1898 Alys Diary Bournemouth, Swanage, Cambridge, Isle of Wight

As far as I can see, Alys wrote one diary – this one in 1898.  Her writing and spelling are fairly illegible but I have done my best.  There is nothing much of interest, so far, but I still think it is still valid in the story.

In 1898, Edward is 22 years old, Kate is 19 years old and Alys is 14 years old.

Alys. F. Boyd
Alum Chine

Bournemouth West
Anybody finding this please bring back to the above address.

January 1st Saturday 1898

Rained in afternoon
Up to Westbourne in morning with Doz, Poz and K. Practiced 1 hour. Played Go-ban with Edward. Had dancing and music in evening. Danced jig, etc.

January 2nd Sunday 1898

Fine all day
Went to Edgcombe loupe with Aunt Alice, Poz, Doz and Kate in morning. Walked to Branksome in afternoon. Also Poz and Edward. Talked to Poz about music and went to gardens in evening on cliff. Played Go-ban with Ed midday.

January 3rd Monday 1898

On Sands in morning with Kate and Poz. In afternoon on common and on Sands with Doz and Poz. Dancing in evening.

January 4th Tuesday 1898

Dull. Fine
Down in town and on pier in morning with Kate. And to the Sharps in afternoon (4.7.) with Katie. Polly in bed. Read in evening and went to bed. Bath.

January 5th Wednesday 1898

Wet all day
To dancing class in morning all the morning. Stayed at home in afternoon. Vera came. Katie put on her tall dress. Had Go-ban with Ed.

January 6th Thursday 1898

Fine but dull
K to London. Vera in morning. Out with Aunt A on bicycle. Went to station with Mother then in town. Home. Out to tea and supper with Edward at Embletons’. Nice.

January 7th Friday 1898

Very fine
Today’s dancing in morning and dinner with Audrey. Home in bus with Audrey. Had tea and in evening Vera, Embletons, Reeces and Mrs Walker and George P to games and dancing. Great fun (Vera dull).

January 8th Saturday1898

No rain. Fineish
Up late. Vera came and went to dressmakers. Had dinner. Went out to tea at Aunt Rosa’s. Had great fun. Came home at 7.30. Had supper and went on to Vera’s. Went to bed at 9.30. Rather sore throat.

January 9th Sunday 1898

Very fine
Mother in bed to breakfast. Stayed in all morning, had a sore throat. Aunt R (Rosa) and Uncle H (Harold), Lois and Lorie came to dinner and tea. Had hide and seek, danced. Had sore throat in evening. Did not go out all day.

January 10th Monday, 1898

Fine – did not look in afternoon.
Had sore throat stayed in all day. Read Under Wall and made drawers for my doll. Cousin Emily came. Mother had a letter from Katie. Aunt R, Uncle H and Lois, Lorie went to London.

January 11th Tuesday, 1898

In bed very sore throat. E.B (Edward – her brother) to Camb (Cambridge). Up in afternoon. Miss Heath came, made dolls’ clothes. Emily, Mother and Polly in my room in evening.

January 12th Wednesday 1898

Sore throat feverish. Doctor Marriner in afternoon, felt very unwell. Rather red. Audrey’s party.

January 13th, Thursday, 1898

A little worse. Didn’t read all day. Doctor Marriner in morning. A little redder.

January 14th, Friday, 1898

Throat much worse, felt very feverish and ill. Dr White came and said I had Scarlet Fever. Polly and Emily gone. Carpets up and curtains down. Saw Julie for last time for a long time.

January 15th Saturday 1898

Throat no better. Very red and sore. Dr White in evening, not allowed to have anything but slops. Sadness.

January 16th Sunday 1898

Self better. Dr White came in evening. Nothing particular happened.

January 17th Monday 1898

Very much better, read and drew. Balrie’s clothes down from loft. Wade in, Mother out. Dr White came. Had food.

January 18th Tuesday 1898

A little better, finished “Black Beauty”. Bed made. Cut out yoke of body. Drew and read a little. No Doctor White.

January 19th Wednesday 1898

Self very well. Quiet. Worked in evening Read and read. Mother out. Dr White came.

January 20th Thursday 1898

Book. A letter from E.B. The Rectory Children[1]. Very nice. Two new drawing books. Doctor White. Fire smoked.

January 21st Friday 1898

Wrote story. Mother out. Dr White came. Finished the Rectory Children. Wade in. Played patience in evening with Mother.

January 22nd Saturday 1898

Wade in. Fire smoked horribly. Mother out in West B. Drew and read, knitted, painted, wrote and played patience. Mother read to me. No Dr White.

January 23rd Sunday 1898

Polly came and I saw her across the lawn. Dr W came. Drew. Mother out in evening. Wade in, stove on fire. Mother read. Began “Jan of the Windmill[2]”. Had toast, coffee.

January 24th, Monday, 1898

Great bother with chimney. All right now. No Dr. Polly came. Did a little of St Paul’s. Mother read to me and me felt ill in morning.

January 25th Tuesday 1898

Mother out with Polly. I did St Paul’s, drew in afternoon. Finished St Paul’s in evening. Only 99 (temperature) Me – Dr White.

January 26th Wednesday 1898

Felt rainy. Polly morning. Mother read, drew lots. Dr in evening. Plains in evening. Below 99 (temperature).

January 27th Thursday, 1898

Just 99. Mother up to West B in morning. Had fish and apples. Me Dr White. Made Lighthouse. Mother read, played Writing Game.

January 28th Friday 1898

Mother up Chine. Rang Polly. Polly gone. Played in evening. Dr came and brought books 3. Over 99.

January 29th Saturday 1898

In Doctor. Mother up to W.B. No fish. Soup for dinner. Miss Coal in evening. Under 99.

January 30th Sunday 1898

Hannah in morning. Wade in and Mother out in evening. Played games with Mother in evening. First 99. No doctor. Fool and “chocolat” pudding for dinner.

January 31st Monday 1898

Book with Chairs, etc from Aunt Ada. Mother out in morning. James in evening. Did room. Just 99.

February 1st Tuesday 1898

Buckingham Palace came. Made rooms. Mother out. Moved to M’s bed. Played patience with M. went to bed earlier than usual

February 2nd Wednesday 1898

Had new paint brushes and paints. Made B.P. Painted. Wade in in evening. Had games with Mother. No Doctor – over 99. Had an egg!

February 3rd Thursday, 1898

Read and did room and soup for dinner. Julie had gone out. Played cards all day. Normal. No Doctor.

February 4th Friday 1898

Played patience and did rooms. Did room and played patience in evening.

February 5th Saturday 1898

Headachey all day. Finished pan.

February 6th Sunday 1898

Dr came in morning. Did room. Painted and dreary

February 7th Monday, 1898

Did rooms, had letter and wax. No temp. Had chicken. Dream of Polly.

February 8th Tuesday 1898

Oranges etc from Cousin F.

February 9th Wednesday 1898

Mother to town. Saw Julie.

February 10th Thursday 1898

Did blouse. Clean sheets. Finish rooms.

February 11th Friday 1898

Not very well. Read all morning.

February 12th Saturday 1898

K Cambridge. Dr came, Mother W. B.

February 13th Sunday 1898

Painted and read. Painey in evening.

February 14th Monday 1898

Painted. Mother had letter from K and E.

February 15th Tuesday 1898

Out of bed in morning and then walking.

February 16th Wednesday 1898

Walked again. Have grown a little.

February 17th Thursday 1898

Finished “Only the Governess[3]” very sad.

February 18th Friday 1898

Worked a good deal and painted.

February 19th Saturday 1898

Worked. Played. Go-Ban etc.

February 20th Sunday 1898

Sat on Mother’s lap. Headachey. Wade in, etc.

February 21st Monday 1898


February 22nd Tuesday 1898

Bad, headachey.

February 23rd Wednesday 1898

Ellen sent ?***?

February 24th Thursday 1898

Read and “nitted” (sic). Nothing. Very sick.

February 25th Friday 1898

Better. Mother finished Vic of Wakefield.

February 26th Saturday 1898

Dr in afternoon. Said I might get up.

February 27th Sunday 1898

Up. Saw Mills. 6h. So happy.

February 28th Monday 1898

Saw Hannah. And painted Philes, etc.

March 1st Tuesday 1898

Up to lunch. We worked hard all morning in here. In evening I am disinfected. Lovely bath and wrote to Katie and Edward.

March 2nd Wednesday 1898

Disinfectors came up. Nothing particular happened.

March 3rd Thursday 1898

We into K’s room. Head washed. Did marmalade. Conis in. Wrote to Polly.

March 4th Friday 1898

Downstairs in drawing room.  Miss Mouses and her boys.

March 5th Saturday 1898

Mother Westbourne. Dr W came when Mrs was out. Mrs Walker came to tea and went to kitchen. Played cards with Mother in evening. Had bath.

March 6th Sunday 1898

Wrote 6 letters. Miss Parsons in morning. Received parcel from Wedderburn. Mother read and we looked at Oliver Goldsmith’s[4] pictures.

March 7th Monday 1898

Out up the Alum. Wrote 2 letters and began dolls dress. Mother reading.

March 8th Tuesday 1898

Not up till 11am. Made dolls chess. Conis’ foot very bad. Wrote 2 letters. Mother to Westbourne.

March 9th Wednesday 1898

Out up to House before Hannah. Hanharts to dinner. Made dress for doll. Mother read old letters in evening.

March 10th Thursday 1898

Out in morning and afternoon. Phryne came to tea. Did dolls dress. Mother read in bed to me – Emma[5].

March 11th Friday 1898

Up to Westbourne in afternoon. I finished dolls dress. Mother read in evening.

March 12th Saturday 1898

To Durley Chine in afternoon. Met Audrey. Ball went over cliff. Began piano.

March 13th Sunday 1898

In bed late. To Branksome in afternoon. A very long walk and finished piano in evening.

March 14th Monday 1898

Up early, sweep came. Made dolls petticoat and began blouse. Up to Westbourne in afternoon.

Tuesday 15th March 1898

Into town in morning. Miss Andrews came. Helped to make marmalade in afternoon. Read and Miss Coals (Coles) in evening.

Wednesday, 16th March 1898

Up to Westbourne in Free Library in morning. Tidied drawers in afternoon. Out on Common in afternoon. Read in evening.

Thursday, 17th March 1898

Mr Bonniwell in morning. Conis foot very bad. To Westbourne in afternoon. Sylvia measles. Look(ed) at papers and knives.

Friday, 18th March 1898

Late in bed. To town in afternoon. On omnibus. Tea in town. Letter from Kitty.

Saturday 19th March 1898

Up to Miss Michell’s and Westbourne in morning. Went into Gardens in afternoon. Rainy all evening. Finished fitting silk of little table.

Sunday, 20th March 1898

Wrote to K and E. Out in garden to pier by Sands and back. Big cliff in afternoon. Mother read in evening.

Monday, 21st March 1898

Up to Westbourne on bicycle in morning. On Sands to the rocks, past Branksome in afternoon. Minnie came. Mother read to me. I began “Millicent and her Cousins[6]”.

Tuesday, March 22nd 1898

Town in morning, read in afternoon. Wrote to K. Bicycled along Sands in afternoon. Miss Harris to tea, read and talked to Wade in evening. Unpicked.

Wednesday, March 23rd 1898

Wrote to Lois, gave Conis his pill and read in morning. Rained in afternoon. Out in evening. Very windy. 1 hour Vincent in evening. A little coldy in evening.

Thursday March 24th 1898

A little snow
Bad cold, in bed all day. Little sore throat. Letter from Katie. Mother up to Westbourne. Finished Millicent and her Cousins.

Friday March 25th 1898

Cold no better. In bed all day. Throat gone. Talked to Julie and Julie cried. Mother out. Made wee bags.

Saturday, March 26th 1898

Very windy and wet. In bed, all cold no better. Wrote in L, I and D. Mother up to Westbourne. Read in evening. Cambridge to win.

Sunday, March 27th 1898

Mother a tiny cold (in bed all day did nothing) particularly. Oxford Won!

Monday, March 28th 1898

Up after dinner. Mother to Westbourne in evening. Wade in. Letter from K to Mother.

Tuesday, March 29th 1898

Up before dinner. Began to pack. Up to Smales. After no calls, Mother met Mrs Hanhart. Read in evening.

Wednesday, March 30th 1898

Up at usual time. To Westbourne to Miss Heath. Conis’ foot bad. Did chair.

Thursday, March 31st 1898

Very wet all day. Men working in hall, packed. Slept on the floor.


Friday April 1st 1898

To Swanage. Julie gone. Minnie’s sister came. Went for walk in evening.

Saturday, April 2nd 1898

Went on rocks in morning and afternoon alone. To little pier, etc with Mother in evening.

Sunday, April 3rd 1898

To Church in morning and along cliffs in evening. Conis after rabbits.

Monday April 4th 1898

To shops in morning and rocks. Rocks in afternoon and to meet K in evening. Dear old K.

Tuesday, April 5th 1898

Went to the shops and onto the rock in morning. Walk in evening.

Wednesday, April 6th 1898

On rock in morning and afternoon to torpedo boats. Painy and stiff.

Thursday, April 7th 1898

Misty. To shops in morning and to point. In afternoon to pick primroses. Read in evening.

Friday. April 8th 1898

Went to Studland in donkey cart in morning. Stayed at home and read in afternoon. Out to rocks and Tilly Whims in evening.

Saturday, April 9th 1898

Rough-ish – went to shops in morning. New people came in, to rock in afternoon.

Sunday, April 10th 1898

Very wet. M and K to church. I wrote letters. To Lighthouse in evening. Very windy. Conis after rabbits.

Monday, April 11th 1898

On rocks, heaps of people. Very wet. Miss Evans called.

Tuesday, April 12th 1898

To Condercum by boat. Mother by tram. Rough-ish. Letter from Julie.

Wednesday April 13th 1898

To Evans’ and hockey. Rock in afternoon. French in evening. Painy.

Thursday, April 14th 1898

Very wet all day and went to shops and post office. Mrs Sharp, Ellen and Willy. Mrs Evans and Noel.

Friday, April 15th 1898

Beautiful morning in boat with Sharps to caves. Aunt E in afternoon. Rock in evening.

Saturday April 16th 1898

Rocks and Mademoiselle in morning. Rocks in afternoon. Watermill in evening.

Sunday, April 17th 1898

To Church in morning. Saw the Volunteers. Walked to Tilly Whim.

Monday April 18th 1898

On pier and saw boats in afternoon. To Corfe Castle with Mademoiselle.

Tuesday, April 19th 1898

Mother and K to Bournemouth and Aunt E and I to meet them at Bournemouth on boats.

Wednesday April 20th 1898

Went to point with Mademoiselle and K out to. Miss Evans after dinner. Mrs Horton and Miss E to tea.

April 21st Thursday 1898

Played ball in garden. K and I with Mademoiselle P.

April 22nd Friday 1898

Mother’s birthday
All on Rocks. Marriners by boat. Mademoiselle P to tea. Read in evening.

April 23rd Saturday 1898

On rocks all the morning by ledges. To lighthouse after tea.

April 24th Sunday 1898

Mother, K to Church. Teeds and I on rocks. Wrote to Uncle Pierre. Walked on round by quarries. Finished Northanger[7].

April 25th Monday 1898

Out on rocks all to Godlingston avec Mademoiselle. K and I in rowing boat.


April 26th Tuesday 1898

On pier. Miss C and Audrey. On rocks with Audrey. Aunt E, and Mother.

April 27th Wednesday 1898

Very foggy. Audrey and I on rocks to dinner. Aunt E, A and I to tennis, coits and rocks.

April 28th Thursday 1898

All lunched out the rocks. Audrey went home. Saw Marsden.

April 29th Friday 1898

Packed and morning saw Aunt E off. Us three to Bournemouth. Saw Marsden.

April 30th Saturday 1898

Mr Bonniwell all day. Stair carpets put down. Up to Westbourne.

May 1st Sunday 1898

Rained all day. Wrote, etc.

May 2nd Monday, 1898

Began lessons with K. Went to town in afternoon. Had tea there. Bought M’s hat.

May 3rd Tuesday 1898

I had lessons. Painted pictures, etc. Read in evening.

May 4th Wednesday 1898

Into town in the morning, got bicycle out, had lessons. Mother and I very busy. Read Cranford[8]. No energy.

May 5th Thursday 1898

Had lessons. Less giddy. All afternoon. Had headache.

May 6th Friday 1898

Breakfast in bed. Had a few lessons. Mother and K out all afternoon. I made my lord etc.

May 7th Saturday 1898

Aunt M came. Had lessons Dr came and said I was a little anaemic. Wrote to Sharpes with K in too.

May 8th Sunday 1898

Wet. Sissie in morning. Aunt A to tea. Wrote to Edward.

May 9th Monday 1898

Had lessons. Audrey came. Was not allowed to see her. After dinner went to Aunt Ada’s. Bicycled with Aunt A after tea. K and I took K back to Westbourne.

May 10th Tuesday 1898

Lessons. Sissie to tea. Changed rooms. Read in evening.

May 11th Wednesday 1898

I got whooping cough. Lessons. Walked to Westbourne. K to tea at Aunt M (Margaret). Aunt A here. Uncle Harold here.

May 12th Thusday 1898

Uncle Harold went. Had lessons. Had headache. K to Winter Gardens. Me better. Read in evening.

May 13th Friday 1898

Lessons. K got her bike. Me to tea at Aunt Ada’s. Mother to Vernon’s.

May 14th Saturday 1898

Stiff neck – in bed all day. Worked.

May 15th Sunday 1898

Better. Up. Sissie to dinner and tea. Mother out to dinner and tea. Mrs Smales called.

May 16th Monday 1898

Lessons. To town with K on bikes. Aunt Margaret to dinner and tea. K, Aunt A and S to Canford Cliffs.

May 17th Tuesday 1898

Lessons K and S to town. Mrs Mann and Mrs Browne to tea. Little tea party.

May 18th Wednesday 1898

Lessons. K and I biked up with AA (Aunt Ada) and Sissie’s bikes. Played lickle (bicycle) polo on lawn.

May 19th Thursday 1898

Lessons. Pump came. Sarah (new cook) and Lines (new housemaid) came. Wade and Lily went. K to station. Gladstone[9] died.

May 20th Friday 1898

Lesson. Poured with rain. Finished Cranford.

May 21st Saturday 1898

K and I to Madame Ledger. K back, tire burst. I to dinner with Aunt M.

May 22nd Sunday 1898

Mother and K to Church. Aunt M etc. to tea. Walked back with them.

May 23rd Monday 1898

Lesson. Wade came. Went into town. Mother to dinner with Aunt M.

May 24th Tuesday 1898

Lessons. Bicycled on Moor.

May 25th Wednesday 1898

Lessons, etc, etc. To tea with Aunt M. Mother and K to Upper Belmont.

May 26th Thursday 1898

Simes came. Bicycles to Westbourne.

May 27th Friday 1898

Croquet. Bicycled to shops. Ride to Sandbanks, etc. Wrote to Edward.

May 28th Saturday 1898

All on Monarch to Swanage.

Swanage steamer.jpg

May 29th Sunday 1898

Ed letter. Wrote to Wade. Went on Moor with K, P and N.

May 30th Monday 1898

Marked the tennis court. Went to the golf links.

May 31st Tuesday 1898

Rained etc…. Phil and me for a walk.

June 1st Wednesday 1898

Rainy. To tea at Aunt M. All.

June 2nd Thursday 1898

Simes went. Sissie called. Did dress.

June 3rd Friday 1898

I dinner at Aunt M’s. Up to Aunt M’s in afternoon.

June 4th Saturday 1898

To town. W in morning. All to tea and supper. Tennis. Up to Westbourne.

June 5th Sunday 1898

Mother to Church. Sissie to dinner and tea. Aunt A to tea. Mr and Mrs Hunt to tea. K and I walked up to Westbourne.

June 6th Monday 1898

Rainy in morning. Worked, etc. Mother and K to call on Harrises. K and I to Sissie’s in evening. Audrey W.

June 7th Tuesday 1898

Very fine
Worked, etc. in morning. Up to Aunt A’s in afternoon. On Sands with A.A. and Mrs W. Painy. Home to tea. Up to Aunts and read in evening. Biked back.

June 8th Wednesday 1898

Very wet, worked, etc. Went to Aunt M in evening with Mother.

June 9th Thursday 1898

To Westbourne with K. Saw Aunt M off. Aunt A to stay here, did gloves, packed, etc. To Westbourne in evening.


June 10th Friday 1898

To London. Saw Aunt Alice. On to Cambridge. Edward, K to Warrens. Mother and I headache. Scruby came in and saw Edward’s rooms.

June 11th Saturday 1898

E to breakfast. To river. Up river to Bitsbeat (Bailsbite). Dinner there. Then down river to Ditton. Saw boat race. Came last. Went to Rust’s room.

June 12th Sunday 1898

To Ed rooms. Room. Trinity Coll, etc. Lock and Polka (Pollock) in. After dinner to King’s Chapel with Charley. Dinner in E’s rooms. Charley in after. Chess.

June 13th Monday 1898

Round to the “backs” in boat with Lock. Saw Trinity Library. To dinner with Charley and met Dorby, Lilleys came to tea. Had dinner in E’s rooms and out in to the Court, etc.


June 14th Tuesday 1898

Woke up and heard voices. Up to breakfast. Went to station. Edward to Liverpool Street. Us to Kings Cross. Saw Aunt A. Home. Had Supper.

June 15th Wednesday 1898

Up to Westbourne to fetch bike with E. Tennis. Worked, etc in afternoon. Tennis in evening with Aunt A. K and E to station with C. Met the De B’s.

June 16th Thursday 1898

Up to to Westbourne. Tennis. Con and drive in afternoon. Tennis in evening.

June 17th Friday 1898

Up to Westbourne. Telegram came. E passed his Trip first. In all of the afternoon. Tennis, etc. Croquet in morning. Champagne in evening.

June 18th Saturday 1898

First bathe. Aunt A, K, E and I played croquet all afternoon. Uncle Pierre biked in evening, beautifully. Marked tennis court.

June 19th Sunday 1898

Uncle Pierre biked in morning, Croquet in evening with E in afternoon.

June 20th Monday 1898

Polly came. Bathed. Ed to Cambs. In carriage to Westbourne and then to town on bus. Tea at Bungalow. Wrote in evening.

June 21st Tuesday 1898

We bathed and played croquet. Mother and K, Uncle P to Westbourne in afternoon. We played tennis. Croquet in evening.

June 22nd Wednesday 1898

Biked with Uncle Pierre. Croquet. Painy in afternoon and evening. Aunt B sang. Edward came back.

June 23rd Thursday 1898

E, Mother, K and I had our photos taken. Uncle Pierre had a headache. In bed until supper time. Wade here. Had a tea party. Trevanions, Welchmans, Highmores, Marriners, Mesker, Harrisons, etc. Beautiful tea cakes. Uncle Pierre in headache all night

June 24th Friday 1898

Rained hard all day. Worked for Edward. Wade came. Felt giddy and faint. Heady. Aunt B sang.

June 25th Saturday 1898

Sick in night. Got up to dinner. Edward went. We all went to the station. Aunt B sang.

June 26th Sunday 1898

Breakfast in bed then croquet with Aunt B. Croquet in afternoon. Games in evening.

June 27th Monday 1898

11 games of croquet in morning with Aunt Bella. Croquet in afternoon and evening.

June 28th Tuesday 1898

To the station all. Aunt A gone then on omnibus to Boscombe. Practise in afternoon. Played croquet.

June 29th Wednesday 1898

Played croquet in morning. All to Brennands in carriage. I to Marriners in carriage and then to tea. Croquet in evening.

June 30th Thursday 1898

On boat to Poole Harbour all morning. De Karps to tea and supper, music, etc. Croquet, etc.

July 1st Friday 1898

Dr White and family to dinner. To tea at Wimborne. Back in rain – supper. Photos came, etc.

July 2nd Saturday 1898

Books from Mrs K. Practice, went up to Westbourne with Uncle P and Aunt B and I worked in afternoon, etc. To gardens with Uncle Pierre. Croquet with Uncle B. Walks.

July 3rd Sunday 1898

Wrote to Vera. Mother read, etc. Croquet in afternoon and evening Mr Smale came to see the sea twice.

Isle of Wight

July 4th Monday 1898

To Cowes by boat with K, Uncle P and Aunt B. Dinner and then to Ventnor by coach. Tea at Godshill, Dinner at Royal Hotel then for walk after dinner, etc.

July 5th Tuesday 1898

To Shanklin. Carisbrook and Newport in carriage. Dinner at Carisbrook and tea at Shanklin. Down in lift and up by Chine. Saw coach stables in evening.

July 6th Wednesday 1898

On coach to Freshwater then to Yarmouth. On boat and home. Beautiful.

July 7th Thursday 1898

Croquet, etc in garden. Embletons and Harrises to tea in garden. Croquet in afternoon and evening, singing, etc.

July 8th Friday 1898

In garden all morning and on coach to Thrope, etc. To Audreys in afternoon. She out. Tea in drawing-room. Croquet in evening.

July 9th Saturday 1898

Audrey in morning. I biked up with her to Westbourne. Then on the Cemetery with Aunt B, etc. Audrey to tea in garden. Croquet, etc. Read.

July 10th Sunday 1898

Played croquet, tided drawers. Hannah to tea. To gardens with Uncle Pierre, Aunt B in her red dress.

July 11th Monday, 1898

Worked, etc. All went to station. Saw the Dr Bs off then to town. Bought gloves. Did a little gardening.

July 12th Tuesday 1898

Began Pride and Prejudice. Practised, went to Marriners on bike. Bathed with Mrs Barker. Unpacked packing case, gardening, did strawberry garden.

July 13th Wednesday 1898

First lesson. Ed’s packing case came. Sarah and Lines to Winter Gardens.

July 14th Thursday 1898

Lessons practise. To tea with Marriners, etc. Bathed with A.

July 15th Friday 1898

Bathed alone. Audrey and Miss B to tea and tennis. Wrote to E.

July 16th Saturday 1898

Bathed alone in morning. Had lessons. Bathed in afternoon. From house biked to Westbourne in evening with K.

July 17th Sunday 1898

Wrote letters, etc. Played a lot on piano. Went of for walk in evening. Mr Smales called.

July 18th Monday 1898

Bathed alone, K after. Dreadful headache. Mustard bath, etc. In bed. Pride and Prejudice.

July 19th Tuesday 1898

Up after breakfast. No lessons and practise. Wade to tea in afternoon. Stayed late.

July 20th Wednesday 1898

Lessons with K but Brownes to At Home, very nice indeed. Read in evening.  Marked stockings.

July 21st Thursday 1898

Lessons, no bathe. Polly and Marriners and Dr Embleton. Called to Mrs Smale in evening.

July 22nd Friday 1898

Lessons, to drive with Polly. Sarah’s children came. Headachey.

July 23rd Saturday 1898

Lessons to Westbourne on bikes with K, then bathed. Aunt and Brian to tea. Mother and K to De Karps.

July 24th Sunday 1898

K to Polly’s to drive. Worked. Read. Lord of the Isles[11].

July 25th Monday 1898

Polly and Lines to York. K and I to Talbot Woods to sketch. To tea at Marriners. Wade in evening.

July 26th Tuesday 1898

Lessons, bathed, tennis. Miss Coles to supper.

July 27th Wednesday 1898

Lessons, rained and marked tennis court. Played tennis with Rose.

July 28th Thursday 1898

Mother and I to town. Audrey to tennis and Brian. Very marshy. Rainy.

July 29th Friday 1898

K and Audrey, Miss Barker and to swimming baths. Audrey and Winnie to tennis. I played six setts.

July 30th Saturday 1898

With Mariners. Muddled about. Headachey. Biked to Sandbanks. Out on ferry. Tea. Biked back.

July 31st Sunday 1898

Read bible, etc to Mother. Wrote no letters. Read in evening. Looked out journey to Skye.

August 1st Monday 1898

Beautiful day
Mother and I to W.B to meet the Fogerty’s. Then bathed with K. Eileen and Dulcie paddled. Played all afternoon tennis.

August 2nd Tuesday 1898

K and I on bikes to meet Selby and Mary Reid. Tennis in afternoon. Walked to Westcliffe in evening. Wade. Philip Thornton.

August 3rd Wednesday 1898

To town. On bus all. Milk, etc and out in garden in afternoon. Vernons and Fosters called. Down to pier, saw Reids off – rough. Packed all evening.

August 4th Thursday 1898

Packed all morning. Then in tram to Westbourne. Wade at Station. On to Kings Cross train.

Isle of Skye

August 5th Friday 1898

Continued travelling. Crossed the Forth Bridge. On boat at Kyle of Lochalsh to Portree. Slept at the Royal Hotel.

August 6th Saturday 1898

Drove across to Snizort Manse. And we rested in afternoon. Went to Post Office in evening and up burn. To bed very tired.

August 7th Sunday 1898

Breakfast 9.30. Philip, Nell and myself to Post Office. All towards Kingsburgh; in afternoon climbed trees etc in evening,

August 8th Monday 1898

K to sketch up burn with Nell and me. We caught a fish, rained in afternoon. Ate gooseberries in evening. Walked up burn after tea.

August 9th Tuesday 1898

All out. Took dinner up burn. Fish caught none. Nell, K and I up hill. Bill came in evening.

August 10th Wednesday 1898

Very wet. Wrote to Christy. Walked out past Church with Mother, Nelly and K in morning. Drove in evening. With Nelly and K. Passed cattle. Bath in evening.

August 11th Thursday 1898

Very wet. Just to Post Office. Worked. Played, etc. With Sandersons.

August 12th Friday 1898

Mrs McWilliam came. All men to shoot. To burn back by sands. With K in evening. Rain. Played and worked.

August 13th Saturday 1898

To Manse. Made friends with McRury and then to Post Office. To tea, etc. Played Bequick. Read, etc.

August 14th Sunday 1898

Wrote to E and Lines. Letters from Audrey and Sylvia. All to Church at 1pm. Wet. Read etc in evening.

August 15th Monday 1898

Nell, K and I with the gentlemen to shoot. Lovely. Post Office in evening.

August 16th Tuesday 1898

Alone to Post Office. K sketched. On Nell’s bike to Kingsburgh in afternoon. Phil and Mrs Williamson rowed us.

August 17th Wednesday 1898

Mrs Williams went. To Post Office in morning. Out on loch in afternoon. Until 6.30. Dave came. Caught 3 fish. I caught one. Bill went.

August 18th Thursday 1898

Sanderson rowed us to other side of loch. To Post office in afternoon. Phil and John Sanderson to Portree. Nell five miles along the road to Post Office in evening.

August 19th Friday 1898

All to Quiraing. Up to the dinner before. Started at 9. K drove back. Tea at Uig. Drove back. Cards, etc in evening.

August 20th Saturday 1898

To pick peas. The Manse with Cor McRury, then to Post Office with Nell. Read in garden all afternoon. Nothing but seat in garden.

August 21st Sunday 1898

Wrote to E. To Church. Headache after dinner. To bed after 11. Not down anymore.

August 22nd Monday 1898

William Sanderson went. Nell unwell. To Post Office alone in morning. Out on boat in afternoon on loch with P.D. Mrs B, K and myself got drenched. Knitted.

August 23rd Tuesday 1898

Out for a walk. Pains. Brown illish. Mrs S, Mother, Phil and D to MacDonalds. K painted Nell’s portrait. Etc knitted.

August 24th Wednesday 1898

James away early. Out on loch. Biked a little. Caught many fish. Knitted.

August 25th Thursday 1898

All except Mrs S, to Portree for “games” – very nice. Dinner in hotel. Drove back in Camble’s trap. Very memorable.

August 26th Friday 1898

Very wet. First to Post Office, etc. Party in evening. Knitted.

August 27th Saturday 1898

Wet, knitted a lot. Up Storr Rock with K and Nell. Out with mother in afternoon.

August 28th Sunday 1898

Wet. To Post Office with K and Phil read a great deal. Bed.

August 29th Monday 1898

Very wet. Knitted in morning. Up burn in afternoon. Shooting on wall in evening. Nearly finished sock.

August 30th Tuesday 1898

Finished sock in morning. Read. We were not going until Sunday. To Post Office with Nell.

August 31st Wednesday 1898

We fish. To Post Office. Up to burn – fished in burn in morning. In Loch afternoon. Very cold.

September 1st Thursday 1898

Up burn in morning to pick heather. Fishing in burn in afternoon. Caught one! Dave away in evening.

September 2nd Friday 1898

To P.O. in morning. Fishing, etc. Caught nothing. Had rained a lot in night. Great fun.

September 3rd Saturday 1898

Headachey but to P.O. in morning. Windy. Rested all afternoon. K and Nell fished. K caught a large one and broke the rod.

September 4th Sunday 1898

Lovely sunset
Packed and to P.O. with Phil and Adam B. Then to Church, down to see pups after dinner, also the dear boat. In wagonette to Portree in evening.

September 5th Monday 1898

Depart 7.00. Phil to see us off. Beautiful day. Lovely ferry. Got to Perth at 9.30. Were met by Louie. All the family so very nice.

September 6th Tuesday 1898

Out in garden. It was beautiful. Drive with Mr Bell, Louie and M round Perth in afternoon with Mabel.

September 7th Wednesday 1898

Ate fruits all morning. Away in carriage with Louie and Mabel with us to Edinburgh. I had dinner at Jenners. Then to Castle and Holyrood. Tea. Then in train to Newcastle. Met by Leo. Aunt E (Ella) bilious.


September 8th Thursday 1898

To Chenisly with Ella and Aunt M. Saw Aunt E there. Bike ride by Cow Hill. Jolly up to South View. Selby in for a little.

September 9th Friday 1898

Down shops with Aunt S. To Miss P to read and had music lesson. K bought work. Out for bike ride with Ella. Very nice. Leo in, in evening. Aunt E better.

September 10th Saturday 1898

Mother to Ella to town and I to South View in morning. And to tea there in afternoon. Ride up to Reservoir with Sissie, Ella and K.

September 11th Sunday 1898

To Meeting. Mother and K. Ella at home with aunt Eliza. K and I to tea at Aunt M and Leo. Went also after tea. Walk up High Road. Selby in to supper.

September 12th Monday 1898

Up to South View in morning, etc. K cycle ride. D and Ella also rode in afternoon. All except Aunts and me to theatre. Billiards with Aunt Sarah and read.

September 13th Tuesday 1898

Ella and K to town. I for a drive with Sissie. Mother to supper at Grangeville.

September 14th Wednesday 1898

We down to Cullercoats for day. Saw Nicholls and Alice and Ali Reid. Had dinner on North Rocks. Sissie came. Tea at Croftons.

September 15th Thursday 1898

For ride with Sissie in morning. To lessons at Deans in afternoon with E. Telegram from Ed. I rode over to Cousin Sissie and had tea. Mother to Austria. Said goodbye. Slept with K.

September 16th Friday 1898

Rode over to Aunt Didi’s. Worked with Ella to tea at Charlotte’s and supper with Leo, etc. Rode in dark.

September 17th Saturday 1898

Asked Thorburns to play in garden, etc, then came up to White Farm for eggs.

September 18th Sunday 1898

To Meeting. Walked down with Ella. K didn’t come. Read in afternoon. Up to Sandeman’s. Wrote Mother. K supper with Aunt M.

September 19th Monday 1898

Up to White Farm. In to Aunt Ethel. Now music lessons. Over to Menies with Ella. Saw baby. Began to write to Dorothy, etc.

September 20th Tuesday 1898

K, Ella and I down to town. Did shopping. Nothing particular. Many to tea. K and I for bike ride.

September 21st Wednesday 1898

K and E to Mrs Decon’s. K and I up to South View garden. Card from Mother.

September 22nd Thursday 1898

Rainy. Was in all day. Chris in, in evening. Billiards, etc, Music, darned, wrote.

September 23rd Friday 1898


September 24th Saturday 1898

Nothing particular. Letter from Mother.

September 25th Sunday 1898

To Meeting with Aunt Sarah. Read in afternoon. Jolly. K in bed till dinner. Heaps of people in in evening. Headache, rested and got better for evening.

September 26th Monday 1898

Sore throat, practised lessons, rode with Hatty on cycle to Denton. To Mrs Potts in afternoon. K out. For first time read Blindpits[11] and worked.

September 27th Tuesday 1898

In bed all day with badish cold. Read and worked. Card from Mother.

September 28th Wednesday 1898

In bed till dinner-time. Worked and read, etc. Had music lessons on drawing room piano. Practised. Worked and read a lot. Letter from Mother. Leo in.

September 29th Thursday 1898


September 30th Friday 1898


October 1st Saturday 1898 – October 12th 1898



October 13th Thursday 1898

Up early. Saw K off at Victoria then bought ribbon with Aunt A. To Stores. Nothing particular.

October 14th Friday 1898

Wrote to Mother, etc. Rested in afternoon. Felt unhappy a little. To Stores.

October 15th Saturday 1898

To Stores. Wet all day more or less. Card to Mother. Felt unhappy. Rested, etc. Music lessons from Aunt E.

October 16th Sunday 1898

Wrote to Mother, etc. Out for walk with Aunt A and S. Wrote to Mother and was unhappy. Rested. Aunt Ada read in evening. I lay on sofa.

October 17th Monday 1898

Fine morning. To Stores with Lucy. To Whiteley’s in afternoon with Aunt Ada. Bought pen, etc, had tea there. Was happy in evening. Illish.

Whiteley’s Department Store, Bayswater, London

October 18th Tuesday 1898

Rained hard. To Stores. Sylvia not at school. To wedding in afternoon, Nice. Aunt N in bed all day. Cards in evening then to bed, etc.

October 19th Wednesday 1898

To Stores, etc. Hooped a little. Quite happy all day – first time. Mrs Miles to tea. Aunt Nelly in bed all day. Games in evening.

October 20th Thursday 1898

To Stores and on to tea with Aunt Ada. To school with Sylvia. Aunt N’s “at home” day so she came down. Doris, Lucy, Sylvia and I had tea alone. Game after with Lucy and Doris. Helped S with her lessons.

October 21st Friday 1898

H and not going to Aunt Alice’s to Stores. With Aunt A and to shops. To School with Sylvia. Met Nancy. To Aunt Emma’s with Anita. Worked and had games in afternoon with Doris, etc. Very hot. All doors open.

October 22nd Saturday 1898

Rained. Letter from Mother. Wrote to Mother. To shops with Aunt Ada, had music lessons, worked and read in evening. Sylvia toothache.

October 23rd Sunday 1898

For a walk to river with Aunt Ada and children. Uncle Harold, Aunt Rosa to tea. Very nice. Cried after they had gone. To station with them.

October 24th Monday 1898

Heard Lucy practise. Aunt A came. Asked me to go to Hampstead Sunday. To shops and station with Aunts A and A. Worked Doz’s night-gown, case, etc. For hoop. Walk with Sylvia on bike with Eric Layton. Packed, out on Cousin Fanny’s bicycle with Aunt A. Worked in evening. Sylvia’s tooth ached badly.

October 25th Tuesday 1898

To office with Aunt Ada to high school with S. Doris cried. Lucy also. Aunt Ada took me to Aunt Alice’s. Doz out to Tads. Aunt Alice to lecture with Mr Strothell. Very happy.

October 26th Wednesday 1898

To Mrs Archer’s with Polly on tram. Wrote to Mother and K wrote letter. Out to library. Jolly. Worked in evening and played cards.

October 27th Thursday 1898

To Green and Edwards with Polly. Worked, but for long bike ride 10 ½ miles with Mary Guddins and Doz. Tea at the Guddins.

October 28th Friday 1898

On Hampstead a lot with Polly in morning, on Heath in afternoon. Wade and Bill Sime called in evening. Asked to go to the theatre. Lovely letter from Mother.

October 29th Saturday 1898

To zoo on bicycles. Doz and I. Got dresses. Kitty and Robin called in afternoon. Robin played cards. Aunt A and Doz out to the Innises. Rained. Poz and I played cards.

October 30th Sunday 1898

On heath to Aunt Rosa’s – to dinner, tea and supper. Played hide and seek. Fun. Uncle Harold brought me home.

October 31st Monday 1898

To shops alone. Twice Polly unwell. Rested in afternoon. Phil S to supper. He took Doz and me to theatre. Great fun. Home all the way in handsome. To bed at twelve.

November 1st Tuesday 1898

Down to shops and Swiss Cottage. Wrote long letter to Mother. Very nice weather. Wade in. She and I to shops – Oxford Street and Regent Street. Aunt Alice out and Polly in bed all day.

November 2nd Wednesday 1898


November 3rd Thursday 1898

To Hampstead with Polly. Bought buckle for Aunt Ada. To Cousin Mary’s with Aunt A and shops. Doz to dinner and Mrs Shetnell. Cards.

November 4th Friday 1898

To Whiteleys in morning and to tea with the Collins’ in the afternoon. Knitted sock.

November 5th Saturday 1898

To shops with Doz. Saw Smarts. To Supper with Aunt Rose. Fine. Uncle H brought me home. Mr Dawson here.

November 6th Sunday 1898

On to Heath in morning. Headachey. To concert in afternoon. McCery’s in afternoon with Paul. Kitty and I knitted. Aunt Edith came. Mr S out.

November 7th Monday 1898


November 8th Tuesday 1898

Kitty’s in morning. To Aunt M’s in afternoon. Kitty brought me home in evening.

November 9th Wednesday 1898

To shops with Aunt A. Knitted and practised. Polly in bed. To Cousin Mary in evening. Played games with Bessie.

November 10th Thursday 1898

Practised and wrote letters. Wrote to Mother and went for jolly bike ride with Doz. Jackson awfully funny. Knitted in evening. Doz to dine at Collins.

November 11th Friday 1898

To Green and Edwards with Aunt A and Polly’s skirt came. Lesson nice. To Aunt Rosa’s – knitted got in muddle.

November 12th Saturday 1898

Foggy. Polly in bed all day. Me dancing class in afternoon. Lovely. Did verbs in morning. Came home with Collins’. Had letter from Ed. Dear Mother and K and Ed.

November 13th Sunday 1898

To zoo with Doris. Very jolly. Wrote to Mother in afternoon. Lots of people in to tea – Sylvia, Mr Carr. I wrote to Edward also.

November 14th Monday 1898

Practised and did French. Up to Aunt R’s. All out and Mr Settell gone. Up to Aunt R’s in afternoon. Wrote to Andy. Played game with Aunt A. Made up new knitting stitch.

November 15th Tuesday 1898

Skipped and out to Green and Edwards in morning. To have music lesson in afternoon, to lecture in evening with Aunt A and Collins.

November 16th Wednesday 1898

Practised 1hr 30 mins. Had card from K about coming home, etc. To French in afternoon and Cousin Mary’s in evening. Nice. Hot night.

November 17th Thursday 1898

To Green and Edwards with Polly. Practised 1 hour 30 minutes. Very excited about Mother’s return.

November 18th Friday 1898

To Tads in morning with Aunt Alice and Polly. Aunt Ada came. To French class. Headachey. Mrs Cheldershine called. Also Mrs Hanhart. Concert in evening.

November 19th Saturday 1898

To Green and Edwards with Doz. To dancing in afternoon. No headache, etc. Dancing nice.

November 20th Sunday 1898

In all day. Uncle H off. Paul in in evening. Chess and cards. Late to sleep.

November 21st Monday 1898

Practised. In did French in morning. Doz not very well. Out to Post Office in afternoon. Kitty in.

November 22nd Tuesday 1898

Out to Green and Edwards. To Aunt E’s for music. Mother and Katie came home. Very rough voyage.

November 23rd Wednesday 1898

Practised. Sat with Mother and K. To French. Very nice. Mother looking tired.

November 24th Thursday 1898

Practised, etc. Sat with Mother. Sat with K all the afternoon. Out with Mother.

November 25th Friday 1898

In all morning. Worked, etc. Doz still missing her lessons. To French in afternoon. Better than time before. Though not very nice. Mother a darling. Lots of people in afternoon.

November 26th Saturday 1898

Still wet weather. Knitted, etc in morning. Practised. Had dancing, in cab in afternoon. Jolly very. Aunt Ada came. Read and knitted, etc in evening.

November 27th Sunday 1898

Up on Heath with Aunt Alice. Nice. To Aunt Rosa’s in afternoon. Robin brought me home. Nice.

November 28th Monday 1898

Practised, etc. Down to Green and Edwards with Mother and Polly. Rested in afternoon.

November 29th Tuesday 1898

Practised. Down to shops with K. To Aunt Edith in afternoon. Music lesson. Read Rose in Bloom[12] – finished.

November 30th Wednesday 1898

Down to Marshall and Snelgrove with Mother and K and Aunt Alice and Polly. To French. Nice and to tea with Aunt Rosa.

December 1st Thursday 1898

To Aunt N’s in morning with K. Read and last piece in afternoon. Phil to supper and games. Nice.

December 2nd Friday 1898

Practised. Tried on skirt. Did Dictation to French. To tea with Aunt Rosa, dreadful pains. Charley in evening. Played Gaboosh. Kate not very well.

December 3rd Saturday 1898

K in bed ill sore throat, practised dancing. Very jolly. Headache and practised read in evening. K still in bed.

December 4th Sunday 1898

On Heath in morning to three meals at Uncle Harold’s. Mother there. To tea and supper with Uncle Ned. K in bed.

December 5th Monday 1898

To Aunt Rosa’s in afternoon. Lois and I played on swing. Rained in evening. K still in bed. Miss Parsons.

December 6th Tuesday 1898

Kitty came to shops twice in morning. To Aunt Edith’s and jolly music lesson. K up.

December 7th Wednesday 1898

Rained hard all morning. To French in afternoon. Nice. To Aunt A and Doz to Parsons.

December 8th Thursday 1898

To Whiteleys in morning with Mother. Then on to Aunt Nelly’s to dinner and tea. Out with children in afternoon. Home by train. Daisy’s hat came. Polly made them up.

December 9th Friday 1898

To Green and Edwards in morning. Early dinner and to French. Not bad. Talked a lot. Painy in evening. Looked at photos, etc.

December 10th Saturday 1898

Down to Belsize in morning. Dancing in afternoon. Nice. Mother in and did not like much. Played cards in evening.

December 11th Sunday 1898

On Heath in morning with Mother. Saw Lois, etc. Painted in afternoon, knitted in evening. Doz in bed all day. K to tea at Aunt Rosa’s.

December 12th Monday 1898

Practised, etc. Went to Dohnányi’s[13] with Mother. Lovely. Had tea in town.

December 13th Tuesday 1898

To Green and Edwards with Polly. Music lesson. Out to fetch Mother in dark. All to Tads except us.

December 14th Wednesday 1898

Practised and had Miss Parsons. Out to French and tea. Bill, Dave and Phil in evening. Cards, etc.

December 15th Thursday 1898

To town with K and saw Bill. To Green and Edwards with Doz. Party in evening. Nice. Eira and Robin, Lois and P. Jolly dancing, etc.

December 16th Friday 1898

Polly in bed all day. Down to shops. Last French class. Aunt Alice and Doz out in evening.

December 17th Saturday 1898

In all morning. Phil in to tea. Went to show off. Nice though bad.

December 18th Sunday 1898

On to Heath. Nice. Read in afternoon. Snow came.

December 19th Monday 1898

Dolly gone. Also Mother and K. Down to Livingstons twice. Did Christmas presents.

No more. The diary ends there.

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