1896 Bournemouth, London, Cambridge, London, Bournemouth

“Condercum”, 7 Burnaby Road, Alum Chine, Bournemouth – photo circa 2019


In 1896, Edward is 20 years old, Kate is 17 years old and Alys is 12 years old

K Boyd
Bournemouth Jan 1896
Vol XI
“the little black books”

Diary 1896


Wednesday, January 1st – New Year’s Day

In previous diary – Wednesday, 1st January 1896 on end page…..
Very wet. Did silver and practised. Aunt Ada, Ed and I golfed on Sands. Wade and Minnie had games with us and we refreshments with them.

However, in big beautiful new diary….

Rainy in the morning so not out. I practised a little and read. Bo from Uncle Harold opened. They sent me ”Studies and Stories” by Mrs Molesworth[1]; lovely book. After dinner Aunt Ada, Edward and I went on Sandbanks under “Camel’s head” and golfed. In the evening, Wade and Minnie were asked in and we had games and tricks; then we had ginger wine and cake in the kitchen; and then to bed.

Thursday, January 2nd

My third time on a bicycle. Edward to town at 9.50 to get bicycles and then I took the 10.00 omnibus and met him at Pembroke (or near). Then we went to Branksome on bicycles. Very muddy. So I got a bad fall. Not hurt. Tho’ only fearfully muddy. We afterward took the bikes back to Normans and walked home by the Sands. Mother and Aunt Ada to Winter Gardens Symphony Concert. Ed and Alys out. I rested. Mother, Aunt Ada, Edward and I to tea at the Miller’s. I read “Wide, Wide World”[2] in evening and rested.

Friday, January 3rd

Tidied the rooms, and washed silver etc. Mrs Barnard and Miss Morison called at 11. I showed Mrs B over the house. Edward and I went on Sandbanks to golf but we cut wads in the little cliffs and only golfed a little. Conis got caught in a deep hole. 5 foot deep and we had to get the axe from home and dig him a way out! Mother and Ed paid calls in afternoon, and Aunt Ada and I to town and shopped. Audrey spent the day here and played at dolls with Alys. Aunt Ada and I began “Catriona”[3] by R. L. Stevenson. Ed read the newspaper aloud.

Saturday, January 4th

Edward to dinner and tea at the Browne’s. I washed silver with Aunt Ada; and then helped Mother to darn stockings till dinner. Mother and I by 2.30 omnibus to Pembroke; called on Samsons who are staying in lodgings. Then to “The Hawthornes”. Called on Miss Radmar and talked to her. She was very kind. Then we called on Mrs Birch and had tea there, while I talked to Kathleen about bicycling chiefly. Then we walked home. Aunt Ada and Alys had been to Westbourne. I read “Catriona” in evening and played “reversi”[4] with Ed. Letter from Sissie.

Sunday, 5th January

Aunt Ada and I went to Church (St Ambrose) in the morning. I enquired after Miss Boodle and then we walked home with Miss Andrews (very slowly!) She had lunch with us. Dryden Donkin called and went out for a walk with Edward. I talked to Miss Andrews and wrote to Dorothy. Mother rested. I gave Donkin and Edward, Alys tea in the dining room; the others had in the drawing-room. Edward walked back with Miss Andrews. I read “Catriona” and played “Reversi” with Edward.

Monday, 6th January

Washed silver, with Aunt Ada, helped Wade. Edward golfed on the links with Donkin and then went to meet Aunt Edith at the Station! She came! 12.40. Miss Michell to lunch. Edward and I called on the Vernons in the afternoon. Only Lilian at home. Aunt Ada and Alys to the Concert at Winter Gardens. Ed and I putted on the lawn; lost two balls. Minnie to the theatre. Aunt Edith, Ed, Alys and I played Halma[5]. And Alys and I played on the piano to Aunt Edith. Then to bed.

Tuesday, 7th January

Washed the silver etc and then finished my Greek History hometask. Then did some painting, with the stove in the study. Read “The Coming Race”[6] till 3.15 then dressed, and Mother, Aunts Ada and Edith and I went to tea at Lady Macfarran’s. Miss Davenport sang and Lady M played to us! Then we came back and had support at 5.30. At 7.00 Edward, Alys and I went to the Walshes. A good many people there; games and supper till 10.55. Also Polka and Lancers(!) Fanny “played” the lancers!!! Not bad fun.

Wednesday, 8th January

I woke late. Edward golfed with Bertie Browne. I tidied the study and cleaned the drawing-room. The drugget[7] was down. Maud Samson came to lunch. Aunt Edith, Ed and A ‘putted’ on the lawn. We got the table large for tea. I cut cakes, etc. At 4 o’clock came Margaret, Dolly, Dennis[8] and Freddy and Rex Embleton. The four Leonard Brownes. Audrey and Brian went and Miss Radmar and her niece and nephew! We had games, tea and dances till 7.15 and then they all went. Then we had supper and waltzed! And then read till bedtime.

Dennis Embleton

Thursday 9th January

Aunt Edith and Edward went to the golf links by the 10 omnibus. Aunt Ada and I and Alys went to Craig Vaen by it and then with Marriners to the boys’ dancing class. Alys and I danced a little. Then we ordered bicycles at Passmore’s for tomorrow and then walked home. I read “Catriona” before the fire all the afternoon! Edward billiards at Mr Smales; Mother, Aunts Ada and Edith to the concert. Wade in bed and Mrs Stephens in. I finished “Catriona” (a lovely book), and Aunt Edith played and sung to us. To bed. 10.00

Friday, 10th January

Alys first bicycle lesson.
Alys and I went by 10 omnibus to the Marriners and we all expected a bicycle for Audrey and Alys to learn on at 10.30. But it never came. Mrs M and I walked to Passmore’s and his man was strained so we all drove to Pooss’s in the triangle and ordered a bike from there at 2.15. Then we drove home here, and asked Mother if we might stay to dinner there; so we did. I first drove to town with Mrs M and Mrs Foster. At 2.30 a boy to teach them brought a dear little bike and they had an hour between them. We walked home; had tea and supper. At 7.00 Ed and I walked to the theatre and saw “Patience”[9] and drove home.


Saturday, 11th January

Her (Alys) second lesson.
Very late up after theatre. Washed silver. Walked to Marriner’s with Alys. At 12.15 we went to Portarlington Road and Alys had another bicycle lesson. She went alone, quite nicely. Then Audrey had a lesson and Mrs Foster drove us home. After dinner, Alys to tea at the Marriners. Mother and Aunt Ada called on Mrs Browne; Ed and Aunt Edith to “Gondoliers”[10] at theatre. I read “The Coming Race” and rested, and wrote to Charlotte and Kathleen. After supper the Vernons came and we had games (pencil) and songs and coffee.

Sunday, 12th January

I woke very late; Aunts Ada and Edith went to St Michael’s in the morning.

st michaels

I dried the breakfast things for Wade and helped Mother with Edward’s packing, etc. After dinner we read books over the fire and ate oranges. I finished “The Coming Race”. Edward went to Miss Andrews’ and Fryer’s to call. I wrote to Sissie. Aunt Edith played on the piano. Alys and I played “Halma”. Edward and Alys played “Halma”. I played on the piano to the others for 20 minutes and then to bed.

Monday, 13th January

Alys’ third bicycle ride.
Played Halma with Edward and he went away by the 11.00 train to Cambridge via London. Washed the silver and read “Kidnapped”[11] and had singing lesson and played at ball with Aunt Edith and Alys in the garden. We all went to Portarlington Road by 2.30 omnibus. Audrey had learnt to bicycle. Then the others went to the concert; the Marriners home and Alys and I went about with the bike; too small for me. Alys at last bent it by falling on it and we had to carry it back and pay. 1/- ride, 1/- damages. Walked home, Halma in evening and books.

Tuesday, 14th January

Washed the silver with Aunt Edith; then she gave me my 2nd singing lesson! Very nice. Aunt Ada, Mother, Aunt Edith and Alys started off for Christchurch; I was going to bicycle with Kathleen at 2.45 but came on unwell so couldn’t. They soon returned, having lost the train. I finished “Kidnapped” with two oranges over the fire. They all did ditto. I played Halma with Alys . At about 7.15 the Millers came to supper. Miss Miller in a low necked dress. We played Halma and letter game afterwards. To bed. Very tired and sleepy.

Wednesday, 15th January

Aunts Ada and Edith’s first bike lesson.

I stayed in bed to breakfast. Read the “Merchant of Venice”[12] all through. And also began the “Confirmation” book with Mother. Aunts Ada and Edith had a bicycle lesson each, and Alys a ride for an hour. I got up to dinner. We all drove to the Embletons; Mother called there. We, meanwhile, drove to Hugh King’s, and then called for Mother and she and Aunt A and E went to the Bellairs At Home. Alys to Gwen’s to tea. Mother read “Sesame and Lilies”[13] preface aloud in evening. Aunt Ada and Alys played chess. I had neuralgia.

Thursday, 16th January

Aunts A and E – second lesson

Breakfast at about 8.30. Then at 9 the boy bought a lady’s bicycle and Aunt Edith and Aunt Ada had their 2nd lesson till 10 o’clock. Alys and I watched. I did my French exercise; the Morisons came to lunch and then we all went to the Winter Gardens’ concert. Back by omnibus. Mother and Aunt Ada to Mariners for tea. I read “Adam Bede”[14] and played Halma in the evening. I beat her twice, and she has beaten me twice. Helped Wade and Minnie to roll toffee also, and then to bed.

Friday, 17th January

Like yesterday, the boy brought bicycle at 9.00 and Aunts Ada and Edith had their 3rd lesson. I went on the bike just up the road and back. I was quite steady and didn’t feel nervous. I had a singing lesson in the morning and did my history table for Miss Boodle. Alys and the other two had their first French lesson. I didn’t. At 3.30 we all drove to Parkstone to the Browne’s dance. Very nice. I danced all except one dance. Nice waltz with Aunt Ada; and dances with Bertie, I with Mr B, I with Kathleen, I with Alys, etc. We drove back at 7.30. Aunt E didn’t come.

Saturday, 18th January

Alys’ fifth bike ride
My fourth (proper) bicycle ride
Directly after breakfast we all went up the Chine (at 9 o’clock). Their bicycles were waiting. One for the Aunts’ lesson with the boy, one for Alys and one for me. I went off to Kathleen’s house and got her to come for a ride with me and Alys. We went to Branksome. Aunt Edith learnt to ride quite well alone. After dinner, the “grown ups” went to Christchurch. Alys and I went to town, did a lot of shopping, had cream things and came home. I read “Adam Bede” and we all played on the piano in the evening to each other.

Alum Chine

sSunday, 19th January

Aunt Edith and Alys went out for a walk. I rolled out pastry and read the Confirmation book with Mother, and wrote to Edward. I wrote to Dorothy in the afternoon, and Miss Morison called. Miss David and Miss Davenport came to tea (Muriel D’port). Alys and I had to play to them, also Teeds, and Muriel Davenport played a good deal to us. Aunt Edith played a lot after they had gone. I had a good read at “Adam Bede” and a hot bath.

Monday, 20th January

Sixth bike ride for me
Alys went up to Lostock for her first day’s lessons. Aunt Edith and I walked up to Westbourne and got our bicycles and went for an hour’s ride on the West Cliff and Branksome; great fun. Aunt Edith went away to London after dinner. Miss Morison came and we had our first Music and French lessons in the afternoon. Aunt Ada and Mother went to the concert. Miss Boodle came in the evening and I had my first “History Table” lesson. Alys read aloud and we also in the evening and worked.

Tuesday, 21st January

I walked up the Chine to Lostock with Alys and we all did sums (fractions) and printing-copy. At 11.30 I met Mother, Aunt Ada and Miss Davies at the head of the Chine and we waited about for the hired bicycle which never came. I read “Adam Bede” all the afternoon, resting. Miss MacKenzie came to tea and sang to us, and I showed her my paintings and sketches. Miss Coles also called on her bicycle, to settle the day. We read aloud in the evening and worked.

Wednesday, 22nd January

I had a little cold, so did not walk up the Chine with Alys in the morning. Stretched drawing-paper and decorated pie for dinner. Read the Confirmation book with Mother. Aunt Ada had a bicycling lesson. Mother called on the Walshes. Fanny is not coming to the drawing-class this term. Miss Boodle came and we read Addison[15] and about him together. Spilt red hot coal on the hall carpet and burnt holes in it. Read “Where Three Empires Meet”[16] aloud.

Thursday, 23rd January

Mother walked up the Chine with Alys. I did my French exercise and then my drawing prep. Fire lighted in the Study. I drew and painted the little green jug. Minnie went to her home for the day. Aunt Ada had another bicycling lesson. Ethel Boldero called after dinner and went to the concert with Mother and Aunt Ada. Alys and I went up to see if there were any bicycles in, but none small enough for Alys. After tea, practised and did my French trans: Alys did her painting prep.

Friday, 24th January

Walked up the Chine with Alys; heavenly day. Wrote diary in Chine. Mother and Aunt Ada went to town by 10 omni; had their lunch there and only returned at tea-time. I went into the gardens and sketched for an hour. Miss Morison came after dinner and we had Music and French. I read and did lessons. Bad rheumatism in my leg. Miss Boodle in evening; Greek History. Read “Middlemarch”[17] and helped with window curtain, etc. Hot bath and to bed.

Saturday, 25th January

Horrid wet day. The drawing-room was cleaned. Mother in bed to breakfast. Aunt Ada and I made up my new curtains; sewed on hooks and put them up. They look very nice. I practised and did my French; our 3rd disappointment about our bicycle ride; too wet to go. I read “Middlemarch” and eat an orange; Mother and I read “Confirmation” book and I drew her and Alys in yellow chalk. We read “Where Three Empires Meet” in evening.

Sunday, 26th January

Aunt Ada and I went to St Michaels to Church. Mr Toyne preached about the conversion of St Paul and St John and St Peter. We walked back as far as the bridge with Mrs Vernon and Winnie. Miss Andrews to dinner and tea. I read “Middlemarch” and eat an orange over the fire, and wrote letters. Conis felt sick. I wrote out my “Confirmation prep”. Read all the evening and then to bed.

Monday, 27th January

Walked up the Chine with Alys; nice, the damp, misty muddy day. Did my lessons and drew (charcoal). After dinner Mother and Aunt Ada went to the concert. Miss Morison came; Music and French lessons. Very nice. Alys and I had out tea and then Mother and Aunt Ada came back with Ethel Miles. They had tea and then Ethel unpacked and showed us curiosities. We saw all the fiddle-case toys and had supper. Miss Boodle didn’t come as her sister wasn’t well. Wade went to Ivy Hiscock’s birthday party. (I painted the brown jar, pan thing).

Tuesday, 28th January

Up to Lostock with Alys; we did sums and printing. Walked back with Mother whom I met at the Morisons, called in at Miss Davies. I practised and Aunt Ada packed. At 1.30 we all drove to the station to see Aunt Ada off. Then Mother and I went to Mr Toyne’s and I stayed for the Confirmation Class from 3.00 till 3.45. Ethel and Alys went on the pier (we found the dachshund puppy). I joined the others at Horsfall’s after the class and we did shopping at Barnes and then caught our omnibus home.

Wednesday, 29th January

Alys’ and my 6th bike ride
Up the Chine with Alys and then walked round by Alumhurst Road; called at the MacKenzies to see about Miss Mac coming to drawing class; her cold is too bad for her to come tomorrow. I then called at the Vernon’s and talked to Winnie, then home and did lessons and drew. In the afternoon Alys and I went to Passmore’s and got two bicycles and went for an hour’s ride; went to the West Cliff: met Miss Radmar, etc, etc. Home. Miss Dewsley and Blinkhorn to tea and also Mr and Mrs Smales and Miss Davies and Miss Morison. Ethel played on the violin.

Thursday, 30th January

Up to Lostock with Alys, did sums and map drawing; had neuralgia, such a cold wind, so took the omnibus back. Did my French and Miss Andrews came. She stayed to dinner. Ethel met Alys. I practised. At 2.30 Winnie, Gwen and Miss Coles came and we had our first drawing lesson. Winnie did a group with green vase; I drew cast of head of Venus de Milo. Mother and Ethel at concert I practised after tea. Showed Ethel my drawings and played on piano to her. To bed.

Sketches at back of Kate’s diary

Friday, 31st January

Up the Chine with Alys, wrote my diary on the way back. Did French and a lot of Greek History and practised. Miss Morison came in the afternoon. I had a very nice French lesson, but not nice Music. Alys and Audrey both nearly cried at their French!!! Miss Davies came and played accompaniment for Ethel. Miss Boodle came and gave me a short Greek History lesson and walked back with Miss Davies. Drew, and had “Heads, bodies and legs”[18] game in evening.


Saturday, 1st February

Alys and I late up. Mother and Ethel to Christchurch. Miss Davies with them. Started at 9.15. Alys and I practised and did our drawing and painting prep and French. Audrey to dinner. I did moss painting after dinner, practising and then Mother, Ethel and I went to Afternoon Tea at Mr and Mrs Smales’. Mr Smale taught Ethel and me to make junks[1] of out paper. Ethel read aloud in the evening and we worked.

Origami Junk.JPG

Sunday, 2nd February

Mother and I went to St Michael’s in the morning. Mr Toyne preached on the 1st chapter of Genesis about the Creation. A very broad free sermon. We received the photos of Aunt Alice, Poz and Doz. The latter most beautiful and exquisite. I wrote to Doz and Edward in the afternoon, and Miss Andrews came to tea. My letters took a long time. We looked at the fiddle-case. Alys taught me to make boxes out of paper and Ethel taught me paper stars, very difficult.

Monday, 3rd February

Ethel Miles went away by the 9.15 train. Alys went to school in her station carriage. I did French and practised. Miss Morison in afternoon. French and Music. Mother to concert. Miss Boodle in evening. Did our dancing thing in evening. Hot bath.

Tuesday, 4th February

Up to Lostock with Alys in morning. Walked back, got wool for Kitty’s tammy[2]. At 2.30 we all went by omnibus to the dancing-class. Very nice. Came back by omnibus; crocheted Kitty’s Tammy in evening and read “Confirmation” book with Mother.

Wednesday, 5th February

Up to Westbourne with Alys. Bought more wool. Came back, tired and neuralgic. Practised, and worked Kitty’s Tammy. I went alone, by 2.30 omni: to Mr Toyne’s Confirmation Class (second). Very nice. Walked back across moor. Mother had called on Mrs Barnett, and then went to a musical “at home” at the Browne’s. Alys, bad head-ache and early to bed. I, bad neuralgia so sent word to Miss Boodle not to come. Finished K’s tam o’ shanter.

Thursday, 6th February

Up to Lostock with Alys. Neither Audrey nor Gwen there, both got colds. I afterward posted K’s tammy and walked home. Helped Mother with accounts, and prepared study for drawing-class. Practised. Winnie and Miss MacKenzie came (not Gwen). Very nice class, Miss Mack did cast of head with me. Mother at concert. Worked and read aloud in evening.


Friday, 7th February

Up Chine with Alys, and then round and left books at Gwen’s and paint-brush at Winnie’s. Home, did lessons and practised hard all morning. Received punic vase, etc, etc from Ethel Miles. French and Music lessons nice (no Gwen). Mother called on Mrs Cox and Millers. Mother to supper at Morisons. Miss Boodle here in evening. Alys and I wrote to Ethel Miles.

Saturday, 8th February

Mother and I went by 10 o’clock omnibus to town. Shopped and then went to see show of sketches by Sophia Beale[3] in the Avenue. Met the MacKenzies there. They had given us the private view ticket. Some good and pretty sketches, some horrible and crude. Very clever. In afternoon Alys went to the Marriners to tea. I practised and did lessons. Madame Fletcher called. I wrote out my Answers to Confirmation Questions for next class.

Sunday, 9th February

Rained in morning, so not to Church. Wrote letters and read Bible and biblical notes, etc. Morisons to tea in afternoon and Miss Davies in later.

Monday, 10th February

Foggy, so not up to Chine with Alys. Did lessons and sewed with Mother, brushed Con: Letters from D and K. Very nice Music and French lessons. Miss Boodle in evening. Wrote to Aunt Bella, for rec’ed beautiful sachet this morning. Sewed elastic on shoes. Had hot bath.

Tuesday, 11th February

Up to Lostock with Alys. Did sums (compound fractions) and printing. Came back by omnibus. Practised. Became unwell so not to the dancing-class with Alys. She went alone. Mother went with the Morisons and Lady Macfarran and Miss Davies to Poole to see view, etc. I drew candles and stick and rested, reading “Hiawatha”[4]. Most beautiful, made me quite sad for 2 or 3 hours after. Had tea, M and A came home. Did lessons in evening. Mrs Baron and her girl and Miss Andrews called in morning.

Wednesday, 12th February

Not up to Chine with Alys. Didn’t do anything particular. Did lessons and practising. After dinner got “red face” or (Nettle rash?) Took 2.30 omnibus to Confirmation Class. Rather difficult one. Walked home. Mother to tea at Lady Macfarran’s. Miss Boodle in evening. Letter to say Kitty and Jack are coming on Friday.

Thursday, 13th February

In bed to breakfast. At 10.30 walked up to Arran for first German lesson. Walked back. Prepared room for drawing-class. At 2.30 Miss Coles, Miss MacKenzie and Gwen came, not Winnie! Very nice lesson. I painted my Venus de Milo. Mother to concert. Practised in evening. Letter from Kitty to say she had such a bad cold that they can’t come tomorrow, on their tandem. Awful disappointment.

Friday, 14th February

Alys and I both in bed to breakfast. Coldey. Alys and Mother to dentist 10 omnibus. I got up and practised. Music and French in afternoon – short English lesson in evening. Alys headache so no music lesson.

Saturday, 15th February

Alys and my 7th bike ride
Alys and I took the 10 omni to Westbourne; got two bikes from Passmores and went for a ride to Canford Cliffs. We rode down the Canford Hill! And I did the “Cutting”! I wiped my nose on the bike! We rode back by County Gates and Poole Road. Then Alys and I went to Deane Webbe’s and then home. Lessons and practice in afternoon. Drew bicycles and read “Middlemarch” and then to bed. Nose douche.

Sunday, 16th February

I had a baddish cold and so stayed in bed all day. Drew bicycles and ladies, etc with Alys and read “Middlemarch”.

Monday, 17th February

Got up after breakfast. Alys to Lostock. I stayed in my room. Mother out. I mended tablecloth and sheet and made brush and comb bag. Read “Middlemarch”. Letter from Kit. Mother to shopping at 2.30. I had no music lesson but Miss M came for the others. I went down to supper. Finished “Middlemarch”.

Tuesday, 18th February

Got up after breakfast. Worked with Mother in dining-room. Darned vest and pillowcase. At 2.30 a carriage came to take us to the dancing-class. Very nice one. Alys and I did balls alone and alone together. I was called out twice with Birdie and Mabel alone in the skirt-step. I talked to them (especially Birdie) a lot. Miss Dersley talked to Mother and asked me to go and try their bicycle track any Saturday at 2.30 or after. Drove home. I rested and read “Vanity Fair”[5]. Unpicked my grey skirt.

Wednesday, 19th February

In bed to breakfast. Got up. (Forgot what did in morning. Oh yes.) Did an hours German prep. To fourth Conformation Class in afternoon. Very nice one all about the Nicene Creed[6], most interesting. Mother and Alys to dentist meanwhile. No Miss Boodle in evening.

Thursday, 20th February

Up to breakfast. Dining-room cleared. I had a carriage to German class. Home. Drawing class in afternoon. Nice. Head-ache in evening but practised balls and dancing.

Friday, 21st February

Miss Morison wrote to say she had a sore throat and couldn’t come to French. I helped Mother with my grey body; Miss Nelly Miller called. At 2.30 Alys and I went by omi to Passmores. Got two bikes and had a ride. All about West Cliff, etc as very muddy. We went twice in the Poole Road. Home. Mother to Marriners to call. Miss Andrews to tea here. Saw Mr Frank Deakin. Miss Boodle in evening. Did balls. Ball-lage has come on! New 3 ball exercise. Record x 3 all!

Saturday, 22nd February

Muddled about. Practised and tried to do German in morning. At about 11 o’clock Jack and Kitty came on their tandem! We talked and rested for a long time. At 3 o’clock Jack took me (for) a ride on the tandem. Jolly and terrifying. We flew along and tore down hills. Then he took Alys for a ride. Mother to station. Met Auntie Kate Davey who came here to stay. Looks ill. Kitty and I talked and rested. Did burning papers and in evening, Kitty headache. Slept with me.


Sunday, 23rd February

All the morning we rode the tandem round and round the lawn. I managed to ride on the back and we got on all right together K and I and K and Alys and Alys and J. Mother and Auntie Kate at Church. Kit and I rested in afternoon. Jack to Morisons. Then we rode tandem again till tea-time; then K packed and dressed and at 6.25 they went off to the station to catch the 6.50 train. Alys and I did vigorous ball exercises to support ourselves.

Monday, 24th February

Did lessons for Miss Boodle and darned pillowcases. Miss Andrews came in. No French. Miss Morrison still ill. I went to the concert with Mother and Auntie Kate. They played “Solveig’s Song”[7], beautifully. We had coffee there and walked home. Alys had gone to the golf links on a bicycle with Audrey on her’s and the pony cart and Miss Marriner. Miss Boodle came in evening. Lessons. Alys had a nice ride. To bed.

Tuesday, 25th February

Walked up Chine with Alys. Practised and did my drawing and painting prep: “My Shoe”. Auntie Kate to “Weston Hall” to call on Mrs Baron.

Weston Hall.jpg

Miss Andrews to dinner. Auntie K, Mother and us to the dancing-class. Very nice; difficult new step: “the Squirmgee” (me: if you know what this is, please tell me!). Home. Alys and I did balls hard, records and then I did my English lessons and she practised. Auntie Kate taught us “Donkey”[8] and we played “Grabbage”[9] and Patiences. To bed.

Wednesday, 26th February

Alys, Mother and Auntie Kate to town by 10 omni: Alys to dentist. I did German and practising in the morning and ball exercses. Records. Cecil Boldero calle and Violet Wylde. At 2.30 I went to Confirmation Class – 5th. We had question papers again. No Miss Boodle in evening. We did balls and dancing. Played “Grabbage” and “Donkey” and read aloud. “Love in Idleness[10]” in evening. Late to bed.

Thursday, 27th February

I slept late and had my breakfast in bed! Got up and went to the German lesson. Walked home with Alys. Madame de Karp to dinner, then Mother, Aunt Kate and Madam de Karp went to concert. We had very nice drawing lesson. Miss Coles stayed and talked about bicycles a long time after. Tea; nothing much in evening. Patience games and reading aloud.

Friday, 28th February

Walked up with Alys. Went to Passmores to order bike for tomorrow; talked to him a lot. Posted E’s cloth, walked back by road, very hot, took off jacket and gloves. Came back and did lessons. Practised. Miss Morison for Music and French in afternoon – nice. Mother and Aunt Kate called on the de Karps. Miss Boodle in evening. Partial eclipse of the moon – beautiful. Cards in evening.

Saturday, 29th February

Up earlier than usual. Painted green back-ground to shoes. Practised, did French and some German. Heard of Uncle Andrew’s death – last night. At 2.30 we went to Westbourne and got two bicycles. Mother went to Rowan Tree House to see Mrs Vernor-Miles. Alys and I rode about and eventually to Camacha. We went to their bicycle track. Nine of them could ride. They had a hired new bicycle and also had Miss Dersley’s, Birdie, Mabel, Hilda and May; We had great fun, went between hats and under arms and umbrellas. Mother to tea with Misses D and B. We had tea with the 5 first. Birdie poured out. Meanwhile May had broken the pedal off Alys’ bike and she had to ride it with one leg home. I rode too. Quite dark. No lanterns. Cards in evening.


Sunday, 1st March

Rained in morning. I wrote letters and Confirmation answers. Read in afternoon. Mr Harry Blakeley came to tea and came on the Sands with us afterward, lovely evening. He stayed a long while. We played paper games, Gibbets[1], etc. Supper and to bed.

Monday, 2nd March

Up Chine with Alys – did lots of lessons and practise all the morning – German, French and English. Music lesson in afternoon. And French. Between them I tried the new “Bell” bicycle that Mr Passmore had sent for us to try! Lovely but not nice saddle. Audrey came on hers. Mother and Auntie K to concert. A and I rode round the lawn on the bike; we kept it all night! Miss Boodle in evening. Played cards later.

Tuesday, 3rd March

Up Chine with Alys. Then went on the bicycle up to Westbourne, with Mother in omnibus. Took it to Passmores and talked about it and changed the saddle and had a bell put on. Then Mother back by omni and I called at Rowan T. House on little Vernor-Miles’ (with bike). Stayed there while it rained then came away and rode home, rather muddy. Cleaned bicycle and then practised. Mother and Auntie Kate had dinner early and went to Christchurch. Alys and I to dancing-class. Rather nice. I waltzed with Birdie. Home by omni. Hail and snow! Real snow. Did French in evening. Played domino whist and looked at the “Old Masters’ Pictures” book. Hot bath. Bicycle remained with us (and I hope will!)

Wednesday, 4th March

Did German; it rained. Mother and Alys to dentist. I went on bicycle to Westbourne when it got fine. Came back. Practised. Auntie Kate went away. I went to Confirmation Class (6th). Mabel and Birdie came back with me, across the moor: very windy and rain. Stopped soon. They and we tried the bicycle up and down the road. Had tea. Misses Dersley and Blinkhorn called and had tea too. We biked a lot after tea. Practised turning in the road,e tc. They went at 6.30. Miss Boodle came.

Thursday, 5th March

Minnie up Chine with Alys. I rode up on bike at 10 with the omni (and Mother). Had screw put right and then to Miss Neaves’. Then I rode round about the West Cliff Road etc, etc and then left the bike at Miss Boodle’s (for Alys) and went to Arran for German lesson. Then walked home. Cleaned bike. Mother gave it to me! Drawing-class. Nice. Miss MacKenzie and Gwen to tea afterwards and Miss Coles. She tried the bicycle, wasn’t nice about it. Practised and did lessons in evening. Also practised skirt dancing. Difficult.

Friday, 6th March

Up the Chine with Alys. I rode up on the bicycle and made appointment at Miss Neaves, bought hair combs and rode back. Did lessons and practise. Miss Morison in afternoon. Music and French. Leslie and William Miles to tea also Miss Miller’s little cousins, Dolly and Marjory. Very funny little children. Audrey to tea too. We walked to Westbourne (with bike) after tea. Had the tyres blown out. Alys rode back. Miss Boodle went to London.

Saturday, 7th March

Rained hard. Mother and I in omnibus to Westbourne. I went to Marriners, walked back, went to Miss Neaves. Was fitted for biking dress. Called for Mother at Morisons. Walked back. Alys out on bike (very muddy tho’) Miss Andrews to dinner. I did lessons and practise after. Mrs Walsh called.


Sunday, 8th March

Rained. I painted egg, etc, etc. Wrote letters. Miss Morison and Miss Miller called.

Monday, 9th March

(Half-term holiday). Miss Morison came at 9.45. I had music and we all had French as usual. I went to Westbourne on bike and walked back. Audrey to dinner. I went to concert with Mother, walked by Sands; sat beside Mr and Mrs and Georgie Pardoe! Walked back; pouring with rain. Sopping wet. Alys to tea at MacKenzies. Read aloud in evening and practised. No Miss Boodle.

Tuesday, 10th March

Alys up on bicycle. Mother and I walked up to Miss Neaves’. I had my dress fitted (not satisfactory). I rode back on bike; cleaned it and did lessons. At 2.30 we all went in a carriage to the dancing-class (omnibus stopped). Very nice. I did two 3 ball exercises alone and skirt step with Birdie and Mabel alone! Waltz with Flora, polka with Mabel. Drove to station, where we met Cousin Fanny Leighton. She came back with us. Mrs and Freda Baron called. Practised and did lessons and read aloud in evening.

Wednesday, 11th March

Alys to dentist and had a tooth out with gas. I did lessons and practised and rode to Westbourne on bicycle and ordered things. I went to Confirmation Class on bicycle. It rained and I came back. Cleaned bike. Miss Agnes Morison to tea. Miss Boodle in evening. Marmalade made.

Thursday, 12th March

Alys rode up to Lostock on bicycle. I walked up with Mother, had my dress tried on and bicycled back. Very muddy. I went to German class first (I forgot). Drawing class in afternoon. Nice. I practised and did French in evening.

Friday, 13th March

Alys to school and back on bicycle. I did lessons and practised. Music lesson in afternoon and I rode to Westbourne for brown paper and back, then French lesson. Miss Boodle in evening. Reading aloud also.

Saturday, 14th March

At 10 o’clock Mother and Cousin Fanny drove to town to shop; I went in the carriage as far as Cleveland and then went in. Talked to Mr Toyne in his study for about 10 minutes about Communion and Confirmation, etc. Then I walked back. Did lessons and practised. Alys on bike to dinner at Marriners and went to Poole’s variety entertainment in afternoon with them. I helped Mother with study books and covered the marmalade; at about 5 Alys came home and I rode on bike to Westbourne for cotton-wool, etc. Very dark! Hurried home. Mother did my hair in evening.

Sunday, 15th March

We had a carriage to St Michael’s and Cousin Fanny Wade, Alys and I went. We stayed afterwards as I had to see the Communion Service; Cousin Fanny took the Communion. Drove back. I wrote to Ida; Leslie and William Miles to tea. Conis got dirty and had to be partially washed.

Monday, 16th March

Alys to not school. Rained. Miss MacKenzie and Winnie and we drew and painted. Showed them my bike. Very fine day afterwards. Telegram from Ed – can’t come till Saturday. Miss Morison came. Music and French. Miss Boodle also. Read aloud. Painted in evening.

Sketch in back of diary

Tuesday, 17th March

Alys to school and back on bike. I practised and did German. At 2.20 carriage came. It poured with rain. Alys to dancing. Mother, Cousin Fanny, Wade and I to St Michael’s. I in by the organ door; sat among the candidates; most in white dresses and all had caps on. Confirmation Service. Two Addresses by the Bishop of Guildford[2]. I was confirmed.

George Henry Sumner (1824 – 1909) Bishop of Guildford

Also Mabel and Birdie and lots more, also I saw Dryden Donkin; he was confirmed too. Then we called for Alys and drove home. I went early to bed, being very tired.

Wednesday, 18th March

Rained almost all day. I put Mrs Miller’s table in my room; very nice. Practised. Wrote, read and did a few lessons in afternoon. Miss Michell called. Millers to high tea at six. After that they went and Cousin Fanny, Mother and I drove to the Town Hall; got nice reserved seats. Miss Dersley’s school sat next (to) us. Mabel next me. Dean Farrar[3] gave a very nice lecture on “Some famous pictures” with lantern slides. We drove home.

Thursday, 19th March

I rode up to German on my bike in morning; very nice lesson. I rode back on bike also and round to the Westminster Hotel (Mrs Berry’s old place).

Westminster Hall HOtel2.jpg

Lovely ride, but very hot. Drawing-class in afternoon, nice. Miss MacKenzie to tea and we went on Sands to speak to Mrs Stanley. I painted from Cousin Fanny in evening, in sepia. She sat for me in the hall.

Friday, 20th March

I had a head-ache and so stayed in bed till dinner-time, read “Little Men[3]”. Got up to dinner; Alys, etc had Music and French. I rested and then painted myself in looking-glass. No Miss Boodle. I painted Cousin Fanny again in evening – finished my picture. A good study in “Chiaroscuro”[5]. My headache went away. Rain pouring all day so no one out and Alys not to school.

Saturday, 21st March

Edward’s vacation
Practised, dried breakfast things, did French prep. At about 1 o’clock Edward came, also his friend, Atkinson; both in uniform and helmets! Looked awfully funny. I went to Westbourne in afternoon for stamps, etc on bike. We went out in the evening on Sands, rough. Played cards. I had a cold.

Sunday, 22nd March

I had a cold so stayed in bed all day. Read “Jo’s boys”[4]. Mrs Baron and Frieda called. Ed, Atkinson and Coz Fanny to St Ambrose in evening.

Monday, 23rd March

I got up directly after breakfast and did my French. Ed and At worked in study all the morning. Cousin Fanny went away at 1.30. I had Music and French lesson. Gave the others tea; Mother at concert. Miss Boodle came; short lesson. Supper at 6.30. Atkinson, Edward and I went to the Cox’s at 7 to an “evening”. Very jolly. Had various games and soup, and supper, fun. Mother in bed when we got home.

Tuesday, 24th March

Down to breakfast; Did German in morning. Miss MacKenzie and Winnie called. Mrs Fogerty and Mrs Kemp Welsh to lunch and they came with us to dancing class afterwards. Not a very nice class, but my throat was sore so I couldn’t enjoy it. We learnt the ”Circassian Circle”[6].


Rather fun. Ed and Atk went for a long walk to Boscombe, etc. We played Whist[7], Nap and Patiences in evening! Letters from Doz and Kitty at last!

Wednesday, 25th March

Last Confirmation Class
Alys to school on bike. I did German trans. At 2 o’clock I went on the bike to town – Aldworth’s for some painting paper. Rode down the Avenue Road and across Square and back and up ditto. Called on Miss Dursley. She tried my bike; I left it there and went with Mabel and Birdie to the last class at Mr Toynes’! Afterwards rode round about West Cliff and into Weston Hall, met Mother and Alys and we had tea with Mrs Baron and Miss Emma Davey. I rode home very quickly and Miss Boodle came. Ed and Atkinson to Winter Gardens in evening.

Thursday, 26th March

Studied in morning and then to German Class. Nice. Rode about Branksome on bike and home. Windy. Drawing-class after dinner; we had Mabel Boniwell for a model. Nice, pretty little girl of 8. Sat well, but yawned. Played about the lawn with bike and hoop(!) after. Mr Archer (Uncle Tom) to tea. Nothing very special afterwards. Played “Auction Game”[8] in evening and read.

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 16.20.34.pngScreenshot 2019-12-11 at 16.20.10.png

Friday, 27th March

Alys not to school, we practised in morning while the men studied in my room, being furthest from the piano. At 11.20 Mother, Alys and I went to East Station on omnibuses and took train to Hinton Admiral. Met by Georgie Pardoe, had lunch at the Vicarage. I saw G’s butterflies, cocoons and moths. Then we (ladies, and Alys and Olive) went to pick daffodils and primroses about a mile off. Great fun. Ed and Atkinson had bicycled over, meanwhile. We all came back and had tea. Lost our 6.20 train but took the 6.40. Men biked back. Played “Jacob” in evening and Grabbage.

Saturday, 28th March

Practised, then Alys and I went for bike ride; Alys hired one. We went to East Cliff by Bath Hotel and back.

Saturday, 28th March

Practised, then Alys and I went for bike ride; Alys hired one. We went to East Cliff by Bath Hotel and back.

Bournemouth Royal Bath Hotel UK 1880_s or 1890_s.jpg
Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth

Rained. Then after lunch, Mother, Alys and I and Atkinson went to Leonard Borwick’s[9] concert at the Winter Gardens. Ed to bike to Boscombe. Played cards in evening, etc and worked.

Leonard Borwick.jpg

Sunday, 29th March

All to St Michael’s, walked back with Vernons. Miss Andrews to dinner and Mrs Embleton, Mrs Baron and Frieda and Miss Emma Davey to tea. We played hide and seek in garden afterwards. The others walked home with Daveys. Mr Atkinson and I listened to Miss Andrews and after Ed and Atk walked home with her. Talked in evening and settled games for tomorrow.

Monday, 30th March

Ed up to Chine with Alys then he and Atkinson went by boat to Swanage for the day. I rode down to town on bike and did shopping, etc. Came home. In afternoon had Music and French lessons; then cleared out drawing-room. No Miss Boodle. At 7.30 came: 3 Vernons, 2 MacKenzies and 3 Coxs. We had games and then sort of supper in Study. Dances and waltz. Geographical game and Historical game, Cat and Mouse, Where’s Rachel, proverbs. Sir Roger and Swedish dance. Had more supper then they’d gone at 10.30.

Tuesday, 31st March

I woke very late. 9.15. Atkinson went away at 10.30. Mother and Ed to town also by brougham. I practised and did prep. Alys to dancing-class and I went to bed, cough and tired, etc. Began “Dear Lady Disdain”[10]; rather silly. Talked. Wade and Minnie out.


Wednesday, 1st April

Feverish and cough so in bed all day. Wrote to Doz. Made Mother and Minnie April Fools! I read and worked a little. George Pardoe to lunch. Mother and Miss Dersley and two of Ed’s Sidney friends, Greenhill (5th year man) and Pearson (3rd year) came here on bikes. They stayed to tea. Also Mr MacKenzie came. So the five men had tea alone. Alys up here with me. I watched then from the window. Began “Lady Audley’s Secret”[1]. Miss Boodle to dinner. Ed and George to Winter Gardens. Georgie stayed all night here.

Thursday, 2nd April

Felt better, normal early. Read and finished Lady Audey. Did curtains. Stayed in bed all day. Drawing class came in afternoon. Mother to Morisons’ to tea. Ed and Alys out for bike ride to East Cliff. Talked in evening. Alys’ new dress came. I slept in Mother’s room.

Friday, 3rd April

Stayed in bed all day. Read “Tartarin on the Alps”[2] all through and began “The Old Curiousity Shop”[3]. Did netting secretly for Mother’s birthday. Felt better. Talked about Geology and Biology with Ed in evening. Slept in Mother’s room.

Saturday, 4th April

Stayed in bed all day. Read “O. C. S.” and drew and worked. Mr Pardoe called and Maud Samson and the 3 Buchanans, Eddy, Bertie and Tom came on bikes. Two latter stayed all night and to Winter Gardens with Edward in evening. Letter from Kitty. Miss Dersley and Mabel came on bikes and brought badges.

Sunday, 5th April – Easter

Stayed in bed till dinner-time reading and drawing. The Buchanans went away at 12.00 about. I got up to dinner, wrote to Kitty and read. Ed and Alys to St Ambrose. Miss Andrews to tea. Ed and Alys to Evening Service at St Ambrose also. Finished O. C. S. Went to bed at 8.30.

Monday, 6th April – Bank Holiday

Got up soon after breakfast. Bicycled on the lawn with Alys. Began “Esmond”[4] by Thackeray. Played croquet in afternoon. I?”orty” came up again. I rested. Alys to tea at Audrey;s, Miss Dersley called. I played on piano in evening. I unwell.


I?octy? came up again – eh?

Tuesday, 7th April

Stayed in bed till dinner time. Worked and read “Esmond”. Alys to dancing in afternoon.

Wednesday, 8th April

Went for a drive in morning with Mother and Sandy Morison. East Cliff. Saw millions of lady cyclists. Alys to tea at Vera’s with Audrey. I rested. Mother and Ed to theatre to see “The Grand Duke”[5] in evening. A and I practised our drawing and worked.

Thursday, 9th April

Practised and muddled about and read. Alys to school. At 2.15 we all drove to Mont Dore[6] in our accordion dresses and white silk tops. All Miss Radmar’s and Miss Price’s pupils there. About 160 girls! Lots of spectators, all round. Mother on platform and Ed and Miss Sandy Morison. We did balls, etc and dancing. Very nice indeed.

Mont Dore.png
Mont Dore Hotel

Friday, 10th April

Alys walked to Lostock, rained, showery, then very fine. I arranged flowers etc, etc. Mother and Edward to lunch at Miss Michell’s. I rode up afterwards and Mother and I to town and bought me a new jacket and hat at Baines. Alys, Audrey and Edward out on bikes. I had tea at Miss Michell’s. Mother to station. Then she met Ella!!!! And she came to stay here. Ella unpacked in evening. Ella, Alys and I played on piano and Ella sang. I slept in my own room.

Saturday, 11th April

Muddled about. Wrote to Hatty. Mrs MacKenzie called. We couldn’t go to Swanage as too windy. Alys spent the day at Marriners. After supper, Ella, Edward and I walked to station, got a cab and drove to theatre. Met there by Mrs Marriner, Audrey and Mrs MacKenzie, and Alys. Sat in 2nd and 3rd rows of Dress Circle and saw “The Grand Duke” by Gilbert and Sullivan (new play). Great fun. Mrs Hanhart and Arthur. Drove home. Enjoyed it awfully. Miss Vaudrey[7] (Julia) splendid and Walter Summers[8] (Ludwig).

Sunday, 12th April

Mother and Ella to St Michael’s. I read and wrote. Played at linen-drapers shop with Alys in afternoon. Edward bicycled with George Pardoe.

Monday, 13th April

Did French all the morning. Went to Winter Gardens with Ella. Mother unwell. Alys biked with Audrey and had headache. Ed biked with Dennis Embleton (me: Alys’ future husband). Miss Boodle in evening.

Tuesday, 14th April

Too rainy to go to Communion Service. Did lessons all morning. Had French and Music in afternoon. Ella had bike.

Wednesday, 15th April

First tennis 1896
I rode to town on bike and did shopping. Went down and up Commercial Hill. Met Miss Dersley. Brought back lemon cake. Marked tennis lawn. At four o’clock came Mrs and Arthur Hanhart, Mrs Marriner and her nephew, Mrs Vernon, Miss Harte, Mrs and Mr Cox and Miss Andrews. They (some) played tennis, had tea. Alys to tea at Vera’s and bike ride to Sandbanks. Dr White came and vaccinated Edward and me; 3 places. Calf lymph[9]. Miss Boodle in evening. Played tennis. Mrs and A Hanhart to late dinner. Ella had bike lesson.

Thursday, 16th April

Did French all morning. Practised. Did English lesson too. Mother and Ella to concert. Minnie to Dr White’s and was vaccinated. Ed and I went for bicycle ride all round – East Cliff and Boscombe. Ella had another bike ride and went alone almost. Wade and Minnie to “Palestine”[10].

Friday, 17th April

At 9.45 I rode on bike to Miss Dersley’s and she and Miss Blinkhorn and Ethel Stanley-Adams (Mabel’s sister) and I started on bikes for Christchurch. Miss Blinkhorn came back pretty soon; but we three went on; didn’t take long to get to Christchurch. Wind with us. Hard work coming back. Got home at 1.10. Did about 13 miles in 3 hours. Very slow and walked a great deal. Music and French and Miss Boodle. Last Miss Boodle lesson. Mother, Ella, Edward and George Pardoe to tea at MacKenzie’s. Paul came to stay here. Mr MacKenzie, etc, etc played tennis here. My arm got very bad and ached all round. Ella undressed me. Edward and George to Winter Gardens. George slept here all night.

Saturday, 18th April

In bed all day, feverish and pain with arm. Read “The Armourer’s Prentices”[11].

Sunday, 19th April

In bed, but up to dinner; Arm disgusting and I felt sick and faint while it was being bathed, ugh! Miss Andrews to dinner. Maude and Gordon Samson to call.

Monday, 20th April

Up after breakfast; read. Paul and Alys played about. Mother and Ella to concert where they met Dodd’s. 3 Cox’s and Mr Beck came to tennis after tea. I didn’t play of course. Ed’s arm not bad.

Tuesday, 21st April

Arm better. Ella and Edward to Swanage for the day and walked by by Studland. Miss Dersley called and MacKenzies. Alys and Paul for bike ride in Branksome. Fanny Walsh in evening. She sang and played.

Wednesday, 22nd April

Mother’s birthday and Conis’. Miss Andrews called. Mother had a good many presents. I rode on bike to Westbourne and to Norton’s where I got lemon cake. Put on cotton blouse for 1st time. Last year on 29th April. Ella unwell, and me (later). At 4.00 and 4.30 came Blanche Cox, Miss De Karp and Grace Lily, Mr MacKenzie, Winnie and Horace Vernon, Mr Smale and after tea came Lilian Vernon, and Mabel Cox. We had a good many setts of tennis and all had tea. Great fun. I played in two setts. We also had music. My arm much better.

Thursday, 23rd April

Edward went away to Cambridge in the morning. I practised and wrote to Doz. I wore cotton blouse (earlier than last year – 29th April 1995). Mother to Madame Ledger’s. I wrote to Edward! I went and dug on cliffs with Paul and Alys and ate sweets. P and A acted in evening.

End of Diary…. 

… New Diary

K. Boyd
April 1896
“The Little Black books”

Friday, April 24th

Lovely day. Miss Morison came at 10.15, gave Alys and me Music lesson. We darned stockings. Ella went to lunch at the Dodd’s. Mother and I did shopping in town – dress and gloves, etc. Then we met Ella and all took omni up to De Karps. Had tea and music then took a trap home. Alys and Paul tea at Baumer’s and then to Canford Cliffs for a ride. Ella to Madame Newling’s concert to chaperone Fanny Walsh. We played “County Game”. I sang and read “Cycling”[1]. Then to bed.

Saturday, April 25th

Rained hard all morning. I practised and wrote. Made beds, etc. In afternoon, I went with Mother, had jacket fitted at Barnes. Then to Winter Gardens, met Ella, Alys and Paul. Heard Meister Glee Singers and songs of Mrs Helen Trust[2], etc. Miss De Karp and Miss Lillie and Horace Vernon sat near us. Walked home. Then Paul and I rode over to “The Hawthorns” with Mrs Radmar’s dress, etc. Played “Vitesse” in the evening. Mother had letter from Edward. Ella sang.

Meister Glee.jpg

Sunday, April 26th

I woke late. Went to Church with Mother and Ella. I stayed on for Holy Communion at 12.30 then walked home. Miss Morison to lunch. I wrote to Kitty and finished letter to Edward.

Monday, 27th April

I went to Westbourne on bike and ordered bikes for the afternoon. Practised. Mother and Ella to lunch in town. At 2.30 Alys and Paul and I met Grace Lillie at Passmores. Alys on my bike, Paul and I on a hired one. Grace on Miss De Karp’s. We all went for a long ride to Poole Gardens, back by Constitution Hill. I rode home. Miss Dersley and Blinkhorn to tea. Had music. I up to Westbourne again on bike to order tomorrow’s for Ella. Alys and Paul sang “?****?” after supper.

Alys and Paul sang ?****? after supper.

Tuesday, 28th April

Ella and Paul and I got bike from Passmores and went for an hour’s ride by Branksome and Canford Cliffs. Very jolly. Ella was splendid, went down all steep but Paul and Alys went to enquire after Faradays who arrived at Cluny Lodge today; all out. Mr and Mrs Carnegie (née Dodd) and Miss Dodd called and had tea. Fanny Walsh came and had two setts at tennis with me. I won. No Faradays appeared.

Wednesday, 29th April

Practised and to Westbourne with Paul, called at MacKenzies. Came back. Mr and Mrs Oliver Blanford to tea. Oliver, Ella and I played tennis. Aunt Rosa’s Robin across. Paul’s last night.

Thursday, 30th April

I walked with Paul to moor. He went to Cluny Lodge. Alys and I had Music lessons. I rode and left a note at Dodd’s on bike. Children played on Sands. It rained and Miss Pegram and Lois and Lainie, Paul and Robin came in and played cards. Then we walked as far as Durley Chine with them and Paul went to “Cluny”, Robin came back and slept there. In Westbourne on bike. Must have gone about 8 miles today. Mother and Ella paid calls, Dodd’s, Blanford’s, concert.


Friday, 1st May

Alys, Robin and I walked by Sands to Cluny Lodge. Met Audrey and Miss Morison there. Then we (and Paul) went on Lord Elgin to Swanage; jolly.

Lord Elgin.jpg

Had lunch on rocks, fun. I, etc at Burt’s. Back by Steamer. Left Paul at “Cluny”. Mother and Ella by train to Wimborne. Three hours of architecture in the Minster.

Wimborne Minster

Saturday, 2nd May

I called on Vernon’s. Met MacKenzies and called at Miss Dersley’s on bike. To Miss D’s again after lunch. Wade and Minnie to Winter Gardens. Played tennis with Ella.

Sunday, 3rd May

I went to St Michael’s with Mother and Ella. Mr Toyne preached. Ella to Dodd’s to lunch and tea. I sketched this house in afternoon. Fire on moor, this side and in Chine, near “Glenroy”. Exciting. Aunt Rosa and Paul and Lois to tea. We bicycled and swung in garden and played “Hide and Seek”. Walked back across Common with the Faraday’s. I wrote to Edward.

Monday, 4th May

Miss Morison came at 9.40 for Music and French lessons. Ella and I rode to Westbourne. I on Audrey’s bike. Miss Pegram and Lois and Paul came; they biked on lawn. After lunch Mother and Ella went to concert. I practised. Robin, Alys and I on Sands, then dressed and walked to Hugh King’s. Met Mother and Ella. Went by omnibus to Hanhart’s. Had high tea and spent the evening there, cards and music. Drove home.

Tuesday, 5th May

Alys in bed all day. Feverish and sore throat. I to MacKenzie’s. Did my French, and practised. Robin to tea at Cluny. Miss Radmar and Price called on bike to put off class. Mother and I to town, bought shoes for me. Paints, etc, etc. Omnibus up. Met Ella at Morison’s. Biked home. Read to Alys. Watered greenhouse and gardens. Read French. Didn’t sleep with Ella as she had white throat.

Wednesday, 6th May

Ella and Alys both in bed all day, feverish and throats. Robin went to Cluny Lodge to stay. I muddled about and at 12 o’clock went with bike to Cox’s. Fourteen of us. Seven biked and seven rode in wagonette. I biked; we went to Wimborne by Canford. About 13 (?) miles. Very lovely ride. Had lunch in a field. Beautiful. Knives, forks, plates, glasses, table-napkins, silver and glass salt cellars. Dozen beer, 3 doz or 4 dozen ginger beer, lemonade. Everything in perfection. Played rounders afterwards and then the Minster. Looked over it then back to field and had grand tea and the packed the things and seven drove home, and we on bikes. Went right round by Winton and home by Talbot Woods. All (except one) stayed on at Cox’s till 10 o’clock. We played croquet till too dark to see and then came in, had supper, music and games. Fun.

Thursday, 7th May

I had Music and French lessons in morning, not Audrey or Alys. Muddled about. Went on bike to Dr White’s and town for shoes, bike “foot-rests” etc. Home. Dr White came.

Friday 8th May

Went to town on bike in morning (Alys and Ella bed all day). Called on Miss Michell and Miss MacKenzie. Painted apple blossom in afternoon. Mrs and Fanny Walsh called. We met Cox’s and they came in to play tennis with me, after tea. Then Cousin Frank Greaves too. We had some fine setts. Uncle Harold came and he and Aunt Rose called.

Saturday, 9th May

Slept on late. Went to Westbourne on bike. Paid bills, called on Miss Michell. Did French. Alys up to dinner. Ella tonsillitis. Bed all day and doctor. Miss Andrews called. I rested and then biked to Miss Radmar’s. Had tennis and tea there, fun. Asphalt court, new balls. They biked back with me. Inquired after Miss Dersley. Received Cycling Club card. Mother to dinner at 9.30 at Cluny Lodge. Alys and I played cards, practised.

Sunday, 10th May

Ella in bed all day. Alys up after breakfast. Mother, Alys and I met Faraday’s – all of them, on moor and sat and talked to them. I rested and wrote to Ed, Doz and Kit in afternoon. Two Morisons called. Ordered wagonette.

Monday, 11th May

Had Music and French lessons. At 2.30 brake came to take us to picnic and called for Cluny Lodgers. They all drove to Sandbanks. Audrey and I biked. Had picnic tea; then lunch. Harold took all the little ones and me in a boat; lovely. Then we drove home, boys and Alys biked on Audrey’s and my bike.

Tuesday, 12th May

Practised and did German. Alys’ first day at Lostock. Uncle Harold brought his family over to say goodbye; only Paul and Lois came in. Alys and I to Calisthenic Class, by bike and ‘bus. Very nice indeed. Castanet dance, etc, etc. Mrs Marriner to tea on Aud’s bike.

Wednesday, 13th May

To Westbourne with Mother. Alys to school on my bike. Mother bought a “courier” bicycle for Alys!!!! Alys and I biked together in afternoon when her bike came. We went to tea and croquet at Cox’s. Rather fun. Miss Boodle called in evening and biked on mine, on the lawn.

Thursday, 14th May

I biked up to German in morning, at Morison’s, no Marion. Nice. Alys fetched me on her bike and we rode to Dr White’s and all about on Moor. Dr White came and said Ella was infectious. At 2 o’clock Alys and I called for Blanche Cox and all walked to Branksome where we sketched, with Miss MacKenzie and Miss Coles. I went back to tea with Miss MacKenzie, heard about Bertie Walsh. Ella up to supper, Alys and I biked to Square and back.

Friday, 15th May

I unwell. Put off tennis party. Did French prep and practised Music and French in afternoon. Ella up to dinner and in garden. I went to bed. Swollen foot with gnat bites and bad arms. Read “Moral Tales[1]” and ‘Vailima Letters”[2].

Saturday, 16th May

I stayed in bed till after dinner. Read and drew a great deal. Painted mackerel. Mother went to meet Aunt Ellen and Louie Vincent who came. Went to Gardens with them.

Sunday, 17th May

Up to breakfast. Mother and Alys to St Michael’s. I painted. Aunt and Louie on Sands. Ella bed till lunch. Wrote to Edward. Morrisons called. Mother to Mrs Walsh’s, not her boy! We took Louie on Moor.

Monday, 18th May

Did lessons. French. Lay on Sands with Ella. Hot. Bathing machine put down. Music and French in afternoon. Tennis with Louie – sewed seeds in my window-box.

Tuesday, 19th May

I did Sermon exercise and then went on Sands; saw Louie bathe! Calisthenic Class in afternoon. Nice new club exercises. After it, went on bike with Alys to Fogerty’s at Richmond Hill. Had tea there. Rode home. Music in evening.


Wednesday, 20th May

Wrote to Kitty. Washed silver. Went to town with Mother. Called on Miss Coles, en route. Chose green material for dress at Hugh King’s. Took omnibus. Hailstorm and hurricane at lunch-time. Wade and Minnie to see sports of Yeomanry[3]. Alys and I biked on lawn, fun. Laid tea, etc. Mr MacKenzie and Mr Jackson called to see my bike. We had tea and washed things. Practised. Supper late. Ella and I taught Louie “Grabbage”.

Thursday, 21st May

I washed silver and practised. Rode to German Class at Arran. Alys with Marriners to see yeomanry as Miss Boodle colded. I met Mother and went to dressmakers. All went on bikes (with Blanche) to sketching-class. Alys and Miss Coles went early to see “floral bicycles”. Blanche and I rode as far as square but met Mabel and Arky and returned. Aunt Ellen and Louie and Mother drove to “F. Bicycles”. Ella in bed till tea-time with muscular rheumatism. I played tennis with Louie. Very tired to bed. Music.

Friday, 22nd May

Did French. Rainy – tidied drawer and room. Music and French. Alys and I to Westbourne. I washed and oiled two straw hats. Alys danced and slept with me.

Saturday, 23rd May

Alys and I Westbourne. I came back and BATHED – 1st bathe. Also Louie. Mrs and Molly Rust called and Miss Caperon. They tried our bikes. Miss Andrews to dinner. At 2.30 Alys, Audrey, Vera and I went to “Hawthorns” and then went on bikes with Miss Radmar and Inez to Christchurch. Had tea and a ride there and came back by Southbourne and Tuckton bridge. 2.3 miles altogether. Met Blair Leighton’s at Christchurch. Mother drove there with Vincents and Ella.

Sunday, 24th May

No one to Church. I wrote to Kitty and Doz. Called on Miss Andrews and Morisons in evening.

Monday, 25th May

Walked up Chine with Alys. Did French; bathed with Louie and Fanny Walsh. 2nd bathe! Roughish and cold. Music and French in afternoon. Mr and Mrs and Miss Fogerty to tea. They bicycled on lawn.

Tuesday, 26th May

Alys and I biked and Minnie and Louie walked to pier-head to see Carabiniers[1] Parade at 9.00. I went to town with Louie and dressmakers. Alys to lunch and tea at Marriner’s. Ella to see Calisthenic Class with us. Morisons to high tea at 7.00 and musical evening.

Wednesday, 27th May

Ella and Louie to town. I did lesson. Asked to picnic. Blanche and I went on bikes to call fo Alys. Then wagonette came and all (14 of us) went to Ringwood, thro’ Christchurch. Very windy. I biked about 14 miles and then Alys biked. We went thro’ Ringwood to Castle Hotel. Had jolly lunch on fields. Goats. Played ball and saw view. Pretty place. Drove to Ringwood. Had tea at Crowns Hotel there. Nice. Then cycled home. I as far as Christchurch – 8 ½ miles. Alys on home.


Thursday, 28th May

Breakfast early. Mother and Ella went away by 8.40 train. Ella home to 2 B.V. (me: perhaps address?) Mother to London. Aunt Ellen and Louie to pier. Alys to Lostock. I to German lesson and then A and I to town on bikes to shop. Sketching class with Blanche on bikes. Fanny Walsh also. Not Miss MacKenzie. Did lessons. Taught Louie on A’s bike. Wrote to Edward. Played letter game in evening.

Friday, 29th May

Breakfast at 8. Louie and I bathed early – 3rd bath. And then she and Aunt went to Swanage by boat and stayed till 3 boat. Alys and I had French and Music. Watered garden. M dress came. Played letter game and had music. Aunt Ellen gave me bracelet of hair. Edward “20” now. Mother to Cambridge this day.

Saturday, 30th May

Alys and I to town. Bought ribbons and Alys to dressmakers. We both bathed with Louie; lovely. I swam and floated a lot. 4th bathe. Then came up. Louie and Aunt Ellen went to London by 1.55 train. We drove to station and back. A and I on Sands, bought and eat sweets in Dodder Nest. Audrey came and Wade treated us to a lovely tea in the gardens. We had all sorts of bike races, etc, etc. A and I to Westbourne with Audrey. Alys did French and practise in evening.

Sunday, 31st May

Alys and I slept on late on purpose and had breakfast in bed for fun. We walked up to Miss Boodle’s with roses and presents, called on Miss Michell who asked us to tea. Wrote letters in afternoon. Put on my best dress and we walked to Glenelly, had tea in garden. Ethel there, and two babies. Met Wade and Minnie and went to St Ambrose with them. Walked home. Supper and to bed.


Monday, 1st June

I went to Lostock with Alys and taught Bryan to help Miss Boodle. Came back at 10.00. Did French. Miss Morison for Music and French. A and I on bikes, met Mother in Alumhurst Road. She came home! Alys and I to Mrs Bury’s on bikes. Watered garden.

Tuesday, 2nd June

I taught Bryan again till 11.00. Came home, worked with Mother. On bikes to dancing in afternoon. Nice. Mother too. Then went to town with her. Shopped and had tea there. Dining room and Study “Spring cleaned”. Meals and Conis in drawing room.

Wednesday, 3rd June

Did German in morning and bathed with Alys and Fanny Walsh. 5th bathe. Wrote to Kitty. Practised. Alys and I biked to tea at Miss Michell’s – croquet with Cox’s also and Ethel Boldero. Nice. To dressmakers with Mother and Alys. Late home.

Thursday, 4th June

German in morning. Helped Mother with study cupboard. Last German! Started for sketching in afternoon but it rained, so Blanche, Alys and I had lesson from Miss Coles at Cox’s house. Painted horses. Blanche and Ethel Boldero to tea. We played tennis; thunder and rain and lightning.

Friday, 5th June

Letter from Kitty. I went to Westbourne and called at Joiners, etc. Came back. Chose wall-paper for dining-room. Music and French in afternoon and I packed my box, at least Mother did. Then to town on bikes. I had my hair shampoo’d and Mother her dress fitted. Home, supper and to bed. I in A’s bed.


Saturday, 6th June

Put roses in box, drove to station with Mother and Alys. They saw me off to London by 11 o’clock train. First time I had travelled alone!!!!!! Had nice journey to London, ate sandwiches and bananas. Met by Kitty at Waterloo. We took omni to Baker Street and train to 31 Chatsworth Road. Had lunch there, saw Maie, Patty, etc. Walked to tennis courts in evening.

Sunday, 7th June

Mr B Chris and May to Meeting. Rained hard. K and I made bed and wrote to Mother. Frank Archer to dinner. Kit and I to Wedderburn House to afternoon tea. Saw Doz and Aunt Alice, Miss and Mr Stuetter and Miss Wedgewood. Lovely. Tried Doz’s bike, jolly. Made heaps of arrangements with her. Came back at 7.30. Sandwiches and milk. Wrote another sheet to Mother. Did our hair up at night.

Screenshot 2019-12-19 at 21.17.55
Wedderburn House, Hampstead, London – circa 2019

Monday, 8th June

Breakfast at 7.45. Made beds with Kitty. Then she practised for an hour and I read “The First Violin”[1]. Then K to college and I read still. K in just for lunch; we rested in afternoon, and then by train to the Finchley Road baths. Doz and Poz met us there, and Doz, Kitty and I had lovely swim and we latter, dives and ring and trapeze swings into the water. Splendid baths. 6’ 1”, lots of give there and good and bad divers. To tea with Doz and Poz at W. House and then home. My box came and we unpacked.

Tuesday, 9th June

Nita and Warren Cummins came on the tandem to breakfast. Very nice to see former. I went to lunch 1.30 at Wedderburn House. Nice. Cousin Mary Buch (Buchanan), came in. Went with Doz on call on William Miles’. Then hired a bike and went for an hour’s ride in Regents Park with Doz. Jolly. Train home in time for dinner 6.45 or 7. Mr and Mrs John Barnard to dinner. Annie Cummins in evening.

Wednesday, 10th June

Rained all day. Kitty to college at 11.00 till 12.30. I wrote to Alys and talked to Mrs Barnard. Kit and I had lunch hurriedly and then rushed off by train to Baker Street and top of omnibus to St James’ theatre. We had stalls (given by Eddy) and saw George Alexander[2] and Evelyn Millard[3], etc, etc in “Prisoner of Zenda”. It was simply splendid. Omni (top in drenching rain) and train home. Dinner at 6.45, talked to Kitty. Played “Grabbage” in evening. To bed early, 8.30.

George Alexander.jpg

Thursday, 11th June

Mr Barnard in bed with slight attack of Pleurisy! K and I did the rooms and I packed portmanteau for Aunt Alice’s. Kit to Bedford College and I by same train to Finchley Road and up to Wedderburn House. Lunch with Poz and Doz at 2.00. Then I went with Doz to St John’s Wood and to Lord’s Cricket Ground. Saw part of match. M. C. C. and Ground v. Australians. First got 219, second all out for 18 runs. Saw W.G.G.[4] and Stoddart[5] and Rankit Singhi (Ranjitsinhji)[6], etc. Had front seats.

MCCAndGround 1896.jpeg

Then Doz to Turnham Green and I had to go to Cousin Mary’s. Heard glee class there, by Cousin Jeanie, stayed to supper also Kitty came and Poz, Doz and Aunt Alice. Had singing and a game in evening. I home to sleep at Wedderburn House.


Friday, 12th June

Breakfast at 8.30. They trimmed hats and muddled about. At 10 o’clock we round went by tram to King’s Cross. Met Ethel Miles there. Travelled to Cambridge, met by Edward at station! Poz and Ethel in hansom. We in landau to King’s College. We walked about the grounds, saw bridge and river and Clare College. Came back to Eustace Miles’ rooms. Went in. He gave us a beautiful dinner; lots of courses. There were 3 other men to meet us. “Peers” sat next to me.  It was a very nice dinner. Iced lemonade. Cider cup (loving cup), strawberries and cream mashed up, coffee. We finished dinner at 2.30 and then we walked to Ed’s room in Sidney. Very cosy. We had tea and ices. Eustace was there, also Atkinson and Pollock came in. Scruby invited by couldn’t come. Then we strolled down to the river, we saw the Warrens go off in a boat and did likewise; all of us. Ed, Eus and Atk took turns to row. Pollock steered. We went up to Ditton Corner where we got very good seats on bank, amongst crowds of boats, etc. It got fuller every second. Ed had to go away to change for coxing. Then the races began. Each boat rowed up first. Disney had made a bump on first day. Those who bumped yesterday had flowers in their hats today. The second division went first and only Caius 2 made a bump. Then 1st division at 6.30. Emmanuel bumped Lady Margaret and King’s bumped Trinity Hall. 3. Then we all rowed back again. F ?***? Squash. Greatest fun. A man fell in out of a canoe! At last we got back, and walked to Sidney; then Ethel took Poz, Doz and me to see Trinity College and after that we had a very nice dinner at Ed’s rooms. Eustace and Ethel Miles too. Whitebait, delicious. Two roast chickens, and a lovely cream pink shape pudding. Claret cup and lime juice. Pretty, flower. Then we got up and had to go. A fly had come. Said goodbye to all at Sidney Gate, (they had caps and gowns on now!) and drove to station and train home to King’s Cross and then to Wedderburn House in a cab and to bed there at about 12 o’clock.

Saturday, 13th June

Breakfast at 8.45. Poz and Doz off early to lessons. Aunt Alice took me by underground to Dr Neales (jun). He looked up my nose! He drove us up in his carriage to W. House. Doz home early, had nice talk then K Millet came, then Doz and Poz accompanied me to station and I went back to Chatsworth Road. Kit came in. Had lunch. Then Kit and I called on the Matthews, very nice. Saw Maggie and Nelly and Mrs and K. Jack came home. I wrote to Edward, and rested. Alfred Bell to supper; queer! K and I to bed late (watered garden).

Sunday 14th June

K, Patty and J to Meeting. Kit and I to lunch at Cumminses. Saw Nita and Lucia returned with us to tea. Kit and I dressed several times. Doz and Kate Millet to call. K and I washed tea things in bad tempers. Cousin George and Nathaniel called. Wrote to Mother.

Monday, 15th June

K and I made beds then I went to buy a lettuce for the silk worm. Then K and I to Royal Academy by train and omni. Very nice. I back alone and K to College. I bought camel’s hair brush for silk-worms[7].

Screenshot 2019-12-15 at 21.06.41.png

Then came back and cleaned them out, horrible business! Took about an hour! Had lunch, then rested and read “Beggars” and “Dreams” in Stevenson’s “Across the Plains”[8]. Lovely. K and I to Aunt Nelly’s to tea. Lovely darlings. Train back.


Tuesday, 16th June

K and I did beds and then I did silk-worms and then K and I went by train and omni to Regent Street. We bought shoes at Theirry’s. I got black walking-shoes. K got black books and brown brown walking shoes; then K treated us both to ices and cream cakes and ginger-beers. I bought suede gloves. We took omni and train home. K to college and I packed. My box went off by Carter Patterson[9] at 5.00.


Kit and I went to Uncle Harold’s to tea and supper saw all the children, etc and Aunt Edith. Eddy in evening.

Wednesday, 17th June

Rained. I made beds with K and cleared the spare-rooms for Agnes Morison. Then to Bedford College with K. She had chemistry lecture and I read “The First Violin” in the central hall. Then back. Had lunch. K to B.C. (Bedford College) again. Agnes Morison came. I helped Mrs Barnard to do clothes. K came home and Edward came. We three drove to Waterloo; then Ed and I travelled to Bournemouth by 4.55 and arrived at 7.45. Nice day! Con pleased. House pretty.


Thursday, 18th June

I cleaned bike and muddled about in morning. Also bathed at 12.00 with Alys, Edward, Blanche and Arky. Nice bathe. Alys swam well. Lunch and Alys and me to sketching class. Then we came home. Ed and I had 3 singles at tennis. 2 to 6 level. He then gave me 30 each game. I won – 6 to 2 first sett and 6 to 4 next. We biked on bottom road next and met Mother. 6th bathe.

Friday, 19th June

Alys to school. I painted roses. Then Mother and I to Walshes, Fanny and I down to bathe. Bathed with Miss MacKenzie and Mr Mackenzie and two friends. Jolly bathe – 7th. Picnic to Sandbanks with Marriners and Tollemache’s in afternoon, bicycling, etc.

Saturday, 20th June

At 11 o’clock we went to Walshes and all went for the day on a picnic on Wickham’s char-à-banc to Crichel, past Wimborne. 25 of us altogether and 3 bicyclists: Edward, Mabel and Arky Cox. Had lovely lunch and tea in Lord Alington’s[10] park.

Crichel House

Saw over his “The White” farm.

white farm.jpg

Saw Whichhampton (may win “Derby” two years hence) and many other fine horses – Airgun, etc. He has won two Derby;s and a St Leger. Throstle Common[11] and St Blaise[12]. We saw white peacocks and turkey. Drive home splendid. Got back late.

Sunday, 21st June

Mother, Edward and I to Church, St Michael’s. Met General Worgan and Lester Wyatt there! I read and rested and painted in afternoon. Lester for a walk with Edward and to tea here. Ed, Alys and I called on Miss Michell. Mother bicycled round the lawn often alone, splendidly!!!

Monday, 22nd June

Muddled about. Bathed with Fanny – 8th bathe. Alys and I bicycled with Miss Michell and party. Mother, Ed, etc in carriage and Audrey, etc on bikes to Christchurch Head. Lovely ride. Beautiful picnic there. Met Mrs Kemp-Welsh and three ladies. Biked back too. Got home at 9.00.

Tuesday, 23rd June

Bathed with Fanny – 9th bathe. Very busy all morning. General Worgan and Lester came to lunch, tea and dinner. Mrs Walsh and Fanny to tea and tennis. Ed and Fanny v. Lester and me.

Wednesday, 24th June

I bicycled to town. Bought wool for Kitty’s shoes. Very hot. Alys and I bathed with Fanny. Hot and lovely. My 10th bathe. Fanny, Alys, Blanche and I went sketching in the afternoon in Branksome. I called on Miss Coles. At Home. Played tennis and croquet and biked in evening. Very tired.

Thursday, 25th June

Alys bathed with Fanny. I didn’t. Rain and thunder. I cooked rock cakes and Mother went to town and had lunch there. Alys not to school. Miss Boodle died yesterday[13]. We had sketching class in gardens. Very wet. Lester to tea. We played tennis.

Friday, 26th June

Edward to Clifton to stay with Daveys in Common Week. Bathed with Alys and Fanny (11th), Alys and I biked to tea to Mrs Berry’s and sketched there, and biked back by Sands. Jolly. Alys to tea at Hutchisons. Mother paid calls. I went to Miss Coles at 6.00 and we went for a bike ride by Poole and Constitution Hill till 8.30!

Saturday, 27th June

Mother and I to Cemetery in carriage. Saw Miss Boodle’s funeral. Drove home, per town. I bathed with Fanny and Alys and Hutchisons. Nice. At 3.30 I went to Walshes, painted daisies with Fanny. Had tea there, and saw her bike lesson. Mother on bike also. Home Alys to Vera’s to tea.

Sunday, 28th June

Several silk worms burst. I unwell. Wrote to Doz and Ella. Painted yellow daisies in blue and white jar. General Worgan and Lester called.

Monday, 29th June

I in bed to breakfast till 11.00. Knitted. Got up. Did window box. Painted candlesticks and pansies. Edward came home at tea-time. Mrs Hutchison and her three little boys to tea in garden. Molly Patterson too. They played games. Mother on bike in evening. We went into Cox’s and sang song, etc. We arranged about picnic.

Tuesday. 30th June

Mother to town. Ed up late. Nothing particular. I knitted. Wade and Minnie had picnic. All the Coxes and Mrs Edridge came in at 8.30. We played rounders in the garden and then had songs indoors and Blanche recited. Edridge violin. Shop-girl[14] and plantation songs. Nice.


Wednesday, 1st July

Very windy. Alys walked to school and back. Mother to town all morning. I made 24 rice cakes and 24 rock cakes and knitted. Wade out with Nurse Townsend in afternoon. I knitted and helped Mother with sewing and machine.

Tuesday, 2nd July

Rained on and off. Packed for picnic. Lock came to lunch, we played tennis at 3.30 all. I and lots of others started for picnic to Sandbanks. Jolly. Biked and I punctured my tyre. Lock stayed all night,

Friday, 3rd July

All to Sopley for the day. Watched cricket match. Edward and Lester played. Tea at Kemp-Welshes.

Saturday, 4th July

Mother in bed to breakfast. All to Westbourne. Ed gave Alys a cyclometer. Alys’ birthday. Mother and all of us and Audrey to town. Had tea there and to lunch too. Bellairs called. Cycling polo.


Sunday, 5th July

Ed and I bicycled to Early Service – 8 o’clock at St Michael’s. Ed to Fogertys.

Monday, 6th July

Mother and I to town. Called at Camacha. I bathed with Blanche (13th). Alys bathed with Fanny in afternoon and then with Vera to Throop[1], cycling. Fanny in to supper and croquet.

Tuesday, 7th July

Ed and I to Westbourne. I brought back cream. I bathed with Hannah and Clin MacKenzie (14th). Mother bad neuralgia. Read “Into the Highways and Hedges”[2]. Sketched with Winnie Vernon. Mr Barnett and Miss Boodle to afternoon tea.

Wednesday, 8th July

Went to Miss Michell’s for Badminton. Met MacKenzies, Welshmans, etc. Rather fun; a trifle slow. Bathed with Alys (15th). Kit to Germany!!!!

Thursday, 9th July

Bathed with Blanche (16th). Rather fun, rough. Ed to Swanage, bicycled. Sketching class at 5.30 in garden. Fun. Winnie Vernon came.

Friday, 10th July

Worked at flannel blouse all morning. Mother to Mrs Toyne’s. Pollock came in afternoon! At 6 o’clock I went sketching with Miss Coles alone in Mrs Bury’s!

Saturday, 11th July

Bathed along with Alys (17th bathe). Very nice, rough. To town on bike after dinner, bought paints. Ed and Pollock to cricket at Christchurch. We 3 drove to Browne’s, Parkstone. I had tennis and croquet. Nice. Train home. Mother and I to Walshes in evening. Mrs Walsh heard from her son (me: would this be Bertie?)

Sunday, 12th July

Ed and Pollock to St Peter’s Church. I read and painted and did flowers. Stewart came to tea. The three men bathed. I wrote to Kitty in Germany. Ed and Pollock to St Ambrose in evening.

Monday, 13th July

Sketched in gardens. Miss Coles there too. Hot!!! Letter from Kit. So bathed with Alys in afternoon, swam 10 lengths. Jolly. Out with Fanny on bikes at 6 o’clock. Ed and P to Portsmouth on steamer.

Tuesday, 14th July

Cold in head and headache. Bed to breakfast. “Wuss” luck! Rested. I to cycling picnic with Miss Michell at 2 o’clock. 20 of us about. Jolly. I cycled about 19 miles. Alys headache. Aunt Ada came in evening – hurrah. Oh so tired me! And all the rest of it.

Wednesday, 15th July

In bed to breakfast. Cold not so bad. Sewed. Ed and Polly to Sandbanks for the day. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, moi! Rested in afternoon. At 7.30 we all drove (not Alys) to Miss Michells – evening dress – where we had a dance till 11.30. Very nice. Miss Penruddock ,Mr Mac, V and H Wilde. 2 Pages, 3 Cox’s, 1 Edridge. I danced a good deal. Very nice waltzes with H Wilde and C MacKenzie who dances excellently.

Thursday, 16th July

Pollock went away. Bad day so no sketching or drawing-class. Played polo with Alys.

Friday, 17th July

Mr and Mrs Richardson and Mr Fogerty and Stewart and Mr MacKenzie to tea and tennis. Aunt A and Alys bathed. We played po-cycle-bilo.

Saturday, 18th July

All bathed “wiv” MacKenzies and Fanny. Jolly. Boat. Calm. At 8 o’clock all to Cox’s tea dance. “Werry” nice. Jolly. Ed to Sopley to cricket all day. Vera, Ghita and Audrey to tea.

Sunday, 19th July

Oh hot! Cleaned bike and packed. Oh tired! Ugh. This boiling sun!


Monday, 20th July

Mother, Ed and I up to London by 7.40 train. To Wedderburn House. Biked in evening.

Tuesday, 21st July

Doz and off of us to Dr Neales. I had my nose burnt (me: please, what on earth is going on?) and Doz had her cheek burnt. The others to?***? in evening.


Doz and all of us to Dr Neales .I had my nose burnt and Doz had her cheek burnt. The others to ?***?: ?**?  in evening.

Wednesday, 22nd July

To Buchs (Buchanan’s) with Poz. Violet Ormond née Sargent[3] and Blair Fairchild[4] called to tea.

Violet Sargent.jpg
Violet Sargent (1870 – 1955)

Thursday, 23rd July

To bicycle meet at Smith’s.

Friday, 24th July

Ed, M and I to Dr Neale’s. Both had noses burnt. Horrid!!! Last time. Tennis and 9 people called.

Saturday, 25th July

To New Gallery[5] and Polytechnic and saw Cinematographe[6].

Regent Street Polytechnic, London

Sunday, 26th July

To lunch Harold’s, to supper with Edward and on Heath.

Monday, 27th July

To lunch in Regent Street at Pagani’s[7] and shopped. And to Badcock’s[8] for teeth. I unwell. D and E biked with lamps.

Pagani’s, Great Portland Street, London W1

The diary stops (me: the next part to the end of the year is missing).

Written on the opposite end is the following:

Solon: Know thyself.
Chilo (Sparta) – Consider the end
Thales (Miletus) – Who hates suretyship is sure
Bias (Priene) – Most men are bad
Cleobulus (Lindus) – Avoid Extremes
Pittacus Mytilene – Seize time by the forelock
Periander (Corinth) – Nothing is impossible to industry

Things I should like to do:

  1. Get down before Mother every morning and make the coffee
  2. Help with the beds
  3. Wash coffee pot and silver
  4. Do the flowers
  5. Dust my bedroom and make it tidy
  6. Practice Clubs and drawing
  7. Sketch or paint or draw something every day

Must get:

Stay busks – 11 in: straight
Matthew Arnold
Clothes brush – Miss Boodle
Collar for Conis
s          d

Stay busks                               6
Matthew Arnold        2          6
Collar for Conis          3        10
Blake (pills)                 2          6
Hat brush                    1          6
Ribbons                       1          2
“   “                                           9

“That which is impossible cannot be, and very rarely comes to pass.”

There was a young lady called Maud
Who lived all her life as a fraud
She didn’t seem able
To eat much at table
But in the back of kitchen, oh Lord!

There was a young man of Nepal
Who went to a fancy dress ball
He went just for fun
But he dressed as a bun
And a dog ate him up in the hall!

A poem (me: I don’t know who wrote this, I suspect Kate)

Ah, how I longed to see his form
Approaching o’er the hill.
That agony of dire suspense
Made me all sick and ill.

Footsteps I heard but they were ne’er
The ones I longed to hear
Though long I waited patiently.
In trembling hope or fear.

Oh why, why does he never come.
I long to see him here
But answer came there ne’er a one.
His form did not appear!

He must come, he always does
Sooner or late arrive
Without his longed for visits
How could we ever thrive?

His steady turn, his footsteps firm
Somedays we hardly mark
Then why today when most desired
Leaves he us in the dark?

Ah, can that be his footstep?
I hear behind the hill?
And never, nearer does it come
With hope if ….. (me: Kate doesn’t finish it!)


Votre frère n’est pas ici, que je sache. Savez-vous que votre frère est arrivé en Amerique sans accident: Excusez-moi, je ne sais pas planser. Elle ne saurait nous dire comment la chose c’est passés. Lui et votre soeur savent tout le secret. Êtes vous plus habile qu’eux? Celui qui arrivera le premier aura cette gravire. La conduite de votre cousin est un mystère pour moi; lui, qui nous avait promis son appui dans cette affaire, a fait tout possible contre nous. Que direz-vous de ma soeur: elle, qui n’ecrit jamais à ses amies le’s est constamment accusée de pareneuse et de l’indifférence. Je punis toujours celui qui est coupable, et récompense celui qui a travaillé. Ils et leur famille.

(me:  Please can some correct (my autocorrect was going mad behind my back) and also, if possible, translate this into English. It defeated my o’level French and I got one of those French exam feelings (read panic) – many thanks – Fx)

King Richard III begun May 24th 1895

“Since every jack became a gentleman
There’s many a gentle person made a Jack.” Gloster Act 1 Sc 3

L’instant où nous naissons est un pas vers la mort – Voltaire


Sweetheart, goodnight
Would thou were near
Tho’ lost to sight
To memory dear

Rulfell Jenkins (Ruthven Jenkyns)


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