1932 – Richmond,

In 1932, Edward is 56 years old, Kate is 53 years old and Alys is 48 years old. Eva is 23 years old and Philip is 19 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Personal Memoranda:
Name: Katharine Boyd
Private Address: 21 Oxford Terrace, London W.2.
Telephone No: Paddington 2098
Telephone No of Friends: Hampstead 7014.

Friday 1st January 1932

Mild. Damp.
Eva down to breakfast in dressing gown. I walked to Ravensworth with Debby. Got sweets and stamps for change, tho’ Post Office shut. Wrote Kit. Alys wrote letters. Dennis and Alys to Morritt Arms, Greta Bridge.

morritt arms

Saturday 2nd January 1932

Mild. Damp.
Drove to Richmond (Phil driving). Shopped, but some still shut. Back 12. Dennis and Phil to Wardle’s. Took Debby out with Alys and Eva a little way. Eva still very shakey and no appetite.

Sunday 3rd January 1932

Lovely rainbows. Mild.
I out with Debby across fields. Then sat with Eva outside by croquet lawn. She not well enough to go to London. Wrote Amy Steel and postcards to Mrs Styer. Sat in smoking room with Eva and Dennis, he at wireless. Alys and Phil billiards. Packed up.


Monday 4th January 1932

Very fine and mild.
Finished packing. All off at about 11 or 12 so in car with trailer. Lunch on way, sandwiches. Back at 76 Cholmley Gardens at about 7.30. I stayed the night (in Phil’s bed in Eva’s room). He on mattress in his room. Unpacked flowers.

Tuesday 5th January 1932

Windy. Dull.
I back to 21 Oxford Terrace with Dennis in car and see Wade. Out to various shops, unpacked and out to Dickens and Jones (sale). On to Lupus Street coach station. Home by 36 bus. Early to bed, read and listened-in.

Wednesday 6th January 1932

Gales and rain.
Clearing-up. Alys in, and I with her in Chrysler to Westbourne Grove about divans. Lunch. Out to get Times and stuff for Wade’s curtains. Very wet. After early supper, to Old Vic “Knight of the Burning Pestle” Beaumont and Fletcher. Sybil Thorndike cutting of cake and Old Lang Syne after for Old Vic Circle.

night of burning

Thursday 7th January 1932

Cold. Dull.
Tidied up and out to Boot’s and laundry. Lunch at home. Up to tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Eva at home, had been sick (they expecting Willis’ to dine). I to Faraday’s 7.15. Lucy Brewtnall, The Shoesmith’s and to Miss Davis? Writing games. I to Hampstead Tube in Davis’ car.

Friday 8th January 1931

To Army and Navy gloves for rhinitis. Called for Eva and lunched together at Gorringe’s. Home. Busy making pleated skirt and alpaca wool pullover for Badminton. Sewed all p.m. and evening till 10. Wrote J.H.M. about Arts Theatre and to buy “Faraday”.


Saturday 9th January 1931

Bright. Cold.
Out early. Letter from Jim Archer. To Kingsway Theatre for ticket. Home. Out to lunch with Barnard’s at 6 Elm Park Road and stayed tea. Home. Alan Baumer phoned. Changed and met him at Volunteer. Nice dinner 7 p.m. I tube to Holborn to see Russian Plays – Benefit. Very crowded and good. 5 plays by Tchekov and Dostoevsky. Karsavina danced. Met Jim Archer after. Lipkowska sang. Home at 12.20.

Lydia Yakolevna Lipkowska (1882 – 1958) was a Russian-Romanian operatic soprano of Ukrainian origin.

6th Old Vic and cutting cake.
7th 7.15 to Faraday’s.
9th to 6 Elm Park Road about 1.
To Kingsway Theatre 8.15 Benefit.

Sunday 10th January 1932

Washed things. Wrote. At 3.30 out to Golders Green. Called on Paul with Ashcroft’s book. On to Sissie’s to tea. Alys called for me there in Baby Austin. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to supper. Eva sick again. Phil took me home all the way in Baby.

Monday 11th January 1932

To Kodak’s and to Treasure Cot for Virginia, Bourne and Hollingsworth. Home to lunch. At 3 along to Nell Sime’s with book. On to Kitty’s to tea and dinner. All of them not home. Sledge came in evening. Fun. Dumps with Handy “Plank”. Peter and George drove me all the way home.

treasure cot

Tuesday 12th January 1932

Letter from J.H.M. So to Arts Theatre Club. Then met Dorothy at Fine Arts in Savile Row 11.30. Rowlandson and other caricaturists. Home. Menie in bus. Quiet p.m. and evening. Tired. Sewed, bath. Phoned Alys. They at Varwill’s. Eva in bed.

Wednesday 13th January 1932

Showers. Milder.
Slept late. Out to shops. At 2 to Northcourt. Then on to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Eva in bed and Dr Larkin. I sewed and ironed green workbasket lining. To Art Club – jolly young model for short poses.

Thursday 14th January 1932

Fine, windy.
Out to Garrould’s and Marlow’s. Home. Along to Wade’s. took her to lunch. Thompson’s. Both to Mansfield Road School. Then to Bedford Palace to see “Rango”. 7d seats before 3.30. Home to tea. Then to Baker Street together and I to 76 Cholmley Gardens to dinner and sit with Eva. Others out at Stanmore. Lined workbasket.


Friday 15th January 1932

Mild. Dull.
Out to Kardomah and bus back. Tired. Worked at white accentuated pleated dress after lunch. At 3.30 to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Eva got up for tea, by Larkin’s permission. After tea, Phil drove me to Sissie’s. Altered her blue dress. After supper there, both of us to Art Club, Claude Flight’s lecture.

claude flight
Claude Flight was a British artist who pioneered and popularised the linoleum cut technique. He also painted, illustrated and made wood cuts.

Saturday 16th January 1932

Nice quiet day. Along to Cozen’s for sarsenet ribbon. Sewed various things. Badminton skirt and pullover. Rested 1½ hours. To Badminton at 8, meeting Phil there. He took me home in Baby Austin.

11th Tea and dinner at Buchanan’s.
14th To Wade’s 12.30
12th 11.30 Burlington.
15th Art Club Claude Flight 7. Sissie’s.
16th Sat 4 p.m. Elm Park Road.
17th Tea and supper Elsa’s.

Sunday 17th January 1932

Fineish. Mild.
Alys and Dennis called in Chrysler and to Lab for blood count. To 76 Cholmley Gardens for dinner 1.30. Eva up. Alys took Eva out in car in p.m. Phil and I helped Dennis with new super-hot set. Phil took me to Ayrton’s at 4.30. Tea and supper there. Alan there. Beswick’s to tea there.

Monday 18th January 1932

Up to Alys at 12 and stayed lunch. Sewed black ripple coat. Tea and sudden idea of going with Phil to skate with Cave’s so with him in Baby Austin at 5. Fetched my skates. To Bickley. Dinner at Cave’s. To Streatham Rink – skated till 11. Drove home by 11.45.

Tuesday 19th January 1932

Early to L.A. Sub-Committee Meeting 10. Out to 26 Compayne Gardens. Long talk about coaches and exams. Lunch at Stewart’s. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 1.30. Home, sewed, re-arranged about Theatre and to Arts Theatre Club with tickets. To Baker’s and surprise meeting with Alys and Phil! Shoe Department. To Wade’s for 20 minutes. Home to bed. Very tired. Tried on fancy dress.

Wednesday 20th January 1932

Mild. Very dark.
To Selfridge’s for zip. To Boot’s. After lunch up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys and Phil to Spencer’s cocktail party after tea. I with Eva, strung coral beads. Sandwiches and then to Art Club. Oil paints for 1st time there. Whole figure.

Thurdsay 21st January 1932

To Haverstock Hill School. Met Alys and Phil at Thew’s. Talked . Alys in Baby Austin. Home. Met Dorothy at Arts Theatre Club at 8.20. “The Comforter”, Laurence Housman and “The Judgement of Dr Johnson”, Chesterton.

Friday 22nd January 1932

Some fog in country.
Went to High Street, Marylebone for edibles. Home and prepared lunch. Menie at 1 until 3.30. Cleared up. At 5.30 Embleton’s in Chrysler’; I too to Tonbridge. Left Phil at School. Dined Rose and Crown and Dennis called on Maths master. Home at 11. Foggy in patches.

Saturday 23rd January 1932

To shops. Alys in to talk of Eva’s going away with Poz? I packed and rested. Over to Golders Green. Met by Lois 7. Dinner at Faraday’s. Dressed (Dutch dress). Lois, Laurie and I to dance at Institute gym. Art Club dance (4/-) Fun. Shoesmith’s and Rush’s. Models. Back to sleep at 77 at 1.15.

L.A. Sub Committee 10 1.m. 19th
29th Phil away?

Fancy dress dance. To Faraday’s 7.30.
22nd Menie. Phil to School.

Sunday 24th January 1932

Fine. Cold.
Nice walk to Ken. Wood with Lois. She motored me to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dinner there. Sewed lace in Eva’s frock. Tea at Faraday’s. Embleton’s too, and Paul, Muriel and Michael. I stayed to supper. Embleton’s home as Teddy Berry coming. Laurie took me to 76 at 9. Telephoned to Beresford Hotel. Home at 10.15.

Monday 25th January 1932

Cool. Foggy a.m.
Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens with jersey and shoes for Eva. Home to lunch. To Victoria 2.5 Eva and Polly off to Birchington (both after flu). Home. Did oil paints. Sandwiches and to Old Vic at 5.30. Sat pit door. In at 6.50. Side balcony corner seat (2/6). Excellent “Julius Caesar”.

Tuesday 26th January 1932

To meet Alys at Evans’. 10.45. Together to Gamage’s about games. Photo. Alys home to lunch with me. Ham in ginger beer. Did game-cards. In evening 7.30 dinner Ayrton’s. Adrian and Lamb. Phyllis Tate, Little Schwabe after and Ed. Dunbar, Tony’s college girl friend. Schwabe himself too. Dancing chiefly. Home at 12.

Wednesday 27th January 1932

Cold. Dark.
Up late. Alys came in. I at 12 to Globe Theatre, took a gallery queue stall 6d. To Duchess for ticket. Lunch at Express Dairy in Covent Garden. To see “And so to Bed” at Globe. Yvonne Arnold and Frank Collier. Pepys 1st row gallery. Very good. Woman from Argentine next to me. Home. Supper. To Art Club, short poses, new model. Bath, not very hot.

Thursday 28th January 1932

Very cold and dark.
To Kitty’s at 11. Nice a.m. sewing. Lunch (very good) and then to Embassy Theatre to see “Full Fathom Five”. Very good in parts. Is murder justifiable? Home, supper. To Duchess Theatre to see “Windows”, Galsworthy preceded by “Trifles” Susan Glaispell. American, one-act.

Friday 29th January 1932

Cold, dull.

Met Lois at Burlington House, French pictures 5/-. 1020. Lunch there. Broth and cheese. Stayed till 3.15 Home. Wrote to K.H.D. To Bond Street about purple dress. To Lyceum Club. Wrote Eva from there. To supper at 6 Elm Park Road with Doz. Stayed the night.

Saturday 30th January 1932

Milder, dull.
Breakfast with Dorothy. Home at 10. Alys cam. To Wade’s in Chrysler. Then home and later Alys came with Baby Austin and I drove with her to Tonbridge. Sandwiches en route. Corpus Christi College. Tonbridge won. Phil got a try. Gwen and Molly there. Tea, just Alys, Phil and I. Home at 7.10. Supper and to Badminton. Buchanan’s brought me home.

25th 1st night.
29th To Doz at 6.30
29th Birth of Paul’s 2nd son.
28th Priscilla Bergel’s son born – Lois?
30th To Wade’s 2 – 2.30.

Sunday 31st January 1932

Dull, cold.
Not out all day (except post in evening). Lovely quiet day, tidying paints, canvasses, brushes and long drawer. Stretch canvas too. Phoned Lois about Paul’s new son.

Monday 1st February 1932

Very cold.
Alys to Thew’s in car. Met her there 10.30. With her to Tottenham Court Road. She to Wade’s. I to Winsor and Newton and Kardomah. Home, after lujnch at Brasserie Universalle. Cut out Wade’s dress. Met Kitty at New Theatre. La Bataille de la Marne by Obey, Compagnie des Quinze and La Vie en Rose.

Tuesday 2nd February 1932

Dennis phoned. Alys not well. Up to her; she asleep. Walked and bus to Kingsgate Road, and on to Pritchard’s. Lunch there. Back to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Slept on settee. Alys bread and milk at 4.30.and tea. Eva in. I home at 6 and to Boot’s with book. Read there till 7.

Wednesday 3rd February 1932

Fine. Milder.
To Lafayette’s. Dressing jacket for Alys 10.11. Home to lunch. Sewed Wade’s dress. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 5. Laid supper. Eva in at 5.30. Alys out with Doris. I sandwiches and on to Art Club. Long pose Marita Ross. I did oil portrait – head profile.

marita ross
Marita Ross, model, England, UK, 1931

Thursday 4th February 1932

Cool. Fineish.
Busy painting backgrounds in. To Debenham and Freebody’s to order Eva’s red stuff. At 3, Alys came in Baby Austin. To Debenham’s again to countermand stuff as skirt all right. Alys took me to 87 Fordwych Road. I tea with Muriel Faraday, Michael and new baby – 6 days old there (untamed). Sewed Wade’s dress in evening.

Friday 5th February 1932

Cool. Dull.
Alys phoned and I met her at Selfridge’s. With her to Hampstead to take flowers to Kitty. Together in Baby Austin to Golden Square and lunch at S.F. (snack) near Piccadilly. To buy jumper for Alys (in Piccadilly). Home. Sewed green petticoat and grey bag. To bed 9.35.

Saturday 6th February 1932

To Boot’s and sat there, feeling very faint, for 30 minutes. Bought sal volatile. Home. Busy p.m. looking at old canvasses. Supper, dressed and to Badminton. Eva there, new red cardigan. Alan took me for soup at Tussaud’s. Felt quite well all rest of day.

sal volatile

1st Compagnie des Quinze, New Theatre, La Bataille de la Marne.
4th Tea with Muriel 4.
7th Supper at May’s 7 ish.

Sunday 7th February 1932

Fine. Fog in parts. Cold.
Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 1. Dinner. Quiet p.m. The other 3 out for walk. I not, thinking I would walk to May’s, but after tea (at 7), Alys and Eva motored me in Baby Austin to Otto May’s. Supper there (only me). Home at 10.30.

Monday 8th February 1932

Cold. Dull.
Alys came. I with her to shops – Dickens and Jones. Hoover. I home. Did canvases and had a short rest, as very tired. Then, at 4.15 to C.H.W. She had written. Stayed till 5.30. Denny up there. Took her new dress and petticoat. Home. Early to bed and listened-in.

Tuesday 9th February 1932

Cold. Dull.
To L.A. Sub Committee 10.30. To Kingsgate Road School. Home and painted self from 11.30 – 1.30 and again from 2 – 3.45 (in hat and fur). To J.H.Morgan’s Rhodes lecture 5.30. Home 7. Supper, dressed. To Royal Geographical Society 9. Poz and Doz invited me. Miss Janside too. National Trust Meeting. Very interesting. Lord Zetland in Chair (like Mr Leggett).

Wednesday 10th February 1932

Snow. Some sun. Very cold.
Out to shops near, only. Did a little drawing and arranging looking glasses in p.m. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 4. Tea with Alys. Eva in. Later to Art Club. Very cold. Amplett in dressed short poses (Ackroyd) posed by Archer.

Thursday 11th February 1932

Snowy. Very cold. Some sun.
Out to shops for food. Then to Wade’s. Fetched her back. Both sat and sewed (she curtains for her room). I drew her hands. Took her back to Baker Street. Home. Changed. Supper. Met Kit and Kath at New Theatre to see “La Mauvaise Conduite” by Compagnie des Quinze. Very funny.

Friday 12th February 1932

Very cold, snowy.
Out to meet Lois at British Museum at 10.30. To see French drawings and engravings – very interesting. Toulouse-Lautrec, Claude Lorrain. Poussin. Lunch at Plane Tree. 1. 3d. Home by Bourne and Hollingsworth. Rested for 2 hours (slept). Out to supper at Lyon’s and Gallery at His Majesty’s to see Julius Caesar. Nice boy (who acts) next.

Saturday 13th February 1932

To shops, and home soon. Lunch at Lyon’s in Great Newport Street. To Arts Theatre Club. To Gallery New Theatre 2.45 Le Viol de Lucrece – Obey. Very good. Home. Changed. To Badminton. Fun. Only 4 women (Eva, Kath, Kendal and me!).

9th L.A. Sub Committee
5.30 J.H.M’s 1st lecture – U.C.H.
9 Royal Geographical Society
11th Wade
12th Lois – British Museum 10.30.
14th To Mrs Styer’s to supper – go about 6.30

Sunday 14th February 1932

Milder. Fine.
Washed things. Alys and Eva in Baby Austin, called for me 12.15. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to dinner and tea. Took Lab picture and wrote Ashcroft. Alys took me to Styer’s to supper (Buchanan’’s for beer en route). Mrs Doran and a Mrs Cook. All played “Rummy”.

Monday 15th February 1932

Out to near shops. Alys in Baby Austin to lunch with me. Then both to Fordwych Road. Called for Michael Faraday (aged 2 on 18th). Took him ride and then tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Took him home at 5 and Alys took me home. Very quick sandwich made and I out to Old Vic 6.20 in queue. 1st night Abraham Lincoln (Drinkwater). Good.

abraham lincoln

Tuesday 16th February 1932

Out to near shops, and Harlow’s about chair. Cozens too. Home and from 11 – 3.30 painted on portrait of self (except for lunch). At 5.30 to John Morgan’s lecture. Talked to him after. Home. Supper. Made arms and back covers for saddlebag.

Wednesday 17th February 1932

Alys came 10.45. Tooke me in Chrysler to Albert Hall. Annual Meeting 11.30. Home at 12.03. Lunch. To Manager’s Meeting at Haverstock Hill School 2.15. Alys called for me in Baby Austin. To choose stuff, and I to Lyceum Club. Eva to tea with me there and Mink tea with Alys at Sagne’s. Alys fetched me from 21 Oxford Terrace and to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Sandwiches. To Art Club at 7.20 (Alys took me there). Long pose – oils.

Thursday 18th February 1932

Dull. Cold.
Packed suitcase and did some painting. After lunch Alys came for suitcase. I to Lyceum Club for tea with Susie Zileri at 6. I to Kardomah and tube to Hampstead. Dinner with Buchanan’s. Kit and I to Embassy to see Romeo and Juliet. Joyce Bland. Sweet young Juliet. Sebastian Shaw – Romeo.

Friday 19th February 1932

Dull, cool.
Alys and Dennis to Layton “Sowerby”. To Duchess after lunch for tickets and to see Wade. With her at 4.30 to get her pension money. Then up to 76 Cholmley Gardens to be with Eva. She a cold. After dinner, I to Art Club. Fred Taylor’s talk – Italian Sketches. My lab sketch hung.

Saturday 20th February 1932

Dull. Cool.
Slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens in Alys’ bed. I with Lois to Private View – Women’s International Art Club – Agatha Shore there. Lunch. Various things. Rested. Both to Badminton (Eva). Nice but cold.

18th Susie 4.30. Lyceum
17th 11.30 Albert Hall.
16th J.H.M’s 2nd lecture 5.30.
19th Art Club lecture
20th Layton – I to 76 Cholmley Gardens.
20th Private View Women International A. Shore. 12 – 1 or 3 – 4.
15th To Michael 3 – 4.

Sunday 21st February 1932

Lovely sun.
Out with Eva to get paper and sat in sun, by wall for 30 minutes! To tea at Ayrton’s. An Aunt, Adrian, Peter, Alice Schwab, girl from Evill’s. Peter drove me to Mrs Styer’s. Dinner with the Hagen’s. Rummy. Peter supped with Eva. Dennis and Alys home after midnight.

Monday 22nd February 1932

Milder. Dull.
With Dennis and Alys in car. Then home in bus from Baker Street. To Algoma Lent Term. Meeting at Old Broad Street, by tube. Home to lunch. Stayed in (Alys in 10 minutes). Crocheted front for grey frock. Listened-in to Hoover’s speech from Washington (wrote E.P. about poem).

Tuesday 23rd February 1932

Men came and put in geyser. I sewed wool front on frock and ironed it. Alys at 2.30. With her to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Did silk cover. Coffee. To University College together. J.H.M’s lecture 5.30. Alys to her lectures. Home and arranged wash-corner.

Wednesday 24th February 1932

To Wade’s at 12.30. To lunch with her at Bogey’s Bar. Out to Duchess Theatre “The Rose without a Thorn”. Frank Vosper. Angela Baddeley. Tea at Lyons. Home. Made sandwiches. To Art Club. Ate supper there. Barbara Steele in – short poses. I used sketch book.

Thursday 25th February 1932

Dull and very cold.
To Woolworth’s. To Selfridge’s for Alys’ coffee-pot. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Did arranging pictures with Alys. Lemonade, games. To Sissie’s to tea. To Chas. Barnard’s at 7 to supper. Horace there – Tristan da Cunha. Home about 10.30.

Friday 26th February 1932

Cold. Dull.
Up with Alys and spent day arranging flat. Alys down with car. I home and supper and changed. Taxi back to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 8. At 8.30 came Doz and Conrad, Adrian, Tony, Handy, Peter, George, Timmy and Nita, Roly, Pamela, Nonie Bromley, Phyllis Tate, Betty Beevor, Atherton M. Douglas – objects game and photo game, cards, oranges and spoons, handkerchief.

Saturday 27th February 1932

Sunny. Cold.
To Army and Navy Stores. To Lyceum Club. Doz to lunch with me there. I on to Women’s International Exhibition till 4.50. Home. Rested. Supper. Badminton. Handy and Eva took me home in car.

22nd 11.30 Algoma C. Term.
Winchester House, Old Broad Street.
23rd Geyser
23rd J.H.M’s 3rd lecture 5.30
25th Supper 7 at Chas Barnard’s.
26th 5 p.m. Baldwin’s “Happiness and Success” lecture. Sir A Fripp Founder.
26th Party at 76?
24th 12.30 Wade. Duchess. Art Club evening.
27th Dorothy Lyceum 12.45 – 1.
25th 4.30 Sissie’s
28th Virgina’s 5 Ayrton.

Sunday 28th February 1932

Very very cold wind. Nice sun.
UP to 76 Cholmley Gardens to dinner 1. Eva to Buchanan’s. Alys and Dennis to Anersley. I to Virginia’s to tea and on (with Alan) to supper at Ayrton’s. Bought Elsa’s dress £3. Black and white voile. Home at 10.

Monday 29th February 1932

Very very cold wind.
Mable Cully phoned. Alys in. Then she to meet Mink. I to Army and Navy Stores with lamp and to meet Mabel Cully at Kings Cross. Lunch with her there. On to Mansfield Road School. Dr here. Very cold. Home. Did arranging of canvasses.

Tuesday 1st March 1932

Sunny but very, very cold wind.

To L.A. Sub Committee 10. To Kingsgate Road School. Home. Then met Elsa at Rialto. Saw À nous la liberté” René Clair. Good. Sandwich at Lyons’ and walked up Regent Street. Elsa bought hat at Segen’s 25/-. Coffee at Yarner’s. I to Winsor and Newton’s. Walked to Euston Road. Home. Drew Litter dog till 10.

Wednesday 2nd March 1932

Cold. Quiet.
Down to Lyceum Club for Sketch, Tatler. Lunch at home. Stretched canvas and drew S.O.S. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Eva and Alys in. Ate sandwiches. On to Golders Green. I posed the model, Billie Despard, harlequin costume. Home rather late, walking down with Lois, Shoesmith and Batchelor.

Thursday 3rd March 1932

Nice day. Sun.
To shops. Walked to Selfridge’s for notepaper and a tumbler. To see Wade at 2.30. Looked over clothes with her. At 4 away. To South Kensington Museum to look at china (English). Home. Darned stockings. To bed early.

Friday 4th March 1932

Alys brought chintz. I with her to see Hornton Street rooms. Home. To Garrard’s. Lunch at Susie’s at 1. On with her to Miss Thomson’s studio, Oakley Studios. Painted pianist’s head 2 – 5. Home. Supper. To Royal Institution 9. Met Dorothy. Sir Robert Robertson. Bragg Lecture by Sir Harold Hartley (Bailliol and L.M.S.) on Michael Faraday. Met Rollo Appleyard and Mrs and Antarctic man (with Scott).

Saturday 5th March 1932

Out to shops. Lois to lunch with me. Cold beef, potato salad and welsh rarebit. Sat by fire and talked all p.m. Looked at my drawings, canvases. I bought Wade’s nightgowns. Supper and to Badminton. May there. Handy and Eva took me home in car.

1st L.A. Sub Committee 10.
12 Elsa – Rialto. On with Elsa – Fort
4th 1 at Sissie’s 2 – 5 Thompson’s Studio.
29th Kings Cross 1.30. Mainline yellow tea room
3rd C.H.W.’s at 2.30.
Sent letter to Graham Robertson 4th
6th Skate with Adrian

Sunday 6th March 1932

Fine day but showers.
All a.m. doing painting. Finished own portrait nose. Painted Sylvia’s hat and coat over. After lunch to see Wade and take her combinations and nightgowns. Sat with her an hour. Home. To Golders Green. Ice rink 7.15 to 10.30 with Adrian. Embleton’s to Tonbridge to hear Phil read lessons in Chapel.

Monday 7th March 1932

Some rain.
Out to see Eva, who phoned S.O.S. to me. Back with Alys in Chrysler. To Kardomah and Lyceum Club and Academy. Home lunch. Did Litter picture all p.m. Drew and painted it. To Old Vic at 6. Ate sandwiches. 1st night of “Othello” side circle seat. Home late. Letter from Graham Robertson.

Tuesday 8th March 1932

Dull. Cool.
To Army and Navy to get bed lamp. Home. Lunch. Drew Litter picture in ink on card. To Mrs Styer’s to dine 6.45 and with her to Royal Academy Dramatic Art – Gower Street. Harold Frith Banbury, Rear Admiral Banbury’s son.

Wednesday 9th March 1932

Dull. Cool.
Photo of Benny from Graham Robertson. Wrote letter to him. Tried to go to Royal Mail meeting, Cannon Street but a week too soon! To Handy’s, bought books. “Time Was” and “Brave New World” Home. Alys called for me at 4. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea and supper. Eva up, but a tummy pain. Alys took me to Art Club. Short poses. Charlton posed – male model.

Thursday 10th March 1932

Cold. Fine.
met Alys at Thew’s. I up to lunch with Eva (who catarrh, duodenal?) To Mrs E.V. Miles’ sale at 11.30. Afterwards, home and then meet Kit at French Exhibition. Tea and coffee at Kardomah together. Home. Drew: Litter all evening in ink. Bad.

Friday 11th March 1932

Cold. Fine.
Out to shops. To Oakley Studios and painted there 2 – 5. Home, supper. Painted S.O.S. all evening. Read Rothenstein’s book of Memories.

Saturday 12th March 1932

Very cold. Sunny.
To Kensington, Victoria and Albert Museum to see Civil Servants’ Exhibition Ernest Blaikley, Longden. Walked home through Kensington Gardens. Painted “Litter” all p.m., watercolours and did S.O.S. in evening. Not to Badminton as Eva, Max, Adrian weren’t.

7th Othello Old Vic.
Get ticket for 20th
9th and 10th 11 to 6 E.V. Miles Sale

8th 6.45 to dinner with Mrs Styer.
11th Chelsea
13th To Faraday’s

Sunday 13th March 1932

Cold. Fine.
Alys, Dennis and Eva to fetch me in Chrysler. All in very low spirits. Alys ulcer from new teeth. I dinner with them. Dennis out to Margaret Douglas and Alys and Eva took me to Faraday’s 4.15. They to Buchanan’s and “Alex Hamilton”. I tea and supper Faraday’s. Blaikley’s to tea and Paul, Muriel and Mick and Roger.

Monday 14th March 1932

Coldish. Dull.
Washed things. Letter from G. Robertson. After lunch painted. To Tatler, Sketch and Sporting and Dramatic offices with my “Litter” painting. All refused it. Met Alys and coffee with her at Yarner’s. Met Eva at Dickens and Jones. All in Baby Austin to 76 Cholmley Gardens. I stayed dinner as Dennis’ 51st birthday. Read “Time Was” aloud.

Tuesday 15th March 1932

Fineish, milder.
Met Alys at Thew’s. Bad day with her about Dennis and evening spree. Lunch at Hanner’s. To Wade’s together. Home. She wrote Phil. To Dickens and Jones’ for her hair. I to Brook Green’s with Wade’s spectacles. To British Museum. Home at 5.45, Alys to lectures. Dennis out with Shellum and Beckman. Eva dance with Hunter’s.

Wednesday 16th March 1932

Dull. Cold.
In a.m. to R.M.S.P. (Royal Mail Steam Packet) meeting at Cannon Street. Home. Lunch. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 4.30. Alys out with Mrs Sowerby at Sadlers Wells. Eva in at 5.30. Alys later. Eva bright about dance. I on to Art Club. Long pose (Charlton) of Hilda Amphlett. I did oil head.

Thursday 17th March 1932

Dull. Cold.
Alys came in Baby Austin. We to Wade’s and all out to Croydon in car, for loud-speaker. Sandwiches (in car) on Tooting Bec Common! Alys to working party. C.H.W. at Jones’. On to Robertson’s, Long Acre. To Drury Lane pit queue. 5 Welsh Rabbit at Lyons’ and pit queue till 8. To see Cavalcade (Noel Coward) 1st row of pit!


Friday 18th March 1932

Dull. Milder.
Washed head. Early lunch. To Chelsea. Bought 6 glasses at 22/6. To Studio. Painted 2 – 5. Paid 1/6. Last sitting of Mason girl. Home. Packed suitcase. To 76 Cholmley Gardens dinner. Out to Art Club lecture. Sissie and Mrs Cambridge. Howard Roberts lectured – “Modern Conceptions” with good slides.

Saturday 19th March 1932

At 9 a.m. Max and Adrian and Alice Schwabe in taxi, and all of us to North London Railway. To Gunnersbury. Taxi to Mortlake Bridge (being built: Baker). Boat Race finished there at 10.45 or 10.49! Cambridge Winning 5 lengths. Taxis and train back. Tony and Crum and Eileen Guthrie too there. Rested in evening and to Badminton. Kath hurt knee. Handy back with us.

20th J.H.M.
15th A social at Old Vi
16th 11.30 R.M.S.P. Cannon Street
18th Alys and Dennis to Layton 18th – 20th
18th Art Club 8.30. Howard Robertson

17th Mansfield Road Open Day 2 – 5.30
C.H.W. 12.30
20th Wells Theatre

Sunday 20th March 1932

Very fine and mild.
Very quiet a.m. and after lunch too. Eva worked a little. Handy at 3. He and Eva to cinema. I home with suitcase, at 4. To Academy Cinema. Helen met me there 6. “Kameradschaft“ Mining film. Supper at Brasserie Universalle.

Monday 21st March 1932

Mild but dull.
Alys in at 11. She and I to shops for hat or suits. Then I home and Alys to Lab to lunch. out to Church Street (Maida Vale) for mounts. To C.H.W. with money. Home. Varnished portrait and painted on S.O.S. Made silver cap in evening.

Tuesday 22nd March 1932

Rain all day.
Meeting postponed. Out to get mounts, in rain. At 2 to Holt’s, 95 Wigmore Street, for hair to be set. To Marshall’s. Home. At 5 with Alys in Baby Austin to lecture at 39 Charles Street. Crichton-Miller on Sex and Civilisation. Home. Dressed, supper. Taxi to Whitehall Court, John Morgan and I to Goethe Centenary at Fishmonger’s Hall 9 – 12. Sir J. Simon. Elizabeth Schumann sang. Herr Treviranus. John introduced me to Miss Elizabeth Haldane and Sir Ernest Graham-Little M.P. dermatologist.

Wednesday 23rd March 1932

Fine a.m.
Alys in and I washed things. Out ot Royal Institute Exhibition and Kardomah. Home. Dennis’ mounts. To Church Street with glass. On to Sissie’s at 5.30. Supper with her. To Art Club 7.30. Model in middle. Batchelor posing her. Billie Despard.

Thursday 24th March 1932

Fine. Coldish.
Alys early – stayed in car. I to Church Stret. Home and mounted and framed Lab picture. Lunch. Lois at 2.30. To C.H.W.’s with daffodils for Minnie. To Burlington House with our pictures. To Beatrice Bland’s Show at Redfern and to Conder’s and Brabazon and Lessore at Beaux Arts. Home. To Westminster Theatre – Pit. Tobias and the Angel – Ainley.

Friday 25th March 1932

Fine. Sunny, cold wind.
Packed up 2 oil-paintings and did washing. After lunch to Wade’s. Walked with her through Regent’s Park (crocuses and boats). Tea at Tussaud’s. Walked to Tottenham Court Road. Then back in bus. Tired but cleaned brasses till 9.45. To post.

Saturday 26th March 1932

Some rain.
At 9.30 in taxi to Burlington House with portrait of self in hat and S.O.S. Home. Kit called in car. To Volta House. Spent day with her. Katharine and Harry and Tom in to tea. Knitted all day. After dinner Kit, Kath and I to gym. Badminton – Last day, only 8 there. Kit drove me all the way home.

22nd at 5.30 Crichton-Miller
9 p.m. Goethe Centenary
20th Romeo and Juliet.
24th Tempera to Royal Academy
22nd 2 Holt 5.30 lecture
26th Royal Academy oils
27th To Elsa 1 – 9.30?

Sunday 27th March 1932

Rain, drizzle.
Did some washing. Sewed leaves on hat. To Elsa’s at 1. Virginia and Theo there. At 3.30 Adrian and I to Lewis Baumer’s Royal Academy pictures. Tea. Home to Church Row. Spent evening quietly with Elsa, who very tired and piles. I home 9.30 in pouring rain.

Monday 28th March 1932

Fine on whole.
Nice quiet day, changing pictures. Washed Turner copy glass. At 3.30 to 76 Cholmley Gardens with glasses. Got Time Was. Took it to Sissie’s (Mrs Grant there) so onto Paul’s. Family there, so to Aunt Rosa’s. No tea (missed it everywhere). Supper. Songs. Laurie took me home at 10.

Tuesday 29th March 1932

To Harrod’s. Met Alys and Eva. Bought coats. Lunch together. Painted red anemones in p.m. At 6.45 to Fred Barnard’s and supper there. Their new maid.

Wednesday 30th March 1932

Elsa phoned Virginia’s daughter born in night. Went on painting some of the day, at anemones. Up to Elsa’s at 4.30 to hear about Virginia. On by tube to Golders Green. Walked to Sissie’s (with all oil paints and supper!!) Got there 7. Ate sandwiches and listened-in to James Agate. To Art Club. Cutner posed Steele. Did small ½ figure in oils. Back view.

Thursday 31st March 1932

Dull and some rain.
Alys phoned about Layton. Poz not going. I to Wade’s. Then packed and to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 1 (Eva’s holidays 10 days). Lunch. Dennis back at 2.25 All in Chrysler at 2.40 and tea (sandwiches) at roadside before Stamford. Ham and eggs at Aberford at 7.45 (ham not nice). On, and arrived at Layton Manor about 10. Slept in Eva’s rom and she in Philip’s.

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