1930 – Richmond, Newcastle, Richmond, Brussels, Lucerne, Milan, Verona, Venice, Padua, Florence, Siena, Perugia, Rome, Genoa, Paris, Calais, Broadway, Aldeburgh

In 1930, Edward is 54 years old, Kate is 51 years old and Alys is 46 years old. Eva is 21 years old and Philip is 17 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Katharine F. Boyd.
21 Oxford Terrace
London W.2.

Telephone No:                      Paddington 209.
Telephone No of Friends :    Hampstead 7864 (Embleton’s)

Wednesday 1st January 1930

To Bank. To Marshall’s. Lunch 12.20 at Blenheim Street. To Mirror Grange 1 – 3. Full house. To Royal Academy for Buchanan season tickets. To Private View of Pastel Exhibition, Royal Institute. Rested 2 hours. Very sleepy. Supper and early to bed. Hot bath. Phoned Barnard’s.

Thursday 2nd January 1930

Dry. Mild.
Out to shops and did washing. Lunch 1.15. At 2.45 to Wisden’s then to Mirror Grange 4 – 6.30. Uncle Dick and Wendy (Casson, Thorndyke girl). G.L.F. did demonstration. Home. Supper. To Ayrton’s Sketch Club – “Liquid Subject”. Fun. 4 ladies, 7 men drew Elsa-Musman and Will Beswick saw me home in taxi.

Mary Casson – (1914 – 2009) was an English theatre actress. The daughter of Sybil Thorndike. She played “Wendy” in J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.

Friday 3rd January 1930

Mild. Windy.
To Rink and Golders Green about vouchers. Straight to Grafton Galleries at 1 (eating sandwiches there). Ivor Novello, Lilian Braithwaite, Benito Hulme. Demonstrated until 4.15 with interval for tea. Poz and Doz came at 2. Also Max and Mr Gifford, who stayed for a show. To Academy. Italian Pictures (5/- day). Talked to Peter Harrison there. To English Speaking Union. Wrote E.P. and Alys. Walked home. Supper. Wrote N. Beswick and Kit.

Saturday 4th January 1930

Fine, then rain later in p.m.
Made new collar with white fur for coat. Lunch. At 2 to St Mark’s, Hamilton Terrace, in taxi. Wedding of Priscilla Baumer and Hugh Bergel. Reception fun, at 5 Greville Place. Ayrton’s, Pelleiu, Longdon. At 4.30 to Mirror Grange; until 5.30. Home in taxi. 1/3 and tip 3d. Supper, changed. To Badminton. Tired but fun. Over to North Star for beer with Elsa!! And the men (5).

Mirror Grange 1 – 2.30 or 3 daily.
2nd 4.30 – 6
Fetch racquet
2nd Sketch Club
4th Priscilla Baumer’s Wedding. Mirror Grange 4 – 6.
5th Beswick’s to skate. 3 and Adrian.
Wrote E.P. 3rd about Mirror.

Sunday 5th January 1930

Very fine.
Mended stockings and washed things. Elsa, and Will Beswick phoned. Lunch. Out at 2. Busses to Golders Green. Rink. Adrian and Kit and Barbara there. All 4 had tea together. Skated. To Church Row for supper. Only Max and Elsa there. Home 10.15 by 28 and 16.

Monday 6th January 1930

Day and fine.
Washed and mended stockings. To Harrod’s Sale for stockings. Horrible crush. To Stewart’s, sandwiches. Then to Grafton Galleries 1 – 3. Had my bag stolen. Green zipper, pince-nez, season ticket for Italian Exhibition. Called on Max on way home, about keys. Home. Key expert came. Out to shops. Liver for supper.

Tuesday 7th January 1930

Dull, then better. Cold.
To Bank 8 a.m. Elsa, Max and Theo in car at 8.30. To Victoria. 9.5 to Brighton. Breakfast on train. Car to Wappingthorn. All over farm and other buildings. Lunch in Nursery. Skurry and Theo away. Drove back to Brighton and train 5? To Victoria. Cocktails and evening papers. Home 7. Supper in bed. Slept 9.45 till 8.30!

Wednesday 8th January 1930

Unwell. To Bank and Martin and Tompkins for new spectacles and lorgnon. To Mirror Grange 1 – 3. Max and Tony and Mrs Griffiths in. Grace bad cold. To English Speaking Union. Rest and tea. Back to Mirror at 4.30 – 6. Alan Baumer in, and I with him to Barbellion’s for chocolate at 6. Home, via Boot’s and Yale key place.

Thursday 9th January 1930

To Evans and then to lunch at Dover Street – Riddington’s. To Mirror Grange 1-3. Lois came later, stayed on while Margaret Bannerman was there. Gave Lois tea at Riddington’s. Back to Mirror Grange 4.30 – 6. Felt tired and coldy. Home. Supper and early to bed. Good night.

Friday 10th January 1930

Fine. Lovely.
Washed things. Did marbles and brasses. Elsa came (Bee to Lady Weaver’s). Took Elsa to lunch at Bertorelli’s. Good. Home. Elsa away. I to Mirror Grange 4.30 – 6. Home.

Saturday 11th January 1930

Fine a.m. Wet p.m.
To Chappell’s. To Mirror Grange 10 – 12. Lunch at Riddington’s. Back to Mirror Grange 1 – 3. Home in rain. Nice long rest. Out to buy oranges and bread. Supper. Changed. To Badminton. Few. Fun. Max tired and they away early. I away 9.40. Hot bath.

Hilary 11th
9th Lois to Golders Green.

Keys come in the morning.

Sunday 12th January 1930

Damp. Mild.
Peter and Tony rang up. Did washing. After lunch to Skating Rink from 9. 3 p.m. Adrian came. Fun. Talked to nice old French cook. Tea with Adrian. Home. (Got a locker at rink 2/6 No 28). Early to bed.

Monday 13th January 1930

Damp. Mild.
To Jaeger’s and bought vest. To Grafton Gallery and there 10 – 12. Lunch at Lyon’s Popular. Mirror Grange 1 – 3. Leslie Henson came and laughed at my demonstration. Home. Rested. To Victoria to meet Embleton’s at 7.15. Cave’s and Fagge’s too. Paris train so no rush. Back in car to dinner at 76. Looked at photographs. Home at 10.15 or so.

(1891 – 1957) was an English comedian, actor, producer for films and theatre, and film director.

Tuesday 14th January 1930

Very mild.
To Grafton Galleries to see Virginia. On by 14 to Wade’s. Hung her pictures (some). To Burlington House. Met K.H.D and Olive Watt there 12. Taxi to English Speaking Union. Gave them both lunch there 10/-. I then home. Painted “Peace” – sleeping girl from 3 – 6.30. Supper. Covered bag with moiré ribbon and listened-in till 10.45.

Wednesday 15th January 1930

To Mirror Grange at 10 – 12. A rough, noisy crowd. On to Harvey Nichols to look at coats. Home. Lunch. Wrote accounts. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea and sat and talked with Alys, Eva and Phil (who put railway coaches together). Dennis in, and all had dinner, then cinema photos, some coloured of Mürren. I home at about 11.

Thursday 16th January 1930

Mild. Dark.
Did some sewing and to local shops. To Jacob’s to sell Albert Hall boxing tickets. To Mirror Grange to see Victoria. Lunch at Baber’s 10d. To Mirror Grange 1 – 3. Alys and Eva came in. Away at 3 with them. Eva to have hair done. I home. Rested 4 – 6. Slept deeply. Supper. Cooked potatoes and tomatoes in Tante’s way and cold beef.

Friday 17th January 1930

At 10 to Grafton Galleries and to English Speaking Union to leave suit-case, on way. At 12 to lunch at Lyon’s (Piccadilly). Then to Swan and Edgar – bought hat and stockings. To Italian Exhibition till 3.15. To English Speaking Union. Called for Dorothy’s dress (fancy). On to 6 Elm Park Road to tea. At 6.30 home. Out at once again at 7, eating bread and butter and almonds on way to Old Vic 7.30 Midsummer Night’s Dream – Gielgud. Very good. Home at 10.40.

Saturday 18th January 1930

Mild. Dark.
Did some mending. To Abbott’s and Hanan’s for shoes. To Swan and Edgar’s. Stockings. Lunch at Lyons (Piccadilly). To Grafton Galleries 1 – 3. Clive there from Journey’s End and his wife, Heather Thatcher. To English Speaking Union. Rested. Tea with Louie Bell and May Walton at Park Lane Hotel. Albert Sandler and band. Home. Supper. To Badminton. Dennis, Alys and Phil. Ayrton’s at Lloyds. Eva tired so not there. Home by bus.

12th Embleton’s return?
14th K.H.D. and C.H.W. 10.30.
18th 4 Park Lane Hotel – L. Ball and May Walton.

Sunday 19th January 1930

Sunny a.m. Warm.
Tired but very busy, washing and painting bathroom. Lunch at home. Out to Skating Rink 2.45. Adrian and Tony, Kath and Handy and all the Cave’s (except Nancy) and all the Embleton’s! Great fun. Tea in batches. Back to supper at 76 with all Cave’s too! Laughton’s in. Cinema after supper. Aldeburgh and Mürren. Home about 11.

Monday 20th January 1930

Mild. Fine.
Did some painting and sewing of new hat. To Wisden’s. To National Gallery to see Wilton Diptych. Lunch in Trafalgar Square. To Grafton Galleries (met Max in Dover Street) 1 – 3.15 (Grace and Kate). Home. Sewed. Rested. To Isola Bella 7. Embleton’s. Dinner. Dominion Theatre “Follow Through”, Leslie Henson and Ada May. Very funny. Listened in to King’s Speech, and others at Lord’s.

Wilton Diptych

Tuesday 21st January 1930

Fog. Colder.
Did some sewing. To Mirror Grange (lunch at home (egg early). 1 – 3. Very few people. Fog! Martin and Tompkins and by 53 to 76. Tea. Eva cold. Dennis in. Alys, Dennis and Phil and I in car to Charing Cross. Phil off off to Tonbridge 6.15. Back and dinner 6.45 with them at 76. Down in car with Dennis immediately, as he to Meeting 7.30. I home.

Wednesday 22nd January 1930

Out to Olympia. Cookery Exhibition. Bought electric cooker for table cookery. Lunch at Lyons, Knightsbridge. To Mirror Grange 1 – 3. Max and Angela Baddeley there. Gwen and Mollie and Jean came. To English Speaking Union. They came to tea at English Speaking Union with me. Home. Supper. Curried salt cod fish. Drew “Peace”. Eva in chair.

Madeleine Angela Clinton-Baddeley, CBE (1904 – 1976) was an English stage and television actress.

Thursday 23rd January 1930

Showery, mild.
To Mirror Grange at 10 till 1. Iris Mountbatten and Enid Onslow (Widdrington Ford ) Tony 15, Francis 10. To Wisden’s. To Arts Theatre Club. Lunch in bar there. Home. Cleaned and cleared out cupboard. Rested 30 minutes. Supper 6.10. To Olympia again 7 – 8.20. Home (bought frock at Asprey’s before lunch).

Friday 24th January 1930

To Mirror Grange 10 – 12. Told it was last time by Mrs Lovat Fraser. To English Speaking Union. Phoned Alys. Home. Lunch 1.30. To Zoo to see baby lions. Alys met me there in Baby Austin. To 76. Eva in bed, cold on chest. Tea and dinner there. Dennis and Alys to Show at Golders Green Institute. Miss Shellum and Shenton’s. I with Eva until 9.50. Home.

Saturday 25th January 1930

Dull. Dry.
Out to Cooper’s to buy pigeons. Home. Cooked. C.H.W. at 11.30. We lunched at 12.30. Out with her to Mirror Grange (goodbye to Boswell). On to Olympia Cookery Exhibition. Back to tea – English Speaking Union. Put Wade on 73 bus, and home. Rest. Supper. Badminton. Will Beswick there and Graham’s (new members). Full. Back to Bovril with Tate’s. Walked home 11.30.

20th Theatre Follow Through
21st Phil to school.
Conference on Naval Reduction opened 21st 11 a.m. by King at House of Lord’s.
Boot’s open on Thursday.

Sunday 26th January 1930

Busy and late all a.m. Wrote letters. Out after lunch to Skating Rink – 3 Embleton’s, 2 Beswick’s, Kitty and Adrian. Fun. Tea all together. Home. Changed and out to supper at Phil and Adine Sime’s. Home about 10.20.

Monday 27th January 1930

Mild. Dry.
Met Alys and Eva – Selfridge’s at 11. Looked at cooker, Pente? Alys bought hat at Marshall’s for Mansion House. Eva bought pattern and material. Eva home. Alys and I on to Terry’s and Norman Sports (all had lunch first at Lewis’). Took tickets at Queens Theatre. Alys to Lab. I home. Wrote E.P. and L. Bell. To bed. Read “Point Counter Point”.

Tuesday 28th January 1930

Very dark. Mild.
Busy washing and ironing and cut out pattern of skirt. Out to shops. Lunch of steak and tomatoes with Stokes cooker. To Garrould’s and got repairs. Onto Park and heard carillon (New Zealand Memorial). To Kardomah. To Dickens and Jones’. Looked for Omne Tempus. To rubber-shop. Bus back. Selfridge’s for pattern. Another bus home.

Wednesday 29th January 1930

Dull. Dry.
Out to buy food. Laid cloth. Eva came at 12.30. Mixed grill by Stokes’ Cooker. Out together to Queen’s Theatre to see The Applecart by Bernard Shaw. Excellent and very funny. Tea in theatre. Both to respective homes. I did some sewing and listened-in. Wrote Virginia. To bed 10.

Thursday 30th January 1930

Out to shops. Near to buy drawing things for Phil (mumps). Busy indoors. To Northcourt after lunch. To tea at Alys’. Dorothie King there. Drew Eva. Sewed bag. Eva making blue skirt. Stayed dinner and Alys home with me as Dennis out curling and she wanted to be late.

Friday 31st January 1930

To Garrould’s. Cut out skirt of black repair. Lunch. Met Eva at Italian Exhibition at 2.45. With her an hour there. Then met Susie Zileri at English Speaking Union. Gave her tea. Both to Italian Exhibition at 5 (Eva had tea there). Stayed till 7. Home. Supper. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 1st February 1930

To shops – Cooper’s and H & C. Looked out sketches. Lunch sprats. Sewed black repaired skirt in p.m. Machined. Went on sewing till about 6. Supper, dressed and to Badminton. Home 10.20. Bath (Embleton’s to Cave’s for weekend).

26th ? Sime’s 3
29th Eva 1 Applecart
31st 4 p.m. Susie at English Speaking Union.
Wrote E.P and sent Mirror Grange pictures 27th

Sunday 2nd February 1930

Rain. Mild.
Did sketch for ”Peace” – lake and boats. Polished looking-glasses. Lunch. Went on painting. To tea with Menie and saw Janet – Andrew and Helen’s cousin (Baby boy 3 days old). On to supper at Elsa’s. Gertrude Knoblock too. Tony. Back at 9.45 with Gertrude.

Monday 3rd February 1930

Dull day.
Cleaned top shelf. To shops and all day on and off doing paintings for Sketch Club. Mounting. Alys came to tea and until 6.30. Supper by fire. Wrote D. King and Commander King, M.P. Phoned Dorothy.

Tuesday 4th February 1930

Dull day.
Very busy cleaning brasses and some silver. Out, got puzzles for Phil. Lunch. Ironed skirt. Posted parcel to Phil. Painted at “Peace”. Supper 6. Out to Council Chamber, Southampton Row for Inaugural Meeting of Myopic School. Teachers. Gater spoke and Mrs Worsethorne.

Wednesday 5th February 1930

Dry. Cold.
Washed my head. Did some cleaning all day, books and furniture polishing and silver teapot. To Army and Navy Stores and bought washstand. After supper, dressed and met Lois at Burlington House. Soiree of Arts Fund Collection 9 – 10.45 left. Lois took me home in her Baby Austin.

Thursday 6th February 1930

Cold. Fine then rain, fine again.
Out to Oettle’s for cakes. Back. Arranged room and flowers. Lunch. At 4 came Alys and Eva and Louie Bell and May Walton and Virginia. Theo came at 6.30. At 7, Alys and Eva and the Theo’s to dine at Bertorelli’s, then Virginia and Theo and I to Sketch Club at 9 Church Row. Peace. Very small meeting. Home at 11.25.

Friday 7th February 1930

Esla asked me to spend day. Tidied up. Alys rang up and said “We’ve come into Layton”. I up to 76 and on to Elsa’s to lunch. Read in p.m. Doll book. Tea with Elsa. Home at 6. Dressed and supper. Out to Daly’s theatre “Way up to Paradise” from Aldous Huxley’s “Point Counter Point” Alys, Dennis and Eva there. Stalls from Max who did scene.

The Manor, West Layton, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Saturday 8th February 1930

Cold. Fine.
Washed things and to shops. Lunch. Sewed. Dennis called for me in car at 4. Up to tea at 76. Dressed into white, and after dinner, all to Badminton. Major Longden there, (10,000 at Italian Exhibition yesterday!) Embleton’s took me home after.

6th Sketch Club.
Louie and May 4 o’clock and Virginia and Alys and Eva
4th Myopic inaugural 7 p.m.
5th Soirée – Italian Exhibition 9 p.m.
Alys 3rd to tea.
Henry Embleton died 7th.

Sunday 9th February 1930

Fine. Cold.
Alys called for me in Baby Austin at 12. Up to dinner 1 at 76. At 2.45 to Rink. Beevor’s there. Alys skated, a little, others packed and Embleton’s all off to Leeds at 5.30 by train for Henry Embleton’s funeral. I tea with Kitty and the Beevor’s at Rink. Up with Kitty in her car, and supper there. She drove me to Swiss Cottage at 9.30. Home.

Monday 10th February 1930

Fair. Cold.
Out to Army and Navy Stores for linen receptacle and Abbott’s. On to Chelsea. Lunch with Dorothy at 1.30. Poz at Eastbourne. Home. All p.m. mending old sheep fur coat lining. Supper. Dressed. To Wigmore Hall, walked, met Gertrude Knoblock there. Fay Ferguson’s piano recital. Home at 10.45.

Tuesday 11th February 1930

Dull. Cold.
Out to see Wade. Lunch at Lyon’s near. On to Mansfield Road School and myopic. Busses to town. To Criterion Theatre for tickets. To Italian Exhibition 4.30 to 5.15. Home. Rested. Read “Point Counter Point”. Supper.

Wednesday 12th February 1930

Cold. Fine.
To shops. Wade came at 12. I cooked steak and mushrooms. Lunch. Sewed all p.m. Tea. Then she away, and I up to 76. Alys and Eva – talked of Layton! Dennis home to dinner. I stayed till 10.15. Dennis and Alys took me home in car. Last of the old Buick!

Thursday 13th February 1930

Letter from John Morgan. Out to Bank and the Army and Navy. Bought material for coat. Home. Lunch. Cleaned brasses. To tea at 10 Randolph Crescent with Mina Sime. Saida and Betty Sanderson there. Home. Supper. Wrote Ella. John H.M. came at 9.30 and stayed until 12.45!!!

Friday 14th February 1930

Cold. Fine.
Packed up. To lunch at Alys’. They out, so out to shops. Lunch with Alys and Eva 1.30. Eva to Lab and back in new Chrysler with Dennis and Will and Gwen Cave. They and Alys all off to Becky Sharp’s at Munsley. Eva and I dinner and sewed and to post and to bed about 10.

Saturday 15th February 1930

Cold. Very fine.
Out to shops with Eva. Then got Baby Austin and she drove us to Sissie’s. Called. Home. Lunch at 2, we to Northcourt to Baby Show. Home to tea. Sewed. Supper and to Badminton at 8. Very nice evening (Max at Section Dinner). Many good games. Back to 76.

10th Embleton’s to Methley for funeral.
To 76 Embleton’s to Munsley 14th
15th Baby Show, Northcourt 2?15?

10th 8.30 Wigmore Hall with Gertrude Knoblock
13th 4 to Mina Sime, 10 Randolph Crescent, Clifton Road.
J.H.M. 9 p.m.
Betty Thwaites.
Wrote E.P. about 12th

Sunday 16th February 1930

Very fine. Very cold.
Out to get paper and walk round. Wrote letters. I to John M. and K.H.D. Lunch. To skating rink. Kitty and Adrian there. Tea, us 4. Home with Eva at 5.30. Read, and wrote to Aunt Bella. After supper, Kath and Handasyde came. He looked at the books.

Monday 17th February 1930

Fine with occasional snow storms.
Stayed in for ‘phone call. Eva to shops. Sewed gloves. Lunch. Eva out to shops for flowers. Alys home at 3.30. Dorrie and Friede Slater and Mary Miles to tea to talk of the school. I away at 6 in taxi (from Alys). Home. Supper and in bed at 8.45. Read till 10.

Tuesday 18th February 1930

Cold. Dry.
Home. Lighted fire and began cutting out coat. Alys phoned so I met her and Eva and Kit at Dickens and Jones’ for lunch. Home, cut out grey coat all p.m. Changed and up to Mrs Styer’s. Dinner 7.30. Sat and did “crosswords” till 10. Home.

Wednesday 19th February 1930

Cold. Dry.
Dorothy rang up. Out to shops. Lyon’s, Selfridge’s and posted hot bottle to Wadie. Home. Prepared. Doz to lunch at 1. Talked. She away 4. Did coat. Supper, herring at 6.15. To Old Vic 8.30 to see “As You Like it”. Very good.

Thursday 20th February 1930

Dull. Cold.
To Selfridge’s (walked) for watch. On to Queen’s Theatre to get tickets for Ash Wednesday. Home. Sewed at coat in p.m. Met Kitty at Alexis. Dinner and to “Milestones” at Criterion with her.

Friday 21st February 1930

Dull. Cold.
Sewed all day at coat and pressing. At 4 o’clock to Italian pictures till 5.45. To 76 Cholmley Gardens by 153 bus. Dinner there. Dennis and Alys took me home in new Chrysler car.

Saturday 22nd February 1930

Dull. Cold.
Sewed coat. To Selfridge’s. Home. Lunch. Dennis called for me at 2.15. To 76, picked up Alys and Eva. All to Institute , Golders Green to see Dick Whittington with Miss Shellum in chorus. Ted Shenton’s music, and he conducted orchestra. Supper at 76 Badminton in evening. Home in car.

19th Dorothy Barnard
20th Milestones and dine Alexis with Kit
18th 7.30 to Mrs Styer’s
5½ hours at coat (20th) only cutting out and tacking.

Sunday 23rd February 1930

Very fine. Cold.
Embleton’s called for me at 9.40. All drove to Tonbridge. Fetched Phil, and on to Tankerton. Lunch at Hotel. Sat by fire and walked. To Tudor House, Near Maidstone for tea. Took Phil to Tonbridge at 6. Dennis called on “Beau” Herman. To Isola Bella for dinner. To Buchanan’s 9.20. Dennis took me home 10.15.

Monday 24th February 1930

Cold. Fine.
With Eva to Italian Exhibition. Very crowded. Home to lunch. She to Barnard’s. Out to visit Havestock Hill school, and on to Barnes’ and tea at Compayne Gardens. Home. Read. Bath and to bed 10.

Tuesday 25th February 1930

Dull. Cool.
Out to meet Lois at Lansdowne House, Berkeley Square. View Statuary. To Claude Flight’s Picture Show. Good nudes. Lunch with Faraday’s and Gladys Easdale and her musician son at Victor’s. Home. Worked. Felt rather ill. Coldy. Supper and to bed 8.30.

Wednesday 26th February 1930

Milder. Dark.
Felt rather better. Out to buy chicken. Home. Sewed coat – button-loops. Lunch. Took coat to be pressed (Paddington Street). On to Italian Exhibition. Back for coat at 5. Walked home. Sewed lining of coat and pressed it. Worked after supper too. Read “Jacob’s Room” Virginia Woolf.

Thursday 27th February 1930

Dull. Cool.
Felt coldy and headachey all day. Out to Hanan’s and Lewis’. Bought patterns and zip. Home. Lunch. Lay down on bed from 2.15 till 5.30. Dozed. Headache. Better in evening. Did some sewing at bag to match coat. To bed early, not feeling well (U.C.H. dance – Embleton’s).

Friday 28th February 1930

Dull. Cold.
Better. Out to shops (scallops). Finished coat (9 days, as Sunday out). Fur on collar. Lunch. Sewed bag all p.m. Supper 6. To Old Vic (box seat 5/9). Saw Shaw’s Dark Lady of the Sonnets and Androcles and the Lion. Very funny. Gladys Bell in box with Mrs Harcourt Williams. Home 10.20.

old vic

Saturday 1st March 1930

Dull. Cold.
Finished bag. Out in new coat to Boot’s. Lunch. Sewed, cut out gingham dress. Pattern wrong. Rested 4.45 – 6.15. Supper. Changed. To Badminton 8 p.m. Embleton’s brought me home.

25th Lansdowne House 10 – 5. Meet Lois 11.
27th University Hospital dance.

Sunday 2nd March 1930

Washed things. Busy drawing “Effort”. Alys called for me in Baby Austin at 12.15. Up to 9 Church Row. Cocktails. Stanley Austin and Griffiths there. Lunch at 76 Cholmley Gardens. To Skating Rink. Adrian there. All skated better! Chinese Restaurant for supper at 6.30. To Marble Arch Cinema. “Disraeli” George Arliss and Wild Waves, Mickey the Mouse; very good and Merlin (hawk). Home.



mickey mouse

Monday 3rd March 1930

Fine and mild.
Drew “Effort” till 12.30. Out and sandwich lunch at Victor’s. To Lewis’ to Wade’, with £4. To Key place in Fisher Street. To Kardomah. To Italian pictures. Home on top of bus. Tired with warm weather. Cut out gingham dress. Drew “Effort” in rust ink. Wrote Aunt Bella.

Tuesday 4th March 1930

Did all sorts of odd jobs. Went to Curzon Street and called on Handy Buchanan and Michael Williams in their new bookshop. 1st day of it! Sewed – wrote.

Wednesday 5th March 1930

Very mild. Fine.
At 9.15 out to Mansfield Road Managers’ Meeting. Home. Wrote. At 12.45 met Doz at Criterion. She gave me lunch. We to see Applecart at Queens’ Theatre. I took her. Then I walked across Hungerford Bridge to Waterloo. Met Alys, Dennis and Eva at Restaurant and had a meal 6.30. At 7.30 all to Old Vic. Androcles and the Lion. My birthday present to Dennis. Home by tube.

Thursday 6th March 1930

Out to Boots’. Phoned Sissie, Alys, Elsa. Spent morning packing suitcase. At 4.15 taxi to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea. Kit called. She took me in car to Elsa’s. Dinner there. Alan too. Sketch-Club – “Effort”. Few members. Five points. Fun. Dennis called for me and we took Duncan and Alan back. Slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens.


Friday 7th March 1930

Foggy. Damp. Then fine in evening.
Up early and at 8.50 in car, foggy. Up by Wansford, to Newark. Lunch there. On to Methley, near Leeds. Dennis interviewed. English tea at the Cedar’s (old Embleton place). On to Layton Manor. Dinner. To bed fairy early. Fires in bedroom. I slept with Eva. She bad cold.

West Layton Manor, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Saturday 8th March 1930

Fine. Lovely.
We arranged ornaments. Dennis saw Marshall Hardy (Bailiff). Alys, Eva and I for walk up Collier Lane. Lunch. Blaine and Beckwith to move piano. Photographs. Debby (mastiff). Vicar of Hutton Magna (Mr Forester) called. Tea. Drove him back and called on Mrs Forester. Drove to Richmond. Home. Dinner. In billiard room after.

6th Sketch Club “Effort”.
5th 2.30 “Applecart” with Dorothy Barnard 10.30 Mansfield Road.
7th To Layton. Handy 4th
3rd Androcles in evening with Embleton’s.

To Richmond 6 miles or 7
To Barnard Castle 7 miles.
To Darlington 11 miles

Sunday 9th March 1930

Fine. Cold.
Breakfast 9. Drove to Church at Hutton Magna. Good sermon by Mr Forester. Eva’s cough very continuous. Alys called on Mrs Clarke (Elsie’s). On to Barnard Castle, by Greta Bridge. Home. Dinner and out to hot-houses and see engine for electricity. Dennis and I to cottagers, and Alys and Eva to Mrs Hardy. Dinner. Billiards in evening.

Hutton Magna St Mary

Monday 10th March 1930

Fine. Cold. Sunny.
Off in car at 9.15 to Newcastle. Dennis interview with Rose (Solicitor) and other trustees. We to Fenwick and Cathedral. Met Ella and lunch. Tilley’s. Good. To 7 Roseworth Terrace. Tea. Dennis came 5. Mrs Henderson, applied for post as housekeeper. Took her back South Shields and saw her husband and Mrs McGill. Dennis and I to Layton (9.15) after losing the way in car. Alys at Ella’s.


Tuesday 11th March 1930

Cold. Snowy, early fine.
Off to Darlington. I by 11.11 train to Newcastle (Dennis and Eva to London). I taxi to Ella’s. Lunch. Rests. Wrote letter to Mrs Modral. Sat and talked and knitted. Alys a cold. I slept in other bed in her room. Music from Ella.

Wednesday 12th March 1930

Fine. Cold.
Wrote letters. Out to shops with Alys and Ella. To Reid and Sons. Home. Dinner 1. Dr Durrant to see Ella’s gland. Mrs Modral came, and Alys and I interviewed her. Rested in p.m. I out after tea with Ella. Alys very sore throat. Supper and to bed about 10. Alys up first.

Thursday 13th March 1930

Very fine and cold.
Read letters in a.m. Wrote Kitty. Ella and I out for walk. Alys in (cold). Dinner. Rests. Maggie out. I to Charlotte and Polly’s to tea. Elsie (Ker) Reid there. And Jessie (Mark) also. Polly home with me. Alys not well. Took her temperature – normal. Fire in bedroom.

Friday 14th March 1930

Snow showers.
Wrote K.H.D. Alys better. Out with Ella to shops and town. Reid and Sons. Home to dinner. Rested. Slept. Leonora and Phyllis to tea and Mary Selby in after. Stayed till past 6. Quiet evening. Ella read L.R.B’s letters to us.

Saturday 15th March 1930

Alys, Ella and I to town. To Studio and saw Amy. Bought glass ornament 3/6. On to Tilley’s. K. Brims and coffee. Home. Rested. Kenneth and Elsie and Edith Sandeman came to tea. Quiet evening. Ella read great-grandmamma’s letters to us. Music.

10th to Newcastle

Sunday 16th March 1930

Rain all day.
Ella to Meeting of Christie’s. Wrote letters and Alys phoned to Layton, Mrs Nichols. Dinner. Rested. Taxi to Yearle and tea with Leo, Leonora, Phyllis, Ida, Nora and Winnie. Leo paid taxi back. K. and Cissie Brims in till 7.40. Supper. Christy and Roly in at 8 till 9.50. We finished supper, grapefruit and cheese.


Monday 17th March 1930

Packed suitcases. Cut out glove-pattern. At 12 Alys and I taxi to station and 12.40 train to King’s Cross. Lunch and tea on board. Dennis met us and back to 76 in car. I stayed dinner and the night. Eva to dance at the Fagge’s. Dennis showed the ciné’ photos of Layton and Dobby.

Tuesday 18th March 1930

back to 21 Oxford Terrace with Dennis. Out, after unpacking, to Charing Cross Road about Boxing tickets. Home to lunch. Rested. Met Embleton’s at Thew’s. Alys had 4 more teeth out. Home in their car. Write J.H.M. To bed early and listened-in. International concert.

Wednesday 19th March 1930

Very cold.
At 9 up to Kitty’s to take boxing tickets to Edward. On to Alys. She in bed. Then to Northcourt. Home. Lunch early and out to Italian Pictures. Home at 4. Sewed blue check dress all evening. Supper. To bed 9.45.

Thursday 20th March 1930

Felt throaty. Sewed and out to Boots. Lunch. To meet Alys at Thew’s 2.15. Up with her and Dennis in car to 76. Walked to Kitty’s at 4. Tea, Mrs Styer there. By tube to Sissie’s at 6.45. Stayed supper. Listened-in to Baldwin speaking on Lord Balfour. Letter from John. Home at 10.30.

Friday 21st March 1930

Very fine.
In all a.m., throaty still. Altered Elsa’s dress. After lunch to meet Alys at Thew’s. Home. Rested. Sore throat still. Slept. Met Kitty at Mrs Brown’s, Wardour Street and dined 7.15. To Arts Theatre Club with her to see Ibsen’s Doll’s House. Very good. Ffrangcon Davies. Henry Oscar.

Saturday 22nd March 1930

Fine. Mild.
Met Lucy Brewtnall at Swan and Edgar’s at 12.30. Lunch at Regent Palace. Took her to see “Condemned”, Colman. Pavilion. Home. Supper. Felt better. To Badminton. With Alan to Bertorelli’s.

17th Home from Newcastle.
Wrote E.P. 16th
21st The Doll’s House, Arts Theatre,
League of Nations 5 p.m.
Thursday Tea at Kit’s. Supper at Sissie’s.
22nd Lucy Brewtnall 12.30 Swan and Edgar’s.

Sunday 23rd March 1930

In all a.m. painting flowers “Spring” but at 1 o’clock to Alys to dinner. Spencer and Dennis. Alys and I to skating 3 – 5. Did edges together fund. Tea with Adrian. Then back with Alys. Eva in to supper (she to picnic with Fagge’s party). Dennis at Spencer’s. I home at 9.45.

Monday 24th March 1930

Fine. Mild.
Out but felt throat sore again. In p.m to Nellie and Evie (John) Moore’s at Baron’s Court. To hear about F.F.B. Home. Sore throat. Sewed. To bed early.

Tuesday 25th March 1930

Fine. Mild.
Out to Selfridge’s and first to Philip Sassoon’s, 25 Park Lane to see “Conversation pictures”. Zoffany. Lunch at Selfridge’s. Home. To tea at Mrs Styer’s to meet Mrs Cardale and Betty. Nice. Home. Painted “Spring” all evening and listened-in to war play.

Wednesday 26th March 1930

Fine. Warm.
Out at 11.30 to Mrs E.V. Miles’ sale of work. On to Alys’. Stayed lunch. With Alys to Thew’s for 2.30. To Lab with Albert Hall tickets. With Alys to Oxford Circus. Home. Mounted painting for Spring 1878 fashions. Sewed black and ecru crêpe de chine frock. Letting it down. Supper. Wrote Ella.

Thursday 27th March 1930

Fine. Mild.
Out to shops. Busy sewing. But to town for passport and had photo taken for it. Home to lunch. To dinner at Elsa’s. Tony down after mumps. To Sketch Club “Spring”. 5 points and Will Beswick back with me to Baker Street. We walked to Frognal bus.

Friday 28th March 1930

Fine. Mild.
Out to shops. Wade came 11.15. Lunch from Home Service Kitchens – good 2/- each. Out to Mansfield Road Schools with C.H.W. On to 76 Cholmley Gardens with C.H.W. to tea with Alys and Eva. Back to Baker Street and home and I to supper at Barnard’s – 6 Elm Park Road (Embleton’s to Tonbridge and Cave’s for weekend).

Saturday 29th March 1930

Fine. Mild.
All a.m. stayed in all day Doing tulle coattee for evening dress out of Florence. At 4.15 tea at the Beswick’s. Irene aged 15 months. Home. Supper. To Badminton (the last this session). Over to North Start with Davis’es, Tates. Straight home.

27th Sketch Club “Spring”.
29th Embleton’s to Cave’s for weekend.
26th Mrs E.V. Miles’ Sale 11-30 – 6.
25th To Mrs Styer’s 4.30. 11.30 Alys Thew.
24th 4 to N. Moore.
To Alys 11.
28th C.H.W. 12.30. Dorothy to supper.

Sunday 30th March 1930

Fine. Warm.
All a.m. doing various works, brushed mattresses. Dinner. At 2 to Rink at Golders Green. Nice skating with Phillip’s, Gollant’s and Mrs Styer and Adrian and Christine O’Halloran. Mrs Styer treated us all to tea and took me home in car 5.30. Sewed and cut out.

Monday 31st March 1930

Out to Passport Office. To Army and Navy Stores for jumper pattern. Home by 16. Lunch. All p.m. sewed bonnet, petersham and straw and ironed and darned. Sewing hard and cutting. To bed about 10. Out all p.m. and made hat straw. Tired.

Tuesday 1st April 1930

Breakfast early. Max’s 56th birthday. To shops and laundry. Kitty came at 11.15 till 12.30. I unpicked. Lunch – pork pie and chicory salad. Sewed and cut out black voile jumper. To cleaners. Sewed all day. Supper. Listened-in “Philip the King” and cut out old cotton frock on bed till 10.

Wednesday 2nd April 1930

Very warm. Fine.
Busy. Out to Passport Office. Back by Kardomah and Lewis’. Bought stuff. Home at 1.15. Lunch. Sewed hard and planned chiffon skirt on floor and cut it out. At 6.30 met Eva and Phil at Waterloo. Supper. To Old Vic “Macbeth” 7.30 Gielgud.

Thursday 3rd April 1930

Showers. Dark.

Did sewing, chiefly blue chiffon dress. Lunch. To Selfridge’s with chiffon dress for picoting. Then to meet Alys at Thew’s 3.45. Back with her to 76. Tea, Eva and Phil there. Stayed until 9.30. Dennis out at curling. Phil with me to bus 28.

Friday 4th April 1930

Rain. Very dark.
Out to Lewis’ to buy more grey ninon. Home, and did sewing. Lunch. Kitty came (on from Mrs Waley’s) and darned stockings for me. Wade came (unexpected) and they both had tea. I sewed on Tante’s cotton frock all evening. Listened-in to War program. Very good. Wrote E.P. and Aunt Bella.

Saturday 5th April 1930

Dull. Cool.
Sewed. To Selfridge’s for picot and Pemberthy’s – gloves, stockings. Lunch at home. Made felt hat all p.m. from 1.10½ felt bought at Newcastle. Out to supper with Dorothy (Polly at Sopley) and sewed there. Heard about Ironside bothers. Home 11.15.

Dorothy Barnard’s holidays begin 3rd.
Phil’s holidays begin 1st. 2nd Macbeth 7.30
5th to Dorothy’s to supper
4th Kit at 3.
Wrote E.P. 4th

Sunday 6th April 1930

Busy finishing off cotton frock (Tante’s) in a.m. Lunch and then to Rink. Alys, Eva and Phil there, and Adrian. Tea all together. Adrian and Evan began Threes, with Alys’ hand. Back with them and at 6.45 Alys and I to Isola Bella for dinner (Alys wanted soft food). Spencer at 76 and Chappell under notice!

Monday 7th April 1930

Up early and sewed. To meet Alys at Thew’s – 11.35. Bought things at Gayler and Pope’s. Home lunch. Sewed straight on from 1.30 till 7! Supper. Sewed again till 9.15. Wrote Mrs Baxter, and posted it. Doing blue and grey chiffon dress all day.

Tuesday 8th April 1930

Dull showers.
Out to Bank and to Victoria to see Dorothy off to Tunis at 11.20. Blue Train. Poz took me home in Laing’s car. Lunch. To Haverstock Hill School. Up to Elsa’s, Max on sofa with gouty foot. Tea then at 7 to 76 Cholmley Gardens and helped with selecting things for Layton lorry. Stayed dinner and home at 11.10.

Wednesday 9th April 1930

Dull. Mild.
Busy finishing blue and grey frock. To Cooper’s and other shops near. All rest of the day worked at check (Newcastle) cotton frock . 1.30 till 6.50 without stopping. Supper 7. Then did income tax claim papers. To bed about 9.30 or 10.

Thursday 10th April 1930

Dull. Mild and sun.
Washed 2 jumpers and rearranged beige one. To Bank and to Evan’s for frillings. To Chappell’s. Home. Lunch. Went on doing collar and elastic of blouse and finished 1 tax claim paper. Supper. Sewed black check dress and listened-in. Phoned Alys at 9.15. Bath.

Friday 11th April 1930

Very fine and warm.
Up early 7.15. Breakfast 8. Ironed grey jumper. Tried on things and made grey Italian hat, with grosgrain ribbon. Out to Victoria (walked there by Park). Inquired about trains and booked seats to Brussels. Liver sandwich at Oettle’s 4d. Eggnog 9d at Selfridge’s. Good. Home. Cut out Tante’s blue stuff into frock. Sewed till lateish.

Saturday 12th April 1930

Rain and very fine intervals.
Sewed and took iron to Cunningham’s. Alys to lunch. Spaghetti and cream and chocolate. Showed her frocks. Back with her in Baby Austin and tea at 76, Sewed there. Up to Buchanan’s in Baby Austin with Alys and Eva. Then home. They drove me to Abercorn Place. Sewed till late on blue dress. To bed 10 and put forward clocks to 11.

8th Dorothy to Tunis.
Villa Ormond.

Sunday 13th April 1930

Fine but showers. Cooler.
Did some ironing, frills and sewing. Lunch. To Skating. Alys and Kitty there. Skating display by Swedish champion lady – Vivi-Anne Hultén. Tea. Back in Kit’s car to 76. MolKy and Bill Cave there. I away at 6.25. Home. Tried on frocks. Supper. Up late sewing.

Monday 14th April 1930

To Lewis’ and Selfridge’s and Woolworth’s. Dyed hat. Busy sewing black voile jumper and underslip and ironing – lunch – and after. Did striped blouse after supper. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 15th April 1930

April “cool”.
Out to shops. Wadie at 12.10. Lunch from “Home Service”. Sewed my striped jumper. She did up brasses. Tea. C.H.W. away at 7. I supper at 8. To bed and bath 10.15.

Wednesday 16th April 1930

Fair. Cool. Out to shops and to Lab. With case of French books and coat-hangers. To Selfridge’s. To Victoria. Paid my seat reservations. Home. Lunch. Packed suitcase and sewed and ironed – scarf on black cape. Supper. Made sandwiches (Alys and Phil in Baby Austin and Dennis and Eva in Chrysler. All started for Layton 16th).

Layton, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Thursday 17th April 1930

Showers. Cold.
Up 7.15. Poz came in taxi 9.15 and we to King’s Cross. 10 a.m. train to York. Sandwiches. Changed 1.35 and “to Darlington” Arrived 2.55. Dennis met us in car and also Helen and Tony, same train. Drove to Layton Manor. Dolly and John arrived by car 5.30. Dinner. Talked and Pool. Dennis and Eva met Molly and Bill at 7.45.

Friday 18th April 1930

Showers and sun. North wind.
Out with Poz in garden along Collier Lane. Very cold. Took Debby. Dennis and Alys to Church at Hutton Magna. After lunch Poz and I slept on our beds. Others out for walk. Tea. Dennis arranged cinema. After dinner, cinema and Mrs Nichols and maids in. To bed 11.

Hutton Magna St Mary

Saturday 19th April 1930

Rain. Cold.
Not out all day. Lined my black pochette. Dolly mended Angelus rolls. Mrs and Dr Kellett to tea. Read in p.m. in smoking room and morning room. Played Slippery Ann in evening, and other played billiards.

To Layton 17th to Polly at 10 King’s Cross.
Law Sitting ends 16th
C.H.W. Thursday.

Alys and Philip slept at Abbotsford 16th

Sunday 20th April 1930

Cold. Finer.
Dolly in car to Hutton Magna Church at 8 and took Molly and Bill and John. All of us to Church 10.30. Some stayed to Communion, others home. Read and after lunch. Tea. To engine house and Chapel. Dennis gave another cinema show in evening. Mrs Nichols and maids in. To bed about 11.45.

Monday 21st April 1930

Warmer. Dull.
Bill and Tony for walk early. Phil and I did French. All helped clear out Chapel room and move it to harness room. Poz and I for walk a.m. towards Hutton. Took forms and chairs to big room over garage. After tea, ciné’ show there to about 30 tenants, gardeners and their children. After dinner played Polly’s handkerchief game and Matthew Mark and stations.

Tuesday 22nd April 1930

Sunny. Lovely.
Out on gardens and greenhouses. Dennis and Philip with Hardy (Bailiff) to visit tenants Dolly in car with Helen, Tony and John. Alys and Polly for a walk. Helen and I sat in sun by porch and read. Tony catapult. Dolly took Eva, Bill and John in car and no tea. Dennis and Phil late to tea and tired. Billiards in evening and talk.

Wednesday 23rd April 1930

Showers. Rain all p.m.
French with Phil. With Poz in gardens, talked to Coopers. Got Debby. Alys and Dennis to Miss Clegg. After lunch all in 3 cars to Hawes. I in Dolly’s. Tea at White Hart.

white hart
The White Hart Inn, Hawes. A 16th century former coaching inn, situated in the old market town of Hawes in Upper Wensleydale

To Hardraw Force. Back in Chrysler with Caves and Eva through Richmond. Phil driving Baby. Got home at 8.10. After dinner in cellars and billiard room. Dolly and John played.

Thursday 24th April 1930

Misty. Warm.
To see circular saw working. Dennis, Alys and Eva in Chrysler to take Molly and Bill to Darlington, for London train. Phil and I did French. Helen and Polly to Ravensworth. Dolly and John in Clyns, away. After lunch helped Alys in big room and with books and toys. After tea all walked to Reservoir and to Honeypot Plantation. Debby too. Dennis and Eva billiards. Talk. Baths.

Friday 25th April 1930

Mild. Damp.
French with Phil. Helen and Eva arranged Embleton heirlooms. Scrubbed cottage floor and prepared Chapel in harness room. In p.m. Dennis fetched Mr and Mrs Forester (vicar) from Hutton Magna to tea. Miss Clegg came too. Greenhouses, (croquet earlier) banana flower out. In billiard room after dinner.

Saturday 26th April 1930

Helen and Polly packed up. Dennis arranged new driveway. Helen and Tony away at 11.30 in car with Connie (Hay). We up to see Coates, whom Dennis carried down to new room; “like a baaaby!”. Out to see banana’s progress. Felt lumbago-ish. After dinner played billiards.

Sunday 27th April 1930

Dull. Damp.
Embleton’s to church. Felt very stiff. I at home. Wrote E.P. sat by fire. Rested after dinner. French with Phil at 6.30 – 7.30. Alys played on piano. After supper in billiard room.

Monday 28th April 1930

Dull. Mildish.
At 9.45 Eva and Phil in Baby Austin. Very stiff back. Alys, Dennis and I in Chrysler at about 11. All met at Doncaster (Danum Hotel) at 1 for lunch.

Danum Hotel,

Then Eva, Dennis and I in Chrysler on. Tea at George, Buckden. Home to Cholmley at 7. Dinner. Dennis took me back to 21 Oxford Terrace at 8. Alys and Phil held up till 6 at Doncaster by steering gear and horn trouble. Not home till 12 midnight. Phoned Dennis from Stamford at 7.45. Back swollen!!

Tuesday 29th April 1930

Fine. Mild.
Less stiff as day went on. Out to shops and lunch at Barborelli – spaghetti. Hughes came about hoovering my rooms. Packed up all p.m. slowly. Did some sewing too. Finished packing and to bed 9.50.

London, Brussels

Wednesday 30th April 1930

Sunny. Cold North East strong wind.
Up 7.30. Taxi at 9.30. To Victoria. Alys, Eva, Phil and Dorothy, Kitty and George saw me off at 10.30. Arrived Dover 12.30. Boat S.S. Ville de Liège 1 – 4.20 or 4.30 (late as rough and north-east wind).


On deck had ham, soda water. Cold and wet with salt water pouring off shelter roof. Train at Ostende 5 – 6.46. Coffee and roll 9.30. Aunt Bella met me at Brussels. Taxi to 65 Avenue Louis Lepoutre. Dinner. Looked at details of tour. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 1st May 1930

Mild. Dullish.
Breakfast 8.45. Madame Schoentjens came, to take Kiki and silver, papers. I with her to tram. Lunch. Slept on m bed in p.m. Had hot bath at 6. Supper 7 and to bed about 9.


Friday 2nd May 1930

Perfect sun till Mulhouse. Rain p.m.
Breakfast 7.30. Auto to Nord Gare. 9 train to Bale. Lunch in Pullman 1st Class and there all day. Lovely views. Arrived Bale 5.15. Waited in waiting room. 7.10 train to Lucerne, arrived 8.37. Walked to Hotel du Lac (had schinken-brod and fruit in train). So straight to bed.

hotel du lac


Saturday 3rd May 1930

Rain. Fine after lunch.
Walked in rain to steamboat. At 10.45 off on Lac des 4 Cantons; lunch 12.30 on board. Arrived 2.10 at Fluellen. Train at 3.13. Through St Gothard tunnel; dinner on board train; arrived Milan 8 p.m Bus to Touring Hotel. To bed, after writing cards. Awaked by kitten and peacocks and lions.

Embleton’s return from Layton about 29th and me.
Law Sitting 29th begins.
Dorothy back on 29th
To Brussels 30th April

To Bale and Lucerne 2nd
N.B. Gave Mrs Frampton £1 in hand. 12/6 for Hoover (Hughes). Paint chair? Stamps?

Sunday 4th May 1930

Hot and very fine.
Aunt Bella to Mass at 9. I to find kitten and brought it in. Breakfast with her at 8.30. At 10, waited for car, but at 10.20 walked to cathedral (Duomo). All round outside and inside. Holds 40,000. Lunch at Hotel. At 2 p.m. in auto to Certosa di Pavia. 12 ½ miles. Guide. Luini frescoes. 2 lovely cloisters. Delicate columns. Red brick arches, liquers. Back. Rested. Dined.



Monday 5th May 1930

Warm. Fine.
Train at 8.30 to Verona. Arrived 12.15. Bus to Albergo Milano, via Carlo Cattaneo. Lunch. Rested till 2.45. Out to Roman Arena, Castel Cacchio and Adige River; tram to near cathedral. Piazza Erbe. Dante. Back very tired at 6. Rested, Dinner. Cards and bed.



Tuesday 6th May 1930

Fine and warm.
Breakfast 9. Tram to St Zeno church. Romanesque. Crypt, skeleton of St Zeno, a Mantegna triptych. Lunch. At 3.30 to station in bus. C.I.T. guide (lame). 4.13 train to Venice. Officer in train. Arrived 6.15. Gondola to Regina Hotel. Dinner. Wrote cards. Baths! Bedrooms 11 and 57.

regina hotel

Wednesday 7th May 1930

Rain. Cooler.
At 9.30 came. C.I.T. guide Zaccario Amades. Fascist. Over St Marks, Piazza and Church. And Doge’s Palace. Prisons, Le Conseil des Dix. Lunch. Unpacked. Changed to rooms 83 and 84. Out in rain to meet guide. Missed him. To St Mark’s and looked in shops. Home. Dinner. Wrote Alys.

st marks
St Mark’s Square, Venice

Thursday 8th May 1930

Heavy showers all day.
After breakfast (at 9), we walked by Merceria to Santi Giovanni and Paoli. Fine church, equestrian statues. Then to Rialto. Rain! Walked back to Regina. Lunch. Wrote cards. At 2.30 in motorboat to Islands. Murano, Burano and Torcello. Like Holland. Back to Riva degli Schiavoni at 6.30. Home, dinner and read Baedeker.


Friday 9th May 1930

Fine a.m. Then dull.
Out to Riva degli Schiavoni and took steamer to Lido. Tram along by bathing-huts. Into Excelsior Hotel. 2 girls bathing. Hotel closed, few people. Back to lunch. Out in gondola to Frari Church – Titian’s Assunta 1517 and a Bellini (fine altar-piece). And Titian’s Madonna di Casa Pesaro. On to Palazzo Albrizzi – private, Almedeo’s card introduced us. Back. 2 hours of gondola. Wrote Amy Steel. German warships Schliesien and Hennsen in. German sailors everywhere.  Gondola 12 lire an hour. 4 or 5 lira tip.

Maria Dei Frari, Church, Venice

Saturday 10th May 1930

Fine. Sun and moon.
In gondola (20c each) over to Santa Maria della Salute. On foot to Accademia di Belle Arti. Very good. Tintoretto’s, Titian’s last Pietà (aged 99).

The Pietà is one of the last paintings by the Italian master Titian, and in its final, extended state was left incomplete at his death in 1576, to be completed by Palma Giovane.

Bellini Carpacchio Guardi. Walked back by bridge. Rested after lunch. Slept. Packed up, out to buy cards and wrote cards. After dinner at 9 out to Piazza San Marc, band and German sailors. Crowds.


Sunday 11th May 1930

Warm. Showers.
Breakfast 7.45. Gondola 8.30 to quay. Steamer 8.55 to Fusina. Thence steam-tram to Padua. Arrived 11.00 Carozza to Hotel Storione. Very good. Aunt Bella to Mass at St Antonio’s. I with her and back. In p.m. to see San Antonio again with Polish priest. Relics, (tongue, etc of St Guistina). Bones of him and martyrs in catacomb and Veronese of St Guistina’s martyrdom over altar.



Monday 12th May 1930

Fine, warm.
To see Piazza delle Erbe and Frutta and then to Eremitani and Mantegna’s frescoes, and Madonna del’Arena with Giotto’s frescoes (1305).  

di fruitti

Train 1.56 to Florence. Crowded. Lunch in W.R. No seats. Talked to conductors in German. Then sat in carriage with Italian couple (unhappy) and friend, jocose. Cats cradle and paper toys. Arrived Florence 6. Late as delay. To Anglo-American Hotel. Dinner. Tired.

Tuesday 13th May 1930

Hot. Fine.
With Guide at 8.15 in carozza (50 lira) to St Lorenzo. Michael Angelo’s Medici tombs and Donatello. Marvellous. Cathedral. Giotto’s Campanile. And up hill to Galileo, and Piazzale Michael Angelo.  By Via Cavour out to Place Boccaccio and back. In to Orsanmichele Church. Concert in lounge in evening.


Wednesday 14th May 1930

Warm. Fine.
Carozza to Pitti Gallery (4.50 with tip) and Boboli garden. In gallery till 12.35. Back in carozza. Lunch. Wrote Dorothy Barnard, Kitty and Miss Franklyn. At 3.30 or 4 in bus to town. Walked to Santa Croce (Westminster Abbey). Tombs of Michael Angelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, Puccini. Giotto frescoes (restored). Back by carozza to C.I.T. and Hotel. Kept awake by Toscanini concert “Viva il Maestro”.


Thursday 15th May 1930

Fine. Warm.
At 10 to Palazzo Vecchio, but closed for Toscanini and Mussolini! To Uffizzi (officers) Gallery till 12.15. Back in carozza. Rested til 2. Then Uffizzi again, but it closed at 3. Fiesta for Mussolini! To Hat market and Academy. Saw Michael Angelo’s David. It gigantic. St Marc’s convent closed. Chiudere. Back. Rested 5 – 7.15. In evening concert and mannequins.


Friday 16th May 1930

Fine. Hot but breeze.
To Uffizi again all a.m. Carozza to lunch and to San Marco to see Fra Angelico’s frescoes. Rest till 3.15. Bus to town. Bargello, Donatello’s David, St George, St John, Luca della Robbia, Michael Angelo’s Bacchus, Madonna. All marvellous especially Donatello and Michael Angelo’s. To Badia Church. Fine Filippino Lippi. Madonna appearing to St Bernard. Very tired.


Saturday 17th May 1930

Hot. Fine.
At 10 – 11 up to see Mussolini pass. Then carozza to Santa Maria Novella – Ghirlandaio’s frescoes and Cimabue picture. At 3.30 by motor car to Fiesole. Saw monastery, church and Roman theatre. Lovely views. Back after dinner out to see Mussolini arrive at Opera. Flashed past! Packed up.


Sent letter and cards to E.P – 17th
Also on 13th saw Baptistery of San Giovanni octagonal Ghiberti bronze doors and Mary Magdalene drawn by Donatello. St Laurence bust by Donatello in St Lorenzo chapel.
Wrote Alys 13th.
Offices – Uffizzi.


Sunday 18th May 1930

Fine. Hot.
Breakfast in bedroom at 6.45. At 8.05 train to Siena. Arrived 10.22. Aunt Bella to Mass. I walked to Duomo. After lunch (outdoors) carozza to cathedral. Walked back. Rested. At 4.30 to St Dominic. 2 very nice priests showed us Sodoma frescoes of St Catherine. Back and for drive round town in caruzzo. Very poor dinner.

The Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple, 1518, fresco, Oratory of San Bernardino, Siena


Monday 19th May 1930

Much colder. Thunder and rain.
Breakfast 9. Bus to station. Train 10.32 to Chitsi. No C.I.T. car. Lunch at inn. 28.50 (3/6 each). Beans (raw). Taxi to Perugia. Storm on way. Aqua in engine. In peasants’ house by lake (fisherman) for 45 minutes. Pretty woman. To Hotel Palazzo at Brufani. Out to C.I.T to complain. Marvellous panorama of hills. Good hotel. Wood fire in library. Cosy.


Tuesday 20th May 1930

Perfect. Cool.
To Pinacoteca museo in town-hall. Good. Perugino’s Pinturicchio. To Duomo. In motor-bus all round city. Lunch. Packed. To Cambio, money changers. Auto (from C.I.T. as compensation) to San Pietro (Perugino) to Etruscan tombs B.C. 300. Ox fell in 1840 Volumniae. Across Tiber to St Maria del Angeli. St Francis chapel inside. His girdle. To Assisi, Hotel Subasio (after hill behind). To Church, 2 one on top of other.

Santa Maria della Vita


Wednesday 21st May 1930

For drive in carozza to St Damiano’s (Santa Clara and German priest) and by Temple of Minerva back. Lunch at 2.15. To Station – 3.26 train to Rome. Lovely scenery. Hill towns, river Tiber. Arrived Rome at 8 p.m. Taxi to Miss Meert’s, via Cornelio Celso 22, Rome 27. She only expecting us tomorrow. Dinner and talk with Father Fye. U.S.A. and Von Matt and Palmucci. 2 young Italians.


Thursday 22nd May 1930

Rain. Dull and mild.
Hot bath, arranged by Assunta, then breakfast in bedroom. Sat in other rooms while carpenter in. With Aunt Bella in Luigi’s taxi to C.I.T. and all about Forum, Coliseum. Lunch. Tea at 5.30 with Luigi to St Peter’s. L’Ora Santa, the Pope, Pius XI carried in Sedia. Swiss Guard, in costume, halberds. Sat among legations. Black veils. Applause! Back at 8.30. Dinner. To bed 10.30.


Friday 23rd May 1930

Mild. Dull.
Breakfast in room with Aunt Bella. In taxi to St Peter’s. All about it, saw Leon M. Lion (actor). Lovely pieta by Michael Angelo; (young work) Stewart tombs. Up to dome. Taxi home at 1.30. Rested at 3.45. Up at 5.15. Cardinal Lépicier (votre Eminence) and Monsignor Herzog (both Frenchmen) to call and tea. Sat and talked about war after they left till supper at 8. To bed 10.30.

Leon Marks Lion (1879 – 1947) was an English stage and film actor, playwright, theatrical director and producer

Saturday 24th May 1930

Very fine. Windy.
Letter from Max. In taxi with Aunt Bella to Vatican. To see Sistine Chapel. Spent an hour in it. Through Raphael Stanza’s (rooms) and Fra Angelico. Back in taxi to lunch. Rest 30 minutes. Luigi took us to Santa Maria Maggiore, St Giovanni Laterano, San Pietro Vincoli (chains). San Clemente, San Paolo and Lorenzo fuori le mura (cloisters). St Lorenzo – 2 churches end on together. Back at 7. Supper at 8. To bed 11.

The chains, according to tradition, were used to bind St Peter in the Mamertine Prison

24th anniversary (15th) of Italian entry into war.
Sent Alys letter and cheque 21st from Assisi.

Sunday 25th May 1930

Dull and rain in p.m.
Miss Meert and Aunt Bella to Mass at 10.15. I sewed frill in dress and wrote Alys. Dinner. 1.15. Talked. Rested. Dressed. Miss Meert first then we in Luigi’s taxi to Von Matt’s party. Cardinal Vannutelli (aged 94) and card. Frechwerth 87! Mr and Mrs Field. We back at 7.15. Miss Meert at 9.10! So late supper and to bed 11.

Vincenzo Vannutelli (1836 – 1930) was an Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He spent his career in the foreign service of the Holy See and was made a cardinal in 1890.

Monday 26th May 1930

Dull and rain.
With Aunt Bella to Vatican Pinacoteca. Pictures. Raphael and sculpture. Apollo Belvedere. Home 1 in taxi. Dinner. Sewed skirt. Monsignor Hunt and 2 others US and Canadian called. Tea. Marsala. Aunt Bella and I out to Porta Pia to buy postcards. Wrote them.

porta pia

Tuesday 27th May 1930

Very fine.
With Luigi to Finances for Principe stamps. To C.I.T. for my ticket. To the Pantheon. Raphael’s tomb. Light thru’ dome. St Maria Sopra Minerva. Christ by Michael Angelo (naked with cross), Pulcino elephant with obelisk. Little. To St Maria della Pace. Raphael Sybils. Out to Post Office alone. Signor and La Signorina Brunialti to dinner.


Wednesday 28th May 1930

Hot and fine.
With Luigi to Forum. Spent quite an hour there. Up to Palatinate for view. To Baths of Caracalla. To Aventine Hill. Home by Tiber and island in it. After lunch rested. Slept. At 8 came Count Von Matt and Palmucci and Father Fye. Dinner, music and bridge. Aunt Bella and I to bed at 10.45.


Thursday 29th May 1930

Very hot. Fine.
To St’Agnese fuori le mure. Walked along (others at Mass). In catacombs with candle. To Santa Constanza (round) and with earliest mosaics (Christian) and vineyards. Back by tram. Sat in garden. Rested. Mrs McMahon and Miss Cosby, very lame, sweet, to tea. Miss Meert to dinner at Von Matt’s. We to bed 9.20.

Sant’Agnese fuori le mura

Friday 30th May 1930

Very hot. Fine.
Capitoline Musei. She-wolf. Boy with thorn. Venus. Dying Gaul. To Villa Borghese. Statues. Home. At 3.30 out Luigi again to Palantine Hill – Livia’s House. Palace of Nero and other emperors’. To St Stefano Rotondo. To Scala Santa. To Santa Maria degli Angeli. Home at 6.50. Sat in garden. Drew Nina after supper.

She-wolf with Romulus and Remus. Bronze, 13th century AD (the twins are a 15th-century addition).

Saturday 31st May 1930

Hot and fine.
Out with Luigi to Borghese Pictures. Then to Musee Terme (Diocletian baths). Finds in Rome. Cloister (Michael Angelo). Caricature of Crucifixion. Back to dinner. Rested and packed. Tea in garden. Finished packing. Talked and played with Nina. To bed 10.30

Sculptures on view in Michelangelo’s Cloister
Sculptures on view in Michelangelo’s Cloister

27th to Roman Flower market – flower mosaics.
Vanutelli, Papal delegate to London. Letter and reply “More or less forty “catacombs”. Milk-punch to baby after cocktails.
Letter to Dorothy. Card to Phil 30th.


Sunday 1st June 1930

Fine. Hot.
Mass in Miss Meert’s private chapel for the Roman Catholic’s at 8.30. I had bath. All breakfasted at 9.15 in dining room and Father too. At 10.15 with Luigi to station and Aunt Bella and I by 11.05 train. Past Pisa. Lunch and dinner on train, Wagon-Lit. Compartment each. Genoa at 9 and Asti; Modane (frontier) Duoane and passports at 3 a.m. Not much sleep. Frequent stops.


Monday 2nd June 1930

Dull, showery.
Breakfast at 8.30 in restaurant car. All a.m. by Mâcon, Chalon. Dijon. Lunch. Arrived Paris P.L.M. (Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée) 2.32 Taxi to Ouest Hotel, Rue de Rome. Aunt Bella there. I a bedroom at Hotel Belair, Rue Tarbe. Rested till 6.30. Supper at a small restaurant. To bed 9.


Tuesday 3rd June 1930

Roll and coffee in room. At 9 to Ouest Hotel. With Aunt Bella in taxi to Gare du Nord. She to Ravenel at 10.8. I at 10.to Calais. Arrived 1.15. Had to pay extra for Bouloge. Smooth crossing. Rain at first. Left Dover at 4.30 or so and arrived Victoria 4.15 or a little later. Alys and Eva met me. Taxi to 21 Oxford Terrace. They away. I wrote postcards and out to post. Got supper and unpacked and to bath and bed 10.

Wednesday 4th June 1930

Fine and hot.
Went on unpacking, and washed grey jumper. To Kingsgate Road School 10.30 to Meeting. Home Ironed blouse. Lunch. Packed up suitcase. Wrote Aunt Bella and Miss Meert. At 4.30 Alys came in Baby Austin. Both of us up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea with Eva, Alys. Eva out to dine and theatre with Handy. Back. Very tired. To supper (maid, Mrs Kingsmill, out). Dennis out again to see Spencer and patient. I slept in Phil’s room.


Thursday 5th June 1930

Fine and hot.
All breakfast 8.30. Unhappiness about Lab. Eva and I off at 10.30 in Baby Austin. Bought lunch food at Great Missenden. Ate it in woods near Great Hampden. Drove on and tea at Chipping Norton. The King’s Arms (or Head?!) Nice. Soldier and King Albert’s letter. Arrived Broadway 6. Teeds at Fairview too! Supper. Talk. Music. Lucy slept out. Eva and I shared room.

Friday 6th June 1930

Fine and hot.
Tades breakfast in bed. All of us walked to Lady Lifford’s garden and sat there. Eva fetched car and took Tades back in it. Dinner. Rests. Read “Christopher and Columbus” by Elizabeth. Eva took Teeds and Lucy to station. Teeds away, at 5. We all sat on green under tree. Supper. Listened-in. To bed at 10.

Saturday 7th June 1930

Fine. Cool wind.
After breakfast, Eva and Lucy for walk to Coppice. Tades and I to shops very slowly. Dinner. Rests. Lucy, Eva and I to Pemberton’s. Sat in garden. Took flowers to War Memorial. Supper. Wrote E.P and sent cards of Broadway.

1st Rome
5th Broadway
3rd back from Paris – London 10 a.m. – 5.15 p.m.
Arthur Wimperis gave Tades £3 but she only accepted £2 for Eva and me.
Alys with Caves and Coxes and Dr Sharpe at Layton

Sunday 8th June 1930

Very fine and warm.
Eva drove Tades and me to station. Wrote Aunt Bella. We sat in field and Eva fetched Lucy who walked ½ way. Lucy and Eva on to Stanway. Home dinner. Rests. Tea. All to Vaughan’s and saw Baby, in garden. Tades and I back and sat in car on green. Eva and Lucy for walk to Middle Hill.

Monday 9th June 1930

Fine. Windy.
Eva and I out to buy peppermints. Eva, Lucy and I to Mrs Reece-Pryce’s garden. Home, dinner, rests. Trimmed Tade’s hat. Eva, Lucy and I after tea, walked across fields to Smallbrook. Back by Roman Catholic Church. Read paper and listened-in to New York.

Tuesday 10th June 1930

Showers. Mild.
Lucy and I to call on Miss Gilman (blind and nearly deaf). Eva out with Tades. Lucy, Eva and I to Russell’s shop. Dinner. Wrote Amy Steel. To tea (all) at Monk’s tea rooms. Good. Eva took them to Snowshill. I paid bills and to Coach and Horses Inn. A stand in. Psychology.


Wednesday 11th June 1930

Dull. Mild.
At 10.15 Eva and I started off in Baby Austin. Lunch near Great Hampden again – pork-pie. Home at 76 Cholmley Gardens at 4. Alys in later on. 93 miles with about 2 miles losing our way at Princes Risborough. Talked. Dennis in to dinner later. All out to post together. Slept at 76.

Thursday 12th June 1930

Hot, fine.
With Dennis to breakfast and Eva to have hair done. Taxi to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out to shop with Alys for Eva’s fur-coat. Home to Lunch, but out to Bertorelli’s for it. Rested. Out to dinner at 6 Elm Park Road in garden. Stayed with Poz and Doz until 10.30. Home.

Friday 13th June 1930

Hot and fine
Met Alys 10.30 Oxford Circus. With her to Cannon Street about Eva’s coat. Had sandwich at Baber’s. To Charing Cross about bus to Eton. Home. Rested. Washed and ironed. Supper. Eva called for me at 8.30 and we both to 76 Cholmley Gardens. No key. Porter opened window. Alys and Dennis to Cheltenham to Pathology.

Saturday 14th June 1930

Hot. Fine.
To shops and pay for Alys’ books. Eva too. By 28 to Paddington. Home to 21 Oxford Terrace. C.H.W. there. Got cold lunch and ices. All to Military Tournament at Olympia. Train from Marble Arch. Very good show. Back to 21 (train) tea. All away. I with Eva to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Slept there.

Sunday 15th June 1930

Fine and hot.
In all a.m. Read Apes and Angels (Priestley). Kitty came and sewed and talked. After dinner, at 2, Eva and I to Paddington and to Windsor. To Castle and walked to Eton. Bus, but “London Coach”! Bus back to Willowbrook. Tea with Fortescue’s in garden. Away 5.20. Train from Slough. Alys and Dennis and Dr Varvill back from Cheltenham. Stayed night at 76 Cholmley Gardens.

Monday 16th June 1930

Dull. Hot. Showers.
With Dennis home. Washed mantlepiece china. At 1.30 to 76 Cholmley Gardens but they out. Lunched alone there. Home. Alys and Phil came 2.45. Phil away to Cambridge for Little-go from Liverpool Street at 4.15. Eva with Raines to Academy. I went on with spring cleaning. Moth in wicker chair, saddle bag. Supper and to bed about 9.45.

Tuesday 17th June 1930

Dullish. Hot. Thunderstom 4 – 6.30
Washed my hair and did other washing too. Out to shops near and posted green frock to Lucy. Lunch. Washed carpet with Carpetine. Read on bed “Mårbacka” Selma Lagerlöf. Very dark. Thunderstorm. Washed balcony after. Supper.

Wednesday 18th June 1930

Very hot. Thunder showers.
Did all sorts of odd jobs, with cleaning, brass. To shops and Chappell’s. At 5.30 to Kitty’s. Peter met me at tube with car as raining. Stayed till 6.30. Peter and Kit took me to Sissie’s in Cubitt. Supper with her. Talk about Louie Vincent. Home at 10.30 or so.

Thursday 19th June 1930

Perfect day.
At 10 to North Court to Prize-giving. Ethel took “Cat with drinks”. On to 76 Cholmley Gardens and lunch there. Alys had stump of tooth out, with gas. Dennis brought her home at 1. Rest, and then walked up to Elsa’s. Tea with her, and talk in garden. Adrian in and Tony. Elsa set me down to Mrs Styer’s. Dinner there at 7.30. Home at 11 or so.

Friday 20th June 1930

Dull. Warm.
At 10.15 to Chalk Farm. Prize-giving 1.45 by Mrs Gruner. Good show. Home. Lunch, rested and slept in p.m. Alys phoned about Marlow. At 5.45 to Bridgewater House, Lord Ellesmere’s pictures. To English Speaking Union. Ate sandwiches there. At 8 Albert Hall to hear and see Hiawatha. Dancing. Costumes. Home at 11.20.

Saturday 21st June 1930

Dullish. Hot.
To Nell Sime’s with tickets and called at Hospital for Nervous Diseases. Fetched picture (new glass 2/6). Home. To Goupil Gallery Exhibition and then Leicester Gallery’s Van Gogh and Frank Dobson’s sculptures “Truth”. Did big black hat a new in p.m. Lunch at home. Cleaned picture glasses, carpet, arranged canvases. Supper. Tired.

Frank Dobson – “Truth”

19th 7 Mrs Styer
19th 10 North Court
20th 10.45 Chalk Farm.
18th 7 Supper with Sissie.
19th 4 p.m. Elsa’s.
19th and 20th Ellesmere Collection.
Sunday – supper at Ayrton’s.
Alys and Eva to Marlow, Saturday Bill rowing.

Sunday 22nd June 1930

Up late. Wrote Aunt Bella. Washed things and ironed. Ironed and sewed frills in cuffs of jumper. Lunch. Up to Alys’ at 4. Coffee with her. Dennis asleep. Alys walked with me to Church Row. I to Elsa’s to supper in Adrian’s studio. Looked at Max’s sketches. Paris and Ragusa. Home 1.30. Elsa and Max walked to Finchley Road.

Monday 23rd June 1930

Fine. Windy.
To Motor Coach Office. To Mansfield Road School and Myopic. Called on Wadie. To Euston. To 6 Elm Park Road to lunch 1.30. Then we, Dorothy to Walham Green by bus, and train to Southfields for Wimbledon tennis. Fine match by Timmer and Cochet. 4 setts all. Austin beat Avery. Home. Phoned Alys. Supper.

Tuesday 24th June 1930

Showers. Fine. Windy.
To Euston to Conway. Sandwiches (tho’ Restaurant Carriage). Arrived 4. To Erskine Hotel. Ginger-beer and biscuits. Rain. Then out as fine. To the Church and on front. Cold meat supper at Erskine. Poor (2/6!)

Wednesday 25th June 1930

To Llanfairfechan by motor-coach. Royal Blue at 10.15 To see Dr Starkey and Edward. Bought pork pie and strawberries. Back by 1.35 or so. From Llanfairfechan to Conway. Ate lunch in Churchyard. Train at 1.45 to Llandudno. Changed to Crewe, ate strawberries. Train on to Euston, arrived at 7.30 punctually. Home. Supper. Boiled egg.

Thursday 26th June 1930

Fine, warm.
To Badcock’s at 10.45. Very satisfactory. Gums and teeth absolutely perfect! Alys there. Shopped in town with her. Lunch at Karaway’s together. To V&A museum. Meeting – National Art Collections Fund. Sir Austin Chamberlain spoke, and Laurence Binyon. To tea with Mrs F.F. Baxter in her new house, 10 Alexander Place, Thurloe Square S.W.7. Walked home Supper, bath.

Friday 27th June 1930

Dull. Warm.
Out to shops. Holborn for opera glasses for Eva. Bought frock at Selfridge’s. Lunch there at Counter. Home. Did strawberries and sandwiches. Out at 5.30 and sat in Pit queue for Japanese Players at Globe. Much too early, at 6; 6.30 would have done or later. Very good. Front row. Good acting. Tsutsui Tokujirō.

Saturday 28th June 1930

Out to buy Eva’s umbrella – Asprey’s and “Salad Day’s” for Polly at Handy’s shop and other things. Home to lunch. Altered new frock after Embleton’s to Layton by train. Sewed and read. Wrote Polly for birthday and Ella. Felt tired and sickish.

26th Mr B’cock 1045.
26th N. A. C. F. Meeting 3.
25th Kingsgate School closed.
23rd Mansfield School
27th 4 p.m. Mrs Baxter’s.
24th To Conway? 10.35.
18th C.H.W. £4. On 23rd.
Nell Sime 30th

Sunday 29th June 1930

Perfect day.
Not out all day!! Washed stocks and tidied up generally. Rearranged drawers. Made white straw hat wearable. Sewed check dress. Didn’t feel inclined to go out, but rang up Lois (no reply).

Monday 30th June 1930

Fine and very hot – 80.
Out to Kitty’s Strand Sale and then Pemberthy’s. Home. Cleaned brasses and silver. Lunch. Nell Sime came to tea (about 4.15). Talked. Made sandwiches and I to Duchess Theatre to see “The Plough” and the Stars “Derogatory” Arthur Sinclair. Very good. Last week. Pit. Back on top of bus.

Tuesday 1st July 1930

Fine and very hot.
Out to shops to get lunch. Felt ear funny inside. Wadie came at 12.15. Lunch – ices, strawberries, spaghetti and salad. All p.m. Planned bathing gown and C.H.W. did unpicking. Started her on raffia work. She went 7.30. Supper and to bed. Tried on bathing-gown.

Wednesday 2nd July 1930

Fine and very hot.
Out to meet Alys and Thew’s at 10.20. On to Hertford House for ticket. N.A.C.F. (National Art Collections Fund). Then got sandwiches and I (alone) to Westminster and took motor launch 12 to Greenwich. Arrived 12.40. Ate lunch on pier. To Royal Naval College. Over Chapel, Painted Hall and Museum. Saw Drake’s compass with squirrel. 3.45 Unveiling of Nelson’s chelengk by Lady Barclay. Tea. Home by launch at 4.45 – 5.30. Home, to bed.

Lord Nelson’s Chelengk (replica – original stolen)

Thursday 3rd July 1930

Very fine and hot breeze.
To Marshall’s. Posted “Brighter French” to Poz. To Watson’s, 313 Holborn, for Eva’s opera glasses and my thermometer. Home. Lunch. Sewed bathing-dress. At 4 up to Kit’s – bus and tube, till 6. She in bed with boil. Home. Supper.

Friday 4th July 1930

Very hot and fine.
Alys’ 46th birthday – she took Sissie to Ella at Chesham Bois. John to opening of Red Cross rooms. Invitation from Red Cross. Refused it. C.H.W. in at 10.30 with raffia work. Out to shops with her – C&A to buy fox coat. She home. I to other shops, then home. Sewed. Dennis rang up. At 7, I to Isola Bella. Met Embleton’s. Dinner and then to see “Almost a Honeymoon”, at Garrick. Good, amusing.

Saturday 5th July 1930

Hot and fine.
Sent off socks to E.P. Sewed bathing-gown. To Bank for Eva’s 5 pound note. Sewed. Dennis and Eva in Chrysler (express letter from J.H.M.). Out with Eva in new Baby to send wire to William Gough. Sent letter to John. Did Eva’s new striped frock. Very hot indeed. To bed at 10.45.

6th Eva’s 21st birthday
5th Socks to E.P.
C.H.W. 1st
Nell Sime – 30th.

5th Tennis Champion – Tilden.
Chelengk – Vice Admiral William Boyle. President of Royal Naval College.

Sunday 6th July 1930

Very hot and fine.
Breakfast 8 a.m. Eva’s 21st birthday. All in car at 9.45 to Tonbridge. To Chapel (ear rang, noisy and worrying all day). To picnic lunch in an orchard after, with Phil. Then to Tankerton and bathed (not Alys). Very low tide and shallow. Back to Tonbridge. Coffee and cake at roadside. Supper at Cave’s at Bickley. Back to 76 at 11.30. Slept there.

Monday 7th July 1930

Very hot and fine.
Ear all right. But home (with Dennis and Eva in car) at 10.30. Phoned Cleminson. To Lord’s. Met Alys, Gwen and Molly. Varsity Match. Sandwich lunch. Cambridge in. Alys to fetch Lucy Brewtnall. Eva took her place. I with Gwen. Tea. Home at 6. J.H.M. had phoned 3 times. Downstairs with Griffin and Adrian Allinson to hear Prince of Wales 9 – 10.15.

Tuesday 8th July 1930

Fine. Warm.
Out to 7 Ampthill Square (near Mornington Crescent) to interview Miss Long – L.C.C. On to Haverstock Hill School. Then to Terry’s to pay bill. To shops, and home to lunch, Sewed and at 4.15 out to Marshall’s for ribbon. Back at 6. Sewed Tante’s blue Paris dress. Supper. Did buttonholes. Letter from John M. Sewed dress – black lace and georgette at neck.

Wednesday 9th July 1930

Very fine. Hot.
To Kardomah. To Debenham and Freebody’s and bought grey frock and coat in great hurry. On to Cleminson about ears. Talked to nice man from India. To Lab. Home. Lunch. Mrs Styer called for me at 2.30. To Ranelagh. Waltched polo. Scots Greys versus 17th Lancers. Lancers won 6-5. Tea, then Pirates v. Trailers. Drove to English Speaking Union. Dinner there (mince). To Arts Theatre to see “The Makropulos Secret”: Karel Čapek. Home in Mrs Styer’s car.

Thursday 10th July 1930

Hot. Fine.
To Paddington about train to Wootton Bassett. Sewed. Rang up J.H.M. at 12.20. Lunch. Ironed. At 4 to tea at Alys’ – Lucy Brewtnall there. Eva at Brown’s Hotel to see school friend’s Court Dress. Dinner with Eva and Lucy. Alys to dine with Dennis. I with Lucy to Albert Hall. (M seats) to see Pageant, “The Vision” S.P.G. House. Home separately.

Friday 11th July 1930

Fine, cooler. Cloudy p.m.
E.M.M. phoned that Bright had died this a.m. To Lab with dress. I to Chelsea. Duke of York’s to see M.D. School sports. There from 10 till 1. Home. Lunch. Got things ready to pack. To Boots’. Wrote C.H.W. and Nell and Miss Baxter. Packed up suitcase. Wrote E.M. Miles about Bright.

Saturday 12th July 1930

Dull a.m. Fine evening and after.
At 10.45 to Paddington (boy carried suitcase). 11.15 train to Didcot, changed, met Caves. On in train to Swindon and arrived Wootton Bassett about 2. Miss Bailey and Toby in car to meet. To Nore Marsh about 2. Lunch with Mr Gough. Changed, and at 3.35 walked by fields to Priory Cottage. Colonel Sir Herbert Bryan D.S.O. – County Director received Red Cross Room from John Morgan as memorial to Mrs M. Tea in garden, I hostess. Dr and Mrs Watson, Miss Horsell and Esme Poole and Red Cross contingents. Display after. I stayed to supper with John and Esme – and talked and garden-seat. He saw me back to Nore Marsh at 10.30.

Laughton’s and May’s to Layton.
8th 10.30 to Ampthill Square
9th 2.30 Mrs Styer
9th 12.15 Cleminson’s.
12th To Wootton Bassett 11.15 to John.

Sunday 13th July 1930

Fine with heavy showers in evening.
Breakfast 8.30. Sat in garden reading English Review. To Church with John’s Clemence, May and Foch, William Gough and Miss Bailey. Good sermon. Too long. After dinner at 2, rested on bed and at 5.30 walked with William Gough. To Priory Cottage by fields. Tea very late, 6(?) with John and Esme. William to Church. Talked to Esme and John and at 8 William Gough returned and at about 9.30 walked back with me to Nore Marsh (very heavy rain all way – John came half way).

Monday 14th July 1930

Fine, Showers. Cooler.
At 10, John came in car and we to station. He saw me off by the 10.14 train. Arrived Paddington 12.30. Four wheeler home. Lunch. Phoned Times and Badcock. Home and did some writing. To John and William Gough. Out to post and shops again. Home. Phoned Alys and had supper and bath. Tired. Joined library and got “American Tragedy” Dreiser.

Tuesday 15th July 1930

Out to Meeting of School Attendance Committee at Netherwood Street at 10. Home, via Kingsgate Road school. Alys to lunch with me. Out to Badcock’s at 2.45. Home. Changed. Then to Kitty’s by tube. Tea and dinner there. Knitted and talked. Peter drove me to Swiss Cottage at 9.15. Home.

Wednesday 16th July 1930

Dullish, coolish, showers.
Did some washing. Dorothy Barnard phoned. So at 12.15 met her at Badcock’s and lunch with her at Debenham and Freebody’s. She to Lords. I to Bond Street and to order Times April 29th and home. Home for Wedding. I sewed; then at 7 met Dennis, Ays and Eva for dinner at Canuto’s. In car with them to fetch Spencer and to Sowerby’s; back with them to 76 Cholmley Gardens and at 10, home again.

Thursday 17th July 1930

Fine. Showers.
To Marylebone 3/- return (excur) Station and by 11.15 train to Chesham Bois and Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Met by Mary Bell. To 1 Woodlands. Dinner with Ella and Mary. Talkes, and rest, sat in garden. Tea. Out for walk with them. Supper. Mary Bell to station with me – 8.48 train home. Arrived 9.40 Baker Street.

Friday 18th July 1930

Washed things and ironed. Alys at 12 and we both in Baby Austin to Zoo. Stayed and had sandwich lunch. Alys away at 3. I stayed on and saw baby monkey, and pygmy hippo baby, 8 weeks. Snakes fed also at 6.45. Home. Supper and to bed early.

Saturday 19th July 1930

Showers. Fine.
To Bank and to Post Office. Telegram to Kitty and Ed (25th Silver Wedding) and to Ponting’s. Home to lunch. Sewed shoes (satin) and tacked collars for picoting. Out at 6.30 to Lyric, Hammersmith, but found gallery queue too long, so home again by bus. Ate sandwiches on bus. Cleaned window.

17th Chesham Bois.
Miss Baxter 22nd 4.30.
15th Netherwood Street School
10th Badcock 2.45.
Mrs Frampton away for holiday 19th

Sunday 20th July 1930

Dull. Mild.
Out at 10.40 to take flowers to Tate’s. Phyllis in nursing-home. Sewed bathing-gown. After lunch at 4 to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea with Alys, Dennis and Spencer. Paul and Laurie called for me in Paul’s car at 7. To supper at 8 North Square. Paul took me to Crown, Cricklewood.

Monday 21st July 1930

Rain. Cooler.
Did some cleaning on my wardrobe and china. Met Alys at Marshall’s and to Somerset House with her to Deaths and Births and Wills. Lunch in Strand. Next General Buildings. To Law Courts. Back to Somerset House. Home. Alys fetched me and took me to Ayrton’s at 7 in Baby Austin. Dinner with Elsa and Max alone. Home at 10.30.

Tuesday 22nd July 1930

Out to shops and Somerset House again for James Boyd’s death certificate. Home. Dusted and arranged room. Lunch. Out to buy flowers. Mrs Baxter to tea. Had fire. Out later to post letter and catalogues to William Gough. Home. Hot bath (supper first) and to bed.

Wednesday 23rd July 1930

Dull. Cool.
Out to shops and to see Wade. Home. All p.m. Dusting and re-arranging books. From 2 till 6. Then dressed and to English Speaking Union. Handy came there 6.45 and we had dinner; (he cocktail and coffee after). Back to 21 Oxford Terrace. Handy looked at all my books and map screen. Went at 10.35.

Thursday 24th July 1930

Fine on whole. Rain later.
Did housework. Alys to lunch (soup and beans and ices). To town with her to buy Tades’ chair. Tony’s. Home with Alys to tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Eva there. Back to 21 Oxford Terrace at 6.30. Sewed.

Friday 25th July 1930

Fine, warm.
To Handy’s. To Kardomah. Home to lunch. Sewed. To Dorothy to dinner at 7. Home about 10.45.

Saturday 26th July 1930

Dull with wet afternoon.
Caught 10.5 train to Chesham Bois. Ella met me 10.59. Walked through woods. Dinner with her and Mary. Talk and rest. Mr James Blaikley and Katie to tea. I away by 5.45. Home by 7 o’clock. Alone in house all night as everyone else away.

Shellum to Layton 26th
22nd Mrs Baxter 4.30.

25th to Dorothy Barnard 7.0
23rd Handy to English Speaking Union 6.45 dinner and home
28th to Ella? 11.15
26th Woodlands Chesham Bois 10.5

Sunday 27th July 1930

Sewing. At 1 o’clock to 8 Church Row. Dinner with Max and Elsa. Read in drawing-room and tea. Lena Monkhouse and Alan to tea. Did hat (blue silk) after in studio, and Elsa sewed and Max drew visitor’s book for Wappingthorn. Supper and back (coffee upset) at 10. Elsa and Max to bus with me.

Monday 28th July 1930

Fine, but showers.
To motor-coach place for Maggie’s ticket. Glenton Friars. To buy silver present for Buchanan’s Silver Wedding in Wigmore Street. To Lord’s. Phil there. Tonbridge versus Clifton match. Lunch with Phil and Mrs and Tony Groves-Raines. Sat with her. Then Alys and Eva came (from Layton that day1). Sat with Caves and tea. At 6 rained. Dennis in for a little. Home to 76 Cholmley Gardens. I stayed dinner and they drove me back at 9.30 in Chrysler.

Tuesday 29th July 1930

Fine then heavy thunder showers.
Up and out for butter at 8.15. To Lord’s via Wigmore Street for Kit’s present. Alys and Phil and Cave’s. Match continued. Sandwich lunch with Caves. Hard rain. So home at 2.15. Sewed blue hat. Read Dreiser’s “American Tragedy”. Supper. To Baths at 4 o’clock to try new bathing-gown, made from dress.

Wednesday 30th July 1930

Dull. Mild. Thunderstorm.
Out to shops for lunch. C.H.W. at 12. Had lunch, fish at home (and real pineapple). Then sewed all p.m. and talked. Blue serge skirt, white blouse, blue silk hat. Tea. Wade away at 7. Supper. Sewing till 10.

Thursday 31st July 1930

Warm. Fine.
Out to get French book for Phil to Hachette’s. To Anglada Camarasa pictures – good. Called at Glanville Court Hotel on way back. Egg. Chocolate 9d at Selfridge’s at 1.15. Home. Finished blue silk hat and did blue serge skirt and belt. Supper 7. Then walked to see Ella and Mary Bell at Glanville Court Hotel 8.15. Granville Place. Back at 10. Read. Fruit. Bath. Unwell!

Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa (1871–1959), was a Catalan and Balearic Spanish painter.


Friday 1st August 1930

Warm. Fine on whole.
Out to Boot’s and Bank. Kitty phoned. Packed suitcase slowly. Lunch. Rested. Dennis at 7 with Chrysler. Off by Seven Sisters Road to Brentwood. Good supper at Lion and Lamb (3/- each with beer) at 9.15. Then on by Chelmsford and Colchester to Aldeburgh. Arrived 11. Cave’s and Alys and Eva and John Worley there. Alys and Eva went in Baby Austin. Slept with Eva.

The Moot Hall, Aldeburgh

Saturday 2nd August 1930

Rain then lovely day. Warm and sunny.
Breakfast 9. Out to shops to buy oranges and mug. Met Alys. Dennis in Morris 6 (Cave’s) with Will. Unpacked. Lunch. Sat in garden and sewed and knitted. With Dennis, Alys and Will in Chrysler. Alys driving. Just around. Eva in Morris with Bill and John Worley and Dick. Didn’t change, as Cave’s lost trunk and couldn’t. Knitted and talked. To bed 1.10.

To Aldeburgh 1st
28th To Ella and Chesham Bois.

30th Wade to come.
Norland Hotel, Granville Place, received by Mary Bell, but dearer than Granville Court. Also a Norland in Portman Square.

Sunday 3rd August 1930

Very heavy thunder-showers. Lovely afternoon. Sun.
Bill and Worley sailed in Red Wing with Jumbo (me: “Jumbo” Ward was a river pilot who took Thames type barges up to the Maltings at Snape. He taught everyone to sail including my mother!) With Eva in Baby to past Thorpeness.


Back in Gwen’s car. Alys too. After dinner, Dennis and Will to sail (and Eva and Bill in Red Wing). I with Alys in Baby Austin and Gwen and party to Minsmere. Lovely. Home to tea at 5.10. Dinner. Mrs Tidy and John Tidy and Mrs Black and her son called in evening.

Monday 4th August 1930

Heavy showers. Bright intervals.
Rain so no sailing races. Made up Treasure Hunts for each other, with maps. Dennis, Will and John Worley out in car. After lunch, all in 3 cars on Hunt, with clues. Snape. Then Tunstall. Fun. I in Baby Austin. Dinner early. Maids to dance. Other clues in evening.

Tuesday 5th August 1930

Fine but cold wind. Showers.
Alys and Dennis away to London at 9.30. Sat and sewed. Cave’s to Saxmundham with car. Will golfed. Eva, Moll, N..J. and D. and John Worley bathed at 12. Lunch. Bill and J.W. sailed. I in Morris 6 with Gwen and Will (both drove!) to Bruisyard. All to Cinema for Queen’s birthday treat. The Last Zeppelin and Chaplin as shop-walker. Long discussion on sailing in evening.

Bruisyard, Saxmundham, Suffolk

Wednesday 6th August 1930

Showers and sun. Thunder.
Out to shops with gramophone. Only Will and Dick bathed. After lunch, I slept on bed. John and Molly sailed with Jumbo; Eva and Bill in Red Wing. Colonel Nicholls came. Gwen took him and children out in car. Will took Baby Austin to Harbour!!! I walked there. After dinner, all (except Colonel Nicholls and Will) to see Mystery Play “9.45”. Good murder play. Everyone confused.

Thursday 7th August 1930

Heavy showers.
Will out to golf all a.m. and p.m. too. Bill and Gwen to Saxmundham. Eva and John in Emerald. Others on Mere. I rested in p.m. Colonel Nicholls ditto. Gramophone back. Played cards – patience, grab in evening.

Friday 8th August 1930

Very fine and hot.
Sat in garden. Eva and Bill in Red Wing from 10.30 – 3.45. Will took Mollie and John to Harbour and they in Emerald with Jumbo. Will, Nancy and little ones bathed. Gwen and I watched. To shops. Marked court in afternoon. Eva and Bill too. After tea I out with Gwen and Colonel Nicholls and Jean to Southwold School – St Felix. Then discussion in evening where Phil should sleep. So late – to bed.

Saturday 9th August 1930

Out to see Bill and Eva in Red Wing race at 10.30. Lifeboat, too for others. After lunch all to Harbour. Eva in exciting White Wing race. Emerald 2nd from last (2 behind her). Eva and John and Jumbo. Watched until 4.15. Home to tea. Walked. After dinner at 9.20, Dennis, Alys and Phil arrived, with new trailer. To bed about 10.00.

Clue – “if yesterday you failed to go, today you sure must do so!” (church).

Sunday 10th August 1930

Dennis out sailing with Phil and Mollie. Eva unwell. In p.m. I rested, Eva too. Dennis out sailing again? Others out in car with Colonel Nicholls. The Gray’s called (from Southwold). Dennis gave cine show all evening.

Monday 11th August 1930

Fine on whole. Cloudy at times.
Everyone to Slaughden. Phil alone in Ruby, raced in Red Wings. Everyone appreciative. In a.m. Dennis and Will and Jumbo in the Emerald and quick lunch. Then Dennis, Phil and Jumbo raced in White Wings. They came in 3rd out of 6. Back and took Baby to Ward’s. Alys and Dennis away at 7 to London. Bill “off” rather. Evan, Phil and Mollie for walk.


Tuesday 12th August 1930

I to Rainsford’s about Bill’s membership of Yacht Club. And again with Eva and Phil. To Wool Shop with others. Colonel Nicholls in bed, swollen leg. At 2.30 Eva and Mollie in Ruby and Bill, John, Gwen and Dick and me to Orford. Tea at Crown and Castle (good). Back same way. After dinner to meet others in Morris.

Wednesday 13th August 1930

Very showery.
Eva and Phil off to race, but it was postponed owing to accident. Bathed (my 1st) with Phil, Mollie, Nancy and the little ones. Nice, but cold. Lunch. Generally mouched about. French. Sewing. Crossword with John – Times. Out in car with Gwen, Bill and Colonel Nicholls and little ones to Wickham Market. In evening to fried fish shop! Talk of fishing at 3 a.m.

wickham market

Thursday 14th August 1930

Gale. Showers and sun.
Along to the Circus with Will, Mollie, Jean and Dick for tickets. Boys not out to fish at 3 a.m. because of gale. Bathed (2nd) with Mollie, Nancy, Will, Jean and Dick and Bill. Others looked on. After lunch, French with Phil, some in car. Eva and I with John Worley and Bill to Circus to see horses. Waffles and tea on way back. No circus in evening as too windy. Played paper games.

Friday 15th August 1930

Rough and wet. Showers.
Did French with Phil. Sewed. Nothing much to do. After lunch all to Circus at Saxmundham, some walking part there and back. Good “Speedy”. Tea. Then all saw John Worley off at station 6.56. Phil and I walked. In evening, Will told war stories. Very interesting. Alys and Dennis arrived at 12.30. All of us asleep.

Saturday 16th August 1930

Brilliant day. Sun. Wind.
Phil and Mollie in Red Wing race. Fouled a bouy. All of us watched. Becky Sharpe and Viva arrived at 12.30 and some of us bathed (3rd) at 2. Every one to River, and Dennis and Will raced in the Emerald. Spinaker halyards didn’t hold. But they were 4th. 9 on mud and another fouled a bouy. Tea at Clubhouse. James and tricks in evening ghost game. Handasyde came in.

Leg-pulling game (wrote E.P. 14th)
Yolande Faraday – Lady Eddis.

Sunday 17th August 1930

Fine. Sunny.
Sat in hot sun in garden. Talked to George Buchanan and his new wife. Dennis and Alys and Dr Sharpe in Emerald. We all bathed and hop-scotch on sands. At 2.30 Eva, Mollie, Bill, Alys and I with Handy to Clubhouse and watched sailing. Chrysler. Dennis and Will slept. Becky and Viva sick and not to supper. Played paper games. Early to bed.

Monday 18th August 1930

Squally wind. Sunny.
Rough. To shops with Alys. Sharpes still sick. Phil and I bathed alone, as very rough. Lovely (5th). Will and Bill in Ruby. At 2.30 Dennis, Eva, Dick and I in Emerald. Will, Nan, Bill, Jean in the Mollie. Phil and Mollie in Ruby to Orford. Arrived 6.15. Others in car. Dick and I back in car. Boating ones arrived at 8.15. Quick run back. Viva alright and went by car.

Tuesday 19th August 1930

Fine. Windy.
Dennis and others on quay to photograph Emerald with Phil and Bill, but did not get off. Belle (Fagge) there. Alys and I to Saxmundham about Morris window. Becky in to lunch. I to Clubhouse with Alys and Dennis to tea. Too windy for sailing in races, Dennis thought. “Blinks” Smart arrived. Phil and Bill and Viva out in Emerald a short way. To quay in Chrysler with Mollie.

Wednesday 20th August 1930

Fine. Lovely.
Dennis, Eva and Phil in Emerald to Orford Regatta. Will to golf. Bill took Mollie, Nancy and Viva in “Mollie” to Orford. Others in cars. Mistake, regatta call day. White Wings finished. Emerald sailed round island. Picnic lunch on quay watching regatta. All home, boats and cars. I alone with Alys in Chrysler. Tea at Waffle shop with Colonel Nicholls and Gwen and Blinks, Alys and Jean. All to “Disraeli” in evening except Will, Colonel Nicholls, Bill, Eva and me. To bed early.


Thursday 21st August 1930

Gale, rain, mild – very rough.
Out to Slaughdon with Mollie and Eva and back by beach with Alys and Phil. Bought print. Did French. After lunch, Will and Becky set us a treasure-hunt and we all ran in the rain and gale. Dennis and Viva won. Fine after tea. In evening, Dennis gave Cine show. Raffles. Very good and cowboy rustler one. “Musherooms”. To bed 11. Eva and Phil later.

Friday 22nd August 1930

Fine and windy. Then no wind.
Eva, Dennis and Bill on Emerald. French with Phil. Dennis, Phil, Eva, Dick and bathed (6th). Cold. At 2 to Clubhouse. Will and Bill racing Emerald (regatta). On the mud! Eva and Phil racing Ruby. Becalmed and didn’t finish. Tea at Club with Mollie. Others picnic at Minsmere. Fireworks at Thorpeness in evening. Eva and Bill to Thorpeness walking afterwards.


Saturday 23rd August 1930

Gale and rain.
Out to get cinema tickets, in rain. Walked with Becky to buy papers, and to his rooms. In p.m. all 16 of us to Cinema – Buster Keaton in “Spite Marriage”. Good. Tea – Alys drove Chrysler to Southwold with Eva, Bill, Mollie and Colonel Nicholls. Phil and I quoits and walked. With Gwen and “Twitterers” and Blinks and Nancy to Shetland shop. French with Phil. Danced in evening. Young ones to Fair and Viva and Bill in at 11.30, having walked to Thorpe! Dennis showed us next film of sailing boats.


Sunday 24th August 1930

Fine, lovely.
All to Slaughdon. Dennis took cine pictures of White and Red Wings, with various members on board. In p.m. coloured movies in garden and bathing (my 7th).

Monday 25th August 1930

Fine. Warm.
Carnival and Regatta. Bathed with Dennis and Will. Out watching diving and swimming competitions all a.m. Dennis cine. After lunch, process and Queen arrived. Young ones in speedboat. Wee Don, Mr and Mrs Gray to tea and dinner. All sorts of games. Dun. Then in cars to Fair. Roundabouts and fat woman. Home at 12.15.

Tuesday 26th August 1930

Hot and fine.
Quiet hot a.m. Sunbathing. Bathed, lovely at 11.45 all. Rough on raft. Nearly capsized it. After lunch, to shops. With Alys in Baby Austin to Slaughden. Dennis out with Eva and Phil in Emerald. Others to tennis. Viva and Bill in Red Wing alone. He ill in evening. Others games.

Wednesday 27th August 1930

Very fine. Hot.
Bathed before breakfast with Dennis, Phil, Dick, Blink. French with Phil 10.30 – 11.30. Alys and Dennis put sails up. All bathed. Lovely. Alys too (11th). Dennis, Phil, and Eva in White Wing race at 2.30 in “Mollie”. Sailing up river, nice. Bill took Becky in Ruby. Mollie drove us home in Becky’s car. Alys helped boy in motor accident. Drove round to see position of it with Dick and Blinks and Phil. Cine in evening at home. Boats sat outside.

Thursday 28th August 1930

Very fine and hot.
Bathed at 8.30 with Dennis, Phil, Dick, Mollie. Very hot everywhere. French with Phil in garden. All bathed (13th) – long and lovely on raft. Gwen too. Packed. Most bathed again at 3.30. I felt too coldy. Mended sofa cover. All to see “Green Goddess” cine in evening and Dennis’ films at home afterwards. To bed about 12.


Friday 29th August 1930

Hot. Still 84 degrees at 9.30 p.m.
Bathed – 14th – before breakfast with Dennis, Phil, Eva, Bill, Mollie, Nancy, Dick. Finished packing. Eva and Dennis and Phil in Chrysler to London at 11.30. Alys and I in Baby Austin at 12.15 and Sharpes too. Lunch at Colchester with Becky and Viva. I in taxi at Lithos Road to 21 Oxford Terrace. To see C.H.W. at 6.30. Home. Unpacked a little. Supper. Ice cream from Griffin. To bed. Thunder and lightning at 9.30. very tired and hot.


Saturday 30th August 1930

Taxi to 76 Cholmley Gardens 10.45. Off with Dennis and Eva in Chrysler at 12.45. Lunch White Lion. Overtook Alys and Phil in Baby at Newark. I with Eva in Baby to Olde Bell Inn, Retford. All tea there. Dennis, Phil and I in Chrysler to Layton Manor. Arrived 7.45. Dinner. To bed 10. Alys and Eva slept at Danum, Doncaster.

All leave Aldeburgh 29th
30th bad
C.H.W. 29th I go to see her 6 p.m or 9.30 Saturday?
Orange and spoon game

Matchbox on nose.
Watch hidden beside something. Dark room. Fading with chocolate and sponge.

Sunday 31st August 1930

Drizzly, then better.
To Church at Hutton Magna with Dennis and Phil. Alys and Eva arrived in Baby at 12.30, having motored 80 miles from Doncaster. Read and in glasshouses in p.m. Arranged various rooms; unpacked. All very tired but Dennis showed new Aldeburgh film in evening. Fire in three rooms.

west layton manor

Monday 1st September 1930

Fine and warm.
Did French with Phil. Washed and ironed things. Eva too. After lunch, Alys and I to Darlington to shop. Bins. Back by 5.and Dolly, Jack and John Willis arrived at same moment. Tea. All in glass-houses (peaches!!!). Dennis showed films in evening and we had gramophone.

Tuesday 2nd September 1930

Perfecty day. Hot sun.
Unwell. I did French with Phil. Picked sweetpeas with Eva. Croquet. Sewed. After tea, Alys and Dennis to Darlington to meet Tades and Lucy, and Handasyde. Tades straight to bed and supper there. Talked. Dinner in big dining-room. Handy and Jack billiards.

Wednesday 3rd September 1930

Perfect day.
French with Phil. All sat in garden. Sewed, knitted. Jack and Handy played bowls. Phil took Tades about in push-chair. Boys brought lines and trains down on law. After lunch tennis. Dennis took Tades in glasshouses after tea. After dinner we danced in hall, and then in billiards room.

Thursday 4th September 1930

Dull, and cooler.
Breakfast 8.30. Helped Tades to dress. Dolly and Jack out in car. Wrote Aunt Bella. French with Phil. Dennis doing wireless all day. Handy and John tennis. Eva and Handy took grapes to Mrs Forester. Billiards. Dinner 6.45 and chairs over to Granary. Cinema show by Dennis at 8.30. 43 people came, plus house party. Gramophone. Tades in car. “Headwinds!” over at 11.10!!

Friday 5th September 1930

French. In garden. Alys and Dennis to meet Dorothy at 4 at Darlington. Tennis and then rain. Some billiards. Other early to bed.

Saturday 6th September 1930

French. Dorothy, John, Handy, Phil and I to Forcett Quarry. Mr and Mrs Silverston to lunch and tea. And Dr and Mrs Yeoman to tea. All over from Harrogate. 13 at lunch-table. Tennis, then rain. Visitors away at 6. Alys, Dorothy, Dennis and I to Darlington to fetch a valve. Late back 8.

1st Heard from Dorothy that Uncle Charles died on 30th.

Sunday 7th September 1930

Perfect morning, then rain.
All to Church except Jack, Dorothy and me. We (Dorothy and me) walked to Ravensworth and then Church Kirby (Hill). Stanley Warren to lunch. Colonel Greenwell and Mr Shelland from Catterick Camp (and Haworth) to tea and progressive ping-pong. Jack Willis away to London 3.15. Dennis and boys and Dolly in with him.

Monday 8th September 1930

Alys and Dennis to meet Ella and Maggie at 11.20. Darlington. Dolly not out of Ella’s bedroom! After lunch, Dolly and John away to Sedbergh. Dennis and I to meet Mrs Fagge and Hilton and bring back. Tony Groves-Raiens and Phil too. Large party. Talk, and Dennis started the wireless gramophone. Played murder games and orange and spoon too.

Tuesday 9th September 1930

Fog and rain.
Showed Dorothy top room. She packed. After lunch, Dennis drove Dorothy, Tades and me to Howtown Hotel, “Ullswater” and back. Tea there. 112 miles in all. Home 6.45. Treasure Hunt at home and then Alys and Hilton with Handy to Darlington 5.30. Handy to London. In evening, played rhyme, question and noun game and wills and telegrams.

howtown hotel
Howtown Hotel

Wednesday 10th September 1930

Damp. Very warm.

French 45 minutes. Dennis, Alys, Ella, Mrs Fagge and Eva to Richmond. Eva’s ear syringed. I took Tades in gardens in chair. Sat in garden. Crossword. Hilton. After tea, I walked with Ella to Ravensowrth and back. Others walked to Gale Plantation. Billiards, snooker in evening. Thunderstorm (Phil had his trains in garden all day).

Thursday 11th September 1930

Sat and talked to Ella, Tades. French with Phil. All for a walk with Dennis and Debby. Alys took me to Barnard Castle Post Office and Mrs Mitchell called (Forcett Park).

Friday 12th September 1930

Dull, mild.
Eva and Phil to Richmond at 8.30 to meet Rene Taylor. Back to breakfast. Took Tades in garden and houses and Ella and Maggie too. Dennis with Rene and Eva. Mrs Fagge did patchwork quilt. Alys and Dennis to meet Roly Sandeman at 5.45, back at 6.15. Ella and I a walk. Ella fell downstairs 7 and to bed, ice-bags. Cinema in evening in drawing-room. Dancing afterwards till 12.

Saturday 13th September 1930

Very wet.
Ping-pong progressive bagatelle. After lunch, young ones snooker. Mrs Fagge, Alys and I bagatelle. Treasure Hunt first, by Tony. After tea, young ones for walk. Games all evening. Wireless valve broke. Matthew Mark, Boots without shoes, left-hand neighbour.

Return with Tades from Layton to Broadway 15th 10.34.
Cheltenham arrive 4.59.
Ghosts 1, arm 2.
Murder detective.
Boots without shoes – obey me in word and gesture.

Sunday 14th September 1930

Alys took Mrs Fagge to Church, Hutton Magna in Baby Austin. Dennis and Phil to Darlington to see Tony off (to Bonn). 11.1 Young ones played L’Attaque. I packed for self and Tades. At 2, Dennis and Eva and Rene with Hilton and Roly to Darlington; both boys away. Dr and Mrs Woodsend and 4 children to tea. Out for a walk after. Snooker. I talked to Tades and Ella (dowry) till 10.


Monday 15tH September 1930

Perfect day.
Alys and Phil in Baby Austin to London. 9.10 arrived 6.15!!! Tades and I and Mrs Fagge and Rene in hired car to Darlington. 9.30. Tades and I to Cheltenham 10.34 arrived 5 o’clock. Eva and Dennis to London in Chrysler 11 – 6.30. Tades and I drove to Broadway 30/- (2/ tip). Mrs Hogan with bad cold. Supper, and early to bed.


Tuesday 16th September 1930

Helped Tades with washing, etc. At 12.3 train to Paddington arrived 3. Taxi home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Unpacked and to shops. At 6.15 to Isola Bella in taxi 2/-. Eva’s 21st party. Will, Gwen, Bill, Millie, Nancy Cave. Kitty, Handy, Kath and Peter Buchanan. Edward’s sting too bad. Dinner. To Lyric Hammersmith 8.40 in Chrysler and 2 taxis. “The Importance of Being Ernest”. Nice. Hannen.

Importance of being Ernest

Wednesday 17th September 1930

Fine, mild then rain.
Unpacked. To C.H.W.’s 12.15 but to Victoria 1st about ticket to Brussels. Then from Wadie’s to shops. Pound’s, Evan’s, R and Chavers. Lunch at Bugaro’s counter 6d. Back to Wade’s 3.30. Took her to tea at Cholmley Gardens with Alys, Eva and Phil. Back to Baker Street with C.H.W. at 7.10. Home. Supper and writing.

Thursday 18th September 1930

Fine. Mild.
Al day sewing – grey toque and pocket on coat. Too shops too. Boot’s, began subscription again. At 8.30 met 4 Embleton’s at Isola Bella and dinner. Walked to St Martin’s Theatre. “Petticoat Influence”. Nigel Playfair. Good. Home, taxi and Dorothy’s car.

Petticoat influence

Friday 19th September 1930

Mild 62 degrees. Rain.
Packed and did various sewings. Altered cape of black coat. To near shops. At 5.45 Embleton’s in car and I with them to Tonbridge. Where left Phil at 7.50 at Judde House. Dinner at Rose and Crown and drove home in rain. Back at 11 o’clock.

rose and crown2
Rose and Crown, Tonbridge


Saturday 20th September 1930

Rough. Showers. Gale.
Up at 8 and at 9.30 to get taxi. Taxi to Victoria. Train 3rd class. 10.30 to Dover. Very rough sea. Not allowed top deck, so private cabin 17/6 shared with Davis girls. 4.15 Ostende. Train 3nd class to Brussels. 5.56. (tea on train). Aunt Bella met me and we to 65 Avenue Louis Lepoutre. Dinner 8 and to bed 9.20.

16th Eva’s theatre party.
20th to Brussels

Sunday 21st September 1930

Dull but fine at intervals. Rain.
Aunt Bella to Mass. I unpacked. Dinner 12.30. Gèneral Bruère called 11.30. We rested (I slept) after dinner. Berthe and Jules Schoentjes came to tea. Berthe took Aunt Bella’s new hat. Paul called before they left and stayed while we had supper.

Monday 22nd September 1930

Fine first, then rain.
I out with Kiki to post in Place du Châtelain. Dinner 12.15. Trams to Gare du Nord. Train to Antwerp 50 minutes. Tram to Exposition. Small train to Art Ancien (Flamand), then walked to Vielle Belgique. Ham roll and beer, good! Back to station at 8. 8.25 train to Brussels and 2 trams. Very crowded, back to Avenue Louis Lepoutre. Supper 10.15.

Tuesday 23rd September 1930

Very hot and humid. Muggy and tiring.
Out with Aunt Bella and then alone to buy roses for her birthday 13.50 for 3 bunches. Home and sewed shoe tree cover. Rested in p.m. and out with Aunt Bella to the Mercier’s and Madame Tschaggeny’s and Avenue Louise. Miss Vetch and Miss Jolly from Nice (Mrs Onslow’s sister) called at 6. Patience games and knitting. To bed about 10.

Wednesday 24th September 1930

Very hot and heavy. Dull.
Wrote E.P. Finished sewing. Out with Kiki. Eva de B to dinner. Beefsteak and Saint-Honoré. Sewed in p.m. Wrote William Gough. Tea and Eva tried on my hats. We walked with her to tram and round about roads. Supper. Patience. Letter from Edith Bach and Mrs Meert.

Thursday 25th September 1930

Fine, cooler. Showers.
Wrote Phil for his 17th birthday and enclosed a pound note. Wrote Mrs Banford and Miss Meert. Out and bought cat skin 30 francs and cream. Dinner at 12. Out with Aunt Bella to Bon Marché. Met Madame Schoentjes there and saw Mannequin display of new modes 2.30 – 4.30. Ices up in restaurant. Home about 6.15. Out with Kiki. Supper. Knitting and patience.

September 24th – wrote E.P.

Friday 26th September 1930

Out in a.m. Rested in p.m. With Aunt Bella to tea with Mane Cauderlier – 4 till 6.45. Rainy. Letter from Alice about Eva’s plans. Wrote to her in evening.

Saturday 27th September 1930

Fine a.m. Rain then fine.
With Aunt Bella to Palais d’Egmont (Old d’Aremberg) to see Exhibition and Revolution 1830. Prints. Manneken Pis in uniform (Heis 30, English too). In p.m. rest and then in pouring rain to tea with the Schoentjes in new house. Fine later. Home 7.15 or 30. Patience.

Manneken Pis is a landmark bronze fountain sculpture in central Brussels, Belgium

Sept 24th. Wrote E.P.

Sunday 28th September 1930

Fine then dull.
Aunt Bella out to Mass. I wrote Dorothy and E.M.M. Out with Kiki. Gèneral Bruère called. At 1 o’clock Madame Noel came and I with her to Cinquantenaire to see Ommegang. Old procession. Folklore. Very good indeed, artistic. Old colours. Noel back to tea (daughter of antiquarian) wife of wine merchant).

Ommegang 1549 – 1930 Fêtes Nationales du Centenaire de l’Indépendance. Ommegang de Bruxelles. Reconstitution Historique due XVIe Siècle

Monday 29th September 1930

Fog. Fine.
With Aunt Bella to Grand Place. Took my pins. To Bon Marché. Aunt Bella back, and I walked again Rue Neuve and tram home. Rested. I called on the Masson’s and Aunt Bella on Madame Lemmonier. Then I took Kiki for walk and bought envelopes, and a primula for Aunt Bella. Wrote Alys and Ella.

Tuesday 30th September 1930

Dull, mild. Rain.
Letter from Alys and wrote her again. Aunt Bella out in rain for Eva’s Mignard expert. Did glove sewing. I to post and met her. Rested after dinner, and then to Cinéma Monnaie to see Une Femme a menti. Very good. Children of lawyer and his mistress. Talkie. 4.30 – 7. Back and supper 7.45. Patience.

Wednesday 1st October 1930

Dull. Mildish.
With Aunt Bella to Musée to see Centennale Exhibition of Belgian Art. Very good indeed. Stevens, , De Beuckeleer, Leys, Meunier (miners) and sculpt. Hermans, Pantazis, Van Rysselbergh, Coppieters (still life), Khnopff. Baertswen (Degele), Navez, Degrouz, Linnig, Madou, Paraels, Cleysmaer. Rested in p.m. and Madame Quesquere called. Saw her to tram.

Thursday 2nd October 1930

Perfect day. Sunny. Warm.
Unwell. Out at 9.45. Train 10.42. To Zoo from 11.30 till 1. Then to Bon Marché, Place Verte for lunch. Very good. At 14.50 each. 34.50 with wine for both of us. Then to Cathedral; walked by quays. “Emile Francqui” ship. To 20 Quais du Rhône. To see Madame Roefs and famille, Henri Roefs. “Belgenland” opposite. Tea. Away at 5.45. Train 6.17 to Brussels. 6.58. Supper.

Friday 3rd October 1930

Perfect day.
With Aunt Bella to her tailor. Back by shops and dined. Rested and out at 3.30; Aunt Bella to order food for 2 parties. I to Banque de Report, rue des Colonies, to see Madame Roefs (Janssens divorced) and Marie. On to Grand Place for pins. Back by No 6 tram. Concierge for rent in evening.

Saturday 4th October 1930

Dull, some rain.
Wrote Tades. Out with Aunt Bella. To shops for flowers. After dinner, rested and then watched Aunt Bella preparing table. Took Kiki out at 6. At 7.30 came Monsieur and Madame Georges Slokvis to supper. Fish from Traiteur (not enough). Fowl. Bouchée Americaine. Champagne. Nice evening. At 10.30 they took us in their Buick to see Illuminations, but as there were none, we drove to Tervuren and then golf club! Home at 11.30 p.m.

Sunday 5th October 1930

Not bad day on whole.
Aunt Bella to Mass. I wrote Amy Steele. And out with Kiki to Cambre; he fell in pond and I very frightened and wet, in saving him. Monsieur and Madame Masson to tea; and also Monsieur and Madame Mercier stayed till nearly 7. I poured out coffee. Read about disaster to R101 in evening paper.

R101 was one of a pair of British rigid airships completed in 1929 as part of a British government programme to develop civil airships capable of service on long-distance routes within the British Empire. The crash of R101 effectively ended British airship development, and was one of the worst airship accidents of the 1930s.

Monday 6th October 1930

Heavy showers. Cool.
Out with Kiki a little. In p.m. rest, and then to Cinema at Porte de Namur. Saw “Le Collier de la Reine” about Marie Antoinette. So-so. Home in drenching rain, at 8. Patience in evening.

Tuesday 7th October 1930

Showers and sun. Windy.
Out to order auto with Aunt Bella and on to visit old Lisa. She gave me plates! Back by tram. After resting, at 3.20 to Eva’s. Tea there. I looked at books. Verhaeren. Back at 7. Supper. Looked at Italian postcards together. Patience.


Wednesday 8th October 1930

Showers. Gale.
Packed in a.m. Lunch at 11.5 Taxi at 11.50 to Nord. Tram 12.45 to Ostend. Boat Jan Breydel at 3.45 to Dover. By coast for 2 hours. Nieuwkerke, lighthouse. Very rough afterwards. Ate sandwich and pear at 6; arrived at 8.15 instead of 7. Arrived Victoria 10.45 instead of 9.26. Embleton’s met me and in car home. New wireless!

H.S. Jan Breydel

Thursday 9th October 1930

Unpacked. Alys at 11 and then Eva at 12.30. Lunch all together at Mackie’s. To Selfridge’s and Cook’s, Orchard Street. To Quebec Hotel. Home. Did hats. Supper. Listened-in and sewed gloves.

Friday 10th October 1930

To Health: Mr Eden away. Met Alys and she drove us to Sissie’s. Then car in garage and to town. Lunch at “Mrs Brown’s” to Arts Theatre Club. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea there. Saw Eva’s dresses. Back at 7.40 and supper at home. Listened-in.

Saturday 11th October 1930

To Wadie’s and watched Funeral Procession of 48 men of R101 Airship. Killed at Beauvais 5th October. Home. To tea at Philip Reid’s. Walked from there. To Old Vic. Saw Father? of Montreal and he introduced me to Miss Lilian Bayliss!!! Home by tube.

10th Med J.P. (say 9th)
Leave Brussels 8th – 12.45 arrived 9.26 or 8.10, 4.35.
11th Philip Reid’s

Sunday 12th October 1930

Fine. Very.
Did some washing. To Ayrton’s to dinner. Beswicks, Lord B. Theobald’s, Alan for cocktails. On to Rink, Golders Green and skated with Alys and talked. To 76 supper in kitchen. In car to Tussaud’s Cinema with Embleton’s to see The Love Parade – Maurice Chevalier.

Monday 13th October 1930

Very fine.
Out to Selfridge’s. Kardomah. Home to lunch. Ironed and did up parcel for Minnie. Changed collars of coats. Out to Post Office. Ironed.

Tuesday 14th October 1930

To Whiteley’s. Bought bookcase 21/9. To Derry and Tom’s. Bought taffeta frock. To Hope Norman’s. Home. To Cleminson’s at 2. He cauterised polypus in my nose. Home. Rested. At 6. To Chelsea and supper with Barnard’s. Home at 10.30.

Wednesday 15th October 1930

Very mild and fine – 65 degrees.
Arranged collar of black coat with skunk. Man came and put up my aerial. After lunch, to Westbourne Grove and bought another bookcase. To tea and dinner with Elsa and Tony. Max in and out again to dine with Turner about Lansdowne Hotel.

Thursday 16th October 1930

Arranged divan and desk. Out to shops. Cooked potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Alys to lunch. Ate Minnie’s rabbit. To Warren Street. Alys to Working Party. I to Grafton Electric Company. On to Mansfield Road School and Myopic. Home. Supper. Cold salad of veg’s. Sewed fur for coat.

Friday 17th October 1930

Warm. Showers.
Washed lots of things. To Boot’s and read Italian book. Lunch. Arranged books. Sewed fur on coat. Ironed things. Met Kitty at Alexis at 7. Dinner and to Arts Theatre Club to see “Little Eyolf” by Ibsen. Forbes-Robertson’s daughter.

Saturday 18th October 1930

Lovely day.
Washed my hair. Out to shops. Back ,then out at 12.35 by 27 bus to Kew Gardens. 7d to Cumberland Gate. Ate lunch by lake and sketched there, till 3.30. In hothouses, home by bus at 4.30.

Wrote E.P. Friday with Miss Meert’s snapshot.
17th Eyolf evening – Alexis.

Sunday 19th October 1930

Sewed. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. To dinner at 1. Then at 4.30 they took me to 26 Compayne. They on to Cave’s. At 6 I walked up to 9 Church Row. Saw Max’s model of Rio Tea-house and plays of new Lansdowne Hotel. Supper and home at 10.15 or so.

Monday 20th October 1930

Showers. Cooler.
Stayed in with ‘phoning Poz about Thames Grit; Ginx and Max. Out at 1 to Boot’s. Home to lunch, late. Sewed hat in p.m. and Kit phoned. So I to Swiss Cottage 6 and Peter met me in car. To dine at Volta House. Stayed till 9.30 or so.

Tuesday 21st October 1930

Cooler. Fine.
To Attendance Committee at Netherwood Street 10. To Kingsgate Road, M-D. school. Home. Lunch, sewed cap to match coat from pattern. At 6 to Queen’s Theatre, pit queue. Ate supper there. Saw “The Barretts of Wimpole Street”. Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies. Cedric Hardwick. Late home 11.30.

Wednesday 22nd October 1930

Fine. Cool.
Washed all my marble tops and gloves. Out to Gamage’s new shop. Bought evening dress there, and ruching. Lunch there. Met Alys at Barnes’ at 3.30, after visiting Northcourt. Had tea with her at tea shop, Janet -? Home after. Tried on frock and lace cap.

Thursday 23rd October 1930

Dark. Showers.
Re-made grey cloth cap for 3rd time. Out to buy Dennis’ cheese scoop at Parkes, Vigo Street – £4.10.0. Home. Late to lunch. All p.m. turned out, big trunk. When dark took bullets and mother’s prayerbook and threw in canal. Home. Listened in “Nurse Henrietta” and debate France and England and sewed chantilly lace cap.

Friday 24th October 1930

Busy putting away things. Out a little way. Woolworth’s lunch. But put up oilcloth by wash basin, painted aluminium paint first. To meet Alys at Piccadilly and to Arts Theatre Club to see “Mr Eno” by C.K. Munro. Very good. 2.30. Coffee at Gerrard Street. Near Villa Villa. Home.

Saturday 25th October 1930

Dull, then rain.
Re-hung pictures at 12 by tube. Out to call on Elsa, and then on to Mrs Styer’s to lunch With her in car to Strand Theatre (Aldwych corner) to see “It’s a Boy” Leslie Henson. Connie Ediss. Back with her to tea and stayed dinner; played “Pegity” which is goban and patience. Home at 11!!! Alys motored to Tonbridge.

20th Med Inspection A.
21st 10 a.m. Sub Committee Local attendance.
2.15 Swan and Edgar
24th Arts Theatre.
22nd I to Mrs Styer
26th Sissie to supper

Sunday 26th October 1930

Cold. Fine.
Did pictures. Embleton’s in car at 12. All to Lab to see new building. To dinner 76 Cholmley Gardens with them. Alys and I to skate at 3, till 5.30. Eva and Dennis colds. On to Sissie for supper and until 10 or past.

Monday 27th October 1930

Cold. Dull. Rain later.
Arranged pictures again. Out to Handy’s shop to see parable book and buy Axel Munthe’s book. To Lillywhite’s for Tony’s rucksack. Home. Lunch at 2. Cleaned brasses and listened-in to Japan, White House (Hoover spoke) and Macdonald from Downing Street. Naval limitations speeches. Wrote to Aunt Bella and knitted.

Tuesday 28th October 1930

Milder. Rain.
Out to shops. Walked to Oettle and Selfridge’s and finally bought cakes at Sagne’s. Home. Nellie Moore came to tea, and stayed till about 6, talking of Baxter’s. Einstein broadcast. I copied out cross-word for Mrs Styer till 11.20. Out to post 11.30.

Wednesday 29th October 1930

Mild. Dull. Fine a.m.
Out to buy meat and potatoes. Back and got them cooking. Out to Rubber shop and Grafton Electric. On to Wade’s. Brought her back to lunch. To Zoo with her carrying cakes and thermos and milk. Tea outdoors. Back to Euston Road. Separated. Home. Re-lined grey cloth bag. Supper.

Thursday 30th October 1930

Mild. Very light grey suit.
To shops and posted Wade’s Post Office book. Had lunch at 12.30. Walked to 126 Harley Street to see Dennis in Ted’s room. On to Grafton Electric Company. Bus to Chalk Farm. To the school. To Belsize Tube. Met Mrs Styer. With her to Eagles’ Nest for illegitimate babies. Back to tea with her. Up to Kitty’s with Albert Hall tickets and stayed to dinner. Mr Davis, Peter’s tutor there. Peter took me to Swiss Cottage at 10.15.

Friday 31st October 1930

Cooler, still mild.
Alys phoned. So met her – Lisson Grove in car. She took me home to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Mended necklace. Alys took me on to Chalk Farm in car; I to meet Doz, Leicester Square. Lunch at Alexis. To see “Passing of the Essenes” at Arts Theatre Club. Very good. Geo. Moore’s.

Saturday, 1st November 1930

Rain, then better.
Otto phoned. Not going to Sherborne. Went to Boots’ in rain. Changed book. Lunch. Tried on black taffeta. Out to American Women’s Club, 45 Grosvenor Street. Tea with Mrs Griffin, Miss Allitson and Mrs Bower and another. Home at 6.30. Embleton’s toTonbridge. Phil played in 1st half.

31st Dorothy lunch and Essenes – Arts Theatre
27th Moore to tea
29th C.H.W. – fetch her
1st With May’s to Tonbridge, if fine.

Sunday 2nd November 1930

Thunderstorm, finer in p.m.
Washed curtains of dressing-table, and Irish lace collar. At 2.15 to Rink. Adrian there. Tea together. Did 3’s on right foot without holding! To Faraday’s. Supper with Lois alone. Others out to concert. Home at 9.

Monday 3rd November 1930

Fineish, cool.
Ironed curtains. Up to Alys. Helped with Eva’s lace on her black velvet dress. Stayed lunch. With Alys to Dickens and Jones. She and Eva had hair done. I to Austin Reed and Bourne and Hollingsworth for Alys. Back to Dickens and Jones . Finally home at 6. Cooked stew for tomorrow.


Tuesday 4th November 1930

Fine. Cold.
Out to shops. Lois came to lunch with me at 1.15. Showed her paintings. She went 3.45. Read “Other Man’s Saucer”. I to supper at Barnard’s – 6 Elm Park Road. Home at 10.45.

Wednesday 5th November 1930

Very cold, fine.
To Wades’. To Arts Theatre Club. Then back and took Wade home to lunch – 21 Oxford Terrace. Made hat for her. Put her Post Office money in my bank. To Wigmore Hall. Met Poz. Recital by Basil Rodgers – negro gardener (me: Black British tenor). Tea at Debenhams with party. Mrs Hartree, Coley, Doss, Elsie Myers and negroes. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Supper with Eva. Dennis and Alys out for anniversary supper of engagement.

Thursday 6th November 1930

Dull. Cold.
Unwell. To Care Committee – Netherwood Street 10.30 – 12.00. Mr Eden, Mrs Willis in chair. Very dull. Home. Lunch. To Old Vic 2.30. “The Jealous Wife”. Home. Unwell. Lay down. Listened-in to Masefield’s “Pompey” all evening. Supper at bedside. Electric Welsh rarebit.

Friday 7th November 1930

To Woolland’s. Walked across Park. On to Army and Navy for lining. To St Thomas’s Home and saw Gwen Cave for a minute. Home. Rested 2 hours in p.m. Knitted skating sock in evening and listened-in. To shops. Supper in bedroom. Bloater. Read Hemingway Fiesta.

Saturday 8th November 1930

Fine. Mild.
Wrote letters. To Chappell. To Muirhead Bone. To Imperial Institute Disabled Soldiers and Sailors. Bought basket. Met Tonks. Walked home by Kensington Gardens. Sewed frilled sleeves in evening dress. To dinner Ayrton’s 7. Tony’s 21st birthday. Eva too. All to Phoenix Theatre “Private Lives” Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence.


6th Care Committee – 10.30 Netherwood Girls.
Tony’s party 8th
5th Dorothy – Hartree p.m.

5th with Eva in evening
7th to see Gwen

Sunday 9th November 1930

To Lab at 11.30. Helped do a little cleaning. Back in car to 76 Cholmley Gardens for dinner 1.30. Helped with Eva’s room. Dennis and Alys rested. Coffee with Eva. At 7.30 alone to skating. Sandwich. Alys came 9.10. They took me home to 21 Oxford Terrace in car.

Monday 10th November 1930

Fine. Mild.
Walked to Boot’s and then to Hope Norman and paid aerial bill. Westbourne Grove and saw toddy ladle. Lunch. Mackeral. To Lillywhite’s. Met Susie at Beaux Art’s, Bruton Place. Mrs White’s paintings. Took Susie to tea at English Speaking Union. Home.

Tuesday 11th November 1930

Fine. Cold.
To Meeting at Netherwood School 10. Up to Alys at 10.45 and with her, listened-in at Cenotaph Service 11. Lunch. To town with Alys after to get seats on Varsity Match Day. Bought hat at Gamage’s. To meet Menie at Arts Theatre Club and saw “Machines” by Reg Berkeley.

Wednesday 12th November 1930

At 11.30 to Cleminson’s. Met Alys there. He snared off a polypus from my nose. Walked home to 21 Oxford Terrace with Alys. Lunch. Then both of us to see Gwen at St Thomas’ Home. Home about 6 and rested. Quiet evening. Listened-in.

Thursday 13th November 1930

Very fine.
Alys rang up about Harrow versus Tonbridge match. I to Fortune Theatre, and to Russell’s. Home. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 1.10. With Alys and Eva in Baby Austin to Harow. At 2.30 rugger match. Phil playing for Tonbridge. Harrow boy broke leg. Home to 76 Cholmley Gardens for tea and dinner. Dennis dined out with W. Trotter. I home at 10.30.

Friday 14th November 1930

Lovely day.
Packed suitcase. Kit ‘phoned – couldn’t come to Layton. Taxi up to 76 Cholmley Garden 12.15. Alys to fetch Lois and suitcases. Porter for trailer. All read. Miss Viall ‘phoned Dennis on dying case and we couldn’t go to Layton. Lois stayed till 5.30. I stayed night. Dennis in and out again at 10. Supper in kitchen. Pea soup, lobster, pigeons en casserole.

Saturday 15th November 1930

Dennis still busy with Orr-Ewing case (Lady Inskip’s son). Alys motored Eva and me to Sissie’s and Lois with her luggage. Read in p.m, Alys and Dennis rested. At 6.30 Alys took me to Sissie’s and I supper there, Winnie and Nellie Barnard too. Eva called for me 9.30. To King’s Cross for box from Layton 10.5. To patient in Bentinck Street.

10th Beaux Arts Bruton Place 3.30.
14th To Layton? Weekend.
12th “Machines” evening Arts Theatre Club 11th 8.30
13th Pagliacci Old Vic evening 7.45
12th 11.30 Cleminson

Sunday 16th November 1930

Fine. Very cold later.
Slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dennis to patient and lab at 9.30. All did “drawing” of duck from Layton. Eva chiefly. At 11.30 Dennis to us to 21 Oxford Terrace for my skates. Then all to Ayrton’s to see Teahouse model. Dinner at 76 (duck). Alys and I to skating, Adrian too. Eva with Dennis to patient. Supper in kitchen. Mrs K. Mills out. Slept at 76. Alys with Dennis to patient at 10 p.m.

Monday 17th November 1930

Very cold frost. Some fog.
Eva to shops. I with ALys to Lab. Coffee there. To Mrs Fagge’s. To Lunn’s. To Fortune Theatre. Back to lunch with Alys. Eva finished and out to class. Alys and I read till tea – “Last Days of Pompeii”. I back home to 21 Oxford Terrace at 6. Left suitcase, took only bag. Listened-in foreign stations. Read “Marshall Hall”.

Tuesday 18th November 1930

Dull. Milder. Rain in evening.
Did a bit of sewing of black taffeta frilled frock sleeve. Out to Chappell’s and met Alys and Eva at Mackie’s. Lunch together. Heard about Miss Roland and Varvill. Home. Windows cleaned and gas mended. To Alys at 6. Eva to King’s Hospital ball. Dennis back. Pheasants from Layton. Talk about Roland and Dolly Varvill till 10.45. Home.

Wednesday 19th November 1930

Work with headache. Rearranged boxes, drawers. Out to Gamage’s for skirt pattern. Lunch, very dark in p.m. but managed to unpick Irish lace cuffs. To 76 Cholmley Gardens at 5.30. Eva out to Berlitz. Talked to Alys. Strenuous and useless? Ate cold beef and bread and then on to the Clubhouse – Golders Green 7.30. Met Lois. Life model till 10. Short poses. Enjoyed it. Ernest Blaikley and Shoosmith. Home at 10.55.

Thursday 20th November 1930

Sewed all a.m. at black taffeta and lace. To lunch at Nell Sime’s. Met Adine and Miss Robinson of Munsley. Home 3.30. To lecture at University College “Pericles” at 5.15. Home. Supper and sewed very late. To bed 10.45.

Friday 21st November 1930

Rain. Mild.
At 10.45 to Health Trust. Kingsgate to see Miss Long and Mr Eden, re secretaryship Care Committee of Mentally Defective Schools. Home. Lunch and Alys and Eva appeared with lunch too. To County Hall at 4.30 – 6. Care Committee Secretaries Mentally Defective Schools. To Kit’s to dinner 7.30 and with her to Everyman to see Masks and Faces. Home by 28 bus.

Saturday 22nd November 1930

Sewed dress in a.m. and to shops for cakes. Eva to tea with me at 4.30. Alys and Dennis to Sir Warren Crooke-Lawless. Eva and I to cocktail party 5 – 7 at Max’s Chambers. About 150 there! I to Mrs Styer’s to dine and to see “Wooden Shoes” at Kingsway Theatre. Margaret Halstan, Maud Hertz. Others dined with cocktail party at Stokes. Talked to Schwabe and Sheringham.

12.45 20th Nell
20th 5.15 Pericles
19th Clubhouse 7.20
21st 11. Institute Long.
22nd Max’s cocktail party
with Kit to Masks and Faces 21st – 8.30
20th lunch with Nell Sime
Dinner 7.
With Mrs Styer to theatre 22nd.

Sunday 23rd November 1930

Cold. Dull.
Busy sewing. At 2 Embleton’s called in car, for my sewing case. Back to dinner with them at 2.20 at 76 Cholmley Gardens. I alone to skating and others to Lab. Back to 76 and read and all had supper in kitchen. Home about 11.

Monday 24th November 1930

Dull, some mild rain.
Sewed frock. To C.H.W.’s at 12. Gave her £2. On to lunch in Drury Lane. ¼. Good. To Old Vic, Owen Smyth’s show. Home. Sewed and long-lined black coat. To Old Vic after super. To see Antony and Cleopatra. 1st perfect. Gielgud and Dorothy Green. Very good. Home at 11.50.

dorothy green
Dorothy Green (1886-1961) being Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra

Tuesday 25th November 1930

Mild. Damp.
Washed things. Out to meet Lois at Shoolbred’s and together to New English Show, after lunch together which I gave her. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to fetch frock. All out. Met Mrs Kingmill on doorstep, luckily. Home. Sewed fur cuffs on coat. Read Roman History.

Wednesday 26th November 1930

Heavy showers.
Ironed coat. To 6 Elm Park Road at 12.45 to lunch and on with Poz and Doz to Cheyne Hospital Polly had soap stall. Then to 47 Wimpole Street to Dennis’ Laboratory At Home. Will Cave, Ginx, Max, etc. Home at 6 and hurried supper and to to Club at Golders Green for Life Class. Male costume model. Home 10.50.

Thursday 27th November 1930

To Gamage’s for pattern of coatee. Home. Again there in p.m. for silk, but failed. Home and rested for 45 minutes. Changed and to lecture on Marcus Tullius at University College at 5.15. To Elsa’s to dinner at 7.30. Max and she alone. Depression as hotel work stopped. Home about 10.15.

Friday 28th November 1930

To Marshall’s and Evans and got silk at latter. Home. After lunch, cut out coatee with peplum in old glace silk and some new. Worked all p.m. at it. Very dark. To supper with Dorothy at 6 Elm Park Road. Colonel Armstrong came in afterwards.

Saturday 29th November 1930

Dull. Dry.
Out to Evans for ruching and bought frock stuff. All p.m. finishing off taffeta coatee. ALys and Dennis to Canney’s at Cambridge. Eva to Cave’s. To Post Office and put £100 in (C.H.W.’s) 96.

26th To Elm Park Road 12.45. To Dennis’ Lab later.
C.H.W £2 24th (she had £2.2.6 in hand).
27th University College Law 5.15 to Elsa’s to dinner
30th To Rush’s, 139 Hampstead Way about 5.
28th To Dorothy Barnard’s to supper.

Sunday 30th November 1930

Dull, damp.
Did some washing and finished coatee. To skating at 3 – 5. Alone there. Enjoyed it. On to Agnes and Frank Rush’s. Home at 7. Early to bed 8. Read in bed. Tired.

Monday 1st December 1930

Dull, dark.
Cut out frock in blue and yellow stuff. Out to Boot’s. Back. Lunch. Did frock again and brasses. Met Alys at Army and Navy Stores. Tea at Gorringe’s together. Home. Eva had been at 21 2 hours between lectures. Elsa phoned about Duncan Tate’s death (on Friday). Wrote Jeanie.

Tuesday 2nd December 1930

Dull. Dry. To Local Attendance Committee at 10. Up to Alys’. She took me to Kits’ in car and fetched me at 12.45. Eva to lunch there. I lunched with Alys and at 4 she took me to Elsa’s in car! I had tea with Elsa and Max in Max’s bedroom. Took Jerry to Heineman’s and back in taxi to Church Row. Home. Supper. Sewed frock and to bed later.

Wednesday 3rd December 1930

Very cool and dry. Dark.
At 10.30 to Manager’s Meeting at Kingsgate Road. Met Alys at West Hampstead. To town to buy stuff for her coatee, together. Lunch at Lewis’. I home after and sewed frock all p.m. Supper at 6, and to Life Class at Golders Green 7.30 – 10.00. Short poses with delightful model. Straight hair and plaits.

Thursday 4th December 1930

Dull. Cold day.
Sewed frock and wore it and to fetch Wadie. Lunch 3 – 4 at Villa Bella in Euston Road. Very good. Home. Out to Fortune Theatre 2.30. People’s Theatre. The Man from Blankley’s. Huntley Wright. Nancy Price spoke. Very interesting. C.H.W. home from Baker Street. Finished frock at 10.15.


Friday 5th December 1930

Very foggy. Cold.
Up to 76 at 9.30. Louis too. All of us off in car, and lunched at Wansford, The Haycock. Good. On, in thickening fog, to Doncaster. At 4 had to stop. Fog too dense to go on. Tea and dinner and slept at Danum Hotel. Not good, expensive. Slept with Eva. Memo: Go to Rockingham Arms next time.


Saturday 6th December 1930

Foggy. Cold.
Fog better. Off at 9 to Layton, arrived about 11.40 or so. Cold. In p.m. round greenhouses and outhouses. Billiards in evening. Pyramids. Fires in bedrooms. Lovely. Daisy waited for first time.

2nd Local Attendance Committee 10 a.m.
4th Fortune Theatre. Matinee.
Call for C.H.W. 12.
3rd 10.30 Manager’s – Kingsgate.
Life class
A.A. hotel.
Rockingham Arms on right as you come in from south.
5th to Layton.

Sunday 7th December 1930

Cold. Foggy. Rain in p.m.
Too foggy and cold for church. Lois saw kitchen and bandaged Mrs H. Stayed in and I cut out Alys’ coatee. After dinner all out along Colliers Lane. Alys and Dennis back first. Dennis wrote Lady Inskip about her son, Orr-Ewing. Pyramids till 10.


Monday 8th December 1930

Fine a.m. Cloudy. Slippery. Rainy.
Lovely sunrise. Packed. Breakfast 7.45. Off in car at 8.45. Frost on road. Heavy trailer, loud speaker and goose-crate! Sandwich lunch after Stamford. Home at 4.30. Lois got out at Hendon. Phil arrived from Cambridge (exam) 6. I stayed dinner, and away at 9.15. Layton chicken.

Tuesday 9th December 1930

Fog. Clear at Twickenham.
All met at Waterloo 12. Coxes, Caves, Embleton’s, Beck Sharpe. Blue. To Twickenham. Varsity Rugger Match. Draw. 3 all. Lunch and coffee on stands. Back. Changed. Met at Criterion. Dinner, all except Phil. To “It’s a Boy” Strand Theatre. I fainted and very sick. Alys home with me in taxi.

it's a boy

Wednesday 10th December 1930

Alys stayed night. She off at 12.30. Felt gradually better. Began lining fur coat. At English Speaking Union, read magazines. Home. 5.30. Wrote E.P.

Thursday 11th December 1930

Busy re-lining fur coat most of day. At 3.15 to Care Committee, 30 minutes late by mistake. Home and went on with fur coat. To Gamage’s to take evening dress to be cleaned of sick!

Friday 12th December 1930


To Handy’s shop. Bought book for David and geography. Finished fur coat only at 4. Rested. Dressed. Ginx’ car came at 7. Called for Doz and to dine at the Harrison’s. Ginx took Doz and me to Bittersweet. Very good. Evelyn Laye and Mataxa and Joy St Helier.

Saturday 13th December 1930

Very fine a.m.
Out to Bond Street and Medici. Wrote Tades. Did Alys’ coatee, and rested. Headache. Kit phoned and asked me to dinner, but too headachey. Out to buy fruit. Did Alys’ coatee till 10.15.

9th Varsity Rugger Match
11th 3.15 Care Committee
10.30 – 3.30 Sale Enright.
12th Dine and Bittersweet
14th Supper after 7 p.m. Adine.

Sunday 14th December 1930

Fine. Rain in evening.
Did some washing. To 76 to dinner 1. They took me home (and they on to Cave’s new house). I to supper (after a long rest) at Adine’s. Phil S. in Rangoon. Nell and Miss Robinson there.

Monday 15th December 1930

Fair, cold.
To shops for silk, buttons and bag tops at Gamage’s. Busy doing Alys’ coatee and bag. Out to near shops and got diary. To bed 10.30. Sewing till then.

Tuesday 16th December 1930

Cold. Damp.
Out to Chalk Farm School and got things 5/-. On to Wade’s. On to shops for ribbon. To Jones’ in Leicester Square, lunch at Counter. To Alhambra film, “The Mystery of Life” and Les Toits de Paris. Home 5.15. Sewed Alys’ coatee. Supper. At 9 John Morgan rang up, and came, in taxi at 9.25. Stayed till 11 o’clock.

Mystery of Life

Wednesday 17th December 1930

Pitch dark all day.
Frightful dark fog. Out to buy cakes. Polished brasses, lighted fire. At 4 came Aunt Rosa and Lois to tea. At 4.30. Mrs Styer. She took me back in her car, and sent me on in it to 8 North Square. Dinner with Faraday’s and to Life Club with Lois. Too foggy at 10 to return, so stayed night at Faraday’s.

Thursday 18th December 1930

Dull, but clear.
Up and breakfast at 8.30 with Lois and Laurie, away and home by 9.40. Washed tea-things of yesterday!. Did up Alys’ coatee. To Kingsgate School at 12. Did Xmas tree with Miss Norton. To lunch with Alys and Eva. Back to school for Xmas party. Alys too. Mr Greatorex, and Echo story. Home at 4. Wrote Xmas cards and letters and parcels.

Friday 19th December 1930

Dull and damp.
Out to buy leather for moccasins. Sent off parcels – Leggett’s, Teeds. All day sewing Eva’s bag (of Madras stuff) and cut out moccasins. Felt rather queerish. To supper at 6 Elm Park Road and on to Handel Society concert with Poz and Doz in taxi. Home in taxi. 1/6 at Dorothy’s expense.

Saturday 20th December 1930

Out to Boot’s. Sent off Davey’s parcel. Sewed Eva’s bag and moccasins, most of day. Wrote up Care Committee cases. Had hot bath and read “Little Caesar”.

18th Dred Scott case 5.15.
18th 2 – 2.30 Kingsgate School party.
11.30 or 12 Help Norton
19th Handel 7 p.m.
17th Fortune and Styer and Faraday’s 4.30.
21st Kit and Barbara to skating.
16th Alhambra film. Mystery of Life.

Sunday 21st December 1930

Very fine.
Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 12 o’clock. Gave Alys the moccasins and gloves and Eva, Madras bag. Dinner with them all. On to Rink, Kitty, Barbara and Adrian. Tea. Embleton’s to Mürren. With Kit home and dinner with Buchanan’s. George and Joan also came. Home 10.30. Felt coldy.

Monday 22nd December 1930

Woke late. Coldiness better. Out to Lyons Popular to book table for Xmas day. To Lunn’s about Alys’ money refund. Walked to Wallis Collection for Persian Art ticket. Not. A. C. Walked home. Cooked Wills’ fish. Sewed and rested after lunch. Slept about 2 hours! Out at 4.30 to Gamage’s about evening frock cleaned.

Tuesday 23rd December 1930

Foggyish but better.
Sewed leaves on evening dress straps and did lace cape ruching. Out to Boot’s and to Selfridge’s, Gamage’s and Marshall’s. To bed early. Read Grand Hotel – Vicki Baum.

Wednesday 24th December 1930

Clear. Mild. Not sunny.
Packed suitcase. To Gamage’s about evening dress; lost. Bought petticoat. After lunch, at 4 in taxi to 9 Church Row. Tea with Max and Tony. Rested. Dressed at 7.15. Beswick’s, Monkhouses, Gladys Bell, Alan. Dinner. Games. Charades.

Thursday 25th December 1930

Finer. Mild.
Breakfast 9.30. Presents. Out at 11.30 to Buchanan’s. Handy drove me to 21 Oxford Terrace and then Euston. Took Wade in taxi to Lyon’s Popular Xmas dinner. To 21 and she rested. At 4 in bus and taxi (for Cricklew) to Faraday’s. Tea. Sissie came. Supper. Charades. “Eggspert”. Laurie drove Wade and me back. I to 9 Church Row.

Friday 26th December 1930

Rain till 2.
Breakfast in bed, tho’ quite well. Talked to Elsa. Max drew card for Alys. Read Adrian’s Diary and wrote Alys. Adrian to tea and supper. Out on Heath with Max and Elsa. Linguaphone records in evening. Beswick’s and Bella in at 12.

Saturday 27th December 1930

Dull, showers.
Out on Heath with Max and Elsa. Met Alan and he and I called at Volta House. Back to lunch, 9 Church Road. Rested in p.m. on bed. Tea. Read Adrian’s Diary. All to dine with Adrian and tube to Golders Green Hippodrome to see “Folly to be Wise”. Mary Eaton, Al and U.S.A. Nelson Keys, Cicely Courtneidge. Very comic. Sangfroid acrobat, Barber. Song of the South and Exercise with four onlookers. Home by tube.

Sunday 28th December 1930

On Heath. Madeira walk with Max, Elsa and Adrian. Read Adrian’s diary. Rested in drawing-room. No-one in. Max rang up Sheringham (in bed). Adrian to skating in evening. We all read – I, the diary.

Monday 29th December 1930

Showers. Lovely evening and cold.
Tony drew my head, while Elsa settled dinner. Out with Elsa very little way, Virginia joined us and back to lunch. Rested on bed. Elsa and I to tea at Virginia’s and Max in too. Back at 6.30 (Max to Sheringham’s). Dinner and Max showed Ragusa sketches in evening.

Tuesday 30th December 1930

Wet all day.
Packed. With Elsa on heath in rain. Lunch 12.45. Peter Buchanan at 2, and drove me to 21 Oxford Terrace and suitcase. Gear lever broke! Unpacked and to shops. Supper. Wrote Gamage’s. Out to Sadler’s Wells Theatre by 27 and 30 bus to Angel. Fun. Gielgud and Green did lovely act. Shirley McKinley sang 8 – 10 over theatre.

Wednesday 31st December 1930

Damp. Showers.
Out to Wade’s with £4 and to Bank. Lunch at home. Rested, after writing to Aunt Bella and Alys. To Sissie’s at 5.30, took azalea 2.6. Supper with her 6.45. To Life Club with Lois at Codner’s, 26 Temple Fortune Hill? No model so we drew Mr Oliver, and Pitman. Listened in till 12.30, in bed.

April 26th 1931 Census Day
30th Sadler’s Wells party
31st Life Class at Codner’s.
March 4th Bragg on Faraday – National lectures B.B.C.

In Life:
Characterization of Balliol man.

“That they possess the tranquil consciousness of effortless superiority.”

“When you’re by yourself you’re alone, and if you mind it, you’re lonely” – Edith Bache. Little girl’s definition.

Vogue patterns at Lewis’ and Dickens and Jones.
McCall patterns Selfridges
McCall, Vogue and Butterick at Army and Navy.
Thawpit – Woolworth’s spot remover.

There was a young man of Redruth
Who set out on a search for the truth
With his elders, who knew
That nothing was true
Remarked as a symptom of youth – Lionel Curtis

Boats – London – Brussels 28 Billiter Street, E.C.

Edward Clodd, Aldeburgh – 28.8.1924. Thomas Hardy wrote:
I was pleased to know that you were so comfortable when I was picturing you in your shirtsleeves, with a lot of other robust Aldeburghers digging a huge trench from Aldeburgh Church to the top of those steps we go down to your house, streaming with sweat, and drinking pots of beer between the shovellings. (English beer, of course).

Endive – Separate tender leaves; put coarser in boiling water. Large pan, about 20 minutes. Add the finer leaves after about 5 minutes. When tender first in colander to drain. About 10 minutes before serving, make a mixture of a dessertspoon of flour, a walnut of butter, pepper, salt and add boiling water so as make a smooth paste, put on fire and stir; it becomes rather stiff. Then add the endive and mix up, and let it stand over head of gas for a few minutes till needed.

Patience – 8 in a row. 6 rows, 4 over. Begin with aces, Can pile in descending sequence, alternate colours on any card; never more than 4 out. Get Kings to top row when possible. Can divide sequences if easier to place your 4 cards.

4 chairs in a row. Say which they have sat in. They are numbered 1234. You say “come in” which is 4 – 4 letters in the word or you may come in – 3.

Think of a letter – Demons (Deutch) or Fains (French). Use a sentence beginning with the letter, in French.

Think of an article in room. Point out something black before it.

Lump of Sugar – O
Matches, LOVE
NEWDOOR – anagram make into one word.
Cart horse – orchestra

To keep Autumn leaves, put their stalks in ½ glycerine and ½ water for two weeks. Boots’ unrefined 1- 10 bottle. They stiffen and keep all winter.


Stabilo – copying pencil – green and magenta

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