st April 1902

French lessons Hermès 18 Frognal.

Tuesday 22nd April 1902

Very wet. Headache.

Wednesday 23rd April 1902

In bed till 6. Headache. Uncle Harold to dinner.

Thursday 24th April 1902

To town. Bought beds, etc.

Friday 25th April 1902


Saturday 26th April 1902


Sunday 27th April 1902


Monday 28th April 1902


Tuesday 29th April 1902


Wednesday 30th April 1902


Thursday 1st May 1902


Friday 2nd May 1902



Saturday 3rd May 1902

To Brussels

Paid W. (Wade) to April 28th 

Sunday 4th May 1902

To Races – “Grand Prix de Bruxelles” at Boitsfort.

Monday 5th May 1902

Doz bad cold.

Tuesday 6th May 1902

The Deppes and Madamoiselle Eva to lunch.

Wednesday 7th May 1902

To Concours in the Dos-à-dos (me: I’m not sure if the Dos-à-dos is a motorised vehicle or horse-drawn carriage – knowing Uncle Pierre’s love of horses, I think possibly (and hoping) it is a horse carriage).

1902 Berna Ideal 4-Seater Dos-à-dos Voiturette
Dos-à-dos Style Horse Carriage

Thursday 8th May 1902

To 8 am Communion Service with Alys at Church of the Resurrection. To Races – Prix du Roi – not Doz. Cold too bad. Madame Henrard and Madamoiselle Laure Guise and Meeus to dinner.

Friday 9th May 1902

To see rehearsals of Concours. Jim Crack there. Called on Madame la Baronne de Heusch, who is to chaperone us to Concours Hippique.

Saturday 10th May 1902

To Councours essays. The Van Langendoncks there. To see Furniture Sale room.

Young Röntgens of the Guides the little officer. De Witte and his son. Van Spoolberg (expression). Blomest, the good rider (guides). 

Sunday 11th May 1902

To Groenendaal in dos-à-dos.


Monday 12th May 1902

King Leopold there.

Leopold II, King of Belgium (1835 – 1909)

Concours Hippique and Heusch’s lovely. Colonel charming.

Tuesday 13th May 1902

Concours Hippique

Wednesday 14th May 1902

Concours Hippique

Thursday 15th May 1902


Friday 16th May 1902

Concours Hippique

Saturday 17th May 1902

Concours Hippique. Zimmerman’s to tea – us there.

Sunday 18th May 1902

Races at Boitsfort. Very wet.

Monday 19th May 1902


Tuesday 20th May 1902

William Meeus to play ping-pong.

Wednesday 21st May 1902

A and I to Montagne de la Cour. Met Colonel and young Wahis. Madame, Colonel and Bouboul de Heusch to dinner. Tricks after.

Thursday 22nd May 1902

Vicomte Desmanet de Biesme died at 3am. To races at Boitsfort. I bet 5 fr and lost (Piccadilly).

Friday 23rd May 1902

To Bois in dos-à-dos. Bouboul de Heusch to play ping-pong.

Saturday 24th May 1902

To Tattersalls morning and afternoon. The Van Langendoncks there. Saw Grenadiers pass and Colonel de Heusch.

Sunday 25th May 1902

To Ste Gudule[1]. Lovely music.

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

Monday 26th May 1902


Tuesday 27th May 1902


Wednesday 28th May 1902


Thursday 29th May 1902


Friday 30th May 1902

In bed – sort of.

Saturday 31st May 1902

Influenzial – bronchial cold.

Washing 5 Fr 55. 

Sunday 1st June 1902


Monday 2nd June 1902

In bed.

Tuesday 3rd June 1902

In bed.

Wednesday 4th June 1902


Thursday 5th June 1902

In bed – up later.

Friday 6th June 1902

In bed – up later.

Saturday 7th June 1902

Doz away to London.

Sunday 8th June 1902

Races. Wet. Aunt Bella and I drove with Uncle Pierre and Alys to Boitsfort and fetched them again in coupé.

Monday 9th June 1902

To dinner at M. Verbrocck’s.

Tuesday 10th June 1902


Wednesday 11th June 1902


Thursday 12th June 190


Friday 13th June 1902

M. Thys came to look at Topsy. I unwell.

Saturday 14th June 1902

Mr Thys bought Topsy and took her away. 500 Fr. (20lb).

Sunday 15th June 1902

Drove in Bois. I drove Hercules. Met Colonel De Heusch. To Church at 11 am. Walked to Bois and sat on Pelouse des Anglais[1].


Pelouse des Anglais

Monday 16th June 1902

Loniscker here – Madmoiselle Eva to lunch. Longchamps Fleurie in pouring rain. Wrote to Poz. Mr Meeus in evening.


Tuesday 17th June 1902

To Madame Henriette Ronner’s[2] studio with Monsieur Meeus.

Henriette_Ronner-Knip_-_The_Last_Move.jpgHe to lunch. We drove to town, shopped and called. He to tea. Madame De Heusch and Bouboul called. Uncle Pierre ill.

Wednesday 18th June 1902

Alys and I to town. Shopped and I drove to town in Victoria again in afternoon. Uncle Pierre better.

Thursday 19th June 1902

Walked to Bois and sat with Uncle Pierre and Alys there. Went to tea at de Heusch’s. Saw Colonel. Saw his book. Lovely. Avenue in evening.

Friday 20th June 1902

Drove in town, and to Shaerbeek to fetch Madamoiselle Eva. Went to Bois and sat there tho’ it drizzled.

Saturday 21st June 1902

A long drive in dos-à-dos. Alys and I drove in bois and right along boulevards. To Tattersall’s – fun. Victor Denis there.

Changed 2lbs and 7lbs – Belgium.
Doctor 30 fr. Nightgowns 32 fr. 

Sunday 22nd June 1902

To see Madamoiselle Verel. Packed. To races in Victoria. Monsieur Meeus and William and René called. Madamoiselle Eva to dinner. Avenue.


Monday 23rd June 190

To Ostend with Aunt Bella and Uncle Pierre. On board the Princess Clementine to London. To 8 Heath Mansions – our HOME!

Tuesday 24th June 1902

Quarter Day. To town with Doz. “Coronated”- found the Coronation postponed owing to King’s grave illness[3]. Gloom.

Wednesday 25th June 1902

Aunt Alice called. Doz to tea.

Thursday 26th June 1902

Should be Coronation Day. King better.

Friday 27th June 1902

To tennis at Wedderburn House.

Saturday 28th June 1902


Write to Morants £50 on July 1st.
Wade – 23rd Jun

Sunday 29th June 1902

To Church (St John’s) with Alys. Intercessory Service for King. Walked to Golder’s Hill with Poz. Poz to tea.

Monday 30th June 1902

Polly’s birthday. To Wedderburn House.

Tuesday 1st July 1902


 Wednesday 2nd July 1902

To Wedderburn House.

Thursday 3rd July 1902


Friday 4th July 1902


Saturday 5th July 1902


Sunday 6th July 1902

To early Service with Alys. Called on F.B’s and Buchanans. Kitty to tea.

Monday 7th July 1902

To see Edward. Alys and I to Guy’s Hospital garden party. Prince and Princess of Wales there.

prince wals.png

To Savoy “Merrie England[1]” with Shenton’s.

merrie england.jpg

Tuesday 8th July 1902


Wednesday 9th July 1902

To Shenton’s in evening.

Thursday 10th July 1902

Stained floors and laid Hall carpets.

Friday 11th July 1902

Tennis Wedderburn. Called on William Miles.

Saturday 12th July 1902

Tennis, tea and supper – Baumers.

Sunday 13th July 1902

To Aunt Rosa’s to supper. Frank Rush there. Sang.

Monday 14th July 1902


Tuesday 15th July 1902


Wednesday 16th July 1902


Thursday 17th July 1902

To Cousin Florence’s at Hornsey Rise and to 10.30.

Friday 18th July 1902

Kit to lunch – and night. To Buchanan’s evening 7.30 to 10.30.

Saturday 19th July 1902

To meet Violet Nichol.

Sunday 20th July 1902

Quiet day. Packed. To Wedderburn House.


Monday 21st July 1902

Off at 11.10 to Liverpool Street. To Southwold. Left Wade at Darsham. Kit and Vi too.

Tuesday 22nd July 1902

At Mrs Fish’s. Cecil and Dowson in evening.

Wednesday 23rd July 1902

Bathed. First called on Matthew’s.

Thursday 24th July 1902

Bathed. 2nd. Swam out to the raft and dived off! To Church at 4. New verger. To Walberswick Church and came back by Moor and railway bridge.

Friday 25th July 1902

Bathed – Palmer to save Kit! Played tennis with Dowson on common.

Saturday 26th July 1902

Bathed 4th. Very rough. Waves knocked me down twice. Windy. Went up lighthouse and to Walberswick pier.

Memo:Wade to 21st
Lent Wade 10/- paid
Her Journey 8/0 ½

Sunday 27th July 190

To Church in morning. Towards Easton Broad.

Monday 28th July 1902

Bathed, not Kit or Violet. To tea at Matthew’s. Pier in evening. Concert.

Tuesday 29th July 1902

Bathed. Alys and I alone. Dived. Tennis in evening. Met trains for Cousin M and J Buchanan.

Wednesday 30th July 1902

Bathed. Violet too. 7th dive off steps of raft. Tennis. To meet Buchanan’s who arrived 4.25.

Thursday 31st July 1902

Bathed. Lovely. 8th. Tennis morning. Mr Roller drove Doz and Madge over in dog-cart from Dunwich.


Friday 1st August 1902

Kit’s birthday. Bathed. Boats and out to raft. To Dunwich by train and cycles. Alys unwell. Violet also. Organ recital.

Saturday 2nd August 1902

House on fire. Exciting scenes. Bathed – my 10th. I, Eddy, Jack, Tom and Cecil arrived.

Sunday 3rd August 1902

To Church. Met the Geddes. Walked in field, picked bulrushes, etc.

Monday 4th August 1902

Bathed – 11th. Mary Geddes too. On river with Buchanan’s. Saw lifeboat launch.

Dunwich lifeboat launch

Tuesday 5th August 1902

Bathed – 12th

Wednesday 6th August 1902

Bathed – 13th. Bought sou’westers. Heavy rain. Up Church tower.

Thursday 7th August 1902

Bathed – fun – 14th. Mr and Mrs Roller to tea. Aunt Alice to tea at Buchanan’s.

Friday 8th August 1902

Very rainy. Bathed. To raft. Kit nearly drowned. Eddy and Palmer and I to save her!!! Walked to Blythburgh. Tea there. Train back.


Saturday 9th August 1902

Bathed – 16th . Kit swam to raft alone, without boat! Sports on Common. Eddy and Tom to tea. Tennis. Decoration and torchlight procession all evening. Great fun!

Coronation of Edward VII – August 9th

The coronation of Edward VII and his wife Alexandra as king and queen of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions took place at Westminster Abbey, London, on 9 August 1902.

Sunday 10th August 1902

Alys and Violet bathed beforehand. To Church with Cousin Jeanie. Volunteers and walked to Easton Broad. Service on Gunhill – 8.15.

Monday 11th August 1902

Bathed – 17th. Kitty away. Aunt Edith came.

Tuesday 12th August 1902

Bathed – 18th. For a sail with Eddy. Taught Violet to cycle. Walked to Walberswick.

Wednesday 13th August 1902

Bathed -19th. Rode to Dunwich. Eddy and Teeds etc.

Thursday 14th August 1902

Bathed – 20th. Sat on beach. Greenlands away. Doz and Wade over to tea.

Friday 15th August 1902

Bathed alone – 22nd. Alys a cold. Cycled to Blythburgh and back with Teeds, Eddy and Tom.

Saturday 16th August 1902

Bathed. Teeds and Alys too. Teeds’ first. Alys and I cycled to Kessingland to tea at Boyd’s. 18 miles there and back. Tom came too.

Beach Scene. Kessingland. Suffolk by Edward Seago

Paid Girling to 14th
Began cycle at Swan 11th

Sunday 17th August 1902

Bathed before breakfast. My 24th. Church.

Monday 18th August 1902

Bathed. My 25th.

Tuesday 19th August 1902

Bathed – 26th. Bicycle gymkhana prizes

Wednesday 20th August 1902

Bathed – 27th. Did not sketch with Cousin Mary – colded. Slightly.

Thursday 21st August 1902

Bathed – 28th. Sketched with Coz Mary at Walberswick.

Friday 22nd August 1902

I unwell. The others bathed. I sketched with Cousin Mary. To Circus. Rollers to tea. Tennis Footes. Sketched.

Saturday 23rd August 1902


Sunday 24th August 1902

To Church. Sat on Gunhill.

Monday 25th August 1902


Tuesday 26th August 1902

Alys bathed. Gymkhana – Great fun. Alwyne boy and Glovers and Curate! Cycled to Blythburgh etc.

Wednesday 27th August 1902

Bathed, rough. Water frolic.

Thursday 28th August 1902

Bathed. Lovely. All to Snape. Lunch. Mere and tea. Cycled a bit.

Friday 29th August 1902

Bathed – 31st.

Saturday 30th August 1902

Bathed – 32nd.

Sunday 31st August 1902

Bathed – 33rd – before breakfast.


Monday 1st September 1902

Back to London at Heath Mansions.

Tuesday 2nd September 1902

To National Gallery. Shopped. Lunch at Pagani’s. To Faraday and Sons. To Westminster National Portrait Gallery. Dinner at Roche’s at Cambridge Circus. Il Trovatore at Opera House with Uncle Harold.

Poster of Opera Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi, 1902

Wednesday 3rd September 1902

To Baths. Violet to Hendon. Kitty for the night.

Thursday 4th September 1902

To Baths with Kit. To G. E. B.’s to dinner.

Friday 5th September 1902

To St Paul’s by tube. Violet unwell.

Saturday 6th September 1902

I to cycling picnic w ith G. E. B’s to Pinner.

Sunday 7th September 1902

Maie to tea.

Monday 8th September 1902

To Earl’s Court.

Tuesday 9th September 1902

Miss Parsons.

Wednesday 10th September 1902

Miss Parsons’. Work and shopkeeping.


Thursday 11th September 1902

Violet and Alys and I to Newcastle.

Friday 12th September 1902


Saturday 13th September 1902

My 23rd birthday. Ella, Alys and I to Hugh Reid’s wedding with Lida Hardcastle, at Haydon Bridge. Grand wedding breakfast.

Sunday 14th September 1902

To Scotch Church with Alys and Ella. To Aunt M’s to dinner and tea. Leo and Hetty and Willy in. Selby later.

Monday 15th September 1902


Tuesday 16th September 1902


Wednesday 17th September 1902

To town.

Thursday 18th September 1902

For a ride with Hatty. Fanny Carnegie to stay two nights.

Friday 19th September 1902

People to tea.

Saturday 20th September 1902

Ella and I to Rothbury with Fanny, to stay with Miss Dodd. Dr Dodd came.

Sunday 21st September 1902

To Church. Duke of Cambridge and Colonel Fitzgeorge there, guests of Watson Armstrong.

Went over the Cragside grounds. Bobs very funny.

Cragside, Rothbury, Northumberland

Monday 22nd September 1902

Very wet. Major Anty Dodd came. No shooting. Fishing and patience games. For a walk later. Finer.

Tuesday 23rd September 1902

Rainy. Ella and I back to Newcastle. The men went shooting.

Wednesday 24th September 1902

Alys a headache. Very fine and warm. I to South View. Saw Hatty. Leo in evening.

Thursday 25th September 1902

I unwell. Alys in bed till lunch – headachey.

Friday 26th September 1902

Alys in bed all day but I better. I in park with Aunt S. Mrs Thorburn to tea. Leo called.

Saturday 27th September 1902


Sunday 28th September 1902


Monday 29th September 1902


Tuesday 30th September 1902

Miss Mary Sandeman and Willy Sandeman to stay the night.

Wednesday 1st October 1902

Hatty’s wedding to Willy Sandeman at Register Office and South View. We to luncheon and reception. And theatre in evening. 20 in dress circle. Saw Merry England.

Thursday 2nd October 1902


Friday 3rd October 1902


Saturday 4th October 1902

Violet and Amy to tea. Leo and Gibbie and Dr Armstrong to supper.

Wrote to Morant’s – Oct 1st 

Sunday 5th October 1902

Alys and I to St Nicholas. Cousin Geo. Reid called. And Stanley Barnard.

Monday 6th October 1902

Rain. Mr Hosking’s Concert – Ella, Alys and I to it.

Tuesday 7th October 1902

To Aunt Margaret’s to stay.

Wednesday 8th October 1902

Alys and I and Ella to Whitley and Cullercoats. Mary and Selby to supper and ping-pong.

Thursday 9th October 1902

With Sissie to Gallery. Called on Aunt Ellen. Alys to Menie’s to dinner. K. M. B. S. to tea.

Friday 10th October 1902


Saturday 11th October 1902

Back to 2 B. V. Alys and I to Lohengrin[1] (pit). Lovely. Nice evening at Menie’s.

Sunday 12th October 1902

To South View with Aunt S. To Meeting there.

Monday 13th October 1902

To town with Alys. Met Leo at Lit and Phil[2].

lit phil.jpg
The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne

To 3 Wardle Terrace (to supper) and heard of Leo’s engagement to Leo-nora Sandeman. Took place today.

Tuesday 14th October 1902

To Aunt Christian’s to tea.

Wednesday 15th October 1902

To Cousin Harriet’s to tea.

Thursday 16th October 1902

To Cousin Martha’s in evening. Music and cards.

Friday 17th October 1902


Saturday 18th October 1902

Evening – “progressive games” here.

Sunday 19th October 1902

To Cathedral with Ella and Alys. Canon Gough preached.

newcastle cathedral.jpg
St Nicholas Cathedral, St Nicholas Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Louis Hubbard Grimshaw (1870–1944)

Monday 20th October 1902

Called on Menie. Mort to ping-pong.

Tuesday 21st October 1902


Wednesday 22nd October 1902


Thursday 23rd October 1902


Friday 24th October 1902


Saturday 25th October 1902


Sunday 26th October 1902



Monday 27th October 1902

Travelled to London to 8 Heath Mansions. Alys and I slept there alone.

Tuesday 28th October 1902

Rose Knight all day to work. 2-2.

Wednesday 29th October 1902


Thursday 30th October 1902


Friday 31st October 1902

Called on Aunt Rosa.

Saturday 1st November 1902

Fencing lesson – 1st this year.

Aunt Ada comes 1st November 

Sunday 2nd November 1902

To Aunt Rosa’s to supper.

Monday 3rd November 1902

Aunt Ada came.

Tuesday 4th November 1902

To get E Pocknell’s character. Not satisfactory. To get E. Palmer’s character.

Wednesday 5th November 1902

Fanny came. Eva Palmer – cook-general came.

Thursday 6th November 1902

Tea at Wedderburn House.

Friday 7th November 1902

Aunt Ada to Bedford Park. Uncle Ned ill.

Saturday 8th November 1902

To Fencing-class – 2nd. No old girls but me. Kit and Alys to gym class 11-12. Biggs.

Sunday 9th November 1902

Took photos. To Annie Albert’s to music and tea at home.

Monday 10th November 1902

Alys and I to the Swim Baths. Lovely. Teeds to lunch. To Wedderburn House to tea.

Tuesday 11th November 1902

Photography. To Whiteley’s. Alys to call on Miss Horton.

Wednesday 12th November 1902

To Baths in afternoon. Lovely. Miss Michell to dinner. Book-case arrived.

Thursday 13th November 1902

Uncle Ned very ill. To Wedderburn House. Photographed. Eva out. Uncle Ned died at 10pm.

Friday 14th November 1902

Aunt Rosa in. Poz in. Kit called. I over to Bedford Park. Saw Tades and Aunt Nelly and Aunt Alice. Had tea there. To Aunt Rosa’s.

Saturday 15th November 1902

To fencing – Alys to gym. Nice. Out on Heath. Met Baumers who came in to tea.

Sunday 16th November 1902

Church with Alys.

Monday 17th November 1902

Doz back. To see Edward and met my plate chest at Waterloo.

Tuesday 18th November 1902

To town to buy mourning. Home at 2.00. Called on Mr Adair Robertson. To Wedderburn House.

Wednesday 19th November 1902

Shopped and very cold. Out in afternoon. Wedderburn House to tea.

Thursday 20th November 1902

To Maple’s and Mrs Symcox. Piano came. To New English Art Club[1] and Albert Hall. Patti in evening.

neac committee 1903_0.jpg
The last NEAC selection committee to be held at the Old Egyptian Hall in 1904 featuring Augustus John (hat, hands in pockets), William Rothenstein (seated on table), Roger Fry (seated to his left) Muirhead Bone (the second hat-wearer) and Philip Wilson Steer (in front of Bone)

Friday 21st November 1902


Saturday 22nd November 1902

Fencing – fine. To Innes Gathering – 8.00 to 11.30.

Mount 10 x 7 ½” 

Sunday 23rd November 1902

Out on Heath. Doz to dinner.

Monday 24th November 1902

To Wedderburn House. Bookbinding. Called on Mrs Collins and Lady Tadema.

Lady Tadema.jpg
Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema

Tuesday 25th November 1902

Alys a headache. Rainy.

Wednesday 26th November 1902


Thursday 27th November 1902

To Aunt Nelly’s to lunch.

Friday 28th November 1902

At Home all day.

Saturday 29th November 1902

Fencing – fun! To O. W. S. private viewed A’s Bazaar.

Hatty’s At Home – 25th

Sunday 30th November 1902

Cut cardboard. Drenching rain. Shenton’s and Poz and Paul and Teeds to tea.

Monday 1st December 1902


Tuesday 2nd December 1902


Wednesday 3rd December 1902

Paid Eva’s wages 16/4 1 month. Mrs Innes at home and Fanny Carnegie.

Thursday 4th December 1902

Kitty up. To see “If I were King[1]” with George Alexander at St James. Alan and Ethel Baumer there.

if I were king.jpg

if I were king prog.jpg

Friday 5th December 1902

To Bedford Park. Bought 2 pictures. Brought Lucy and Doris home with us to stay. Alys party.

Saturday 6th December 1902

To Fencing.

2nd Fridays at home.

Sunday 7th December 1902

To Zoo with Lucy, Doris and Alys.

London zoo.jpg

Monday 8th December 1902

To Bedford Park to hand children back. Helped with pictures.

Tuesday 9th December 1902

Wade and Kitty to lunch. Called on Miss Baumer.

Wednesday 10th December 1902

To town. To E. V. M. (Ernest Vernor Miles – family solicitor). Lunch and shopping.

Thursday 11th December 1902

Miss Parsons all day. Paul and Aunt Alice in.

Friday 12th December 1902

At Home Day. Mrs Blanford and Miss Simpson called, and Mrs Carnegie. Made Arab dress.

Saturday 13th December 1902

Fencing. To Quits’ fancy dress going as an Arab man. Great sport. Alys a headache so we came home early.

Sunday 14th December 1902


Monday 15th December 1902

Indoors with a cold, and in bed.

Tuesday 16th December 1902

In bed till teatime.

Wednesday 17th December 1902

In bed to breakfast.

Thursday 18th December 1902

Bed to breakfast.

Friday 19th December 1902


Saturday 20th December 1902


Advanced Eva 10/-

Sunday 21st December 1902


Monday 22nd December 1902


Tuesday 23rd December 1902

Lucy and Doris to stay.

Wednesday 24th December 1902


Thursday 25th December 1902

To Uncle Harold’s.

Friday 26th December 1902


Saturday 27th December 1902


Sunday 28th December 1902


Monday 29th December 1902


Tuesday 30th December 1902


Wednesday 31st December 1902

Eva’s wages due.

At end of diary

May 1 – Miss Lawrence – 7 Belsize Terrace
Fire Insurance paid to 24th June 1903
H of V (Haunch of Venison – storeroom for Morant Boyd Morant – Father’s firm) Yard 1908

Uncle Pierre likes underdone meat/chops, beef etc. Both like fish. Madeira cakes, castle puddings.

May 17th 1902
Steak and gravy, fried potatoes, asparagus ends
Lambs sweetbreads and sauce

Eggs and ham in halves (oeufs farcies),
Tongue, sauce piquant
Radishes and cheese

Soup (thick with asparagus)
Cheese cakes and sauce
Joint of veal

May 21st
De Heusch Dinner
Sweetbread etc (in china saucepans)
Roast mutton in slices, fried potatoes and beans
Hot chicken and gravy and salad.
Meringue a la crème, Strawberries

Buttered eggs (runny with herbs)
Veal hash and mashed potatoes
Pain perdu

Croquettes, very moist
Chops, potatoes and asparagus bits in butter
Rice pudding

May 25th
Eggs (hardboiled) with creamy cheese cover
Oiseaux sans tête (beef olives)
Tarte bougeouse (apricot jam tart)

Proposed dinners for Timmermans
Croquettes     ] veal
Fish                 ] beef
Beef (roti)      ] asparagus
Asparagus      ] gateau
Sweet Dessert] dessert

Oeufs farcie
Cold beef and salad
Pain perdu and stewed gooseberries

Hot roast beef steak, potato chips
Sweetbread (veal) au brun, petit pois.

Meringues glacé
Brown sweetbread must have vegetables, not without.
Sweetbread and sauce.

June 17th

Monsieur Meeus
Eggs stewed with mushrooms
Stewed veal and veg altogether
And sort of hash dish

Cutlets, fried potatoes, asparagus
Tête de Veau en brun
Flan (custard/baked)

June 18th

Eggs (battered)
Mutton chops
Pannenkoeken (pancakes)

Croquettes – veal and ham (soft)
Leg of mutton, spinach and potatoes
Semolina soufflé

Uncle Eugene’s dinner – Jun 9th
Pâtes vol au vent
Chops and potato soufflé
Asperges en branches
Hot fowl and gravy, apricots
Lobster and salad
Coffee, pudding

Hot veal joint and vegs, carrots and peas together
Pannenkoeken with cherries

Poached eggs (rounds on spinach and bits of toast)
Cold veal slices and salad.
Cherries (raw)

Fowl and rice warmed up
Lobster salad
Chocolate cream stuff

Roast beef, potatoes, stewed lettuce
Asperges en branche

Chafing Dishes (Amercian) from 12/6d in nickel plate or copper, complete with lamp, water pan and recipes. The Household Supply, and Atmospheric Churn Co Ltd, 119 New Bond Street W (who will send, illustrated price list post free).

Portable india rubber spray

Chocolate icing – cook together 2oz finely grated vanilla chocolate and a gill of water till perfectly smooth, then mix it with 1lb cane icing sugar and 3 tablespoonfuls warm water, just warm up and pour over the cake. Be careful nto to get it too hot at the last, or it will be rough and dim in colour.

Coffee icing – mix together 3/4lb icing sugar and 1½ tablespoons each of very strong black coffee or essence of coffee and hot water. Warm it over the fire, and use at once.

Glacé silk skirt 8 yards
7 chair covers
6 yards if width of a chair

Weights July 1902

Alys 7. 12
Kitty 8. 10
Violet 8. 3
Kate 9. 5

Mrs F’s rooms
September 4 rooms 2 ½ gs
September 2 rooms 35/-

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