1896 July Footnotes

[1] Throop is a village in Dorset situated on the outskirts of Bournemouth.

[2] Into the Highways and Hedges – by F.F. Montresor, Published 1895.

[3] Violet Sargent (1870 – 1955) was John Singer Sargent’s youngest sister. After studying at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, she married Francis Ormond.

[4] J. Blair Fairchild (1877 – 1933) was an American composer and diplomat.

[5] The New Gallery was an art gallery at 121 Regent Street, London founded by J. Comyns Carr and Charles Edward Halle in 1888.

[6] Screening of the Cinématographe in Britain took place at the Malborough Hall of the Royal Polytechnic Institution in Regent Street, London.

[7] Pagani’s – 40-48 Great Portland Street, W1 – Signor Pagani’s famous establishment; a far more bohemian affair and popular with musicians and entertainers.

[8] Badcock, John Henry (1864-1953) he was a partner in the dental practice at 140 Harley Street, London.


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