1931 – London, Richmond, Paris, Tosny, Bristol

In 1931, Edward is 55 years old, Kate is 52 years old and Alys is 47 years old. Eva is 22 years old and Philip is 18 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

“Modesty itself is one of the arts of ostentation”. Bacon, on Vaignley
Personal Memoranda:
Name: Katharine Boyd
Private Address:        21 Oxford Terrace W.2.
Alys’ Address:            76 Cholmley Gardens N.W.6.
Telephone:                 Paddington 2098
or Friends:                 Hampstead (Alys Embleton 7014)
Dr Embleton:             47 Wimpole Street, W.1.

Thursday 1st January 1931

Out to shops – Robertson’s and to Fortune Theatre and Bush House about Parker pen. Wrote letters. To P.W. Steer O.M. and J.H.M. Did some sewing, mending, gloves and listened-in debate – Maud and Lowe Dickenson.

Friday 2nd January 1931

Did washing. Out to Kardomah and Tompkins. Home to lunch, and rested most of p.m. Read “Bengal Lancer” and slept. After supper to People’s Theatre to see Christmas Carol and “Pantomime Rehearsal” – Thesiger.

Saturday 3rd January 1931

Wrote E.P. Out to shops. Sewed white dress and petticoat and ironed them. Rested; dressed. Tube to Volta House. Supper 6.45 with Buchanan’s. With Kitty and Handy to Gym. Badminton 1st evening. Fun. With Alan to Madame Tussaud’s after for supper till 11.

3rd 7.30 Badminton, 6.45 to Buchanan’s.
4th Beswick’s at 11.45 and home with Ayrton’s.
Wrote E.P. 3rd.

Sunday 4th January 1931

Cold. Fine.
Woke late. At 12.45 to Beswick’s cocktails. Ayrton’s, Twiston-Davies’, Dickson’s, Theobald’s there. Back with Elsa and Max to spend day. Read “A Night in Kurdistan”. Max to Nevinson’s 1½ hours. Virginia and Theo to supper. Away at 9.40.

Monday 5th January 1931

Cold. Fairly fine.
Out to Abbott’s with Tony’s watch. On to Angel, and Sadler’s Wells for tickets. To Villabella, lunch there 11d and 3d tip. Home. Did various sewing, darning and also cleaned brasses, and washed mantlepieces. To bed 10 and read “Angel Pavement” till 11.

Tuesday 6th January 1931

Cold. Fine.
Lighted fire and out to buy a few things. (Alys and Dennis started back from Mürren). Dorothy came at 1 and lunch. Arrived (ordered for 3, price 2/0 each (6/-) at 1.15. Not bad. Dorothy stayed and had tea too, and I with her to Paddington at 5.45. Unpicked black jersey skirt in evening.

Wednesday 7th January 1931

Very cold.
Went to Redfern Gallery Private View of English modern painting. On to Fortune Theatre for tickets for Teeds and self. Home to lunch. Out at 4.30 to Victoria to try and meet Alys and Dennis but they came on 7.15 train. I to 76 Cholmley Gardens and ate sandwiches there. On to Club for life drawing. Very cold room so model kept clothes on.

Thursday 8th January 1931

Very cold. Foggy.
Dark in a.m. To Alys’ at 12 and en route went to Miss Marstoff’s and Kingsgate Road School. Alys unpacked in p.m. and we talked hard. Lunch and stayed tea and dinner. Dennis in at 8 (lost in fog). I stayed night in Eva’s room. Foggy. To bed 11.30.

Friday 9th January 1931

Fine. Snowy.
With Dennis in car, so home at 10.15. Did Care Committee work. After lunch, to English Speaking Union; to Wallace Collection, walked to Heal’s. Met Alys. Tony Ayrton’s Private View. Student’s Show in Mansard Gallery. Elsa and Max, Adrian, Virginia, Tony. Tea with Alys and Elsa and Max at Maple’s. Home. Did zipper on snow boots.

Saturday 10th January 1931

Cold. Grey.
Out to Gamage’s. After lunch finished snowboot zipper. Rested. Supper and to Badminton. About 12 there. To Tussaud’s with Alan after, and home about 11.15.

6th Dorothy Barnard to lunch.
7th Private View, Redfern Gallery.
8th Care Committee? Lunch with Alys.
9th Heal’s Tony’s private view 4 – 5.
11th Sunday supper at 6 Elm Park Road.

Sunday 11th January 1931

Fineish. Cold.
Woke and got up very late. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 1. Dinner with Alys and Dennis and heard letters about Phil’s Novice’s Cup for Skating from Lady Howard-Stepney and Mrs Moreton Evans. All over to supper with Poz and Doz, taking sardines! Played Bombardo and Kum-bak.

First World War game of ‘Bombardo’ (Peall’s Bombardo Pool Game) c.1919, made by Disabled Soldiers and Sailors of The Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops

Monday 12th January 1931

Cold. Milder, dullish.
Out to Sales. Army and Navy, Harvey Nichols and Woolland’s. Bought shoes and tweed. Walked home across Hyde Park. Lunch Mackie’s en route. Sewed and ironed collar of coat for Teeds. Rested. Finished “Angel Pavement” and sewed till 9.45.

Tuesday 13th January 1931

Out to Boot’s and shops. Sewed Teeds’ coat collar and cuffs, before and after lunch. Short rest at 4. Changed and met Tony Ayrton at English Speaking Union at 6.30. Dinner. No 19 bus to Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Twelfth Night. Very good. Ralph Richardson – good Sir Toby Belcher.

Wednesday 14th January 1931

Out to shops. Ironed Teeds’ coat. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens to see Eva and Phil brown from Mürren yesterday. Home at 1.30. Lunch. Out at 4.45 to Bedford College. Met Elsa. Lecture by Laurence Binyon on Persian Painting. Hall 6.30.

Robert Laurence Binyon, CH (1869 – 1943) was an English poet, dramatist and art scholar.

Saw Somervell’s. Bus to Golders Green. Ate sandwich and chocolate in bus. 7.30 Life Class at 27 Templars Avenue. Mr Codner’s studio.

Maurice Frederick Codner (1888–1958), portrait painter

Thursday 15th January 1931

Milder. Fair.
To Care Committee Netherwood Street at 11.15. On to Chelsea, called for Teeds. With her to lunch. Mrs Brown’s Wardour Street. To People’s Theatre. Xmas Carol and Pantomime Rehearsal. Tea in theatre. To Victoria and Albert Museum for Lecture on Persian Pottery but full. Home. At 9, to Burlington House. Soirée Persian Exhibition, to National Arts Collection. Members. Stayed till 11.30. Tired.

Friday 16th January 1931

Brisk wind. Mild.
To Abbott’s about shoes. To Army and Navy. Bought chicken Portuguese 1/6 lunch. Walked to Lechertier’s and Kardomah. Home. Tired. Painted wine bottle and grapefruit and glass. Rested at 4. To Boot’s for book at 5.45. Wrote Tony Raines. To Club House Golders Green. Talk by Leonard Walker, R.I. on Colour (stained glass man) Home 11.

Leonard Walker RBA RE RI (1877 – 1964) was a British painter and stained glass designer. His work was part of the painting event in the art competition at the 1928 Summer Olympics.

Saturday 17th January 1931

Fine on whole.
Felt throaty. Quiet day. To near shops and bank. Went on painting grapefruit group. Rested 3 to 5. Changed. To Badminton 7.30. 18 there. Eva and Phil. To Tussaud’s with Alan for soup. Home about 11.10.

14th 4.45 Bedford College: Elsa, Binyon or before Golders Green life evening.
12th Law sittings begin.
13th 7.45 with Tony to Sadler’s Wells.
6.30 At English Speaking Union.
15th Take Teeds to Theatre 2.30.
15th 11.15 Care Committee
15th 9 p.m. Persian Exhibition
16th Evening lecture, Golders Green.

Sunday 18th January 1931

Phoned Alys as sore throat, but she called for me in Baby Austin at 12.30 and I to dinner at 76 Cholmley Gardens. With them all to Lab. At 2.30. Dennis blood count. Home at 4, and they 4 on to Cave’s. I quiet evening and early to bed.

Monday 19th January 1931

Dull. Mild.
Throat better. To Wade’s. Elsa and Kitty rang up. I met Eva at Dr Dempsey’s at 11.30. Her feet done. I on to meet Kitty at Shoolbred’s at 1. Lunch with her there. To Persian Exhibition together. Home with her. Dennis to tea, and stayed to dinner. George there; played Beethoven. Peter took me to Swiss Cottage.

Tuesday 20th January 1931

Dull. Mild.
Late in bed and forgot about L.A. Sub-Committee. To Haverstock Hill School. 169 bus to town, and to Ludgate Circus. Bought pencils at Coombes’, Farringdon Avenue. Home. Lunch late. Painted mimosa. Rested. To bed. Wrote E.P. and Mr Eden. Hot bath. Coldy so not to post. Phil to school. John Willis with him in car.

Wednesday 21st January 1931

Mild. Dull.
Painted mimosa. After lunch, met Alys at Thew’s and to tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens with Alys and Eva. Ate sandwiches 6.30 and to Club Golders Green 7.30. Miss Ackroyd model in pyjama suit.

Thursday 22nd January a931

Late up. To Mansfield Road Schools. On to Arts Theatre Club to pay subscription. Home to lunch 1.20 or so. Sewed chair-cover to fit bedroom easy chair. Rested. Supper. Ironed. To bed early.


Friday 23rd January 1931

Dull and showers, gale and rain later.
Packed small suit-case. Bus to 76 at 1 o’clock. Dennis back 1.30. At 2 all started calling for Kitty and drove to Barnby Moor. Puncture about Stevenage. Dinner “Ye Olde Bell” 6/- each. On to Layton arriving about 11.30 p.m. owing to delay and mending tyre (at Wansford garage). Very tired. To bed. Nice fires.

Saturday 24th January 1931

Very fine. Small showers.
Dennis had to receive rents from tenant farmers at 1 o’clock. They demanded reductions. Not out again, far, but a little way. Colder and snow flurries (small). Debby down and very glad to see us. Billiard-poole in evening till 10.

20th 10 a.m. Netherwood School. L.A. Sub Committee
21st Fortune Art Club20th Phil to Tonbridge
22nd 8 till 11 p.m. Hereford House private view.
19th 11.30 20 Manchester Street,
23rd to Layton
Wrote E.P. 20th
To Layton 23rd

Sunday 25th January 1931

Perfect day but hail once!
Up at 9.30. Not to Church. Alys bad throat. Eva’s feet weak. Dennis doing wireless. He took Kit and us in greenhouses till 1.15. All rested in p.m. Quiet evening. Talking, knitting, drawing. To bed about 10.


Monday 26th January 1931

Absolutely brilliant. Perfect.
Breakfast 8. Started at 9, lovely run to other side – Grantham. Lunch there, by wayside. On and arrived Hampstead 4.10. Peter in bed at Kitty’s. Mrs Kingsmill influenza. Dennis and I on to town. I home. Dennis to Lab. Bought food, fruit. Phoned Kitty and Eva. To bed early.

Tuesday 27th January 1931

To Army and Navy Stores for food; straight to Kingsgate Road to M.D. School and Mr Eden. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Lunch with Alys and Eva in kitchen of my Army and Navy food. Read in p.m. Eva out for dress. Alys on bed. Tea. I home at 6. Wrote at desk. Early to bed.

Wednesday 28th January 1931

Fineish. Cold.
Out to Boots. To call for Wade 12.15. Lunch at Villabella together. On to Astoria. Saw “Sin takes a holiday” and “Paradise Island” films. Good (first one). Home to tea. Walked to Baker Street. C.H.W. home. I to 76. Ate sandwiches. On to Club House for life drawing. Kraskie short poses.

Thursday 29th January 1931

Dull. Windy.
Up late. To Northcoat but quarantine so to 26 Compayne to call. On to Zoo by 169 bus, ate sandwiches. Fed warthog, monkeys and birds. Home at 3.30. Sewed pocket comb-case and painted it. Sewed Aly’s music cars into a zipper bag while listening-in to Edward II by Marlowe until 9.45.

Friday 30th January 1931

Up very late and felt rather chesty from old cold. Elsa phoned and I gave up going there tonight. Out to Boot’s and shops for food. Home and in all rest of day. Altered grey jersey skirt and knitted Shetland edge. To bed 8.15 and knitted and listened-in to Roger Fry on Persian Art.

Saturday 31st January 1931

Dull. Wet in evening.
Indoors except for run to shops. Washed clothes. Polished brasses and altered hem of new dress. Rested, slept an hour in afternoon. At 5.30 to Kitty’s by tube. Dinner with them and to Badminton; Eva there. To Tussaud’s with Alan by underground.

Friday to Elsa’s. Tea and dinner. Ring her up 12.15 Art Club.
To C.H.W.’s 12.15.
Wednesday Wadie
29th U.C.H. 5.15
Saturday to Kit’s to dinner. Badminton

Sunday 1st February 1931

Dull. Wet in afternoon, evening.
Indoors and sewed hard altering old taffeta frock to longer skirt. All day, till 3.45. To Nellie Moir’s to tea, and at 6 to Faraday’s supper. Did drawing games after. Laurie took me home in car.

Monday 2nd February 1931

Dull. Wet later.
To Queen’s Road to arrange dancing lessons. On to Selfridge’s for pattern and to Kardomah. After lunch, at home, met Alys at Thew’s. Back with her to 76 Cholmley Gardens, and tea with Eva and Alys. Knitted. Stayed supper in kitchen. Listened-in to Boxing-Match, Kirby v. Brown. Birmingham and Manchester. Stayed night.

Tuesday 3rd February 1931

Cold. Dull.
Breakfast in kitchen. Dennis heard Miss Shellum ill. Home at 10.30. Out to buy cakes. Polished brasses. After lunch, out to phone to Elsa. John Danby came to tea and stayed till 6.30. Quiet evening. Knitting and listening in.

Wednesday 4th February 1931

To Meeting at Chalk Farm 10.30. Chose two teachers. Home, grilled dinner and Eva came at 1.30. Out together to Persian Exhibition and back to 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea. Alys in after. Supper 6.40 and I to Club House. Nice long pose by Miss Steele.

Thursday 5th February 1931

Out to Boot’s. Home; washed vest. At 2.45 to dancing lesson. Upstairs with Miss Townsend and a gigolo. Ears! And 3 other women. Very interesting. Home. Read magazines and finished jersey, in bed early, listened-in.

Friday 6th February 1931

Out at 10.30. to dancing lesson. Miss Townsend to myself. Very good lesson. Quick step and waltz. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens to lunch (Maud there). At 1.40 with Alys and Eva. Stayed until 7.15. Knitting and dancing. Home. Supper – grill of Alys’ beefsteak. To bed early.

Saturday 7th February 1931

To Raoul’s – bought evening shoes and Boots for Casanova. Bought pattern of hat. Home. Cut out tweed skirt till 3.45. Rested. Changed. To Badminton. Buchanan’s brought me back in car. Hot bath failed.

3rd Danby’s at 4.30.
4th 10.30 Haverstock Hill. 1.15 Eva to lunch.
7.30 Club House Golders Green.
5th 2.45 Queen’s Road.

6th 10.30 Dancing.
8th To Elsa 12 For day.

Sunday 8th February 1931

Damp. Dull.
Indoors. Late, washed things. Sewed fur on coatee and altered it. At 4.30 to tea with Elsa. Max in bed but down later on. Stayed supper, Tony back from Busbie’s. Stayed till past 10 with Elsa. Max and Tony to bed 9.

Monday 9th February 1931

Mild. Damp.
Dress to Singer’s. At 10.30 to dancing lesson, alone. On to look over flat. Home to lunch. Out to Aly’s to tea. Rene there. Changed and to dine at Miles’ 7 and to see “Evergreen” Adelphi with John Danby. Very good. Slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens.


Tuesday 10th February 1931

Breakfast with Alys and Dennis. Eva later. To L. A. Sub-Committee at 10 in rain. Wrote Care Committee letter. After lunch at 2.30 to Dancing; two others there. Till 3.30. On to Fortune Theatre for tickets and to Vogue, Breams Buildings. Home. Sewed new shoulder straps to taffeta evening dress and did feet.

Wednesday 11th February 1931

Fine a.m. Rain, gale later.
To dancing at 10.30. Walked to Albert Hall. Meeting there at 11.30. Bus to Wooland’s and walked home. Lunch. Washed my hair. Rested and felt rather headachey. But up and ate supper 6.15. By bus and tube to Golders Green and to Club House Tower Room. Miss Ackroyd short poses. Home 9.30. Hot bath and to bed.

Thursday 12th February 1931

Fine, windy.
Better. Letters about Grimes case. To see Wade and then to Maples about settee; to Cannon Street Hotel. Lunch (sandwiches) there. R.M.S.P. (Royal Mail Steam Packet Company) Meeting of shareholders. 2 – 3.30. Home. Dressed and to dine with Alan at “Volunteer”. 7.30. Taxi to Adrian’s studio dance, 9. Till 1.15. Taxi home with K. Murray, Lamb and Miss Holmes. Russian singers and balalaika.

Friday 13th February 1931

Fine. Cool.
Out to find settee at Terry’s places (Newman Street) and Gamage’s, Hampton’s, Bartholomew’s. Lunch at Sandy’s bar. At 3.30 up to 76 Cholmley Gardens and read with Alys and Eva till tea. Maud there. Stayed to supper. Dennis very tired. Alys too. They all to Hill’s and I home at 9 p.m.

Saturday 14th February 1931

Cold. Sunny.
Washed things and cleaned shelf. Out to shops near. After lunch, rested and to tea party at Mrs Griffin’s. Changed and to Badminton – Max but not Adrian or Tony. With Alan to Tussaud’s by train after.

10th 10 a.m. L.A. Sub Committee
2.30 Dancing Lesson.
11th Albert Hall meeting 10.30 Dancing.
12th 9 p.m. Adrian’s dance. Dine 7.30 with Alan – Volunteer.
9th 10.30 dancing Evergreen. Dine 7. Compayne.
15th Zoo 1.15 26 Cholmley Gardens.
14th 4.30 Mrs Griffin.

Sunday 15th February 1931

Fine. Lovely.
Up late. To see Montagu Square house (burned). To dinner 1.15 at 26 Compayne, and then with John Danby to Zoo; then home at 5 and rested. At 6.15 dressed and to supper with Polly and Dorothy at Chelsea. Talked about their Wills and the pictures – Sargent, Steer, Tonks.

Monday 16th February 1931

Very changeable.
Out to buy food. Home and cooked it; Out again to Waring’s and on to Wade’s. Took her home, and we had dinner; and sewed and unpicked all p.m. Tea. Walked with her to Baker Street and then home. Sat by fire and read old letters.

Tuesday 17th February 1931

To Albert Hall. Walked; Silk (artificial) exhibition. To Kardomah and home. Met Alys, Shoolbred’s; to Maple’s and Heal’s. I bought settee and chair with Uncle Charlie’s legacy – £5.10-0 – £35.10.0. Home. Met Kitty at Alexis, dined, she paid and I took her to Fortune Theatre. The Silver Box – Galsworthy. Nancy Price.

Nancy Price, CBE (1880 – 1970), was an English actress on stage and screen, author and theatre director.

Wednesday 18th February 1931

Very cold. Snow or sleet.
At 9.30 I was at Kingsgate Road School for Medical Inspection. Miss Long showed me. Dr Vaudrey (stethoscope). Home 11.15 and rest of a.m., wrote up Care Committee cases. Rested in p.m. and arranged model throne. To supper with Sissie 6 – 7.30. To Club house for drawing and home at 10.50.

Thursday 19th February 1931

Cold. Fineish.
At 10.30 to Queen’s Road. Dancing lesson. Last one. Miss Townsend. Home. Wrapped up mattress and sent in by C.P. to Art Club 1/8. Lunch. To Old Vic for students “Nine till Six” performance at 2.30. Home by bus. Listened in to “Faraday and his Contemporaries” and to Professor Jacks.

Friday 20th February 1931

Stayed in to receive settee and armchair. Morocco. Came at 12. Then out. Walked to Piccadilly. Lunch at Brasserie Universelle. To Arts Theatre Club for tickets. Walked on to Old Vic, for ticket. Back by tube. Rested. At 8.30 to Golders Green Club House. Talk by William Aumonier, Oakleigh in Chair, on Modern Sculpture with slides. Very good. Lois and Lucy Brewtnall.

Saturday 21st February 1931

In washing things and cleaning up. Out to shops. Lunch. Alys came at about 2.30 and Dennis called for her and they went at 4. Rested. To Badminton, after supper. With Alan to Tussaud’s.

18th Medical Inspection 9.30 a.m. Kingsgate. Fortune Club 7.30.
19th afternoon, Nine till Six – Old Vic.
15th Sunday to F.B’s to supper and lunch 1.15. Zoo first.
20th Club House talk
16th C.H.W. Albert Hall. Old Vic p.m.
17th Evening with Kit. Theatre.
19th 10.30 dancing.
Wrote E.P. 20th.

Sunday 22nd February 1931

Fine. Sunny.
Very busy washing rugs, mats, ottoman (moth!) and rearranging cushions. Embleton’s to Aunt Bee’s. To Menie’s (walked) at 12.30. Home to dinner. Cleaning until 5. To Carlton “Monte Carlo” no cheap seats, so to English Speaking Union. Read “The Party Dress” and Atlantic till 7.45. Walked to Mascot House and theosophy lecture. Sheaths of the soul. Mackenzie!!!

Monday 23rd February 1931

Nice day. Mild.
Out to Arts Theatre Club to change tickets. Home to lunch. Made pouffee out of bolster and cushion cover and began brim for grey cap to match coat. Out to shops. And Post Office. Nice supper, cold mutton, tomato salad, smashed potatoes. Sewed till 9.45.

Tuesday 24th February 1931

Lovely day. Mild midday.
To Mansfield Road Schools and then to English Speaking Union. Met Sissie, Dover Street. Gave her lunch English Speaking Union. Both to Handy’s shop in Curzon Street. Saw Manuel Komroff. To Tooth’s exhibition of paintings on glass by V. Brax. Undid hassock. 4 different covers!.

Wednesday 25th February 1931

Let down grey coat hem. Out to shops. To Northcourt at 2.35. To Alys’ at 3.15. Stayed to tea and Eva in. Ate sandwiches 6.30 and on to Fortune Art Club. Miss Clare – slight, sprite like. Short poses.

Thursday 26th February 1931

Showers. Mild.
To Care Committee at 11.15. To Kingsgate School first. Mr Eden away – ill. Home. Lunch; To Old Vic to see men students in Kai Lung’s Golden Hours, Bramah. Very good. Richard Riddle. Home via opticians. Wrote Ella.

Friday 27th February 1931

Dull. Rain in evening.
To Haverstock Hill School at 11.30. Alys and Helen to Windlesham. Tube to Piccadilly with English Speaking Union and then met Eva at Brasserie Universelle. Lunch. To Tate Gallery. Bus 32. Then back. Supper and I to Old Vic to see “Arms and the Man” – Shaw. Very good. Ralph Richardson, The Chocolate Soldier. Home by 11.

Saturday 28th February 1931

Bright. Snow showers. Thunder.
Ironed. Out to shops and Boot’s in snow. Crocheted belt for white wool dress. Rested 45 minutes. Supper. Badminton. Max there. Eva. Gave Tony and Eva dance tickets. Tussaud’s with Alan.

24th Sissie 1 o’clock, Dover Street.
26th Care Committee – Infants Department 11.15
2.30 Old Vic Kai Lung 6.40 Faraday B.B.C.
27th Arms and the Man 7.45.

Sunday 1st March 1931

Very cold. Fine.
Did some arranging. Up late. Wrote Aunt Bella and Phil. Lunch. At 4 o’clock to Mrs Styer’s. Tea with her and to see “Monte Carlo” film and “How he lied to her husband” Shaw. Carlton. Back with her to supper; and home at 11 o’clock. Tisane – camomile.

Monday 2nd March 1931

Cold. Dull.
Very busy, after going to Gamage’s and to Arts Theatre Club. Rearranged model throne in bedroom and turned it out. Walked across Park and to Baron’s Court to tube. To tea with Louie Bell and Mabel Walton and Mrs Gordon. Margaret Hood there, actress. Home late. Lost way in underground!

margaret hood
Margaret Noel Hood (1909 – 1979) was a British actress.She was married to the Irish-born actor Charles Oliver.

Tuesday 3rd March 1931

Cold. Dull. Some fog.
To L.A. Sub-Committee Meeting at 10 – 10.45. Walked up to Alys’. Talked to Alys and Eva till 12.45. In 28 bus with Alys, who on to lunch at Manisty’s. I cleaned brasses. Kit called in at 5. Out to shops. After supper, at 8.40 Mrs Griffin and Miss Allitson in; gave them tea (Indian). They went at 11.

Wednesday 4th March 1931

Cold wind.
To Managers’ Meeting at Mansfield Road 10.30. To C.H.W’s after. Home. Lunch. Dorothy came to tea, unexpectedly. I to Golders Green and Lois met me in car. To dine at Faraday’s. To Art Club. Home to listen-in to Bragg on Faraday at Aunt Rosa’s 9.40. Lois and Ernest Blaikley in later. Lois motored us to tube.

Thursday 5th March 1931

Out to shops and Alys’ to lunch. Grill, and stayed to tea. My water-tap running all day. I to Arts Theatre to see O.H.M.S. (Edith Evans) alone at 8.30 and afterwards to 76 Cholmley Gardens to sleep owing to water-tap.

Friday 6th March 1931

Very cold.
With Dennis at 10, home. They all to Layton with Cal. girls. I spring cleaned Butterfly Cabinet. Out to shops. Quiet evening and listened-in to 3rd talk on Faraday and Contemporaries (Thursday with Alys). Rabeneck 9.40.

Saturday 7th March 1931

Very, very cold.
Finished cleaning up cabinet and bookcase drawers. To shops near. Packed suitcase. Peter called at 4. Drove to Buchanan’s. Dinner (dressed first). Kath and I to Badminton 7.40. Very few there.

3rd 10.00 a.m. L.A. Sub Committee
4th Managers Meeting 10.30
5th 6.40 Faraday B.B.C.
4th Bragg on Faraday
2nd 4 o’clock Bill 13 Palliser Court, Baron’s Court
5th 8.30 O.H.M.S.
6th Rabeneck 9.40 radio
8th Skate.

Sunday 8th March 1931

Very, very cold. Fine, some sun.
Very cold. Sat and then on Heath with Kit. Biddle Knowles to dinner 1.30. Kit and Peter to Furtwängler in p.m. I rested. Tea. Talk and I out with Peter and Edward in new Morris Isis (£180). To Highgate. Supper. Quiet evening. Knitting. Phoned Layton to hear about snow.

morris isis
1931 Morris Isis

Monday 9th March 1931

Snowy. Very cold. 15th day of frost.
To tube. Very slippery at 10. Home by tube. Re-packed suitcase. Lunch. To Victoria and left case. To Waterloo, Old Vic. Back to County Hall. Mr Leeming’s Talk 4.30. To Victoria 5.47 to Bickley. To Orford House to stay with Cave’s, To Lewisham Theatre (Rouse executed) to see The Rebel Princess – Claire and George.

Tuesday 10th March 1931

Very cold. 1 below zero. 33 degrees. Frost.
Sat with Colonel Nichols and then in lounge and talked while Gwen ironed. Out with her and dogs – Juno, Dinah, Cuthy. In p.m. Gwen drove Colonel Nichols and I round by Orpington and Knockholt Beeches, Biggin Hill. Looked at snapshots and read paper in evening. Philip Reid’s obituary notice in.

Wednesday 11th March 1931

Knitted and sat with Colonel Nichols. Gwen drove me to Bickley Station 11.12 train to Victoria. Home. Letter from C.H.W. so bought things and to her. Lunch at Villabella. Home. Unpacked. Ate grapefruit. At 5 tea with Alys and Eva at 76 Cholmley Gardens, and on to Fortune Art Club. Lois not there. Flu.

Thursday 12th March 1931

Fine. Cold.
Walked to English Speaking Union and on to Piccadilly. 33 bus to Waterloo. To Old Vic. Phoned Elsa and Eva from there. Lunch at Baber’s, Jermyn Street. To Albert Hall Star Dance Championships. Walked home at 4. Rested and read “Sunwise Turn”. Quiet evening in bedroom. To bed 10.

Friday 13th March 1931

Fine. Milder.
Out to shops and ironed things. After lunch, to Burlington Galleries, L.N.E.R. Poster Exhibition. J.H. Thomas spoke. Max and Petrie (Graham) there. On to Osler and Faraday’s for Paul’s Lace Lamp Show. Nellie and Maud with me home to see wireless. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to dinner. Tony Ayrton came. He and Eva to Albert Hall Star Ball. Dennis took us in car. Movies of Mürren first.

Saturday 14th March 1931

Perfect day.
Dennis’ 50th birthday. Wrote E.P. Lunch 12.15. Walked to Lab. With Embleton’s to Tonbridge. Picked up Phil. All to Ashdown Forest. Tea – picnic. Back to Tonbridge. Left Phil at 6. To Chinese Restaurant (and oyster bar first). Home at 9.45.

12th 6.40 Faraday B.B.C.
9th 4.30 Leeming at County Hall.
12th To 14th Star Dancing
11th Fortune Art Club
9th till 11th to Cave’s 67 train.
13th 3 p.m. LNER Posters
15th Mrs Styer Arts Theatre
7 dine at 76 Cholmley Gardens
Wrote E.P. 14th.

Sunday 15th March 1931

Wrote Care Committee letters and to Tony Ayrton. To tea at Sissie’s and on to Alys at 6.40. Mrs Styer’s chauffeur called for me at 7.40. I with her to Arts Theatre to see mixed programme. Sara Allgood, Una O’Connor. Very good burlesque.

Monday 16th March 1931

Out to Foyle’s to sell books. Pugin’s. 7/6. To St Martin’s with others. Lunch at Brasserie Universelle. Home, buying cakes and flowers. Polly to tea. Sat by fire, reading old letters till late.

Tuesday 17th March 1931

Fine. Milder.
Did Tweed skirt. Met Alys at Victoria at 2.45. Took Paris tickets. With her to look in shops, and home at 5. Sewed. Supper. To Arts Theatre Club alone. Hedda Gabler 1st night. Jean Forbes Robertson – good.

Wednesday 18th March 1931

Fine. Milder.
To Mrs E.V. Miles sale of ladies’ work. Met Alys there. Home at 12.30. Did my new tweed skirt. Lunch. Sewed in p.m. too. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 5 o’clock. Kitty came, and all talked about French families. Kitty took me to Royal Oak in car at 7. Nice drawing evening. Man in French costume.

Thursday 19th March 1931

Out to shops and packed suitcase. Clerk for Landlord came at 4 about decorating my room. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to dinner 7.30. Tony Ayrton met Eva and me (and Francis Crumm) at his Bozzini Restaurant, Marylebone High Street. All dinner and to Old Vic. Much Ado about Nothing – Gielgud, Ralph Richardson and Dorothy Green.


Friday 20th March 1931

I slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Breakfast 7.45. Dennis and Eva saw Alys and me off at Victoria 9 a.m. 3rd class, 2nd on boat. Smooth sea. At Boulogne took 2nd class to Paris. Lunch on train 30 francs (5/-!) Met by Jean to Courcel at Paris 4. He drove us in 8 cylinder Peerless to Hotel Bel Air, Rue Tarbe. Pont Cardinet. Phoned for us. Dinner at restaurant at corner.

Saturday 21st March 1931

Dull. Mild.
To Mademoiselle de Chastenet d’Esterre, 21 Rue Casimir Périer. To her brother’s at Rue de Bourgogne. Lunch in tiny restaurant, near Bourgogne. To Quichard’s at 97 Boulevard Saint-Michel. Taxi to Auteuil to Rue Félicien David (out) and Avenue Beausejour. Dinner at our corner restaurant. To bed early.

17th Hedda Gabla 9.30.
20th his birthday and write J.H.M.
19th Much Ado at Vic.
6.30 at Bozzini’s.
18th/19th Mrs E.V.M. 11.30 – 6 Fortune
20th Fortune?
16th Polly to tea
617 francs for £5.0.0 at 123.45 about 2d a franc

Sunday 22nd March 1931

Out late. Lunch at Duval’s Restaurant. Rue de Rivoli, to Louvre (statues). Called on Yvonne Kratz, 4 Waldeck Rousseau (rue). Home. Rested. Jean de Courcel at 7.30. Took us to dine at Restaurant Chauland, Esplanade des Invalides and then in 8 cylinder Peerless all over Paris.

Monday 23rd March 1931

Mild and dull.
Lunch near Pantheon and Sorbonne. Corner café. Very crowded with students 6.75 (1.3) with wine or beer. To Vives, Auteuil 2.30 to De Chastenet after (for George Buchanan). Dinner Lion d’Or, 71 Avenue de Villiers and Jouffroy. Took flowers to Yvonne in evening in taxi. Flowers 34 francs 5/8.


Tuesday 24th March 1931

To Lafayette Avenue – bought hats 99fr (16/-) and 75 = 12/-. To lunch at De Courcels, 47 Rue de Bellechasse VIIa. To Lafayette. Alys bought coat (Eva). To Bel Air. Paid bill. To Nord 4 p.m. Train to Calais. Crossed, in dark. Choppy. Empty 3rd class to Victoria. Dennis and Eva met us at 11 (10/50)? Dined on train 30 francs 5/-.

Wednesday 25th March 1931

Mild. Fine.
Back with Dennis at 10 to 21 Oxford Terrace. Unpacked suitcase. To Alys’ at 1.30, after lunch. With her and Eva to Kitty’s. Peter took us in car and back. Talked about George, measles. Alys and Dennis out to Miss Shellum’s party at Lab. Eva and I had supper and to see City Lights at the Dominion. Charlie Chaplin.


Thursday 26th March 1931

At 11.15 to Care Committee Meeting. To School first. Miss Norton there. Home. Lunch. Out to Selfridge’s. Tried on frocks and bought coat. On to Lafayette’s, Dickens and Jones’ and Peter Robinson’s and Gamage’s but back to Selfridge’s for the first frock. Home, after an ice; looked out straw hats. Wrote to Jean de Courcel. To see Menie and Con at 8.30 – 10.

Friday 27th March 1931

Out to shops. Man came about decorating bedroom. I called for Wade; lunch together at Villabella. On to Bowman’s flats to take time up, and to Mansfield Road School at 1.30. Home and tea with Wade and then sewed and read Mother’s letters aloud (from abroad in 1881).

Saturday 28th March 1931

Very cold.
Altered new green frock, busily nearly all day. Embleton’s to fetch Phil from Tonbridge, early as flu epidemic. To Badminton at 7.30. All 4 Embleton’s came, and a very good evening. Soup with Alan at Madame Tussaud’s.

24th 10 a.m. L.A. Sub Committee
26th Care Committee a.m. 11.15 Menie’s.
27th To C.H.W. 12.15 11 about tint.
S.K Private View.
29th To Elsa 4.30 and supper.

Sunday 29th March 1931

Cold (fur-coat)
Dennis in bed with cold. Finished sewing frock and emptied trunk for Eva. Alys at 12 in Baby Austin. Took trunk up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Stayed dinner there. At 4, Ays and Phil took me to Lewis Baumer’s. Academy picture of Edith. Hasleden’s there. On to supper at Ayrton’s. Tienicke, Guthrie’s, Paine, Theo’s. Stayed till 9.45.

Monday 30th March 1931

Cold. Still fine.
Met Eva at Lewises. She bought cardigan at Marshall’s. Coatee at Lewis’ and for spectacles to Bruce Green. Home. Lunch. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens and wrote French letter to Madame Guichard. Tea there with Alys, Eva and Phil. Home at 7. To Helen’s on way. She planning cut out tweed coat. To bed 10.

Tuesday 31st March 1931

Fine. Hot sun. Cold wind.
Ironed tweed coat and sewed it up. Out to Gamage’s and C.O.S. about cases. Lunch. Wrote Max – 57th birthday!! Met Eva at Dempster’s 4.30. To English Speaking Union after and then to supper with Poz and Doz at Chelsea. Read “Party Dress” at English Speaking Union.

Wednesday 1st April 1931

Dull. Cold.
Tienecke de Bruyn went back. I did sewing. To Victoria and saw off Eva and Phil to Paris at 4. Alys and Dennis there too. With Alys home, after Helen’s and Tony Wilson. To Art Club at 7.30 and drew Miss Steele.

Thursday 2nd April 1931

Felt ill, after Calomel. With pains but out to Marshall’s and bought pullover and other things. Bread and milk for lunch. Alys at 4.30 – coffee, together. She to Helen’s at 6 to pack for her. I sewed and to bed early.


Friday 3rd April 1931

Rainy, cold.
Did sewing and after lunch, packed suitcase. Alys and Dennis with Helen and Tony to Layton. At 3.30 tube to Ayrton’s. Tea. Talk. Quiet evening, talk, reading and knitting with Elsa, Max and Tony.

Saturday 4th April 1931

Max and Tony to Miss Foden’s, Windsor for dog. I out with Elsa to Boot’s and then with Kitty, Kath and Barbara to picnic at Latimer on hill. Lovely there. Home to tea at Ayrton’s and they brought Cairn back. Elsa and Max to “Barretts of Wimpole Street” Tony and I talked till 10.45.

3rd Ayrtons
1st Managers?
Eva and Phil to Paris
2nd Aly and Dennis to Layton 11.
31st Supper Poz and Doz, 6 Elm Park Road
31st 4.30 Dempster’s.

Sunday 5th April 1931

Wet. Chilly.
Down to breakfast. Easter Eggs by Max. Out on Heath in rain with Elsa, Max and “Twopenny”. Max lame with rheumatic knee. Rested in p.m. Will Beswick to tea. In evening at 9 called in Mr Twiston-Davies and Hodge, and stayed till 11 or past.

Monday 6th April 1931

Unsettled, rain in p.m.
At 11 came Alan and Keith Murray and Griffiths. On Heath with Elsa, Max, and all and dog. To booths and spent pennies. Rested p.m. Tea. Elsa upstairs. I met Tony at “City Lights” and supper at Canton in Greek Street. Others with Alan and Lady Weaver to “The Devil to Pay”, Colman.

devil to pay

Tuesday 7th April 1931

Dark and gloomy, cool.
Tony off on walking tour with Crum early. Elsa and I out on Heath with Twopenny. Like November. Max out but home to lunch. Electric light. Rested on sofa. Max slept in chair. Quiet evening. Miss Jolly to tea. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 8th April 1931

Warm and fine.
At 9.30 walked to bus with Max and home on it to 21 Oxford Terrace. Alys came at 11.45 and read me letters from Eva and Phil. To Brasserie Universelle for lunch together. I to Institute. Watercolour exhibition with K. Shoesmith’s ticket. Home by Gamage’s for watch 12/6. To Alys’ at 5.45 supper and to Art Club. Gwen Clare in red dress. I posed her at 9.30.

Thursday 9th April 1931

Warm. Fine.
To see Wadie and took Easter Eggs to French children. Home. To Alys 2.15. She took me in Baby to Church Row. Fetched Tony’s study and Alys drove me to Quex Road. Knee felt stiff. Home. Turned out things from bedroom, wardrobe.

Friday 10th April 1931

Very fine. Warm.
Busy doing my bedroom out. Alys came at 12 and helped. Both to lunch at Italian Restaurant in Chapel Street or near. Good. To Kitty’s in Baby Austin with ALys and to 76 Cholmley Gardens for coffee and back to Kit’s. To garage and then Alys to town with me by bus and she to Dennis. I home. Tired and knee stiff. Read Boule de Suif.

Saturday 11th April 1931

Fine and warm.
Did my room. Pictures, earth and aerial down. Out to Woolworth’s to lunch. Back and very busy all p.m., and till 7 supper. Then to Alys and with her in car to Ayrton’s to see new puppy. Dennis to Benmore alone. I home about 11.

8th and 10th 2.30 The World of Light
Canton Restaurant, Greek Street and Charing Cross Road 1 ish.
13th Fetch C.H.W. 12.15
12th To Sissie’s 6 – 7.

Sunday 12th April 1931

Fine day.
Very busy all day doing out my bedroom, and wrote to E.P, Eva and Phil. Out to buy apples. At last at 6 to Sissie’s with suitcase. To stay. Supper and talk and bed at 9.30. Tired.

Monday 13th April 1931

Fine day. Cold wind.
With Sissie to lunch at Lyons and town. Selfridge’s. She bought 12/6 blue dress. Then I met Alys at Lab (and Mrs Booth). Alys and I to get coat for her (and me) at Bourne and Hollingsworth. Home to Sissie’s after tea. Sewed and unpicked Sissie’s new frock. To bed 9.20.

Tuesday 14th April 1931

Alys fetched me in car at 11. To 76 Cholmley Gardens with suitcase, then both on in car to C.H.W.’s. Brought her back. Lunch, West End Green shop, Alys to town. Wade and I at 76 sewing. Alys back to tea. Alys and I took Wade home at 6. Back. Quiet evening. Phoned to the Poussineau’s in Paris.

Wednesday 15th April 1931

To shops, Harrod’s with Alys and got 2 coats, 1 each. Lunch at Harrod’s. To Bourne and Hollingsworth after. I back to 21 Oxford Terrace and then to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Coffee, then supper (me alone) and to Art Club. Painted Maldina Fraser. Alys and Dennis to Fagge’s. Dinner and Horn picture.

Thursday 16th April 1931

Very dull. Cool.
To shops and then back and pasted up wallpaper in sitting-room. After lunch, read and then did books on balcony. After tea to Sissie’s, Louie Vincent there. Dennis home and all read till 11.30.

Friday 17th April 1931

Sewed curtain. Happy letter from children. To town with Alys. Lunch Brasserie Universelle. To Round the World cinema 50 minutes. To Faraday’s to supper 7 with Sissie and Louie Vincent. Lois to lecture by Gossop at Fortune Club. Back in car with Alys and Dennis.

Saturday 18th April 1931

Wet. Dull.
Sewing and shops with Alys in a.m. After lunch in Baby Austin to 21 Oxford Terrace. All wrong colour on walls. To Buchanan’s and Kitty back to tea with us. Peter called. I to Mrs Styer’s his car, dinner 7. Haymarket – “Five Farthings” with Marie Tempest and her husband, Graham Browne.

13th my bedroom to be done 9 a.m. till 17th.
14th to C.H.W. 12.15.
17th Fortune Art Club 8.30.
17th Mrs Styer’s birthday.

Sunday 19th April 1931

Rain all day. Very cold.
In car at 10.30 to Broadway, Worcestershire. Lunch in car, near Willersey and slept after. Tea with Tades, Lucy and Dorothy Barnard. Home 5.30 – 8.30. Supper and bed 9.50.

Monday 20th April 1931

Rain. Cold.
Spring cleaning of hall so Alys and I out all day. To 21 Oxford Terrace and then lunch at Canton Restaurant, Charing Cross Road. To Fortune Theatre. To Ronald Colman “The Devil to Pay” Astoria 2/4 each. To English Speaking Union. Dennis called for us. All dined at Chapel Street Restaurant. To City Lights.

Tuesday 21st April 1931

Alys to G.P.O. for air-mail to Paris. I sewed curtain. In to lunch and sewed and did Alys’ new coat. Out after tea to Green and Edward’s. Dennis back at 8. Very depressed about finances. Wrote Aunt Bella.

Wednesday 22nd April 1931

To 21 Oxford Terrace with Alys and on to Wade’s. Took her to lunch at Thompson’s. Good. To Bush House about Pen. To Fortune Theatre (all 3 of us). Iris Hoey in “Belinda”. Foolish play by A.A. Milne. Tea at Selfridge’s. Saw Wade to Baker Street, 53 bus. Supper at 76 Cholmley Gardens. To Art Club. Perry. Did (painting) heads. Alys and Dennis called for me in car. Took Lois home, by Highgate.


Thursday 23rd April 1931

I to 21 Oxford Terrace about paint. Alys to Sissie’s and took Louie Vincent out. I home to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Lunch with Alys. Read “Al Capone” and sewed till tea. Out with Alys in Baby Austin to Bell Moor – new flats and by Well Walk home. Dennis in. Very depressed all evening. Money and everything. To bed 11.15.


Friday 24th April 1931

Dennis still low in a.m. Alys shops. Lunch. At 2.20 Dennis, Alys and I in car to Layton Manor. Big tea on the way, at old place, roadside, 5 miles south of Grantham. Got home to Layton at 9 in daylight (fading). Supper and to bed 11.10.

Saturday 25th April 1931

Out in greenhouses. All 3 and Debby. After lunch at 3.30 Alys and I in Chrysler to call on Mrs Mitchell of Forcett Park and Mrs Browne of Dunsa Bank (former away). Home and quiet evening. Billards in evening.

21st Mrs Henderson’s birthday
21st Wrote Aunt Bella.

Sunday 26th April 1931

Very dull.
Quiet a.m. To Greenhouses. Rainy. In p.m. Alys and I to fetch Mr Forester from Hutton Manga vicarage. To service at Harness Room Chapel, West Layton. Mr Forester to tea. Took him back and explored in car. Read Tamerlane. Timur (iron). Lame.


Monday 27th April 1931

Fine mostly. Heavy showers.
All 3 started at 9.20 in car. Lunch on the way near Stamford. In heavy rain. Got to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 3.45. Dennis to Lab and in to dinner.

Tuesday 28th April 1931

Over to 21 Oxford Terrace with Alys and did lots of cleaning and arranging and hanging pictures. Lunch. Eggs there. Home to 76 Cholmley Gardens in p.m. Dennis out at Toc H (me: Toc H was a non-denominational Christian movement that began in Europe in WWI and spread worldwide). Alys and I quiet evening. Sewing and reading. Did Alys’ coat and my green blouse.

Wednesdday 29th April 1931

Dull. Milder.
Alys and I to Harrod’s with coat; I bought new coat and hat. Lunch there, my treat, as saved 3½ guineas over changing coat! To 21 Oxford Terrace but didn’t do much. Home at 4 to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Coffee. Read “Imperial Palace”. I to Fortune Art Club after early supper. Dennis and Alys met me 10. To Victoria. Met Phil from Paris at 11.15 train (10.50) late. I home with them to sleep 76.

Thursday 30th April 1931

Dry and fine, mild.
With Dennis in car to Crawford Street. Home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out to shops. Out to Wade’s and cut out curtain for her cushions. To Sadler’s Wells. Home for lunch. Put up aerial and earth wires and did lots of things. Alys and Phil called in, in Baby Austin. Very tired and to bed 9.40 after doing Care Committee work. (Duct stopped up).

Friday 1st May 1931

Up to Kit’s by tube, in new straw hat. Back to lunch. Phoned Sissie and Susie. Alys phoned that Phil not going Tonbridge (ringworm). So to meet Susie and tea at Kardomah, to English Speaking Union and wrote E.P. Then to Liverpool Street on No 9 and dinner with Kit and Handy 87. Saw Kit off to Göttingen on 8.15 train. Home. Mouth sore with salivary duct.

Saturday 2nd May 1931

Warm. Dull.
Very sore mouth. Up to Alys’ (she out) to Volta House to see Peter. Alys there, and drove me to Sissie’s. Alison Giles there about Louie Vincent. I home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Unable to eat, except Brand’s Essence and beaten up egg in milk. Slept. Out for ice-cream and to Woolworth’s. Early to bed. Listened-in to Academy Banquet and heard Sir Roger Keyes, Quiller-Couch and Clynes.

26th Census Day
27th Evening Max’s lecture. To Kits.
30th May Walton.
Wrote E.P. 1st

Sunday 3rd May 1931

Rainy and cold.
Abscess burst under tongue. Only coffee and cream for breakfast. Alys in. Dennis called for her 1.10. I painted mirror frame and floor-stained. Wrote Eva, Kitty, Miss Bell. Felt better, but only egg and milk beaten up for supper.

Monday 4th May 1931

Cold. Fineish.
Out to Tite Street with books for Miss Walton’s school. On to Harrod’s for bedspread and account. Soup at Slater’s. To Lewis’ and Tomin’s. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Coffee with Alys and Phil. Heard Phil his Latin. Home at 6.40. Ironed green blouse. Read, supper.

Tuesday 5th May 1931

Cold. Some sun.
To Agents in Queen’s Road for Menie. To sell clothes, Notting Hill and Peter Dean’s. To Lewis’ for matting and Alys’ runner. To Volta House. Lunch with Peter and stayed till nearly 4. Alys called for me. Home. Painted cupboard again, and ironed skirt.

Wednesday 6th May 1931

Very fine and warm.
Out and brought white front, to Liberty’s. At 12.30 to Sasma, Marcol House and took May Walton out to lunch at English Speaking Union. Then to get curtain stuff. Home, rested 40 minutes. Tired. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to coffee with Alys and Phil. On to Fortune Art Club; nice evening, Miss Steele. Home late.

Thursday 7th May 1931

Fine on whole.
To Kingsgate Road School; on to Care Committee Meeting 11. Then walked up to Volta House. Sat with Peter. Knitted. Lunch together. Played bezique. Walked to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Coffee with Alys and Phil. Did some Livy with Phil. Home. Supper. Listened-in.

Friday 8th May 1931

To shops. Lewis’, Ranyell about bedspread and bought black skirt at Selfridge’s. Home. Sewed. Very busy. At 6.15 met Tony Ayrton at Bozzini’s supper. To Sadler’s Wells to see “King Lear” together. Gielgud very good. Touching.

Saturday 9th May 1931

Fine and warm.
Churchard about my paint and damages. I to Wade’s at 12. She not in good humour. Took her to Jones’ to lunch. Then to 21 Oxford Terrace. Sewed, unpicked. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea with Alys and Phil. Alys took Wade back home in car. I dined with Alys and Phil and all 3 to Les Toits de Paris, at Rialto and Vagabond.

The Rialto Cinema, Coventry Street

7th a.m. Care Committee Quebec House
9th Dennis away yachting weekend
8th Sadler’s Wells. Bozz 6.15.
9th to C.H.W.

Sunday 10th May 1931

Fine on whole.
Finished curtain off. Dennis at Burnham. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to dinner 1. With Alys and Phil with Alys in car to call on Doris Freeman. St Ives, Bushey Grove Road, Bushey. Out. Tea at 76. Alys and Phil took me to Chelsea and I supper with Dorothy. Poz at Nan West’s.

Monday 11th May 1931

Did washing and Care Committee work. Out to Claridge’s and left message for Cyrus. To English Speaking Union. Wrote Eva and Aunt Bella. Sent deferred Cable to E.P.D. Lunch Selfridge’s. Home. Cleaned rugs. Tired.

Tuesday 12th May 1931

Mild. Fine.
To Quex Road. Alys met me and to 9 Church Row together. Then I to Haverstock Hill School, tube. On to Bond Street to Colnaghi Gallery. Muirhead Bone show, Spain. To Bacher’s Show at Wertheim, Burlington. Home to lunch 2 o’clock. Washed carpet. To Royalty pit to see “The World of Light” Aldous Huxley. Cable from E.P.D.

muirhead bone
Sir Muirhead Bone (1876 – 1953) was a Scottish etcher and watercolourist who became known for his depiction of industrial and architectural subjects and his work as a war artist in both the First and Second World Wars.

Wednesday 13th May 1931

Mild. Fine.
Out to Boot’s. Wrote J.H.M. Mended carpet and blouse and odd sewing. At 4 to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Coffee with Alys and Phil. Supper 6.45. Phil drove me to Club House. Nice evening. Painting Miss Claire in red coat and skirt. Home late.

Thursday 14th May 1931

To shops and took May Walton to lunch at Brasserie Universelle. To Mansfield Road by 24 bus. To Volta House at 2.45 and played bezique with Peter and stayed tea. He took me home at 5.45. Sewed. Got pictures ready for exhibition.

Friday 15th May 1931

To Lewis’. Home. Lunch. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea, Coffee with Phil. Alys at Helen’s. Phil motored me up to Church Row. Dinner with Max and Elsa and Major Longdon. All in taxi (mine) to Club House. Max gave lecture on Bridges. Codner in chair. Back in taxi to Church Row. Major Longdon took me home 11.30.

Saturday 16th May 1931

Washed my head. Out to shops. Phil in car at 4 and took me to tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Took me back at 6 or so. He and Alys to film and Dennis to a Benmore dance. I to bed early, but made a hat to wear tomorrow out of old straw.

15th Max at Club House
10th To Dorothy 6 p.m.
12th Elsa and Peter.
11th Sent night letter to E.P. 10/2½
25 words for 5/2½ 5/- for return message.
Might get answer on 15th

Sunday 17th May 1931

Dull. Rainy.
Stayed in bed till 11. Phil called for me in Baby Austin 12.30. To dinner 76 Cholmley Gardens. At 4, Phil took me to Virginia’s tea party. Susan. With Elsa, Max and Alan to Church Row. “Toby” shy puppy. Supper. Tony away still at Broome. Dennis, Alys and Phil called for me! Alan and I in car away. Home at 9.20.

Monday 18th May 1931

Dull. Cold.
Out to Kardomah for coffee; walked there. On p.m. painted Elsa’ oxslips, very badly. To L. Archer’s flower painting show at Bartholomew and Fletcher’s. To University College for J.H.M’s Rhodes lecture but cancelled. With Alys and Phil to Round the World cine and back to dinner at 76 Cholmley Gardens in Baby Austin. Phil took me home at 9 and Alys to Helen’s.

Tuesday 19th May 1931

Dull. Cooler.
I to Helen’s. On to Brasserie Universelle. Lunch with Alys and Phil there. To “Trader Horn” with Phil at Marble Arch. Home. Felt tired. Early to bed.

trader horn

Wednesday 20th May 1931

Cold. Dry.
At 11.30 to Wade’s. Took her to Thompson’s, lunch and bought her hat there. 12/9. Wade home. Out to Kingsgate Road. Managers’ Meeting 2.15. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Rested and supper (Alys) and Phil gone to Tonbridge in Baby Austin. I to Art Club till 9. Short poses. Home.

Thursday 21st May 1931

Fine. Cool. Sunny.
Packed. To Euston. 10.35 train (Crew 1.30). Changed Llandudno Junction at 3.15 Arrived Llanfairfechan about 4.10. To Castle Hotel (Mr and Mrs Ward). To visit Edward, until 5 p.m. when his tea bell rang. Gave Atkinson £1.0.0; as 21 years with Edward. Wrote cards, walked up hill. Supper 6.30. To bed 9.

Friday 22nd May 1931

Breakfast 8.30. To see Dr Starkey 9.20. Bus to Conway 10 o’clock, Sat in Aberconwy 13.00 a.d. House and public library. Took 12.3 train (through coach) to Euston. Arrived 5.45. Home. To shops. To bed early after supper. Tired.


Saturday 23rd May 1931

Showery. Very hard rain in p.m.
To shops. Washed blouse. Alys at 12.45. Had lunch together at home. Up in Baby Austin to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dennis in to tea. Out to see two patients. Alys and I in car. Belsize and Curzon Hotel. To Lab for blood count. To 76 at 8.20. Supper. They took me home at 10.

29th Managers’ Meeting 2.15. To Kits 3.
18th J.H. Morgan’s lecture 5.30 University College.
21st to Wales?
20th to C.H.W. 11.30
19th Sent socks to E.P. and letter.
17th to Virginia 4 and supper 9 Church Row

Sunday 24th May 1931

Ironed blouse and sewed hat. At 12.45 to 76 Cholmley Gardens by busses. Stayed dinner and tea. Then Dennis and Alys to patient , Forestier-Walker, and I at 7 to Volta House. Supper with Buchanan’s. Peter took me home at 10 (Edward and Handy away).

Monday 25th May 1931

Perfect day. Hot.
At 11 to Mrs Styer’s. She and a Mr Palmer and I to picnic at Pulpit Hill, near Kimble; by Gerrard’s Cross or by Chequers or Wycombe. Lunch. Tea on way back at Beaconsfield. I to dinner with Mrs Steele. Home 10.50. Wire and note from Cyrus.

Tuesday 26th May 1931

Hot and fine.
Did brasses. Out to phone to Cyrus. Alys and Kit in. Alys stayed lunch. Cyrus came at 2.30 and stayed till 4. Then I out to Helen’s and Nell Sime’s (with Hiawatha tickets) Home at 6.15. To bed at 9.30.

Wednesday 27th May 1931

Washed and ironed things. Black blouse. Kit in. Took me to Quebec Hotel. Then I to Selfridge’s – egg, chocolate ice there. On to Gamage’s in Holborn. Bought cupboard 7.11. To Kingsway Theatre. Home 2.50. To Faraday’s at 4.15. Eric there. Tea. Bought 3/- chicken (¾) . Stayed supper. With Lois to Club. Painted Fraser.

Thursday 28th May 1931

Phoned Alys. She down with Dennis early and came in and stayed on to each chicken. We out. Bought Wade’s rug at Swears and Wells. To Woolworth’s. Lois at 2.30. Taxi together to Royal Institute. Met Paul. Mr Ralph Cory showed us over and we lent seals and purse and notes of Michael Faraday. To Evelyn Barnard’s, 21 Heddon Street. Ices in Regent Street. Mrs Styer took me Le Million at Phoenix.

Friday 29th May 1931

Heavy showers.
Took flower painting to be framed 7/6. To Wade’s. Her 77th birthday. Took her to Swiss Cottage. Alys with Baby Austin. All to Chipperfield Common. Lunch in car, as rain. Back to 76 Cholmley Gardens for tea (picked bluebells in wood near Crosley Green). Took C.H.W. to Baker Street. Supper at 21 Oxford Terrace. Then met Kitty at Kingsway Theatre for “Man and Superman”.

Saturday 30th May 1931

Dull. Warmish.
At 10.25 train to Denham Golf Club station from Marylebone. Hot. Cotton dress (Tante’s Paris) and sunshade. Spent day at Slade Oak with Leggett’s. David a dear. Dull weather after the 1st hours. Home by 8.12 train.

Gave Wade black fur rug 1-0.0
25th 11 o’clock Mrs Styer
29th To Faraday’s tea and supper
30th Leggett’s? for day.
29th C.H.W. (her birthday 77th)
11.30 to her.
Evening Kingsway Theatre.
28th Le Million, evening 8.20.
31st To Barnard’s tea and supper.

Sunday 31st May 1931

Fine and warm.
Washing and wrote to Ella. Lunch of chicken and peas. To Alys at 3. Doris Freear and Cecil and Peggy, Diana (7) and Sylvia (2½) to tea. Laughton’s (4) in after. Dennis and Alys took me to 6 Elm Park Road to supper. Home at 10.30. Wrote Ralph Cory.

Monday 1st June 1931

Fineish. Mild.
Got picture ready. Out. Back to lunch late, as to Gamage’s sale at Selfridge’s and bought fur. Lois called for me and to fetch picture and to Evelyn Cheston Exhibition and W. Sickert’s and Gauguin. To tea and supper at 8 North Square. Took pictures to Institute. Called on Alys with Aunt Rosa and Lois at 6. Laurie took me to Crown at 9.

Betchworth Lane, October 1917 by Evelyn Cheston 1875-1929
Evelyn Cheston née Davy (1875 – 1929) was a British painter in oils and watercolours of landscapes and outdoor scenes.

Tuesday 2nd June 1931

Fine. Warm.
Kit came 10.10 while Peter in exam. Matric. Alys came about Jean Poussineau’s typhoid! With Kit to Handy’s shop. To Kardomah. Home at 3 to Botanic Garden. Met Alys, Kit, Mrs Styer. Dorrie. Tea and side shows for Hospital Charity. Home 6.15. Supper. Fixed little cupboard shelves.

Wednesday 3rd June 1931

Hot and fine.
ALys came. Then afterwards she home and called for me in Baby Austin at 11 and we to Tonbridge. Met Phil. Alys and I lunch at Café. Phil after and all 3 walked to river and watched coaching. Back and Alys and I drove away at 4 and to caves at Bickley to tea. Colonel Nichol there. Home to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 7. Supper, and to Art Club. Mr Rose nice about my picture. “Like Wilson Steer”! Home 10.50.

Thursday 4th June 1931

Cooler, fine.
To Care Committee Meeting 10.30, Netherwood Street for 5 minutes. To Prize-giving Kingsgate Road School. Mrs Gruner 11. Home lunch. To Imperial Institute to show of pictures and met Peter (at exam). Home. To Alys and Dennis for dinner. Out to Curzon Hotel and Lab. With them, after. Home 11.30 or so.

Friday 5th June 1931

Fine. Windy.
Met Alys at Maple’s 10.40. To Mansfield Road Prize-giving. To Strand, Automat for lunch. To Women’s Victorian Club, Sackville Street. To Victorian Exhibition, Bruton Street. Alys to Helen’s. I home. Tired. Did some sewing and to bed. Listened-in to “Robinson” – good.

Saturday 6th June 1931

To Helen’s at 10.20. Her Miss Atherton to Chipping Campden. Alys came at 11.45. I home then, lunch and back again to Helen’s at 2. Stayed there and Dennis and Alys to tea too, in Helen’s bedroom. They went to Mrs Willis and Christabel called, and after supper, Mrs McIntyre. I supper with Helen in her room. Washed up. Stayed till 11, when Miss Atherton back.

1st Take pictures.
Care Committee a.m. 4th
2nd Garden Fête. Kitty at 10.15.

Prize-giving 4th – 11 a.m. Kingsgate Road.
5th 11 a.m. Mansfield Road.
6th Look after Helen 10.30 and 2.30.

Sunday 7th June 1931

Showers. Mildish, dull.
Earthquake at 1.30 a.m. Woke me.
Did some washing. Alys and Dennis called for me at 12.30. To dinner with them. At 3 to Institute to Picture Show. Talked to Shoesmith and Lois took me in car to Esla’s at 4.15. Elsa’s birthday 53rd. Tea and saw Adrian’s paintings. Alan, Adrian, Virginia and Theo all to supper. Home 10.45.

Monday 8th June 1931

Fine. Windy.
To Lyceum Club with Mrs Griffin. Home. To Helen’s till 12.50. Home. Lunch. Took Care Committee casesheets to Ampthill Square. On to Wade’s. Her ceiling down (not earthquake). To Lilian Archer’s show. Home at 6.15 or so. Quiet evening. Listened-in to “King John”.

Tuesday 9th June 1931

Fine. Hot. Dullish.
To Netherwood Street. L.A. Sub Committee 10 – 11.20. Home. Rest in p.m. Very tired. To Kit’s by tube at 4.15. Tea-party. Nellie Cummins, Josephine and Ethel. Home by bus about 7. Very nice supper of eggs, onions and tomato and parsley all in frying pan. Earlyish to bed.

Wednesday 10th June 1931

Dull. Warm windy.
Quiet a.m. doing odd jobs. To Lafayette’s and bought voile. In p.m. up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys in. Dr Canney came. On to Art Club at 7. Tired. Home late, took 4/6 chicken.

Thursday 11th June 1931

To Prize-giving, Northcourt 10.30. To Barnes, bought patterns. To Helen’s. Home. Cooked chicken in oven. To Institute at Golders Green as Steward 4 – 6 at Pictures. Tea with Aunt Rosa first. Alys in (she and Dennis to Layton). Lois took me home in car with cushion.

Friday 12th June 1931

Hot and fine.
To Helen’s at 11 and heard about Chandler’s visit. 153 bus to Sagne. Home. Lunch. Busy preparing supper, all p.m. At 6.30 came Tony Ayrton. Supper and looked at John and Slade drawings. Away at 10.30.

Saturday 13th June 1931

Very stormy and hot.
To Helen’s. On to Wade. Took her home to lunch at 21 Oxford Terrace. Taxi to Albert Hall – “Hiawatha”, Walked across Park to Marble Arch. Busses home. Packed, to Kitty’s to stay weekend. Only Kitty and Handy there. Dinner 8. To bed 10.30. Tired.


9th 10 a.m. L.A. Care Committee.
To Kit’s to tea
10th Art Club or 13th?
12th Tony Ayrton here?
11th Prizes Northcourt 10.30
11th Institute 4.15 – 6.
13th Hiawatha with Wade? To Kit?

Sunday 14th June 1931

Heavy showers, sunny and hot.
At 11 to Helen’s (Kit took me in car). Kit and I on to Hemel Hempstead and had lunch in car (in thunderstorm). To Whipsnade after, and there 1-30 – 4.45. Tea in Fellow’s Pavilion. Back by Kings Langley and saw Anne and Maie. Back to Volta House by 7.30. Supper and to bed.

Monday 15th June 1931

Cooler, windy. Sun at times.
Kitty took me to 21 Oxford Terrace with suitcase 10.30. She to Nagg’s. I to Cooks for Eva’s money and on to Helen’s. Kitty called for me 12.20. To Volta House. Lunch. Rested. Kit and I to Institute, Golders Green Pictures. Lois and Shoesmith’s and Sissie. I away at 6.15. Home. Supper. Talked to Griffin and Alletson about Club.

Tuesday 16th June 1931

Fine. Warm. Windy.
To Lyceum Club. To Harrod’s. Back to Helen’s till 1. Home to lunch. To Burlington Galleries. Shell Poster Exhibition. Clough Williams-Ellis speech. To Picasso show, Lefevre Gallery. To Mrs Johns’ At Home, 3 Aubrey Road. Dorothy there. Home. Changed and supped. Met Kit at Arts Theatre to see Noé (“Noah”) by Obey. Adrian there too. Very, very good.

Wednesday 17th June 1931

Cut out voile blouse. Out to shops. Lunch, Alys came, from Helen’s at 3. We drove to Golders Green Institute 4.15. I steward again (as Monday) till 7.15 as no one relieved me. Mrs Styer and Mrs O’ Halloran came and Eric and Paul. Supper at Faraday’s (F. Rush relieving). To Art Club, painted short poses. Home 10.50.

Thursday 18th June 1931

Dull. Showers.
Sewed blouse. At 11.15 to Evelyn Barnard’s for Michael Faraday’s things. 11/6 sandwich at Baber’s. To Goupil Gallery. Met Agatha Shore there. Out to Evelyn Cheston’s at R.W’s. Home at 3.15. Sewed blouse. To Helen’s after supper. Dennis and Alys in. Helen told by Dennis about her x-ray result. They took me home 10.

Friday 19th June 1931

Heavy showers.
Woke 9 a.m! Alys in Chrysler at 10. Long talks and drove to Hampstead and to Marylebone Road. I home to lunch. She to Lab. Sewed voile blouse and wore it. To Sissie’s (to Helen’s on way for 10 minutes) to supper at 6.30. Mrs Grant there. To Lecture at Club 8.30 by Hugh Gee on film cheats. Very good. Lois not there as Faraday’s moved to 77 Hampstead Way.

Saturday 20th June 1931

Fine. Warm.
Woke 9 again! Alys in at 9.40. Both to Lyceum Club. Paid fees. Then to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Lunch with Alys. Long talks. After she to Helen’s. I to Faraday’s and saw new house. Nice. On with Lois to Institute. Steward there 4 – 6. Blaikley’s, Mr Rose, Shoesmith, Oliver Oakley. Home at 7. Supper in bus and to see “After All” at Criterion.

After All

19th Art Club
18th Wrote E.P.
21st To Supper at Sime’s. 7.30 or before.
16th 3 p.m. Clough Williams-Ellis – Shell.
20th Institute 4 – 6.

Sunday 21st June 1931

Hot. Fine.
Indoors all day (except for shop in a.m.) Sewing blouse and washing, ironing. At 7 to supper with Phil Simes. Hot weather.

Monday 22nd June 1931

Alys in at 10. To Kensington about hats. To Lyceum Club for A.B.C. and ticket. Porter rude. Alys to meet Phil (For Cambridge). I tried to buy hat, but failed. To “Useful Women” for Sissie. Home. Made hat. To Golders Green to fetch pictures with Lois’ help. Brought them back, after supper.

Tuesday 23rd June 1931

Alys called at 11, in Baby Austin and drove us both to Brighton for Windlesham School picnic lunch on way. She told Mr Chris and Tony about Helen going to sanatorium. Home, and dined at Isola Bella 7.45. To Sissie’s and then Alys took me back to Chapel Street at 10.

Wednesday 24th June 1931

Rain and gale. Both in p.m.
Out to Evans. Home and finished off hat. Alys in at 3. I to Garden Party at Bedford College at 4. Opening of Tuke Wing by the Queen. Max ‘architect’ Ayrton, Monkhouses. On to Mrs Styer’s. Dinner and to Ranelagh with her to see “Dear Brutus” indoors because of cold. M. Halstan, Hanray.

Tuke, Bedford
Tuke Building. Bedford College the college as viewed from the Regent’s Park Boating Lake. The Tuke Building was opened in 1931.

Thursday 25th June 1931

To Helen’s (Alys to meet Tony at Wimbledon) at 1. Stayed with her till 3.15 when Tony came, joined Alys. To 21 Oxford Terrace and had lunch – mushrooms and eggs and ice cream. To Helen’s at 4. Took Tony in Baby Austin to Wimbledon to meet his school. Back to 21 Oxford Terrace. Gave Alys coffee. She quite exhausted. She home at 7 and bath and to bed. Wrote letters.

Friday 26th June 1931

Hot. Fine.
To prize-giving, Haverstock Hill 10.45. Dr Reade. To Warren Street. To Lab to ask after Alys. Home to lunch. To War Museum. Met Lois and Ernest Blaikley. To see the pictures. Orpheus and other Exhibition. Tea with Lois at South Kenisngton. To Helen’s at 6 till 7. Home. Tore up papers. To bed 10.45.

Saturday 27th June 1931

Hot. Fine. Breezy.
To Helen’s at 11 till 1.20 while Miss Atherton out. Home. Sewed a bit. To Kitty’s by tube at 4. Tea with her alone. Patty in at 6. Away at 6.30. Home. Listened-in.

24th Bedford College and Art Club 3.45 – 6.
Dennis and Phil – Cambridge 23rd
21st to Sime’s.

22nd Take pictures for Institute.
26th Prizegiving Haverstock Hill 10.45.
2 Meet Lois Imperial Institute.
28th Mrs Styer’s 7 for Arts Theatre Revel

Sunday 28th June 1931

Very fine. Warm.
Washed things. To Helen’s at 11.30. Helped her to clean her desk, on her bed. Home at 1.30. Sewed grey-blue chiffon dress. To Mrs Styer’s in evening dress at 7. Dinner (She Benger’s). To Arts Theatre Club to 3rd Revel. Good. Hamlet. Van Druten dialogue “Good friends”.

Monday 29th June 1931

Warm. Fine.
To Helen’s. Worked very hard with Miss Atherton at moving boxes from boxroom, bed and packing things away. Home late to lunch. Back to Helen’s and did more. Alys came at 5.30 or so. Back from Layton with Shellum. With her, walked nearly to Lab. Home very tired. To bed early.

Tuesday 30th June 1931

Warm. Dullish.
To L.A. Sub Committee at 10. At 11 to Helen’s. Did more putting away, till 1. Alys too. Lucnh at home. To Lyceum Club and to Kardomah. Bus to Helen’s. Coffee there. Packed again for her. Alys in after tea. Home. Took supper with me to Lyric Theatre. Sat in queue for gallery “Autumn Crocus”. Very good Ranelow. Made friends with American woman. Dead man in park.

autumn crocus
Autumn Crocus theatre programme

Wednesday 1st July 1931

Warm. Dark.
Washed things. At 12 to Selfridge’s with watch. To Batsford Gallery. Sydney Jones’ Exhibition. To Lyceum Club Lunch. Dennis and Alys took Helen to Mundesley Sanatorium. I at home sewing. Very unhappy about Alys.

Mundesley Hospital was an open-air sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Thursday 2nd July 1931

Showers. Cooler.
To Badcock 10.45. Alys met me there. Walked to shops. Up to Cholmley Gardens and stayed with Alys all day. She rested on bed. I on couch, and read “Juan in America” She took me home in car at 8. Very unhappy about her.

Friday 3rd July 1931

Warm. Fine.
Alys met me at the Academy. Looked at Miss Gibson’s portrait – De Glehn. Lunch at Alexis. To shops, Bourne and Hollingsworth. Alys bought blue frock and felt ill (brandy). I to Wade’s. Took her to Selfridge’s. Ices. Home. Sewed. Took Wade to Baker Street. Home. Very, very tired and miserable about Alys.

Gibson by de glehn
Glehn, Wilfred Gabriel de (1870-1961) – Portrait of Barbara Gibson

Saturday 4th July 1931

Hot. Grey showers.
Alys’ 47th birthday. She came at 9.45. Phil failed in exam. To Marshall’s. Bought petticoat for Aly’s birthday 35.9. To lunch at Lab. Alys, Dennis, Miss Shellum. Ted and Douglas in. In car with Alys and Dennis to Stanmore. Fête for Hendon Hospital. Miss Shellum dogs. Away at 6. Dined at 76 Cholmley Gardens with Dennis and Alys. Saw cine photos. Dennis and Alys to Windlesham about Tony’s car.

2nd 10.45 Badcock
2nd 3 p.m. 1 Hyde Park Gardens.

Sunday 5th July 1931

Fine, warm.
Did odd jobs and bought butter and fruit. Did flower blouse. (Alys and Dennis to Cave’s to tea). At 4.30 to Sissie’s. Sat in garden with her from 5.30 – 6.45. Menie and Flora came. On to Faraday’s, 77 Hampstead Way. To supper. Laurie took them back to Crown at 10.30.

Monday 6th July 1931

Rain, then fine and warm.
Alys came. To shops and Osler and Faraday’s. Alys to Lab to lunch, I home to lunch. Alys came after. With her to Helen’s, but Maud had not key. I home. Alys home (Gwen and Mollie to supper). I dressed and to Lyceum Club at 7.30. Dinner (Industry for Commerce). Powys spoke and Mrs Fleming, née Buchanan. Max rheumatism so not there.

Tuesday 7th July 1931

Fine. Warm.
Alys phoned me to meet her. On to Badcock’s. Walked. Then to Helen’s. In. Alys wrote Dennis, and we took it to 47 Wimpole. Alys and I lunch at my home. She rested on my bed. Very miserable when up. To 76 Cholmley Gardens for coffee with Janette. Alys with me on bus. I home. Supper and dressed. To Ayrton’s party 9.15 – 10.45. (Dennis sandwich in car; Alys home alone).

Wednesday 8th July 1931

Fine. Warm.
Alys came. To Sissie’s in Chrysler. She out. To Lab. Alys and Miss Shellum. Out to Debenham’s. I lunch with Dennis alone. After, Alys and I in Chrysler again, to Queen’s Gate. Home to coffee at 76 Cholmley Gardens. To Sissie’s again. I ate egg there, which I took with me. Then I to Art Club. Long pose. New, young girl. Drew.

Thursday 9th July 1931

Fine. Warm.
Alys in in a.m. Walking. I to Peter Buchanan to lunch, and sat in garden. Alys and Dennis to Memorial Funeral Service to Sir W. Waterlow at St Paul’s. Alys to Volta House at 3.15. Peter drove us to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 4.45 in big Morris. All tea there. Then Peter took Alys and me to 21 Oxford Terrace. I stayed at home, supper and fairly early to bed. Bath.

Friday 10th July 1931

Fine. Showers.
Alys in at 10.30. Together in Chrysler to Fulham to find servant, May, Seagrave Road. To Helen’s flat too, and the Agent. To 76 Cholmley Gardens’ garage. Then I home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Alys to Lab (she and Dennis to Layton). After lunch, I to see M.D. Sports at Chelsea till 4. TO Harrods. Home to supper. To Fortune Theatre. “Measure for Measure”. Baliol Holloway, Jean Forbes-Robertson.

Saturday 11th July 1932

Washed towel. To King Street to see “The Great Bed of Ware”. To Woolland’s and Harrod’s. Home to lunch. Tired. Rested on bed. To 6 Elm Park Road to supper (in garden) at 7.30. Home about 10.45.

The Great Bed of Ware was built in 1590 and is an extremely large oak four poster bed, carved with marquetry, that was originally housed in the White Hart Inn in Ware, England. Built by Hertfordshire carpenter Jonas Fosbrooke about 1590,

6th Lyceum dinner 7.30 for 7.45
9th Elsa away
7th Ayrton’s dance.

10th Sports M.D.
7th 10.15 Badcock
11th supper at Elm Park Road
12th supper at Ayrton’s

Sunday 12th July 1931

Fine. Warm.
After washing things, to Wade’s. Sat with her an hour or more. Denny back. Home. Lunch. Rested. To 9 Church Row to supper. Sat in garden. Danced in Adrian’s studio. Graham Petrie, Theo, his sister and Virginia and Alan there. Away at about 10.10.

Monday 13th July 1931

Showers. Warm.
To Laundry and Southcombe and Bennett’s.   To Harrod’s and bought hat. Walked to King’s Road but failed to get shoes like Polly’s. Home. Lunch at Woolworth’s. Rested. At 4 to National Liberal Club. Tea with Jim Archer and Kitty. He took us to “Le Million”. Home. Made hats. Phoned Alys. Back from Layton, but at Lab.

Tuesday 14th July 1931

Dull, mild. Rain all p.m.
Alys in at 9. I with her to 76 Cholmley Gardens and to do shopping for party. Lunch with Alys at 76. To Kitty’s. To buy hat at Kennedy’s 2/-. Alys to Lab at 4. I dressed up and to buy black gloves at Garrould’s (in teeth). Supper and at 7.45 to 76. Embleton’s and Shellum. Elsa Beckman, Gibson, Bowden, Ted and Douglas. I as Dennis’ “old nurse”, Watson. Success! Cine photos. Home 11.30.

Wednesday 15th July 1931

Showery. Mild.
Alys came. Talked about evening. She to Lab to lunch. I quick lunch at home and to Gospel Oak. Managers’ Meeting 2.15. Back by train with Ethel. Home. Alys at 5.30. Sandwiches and to His Majesty’s pit queue at 6. In at 7.45 to see “Good Companions”. Very good. Gielgud and Adele Dixon.


Thursday 16th July 1931

Alys at 10.30. then I to get coffee and to Swan and Edgar’s. (Dennis had lady-doctors to see Lab). Home and Alys came, having got Baby Austin. We lunched together at 21 Oxford Terrace. She slept on settee. Together to garden fête at West Heath Road. Lady Bayliss. To Nellie Moir’s after. To 21. Alys to Lab and home. After supper, Alys and Dennis in car and all to see Dorothy’s garden. 1st prize for 3rd year.

Friday 17th July 1931

Out to post letter to Eva and to Landlords. Walked to Selfridge’s. Lunch there (Alys getting servant). Met her (after cutting out new grey frock) at Dickens and Jones’. Hairdressing at 4. In Baby Austin, home to coffee, here. Took Baby to garage. Back by bus. To Wimpole Street, “Foursome” to Camp. I back to dinner with Dennis and Alys. Talk about Eva’s training. They brought me home at 10.

Saturday 18th July 1931

Fine. Showers.
Read in night. Wrote Eva. Coal in. Alys in Chrysler and to Sissie’s and shops. Then she left me at Lewis’ (looked at divans). I back to lunch, mixed grill. Sewed grey frock. Sandwich and queue for pit of Duke of York’s “London Wall”. Marie Ney, Lawton. Alys and Dennis slept in p.m. and to see “After All” in evening.

13th To National Liberal Club 4.
Le Million after.
14th Whoopee Evening. To 76 at 7.45 “Nurse Watson”
15th 2.15 Mansfield Road Managers’ Meeting.

Sunday 19th July 1931

Very heavy showers and sun.
At home all a.m. doing grey dress. After dinner at 2 to C.H.W. Painted (tempora) her, sitting by her window, till 4.30. Tea with her. Home after and did dress again. Alys and Dennis to Margaret Douglas at Hoo (locum tenens job).

Monday 20th July 1931

Alys came 9.30. With her in Chrysler to get maid for Alys. Mrs Frampton on holiday. Brondesbury and Mrs Hunt. Alys to Lab for lunch. I home. Alys along 3.15 and in bus to West Hampstead. She took me in Baby Austin to Kitty’s. Tea there and at 7.30 to dine with Tony at Church Row. Stayed till 10.30. Alys dinner-party for Laughton’s and Yvonne and husband.

Tuesday 21st July 1931

Dull. Cooler.
To Meeting – L.A. Sub Committee 10. Then home and did some sewing and ironing on new grey dress. Alys came at teatime. Coffee together. She told about dinner, Kratz. I to Mrs Fisher’s At Home. Indian Empire League. Sir Reginald Craddock (Ex Lieutenant Governor of Burma), Sir George McMunn (Suvla Bay) Nawab and Umar Hayat Khan. 

Major General Nawab Sir Umar Hayat Khan Tiwana
Major General Nawab Sir Umar Hayat Khan Tiwana GBE KCIE MVO (1874 – 1944), was a Muslim Rajput soldier of the Indian Empire, one of the largest landholders in the Punjab, and an elected member of the Council of State of India.

Wednesday 22nd July 1931

Fine. Dull a.m.
Busy preparing for tea. Brasses, silver and to buy cakes. Aunt Rosa and Laurie to tea (Lois in Norway). I back with them to 77 Hampstead Way. Dinner with them and Paul. Paul drove me to Club House Art Club later. Long pose. Mrs Kingsmill left Alys.

Thursday 23rd July 1931

Fine. Hot.
Alys came and we together in bus to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Made beds. In Baby Austin to 21 Oxford Terrace. Then Alys to Lab to lunch. I lunched here. Alys after and she rested on my bed. I to Wadie’s about holidays. Back at 4.30. Alys to meet Phil (in Baby). They called for me at 6.45. To 76. Dennis in 7.20. All dined in kitchen (crab mayonnaise and raspberries. They took me home at 10.15.

Friday 24th July 1931

Fine. Hot.
Phil to psycho-analysing place. I to Redfern Gallery. Lino-cuting. Bought jersey at Marshall’s sale. Lunch. To Wade’s (on her letter). Home. Changed. To Saida Sime’s to tea. Nell and Mina there. Home. Altered hem of cotton frock. Alys and Dennis in (after seeing Phil off, and dining at Canuto’s). I had boiled egg. Talk about Layton plans and Bank holiday. I home with them and slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens in Eva’s bed.

Saturday 25th July 1931

Alys got breakfast. Discussions and unhappy arguing. Down in car to Lab. Then to 21 Oxford Terrace (Alys and Dennis to Cave’s Skinner’s Day and weekend). I wrote Eva about duane and Phil. Finished off grey frock and ironed it, and hem of other and belt a.m. Phoned Tony. Kit phoned about Peter’s passing Matric and about fire.

21st 10 a.m. L.A. Sub Committee
27th Uncle Pierre died 9 years ago
24th To Saida’s to tea 4.
21st 8 p.m. Mrs Fisher.

Sunday 26th July 1931

Grey, showery.
Quiet a.m. Tried on cotton frocks, painted flowers (from Miss Palmer). Cat up and gave it meat. After dinner, at 2.30 to Wade’s; painted her again. Tea with her. Phoned Tony – couldn’t come to supper. Mouth under tongue swelled. Home at 5.30 or so. Read Quadalla’s Wellington in paper.

Monday 27th July 1931

Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Did flowers there. Alys (back from Cave’s) came at 10.30 or so. Shelled peas. Alys away to Lords, Phil up. Tonbridge – Clifton match. I home to lunch. To Lords after. Met Dolly and John there. Alys and Phil after. Then Phil drove Alys and me by Park to Lab. Phil to see Dr Crichton Miller (in test Phil 45, undergraduate normally 30).

Tuesday 28th July 1931

Alys came, as I was mounting Wade’s portrait. To Post Office, Spring Street about Eva’s money. On to Victoria (in Chrysler) and met Tony Wilson. I home and lunch. Spent p.m. doing picture and to Wood’s about mount, and Lords for Match. Alys, Tony, Jack, John and Gwen and Bill. Home at 6. Did some arranging pictures and sewing.

Wednesday 29th July 1931

Dull, showery, cooler.
Did sewing and ironing in a.m. and to Graphic Arts at Institute Piccadilly. Kardomah. Home lunch. Alys phoned, and came down at 3. Tony resting. Told about bugs in servants’ room. I back with her, in bus. Stayed till 7. Tony crossword puzzles. Did washing. To Art Club. Short poses – Steele. Lois and K.S. back from Norway.

Thursday 30th July 1931

Cool, dullish.
In doing odd jobs and painting. Out to Selfrdige’s for bathing cap 5.11. Home to lunch. Sewed, then rested and read “Watergypsies” Sewed lace coatee from old dress. Phoned Alys. Listened-in to Opera from Salzbourg, Cimarosa’s secret marriage.

Friday 31st July 1931

Dull. Muggy.
At 9.15 to Waterloo. Eva’s train (St Malo boat) in at 10.15. Alys, Dennis, Tony met her. All to 76 Cholmley Gardens. I up to Kitty’s. Katharine back at 8 from Dublin. Peter drove me home in car. Lunch. Sewed. Alys, Eva and Tony at 5 (after Croydon and tea at Lab). I with them to 76. Stayed dinner. Dennis felt coldy. Talking about Paris, Eva’s gramophone. I home 9.45.

Saturday 1st August 1931

Hot. Dull.
Out to shops – Sagne. Then home. Cooked chicken. Busy, cooking and tidying and to Boot’s. Dorothy came at 7.15 and we had supper. Hot chicken in glass dish and potato and tomato salad and Sagne cakes. She stayed till 10.

28th Tony Wilson.
Kath back August 1st. Buchanan’s away 4th or 5th.
Eva 31st.
27th 1st Clifton v. Tonbridge match (only started at 3.00. Pitch wet).
Embleton’s and Tony Wilson to Layton – August 1st

Sunday 2nd August 1931

Dull. Showers.
Did some work after dinner to Wade’s. Painted hands and dress. Tea with her. Home at 6. Washed and ironed cotton dresses. Hot bath. Listened-in to German station. News at 11.15 Financial.

Monday 3rd August 1931

Hot. Windy. Dull. Some sun.
Mrs F. back again. Cat out. Cretonne coat. Out to Plaza Cinema at 12.45. Saw “These Charming People”. Arlen. Cyril Maude. Good. And an American crook play ”Kick in”. Home and lunch at 3! Worked at coat. Green binding.

these charming people
These Charming People – starring Cyril Maude and Nora Swinburne

Tuesday 4th August 1931

Humid and hot. Dull.
Out to shops and to pay bills at Harrod’s and Woolland’s and got alpaca. On to Imperial Institute. Home to lunch. Finished cretonne coat and check cotton frock frill. Cut out black alpaca skirt. Phoned Alys (back from Layton at 6). Machined skirt seams.

Wednesday 5th August 1931

Ironed skirt. To shops. Lunch. Did odd jobs, sewing. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 5.30. Talked to Eva. Tony Wilson, Alys. Heavy thunder, rain. Dennis in at 7.20 and took me to Art Club. Nice evening. Painting Miss Oliver (costume).

Thursday 6th August 1931

Dull, cooler.
Washed 3 blouses. Out to meet Alys and Eva at Dickens and Jones. Lunch with them at Blenheim. Alys and I to see Wade. Then I home (Alys to Dickens and Jones) I ironed blouses and skirt and sewed hem up. Washed my hair. Did a good many odd jobs. To bed 10.30.

Friday 7th August 1931

Fine. Warm.
Washed things. Out to shops and bought waterproof. Lunch. Packed suit-case, and odd sewings. Finished packing. Sewed.


Saturday 8th August 1931

Rain all day.
Taxi to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 10.30. At 11 a.m. Dennis, Alys and Tony Wilson and I in Chrysler to Layton Manor. Sandwiches for lunch. Tea at Aberford 5.15. Arrived Layton 7. Dinner. Lovely strawberries and raspberries.

Embleton’s away 8th
Elsa back 6th or 7th.

Sunday 9th August 1931

Fine. Cold.
Out with Dennis in fields. Dennis and Alys to lunch at Catterick Camp with Major and Mrs Butler. Tony and I played croquet. Tea. All read then golf, croquet. Supper. Maids out. To bed 10.30.

Monday 10th August 1931

Dull. Rainy.
All 11 all in car to Darlington for shops. To see calf. Lunch 1.30. Chairs in. Dining-room changed. Dennis and Alys rested upstairs. Tea, Alys and I to Richmond in Chrysler. Dressed for dinner and at 7.30. Eva and Phil arrived in Baby Austin from London. Phil started from Poole at 5.30 a.m.

Tuesday 11th August 1931

Out and sketched house from drive. After lunch in garden. Golf croquet. Others to see trains in top room. All bathed in Tees (except Phil, headache) at 3.45. Cold. Tea. Sewed croquet. Billiards (snooker) in evening, all.

Wednesday 12th August 1931

Fine, dull later.
Out and I sketched Eva and Tony on tennis-court. Dennis and Phil to see plantation fence. Alys and I to get petrol and meths at Ravensworth. Dennis slept on sofa, we read. Phil did trains in top room and Tony wrote Wade. Dennis and Phil billiards in evening.

Thursday 13th August 1931

Grey all day.
Walked to Gale Plantation with Dennis and Eva. Alys came in Baby Austin and met us. Made bonfire. Back, I with Alys in car. Alys, Eva and I in Chrysler to Richmond to shop. Rained. Cut out chair backs and hem-stitched them.

Friday 14th August 1931

Fine a.m.
All out and branches cut down off trees; saws and hatchets busy. Great fun. Till lunch time. Clearing up afterwards. Pouring rain all night.

Saturday 15th August 1931

Did a great deal still in clearing up branches and leaves. Men (Blaine, Beckwith, Henderson) all helping and Minnie the mare. Alys and Dennis walked to Ravensworth. Eva and I did flowers. Motored to Tees and Ovington (Four Alls Inn and highest maypole). After dinner. And listened-in to Escape from Magdeburg.

On 10th, Phil left Poole at 5.30. Arrived Hampstead 9.30. Left about 11 with Eva and to Layton, arriving 7.30! 347 miles in the day, in Baby Austin!

Sunday 16th August 1931

Pouring rain all day. Thunderstorms.
Dennis, Eva, Phil, Tony and I to Church at Hutton Magna. Alys at home. Out to pick flowers. Very wet. Alys and Dennis rested on big bed. Alys and I out along East Layton Road with Debbie. Ping-pong. Read round fire. Phil angry with Eva and away to billiards.

Monday 17th August 1931

Eva, Alys and I to Barnard Castle in Chrysler with Dennis. To Post Office for postal orders. Dennis to Solicitor Holmes. Took Debbie out after lunch. Wrote Wade. Ruth Sharp, Kitty, Helen. All to Darlington. Eva for shoes. In garden after dinner and new billiards.

Tuesday 18th August 1931

Perfect all day.
Did flowers for ages. Talked about eggs and discrepancy. At 4 came Lady Dorman (Connie) and Claude Webster and Charles Dorman to tea. Also Mr and Mrs Holmes. After they went, Dennis and Phil cut down weeping willow and we others played tennis. Reading and billiards.

Wednesday 19th August 1931

Pouring rain all day. Thunderstorms.
Did Treasure-hunts, Eva’s and Phil’s, all over house. I wrote Lois and Dorothy. After lunch, Eva and I ironed dresses. Mr Billyard-Leake to tea, from Harrogate. Invited them to Soudan. Alys, Dennis, Eva and I with Debby along East Layton Road. Oxen in oat field. Caught in thunderstorm. Very soaked. Played Dennis’ new billiards in evening.

Thursday 20th August 1931

Fine on whole. Showers in a.m.
Out with Eva and Debby to quarry. In p.m. all worked at the weeping ash, clearing it all away. After tea. Alys, Eva and I in Chrysler to Richmond and Catterick camp. Eva drove back. The others still at the tree. Billyards till nearly 11. Boring.

Friday 21st August 1931

Fair, then rainy.
Did flowers with Eva. Then all helped with cutting and clearing trees, near tennis-court. After lunch, read in sitting-room. After tea, Dennis, Alys, Eva and I to Ravensworth with Debby. Phil and Tony trains. Played Phil’s writing game in evening and weekend game – “Hermaphrodite”.

Saturday 22nd August 1931

Fair. Dull. Cool.
All in grounds getting trees down. 3 small evergreens and roots of big elm (wych)? Also after lunch all tea. Then in car (except Phil) to Harworth and Osmotherley. Alys drove. Tony felt sick. Very late back by Northallerton and Leeming Bar. Dinner at 8.20 or so. Writing games in evening. Consequences.

Wrote Kitty 17th and Helen
Sent C.H.W. £2.0.0 17th
Wrote Lois and Dorothy 19th

Sunday 23rd August 1931

Cold. Fineish.
Tony in bed till 1 o’clock. Then up and Dennis, Eva, Phil and I to Church at Hutton Magna. In p.m. Dennis to fetch Mr Forester and service in room – Chapel here. Alys, Dennis and I to it. Dennis, Alys and Eva to tea at the Michell’s Forcett Hall. Dennis and I read in evening, downstairs. Others in billiard room.

forcett hall
Forcett Hall, North Yorkshire

Monday 24th August 1931

Dull. Cold.
All out cutting down trees. Two big trees felled and cine photos taken tho’ dull. Lunch. Dennis and Eva to Richmond to take Mrs Henderson. Alys and Eva, Tony and to fetch her after tea. All in billiard-room all evening. News on wireless of Government Resignation and National Government.

Tuesday 25th August 1931

Fine but showers.

Dennis, Alys and Eva took photos on tree trunks. Dennis and Alys fetched over Mr and Mrs Forester to tea and drove them home via Ovington. I read Imperial Palace. Listened-in to MacDonald in evening and then to “If” by Lord Dunsany.

Wednesday 26th August 1931

Lovely all day.
ALys, Eva and I to Newcastle in the Chrysler. Shopped. Met Ella at Tilly’s for lunch. To Chris and Edith’s, on to Ella’s. Coffee there. Drove back via Durham. Over Cathedral. Tea at Carrick’s. Home at 7.15 Eva’s sinus ached.

Thursday 27th August 1931

Did flowers with Eva. Sketched garden gate and others photographed train on croquet lawn. With Alys in Baby Austin to Newhouse Farm. Mrs Ireland’s (Olive’s mother) for chicken. At 5.30 cinema show for children and Ravensworth school.

Friday 28th August 1931

Cleared up branches and Dennis and Phil cut down trees. Alys and Eva to have hair done at Darlington. Phil’s friend, Deryck Reed-Brown and Mrs Brown and Peter Hill to tea, croquet and tennis. Ella phoned. Out to see train cine in evening.

Saturday 29th August 1931

Alys and Dennis to meet Chris, Edith and Ella at Darlington. Norah Hill and friend called. Dr Warren came for day. Sandeman’s and Ella spent day. Sat about and croquet. I to cine hall. After supper Dennis and Eva drove them to Darlington.

Sunday 30th August 1931

Fine. Dull on coast.
All in Chrysler. On to moors and picnic lunch, near beck. Paddled on Goathland road to Whitby, Sandsend, Runswick, down onto rocks, through pretty village. Tea in Inn (Elleby). Home at 8.15 by Stokesley.

Monday 31st August 1931

Long time doing flowers with Eva. Then did branches. Alys and Eva played tennis. Boys played with trucks and pulled down tree branches. Quiet evening. Read “Gorillas” aloud.

Tuesday 1st September 1931

Fine. Dull p.m.
Did branches and sawing. At 12 all to bathe at Four Alls (Ovington) place in Tees. Did up flowers for Wadie and Mrs H, and to Ravensworth with them. Tennis, Alys and Eva sawed logs. Cine photos by electric light with Blain’s help. Bridge and billiards.

Wednesday 2nd September 1931

Dull, rain p.m.
Alys, Eva and I in Chrysler to Howtown, Ullswater, lunch at Hotel 3/- each. Raining so came straight back, and home to tea easily. After dinner, the Michell’s came at 8.15 (of Forcett Park). Film “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Danced.

Thursday 3rd September 1931

Rainy. Hard in evening.
Busy at felling and clearing up “Family tree”. With Beckwith, Henderson, Barber, Binks all a.m. Got cine ready in hall. Dinner 7. All (and maids) up to hall and 76 or so people came. Dennis showed choochoo, tree-felling and Hunchback film till 11.

Friday 4th September 1931

Out in garden, and about, but very wet. Read and did treasure-hunts. Dennis and Phil played billiards, and we did paper-games.

Saturday 5th September 1931

Dull but better.
Letter about buying Layton. The Dorman’s came to fetch Tony at 11.30. Out to get flowers. Packed after lunch. To get Debby; Alys, Eva and Phil to Richmond after tea. Phil’s haircut. After dinner, cine photos of dancing in hall.

5th Embleton’s back from Layton.


Sunday 6th September 1931

Very fine day.
Eva and I started at 11 in Baby Austin. Lunch just before Doncaster in barley field. Chrysler caught us up at 120 milestone from London. ALys and Phil in Baby to Grantham. Tea at Angel. I with Phil in Baby all the way home to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Maud there. Arrived 8.20. Supper. I slept in Eva’s bed, she on sofa.

Monday 7th September 1931

I with Dennis to 21 Oxford Terrace. Unpacked. Out to shops. Felt very tired. Made collar for tweed coat. To shops again and Boot’s. Sewed. To bed early. Listened in to “Consider your Verdict” – L. Hausman.

Tuesday 8th September 1931

To L.A. Sub-Committee at 10. Home. To Penberthy’s. Met Aunt Rosa and Lois at Richoux. Lunch. To George Lunn’s. To see Wade. Home. Up to 76 Cholmley Garden. Tea and stayed to supper. Alys cooked it. All in car to Lab and on by bus and to see Illuminations. Singing Red Flag and mounted police on pavements.


Wednesday 9th September 1931

Did a good deal of sewing on tweed bag, and ironing. To shops. To meet Embleton’s at Shaftesbury Theatre (Cambridge Circus near) 8.30 and Dennis took box for “The Midshipmaid” – Bascomb. Very good.


Thursday 10th September 1931
Did some packing and finished tweed bag. Up to tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens with Eva, after Lunn’s. Home 6.30. Supper. To Waterloo in taxi. Met Lois. 9 o’clock train to Southampton. Boat Hantonia; berths on Prom Deck. Slept well but cold feet. Off at 11.15.

S.S. Hantonia


Friday 11th September 1931

Fine. Cool.
Arrived 6.30 at Le Havre. Breakfast on train. Arrived Rouen 8.37. To Cathedral (butter tower). St Ouen. Up in tram to Mont Beau Secours. Vew. Lunch at Couronnee. 70 francs. Train at 2.45 to St Pierre, left at 3.43. Arrived Les Andelys 4.38. Car to Tosny 3 miles. Polly, Dorothy and Nan West. Supper. Crosswords.


Saturday 12th September 1931

Fine then rain.
Out for walk to bank overlooking plain and Sablières. Blackberries, chateau and dinner 12.30. Sat in studio upstairs, in rain. Lois and Nan out and got our tea upstairs too. Then Polly, Dorothy, Lois and I all to village across fields. Lois told us about Paul’s marriage and son! Michael. Supper.

10th to Les Andelys. Tosny?

Sunday 13th September 1931

Perfect day.
My 52nd birthday. Dorothy brought roses. All out to see other cottage and to call on Mrs Williams (American) Letter from Alys. In p.m. lay in blue lions garden. Tea. Nan and Lois out by river and we 3 others in boat, rowed up to Les Sablières. Back at supper. Lois stung by something. Crossword till 10.

Monday 14th September 1931

Fine, warm.
Packed. Lois and Nany off in car with Mrs Williams to Le An. We in garden. Lunch. On river to island. Walked over to Petit Andelys. To stay at Hotel de la Chaine d’Or. Out and sketched boat. To Grand Andelys. After dinner, fair, roundabouts.

Tuesday 15th September 1931

Out up to Château Gaillard except Nan. After lunch, I painted Polly and Dorothy in garden. Lois and Nan to shop. Walked towards La Roque by cliffs. Supper. Sat in bedroom.


Wednesday 16th September 1931

Sketched street and castle. Then sat on pier with Dorothy and Lois. After lunch, with Dorothy walked to Grand Andelys. Cathedral. Coffee at Le Grand Cerf. Shops. Back and sketched from river bank. Others too. All to see Djiguitte’s Cossacks in evening.

Thursday 17th September 1931

Dull. Some rain.
To little shops with Lois. All up on hill and sat. Rain after lunch. Played letter tagem in trench. Then out to Le Grand Andelys and coffee there. Back by boulevard with Dorothy. In evening played taking two letters and saying bird, fruits, authors.

le grand andleys

Friday 18th September 1931

Fine. Warm.
Painted my window frame. Out to Château with Lois and Nan. Polly and Dorothy waiting mail about maid. Ate melon on terrace. Dorothy and I along Seine; others motoring with Mrs Williams. Tea at Madame Benoits. All to station, and at 6.10 Lois and I to St Pierre, changed to Rouen. Supper at Station (R.D.) at 9.31 train to Le Havre. Arrived 1035. Cabin.


Saturday 19th September 1931
Waked 5.30. Up. Landed 6.30 at Southamptaon. Breakfast on train 7.30. Arrived Waterloo 9. Phoned Laurie who came with Baby Austin 10.10. They took me to 21 Oxford Terrace. In p..m. Dennis called for me and I to tea and supper. They took me home afterwards.

19th Back from Tosny. Start 18th.
Restaurant de la Cathedrale, Rouen.
Centenary Celebrations of Michael Faraday – Discovery of Electricity.

Sunday 20th September 1931

To Royal Institute. Spent day with Eva. Dennis and Alys to Norfolk fetching Tony. Eva and I in Baby to Highgate to see wreaths laid on Faraday grave. I to supper with Mrs Styer and to Arts Theatre Club. Revel. Very good.

Monday 21st September 1931

To call on Tades at Brown’s Hotel and spent day trying to get tickets for Dennis and Eva. To see Eva at St James’ College and to Lab; to see Dennis. To Queen’s Hall 8.30. Memorial Meeting for Michael Faraday. MacDonald spoke, also Marconi, Zeeman, Rutherford, Bragg.

Tuesday 22nd September 1931

To Tades at Brown’s and spent day with her. Lunch in her room 6/-. Home, when Mrs Rees-Pryce and Lucy back from Windsor Castle. To Royal Institution in evening. Tades in chair. All relations seemed there. Bragg showed experiments with Michael Faraday apparatus. Saw flat upstairs.

Wednesday 23rd September 1931

To Albert Hall and arranged for Tades to have box. Saw film of Faraday and luncheon. Lyceum Club to Faraday Century delegates. To Brown’s and took Tades to Albert Hall in taxi. General Smuts British Association speech and then Faraday speech. Took Tades home and hotel. Listened in all evening to Smuts’ speech.

Thursday 24th September 1931

To see Wade. To Royal Society to enquire about Tades. To Sotheran’s and Kardomah. Lunch at home. Met Alys at Royal Institute and 500 in and/or coaches to National Physical Lab at Teddington, Bushy House. Very, very interesting. Back at 6. Dressed and supper at 21 Oxford Terrace. Lois called for us and Alys, Lois and I to Royal Society 8.30. Very grand evening. Spoke to Sir Oliver Lodge O.M. and Sir William Bragg O.M.

Friday 25th September 1931

To Brown’s Hotel to be with Tades. Her 77th birthday. Then with Alys in Baby Austin to Dulwich about maid. Lunch at Bon Marché, Brixton. Home with Alys via registry office. Tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Up to Kitty’s to dinner. Peter fetched me in car.

Saturday 26th September 1931

To Sotheran’s. To Royal Institution. Then to 76 Cholmley Gardens and lunch with Alys and Eva. Darned stockings. At 4 Dennis back and they all to Albert Hall – Faraday Exhibition. I to tea with Sissie and Teeds; and to supper at Faraday’s to meet Cecil Baumer and Lilian, his sister. He played on piano beautifully. 7. Mrs Styer and they to theatre.


26th to Faraday’s (Cecil Baumer) evening 7.30.
24th see off Aunt Ada.
21st Queen’s Hall
4th Bushy House, N.P. Lab p.m.
Royal Society 8.30 p.m. conversazione
22nd Conversazione Royal Institution.

Sunday 27th September 1931

Embleton’s to Cave’s. Wrote Phil with £1 note. I did washing all day and not out until 4 when up to tea with Elsa and Tony, to see Peter’s portrait. To Volta House for tickets and then Mrs Styer’s, supper. To see “Behold the Bridegroom” at Arts Theatre with her (late!). Mary Newcomb.

Monday 28th September 1931

Fine. Warm.
Phil’s 18th birthday. To Sotheran’s about Michael Faraday letters. To fetch C.H.W. Lunch at Thompson’s. To Faraday Exhibition, Albert Hall with her. Home to tea. Ironed and unpicked. Quiet evening. Listened-in and early to bed.

Tuesday 29th September 1931

To L.A. Sub Committee 10. Home by Compayne where paid long call. Alys at 3 in Baby Austin. Home with her. Tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. New maid “Bronwin”. To Quex Road in Baby. On to Lyric Hammersmith. Gallery to see the Old Bachelor. Cayrere. Edith Evans.

Wednesday 30th September 1931

Fine. Warm.
To Westminster Abbey 11.30. At 12 Memorial Tablets to Faraday and Maxwell unveiled and address by Sir J.J. Thompson. Teeds and Sissie and Alys lunched with me at Lyceum Club. Teeds, Alys and I to Albert Hall Faraday Exhibition. Phil from Tonbridge there. I home, rested. Sandwich supper at 76 Cholmley Gardens and to Arts Club. Portrait of Mr Charlton (as stupid model in horrid clothes).

Thursday 1st October 1931

Fine. Warm.
At home mostly. To Albert Hall. Walked at 2. Met Christina 3. All about, film. Tea in Church Street. From there to Royal Institution. Saw loan exhibition, Sir William Bragg. Home. Tired. Quiet evening (met Ginx on way home).

Friday 2nd October 1931

Showers. Mild.
To Albert Hall via Barker’s (bought cretonne 5 yards 5/-). Met Kit and Peter and Alys (accidentally). To film with them, of Faraday. To Royal Institution. Met E.M. Miles. Showed her relics. Home. Alys at 3.10 with her to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea and supper. Dennis at Toc H. M. Douglas in. Alys and Eva to Ayrton’s 9. I home and hot bath.

Saturday 3rd October 1931

Very fine.
Early to Covent Garden. Phoned Dennis. Got tickets for opera. To Old Vic. Home by 1 bus. Rested, after planning Badminton frocks. Supper 6.45. dressed, evening dress. To Covent Garden Opera to see Carmen. Met Dennis, Eva and Alys there. Good seats. Balcony stalls 8.6 with taxi 1/-.

29th 10 L.A. Sub Committee 27 Styer 6
28th To C.H.W. 12.15 or 30
30th Westminster Abbey 12.
1st Main entrance Chris 3 p.m.

Sunday 4th October 1931

Fine. Warm.
Went through old dispatch box papers, diaries. At 4.30 to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea there. They drove me over to Chelsea all in to Barnard’s till 7.40. I to supper and until 10.

Monday 5th October 1931

Mild. Dull.
Quiet day. To swimming gala of special school at 2.30 – 4. Home. Supper early and to Old Vic to see “King John’. Very, very good. Ralph Richardson as the Bastard, especially.

Tuesday 6th October 1931

Fine, little showers.
Alys came and with her to Lab in Chrysler. Then to 7 Cholmley Gardens in bus. Lunch with her. Out in Baby Austin to Lab again. Then to Wade’s. Took her out in car, by Shenton’s. Mill Hill. Tea at 76. Alys took us down to town. I to Mansion House by train to hear Major Longden lecture at Decorators’ Hall, Little Trinity Lane. Sidney Laughton took Edith and me home in car.

Wednesday 7th October 1931

Fine. Warmish.
In p.m. to 76 Cholmley Gardens and then for supper at Sissie’s and on to Art Club. Miss Ackroyd. Short poses.

Thursday 8th October 1931

Out to meet Alys at Debenham and Freebody’s. To Cambridge Theatre. Home. Changed. To 76 Cholmley Gardens for lunch with Alys. She to working-party. I sewed and then to Elsa’s to tea. Virginia there. To see her new flat. Supper with Elsa.

Friday 9th October 1931

Fine. Mild.
To Boot’s and read. Home, lunch. Out to Wade’s. Sat with her in Quaker Garden. Home at 4. To 76 Cholmley Gardens for tickets (forgotten). Eva came to 21 Oxford Terrace at 4.50. She did prep. To dinner at Alexis and then to Cambridge Theatre. “Elizabeth and England” Matheson Lang and Neilson-Terry. Home with Eva. And slept at 76 (Alys and Dennis at Layton).

Saturday 10th October 1931

Fineish. Mild.
Out to shops with Eva. She did prep all day nearly. I sewed and ironed white dress. Dressed, and supper at 7.15. To Badminton 8. Fun only. Elbow hurt. Mrs Bryant playing, but Virginia and Priscilla not. Back to 76 Cholmley Gardens.

Badminton 10th 8 p.m.
6th Major Longden 8 Painter’s Hall.
9th – 12th to 76 Cholmley Gardens – Alys and Dennis to Layton.
8th Tea and dinner with Elsa.

Sunday 11th October 1931

Quiet. Warm.
Quiet day. Out to buy paper; and heard Eva her shorthand. Cut out black and white blouse. Eva cleaned things in petrol on balcony. Did Life Crosswords and cooked Welsh rarebit. To bed about 9.30.

Monday 12th October 1931

Fog then cleaner and fine. Quiet.
Eva off at 8.45. I to shops. Darned socks, and ironed. To Bank about Algoma Term. Lunch. Stayed in until 6 in case of Helen’s flat agents. At 6 to shops for bread. Early to bed.

Tuesday 13th October 1931

Alys called at 9.15 with Chrysler. With her about and to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Stayed lunch and sewed new blouse. Later in Baby Austin, but long time at garage for carburettor. Then to fetch Eva. I home. Supper and to Old Vic to see French players “Les Fourberies de Scapin”.

Wednesday 14th October 1931

Fine. Mild.
Out and bought velvet hat. Lewis’ and to Kardomah. To tea and supper at Faraday’s and then on to Art Club.

Thursday 15th October 1931

Fine. Mild.
To Boot’s in am. To tea at Lyceum Club. Amercian Circle – Mrs Hyde, Miss Grace Ellsion and Marvin, Dr and Mrs Whitecombe there. To 76 Cholmley Gardens after dinner. Cinemas of Layton. Headache.

Friday 16th October 1931

Dark. Mild.
Kitty came and sewedl then I to Lyceum Club to Public Services. Circle. 12 Home to lunch. Out to Haverstock Hill School and Mrs Fleetcroft’s school. Home. Rested. To bed and listened-in. Painted self in green and black.

Saturday 17th October 1931

To shops nearby. Did some rearranging of drawers. Machined and ironed sleeves of grey frock. Rested and read “Jungle Ways”. To Badminton. Tussaud’s with Alan later.

Managers Meeting 14 2.15. Supper Faraday’s.
12th October 16 Lyceum Public Service Section.
15th Waitcombe’s (to 76 at 9)?

Sunday 18th October 1931

Mild. Dull.
Wrote Aunt Bella. Washed lace. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to dinner and stayed – tea and supper. Dennis doing wireless. Read “Red Bread”. All out for walk after tea, to heath. Home by bus at 10.

Monday 19th October 1931

Dull. Mild.
Met Alys at Dickens and Jones. To Harrod’s and lots of shops, looking at fur and short coats of imitation fur. Lunch at Harrod’s. Finally home about 4. Rested and sewed black wadding in little coat. Listened-in to Cecil Baumer.

Tuesday 20th October 1931

Dull. Cooler.
To L.A. Sub Committee 10. To Kingsgate School. Home after lunch to Wade’s. Sat with her till 3.20. To Sadler’s Wells for ticket. To Glave’s. Met Eva at Barnard’s for her coat 5. To Lyceum Club Art Society meeting at 6. Home 7.20. Sewed. Bath.

Wednesday 21st October 1931

Fine. Cold. Sunny.
Kit called for me in car 10.30. Home with her (via Clubhouse). Sat on Heath with Kit and Peter 11.30 till 1.20. Back lunch with them. Kit took me to Northcourt. Meeting 2.15 (E.M.M. headache). To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Supper alone. Eva late. Alys at Helen’s. I to Art Club. Short poses. May. Left at 9.30.

Thursday 22nd October 1931

Cold. Dull.
Out to nearby shops. Did a good deal of sewing; green hat. Washed and ironed various things. Wrote E.P.

Friday 23rd October 1931

Cold. Fine.
To meet Lois at Goupil and then to National Portrait Gallery. Lunch together at Brasserie. Home after. Sewed. Met Eva at Bernard’s at 5 about her coat. Home. Supper. To Sadler’s Wells 7.45. Taming of the Shrew. Coincidence Poz and Doz and Colonel Armstrong next to me! G.23. Ralph Richardson splendid as Petruchio. Phyllis Thomas as Katharine. Taxi with Colonel Armstrong and Barnard’s

Saturday 24th October 1931

Fine. Very cold wind.
At 12 Embleton’s called for me and all to Tonbridge in car. Lunch on way, sandwiches. Watched football, Tonbridge v. Caius College, Cambridge. Phil converted 3 goals. Very exciting. Tonbridge 24. Cauis 5. Tea with Caves at café. Eva and I train home. Supper at 21 Oxford Terrace. Badminton.

20th 10. L.A. Sub Committee
24th Old Vic?
20th 6 p.m. Art Society – Lyceum
25th Sunday Ayrton’s
21st Northcourt 2.15.
Wrote E.P. this 22nd
23rd 2.00 or 8.30 Marvin? Sadler’s Wells.

24th Tonbridge. Badminton 7.45.

Sunday 25th October 1931

Fine. Very cold. Worked hard all day at lengthening fur-coat (pony) and lace on green dress. Alsy came for Eva’s hat and coat. At 4 to Ayrton’s. Tea. Alan there. Eva came about 7. Saw Max’s sketches of Vince. Alan and Tony saw Eva and me down the hill.

Monday 26th October 1931

Alys came up with her to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Lunch and sewed black silk. At 3 to town. She to Dickens and Jones’. I to Arts Theatre for Othello ticket. Home. Met Eva at Garrould’s for her foot. Supper. At 8 to hear Admiral Taylor’s Election address in Titchborne Street.

Tuesday 27th October 1931

Foggy. Very dark. Cold.
Voted at 11. Home and did sewing on hem for coat. Out to Wade’s after lunch and took her to vote for Beit in St Pancras. Home. Sewed. Kit in at 5.45 from Mrs Waley’s. Supper. Listened-in to Election results till 11.30, and at 1.30 Great victory for National Government.

Wednesday 28th October 1931

Fine on whole. Showers.
Alys came at 10. With her to Lab in Chrysler. Then to Kardomah and bought artificial fur at Lewis’. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to lunch, with Alys. Sewed, up there. Alys to Mrs Whitcomb’s and I to Sissie’s. On to Nellie Moir’s to supper 6.45 and with Maud to Art Club. Miss Ross in peach suit costume. Painted.

Thursday 29th October 1931

Cool. Showery.
Fixed fur. To see Helen at 11.45 for hour. Then to Nelly Sime’s for lunch. Then to Private View of Dunlop’s pictures. Redfern. Very good. Home. Supper. To Old Vic to see Taming of the Shrew – 2nd time. Enjoyed it. Sat in Balcony corner.

Friday 30th October 1931

Cold. Fine.
Alys in a.m. and I with her to fetch Eva, in Chrysler. (Embleton’s all to Layton). I sewed imitation astrakhan on grey coat all day. To Sissie’s to supper 7.30. With her to Art Club for Paul’s lecture on ancient lighting 8.30. Paul’s wife Muriel there, and many others. Home late.

Saturday 31st October 1931

To fetch Wade, who had forgotten, but took her home. Lunch; then to Albert Hall to see “The Vision”, clergemen acting. Took her back in 73 bus. Home. Supper. To Badminton, tho’ felt coldy. Alan not there, so home early.

27th Election Day.
28th Supper Moir 6.45.
30th Paul’s lecture.
29th Old Vic
31st C.H.W. Albert Hall 3.
Nov 1st Styer and Port Said 6.30.
29th 1 Nell Sime’s.

Sunday 1st November 1931

Fine. Warmer.
Not out but late in bed, coldy feeling. Sewed evening dress. Cape on. Rested. Wrote Ella, Paul and Dorothy Barnard. To Mrs Styer’s 6.35. Dinner and to see “Port Said” at Wyndham’s (Arts Theatre Club production). Emlyn Williams, and Marie Burke.

Monday 2nd November 1931

Fine. Mild.
Out to shops and P.D.S.A. Home. Lunch. Sewed hats in p.m. Felt coldy. Alys came in Baby Austin at 3. Went on sewing. At 6 to Old Vic. Queue early door and good seat balcony. Ate sandwiches there. First night. Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ralph Richardson as Bottom.


Tuesday 3rd November 1931

Fine. Mild.
Alys came and we went to Chester Gallery, bought Lucy’s work. 13/6 letter-case! Back to lunch with Alys and then to Helen’s to tea and helped her with boxroom. Styed till 6.15. Home. Sewed and to bed.

Wednesday 4th November 1931

Rain then very fine. Mild. Showery.
I shoped and then ironed; lunch. To Alys’ at 2. In Baby Austin with her to find Doris’ house. “Ancaster House”, Uphill Road, Mill Hill. Stayed at 76 Cholmley Gardens for sandwich supper (Embleton’s at Lab). To Art Club. Short poses. Walked with Maud back. Ernest there.

Thursday 5th November 1931

Very mild.
Alys in Chrysler. With her to Westbourne Grove and to Menie’s. Home. Out ot P.D.S.A. Bought train print for Phil 10/-. Home. Lunch. In p.m. to Wade’s and then on to 3 Heath Mansions, call on Adine Sime. To Buchanan’s at 5 – 6.30 or so. Home by West End Lane. To bed earlyish.

Friday 6th November 1931

Mild. Fine.
To meet Lois at Bond Street 10.45. Together to Dunlop’s show at Redfern Galleries; then John and Sickert at Bruton Place. Then Diploma Gallery R.A. Lunch at Brasserie. I called at Hartigan’s for print. Home. Rested 2 hours. To Arts Theatre Club 8.30. Othello. Edmund Willard, Lydia Sherwood.

Saturday 7th November 1931

Very fine. Mild.
To shops. Alys and Eva in Chrysler at 12 or so and all up to flat; lunch and then on to Haileybury. Rugger. v. Tonbridge. Phil Playing. Tonbridge won 8:6. Dennis at psychology lecture. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 6. Dinner 7 with Dennis too. Eva and I to Badminton. Tomkins there who rather spoilt it. Home alone.

3rd Helen’s 3 or 3.30.
6th Othello Arts 4.9. D7 Marvin?
2nd Dorothy’s birthday.
6th Lois. Dunlop.
7th Haileybury. Badminton
8th Albert Hall. Robeson.

Sunday 8th November 1931
Drizzly. Mild.
Indoors. Then after lunch to Wade’s. Took her to Albert Hall but Robeson ill, so no concert. To Lyceum Club to tea. To Marble Arch Pavilion cinema “Rebound” Ina Claire. Good. Out at 8. Home. Supper.


Monday 9th November 1931

Alys came and I with her to choose eiderdown stuff. Selfridge’s. Walked home. Did a lot of drawing in p.m. and altered black wool and skunk coat. After supper to 33 Warwick Square to hear Claude Flight lecture. Good and interesting slides. Home 10.30.

Tuesday 10th November 1931

Rain. Mild.
To L.A. Sub-Committee at 10. On to Kingsgate School and then to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys came. Went with her to Abercorn Place and then home. Sewed coat. To supper at 6 Elm Park Road. No servant there. Stayed till 10.

Wednesday 11th November 1931

Mild. Heavy showers.
Indoors till 11.30. Walked to Grosvenor Gardnes to see Eva, but holiday so home by bus. In Lowndes Square for hailstorm. Lunch. Alys in Baby Austin fetched me, and to 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea. Eva and Alys. They to Isola Bella and I to dine7.15 at 77 Hampstead Way. Ernest there and showed his sketches. On to Art Club for 30 minutes – 9.30 – 10.

Thursday 12th November 1931

Perfect day.
Did my brasses. Alys called for me at 11.15. In Baby Austin to Tonbridge. Lunch on way at Tonbridge. Gwen came too to match. Harrow lost. 3:24. Phil resplendent in 1st XV colours. Tea at Oak Tea Rooms. Motored home by 7.15. Supper and polished looking glasses.

Friday 13th November 1931

Polished furniture. Met Lois at Royal Watercolour Society. Show then with her to New English. Then met Alys at Piccadilly. Lunch Chinese Restaurant. Home via shops and “Volunteer”. Eva to me at 5. We to Volunteer 7 and Adrian and Jeanie and Phyllis Tate dined with us. All bus to 21 Oxford Terrace and spent evening with me.

Saturday 14th November 1931

Dull. Mild.

To King Street, St James’, then King Street, Covent Garden to see George Sheringham’s fish pictures. Bus home from Wellington Street. Rested in p.m. Slept. To Badminton. Home with Miss Holmes in bus.

fish sheringham
George Sheringham (1884 – 1937). Studied at Slade and Sorbonne; stage designer, especially for D’Oyly Carte, mural painter, book illustrator, and designer of fans.

10th 10 L.A. Sub-Committee. Barnard’s from 5.30.
12th Harrow – Tonbridge
11th Armstice Day 7.15 Lois.
9th 8.30 F.33 Warwick Square.
15th Paul’s to tea.
13th Tate 7. Volunteer.

Sunday 15th November 1931

Rainy. Mild.
Wrote letters. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to dinner. Alys took me in Baby Austin to 4 Ruskin Close. I tea with Paul, Muriel and Michael Faraday. 1 year 8 months. Paul took me on in car to Ayrton’s. Supper. Alan and Mr Egan Mew there. Home with Alan by train to Baker Street.

Monday 16th November 1931

Cooler. Day.
Met Kitty at Harrod’s. Looked after coats for Katharine with her. Lots of shops. Lunch at Lewis’. On to Duchess Theatre, for ticket. I to Wade’s. Took her out home, and we sewed and had tea. Took her back and to Lab about her wireless. Walked hom. Listened-in to Prince of Wales and J.H. Thomas.

Tuesday 17th November 1931

Dull. Cool.
Alys came and out with her seeking lampshade stuff, and red skirts (Eva). I to Old Vic alone for tickets. Home to lunch. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 3. With Alys to fetch Eva, back to 76. Tea and supper with Alys and Eva. Dennis to the Toc hospital. Eva doing prep. Home at 10.30 or so.

Wednesday 18th November 1931

Rain. Mild.
Alys came to lunch, and we together to “Italian Straw Hat” at Academy Cine. 1.30. Faust later. I stayed on alone. Home, and to Sissie’s. to supper. Got there 6, pouring rain. To Art Club. Carmichael long pose. Very nice evening and K. Shoesmith. Pleased with my things.

Thursday 19th November 1931

Out to shops and arranged lunch for Elsa who came 1. Mixed grill. She staye don to tea, and I saw her to bus at 5.30. Home and cleared up. Supper and met Kit at Duchess Theatre. Saw “Master Builder” (1st night). Victor Lewisohn. Upper circle.

Friday 20th November 1931

Alys rang up. I met her at Dickens and Jones’ at 12. Shopped. Both here and ate lunch. She home. I to Mansfield Road. Home 4. At 5 met Eva At Lewis’ for her hat. On to Church Row (I) at 7 by tube. Dinner. Met Madge (Moszkowski) Holmes? And Basil. I.C.S. Tony and I to Art Club for Reeves’ Lecture at 8.30. Embleton’s to Cave’s.

Saturday 21st November 1931

Perfect day.
Up and caught 10.25 train to Denham Golf Club. Marjorie Leggett met me. Sat in garden with her and H.A.L. H and I to meet David from school. Lunch. Clare too. Clare to hockey. We all rested. I read. Great Dane, Bess. Fox terrier, Mandy, a kitten. Tea. H.A.L. and D. saw me off 5.24. Lantern on fire on D’s cycle. Supper at home. Not to Badminton, tired. Listened-in Yale – Harvard.

Art Club 8.30. 7 Uppingham match 21st.
19th 8.30 Master Builder, Duchess Theatre. Kitty.
19th Elsa to lunch
Wore tweed coat and skirt and Dorothy’s blouse at Leggett’s
21st Leggett’s.
Write E.P. this week.
22nd Guard’s Club 1.15, near Bond Street. Next Claridge’s.

Sunday 22nd November 1931

To Pamela Palmer at Guard’s Club, Brook Street. Lunch 1.15 McConnell cousin and Italian Count husband (silent woman). Home at 3. To Mrs Styer’s 5, Tea and up to Cinema “Bad Girl” (about baby) and “Spy” (about baby. Russia waif children). At Astoria. Back to supper at 8.45 to Mrs Styer and home at 11.10.

Monday 23rd November 1931

To the Lab and phoned Alys. To Lyceum Club. Alys and Agatha Shore came to lunch with me 12/3. On with Agatha Shore to Leicester Galleries to see Henry Lamb’s pictures. Met Colonel Armstrong there. I afterwards to A. & S.V. to get coffee pot and in Dickens and Jones for earrings for Alys. Home.

Tuesday 24th November 1931

Fine. Mild.
Alys came and went with her to shops. Then separated (after H.M.V.) I home. Lunch. To Albert Hall to P.D.S.A. Fair. Home. Peter came with money and stayed to tea. After supper, I up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dennis out. Eva not well, on couch. Stayed till 10 or so. Home.


Wednesday 25th November 1931

Dull. Mild.
Packed suitcase. To shops. Lunch. At 2.35 started from Marylebone Road in Greyhound Coach. Tea at Reading 7d. Then on, in dark via Marlborough, Bradford-on-Avon, Bath to Bristol. Taxi in rain to 20 Hurle Crescent. Arrived Bristol at 8.55 punctually. Talked to Auntie Kate and Cassie Davey. To bed 10.15.

Thursday 26th November 1931

Dull, rain p.m.
Carrie took me to Bristol University, and to Art Gallery and Museum. Coffee at Bobby’s. Home to dinner 1. Rested till 4, when Lady Barron and Freda and Muriel and 2 other ladies to tea. Plant-game. Listened-on to Macdonald’s speech, Scotch, in evening.

Friday 27th November 1931

Indoors till 12. Then, as fine, on Durdham Down with Kitty. Rainbows. Cold. Rested, after lunch. Tea and to Adams’ (Laura). Then dressed, supper and in car to Debating Society. “Snobs in all grads” – Mr and Mrs Hopes (schoolmistress), Buttons.



Saturday 28th November 1931

Out with Kitty to see College and Zoo. Monkey temple. Dinner. At 2.30 taxi to Bristol. At 3.30 Greyhound Coach to London. ½ hour at Marlborough. Tea and muffins at Church Farm Dairy. 10 minutes at Reading. Sandwich supper in coach. Arrived home 9.35.

25th Lunch Alys Lyceum 1.
28th No Badminton
24th and 25th P.D.S.A. 2.30 to 11.30.
25th to 28th Clifton.
24th Russian at Kingsway. Peter at 4.45.
Return ticket to Bristol 15/- by motorcoach.
Wrote E.P. 28th

Sunday 29th November 1931

Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 1. Alys not well. Dennis doing wireless. Stayed to tea and supper. Very foggy. Wrote K.H.D.

Monday 30th November 1931

Eva to work having missed a week. Up to see how Alys was. Ironed Dennis’ waistcoat. He couldn’t start Chrysler after lunch with Alys. I to Chalk Farm School, then shopped and home. Prepared supper. Did brasses, lighted fire. Nell Sime came at 7. Took her to Paul’s lecture at the Grosvenor School of Art 8.30.

Tuesday 1st December 1931

To L.A. Sub-Committee 10. To Kingsgate Road School. Gave 5/- for Xmas party. Home. Lunch. Washed wool curtains before lunch. To Kit’s to tea. Mrs Styer, Mrs Smith and Mr (who is Lenygon and Morant). Alys came and with her in Baby Austin back to dinner at 76 Cholmley Gardens and she took me all the way home at 9.15 in it.

Wednesday 2nd December 1931

Felt stiff. To see Czerny’s watercolours of Tetra at The Walker Gallerries. To French Gallery – Anthology of Painters – Sickert, Steer. Home lunch. Rested on bed. Alys and Eva in Baby Austin at 4.50. Home with them via Westbourne Grove. Sandwich supper. On to Art Club. New cinema model. Away 9.30 with Lois too (Ernest resigned).

Thursday 3rd December 1931

Dull. Very mild.
Nell’s luncheon postponed. Out to buy chickens; roasted and carved them up. Rested. Jim Archer on phone. Dressed and to dine at National Liberal Club with Jim Archer and Handy. Tram to Kingsway. To Theatre, Moscow actors in The Government Inspector (Revizor) by Gogol. Very amusing. P. Papoff.

Friday 4th December 1931

Mild and windy.
To Kingsway for tickets. To buy “Faraday” at 36 Kingsway and interview with Ashcroft, the author. To Kensington and Sagne’s. Home and prepared salad. At 4.45 Eva came and at 6.30 Tony Ayrton. Supper, grilled chicken, spaghetti and salad. To Old Vic and saw Henry V. Ralph Richardson. Robert Harris (chorus).

henry v
Ralph Richardson – As ‘Henry V’ – Old Vic Theatre – 1931

Saturday 5th December 1931

Mild. Rain after 4.
Busy cleaning up meal. To Winsor and Newton for Dennis’ cardboard. Lunch Embleton’s at 1 and drove to Tonbridge. Rugger versus Richmond Athletic. Tonbridge won 8:11. Tea there with Phil. Back in rain. Got my clothes and to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dined. With Eva to Badminton. Alys and Dennis to Benmore.

30th Nell Sime 7. Paul’s lecture.
1st 10 L.A. Sub Committee. Kit’s to tea.
4th Old Vic
5th Tonbridge 6.55 Liberal Club.
6th C.H.W.’s at 2. Mrs Styer’s 7.

Sunday 6th December 1931

Odd jobs. Lunch. To Fetch Wade and took her to Albert Hall to Richard Tauber. He laryngitis so no concert. Phoned Alys who in Chrysler met us at Bradley’s. Tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Sowerby there. Dennis took Wade and Sowerby home and me to Mrs Styer’s. Dinner and to Arts Theatre – Le Monde où L’on S’ennuie. Pailleron. Very good.

Monday 7th December 1931

Fineish. Cold.
To shops, Sagne and to buy Vogue pattern. Home. Lunch 1.30. Sewed. To Chelsea at 6.15 with Russian plays for Dorothy to read. Supper 6.15. Took Dorothy to Kingsway Theatre 5. Tchekov and act “Jests” Pavloff and Gretch. Very good. “Forgotten” The Bear, Proposed, Anniversary, Dentist

Tuesday 8th December 1931

Wrote Jim Archer and sent off his Tchekov’s. After lunch did green crepe de chine dress. Unpkacied and rearranged. To tea-party at Jeanie Tate’s new flat – 6 Hampton House. Back in car of “Betty”. To Westminster Theatre to see “Anatomist”. Very good. Ate sandwiches at Victoria Station. Pit good. Burke and Hare (Oxford v. Cambridge Rugger. Oxford won).

Wednesday 9th December 1931

Sent cards to U.S.A. and letter to E.P. To Gamage’s for Davd’s signal box and got knives and scissors and links. Home, late lunch (by 518). Did up parcel. Molly and David. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 5. Eva in. Heard her her shorthand reading. Supper, shepherd’s pie. On to Art Club. Drew Carmichael. Away 9.40. Home. Wrote Wade and Adine and posted.

Thursday 10th December 1931

Out to Evans’ and Lewis’ and bought necklaces and slippers (quilty) and to Kodak, New Oxford Street. Did up parcels Davey’s. Home late to lunch. Did slippers for Aunt Rosa. Alys at 3 and to Glendower Hotel with “Cup” for Duff-Taylor. To War Museum. To fetch Eva and then home after supper. I to Duchess Theatre to Master-builder. Dyall. Supper at “Presto” Strand.

Friday 11th December 1931

Dullish. Mild.
To Badcock’s at 10. To Lab. Mink, Alys and Dennis off to Layton 11. I painted lab and had lunch with Shellum at 3. Fetched Wade. Home. Cleaned corner cupboard. Tea. To University College Hospital, Great Hall. Met Polly, Dorothy and Andrew’s. Poz and Wade and I sat and listened to Handel choir, Alcestis.

Saturday 12th December 1931

Mild. Dull.
Got clothes together and to 76 Cholmley Gardens to stay with Eva. Out to Golders Green and to Barnes. Lunch. Altered Eva’s turquoise velvet frock and put pink in neck at back. Supper 7. Changed and both to Badminton. Nice evening. Handy brought us home in car, to 76.

7th Barnard’s early for supper. Tschkov.
8th Tate’s 6. Hampton House 4.30.
11th U.C.H. Handel
11th 10 Badcock. To C.H.W. concert.
Wrote E.P. 9th

Sunday 13th December 1931

Dull. Cool.
Quiet a.m. Bronwen bad cold. Out to get paper only. At 3.30 came Cecil Freear and fetched Eva and me in 2 seater (Eva and Peggy in Dicky) to tea with them at Ancaster House, Mill Hill. Diana and Sylvia. Back by car and 121 bus. Packed Eva’s dress.

Monday 14th December 1931

Dull. Mild.
With Eva in bus at 9. Out to Lab and went on with painting till 1. To Evans’ for green necklace. Home. Lunch. Sewed green crepe de chine dress basque. To Mrs Styer’s (Alys back from Layton, met me at Marlborough Road in Baby Austin). Supper and to Sadler’s Wells with Mrs Styer. Students’ play. Everybody’s Husband, L’Amour Medicin and Death of Tantagiles, Maeterlinck.

Tuesday 15th December 1931

Dull. Drizzle.
Alys came. With her to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Together in Baby Austin to St John’s Wood. I lunch with Nell Sime and Adine. To Czerny’s pictures, Bond Street. Home. To 76 at 4.30 to meet Beaumont’s dress lady, but didn’t come. Tea with Alys and Eva (back from Taylor’s). Home. To see “Quadrature of the Circle” at Kingsway, balcony at 8.15. Very good. Soviet play.

Wednesday 16th December 1931

Dull, colder.
Washed my head. Out to Handy’s shop and Evans for tie (Henderson). Home, lunch.  Managers’ Meeting at Kingsgate Road School. M.D. walked to 76 Cholmley Gardens, Partly with E.H. Sandwiches supper. Eva at home. Alys out with Gwen. Eva dressed for evening with Tony Ayrton. I to Art Club. Good short poses – Steer.

Thursday 17th December 1931

Dull. Cold.
Out seeking Gogol’s plays all a.m. And to Wade’s and about ticket to Kings Cross coack place. Lunch at Damian’s. To Foyle’s. Home, rested and Alys came in. With her to Ted Shenton’s and cine of cats and dogs bowels working. Home. Supper and to pit, Kingsway Theatre to see Marriage by Gogol. Very good. Gretch.

Friday 18th December 1931

Foggy and very cold.
Met Alys at H.M.V. Then to Fortnum for cheese for Layton. Home after early lunch to Kingsgate Road School Xmas party 2 – 3.30. Home. Changed. To Lab 5. All to Tonbridge. Supper at Rose and Crown. To Big School. Richard II acted by boys. Very, very good. Phil: Earl Marshall. McComas: Richard.

Saturday 19th December 1931

Very cold. Dull.
Did up presents. Out to Cozens for toys. Rested a bit and out to buy fruit. Quiet evening. Listened-in “Yes and back again”. Bought ticket for Scotch Corner £1-1-0. Not to Badminton (no racquet and lazy).

16th 2.15 Managers’ Meeting 2.15 Kingsgate Road.
7.45 Sadler’s Wells students.
18th Tonbridge Richard II
19th Carols. The White Guard 2.30.
20th To Aline’s 7.
Mrs Styer away 23rd

Sunday 20th December 1931

Dry. Cold.
Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens carrying Xmas parcels; at 12, Dorrie there. Stayed dinner. All p.m. sewing Alys’ coatee. After tea, Alys, Eva and I in Chrysler to Buchanan’s. I on at 7 to Sime’s, 3 Heath Mansions. Home about 10.30.

Monday 21st December 1931

Cold. Dark.
To Selfridge’s with clock; to motor places for foot-warmers (car). Got one for Buchanan’s and one for Alys’s (Gamage’s) and Brown Brothers. Home. Sewed. Supper Lyons’. Received seats for 25. To Merry Wives of Windsor at Duchess Theatre. Baliol Holloway, Nancy Price.

Tuesday 22nd December 1931

Cold. Dark.
Busy re-planning black velvet evening dress. To Selfridge’s to buy 1¼ yards. In p.m. to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys and Eva and Phil all in together to late tea. Then Dennis cheerful. I sewed Alys’ coatee and then home at 7.30. Sewed velvet; hot bath.

Wednesday 23rd December 1931

Very cold wind.
Sewed velvet frock. Alys in at 11 with presents. I to Kodak and bought studio; and Bourne and Hollingsworth and bought blue evening dress and coatee. Home very late for lunch. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Sewed Alys’ coatee and diamanté shoulder straps. Then to Art Club, earning sandwich in bus. Steele in red skirt. Jolly.

Thursday 24th December 1931

Dull. Mild.
Out, and phoned to Doz. Busy sewing frocks and packing. At 7, to Ayrton’s party. Only Alan, Bella, Adrian, Theo’s and me. Adrian and Tony did charade. Home very late. Walked from Baker Street.

Friday 25th December 1931

Dull. Damp. Mild.
Finished packing. To Wade’s 12.30. With her (bus) to Lyon’s Popular. Dinner 8/2 and 1/6 tip. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Wade slept. I sewed her belt. At 3.20 bus to Tottenham Court Road Tube to Golders Green. Tea and supper Faraday’s. Paul, Muriel, Michael, Evie, Alan (Muriel’s brother). Charades. Music.


Saturday 26th December 1931

Dull then fine.
Up 6 a.m. To 121 Edgware Road 7.30 Glasgow coach went by! Taxi 2/- to Cartwright Gardens. Newcastle coat 9 (for 8.15). Stopped Gory Corner Café, near Buckden. Lunch ham. Tea Wetherby. Scotch Corner 6.45. On to Barton and phoned. Dennis, Alys and Kitty met me. To Layton Manor. Dinner. Cinema of tree-cutting.

24th Ayrton’s
25th C.H.W. and Faraday’s.
26th To Layton 7.40 a.m.

Sunday 27th December 1931

Late breakfast. Both Dennis and Edward in bed all day. Edward temp 102½. I for walk with Debby. Strong wind. Played Treasure Hunt and charade and quotation.

Monday 28th December 1931

Dennis well and up to breakfast. Cars to Richmond. I with Phil. After lunch, Dennis, Alys, Peter and I took Kath to Darlington for 2.44 train. Tea. Wrote Tades, Nell Sime and Ella. Changed. Dinner. 4 Embleton’s and Handy to Hutton Magna dance 10. Alys gave away prizes for fancy dress.

Tuesday 29th December 1931

Snow showers. Cold.
Maids and Mrs H. ill. Alys too felt ill. Ed up after lunch. Kit and I out with Debby. Then I with George and Barbara walked to Ravensworth and Debby. Did house and wrote too. No one dressed, as very cold. Eva felt ill. Plant game and billiards.

Wednesday 30th December 1931

Perfect. Cold.
Breakfast 9. Eva ill. Buchanan’s all away at 10. I out with Phil and Deb to Gale Plantation. Alys and Dennis to Richmond for films. Helen and Tony away 1.35 car to Darlington – Dennis and Phil. I wrote letters. After very early dinner, others to Granary for cine show. I sat in Eva’s room and read to her.

Thursday 31st December 1931

Milder. Sun.
Very late breakfast. Handy in talking to Dennis. Out with Debby in snow, and he went in Chrysler to East Layton. Eva didn’t get up all day. I with Phil in top room. Alys and Dennis took films in post.

Friday 1st January 1932

Mild. Damp.
Eva down to breakfast in dressing-gown. I walked to Ravensworth with Debby and bought stamps and sweets tho’ Post Office shut. Wrote Kitty; Alys wrote letters. They to Morrill Arms, Greta Bridge.

29th Handy away at 2.
Telegram from him (acoustic)
“Appetite lost. Your superb effort makes bookselling like exacerbating torture. Outlook nauseous.”

Advert: “Middle age gentleman wants comfortable home with widow as companion. Terms could be arranged.”

“To think that he, an atom, vulnerable at all points, a thing of fragile bones, a coil of guts and two quarts of blood packed in a tenuous envelope of skin should ride in air”– Juan in America. Eric Linklater.

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