1929 – Tankerton, Birchington, Aldeburgh, Gara Rock, Fowey,

In 1929, Edward is 53 years old, Kate is 50 years old and Alys is 45 years old. Eva is 20 years old and Philip is 16 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Parcel to Barbara 19th December

Tuesday 1st January 1929

Fine. Cold.
To Shoolbred’s for portwine and Thompson’s for stockings. Took them to C.H.W. from Alys. Home. Lunch. Fire. Dorothy at 3.30 in Fair Play car and stayed to tea. Polly later (from Sissie’s). I back to supper with them. Home 9.45.

Wednesday 2nd January 1929

Cold. Dull.
Stayed in all ap.m. except to Boots’ and read “Five Dogs” book. Lunch – fish and sauce. At 2.30 to Ernest Miles’ about mortgage. Bought evening dress at Marie Adaire’s. On way home. Supper, lovely fish mixture. Read “The Star Spangled Manner”. To bed and listened-in. 3rd floor back.

Thursday 3rd January 1929

Very cold. Dull.
Elsa rang up about Dutch Exhibition, so at 10.30 I to 31 Sackville Street (Dutch Club) for ticket and to Burlington House. Private View. Poz came too (‘phoned her). Met Wade and lunched – Jones’. Tube to Everyman to see “The Passing of the Third Floor Back” matinée. Tea at De Vere’s. To Euston. Home 6.

Friday 4th January 1929

Very cold. Dull.
Out to Adaire’s for evening dress and also got net frills. Home for lunch; sewed evening dress steadily all p.m. and coatee too. At 7.15 taxi (2.6) to Church Row. Ayrton’s party – 36 people. Dinner in studio. Very gay. Dancing after. Opren there and Grace Lovat Fraser. Home in taxi at 2.30 a.m. with Knoblock, Will Beswick and Fisher.

Saturday 5th January 1929

Very cold. Snow. Sleet.
Quiet day. To English Speaking Union and wrote E.P. from there. Home 1.45 (walked). Rested and read “An Imperfect Lover” Gore Browne. To Badminton. Fun. With Alan and Laub to the Tate’s at 10.30. Bovril. Stayed till 11.50. Got home a little past midnight.

1st To C.H.W. 10.30. Port wine and stockings
3rd Everyman Theatre with C.H.W. for 2.30.
4th Ayrton’s party 8 p.m.
2nd 2.30 Ernest Miles’.
1st Dorothy at 3.10.
4th Adaire at 11.

Sunday 6th January 1929

Very cold and dull.
Woken by ‘phone from Dorothy at 1015! Quiet a.m. At 3 to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Got letters. Wrote Alys. To tea at old Mrs May’s. Golders Green. Edwin Percy and grandson there. To Chelsea by tube. Supper with Poz and Doz. Home about 10.

Monday 7th January 1929

Pitch dark. Very cold.
Out. Sent drawing to Passing Show. To Sales. Bought Liberty blouse and Romanian accordion stuff at Stagg’s. To Jacob’s with boxing tickets. To tea at Buchanan’s, 40 Grosvenor Road. Home 6.30. To bed early. Listened-in.

Tuesday 8th January 1929

Brighter, still dull. Cold.
To 76 for Gee Wiz. Bought cakes. Home. To Arts Theatre Club. Home. Lunch. Prepared tea. John and Doreen Dan by and Peter and George Buchanan came. Fun. To bed 9 o’clock.

Wednesday 9th January 1929

Dark. Cold.
To English Speaking Union. Sandwich lunch there, and wrote E.P. To Liberty’s sale, and Selfridge’s. Got 2 pillowcases – 2-11 ½ each and Romanian blouse, black and gold. To Menie’s to tea. Home. Listened-in to Compton Mackenzie’s “Carnival”.

Thursday 10th January 1929

Dull. Rain.
Sewed on Romanian blouse. To lunch with Nell Sime 1. Home. Rested. Sewed black dress sleeve (Frills). Met Gertude Knoblock at English Speaking Union at 6.30. Dined. To Theatre Arts Club to see “The Lady of the Lamp” (with Gertrude Knoblock), Edith Evans, Ffrangcon-Davies, Aked. By Reginald Berkeley.

Friday 11th January 1929

Very cold.
To Church Row 11.15. Talked to Elsa (in bed) till 1.15. Lunch downstairs alone. To Northcourt. To Embassy (Conservatoire) for tickets. To English Speaking Union. Read there, and got Fougasse tickets. Home at 15.30. Violets. Tired. To bed early.

Saturday 12th January 1929

Very cold. Dull.
To Boots’ and got “Death comes for the Archbishop” To other shops, Mackie’s. Felt shivery and after haddock lunch, lay down all p.m. from 2 till 5.30. Supper and changed. To Badminton. Elsa not there. To the North Star with Tate’s and Mrs Kendal and Max. Back to Tate’s at 10.30 with Alan, till 11.30.

8th Danby’s to tea.
9th to Northcourt
7th To Kit’s to tea.
10th To lunch at Nell’s 1 o’clock.
10th Dine – English Speaking Union with Knobs 6.30 and Arts Theatre 8.
Wrote E.P. 9th English Speaking Union.

Sunday 13th January 1929

Brighter, cold.
Elsa rang up. Max to Broadlands 12.30. I up to 9 Church Row. Lunch and tea with Elsa and Tony. Saw Pip, Squeak house. Beethoven Symphonies on gramophone in p.m. With Elsa to see Hospital building. Home at 7. Supper. To bed 9.30. Water main burst in road.

Monday 14th January 1929

Dull. Cold.
To Marshall’s for Alys and to Victoria and Kit’s. Lunch at Victoria. Home. Dusted books. Up to 76, taking tray and expecting Embleton’s. Maud came, and the Embleton’s not till Tuesday! So, home to supper and bed.

Tuesday 15th January 1929

Finer, dampish.
Elsa rang up early and at 1.20 they called in car. Tony, Elsa and Mrs and Wilma Marsden. All to Richmond and skated on new rink there; artificial ice. Lunch there and only off at 4 p.m. Tony home with me to tea. Then he to Knob’s; I to 76. Embleton’s arrived from Switzerland 7.30 and I stayed supper. Home 9.30.

Wednesday 16th January 1929

Snow and sun!
Rang up Alys and Dorothy; and Tony rang me up. I mended fur-coat lining. Alys in on way to Kitty’s. Up to 76 to tea. Rene, Eva and Phil. Stayed dinner and night. Saw films of Mürren holiday.

Thursday 17th January 1929

Dull. Cold.
Out to shops with Alys, for Phil’s grub. She and I to town in p.m. She for Phil’s shirts. I home to receive Rene at 21. She changed for dance, there. Back to 76 for dinner 7. All 5 to Embassy Theatre, Swiss Cottage. Monsieur Beaucaire. Gerald, Madge Compton.

Friday 18th January 1929

Out to shops for ALys. She packing Phil’s things. Dennis back at 3. Films of Mürren (3 more). All in car to Tonbridge at 5 or 6. Left Phil at Judde House at 7.40 (to Tunbridge Wells first). Dined Rose and Crown. Home and slept at 76. 10.30. Some fog.

rose and crown
Rose and Crown, Tonbridge

Saturday 19th January 1929

Very fine.
Alys’ new maid, Milly, came to be engaged. All with Dennis in car. I home. To bank with big cheque £1,083.13!!! Back to lunch with Alys and Eva. Rested all p.m. Dennis and Alys with Cave’s to dine and see “No Other Tiger”. Eva and I had egg supper and to Badminton. Elsa cross about North Star and Longdon’s. Back to sleep at 76.

Embleton’s back 14th
Phil to Tonbridge – 18th
15th Tony to tea. Supper at 76.

Sunday 20th January 1929

Fineish. Foggy.
Very late breakfast. Mrs Boone. Wrote Ernest and Wade. Dennis editing films all day. In car to 6 Elm Park Road and all had tea with Doz. Washed up, and she back with us to 76 to supper and films. Dennis and Alys took her and me home at 10 to our separate homes. Slept at home.

Monday 21st January 1929

Foggy. Milder.
Out for milk. Met Ethel Miles at English Speaking Union at 1. Lunch. Taxi to Wyndham’s to see “Thérèse Raquin” – Zola. Grein’s players – very, very good. Elsa gave me the tickets. Home 5.25.

Tuesday 22nd January 1929

To shops and house agent. C.H.W. at 12. Out to lunch Woolworth’s with her, and then to cinema at Edgware Road. “Garden of Allah” and “How to Manage Women”. Back to tea at home.

garden of allah

Wednesday 23rd January 1929

Unwell. Mrs Tapper rang up, and Elsa and Dorothy and Kath. To Hampstead. To Elsa’s and then met Kitty at Volta House. Back to Euston. To Wade’s with her to buy wool and soles. Home to lunch: Rested. To Susie’s to tea. Home, via Arts Theatre Club with proposal form for associate member. Home. Bath at 8.30 and straight to bed. Listened-in and supper in bed.

Thursday 24th January 1929

Out to shops and home. Up to 76 at 12 and lunch with Alys. New maid, Milly, there. Home after and prepared tea and room. Alys too. Mrs Walter Tapper to tea. Very nice. Out to Boots’ for “The Promised Land”.

Friday 25th January 1929

Very cold.
Out to English Speaking Union at 12.30. Sandwich lunch there. To Dutch Exhibition. 1 till 3.45. Then to Mrs E.V. Miles’ At Home at 7 Elsworthy Terrace. Home. I early to bed. Dennis called for Alys 8.30 and to skating.

Saturday 26th January 1928

Very cold.
Out to Boot’s and read J.H. Morgan’s article on Haldane in Quarterly Review. Home. Lunch. Sewed blouse. Rested. To Badminton. 27 there! Embleton’s took me to 21 Oxford Terrace in car. Very coldy. Sore throat.

27th McCormack.
20th To Dorothy to tea and supper.
23rd Susie 4.30. To 11.45. Euston. Kit.
24th Mrs Tapper comes?
25th To Mrs E.V. Miles?
21st 12.30 at English Speaking Union. E.M.M.
22nd C.H.W.
Maud on Friday’s to Alys.

Sunday 27th January 1929

Lovely sunny cold day.
Better. Washed stockings and gloves. Dennis called in car. I to dinner 1 with Embleton’s. At 4 on to Faraday’s. Tea there. At 6 to Sissie’s to supper. Home 10.15. Cold better.

Monday 28th January 1929

Dull, milder.
Felt tired but to Cooper’s and Curry and Paxton. Lunch at Jones’. On at 2 to Chalk Farm by 2 busses. Visit. Back by 31. Home. Very tired. Rested. Supper. Wrote Elsa and Tony. Elsa rang up.

Tuesday 29th January 1929

Rain. Mild.
Out to English Speaking Union for seats. Walked to Electric shop. Home . Dorothy not well. Rested in p.m. and read “The Promised Land”. At 6.45 Max and Elsa in taxi. I with Elsa to English Speaking Union. I gave her dinner there and both to lecture by Fougasse (Kenneth Bird). Very good.

Wednesday 30th January 1929

Mild. Damp.
Out to see Dorothy (in bed with flu?). Sat with her. Home late, to lunch. Out to Mansfield Road Schools. Train to Finchley Road. To see Eva, but Alys quite ill with flu so only peeped in. Home.

Thursday 31st January 1929

Dull, mild.
To shops. Home to lunch. Rested. To Fine Art Society, Bond Street. Fougasse exhibition and Mrs K Bird, landscapes and May Gordon. On, tea and supper with Dorothy. Mrs Smith there. Mabel out. Home at 10. Tired.


Friday 1st February 1929

Wet. Mild.
To 34 Bedford Square. Exhibition of Bridges. On to 76 when Dennis 103.5 and Alys still ill too. Eva (with gauze) looking after them. Stayed on to tea and dinner and all night.

Saturday 2nd February 1929

Wet. Dark.
Breakfast with Eva. Dennis and Alys in bed all day. Over to 21 (for clothes) and back to 76. Lunch Rested on couch in p.m. Dinner 6.30. Eva and I to Badminton 8.30. Fun. Played ladies singles with Elsa v. Virginia and Susan. Won -14.10. Home at 10.10 to 76.

29th Fougasse at English Speaking Union.
3rd Anniversary of M.A.
27th supper with Sissie
1st Dutch
29th With Dorothy to Golders Green. Tea at Sissie’s.
31st 7.30 to Dorothy.
3rd Supper 7 Simes.
Wrote E.P. 29th from English Speaking Union. Wrote K.H.D. 30th

Sunday 3rd February 1929

Fine. Sun. Very cold.
Breakfast with Eva 9.30. Dr Smeed came. Did Alys and Dennis’ room, with Eva. Then Eva and I to White Stone Pond. Back and I to Elm Park Road by 28 and 31 bus. Dinner 1 with Dorothy and back via 21 Oxford Terrace (for fur coat) to 76. Tea and supper (Dennis and Alys in bed all day).

Monday 4th February 1929

Cold. Fog then finer.
Back home at 12. Bought electric cooker £2 with long flex. Lunch. To Selfridge’s for E.P.’s postcards. To English Speaking Union. Kate Brims met me there, and we had tea. Home. Supper. Read. To bed early.

Tuesday 5th February 1929

Cold. Dull.
Elsa phoned and came at 11. With her to Raine’s (chintzes). On to English Speaking Union to lunch, with her. Then both to Fougasse Show in Bond Street. She home and I to Louvre about haircut. Home. Rest. J.H. Morgan rang up. Sewed frilled sleeves in evening dress. Elsa rang again – twice.

Wednesday 6th February 1929

Cold. Dull..
Up to 76 to post parcels to Phil and Steve. Eva flu. Out to lunch with Alys. Back to 21. Rested. Sewed dress. Bus to Piccadilly. To dine with J.H. Morgan at Whitehall Court 8.15. At 10.15 taxi home (2/4), changed and buses to 76. 11.30. Slept there.

Thursday 7th February 1929

Milder. Dull.
Kept Alys in bed to breakfast. Out to shops and Golders Green. Back and stayed. Slept at 76.

Friday 8th February 1929

Fine. Cold.
Out to shops for housekeeping. At 3.15 met Dorothy at Hospital and to Tonbridge with him to see Phil, in Sanitorium with boils. To Oyster Bar and Chinese Restaurant for dinner 7. To lab for blood count and back to 76 to sleep.

Saturday 9th February 1929

Out to shops – down to 21 Oxford Terrace about electric cooker. Lunch. Dennis called at 2.15. To Tonbridge again to see Phil. Back to 76. Dinner. Dennis drove me to Badminton. Max only at 8.45 – Section dinner. Elsa at Hayling. Slept at 76.

6th Manager’s.
4th Meet K. Brims at English Speaking Union 4 p.m.
10th Sunday 7.
6th 8.15 to Whitehall Court.

Sunday 10th February 1929

Cold. Some snow.
Alys up to breakfast. M. A. to Valmont. She and Dennis to Tonbridge to fetch Phil. I took Eva’s meals in to her. They home at 4. Tea. Did orange photo with paste. Home to sleep. Supper at Phil Sime’s.

Monday 11th February 1929

Very, very cold.
To Evans’ and via Golders Green for coffee. To Alys’. Shopped for her. Stayed on in p.m. but lunched at shop, West End Green. Home after tea. Supper. Electric light went off. Main fused.

Tuesday 12th February 1929

Hard frost. Very very cold.
Frost. No water. Up to Alys. Shopped for her. In to lunch. Eva very bad pain in head. Stayed on. Able to help Eva and send her to sleep. Slept at 76. Eva morphia in night.

Wednesday 13th February 1929

Very, very cold. Sun.
In with Eva who in pain. Over to lunch with Dorothy. Salmon. To Louvre for hair cut. Back to 76 for tea. Eva’s eye horribly swollen. Charley Beevor up to see her, at 8.30. Dennis took him back.

Thursday 14th February 1929

2 below zero. Very, very cold.
Dr Frost. Max Ayrton rang up – postpone party. Dennis to fetch Beevor to Eva. In with Eva a lot – enema. Phil to 21 Oxford Terrace to fetch C.H. Wade. She to lunch here. At 4.50 ambulance for Eva and she and Alys to Nursing home – Bulstrode for operation on antrum and frontal sinus. Phil and I alone for dinner and Dennis and Alys back at 9.20.

Friday 15th February 1929

Very, very cold. Fog.
To Wisden’s with Phil for racquet. To 21 Oxford Terace for things, and home to lunch at 76. Alone with Phil all p.m. Read. Played rubicon bézique with Phil.

Saturday 16th February 1929

Very cold. Snowing.
To shops. Phil to town with Dennis, and Alys to Eva’s. Got electric radiator. Lunch with Phil. I down to see Eva to Bulstrode House. She headache. Home. Dennis, Phil and I to Badminton. Alys later.

12th to Sissie
14th Eva to Nursing Home See May 23rd

Sunday 17th Feburary 1929

Frost. Skating.
Alys and Phil to Eva. Dennis and I in car to Moir’s for portrait and then Sissie’s. Alys back and I to see Eva at 4. Headache again. Dennis to see her at 6. I home. Dennis felt very sick and no supper.

Monday 18th February 1929

Less cold. Frosty.
Dennis, Alys and Phil to Lithos Road and Alys to Eva, who bad pain and temperature. Dennis to Golders Green about French for Phil. He and I alone for lunch. Ironed things. Met Alys at Wallace. Tea with her. To 21 Oxford Terrace. To Eva 6.30. Bad pain at 8.15. Home with Dennis.

Tuesday 19th February 1929

Not so cold. Frost still.
To shops for housekeeping. Home. Badminton with Phil. Lunch with him. Read. Sissie called. At 4 Phil and I walked to Golders Green. He to French lesson. I tea with Sissie. To Eva at 6.15. To 76. Mink there. Dennis at Medical Meeting till 9.40.

Wednesday 20th February 1929

Warmer. Dull.
To shops. Phil to Lab and to French 12 – 1. Alys with Eva and lunch – Mrs Souttars. I lunch with Phil at 76. Then to 21 Oxford Terrace. Wrote E.P. and M.A. Changed cheque. To Eva (Bulstrode House) 6. Out to meal at Lyons. Back to Eva form 7.20 till 9.35. To 76. Mink there.

Thursday 21st February 1929

Sunny. Thaw.
Dennis to Folkestone to lecture. Out to shops. Lunch at Evans’ with Phil, going for 10 minutes to Eva first. To London Museum with Phil. Back to 76 with him to tea. Out to Eva at 6.15. Alys home. I supper Lyons. With Eva until 9.15. Back to 76.

Friday 22nd February 1929

Mild. Dull.
To 21 Oxford Terrace. On to Dutch Exhibition. Tonks. To English Speaking Union (sandwich at Baber’s). Taxi to Bulstrode. With Eva while Alys had lunch. Eva operated on left side. I back to tea with Phil. He and I to Lab 8.15. All had dinner Canuto’s. Back at 9.15. Eva’s temp 102.

Saturday 3rd February 1929

Fine, after showers.
Alys, Dennis and Phil in car to town. I did shopping and ironed. Lunch with Phil at 76. I to Keith Prowse and then Eva at 3.15. She made a turn for the better. Alys and Dennis back at 6.15. I home to 76. Supper and to Badminton with Phil only.

21st K.H.D.? 22nd Lois 7.
Sent E.P.’s socks off 20th 5 ½d
New wool 2/7

Sunday 24th February 1929

Fine. Then dull.
Alys, Dennis and Phil to town in car. I at home. Wrote C.H.W. and card, Lois. Dennis and Phil back to lunch. Alys with Eva 102. Dennis, Spencer and I in car. To Eva 3.30. Till 5.15. Then Beevor cut abscess in Eva’s septum. 3rd operation. I supper with Phil and Dennis home at 10 only.

Monday 25th February 1929

Cold again. Very dull.
Stye in eye. Phil with Dennis to town for violet rays with him to French. I to shops. Phil and I lunch together. Washed and ironed Eva’s phyjamas. Tea. At 6 to Eva. She “on edge” but got better. Stayed till 9.20. At Lyon’s and home to 76 at 10.15. (Eva 100.1)

Tuesday 26th February 1929

Snow. Cold. Dull.
In all a.m. darning for Alys. Phil for coffee. Phone calls. Lunch with Phil. Alys home at 3. I to Eva 4. Tea with her (normal temperature but worried). Dennis in at 6.45. Alys and Phil at 7.10. Met Dennis and dined at Canuto’s. Phil and I to see Scott film at Albert Hall. Duke of York.

Wednesday 27th February 1929

Very, very cold and windy but sunny.
Felt happier about Eva. To shops. Dorothy came; with her to Golders Green. Phil to vi-rays and French. Alys phoned about 4th operation. I down at 5.30. At 7 Beevor operated, cut under left eyebrow – found pus. Two tubes in. Alys and I dined at Marguerite. I with Dennis to Lab and then Canuto’s at 9.30. He drove me to 76 and fetched Alys from Home at 11.30.

Thursday 28th February 1929

Very fine and sunny.
Good report of Eva. To shops and Phil came too. Lunch with him. He to tea with Eva. Ethel Miles called. Ironed pyjamas for Eva. To Bulstrode House at 6.30. Stayed on until 9.30. Scallop and ale at Canuto’s; arranged by Dennis. Back to 76. Eva bright.

Friday 1st March 1929

Cold. Fine. To shops. Lunch. Met Alys at Hamptons at 2 .45. Then she to Eva. I to Sagne’s and then to 21 Oxford Terrace. Got things. To Eva at 6.15. Stayed until 9.15. To Canuto’s for supper. Same as yesterday. To 76 at 10.15.

Saturday 2nd March 1929

To shops. Alys to Eva. Lined Eva’s case. Phil for racquet and coffee. Lunch with him. Dennis and Alys back at 2.30 and they and Phil to Elstree for skating! I to Eva at 4. Tea with her; she very bright. Stayed till 7. Alys came. Taxi to 76. Quick supper and to Badminton with Dennis and Phil in car. Alys at 10. Back to 76.

26th Film at Albert Hall
25th Sent C.H.W. post office for £2.00

Sunday 3rd March 1929

Fine and sunny. Mild. Dark in town.
Dennis and Alys to Eva. (Eva up for one hour on sofa). Phil and I cut sandwiches. Kath and Kitty came in. Dennis, Alys and Phil to skate at Elstree in p.m. I read “Sergeant Grischa”. To Eva to tea. At 7 with Dennis to Lab and Downshire Hill and Lab. Called for Alys and Phil and supper at Canuto’s.

Monday 4th March 1929

Warmer. Fine.
To shops. Dried Phil’s scarf. Elsa saw Eva. Lunch with him. Read; felt sore throaty. Ironed Phil’s collars. To Eva at 6.45. Beevor there. I stayed til 8.50. Eva out of bed whle bed made. Vol-au-vent at Canuto’s. Home at 10. Spencer for wireless.

Tuesday 5th March 1929

Sunny and mild.
Kath to see Eva. I down to Eva at 11.15. Kitty to lunch with Alys and Phil. I lunch at Lab. Miss Shellum to see Eva at 1. Tompkins back from Adelboden. I to 76 at 3. Ironed vests. Tea with Phil and helped with French. Alys to Eva, and dined with Dennis in town. Phil and I together. Dennis to meeting. Eva temp 101o. Eye swelled.

Wednesday 6th March 1929

Fine. Mild.
Very depressed breakfast about Eva being worse. Alys, Dennis and Phil to town. I to shops. Washed and ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Phil back to lunch with me. Phil and I after 4 tea to Bond’s and I to Wadie’s. Walked to Bulstrode House. Alys and Phil home. I with Eva (better 99.1o). Max and Adrian called, with flowers. I to Canuto’s at 9.20. To 76.

Thursday 7th March 1929

To shops. Lunch with Phil. Phil to Bond’s. Read “Grischa”. Alys in at 3. I out to Eva for 4 o’clock tea. Smeed to see her. Alys back at 6.30. I to Lab. Home with Dennis. Dinner with Dennis and Phil. Dennis out to University College Hospital. Phil read aloud Jacobs stories to me.

Friday 8th March 1929

Fine. Mild.
To shops and to town for violet-rays. I washed and ironed things all a.m. Lunch with Phil. Rested. Tea 4 (Maud). To Dutch Exhibition. Then home 21 Oxford Terrace. Walked to Eva’s. Stayed 6.30 till 9.10. To Canuto’s (omelette). Back to 76.

Saturday 9th March 1929

Very warm. Sunny.
With Dennis to Eva’s. Dorrie to massage her at 11.15. I away 12.30. Lunch in Goodge Street. To 21 Oxford Terrace for thin coat. To Vincent Square. Badminton Championships. 2 o’clock. Ayrton’s Cooper’s, Alan, Adrian. Mr Joseph. Back to supper 6.15 with Ayrton’s. To Badminton 7.10. Full. Miss Holmes, Helen. Alys depressed about Eva.

7th K.H.D.
6th Bernard Hart
3rd Maurice Craig
9th Badminton Championships.
2 Horticultural Hall. Supper with Ayrton’s.
Devlin Champion and Mrs Barrett.
Uber very good, Mrs Uber not so good. Miss Waterhouse good.

Sunday 10th March 1929

Fog. Warm.
Alys down to Eva with Dennis at 11. Dennis and Phil, concert – the Wills’. I indoors. Washed gloves. Not out until 5.45 with Dennis in car to Eva. Beevor came 7. Saw eye dressed. Eva 100 at 10. 101. Supper Canuto’s.

Monday 11th March 1929

Fine. Warm.
To shops. Washed and ironed mats and washed my head. Cave’s letters. Lunch with Phil. To meet Alys later at Bourne and Hollingsworth. With her to Keith Prowse’s and Jacob’s about Albert Hall tickets. To Eva to tea. Dennis in too. Alys at 6.15 and to Lab and home with Dennis. Yano in evening. Alys at 10.15.

Tuesday 12th March 1929

Very fine. Cooler in p.m.
Eva 99º. Odd. Worried about her. To shops, Phil too. Washed and ironed collars. Petticoat. Lunch with Phil. After early tea, I to Army and Navy Stores (and home). Bought clothes-brush 16/- for Dennis’ birthday. To Eva’s. Dennis there. He gave her injection. Stayed till 9.20. Supper at Canuto’s. 76 at 10.30.

Wednesday 13th March 1929

Dull and raw.
To shops. Phil to Vi-rays and French. Sewed ribbons on vest. Lunch with Phil. To meet Alys at Shoolbred’s and looked at tables for Sister Bevan. I home and to Eva’s at 4. Dennis and Beevor irrigated her wound. She very bad headache. Alys came at 7. I home with Dennis in car. Dinner with Dennis and Phil. Alys home at 10.10.

Thursday 14th March 1929

Dull and very cold.
Dennis’ birthday. Alys, Dennis and Phil to town (Phil to Bond’s). I to Golders Green for coffee. At 1 called for Alys at Bulstrode. Took her in taxi to Gargoyle. Lunch with Max and Elsa. I with them to 7 Hannover Street (hat). With Elsa to show at Isobel’s. Tea at Dickens and Jones’. To 7 Grosvenor Street. In taxi with Max and Elsa to Bulstrode. Evening with Eva, she very bad head from irrigation. Supper Canuto’s at 9.30. To 76.

Friday 15th March 1929

Very cold and raw and dull.
To shops. Washed and ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Lunch with Phil. To Albert Hall Star Dancing Competition. To Eva’s to tea. Dennis too injected Eva. He drove me to University College. 5.30. Rhodes lecture by J.H. Morgan on “Dominion Status”. Lord Hailsham (Lord Chancellor) in chair. To Lab. Home with Dennis in car. Phil cooked omelette.

Saturday 16th March 1929

Very cold. Dull.
To shops. Phil to Bond’s. Alys to Eva. Lunch with Phil. Ironed Eva’s pyjamas. To Eva to tea. She very bad headache and dozing on and off. Alys came 6 and Beevor. Eva 100.2 at 6. I back to 76. Supper and to Badminton with Dennis and Phil. Alys upset about Eva, who wandering and 101. Dennis phoned to Smeed and arranged for consultation with Walsh, neurologist at 10 tomorrow on Eva. Bad night, anxious about Eva.

15th J.H. Morgan’s lecture at University College at 5.30.
14th Isobel’s dress-show with Elsa 3.
Postcards to Ella and K.H.D. 13th
Sent C.H.W. £1 note.

Sunday 17th March 1929

Fog and cold, then sunny.
Dennis off to Eva at 8.40. Consultation at 10. Walsh, Smeed and Beevor. Alys at 10. Poz and Doz came over to be with Phil and me. Alys and Dennis in at 1.15 more cheerful about Eva. Alys rested. Then to Eva with Phil. I got tea for Dennis. He and I in car to Eva. I stayed with her till 9.15. Read “Salad Days”. To Canuto’s. Home by train late.

Monday 18th March 1929

Fine, milder.
To shops. Washed stockings and darned socks. Lunch with Phil. Met Alys at Shoolbred’s – Mannequin Show. To Eva to tea. She 99.4 at 6, 100 at 10. Home with Dennis in car. Kitty rang up. Read Grischa. Alys in at 10.20.

Tuesday 19th March 1929

Cold. Fine later and rain.
To shops and Gigi for coffee. Washed things. Unwell. Lunch with Phil. Alys back at 2.30 to wash shawl. Kitty came and took Alys in her car. I to Eva at 5.30. She sick all her dinner and very sleepy. To Lyon’s for supper. Fish mayonnaise. Home 10.30. Dennis to medical meeting.

Wednesday 20th March 1929

Fog then sunny and mild.
To Mansfield Road School after washing some things. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Then met ALys and Phil at Lewis’ for lunch. To Lab, to tell Dennis about Eva’s sleepiness. To Marshall’s, met Gwen. To English Speaking Union. Met Alys. Home and tea with Phil. Jack Wilson came (and to dinner), I to Eva’s. She only Ovaltine for supper and sick again at 9.15.

Thursday 21st March 1929

Dull. Mild.
To shops. Phil too. Sore throat all day. Ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Lunch with Phil. Alys back at 3.15. I to Eva at 4. Denis in at 6. Said Smeed ordered Alys and him away. Alys at 6.30. She dined with Dennis who to his curling. I dined with Phil 7.45. Alys home at 9.45.

Friday 22nd March 1929

Matron Phillips rang up. Anxious. Dennis rang up and asked Phil and me to go down. We took taxi. Walsh, Smeed, Beevor anxious. Signs of cerebral abscess. Lunch at Court House with Alys and Phil. Trotter operated to relieve pus pressure on brain. 2.45 – 4. Phil and I home with Dennis in car. Coffee. Dennis and Alys back to Eva again. Phil and I supper in kitchen. Dennis and Alys home 9.30.

Saturday 23rd March 1929

Fine. Mild.
Dennis and Alys away to Eva at 8.35. Phoned back – good news of her. I out to shops. Lunch with Phil, who to Beevor to have his ear done. Sewed in p.m. Phil supper. 6.30 to Badminton; I waited for ‘phone call and then to Badminton at 8.20 till 10. Two consultations on Saturday 9.15 and 7 later.

1st dress-show at Shoolbred’s 3-4.
Cerebral vomiting “spouting” on 21st evening clear.

Sunday 24th March 1929

Very fine. Warm.
Eva worse again. Drowsy. Alys and Dennis to Eva at 10.15 Consultation. Phone calls. Kitty came in, from Volta House. Alys and Dennis home to lunch. With Dennis to Eva. Sat all p.m. with her. Alys and Phil to Edgware. Eva sleeping. Home at 5.30. Read. Phil making signal lights. Alys and Dennis home to supper and down to Eva at 8.30. Home and all to bed early.

Monday 25th March 1929

Mild. Dull.
Consultation at 9.15. Alys phoned at 10.35. 6th operation at 11.30. Elsa and Tony called, Alys phoned 12.15. Trotter found large abscess in brain. Alys home at 3.30. Tea with us. Back again. I sewed and phoned Polly. Dennis and Alys home to dinner at 8. All in car to town. Dennis and Alys to say goodnight to Eva. Cheerful!!!

Tuesday 26th March 1929

Perfect day. Hot.
Matron’s account of Eva cheerful. To shops and to Kitty at Volta House. Lunch with Phil. Washing. Tired. After tea ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Alys and Dennis back late to dinner, depressed. All to Bulstrode at 9.15. Saw Trotter and Sister Bevan. Eva better. Trotter pleased.

Wednesday 27th March 1929

Perfect. Hot.
Dorothy came and to shops with her. Phil to Holzapfel’s. After lunch walked with Phil to Whitestone Pond. He sailed ships with George Buchanan. I back. Alys home with Kitty at 5. I to Eva. Lovely visit. Home. Dinner 7.45. Alys and Dennis in Baby to say goodnight to Eva.

Thursday 28th March 1929

Perfect Day. Hot.
Out to shops with no coat on! Washed clothes.. Phil to Bond’s. Lunch with Phil. Then he to Holzapfel’s. I ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Tea with Phil. Then to Eva. Lovely flowers! Back to Lab while Dennis to Eva’s dressing (Hunter) and home with Dennis in Baby. Dennis and Alys to Eva after dinner and a patient.

Friday 29th March 1929

Perfect. Hot.
I with Dennis in Baby to town. I to C.H.W’s and then 21 Oxford Terrace. Back to Lab and with Dennis called for Wade. Took her to dinner at 76. Alys with Eva. At 3.30, I to Eva to tea. Back. Phil with Helen and Tony till 9.30. Got supper in kitchen for Dennis and Alys at 9.45. Welsh rarebit.

Saturday 30th March 1929

Perfect. Hot.
To shops and Golders Green for coffee. Washed stockings. Dennis home and Phil for lunch. Alys home 2.30. I to Eva at 4 for tea. With her till 5.30. Alys came. Back for supper 6.30. To Badminton with Phil 7.45. Alys and Dennis came at 9!!! And played. Happy evening. First for 6 weeks.

Wrote E.P. 25th about operation.
Gave Wade £4.0.0.
Wrote Ella 27th
Wrote K.H.D. and Nell Sime postcards 28th

Sunday 31st March 1929

Fine. Colder. Clear.
Dennis off at 9.10 for Eva’s dressing as usual. With Phil, I walked to Buchanan’s. Boats on pond. Over to Highgate pond. Sailed boat. To Gospel Oak and train back to West Hampstead. Spencer with Dennis and Alys back to dinner 1. Slept (Alys and I). Tea. Phil to tea with Eva. I down there at 5. Dennis at 7 and I back with him and Alys in car. Spencer to supper too.

Monday 1st April 1929

Cold. Squally, sun later.
Milly out all day. Dennis to Eva. Alys got breakfast at 8.15. Housework. Phil and I to Ayrton’s. Max’s 55th birthday. Dorothy at 1.and Dennis and Spencer and Alys. I to Eva at 4. Dorothy to Hallam House. Home with Dennis and Alys in car at 8.45 Spencer to supper. Phil made omelettes. Bath.

Tuesday 2nd April 1929

Very cold.
To shops. Phil to Holzapfel’s. Washed pyjamas. Lunch with Phil. Sewed. Alys back from Eva at 3.15. I to Eva to tea at 4. Home with Dennis and Alys at 7.45. After Hunter’s dressing.

Wednesday 3rd April 1929

To shops. Ironed pyjamas. Lunch with Phil. Sewed in p.m Alys back from Eva at 3. I to Eva at 4. Read “Salad Days” to her. Hunter at 7. Home with Alys and Dennis in car at 7.50. Read Mystery and Horror book. To bed 11.15.

Thursday 4th April 1929

Cold. Dull.
To Alys’ bank with her. To shops. Home. Then walked up to Kitty’s. Only Barbara and George at home. Lunch with Phil. Rested on bed in p.m. Tea. 4. To Eva after. Smeed, Beevor and Walsh in. Home with Dennis and Alys in car in rain at 7.45. Spencer in evening.

Friday 5th April 1929

Cold, showers then sunny.
To shops. Phil did my bed. Walked up to Kitty’s. She back with me later. After lunch, ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Rene came with Alys. Tea with Alys, Phil and Rene. Down to Eva (Dennis tea with her). Alys at 6. Trotter in. Home with Dennis and Alys at 8. Milly out. Herrings.

Saturday 6th April 1929

Fine. Cold.
To shops. Darned socks. Lunch with Phil. Alys home and interviewed coach for Phil (Willoughby Salter). I to Eva to tea. Very cheerful. Dennis and Alys later, and Trotter for dressing at 7. All three home in Baby Austin. To dinner 8.

Sunday 7th April 1929

Very fine. Cool.
Read and then with Dennis to Eva’s dressing at 12, and on in car with him to Sevenoaks. Lunch there and to Tonbridge; got Phil’s boxes from Judde House. Home. Tea with Phil. Dennis’ eye bad. To Eva’s at 7 after dressing. All to Chinese Restaurant dinner. I to Eva 8.30 till 9.15. Home by bus.

Monday 8th April 1929

To shops. Phil to Coach (Salotor). To Golders Green. Lunch with Phil. To meet Alys at Dickens & Jones’. Her hair done 2.30 – 3.30. Mine done 3.30 – 4.30 5/- and 1/0 tip. Alys to tea with Eva. I at 5.30 (in shops first) and supped at Lyons 7, while Trotter dressing. With Eva till 9.30. Dennis – stye in eye.

Tuesday 9th April 1929

Dull. Cool.
Salter at 10 for Phil’s maths. I to shops. Max Ayrton rang up twice. Lunch with Phil. Alys back at 3.15, said Eva no appetite. I tea with Eva, who began pain on right forehead. Alys and Dennis in at 6.30. All laughed but very depressed. Trotter came. Alys stayed till 9.15.

Wednesday 10th April 1929

Cold. Sunny.
Trotter and Walsh consultation at 7. I shops and later to 21 Oxford Terrace and then to meet Alys at Marshall’s. Lunch at Lewis’. To tea with Phil and Dennis. Taxi to Bulstrode. Alys and I both with Eva. Phil tea at Buchanan’s. Alys and Dennis home to dinner. I stayed with Eva till 9.15. She sick at 9. Others called in car for me, and home to supper 9.30.

8 weeks since Eva to nursing home.

Thursday 11th April 1929

Very, very cold wind. Some sun. Snow in evening.
Bad report of Eva from Matron – sick and not feeling well. I out with Alys and to shops. Washed Eva’s pyjamas. Mr Salter for Phil. Phil lunched and tea with Buchanan’s. I to Alys and we lunched Karaway’s. I home to 76 to tea. To Selfridge’s for umbrella. To Bulstrode House. Eva much worse. Blindness. Consultation 7. At 8.45 Trotter operated. Phil and I to Lab. Another abscess found in brain. They think success. Full drained. All back in car at 10.30. Supper.

Friday 12th April 1929

Very cold and dark.
Eva good night. To shops. Phil to Salter’s. Sewed toilet-cover, in Phil’s room. Lunch with him. Alys in at 3.15. I to Eva to tea. She tired and quiet, but well. Kitty to tea with Alys and John Willis. Alys and Dennis in at Eva’s and I home with Dennis at 740. Supper Millie out. Dennis and Phil fetched Alys home to supper 9.15. Phil tired.

Saturday 13th April 1929

Cold and wet. To shops and Golders Green for coffee . Lunch with Phil (who to Salter’s first). Mended stockings and played Bombardo with Phil. Alys in at 3.15 with Dennis in car. I to Eva to tea. She better. Strawberries! M.W. Called and I saw him, he stayed long (plus fours). Alys and Dennis at 6.30. I home with Dennis in car. Mixed grill. All called for Alys at 8.40 in car and she home to meal.


“Mr George” At Dickens and Jones’ 9th 5/- and 1/- tip.
11th Eva’s 7th operation
10th Phil to Coach’ and on 11th at 6.30 and 13th long.

Sunday 14th April 1929

Trotter pleased with Eva who normal 1st time for 3 or more weeks. Ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Kitty came, at 11.30, and Handy and George later. Dennis home, dinner. Alys home at 1.45 to dinner. Dennis and Alys rested in p.m. I tea with Eva. Dennis and Alys at 6.30. Phoned Phil who came. Dined at Isola Bella, Frith Street. (Châteauneuf-du-Pape) – Crêpes Suzette and zabaglione. Edward Buchanan and Peter to tea.

Monday 15th April 1929

Fine. Cool.
To shops with Alys. Phil to Salter’s. Wrote E.P. and sewed. Lunch with Phil. Alys in at 3.15. She took me in Baby Austin to Mabel May’s nursing home and Regent’s Park. I on to Eva, to tea. M.A. and Duncan Tate called there. I home with Dennis at 8.45. Alys dined at Woodstock Street and home at 10.

Tuesday 16th April 1929

Dull. Some sun. Cool.
To shops with Alys. Walked to Tower House and saw Mabel May at Nursing Home. Called in at Kitty’s and home to lunch with Phil. Washed and read in p.m. Tea with Phil. Ironed things. At 7 arrived at Bulstrode House. Gave Eva her supper. To Pompeian Restaurant for supper 8.40. Home to 76.

Wednesday 17th April 1929

Warm and fine. To shops and Golders Green. Then 76 and 21 Oxford Terrace and Bank. To Bulstrode House at 1.15. Lunch at Lab. Alys with Phil. I to 21 again and then to Boots’ and Eva’s to tea. She well and good tea. Home with Dennis in car at 7.40. Alys to Eva at 7. Home at 9.15. Eva stiff neck. Very depressed about her. To bed 11.10.

Thursday 18th April 1929

Fine and warm.
To shops. Salter to Phil. Ironed Eva’s pyjamas in Phil’s room. Phil to lunch with Helen. I met Alys and we ate sandwiches. In Embankment Garden, near Westminster. To Tate Gallery to Steer’s Private View. I stayed on and had tea there. Saw De Glehn’s and Falcon, Atkin’s. To 21 Oxford Terrace to Eva’s 6 – 8.30. She very well. Supper Lyon’s.

Friday 19th April 1929

Fine and warm.
To shops and Golders Green. Phil to Salter’s. I lunched with Phil at home. Maud came. To Wade’s and took her wireless to Lab. Tea with Eva. Alys came. I with her for supper at Chinese Restaurant at 9.45. Dennis and Phil to see “Plunder”.

Saturday 20th April 1929

Cold wind.
To shops. Phil to Model Railway Show. I to Bulstrode House 12. Mannequin displayed frocks for Eva (Jaquonnet), Madame Smith, Burlington? Wondrous! Alys and I lunched (and Phil) at Karaways’. To Lab. I home with Dennis. Ironed collars and E.P.’s socks. Tea with Dennis and Phil. In car with Dennis via Kitty’s for zoo tickets. To Eva’s at 8. I stayed with her till 9.15. Supper at Lyon’s. Home 10.35.

P.W. Steer 18th 11 to 5
Wrote E.P. 15th
19th see C.H.W. 3 Friday
17th Bought shoes
15th Elsa home from Bembridge.

Summer Time began 21st.

Sunday 21st April 1929

Sunny but very cold.
Dennis off at 9.40 to Eva. Alys at 10.15. I unwell. I did my reclaim papers. Phil wrote letters. Alys (and Dennis) back to dinner. Read Pepys. I to tea with Eva. Bap. Back with Dennis in car 8.45. Alys back at 9.45 and had eggs. Green pea soup bad.

Monday 22nd April 1929

Cold. Sunny.
To shops and Golders Green for coffee. Lunch with Phil. Met Alys Selfridge’s. To choose dressing gown for Eva. Bourne and Hollingsworth finally. Both to tea with Miss D. Boodle at Warrender Hotel, Tavistock Square. Phil tea with Eva. I stayed supper in town – Lyons’ and with Eva until 9.15.

Tuesday 23rd April 1929

To shops. Ironed pyjamas. With Phil to Golders Green to buy his socks. Lunch with him. Ironed. To Eva to tea, by Edgware Road, sketched her. M.A. called with polyanthus basket. Baldwin and Barry’s. Back with Dennis.

Wednesday 24th April 1929

Fine then cold, dull.
To shops. Sewed Phil’s name-tapes. Lunch at 21 Oxford Terrace. Back to 76. Tea with Phil. To Eva’s 6.20 and stayed evening. Stomach reflexes good. Temperature still subnormal. Supper Lyon’s (Alan Baumer came). Home at 10.25.

10 weeks since Eva to Nursing Home.

Thursday 25th April 1929

Cold. Dull.
To shops. Wrote K.H.D and Doz. To Grove Cottage for K.H.D. (Miss Hill). To Kitty’s for 10 minutes. Lunch with Phil. Marked collars and ironed shirt. Alys home for 30 minutes. Phil and I to Eva at 6. Alys, Dennis and Phil to theatre “By Candlelight”. I with Eva till 9.340. Supper at Lyons’. To 76 at 10.50 sandwich.

Friday 26th April 1929

Dull. Cold.
Alys and Phil with Dennis to town. I to shops and to Eva at 10.45. Dennis gave her vaccine. Trotter at 12. I lunched at Lab. Back to 76. Alys to tea with Eva . I with Phil. Dennis back to tea and all 3 to Eva. Then at 5.30, Dennis, Phil and I to Tonbridge. Left Phil there. Straight back to Eva. Bad blood count but very well! Supper at Canuto’s 9.30

Saturday 27th April 1929

Dull. Cold.
To shops. Paid books. Washed Eva’s pyjamas. Lunch alone. Ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Deedie Lindquist called. Dennis back to tea with me. I to Eva’s at 6.30 with him. Stayed on with Eva all evening. At 9.30 to supper, Pompeian Restaurant. Lyons full of cup-tie men.

Eva up and walking 27th but tired after.
Sent brown socks to E.P. 22nd
11 weeks 23rd since Eva’s illness began
Eva in armchair on 24th
Eva’s temperature still subnormal

Sunday 28th April 1929

Dull. Cold.
In ironing curtains all a.m. Kit came and stayed till 1. Dennis back cocktails. Alys back 1.30 to dine and out 3.10. Tea with Eva (who in armchair). Alys and Dennis at 7. Hunter did Eva’s dressing. I home with Dennis in car. He made Wade’s wireless set. Back for Alys at 9 and all 3 supper at Chinese Restaurant.

Monday 29th April 1929

Dull. Rainy.
To shops and then to 21 Oxford Terrace. Washed things. Met Alys at Marshall’s. Lunch at Lewis’. To Elkington’s. I home to 21. She to Eva 3.30. Washed. Wrote E.P. Along to Eva at 6.45. Trotter came at 7.35. Took the tube out! Dennis and Alys called for me as it was so wet. They dined at Rendezvous. I at 76.

Tuesday 30th April 1929

Dull. Cold.
To shops and then called on Mabel May at Tower House. Also Mrs Styer. To Golders Green by tube for coffee. To 76. Lunch, ironed Eva’s pyjamas. To 21 Oxford Terrace. To C.H.W.’s for her battery. To Eva’s to tea. Trotter and Walsh at 6.35. I back with Dennis and dined with him.

Wednesday 1st May 1929

To Managers’ Meeting 10 at Chalk Farm. On to Eva’s. On to meet C.H.W. at Shoolbred’s. Took her to lunch at Jones 6/10. To Coliseum 3/- each. Very poor. Tea at Lyons, Coventry Street. Taxi 1/6 to Bulstrode. Alys and Dennis took Wade to 76 in car to supper and home and put in her wireless. I with Eva till 9.30. They called for me in car at Lyons. 10.15.

11 weeks since Eva to Bulstrode House.

Thursday 2nd May 1929

Fine. Cool.
Alys and Dennis to Iris Harmer’s wedding. I to shops and then to Eva 10.45. At 1.20 I to 21 Oxford Terrace and ate meat-pie there. To Goldsmith’s Company and Elkington’s. To Eva to tea 3.40. Alys back at 6. I with Dennis to dinner at 76. Alys late home, after supper, about 10.40.

Friday 3rd May 1929

Dull, cool.
To shops. Wrote Phil. Kit too. To 6 Elm Park Road. Lunch with Poz and Doz. Rested and talked to Doz in p.m. and tea with her at 4.15. To Harvey and Gores and bought brooch for Kath Buchanan – £4.10.0. To Eva. Stayed till 9.15. Straight back to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Supper there at 9.45.

Saturday 4th May 1929

To shops. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Did some washings and ironings of chair covers. Egg for lunch there. On to Eva to tea at 3.45. She took 8 steps upstairs! Dennis and Alys at 6.40. I home with Dennis. Tripe and onions for dinner. Did lampshade. Gramophone records. Alys in at 10.35.

2nd Iris Harmer’s wedding
3rd to 6 Elm Park Road?
1st 10 – Managers’ Meeting
1st C.H.W. Shoolbred’s.
Eva ill 12 weeks on 30th
29th note to E.P. about wrapper from 2.

Sunday 5th May 1929

Rain. Milder.
Alys and Dennis off at 10.15 to Eva. I mended stockings and wrote to Menie, Kitty and Alfy Steel. Dennis and Alys home together at 1.30. Lunch. Read. Dennis on bed slept. Otto May to tea. Eva to Alys. Dennis and I to Eva at 6.30. I stayed. Dennis and Alys home to supper and called for me at 9 in car so I supped at 76.

Monday 6th May 1929

Maud came. Sitting room spring clean. I to 21 Oxford Terrace. Washed curtain, and cleaned marble. Met Alys and lunched at Lewis’. Bought wool, Cullens. I tea with Eva. Denis and I home in car, took present to Buchanan’s. To Eva again and took Alys to Isola Bella to supper 9.15. Home.

Tuesday 7th May 1929

Fine. Milder.
With Alys to Turner’s, Tottenham Court Road about tallboys. I to 21 Oxford Terrace. Lunch and washed curtain. To 76. Ironed pyjamas. Tea with Mrs Styer. To Eva. Trotter said might go out a drive!!!. Stayed till 9.15. To Lyons. Supper. To 76 10.35.

Wednesday 8th May 1929

Fine. Windy. Showers.
To 21 Oxford Terrace at 10.30. Tallboys came on appro (me: approval). Cleared out top chest of drawers. Alys at 1.30. Sandwiches. Wrote E.M.M. about Cootie’s death. To Eva to tea. She had her clothes on, 1st time for 13 weeks. Alys and Dennis later. I home with Dennis. Spencer to dinner. Anchovies.

12 weeks Eva at Nursing Home – 4 weeks since Trotter’s last operation.

Thursday 9th May 1929

Fine. Sunny.
Washed Eva’s pyjamas. To town. Bought stocks. Penberthy’s. To Eva; then to Neame, 56 Portland Place for eye examination 12.15. Lunch at A.B.C. High Street. Eva out in car with Dennis and Alys – 20 minutes. Hyde Park. Her first drive! With Alys to Martin and Tompkins for spectacles. To 21 Oxford Terrace and to Eva at 6.30 – 9.15. Supper at Lyons’.

Friday 10th May 1929

Very fine. Warm.
Washed clothes. To shops and to 21 Oxford Terrace. To Karaway’s. Lunch with Alys. With her to Maple’s and Heal’s for Eva’s looking glass. Alys to Poz and Doz to tea. I to Eva. At 4.30. Dennis took Eva and me in car to Spaniard’s. Back 5.20. Eva to bed. I back in car with Dennis at 8. Soused mackerel in kitchen. Alys home 10.35 from Eva.

Saturday 11th May 1929

Dull, cool, windy.
To shops. Ironed pyjamas and my clothes. Lunch. Read. Darned socks. Dennis home 3.45. I mended rug with webbing. Coffee. Down in car to Eva about 7. Dennis and Alys home. I with Eva. Read “Dangerous Ages” to her. At 9.20 supper at Lyons’.

7th Katharine Buchanan’s 21st birthday
9th 12.15 Neame
12th Eva no doctor for 1st time.

Sunday 12th May 1929

Rain. Fine 4 – 5.30.
Alys and Dennis to Eva. Alys lunched alone at Lab. I ironed tussore curtains and sewed carpet. Dennis home to dinner at 1. Wound coil with him. Wrote K.H.D. Tea. At 4.30 in car to Eva. All 4 to Richmond Park. 3 rainbows. Back at 6 . Stayed with Eva till 9.15. Read. To Lyons’

Monday 13th May 1929

Showery. Windy.
Ironed own things and crocheted hat lace. To shops and Golders Green for coffee. Lunch at 76. Maud spring-cleaned Alys’ room. To Eva at 3.45. Tea with her. In car, Dennis and Eva, called for Alys at 76. To garage, noise in wheel. To Bulstrode. I to 6 Elm Park Road, dinner with Dorothy and Miss Playfair. To Handel Choir Concert at King George’s Hall, Caroline Street in Miss Playfair’s car. Home by tube and 28 at 11.30.

Tuesday 14th May 1929

Showery. Windy.
To shops. To 21 Oxford Terrace at 11.30. Cleaned 1 shelf of cupboard and rug, and armchair. Lunch and tea there. To Eva 6.15. She out 1.30 in car with only strapping over scar and eye free. Dennis and Alys home, and to Nita and Tommy Paul’s in evening. I to Lyons’ at 9.30. Home to 76 at 10.35.

Wednesday 15th May 1929

Dull. Mildish.
To shops. Darned stockings and crocheted raffia. Lunch. To 21 Oxford Terrace and Bank. To Bulstrode House. Tea with Eva. Drive to Muswell Hill and Highgate in car. Read “Introduction to Sally” (Elizabeth) to Eva. Alys at 7. Both with Eva till 9.15. Supper Lyons. To Lab 10.25. Back with Dennis in car. He to Medical Meeting.

13th Week

Thursday 16th May 1929

Very fine day. Warm.
I stayed in as Cyrus said would ring up. Sewed and finished black crocheted raffia hat and ironed Eva’s pyjamas. Lunch. Ironed hat. Read. Coffee at 4. To 21 Oxford Terrace. To Selfridge’s and bought petticoat for Eva 15/11. To Martin and Tompkins’ for my new spectacles. To Eva at 6.10. Stayed till 920. To Lyons.

Friday 17th May 1929

Fine. Cool.
To shops. To Eva at 10.40. Alys to Kings Langley with Kit and Edward. At 12.20 I in taxi to 21 Oxford Terrace. Cyrus McCormick came there. After lunch, I to Dickens and Jones to meet Alys, who had hair done. Both to tea with Eva, Cyrus’ birthday cake. I home with Dennis and Alys and Eva on drive. They back to Bulstrode and I cooked fish (Wills), for Dennis and self supper. Alys home at 10.30.

Saturday 18th May 1929

To shops and Golders Green for coffee. To Selfridge’s and Tompkins for glasses. Lunch at Bertorelli’s, 17 Charlotte Street. Very good. To C.H.W.’s for Eva’s shoes. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Washed rugs. To Eva’s at 6.30. Stayed with her till 9.10. To Canuto’s. Home 10.15. Eva had been to Epping.

13th call for clock 15/-
Gave Wade £2.0.0
14th Wrote E.P. from 21 Oxford Terrace
and Cyrus 15th
15th Walsh and Trotter saw Eva out of bed in dressing-gown.

Sunday 19th May 1929

Fine. Sun hot. Wind. Cold.
Breakfast 9. All in car to Lab. Alys to Eva. Dennis and I to Tonbridge. Arrived 11.55. Phil out with us to Crowborough. Lunch there at Beacon. To Tunbridge Wells at 4 to see Aunt Netta. Back to Tonbridge. Left Phil 6.30. Back by lanes. Slowly and arrived Eva’s at 9. All 3 to dine at Isola Bella. Home

Monday 20th May 1929

Fine and warm.
With Dennis and Alys in car to Eva’s and to 21 Oxford Terrace. Dennis to Spencer’s. Then I to 6 Elm Park Road. Lunch with Dorothy and sat in garden. To 21 Oxford Terrace at 3.30. Alys and Eva in taxi, and all had tea there! Taxi to Hyde Park. Sat there. Taxi to Bulstrode 6. Dennis at 7.30. Alys back with him. I home 9.45. Supper at 76.

Tuesday 21st May 1929

Fine. Warm.
I unwell. To shops with Alys. Back. Then to Bulstrode and in taxi with Alys to Bertorelli’s to lunch. Shopped with her, Bourne and Hollingsworth and K, Strand. Tea with Eva. In car with Eva and Dennis on Watford Road. Sat on grass. I home with Dennis and Spencer to dinner. Alys back at 10.15. To bed about 11.

Wednesday 22nd May 1929

Hot – 72o and very fine.
To shops with Alys. Quiet day sewing grey jumper. Lunch and sewed. At 4.10 walked up to Elsa’s. Tea in garden with her. Tube to Camden Town and 28 bus. To Eva’s. Stayed on with her till 9. Supper at Bertorelli’s. To 76 at 10.20. Spencer there. Hot and tired.

14th week in Home. Eva – see February 14th

Thursday 23rd May 1929

Fine and very hot – 81o.
With Alys to Lewis’ with hat. To Eva’s at 11. She dressed and at 12.15 all 3 in taxi to 76 Cholmley Gardens! 1st time Eva there since 14th! Lunch. Rested. Tea. Eva and Alys sat on balcony. Dennis in car for them 5. They to Miss Viall at North Hospital. I sewed and washed and ironed. Dennis back at 7.40. Dinner. To Eva, I and he and Alys to Lab. I at 9.10 to Lab. Alys to get supper.

Friday 24th May 1929

Very hot. Thunder showers.
Washed pyjamas then to 21 Oxford Terrace. Took sandwich – beef roll and ate it there. Looked out for moths and washed cushion. To shops for canvas and to Cullen’s. Tea at Shoolbred’s. To Eva 6.15. Stayed till 9.15. Trotter at 6.30. I to supper at Lyons. Back to 76 at 10.30.

Saturday 25th May 1929

Fine. Hot.
To shops, and to 21 Oxford Terrace where new tallboys arrived. To Cullen’s for wool for Eva’s woolwork. Lunch at Bertorelli’s. To 21 Oxford Terrace for clothes. To 76. Tea there with Dennis. He in car to Bulstrode House to fetch Eva away! And Alys. They called in here for suitcases and we all to King’s Langley. Alys and Eva stayed at Esterhaven, Langley Rise. Dennis and I back to dinner at 76 at 7.30.

22nd Tallboys may come
24th clock ready
Whit Monday (20th) Dennis had Spencer to work with all day.
Lunch Beacon, Crowborough 4/6 each and/6 for cider cup.

Sunday 26th May 1929

Very hot and fine.
At about 11.45 Dennis and I to King’s Langley. Alys and Eva in chalet. All very comfortable. Dennis and I dinner at Langley Rise. All rested after and tea in chalet. A;ys and Eva supper in chalet. Dennis and I to supper in “Two Brewers” at Chipperfield, and back to 76 at 9.15.

Monday 27th May 1929

Very hot and fine.
Over to 21 Oxford Terrace. After ironing, lunched there. To shops and bought hat at Swan and Edgar. To Dickens and Jones’ and had hair washed and set. To Cullen’s. To 76 by 31 and 2 bus. Soda and milk. Sewed. Dinner with Dennis. At 8.30 in car to King’s Langley. 30 minutes 18 miles. 45 minutes with Alys and Eva in their room. Eva in bed. Back at 10.15. Mended front door bell.

Tuesday 28th May 1929

Hot, fine. Windy.
Washed things. To shops and then called for Kitty at 11 and we sat on heath and worked. Back to lunch at 76. Ironed. Sewed new hat. Mrs Manisty called. Dennis late. Dinner; at 8.20 in Baby Austin to King’s Langley. Arrived 9.5. Stayed till 9.30. Back to 76. Cold, windy drive.

Wednesday 29th May 1929

Cool, windy. Sun.
With Dennis in Baby to Buchanan’s for tickets. To Baker Street in car. Walked to 21 Oxford Terrace. Filled drawers of new chest. To Abbott’s. To Strand Palace Hotel to call on Miss Helen Harris! To Shoolbred’s. Met Wade. Taxi to Zoo. Lunch. Stayed to tea. I to Lyons’ for chocolates. To 76 at 6.15. Dennis in. Dinner. To King’s Langley from 8.30 – 9.30.

strand palace hotel


Election Day – Cons 262, Lab 288, Lib 60.

Thursday 30th May 1929

Cool. Sunny, windy.
To shops. To C.H.W.’s and took her to vote at poll – St Pancras. With Dennis to Baker Street. To 21 and then to 76. Washed. Lunch. Sewed. Dennis at 4 tea. Drove in Baby Austin to Kings’ Langley. I stayed with Eva, supper out of doors with her. Alys and Dennis to town to vote in St Marylebone and Hampstead. They back to King’s Langley and I home with Dennis and to Selfridge’s to see Election Results.

Friday 31st May 1929

Fine and warm. To shops. Then to town for lace (Peter Robinson’s) and got gloves at Lewis’. Home to lunch at 76. Maud. Sewed and ironed. Coffee. Dressed. To Ayrton’s to dine. Madame Schaquer there. All 4 to Military Tournament at Olympia. 8 – 10.30. Back in car with them to 76. Dennis gave dinner at Isola Bella to Spencer’s, Tompkin’s, Sowerby’s and Shellwin.

Saturday 1st June 1929

To town with Dennis. To shops about gloves (Lewis’) and got back for coffee and Eva and shoes (grey sandshoes). Back and out to pay books. Lunch at 76. Back at 4.15. and we to King’s Langley in Baby Austin. Out to Chipperfield Common for tea with Alys and Eva. All 4 in Baby. Dined at Two Brewer’s. Query punctures. So home to 76 and left Baby at garage.

29th C.H.W. Shoolbred’s 12.45 or 1.
30th Election Day
Buchanan’s in quarantine for German measles
Kit German in on June 1st
31st Dine and Military Tournament with Ayrton’s.

Sunday 2nd June 1929

Showery. Windy. Mild.
To garage and off in Baby at 11.45 To King’s Langley. Alys and Eva in Miss Watson’s house. Very nice. Dennis and I lunched at Langley Rise and then all rested. Tea tighter in Miss Watson’s room. Dennis and Alys for a walk. Dennis and I supper at Langley Rise. Drove back to 76 after and left Baby again at garage as punctured. Hot bath.

Monday 3rd June 1929

Dull, windy. Mild.
To shops and on to 21 Oxford Terrace. Washed rug. Fineish. To Lewis’ and Selfridge’s. To English Speaking Union where met Miss Helen Harris and gave her Devonshire Tea 3/6. Back to 76. Dinner at 8 with Dennis and to King’s Langley after. Arrived 9.10. Left 9.40. Tired. Home about 10.40.

Tuesday 4th June 1929

Showery. Mild.
With Dennis in car at 9 to town. To C.H.W.’s and with her for oranges and wool. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Washed carpet. Lunch at Bertorelli’s. Back to 21 and then to 76. Posted bag to Wadie. Dennis headache and tired. I tea with Nellie Moir. Drove down to King’s Langley after dinner. Very late. Arrived 9.30. Home about 11.

Wednesday 5th June 1929

Windy. Showers. Cool.
To shops and to Sefridge’s for grapes for Miss Vyall and hot bottle. To 21. Lunch (cheese) there. Back to 76. Altered frock and sewed lace on. Dennis at 7.30. In Baby with hood up to King’s Langley. Back about 10.45.

Thursday 6th June 1929

Showers. Cool.
To shops. Sewed frock. To lunch 1.30 at 6 Elm Park Road. Away at 3.15. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Washed carpet and got things. To 76. Finished frock cuffs and seams. Dennis in at 8.20 in Buick. Supper and away to King’s Langley> back to 76 at 10.45.

Friday 7th June 1929

Fine, showers. Windy.
To Prize-giving at Mansfield Road School 10.30. Mrs Greener gave them. To lunch at 76. Sewed dress. Afternoon in sittingroom. Maud got tea. At 8.30 got own supper, egg. Dressed and at 8.35 to Tate’s (arrive 9). Jolly evening. Ayrton’s and Denise Echague, Adrian, Alan, Kendal’s. Betty singing. Sandwiches and ices. Graham Petrie R.I. Got taxi at 1 a.m. Home. Dennis dined at 6 Elm Park Road.

Saturday 8th June 1929

Dull. Showers.
With Dennis to town. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Then to Wade’s market for oranges. To MacRae’s, Drury Lane. Leather. To lunch at 76. Sewed. Tea. Dennis back at 5.30. To King’s Langley. I supped with Eva in chalet. Alys and Dennis to Chipperfield. Alys home with Denis. I stayed at King’s Langley with Eva.

Tate’s 9 p.m. 7th
Prizegiving 7th 10.30. Mansfield
To Kings Langley 8th

Sunday 9th June 1929

Fine and warm.
breakfast in bed. Up at 10 or so and Eva too. Out to chalet and walk and sat in Drift. Dinner 1. Rested, I in chalet. Tea. On common and sat there. Back, cut out gloves. Supper. Cards in bedroom.

Monday 10th June 1929

Perfect. Hot.
Breakfast in bed. Baths. Up and on bus to Hemel Hempstead. To West Herts Hospital, didn’t see Patty. Back, dinner. Rested. Tea. Sewed gloves and cross-stitch. Supper and in at 8. Alys and Dennis at 9.20 till 10 o’clock.

Tuesday 11th June 1929

Perfect day. Hot.
Up at 10.30. and across fields to mustard field. Back to dinner. Eva to rest. Kitty came. Sat with her on common. Fine about infection with Mrs Archer; and Kit. Alys came in Baby at 5 and she and Dennis again at 8.45. He saw F.A. about Mrs Fagge.

Wednesday 12th June 1929

Muggy. Rainy.
Baths and then Eva and I to village to buy fruit. Sat and sewed. Dinner in chalet. Rested. Tea. To call on Cousin Jeanie and saw over Matthew Arnold’s garden. Alys came in Baby at 5.30 till 6. Supper and then up to Esterhaven. Patience. Alys and Dennis to Jack and Dolly’s in evening so not here.

Thursday 13th June 1929

Windy. Fine.
Rain in night. Things got wet. Up at 10. Washed Eva’s head (1st time since January!). To chalet. Dinner. Rests. Slept. Tea. Out to village with Eva for oranges and on common and in field. Sat on path. Sewed in chalet. Supper. Gas-fire on there. Patience in bedroom.

Friday 14th June 1929

Hard rain and gales.
Baths. Up and at 11.30 to Watford by bus, with Eva. She had hair cut at “Evelyn’s”. I bought fruit. Home in bus and arrived 1 at Chalet. Lunch there. Rested. Doors of chalet ½ shut. Gas-fire. Tea there. Then to Esterhaven. Played writing-games. Weekend game (Alys and Dennis to Harrogate Pathologists’ Conference).

Saturday 15th June 1929

Fine. Windy.
Eva weighed up and to chalet. At 12.35 to village and got apples and at 12.40 arrived Poz and Doz in Red Rover. Lunch, and they picnic lunch in chalet. Eva rested. Poz, Doz and I sat in fields. They tea with Cousin Jeanie We saw them off 5.40 by bus. Supper. To studio and Miss Jessie Young gave character sketches.

15th after Hiawatha
9th Alys and Eva back from King’s Langley?
Wrote E.P. 14th
Prospect Hotel, Harrogate.
Eva weighed 8.13 (15th).

Sunday 16th June 1929

Fine. Windy.
Out to chalet. Felt chilly. Too cool to sit and damp.
Then walked in cornfield. Lunch. Rests. Tea. To the church and looked at Edmund Langley’s Tomb. Sewed by hut. Supper. “Hum” Patience in bedroom. To bed 10.

edmund langley tomb
Edmund of Langley’s coat of arms, window in All Saints Church, King’s Langley

Monday 17th June 1929

Perfect day. Hot.
Up after bath and out in orchard. Sat making daisy chain. Back by road. Called on Patty Aplin in chalet. Dinner. Rests. To village for apples. Tea. For nice walk in lane and back by fields. Cousin Jeanie called on us twice. Supper. Packed.

Tuesday 18th June 1929

Hot and fine.
Up early. I to village to pay for papers. Alys and Dennis at 10.15 and all in car to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys and Eva to Trotter’s. I to 21 Oxford Terrace. To Mackie’s to lunch. To MacRae’s for leather. To 21. Then with suitcase to 76 and tea. Alys and Eva to Beevor’s. Eva nose burnt with electricity. Dinner. Listened-in. Eva to bed 9. To bed 10.30.


Wednesday 19th June 1929

Very hot and fine.
Packed and helped pack Eva’s things. Lunch with Alys and Eva, who up at 11. Eva rested. I to shops and posted E.P.’s socks. Tea. Kitty and Dennis to it. Alys, Eva, Kit and I to Cannon Street in taxi. 5.16 train to Tankerton, Whitstable Station. Kit and Handy seeing us off. Arrived 6.40. To Hotel. Dinner. Sat on cliff. Dennis to Cambridge to Christ’s College Dinner. My suitcase left in train.


Thursday 20th June 1929

Fine. Hot.
Eva in bed to breakfast. Eva weighed 9.3. Sat in garden and sewed. Alys and Eva on beach. I to shops for papers. All on beach. Lunch 1 o’clock. Eva rested. Alys and I to shops and Whitstable Harbour. In car with Alys to station. She to London 4. P.m. Eva and I back to tea. Walked to jetty and sat there. Dinner 7. Very good. Sewed. To bed 8.30.

Friday 21st June 1929

Fine. Windy.
Eva up at 10.30. Walked to Whitstable. “Bear and Keys”. Bus to Canterbury – 6d each. Bought S.T’s. Back by red char 10. 6 d each. Lunch. Rested. I in garden and read “Beyond” – Galsworthy. Tea in garden. Out on beach. Sat in garden, did crossword and talked to fishing men and wife. Salmon bad!

bear and keys

Saturday 22nd June 1929

Cooler. Dullish.
Cut out gloves. Out on slopes and did woolwork. Lunch. Rests. I to buy oranges and post letters. E. MacRae’s and card – Elsa. Sat in garden. At 4.30 Alys and Dennis arrived in car. Tea in garden. Out on Street and to Whitstable Harbour. Dinner. Out on slopes.

Back from King’s Langley on 18th?
20th evening Sent E.P.’s blue socks
19th Hiawatha
To Tankerton 19th
18th Eva to Trotter 12.15.

Sunday 23rd June 129

Cloudy then very fine.
Alys and Dennis off at 9.30 to Tonbridge. Eva and I sat on beach all a.m. ALys and Dennis with Phil to dinner 1. All in garden in sun on rugs till tea. Eva, Phil and Dennis on beach too. At 4.45 Dennis, Phil and I in car to Tonbridge. Tyre punctured at Whitstable! Hurry. Left Phil and on by Gravesend-Tilbury. Ferry to London. Supper at Isola Bella 9.

Philip and Dennis Embleton - Tankerton, The Street
Philip and Dennis Embleton – Tankerton, The Street

Monday 24th June 1929

To shops and Dunbar’s Registry. Engaged Mrs Chappell. Back to lunch at 76. Rested and sewed gloves and tea. Sewed 3 ¼ hours. Betty Smith in about maid. I met Dennis at Canuto’s. Dinner. Got Tompkins and to Dolly and Jack’s. About 10 Helen there. Jack in bus. Back at midnight.

Tuesday 25th June 1929

Fine. Moderate.
To see May Leahy at Holmdale Road. To shops. Back to 76. To get reference – 141 Maida Vale. To 21. Lunch there. Porridge. To Elphinstone’s. To 76 for tea. Spencer didn’t come, except to bring tools. Dennis back at 8. Headache and angry with Spencer. Dinner and listened-in. Lancers and other dances. To bed 10.15.

Wednesday 26th June 1929

Perfect day.
Dennis took me to Euston 10.35 train to Conway. Got into through carriage just before Crewe as my empty one didn’t go past Chester on Llandudno. Sandwich and orange on train. Arrive Conway at 4 p.m. To Castle Hotel. Tea. Out to Post Office. Phoned Dr Hillyer. Llanfairfechan 8. Walked on walls 3d and sat there till 6.30 or so. Dinner (6/-). Sewed glove. To bed 10.

Thursday 27th June 1929

Lovely. Warm.
Breakfast 8.20 (very good 3/6). Motor bus to Penmaenmawr 7d. Bus to Llanfairfechan 4d. To see Edward and Dr Hillyer. Bus to Conway. Ate lunch on beach by Castle. 1.45 train to Euston, changed at Llandudno Junction and Crewe. Lemonade at Crewe. Dennis met me 7.30 Euston. To 76 and dinner. Read. Spencer there. Wound coil with Dennis. To bed at 11. Tired.

Friday 28th June 1929

Fine. Warm.
Did washing. To Golders Green for coffee. Lunch. Out to 21 and to Wade’s. To Shoolbred with Wade for Milly’s present. Taxi to 76. Maud gave C.H.W. and me tea. To Barnes for hatbox and bag for Eva and Milly. Got own supper. Bath. To bed 10.30. Dennis to Cambridge to dine and home at 1 a.m.

Saturday 29th June 1929

Fine. Cold on coast.
Milly left after breakfast. I to shops, changed hatbox, got sandwiches. Dennis at 1.15. Both off in car by North London to Tilbury. Lunch on way. Arrived Tankerton 4.45. Kitty, Kath and Handasyde there with Alys and Eva. Tennis, dinner. All to Pierrot Show after dinner. Slept with Eva.

24th To Tankerton till July 7th
Gloves, cutting out 1 hour 24th 2 ¾
Men doing bathroom and lavatory 24/25th
10.35 London Euston arriving Conway 4.33. Llanfairfechan 1.28 arriving Euston 7.30.

Arrived 4 p.m. Conway. Return ticket £2.12.0

Sunday 30th June 1929

Rain and cold.
Sat and talked with Kit. Kit and I out for a walk in rain. Dennis and Handy, and Kath and Eva all separately. Otto and Mabel May came. All lunch. 3. Young at other table. Talked and packed. Tea. Then Buchanan’s away 4.30. May’s away 5.15. Dinner, then Alys and Dennis away at 8. Eva and I played patience. To bed 8.45.

Monday 1st July 1929

Cold. Dull. Windy.
Eva in bed till 11. Then we went to buy oranges and on beach to sew, but rain, so indoors. Lunch. Eva rested I read and sewed glove in smoking room. Eva, in garden. Sewed first. Then to Whitstable; Eva bought wool and bathing-gown and cape. Back. Sewed in garden. Dinner. Bezique in evening.

Tuesday 2nd July 1929

Warmer. Rain in evening.
Eva up 11.15. We sat on beach and sewed till 1. Lunch. Rests. I in garden till 3.15. Then both to Canterbury. Tea in Mercery Lane. In Cathedral, crypt. Back on bus at 7. Dinner. Played bezique. To bed 8.30. In bed 9.30.

Wednesday 3rd July 1929
Very fine all day. Warm.
Sat and sewed on beach. Eva no stockings. My arms sunburnt. Lunch. Eva rested upstairs. I in garden; and wrote E.P. Tea in garden. Sat and sewed. Dinner. Walked along slopes after, past Marine Hotel, toward Herne Bay.

Thursday 4th July 1929

Rain till 1. Then very fine.
Out in pouring rain and Eva was weighed – 9 .8.4. Indoors and sewed. Lunch. Rested. I on couch in big sitting room. Tea there. Out on Street. Sewed on steps of lounge, in sun. Dinner. Bezique.

Friday 5th July 1929

Fine. Very windy.
Eva sore. She got up 12.30. Throat and cold. Lunch. Rests. Tea. I bought oranges. Did cross-stitch and Eva lay on sofa. Dinner 7.35 and Alys and Dennis arrived at 8 (started 6 from London). Dinner. Eva to bed. Very sore throat. 99.4o.

Saturday 6th July 1929

Eva normal and better – her 20th birthday. Portable gramophone. After lunch, I out to buy oranges, and wrote Elsa and Ernest Miles. After tea in car to Reculver’s, ruins of Abbey Church. Saxon. Back dinner. Danced and Captain and Mrs Wardrop in smoking room.

Letter to E.P. 3rd Card to Elsa.

Sunday 7th July 1929

Cold, bright and dull.
Alys and Dennis to fetch Philip from Tonbridge. Eva and I in garden at 12-1. Lunch. All in car to dykes and then gramophone. Tea at 4.15 in Hotel. Alys and Dennis and Phil off 4.45. Eva wrote letters. Dinner and to bed early. Very cold everywhere.


Monday 8th July 1929

Fine. Wind.Out, and sat on beach till 1. Alys arrived in Baby Austin. I all lunch, all 3. Rests. Alys drove me to station. I by 4.6 to Victoria. Arrived 6. Bus to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Spencer there and Dennis in at 8.30. all 3 dined. Sewed gloves 2 hours. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 9th July 1929

Warm. Fine.
With Dennis to 21 Oxford Terrace. On with him and to Dickens and Jones’. Had hair done. 7/- with tip. To stores for Phil’s suit. Bus to Harrods, 46, Sale. Lunch E. Walker Café. To 21. To 76 to tea. Sewed. Dressed, after dinner. Tax to Church Row. 92.0 party. Sir Owen Williams, Grace Lovat Fraser, Schwabe, Tate’s, Nancy Hofman’s. 21 birthday. To 76 in Lewis Baumer’s taxi at 1.35 a.m. Dennis to Willis’.

Wednesday 10th July 1929

Fine. Warm.
Washed things. Sewed. At 11.30 to shops and to Volta House. Lunch with Kit and Kath. Kath took me in car to Lord’s at 2.30. Met Gwen Cave and her father and Molly. Varsity Match – 3rd day. Drawn. To Lab at 7. Home with Dennis in car. Spencer there. Dinner. Sewed Polly’s gloves 10.15.

Thursday 11th July 1929

Very hot and fine.
To shops and paid books. Dennis did wireless and at 11.15 I in car with him. Took suitcase to 21 Oxford Terrace. I on to County Hall by bus for Motor licence 5/-. Lunch at Jones’, Leicester Square. To Leicester Galleries. Met Susie Zileri. Exhibition French pictures. Sacha Guitry and Yvonne Printemps to open it. Excessive heat and crowd. Tea with Susie Zileri at St George’s House. Home to 76. Spencer tea. Dinner. Sewed gloves till 10.45.

SACHA GUITRY French actor and playwright, with his wife Yvonne Printemps during a visit to London.
Sacha Guitry, French actor and playwright, with his wife, Yvonne Printemps, during a visit to London in 1929.

Friday 12th July 1929

Very hot and fine 84o. High wind.
To Wyer’s and Suin’s. Then sewed. Maud. Lunch. Packed and read on bed. Very hot. Tea. At 5 to send off Polly’s gloves and on 153 to Lab. Kath Buchanan there too 6. Dennis and us in car 6.20 to Tudor House (Hotel). 2½ miles from Maidstone. On Canterbury Road 6/6 dinner; very good. On to Tankerton. Trouble with lights on car. Arrived 10.25. Alys and Eva there.

Saturday 13th July 1929

Fine. North East Wind.
On beach at 11.15. Girls paddled. Dennis logarithyms. Lunch. Dennis and Eva on bed. We 3 in garden. Bathed. Tea. Alys gave me lesson in Baby Austin. Kath and Eva to shops. After dinner all to Show over the way. Very good. Keet, ½ French “Oysters, Clams!”

12th Alys and Dennis to Cox’s. I at Tankerton till 21st?
13th Single to Tankerton by train 7/6
11th 2.15 Leicester Gallery – Suzie.
10th Lunch with Kit – Volta
9th Ayrton’s party 9 p.m.


Sunday 14th July 1929

Very fine. Breeze. Sun.
At 11.15 about. Trotter to operate on King George. All had bathe; off Street. Took moving photos. Alys and Kath. Tennis. Lunch. Rest in garden. Bathed again. High. Dirty. Tea. In Buick to Fordwych, and Beresford Hotel, Birchington. Dinner. Paper game in garden. Gramophone in bedroom.


Monday 15th July 1929

Fine. Warm.
Dennis, Kath and I bathed at 8.30. At 10.30 Alys, Dennis and Kath off to London. Eva and bathed at 11.30. Rests in p.m. I on sofa. Tea. Sat on beach. Walked along and got evening paper for Trotter’s operation on the King. Dinner upstairs and had gramophone. Woolwork. Eva’s boil on chin big and glands ached.

Tuesday 16th July 1929

Warm. Breezy. 84o.
Got up 7.40 by mistake. Bathed (my 6th) at 12.45, after sitting on beach. Eva’s boil burst. Lunch. Rests. I in garden. Tea indoors (very hot). Bathed at 6.30 (7th). Lowish tide. Lovely, calm. Dinner. Wrote Alys and Dorothy and M. Leggett. Gramophone.

Wednesday 17th July 1929

Fine. Cooler in p.m.
To diving board and I dived a bit. Then sat on beach, and bathed further along (8th). Lunch. Drew Eva in deckchair. Rests. Tea in garden. To shops and library. Sat in garden. I read aloud “The Dancing Floor”, Buchan.

Thursday 18th July 1929

Fine, perfect, breeze and hot sun.
Lovely bathe at diving board (9th). First 6d each. Sat on beach and in again. Clean and warm water. Rests. I in garden. To get oranges and Eva weighed after tea. She lost a further few lbs. To “Bohemians” in evening.

Friday 19th July 1929

Very fine and hot.
On Tuesday Eva drove Baby Austin (and me) to Birchington and ordered bathing gown. Handasyde Buchanan arrived 6 p.m. Dinner and sat on slopes after. Hot.

Saturday 20th July 1929

Very fine and hot.
Unwell. Eva and I in boat with Handy. All rowed in turns. They 2 bathed, in and out twice. Dennis and Alys down at 4. They all bathed and then tea. All in Buick to Whitstable Post Office. Dinner. All to “Bohemian’s. Very good.

Lent Dennis £2.0.0 15th Paid 3.30 Cheque.
Danny Shearer and his cars.

Sunday 21st July 1929

Very hot and fine.
Eva and Handy bathed 2 or 3 times. Alys and Dennis to fetch Phil and Tony Groves-Raines at Tonbridge. All 7 of us to lunch. Upstairs and gramophone till 3.15. They all bathed. I took cine photos. Tea. Dennis, Handy, Phil and Groves-Raines to Tonbridge – 42 miles. Left the boys and we 3 to Chinese Restaurant for dinner. Up to Volta House. Back at 76 at 9.30.

Monday 22nd July 1929

Fine. Very windy.
With Dennis to Regent’s Park and walked across, and on to 21 Oxford Terrace where Milly’s brother-in-law took my suitcase. Unpacked at 21. To 76 to lunch. Washed. Out to shops. Very tired. Tea and sewing. Spencer to dinner. To bed 10.15. Spencer till 12.45.

Tuesday 23rd July 1929

Fine. Warm.
To shops and then to 21 Oxford Terrace with suitcase. Aired bed. Lunch at Lyons 5d. Shopped in Oxford Street and tea at 76. Washed. Sewed. Spencer to dinner. I helped Dennis with geometrical design for wireless. To bed 10.30. Spencer stayed until 2.30 a.m. working with Dennis.

Wednesday 24th July 1929

Fine. Hot.
Off in car at 9 to 21 with my things. Back to 76 to lunch. Spencer to work and tea. I drove with him in Chrysler at 6.16 to Lab and Dennis and I to dine at Queen’s Restaurant. Sloane Square and then on to Tankerton. Arrived 10.30. Alys and Eva at Bohemians. Slept with Eva.

Thursday 25th July 1929

Cool on coast. Warm in town.
At about 10.30. All started for London. Eva unwell. I with Dennis in Buick and arrived 21 Oxford Terrace at 1.15. Alys and Eva in Baby Austin and arrived (after lunch) about 3.15. I busy all p.m. unpacking and settling down. Very tired indeed; to bed early.

Friday 26th July 1929

Arranged C.H.W. at 12. Met Alys and Eva and all 4 lunch at Dickens and Jones’. Wade and I to 21. Sewing and all p.m. Tea. I felt faint or giddy. Wade went at 7. I had supper and early to bed. Listened-in.

Saturday 27th July 1929

Fresh, grey.
To shops for pattern of coat and belt of elastic for shirt. Back and moved furniture. Lunch. Up to tea at 76. Spencer there. Then Alys took me in Baby Austin to Kitty. Eva too. They back. Stayed till 7. Kit then drove me to Sissie’s. She away, so I back with Kit and supper at 9.30 with them all when Edward, Handy, Katy and Peter got back from Oxford, seeing caravans. Handy took me to Swiss Cottage. Bus home to 21.

Sunday 28th July 1929

Rain!!! (after long drought)

Indoors. Moved looking glass and pictures and cleaned up. After lunch, cut out skirt and at 4 to Elm Park Road. Tea and supper with Poz and Dorothy. Home about 10.30.

Monday 29th July 1929

Showers. Mostly fine.
Busy out to Army and Navy Stores and Selfridge’s and Woolworth’s. Put up American Cloth. Lunch. At 2 to Lord’s to see Clifton versus Tonbridge march. Alys, Eva, Phil, Dennis and Groves-Raines and King. Tea there. Home alone at 6.30. Supper. Sewed skirt (beech leaves pattern – black and white).

Tuesday 30th July 1929

Sewed a good deal, and painted aluminium. Lunch. Up to 76 to tea. Eva been to Beevor for nose. Alys and I to Golders Green in Baby for coffee. She brought me to Quex Road. Home. Tried to do sand-serge skirt. Supper and bed late-ish.

Wednesday 31st July 1929

Showery. Mild.
Painted lots with white paint. Also packed suitcase. Out to Wade’s with eggs (Minnie’s present). Tea. Supper. Packed up and finished painting. To bed about 10.


Thursday 1st August 1929

Heavy showers. Cool.
Nearly to Paddington for taxi 2/9 (3/1 with tip). Took it to 76. Alys and I in Baby Austin at 10.20 across North London and through Brentwood and Chelmsford (lunch in car). And Colchester and Ipswich. Arrived Aldeburgh about 4.15. Then came 7 Caves by train, and Dennis and Eva in Buick about 5.15. To Sundial Sanatorium of Aldeburgh Lodge School. Unpacked and arranged about rooms. Mrs MacDonald, Becky’s housekeeper.

Friday 2nd August 1929

Got up 1 hour too early! Dennis and some others bathed before breakfast. All went to River Alde and Dennis and Will and Eva and Molly and Nancy on sailing boat. I fell and hurt knee and elbow. Alys fetched Baby and took me home. Slept after lunch. After tea, Eva drove Bill and me to Thorpeness. Alys and Dennis for walk. All to tennis courts, but too expensive. After dinner (8), cine pictures. All three maids in.

river alde

Saturday 3rd August 1929

Showers and windy.
Dennis bathed alone before breakfast. Very cold. He and Bill and Will and Jean and Dick sailed. We in Baby to River, then Eva and I for drive round by Thorpeness. Rested after lunch, Eva and Bill and Mollie and Nancy in car to sail all p.m. with Jumbo Ward. All tea at 5. I with Dennis and Alys in Buick round town to find rope man. Dinner about 8. Ropes and reading and talking till 11.


1st To Aldeburgh

Sunday 4th August 1929

Showers and Sun. Wind.
Dennis and Bill and Will bathed early. Gwen to early service. All Caves to Church at 11. We on beach. Very rough. Alys and I in Bay to Thorpeness. Dennis and Eva bathed. Knocked down by waves. At 3, Dennis took Will and Gwen and Eva and Nancy in Buick to Shingleton. Cave children to Thorpe.


Monday 5th August 1929

Perfect. Hot.
Many bathed before breakfast. Gwen’s birthday. All in garden and then played deck tennis. All except Gwen bathed at 11.30. Raft. Diving. Great fun. After lunch rests and in garden. After tea. Dennis, Will, Bill and 2 girls walked. Alys took Gwen and the little ones in Baby to Yoxford. Eva and I on front. Dinner, sat in garden till nearly 10.



Tuesday 6th August 1929

Alys and Dennis off in Buick at 10.15 to London. No bathing, rain and rough sea. Will, Molly, Nancy and Bill sailed in afternoon. Gwen and Eva to meet Colonel Nichols twice. He arrived 6. Something. All played Kuhn Kahn and Draw Poker in evening. To bed 11.


Wednesday 7th August 1929

Warm then rain.
Lovely bathe. Raft. Sat in garden after lunch. 2.50 Eva took Gwen to station and Gwen and Nancy to London. Rested. Tea all except Jean and Dick to local hall to see “Tilly of Bloomsbury”.

aldeburgh beach

Thursday 8th August 1929

Fine. Sunny.
All bathed (Nancy operated on at 10 by Beevor for septum) except Bill. Quite choppy on raft. Eva rested an hour at 3. Or so. She and Millie (in Baby) and Will and Bill to sail. Colonel Nichols and Jean and Dick and I tea. Talk. Deck-tennis. Jen and Dick. Others at 6. Great time getting moorings. Read and gramophone.

Friday 9th August 1929

Fine on whole.
Will and Bill sailed, but back at 12 and all bathed. Lovely. Will and Jean and Dick to sail on Meare in p.m. Eva, Mollie and Bill sailed on river. Colonel Nichols treated us all to “Scarlet Pimpernel” cinema. 8 of us went.

the meare
The Meare is a boating lake like no other. The lake with its islands and surrounds covers some sixty acres and has over forty acres of water. However, nowhere is the lake more than three feet deep and so it provides a very safe boating environment. Dinghies, kayaks, large family rowing boats, canoes, punts and sailing boats are all available for hire.
the meare
The Meare is a boating lake like no other. The lake with its islands and surrounds covers some sixty acres and has over forty acres of water. However, nowhere is the lake more than three feet deep and so it provides a very safe boating environment. Dinghies, kayaks, large family rowing boats, canoes, punts and sailing boats are all available for hire.

Saturday 10th August 1929

Alys phoned 9 o’clock. Lovely bathe again all, after seeing life-boat launched. Rest after lunch. Eva slept. Will and Bill sailed alone. Dick and Doris (maid) to Mere. After dinner, sat outside and Will told us how he was taken prisoner in 1928 (he was in Passchendaele fight).

Wrote Dorothy 5th

Sunday 11th August 1929

Very fine. Grey at times.
All 8 to Church at 11!!! Then Eva, Bill, Dick and I bathed (not to raft). Rested in p.m. Children to Meare with Stenning’s. Tea. Alys and Dennis arrived at 5.15. about. Eva, Bill, Dick and I bathed again at 7. Quiet evening. Not doing anything much.

Monday 12th August 1929

Hot and very fine all day.
I bathed before breakfast with Dennis and Dick and Bill. At 12 came over from Southwold – Kitty, Kath, Handy and Barbara. All of us bathed together (not Kitty). Lunch in garden. Sat and talked. Young ones in Barbara’s car to river. Tea in garden. Fun. Buchanan’s away at 5.30. All (except me – too tired) another bathe before tea. Walked to shop with Dennis and Alys and Jean and Dick. Cinema on evening of bathers.

aldeburgh cinema

Tuesday 13th August 1929

Fine. Warm.
Will to golf with Stenning’s. All bathed at 12. Dennis and Bill sailed first. At 2.30 Alys, Colonel Nichols, Will, Dennis and I to “Mollie” to sail. Very nice but ructions between Bosses. Back at 5.15 in Buick. Quoits. Eva boil on chin. Mollie strained ankle. Dances in evening.

Wednesday 14th August 1929

Fine. Warm.
Dennis and Dick and I bathed at 8.15. Dennis away to London at 10. Alys and I to shops. Alys and I with Jean to Southwold. Tea with Buchanan’s and Bernard Machin. Back and to meet all the others who went to sailing-picnic to Orford with Stenning’s. Not back till 9.45. Very hungry. We 3 had dinner at 7.30 and back to fetch them from river. They little wind.


Thursday 15th August 1929

Very fine.
To shops with Alys with Dick, aged 9, separately. All bathed (not Will or Bill). At 2.45 Eva drove Mollie, Bill and me to Southwold. I tea with Kit at 12 South End. Three young ones with Kath, Handy, Barbara and Bernard picnic on Blythburgh Common. Met them at Ferry (Kath and I walked along dyke). Back to Sundial. Discussion on education in evening and mathematics.


Friday 16th August 1929

Very fine, then rain and thunder.
To tennis courts and Alys, Will, Bill and Mollie and Eva had setts. Eva, Mollie, Dick and Jean and I bathed (22nd). Eva tired. Rested in p.m. I slept an hour. After tea, Ring Quoits Tournament. Fuss about rules and Eva very upset. Thunder. Dinner and weekend game till 10.30 when Dennis in car came with Gwen and Nancy from London. To bed late.

Saturday 17th August 1929

Fine. Windy.
Shops with Alys. Eva unwell. Dennis and Will and Bill sailed. I bathed (23rd) with Mollie, Jean and Dick. Read in garden all p.m. Buchanan’s phoned. Car broke down. After discussion, Alys and I in Baby to Southwold. She drove Kath, Handy and Bernard Machell back to a dance at Sundial. I stayed night at 12 South End with Kit and Barbara. Handy and Bernard back at 1.30 a.m. Handy driving Baby Austin.

Sunday 18th August 1929

Fine. Cold North wind.
To Post Office for phone, with Handy. With Kit, Dennis, Alys, Kath to call on Mrs Fish. Colonel Nichols and Nancy over in Buick at 11.30. I back with Alys in Baby Austin. Dinner. Read in garden. Eva slept! Gwen, Nancy and Jean and Dick and I on beach. Very cold. Dennis movie films in evening.

Monday 19th August 1929

Fine. Warmer.
Jean and I. All bathed (24th) except Eva and Bill. After lunch. I walked with Dennis to Thorpeness. Watched seaplane with 3 propellers and saw it go off. Tea by Meare and then sailed 1 ½ hours on Meare. With red sail. Walked home. In Baby with Dennis for aerial. Knitted in evening and early (10) to bed with Eva.

Tuesday 20th August 1929

Bathed 25th with Dennis and Bill at 8.20. Will out to golf. I to shops with Gwen and Colonel Nichols. Alys and Nancy and Jean and Dick to see ruins. Dennis, Eva, Moll and Bill to sail . All saw Colonel Nichols off at 2.50 and to meet Phil at 3.50. Bathed (26th). Tea. Marked court for deck tennis. Young ones. Walked with Dennis to shops. Bill bathed alone (wager).

Wednesday 21st August 1929

Some showers.
I bathed at 8.15 with Dennis and Dick. Dennis took Mollie, Bill and Phil and Will to bat and they sailed in p.m. Bathed again at 12.30 (28th). Alys, Gwen, Moll and Jean and Dick to Mere in 3 boats. I wrote E.P. With Eva to shops and gave her necklace. All to Church, Richard III and Quality Street.

aldeburgh church
Thursday 22nd August 1929

Bathed 8.15 with Dennis, Bill and Dick (29th). Dennis took Gwen and Will and Jean and Dick in Buick to Bruisyard. Alys, Phil and Bill to Ipswich in Bay. Eva, Moll, Nancy and I tennis. In p.m. I out with Alys in Buick to Yoxford. Phil tennis with caves. Dennis and Eva rested. Bathed (30th) at 4.45. After dinner, Eva, Mollie, Bill, Phil and Nancy to the Stenning’s for games. We elders talked, netted and walked along front.

Friday 23rd August 1929

Dull. Very mild.
Bathed before breakfast. Mollie too. Will, Bill, Phil and Dennis to River. Mollie and Alys in Baby. All (not Alys) walked to Iken. Met Alys, Gwen and Dick in Buick and Eva and Jean in Baby. All piled in 2 cars and home to lunch 1.45. Slept in p.m. Tea. To shops with Alys who gave me jumper. All bathed at 7.15 (breakers) 32nd except Moll. Eva and Bill. They and Phil bathed by moonlight as rest of us to Thorpe for fireworks – 10.

Saturday 24th August 1929

Fine. Hot 33o p.m.
Bathed 8.20 with Dennis, Will, Gwen, Phil and Dick to sail. Alys and Eva in Baby. I sat in garden, sketching Bill and Nancy. Others bathed at 12.45. At 2.30 came Becky Sharp and Viva from Munsley. Sat in garden. Played Quoits, and White Beast and Sardines. Eva very tired and boil on nose. Dinner (14). Bathed at 7 (34th). Cinema after dinner, of Becky’s 50th birthday.

Wrote E.P. 21st

Sunday 25th August 1929

Fine. Warm.
Bathed at 8.30 with Dennis, Dick, Phil, Mollie, Nancy. Stayed with Eva. Others to sail and in garden all a.m. On Mere. 2 parties, in 3 cars. Sat in garden and read in p.m. Bathed at 12.30 (36th). Buchanan’s in Cubitt at 5. Ed, Kit, Handy, Peter and George. Talk and Quoits. Bathed 37th. At 7 supper. Crossword puzzle. To bed early. Beck and Viva away at 5.15.

Monday 26th August 1929

Watched Regatta events. Bathed. Diving. Stenning’s. Bonham-Carter. At 11.55 came Sydney Carver. He and Phil and Bill and Alys and Gwen on speed-boat. I at home and Eva rested. In Buick to see Fair with Eva and Dennis. Fireworks in evening at Wentworth Hotel. All in 2 cars to Fair after and did shows until nearly 12 o’clock. Slept in Alys and Eva’s room.


Tuesday 27th August 1929

Very fine.
Bathed before breakfast with Dennis, Phil, Mollie and Sydney. Bathed again at 12.45. Lovely on raft. Dennis and Eva and Mollie sailing. In p.m. Dennis took me and Gwen and Mollie to Southwold. Booked seat for 28th. Others on Mere. Back late to tea. Quoits with Phil and packed. Bathed with Dennis and Phil at 7 (41st). Stenning’s in at 9 and cinema (Dennis’) of Swiss.


Wednesday 28th August 1929

Fine. Dull and cooler in town.
Bathed at 8.30 with Dennis, Mollie, Phil, Bill, Dick, Sydney (42nd). At 8.45 in Buick with Dennis, Alys and Phil to Saxmundham (7 miles). Motor coach (me only) to London via Colchester, Chelmsford (biscuits). Arrived Lupus Street (near Vauxhall Bridge) 2.30. Taxi to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out shopping. Boot’s and Fortnum & Mason for shoes. Home (supper and early to bed).

Thursday 29th August 1929

Fine and warm.
Mrs Frampton now housekeeper. Did lots of washing of clothes. To shops. C.H.W. at 12.20. Out with her lunch at Bertorelli’s. back and she did odd jobs for me. Ironed frocks and washed my hair. Tea. Wade away about 7. Wrote Alys and Gwen.

Friday 30th August 1929

Fine. Warm.
Out to Oxford Street to buy ticket and a few oddments. Home and packed suitcase. Lunch. Out and bought hat at Nofar’s. Supper and finished packing. Hot bath and to bed about 10.30.


Saturday 31st August 1929

Fine. Hot. Thunder.
To Bank. Got taxi at 11.30. Train 12.5 from Paddington. Sandwiches. Polly and Dorothy got in at Newton Abbott about 4.45. All changed at Brent. Train 5.15 to Kingsbridge. Boat across to other side. Waited long for motor. Mr Peace walked on. At last car came and drove up to Gara Rock Hotel. East Portlemouth. Supper 9.45. Very hungry. No tea.

gara rock

31st to Gara.
Wrote Ella 26th
Tourist return ticket to Kingsbridge £2.10.6

Reserved seat 1.0
Ordinary ticket £2.15.0

Sunday 1st September 1929

Fine. Hot.
Walked in land lanes to Salcombe River. Sat and wandered on to Mill Cove. Undressed in rocky cleft and bathed. Very cold and Smooth. Watched cricket on sand. Sandwich lunch. Walked home by cliff. Wonderful. 8.30 very hungry. Wrote Alys.

Monday 2nd September 1929

Down to Cove below Hotel. Bathed 44th there from Cave. Lunch on Sands. Sat. Back 3.30. Tea 4 in Hotel. Walked by Farm to Salcombe. Ferry. Shops Fruit. Back to dinner 7.30. Read Times in bedroom. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 3rd September 1929

Perfect. Hot.
on sands. Bathed at 1. 45th. Cold. I only in and out. Lunch on sands. Sat then Dorothy read aloud. Polly and Dolly bathed again 3. Tea at 4.40 at Hotel. Walked by cliff to Pig’s Nose. East. Back inland. Frightened off cliff walk. Dinner 8. To bed 10.15.

pigs nose

Wednesday 4th September 1929

Perfect. Very hot.
Walked to Millbay. Polly and Dorothy paddled. Lunch on rocks. Terry to Salcombe. Bought stick 10d and grapes. Steamer to Kingsbridge but not quite there. Tide too low. So back without landing. Walked to Gara. Lovely high tide bathe at 7 (46th).


Thursday 5th September 1929

Fine. Hot.
On sands. Talked to Peace on way down. Bathed in smaller cove and pool. Lovely. Lunch on sands. (Dorothy undressed) in large cave. At 3.15 to Hotel, and walked to Ferry. Car 2/0 to Sandhills. Tea with Mrs Jameson and Evelyn (Hartry). Walked home. Back at 7.30 (Rogers negro gardener singer).

Friday 6th September 1929

Fine and hot.
Spent all day in sands and rocks. Bathed in a.m. – 48th and then 2.30 till 3.15 49th. Long and lovely in pools and sea. Read Edgar Wallace. Door with 7 locks aloud and knitted. Fireworks by the Gilbert’s in evening. Sun-rash.

Saturday 7th September 1929

Very fine. Breeze.
Gilberts away. Dorothy and I to Portlemouth for oranges and biscuits. Then all on sands. Bathed – 50th. Lunch by rocks. On to our “shelf”. Bathed 51st from it. Lovely. 3.30 Low tide. Edgar Wallace, Mappin Terrace rocks. Back 7.35. Polly and Dorothy gave me pen (Parker).


Gara Rock Hotel 6.6.0 each as had 2 double bedrooms at 9.9.0 so 18 among 3.
England (Waghorn) won Schneider cup. Average speed 328(?) miles per hour.

schneider cup

Sunday 8th September 1929

Hot. Perfect.
Walked along cliff west. I agoraphobia, so back alone. Bathed at 12.52. Lunch on rocks. Bathed again at 3. Low tide. To Hotel to tea. Mrs Jameson, Mrs Hartry and Doss Palmer came. Bathed (54th) at 7. Highish tide. Up Dekker’s Cliff. Supper 8.30.

Monday 9th September 1929

Very hot. Perfect. Clouds in evening.
On sands. Bathed and dived off rocks. Very high tide – 55th. Lunch and Edgar Wallace. Bathed 56th at 3.30 other side, near big cave. Watched cricket on beach. My knee slightly swollen a little. Asthmatic in night.

Tuesday 10th September 1929

Cooler. Fine day.
On sands. Bathed 57th. Dived once. Very high tide. Lunch in Honeymoon Hollow. Read Edgar Wallace. Bathed again 58th at 3.30. Dived between Dorothy’s legs. Read, knitted. Up at 7.30 to Hotel. Dorothy read Times aloud till 10.15.

Wednesday 11th September 1929

Fine. Hot again.
Wrote Mrs Styer about Leonard Gollance. All walked to Salcombe. Shopped and back and bathed at 1.15 (59th). Read, knitted. Lunch. Bath and again at 4 (60th). Lovely. Australian crawl practice. Walked up Dekker’s Cliff at 7. Letter from Edith Bache. To bed 10. Sleepy.

Thursday 12th September 1929

Fine. Not very sunny.
Walked to Holset. Thundery and sultry. Bathed on new shelf (61st) at 1. Lunch there. Read and rested on the Monkey Ledges (Murphy and Byrne place). Bathed 62nd at 4. Jill lost and found. Read “Terror Keep”. I watched sun setting.

Friday 13th September 1929

Perfect day.
Walked to Golf course and Estuary mouth. Blackberries. Telegrams and letters. Bathed off shelf at 1. In deep pool. Dived and breakers. Lunch on shelf. Polly and Dorothy in chemises. Over to other side. Bathed 4 (64th). Read. Dorothy bathed again at 6.15. Polly and Dorothy paddled.

Saturday 14th September 1929

Perfect. Hot.
Walked with Dorothy to Salcombe. Polly washed her head. Bathed (65th) from shelf. Lunch (chemises). To other side. Very hot. Bathed 66th. Lovely dived under tyre (Owen’s). Cooler in evening. To bed 10. Bad night with asthma. Read.

Sunday 15th September 1929

Perfect. Rollers.
Packed a little. Wrote E.P. On rocks and bathed. Big waves. Whole hotel at same time. 1 Lunch. Dozed. Watched waves splashing. Bathed 68th. Deep and big waves (I alone out). Read aloud. Back at 7.30. Wrote Invitation to D. about Monday. Supper 8.30.

Monday 16th September 1929

Packed. Fan Rogers up. Polly away to St Martin’s. Dorothy and I with Lt. Colonel and Mrs Johns in Sunbeam car all over Dartmoor. Picnic lunch. Dartmeet, Chagford. Tea at Totnes at Seymour Hotel by River Dart. Home at 8 or so. Grey at Gara.

seymour hotel

Tuesday 17th September 1929

Dull Mild. Some rain.
Walked to Salcombe. Paid newspapers. Back and bathed at 1. Very low tide. Lunch. A little rain. To Hotel. Tea and Jameson’s (and Mrs Foster) over to tea. On slope in bracken. Bathed 70th. Very high tide in big cove at 7. Dull evening. In bed at 9 and knitted and read.


Wednesday 18th September 1929

Fine. Very hot.
Down to bath 11 (71st). Calm. At 1 o’clock off with rucksacks. Lunch in field by farm (white turkey). Ferry and Steamer (10d) to Kingsbridge. Tea at Kadina (very good). 4.30 train to Brent. 5.24 train to Plymouth. Changed and to Lostwithiel. 7.35 walked there and saw old Duchy Palace and train to Fowey. Arrived 8.15. Bus to Rockside Hotel. Dinner. Very good. Out along road towards sea. Lovely moonlight.

rockside hotel

Thursday 19th September 1929

Fine. Grey later.
Walked in town. At 11 called on the Quiller-Couch’s (Sir Arthur). Sweet daughter “Foy”. Bathed 72nd at Ready Money Cove with Lunch at Hotel. Tried to go to Looe and Polperro but not enough people, so motor-boat to Lerryn. Very pretty river. Tea there, cottage. Back at 6. Watched bathing but cool. Dinner. Sat in lounge.

Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch (1863 – 1944) was a Cornish writer who published using the pseudonym Q. Although a prolific novelist, he is remembered mainly for the monumental publication The Oxford Book Of English Verse 1250–1900 and for his literary criticism.

Friday 20th September 1929

Wind, showers, rain.
I unwell. To Post Office and then walked to Bridmouth by lanes. Lunch there. Very low tide. Walked back by cliff. Lovely. Dorothy bathed. Tea at the Quiller-Couch’s. Out with them in boat across to their garden – 14th Century. Whitebait shoal at landing-stage. Innumerable. Dinner. Read Times and “Delectable Duchy’ by Quiller-Couch.

Saturday 21st September 1929

Fine. Warm?

To see Church. Funny step entrances to old houses. Sat in garden. Dorothy bathed from our steps. Lunch in Hotel. In garden to watch sailing race, but postponed. Tea in lounge. Out to shop and walk about steps. Met Q’s. Sat in garden.

18th Wrote to E.P.
13/- return ticket Fowey from Brent.
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch and Foy
(Paul dad of Mrs S).

Sunday 22nd September 1929

Very fine.
Took lunch and to town. Ferry. Across to other side. Bodinnick, Du Maurier. Lunch by stream Pil? To Lanteglos church. Fine. Back by Polruan and ferry. Tea. Out to castle and Mausoleum (Rashleigh). Stanley Sharland back from Dartmouth.

Bodinnick – home of Daphne du Maurier (friend of Foy Quiller-Couch’s)

Monday 23rd September 1929

Dull. Some rain.
To buy Times. The Sharland’s took us in Bentley car to Mevagissey (by St Austell clay works). Pilchard fishing. Back at 1.30. In motorboat to Polperro at 2.30. Tea there (Rose). Low tide. Back by 6. Called on Quiller-Couch’s. Walked to Bodinnick Ferry. To bed 10.


Tuesday 24th September 1929

Very fine. Hot.
Bathed (73rd) off steps in Hotel garden. Dived. At 12.10 train to Lostwithiel (ate pears in gardens). On in Cornish express to Paddington. Saw 2 white horses on downs. Sandwich lunch. Tea on train. Arrived Paddington 7. Home. Supper. Unpacked. Rang up Ella at Sissie’s. Alys rang me up.

Wednesday 25th September 1929

Warm and fine.
Unpacked. To Alys at 12. Lunch with Alys and Eva. Talked. On to tea at Sissie’s where Ella staying. Home at 7. Supper.

Thursday 26th September 1929

Warm and fine.
Out to shop and busy cooking and preparing. Met Ella at Selfridge’s at 11.30. Looked about shops. Lunch at Evans’ (6/-). Home at 2.45. Ella rested. Tea, talk. Supper. Saw Ella to bus at 8.20.

Friday 27th September 1929

Fine. Hot.
To shops and met Alys and Eva at Elkington’s. Home and Wade came 12.15. Lunch at home. Ham, potato, salad, plums and cream. To Dickens and Jones’. My hair done at 2. Tried on 2 black moiré frocks. Home to tea. Wade went at 5.35. Put things in trunks.

Saturday 28th September 1929

Fine. Hot.
Sewed alpaca suit. Met Ella and Alys at Selfridge’s 12.30. Lunch at Criterion (Alys’). To St James’ Theatre. Galsworthy’s “Skin Game”, upper circle 6/9 each. Tea in interval. Home bus. Sewed coat and skirt again. Supper. Bath. Finished “All Quiet on the Western Front”. Lunch Remarque.

the skin game

24th to London
Wrote E.P. 23rd and sent Irving paper.

Sunday 29th September 1929

Fine then rain!!! 1st for long time.
Washed clothes. Dennis called for me in car 10.35. To Lab and helped him with blood counts. To Goose dinner 1.30 at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Sewed coat cuffs (alpaca) in p.m. Others rested. Tea. All in car to 21. Dennis on to patient at 6.30 (Sir Hall, Miss Charlton). Back to 76. Supper. Cinema’s of Aldeburgh. Dennis took me back at 10 and on to this patient.

Monday 30th September 1929

Dull. Mild.
To Gorringe’s and then Bourne and Hollingsworth and other shops looking for frocks. No success. Home to lunch 1.30. Rested 3 till 6. Tired. Supper 7. Entered dress account.

Tuesday 1st October 1929

To shops all a.m. looking for afternoon frock. Bought lace evening dress at Harrod’s. Lunch at Slater’s. To Gorringe’s Dress Show. Mrs Lovat Fraser did it. Tea there. Home.

Wednesday 2nd October 1929

Rain, then very fine. To Meeting 10.30 – Northcourt. On to Alys’. Eva writing letter to doctors. With Alys and Eva in taxi to town. Eva lunched with Rene. I with Alys at Bertorelli’s. Home and made hats all p.m. Off forehead. Out to buy grapes.

Thursday 3rd October 1929

Fine. Rain early.
To Harrod’s 10.30 for fitting, lace evening dress. To M. Marks and Baker’s. Home and lunch 1.45. Looked up pieces and did black taffeta frock all p.m. Wrote Amy Steel and J. H. Morgan.

Friday 4th October 1929

To Kings Cross at 9.30 to see Ella off to Newcastle 9.50. On to shops, Bourne and Hollingsworth – bought outsize black dress at Bourne and Hollingsworth’s. Home. Sausages. Unpicked dress and entirely remodelled it, short waist. Supper and to bed at 9.30.


Saturday 5th October 1929

Perfect day.
Letter from J.H.M. and wrote to him. Packed suitcase. Embleton’s came at 11 in car and all drove to Aldeburgh. Lunch in a field on the way. Tea (hot waffles at Aldeburgh). To White Lion Hotel.

white lion hotel
White Lion Hotel, Aldeburgh

Sunday 6th October 1929

Wind, rain and sun.
Indoors – rain till 11. Out in car with Dennis and Eva to Slaughden about boat and photos of waves. Alys and Dennis in Baby to Southwold. I read by fire. All on beach. Dinner at Wentworth Hotel. Good.


Monday 7th October 1929

Fine. Some showers.
Bad breakfast at White Lion. At 10.30, Alys and I in Baby Austin and Dennis and Eva in Buick. Bought food in Colchester. Picnic lunch. Alys and I by Ware, Barnet. Arrived 4 p.m. I home, Alys to Dickens and Jones’ for hair. Early to bed. Tired. Wrote J.H.M.

Tuesday 8th October 1929

To Harrod’s at 11 for fitting evening dress. Home to lunch. Sewed moiré dress. To tea at Elsa’s. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Then home to supper at 7.30. Sewed scarf in black coat (batik). To bed 10.

Wednesday 9th October 1929

Fine. Sunny. Cold.
To fetch flowers in Praed Street. 10.45 train from Paddington to Wootton Bassett. Arrived 12.58. J.H.M. met me with car. To Noremarsh. Rev James there. Lunch with Mr Gough, Min Bailey and Rev James. All to Congregational Chapel. Mrs Morgan’s funeral. Cars to Cemetery. V.A.D. Scouts Legion. Tea. At Priory Cottage with Pooles (Gwen) and Friede Gough and J.H.M. J. saw me off 8.31 arrived Paddington 9.45. Phoned 76. Home.

Thursday 10th October 1929

Dull. Rain in evening.
10 a.m. to Harrod’s for fitting. Got stew ready. Lighted fire. Kit came 11.45. Lunch together at home. She sewed and I too, on moiré frock. She left at 3.30. Alys and Eva in taxi. 4.20 from Thew’s. I with them to 76. Tea and supper there. Chappell out. Home at 10.15.

Friday 11th October 1929

Mild. Fine p.m.
Sewed lace frock (Tante’s) all a.m. Lunch. Packed suitcase. Taxi to Paddington. 3.38 train to Gerrard’s Cross. Marjorie Leggett met me. 4.11 car to Denham. Slade Oak. Tea. David 4½ in garden. Mr Leggett 7.15 Dinner. Gave brushes. To bed 10.20.

Saturday 12th October 1929

Dull. Mild.
Breakfast 8. H.A.L. off to Ministry of Health. Walk to farm with Marjorie and David pushcart. Mope’s Farm. Hope Brothers. H.A.L. back to lunch. At 2.45 all 4 in car to Eton, called on Katharine Fortescue at 1 Willowbrook. Saw Mary Andrée (aged 3 months). Home to tea. Walked over field, lovely sunset. “Wolf” came too. Gave David his bath.

10th Mrs Haskell 10 a.m.
7th 2 – 4 Swimming Gala M.D. Fulham
Kit 10th 11 o’clock. Baths Waltham Green
11th Leggett’s H.A.L. “C.B.” Sanderson’s wall-paper.
9th Mrs Morgan’s funeral 2.30.
Michaelmas Law Sittings October 12th.

Sunday 13th October 1929

Dullish. Mild.
Breakfast 8.30. Started 2 mile walk to church at Denham at 10.10 with H.A.L. Lovely village. Walked back too, after Service. Dinner 1.15. With David and Marjorie in garden. Rested, on bed, Then tea and all out to a pretty house along lovely wood lane, with ponds. Pushcart. I put David to bed at 6. Talked and read in evening.

Monday 14th October 1929

Mild. Dull.
Up and packed at 7.15. Breakfast and H.A.L. off at 8.30. I in car with Marjorie and David at 9.15. Marjorie saw me off at 10.9. Arrived Paddington. Bus, suitcase. Got lunch. Polished brasses and silver. Out to Cooper’s. Washed marbles and carpet. Supper 7. Tomato, onions, beef, very good.

Tuesday 15th October 1929

Very mild. Dull.
Alys came at 9.45. With her to shops. Bond Street. About her frock. Got a tweed for her at Dickens and Jones’. Lunch at Peter Robinson. Then I home. Did flowers and dusted books. Supper 7. Lighted fire, tough very warm evening! J.H. Morgan came at 9. Talked about his mother’s life and own. Stayed till 12.15 a.m. Settled to say Kate and John.

Wednesday 16th October 1929

Very mild. Hot.
Out and to Drury Lane for leather for Dorothy’s gloves, and Bourne and Hollingsworth. Bought white frock for Badminton there. Met Alys at Selfridge’s 12.40. Lunch there with her. She bought winter coat there – 13 guineas. I home. rested, slept till 5. To 6 Elm Park Road to supper. P. Wilson Steer in at 9.15. Came home about 10.30.

Thursday 17th October 1929

Unwell or night before? Out to Keith Prowse for tickets and Kardomah. Home. Sewed. Alys at 5.30 and supper. With her to Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith to see “La Vie Parisienne”. Home underground. Dennis called for Alys in car after curling 11.30.

la vie parisienne

Friday 18th October 1929

Alys in Baby Austin at 11.30. Drove with her to Bickley. Lunch at Cave’s. Eva there since Sunday. Drove back with Alys and Eva at 4. Straight to rest for 2 hours – very shivery. Slept. To bed early too, after soup supper.

Saturday 19th October 1929

Out to shops near. Loin of mutton stew for lunch. Sewed. Rested. Supper. To Badminton, first one. Embleton’s all came. Home with Alan as far as Baker Street.

15th J.H.M.
16th Barnard’s supper.
Badminton 19th
17th To Alys

19th With Alys to Cave’s.

Sunday 20th October 1929

Dull, rain all p.m.
Busy washing. Began Dorothy’s gloves and sewing. Up to Alys at 1 o’clock. Stayed all day, not on to Sissie’s as too wet. Captions, Swiss scenes for cinema and photographing in evening. Chappell in to see cinema. Dennis and Alys took me home in car at 10.15.

Monday 21st October 1929

Dull, dry.
Cut out other glove for Dorothy. Out to Bank about Algoma Steel. lunch. Sewed thumb. Up to Kitty’s at 6 and dined there. With her to Town Hall to hear Professor Gilbert Murray on League of Nations Union. Disturbances by Fascists. Home tube 10.30.

Tuesday 22nd October 1929

Fine. Mild.
Did a lot of work on fur-coat. Mending lining. Wrote John and Wade. Lunch. Then up to 76. P.m. with Alys, sewing Dorothy’s glove. Tea with Alys and Eva. Home at 7. Supper and then sewed coat-lining all evening till 10. Bath.

Wednesday 23rd October 1929

Mild. Dull.
Out to Mansfield Road School. To Bourne and Hollingsworth, to Keith Prowse and Chappells’ (Chaliapin). Home to lunch. Finished off fur-coat. Out to buy chicken and boiled it. Supper. Read “Joseph and His Brethren” by Freeman.

Thursday 24th October 1929

Rain. Mild.
Out to shops. Cooper’s for ketchup. Cooked chicken stew in casserole. Wade came 12.30. Lunch here. Out in rain to Regal Cinema. Saw “Informer”. Had tea there. Saw her off in 30 bus. Walked home. Very wet. Changed. To Elsa’s to dinner. Looked at cards of Dubrovnik (Ragusa). Max in at 9.30. Home (started 10.10) at 10.30.


Friday 25th October 1929

Painted grapes and woman for “October” for Sketch Club!! Up to Alys at teatime, and sewed. Her teeth septic. Stayed to dinner. Dennis out at U.C.H. dinner. Dr Cannery to tea and away to Cambridge. I home at 10.

Saturday 26th October 1929

Did washing. Along to Thew’s at 11 to meet Alys. Home, via Chappell’s. Lunch. Worked at Shetland jersey. Rested. Supper and to Badminton. Alys not there. Dennis and Eva.

21st C.H.W.

Sunday 27th October 1929

Fine. Cold.
Embleton’s called for me at 9.40. All to Tonbridge. John took Baby Austin. In both cars for Tonbridge to Crowborough. Phil, Bill Cave, T. Groves-Raines, Neville King. Lunch and tea at Beacon Hotel. Walk. Back to Tonbridge. Supper at Canuto’s.

Tonbridge School

Monday 28th October 1929

Out to meet Alys at Thew’s at 11. Lunch fish. All p.m. sewed Dorothy’s gloves. One split so cut another. Then knitted Shetland jersey edge. Finished “Joseph and his Brethren” by Freeman. Very good. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 29th October 1929

Sunny a.m.
Spring-cleaned bedroom. Paint and top of wardrobe. Out to shops. Spencer in p.m. about wireless. Sewed lace sleeves. Rested. Dennis at 8.30 and both to Poz and Doz to dinner (Alys unable, teeth) Ginx, Colonel Armstrong, Ronald Gray there. Left 11.10. Nice.

Wednesday 30th October 1929

Cold. Fine. Sunny.
Out early to Haverstock Hill School then Northcourt School. To 26 Compayne 12. Out to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Lunch with Alys and Eva. Sewed gloves. Alys to Thew 4.30. I tea with Eva; she did green evening cloak. I home at 6.15. Supper and knitted Shetland jumper all evening.

Thursday 31st October 1929

Sunny. Cold.
To meet Alys at Thew’s at 10. With her to Bevan’s. Notepaper – Selfridge’s. Home to lunch, no sandwiches and to queue for Silver Tassie, Sean O’Casey. Pit. Very interesting. Alys and Eva Upper Circle. Home. Knitted jersey.

Friday 1st November 1929

Washing. Lunch – pigeon stew. To Adrian’s studio to take sketch. Then to Mrs Styer’s to tea and stayed on to dinner. Home at 10.40.

Saturday 2nd November 1929

Very fine.
Worked about in rooms. Dennis and Eva to Sherborne. Rested in p.m. Up to 76 at 4.30. Tea. Alys at Thew’s. She back and spent evening, early dinner and both to Badminton 7.45 – 10. Alys miserable about Phil and Herman’s letter.

1st to Miss Styer 4.30 and dinner.
2nd Sherborne – Tonbridge? 31st Alys and Eva to Tassie.
29th 7.45 dine at 6 Elm Park Road.

Sunday 3rd November 1929

Very fine.
Breakfast 8. To garage, no Baby Austin there. Walked to Metropolitan station and taxi to Thew’s. Late. Alys had teeth done. Back by bus. Johnson (chauffeur) came and explained. Drove up to Kitty’s then Nellie Moir’s. Kit to lunch with Alys and me. Read, and slept in drawing-room. Tea. Dennis phoned at 6.30 and we went to meet them. All dined Isola Bella. I home 9.

Monday 4th November 1929

To shops. Then met Alys at Thew’s. To Theatre Agency. Home. Lit fire. Alys bought Tades in taxi. Both stayed lunch, fish. Tades rested. Tea, all 3. Alys to Thew’s 5. Alys took Tades back to Chelsea in taxi at 5. Back at 7. Alys rang up about Phil.

Tuesday 5th November 1929

Did brasses. Walked to Chappell’s and Kardomah. Back bus from Selfridge’s. Lunch at home. All p.m. altering thumb of Polly’s glove, and cutting out others. At 7 up to dine with Eva. Alys and Dennis out at Berkeley and “apple-cart” anniversary of engagement. I home about 10.

Wednesday 6th November 1929

Dull. Drizzly.
Walked to Cullen’s for wools, to University College about lecture. To Wadie’s. Home to lunch. Cleaned silver. Lit fire. Kitty came 2.45 and sewed her fur on coat. I did Shetland jersey. Tea. Kit went at 5.30. I knitted all evening by fire. To bed 10.30 (Eva out with Ayrton’s and to Gargoyle).

Thursday 7th November 1929

Dull. Mild.
To shops –Boots. To 6 Elm Park Road at 12.30. Took Tades in taxi to Peter Robinson’s. Lunch there with Alys and Eva and Tades. Home. Rested. Alys came 4. Coffee. Both to Thew’s. In taxi to University College. Lecture 5.30 by Lord Greyson Natural History. I home, supper and to Ayrton’s 8.30. Sketch Club. Jolly. Looked at sketches, ate sandwiches; talked. Musman’s car to Swiss Cottage.

Friday 8th November 1929

Dullish. Mild.
Met Alys. Thew’s at 10. Worry about “Chappell”. Home. Lunch. Washed things. Up at 3.30 to 76. Stayed tea with Eva. Alys to Thew’s again. I stayed dinner also, as Dennis phoned – would be out. Arranged and sewed Alys’ voile frilly frock. Lengthened it. Home about 10.

Saturday 9th November 1929

To Thew’s 11. Saw Embleton’s at Lab and they off to Tonbridge and cave’s for weekend. I to Chappell’s and home. Bought book for Tony Ayrton. Lunch. Darned stockings. Rested. Supper. To Badminton. 28 members there. Adrian Stokes. Coopers’s. Fun. In bus with Tates, but not to Bovril. Home 10.30.

9th Haileybury – Tonbridge – Embleton’s to Cave’s
4th Tades 7th Tades
7th Sketch Club – Tades to lunch – 12.45 Peter Robinson’s
6th Kit in p.m.
7th lecture 5.30.
10th Supper at Faraday’s
8th Wrote Mrs Baxter

Sunday 10th November 1929

Fine. Cold.
Hot bath and muddled about. Late breakfast. Wrote E.P. At 3.15 by bus and tube to Ayrton’s to leave Elsa’s umbrella. Walked over to Sissie’s. Tea with her and Nell Sandeman. Supper with Lois, Aunt Rosa and Laurie at concert, and in later. Laurie took me to Cricklewood in car.

Monday 11th November 1929

Rain. Very dull.
To Thew’s but Alys gone. “Silence” in Paddington – shut. To shops near. Home. Lunch. Rested and sewed, unpicked jumper. Out to shops in rain.

Tuesday 12th November 1929

Fine. Cold.
Out to see Alys at Thew’s. Home with her and stayed lunch, after going to Aunt Rosa’s in Baby, and with Eva and saw great smash-up of two cars at Cricklewood Lane crossroads. Home. Washed fronts, and ironed. Dinner and evening with Tades at 6 Elm Park Road. Home 10.30.

Wednesday 13th November 1929

Unwell. Met Alys Thew’s at 10. Back with her. Helped Eva to cut out fancy dress pattern. Alys and I in Baby to lunch at Nellie Simes’. I home 2.45. Rested a long time. Out to buy kippers and grapes. Sewed sleeve in x-stitch jumper. Supper.

Thursday 14th November 1929

Sewed odd jobs. Lace on black dress sleeves. At 1 o’clock lunch at Kit’s – Volta House. Charlie and Jim Archer too. All 4 to Everyman Theatre to see “Captain Brassbound’s Conversion”. Heroine Lady Wayn? Bax, quite good. Tea at Kit’s. Home (by bus) at 6.30. Supper. Read “The Good Companions” – Priestley.

Friday 15th November 1929

Fog. Rain in evening.
Met Eva at Selfridge’s. Bought stuff for her fancy dress. Back with her to lunch. Alys out. Stayed sewing white fur on coatee and to tea. Eva and Alys to Taylor’s to tea. I to Faraday’s 6.45. Dinner. Frank Rush too. To Lois’ Art Club to hear David Lowe of Evening Standard. Cartoonist. Effie Smith’s mother (Slade girl) and Miss Schlegel there. Home at 1130 or so.

Saturday 16th November 1929

Sewed. Man about geyser. To shops near at 1 o’clock. Late lunch. Long rest. Supper and to Badminton. Rene Taylor there and Embleton’s .Very good games. Back in car with Embleton’s, as they took Rene to Waterloo. Eva bad cough.

10th supper at Faraday’s. Tea Sissie’s.
17th Chelsea
12th To 6 Elm Park Road 8 p.m.
14th Everyman and lunch at Volta House?
13th Lunch with Nellie Sime 1 o’clock.
15th Dinner Faraday’s 6.45 and Lois.
18th Lunch English Speaking Union Elsa. 4.45 Tades to Broadway.

Sunday 17th November 1929

Dull. Very cold.
Painted “Cargo” (van in dark wet street) for Sketch Club. Lunch. At 4 o’clock to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Sidney Laughton and his 2 boys, Dennis and Antony, there. Tea. Over to 6 Elm Park Road, Chelsea. Supper with Polly and Dorothy and Tades. Stayed till 9.40.

Monday 18th November 1929

Dull. Very cold.
Did washing for laundry and took it. To Kardomah (walked) and Lechertier Barbe and English Speaking Union. Back at 1.20. by bus. Lunch. Rested. At 4.45 saw Tades off to Broadway at Paddington. Polly brought her. I gave her her ticket 13/-. Quiet evening at home, sewing.

Tuesday 19th November 1929

To shops for food. C.H.W. came at 12.30. Lunch and all p.m. we did sewing. I cleaned brasses. Tea. She away 5.30. I went on sewing. Phoned J.M. at 9.15.

Wednesday 20th November 1929

To shops. At 12.30 met Elsa, Alys, Virginia at Max’s office. All lunch at Gargolye. A. Baumer too. On in car with Grace Lovat-Fraser and a Buchanan. To Higgs and Hill’s to see Pip, Squeak and Wilfred House. Cooper’s, Beswick’s, Sempill’s there. Tiring. Tea there. Home at 6. Supper. I to pit – Kingsway Theatre “Rising Sun” Hiejerman’s. Very good. Angela Baddeley and Frank Cellier. Very good.

Thursday 21st November 1929

Walked to Bumpus, ordered Van Gogh letters for Tony. Bus back. Up to 76 at 2.30. Alys out. Chappell out. Alys cooked fish. I stayed supper. Ernest Miles up. Eva a cold.

Friday 22nd November 1929

To C.H.W’s at 11. With her and Denny to choose wool. Back. Drew bus subject of “Cargo”. Lunch late. Rested. Changed and met Dennis and Alys and Becky Sharpe at Criterion Theatre. To see “Art and Mr Bottle”. Irene Vanbrugh and Robert Loraine. Eva cold.

Saturday 23rd November 1929

Showers and gale.
To Eva’s at 11. Alys and Dennis to Tonbridge. Rene Taylor to lunch with Eva and me. Did Eva’s fancy dress. Sewed. Tea and dinner with Eva. At 8.15 to Badminton alone. Eva too tired from her cold. Home 10.25.

17th Tea and supper with Tades?
C.H.W. 19th
24th 5 p.m. Tea at Baxter’s.

20th Gargoyle 12.30.
14th – 30th Exhibition

Sunday 24th November 1929

Fine. Mild.
Did washing and odd jobs. Lunch in. Walked across Park to Victoria and Albert Museum. To see show of Russian icons. Walked on to the Baxter’s. Tea there 5 and music. Nelly and “John” Moore. Mrs and Dorfy Hill. Home at 7. Bought fruit at Notting Hill Gate.

Monday 25th November 1929

Mild. Dull.
Did some sewing. To Boots. Home to lunch. Alys rang up from Lab. I met her at Evans’ at 3. Shopped. Back with her to 76. Tea and dinner. All of them and me to see “Journey’s End” at Prince of Wales Theatre. Wonderful.

Tuesday 26th November 1929

Heavy showers and sunshine.
Rang up Kit. Met her at 10.45 at Chalk Farm and to school there, she drove me on to Mansfield Road and Myopic Schools and came in too. Back to lunch with her and Peter 1.40! Home 4. Wrote E.P. (To Chappell’s on way home). Hot bath with mended geyser.

Wednesday 27th November 1929

Fine then dull.
Eva rang up about Alys in bed with painful neck. I up to 76 at 10.20. With Alys. Sewed frock for Eva. Eva to Lab. Dr Larkins to see Alys at 1. I to luncheon party at 26 Compayne 1.30. Mrs Watt (Briton Rivière’s House). Lady Moor. Mrs Allen. To Alys’ again, and then to tea at Nell Sime’s. Miss Isabella Bell and Mina there. Home. Sewed.

Thursday 28th November 1929

Up to Alys. Still in bed. Tea and supper there. Helped with Eva’s fancy dress petticoat. Walked to 9 Church Row at 8.30. Sketch Club “Cargo”. Drew. At 11 in Musman’s car to Swiss Cottage and home.

Friday 29th November 1929

Fine on whole.
Met Elsa at English Art Club, opposite Burlington Arcade. Good show. Adrian there. Lunch with Elsa at English Speaking Union. Then home. Eva resting at my rooms. Gave her tea, and she to Dennis and I for hair at 5. I to Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. To Gallery to see “Old Lady Shows Her Medals”. Ardrossan and Saltcoats players. Good.

Saturday 30th November 1929

To Chappell and to call on George Buchanan. To Golders Green. Lois met me in car. To Sketch Show with her and lunch at Faraday’s. To Hippodrome to see “Matriarch”. Mrs Pat Campbell good. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to supper. Home at 11. Alys up.

25th Journey’s End.
28th Sketch Club “Cargo”.
26th Wrote E.P.
27th Lunch at Compayne. Tea at Nell Sime’s.
29th Lunch with Elsa at English Speak Union and to New English Art Club.
30th Golders Green Exhibition and Lois.

Sunday 1st December 1929

Fine. Showers.
Looked in trunks. Alys at 1 with long gloves, Ski socks. Dinner with them. Alys up. Painted “liquid subject”. Whisky and soda. Spencer came. Kitty to tea and Eva to tea at Volta House. Talked with Alys and Kitty. Supper. Home at 10 o’clock.

Monday 2nd December 1929

Rain and wind.
Out to Bumpus’ and Daily Mirror (Fetter Lane) for Members – Pip Squeak House. To Margaret Marks’ sale. Home. Lunch. Sewed lace on black satin petticoat. Up to Alys at 5.30. Spencer there. Sewed glove. Eva and Dennis to dine at Ernest Miles. Alys and I alone all evening. Listened-in to Smuts and von Lettow-Vorbeck. Home at 11.45.

Tuesday 3rd December 1929

To English Speaking Union to reserve table. To Kardomah. Shopped at Medici Place. To English Speaking Union. Kit at 12.30. Mrs Styer at 1. Lunch. Elsa and Virginia came, on their own. Talked after coffee. I at 4 o’clock up to Alys. Bell Fagge at 6. Supper there. Home at 7.40. Supper. Wrote Amy Steel. Phoned E.M.M.

Wednesday 4th December 1929

Fine. Mild.
Arranged Xmas presents on bed and made lists. To Bumpus’ and 87 Regent Street for “Am I” book. Met Alys at Evans’ 12.45. Lunch there. Saw Nell and Chris Sandeman. Shopped with Alys. She to have her hair done. I to Swan and Edgar’s and then home. Rested. Rest “Tents of Israel” – G. B. Stern and slept. Supper. Kit rang up.

Thursday 5th December 1929

Rain. Mild.
Sewed lace in sleeves and ironed black skirt pleats. Out at 12. To Burma Jewels and on to Leicester Square Tube. Met Kit 12.50. Both to Alexis Restaurant in Lisle Street. Lunch with Charley and Jim Archer there. Taxi to Waterloo. To Old Vic and saw Richard II. Very good. Gielgud as King. Tea at Waterloo Station (Kit home first). Tube to Edgware Road and home. Alys in to borrow black for Aunt Netta’s funeral tomorrow.

Friday 6th December 1929

Fine. Sunny. Rain at 4.
To Arts Theatre Club and on to Haverstock Hill. Open Day. Bought 9/5½ worth . To Kitty’s. Rested a long time, back aching. Embleton’s to Tunbridge Wells to funeral. Curried fish for supper.

Saturday 7th December 1929

Dry. Windy. Cool.
Out to shops. Letter form J.A. At 1 o’clock lunch at Poz and Doz’s. Nelly and Moir also there. Taxi to Central Hall, Westminster. Handel’s “Belshazzar” by Chorus, solos. Very good. Dorothy singing. Home by 5.30. Supper. To Badminton. Eva and Mollie Cave (Alys and Dennis at Cox’s). Max and Elsa not there.

7th Alys and Dennis to Cox’s – Eva has Mollie?
Doz’s Handel 1 o’clock – Elm Park Road.
6th Open Day, Haverstock Hill.
3rd Mrs Styer and Kit 12.30.
5th Met Kit Leicester Square 12.45. Old Vic with Archers.

Sunday 8th December 1929

Wild gales.
Up to Eva’s and lunch 1 with her and Molly Cave. Stayed till 4. On to Sissie’s. Nellie Moir there to tea. I stayed on to supper. Home at 10.

Monday 9th December 1929

Wrote Ella and landlord. Indoors most of day, making green and black hat and unpicking net frill evening dress. Out to shops and post office at 4 and after supper to Albert Hall, thinking it was the C.S. Lecture but not. Home. 52 Exhibition Road to H.P.C. first.

Tuesday 10th December 1929

Fine, sunny. Windy. Rain at 6.
Out with rug and at 11.20 met Embleton’s (Phil too up for day) and Cave’s (and Bill). Blue and daughter, Betty. Becky, Coxes and nephew, Bobby. 12.16 to Twickenham, picnic lunch. Varsity rugger match. Oxford won. Tea at Waterloo. Others all to dress and Criterion and theatre “Sorry you’ve been Troubled”. Phil and I to Charing Cross. Ate grapes in Hotel Hall. Saw him off to Tonbridge at 7.20. Bill Cave too. Home, supper and bed.

Wednesday 11th December 1929

Met Alys and Eva at Baker Street. Shopped. They to Trotter’s 12.30. I to meet Poz at Isola Bella. Lunch (Alys’ treat). Then Polly and Alys to “First Miss Fraser”. I with Eva shopping for her evening dress and suede coat and stockings for Phil. Gamages. Peter Robinson’s she got green panne dress. Home (after tea together at Peter Robinson’s). Supper. Sewed. Read papers. Bath. To bed 10.20.

Thursday 12th December 1929

Rain then fair.
Unwell. Up to Alys’. Stayed lunch. Out with Eva for Xmas presents to Barnes’. On to Lovat Fraser’s to discuss Pip, Squeak. Others there and Max and Mr Turner. Home.

Friday 13th December 1929

Dullish. Mild.
Up then to Alys’ pretty early and helped with sewing. To buy moiré at Bourne and Hollingsworth. Alys to Thew at teatime. I to Mrs Styer’s at 6; saw Daphne, had dinner. Home at 10.30. Coldy.

Saturday 14th December 1929

Very mild. Muggy.
Felt coldy. Out to see about Boxing tickets. Chappell’s. Sold to Jacobs’. Home early. Rested. Supper and to Badminton 8. Fun but very tired and coldy. To supper at Ayrton’s and Adrian Stokes R.A. and Alan and Duncan Tate too. Fun. Home in car (Ayrton’s) with others at 11.20 or so.

9th Albert Hall lecture
10th Varsity Match
11th Theatre with Poz.
13th 6 or before and dine Mrs Styer’s.
12th 3.30 Mrs Lovat Fraser, 8 Endsleigh Gardens.
15th Arts Theatre “People Like Us”. Alys and Eva away.

Sunday 15th December 1929

Warm. Quiet.
Up to Alys’. Dennis in bed with bad cold. Helped Eva to make cover for gramophone. Lunch. Coffee. They finished packing. Johnson took them and me in car to Victoria. Alys and Eva off 4 p.m. to Mürren. Handy at Victoria. Home. Wrote Edith Bach and Busy and Phil. Met Kit at Leicester Square. Supper at Alexis’ – Theatre Arts Club “People Like Us”.

Monday 16th December 1929

Fine. Cooler.
To shops and Bank. Lunch. Out to Haymarket Show and Etam. 3.30 to Grafton Galleries. Mrs Lovat Fraser told us a bit about rooms in Mirror Grange. Tea with Virginia at Avery Row. Home. Tired, supper and to bed.

Tuesday 17th December 1929

Cold. Frosty.
Out to buy hat, to Tallulah’s and Lewis’ – tweed frock. Lunch at Slater’s. Knightsbridge. Got frock at Woolland’s. Home. Rested. To Dickens and Jones’ and had hair done by Miss White at 4. Home. Tired. Supper and bed. Read. Ed. Knoblock’s “Ant Heap”.

Wednesday 18th December 1929

Cold. Fine.
To Grafton Galleries at 11. But the Queen was expected so home. Lunch at Karaway’s. To Lab. To Grafton Galleries at 2 and stayed till 5.45. Mrs Lovat Fraser, Max Sheringham, Campbell (Editor of Mirror), “Uncle Dick”, Victor Hembrow. Tea there. Home. Supper.

Thursday 19th December 1929

Cold. Fine.
Private View day of “Mirror Grange”. Went to Grafton Galleries and stayed on. Lunch at 3, in Dover Street. No tea. Mrs Lovat Fraser demonstrated 4 times and I till 8, while Turner had supper. At 8 Movietone came. Stayed and watched till 9. Home. Supper and at 11 up to 76 Cholmley Gardens and slept there. Dennis at curling.

Friday 20th December 1929

Fine. Cold.
Breakfast with Dennis. Phil arrived 9.50 and had breakfast. In car with him and Dennis. Took him to Pip, Squeak’s house at Grafton Galleries. Virginia and Rene demonstrating. Lunch with Phil at English Speaking Union. To Selfridge’s. Recordavox and home. Got ready for packing Phil’s things. Dennis home 8.30 very tired. Dinner. Large capercaillie. Gave Dennis curling book. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 21st December 1929

Rain. Cold.
Busy washing and ironing Phil’s pyjamas. Dennis packing his and Phil’s things. Lunch (all 3 at 1) car with Johnson at 2.30. To Victoria. Dennis and Phil and Bill Cave and Bell Fagge off to Mürren 4.5. Gwen, Will and I saw them off. I in car to Kit’s. Tea there. Car to 21 Oxford Terrace. Changed and supper. Car (with Johnson) to Badminton 8.40. Home with Tait’s to Bovril till 11.45. Home at 12.5.

Phil home 20th.
Alys and Eva to Mürren 15th.
Dennis and Phil to Mürren 21st
18th Press Day and Presents 3.30.
16th Rehearsal
19th Private View – and help in evening (paper) 1 – 2.30, 4 – 4.30, 7.30 – 8)
17th Hair

Sunday 22nd December 1929

Indoors doing odd washing and sewing. Lunch. Tried on new evening dress and sewed. Spencer to bring wireless set (portable) and tea. To Polly and Dorothy to supper. Home about 10.15.

Monday 23rd December 1929

To Grafton Galleries at 10.30 – 12. Did 3 or 4 demonstrations. Lunch at the Kardomah. back to Manor Granve at 1 – 2.30. Demonstrated. Shopped, and home to tea. To Grafton Galleries at 6. Max and some friends. To English Speaking Union at 6.30. Wrote to Alys (Guthrie). Home. Supper and to bed.

Tuesday 24th December 1929

To Shoolbred’s. Bought eiderdown and took it and a plant 3/- for Wade (eider for Alys). Home. Lunch early and to Grafton Galleries. 1-3 did 2 demonstrations. Home. Rested. Dressed. Taxi and tube from Euston., to Ayrton’s. Dinner at 7.15. Masks, teeth, caps. 13 at table. Not the Lloyds. Sat by Max and Adrian. Charades – dumb. Talk, taxi with Monkhouses at 11.45 p.m.

Wednesday 25th December 1929

Gale and showery.
C.H.W. came at 12. We in bus (all very full ) to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Chappel got us nice Xmas dinner – 1. Rested in drawingroom. Johnson and Buick to Faraday’s at 4.30. Wadie in kitchen with Margaret. Tea, supper. Nice program by Lois and Laurie. Laurie took Wade and me home in car at 10.30.

Thursday 26th December 1929

Fine. Lovely day.
Up to 9 Church Row at 11. All and Adrian on Heath with Jerry. Lovely walk. Lunch – Max, Elsa, Tony and me. Read in drawing-room with Maxi and wrote letters to Alys and Tades. Talk and tea. Virginia and Theo in at 7. All had supper. I home at 10.15.

Friday 27th December 1929

Fine a.m.
Out to Post Office and sent off fancy dress to Alys. Photo of Mrs Morgan came. Lunch at home. Off early to Grafton Galleries as Coram, Ventriloquist, at 4. Stayed there and helped 5.30 – 6.30. Home. Supper. Dressed and met Ayrton’s, Theobald’s and Adrian at Haymarket Theatre to see “The First Mrs Fraser”. Marie Tempest (St John Ervine’s play). Very good.

Saturday 28th December 1929

In bus to new skating rink. Back and to Peter Robinson’s with Phil’s stockings. To Grafton Galleries – Gracie Fields at 12. Got sandwiches at Stewart’s. Back and demonstration 1.30 – 3. Home and rested. Supper. Changed and to Badminton. Few there. Priscilla and Bergel!

24th to Ayrton’s.
22nd Spencer.
25th C.H.W. to me. Both Faraday’s 4.30.
27th Theatre with Ayrton’s.
23rd 6 to 7 Grafton Galleries 10.30 – 11.30 and 1 – 2.
24th Grafton Galleries 1 – 3.
27th And 5.30 – 6.30.
28th 2 – 3?

Sunday 29th December 1929

Fine. Mild then cooler.
Rang up Kit. Washed things. Wrote Sissie. At 1.30 Dinner at Buchanan’s. At 3 Kit, Kath, George and I in car to skating rink, Finchley Road. Took them in on my member’s ticket. Skated. Kath had lesson from Dundas 3/6. Tea. I paid for all. Vouchers 3/6 each. Home by busses at 6.30. Creamed turkey supper. Darned. Read.

Monday 30th December 1929

To Wisden’s after posting Dutch dress to Cave’s. Sandwiches en route to Mirror Grange 9. 1 – 3 Grafton Galleries. Max and Theo in. Theo invited me to Arts Club Ball. Home. Rested at 6. To Grafton Galleries again, but came away as empty. To Theo’s office with Virginia. Home in rain.

Tuesday 31st December 1929

To 6 Elm Park Road for fancy dress 10.30. To Mirror Grange. Ate lunch first. 1 -3. Very crowded lunch hour. I all alone. On to Private View Italian Exhibition. Met Adrian Sime there. To tea at Arts Club with Ayrton’s, Beswick’s, Mr A Stokes. Back 6 – 6.30 Mirror Grange. Home. Ironed Charles I dress. Supper. Theo and Virginia called for me and Captain Copper and all at 9.45 to Albert Hall to Chelsea Arts Club Ball. Great fancy dress dance. Till 3 a.m. Supper after midnight. Noah’s Ark.

2nd Sketch Club
4th Priscilla Baumer’s wedding.
31st Private View Italian Pictures
2nd 4.30 – 6 Mirror Grange
4th 4.30 – 6
Phil to school
21st Theatre 20th
Embleton’s back 12th or 13th?

Here I come to wish you happiness
Here come I to wish you health
Here come I to bring you cheerfulness
And If I could, I’d bring you wealth.

I bought 2 kippers and came home with 3 fish. How was that?
Two kippers and one smelt.

Oedema – Too much lymph to be carried away by lymphatics.
Operation divided in two, Victor Horsley’s idea – 3 good reasons:

  1. Avoids shock
  2. Brain tends to come forward to any opening. Thus abscess comes nearer.
  3. Arachnoid (spider-web meninges) flatten up and close up, thus avoiding danger (or lessening) of leak of pus (into brain, or) into meninges and causing meningitis.

Dura Mater
Pa Mater
Then brain grey matter

Phil’s report December 1929
“A satisfactory member of the house. He does not yet exercise much influence on his generation, but that will come and what there is all for good, I think. He showed splendid courage and energy in leading the house scrum, which he did magnificently”. Herman. Low V Place 6.


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