Family History

Kate, Edward, Alys and Lucy (mother)

Kate (Katharine Faraday Boyd (1879 – 1961) was 15 when she started her diaries.  She is my Great Great Aunt.

Alys Faraday Embleton née Boyd (4th July, 1884 – 1967). Kate’s little sister.

Edward – Edward Boyd (29th May, 1876 – 1946) Kate’s older brother.  Edward was educated at Clifton College and Sidney College, Cambridge (1895 – 1898) – Exhibitioner Natural Science Tripos 1st Class.

Lucy Reid Faraday (Mother) (1851 – 1900) – Kate’s mother. 

Wade – (Caroline A Wade 1856 – ?) Always known as “Wadey” –  Much loved and devoted family nanny who stayed with the family all her life. 

Minnie Osborne (1876 – ?) – family household maid

Other Family

Doz  – Dorothy “Dolly” Barnard (1878 – 1949), younger daughter of Fred and Alys (Lucy’s sister) Barnard, painted by John Singer Sargent – 1st cousin of Kate.

Portrait of Dorothy Barnard, 1889 by John Singer Sargent
Dorothy Barnard by John Singer Sargent ~ Study for Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 1885

Poz Marion (“known as Polly”) Barnard (1874 – 1946), Dorothy’s older sister, daughter of Fred and Alys (Lucy’s sister) Barnard, painted by John Singer Sargent – 1st cousin of Kate

John Singer Sargent’s Polly Barnard (A.K.A Girl in White Muslin) 1889
Polly Barnard (also known as study for Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose) 1885

Alys Faraday Barnard (née Boyd) (1847 – 1910), Poz and Doz’s mother, Kate’s aunt (sister to her mother, Lucy Boyd) married to Fred Barnard.

Mrs Frederick Barnard’, John Singer Sargent, 1885

Geoff Barnard (1872 – 1981) – Deceased brother of Poz and Doz. An artist. Died aged 19.

Conis – little terrier dog belonging to Poz and Doz.

Conis, small terrier belonging to Poz and Doz

Kitty – Catherine Melville Barnard (1879 – 1970) Married to Edward M Buchanan. Second cousin once removed to Kate.

Miss Boodle – Governess/Tutor

Back Story/Family History

The Faradays are (in order of age):-
Alys (oldest) – Poz and Doz’s mother
Lucy – Edward, Kate and Aly’s mother
James (youngest)

Alys married Frederick Barnard (an illustrator for Charles Dickens). They had three children – Geoff, Marion (Poz) and Dorothy (Doz) and a dog called Conis.  In 1891 Geoff died from congenital heart disease, aged 22.  His father was distraught, moved out of the house and died 5 years later in a bedsit in Wimbledon. He was burned in his bed whilst under the influence of opium. 

Lucy married Philip Boyd (a partner in Morant, Boyd & Morant, cabinet-makers producing exceptional exhibition-quality furniture). They, too, had three children – Edward, Katherine and Alys.  Philip died in 1888 aged 42.

Doz and Poz painted by John Singer Sargent in 1885- 1886 – Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose

I shall add to this page as I find out more information about everyone.

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