1927 – Lenk, London, Amsterdam, Leeuwarden, Kampen, Dordrecht, Birchington, Folkestone,

In 1927, Edward is 51 years old, Kate is 48 years old and Alys is 43 years old. Eva is 18 years old and Philip is 14 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Lenk, Switzerland

Wrote E.P. 29th December – Wednesday

Saturday 1st January 1927

Very lovely day. Warm sun and frost.
Felt coldy, and headache. Walked with Dennis to rink. He curled with Sir Edward Crowe. Alys, Eva and Phil all out ski-ing. I slept all p.m. 2 – 4. After tea to shops with Alys and Eva. Wrote to Gus. After dinner dumb plays by Crowe, Barrow crowd. Joyce Kenneth and Dr Weevil. Count and Countess, very good, and Henry King – little bits of things. Cautionary Tales by Belloc. Then Cooked and Done, in which Dennis acted. He good, but play very slow and common.

Sir Edward Thomas Frederick Crowe KCMG (1877 – 1960) – a senior British civil servant and diplomat.

Sunday 2nd January 1927

I with Dennis to rink. He curling. Eva in bed with cold. Alys and Phil ski-ing, and in at 1.30. Swiss ski-jumping at 2.30 exciting. 30 metres only. Home to tea. Alys practised ski-turns.

Monday 3rd January 1927

Dull. Thaw.
Felt very coldy. Out on slopes watching slalom racing. Phil in it. Lunch. I slept and read in p.m. Others out ski-ing and curling. Dennis to Bellevue alone in evening. Played patience and to bed at 9.40.

Tuesday 4th January 1927

Out in snow on slopes, ski-ing. Very wet snow. Lunch. Rested. Then out at 3.30. Too balling-up to ski. Tea. Dennis waxed our skis, I with him and General Bartholomew. Dancing in evening.

Wednesday 5th January 1927

Snow but finer.
Dennis to Zweisimmen with Crowe’s and General Barrow. 7 ½ miles (back by train). We all on slopes ski-ing. Not out, except to shops for cards in p.m. (with Eva). Alys, Eva and Dennis to Bellevue for dancing. I with Phil. General Bartholomew talked and lent me Times.

Thursday 6th January 1927

Dull. Mild.
On rink able to turn threes, just Phil off on expedition to Hahnenmoos with Colonel Montgomery and Carver’s and Colin. Eva’s hair cut and washed and p.m. Dancing in evening. Lady Crowe introduced 3 boys to Eva! Captain Scott danced with me too!

Friday 7th January 1927

Thaw, Clouds.
To rink for gymkhana. Eva in for 2 races. Phil to Zweisimmen for ski-expedition. Dennis and I walked up road with Crowe’s, between lunch and tea. Read after tea. Good cinema of ski-ing in evening.

Saturday 8th January 1927

Snow all day.
All of us out on skis all a.m. till 1 and again at 3 – 4.30. Thick snow. Mrs Harris (Kenneth and Nancy’s mother) talked to Alys. Styer’s (Dorothy) party Gollance’s arrived. Impromptu fancy-dress in evening. Fun. Phil won 2nd prize for “Bride”. Eva was a Principal Boy. Dennis Embleton was an Arab. Shalom.

Sunday 9th January 1927

Dull. Cold.
Watched finish of Swiss ski-races in a.m. and ski-jumping in p.m. Phil up Mulkerblatten with Bol, Pat, Maw, Derrick, Colin. Tea. Dennis and Eva ski-ed in p.m. Slept after tea. Bath. Wrote Amy Steel. Read and cards in evening.

Monday 10th January 1927

Eva with Bol (Dr Weevil) to get skis. All saw him off to Milan at 11.15. On slopes, ski-ing. And again after lunch. Brigadier General Broughton gave lesson on stemming. Very good. Went for cards to shop. Read.

Tuesday 11th January 1927

To rink with Dennis. No skating so joined others. Ropes on skis and took lunch, and all up towards Mulkerblatten. Alys and I lunch at Chalet. Others further. All down by 4.30. Very crusty and icy and difficult. Stemmed hard. Rested after tea. Cards in evening. To bed 9.50.

Wednesday 12th January 1927

Fine. Dull in p.m.
All out on rink. Dennis curling, we skating. Dorothy Gollance and Rodney too. Phyllis in bed. After lunch all of everyone to see ski-racers come in from Mulkerblatten. Will Yeames 1st, Derrick 3rd. Margaret Yeames 1st Woman. Pat 3rd. Home. Fancy dress in evening. Lent Derrick my dressing gown. Put on burnous myself. Didn’t dance. To bed 11.45.

Thursday 13th January 1927

Thaw. Some sun in a.m.
Out with Eva to take her boots to Beetschen’s for Beetschen binders. She a bad cold. Alys, Eva and I with Eric Rose (1 legged boy) and his friend on luge and small bob-sleigh up road. Rested in p.m. No ice. Thaw. Snow. Rain. Pat and party to Gstaad. Excitement about it. Got back at midnight. We played cards.

Friday 14th January 1927

Perfect. Sun. Frost.
On slopes. Ski-ing with Alys, Eva and Phil and Will Yeames and Mrs Yeames after lunch to rink. Dennis Embleton did curling all day. Ice-hockey, and Sir E. Crowe hurt Tea. Alys, Dennis and I to Beetschen’s about ski’s. Dancing in evening. To bar with Phil and later with others and Colonel Brind and General Bartholomew.

Saturday 15th January 1927

Lovely. Cold.
Out on skis with Eva above sunny road. Lunch. On rink, skated and watched curling match. Very Swiss and ice hockey. Tea. To have my hair cut. Saw off Brind party at 6.10. To Bellevue after dinner. Dull.

Leave Lenk on 16th
Read The Chip and the Block by E.M. Delafield – good.

Wrote Amy 9th
Skins Seehund “fellen” white ash skis about 20 francs.

Sunday 16th January 1927

Dull. Snow.
Dennis and Phil out early to try Dennis’ new skis. I out with Alys and Eva on skis till 12. Home. Lunch. Packed. Out to shops. Tea. Finished packing.. Off at 6.19 to Zweisimmen on to Spiez. Supper there at 8.15. 9.30 train to Calais. Comfortable night in 2n 1st class carriages to us 5. Eva and I in one. Slept well.


Monday 17th January 1927
Cold. Dull.
Slept well. Breakfast at about 8. 20 francs lunch on train passing Etretat. Arrived Calais at 1.20. French boat “Invicta” to Dover. Full. 2 trains to Victoria. Arrived about 5.30 or 6. Long cold wait for customs. I in taxi home alone. Got supper and to bed.

Tuesday 18th January 1927

Unpacked. Out to lunch at English Speaking Union new premises. Read there. Home and rested. And tea. Alys rang up. Rang up Elsa. Supper. To Hippodrome and saw “Sunny” Jack Buchanan, Binnie Hale with Caves and Dennis and Eva.

Wednesday 19th January 1927

Unwell. Quiet a.m. Rested in p.m. To tea at Elsa’s with her and Tony. Walked to Alys’ at 6.30. Helen and her Tony there. I stayed to supper and until about 9.30. Home.

Thursday 20th January 1927

Cold. Thick fog.
To L.G. Compan for Eva’s stockings, and Selfridges for food. Up to Alys’. Sewed for Eva, and she packed. She and Alys off after lunch to try to buy coat. Dennis up with car and he and Phil and I with Eva’s box to Waterloo. Fog. Saw John Willis off, after Eva. I home, and to bed early. Felt shivery and headachey.

Friday 21st January 1927

Snow. Then fine in p.m.
George Buchanan phoned. Stayed in bed till 3. Out to Boots’. Bought clinical thermometer. On to Victoria. Saw Phil off to school and Tony Wilson. Home in car with Dennis and straight to bed. Bread and milk. Felt shivery. Only 99.2. Listened-in, slept. Good night.

Saturday 22nd January 1927

Sleet showers. Cold. Stayed in bed till 5.30. Read. Got up and went to 6 Elm Park Road but Dorothy’s temperature 100 degrees so only talked to Poz and left at 8. Supper at Express Dairy, Marble Arch. Home and to bed.

Tony goes back on 21st

Sunday 23rd January 1927

Foggy. Raw.
Stayed in bed till 11 or 12. Got lunch off V. and egg. Rested in afternoon. At 6.30 went to Esla’s by tube. Supper. Adrian came in after. I stayed the night (in Tony’s; room) as horrid weather.

Monday 24th January 1927

Milder, dull.
Breakfast 8 with Virginia and Max. Motor with Esla at 10.30 to 21 Oxford Terrace. She tired on my Swiss things. Went on to Marshall’s. Lunch with Max at Gargoyle. To Fortnum’s for boots (Elsa). I home. George Buchanan to tea with me 4.45 till 6.45. Got my supper, and washed up. To bed 10.

Tuesday 25th January 1927

Mild. Dull.
Up and out to pay electricity bill, and to various sales and Bank. Bought shoes at Hanan’s. Home 1.40. Lunch. Washed socks. Rested. To Euston. Tea there with Effie and Christina! Home. Supper.

Wednesday 26th January 1927

Mild. Showery.
Met Alys at Harries’. She bought a hat. Onto Lafayette’s, Bourne and Hollingsworth, Army and Navy, Staines’. Taxi to English Speaking Union. Lunch there. To Hay’s Theatre ticket place. I home with Alys in 53. Tea there. I home to 21 at 6 o’clock. Listened-in and supper. To bed 8.30. Listened-in till 11. Australia Day 140 years since discovery.

Thursday 27th January 1927

Cooler. Showers.
Out and met Kit at Debenham and Freebody at 10. Looked at frocks in shops with her. Home at 12.30. Wadie to lunch with me. Out to new cinema near and saw Tom Mix and various pictures. Home and had tea here with Wadie.

Friday 28th January 1927

In all a.m. washing things. Out to call on Ethel and Josephine. Tea there. On to Alys and stayed dinner and night. “Martha” Flotow on wireless. “The Last Rose of Summer”.

Saturday 29th January 1927

Busy at Alys’ while she out to shops. Home, changed. To Mrs Manisty’s to lunch. H. A. Leggett there and Davy. Good Badminton 2 – 6! Home. Supper and early to bed.

George Buchanan to tea on 24th
Possibly go to Christina’s 25th (Effie)
C.H.W. Thursday 12.30.

Sunday 30th January 1927

Dull. Rain p.m.
Washed in a.m. At 12.15 to 26 Compayne. With Ethel, Josephine and Pamela to Villa Villa in Gerrard Street. Closed. So lunched at Café d’Italie. Then I home. Sewed knickers. Rested. Tried to make bread. Supper. To bed early.

Monday 31st January 1927

Fine. Cold.
Met Josephine and Pamela at St Martin’s School of Art, Charing Cross Road at 10.30. On alone to Royal Academy to see Flemish Pictures. Lunch there. Home about 2.30. Alys came in. Fire in sitting-room. Read and sewed green hat. Tired.

Tuesday 1st February 1927

Fine, cold. Snowstorm at 10.
At 9.45 arrived at School of Art. Pamela too. Lovely a.m. drawing mulatto model. Lesson from Bramley. Home to lunch. To Tea with Dorothy Barnard at 4.15. From there to Nell’s 6.15. with Nell and Betty to Miss Huxtable’s. Dinner and evening of spiritualistic talk. Leaf (Horace) Medium and Egyptian doctor.

Wednesday 2nd February 1927

Fine. Cold.
To Manager’s Meeting at 10 a.m at Mansfield Road. Home at 11.30. Lunch and quiet p.m. Slept on bed. Tea. Supper. Dressed and to Ambassador’s Theatre to see “Escape” – Galsworthy with George Buchanan. Nicholas Hannen. Very good convict.

Thursday 3rd February 1927

Dull, fair.
To Lab to fetch Barbola things. To local shops. Lunch. Spring cleaned a little. To Conservative Place in Windsor House. To tea with Polly and Dorothy at Chelsea. Home at 7.30. Listened-in and supper. To bed early. Kitty phoned at 9.15.

Friday 4th February 1927

Did washing. Cut out jumper. Up to Alys. Lunch with her. Did dressmaking, and out to shops with her. Tea there. She and Dennis to Laughton’s to dine. I home about 8. Supper and to bed.

Saturday 5th February 1927

To Lab to fetch paint brushes. To shops. Lunch. Rested. To Badminton. Gough (like Wilfred Styre) Patterson. Miss Portman. Supper and early to bed. Tired. Drew S.O.S. head.

2nd 8.40 Ambassador’s Escape.
Possibly Chris to lunch 3rd?
3rd or 4th a.m. to E.V.M.
1st School of Art. Tea 4.15. Dorothy Barnard. 6.15 to Nell’s.
Very, very cold spell all week – 18 degrees of frost at Kew.

Sunday 6th February 1927

Cold. Dull.
Did odd jobs, washing. To Alys’ at 1 o’clock (after my lunch). Helen staying there with gastric flu. Helped Alys with washing up. Kathleen Thompson to supper. Came home at 8.30.

Monday 7th February 1927

Rain. Cold.
to Chappell’s and Albert Hall about seats. To Barker’s. Home. Lunch. Rested 2 hours. Slept. Wrote E.P. first. Tea. Dennis came and we both to C.J.W’s about wireless set. Home. Supper. Early to bed and listened-in and read.

Tuesday 8th February 1927

Very, very cold in wind.
To School of Art 10-1. Lunch with Pamela at Ernest Miles Restaurant. Back 2-3 drawing. Home. Tea. Rested. Dressed. Dined. At 8.30 to 168 Sutherland Avenue. Horace Leaf did psychometry and control by spirit. Home 11.30.

Wednesday 9th February 1927

Very cold but no wind.
Up lateish. To Alys’ where Helen still in bed. Out with Brent. Lunch there. Home. Got tea ready. To Burlington House to meet Auntie Kate. Brought her home to tea. Saw her off at Paddington (with taxi). Home. Cooked potato soup. Supper. To bed 10 or so.

Thursday 10th February 1927

Very cold. Finer.
Walked to Selfridge’s. Bus to Piccadilly. To Jacobs and sold Albert Hall tickets to him. Home to lunch. Tingy (Eleanor) Archer came 2.30. Took her to have foot treated by Clement Jeffery. 12a Park Lane. Back with her to tea with Sissie. Stayed. Supper too.

Friday 11th February 1927

Very foggy.
Up to Alys at 11.15 or so. She preparing for Caves in evening. Had lunch there and took Brent out. Home at 4, bring Brent on 53 bus. Tea. Rested as listened-in. Took Brent out.

Saturday 12th February 1927

Very cold and fog.
Took Brent walk in Hyde Park. Home. Sewed in bedroom. Alys came and took Brent to Lab. Lunch. To Badminton. Only 7 there! On at 6 to Dorothy’s. Dined and stayed night. Polly at Sopley.

9th Meet K.H.D. at Royal Academy at 4.30.
8th 8 p.m. Leaf at Sutherland Avenune
9th Wrote Frank Steel.
Wrote E.P. 7th 10th Tingy Archer
11th To Alys. Brent for night. To Sissie’s – 3 to tea.

Sunday 13th February 1927

Fog. Very cold.
Breakfast with Dorothy Barnard. Painted little cupboard for their bathroom. Home at 1.30. Lunch. Sewed. To Faraday’s. Aunt Rosa upstairs, not well. On, after tea to Frank Rush’s. Lois joined me later. Home in thickish fog at 8.30. Supper and to bed. Read Dr Johnson.

Monday 14th February 1927

Very Cold.
To Oxford Street to buy cakes and to Selfridge’s. Home to lunch. Tingy came and I with her to Clement Jefferies’. She back to tea with me. Supper and did sewing after, by fire.

Tuesday 15th February 1927

Cold. Dull.
Dark. To Drawing School. Mexican model. Nice lesson from William Bramley. Home to lunch. Unwell. Polished brasses. Olive Watt to tea. After I up to Alys’ and spent evening and night. Dennis out till 10.30.

Wednesday 16th February 1927

Milder. Dull.
With Alys to Green and Edwards. Took Brent by Hampstead Church home. C.H.W. to lunch. All 3 out to Pritchard’s. Back to 76. Tea and sewed with Alys and Wade. Dennis in. All 4 supper. Saw Wade off at 9. Baldwin speech and S.P.R. experiment at 11. Liver Lodge. Stayed on.

Thursday 17th February 1927

Milder. Damp.
Very late down to breakfast. Took Brent on Heath and Alys to shops. Lunch with Alys. Home at 2.30. Rested. Along to buy oranges. Home. Early to bed, listened-in. Tired.

Friday 18th February 1927

Mild. Dull.
Out to town. First walked to coal place. Whiteley’s, Bedding Place. Then Dutch Railways, Haymarket. Army and Navy Stores. Lunch there. Ironing board. Home and back to Army and Navy with ironing board to change for folding one. Tired. Cooked cutlets. Listened in till 12.25 Lord Jim play.

Saturday 19th February 1927

Out to shops and hair cut. Lunch. To Badminton. Played better. Stayed till end. Home. Supper and early to bed.

14th 3.30 – 4 p.m. Tingy.
15th Olive Watt to tea with Alys night.
18th To Alys in a.m. for Brent

Sunday 20th February 1927

Mild. Rainy.
Indoor doing grey cloth and tweed jumper. Ironed it. Good lunch. To call on Styer’s at 4.15. Stayed on to supper. Home about 9.45.

Monday 21st February 1927

Fine day. Mild.
Washed stockings. To sell prune frock at P. Dean’s. To Shoolbred’s to meet C.H.W.12.30. Had lunch there together. On to Chalk Farm School Exhibition and Sale. Home. I with Tingy to Clement Jeffery’s. Home and tea with Wade who stayed there unpicking. Read Middleton Murray’s Life of Jesus.

Tuesday 22nd February 1927

Some drizzle. Warmish.
Out to School of Art all am. Home via Lab and called for Brent. Lunch at home. To Hyde Park and Green Park with Brent 2.30. To Kardomah and walked back. Home 4.30. Tea. Read Roman’s Life of Jesus. Tingy Archer in. Out for bread. Hot bath.

Wednesday 23rd February 1927

Lovely day with some showers.
Out, and up to breakfast. Took Brent walk to Round Pond and back through Hyde Park. Lunch, fish. Out at 2.30 or so to Bolding’s, Euston Road to buy Luc thinning. Met Wade and Dot’s and baby with them in Regent’s Park. Home 4.30. Tea. Did some luc-painting. Dennis Embleton came for Brent at 6.30. Supper. Painted.

Thursday 24th February 1927

Rain. Dark.
Arranged barbola. Swept rugs with tea-leaves. Helen at 12.30 and we lunched at English Speaking Union. Coffee in lounge. Talked till 3. Walked to Selfridge’s and Times Book Club. I walked home. Wrote Amy Steel. Polished brasses.

Friday 25th February 1927

To Northcourt to visit 11 o’clock, Stayed as It rained. Home to lunch. Did some furniture polishing. Christina came at 3. Took her to English Speaking Union and had tea there. Saw her to Down Street. Walked to Chappell’s and home. Rested. Supper.

Saturday 26th February 1927

Rain. Mild.
Washed things. Alys and Dennis to Phil for weekend. Out to shops. To lunch at Chelsea with Polly and Dorothy (Mabel in bed with flu). On to Badminton. Played hard as only 7 members there. – Dr Lewis, Miss Mona Sanders, Ilbert. Home. Supper and bed.

21st Chalk Farm School Sale 10.30 – 5.
22nd Brent for night – Wednesday.
21st C.H.W. Shoolbed’s 12.30.
21st Tingy 3.30. Tingy Tues 5.
24th Helen at 12.30 for English Speaking Union.
25th Christina to Club House 3.
Wrote Amy Steel 24th.
26th Cook’s Blue Cockatoo 12.45.

Sunday 27th February 1927

Dull. Mild. Very windy.
Did various jobs, sewing and washed my hair. Wrote E.P. At 3.30 to 26 Compayne. Tea there. On to Aunt Louie’s. Home at 7.

Monday 28th February 1927

Washed and to Selfridge’s on way to town. Met Mrs Styer at Criterion; lunch there. To see “Broadway” at Adelphi with her. Good, bootlegger play.


Tuesday 1st March 1927

Fine day.
To Art School and painted all day, girl’s head. 1st time for about 18 years and lunch at Ernest Miles Restaurant. Ethel and Mr Ross there. Home 4.30. Tea. Up to Alys’ to stay. Dinner and Dennis Embleton. Home about 10.

Wednesday 2nd March 1927

Took Brent out. With Alys and Brent to Lab. Left Brent. Alys and I to 21 Oxford Terrace. Lunch there – eggs. To Academy to see Flemish pictures. Back to 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea. Alys cooked cod’s liver and bacon and chouxfleur au gratin for dinner.

Thursday 3rd March 1927

Bright sun in a.m.
Took Brent on Heath for walk. Back, lunch with Alys. Then home, and dressed. Out again to Bond Street and to English Speaking Union. George Buchanan there at 3.45. Tea with him, and then with him to his new flat at 101 Mount Street. Home. To Albert Hall – 8 p.m. – BBC concert and Kiepura.

“Gramophone” April 1927

Friday 4th March 1927

Dull. Drizzly.
Out to P.D.S.A. with barbola gifts for bazaar. To Newman’s. Home to lunch. Out to Terry’s, 296 Regent Street and on to Whitley’s, ordered coat 4 ½ guineas. Home. Tired. Needlework in evening.

Saturday 5th March 1927

Dull. Rain in p.m.
To Debenham and Freebody and Selfridge’s (marmalade). Home by bus. Lunch. To Badminton. Stayed till 6.25 nearly. Home in rain. Quiet evening. Alys and Dennis to Broadway for weekend.

1st St Martin’s and night at Alys’.
28th 1 o’clock Criterion Plaza entrance.
Wrote E.P. 27th and 4th
Thursday or Friday 3.45 George at English Speaking Union?

Sunday 6th March 192

Fine. Sunny a.m.
Did washing. Lunch and read. To Albert Hall 3 p.m. Friedman Chopin recital in arena. Very good. To call on Baxter’s (out). Home. Tea and rested. To Ayrton’s at 7. Sheringham’s there. Elsa away at Haling. Nice evening. Home 11.

Monday 7th March 1927

Out to High Street Marylebone to buy cakes. To Terry’s. Home. Lunch. Polished tray and got tea ready. John and Doreen Danby to tea. Nice evening, by fire. Sewing and listening-in. Wrote Kit and E.M.M. for Uncle Faraday’s letter and present.

Tuesday 8th March 1927

Fine. One or two showers.
To Art School and did very bad painting all day. Lunch with Pamela at Lombardy. Home 4.30. Walked to Bond Street. Out. Bought “white grouse” and cooked it with tomatoes for supper. Early to bed.

Wednesday 9th March 1927

Fine on whole.
Out at 10 to Berlitz for 1st Dutch lesson till 11. Home (walked). Walked to Mount Street. Bus to Victoria. To buy Dennis’ lamp at Globe-Wernicke. Bus to Sloane Square. Walked to Susie’s. Lunch there. Bus to Knightsbridge. Walked across Park home.


Thursday 10th March 1927

At home covering Hepplewhite chair all a.m. Lunch. Up to Alys in 15. Out with her and Brent. Out with her alone to Barnes’. Home to 76 to tea. Susannah Swainson called, had tea with us and stayed till 6.30. Dennis Embleton in. Supper. Wireless.

Friday 11th March 1927

Dull. Cold.
Out with Alys and Brent on Heath and to shops. Sat on balcony and darned in sunshine. Lunch (Maud there). I home to 21 at 2.30. Called on Christina at Rose. To Boots’. Tea and rested. Dressed. To 26 Compayne to dine 7.45. Sir James Parr, High Commissioner for New Zealand there, and Mr Ross. Home 10.15.

Saturday 12th March 1927

Took Brent for long walk to Sloane Street and back by Kensington Gardens. Lunch out again with him. Then to Badminton. Only 9 – Mrs M and Mary away. Home at 6. Out with Brent. Tired. Lay on bed and listened in. To bed at 11 after out with Brent.

7th/8th – drawing. 4.30 John and Doreen.
11th – dine with William Mileses’.
9th 10 a.m. Dutch lesson
9th 1 o’clock Susie’s.

Sunday 13th March 1927

Fineish. Cold.
Long walk with Brent in Park and Kensington Gardens. Home. Lunch. Read and did chair upholstery. Out again to Park with Brent. Expect Helen but she ‘phoned (a cold). Covered chair and 2 doors of cabinet with pinky brocade. Fire in room. To bed 10.45.

Monday 14th March 1927

Cold. Very grey.
Walked to Bolding’s with Brent, and in Regent’s Park. Lunch. Unpicked. Took cross-stitch dress to be dyed. Alys rang up from Lab. I took Brent there. Alys and I to town and to 76 Cholmley Gardens. I stayed for tea and supper and home early, by 9. Letters to Jessie!

John Bolding & Sons Grosvenor Works, 56-58 Davies Street

Tuesday 15th March 1927

Fine. Cold.
Out to Art School, and did 2 oil sketches, 10 till 4. Lunch with Pamela at Lombardy. Home to tea. Alys came at 8 o’clock and stayed till Dennis called for her at 10.20.

Wednesday 16th March 1927

Fine. Warmer.
Kit ‘phoned and then came from 10 till 1.30. I then to Kardomah and met Dorothy Barnard at Cook’s (for tickets!) Both English Speaking Union to lunch. Then I to Dutch lesson 2-3. To Lab, and took Brent for walk in Regent’s Park. Home. Tea. Unwell. Dennis and Alys called for Brent at 8. Wrote J.A.

Thursday 17th March 1927

Very fine day.
To Lab to call for Brent. Took him to Serpentine and sat thee. Home. Lunch. Rested on bed. Early tea. Took Brent to Regent’s Park and then left him at Lab. Home. Alys in. I to dine with Christina and Maie at 30 Philby Gardens. Home 9.45.

Friday 18th March 1927

Dull. Mild.
In sewing in a.m. Lunch 1. Out 1.30 to Mansfield Road Schools. Walked from there to Mrs Styer’s to enquire. On to Elsa’s to tea, and stayed supper. Max depressed. Adrian in. Did Broadway crossword with Virginia.

Saturday 19th March 1927

Fine. Warm.
Out with Brent to shops. Then at 1 o’clock to Kensington Gardens. Ate sandwich lunch on seat; on slowly (with Brent) to the Badminton (Adam and Eve Garage). Nice p.m. no Manisty’s. Max came, my guest. Walked home at 5.30.

19th Jamboree
17th a.m. Mansfield Road
16th 2 p.m. Berlitz.
17th 6.45. dinner with Christina

Sunday 20th March 1927

Perfect day. Very warm.
Painted little table with white luc.  Out long walk with Brent to Round Pond, Kensington Gardens. Out about 2 hours. Rested in p.m. Then out again in Hyde Park at 4. Quiet evening. Reading.

Monday 21st March 1927

Hot day. Fine.
Out with Brent for 2 hours. Beside Serpentine. Then to Lab and left him there. Met Alys and Doris Freear at Selfridge’s. Doris gave us lunch. On to Whiteley’s. Home. Alys to Mrs Hunt’s then fetched me and both to Swiss Cottage and to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea and supper (geese eggs) I home at 9.45.

Tuesday 22nd March 1927

Fine. Dull in p.m.
To Art School. Painted head all day. Lunch with Pamela at Lombardy. 2 lessons. Home to tea. Read and sewed. Bacon and egg supper.

Wednesday 23rd March 1927

Rain. Colder.
Out to meet Alys at Clifford White’s, 62 Harley Street. 11. On to Dickens and Jones. Bought blue cloak. Met Dorothy (Evans). Lunch with her at Court Restaurant. With her to Berlitz 2 – 3. Dutch lesson. Met Alys after and both to Beta show. Mrs Stanley Evans. Home with Alys and stayed supper and night.

Thursday 24th March 1927

Showery. Cool.
Out for walk with Brent. Then to Chalk Farm School. Home. Out to lunch at Rose Restaurant. Home. Quiet p.m. Sewing. Out after supper to Albert Hall – Beethoven Memorial Concert – Sir Hugh Allen conducting.

Friday 25th March 1927

Heavy hail showers and bright intervals.
Did odd jobs all a.m. and out to Jacobs and Pound’s. To Alys’ and stayed lunch. Sewed in p.m. At 4 up to tea with Mrs George Sheringham (Sibyl Meugens). Very clever artist. Besant Cottage. Home 6.30 Supper and to bed.

sylbil meugens
The Green Jar & Shadows by Sibyl Meugens

Saturday 26th March 1927

Did some washing, ironing, sewing (hats). To Badminton. Poured out tea. Last day. Home 5.15. To Euston. To Wadie’s first. Train 6.7 to King’s Langley. Kit met me in Rover. Dinner. To bed 10.30.

20th Brent staying
23rd Berlitz 2. Meet Dorothy Barnard Evans’ cloakroom 12.50.
24th Beethoven Memorial Concert 8.
23rd Meet Alys at 3.30 Beta’s, 62 Harley Street 11.00.
or 25th Mrs Sheringham
26th 6.7 to King’s Langley

Sunday 27th March 1927

Fine with showers.
Sat in garden and let rabbits and cats out and play. In car with Kit and Kath (driving) and Barbara to Ashridge Park and Hemel Hempstead. Talked all p.m. “Sissie” of Frances Archer called. Supper. To bed 10.10.

Monday 28th March 1927

Perfect day.
Kit and Kath off to Hastings about schools for Peter. I with Edward in bus to station and 9.4. train to Willesden and on to Paddington. Wade at 21 Oxford Terrace. I cleaned brasses and she unpicked. Out to lunch at Rose. On to Cooks’ and English Speaking Union. Tea there. Wadie back by 83. I walked home. Kismet on wireless all evening.

Tuesday 29th March 1927

To Art School 10 – 4. Pamela seeing John off to New Zealand. I drew all day, and made friends with “Mephisto”. Lunch at St George’s House. Shopped on way home. Meal at 7 “Delgato”. Lay down and listened-in. To bed 10.

Wednesday 30th March 1927

Dull. Some rain.
All a.m. washing, ironing, sewing. Met Alys and Dorothy, lunch at Court Restaurant. Berlitz lesson in Dutch with Dorothy Barnard 2- 3. Home. Sewed. Supper at 6.45. To Old Vic. Saw “St Patrick’s Day” – Sheridan and Comedy of Errors (Balliol Holloway good). Very, very good and amusing.

Thursday 31st March 1927

Rain in p.m.
To shops and to Mrs Hunts’ at 10.30 and at 12 to get maid for Alys. Got Mary Donovan. Lunch. Polished things. At 4.15 to Victoria. Ella’s train very late so waited at Army and Navy Stores. Due 5.13 arrived 6.10. Met Ella and Mary Bell. Home taxi. Supper – fricassée chicken. To bed about 10.

Friday 1st April 1927

Fine on whole cool.
In until 11.30. Ella breakfast in bed. Talking to Ella and sewing. I to meet Tades and Lucy at Paddington. (Seeing Doris off at Docks). Out to Rosa. Rest with Ella. Lunch. Walked to Park. Home. Quiet p.m. and evening. Supper, Ella, cold chicken and tomato.

Saturday 2nd April 1927

Fine. Windy.
Ella down to breakfast at 8. Out at 10.45. To Evan’s, Selfridge’s. Walked to English Speaking Union, Lunch there. Walked home. Listened-in to Boat-race. Cambridge won. Tea, supper. Boiled eggs and Ovaltine. I to bed about 11. (Trying on dress alone).

Wrote E.P. 29th from English Speaking Union.
31st – Ella comes
30th – Dorothy Barnard Court 1 – Berlitz 2 p.m.

Sunday 3rd April 1927

Ella to meeting. Started at 10.45. Laid fire and washed things and cooked soup. Then to lunch with Alys and Dennis and they brought me home in car at 3.15. Ella home at 4.15. Tea. Supper. Soup – milk and chicken and eggs.

Monday 4th April 1927

Fine on whole.
Sat and sewed and packed Ella’s trunk. Out with her to Court Restaurant to lunch. Tades, Lucy and Dorothy Barnard there. On with Ella (Reid) to see “Yellow Sands”, Eden Philpotts at Haymarket. Home at about 6. Ella in taxi to stay at Sissie’s. I sewed and listened-in. To bed 9.45 or so.

Tuesday 5th April 1927

Began packing 10.15. Kitty and Kath in. I out to Pound’s. Home. Lunch. Did odd jobs, ironing. To Alys’ to tea. Phil there. Stayed on to supper and home directly after washing up done. Hot bath and to bed by 10.

Wednesday 6th April 1927

Showers and fair.
Out to Manager’s Meeting 10 a.m. at Haverstock Hill School. Tube to Waterloo. All met Eva from Sherborne 11.20. I home by tube. Lunch. Pack suitcase. Sewed skirt. Tea-lights, slippers. Bus 7 at 7 p.m. to Liverpool Street. Met Polly and Dorothy and all to Harwich by 8.30 on board St Denis, steamboat – 3 berth cabin.

Denis SS
St Denis

Thursday 7th April 1927

Very good night crossing Arrived Hook of Holland 6 a.m. Train to Amsterdam. Arrived 8.17, Breakfast. Walk. Sleep. Lunch. Sleep all p.m. Orange. Dorothy and I Out in Kalverstraat. Polly waited for field glasses. Dinner. To bed 945. Suisse Hotel, Kalverstraat.

hotel suisse

Friday 8th April 1927

Fine. Sunny. Cool.
Breakfast 7. Walked to station. Train 8.30 to Alkmaar. Arrived 9.45. Cheese Market. Coffee. Motorbus to Hoorn. Lunch at Doelen Hotel. Walked about town. Lovely – caps on old ladies. Home by autobus 6.30. 8.30 Supper in Suisse.


Saturday 9th April 1927

Rain and sun.
To Cook’s. By 10.5 train to Haarlem. Tram (2) to Heemstede and Hillegom. Saw Van Waveren’s bulb fields. Coffee. In rain. Back at 3 to Haarlem. Lunch. Frans Hals Museum. Groote Kerk. Train 5.15 home Dinner. Out in Kalverstraat.


6th to Holland 8.30. Liverpool Street
4th Phil home from school.
6th Eva home from school.
8th Frank Steel’s birthday
Hyacinth fields card to Mrs Boyle.

Sunday 10th April 1927

Out at 10 to Quay. In Water-Taxi 10.15 till 12.15 all round docks and canals. Lunch. Out, tram No 2 to Rycks Museum (me: Rijksmuseum). 2 hours there. Tried to go Stedelijk. Closed 4 p.m.

Amsterdam Stedelijk museum kraamkamer 1927

Café complet in Vondel Park. Good. 1.20 each. Back. Dinner 7. Walked in Kalverstraat.



Monday 11th April 1927

To Begijnhof and Stedlijk Musem (Soasso Rooms). Lunch 12.46 by train to Enkhuiszen 1.5. Boat to Stavoren. Train to Leeuwarden (1½ hours). Arrived about 4.15. to Nieuwe Doelen Hotel. Out. Very good dinner.

leeuwarden hotel

Tuesday 12th April 1927

Very cold, windy.
Sat indoors and about town. Then to Post Office. To Groote Kerk. Lunch 12.30. Then autobus to Dronrijp. Tadema’s birthplace. Church, house, etc. Walked to Marssum – 2 or 3 miles. Saw Poptaslot. Very lovely. And interesting. Bus home. Dinner. To bed. Unwell.

Lourens Adema-Tadema
Lourens Alma-Tadema

Wednesday 13th April 1927

Dull, a little warmer.
To Reis-bureau and wrote Amy S. in a.m. and about town. Lunch. To Station. Lost our way. 2.36 to Franeker. Saw Planetarium by Eisinga. And Town Hall Museum, Jew-drummer interpreting. Dear little town. 5.7 train to Harlingen. Seaside with lovely boats and fine street, coffee at ”Kanon”. 6.50 train back. Leeuwarden. Dinner.

Eisinga Planetarium: The World’s Oldest Working Planetarium

Thursday 14th April 1927

Rain then better and warmer.
Dorothy Barnard sore throat. All sat in my room. Knitted. Polly and I out in town. Lunch. Dorothy rested; we too till 3, then out. Shops. Dorothy 101 degrees. Tea and supper upstairs. All sat in Polly’s room and Dorothy on sofa. She had soup and Liebig. To bed about 9.30. read “The waiting supper” – Hardy.

Liebig Company Meat extract, 1880s.

Friday 15th April 1927

Dull. Colder again.
Dorothy better – normal!. In bed to breakfast. All in my room. I wrote E.P. Out at 11 with Polly to Vee-market (cattle-market). Very interesting. Black and white Friesians and clean pink “bigs” Lunch. Dorothy down. Rested in p.m. Tea in my room. Out after tea. Dinner. Sat in Polly’s room. Knitted and “raadsels” (riddles).


Saturday 16th April 1927

Fine. Cold.
All out to Museum, Hindenloopen rooms, painted furniture, etc. And Delft tiles on walls. To book-shop. Lunch, Train 1.6 to Zwolle. Arrived 2.35. Coffee at Keizerskroon Hotel. Train 4.28 to Kampen to De Moriaan Hotel. Van Zeltst still there. Dinner 7. To bed 8. Dorothy very tired.


13th Letter to Amy Steel with cards – girl’s head in costume lace cap, Hyacinth fields. Water sport in Friesland for Frank. Engine Room for Alfren.
15th Letter to E.P.

Sunday 17th April 1927

Lovely day.
Breakfast. Watched wonderful bonnets and caps going to Church. Calèches parked in Boven Nieuwstraat near our windows. Out. Polly and I walked all round. Dorothy to watch ducks. She back and to bed; feverish again; ear-ache. Dinner 1.30. Al slept till nearly 5. Tea (sweet!) Polly and I out over bridge. Sunset on Ifsel. To bed at 9. Talked of Staphorst in a.m.

Monday 18th April 1927

Fine. Duller.
Breakfast 8, but Polly and I not to Staphorst as Dorothy not well enough to leave. Out for walk and to feed ducks. Dinner. Rested. Read Hardy “A Mere Interlude”. Slept. Coffee. 5 English people – Percival Smith’s came. Dorothy in bed all day. Earache. Polly and I out and saw Urk boat people.

Tuesday 19th April 1927

Fine. Then Dull.
English people left. Polly and I out. Dorothy better. Lunch 12 o’clock. In motorbus to Zwolle with Polly. I walked about. Back at 3.30 – 4. Dorothy up coffee. Wrote Smith and S. Dinner 6, all down and 3 Dutch-men. I to Post Office. To bed 9.

Wednesday 20th April 1927

Out with Polly. Dorothy not better and slept all a.m. I suggested car to Amsterdam. Lunch. Rested. Coffee. I to Post office for Cook’s ticket parcel and to Geldersche Bank 3 times with cheque, passports. 5 Dutch men at dinner Dorothy down but deaf, and weak. To bed 9.

Thursday 21st April 1927

Out to find a Chemist, and methylated Brandspiritus. Dorothy down to lunch, and out after; on my arm. Rested. To Chemist with Poz. Coffee. Dinner with 5 Dutchmen (one red-faced new one). Talked, knitted. To bed.


Friday 22nd April 1927

Cold. Dull.
Packed and out in a.m. Got aspirin and cards. Lunch. At 1.45 away in auto to Zwolle. Train 2.49 – 1st class to Rotterdam. Arrived 5.11. Coffee at station. Taxi to other station 5.43 or so to Dordrecht. Taxi to Hotel Bellevue. Dinner 7. Read Dutch papers. To bed about 10.

Saturday 23rd April 1927

Gale and showers.
Sat looking out at fine view of Maas. Shipping. Typed letter to Frank Steel, Polly and I out and Dorothy out alone a little way. Lunch. All rested. Coffee. Polly and I down Voorhaven and round Groote Kerk. Very lovely views. Venetian. Back. Dinner. Looked at Guide books. To bed 9.30?


1st class ticket to Rotterdam from Zwolle 8.95 each Maas station.
Dinner at Weimar Hotel, Rotterdam – 4 gulden each 6/8

Sunday 24th April 1927

Shower. Wind.
Packed. Taxi at 11.15 to Rotterdam, about 12 miles. To Wiemar Hotel. Lunch there. Bedroom. Polly and Dorothy rested (slept) after. I downstairs. Writing E.P. Up at 4. Coffee. Out in “Broompjes” along canals. Hot bath 7. Dinner 7.20. At 8.45 Hotel bus to Central Station. 9.15. train. Arrived Hook 9.45. about. Archangel to Harwich. Pretty rough night. Hot.



Monday 25th April 1927

Cold, windy.
Up at 5.30. On shore. Train to Liverpool Street. Arrived about 9 or so. “Summertime”. I took 7 bus home. Unpacked. Up to Alys’ to lunch. Eva, Phil and Tony there. Away, home at 2. Slept all p.m. on my bed. Supper 6.30. To bed about 9.30.

Tuesday 26th April 1927

Did washing and ironing. To lunch at “Rose”. On to Thew’s. where met Alys, Eva and boys. Took Phil and Tony to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Got tea (as Rachel (temporary) out. Read. Alys and Eva home at 6.20 Stayed to dinner. Home about 10.30.

Wednesday 27th April 1927

Out and round on busses to Kensington, Earls Court Road, Chelsea, Victoria, Charing Cross to try to find “The Big Parade” for Phil. Met him Selfridge’s at lunch 12.30. To Astoria, Charing Cross Road. Saw “Second to None” film. Naval. Also an American winter sport hotel one. Home. Did income tax papers. Supper.

second to none

Thursday 28th April 1927

Painted balcony of bedroom. Luc, Alys, and Phil came at 12.20. All had lunch at “Rose’. On to War Museum. I to Polly and Dorothy’s for tea, 6 Elm Park Road. Home, across Park. Supper at “Rose”. Early to bed and listened-in.

Friday 29th April 1927

To Chappell’s, Kardomah, English Speaking Union and home to lunch. Rested in p.m. Slept. Tea. Out at 6 to Euston. Kit off to Kings Langley 6.15. Kath and I to Waterloo with her trunk. To English Speaking Union and had dinner together 7.15. To Waterloo by busses. Saw her off by 9 train to Jersey. Colonel Applin very ill. Home. To bed.

Saturday 30th April 1927

Did some spring-cleaning, and income tax papers. C.H.W. at 12.15. Both out to “Rose” to lunch. In p.m. home and sewed and unpicked. At 4 I to 76 Cholmley Gardens, but all out on picnic. Watched tennis. Dinner with them (they home at 7). Away at 10.

25th Amy Steel’s birthday
C.H.W. 12.15 Saturday – supper at 76.
29th Alfie’s birthday
24th Gus Steel’s birthday
24th Wrote to A.P. sent off 26th
26th Wrote Frank from Dordrecht, typed
28th 6 Elm Park Road 4.30.
30th Sissie’s 4.30?
1st Max Ayrton’s supper. E.V. Miles? Supper/tea.

Sunday 1st May 1927

In doing washing all a.m. Also lunch. Dressed. Out at 3. Called on Vernor Miles Tea there on Ayrton’s. Played deck-tennis in their garden. Stayed supper. Montgomery girl there; her mother, Max’s sister, Mabel had died on Friday.

Monday 2nd May 1927

Fine. Warmer.
Out to meet Eva 11 Baker Street. With Eva to Penberthy’s. To English Speaking Union. Lunch there with Eva, Polly and Tony Ayrton. On to New Gallery to see “Roses of Picardy”. Then tea at Dickens and Jones’. Home. I walked. Supper of soup and granose flakes.


Tuesday 3rd May 1927

Very fine. Warm.
Did some sewing on summer clothes. Out at 1.30 to lunch at “Rose”. On to Boots’ and Belgian cake shop. Buses from Marble Arch to Alys’. Tea there, and out (first) with Alys and Eva and Brent. Sat on grass. I with Eva and Phil by bus to Lab. 6.30. I walked home. Supper.

Wednesday 4th May 1927

Very hot. Thunder.
In sewing all a.m. Lunch at home; to Alys at 2.45. Did sewing in Eva’s room all p.m. Alys and Eva out shopping. They back and all had tea. Stayed dinner, and played Dutch Happy families. I home at 10.30.

Thursday 5th May 1927

Up at 10. Out with Brent and Phil to Alys’. Darned Eva’s stockings. She and Alys out. Lunch. Dennis came with car. All to Waterloo. Saw Eva off to Sherborne at 3. I to tea at Mrs Andrew Reid’s. Menie there and two Cree cousins. Drowning dog saved, on way home.

Friday 6th May 1927

Very hot.
To English Speaking Union early to read Chicago papers about Cyrus’ wedding. To Evans. To Alys’ at 12. Sewed. Lunch with Alys and Phil. “Rachel” away. All 3 of us with Dennis in car to Victoria. Saw Phil off at 4.35 to school. Fetched Brent from Lab. Alys and Dennis to Dr Sharpe at Norfolk for weekend. To bed 9.45.

Saturday 7th May 1927

Very hot. Fine. Breeze.
Out early to Park with Brent and walked via Harrods to 6 Elm Park Road. Talk with Dorothy. Walked home by Albert Hall, Gloucester Road and Kensington Gardens, slowly. Hot! Rested after lunch. Alan Baumer rang up and came to tea, about 5.15. Tea with him. Took Brent out again and to bed about 10.15.

C.H.W.’s term begin 2nd
Tony Ayrton to lunch 2nd – English Speaking Union.

Eva to school 5th
To 4 Randolph Road 4 o’clock-ish.

Phil to school 6th
Brent to me for weekend.

Kreisler 15th
5th Wrote Cyrus congratulations Paris
7th Wrote Lombard Street
7th Wrote E.P.

Sunday 8th May 1927

Fine and hot.
Alys and Dennis in Munsley, Norfolk. Out with Brent. Long walk to Kensington Gardens and sat a good deal. Lunch Sewed coat, ribbon. To call on William Miles’ at 4. Tea there. Home 5.45. Took Brent out again. Listened-in, and to bed about 10.

Monday 9th May 1927

Fine and hot.
Took Brent to Serpentine and sat there with him. Home. Lunch. Sewed, darned. Walked to Lab. Left Brent there. On to tea with Ella and Sissie. In wood. Stayed to supper. Home via Alys’, but they away. Kit phoned. To bed 10.25.

Tuesday 10th May 1927

Much cooler and dull.
Unwell. Had hair cut. Met Alys, Baker Street. Bought jumper and skirt at K. Strand’s. On to Mandeville Place. Alys fitted for belt (Curtis). Lunch at Evans’. Alys bought coat, Peter Robinson. I bought cape, Dickens and Jones. Alys bought 2 hats. Home at 4, separately.

Wednesday 11th May 1927

Fine. Cold.
To Bond’s and had hair washed and set. To English Speaking Union and met Ethel Miles there. She lunched with me. I bought present for Virginia’s 21st birthday at Laruche’s. Home. Tea-supper and rested. Sewed.

Thursday 12th May 1927

Sewed at lining of cape. To Kings Cross and saw Ella and Maggie off to Newcastle. On to Gorringe’s. Home. Lunch. Did sewing. To Meeting 3 p.m. of League of Mercy in Westbourne Terrace. Tea there. To Alys’ to dinner and evening and stayed night.

Friday 13th May 1927

Fine. Cool..
Out with Brent and Alys to Mrs Styers to enquire. Home, and to English Speaking Union. Wrote Amy Steel. Susie Zileri came and lunched with me. To Mannequin Show at Paris trades. To Army and Navy Stores with Alys’ watch. Home. Meal at 6.30. To Alys at 8.30 and stayed night.

Saturday 14th May 1927

Dull. Milder.
Helped Alys and went out for her. She packed. Both to town. She had hair done at Bond’s. I sent off parcel to Myers. Denis came and Alys away (to Alderson’s Kenilworth). Lunch. Took Brent in Park and Kensington Gardens. Home. Supper-tea. Read. Out late with Brent. Met Miss Schuster, 20 Norfolk Square.

14th Brent to me for weekend.
9th to Ella’s and Sissie 4.15.
16th Josephine and Pamela to tea at English Speaking Union.
Wrote Amy 13th
12th 16 Westbourne Terrace 3 p.m.
11th E.M.M. to English Speaking Union 1.30.
13th Susie to English Speaking Union? 1.30.

Sunday 15th May 1927

Fine, some showers.
Out with Brent to Round Pond. Dinner. Omelette of Minnie’s eggs. Sewed dyed cross-stitch dress and finished lining black cape. Out with Brent again to Paddington Green at 4. Tea. Sewed. Wrote to the Time about Clean Food and to Minnie. To bed about 10.30.

Monday 16th May 1927

Fine. Warmer.
Took Brent to Round Pond. Home and sewed at blue Crêpe de chine dress. Lunch. At 2.30 to Bank and took Brent to Lab. Left him. On to English Speaking Union, wrote E.P. Josephine to tea, with me there. Event on writing. And walked home at 5.15. Shopping on way for good. Supper. Sewed. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 17th May 1927

Fine. Warmer.
At 10.15 walked across Park to Albert Hall Meeting there at 11.15. Walked home. Lunch. Alys came. Excited about new car buying. She and I to shops in Regent Street. Then to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea. Supper. Dennis in with Brent at 8.30. Alys had new belt. Slept there.

Wednesday 18th May 1927

Fine and warm.
Took Brent out on Heath. Dennis moved furniture in their room. Then to 21 Oxford Terrace. Made soup. Wrote letters – Dorothy. Lunch. To Whiteley’s with tweed coat. To 31 Tavistock Square for tickets. (Dr Wooley). Home. Mrs Frank Rush came and I gave her tea (expected her next week). Up to 76 at 7.30. Supper with Alys and Dennis. Alys very tired. Slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens.

Thursday 19th May 1927

Very fine.
On Heath with Brent. He in Leg of Mutton pond. Home to Alys’. Alys to Golders Green. Got lunch, then to 21 Oxford Terrace (53 to Baker Street) with Brent. Read on bed all p.m. Vita to tea. Alys came at 6.30. Dennis in new saloon 5 seater Buick. Fetched us. Dinner 10 p.m. Canuto’s to King’s Langley 10 p.m. and home! Slept at 76 Cholmley Gardens.

Friday 20th May 1927

Very fine.
Washed Alys’ woollen dress. Home To See Marion Smith. 11-30 – 12. Home. Lunch. Sewed. Out at 4 to Whitley’s on to Meeting. Dr Wooley and Sir Oliver Lodge on B.B.C. Telepathy experiment. Got sandwiches and chocolate, and sat in Pit queue. In to see “Constant Nymph”, New Theatre St Martin’s Lane. Edna Best and Gielgud. Very good. Home 12.


Saturday 21st May 1927

To Lunch at Susie Zileri’s, to meet Miss Grant. Home; changed. To Elsa’s. Tea in Adrian’s studio. 32 people for Virginia’s 21st birthday – deck-tennis, cinema, supper. Dancing. Away at 11.45. home by train. Sheringham’s, Longdon’s, Besick’s, Owen Williams’. Cyril Lloyd’s. etc.

Wrote E.P. 16th
22nd to Menie’s.
16th Josephine and Pamela to tea English Speaking Union
17th Virginia’s birthday 21st
16th dine with Alan Baumer at Arts Theatre Club.

17th 11 a.m. Albert Hall Meeting
12th Alys at Mandeville Place
C.H.W. on Monday 23rd

Sunday 22nd May 1927

Showery. Colder.
Up to Alys’ with them to Heath, for Brent and to Elsa’s for my umbrella. To dinner with Alys and Dennis. At 3 p.m. by bus 526 to Horn Lane, Acton. Tea with Menie and family and Ella Cree. Home. Supper and early to bed.

Monday 23rd May 1927

Fine. Warmer.
Up to breakfast. Painted “Head in green hat” till 12 in bedroom. Wadie came. Out with her. Lunch at Evans’. To English Speaking Union. To Swain’s, Bond Street and had my photo taken. Tea at Lyons Pop. Home with Wade. She wrote letter about W.S. certification.

Tuesday 24th May 1927

Warm. Painted all a.m. Met Kit at Evans’ at 1. Lunch with her at Debenham and Freebody’s. To Euston and met Barbara. She tried on dress at “Wendy’s”. To George’s. I home (bought “stays”). After supper, Dennis and Alys called for me in car. Alys not well. I went and stayed.

Wednesday 25th May 1927

Dull. Cool.
Got breakfast. Alys stayed in bed till after tea. I took Brent on Heath. Miss Howard came. I to tea at Aunt Rosa’s and stayed till 7. Laurie drove me back to Alys’. Alys and I got supper – egg on minced ham. Out in car to Golders Green after. Took Brent on Heath then.

Thursday 26th May 1927

Fine. Warm.
Took Brent to Leg o’ Mutton pond. Lunch with Alys. Rested. Alys and I on 53 with Brent to town, To 21 Oxford Terrace. Tea there. I left Alys and to Grotrian Hall. Met Kit and Kath. Meeting about Almoners. Sir “Moyinham” and Sir Rose Bradford spoke. Edward met us. Dined at English Speaking Union all 4 of us. I to Canuto’s after. Met Alys and Dennis who had to flower show.

Friday 27th May 1927

Rain all day and cold.
Out to visit Myopic and M.D. Schools at Mansfield Road. Home to lunch. Out to Olympia 2. Met Miss Boodle, who took Polly, Dorothy and me to Military Tournament. Tea at Barker’s. Mine. Home. To bed early.

Saturday 28th May 1927

Bus to Bond Street. To See P. Wilson Steer’s picture show at Barbizon House. Lunch at home. Up to Alys’. Out with her and Dennis and Brent on Heath. Home to flat. Stayed tea and supper. Dennis doing wireless all evening and broke it and all began again. Very difficult.

22nd to Menie’s.
23rd Wadie 12.15.
26th Meet Kit
25th to Aunt Rosa’s 4.30.
24th 1 o’clock Evan’s Kit. Outside.
20th C.H.W. and Dennis and Alys.

Sunday 29th May 1927

Fine. Lovely.
All round in car to call for C.H.W. Her 73rd birthday (Edward’s 51st). Dennis drove us to Brighton. Lunch with Phil on grass by Club. Drove to Chanctonbury Rings. Tea in Club. To chapel. Phil chorister. Away at 7.30. Dinner (4/6 good). At Trust House in Horsham. Home about 11. Spelt at 76 Cholmley Gardens.


Monday 30th May 1927

Dull at times.
I to Northcourt Hospital. Then home. Lunch. Cleaned rugs with carpetine. To tea at 6 Elm Park Road to meet Mrs Lewis-Day and Dorothy Ross. Home at 7. To Boot’s. Supper. Listened-in. Early to bed. Read Literary Digest.

Tuesday 31st May 1927

Dull. Muggy.
Out to Sagne, Selfridge’s and Barker’s for food. Sissie to lunch. She rested and I to Rosemary’s wedding at St George’s, Hanover Square. Barbara bridesmaid. Home. Tea with Sissie and saw her to bus at 5. Out to Boot’s and got Cochrane book ”Secrets of a Showman”.

Wednesday 1st June 1927

Dullish. Mild.
To Managers’ Meeting at Haverstock Hill 10. Home. Cleaned rug. Lunch. Rested. Alys in at tea time. At 5.30 I to Arts Theatre Club. Dinner 7 and “The Bridge” by Kate O’Brien. Mainwaring good, and Fay Compton. Very good. Alan Baumer’s guest. Nice evening. Home 11.25.

Thursday 2nd June 1927

Dennis Embleton brought Brent over. I walked with Brent to Jacobs’ and sold Albert Hall tickets. Charing Cross Road. Walked through Green Park and had sandwich there. On through Hyde Park home. Rested. Slept. Packed suitcase. Dennis called for Brent and me in car. UP to 76 Cholmley Gardens and dinner there and slept there.

Friday 3rd June 1927

Unwell. Dennis to Alys and Brent and me up to Heath. Walked back. Lunch; rested. Ironed things. I to tea, and supper at Aunt Rosa’s. Louis still away and Laurie, but Paul there. Aunt Rosa very sulky some of time. Paul drove me home to 76 at 9.

Saturday 4th June 1927

Started in car 9.25. Drove to near Wolverhampton and had lunch in field; later on had tea at bridge place. Arrived Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel 6.30. “Snowdonia”. Mr Lockwood, owner. Dinner 4/6 each. Drove on to Glan Aber, Mrs Jones. Slept there. Saw old camping place and Griffith Owen.


2nd Boxing
1st Dine with Alan
4th Elsa’s silver Wedding
1st Managers Meeting 10
30th Mrs Day to Dorothy Barnard’s.
3rd Tea and dinner at Aunt Rosa’s.

Sunday 5th June 1927

Finieish a.m. Very wet p.m.
Glan Aber, Nant Gywnant, Beddgelert. Mrs Amwel Jones – 228 miles about all the way.  Off at about 10. Drove to Beddgelert. Drove Carnarvon. Saw castle outside. Down Valley Llanberis, with pass and “cart” track. Up Snowdon. Round S curve to Llanfairfechan, on beach. Lunch in car. I to visit Edward. Then back a long way round by Capel Curig and Betws-y-Coed, and Beddgelert home, to Glan Aber. Dinner there I to bed at 9.30.

Monday 6th June 1927

Started at about 10. Drove to Shrewsbury. Lunch at The Raven – very, very good. 4/- each. On and home by Daventry, St Albans. To Canuto’s and had dinner. Then back to 76 Cholmley Gardens. I too. Arrived about 10.10. To Bed. All pretty tired. About 230 miles?


Tuesday 7th June 1927

I with Dennis and Brent to 21 Oxford Terrace. Took Brent in Park. Sheep! Home. Lunch. Out to buy bread and to Bank. Rested. Alys came at 4. Had hair cut and she too, and she had shampoo. I took Brent out. Dennis at 7 with car. Alys and Brent home with him.

Wednesday 8th June 1927

Dennis brought Brent at 10.20. Washed things. Bought string and I out with Brent in Park. Tried to train him with sheep. Lunch at Woolworth’s. Rested in p.m. Did some sewing. Altered linen dress. Dennis and Alys and Gwen Cave in car called for Brent 7 o’clock.

Thursday 9th June 1927

Fine-ish. Mild.
Cut out green waistcoat. Out to Bond Street, Swaine’s. Claude Flight’s exhibition at the Redfern Galleries. Lunch at Evans’. Bought mackintosh capes at Selfridge’s! Home, tea and supper. Out to Albert Hall 8. Met Constance Reid there. Grand concert by Kreisler. King and Queen there.

Friday 10th June 1927

At 10.30 prize-giving at Haverstock Hill School. Good plays and songs. I gave the prizes. Home at 12.30. Did odd jobs. Wrote E.M. Walked to Newman Street and tea with Paul Faraday at Osler and Faraday’s. Walked home. Began green waistcoat.

Saturday 11th June 1927

Fine-ish. Windy.
Only out to local shops. Did sewing and crocheted of green waistcoat. Lunch at 4.30. To Old scholar’s party at Haverstock Hill School. Ethel and Pamela there. On to Aunt Louie’s. Home at 7.45. Did crochet till 10.

10 – 10.30 Prizegiving Haverstock Hill
9th Kreisler.
10th 4 o’clock Osler’s 81 Newman Street.
Wrote E.P. 10th
Reading “Secrets of a Showman” C. B. Cochran – good.

Sunday 12th June 1927

Did coatee and washed things in a.m. Lunch of cold chicken. Called at 26 Compayne at 4. Morgan’s there. On at 5 to Mrs Styer’s. Sat with them in garden till 6.15. Home. Supper and to bed.

Monday 13th June 1927

Fine. Lovely.
Washed little wool curtains and ironed coatee. Alys came at 12.30. With her to lunch at Nell Sime’s. Adine there. Home with Alys to 76. Coffee. Maud there. Dennis back. Wireless. I read Cochran’s book aloud. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 14th June 1927

Dull. Mild.
Out with Brent to Leg o’ Mutton pond. Dennis took us in car. Walked back. Kitty came for an hour. Alys and I by 53 bus with Brent to Baker Street. Took him to 21 Oxford Terrace. Alys and I had lunch at 21. Then to Evans’, Marshall’s. Walpole’s. Alys home. I home to 26. Tea. Wrote. Dennis called at 8 and Brent and I up to 76 Compayne. Stayed night.

Wednesday 15th June 1927

Fine. Windy.
To Northcourt at 10.30 for prize-giving. I gave the prizes. Home. Out to local shops. Lunch. Washed rug till 3. To English Speaking Union. Edith Baumer came there at 4.15 and we had tea. Home at 5.30. Finished green coatee – waistcoat. Supper 8.30.

Thursday 16th June 1927

Fine and very hot.
Washed carpet in a.m. and odd shopping. Bought fowl. Alys phoned at 12 and I met her at Katharine Strand’s; on to Peter Robinson. Lunch together at Slater’s, Bourne and Hollingsworth. Home. Sewed chiffon dress. To Miss Selous’ at Home. 4 -7. Enjoyable. Phyllis Montague Browne. Trevor L Hunts. Faraday’s took me home in car. Made a hat. Washed carpet. Supper 8.30.

Friday 17th June 1927

Rain. Cooler.
Dorothy phoned – postponed coming to lunch. I to Academy and invited C.H.W. for Saturday. On to McAdie’s, Conduit Street to buy Amy’s scarf. Home to lunch 1.30. Out to shops. Rested 1 hour. Sent off scarf and wrote to Amy. Supper. Alys and Dennis brought Brent at 8.30. They to Windlesham.

Saturday 18th June 1927

Took Brent out in Park and various shops. Had my hair done 12. C.H.Wade to lunch with me and we ate chicken and strawberries. I did cape for her, my grey waterproof. Tea together. Out at 4 to Park. Saw Prince of Wales. She away 7. Supper.

15th E.M.M. Prizes at Northcourt.
15th Wednesday – Edith Baumer tea. English Speaking Union.
13th To lunch at Nell’s 1.15. Alys coming here 1 ish.
16th Miss Selous. 4 to 7.
17th Dorothy Barnard to lunch. Sent scarf and letter 17th to Amy Steel.

Sunday 19th June 1927

Fine but showers. Very windy.
Walked with Brent all the way to 9 Church Row, Hampstead 10.15 – 11.15. Mr Theobald, Mr Besick and Major Longdon. Played deck-tennis. Stayed lunch. Read Saki’s (Munro) stories. Out with Virginia, Jerry and Brent to Leg o’ Mutton. Tea, and supper at Ayrton’s. Alan too. Home by bus from Finchley Road.

Monday 20th June 1927

Took Brent to Serpentine. Home. Ironed new frock. Lunch. Sewed. Took Brent to Lab at 4. On to Mr and Mrs Styer’s. Tea there. Mrs Styer out. Dorothy (Styer) there. To Alys’. Supper and slept there.

Tuesday 21st June 1927

Showery. Dull.
Dennis took me down with Brent to 21 Oxford Terrace. Then I took Brent in Park. Home 11.10. Kitty came. Took Brent to Lab. Met Kit at Army and Navy Stores. Lunch there. With her to Hampton’s and Swan and Edgar’s. Bought hats. Home. Quiet evening. Listened-in.

Wednesday 22nd June 1927

Washed carpet in a.m. Had lunch. To Selfridge’s and bought “Sargent” and Belcher books. To Evans and Lewis. Bus to Finchely Road. To 26 Compayne. Lots of people to see Pamela and Josephine and Betty Miles in Presentation dressed for 4th Court. Home with Alys and stayed night. Dennis at Christ’s dinner at Cambridge.

Thursday 23rd June 1927

Fine. Windy.
Up to Elsa’s with Alys to see green frock. Back and lunch at 76. Alys rested all p.m. and I too. Tea. Dinner. Dennis back, tired. Alys and Dennis dressed for Vlasto’s dance. Sidney and Dorrie called. Dennis and Alys took me home to 21 Oxford Terrace at 10 in car.

Friday 24th June 1927

Showery. Windy.
Out to post Polly’s book and on to Selfridge’s, Bourne and Hollingsworth and then to University College Hospital. Met Dennis and back in car. Walked home from Lab. Lunch. Tidied shoe box. Alys brought Brent at 7. She and Dennis for weekend to Cox’s. Went to tea with Max, 7 Grosvenor Square.

Saturday 25th June 1927

Fine a.m. Grey and rain later.
Walked with Brent to Helen’s, 8 Abercorn Place. Left Brent there. Home. Out to Chelsea. Lunch 12.45 with Polly and Dorothy “Coley” took us in taxi to Wimbledon. Fine tennis. Betty Nuthall. Tilden.. Lacoste, Condon, Lester and Higgs. Miss Mallory, Joan Fry (Cantab blue) Sir Howard and Lady Frank took us home in Rolls-Royce car. 1 slept at 6 Elm Park Road. Polly to Moir’s. To Max’s to tea.

24th Elsa lunch English Speaking Union 12.30.
26th To Faradays’ tea (? Supper ?)
25th Wimbledon 12 to Dorothy’s. Stay night.
20th 4.30 to Mr Styer.
Phil’s exam 21/22nd.
21st Tea Olive Watt’s

Sunday 26th June 1927

Showery. Cool.
Did odd jobs in a.m. Hat. Out to tea at Faraday’s. Miss Joan Kingsford there and she and I stayed for supper also; Alan Baumer too. Home about 10.30.

Monday 27th June 1927

To Selfridge’s. On to Waterloo. Met Eva at 11.14 from Sherborne. Home. Lunch. rested. Up to Embleton’s. Tea. Dennis home. 5.15 all four of us off to see eclipse; in ar. Dinner at Towcester and slept at Dun Cow Hotel, Dunchurch, about 80 miles.

duncow hotel

Tuesday 28th June 1927

Rained a good deal.
I unwell. On in car to Shrewsbury. Lunch at Raven 4/- On to Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel. Mr Lockwood. Dinner there. On to Bryn Aber, Mrs Jones. To bed. Had been there before dinner and left things and rested. On the centre of Totality Line of Eclipse. Nantgwynant.

Wednesday 29th June 1927

Rain all day.
Up 4.45. Drove past Pen-y-Gwryd, and to Llanfairfechan. 25 miles. Total darkness of eclipse at 6.23. Rain. On Sands lots of people out. Back and breakfast at Bryn Aber. Off at 9 to Bala. On to Shrewsbury. Lunch of eggs in car. On to Gloucester. Puncture. Tea. On to Clifton. Arrived Spa Hotel 8. Supper and slept there. On suspension bridge.

Thursday 30th June 1927

Lots of rain. Finer in evening. Warm.
Breakfast 8.30. Started 9.30? To Sherborne, arrived 11.40. Left Eva at Eahlstans. On quickly all day; ate biscuits and chocolate for lunch. Arrived London (Lab) 4 o’clock. Alys and Tea at Sygne’s; then home to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dennis home to supper. Tired. To bed about 10.

Friday 1st July 1927

Showery. Warm.
Breakfast then I with Dennis to Oxford Terrace. Out to Slade School, show of pictures. Met Lois there. Saw Ginx and Tonks. Lunch at Shoolbred’s. To Lab. Fetched Brent. Home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out for little walks with him. Miss Palmer in evening and stayed till past 11 o’clock.

Saturday 2nd July 1927

Dull. Warm.
Out with Brent. Walked across Hyde and Green Parks and to Army and Navy Stores. Home by 12. Lunch. Rested, slept and read Cochran’s book. Out with Brent – short walks. No tea. Supper 7.45. Made bag to Dutch top. Listened-in to Wimbledon, Hendon and Henley events. Borotra and Cochet!

Pomfret Hotel, Towcester. Dined on 27th 3/6
29th Eclipse of sun
1st Meet Lois at Slade a.m.
Helen had Brent 25th till 29th June.

Sunday 3rd July 1927

Fine a.m. Dull p.m. No rain.
Alys and Dennis at Sherborne. With Brent to Park and Serpentine. Home to lunch and washed. Ironed after. Took Brent out again 2 or 3 times. Sewed a little. Wrote E.P.

Monday 4th July 1927

Fine. Hot.
Took Brent to Laundry and then Park. Back to lunch. Walked to Lab, left Brent. Alys there. With her to Selfridge’s and then 76 Cholmley Gardens. Her 43rd birthday. Dennis back with Brent. Listened-in to “Lincoln” by Drinkwater still 11.

Tuesday 5th July 1927

Hot. Fine.
Down with Dennis and Brent to Oxford Terrace. Took Brent in Park and sat there. Hot. Lunch at home. Took Brent to Lab. Back at 3. Kit came and had tea with me. She left at 4.30. I to English Speaking Union and back. To bed about 10. Put away fur coat.

Wednesday 6th July 1927

Out at 9.15 to Managers’ Meeting at Mansfield Road. I elected Vice-Chairman and Rotas. On to town. Shops and English Speaking Union. Elsa didn’t arrive. On and lunch at Kardomah. To Harvey Nichols and bought tweed coat and skirt at sale. To Bourne and Hollingsworth. Bought jumper. Home. To Lyons for ice first. Bought shoes at Hanan’s.

Thursday 7th July 1927

Very hot. Showery.
Did sewing. Had hair shampooed 11-12. To Boot’s. To Sargent Watercolour Show. Lunch at home. 3.25 train from Marylebone to Northwood. Tea and dinner at the Baumers’. Ethie showed me lino work. Home at 10.

Friday 8th July 1927

Very hot. Nice breeze.
To Mansfield Road School at 10.30. Prize-giving by Dr Reade and long programme of singing. Home by Bryce-Smith’s. Lunch. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. Took Brent to Leg o’ Mutton and back. Alys in for Mrs Taylor. I home to supper.

Saturday 9th July 1927

Dull and cool.
To Paddington. At 10.30 tube train to Watford. Kit met me in car with Barbara and Kath. Back to King’s Langley. Lunch. Edward and Warren Cummings to golf, back to tea. Kit and I and Kath and Barbara to field to see school sports. After tea, Kit gave away prizes. Dinner. Others played Bridge.

Dr Read, prizes at Manfield Road 8th – 10.30
6th 10 a.m. Northcourt Managers’ Meeting.
12.30 Elsa at English Speaking Union.
5th Kit at 3. Wrote E.P. 3rd
9th 10.30 Paddington Kit 10 a.m.

Sunday 10th July 1927

Very fine and warm.
Sat in garden nearly all day. Rosemary (Graham) Kemp and her new husband (Captain Kemp) in. Honeymooners. Slept for 30 minutes in p.m. To see Cousin Jeanie after tea. Sat in garden till 9 o’clock. Bridge (others) later.

Monday 11th July 1927

Fine a.m. bad thunderstorm p.m.
Kit drove me (and Warren Cummings and Kath) up to town. To Oxford Terrace. I changed, and up to Alys’. Lunch with her. Rested and watched thunder and got tea ready. Lady Mules and daughter and Helen to tea. I took Brent out; and home at 7.30. Supper. E.P.’s Nelson seal arrived.

Tuesday 12th July 1927

Dull. Mild.
Out to Academy of Music to see C.H.W. On to Northcourt for their open day. Lunch with Wadie at Academy. Walked with her to shops and tube, Tottenham Court Road to Tufnell Park to see sports of special schools. Mansfield Road teachers all there. Lady Lawrence. Sir Max Bohm gave prizes. Home by 27 bus. Supper. Sewed.

Wednesday 13th July 1927

Very dark.
Indoors sewing most of a.m. To shops. Lunch. Alys came at 2. She and I to Hurlingham, with Miss Fagg’s tickets, great fun. Oxford versus Cambridge. Polo match. Oxford won 8-3. Guards (Horse) versus Cowley Manor (very, very good). Home 7. Alys and Dennis to dine at House of Commons – Wardlaw-Milne.

Thursday 14th July 1927

Dull, mild. Rain all day.
To laundry and Katherine Strand. Sewed in a.m. Lunch at home. At 3.45 to Victoria Station. Met Alys – with her to Training School in Buckingham Palace Road. To Eustace Miles At Home at 4.45 till 6 nearly. Home with Alys to 76. Dinner. Listened-in. To bed 10.45.

Friday 15th July 1927

Warm. Dull.
Took Brent on Heath (up with Dennis in car). Then home to 21. Out to lunch at Academy with Dick Aldridge and C.H.W. To town to buy Alys’ crêpe de chine, and looked at Sales. Walked eventually to 6 Seymour Street. Took Wadie’s wireless to Bond’s. Back to her room. Home about 7.30. Very tired. Supper and bed.

Saturday 16th July 1927

Warmish, dull.
Washed thing and ironed. Walked to Chelsea and lunch with Polly and Dorothy. In garden. They won 1st prize for Inner London! Stayed tea. Home out to buy food. Did crochet on green and grey waistcoat and listened-in.

11th Tea at Alys’ to meet Lady Mules.
14th Eustace Miles At Home 4.30 to 7. Green salon.
12th Sports – Tufnell Park. Open Day Northcourt.
13th Hurlingham with Alys.
Dennis and Alys to Phil for weekend.

Sunday 24th July 1927

Dull. Windy.
Quiet a.m. Unwell. Washing. Lunch. Rested on bed and read Conan Doyle’s History of Spiritualism. To tea at Agnes Rush’. Met Shoesmith’s. Poster artist. On to supper at Sissie’s. Home 10 or so. Tired.

Monday 25th July 1927

Fine. Warm.
Out to Victoria at 11.20 to meet Phil. Dennis and Alys took me back in car to Oxford Terrace. Tidied and cleaned paint. Lunch. At 5 o’clock (about). Clara Dinkle came. Sat and talked. At 7 walked to Lyons’ Coventry Street with her, and then to see Abie’s Irish Rose at Apollo Theatre. Quite amusing. She took dress circle seats.

Tuesday 26th July 1927

Hot, fine on whole.
Out to shops. Dennis brought Brent. Out again to shops with him. Dorothy at 1 to lunch. Talked. Out by Hyde Park with Dorothy and Brent. To Knightsbridge. Home. Read. Supper. Dennis and Alys called for Brent. Began black skirt for pleating.

Wednesday 27th July 1927

Out to Waterloo to meet Eva from Sherborne. She now leaves school, aged 18! They brought me back. Lunch, sewed, rested.

Thursday 28th July 1927

Dull, warm.
Did dressmaking. Phoned Alys and Mrs Styer. Kit in and Kath for 10 minutes, on way to meet Peter and George. I walked to Kardomah for coffee. Lunch at the Rose, on way home. Rested in p.m. Supper. Began bathing-gown.

Friday 29th July 1927

Fine. Warm.
Up at 11.30 to Alys’. Took Brent at walk with Phil. To Leg o’ Mutton. Lunch with Phil alone. Eva and Alys in at tea-time. Dennis out to dinner. I stayed all evening and to supper. Helen also there, stopping. I home at 9.45. Listened-in.

Saturday 30th July 1927

Dull. Mild.
To Wadie’s. To Selfridge’s and Dolcis. Home 12.15. Lunch. Sewed at black pleated skirt. Out at 5 to Wadie’s again and took her wireless set; brought back mine. Tired. Hot bath and early to bed.

25th Dinkle at 4? And theatre.
Write Kit 30th
Phil 25th – 11.20 Victoria
Eva 27th 11.10.
7.30 Mrs Styer
Fred Taylor – “Market” Poster, errand boy.

Sunday 31st July 1927

Fine on whole. A shower. Warm.
Tried on bathing-gown. At 12 Elsa and Max called for me in car. With them to 8 Church Row. Lunch. Read O’Malley in Saturday Evening Post on British in Swizterland. All walked to Fellowes Road to tea with the Silcox’s. Very nice couple from China. Home in taxi to Church Row. Lewis Baumer in to supper. Stayed tlll 10 or 10.15.

Monday 1st August 1927

Dull. Rain all day.
Did some washing. Wade came 12.30. Alys and Dennis in car 12.45. Fetched us. Spent day with them. Eva and Phil in bed from typhoid inoculations. Read “Cornet of Horse” to them. Wade home at 6.30. I stayed till 9.

Tuesday 2nd August 1927

Very fine.
Out to see Ethel Miles in a.m. and stayed till 12.15. Home. Lunch. Long rest in p.m. reading and sleeping. Did tie in baticolors and sewed blue knitted skirt. To bed 9.30. Read Conan Doyle’s “Spiritualism History”.

Wednesday 3rd August 1927

Fine. Hot.
Met Alys and Eva and Phil at P&O Offices. 11.15. All to Barker’s. Eva got lizard shoes. Alys and Phil shopped for his school clothes. Lunch at Derry and Tom’s. Phil and I to Capitol to see Rin-Tin-Tin in Hills of Kentucky. Very good. Home at 7. To bed early and listened-in to “Butterfly on the Wheel”. Good.

Thursday 4th August 1927

Hot. Dull then fine.
Tried on and sewed bathing-gown. At 12.30 to English Speaking Union. Met Miss Maud Hoyt there, and lunched with her. Then to Selfridge’s and home and changed bathing-cap. Turned out cupboards and boxes for ribbon.

Friday 5th August 1927

Very hot. Sultry. No sun.
Did sewing, washing and ironing. Out to Alys’. Stayed all day as they not to Dolly’s. Anger at thwarting! Dennis back at 3 or so, and he and Phil to baths. I altered Alys striped cotton frock. Supper early and Eva and I to Hippodrome, Golders Green to see Lido Lady. Home nearly 12. I slept in Eva’s room.

Saturday 6th August 1927

They all out to Dymchurch for day and bathe. Took me home first. I did sewing at Alys’ cotton dress all day. At 8.30 they came and took me to Chinese Restaurant for supper with them. Home about 10.30.

To Elsa’s 31st
Miss Hoyt 4th

Sunday 7th August 1927

Hot and fine.
All day sewed Alys’ dress, but at 4 went up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Tea there. Brent cut foot and very lame. Supper. Then all in car to 21 Oxford Terrace. I changed clothes, and back for night. Down with Dennis to Lab for vaccine at 10.30.

Monday 8th August 1927

Washed and ironed Alys’ frock. Alys to town for treatment. Eva to see Tony in nursing home. Both back to lunch. Maud there and cooked it. Sewed a little on Alys new striped dress hem. Stayed. Alys inoculated 2nd typhoid.

Tuesday 9th August 1927

Showery. Warm.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Eva and I got it. Alys up. I took Brent out. Lunch, Miss Howard came. Eva to Barbara’s to lunch and cinema. Red Robe. Helen back with Dennis and had supper. Alys to bed 7.

Wednesday 10th August 1927

Fine, warm.
Eva and Phil in bed with fever 100.4 and 2. I out with Brent. Did lavender with Alys. She still felt ill-ish. Lunch there alone with Alys. Children in bed. Miss Howard there. I went home to 21 Oxford Terrace at 2 and Nell Sime at 3.50 to tea and talk. Out to Boots’ to change book.

Thursday 11th August 1927

Showery. Warm.
To Victoria to find out my train to Brighton. To P&O Office for Alys. Home to lunch. Prepared for Miss Hoyt who came to tea 3.20 till 4.15. To English Speaking Union then on to Elm Park Road and supper with Polly and Dorothy. Conrad and “Chetter” Cumberledge there at first. Home at 11.

Friday 12th August 1927

Out to Woolworth’s. Washed carpet. Went to meet Alys and Eva at 12 to choose Phil’s present. Alfa Romeo car 25/-. Lunch with them there. To Lab and then home. Planned Tante’s Russian blouse into jumper, all p.m. To bed 10.35.

Saturday 13th August 1927

Fine a.m. then rain.
Did jumper and Dorothy Barnard’s blue knitted coat (into waistcoat). Out to Hamley’s and Evans and to see Tony at 7 Mandeville Place. Home. Dennis came at 4 to bring and fetch trunks. I back with him. Tea at 76. Home at 7. Listened-in and crocheted on blue waistcoat.

Barnard’s go way 13th
11th Miss Hoyt at 3 or 3.30.

4.45 Paddington
11th To Poz and Doz to sup.
Asked Nell – Wednesday tea here.

Sunday 14th August 1927

Finished blue waistcoat. Wrote E.P. and copied poem. Ironed. Up at 4 to Alys’ and tea with them. Dennis to Brighton for Mrs Charles’ wireless. Supper and stayed night at 76.

Monday 15th August 1927

With Eva to shop – Evans, Bourne and Hollingsworth, Abbotts. Lunch Evans’. Eva home alone at 2.30. I later. Had hair done at 3.15. To P&O place in rain. Home. Sewed.

Tuesday 16th August 1927

Did a lot of sewing in a.m. Lunch at home. To Harrod’s. Up to Alys’ at teatime. Dennis back early. All to Aldywch Theatre to see Thark. Upper circle (good) back row. Large. Tom Walls, Ralph Lynn.

Wednesday 17th August 1927

Fine and warm.
Slept at 76. Alys in bed all day, with typhoid inoculation (last evening). Miss Howard helped. Took Brent out (Eva and Phil too) to Pond and did odd sewings. Dennis late back. Cooked Welsh Rarebit prawns. Helped Dennis till midnight with Jack Willis’ wireless.

Thursday 18th August 1927

Rain then fine.
I unwell. Spencer at 9. Alys in bed to breakfast. Maud came. After we all packed up. Alys, Eva and I ironed. After lunch Alys to Bond’s for hair. I home and packed. Had tea there too. At 7 up to 76. Dennis and Eva with Brent to Wycombe. Phil in bed 101 temp. Alys and I had supper and to bed at 9.15. Tired.


Friday 19th August 1927

Helped with packing; Dennis packed. Smeed came to see Phil. Eva and I packed silver. Dennis and Alys took it to Bank. Lunch 12.15. All in 2 taxis to Euston 12.45. Embletons by 2 trains to Tilbury*. I home. By 4.15 from Victoria to Birchington. Mrs Styer met me. To Beresford Hotel. Dined and to bed at 10.35.

  • For P&O S.S. Rajputana to Marseilles for Pardigon, Var.

Saturday 20th August 1927

Rain all day. Dull.
Breakfast in bed. Arranged things. Wrote to Dorothy Barnard. Lunch. Rested. Slept! Out to shops with Mrs Styer to buy sweets for Mr Gollance’s birthday and fruit. Dressed. Dinner. Did crossword puzzle.

Alys away 19th. I to Beresford Hotel, Birchington. 2 St Pancras
21st unwell
19th 4.15 Victoria arrived 6.20.
17th 2.30 Regent and Bond.

Sunday 21st August 1927

Fine. Dull 2 hours in p.m.
Up to breakfast. Out for walk on Sands to Minnis Bay with Mrs Styer. Met Mr Aspinall K.C. and sat with him and all walked back by cliffs. Lunch. Rests. Mr Styer bathed with Lions and Mademoiselle. Tea 5. Watched sports on lawn. Walked to Epple Bay. Dinner. Talked to Tilleys and watched dancing.

Monday 22nd August 1927

Rain in a.m. Fine and windy later.
Drove to Grove Ferry (lavender fields) with Mrs Hustler too. Got very wet. Dorothy and Phyllis and Rodney came over on bicycles to tea. They played cricket. Mrs Styer and I walked to village at 6.30. Crosswords in evening.

Tuesday 23rd August 1927

Bathed (1st) with Mrs Styer. Mademoiselle and Lion children at 1.30. Sat and read paper in glass room at Ingoldsby. Lunch. Rested at 3.30. We took Mr Aspinall to St Margaret’s Bay, had tea there. Back by Sandwich, Ramsgate, Margate.

Wednesday 24th August 1927

Fine except thunder-shower.
Wrote Kit. At 11.15 nice bathe (2) with Mrs Styer, Mademoiselle and Lions and Tilley girls. After lunch, rested and then started 3.30 to walk to Westgate, back as rained. Tea. To shops for fruit and cinnamon. Dinner. Mrs Styer had mosquito bite! “Crosswords”. Budge and bone! To bed about 11.

Thursday 25th August 1927

Rough and gray. Sunny later.
Mrs Styer in bed, and I bathed alone at Hotel. Roughish. Lunch. Then rested and at 3.30 in car to East North down? To Dorothy Gollance’s, to tea and for a walk in fields. She back with us to dine at Beresford Hotel and here till 10.

Friday 26th August 1927

Sun and rough then grey.
All bathed at 12, Mademoiselle and the Tilley’s and children and Mrs Styer. Quite roughish. Very high tide. In p.m. after rest, Mrs Styer and I took Mrs Hustler in car to Ramsgate. Tea at Granville Hotel (good). Walked on front. Crowds!!!! Home, dinner. I talked to man and his old 90 year mother about Aberdeens and Alsatians.

Saturday 27th August 1927

Wrote card – Dorothy and Eva. Bathed at 12. Good many of us. High tide; lovely. After lunch, short rest. At about 4, Mrs Styer and I walked through village to Westgate. Tea there on esplanade place. Budge on rocks. Back, tired at 7.10. Dined 8.10. Talked and read in evening. Mrs Gubbins (nice) talked. To bed 11.45!

27th Polly and Dolly to Carrington Hotel, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire.
23rd Wrote Alys
27th Picture postcard of No man’s land with rocks to Eva.
Postcard (hotel) to Dorothy
Lady Kitty Vincent – Alsatians. Major Beddoes.

Sunday 28th August 1927

Lovely day. Hot.
Bathed in am. Very nice. High. Talked to old lady and left Budge there. After lunch rested and at 3.30 in car and took Mrs Hustler and Mrs Gubbins to Sturry, Fordwich (ducking stool). Tankerton, Whistable. Tea there in garden. Talked a little to old lady and son in evening.

Monday 29th August 1927

Perfect day. Hot.
Talked long to old lady on cliff. Bathed at 12.30. Warm and shallow. Rested. At 4 we walked to Minnis Bay. Tea in garden there. Very nice. Walked back slowly. Sitting and reading. After dinner Mr Aspinall talked to Mrs Styer so I talked to old lady and son, abit. Geo. Moore, Hardy and T.P. O’Connor (journalist).

Tuesday 30th August 1927

Dull, then fine.
Out and saw with Mrs Morgan and read paper to her. At 12.30 bathed with Mrs Styer alone. Choppy and rocks. Lunch 2. Mrs Styer rested. I with Budge on cliff and talked to General Morgan and his mother. At 4 we drove to call on Sir Herman and Lady Gollance. Out. On to North Foreland. Tea at the Captian Digby. Bought bathing shoes. Listened to Mr Morgan and Mr Way Chance talking.

Wednesday 31st August 1927

Very fine and warm.
Talked to Mrs Morgan. At 11 for drive to Reculver Abbey ruin, and took Joyce and Dick Lion with us. Back at 1. Lunch. I sat and talked to Mrs and General Morgan till 31.5 Bathed at 3.45 with Mrs Styer and Lion children. Tea on lawn and talked to Jones girl and Morgan’s. Dinner. Did crossword and read “Now East Now West” by Susan Ertz – good. Mrs Styer to bed 10.30. I at 11.

Thursday 1st September 1927

Very fine.
Mrs Styer down to breakfast at 9.30. Talked to Mrs Morgan and Mrs Orme. Wrote Aunt Bella. We walked to village and shopped. On Sands. Lunch. I sat with Mrs Morgan in garden and read to her, and talked. We bathed at 4 (10th). Lovely. Tea in lounge. Read. Dinner. Talked a little to the Morgans about Times letters and photographs. Read. Mrs Styer sore throat. To bed 10.45.

Friday 2nd September 1927

Fine and warm.
Mrs Styer up to breakfast again. Took Budge out. At 11.15 we motored to Folkestone, taking Miss Jones, red-haired and big, with. Lunch on beach, sandwiches. Went to book rooms at Manor House Hotel. Home. Dinner. Swelled jaw. Conjuror in evening. Dull. Talked to Mrs Morgan. To bed 11.

Saturday 3rd September 1927

Dull, windy. Rough.
Wrote Alys. At 11.15, Mrs Styer and I took Mrs Morgan in car to Quex Museum. Major Cotton’s shooting collection. Very interesting. Pinfold, curator.

Lunch. Out with Budge. At 3.45 to Westgate. I to dentist Glaisby, who pulled tooth out. On to tea with Mr Sidney Cumbers (“Captain Silver”) in ship room. Unique! Home. After dinner Mrs Aspinall talked to us, and Mrs Lencroft. The Morgans had Mr Wade Chance and 2 American friends in evening. Dancing. To bed 11 or so.

Sydney “Long John Silver” Cumbers 1875 – 1959) – British businessman and collector of Merchant Navy memorabilia.

Sunday 4th September 1927

Dull. Damp.
On Sands nearly to Minnis Bay and sat and read papers till about 1. Out after lunch and talked about “Hell-Cat Maggie”, Miss Fast to Mr Morgan. After tea with Mrs Styer to beach by cliffs. Called at 4 on Mr and Mrs Hayward at The Box. Talked to Morgans in evening.

Monday 5th September 1927

Finer and warmer.
At 10.20 in car to fetch Phyllis from Kings. On Sands. Mrs Morgan too. After lunch, sat with Phyllis on front and talked to Mr Morgan – divorce, Woodrow Wilson. Bathed – 11th with Phyllis. Lovely. Tea in front garden. Ball games with Barnes’. Phyllis stayed to dinner and we took her back at 9 in car. Crossword. Read the German Offer by English Review till past 12.

Tuesday 6th September 1927

Fine, heavy showers, fine.
On Sands in a.m. Talked to Mrs Barnes, fat Doctor’s wife and children. Lunch 1.20. Rested as raining. In lounge, lent Twilight Sleep to Mr Morgan. Tea in lounge. With Mrs Styer and J.H. Morgan and his mother and Mr Wade Chance. “Blitz”. Interesting talk Lord Stair. To village and with L.S. Bathed at 6 (12th). Rested, dressed. Dined at 8.15. Talked of books. Crossword. To bed 10.35. Chilly.

Wednesday 7th September 1927

Fine day.
Out on Sands and bathed but very cold -13th. Lunch. White wool frock and sat on grass, talking to the Morgan’s. Hot sun (Loneliness, God or Beast) Goddess! At 3 in car W.L.S and the Lion children to Sandwich Bay. Cowries and other shells. Tea on dunes. At 7 drove home. Dinner 8.10. Crossword and Mrs Aspinall in evening (he was Council to Cunard and P&O) Lord Inchcape.

Thursday 8th September 1927

Fine, rain in evening.
On front with Mrs Morgan and bathed (14th) with L.S, Mrs Todd and “Virginia” – cold. Lunch. Sat with Morgans in the garden. Friend and talked of being asked to call and bowlers! To tea at Mademoiselle and Lion’s. On Sands with Lions. After dinner, wonderful talk with Morgans and Wade Chance till 11. Woodrow Wilson, Astronomy, spirits. Thought reading.

Friday 9th September 1927

Fine. Some rain.
Mrs Styer in bed to breakfast. I with Mrs Morgan and bathed alone at 11.15. Mrs Styer and I to Minnis Bay. Lunch late. Rested. Out with Budge. At 3.30 in car and took Mademoiselle to village and Kingsgate Castle Hotel. Tea. Rested. After dinner crossword. Mrs Morgan felt ill and to bed 9.30. Mr Chance came and left early. I had talk with J.H.M. on front lawn.

Saturday 10th September 1927

Rain. Rough.
Wrote to Kit in Lounge. Helped Mrs Morgan to find her keys, and pack. Bathed (16th) with David and Judy Philips and the Lions, Mademoiselle. Rough. Saw Morgan’s at lunch and saw Mrs Morgan off at 1.30. Rested on bed till 3.45. To village in car. Had my hair cut. Mrs Styer shampooed. Walked back. Mrs Styer fell and hurt hand. Dined. Sat in Miramar Sitting Room in evening.


Embleton’s back on 10th
“You must allow me to be judge of that”`
“She’s all I’ve got”
“Distinguished! I don’t know, but very lonely”
The Sinister Man” Edgar Wallace.

Sunday 11th September 1927

Very rough.
Walked to Westgate and watched bathers in rough sea. Rested. Tea. Mr Chance came in and talked. On Sands and then cliffs towards Minnis Bay. Read and crossword in evening. Packed up.


Monday 12th September 1927

Fine. Gale.
Letter from J.H.M. Packed and watched rough sea; fine. Lunch. Rested. Tea. At 4.45 in car to Folkestone. Manor House. Dinner. I took Budge to garage to sleep at 9. To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 13th September 1927

Dull. Rain.
Fetched Budge from garage at 8.30. Breakfast with L.S. Out to shops and salt swimming-bath. Nice swim. Home. Lunch. Unwell. Rested. Slept. Tea. Wrote to Dorothy Barnard. Out to buy S.T.’s in rain. Dressed. Dined. Cosy evening by fire. To bed 10.20.

Wednesday 14th September 1927

Rain nearly all day.
I caught the 11 train to Charing Cross. Tube to Bond Street. Bought gloves. To Claridges. Lunch with Cyrus McCormick and Alice (his bride) and Gordon. Very enjoyable. To Marshall’s. Wrote E.P. To Peter Robinson’s and met Alys, Eva and Phil. With Eva to Selfridge’s and taxi to Thew’s. Left her there. I in taxi to Victoria. 5 p.m. train to Folkestone. Arrived 7.5. Taxi to Manor House. Dinner. Quiet evening.

manor house

Thursday 15th September 1927

Mrs Styer in bed to breakfast. Phoned C.P. Out and Mrs Styer to swimming baths. I with Budge sat on various seats and read and home at 1. Lunch. Rests. At 4.30 in car to Imperial Hotel, Hythe. Tennis tournament. Tea there. For a walk by sea and canal. Home 6.30. Talked to Mrs Little in evening.


Friday 16th September 1927

Perfect day.

After breakfast, we walked to Theatre and C.P.’s office and shops. Then sat by Band on Leas. Lunch. Rests. Out with Budge while L.S. bathed in sea with Mrs Little’s governess. Tea on verandah. After dinner to see “Happy Go-Lucky” at theatre. Letter from J.H.M.

Saturday 17th September 1927

Rain. Fine later.
Mrs Styer’s tongue swollen and sore. I wrote letters and read. My box arrived at last from Birchington. Out on Leas at 1. Lunch, then I unpacked and darned and washed things. Tea, after waiting for Matron till 6. Out in car to over. Met soldiers from manoeuvres. Lovely views. Walked along front. Home 7. Crosswords.

13th – my 48th birthday
14th Wrote E.P. from Marshall’s.
17th – wrote Amy and Elsa

Sunday 18th September 1927

Showery, then very fine.
Wrote to Ella. Out on Leas with Mrs Styer 12 – 1.15. Dennis, Alys and Eva and Brent arrived 1.30 in car. Had lunch. At 2.30. Mrs Styer rested. We on beach. Back 3.30. All out and walked down and back by lift. Tea. They away 5.30. We out again. Rested 6 – 7. Dined, crosswords. To bed 9.45.

Monday 19th September 1927

Windy. Mild.
Mrs Styer in bed to breakfast. I wrote to K.H.D. Took Budge out for a run. Out with L.S. to shops till 1.15. Lunch. She rested. I read till 3, then rested upstairs. Tea. Out on Leas a good walk. Dined 7. To theatre to see “The Ringer” Both had seen it before but very good and amusing.

Tuesday 20th September 1927

Mrs Styer in bed all day with a cold. I out with Budge on Leas and to shops. Lunch alone. Read “Sard Harker” Masefield. Very good. Wrote to J.H.M. and posted it at Post Office. Tea alone and read. Rested till 6. Out with Budge again. Dinner. Read till 9.50. Hot bath.

Wednesday 21st September 1927

Very windy. Mild.
Mrs Styer in bed until 1 o’clock. I out to shop and station about my trunk with Budge. Read and lunch. Tea. Out (Budge wouldn’t come) on beach. Knitted and talked to Mrs Stayer in lounge. Dressed, dined. Read “The Hurcotts” by Murial Hine. To bed 10.30.

Thursday 22nd September 1927

Very windy. Mild.
Out with Budge to shops for lozenges and fruit. Mrs Styer in all day.  Back in gale. Mrs Styer up for lunch. Rested. I at 4.15 with Budge again for lozenges (change them). Tea. Out alone to steamer pier and Royal Pavilion Hotel, and back, tired. Dressed, dine. Read all evening. To bed 10.30.

Friday 23rd September 1927

Fine a.m. Wet and wild p.m.
Out and sat in sun with Budge who ate grass and sick. J.H.M. returned “Twilight Sleep” with a letter. Mrs Styer and I to shops and on Leas. Lunch. Rested. Tea at 4.40. Not out again as fearful rain and wind. Two French parents in evening. We talked. Their girl at school at Eversley.

Saturday 24th September 1927

Very fine all day.
Mrs Styer down to breakfast. I packed up. Out to Leas with Mrs Styer. Left her at Bandstand. I to station to send off my trunk, and posted “Sinister Man” to J.H.M. Lunch. Short rest. Out to Band 3 – 4.30. Tea. Out to shops. Dined. To see “Interference” at theatre. Very good. Play and company (not du Maurier).


Sunday 25th September 1927

Fine. Cold.
L.S. down to breakfast. I wrote Tades. Out on Leas and sat reading papers. At 2.20 we started in car; tea at Wrotham (pronounced Rootem). Arrived 12 Wedderburn Road about 6.15. Drove very slowly. 70 miles. Dinner. Talked. To bed 10.20. Bad night.

Monday 26th September 1927

Fine. Mild.
Breakfast 9.30. Mrs Styers’ wedding anniversary. Alys called in. Out on Heath for a time. Sat in sun. Rested. Tea. To Fitzjohn’s Parade – shops and library. Budge lame. Mabel came and to supper. Bezique and crossword. To bed 10.15. Bad night.

Tuesday 27th September 1927

Fine. Mild.
Tony Ayrton called before breakfast! Out to Northcourt with Mrs Styer and to shops and Bank for silver. Taxi home. Rested, slept. Felt ill and bad nettle-rash all day. Dorothy Gollance and Rodney to tea. Lizzie, hunchback, in. Dinner. Listened-in. To bed 10.10. Good night.

Wednesday 28th September 1927

Fine in a.m. Dull.
Out in car at 11 to Haverstock Hill School. On to Wagons-Lits (St James) and Marshall’s. Home. Lunch 1.30. Tony Ayrton at 2. I with him to 21 Oxford Terrace to get lino-cutting things. Home to tea at Wedderburn Road. Walked up to Phienka’s with Mrs Styer. She fitted. Dinner. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 29th September 1927

Rain. Cleared up at 6.
Quieter day but bad in evening. In car at 11 to Mansfield Road Schools. Back to Hampstead Heath by train. Mrs Styer to town. Lunch. Rested, slept. Tea. Read and knitted while Mrs Styer wrote “memento” letters. Out a little way with Budge. Dinner. Did crossword, and played Bezique.

Friday 30th September 1927

Very fine.
Packed up. At 11.15 in car with Mrs Styer to 21 Oxford Terrace. Home again!!! Unpacked trunk and out to shops for food. Lunch. Ethel Miles called at 2.15. I at 3 to have hair done and to Boots for book. Home unpacked and wrote letters, and cheques. Supper. To bed about 9.45.

Saturday 1st October 1927

Did a lot of washing. Out at 12.30 to Alys’. Lunch with Alys and Eva. Talked to them in p.m. Dennis back to tea at 4. All in car to 21 Oxford Terrace. I took Brent. They to Cave’s for week-end. Supper and read “Mother India”, Katherine Mayo.

1st Lunch Alys
30th 3 p.m. Hair
2nd Lunch Esla’s.
Began Yeastrite 30th – supper.

“Red Letter” week.

Sunday 2nd October 1927

Dull. Mild.
Took Brent in Park. At 12 I up to Ayrton’s to lunch 1 o’clock. Home at 3. Took Brent again in Park. Home. No tea but supper at 6.45. Read. Sewed 2 hats. Read and out late with Brent.

Monday 3rd October 1927

Very fine day.
I out with Brent. Kitty came in a.m. and Alys called for Brent at 11. Letter first post from J.H.M! To Chappell’s. Home to quick lunch and out to Bath’s, Walham Green for M.D. School competition swimming. Bought coat in Kensington on way home to “High tea” 6.45. Tacked skirt all evening.

Tuesday 4th October 1927

Busy sorting out clothes; trunk. Lunched at The Rose, talked to Christina. Read. To English Speaking Union. Then to Alys’ in p.m. With her and Brent back. I took him a walk in part, and back to Lab at 7. Listened-in and read “Mother India”.

Wednesday 5th October 1927

Dull. Mild. Fog.
Letter from J.H.M. Out to Managers’ Meeting, Northcourt 10.30. I in Chair. E.M.M. at Cardiff. To shops for dress – Harrods, Margaret Marks, Gooch. Then Swan and Edgar, Lafayette and bought dress at Dickens and Jones’. Home to lunch. Back to Dickens and Jones for fitting. Home. Rested. Dressed. Taxi to Whitehall Court; 9.30. Dined there with Mr Morgan, and stayed till 10.50. He saw me to bus at Trafalgar Square. Home.

Thursday 6th October 1927

Fine and warm.
Out to shops and fetched Brent from Lab. Lunch and rest, and got tea ready and dusted books. Christina and Patty to tea at 4.30. Tidied up and walked to Lab with Brent. Supper. Read “Mother India”, to bed 8.45!

Friday 7th October 1927

Fine. Some fog.
Letter from J.H.M. Out to library and on to Bond Street to Kardomah. Home. Dorothy to lunch 1.15 and until 3. Washed up. Out and bought hat at Harries. Walked home. Sewed brim on to it. Supper. Wrote E.P. Read “Dusty Answer” by Rosamund Lehmann till 12.

Saturday 8th October 1927

Fine and warm.
To Paddington to ask about trains. Home. Alys came (very tired). We had lunch – beef and beans. She rested. I out to shops and took Brent in Park to swim. Tea, and I tried on dresses and altered Elsa’s evening dress. Dennis came at 7.45. Very tired and they to Canuto’s.

3rd Swimming Gala M.D.’s.
5th Meeting
2nd J.H.M back “on or about October 2nd
5th Dine with J.H.M. Whitehall Court 8.30
6th Patty and Chris 4.30
7th wrote E.P.
9th To Wootton Bassett. Paddington 10.5.

Sunday 9th October 1927

Perfect day.
To Paddington and took 10.5 train to Wootton Bassett, near Swindon, Wiltshire. Mr Morgan met me, with Blitz. Lunch at Priory Cottage with Mrs Morgan. All of us in car through Avebury and to Marborough. Tea there at Ball and Castle. Back. Sat and talked till 7.25. I by 7.46 train to Paddington. 10 or alter. Unwell. Tired.

Monday 10th October 1927

Out to meet Alys at Peter Robinson’s. To Marshall’s and Welbeck Street with her. Home. Wadie came. Took her to lunch at “Rose”. Home. She unpicked and I ironed frocks in p.m. Tea. At 6.25 she left. I out with her. Supper and early to bed.

Tuesday 11th October 1927

Dull. Cool.
Out to North Cliff House and Carmelite House, and over Blackfriars Bridge to get back Number Sep. 23 Daily Mail. To pay Insurance. Charing Cross. To Lewis and Evans. Met Alys 15 Welbeck Street. Home with her. Lunch (Nelly, new char there). Stayed to tea. Home at 6. Drew wig. Supper.

Wednesday 12th October 1927

Dull. Mildish.
Dennis brought Brent at 10. Put band on coat. Took Brent in Park. Met Alys in Baker Street. Lunched. Clifford’s Inn. To Temple and then Law Courts. 1.15. Procession of Opening of Law Courts 2.10. Lord Cave, Lord Chancellor. J.H. Morgan K.C. who sent me the admission ticket. Alys home with me. Coffee. She to treatment 4.30. I wrote J.H.M. To bed. (Took Brent to Lab 6.30).

Thursday 13th October 1927

Did a lot of washing and ironing. Out to lunch at “Rose”. Home and rested. Out to 6 Elm Park Road to tea and supper. Home 10.

Friday 14th October 1927

Dull. Fineish.
Walked to Pound’s with clock, and back. Out to lunch at “Rose”. Home and rested, slept. Dusted books in three bookcases. Tea. Supper, read “No Other Tiger” by Mason. At 9.15 to 6 Elm Park Road. Dorothy out. I to bed there. Stayed night.

Saturday 15th October 1927

Doz showed me Sorapure Treatment 8 – 9. Breakfast. Read paper. Home at 11.30. To shops. Rested in p.m. Tea. Supper. At 6.30 to Finchley Road Gymnasium. Ayrton’s Badminton Club. Fun Alys, Dennis and Evan who brought me home in car at 9.20. Besick’s, London’s.

15th 7 p.m. Badminton
10th Wadie 12.30 or Wednesday
13th 6 Elm Park Road – tea and supper
12th Law Courts

Sunday 16th October 1927

Mild, dullish.
Alys, Dennis and Eva to Tonbridge. Did Sorapure Treatment and stayed in bed till 10.30. Sewed prune and gold dress. Lunch. Wrote Dorothy Barnard and Mrs Styer. Called on Menie (away). On Wade (out). On to 26 Compayne. Tea there. Home at 6.15. Arranged Slade drawings. To bed 9.30.

Monday 17th October 1927

Fine on whole.
Sorapure Treatment. Out with Books to Praed Street and to Boots. To Alys’. Lunch, out with Alys and Eva at little cake shop. I took Brent a walk. Sewed dress; and Eva wrote French letter. Alys not well. Out with Brent again after tea, and home at 6.

Tuesday 18th October 1927

Very fine and mild.
Sorapure Treatment. Dennis bought Brent. I took him walk round Kensington Round Pond. Lunch at home. Rest in afternoon. Took Brent again, ready for Dennis. Listened-in, and fetched Brent at 10, after lecture.

Wednesday 19th October 1927

Some showers.
Up to Alys’ and sewed there, with her. Took Brent out. Lunch with Alys. Sewed and rested in sitting-room. Coffee. Eva in 5.30. I home, and then met Dennis at Canuto’s and then with him to Plaza to see “Chang’s”. Good animal cinema.

Also “Downhill” and Ivor Novello there in person.

Thursday 20th October 1927

Sorapure Treatment. Dennis brought Brent. Took him across Park and bought Lucy’s work at Knightsbridge. Home and to shops. Tired. Wrote Ella. Rested in p.m. and read; Took Brent out, and then at 6 took him to Lab. Home. Listened to Sir O. Lodge. Supper and to bed at 9.

Friday 21st October 1927

Sorapure Treatment. Out to English Speaking Union. On to Vogue, Aldwich for pattern. Back to lunch at “Rose”. Cut out and fitted duvetyn dress all p.m. Read Jean Christophe and magazines. Long evening. Bath and to bed 9.

Saturday 22nd October 1927

Sorapure Treatment (better today). Went on with frock. Ironed. Out to lunch at Rose. Rested in p.m. Altered Russian jumper and dressed. Supper 6. To Badminton. Quite fun. Home by bus 10.20.

20th Write Ella
20th Numerology 3.45.
23rd 7 p.m. Menie’s Bristol House

Sunday 23rd October 1927

Sorapure Treatment. Worked at dress in a.m. Lunch. Out to Albert Hall 3. Cortot and Gerhardt. At 5.30 to English Speaking Union. Walked. Wrote J.H.M. On to Menie and Philip’s. Andrew and Nancy to supper too. I stayed till 9.45. Home.

Monday 24th October 1927

Sorapure Treatment (better). To Evans’ and then Lab. Got Brent and took him in Park. Home to lunch. Sewed dress, fur on. Out with Brent and then at 6.10 took him to Lab. Got supper. To bed.

Tuesday 25th October 1927

Very mild. Dull.
Sorapure Treatment (better). To Pound’s for clock. On by tram to Mansfield Road. Visited schools. Home. Lunch at Acadir. Sewed blue dress till 4.15. Rested and listened-in. Supper about 6.15. Cut round mount for photo and tidied desk. To bed 9.30 (lunch with C.H.W. and Aldridge).

Wednesday 26th October 1927

Very mild. Dull.
Sorapure Treatment. Out to Lab at 10. Got Brent. To Kardomah for coffee. Home via Green Park and Hyde Park. Lunch. Sewed and rested. To Boots’ for linseed. Rested and out at 6.5 to Lab with Brent. Home to supper about 7. Early to bed.

Thursday 27th October 1927

Showery and very mild.
Sorapure Treatment. Eva phoned. I tried on frock and then at 11 up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys to Lab to lunch. I had lunch with Eva (Nellie cooked it). Out with Eva and Brent in rain. Alys back to tea. I away at 6.40 home. Supper.

Thursday 28th October 1927

Showers, then sunny, fine and very mild.
Sorapure Treatment. Out to shops. Finished blue duvetyn frock. Walked to Knightsbridge. On to 6 Elm Park Road. Lunch there. With Polly and Dorothy to Southwark. Walworth Road. Faraday Memorial inaugurated by Sir Oliver Lodge. All the H. Faradays there. Howard Barnard and Barnard Faraday. Tea. Home. Supper. Gale.

Friday 29th October 1927

Very mild. Sunny.
Sorapure Treatment. Out to Bell and Croydon and Peter Robinson’s. back by bus. Fitted cross-stitch jumper. Lunch (Herring). Sewed cross-stitch jumper. Then rested 4 – 6.15. Supper. Dressed and to Badminton 7.45. Dennis and Eva brought me home in car, and Major Longdon.

28th Faraday Memorial opening.
28th Broadcast debate – Chesterton and Bernard Shaw – Hillaire Belloc in chair.
27th 3.45. Palmistry. Eustace Miles Restaurant. St Hill.
23rd Supper at Menie’s.
26th, 27th, or 30th – J.H.M?
28th Lunch with Barnards.
30th Tea at Sissie’s. Supper at Faraday’s.

Sunday 30th October 1927

Dullish. Warm.
Sorapure Treatment. Got up at 10.10. N.R. bad in p.m. Washed curtain. Sewed. Lunch. Sewed. To Wade’s at 3.15. On by tube to Sissie’s. Tea there. To Harold Faraday’s – Aunt Rosa and Eric. Listened-in to Sidney Australia! Quite clear concert and voice. Stayed till 10.15 Mr Williams, Lois and Laurie in at 9.30.

Monday 31st October 1927

Warm. Fine then showers.
Sorapure Treatment. Did tidying up and sewing in a.m. Out to lunch at 1 at “Rose”. On to Northcourt – ½ term holidays. Bus to Victoria and to Army and Navy to get ironing board for Dorothy’s birthday. On to Psychic Museum. Mummified hand. To Ridgway’s. Home. Supper.

Tuesday 1st November 1927

Mild, fine on whole.
Alys and Dennis brought Brent. I washed curtain. Then to Serpentine with Brent. He swam. Home. Out to have hair cut (Miss Blum). Lunch. Fish. Washed hair. Sewed and ironed, read. Lighted fire, and dried curtains. Took Brent to Lab at 6.30. Supper. Bed.

Wednesday 2nd November 1927

Very mild. Drizzle.
Sorapure Treatment. Bad N. To Boots’ and then to Alys’. Took Brent on Heath while Mrs Tidy called. Lunch with Alys and Eva. Eva out to work. Alys out to treatment at 2. I read “Philopena” (Webster) all p.m. by fire. Alys back to tea. Nelly Moir called. Out with Brent again and home – 53 with Alys, who to Lab. Supper. Read.

Thursday 3rd November 1927

Very fine and warm (64 degrees).
Sorapure Treatment. Eva came at 10 and we went to Kensington and Knightsbridge shops and then Regent Street. Lunch at Lyons in Oxford Street. Back to Harvey Nichols and bought Eva red 3 piece suit 8 ½ guineas. Home to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Alys in at 4. Tea. Altered the coat for Eva. All of us. Stayed to supper. Dennis home about 7.50. They drove me back and in Hyde Park 10 – 10.15.

Friday 4th November 1927

Fine. Cooler.
Sorapure Treatment. Washed things – china, marble – till Alys came at 12.30. Unwell. She’d been to Tidy and Ted. I lunch at “Rose”, then to meet Alys and Eva, Regents Park but car wrong. So Alys and I home, and rested at 21 Oxford Terrace. She away to dentist and I to tea at Susie’s. Met Miss Hall there – Secretary of English Woman’s Exhibition. Home 7.15. Supper.

Saturday 5th November 1927

Dull. Cold.
Bulgolac began. Out to shops. Sewed. Lunch. Rested 2 hours. Knitted. Dressed. Supper 6.30. To Badminton – fun. Home with Eva to sleep at 76 as Dennis and Alys out for their engagement anniversary to dine and see “Interference”.

3rd Out with Eva to shops.
5th Eva alone. Dennis and Alys out. I to 76.
4th To Susie’s 4.45.

Sunday 6th November 1927

Lovely day. Cold.
N.R. better. All out in car to Epping Forest. Lovely. Walk there with Dennis and Eva and Brent. Lunch in car in country. Home through Ilford and the City. Tea and supper at 76 and listened-in to Sidney, Australia. Poor. Home at 9.15.

Monday 7th November 1927

Dull. Cold.
N.R. much better. Took washing and walked on to British Museum. Looked at Mrs Delany’s paper mosaic flowers. Home to lunch. Did paper pimpernels. Rested. At 6.45 dined at Compayne Gardens. With Ethel to United Service Institute to London Municipal Association Meeting. Lord Jessel. Mr Ray, leader of Reform Party in L.C.C. spoke to candidates on L.C.C. work.

Delany invented a form of paper-cutting or decoupage, which she called her “paper mosaiks” and created 985 of these intricate illustrations of botanical specimens.

Tuesday 8th November 1927

Very cold. Foggy.
N.R. much better. Dennis brought Brent. I took him long walk in Kensington Gardens. Lunch. Had fire all day. Sat and did mosaic flower and then read. To Boots’ and got Lord Birkenhead’s book. Read. Took Brent to Lab 6.30. Home. Supper. Mended rug. Listened-in. To bed about 10.

Wednesday 9th November 1927

Some sun. Cold.
N.R. not so well. To Lab to fetch Brent. Did shopping on way back. Arranged lunch. Alys and Eva came to lunch. Eva off to work. Alys stayed all p.m. Coffee at 4. She to treatment. I took Brent to Lab at 6. Dennis drove me home about 6.45. Supper and listened-in by fireside.

Thursday 10th November 1927

Fine. Cold.
Sorapure Treatment. Out to see Jacynth Parsons’ pictures (aged 3 to 16) at Medici Gallery. To English Speaking Union. Wrote E.P. from there. Home to lunch. Met Alys and Eva at Marshall’s. Shopped with them. Tea at Sagne’s. home with them to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Stayed supper. Dennis out to dine with Fagge. I home at 9.30 after Prince of Wales’ broadcast.

Jacynth Parsons (1911-1992) Illustrator

Friday 11th November 1927

Fine. Sunny. Cold.
Sorapure Treatment. Kitty phoned. I to Euston to meet Kath and we to Cenotaph for service 11. I to Academy of Music for lunch with C.H.W. (Wadie) and Aldridge. Home. Rested all p.m. Listened-in in evening to Service from St Martin’s (Sheppard) and Queen’s Hall Concert. Balfour and Ian Hamilton.

Saturday 12th November 1927

Fine. Cold.
Out to shops. Home. Cooked chicken. Lunch. Did some painting of flowers of black paper. Rested. Supper. 6.30. To Badminton. Embleton’s late, from Tonbridge, but brought me home in car at 10.

7th – 6.45. – to 26 Compayne and meeting Lord Jessel.
11th Albert Hall in evening.
13th 10.30 a.m. Spiritualistic Albert Hall.
Wrote E.P. 10th.

Sunday 13th November 1927

Very fine. Cold.
Sorapure Treatment. N.R. bad shoulder a.m. Nell Sime at 10 and we walked to Albert Hall. Spiritualist Service of Remembrance. Conan Doyle. Home. Lunch. Rested. Walked to Nell’s. Tea with her and Jim. She said Mother and Father were there. Home 6.30. Ate cold childen. Out to Capitaol, Haymarket at 8. Began “Shoulder Arms” and then “Rin Tin Tin in Tracked by Police” and Nanette, Dam. Good.

Monday 14th November 1927

Raw and damp.
Tidied up. To Boot’s and read “Survival of Man” by Lodge, there. Lunch at home. Sorted wool, and sewed hats (a.m.). At 4 walked to Miss Selous’. Lois and Lawrie here, and a Miss Selous (father wrote on birds). Home, via shops.

Tuesday 15th November 1927

Fine on whole.
Sorapure Treatment N.R. all day. Up to Alys’. Called for Brent. On to Elsa’s. On Heath with her and Brent and Jerry. Lunch. Rested. Tea. Did felt flowers for lamp shades at Stadium Restaurant till 7. Dinner. Down to Alys. Left Brent. Away at 9 or so, home.

Wednesday 16th November 1927

Dull. Mildish.

Sorapure Treatment. N.R. better. To library. Got “Some People” by Harold Nicholson. To Alys’. Out with Eva and Brent on Heath. Lunch 12.30. Eva to her class on dressmaking. Alys and I out to shops, bank. Back. Read and talked. Tea. Eva home. I away at 7. Home for supper.

Thursday 17th November 1927

To Boots’. Lunch at home. Alys had 6 teeth out 12.45. Up to Alys’ at 3.30. She had fainted in p.m. Stayed to tea and dinner. Home to sleep.

Friday 18th November 1927

Met Alys at Thew’s. Back in car with her to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Stayed there. Eva to meet Dennis and Willis’es for dinner and amateur theatricals.

Saturday 19th November 1927

Out at 10.30 with Eva and Brent. Home. Changed. To lunch Manisty’s – to their Badminton. Tea. 28 bus to Alys. Stayed with her. Dennis and Eva to Badminton. Alys in bed all day.

16th – 12 – 7 other days 11 to 7. English Woman’s Exhibition. Miss Hall, Secretary.
20th – Zoo with Eva
17th Alys’ teeth out 12.45.
18th Evening with Alys
19th To Manisty’s 1.15.

Sunday 20th November 1927

Rain in p.m.
N.R. better. Alys to Thew’s. Up to Elsa’s. Worked with her at flowers 11 – 1. Lunch there. To 76. In car to Zoo, Eva and I there. Home to tea at 76. Stayed to supper and night. Alys better.

Monday 21st November 1927

Dull. Rainy.
To Golders Green for coffee. Walked up to Elsa’s. Worked with her 11 – 1. Lunch. Rested. Tea. Worked 4.30 – 8.30. Dinner. Down to Alys and stayed again as such a wet night.

Tuesday 22nd November 1927

N.R. better. Up to Elsa’s, but first in car with Alys and Dennis and home. Worked till lunch with Elsa. Her maid, Ivy, left. Rested after lunch on Virginia’s bed. Tea. Sewed flowers till 9.30. Max and Virginia in. Dinner. Home at about 10.

Wednesday 23rd November 1927

Dark and dull.
N.R. better. To Boot’s and then to Alys’. Helped Eva with housework, while Alys to Thew’s. Lunch. Eva out to to dressmaking. Then I took Brent out for walk, long, all p.m. on Heath. Tea with Alys. Eva back. Supper. Dennis out at a dinner in City. I home at 10. Alys better all day.

Thursday 24th November 1927

Dull, damp.
N.R. better. Bread and milk breakfast. Up to Elsa’s by tube. Worked with her at flowers till 1. Lunch. Rested. Slept. Tea. Worked until 7.30. George Sheringham in with Max and he (G.S.) painted flower with Secotine, water, black paint and gold on felt. Dinner. Virginia out. I home at 10.

George Sheringham (1884 – 1937) was a British painter and theatre designer. He is remembered for his work for the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company.

Friday 25th November 1927

Fine. Mildish.
No N.R. To Boots’. Mrs Styer called at 1 in car. With me to English Speaking Union. Lunch there. Coffee with Elsa upstairs after and talk. To P.D.S.A., Clifford Street. Back. (I alone). To English Speaking Union. Wrote E.P. Agnes and Frank Rush to tea with me there. Home at 6.30.

Saturday 26th November 1927

Foggy. Mild.
No N.R. Alys and Dennis called for me in car 11. In spite of bad fog, we got to Tonbridge. Lunch with Phil at Hotel. Watched football versus Uppingham. Latter won. With Caves. Tea. At 6 motored back. Foggy. Dined at Canuto’s 9.45. I back and slept at 76.

21st Holt opens at Louvre, Oxford Circus, Mayfair 0400
26th English Exhibition closes 6 p.m.
26th To Tonbridge. Eva to Sherbourne.
25th F. and A. Rush to English Speaking Union 4.30.
25th Mrs Styer to lunch 25th English Speaking Union.
25th Wrote E.P.

Sunday 27th November 1927

Foggy, damp.
Out on Heath with Dennis and Brent. Lunch with Dennis and Alys. Maud cooked it. Read. At 4 I to Aunt Louie’s. Tea there. Back to Alys’ for supper. At 10.15 I home to Oxford Terrace.

Monday 28th November 1927

To Elsa’s all day, working and resting. Left at 6.30 and home to supper. To Whitehall. To lecture on London Education by Webb, Chairman of Committee on L.C.C. (London County Council). E.M.M. there.

Tuesday 29th November 1927

Rain and darkness.
N.R. again. To Clansfield Road School and Myopic. To Northcourt also. Walked up Fitzjohn’s Avenue to Elsa’s. Sewed. She and Virginia in town. Lunch when they home. Rested. Tea. Worked at leaves with Elsa till 8.30. Dined there. Alys and Dennis in car for me at 8.25. Drove to City and back by Wimbledon for batteries’ sake. Home 11.15.

Wednesday 30th November 1927

Dull. Cold.
N.R. again. To fetch Brent at Lab, but he not there. On to Haverstock Hill School. Back. Warren Street and Lab. Home. Dennis had left Brent at 21. Lunch. Took Brent walk in Hyde Park. Rested. Took him to Lab. Home. Supper, bloater. Listened in – Feuchtwanger.

Thursday 1st December 1927

Cold. Dull.
Washed things. To shops and posted photos to Steel’s. C.H.W. didn’t come, so after lunch I to see her. Took her to lecture at Eustace Miles Restaurant and tea. Astrology! Home. Dressed. To Gargoyle Club to dine 7 with Ayrton’s. Theobald and Alan. On to Criterion, to hear Ruth Draper. National songs. Love in Balkan and Vive La France, new. Alan took me home in taxi.


Friday 2nd December 1927

Cold. Dull.
Washing in a.m. To lunch at Academy with Wade and Aldridge. Home and did calendars for Xmas. Black paper and gold. To tea at Schuster’s. Nice. Home. More calendars – supper and more calendars. Listened in Rose of Persia.

Saturday 3rd December 1927

Went to meet Louie Bell at Regents Park Hotel. Lunched with her at Criterion. Afterwards, up to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Sat and listened in to University Relay Races. Tea and supper. Dennis back to tea, late. All in car to 21 Oxford Terrace to fetch “things” and back and I stayed night at 76.

C.H.W. 1st
3rd Lunch with Louie Bell 1 p.m. Regents Park Hotel.

7 p.m. December 1st 69 Dean Street. 1 turn below royalty.

Sunday 4th December 1927

Foggy and damp.
Out for walk on Heath with Dennis and Brent in fog. Dinner (Maud cooked) at 1.40. In all p.m. Otto and Mabel May to tea. Stayed night again. Brent fought with Ching Blum. Hot bath.

Monday 5th December 1927

Down to Lab with Dennis. He did my blood-count and also tests “protein reaction” in scratches in arm. Home to 21. Took Brent in Park. Lunch. Wrote Tingy and Sissie. To Elsa’s, going first to Lab to leave Brent. Tea and worked and gilding leaves. Dinner alone with Elsa and stayed till 9.40. Home to 21.

Tuesday 6th December 1927


Tidied and dusted rooms. Louie Bell and Mrs Gordon came at 11.30. I out to shops. Lunch at home. Did cards and calendars. Quiet evening.

Wednesday 7th December 1927

To Meeting at Chalk Farm 10 o’clock. Home by 11. Dennis brought Brent at 1. After lunch took Brent in Park. Home. Rested. At 4.15 out on bus with Brent to Wellington Street. To Lawrence’s Red Lion Passage. Walked to Lab. Left Brent. Walked home. Early to bed. Listened-in late. Tired.

Thursday 8th December 1927

Dark and dull.
To Lab with red pen for Dennis. To Sagnes. Bought Miss Roland present. Alys and Eva to lunch and try on Swiss things. They to Thew 1.45. I took Brent in Park and to Lab 3. Home. Dressed. Mrs Styer called for me and I took her to P.D.S.A. Fair at Mayfair Hotel. Tea. I to Eustace Miles lecture on Skin Troubles 6.15. To supper with Dorothy 7.45. Poz out.

Friday 9th December 1927

Unwell. Did some wood-cut prints for Xmas cards of ship. Met Kit at Evans 12.15. Home at 1.30. She met C. Archer 1. Lunch. Then rested all p.m. until 6.35! Wrote cards. Supper. Out to post. To bed 8.30 and listened-in and read The Arrow – Chris Morley.

Saturday 10th December 1927

Dull but clear in evening. Cold.
To shops and Boots. Washed things. Lunch. Unpicked black and blue coat. Rested 1 hour. Dressed. Up to Ayrton’s by tube. With them in car to Wembley Stadium. Opening of Greyhound Track. Sir George and Lady Barstow, Adrian Stokes R.A., George Belcher and Mrs and Adrian Waterlow and Alan Baumer. Home at 12.15 about midnight. Lovely evening. Supper there at 10.45.

8th to P.D.S.A. with Mrs Styer.
Alys and Eva to lunch.
8th Skin troubles – Eustace Miles.
5th To Elsa’s
7th Meeting, Chalk Farm 10.
6th 11. L. Bell comes.
11th Casals at A.H. 3. Sissie in evening?

Sunday 11th December 1927

Very cold. Grey.
Hot bath and got up very late 10.30. Washing. Lunch. Walked to Albert Hall. Met Katharine Reid there. Casals and Příhoda concert at 3. Back with Katharine Reid to tea at Bristol House. On to Sissie’s at Golders Green.  Supper and stayed night. Very cold; couldn’t sleep for it.

Monday 12th December 1927

Very, very cold.
After breakfast sat and talked by gas-fire. At 11 to Haverstock Hill School. Sale and Show. Home to lunch. Rang up Dinkle at Carlton. Rested all p.m. on bed. Dennis called for me at 7.15 and to English Speaking Union. Dinner there. Both on to Albert Hall to hear Leon Theremin lecture on Music from the Ether. Wonderful concert demonstration.

Leon Theremin (1896 – 1993)

Tuesday 13th December 1927

Dull. Quiet. Darkish.
To Waterloo at 12. Met Dennis, Helen, Dolly, Gwen and Will Cave, Leslie Blue, Cox. All to Twickenham for Varsity Match. Lunch on stands. Eva and Alys too. Good match. Cambridge won. Tea at Waterloo. Then others to dine Criterion and theatre “The High Road”. Eva. Dolly, Helen and I to Cinema “Husband-Hunters” and Cabaret. I home with Eva in evening. Slept at 76.

1927 varsity

husband hunters

Wednesday 14th December 1927

Alys felt very sick and Dennis coldy. I out with Brent. Eva had hair cut. I stayed lunch, but away at 2.30. Home. Out to buy envelopes for cards and calendars; wrote E.P. and sent calendars to Busy and Edith Bache and card to W.B.D. To bed early 9.30.

Thursday 15th December 1927

Dull. Cold.
Alys better. I up to her and took Brent on Heath. Eva out to lunch with Rene. I lunched with Alys and away at 2.30. Took Brent to Lab. On to Eustace Miles’ lecture on Philology 3.45. Tea there 9d. Home. Washed stockings and gloves.

Friday 16th December 1927

Very, very cold. Frost.
Not out. Fire. Felt ill, sick. C.H.W. came and lunch at Garrould’s. Sewed in p.m. by fire. Eva came at 3.15. At 4.10 we 3 to Eustace Miles Restaurant to Xmas party. Danced with Aylmer Maude (Russia) and Eva dance with Lord Leigh, the “dancing peer”. Away 7.30. Eva to Lab. I home and to bed at once 8.30. Eustace Miles food only for supper.

Saturday 17th December 1927

Very, very cold. Hard frost.
Felt better. Up to Eva at 12. Alys and Dennis with Cave’s. Eva and I lunch at little shop. Rested. To Kensington to Manisty’s Badminton 3 (tea) to 5.30. Back to 76. Supper. To Finchley Road Badminton 8 – 9.30. Home to 76 and slept there. Dennis and Alys only home at 1.30 a.m. on Sunday.

15th 3.45 Eustace Miles lecture Philology.
12th – 8.45 Theremin Albert Hall
16th Xmas Party at Eustace Miles Restaurant.
13th Varsity Match
12th Haverstock Hill Show
17th – go back with Eva and sleep at 76.

Sunday 18th December 1927

Very, very cold frost. Coldest since 1895.
On Heath with Dennis and Eva and Brent. Up there in car and back. People skating on Whitestone Pond. Took things to 21 Oxford Terrace and brought trunk back. Eva and I read King Lear Aloud. Helen to tea. I to Mrs Styer’s to supper. Home at 10.30. Pipes all frozen.

Monday 19th December 1927

Very hard frost, some sun. Snow.
Eva came out and bought gaiters at Lilley and Skinner. Did Xmas shopping. Home. To Wade’s. Got her battery and took it to Lab. Lunch there. Alys and Eva too. Home. Did up parcels for Kitty, Tades, Davey’s, Sissie. To post. Lost purse. Home to supper 6.30. Hot bath and to bed 9. Listened in till 11.

Tuesday 20th December 1927

Very hard frost. Clearish. No sun.
Out to post with parcels and bought cock at Hamley’s. Home, did up Leggett’s parcel. To lunch at Woolworths. To Post Office. Home. Finished off cards (Xmas) and sent off. Walked to Thew’s. Met Alys. Tea at Lab. Took battery to Wade. Home 6.35. Supper and listened-in in bed.

Wednesday 21st December 1927

Glassy roads, then mild. Rain.
Alys and Dennis brought Brent at 11.35 on way to Miss Roland’s wedding. Took Brent in Park. Lunch. Rested. Posted Mrs Morgan’s calendar 4.15. Tea. Wrote account of River adventure. Took Brent to Lab 6.45. Supper. To bed 9 (Eva and Phil not to Old Boys; Dance at Windlesham School – bad colds prevented).

Thursday 22nd December 1927

Dull. Mild showers.
Walked to Regent Street. Bus to Charing Cross. Got £1-0-0 from Jacobs. Lunch at Harries. To Hamley’s first. Home at 3. Out to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Eva in bed with bad sore throat. Phil cold too. Stayed tea and supper. Sewed Phil’s fancy dress, Romeo. Home at 10.30.

Friday 23rd December 1927

Dull. Mild and damp.
Out with Eva’s shoes. Then to Euston to see about Phil’s trunk. Home. Lunch. To Thew’s to meet Alys. Fetched Brent from Lab. Home, shopping on way, bread. Letters from Steel’s. Tea. Sewed eyes and hooks on ring velvet. Dennis called in car at 7.50 and took Brent and me to 76. Stayed night.

Saturday 24th December 1927

Foggy, damp.
Out twice with Brent. Packed silver with Alys for Bank. Mended Alys’ stockings in Eva’s bedroom. Lunch (Alys to Thew’s in a.m.) Out with Phil to shops. Home to 21. Rested till 5. To Ayrton’s 8.30 to dine. 2 Monkouses, Phyllis, Alan, Marsdens there and Adrian. Bells later. Home at 11.50.

Law Term ends 21st
Phil home 20th
24th To Ayrton’s Xmas party

20th The 20th Anniversary of Alys and Dennis’ wedding.
Records snowy week – Drifts 12 feet in places.

Sunday 25th December 1927

Rain then snow.
Dennis called for me at 12 in car. Out on Heath with Dennis and Brent. On for Wadie, and Helen and Tony. All dined at 76 Cholmley Gardens about 2 o’clock (Maud cooked). Talked and ping-pong and Red Nines in evening. Dennis drove them home in snow. Very cold. I stayed night.

Monday 26th December 1927

Deep snow everywhere.
Stayed all day and night at 76. Helped back their boxes. Out with Brent (all in lovely snow. Eva stayed in. Cold still. Packing all day. Dennis doing wireless till midnight.

Tuesday 27th December 1927

Very cold. Frost. Snowing.
Letter from J.H.M. at home. Out with Brent. Away, to Lab at 11. Home. Embleton’s left Brent with me, on way to Victoria for Switzerland. But no boats running so they came here at 5.15 till 7. Then all of us to Canuto’s to dine. I home, they to 76. Listened to Bragg on Faraday. To bed 9.

Sir William Henry Bragg (1862 – 1942) was an English physicist, chemist, mathematician,

Wednesday 28th December 1927

Hard frost.
Over to Dorothy’s with Brent across Park. Lunch there. Conrad in. Talked till 3.30. Miss Bland in. I away and walked back with Brent. 1 hour’s walk or less. Wrote E.P. Supper. Listened in Harry Lauder.

Thursday 29th December 1927

Dull, then finer. Cold.
Walked to Peter Robinsons with Brent and to Cunard Line and Kardomah. Home by Park. Lunch. Wrote letters all p.m. Out to Boots’ and read Nea Walker’s “The Bridge” there. Nell Sime called and stayed till 6.30. Supper and listened-in “Polly” Ranalow.

Friday 30th December 1927

Up by Metropolitan Railway from Baker Street to Finchley Road to Elsa’s with Brent. Out on Heath with her and Jerry and Brent in snow. Watched tobogganing, ski-ing. Lunch there. Rested in drawing-room in p.m. To tea at Phyllis Lloyd’s. Dined with Elsa and Max and home by Swiss Cottage at 9.30.

Saturday 31st December 1927

Dark, Snow and rain later.
Walked with Brent to Marshall’s, Chappell’s and Augener’s and home. Wade came, and lunched. Mrs Boyte cooked our meal – plum-pudding. Up with C.H.W. and Brent to Heath by tubes to watch tobogganing and skiing on top pond. Back in snow. Tea at home. C.H.W. away. I to Albert Hall – Folk Dancing. Menie too. 8 -10 listened in to York Minster at midnight. Archbishop.

27th Embletons to Switzerland – back on Jan 13th
31st English Folk Dances 8. Albert Hall
28th Letter to E.P.
29th Letter to Amy Steel.
N.R. on 31st – 13th Centenary.

A man walked up a hill and yet he ran.
“Yetty” was the name of his dog.

Why is a girl on a bicycle in breeches, different to her dog following her?
She wears knickers and he pants.

At the covert hunting – “I hate these long drawers. They’re so irritating. I always wear short ones”.

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