1928 – Ullswater, Conwy, Avebury, Brussels, Fontainebleau, Montreuil, Birchington, Newcastle-on-Tyne

In 1928, Edward is 52 years old, Kate is 49 years old and Alys is 44 years old. Eva is 19 years old and Philip is 15 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Sunday 1st January 1928

Cold. Fair.
Unwell. Did some washing and took Brent to Round Pond, Kensington Gardens. Frozen over. Lunch. Wrote Edith Bache, M. Hoyt and Busy. Sat by fire all p.m. Mended stockings. Took Brent out to post. To bed 10.

Monday 2nd January 1928

Rain all day.
Card from Alys. Note from J.H.M. Walked with Brent to Chelsea. Dorothy met us in Exhibition Road. Lunch with Polly and Dorothy. Walked home via Albert Hall. Drew and read. Supper. Bath.

Tuesday 3rd January 1928

Walked with Brent to Lab and left him there; To Hanan’s. Met Kit and Kath. To Whitehall Court at 1.45. Waited till 2.20. To Eustace Miles Restaurant. Lunch there. Met Pamela. To Lab. Fetched Brent. Home. Took Brent out. At 9.35 by bus to Charing Cross. Dined 8 with J.H.M. at Whitehall Court. At 11 he walked to Piccadilly Circus with me and I home by bus.

Wednesday 4th January 1928

Dull. Not very cold. Damp.
Out with Brent after washing things. To Post Office and to Kensington Gardens. Home at 12. Wrote Alys. Lunch. Out with Brent. Then rested. Out to Bookshop to advertise for “Gentleman at Arms”. Supper. Took Brent out. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 5th January 1928

Fine day.
Walked with Brent to Gooch’s across Park. Bought snow boots for Wade at sale. Walked to Augener’s. Got Ted Shenton’s Song Cycle for Dorothy. Home to lunch. Sewed and wrote Dorothy. At 4.30 or 5 with Brent to Nas Co and to Nell Simes’. Home at 6. Sewed blue skirt.

Friday 6th January 1928

Gale. Mild.
Out to buy cake and back by Marble Arch and Park with Brent. Sewed skirt. Lunch. Dusted. Out. Dorothy came to tea at 4. Walked at 5.30 to Wade’s with Brent. Back by bus. Supper. Sewed all evening. Floods, fatal in Westminster and Putney.

Saturday 7th January 1928

To Shops and P&O. Spring sheet. Took Brent to Helen’s; walked there. Home alone to lunch. Rested in p.m. on bed 2 hours. Sewed a little and cut out green jumper. Supper 6.45. “Morley” by J. H. Morgan arrived. To Badminton 8 – 10.

To 6 Elm Park Road 2nd lunch
6th C.H.W. I may go at 5 o’clock
3rd Whitehall Court lunch with J.H.M.
8 p.m. Whitehall dinner with J.H.M.
7th Badminton

Sunday 8th January 1928

Did washing. Wrote Marjorie Leggett. Dressed and lunch at 26 Compayne to meet Mr and Mrs and Miss Carver at 1. Up to Ayrton’s at 3.30. Read about floods. Max working in drawing room. Tea. Looked at old photos with Elsa. Mr Sheringham and Adrian in. Supper. Took 53 bus to Helen’s. Walked home with Brent.

Monday 9th January 1928

Mild and Fine.
Walked with Brent to Bank and Selfridge’s, bought stockings. Back through Park. Lunch. Sewed at green jumper and read J. H. M’s Morley. Out to Selfridge’s again for notepaper at 4. Sewed. Supper. Wrote J. H. M. about his “Morley” book.

Tuesday 10th January 1928

Felt limp. Rang up Dr Tidy. To shops. Through park with Brent, Serpentine and back. Lunch. Rested 2 ½ hours and read “Morley”. Out again. Sewed at green jumper.

Wednesday 11th January 1928

Dull. Mild.
Took Brent to Lab. Had hair-cut. On to Evans and Negretti’s. To see Dr. Tidy at 12.15. Fetched Brent. To Selfridge’s for hot bottle. Home. Lunch. Sewed jumper. Twice phoned 2 King’s Bench Walk. Sewed, supper. At 8.30 went to Temple and saw J. H. Morgan about Tidy’s Verdict. Cosy Chambers, 3 grandfather clocks. Stayed from 8 till 8.40. He gave me his photo as King’s Counsel. Home. Ovaltine.

Thursday 12th January 1928

Took Brent in Park and across to 6 Elm Park Road for suit-case. Bus from Queen’s Elm to Hyde Park Corner. Walked home across Park. Lunch. Ironed things and washed things. Out with Brent. Washed hair. Wrote letters.

Friday 13th January 1928

Letter from J.H.M. Replied by wire 9.30. Packed up. Took Brent to Lab and left him. Had lunch. At 2.45 taxi to Paddington. 3.15 train to Wootton Bassett. Met J.H.M., also Lady Oliver came. To Nore Marsh, William Gough’s house. Tea. Talk. 9.30 Meeting at House. J.H.M. in chair. Lady Oliver spoke. To form men’s detachment of Red Cross. I to supper and sleep at Nore Marsh. J.H.M in in evening with bad cold. To bed 11 or so.

Saturday 14th January 1928

Fineish. Cold. Windy.
Breakfast. Then at 1.15 to Priory Cottage. Dusted drawing-room. Laid lunch. J.H.M. very bad cold. Lunch. Talked. Tried help Mrs Morgan. Tea. J.H.M. later in sitting-room. Dinner. At 10.15 boy John saw me back to Nore Marsh. Slept there.

Embleton’s home 13th from Mürren
L.C.C. Schools begin Jan 10th
Hilary begins Jan 11th
11th To see Dr. Tidy 12.15

12th Wrote E.P. and Amy Steel.
Lady Oliver’s husband Admiral Henry Oliver
She next to Princess Mary on Red Cross.

Sunday 15th January 1928

Cold. Sun then rain.
Breakfast with Mr Gough and Miss Bailey. To Priory Cottage at 11.30. Maggie Morgan up! Helped get lunch. J.H.M. packed and he and Miss Morgan in car to Swindon at 1.145. I read To Mrs Morgan and gramophone (Lough boy). Tea and supper. I home at 10 to Mrs Gough’s. Talked and to bed at 10.45 or so.

Monday 16th January 1928

Dull. Cold.
Breakfast. At 10 to station. W.B. 10.04 train to Paddington. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Lunch and talk all p.m. Tea. Supper. Eva out to lunch at Horder’s. Wrote D.B. and J.H.M.

Tuesday 17th January 1928

Out with Alys and Brent. To see Fagge at 11. He said no operation. Saw Wade and to 21 Oxford Terrace. Then to Cholmley Gardens. Lunch. At 3.30 with Phil to Olympia. Bertram Mills Circus. Dinner there. Side shows. Home at 11 by 28 bus. Others to Souttar’s dance.

Bertram W. Mills Circus at Olympia, London 1928
Show at Olympia, London twice daily over the Christmas season the Bertram Mills Circus with a bear performing, classical Gladiators, trapeze, clowns and much more Date: 1928

Wednesday 18th January 1928

Rainy. Raw.
Ironed things all a.m. Eva to cooking. Didn’t do much all day. Spencer to tea and supper.

Thursday 19th January 1928

Lovely day.
Dennis took Eva, Brent and me to Heath. Good walk there. Lunch. Phil to meet Gibson at Liverpool Street for lunch. Phil home 3 and played trains. Listened in Charlot “Mother came too”.

Friday 20th January 1928

Dull. Milder.

I took Brent on Heath. Others to Golders Green shopping for Phil. Lunch. Alys and Phil to Victoria to see Windlesham boys off. Tea. Dennis back at 5. All in car 5.30 to Tonbridge. Left Phil at Judd House. 7.30. Fog. Dined Rose and Crown. Home about 11.

rose and crown

Saturday 21st January 1928

Fineish. Mild.
Dennis took me and trunk home. To Boots’. To Barnard’s to lunch. Home at 4. Rested. Supper. Wrote J.H.M. To Badminton. Alys playing! Home with Embleton’s to sleep at Cholmley Gardens.

17th Souttar’s Dance. Take Phil to Circus.
22nd To Faraday’s to tea.

Sunday 22nd January 1928

Rain then lovely day.
I took Brent on Heath. Dinner. At 3.15 all in car to King’s Langley. Stayed tea and supper. Patty doing cooking, but out in evening. Home very late 11, or so, as lost way.

Monday 23rd January 1928

Letter from J.H.M. I with Dennis to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out to Modern Thought Library and lunch at Clifford’s Inn. To Red Lion Square for photo of Tonbridge boys. To Hotels (for Kitty). Home. Passpartout’s J.H.M.’s photo. Wrote Ella. To local shops. All evening trying to draw J.H.M’s profile. Mr Win on wireless.

Tuesday 24th January 1928

Heavy showers.
To Lab to fetch Brent. To Evans and Park. Got soaked in Park. Home. Changed. Lunch, and Brent too. Drew. Out to book-shop. Home, rested till 5.10. Wrote J.H.M. Took Brent to lab at 6.15. Home and supper. Read “History and Power of Mind”.

Wednesday 25th January 1928

Very fine. Sunny.
Unwell. Letter from J.H.M. Washed things. Walked to Lab. Then with Brent by Parks to Army and Navy Stores. Bought ironing board for Alys. Home. Lunch. Rested. Kit came. With her in taxi to King’s Court Hotel. Home. Wrote Elsa. Took Brent to Lab. Alys and Eva came there. All to dinner at Chinese Restaurant together.

Thursday 26th January 1928

Dull. Rain in p.m.
To Foyle’s to find “Gentlemen at Arms”. Filed. Out, bought “The Open Air” Richard Jeffries. “Villages of White Horse” Alfred Williams and Poems of Satires of Circumstance. Hardy. Lunch at Lyons, Coventry Street. Home. Rest. To 44 Holland Street Sir Alex Anderson’s to Meeting Marriage Law Reform League. Geikie-Cobb and Mr Carrington spoke. Home. Supper. Bed.

Friday 27th January 1928

Dull then brighter. Cold.
Sewed on blue and white coat and ironed. To lunch at Academy with Wade and Aldridge. Home. Did coat. At 3.15 walked to 26 Compayne. Tea (bridge party going on). Home. Rested. Wrote E.P. Supper. Began “Villages of White Horse”. Finished “History of Power of Mind”.

Saturday 28th January 1928

In all a.m. Felt coldy. Worked at blue jersey and coat suit. Lunch. Long rest in p.m. Worked again. Supper 6.45. To Badminton 8. Jolly games. Dennis and Eva brought me back in car.

Wrote E.P. 27th.

Sunday 29th January 1928

Fineish. Rain in evening.
Breakfast 10.15. Cold better or well. Got up 11. Sewed . At 3 to Palladium. Handel Choir. Poz and Doz there. “Hercules” by Handel. Tea there with them. On to 9 Church Row by tube. Supper with Max, Adrian and Theo. Films after, until 10. Nice evening. (Elsa in Switzerland).

Monday 30th January 1928

Lord Haig died. To Mansfield Road schools in a.m. Home to lunch. Walked to Swaine’s about photomount. To Kardomah and English Speaking Union. Read there. Bus home. Tea. Rested. Sewed on blue coat. Listened in debate on youth and superficiality. Rang up Alys.

Field Marshal Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig (1861 – 1928)

Tuesday 31st January 1928

Fine then rain in evening.
Out to fetch Brent from Lab but Dennis brought him here. Home, and out with Brent to Kensington Round Pond. Lunch. Sewed. Rested. Out again. Sewed. Dennis called for Brent at 7. Supper. Sewed and bed.

Wednesday 1st February 1928

Fine day.
Up to Alys’ at 11. Took Brent on Heath. Lunch with Alys. Eva at cooking class and home at 3. Lois and Emma Wetherbee to tea at 76. I stayed on to supper, and they all in car with me home at 10 or 10.30 via Hyde Park.

Thursday 2nd February 1928

Perfect a.m. Heavy rain in p.m.
Out to shops and wrote J.H.M. about Rin Tin. C.H.W. came. 12.30 lunch with her at Woolworth’s. To Cinema (Blue Hall) – Rod La Rocque in Resurrection from Tolstoi’s book. At 5.30 to English Speaking Union and C.H.W. and I had tea there. Out in hard rain to busses, Park Lane. Home. Listened-in and very early to bed.


Friday 3rd February 1928

Dull. Not cold.
Out early and at 10.15 in Mall on curb to see Earl Haig’s funeral. Foch, Petain, de Ceuninck. Impresssive. 25 minutes to pass at slow march. To English Speaking Union. Max came and lunched with me there. Home. Rested. Dressed and to 7 Grosvenor Street. With Max to New Gallery to see “The Magic Flame” very good. Ronald Colman and Vilma Bánky. To Supper at 8 at Gargoyle Club. Champagne. Danced together till 11.50. He saw me home in taxi at midnight.

Saturday 4th February 1928

Dull. Showers.
Out to shops in neighbourhood. Rested long in p.m. To Badminton in evening. Helen there. No Ayrton’s. Eva not there (gastric). Alys, Miss Monk and I only ladies. Home by bus.

3rd Max to lunch English Speaking Union.
I at 12.30 at his office.
29th To supper Max.
3rd To Palladium. Handel
2nd C.H.W. and Eustace Miles lecture.
5th Lucy 12.30 and all day.

Sunday 5th February 1928

Lovely day in p.m.
Washed stockings and gloves. Lucy Brewtnall came at 12.35. Took her to lunch at English Speaking Union. Then both to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea and supper there. Talked. Dennis took us to our homes in car at 10 – 10.30.

Monday 6th February 1928

Fine. Sunny.
Felt coldy and stayed in bed till 10.15. Walked to Modern Thought Library in Norris Street. Home to lunch. Rested. Window cleaner in. Tea. Up to 9 Church Row at 7. George Sheringham there. He went, and Max and I had dinner, and then did leaves for lamp for B.I. (British Industries). At 9.15 to Gargoyle and danced until nearly 2 a.m. Max saw me home in taxi.

Tuesday 7th February 1928

Dull. Mild.
To Lab and got Brent and walked through Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens. Home to lunch. Rested. After tea with Brent by bus to Kilburn and walked to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Supper with Alys and Eva. Dennis at Medical Meeting. Stayed night.

Wednesday 8th February 1928

Dull. Very mild.
Got breakfast for family. Eva off early. I with Dennis in car. Home. Walked to Albert Hall. Ann. Meeting 11.30 – 1. Earl Howe in Chair. To Bury Street, Bloomsbury. Lunch ”Whyteladyes”. To Eagle Photo Company, Red Lion Square. To Shoolbred’s. To Philharmonic. Home. High Tea 5. To Philharmonic at 6 to see “King of King’s” film. Home.

king of kings

Thursday 9th February 1928

Dull. Mild.
Walked to Abbott’s, Near Evans; and bought suede pumps. Home. Lunch and rest. Max phoned twice about film. Altered grey knickers. Read “Napoleon” Tea. Knitted Dennis’s stocking tops. Supper. To bed 9.30. Listened-in to “2 by 2”.

Friday 10th February 1928

Dull. Colder.
Walked to various shoe shops. To Selfridge’s for wool and to Library in Norris Street, Haymarket. Rested. Dressed and at 5 to Hampstead Cinema (Pond Street). Met Max and saw Ronald Colman in “A Night of Love”. Back to dine at Church Row and stayed evening (gale and thunder at 4.30 and night).

night of love

Saturday 11th February 1928

Windy. Colder.
Stayed late in bed. Sewed. Lunch. Muddled about, tidying up and rested. To Church Row at 6 and early dinner with Max. To Badminton in taxi with him and Adrian. Jolly evening of games. Dennis and Alys brought me home in car.

8th Albert Hall 11.30 a.m.
6th Dine 9 Church Row with Max
12th Sissie’s.

Sunday 12th February 1928

Dull, then rain.
Stayed in bed late. Washed curtain. Lunch, and at 3.15 to Golders Green. Tea at the Faraday’s. Eric there. Called on Moir’s. Saw Aunt Louie in bed. On to Sissie’s. Supper and stayed night.

Monday 13th February 1928

Home from Sissie’s at 11.30. Knitted. Rested. At 5.15 up to Alys’. Guy Boys in with Eva at 6.45. They had supper with me there and Alys and Dennis to the Tompkins to dine. Eva and Guy out in new Fiat car to “Shooting Stars”. I stayed night at 76.

shooting stars

Tuesday 14th February 1928

Dull. Mild.
Stayed all day. Took Brent out on Heath 1 ½ hours. Alys to dentist. She and I lunch together. Mrs Boone. Eva to cooking lesson. Alys out again to Thew at 5. I with Eva. Knitted. Stayed night. Dennis had 3 double teeth out so minced chicken.

Wednesday 15th February 1928

Dull. Very mild.
I with Dennis in car. Home, changed. To see Fagge at 11. Called for Brent and to Louvre. Holt cut and washed my hair. Home to lunch. Rested. Dressed. At 6.30 Max called for me. To Renommée, 52 Dean Street to dine. Very good cooking. To Wyndham’s Theatre to see “Listeners”, Leon M. Lion and Nick Hannen. On at 11 to Gargoyle. Danced till 2. Beswick’s there and Grace M.P., Paul Jones. Great fun.

Thursday 16th February 1928

Fine later. Rain in a.m.
Wrote to Elsa and Aunt Bella. Lunch. Rested. At 4 with the Buchanan’s to Inverness Court Hotel. Tea; Sir George and Alys also. Home by 28 bus with Alys and supper with her and Eva; Dennis curling. Stayed night.

inverness court hotel
Inverness Court Hotel, Bayswater

Friday 17th February 1928

Perfect day. Sun.
Down with Dennis and Brent to 21 Oxford Terrace. Walked with Brent to Inverness Court Hotel. Saw Kitty. To Round Pond. Back through park. Lunch. Rested. Out again with Brent. Quiet evening. Wrote E.P. and copied Cheiro birthday book. Read Napoleon by Ludwig.

Saturday 18th February 1928

Perfect day. Sun.
Took Brent to walk. To Swaine’s and Kardomah. Back through Green and Hyde Park. Lunch. Rested. Out to shops. Left Brent and to Badminton. Unwell. Tired. Home at 10. Took Brent out. Embleton’s to Cambridge.

15th 11 a.m. Mr Fagge and Buchanan’s to Inverness Court Hotel.
17th/18th Brent while Embleton’s at Cambridge.
13th To stay with Eva, night 6 onwards.
19th To Supper with Doz.
Wrote E.P. 17th

Sunday 19th February 1928

Fine day. Mild.
Walked to Serpentine with Brent. Sat in sunshine there. Home. Lunch. Rest. Out with Brent again. To supper with Dorothy. Heard of Aunt Louie’s death which was yesterday.

Monday 20th February 1928

Mildish. Fog then fine.
Wrote Nellie. Took Brent to Lab at 11. Home. Dressed. To Max’s office. With him to White City. Opening of British Industries Fair. Lunch at Gargoyle. Fetched Brent. Took him in Park. Rested. Expected Embleton to come and go out to dine, but they too late. Supper at 8. To bed.

british Industries Fair

Tuesday 21st February 1928

Very fine and mild.
Walked with Brent to Inverness Court Hotel and talked to Kitty. Kath walked back with me to Marble Arch. Bought cakes. Home. Lunch. Prepared tea. Alys and Eva, and Menie and Katherine Reid to tea; Reid’s went at 6.50. Alys and Eva stayed to “scratch supper”.

Wednesday 22nd February 1928

Foggy. Mildish.
Walked with Brent to Serpentine. Foggy. Tired. Home. Rested. Sewed at brown tweed skirt. Lunch and tea in bedroom (mutton pie). To Lab at 7. With Dennis in car home to 76 and dinner. Stayed night. Pancakes by Eva.

Thursday 23rd February 1928

Cooler. Misty.
Out to see Nell Moir. On to Sissie’s. To Faraday’s. Eric drove me in Baby Austin to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys and I to lunch with Nell Sime, to meet Mina. On to Selfridge’s, Evans and Mackie’s. Milk and cake at 21 Oxford Terrace. Back to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys and Dennis to Vlasto’s to dine (and curling). Eva and I supper alone and listened-in. To bed. Stayed at 76.

Friday 24th February 1928

Took Brent on Heath. Home to 21 Oxford Terrace at 12.30. Lunch. Rested. Kitty came to tea at 4.10. Talked, and altered lace evening dress. Max called at 6.30. To Renommée to dine. Oysters! To Arts Theatre Club. Saw “Young Woodley”. Very good. On to Florida Club and danced (on glass). Home about 1.30 a.m.

Saturday 25th February 1928

To Evening Standard office, 47 Shoe Lane to get J. H.M.’s letter on Cavell film. Home. Rested. Did tweed skirt. To Badminton 8 – 10 with Dennis and Eva and Alys in car to 9 Church Row. Beer and sausages! They drove me home 11.

22nd Beggar’s Opera?
24th to see Nell Moir
21st Menie to tea 4.30
23rd Lunch at Nell Sime’s 1 o’clock
29th British Industries Fair 11 a.m. opening.
24th Dine with Max and to see Young Woodley, Arts Theatre Club
23rd go to Schools in a.m. before Nell’s.

Sunday 26th February 1928

Lovely day. Sunny. Mild.
Hot bath and stayed in bed till 11. Up and to 9 Church Row. Lunch there. Major Longdon and Mr Beswick. Read and talked in p.m. Out to the George Sheringham’s at 4 with Max. Back. Supper. Home at 10.15 in taxi.

Monday 27th February 1928

Perfect day. Sun. Mild.
Out early and visited Mansfield Road and Myopic Schools. On to Haverstock Hill School and then Northcourt! To Barnes till 1.30. Lunch at 26 Compayne. Mrs and Miss McConnell there. They drove me home in Rolls Royce. To University College 5.30. Lecture by Dr Baker on Meredith, H.W. Nevinson in the chair. Home. Supper. Alys came in evening. Worry about Brent. She home with Dennis at 10.30.

Tuesday 28th February 1928

Fine. Mild.
Max called for me 11.25. With him to Ideal Home Exhibition. Then lunch at Gargoyle. To Fortnum’s – chose lunch. Home. To University College. Lecture on H. Ibsen by Professor Robertson 5.30. Met Professor J. H. Morgan and talked. Tube, Warren Street to Hampstead. Supper with Max and to Golders Green Hippodrome to see “The Trial of Mary Dugan” American play. Good. Supper at Church Row. 11 and home.

Wednesday 29th February 1928

To shops for hat, unsuccessful. To Lab and took Brent in Regents Park. Lunch. Out with Brent to Hyde Park, Serpentine and to Harrod’s. Home. Dennis called in car for Brent at 6.30. I out to buy Evening Standard.

Thursday 1st March 1928

Max came at 9.30 in car. We drove to Crawley. Got out, at George Hotel. Old beams. On to Howard’s house, near Henfield. Over it. Lunch in car. On to Styning and Lancing. Over the college. Back to Crawley. Tea there (George). Home. Washed. To Gargoyle. Dinner, lobster. Saw Keith Murray, Will Beswick, Major Longdon, Mrs McCann. Home and Max spent evening with me.

george hotel

Friday 2nd March 1928

Rain at times.
Washed things. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Out with Alys, Eva and Brent. Shops. Lunch there. Talked Mademoiselle came and Eva out. Alys and I to bus; she to see Dorrie at Nursing Home. I home. Worked at tweed skirt (turning it). Read. Listened-in to 2 Scotch plays. To bed 9.30. Rang up Kitty.

Saturday 3rd March 1928

Very fine. Mild.
Wept about Brenty boy. Did household shopping and to Boots’. Arranged supper for Dorothy. To Paul Faraday’s lecture on Old Lamps 3.15. Doz back with me from there. Supper. Dorothy and me – eggs and ham. Took Dorothy to Badminton. Fun. Dorothy took us home in car.

1st With Max to Steyning. 9.30.
28th Ideal Homes in a.m. 11. Max comes here.
27th Go to a school? 1.30 26 Compayne
3.15 Paul’s lecture on Lamps 3rd.

Sunday 4th March 1928

Fine and very warm.
Indoors; washing things and ironing. Read Napoleon. Max at 6.40. To dine with him at Gargoyle. Home but in evening dress to Gargoyle again at 10.30. Danced till 12. Home.

Monday 5th March 1928

Mild, foggy.
Out to Louvre. Had hair done. Home to lunch. Out to Louvre again and bought two hats. Home. Kit called. I to 9 Church Row in taxi. George Sheringham and Adrian there. Dined with Max and then he home with me for evening. Mrs Styer rang up.

Tuesday 6th March 1928

Sewed brown skirt and ironed it. Lunch. Rested. Out to shops. Out at 5 to lecture on Ibsen (2nd). At University College. Saw J.H.M. afterwards. Home. Supper. At 9 with Embleton’s in car to Inverness ourt Hotel and Dance there, till 1 a.m. Handy and Michael and Golliwog Darcy.

Wednesday 7th March 1928

At 10.15 meeting at Northcourt. Back with Ethel to 26 Compayne. On to Lab for Cheiro book. To Modern Thought Library, Norris Street. To Kardomah. To Harrod’s. Lunch, Slater’s. To Horticultural Hall, Badminton Championships. Poz and Doz and “Coley” and Alys and Eva there. Saw Mrs Tragett and Sir George Thomas and Miss Hogarth. Miss Colpoys, Swinden and Harbot. Home to supper.

Thursday 8th March 1928

Dull. Cold.
Cleaned bathroom. C.H. Wade came, took her to Evans’ to lunch. Then to Blue Hall Cinema. “No Control” lion and circus and Brigadier Gerard. Rod la Rocque and Haver. 9. Tea at home. Read “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”. Thornton Wilder.

Friday 9th March 1928

Showery. Cold.
To shops trying on capes and cape coats. D. and J. Stagg’s. To Vogue’s and bought cape coat paterrn. Walked to “Elizabeth’s”. Lunch there (Great Russell Street). Home by 27 bus. Rested. Out to near shops. Read, and to bed at 8.45. Listened-in.

Saturday 10th March 1928

Sunny. Very cold. Some snow.
Washed things. Walked to Harvey Nichols. To Woolland’s. Bought black stuff. Walked home across Park. Lunch. Knitted, darned. Rested. To Badminton. Lois came as my guest. Home with Alys and Dennis and slept there. Eva at Taylor’s.

7th Meeting at Northcourt 10.15.
10th Dorothy to Baddy. Faraday’s to Badminton.
6th 5.30 lecture at University College. 9 p.m. dance at Inverness Court Hotel.
8th Wadie for day.

Sunday 11th March 1928

Snow. Very cold.
Indoors all a.m. Dennis doing wireless. Lunch. At 4, I walked up to Cicely Comyns Carr’s. Tea with her. Tammy’s Robin (3 ½) (Read at Balliol). John in Germany. Back to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Spencer and his fiancée, Mrs John, to supper. Slept at 76.

Monday 12th March 1928

Sunny. Snow on ground.
With Dennis and Alys in car to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out to Modern Thought Library. Home at 1.30. Lunch. Cut out black coat cape from 3 till 6 and tacked it. Supper. Read. Max and Elsa phoned just back from Paris.

Tuesday 13th March 1928

Very cold. Dull.
Breakfast at 9.10. Woke late. At 1.30 lunched with Mrs Styer. Mrs Gubbins there, and Miss Jocelyn and Irish lady and girl. Home in Miss Jocelyn’s car. To University College lecture Ibsen 5.30. Walked with J.H. Morgan to Oxford Street. He talked of Cavill and Atrocities. Home. Read Napoleon by Ludwig.

Wednesday 14th March 1928

Very cold. Dull. Fog.
Ironed Dennis’ stocking tops. In darkness (yellow fog). To 7 Grovesnor Street at 12.30. With Max to Gargoyle to lunch. Home. At 3 Rested. Out to Canuto’s 6.50. Met Dennis (his 47th birthday) and Alys and Eva. Dinner. All to see Beggar’s Opera at Hammersmith. My treat for Dennis. I home with them to sleep at 76 Cholmley Gardens.

beggars opera

Thursday 15th March 1928

Home in car with Dennis and Alys at 10.30. Out to meet Elsa at English Speaking Union at 1 and she gave me lunch there. At 3.45 walked up Davies Street and I to Lilley and Skinner and 2 other shoe shops. Bought slippers and shoes. Home. Supper. Read Jud Süß all evening.

Friday 16th March 1928

Fine. Sunny. Milder.
Machined and ironed cape coat seams 10 – 12.10. To lunch with Wade at Academy of Music. On to Kit at Inverness Court Hotel. She and I to séance at Mrs Annie Brittain’s. 3.30 till nearly 5. Tea with Buchanan’s at Hotel. Home walked. Cooked rhubarb and supper. Unwell.

Saturday 17th March 1928

Fine. Mild.
Sewed. Rested in p.m. To supper 6 at Elsa’s. To Badminton with them in taxi. Home with Dennis, Alys and Eva in car.

16th Séance with Kit 3.20 28 St Stephen’s Square W2
11th To Cicely Comyns Carr’s 4.30.
13th Lunch at Mrs Styer’s 1.30.
Dennis’ birthday 14th 12.30 to Max’s office. Evening Beggar’s Opera.
18th Tea and supper at Elm Park Road 4.45.
15th Lunch with Elsa English Speaking Union 1.15.

Sunday 18th March 1928

Fine. Mild.
Wrote Aunt Bella. Out at 10 to Temple Church with Kit. She had tickets. Home 1.15. Lunch. Cleaned brass all p.m. Walked to Knightsbridge and Elm Park Road. Tea and supper with Dorothy. Tonks came in in evening. Home 10.30.

Monday 19th March 1928

Fine. Mild.
Out to Baker Street for cakes and Kitty. Strand. Home and cleaned and dusted rooms. Lunch. Alys and Kitty and Emma Wetherbee to tea at 4. Then Alys and I taxi’ed to Adelphi to Bernard Shaw on Ibsen but too late, so back again. Alys to Lab. I supper and read “Jud Süß” and listened-in to Elizabeth Robinson on Ibsen.

Tuesday 20th March 1928

Very mild and fine.
J.H.M.’s birthday – 52nd. Did my coat. Out after lunch to English Speaking Union. Wrote E.P. Walked to Modern Thought Library, and on to Menie’s in Southampton Row. Tea there, Charlotte and Polly and Alys and Kitty. To lecture at University College on Ibsen (last). To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Supper with Eva, Alys to Buchanan’s for Barbara. Dennis at Meeting. Listened-in to Master-Builder. Slept at 76.

Wednesday 21st March 1928

Cold. Showery.
Out at 11 with Alys and Eva to Mrs E.V. Miles’ Sale of Work. On to meet Dorothy at Court House. Gave her lunch there. To Wyndham’s Theatre. Met Elsa, Alys and Eva. Saw “The Unknown Warrior”. Raynal. Maurice Browne. Very good. Tea with Elsa at Haymarket Stores. To English Speaking Union with her. She, Theobald and I dined there (Elsa’s). Max called for us at 9.30. They took me home in taxi.

Thursday 22nd March 1928

Busy all a.m. doing cape coat; ironing it. Lunch. At 3 to English Speaking Union to meet Cicley Carr, but she never came. Walked home at 4.30. Sewed. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Al

Birchington, Newcastle-on-Tyne

ys in bed with chill. Eva out at 9 to Fagge’s dance. I took her. Back and slept at 76. Dennis at curling.

Friday 23rd March 1928

Showery. Windy.
Got breakfast for Dennis. Alys stayed in bed till 10.30. Maud came. Out to shops for Alys. Mended gloves. Lunch with Alys and Eva. Home at 3. Rested. Supper. Max at 9. Took me to Gargoyle. Supper 10 p.m. and danced. George Belcher there. Home about 12.

Saturday 24th March 1928

Sewed in a.m. Spencer in about Albert Hall. Lunch. Ethel Miles and John Danby called. To Badminton. Nice full evening. Embleton’s brought me home.

20th Tea at Menie’s. Lecture after.
22nd Cicely Carr 3.30 English Speaking Union
19th Emma Wetherbee.
18th Wrote Aunt Bella.
21st and 22nd 11.30 – 6 Vernor Miles Sale
12.45 21st meet Dorothy at Court House
23rd 9 p.m. with Max to Gargoyle
Wrote E.P. from English Speaking Union on 20th

Sunday 25th March 1928

Sewed cape coat a lot. Kit called at 5.30. I to Sissie’s to supper and stayed night.

Monday 26th March 1928

Perfect day.
Sore throat. To Alys’. She, Eva and I to try and buy frocks. Lunch at Petit Delice. No success with shopping. Home. Rested, very sore throat. Porridge and to bed at 8.30.

Tuesday 27th March 1928

Cold better. Christina called at 9.45. Sewed. Early lunch. To Wyndham’s Theatre at 1. Pit Queue and saw “Ghosts” by Ibsen. Mrs Pat Campbell and Gielgud. Wonderful play. Home. Supper. To Scala to see and hear Dalcroze Demonstration. Tingy Archer. Home at 11.15.

Wednesday 28th March 1928

To Mansfield Road Schools, and on to Haverstock Hill School. To town by tube. Lunch at “Elizabeth’s”. Home, via shops. Sewed coat and did pleated skirt. Supper. To bed 9. Listened-in to Shaw’s “Man of Destiny”. Poor.

Thursday 29th March 1928

Sunny, rain and gale.
Out to shops to buy fur at Swan and Edgar’s. On up to Alys’. Stayed all day. Lunch at shop with Alys and Eva. Dolly Willis came. She stayed to dinner. David Renton to dine and he and Eva to the Crowe’s dance. He back for night. ALys and I laid breakfast. I stayed night. Dennis at curling and out late.

Friday 30th March 1928

Perfect. Sunny.
I with Dennis home in car, at 12. Got quick lunch. To Wyndham’s Theatre to pit queue. Knitted in sunshine 1 hour and saw “The Wild Duck”. Ibsen. Milton Rosmer, Ed. Milton, Angela Baddeley, Sibil Arundale. Very good. Home. Supper.

Saturday 31st March 1928

Dull, showers.
Worked at dress and had a short rest. To Badminton. Embleton’s went to Tonbridge for weekend. I came back with Helen in bus. Lois to Baddy as my guest.

25th To Agnes Rush’s tea. Sissie?
27th Sale of Vine house 8.30 New Scala Tiny’s show. Ghosts 27th 2.30.
31st Faraday’s to Badminton.
1st to Ayrton’s. Max’s birthday
30th Wild Duck 2.30.
Kit may develop between 28th and 3rd

Sunday 1st April 1928

Dull day.
Indoors working at black and blue frock, crêpe de chine. Walked to Albert Hall at 3 Lois came. Don Cossacks. Tea at English Speaking Union. On to Hampstead. Supper at Ayrton’s. Max’s 54th birthday. Alan Adrian, Theo and Susan Shaw there.

Monday 2nd April 1928

Lovely day.
Out to shops and have hair-cut. Lunch Sewed. Rested. Quiet day. Read Casanova. Early to bed. Read in evening.

Tuesday 3rd April 1928

Rain all day, mild.
Sewed frock. After lunch with Kitty (who is at 6 Burwood Place) to look at house and rooms. Then to 76 Cholmley Gardens via Oettle’s for cake. Phil at home. Tea there. Home at 7.45.

Wednesday 4th April 1928

Unwell. Sewed fur on cape coat. To English Speaking Union. 1 o’clock to meet Nell Sime. Lunch there. Home. Tired. Rested. Read “Casanova” in evening. Early to bed.

Thursday 5th April 1928

Did sewing. To shops. At 7.45 Max came, and we went to Gargoyle to dine and danced a little. Home about 11.

Friday 6th April 1928

Very fine.
Kit and Tom round with clothes. Dennis called for me at 12.45 in car with Alys, Eva and Phil. I there to lunch and tea. Helen and Tony to tea there. I lined fur-coat sleeve and front. Dennis brought me home at 7. Supper, bath to bed. Sore throat.

Saturday 7th April 1928

Fine, dull, cool.
Round to buy bread and butter at 9 and saw Kit and Barbara off to Somerset. Max in car at 9.15 called for me. To 9 Church Row. Elsa and Alan and us all to Checkendon via Henley. Lunch with Lady Busk. Tea too. Joyce ?, Wilson and husband. Back and dined at Renommée in Dean Street. Home at 9.45.

Phil home 3rd. Hilary ends 4th
5th Gargoyle

1st Ayrton’s Supper.
4th Nell SIme to lunch 1 at English Speaking Union or tea
7th with Ayrton’s to country for day

Sunday 8th April 1928

Very fine.
Very quiet day at home, heavy cold. Sewed and rested. Alone all day. Washed things.

Monday 9th April 1928

Very fine and hot 67 degrees.
Washed dressing table trimmings and ironed them. C.H.W. came at 12.30. Took her to lunch at Lyons’ Popular. To New Gallery Cinema. Charlie Chaplin in “Circus” and Grand National and Boat-race pictures. Very good. Tea at English Speaking Union. Home. C.H.W. away at 6.30. I read Casanova and sewed and listened-in.


Tuesday 10th April 1928

Showery and warm.
Max came at 10.45. Fetched Elsa, and all to shop near St Giles’ Church for looking-glass. Lunch at Gargoyle. To Fortnum’s, etc. Elsa bought hat and frock Home to Church Row. Dinner 7.15. New cook. At 9 with Max to Gargoyle. Danced till 10.50 Home to 21.

Wednesday 11th April 1928

Warm. Showers.
Met Alys, Eva and Phil at Lyons Popular. Lunch there. All to New Gallery to see Charlie Chaplin in the Circus (my 2nd time). To Swan and Edgar’s. Photomaton’s. Tea there. Back with them and supper at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dennis’ new gramophone records. Dennis took me home at 10 in car.

Thursday 12th April 1928

Warm. Showers.
To see Ernest Miles about Haunch of Vennison at 11.30. To Kardomah and Marshall’s. Home. Cooked chicken for tomorrow. Had lunch. Sewed coat collar. Supper. To Garrick Theatre pit and saw Moscow Art Theatre Players in “The Cherry Orchard”. Very good in Russian. Home at 12.

Friday 13th April 1928

Busy shopping and cleaning; for Polly, who came to lunch at 1. She brought salmon so I phoned Alys. Sewed coat. At 7 Dennis for me in car. Took salmon up, and all had it for supper. The Tompkin’s came in. I home at 11.

Saturday 14th April 1928

Washed and ironed chair covers and made grey hat. After supper to 76 Cholmley Gardens. 5 Cave’s there to tea and supper. They away at 10. I slept there.

15th Albert Hall – Solomon (Beecham)
C.H.W. Monday
13th Poz to lunch

Sunday 15th April 1928

Very cold. Snow showers.
All up early 7.15. Coffee and toast. Away by 8.20 in car. Good breakfast at Bolney Tea House. Old. On and lunch at Scott Malden’s, St Cuthman’s. To Ship Hotel. Alys, Eva and I for tea. Dennis and Phil to Windlesham. All to Canuto’s for supper at 9.20. Home; I slept at 76.


Monday 16th April 1928

Rain and sleet. Very cold.
I with Dennis in car. Home at 10. Walked to 7 Grosvenor Street with Max’s umbrella. Home. Lunch. Rest. To 9 Church Row. Tea and dinner with Elsa (Max to Bournemouth to Sir Owen Williams). I home in taxi at 10. 4/- at Elsa’s expense.

Tuesday 17th April 1928

Fine. Cold.
To Boots’. Water cut off. Lunch. Rested all p.m. Dressed. Max came (from Sherborne, Leweston) at 8.30. To Gargoyle, dinner and danced till 11.10. Home.

Wednesday 18th April 1928

Cold. Rain after tea.
Washed stockings. To Marshall’s. Wrote E.P. there. Met Alys and Eva. Lunch at Lewis’s. To Burlington Arcade. Shopped with Eva. Alys to Lab. I back with Eva to 76. Tea there. John Willis there. I home at 6. Read “Casanova”.

Thursday 19th April 1928

Cold. Fineish.
Washed curtain. To shops. C.H. Wade at 12.30. Fire in sitting-room. Lunch at Woolworth’s. Sewed with C.H.W. all p.m. Tea. Elsa and Max called at 6. To Clarendon Restaurant, Hammersmith. Alan’s dinner. To Lyric. 1st Night of Love in a Village – Bickerstaffe. Supper at Arts Theatre Club with the Sheringham’s, Hall Caine and Bland’s.

Friday 20th April 1928

To see Fagge at 11. To Euston and University College. Home. Lunch. Packed suitcase and got things ready all p.m. Max in evening.


Saturday 21st April 1928

Fine and showers.
Up earlyish. To Euston by taxi and by 10.35 to Penrith. Alys and Eva at Euston! At 1.30 Dorothy in train at Stafford. Lunch and tea on train. Penrith at 5.57. Motor to Howtown Hotel. Dinner. To bed 9.30.

19th Lyric with Ayrton’s. C.H.W.
20th Fagge 11 a.m.
21st To Lakes with Dorothy – 10.35 Euston
17th Max back from Leweston. Supper?
19th Wrote E.P.

Sunday 22nd April 1928

Perfect day.
Took sandwiches and walked up Fusedale and up and up, on to High Street (Roman) and to Kidsty Pike. Wonderful views – Helvellyn, Skiddaw and Hawes Water. Home at 7. Dinner.

Monday 23rd April 1928

Rain and sun. Lovely.
Rain (fell rain). Out by side of Lake Ullswater in lovely woods, Hallin bag. Back to lunch. Put on soap plaster. 1 p.m. round again same way, to Sandwick and river. Home by road. So circled Hallin Fell. Read “Go She Must” in evening.

hallin fell
View From Hallin Fell, Cumbria

Tuesday 24th April 1928

Very fine and warm.
Over Hallin House. Heavenly Walk to Patterdale by Lakeside. Lunch on knoll. Bought oranges and biscuits. Up over Boardale House and back by Boardale. About 9 miles. Dinner. Read.

Wednesday 25th April 1928

Mild. Hazy.
Walked by Bonscale House over grouse moor. Lunch by Aik Beck. Curlews and peewits and ?black grouse, or game? Nearly to Askham. Lost often and bogs. Walked 12 miles. Back by 7.25. Drawing-room to ourselves. Bath.

Thursday 26th April 1928

Fine. Hot.
Out at 11 by Hallin House to waterfall and lakeside. Lunch. Very hot, took off jumpers and stockings. Bathed feet and heads in lake. Home by 7.30. Dressed very hurriedly. About 6 miles altogether. Bed at 10.

Friday 27th April 1928

Very fine. Hot.
At 10 in boat rowed across lake by Mr Baldry. Walked to Gowbarrow Park and lunch by Aira Force. Very fine waterfall. Sat there, by beck. Home by boat at 7.

aira force

Saturday 28th April 1928

Fine. Lovely.
Wrote postcards. Mr and Mrs Bradbury from Wallasey, Cheshire took us in car to Dale Head, Martindale. We then walked to Angletarn and nearly to High Street. Over Kidsty Pike and home. Lunch on fells. Funny lambs having a Derby race. Talked to Mr and Mrs Bradbury after dinner.

29th Albert Hall – Thomas Beecham
23rd University College term begins
Postcards of Ullswater to Steel’s, Aunt Bella, Nell Sime, Nellie Moir, Kitty, Ella, Wade, E.P, Elsa.

Sunday 29th April 1928

Fine, warm.
Walked along lakeside and lunched on edge of Place Fell. Back slowly, after paddling. Climbed up Hallin Fell on way home, at 6.15. Met Mr Bradbury who took our coats home. Talked to Bradbury’s all evening.


Monday 30th April 1928

Hot. Fine.
Unwell. Packed. Out a little. At 12.45 in car (Miss Baldry drove) to Penrith. Lunch on train. At Crewe I off (Dorothy on to Euston). I to Chester and at 5.45 to Conwy. Castle Hotel full so slept and supper at Erskine Hotel, near station. Headache and very tired. To bed 8.45.

erskine arms


Tuesday 1st May 1928

At 9.37 to Llanfairfechan. Visited Edward. Saw Dr Hillier. 11.40 train right through to Euston. Sandwiches and oranges and biscuits. Arrived 6 o’clock. Supper, unpacked and to bed early.

Wednesday 2nd May 1928

Hot. Fine.
To Managers’ Meeting at Mansfield Road School 10.30. Dr Reade took me in car to Church Row. Saw Elsa. Over to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Lunch there. To town. To Hillier, May and Rowden about Haunch of Venison Yard. To Ernest Miles. Back with Dennis in car and dined and slept at 76.

Thursday 3rd May 1928

Hot – 72 degrees. Thunder in evening.
Home to 21 Oxford Terrace at 11. Out to Army and Navy Stores and other shops for hat and jumper. Didn’t get either. Lunch at home. Arranged hat with veil. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea, tennis and dinner. All to Ionic Cinema. Thunderstorm on way home. Slept at 76.

Friday 4th May 1928

Fine. Hot.
Did some sewing for Phil and self. Lunch. Then home at 2. Hurriedly sewed and dressed. Taxi to Academy Private View. Ayrton’s and Theo. To Arts Club to tea with them. Embleton’s in car, called for me at 5.30. Drove to Tonbridge. Left Phil. Dined at Rose and Crown with them and Dolly Willis. Home to 76 and slept there.

rose and crown
Rose and Crown, Tonbridge

Saturday 5th May 1928

Fine and hot.
Down with Dennis at 10.30 to 21 Oxford Terrace. Busy shopping (food) and sewing Elsa’s frock (dyed). Kit and Katharine in. Max at 6.45. We dined at Sovrani’s, Jermyn Street 7.45. To Gargoyle and danced till 12.30. Will Beswick and sister there too.

30th Back from Lakes?
2nd Managers’ Meeting
4th Private View – Arts Club to tea.

Sunday 6th May 1928

Hot and perfect.
Did lots of washing of Ullswater woollens. At 2 to see Buchanan’s at 6 Burwood Place. Walked to Knightsbridge. To 6 Elm Park Road. Tea in garden. Stayed supper and talked. Home at 10.30.

Monday 7th May 1928

Hot. Lovely.
Katherine Buchanan’s 20th birthday. To see her. Home. And did accounts. Took Kath to English Speaking Union and lunched there with Elsa and Tony. Walked to Piccadilly and Circus. To Golders Green. Tea with Maud and Nelly. To Alys’ after, and supper there. Yano in evening. Home at 10.15.

Tuesday 8th May 1928

Cold. Fine.
Lunched at Academy with Wade and Aldridge at 1. Went to have my hair cut at Louvre. Home. Back to Louvre for brooch at 5. To University College for lecture time. On to Elsa’s by tube at 6.30 Dinner with her alone. Max out, Tony at Opera. Home at 10.30.

Wednesday 9th May 1928

Cold. Fine.
Washed and ironed things. Kit in at 10.45. To Gorringe’s. Home to lunch 1.30. Ironed, and did shelf. Alys at 3.30. Coffee at 4.15. In to Kit after. Charlie Archer there. Walked with Alys to Lab and on to University College for Norwegian lecture time. Home to supper at about 8.

Thursday 10th May 1928

Fine. Cold.
Elsa’s 11 teeth out. Met ALys and Eva at Dickens and Jones’ 10.30. Spent a.m. seeking coat for Eva. Found at Peter Jones (Alys Home). Eva and I bought hat for her there too. To Royal Academy. Lunch there. Looked at pictures. Ices. Home separately. Supper. Max called at 8.50 on way home from nursing home, 31 Queen’s Gate.

Friday 11th May 1928

Fine. Cold.
To Woolland’s and bought coatee (me: a woman’s short coat). To Queen’s Gate and took Elsa flowers, but not in to see her. Walked hom by Kensington Gardens. Lunch. Rested. Bus to Hyde Park Corner. Walked to Elm Park Road. Dinner. To Handel Choir Concert with Polly and Dorothy. Nelly Moir and Maud there. Home. Very tired.

Saturday 12th May 1928

Out to Abbott’s for stain shoes. Washed gloves. Lunch. Over to 31 Queen’s Gate and saw Elsa. Tea with her. Home. Supper and early to bed. At 9.45. Eva and Alys and Dennis round with new Baby Austin.

baby austin 1928
Baby Austin 1928

Buchanan’s to Burwood Place 6th
7th Tea at Moir’s.

11th Elm Park Road at 7 – Handel Choir.
8th 6 p.m. to Elsa’s
10th Katherine’s birthday
13th To 9 Church Row, Deck Tennis.

Sunday 13th May 1928

Dull. Mild.
Max called at 10.20 in car. Up to 9 Church Row. Deck Tennis. Tony, Adrian, Theo, Beswick’s, Longdon, Susan Shaw, Embleton’s. I stayed to lunch and all p.m. in studio, with Max, Tony and Theo to Albert Hall. Stayed tea and supper and Max took me home at 9 and he on to Elsa.

Monday 14th May 1928

Dull. Mild.
To see Elsa at 11.15. Walked home. Lunch Alys in p.m. Eva to Keith for French. Alys and I to look for hats. Coffee at home, Lays too. At 6.45 I to Theatre Arts Club. Met Alan, Mr and Mrs McEwan (of McDougall, Locust Street, Philadelphia) and Max, to dine and see “Let’s all Talk about Gerald” – A.A. Milne. To Gargoyle and danced till 12.30.

Tuesday 15th May 1928

To Bourne and Hollingsworth’s to get black petticoat. Home, lunch and rested. Trimmed hat. At 6.50 met Max and Tony at Brown’s Hotel and with Mr and Mrs George Frazier and Mrs Lovat Fraser to Wembley. Dinner and greyhound races. Back in car and at 10.45 about, all to Grace Lovat Fraser’s flat, Endsleigh Street till 12.15.

Wednesday 16th May 1928

Cool. Showery.
Breakfast 9.15. Arranged books. Took Kinglake’s Crimea to Foyle’s and sold it. On to British Museum to see show of Durer’s (centenary). Lunch at “Elizabeth’s”. Home. Alys and Eva came, Eva to French. Later I rested, and early to bed. Tired. To League of Nations Meeting in Hyde Park Gardens at 4.30. Fred Whelan spoke well and Sir Fabian Ware (war graves) in Chair.

Thursday 17th May 1928

Showers. Cool.
Up to Alys and helped her and Eva pack things away. After lunch, all in Baby Austin to Helen’s flat with suitcases. Back to 76. Tony Ayrton at 7 took Eva to dine and theatre. Dennis home, and we 3 in Buick to dine at Canuto’s, and to Tompkin’s and to 8 Abercorn Place. Dennis took me home 10.30. They staying at 8 Abercorn Place.

Friday 18th May 1928

Heavy rain.
Called at Kitty’s. On to Spinks’. Nelson relic show for victory fund. Sandwiches. 12.15 to Christie’s Sale of Holford pictures. Home. To see film “Dawn at Blue Hall”, Edgware Road. Good. Home Supper at 6.40. To bed early. Bath.

Saturday 19th May 1928

Rain. Thunder.
To Speed-writing in Strand and paid £4.40 for course. To Appenrodt’s and home. Lunch. Rested. Eva came at 7. Supper and sat by fire, reading letters (to Edward at Sidney Sussex). She slept in sitting-room.

16th 4.30 League of Nations
14th with Max in evening?
15th Wembley, Frazier’s and Grace Lovat Fraser
17th To Alys’
19th Eva for night

Sunday 20th May 1928

Showers. Thundery.
Up to breakfast with Eva. We did speedwriting together in a.m. Dennis and Alys came for Eva at 1. I lunched alone and to Albert Hall 3. Pachmann. Away at 3.30 to tea with Sissie. To supper with Faraday’s. Tades and Paul Faraday and Paul Leigh-Hunt there. Paul Faraday drove me home in Austin 7 at 10.

Monday 21st May 1928

Showers. Heavy.
To Oxford Circus. To Louvre. Home. Ironed chemises. Lunch 12.30. To Louvre, hair cut and shampooed. To Sonia Bloor’s and bought dress. To Badcock 4. Tooth stopped. To Elsa’s to tea. Home at 7.30. Supper. Read. Wrote.

Tuesday 22nd May 1928

Cold. Dull.
Out to Kardomah and Boor. To Shoolbred’s. Met Lois about her fur coat. To 26 Compayne. Lunch there. Party. To Academy of Music. Took Wadie to Shoolbred’s. Talked. At 5 to University College and heard Lord Cecil’s lecture on International Arbitration. Burge Memorial. Master of Balliol in the Chair. Home. Supper. To bed.

Wednesday 23rd May 1928

Out to Badcock at 10, to Dolcis and ordered shoes. Home. Ironed. Lunch. Kit and Alys in p.m. Kit stayed to tea and sewed. At 6.30 Max called and we to Lincoln’s Inn, Big Hall. Royal Institute of British Architects dinner. Duke of York spoke, also Tapper – President, Maurice Webb – Vice President and Archbishop of York (very, very good and witty) and Sir Berkeley Moynihan. Home about 11.45. Talked to Mrs and Michael Tapper.

Thursday 24th May 1928

Very small breakfast and walked to Badcock’s. He pulled out wisdom tooth at 10 with gas. Home by bus. Lay on bed till 12.30. Porridge lunch. Lay down again till 2.30. Bus to 7 Grosvenor Street. Met Coleman and Fettis about Haunch of Venison Yard. On at 4.30 to E.V. Miles and said reserve £3,000. To Lincoln’s Inn for my Menu. To call on Menie on way home. Mrs Tomlinson and Lionel Fortescue. Alys in.

Friday 25th May 1928

Warm. Fine.
Out to Garrould’s, bought nightgown for C.H.W. To Haverstock Hill School. Walked to 8 Abercorn Place. Lunch with Alys and Eva. In Baby Austin with Alys to Mansfield Road; visited both schools. Called on Mrs Q.V. Miles. Tea there. Alys took me back to Marylebone Road. To Boots’. Called at Kit’s. Supper.


Saturday 26th May 1928

Fineish. Some showers.
Did some sewing. Dennis, Alys and Eva in car at about 11.30. All drove off, and lunched (picnic) just past Maidenhead. On and through Marlborough to Avebury. Tea at Red Lion. Booked rooms at Perry’s Private Hotel. To Wootton Bassett. Called on Mr William Gough who lent us books and showed us the Town Hall, stocks, ducking chair. Back and dinner and slept at Avebury. Went to Legion Fair in evening. Roundabouts.

Red Lion big

22nd Burge lecture University College Hospital.
23rd 10 a.m. Badcock. 7 p.m. Architects.
21st 4 p.m. Badcock.
24th 5.30 Goya at King’s College.

Sunday 27th May 1928

Hot and perfect. Sunny.
Sat in garden. Dennis, Eva and I to Church. Walked round the Vallum of Temple. Lunch. Dennis mended car. To Wootton Bassett. Called on Mrs Morgan; had tea with her and Esme Poole, in garden of Priory Cottage. Others to Malmesbury Abbey. They called for me. Home to Avebury. After supper, to Silbury Hill. Up it. Home 10.


Monday 28th May 1928

Hot. 79 degrees. Very fine.
Out at 11. To Castle Combe. Lovely village. Lunch at Chippenham “The Angel”. Good. Back by Calne and across country lovely villages, Vernham Dene. To Whitchurch. All the way to London, by Basingstoke, Hook, Hartley Row. Dinner at Canuto’s at 8. I to 21 Oxford Terrace. They back to 8 Abercorn Place (lay down in Savernake Forest in p.m.).

the angel chippenham

Tuesday 29th May 1928

Very hot.
Up t 8 Abercorn Place and with Dennis and Eva to 76 Cholmley. Alys and I in Baby Austin to Bank. Eva French lesson. Took Sissie’s silver to her. Drove to Lab. Left car. Back in taxi to 8 Abercorn. Lunch there. With Alys and Eva to Bourne and Hollingsworth’s for tennis frock for Eva. I home at 4.30. Supper. Dennis, Alys and Eva in evening with maps for Jack.

Wednesday 30th May 1928

Very hot. Fine breeze. Perfect.
Up early and to Waterloo at 9.24 to meet Brent whom Jack brought up to stay with me. Taxi to St James’ Park. Walked home to 21 Oxford Terrace by parks. Brent swam. To Lab and left Brent and met Wade at Shoolbred’s 12.30. Lunch there. Home, calling for Brent. Sewed. Ethel Baumer called. She, Wade and I had tea together. She away and C.H.W. away at 7. Supper.

Thursday 31st May 1928

Dull. Cool.
Took Brent to Lab at 11. To Mr Badcock’s 11.30. To 7 Grosvenor Street. Out to lunch with Max at Gargoyle. To Higgs and Hill with him after in taxi. Back to Lab and walked home with Brent. Brushed rugs with tea leaves. Sewed. Supper. Alys and Dennis in evening (in Baby Austin). Eva at Cave’s.

Friday 1st June 1928

Washed things. Took Brent and up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Maud there. Alys came up from Abercorn Place. Did books, in shelves. Lunch. Rested. Finished books and helped hang curtains. Tea. Home by 53 with Brent. Supper. Alys and Dennis go back home from Helen’s.

Saturday 2nd June 1928

Perfect day.
Walked to 6 Elm Park Road with Brent, seeing Four in Hand Meet (10) in Park at 11.45. Taxi with Tades to Lab. Left Brent. To English Speaking Union. Lunch there with Tades and Alys. Taxi to Lab. Left Alys and fetched Brent. Taxi to 21 Oxford Terrace. At 4 Tades and I and Brent in taxi to Elm Park Road again. Brent and I walked home. I called on Kit (out). Very tired. To bed 10.

30th 12.30 Meet C.H.W. at Shoolbred’s.
31st 11.30 Badcock
1st 5.30 University College Spearman on Psychologists In School.
30th Brent comes
31st Lunch with Max.
1st 4 p.m. with Elsa
2nd fetch Tades at 12.15, to lunch English Speaking Union.

Sunday 3rd June 1928

Very fine. Perfect.
Walked to Baker Street and bus to Swiss Cottage. With Brent. Up to Ayrton’s. Sat in garden. Beswick’s in and Adrian. Went home to lunch. Rested in p.m. To Serpentine with Brent; he had good swims. Home. Called on Kit (out). Tired, so quiet evening.

Monday 4th June 1928

Dull. Mild
Alys and Eva to Tonbridge in Baby Austin. Up early and took Brent out in Park; then at 10. Off to Haverstock Hill. Prize-giving. Dr Reade. Home. Lunch. Called on Kitty. Walked to Lab. Back by Regent’s Park. Rested (posted books to Mr Gough). Max in to a cup of tea on way to Leweston. Supper. Read

Tuesday 5th June 1928

Dull. Cooler.
To Lab with Brent. On to Mr Badcock’s. Back for Brent and did shopping – Boots’. Home to lunch. Out, walked with Brent to Peter Jones’, Sloane Square. Bought Lucy’s runner. Bus to Hyde Park Corner. Walked home. Rested. Called at Kit’s. Supper. Wrote Virginia with cheque.

Wednesday 6th June 1928

Perfect day. Hot.
Called for Kath Buchanan at 8.30. To Baker Street. Joined Private Bus party for Derby; got up by Alys and Dorrie, Allingham’s, Slater’s, Varvill’s, Dr Hill (Sierra Leone). ONO and Arnold. Lunch in bus. Wonderful day. Felstead won. Outsider. Eva drew him in our sweep. Back at 8. Dined with Embleton’s and Dr Hill at Canuto’s and home after. Dennis fetched car and Alys and Eva later.

Thursday 7th June 1928

To Mr Badcock’s at 10. Fetched Brent from Lab on way home. Called at Kit’s. Slept in p.m. Took Brent out in Park. Listened in and wrote E.P. till 10.15.

Friday 8th June 1928

Rain, then very fine and warm.
Took Brent to Lab. On to Mansfield Road Prize-giving 10.30 – 12. Home, via Lab, for Brent. Lunch. Sewed. Alys came to tea. Walked with her to Thew’s (Dennis having teeth out). On to Serpentine with Brent. Home. Changed. To dine with Poz and Doz 7.30. Home at 10.45. Took Brent out.

Saturday 9th June 1928

Rain, then very fine. Windy.
Unwell. Walked to Kardomah with Brent, by Hyde and Green Parks. Walked back, calling at Chappell’s. Rested. Lunch. Sewed. Read. Out to near shops. Sewed and listened-in. Supper.

Prize-givings: 4th Chalk Farm, 8th Mansfield Road.
June 6th Derby
7th 10 a.m. Mr Badcock
5th 11 Mr Badcock
7th Letter to E.P.
8th 6 Elm Park Road 7.30

Sunday 10th June 1928

Windy. Showery.
Took Brent to Serpentine. With Buchanan’s in car to King’s Langley at 11 leaving Brent at 76 Cholmley Gardens on way. Back at 1.45. Lunch at home. Rested. To 26 Compayne in Buchanan’s car to tea. On to Alys’. Helen there. Eva and Rene to hear Kreisler at Albert Hall. Stayed supper, and Dennis took me home in Baby at 10.

Monday 11th June 1928

Fine; showers.
Alys’ teeth out. Took Brent to swim. At 10.30 Eva came and she and I to lots of shops for dress for her. No success. Home to lunch. Rested. To Badcock 4. Leaving and calling for Brent at Lab. Dressed. Max came at 7.30. We dined at Gargoyle, and danced a little; home before 12.

Tuesday 12th June 1928

To Cook’s with Brent. Got ticket and money for Brussels. To Selfridge’s. Bus to Alys’. She in bed. Eva had French in a.m. I lunched there. Alys to Thew at 2 (with Helen in taxi). Eva to tea at Ayrton’s about bridesmaids. I home with Brent by 53, and in Regent’s Park. Put furs away, and got suitcase out. Took curtains to be cleaned.

Wednesday 13th June 1928

Very fine. Hot.
Washed and ironed things. At 10 took Brent to Lab. On to see Ernest Miles. To Regent Street where Eva and Kath selling Alexandra Roses. Lunch with them and Alys (her new teeth in) – Lewis’. With Eva to K. Strand’s. To Lab. Fetched Brent. Home. Changed to thinner clothes. To Harrods, giving Brent swims in Serpentine on way there and back. Cut out lining of coat (bois de rose).

Thursday 14th June 1928

Very changeable. Cooler. Heavy showers.
Did some brushing and keating to cushions. Took Brent out to Boots’, only. Lunch at 12.15. To Lab and left Brent. Met Alys and Eva at Evans’. Bus to Queen Victoria Street. To Auction Mart. 155. Auction of 10 Haunch of Venison Yard, but only £2,400 bid. My reserve £3,000. Home. Stood up for rain long time first in city. Packed up. Supper. At 8 in to say goodbye to Buchanan’s. Kat to Paris tonight via Dunkerque.

Keatings powder


Friday 15th June 1928

Fine. Hot. Sun.
Taxi at 8.45 to Victoria. Train 10, to Dover. Talked to Yorkshire journalist. Huddersfield Examiner. Boat to Ostend. Very rolly; lunch. Wave through porthole. Mrs Martin, Australian made friends. To Brussels 6.25 10 minutes late. Aunt Bella and Eva to meet me. Taxi to 616 Chaussée de Waterloo.

Saturday 16th June 1928

Cold. Dull. Showery.
Breakfast 9. New cook Irma. Out with Kiki and Aunt Bella to Turkish Consulate about cook. Dinner. 1 with Kiki to Place Stephanie with letter for Lippincott’s. Madame Scott’s Pension corner of Rue de la Grosse-Tour. Home. Supper. Did Brazilian shares with Aunt Bella.

14th 2.30 Auction of Haunch of Venison Yard at The London Auction Mart.
15th To Brussels
11th 4 p.m. Badcock, 6.30 Max?
13th 11 a.m. Ernest Miles. Rose Day.

Sunday 17th June 1928

Very grey and cold.
Took Kiki for a walk in Bois. He played with big chien-loup. Dinner. Rested till 4. Dr and Mrs Lippincott to tea (Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia). Général Bruère 6 till 7.15. Supper. Did patience and read in evening.

Monday 18th June 1928

Grey and rainy. Cold.
Out to Bank with Aunt Bella to deposit her shares. At Place André Vésale. Walked to Place Stéphanie. Tram home. Dinner. Rest till 3. To High Life Cinema. Very stupid “Un chapeau de Paille d’Italie” and Charlie Chaplin in a revue. Home. Supper.


Tuesday 19th June 1928

Milder. Grey. Rain in a.m.
Out to Banque d’Outremer with Aunt Bella. Shops; home to dinner. Rest. Out to Madame Vandamme’s, and tea there. Home. Supper of yogurt? Bulgolac. To bed 9.50.

Wednesday 20th June 1928

Finer and milder.
Out with Aunt Bella to town by Jardin Botanique. She to Eva’s. I in shops and home at 1. Margot Verboeckhoven to dinner. Aunt Bella and I to see Le Cirque, Charlie Chaplin Cinema and L’Honneur de M. Good films. Home. Wrote Ernest Miles and Alys after supper.

Thursday 21st June 1928

Out with Kiki in Avenue. Warm. Dinner. With Aunt Bella to Monsieur George Stokvis and to Registry Office (placeuse). Home. Supper. Knitted. Wrote Tades. To bed 9.50.

Friday 22nd June 1928

Warm. Heavy.
To Monsieur George, 42 rue de la Montagne, and bought lampshade. Too. Back to dinner. 1 o’clock. Rested, read, sewed. Tea. Wrote Kitty. Out Supper. To the Bruère’s in evening. Rue Paul Lauters. Wireless and Fernande, 21 and husband, 23. Home at 11.

Saturday 23rd June 1928

Fine and warm.
Out with Aunt Bella to try change her Canadian cheque. To town and back. Also she tried on hats at Innovation and Bon Marché. Home to dinner 1. Sewed. To tea at Schoentjen’s and stayed till nearly 7. Home. Supper of yogurt. To bed 9.50.

Return ticket 2nd class (1st on boat) Brusels £4.0.6. Train leaves Victoria 10. Arrives Brussels 6.9. Franc @ 1.72
For £5.00 = 860 francs.
1 franc 1 ½
1 shilling 750

Sunday 24th June 1928

Lovely, warm and breeze.
Out with Kiki. Celeste in temper and did no work. Made bed. Wrote E.P. Dinner. Sewed in bedroom Irma lost keys. Général Bruère 6 – 7. I out with Kiki. Celeste stayed upstairs all day. Took Kiki out in evening.

Monday 25th June 1928

Fine and hot.
Irma left at 8 o’clock. Celeste down but in temper all day. Aunt Bella and I to M. Herpin’s and Westminster Bank and Banque d’Outremer and to pay for disinfection. Dinner. Rested. Washed stockings. To tea at Madame Quesquière’s at Convent. Home at 7. Celeste still sulky.

Tuesday 26th June 1928

Rain. Cooler.
Out to Place St Croix with Kiki. Bought flowers – sweet peas. Eva de B to dinner. Talked, sewed, a little rest. Tea. Out again with Kiki. Eva away at 6.15. Supper. Celeste still sulky. Read “Le Monde ou L’on S’ennuie”.

Wednesday 27th June 1928

Cool. Dull.
Altered and trimmed Aunt Bella’s crinoline hats. Out with Kiki. Bought “Cries”. Margot to dinner. With Aunt Bella to cinema. Les Titans de la Mer. U.S.A. Navy. Very good film and Sa Dernière Culotte. On returning at 8.30 heard of death of Aunt Bella’s cousin, Léon Eeckman. After supper, she round to see him.


Thursday 28th June 1928

With Aunt Bella to town to buy thermometer for me. Cloth for Alys. Card to Mrs Styer. Home to dinner. Rest and I out to bookshop. Bought print! To tea at Madame Cauderlier’s. Madame de Cancleroy there and Roger’s wife (Swiss) and baby. Home at 7. To garage first. Supper. To bed 10. Packed.


Friday 29th June 1928

Breakfast 7. Taxi 7.30. To Nord. Took 8 a.m. train by mistake (meant 8.30 one). Aunt B taken to Ghent with me! Ostend 10.12. On boat and very calm passage. Ate sandwiches on deck. Dover 4.15, Victoria 4.45. Alys met me. Home. Unpacked. Alys and Dennis took me to dinner at Canuto’s.

Saturday 30th June 1928

Muddled about arranging things. To shops. Lunch, and up to Hampstead Parish Church 2. Virginia Ayrton’s wedding to Courtenay Theobald – 2.30. Eva a bridesmaid*. Big reception at 9 Church Row. Marquee and String Band. I back with Embleton’s at 5. Rested. All to supper at 8 at Ayrton’s in Adrian’s Studio. Tait’s entertained. Phyllis Tait on the ukelele and singing. Gertrude Knoblauch there and Bell’s and Alan.

Phyllis Tait (1911 – 1987)

Virginia’s Wedding 30th.
Wrote E.P. 24th.
*Bridesmaids; Eva, Elaine Carter, Susan Shaw, Eleanor Dale and red haired one.

Sunday 1st July 1928

Fine. Warm.
Felt sick and bad headache; in bed till 12. Then up. Alys and Dennis in Buick came, so I went with them home. Bovril for lunch. Slept all p.m on Phil’s bed. Tea. Out with all to Chinese Restaurant to supper 8. Then in car to Westminster and walked in cloisters and drove along Embankment. Home about 10.

Monday 2nd July 1928

Fine. Warm.
Eva came at 10.45 and we shopped; present for Alys and then Eva home, and I to Sales all day, buying hats, sweater. Lunch at Lyons’, Coventry Street. Home. Supper. Very tired. Sewed frill in Bloor dress.

Tuesday 3rd July 1928

Fine. Then rain at 6.
To Evans’. Back and sewed frill. At 12.30 lunch at 6 Elm Park Road with Polly and Dorothy. Polly and I in taxi to Wimbledon. Tennis. Lacoste and Borotra v. Patterson and Hawkes who won. Miss Ryan. Fr. Aussem, Betty Nuthall. I joined Eva in Taylor’s seats and back with her to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Jeffery Tompkin stayed night. Alys and Dennis to Jew’s to dine for movie.

Wednesday 4th July 1928

Five of us for breakfast. Dennis took cinema photos. I to Meeting at Chalk Farm 10. Home. Out to shops to buy cakes. Home 1.30. Lunch. Busy all p.m. tidying. Alys and Eva to tea. Strawberries and cream. Aly’s 44th birthday. Listened-in to tennis. In Baby Austin to Canuto’s to dinner. Then I walked home (Dennis at Tonbridge dinner).

Thursday 5th July 1928

Did some washing in a.m. Lunch and to shops. Rested, altered black and white frock. At 6 up to Alys with presents for Eva. On to Elsa’s to dinner 7.30. Tony and Alan there. Max at Mallison’s. Home at 10.30.

Friday 6th July 1928


Eva’s 19th birthday. Arranged hat boxes. Washed things. Out to Brall’s and posted hat and mauve and grey frock to Minnie. Lunch at Lyon’s. Home. Sewed lace petticoat and ironed. Alys and Eva came and all had supper at Lyons, Charing Cross. To see “Plunder” at Aldwych Theatre. Very good and funny. Tom Walls and Ralph Lynn.

Plunder by Ben Travers

Saturday 7th July 1928

Fine. Warm
Sewed. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 12.30. Alys and Dennis to Goring to the Cox’s. I with Eva. Lunch. Out in Baby Austin, Eva drove to Mill Hill and home. Did unpicking grey dress, and speedwriting. To bed about 10.20.

8th Max.
3rd 12.30. lunch at 6. Elm Park Road and Wimbledon.
5th 7 p.m. at Elsa’s.
4th Managers’ Meeting, Chalk Farm 10 a.m.To Alys later.

Sunday 8th July 1928

Fine. Hot. Windy.
Up to 9 Church Row at 11.30. Elsa and Tony went abroad at 9. Max alone. In studio and to Unitarian Chapel about Inscription. Dinner. Read in drawing-room. To Studio and Max drew Mallison’s Bridge. On Heath with Jerry. Sat there. Back. Supper. Maid’s both out. Taxi to 76 at 9. Max came in till 10.20.

Monday 9th July 1928

Fine. Hot.
Cut out grey crêpe de chine jumper. At 11, came Alys and Dennis and the Cave’s. I with Dennis in car (and Cave’s) to Baker Street Home. Did lining of black cape coat. Bois de rose. To shops. Sewed a great deal all day. To bed early-ish. Tired.

Tuesday 10th July 1928

Very hot and fine.
Out to Bond Street and bought Amy Steel’s presents for Virginia and Mrs Caleb F. Gates Jr. Lunch at home. To Louvre and had hair cut and washed. Home. Lined and trimmed grey crinoline hat. To Church Row. George Sheringham there for cocktails. Dined with Max. Picked flowers and heard “The Year of Grace” in Adrian’s studio. Max took me home at 10.30. Not in.

Wednesday 11th July 1928

Very hot – 85 degrees.
Did washing. To Baths (Marylebone) and had lovely swimming and diving – 8d. Home. Sewed. Lunch. Quiet p.m. Only out to small shops. Phoned Alys about Bishop’s address at Sherborne and wrote Max. To bed early. Tired.

Thursday 12th July 1928

Very hot – 89 degrees.
Up to Alys at 12.30, after washing grey striped crêpe de chine and ironing it. Lunch with Alys and Eva. Stayed all p.m. Knitting and talking to Alys. Eva on bed. Tea and then home. Very hot. Cut out jumper of grey silk. Supper. Changed. Up at 9 to 76 again. Margaret and Douglas Cox there to dinner. Movie photos by Dennis. He took me home in car at 11.30 and Douglas Cox.

Friday 13th July 1928

Very hot.
To Boots’ and Baths. Then home, and to Academy of Music. Lunch with C.H.W. there. Home together. Sewed all p.m. and she also. Tea. Then she back at 5.30. I finished E.P.’s socks. Early to bed.

Saturday 14th July 1928

Very hot. 87 degrees.
Out to small shops. Quiet day, resting and trying to be cool. Max came at 6.40. I with him to supper at Gargoyle Club (on roof) and then Russian Ballet at His Majesty’s. Les Noces, Ode and Barabon. Walked back to Gargoyle at 11.15. Danced on roof and then downstairs. Home 2.30.

Mr S. died 11th.
14th Russian Ballet with Max.
To Dorothy Sunday. Tea and supper.

Sunday 15th July 1928

Very hot – 91 degrees.
Off at 11 o’clock to Chelsea. Poz at Moon Hall. Lunch in dining room (cool there) sat in garden. Tea in kitchen (coolest). Under hose in bathing-gowns in garden. Lovely! Supper in garden. Sat there till 10.30. To bed.

Monday 16th July 1928

Very hot but cooler and wind later.
Breakfast in garden. Went home. Dorothy won 1st prize for gardens in Chelsea. Very hot. Rested most of day. At 4.30 to tea with Mrs Styer and sat in garden and stayed on to dinner 7.30. Sat in garden till 93.0. Home 10.15. Got home 10.45.

Tuesday 17th July 1928

Hot and fine.
Out to buy 2 records at Columbia. “Two Black Crows” and waltz “Diane” Home. Lunch. Alys and Eva came (from Guys; Hospital). I up with them and tea there. Home 6.15. Hot, but worked at grey striped jumper.

Black Crows

Wednesday 18th July 1928

Very hot – 86 degrees. Fine.
Out to see Wadie. Back by Baber’s and Selfridge’s. Lunch At 2 to Euston. Met Wade. Tube to Golders Green. 110 bus to Kenwood. Opening and handing over to London County Council by Lord Iveagh. Tea in marquee. Wandered about lovely grounds till 6. Taxi to Hampstead. Tube to Euston. Home. Super. Wrote Dorothy. Ironed chemises. To bed 10.

Thursday 19th July 1928

Grey. Warm.
Sewed jumper. At 12.30 met Mrs Katherin Martin (Australian I met on boat June 14). Gave her lunch Selfridge’s. Took her home. Talked till 2.45. She went. I rested. Dressed. To 76 to dinner. All in car at 8.30 to 9 Church Row. About 30 there for cinema of the Wedding. Danced afterwards, in Adrian’s studio. Tait’s sang. Beswick’s, Alan, Allingham’s, Sheringham’s, Lloyd and Max’s office people and Virginia and Theobald. Slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens.

Friday 20th July 1928

Very hot.
With Dennis to town. Changed clothes and sewed a bit. Alys and Eva in Baby Austin for me at 3. Up with them. Tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dressed. Stockings laddered. Alys took me to 9 Church Row in Baby at 7. Dined with Max and Virginia and Theo. Taxi to “Wings” at Carlton with Max. Supper at Gargoyle after. Home late.

Saturday 21st July 1928

Fine and very hot.
Out to Bond Street to shows at Redfern Gallery. Dickey’s watercolours of Lakes. Lunch at Lyon’s Popular. To Burlington Street. Fine Arts Club. Lovely Spanish show. Home. Rested. Slept a long time. To bed, after sewing.

Wrote E.P. and sent socks 17. 18th
16th tea and supper at Mrs Styer’s.
19th 9 Church Row, Cinema 8.30.
20th Wings with Max
22nd Tea or Supper – Sissie’s.
19th 12.30 Peter Robinson’s. Meet Mrs Martin.

Sunday 22nd July 1928

Very hot – 87 degrees. Cloudy in p.m.
Quiet day. (Max at Ashley for weekend). Sewed and read and rested. At 6 to Sissie’s. Cousin Emily and Dita Blaikley there. I stayed to supper. We sat in garden. home about 10.30.

Monday 23rd July 1928

Dull. Hot.
Wrote Elsa. Out to shops a little and Boots’. Felt sick. Took Eno. Lunch. Rested and read. Sewed button-holes of grey striped jumper. Max at 6.30 in open taxi, took me to Church Row. Dinner with him and Virginia and Theo. Max took me home, open taxi at about 10.

Tuesday 24th July 1928

Fine and hot and breezy. Perfect.
Breakfast 7 and cleared up at 8. Max came in car. We drove to Burgess Hill. Inspected timber. Drove me on to Brighton. To Ship Hotel. Sandwiches and fizz. To Lancing. Then Bridge Hotel, Arundel. Lunch. Sleepy. To Wappingthorne. Max busy and hour. I lay in orchard. At 5 on and tea by roadside. To Burford Bridge Hotel. Dined and sat in garden till 10.30 or so. Home by midnight. (16 hours day).

burford bridge hotel

Wednesday 25th July 1928

Dullish. Hot.
Out at 11.30. To English Speaking Union. Wrote Ella. Dorothy at 1 o’clock to lunch with me there. To see Dickey’s Lake pictures. Home. Rested. Alys came. Up with her to 76. Rene there (out with Eva). Rene and I stayed supper and I stayed night. Dennis out to dinner.

Thursday 26th July 1928

Fine. Hot.
Eva and I with Dennis in car. Home. Then out to shops for Eva to buy shoes and bathing-gown. Lunch at Selfridge’s basement. Home. Rested. Unwell. Rested on bed and sewed a little. Out to buy butter. Early to bed.

Friday 27th July 1928

Dull. Thundery. Rain.
Indoors all a.m. Looking out drawings. Lunch. Met Eva at “Wyndham’s” and saw “Justice” by Galsworthy. Leon M. Lion. Good. Max gave me 2 stalls. Home. Painted with tempera. Poz rang up about Fontainebleau. At 9.45 Max came and we to Gargoyle. Supper there, and danced on roof (wet!). He took me home at 2.45 a.m. 5 hours.


Saturday 28th July 1928

Fine. Cooler.
indoors all a.m. At 1.30 to Gargoyle. Lunch with Max. To his office. He took me home at 4.30. Drew myself with coloured chalks. Dressed and to supper with Poz (Doz away). Talked over Fontainebleau plans. Home at 10.20 – Rang up Max from Knightsbridge tube about address.

24th Max day?
27th Max evening.
Wappingthorne, near Partridge Green. Over railway bridge there and straight on for about 10 minutes. Dorothy Waterlow and Diana Watts.

Sunday 29th July 1928

Drew myself again. Down to see Miss Franklyn till 1.15. Lunch. Out at 3.30 to tea with Nellie Moir and Maud. Called on Sissie. Alice (Reid) from Canada there. On to supper at Faraday’s. Paul there. Played novel game. Paul drove me home 10.

Monday 30th July 1928

Dull. Some rain in evening.
Out to meet Polly at Cooks’ and take tickets. To Lechertier Barbe & Co. Home to lunch. To Lord’s. Tonbridge – Clifton cricket match. Phil there, and Alys, Eva and Cave family. I away at 4.30 and called on Nell Sime. Home to supper. Out to see Kitty at Inverness Court Hotel 8.30 – 9.15.


Tuesday 31st July 1928

Dull. Heavy. Warm.
Sewed. To Ernest Miles’ at 12.30 about Haunch of Venison Yard. Lunch at a Lyons’ in Holborn. To St Bartholomew the Great to wedding of Katherine Reid to Lionel Stanhope Fortescue 2.15. To Stagg’s and bought frock. Home. Dressmaking supper.

Wednesday 1st August 1928

Dull. Hot. Heavy.
Needlework and washed blue check frock. At 12.3 met Mrs Martin (Australian) and she gave me lunch at Fleming’s. To Ardelle’s with her. Home. Very busy washing, ironing and sewing frocks.

Thursday 2nd August 1928

Out to Vogue’s in Aldwych. Home by Bourne and Hollingsworth. Bought jumper frock 10/11! Home to lunch. All p.m. sewed and ironed. At 7 tried tempera paints on a portrait in cretonne dressing gown till 8. Supper. Wrote Emma Wetherbee and Mrs Styer.

Friday 3rd August 1928

Did sewing. After lunch to Woolland’s for materé and then to Louvre. Had hair cut. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea and stayed supper and night. Cinema in evening by Dennis.

Saturday 4th August 1928

Home at 10 with Dennis in car. Out to shops. Lunch and sewing. At 4 walked to Goff’s. Bought 2nd case. Walked to Knightsbridge. Bus to 6 Elm Park Road. Tea. Home across Park at 7.30. Supper. Sewed. To bed 9.30.

31st 2.30. Kathe

Birchington, Newcastle-on-Tyne

rine Reid’s wedding to Lionel Fortescue at St Bartholomew the Great’s by Head Master of Eton.
30th Lord’s – Tonbridge versus Clifton.
1st 12.45 Peter Robinson. Meet Mrs Martin.
4th Tea at 6 Elm Park Road.

Sunday 5th August 1928

Hot and very fine. Breeze.
Washed and arranged 3 trunks with turps. Wadie came. Took her to lunch at Lyons Popular. Walked home, sitting in Green and Hyde Parks. Did sewing, ironing. Tea. Wade away 6. Went on with packing. To bed 9.30.

Monday 6th August 1928

Hot. Fine.
Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens for lunch 1 o’clock. In p.m. helped Dennis and Eva with car lamps. Home after tea. Finished packing and tidying room.


Tuesday 7th August 1928

Warm. Very hot in France.
Up 6.30. Taxi to Victoria 8 a.m. Met Poz. To Folkestone 9.11. Crossed to Boulogne. At 1 in train for Paris. Lunch on train. Arrived 4.5. Very hot. Taxi to Gare de Lyon. Café there. 5.18 train to Fontainebleau-Avon. Arrived 6.30. Taxi to 38 rue Bernard Palissy. Dinner 7.30. Madame Hameau cooked it. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 8th August 1928

Hot. Rain at 4.30 and dull.
Breakfast 8.30. Walked in Forêt to La Roche Eponge and Tour Dénecourt. Home very hot and tired at 12.45. Dinner 1. Slept and read on bed till 4.30. Tea in garden. In big room in Annex. Wrote Elsa. Pox wrote to Blair Fairchild (who lent her this house). Supper 7.30. Read and wrote. To post. To bed 9.45.


Thursday 9th August 1928

Perfect. Sun and breeze.
Took tram into Fontainebleau, about 10 minutes. Wandered in Palais grounds. Lovely. Home to lunch. Rested. Tea in garden. I tried to do tempera painting in garden. Poz played on piano. Supper 7.30. Sat in garden. Walked to post letters.


Friday 10th August 1928

Perfect day.
Train to Fontainebleau. Poz shopped and I drew Palais and also watercolour – across carp pond. home to dinner 1. Rested. Tea in garden. Tram to Vulaines, and Pont de Vervins. Home at 8.35. In garden till 9.45.


Saturday 11th August 1928

Perfect. Very, very hot.
Tram to Vulaines. Lovely swim in open air swimming bath on Seine. Home at 12.15. Dinner. Rest. Tea. Walked through Parc to Palais. Very hot. Shopped. Back by tram to supper. Sat out till 9.30.

Embleton’s away 10th.
Wrote Elsa 8th
7th With Polly to Fontainebleau-Avon, 38 rue Bernard Palissy, S & M.

Poste Restante, Carcassonne up to 15th
Read “Le Puits de Jacob” by Pierre Benoît

Sunday 12th August 1928

Over in large sitting-room and wrote letters to Dorothy and E.P. Poz wrote cards. Rested. Sat in garden and walked down to Avon, and back in Park. Lazy day!

Monday 13th August 1928

Dull. Cool. Fine in p.m.
To the Avon Church. Did pencil sketch. Dinner 1. Rested. Tram to Fontainebleau to Concert. Cello’s. M. Bazelaire. Walked home by Parc and canal. Fishing going on. Wrote Alys.

Tuesday 14th August 1928

Dullish. Warm.
By 10.15 train to Montigny-sur-Loing. Sketched. Lunch at Le Coq by river. Lay in field. Back by 4.37. Café at Hotel de la Forêt at Avon. Met Lois by 6.25. Sat in garden till 9.


Wednesday 15th August 1928

Fine, then rain in p.m.
Walked to Palais. I sketched. Poz and Lois in the town. Lois bought hat. Home by tram separately. Dinner 1. Rested. Tea. Lois and I painted portrain of Monsieur Hameau in sun room. Music. Honegger and B.F. in evening.

Thursday 16th August 1928

Perfect day.
All to Samois by tram at 10.10. Lunch there at Brasserie de Bas Samois. Sketched bridge and figures. Coffee at Hotel. Home at 7.30. The Hameau’s and Madame Lefort (daughter) in Forest all day.

Friday 17th August 1928

Perfect day.
Breakfast 7.30. To Fontainebleau by tram. Autocar at 9. All round Forest, and to Barbizon. Lunch there. Millet’s house, studio, pictures. Café at Font. Shopped. Home by tram. Madame Lefort gone. I sewed stool cover.

millets studio
Millet Studio Museum – Fontainebleau

Saturday 18th August 1928

Perfect day.
Poz and I to Gare about trains. Lois sketched church. Then to Fontainebleau. To shop and to get money (me) at Société Générale. Dinner. Rested. Drew viaduct from window by Forest. Trees and path. Poz chill inside. Stayed home. Supper*. Poz played. I sewed and read Millet’s life.

Embletons 18th Hotel de Pardigon, Var.
To Hotel de France, Montreuil 21st.
12th Wrote Dorothy and E.P.
13th Wrote Alys at Carcassonne.
15th Card to Wade of Elephant Rock, Card to Ella – Millet
* cream soup, boiled eggs, carrots and potatoes, cheese (Brie) mousse and artichokes. Chocolate.

Sunday 19th August 1928

Perfect day.
Out painting “Berceuse” all a.m. Lois sketched also. Poz read. Dinner. I drew doorway and then viaduct. Tea. Read “Serena Blandish or the difficulty of getting married’ to Poz in garden. Evening indoors. Tisane of chamomile (4 fleurs).

Monday 20th August 1928

All to Fontainebleau at 10.30 and over interior of Palais. Home. Dinner. Painted doorway and steps again. Lois to Fontainebleau. Drew Jacques after tea in big room. Supper. Packed.


Tuesday 21st August 1928

All off by 9.50 train to Paris. Poz and Lois to London. 12.5. I with them to Garde du Nord. Bus to Opéra. Lunch at Duval, Avenue de L’Opéra. To Louvre. Taxi to Nord. 3 train to Étaples. About 6. Changed for Montreuil. To Montreuil. Out with Bell’s. Little bedroom.


Wednesday 22nd August 1928

Fine then rain.
Out by self to explore. Drew René and puppy. Back to Hotel and changed room to No 6. To a wedding 11.30 – 12.30. Lunch. Rested all p.m. Out at 5.30 on ramparts and met Bell’s and Betty Stewart. Walked with them. Back to dinner. Mr Tate out again to dinner. Damp, so indoors and played Matrimony and Pelman game. To bed 10. Wrote Poz.

Thursday 23rd August 1928

Quite hot in p.m.
Out at 9.15. Drew street and then in, Citadelle, and over it (alone). Some 10th, some 12th century. Drew. Home to lunch. Looked at 1870 magazine in courtyard with the others. Out and drew rue de la Cavée all p.m. Hot. Home. Rested ½ hour. Dinner. Laughter over “Amy and Bert”. Out to hear band 9 till 10.


Friday 24th August 1928

Fine a.m. Rain then fine then thunder.
Out and drew old woman with yoke and fish cart. Lunch. Bell’s and Betty to Paris Plage. Coffee with Mr Tate, and looked at each other’s sketches. Out and did watercolour. Home. Sat indoors in evening. Dragées. Talk to Schroder of Chester.

Saturday 25th August 1928

Fine after rain.
Talked to Connard R.A. at breakfast. Drew ramparts. At 11.15 to Market Place. Market, and teasing little boys. Finished watercolour in p.m. Drew Hotel from rue du petit Cocquempot. And corner from alleyway. Sat indoors. Mr Connard and Miss Garland played patience. We drew caricatures.

21st to Hotel de France, Montrueil, Near Boulogne.
Gurney – nice (officer) father, sweet mother and 2 red looking haired boys. Flew over.
Amy and Bert “ever such a good” and “Ever so moist” “Oxford and Cambridge College”. Oil and vinegar.

Sunday 26th August 1928

Drew market place. To River Canche with Mrs Bell. Drew bridge and willows. Mr Donne to lunch. “Duncan” out at Wilfred Ainslie’s. Watched parachute in p.m and drew Frenchman on rampart. Drew Café Français till 7.30. Mr Donne (Walter) taught us Baccarat in evening till 10.50. Lost 30 centimes.

Monday 27th August 1928

Fine. Showers.
Up early and drew market place all a.m. Coldish. Also fountain. After lunch drew in bedroom, and packed up. Out at 4. And drew entrance to Citadelle. Dinner. Deaf lady came after, and we all played baccarat again. Duncan and I bankers.


Tuesday 28th August 1928

Fine. Showers.
Breakfast 7.30. Off at 9.15 train (with the Gowan Taylor party too). Changed Étaples. To Boulogne. Boat 11.35 to Folkestone. Sketched on board. Lunch on train. Man didn’t bring change. Arrived Victoria 3.50 about. Taxi home. To local shops. Phoned Cleminson and Elsa. Unpacked. To bed 8.30.

Wednesday 29th August 1928

Washed lots of things. At 12.45 to English Speaking Union, gave Elsa lunch there. Betty Arkwright came. Hair cut. Home. Busy settling and sewing. Supper 7. Dressed. Ring velvet. Max came at 9.20. To Gargoyle. Danced. Supper at 10.30. Home about midnight.

Thursday 30th August 1928

At 11.45 to Cleminson’s. He syringed both ears. To Selfridge’s. Met C.H. Wade. Lunch at Lyons’. Home. Ironed and sewed all p.m. She sewed for me too. Tea. Felt rotten. Shivery. Wade away at 7. Supper. To bed early 8.45.


Friday 31st August 1928

Busy packing. Lunch. At 3.30 in taxi to Victoria. Met Elsa and to Birchington by 4.15 train (changing at Chatham). Mrs Styer met us 6.20. To No 98 Beresford Hotel, Dinner and Elsa sat at our table. Watched dancing.


Saturday 1st September 1928

Breakfast at 9.30 with Mrs Styer, Elsa in bed. All sat on cliff. Bathed at 12.15. Lovely. Lunch 1.15 Rested. Tea front lawn. All walked to Minnis Bay. Met J. H. Morgan and Mrs Hicks on way home. Dinner. Watched dancing until 11.15.

minnis bay

Mrs Styer and Birchington 31st.
Embleton’s leave Pardigon 3rd
30th 11.45 Cleminson’s.

C.H.W. 12.45 at Selfridge’s upstairs.

Sunday 2nd September 1928

Perfect day.

Sat in garden with Mrs Styer and Elsa till 12.30. Bathed. Lovely. Choppy. After lunch, rested. Dressed. Mrs Styer and Elsa to Westgate. I to tea with Mrs Hicks and J.H. Morgan. Saw Daphne dance on grass. J.H. Morgan back with me and we talked on front lawn till 7.20. Stories in lounge after dinner till 11.45.

Monday 3rd September 1928

Lovely day.
Sat in garden in lovely sunshine and tined bag and read. Bathed at 12.45. Lovely. After lunch, I altered gold and black frock. At 4 we all in car to Kingsgale Castle to tea with Mr Aspinall. Mrs Styer and I to see Mrs Tufnell and nurse after. Dinner. Quiet evening. Gramophone. Elsa headachey.

Tuesday 4th September 1928

Perfect hot – 77 degrees or more.
Sat in garden. Bathed late 12.45. Lovely. Calm. Sewed dress after lunch. To shops with Mrs Styer and Elsa. Then tea at Cliff House. Not very good. Lead lost so Eva and I to shops to buy one. Ex-service man (conjuring after dinner). To bed 10.40. Tired.

Wednesday 5th September 1928

Perfect. Hot.
Sat in garden with Mrs Styer and Mrs Nathan. Wrote Kit. Elsa to Margate by bus. Lunch. Rested. All 3 bathed at 4. High tide and perfect. Dived off steps. Tea with Elsa in garden. All walked to Minnis Bay and sat there. Watched dancing in evening.

Thursday 6th September 1928

Perfect. Hot.
Unwell – two weeks’ late. Elsa bathed alone, low tide at 12.30. Walked to shops first. Rested all p.m. Elsa and Mrs Styer bathed at 4. Tea with Elsa on lawn. Walk with her and Budge, then with Mrs Styer. Crossword in evening. Frederico Napolitano too.

Friday 7th September 1928

Perfect. Very hot.
Packed up a little. Walked on sands with Elsa and Mrs Styer. Elsa bathed. Lunch. I moved into 56 and rested there. Elsa and Max bathed. I watched. They for walk. I wrote Dorothy. Dinner. Danced.

Saturday 8th September 1928

Perfect. Very hot.
Slept in No 56 or 58. Max in other. Breakfast with Max. Walked to Epple Bay. Elsa and Max bathed. I sketched on Sands. Rested after lunch. Tea 3.45. All bathed 5.15. Lovely. Walked Minnis Bay. Dinner 7.45. Danced till midnight. Warm in garden.

Sunday 9th September 1928

Fine. Squally at 7.
All bathed. Low tide. Max cold. Cocktails. Sat in sun. Rested after lunch. Tea 4. Walked about ½ way to Reculvers. Grey. Dinner 7.30. Talked in corner seat. To bed at 9.40.


Monday 10th September 1928

Fine. Cooler.
Max away by 8.5 breakfast train. Elsa and I bathed, then walked to Minnis Bay. Lunch. Rested. To Epple Bay. Called at Mrs Allen’s apartment. Seaside Cottage. Bathed. 6.30. Elsa cold.

Tuesday 11th September 1928

Very fine.
Bathed with Elsa alone at 10 or 11. Lovely. High Tide. Walked to village for change. Lunch. Sat in garden. North lawn all p.m. Tea. To Epple and Westgate. Packed. Sat with Mrs Styer and Mrs O’Halloran after dinner.


Wednesday 12th September 1928

Very fine.
Train 9.40 with Elsa (1st class) to Victoria. Taxi. Up and lunched at shop with Alys, Eva and Phil. To 76. They to hairdressers. I rested and read “Fingers”. Tea there. Eva and Phil took me in Baby Austin to Baths. Swam with Elsa! 5.30. Home. Unpacked. Supper and to bed 8.45.

Thursday 13th September 1928

Perfect day. Warm.
49th birthday. Unpacking all a.m. Walked to Lab. Met Alys there (Lunch at Express 1st). With Alys to Selfridge’s. Home with her. Tea with Alys, Eva and Phil. Dennis in to supper and then Alys, he and I in car to Ayrton’s at 9. Saw cinemas of their holiday and Dennis’ bullfight. Will Beswick, Adrian and Lamb there too.

Friday 14th September 1928

Perfect day.
Did clearing up and arranging room. Out to Max’s office and English Speaking Union. Wrote Dorothy and Ella from there. Walked to Jermyn Street. Lunch at Baber’s. Walked on to Great Smith Street. Blind Library. Back to Selfridge’s for clock. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea and supper and cinema of Holiday in evening. Stayed night. Eva’s 1st day at Lab.

Saturday 15th September 1928

Dennis took me in car at 10. Went to see C.H.W. at 2.15 and stayed till 3.30. To Menie’s. Had tea with them. Home. Supper. Passpartout’ed Max’s cards. To bed 9.30.

1st class single to Victoria from Birchington 14.10
Sissie’s Sunday 6 or 6.30?

Sunday 16th September 1928

Woke 9.30! To Wade’s and on by tube to Alys. Lunch there. Eva and I in Baby Austin to fetch Wade at 3. All had tea. Supper. Sat on balcony. Cine in evening of holiday. Mrs Boone and Porter in to see it. C.H.W. and I home at 9.30.

Monday 17th September 1928

Fine and warm.
Out after doing washing to Mansfield Road schools. Home to lunch. Rested. Read Fingers by Frank Lord. To shops nearby. Early to bed.

Tuesday 18th September 1928

Fine and warm.
Out to shops. Max phoned. Lunch. Sewed cape lining in pink bois de rose. Wade and Denny Standen came at 2.40. Stayed tea and until 5.50. Listened-in to play “The New Power” till 11.

Wednesday 19th September 1928

Very fine. Warm.
Phoned Elsa. Out to Woolland’s. Home to lunch. Rested. With Miss Franklyn (from flat below) to tea with Nell Sime. Miss Huxtable there too. Spiritualistic Talk. Home to supper. Listened-in. Rotten.

Thursday 20th September 1928

Very fine.
Met Elsa at British Museum, to see Delaney flowers. Lunch in Frith Street with her. On to look at tweed coats for her. Wick’s and Mary Brown’s. Home 4.30.

Friday 21st September 1928

Up to Alys, after visiting Chalk Farm and Northcourt Schools. Lunch with Alys and Phil. Out with Alys to Golders Green shops. Tea – Alys, Eva and Phil. At 5.30. Dennis back and all 5 in car to Tonbridge. Phil back to school (double-remove). We had dinner at Hotel; called at Cave’s on way home; at 9.30. Home and slept at Alys’.

Saturday 22nd September 1928

Down in car with Dennis. After lunch I called at Otto May’s with tickets. On to Moir’s and (both out) then tea at Sissie’s. Louie Vincent there. Home about 8.

18th C.H.W. and D. Standen to tea 3.
19th To tea with Nell 4 ish. Wrote E.P. 16th
20th Phil to Tonbridge.

20th British Museum with Elsa 11.

Sunday 23rd September 1928

Mild. Fine.
Quiet a.m. Pinned chiffon velvet dress. Lunch. Phoned Max and Elsa. To Kitty’s at 40 Grosvenor Road to tea. Anne Cummins and Nita’s boy, Hellmuth, there. Home to supper and early to bed.

Monday 24th September 1928

Some showers.
Met Eva at Lab. With her to speedwriting place. To insurance office and home to lunch. Then up to 76 Cholmley Gardens and sewed with Alys. Tea. Eva in. Stayed on to supper (chicken and mushrooms) and slept there.

Tuesday 25th September 1928

With Alys in Baby Austin to shops and nearly home. Changed quickly. To 7 Grosvenor Street. With Max to Gargoyle. Lunch. On taxi, Hyde Park and home. He to Leweston. Tried on velvet dress. Supper and early to bed. Read Casanova till 10.20.

Wednesday 26th September 1928

To shops and insurance office in Trafalgar Square. Home. Lunch. Sewed C.H.W. and Denny Standen at 3 and to tea, and until 5.35. Saw them to bus. Sewed. Supper. Wrote Ernest Miles and sent him cheque for £60.

Thursday 27th September 1928

Fine and warm.
All a.m. fitting and sewing black velvet dress. At 3.15 met Elsa at Max Brown’s, Wigmore Street. Stuck in lift. Dress show. To Isabel’s with Elsa. Then home. Supper. To bed early and listened in.

Friday 28th September 1928

C.H.W. came at 9.30. I busy sewing. To English Speaking Union and Cook’s and Bond Street. After lunch did lace on dress and then to tea and supper at Barnard’s. Conrad Ormond in later. Home at 10.45.

Saturday 29th September 1928

Cleaned, washed, dusted and sewed new black felt hat. Max in at 12.30 for his gelatine roller. To dinner 7 with Mrs Styer and to see Tallulah Bankhead in “Her Cardboard Lover” at Lyric Theatre. Amusing. Unwell.

Her Cardboard Lover, London, 1928 – Leslie Howard and Tallulah Bankhead

24th Meet Elsa at Lab
25th Lunch with Max.
27th 3.15 Meet Elsa 98 Wigmore Street
28th Tea and supper with Barnard’s
29th Dinner 7 and theatre with Mrs Styer
30th To Alys

Sunday 30th September 1928

Sewed and ironed tweed coat. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. They all called for me in car at 1. Spent day there and night also.

Monday 1st October 1928

Dull. Cold.
Down with Dennis and Eva at 10. To Transport Place, George Street. Booked seats on motor coach for Newcastle. Home. Lunch and rest. Quiet p.m. Max at 7.25. Out to dine with him at Sovrani’s, Jermyn Street and to Gargoyle at 9.15. Danced. Home by 12.

Tuesday 2nd October 1928

Milder. Dull.
Up at 10. Got things together for packing. Lunch. Rang up Alys, and went up there to tea. Stayed supper and night. Mrs Boone there. Listened-in.

Wednesday 3rd October 1928

To Managers’ Meeting at 10.30 at Northcourt. On home. Packed suitcase. Alys in. Lunch here, with her. She out again. I rang up Dorothy and Miss Boodle at Warrender Hotel. Alys back, coffee together. Finished packing. Early to bed. Put new yoke to skirt.


Thursday 4th October 1928

Very fine, mild.
Alarum at 5.45. Breakfast. Taxi to St Pancras Church. Motor station. Phillipson’s Stella motor coach at 8. Really 8.15. from York Road to Newcastle. Through Wansford (Max’s bridge), Stamford. Lunch at Grantham 12.15. Tea at Borough Bridge. Very good. Changed bus, as valves gave out. Arrived Newcastle at 8.40. Taxi to Gosforth. Supper with Ella at 7 Roseworth Terrace.

Friday 5th October 1928

Dull. Mild.
Out to post office to wire Ernest Miles about Haunch of Venison. Out with Ella and Turk for walk. Dinner. Tripe! Rested in drawing-room. Slept. Tea. Out again. Quiet evening. Ella played on piano. Listened-in a little.

Saturday 6th October 1928

Mild. Dull. Fine evening.
Ella and I to town. Saw new Bridge. Ella to sun-ray treatment. I sat in Eldon Square; talked to man. Back to dinner. Rested. At 6 supper at Christy and Edith’s. Roly, Gilbert and Roger. Listened-in to mystery story. Home in their car at 10.15.

4th to Ella till 17th 1.15 arrived 6.53.
3rd Managers’ Meeting
1st with Max to Gargoyle
Taxi 2/0 Taxi 4.3. Ticket 35/- return
Lunch 1.2d. Tea 1.2d

Summer Time Ended

Sunday 7th October 1928

Rainy. Mild.
Out for walk with Ella and Turk. She to reading at West Avenue. Rested after dinner. Out again with Ella and Turk after tea. Selby came after supper 8 and stayed till 11 o’clock.

Monday 8th October 1928

Perfect day. Sunny warm.
Ella and I out and met Mary (Selby) and bus to Ravensworth. Angora Farm. Selby working with Colonel and Mrs Liddell (Lord Ravensworth’s family). Lord Ridley there and Hon. Liddell (heir). Lunch outdoors by Lake. Walked round castle. Old runic cross. Home at 3.45. tea. Charlotte and Polly called. Read and listened-in to Sir Thomas Beecham.

Tuesday 9th October 1928

Dull, then heavy rain.
To town at 10.30 with Ella. To Reid and Sons and Fenwick’s. Home. Rested. Read “La Coeur Tender et Cruel” by Rosny. Tea – supper. Out in rain to Repertory Theatre to see Hay Fever by Noel Coward. Very good.

Wednesday 10th October 1928

Fine. Showers.
Listened-in to King’s Speech at Opening of New Tyne Bridge. Out a little. Rested. Tea. To supper (walked over) 7 at Charlotte and Polly’s 199 Osborne Road. Played shove-halfpenny. Mark came in. Walked home at 10.20.

Thursday 11th October 1928

Rain all day.
Not out at all. Sewed. Edith Sandeman and Mamie Reid (nurse) in. Rested. Expected 7 people to tea more or less but none came. Heavy rain. At 7.30 dinner at Katie and Cissy Brim’s house. Home at 10.15 or so.

Friday 12th October 1928

Fine day. Cold.
To town with Ella. I to Central Station about ticket. She to sun ray. Met her and shopped and home. Dinner. Rested. Chris and Edith to supper 7. Talked. Music. Left at 10.35 or so.

Saturday 13th October 1928

Fine and cold.
Took Turk out and bought notepaper. With Ella to Gosforth Park. Racecourse. In tram. Back in motor coach. To see May Sandeman. Dinner. Rest. Tea. Chris and Edith in and took us in car to Two Ball Lonnon, and past Southview and Bentinck and Graingerville, down Westgate Hill to Pilgrim Street and across new Tyne Bridge, under it, and back by Swing Bridge, and Grey Street. Home.

Cost million and a quarter £; Government paid 60%. Engineer Basil Mott.

Sunday 14th October 1928

Cold. Sunny a.m. then grey.
Out a walk past Greycoats (Nelson’s house!) with Ella and Turk. She to 1 West Avenue to reading. I wrote E.P., Max, Alys. Dinner. Rest. Ken and Rosalind, aged 3, to tea. Out a short walk with Ella and Turk in dark. Maggie out. Supper in drawing room.

Monday 15th October 1928

Fog. Very damp.
Out for walk. Dinner. Short rest. To Tynemouth at 4. Tea with Cousin Walter and Hilda. Music. Home to supper 8. Talked about Ella’s Will. Arthur Young, May’s husband came at 10.20 to stay.

Tuesday 16th October 1928

Wrote Madame Roefs. Ella to Treatment. I to call on Charlotte and Polly and then Edith. Took Turk out. Dinner. Rest. Tea. Chris and Edith in after supper and Arthur Young to supper. Fuss about Nurse Mamie and Mary Sandeman.


Wednesday 17th October 1928

Fine day. Mild.
Breakfast 7.5. Taxi 7.30. Motor-coach from Central Station (Phillipson’s) at 8. Engine gave out and all transferred at Borough Bridge (11) to a Glenton Friars bus. Lunch at Doncaster 12.50. Dull place, bad food. Tea at Aero Café. Just past Stamford. Sat by driver from Borough Bridge to Doncaster. Arrived Kings Cross 8.15. Taxi home.

Thursday 18th October 1928

Dull. Rain in p.m.
Out to blind place to interview Mrs Hall for Wadie. To Louvre. Hair cut, washed. Alys to lunch with me at home. At 4.30 to Wadie; she out. Waited at Euston Hotel. Saw her finally, at 6. Home. To bed early.

Friday 19th October 1928

Rain mostly.
Altered grey skirt and packed suit-case. Rested. C.H.W. called at 4. At 5, I by tube to Waterloo. Met Elsa, Max, Alan, Adrian and all 6 p.m. train to Sherborne. Dinner on train. Arrived 8.50. To Digby Hotel. Elsa to bed, bad cold. I to bed at 10.20 after beer with the 3 men and George Sheringham in private sitting room.

Saturday 20th October 1928

Fine (a few showers).
Breakfast 8.30. Out to shop in Cheap Street for lunch. Coombs. Then in car at 11.15 to Leweston Manor. Mr Rose there (owner). Saw all over house, Max and Sheringham’s work. Lunch in cottage. Up water–tower 65 feet. Back in car at 5.30 tea at Digby. Rested. Dinner 7.30 Sheringham’s came. Elsa to bed early. We, at 10.40 or so.

17th home from Newcastle
19th evening to Leweston
K. Wun Long Li, Sheringham’s Pekingese (Long pedigree)
“Ruby” white Sealyham with grandfather in National History Museum

Sunday 21st October 1928

Lovely. Few heavy showers.
Breakfast 9. Out and walked 2 hours, towards castle and up to Antelope. Lunch 1.15 All read and dozed after, till 3.15. Then men and I to Abbey. Up on roof, and to Bells. Back to tea 4.30. Packed. Train at 6.15 to Waterloo. George Sheringham too. Dinner on board. Alan took me in taxi home. To bed 10.

Monday 22nd October 1928

Fine. Then queer squall. Rain.
Unpacked. To Alys’ at 12.30. Lunch with her and sat till 3.45 She took me in “Baby” to Sissie’s. Stayed tea and supper. Heavy rain. Home to Alys, very wet. At 9 Margaret Douglas there. Cine pictures. Stayed all night. Alys and Dennis took Margaret home.

Tuesday 23rd October 1928

Fine. Windy.
Unwell. With Alys to town. Kardomah. We met Kitty at Debenham and Freebody’s. Lunch there. All 3. I back with Kitty to 40 Grosvenor Street. Rested. Tea there. Edward and Kath in. Home at 6.30. Supper and early to bed.

Wednesday 24th October 1928

Fine. Windy. Mild.
Out to shops. Alys came over, with lace evening dress. Lunch (Alys to Lab). Rested in p.m. Dresed. Max at 6.45. To dine at the Renomée with him and to “Loyalties” Galsworthy and Wyndham’s Theatre. Home at 11.15.


Thursday 25th October 1928

Mild. Dull.
Alys to lunch with me at 1. Out with her to Mrs Stanley Evans’ at 2 for her dresses to be fitted. Home. Supper. Kit and Edward called for me at 8.30. To Alys’ and Poz and Doz there. All saw film of Embleton holiday. I stayed night.

Friday 26th October 1928

Rainy, mild.
Dennis and Eva off. Alys and I up to call on Elsa. She out. I stayed lunch with Alys. She out at 3.30 to town and meet Eva (who to theatre – “Show Boat” with Buchanan’s) and Dennis and Alys to see Young Woodley. I to see Elsa at 5. Stayed till 6.45. Home. Rain. To bed early.

Saturday 27th October 1928

Mild. Damp.
Out to shops and Boots’. Washed and ironed chemises and altered new one. Lunch and rested in p.m. After early supper, 6. To Badminton 7.10 and played all evening. Home with Alys and Eva at 10. Slept there. Dennis at Leamington.

27th 1st Badminton 7.
24th “Loyalties” with Max
25th Alys in evening. Cine. Alys to lunch with her to Mr Stanley Evans 2.

Sunday 28th October 1928

Rather coldy. Indoors all day with Alys and Eva. Dennis home at 6.45 and told about his “carrier”. Talk at Leamington. To bed 10.10.

Monday 29th October 1928

Colder. Rain.
All down with Dennis in car. Wadie came at 12.30. Took her to lunch at “Blenheim”. Shopped and then to Alys, with C.H.W. in rain. Tea there. Home. Supper. Early to bed. Listened in till 10.45 in bed.

Tuesday 30th October 1928

Dull. Mild.
Depressed. Out to ring up Elsa about net edge, and James Smith. Home, sewed net on ring velvet dress edge. Ironed it. Lunch. Rested. Finished “Keeping up Appearances” and took it to Boots’. Read there 1 hour. Home. Supper. To bed.

Wednesday 31st October 1928

Dull. Mild.
Out to shops and phone. Alys came at 1. Lunch here, and both to Beta’s 2 for her frocks. I home with her and spent p.m. and stayed night.

Thursday 1st November 1928

Dull. Mild
With Alys to town. To Lunn’s place about Swiss holiday and to Lillywhite’s. Lunch together at Blenheim. I home, and then up to Alys. Both rested. Eva and Dennis in. Stannard boy with Buick car for sale.

Friday 2nd November 1928

Down with Dennis – home. To Evans’ and changed Sissie’s gaiters. Lunch. Rest. Up to 76 Cholmley Gardens with dress at 5. Sat with Alys. Dinner. All 4 of us to Ayrton’s at 8.45. Party. Jolly. Dancing, cine. Supper. Phyllis Tate sang. Adrian. Duncan and Lab did Commercial “acting”. Slept at Alys’.

Saturday 3rd November 1928

Fine and mild.
Down with Dennis and changed. Off home in Dennis’ car at 10. At 11 Otto and Mabel called in Chrysler, and drove me to Tonbridge. Lunch. Lunch at Rose and Crown. Football match v. Sherborne. Sherborne won. Tea with Embleton’s, Cave’s and May’s. May’s took me home. Changed and upped. To Badminton 8.10. Great fun. Lois Baumer there

Ayrton’s party
29th Wadie home?
Nov 2nd 8.30.
3rd Lunch with Poz and Doz (Ward)
8th Badminton
31st 2 p.m. with Alys to Beta’s.
Presidential Election – Hoover in. Defeated Al. Smith.

Sunday 4th November 1928

To dinner. 1 at Elm Park Road. Stayed till 3.45. Home. Changed and to 26 Compayne to call at 5.10 (not tea). On at 6.30 or so to Elsa’s. Surprise to Max. Alan and Virginia and Theo there to supper. Home at 10.30.

Monday 5th November 1928

Fog and sun. Cold.
To Kitty’s 11.30 and stayed to lunch. She to be operated on at 11. With her to Nursing Home. Then to Sissie’s straight. Arrived 4.30. Tea and supper and night there. Songs.

Tuesday 6th November 1928

Foggy. Damp.
Foggy. Stayed till Papendieck left, at 12.30. Nellie Moir called. Mary came (maid). Then I to Alys’. And lunch with her, and stayed on resting all p.m. and to tea and dinner. Dennis out at Meeting. Mink in 9.10. Slept there.

Wednesday 7th November 1928

At 10. Meeting At Mansfield Road – to choose needle-teacher. Back to Alys’. She and I to Elsa’s. Lunch at Dilston. She to Wade. I home, tube. To tea at Menie’s. Marjorie and Mrs Lottie Appleby there. Out to Elsa’s to supper. She alone. Max at Leweston. Dennis fetched me 8.45 and I to see cine at their flat and slept there.

Thursday 8th November 1928

Sunny. Cold then dull.
Got breakfast. Out with Alys to Golders Green shops. Lunch there – 76. Home at 2. Rested. I dined with Alan Baumer at Spanish Restaurant and to Alys’ after with him. Movie evening. Ayrton, Adrian and Dr and Mrs Varvill came. Slept there.

Friday 9th November 1928

Dressed (Aly’s magenta) and by tube to Elsa’s. At 7 to Ayrton’s dinner. Mr Tapper, Sir John and Lady Brooks, Mr and Mrs Clough Williams-Ellis (Romney’s studio). Nice evening. Max saw me to tube at 11.40. Home by 12.10.

Saturday 10th November 1928

To call on Kit who out. To Tate Gallery to see Van Gogh’s picture. Home. Rested. Alys and Dennis at Steyning with Scott Malden for weekend. Eva and Taylor’s Friday and had Edgar Cahill to tea. Met her at Badminton. Very good games. Home with her and slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens.

5th to Kit’s 11.30 and lunch.
To Menie’s – Miss Appleby to tea
1st Sunday. To Poz and Doz to lunch
Supper at Ayrton’s.
5th Sleep at Sissie’s aand 4.30. Alan Spanish Restaurant.
9th Ayrton’s dinner 8.
10 years from Armistice.

Sunday 11th November 1928

Rain. Mild.
Listened-in to Cenotaph service. Eva and I to dine 1. 1.15 with Miles, 26 Compayne Gardnes. Home at 3. Read Pepys all p.m. Listened-in to Remembrance Festival in evening 9 – 10.50 Albert Hall.

Monday 12th November 1928

Kit operated on. Eva and I out at 10. I home, and polished furniture. Alys in at 12.45. Out with her to lunch near-by. Home. Polished brasses and sliver. Rested. At 8.45 to the Tate’s till 10.40.

Tuesday 13th November 1928

Mild. Showers.
Out to shops and cleaned marble. Lunch. Read “Extremes Meet” C.M. Nell Sime, Mina and Saida and Louie Vincent to tea. At 8.30 I went to See Mrs Appleby (Lottie Reid) and Miriam at 12 Abercorn Place, till 10.20.

Wednesday 14th November 1928

Dull. Mild.
Wade came as 12.15. Lunch at Academy of Music with her. Saw Mr Jackson. To Northcourt and took C.H.W. too. Home to tea, and sewed with Wade. Mrs Griffin from downstairs up. Supper. Rang up Virginia. Listened-in to Ibsen’s “Pretenders” all evening in bed.

Thursday 15th November 1928

Dull. Mild.
Out to sell boxing tickets to Jacobs; On to Savoy. Met Alys at Bub’s (and Elsa accidentally). With Alys to lunch at 5 George’s House. To Lillywhite’s with her. To Aeolian Hall, Beveridge Webster’s recital. Good. Home. Dennis called for me. To dine with Virginia and Theo. Back at 10 to Alys’. Mink there. All listened-in to A.J. Alan’s story. Sheep.

Friday 16th November 1928

Dennis took me home. Did some sewing and washing and altered jumper. Lunch and rest. Met Menie at Court Theatre 8 and saw 2 Spanish plays. Fortunato by Serafin, and The Lady from Albuquerque by Quintero. Bernard Shaw there.

Saturday 17th November 1928

Colder. Dry.
Unwell. Wrote E.P. To shops. Very quiet all day. Rested and read “Bonnet and Shawl” – Guedalla. Good. To Badminton at 8 p.m. Nice. Elsa not there – Eva. Theobald’s. Home with Alan by bus.

11th Armistice.
Mina to tea.
16th Pembridge Gardens on Tuesday
15th Webster 3.
14th C.H.W.
13th to Simes 4 p.m.
14th Ibsen.
13th to Mrs Appleby – 12 Abercorn

Sunday 18th November 1928

Ironed things. Lunch at home. To Faraday’s to tea 4 and with them in “Baby” to Working Men’s College, Crowndale Road Concert, Camden Town. Free. Home with them and had supper. Laurie took me to Cricklewood.

Monday 19th November 1928

Up Alys’ and did shopping for her. She to have a tooth out 12.45. Dennis back with her to lunch. I stayed all p.m. Eva in bed till tea, with cold. Mink to supper and Alys in bed, I away at about 9. Home and hot bath.

Tuesday 20th November 1928

Dullish. Milder.
To see Kit in nursing home 5 minutes. On to English Speaking Union for Who’s Who. Home lunch began rest but Wadie in. Gave her tea. Dressed. To Ayrton’s (as Grace Lovat Fraser couldn’t) 8. Sir Travers and Lady Clarke, Sir Richard Allison, The Master of Sempill and wife. Home in taxi at 12. Ayrton’s paid.

Wednesday 21st November 1928

Mild. Heavy showers.
Phone calls. Out to Private View of New English Art Club. Met Poz and Doz there. On to Hotel Cecil. Individualist Bookshop’s luncheon. Sir Ernest Benn, Chairman. Lord Birkenhead spoke. With Dennis in taxi to Baker street. On to tea with Mrs Walter Tapper; he in too. Home. Looked out pieces. To bed early.

Thursday 22nd November 1928

Rain and windy.
To Selfridge’s for picoting. On to see Kit at nursing home from 11 – 12. To Kardomah’s. Lunch there with Alys, who not well. Shakey. With her to Lunn’s and Lillywhite’s. Home. Rested 2 hours. Out to supper with Dorothy at 8.30. Polly at theatre. Home 10.45.

Friday 23rd November 1928

Cooler, windy.
Out to shops. After lunch 2.30 to 76 Cholmley Garden. Rested, and Alys rested. Dennis up and Alys, Denis and the Caves to Norfolk to Becky Sharp’s for weekend. I stayed with Eva. “Betty’ cooked our dinner. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 24th November 1928

Gales and colder.
Got breakfast. Housework. Eva and I to Golders Green for coffee and then lunch, at Fortune Green shop. Back. I rested. Rene Taylor to tea with Eva and me. Supper 6.45 and then to Badminton. Very nice. Home in bus with Eva. Fruit.

Mrs Tapper out on 20th.
23rd to 76 for evening.
Embleton’s to Norfolk 23rd
18th to Faraday’s tea 4.30.

20th Ayrton’s dinner
22nd Kit’s at 11.
21st New English Art Lunch. Cecil H Birkenhead 12.30.
3.45 Mrs Tapper
22nd Supper 7.30 Dorothy’s.

Sunday 25th November 1928

Wild gales and rain.
Betty Smith came at 11 and washed up and cooked our dinner. We did very little all day. I drew Eva for my “joke”. Read Pepys. Not out at all.

Monday 26th November 1928

Cold and finer.
Home at 12.30. Busy with silver and blue dress. To Chalk Farm School. Walked at Kardomah in p.m Ironed dress. Elsa phoned at 6.30 about theatre. I met her and Max and the Theobald’s and Lena Monkhouse at Apollo Theatre. 8.15. Christabel Marillier’s musical play – “Rose and Ring”. Stalls. Front row.

Tuesday 27th November 1928

Fine. Very cold.
Did evening dress. Out to phone and shops. Met Lois at Blenheim. Lunch there. Together to Portrait Painters’ Exhibition. Grafton Galleries. Home. Did evening dress. Met Ethel Miles at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Supper 6. With her to Kingsway Hall. Conservative women. Sir Thomas Inskip spoke instead of Neville Chamberlain.

Wednesday 28th November 1928

Cold. Dry.
To C&A and Selfridge’s. Sewed silver and blue dress. Lighted fire in p.m. Phoned Ernest Miles and Mrs Hicks. Bought flowers. Dressed at 6.30. Max came at 7.20 and we to Gargoyle. Dined upstairs and talked for ages, sat by fire too. Then at 8.40 down and danced (or 10 perhaps). Home at about 1 o’clock a.m.

Thursday 29th November 1928

Dull. Cold.
Breakfast. Out to buy cakes. Lunch. Rested in p.m Lighted fire. At nearly 6 o’clock, Mrs Hicks came to tea and stayed until about 7.35. Supper and read “Tarka the Otter” by Williamson and tore up papers.

Friday 30th November 1928

Fine. Milder.
Washed things. Walked to Shoolbred’s. Met Wade there 12.45. Lunch with her. Faraday’s there too. To Shea’s and to Mansfield Road Schools with C.H.W. Then home and tea and sketched Wade. She away 6.30. I drew all evening on tracing paper my Punch joke.

Saturday 1st December 1928

Ironed. Coal in – ½ ton. Packed up and Dennis and Alys called in car at 3 and all to 76 Cholmley Gardens. I stayed. All to Isola Bella, Frith Street. Very Good. Home 8.30. Eva back from Cambridge with Manisty’s at 12. Stayed night.


28th Max Ayrton
27th Neville Chamberlain 7.30 Hughes came.
27th Mrs Boyle leaving
27th Meet Lois Blenheim 1.15.
30th C.H.W. Shoolbred’s.
29th Polly 12.45 English Speaking Union
1st No Badminton.

King ill.

Sunday 2nd December 1928

Dull. Damp.
Eva not well. And Alys upset. Mink in. Dennis took me in car to Mrs Styer’s 1.30. Dinner. Rested all p.m. tea. At 5.30 I car with Mrs Styer to Tivoli to see “The Woman Disputed” Norma Talmadge. Supper 8.30.

Monday 3rd December 1928

Breakfast in bed. At 11.15 in car with Mrs Styer to Harrod’s. Toy fair. Back to lunch 1.30. Rest all p.m. Tea. Crossword puzzle. Dressed, dined 7. Car to Lyric, Hammersmith; Spanish play “One Hundred Years Old” Quintero’s. Good. Angela Baddely. Horace Hodges.

Tuesday 4th December 1928

Breakfast in bed. Alys phoned. Packed and taxi to 76. Eva with glands and head trouble and oil of sassafras burns. Home and met Poz at English Speaking Union for lunch. Home again and at 4.30 to Alys’. Eva in bed 102.5o. Stayed. Dinner and night. Dennis at Medical Meeting and home 10.30.

Wednesday 5th December 1928

Smeed to see Eva who 103o. I out to shops. Lunch with Alys. Then she out to shop. I read. Eva rested and 102o later. Tea. I home at 7. Wrote Captain Munro.

Thursday 6th December 1928

Out to Regent’s Park to draw nurses. Home to lunch. Painters doing outside of house. To see Kitty at 3.30. C. Archer there. Tea and talk. Home at 6.30 Supper.

Friday 7th December 1928

Cold. Fine. Frosty.
At 10.45 to Haverstock Hill School Show and Sale. On to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys to lunch with Mink at Sovrain’s. I looked after Eva, in bed but normal; and Dennis in bed to lunch too. But he to work at 2.30. I stayed on and all night. Alys back to tea. Dennis only home at 8.15 or so to supper (in Eva’s room).

Saturday 8th December 1928

Cold. Fine. Frosty.
Down with Dennis in car. To Lewis’ to get Alys’ silk and to Hamley’s. Home. Lunch. Rested 2 hours. Drew joke picture. Dressed. To Badminton. 14 men, 5 women. Cold, but fun. Beswick brought Lord Brandam? “Champion of Muswell Hill or Tottenham”, L. Baumer.

6th Appleby 8.15. Coming.
4th Poz at English Speaking Union 12.45.
To Mrs Styer 2nd 1.30 till Tuesday
7th Needlework show. Haverstock Hill.
Wrote E.P. 4th.
Tipped Styer’s 2/- each to Betty and old Ellen.

Sunday 9th December 1928

Fine. Very frosty. 21 degrees. Frost.
Unwell. Scant. Drew my picture in a.m. and washed things. After lunch, drew again. Then to Alys’ to tea. Laughton’s there. Mink away abroad. Eva up but to bed again. Stayed supper. Dennis and I to Buckingham Palace to read bulletin of King. Home.

Monday 10th December 1928

Fine. Frosty.
To Bumpus’ and Winsor and Newton 10.30 and Liberty’s. Home and did notes and card for U.S.A. – McCormick’s. Busy, E.P. D. To tea at Nellie Moir’s to see Blaikley portrait of Father as child. To Alys at 6 and stayed supper. Eva in bed again. Ears funny. Home 9.30.

Tuesday 11th December 1928

Dull. Cold.
Met Alys, Dennis, Caves and Blue at Waterloo. To Twickenham. Lunch on stand. Varsity Match. Cambridge won. Michael Varvill had Eva’s ticket. She in bed with flu. I back to her and dinner and night. Alys and Dennis to see 77 Park Lane with Caves and Cox’s and Becky Sharp and Blue.

Wednesday 12th December 1928

Dull. Cold.
Alys felt ill. Eva up to lunch. Smeed came. Alys to bed after lunch. I to 21 Oxford Terrace. Wrote Letters. Back to 76 to tea. Alys in bed all evening. Stayed and night at 76.

Thursday 13th December 1928

Alys in bed until 6.30 p.m. Eva up at 11. I to shops and phoned Max. I to 21 Oxford Terrace and taxi back in p.m. Arranged Phil’s room for Becky Sharp. Alys and Dennis to dine Isola Bella, Frith Street 7. Also Helen, Caves, May’s . All up 76 at 9. Cine Show till 11. Becky stayed night. I also.

Friday 14th December 1928

Cold. Fine.
Betty got breakfast. I home. C.H.W. and I lunched at Blenheim. To English Speaking Union all p.m. On to Eustace Miles’ party at 4.30. Wadie too. At 6.50 I to 76 to be with Eva. Alys and Dennis to Cox’s for weekend. Dinner (Betty), early to bed.

Saturday 15th December 1928

Very cold. Dull.
Got breakfast. Out to shops and with Eva in cemetery later! Home. Betty got lunch. Eva no appetite. Read aloud “Donkey and the Cévennes” to her. Helen to dine at 7. She with Eva, while I to Badminton. Foggy. Lovely games. To Northstar with M and Duncan, Mr Lamb, Adrian.

11th Varsity Match
10th Tea at Moir’s?
12th 1.30 to 6 Northcourt. Tea 1/-
13th Dennis and Alys to Cox’s
13th 12 to 7 Grovesnor Street
14th Xmas party. Eustace Miles Restaurant. Handel’s

Sunday 16th December 1928

Milder. Rain at times.
Out to buy papers. Eva better. Betty cooked dinner. Read aloud in p.m. Tea to drink only. Did crosswords. To bed 9.20.

Monday 17th December 1928

Very fine and sunny.
To shops. Maud came. Alys home for Cox’s at 12. Lunch. To Baker Street in taxi with Alys and Eva. Home. Changed and rested. To 7 Grosvenor Street. Tea with Max in his new rooms – 1st floor instead of top. Talked Coleman too. Home at 6.35. Supper. Read. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 18th December 1928

Foggy. Raw.
Up to Elsa by tube. Talked to her 11 – 12.30. To Mrs Styer’s with present. Home. Lunch. To Bond Street to buy handkerchiefs for Elsa to give away. 3 different shops. To change E.P.s note and buy diary. Home 4. Violets. To bed early.

Wednesday 19th December 1928

To Hamley’s and Regent Place to engage table! Home to lunch. Did up parcels and sent off some. Buchanan’s, Leggett’s, Ella. To 76 to tea and dinner. Philip home. Boil on his tummy. Climbing tractor. My cold horrid, so home at 8.45 and to bed. Couldn’t sleep.

Thursday 20th December 1928

Coldy, only out to post and near shops. Did up parcels for Teed’s, Davey’s. Made bookmark. Lunch. Ethel Miles called. Wrote K.H.D.

Friday 21st December 1928

Fine then foggy.
Wade came for shoes. Posted parcels and met Eva at Dickens and Jones’, hairdressing with Wade. Eva and I to 76 to lunch. Phil to dance at Windlesham. I stayed on in p.m. and dinner and night. Awake with asthma? Wheezing.

Saturday 22nd December 1928

Rainy. Raw.
Up and out to shops with Alys and took silver to her bank at 12 (no taxis). Lunch and Phil back. I home to 2, rested a little. Mended fur-coat lining (best). Taxi(!!) to Badminton. Elsa not there – Lady Weaver, Stephen Joseph’s. Back at 10.15 to 76 in our Joseph’s car with Max and Tony and Adrian and Joseph.

Embleton’s to Mürren 23rd

Sunday 23rd December 1928

Fine, then fog in town.
Helped pack. To 21 in taxi for milk. Back. Lunch with all, and then to 21 by busses. Sent off Xmas cards. To Victoria. Saw Embleton’s, Cave’s, Fagge’s Stephens’ and Carver off to Mürren. On to Chelsea. Tea and supper with Poz and Dorothy. Conrad Ormond and P. Wilson Steer.

Monday 24th December 1928

Dark, drizzly, mild.
Out to shops. Back for lunch. Rested in p.m, after ironing silver and blue frock >At 8 o’clock, dinner at Elsa’s. Only family and Alan and me and Farrar. Other Bell’s later. Charades. Architrave cornice by the men only. Alan took me home in taxi at 11.45.

Tuesday 25th December 1928

In bed late. Tipped Hughes and wife 10/- for both. Wade came and we dined at Regent Palace 1 o’clock 8/4. Home. Rested. At 6 by train (no busses after 4) to Golders Green. Supper and dumb charades at Faraday’s till 10.15. Eric drove us to our homes.

Wednesday 26th December 1928

Rain, then moonlight.
Not out except to post. Polished brasses. Wrote letter. At 6 came car for me and up to Church Row. Dinner at Adrian’s studio with the family and Alan and Theo. All to Golders Green Hippodrome and saw “This Year of Grace”. Cochran’s revue. Very good. Home in car, after leaving others at 9 Church Row. To bed midnight.

Thursday 27th December 1928

Dull. Cooller.
Washed lots of things. Wrote some letters. Sewed. Out at 4 to tea with Kitty. Up in her room. Bertie and Mary and Jean there. Home at 7. Wrote Alys and to post. To bed and listened-in to Keaton Ghost Party.

Friday 28th December 1928

Dark and dull. Cold.
Washed things. Out to Alys’ flat. Got letter and tray. Took tray to Barn’s for new glass. Walked up to Everyman Theatre for tickets. Walked down to Finchley Road. Busses home. Lunch 1.45. Rested. Wrote C.H.W. and Davey’s. To post. Ironed chemises. Violets.

Saturday 29th December 1928

Cold. Fine.
To Boot’s and read J.H.M.’s article in Nash’s. Home. Drew. Sewed. Rested. Dressed. To Badminton. Fun, but rather colded still – cough. Elsa there. Von Unruh’s book in evening, Hatchard.

24th Ayrton’s Xmas party
26th “This year of Grace” with Ayrton’s.
25th To Faraday’s in evening. C.H.W. all day.
30th 1.15 to Compayne
27th tea with Kit

Sunday 30th December 1928

Very cold. Dull.
Stayed in bed till 11. Tired. Not out until to 26 Compayne at 1. To lunch. Two St Martin’s students at lunch. Read. At 4 on to 18 Blenheim Road to tea with Beswick’s. New baby daughter 3 weeks old birthday. Home. Drew joke drawing all evening.

Monday 31st December 1928

Very cold wind.
Out to sales – Knightsbridge and Gooch’s for evening dress, no good. Home by Hanan. No good. Bought evening shoes in Edgware Road. Silver. Late lunch 2.45. Did up drawing for Punch and posted it 5d. Looked over old drawings. Rested. Supper. Read Fritz von Unruh. Listened-in till the New Year.

6th Unwell due – Sunday
4th Ayrton’s party. 8
5th Folk dancing evening
1st To Wade at 11.

Story of Isadora Duncan and Bernard Shaw. Her suggestion that they should have a child, which would inherit her beauty and his brains. His reply “no, tragedy if it inherits her brain’s and his beauty!”

To Lamoir Mayfair,
They were married – Michael Arlen – Hilary, who was Hugh’s best man, almost wept to see them going away, knowing as he did so certainly, that Hugh and Lamoir had taken the one step in life which will wake any couple up from any dream.

In our swift de Dion Bouton
We collided with some trippers
Laid them out as flat as kippers
Left them aussi mort que mouton
What a nuisance trippers are,
We shall have to paint the car!

There was a young lady of Ryde
Of eating green apples she died.
Alas, they fermented
Inside the lamented
And made cider inside her inside.

There was an old man of Dundee
Whose bowels didn’t actively free.
They gave him a mixture
Which kept him a fixture
Three weeks to the w.c.

There was a young girl of Australia
Who went to a ball as a dahlia.
But the petals revealed
What they should have concealed
And the dress, as a dress, was a failure.

There was a young lady of Wantage
Of whom the Town Clerk took advantage.
Said Councillor Day,
Of course you must pay,
You’ve altered the line of her frontage”.

Love and the woman of 40
“If you marry too young, you may never know what love means”.

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