1926 – London, Scole, Brussels

In 1926, Edward is 50 years old, Kate is 47 years old and Alys is 42 years old. Eva is 17 years old and Philip is 13 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Katharine Boyd
21 Oxford Terrace
London W.2.

Padd. 2098


Friday 1st January 1926

Colonel Horley in. Kit came at 12. Out with her. Lunch at Regent Palace. To Anne Cummins at St Thomas’ Hospital. Tea at Dickens and Jones’ with Kit. She home. I walked home, via Pemberthy’s. Dinner in. Listened in.

Saturday 2nd January 1926

Very mild.
Walked to Rowney’s. Bus to Barnard’s. Poz sprained ankle. Mabel poisoned finger. To Macrae Gallery by 1. Victoria and Albert Museum; ate lunch there. Walked home. Baticolour scarf all evening nearly. Began letter to E.P.

Sunday 3rd January 1926

Mild. Showers.
Late up. Did some baticolor. At 1 o’clock to Ayrton’s. Dinner with Virginia and Tony (E. and M. at Adrian’s). Rested in p.m. in drawing-room with Max and Virginia. Tony out with Farrar and Jerry. Stayed tea and supper. Over to Studio, and on heath in p.m. Home 10.

Monday 4th January 1926

Woke late – 9.20! Did bati and wrote. Out to 25 York Street for Christina’s room. To Karaway’s to lunch. To Sales, but bought nothing. Home at 2.30. John and Alistair Danby to tea. Nell Sime called. Quiet evening, doing scarf. Dinner from C’s.

Tuesday 5th January 1926

Out to Hampstead. Called at Ayrton’s with burnous. Walked over heath to 47 Hampstead Way for letters. Ate Eustace Miles’ biscuits on way. Bus to 48 Queen’s Gardens. Helped Miss Boyd at Hospital Library. Wrote 34 letters. Home to dinner. Scarf. Heard André Maurois.

André Maurois (1885 – 1967) was a French author of novels, biographies, histories, children’s books and science fiction stories.

Wednesday 6th January 1926

Showery. Mild.
Out to Libraries and wrote 26 letters. Train to Sloane Square. Met Teeds and gave her lunch at Queen’s Restaurant. Both to “Farmer’s Wife” (Eden Phillpotts) at Court Theatre. Tea there. Back to Elm Park Road. Talked and sewed with Polly and Dorothy. They to De Glehn’s to meet Eva Charteris about Sargent. I supper with Teeds. She played on piano. I home. Tried on Dutch dress.

Floods all over Europe. Thames floods.

Thursday 7th January 1926

Heavy showers. Cooler.
Hard doing baticolor. Christina called at 1. I ate biscuits and bus to Lilley and Skinner sale. Bought shoes. Paid electricity bill. Bus to Paddington. Helped at Hospital Libraries 2.30 – 5. About 30 letters. Met Chris at Earl’s Court. Over rooms Philbeach Gardens, 30, with her. Home 8.15. Ironed scarf. Dinner. Soup. Sewed Dutch dress.

Friday 8th January 1926

Walked to Kenya Place for coffee. Bought bread. Lunch at Lyon’s, Oxford Street. Walked home. Rested on bed till 5.30. Dressed in Dutch dress. To 47 Hampstead Way. Embleton’s just back from Wengen. Dinner with them. To Ayrton’s 9 p.m. Fancy Dress Party in Studio. 32. Fun, dancing, penny game. Crumb. Cushion (handing) – Carr’s, Longdon’s, Murray, Besick’s, L. Baumer’s., Arkwright. Sheringham in taxi with Longdon’s and Besick’s at 12.15. Home.

Saturday 9th January 1926

John came for his stick. Out at 12.15 – to Chappell’s. To Harries. Walked to English Speaking Union. Lunch there. Wrote E.P. Bus to Badminton. Embleton’s to Willis so not at Badminton. 10 people to play only. Bus home. Rested. Dinner. Mr C cooked it.

Embleton’s arrive home 8th.
3rd Library appeal.
Ayrton’s 3rd all day.
To Miss Boyd’s 48 Queens Gardens any p.m. except Friday.
8th – 9p.m. to Ayrton’s
9th Badminton begins (cheque) 1.10.0.
4th John and Alistair to tea.
6th Teeds to theatre with me. 2.15 Court. Queens Restaurant 1.15.
Wrote E.P. 9th.

Sunday 10th January 1926

Fine and mild.
Quiet a.m. changing sheet and doing batik. Lunch from C’s. Out at 2.30; walked to St Johns Wood. Bus to Swiss Cottage. Walked to Church Row. Called in. Max, Alan and Virginia walked across Heath with me. I on to 47 Hampstead Way. Teeds there. Tea and supper. Barbara to tea. Mink to supper. Wireless. In car with Teeds to 6 Elm Park Road. I stayed at Golders Green.

Monday 11th January 1926

All in car to Thew’s at 10.15. I home. Lunch from C’s. Out to Paddington to see Teeds off. Wrong train. Home. To Euston 4.4. with Eva to Kings Langley. Met by H. in car. Up with Cynthia Pemberton and Jackie Falk. Tea game. Cleared room. Dressed, dined. Dance till 2 a.m.! Darcy and Kenneth Edmondson. Machell. Douglas Buchanan. Fun. Slept with Eva.

Tuesday 12th January 1926

Very fine. Cold.
Breakfast 9.30. All 4 young men staying in village, up to breakfast. Some walked, some in car to station 10.45 train. To Euston. Eva and I to Golders Green. Lunch there. Rested, slept in p.m. John Willis staying. Mrs Abbott and Ruth (Wengen friend) to tea. Barbara after. Dennis at 6.30. Took Abbott’s and me in car. I dined at home. To see Helen Wilson after. Home at 10.

Wednesday 13th January 1926

Fine. Cold.
Quiet a.m. tidying. Trimmed black hat (chiffon velvet). Lunch in room (cheese). Out at 1.30 to Selfridge’s and Chappell’s. To Academy Private View – Sargent’s. Elsa took me. Met Poz and Doz and Coley, Tonks, Steer, Anna Tadema, Maudsley, Lewis Baumer. To tea at Art’s Club. Max, Major Longdon, Anthony Burnard, other Burnard, Sir Owen Williams, Mrs Anninsg Bell, Tait. Walked home. Dinner.

Thursday 14th January 1926

Very cold. Snow.
To Care Committee at 10.30. Paid 4 visits first. Home. Ate lunch in room. Out at 1.20 to Queen’s Gardens. Wrote letters from 1.50 to 3.50. Knobs there too. On to 6 Elm Park Road at 4.30. Tea. Alys and Eva and Phil there. Games, matches, tiddlywinks, skittles, card in hat. Knitting needles and counters. Hop-la. Home.

Friday 15th January 192

Very cold.
Out to shops. Up to Alys to lunch and to dinner and walked to Hampstead in snow. Back in p.m. Lighted fire. Embleton’s to Dorrie’s to tea. Tobogganing. Lois and Eric and Dorothy to dine at 7.30. Curry. Games “Missing letter”. Very cold.

Saturday 16th January 1926

6 above zero. Hampstead in evening.
Out to watchmaker’s. Home. Lunch in room. Walked across Park in fur coat, in snow to Kensington. Badminton. I poured out tea, as Mr M. late. Home in car. Dinner by fireside. Read. Sewed. To bed.

Teeds goes 2.30.
11th Kitty’s dance with Eva.
14th to tea at F.B’s. Sargent Exhibition opens.
15th Lois, Eric and Dorothy to dine.
13th Sent A.H. Boxing tickets to H. Jacobs for 28th.
Hard frost. Pipes burst everywhere.

Sunday 17th January 1926

A long time getting off. Up to Alys at 1 o’clock for dinner. At 4 they tobogganing. I to Lewis Baumer’s to tea. Ayrton’s there. Back with them to supper. Very nice. Adrian in evening.

Monday 18th January 1926

Cold. Rain in evening.
Unwell. Did washing. To enquire after Enie Buchanan. And she had died of pneumonia. On to Alys’. To shops with them. To lunch 47 Hampstead Way. Out tobogganing on Bunker’s Hill with Phil. Home. Helped Alys and Eva with sewing. Tea and dinner. All 5 to Charlot’s Revue at Hippodrome in evening. Dennis colded.

Tuesday 19th January 1926

Mild. Damp.
Alys, Eva and I to shops. Jumper wool. Phil playing tains. Home to lunch. Dennis with car at 2. All to Waterloo. Eva off to school at 3. On to Victoria. Phil off to school 4.35. Alys and I had tea at Gorringe’s. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Alys had dinner with me, and went to meet Dennis at 10 at Medical Place. I bathed upstairs. To bed 11.

Wednesday 20th January 1926

Mild. Fine-ish.
Dressed and washed stockings. Wrote Miss Field. At 12.45 with Colonel Claridge to 4 Melcombe Place. To Enie’s funeral service. Kit there, Bertie, Jack, Tom and Cecil. Home 1.40. Tony Ayrton to lunch. Both to Royal Academy (Sargent Exhibition) to tea with “Knobs” 27 Manchester Street. I home at 6. Fire. Sat and finished “War and Peace’. To bed 10 or so.

Thursday 21st January 1926

Raw, damp. Cold.
Woke 8.55! Up. Mended stockings and coat. Out to Wade’s with her clock. Ate lunch at Euston. To Shoolbred’s. 27 bus to Paddington. Helped write Red Cross Library letters all p.m. Tea with Boydie and Knobs there. Walked home. Rested on bed. Dinner. Wrote Cousin Fanny, Chandler, E.M.M.

Friday 22nd January 1926

Rain. Cold.
Up late. Alys rang up and came at 11. Out to Agents to look for flats. Mount Street. To Lafayette’s. Alys got jumper suit. To Jones’ – lunch. To Gordon Mansions. To Piccadilly. Alys bought 2 hats at 5/- each. To 37a to look at flat. To Lafayette again. Home, via Agents in Edgware Road. Tea. Gloucester Terrace and Craven Terrace. Dennis called for Alys at 7. Curry.

Saturday 23rd January 1926

Mild. Showery.
Out to meet Alys and looked at Flats. Home. Ate lunch in room. Across park (with Tolstoi’s) and to Badminton. Walked. Played. Dorothy Barnard came. Alys, not Dennis (coldy). Home with Dorothy on 31st Supper with Polly and Dorothy and talked till 10. Home, carrying cheese. To bed 11.15.

19th Tony Ayrton
22nd 10 a.m. F. Road. Baths, after care.
19th Eva and Phil to school
17th to Lewis Baumer’s, 5 Greville Place.
23rd Supper at Family Barnard’s after Badminton.
Wrote E.P. 22nd

Sunday 24th January 1926
Mild. Damp.
Up late. Washed things. C.H.W. to dinner 1.30. With her to Albert Hall (Don Cossacks). Walked all the way. Tea at Lombardy Restaurant. She in 73. I walked to Notting Hill. 28 bus to Golders Green. To supper and night with Alys and Dennis. Teddy Berry in.

Monday 25th January 1926

Very mild and showers.
Dennis drove us into town and took my books and orange crate over. Busy arranging latter as dressing-table till 1.30. Lunch from C‘s (chop and apple-pie). Out to help at Red Cross libraries till 4.25. On to call on Miss Selous. Phyllis and Trevor’s and Maurice’s wives and children there. Home 6.15 Alys here, excited about flats.

Tuesday 26th January 1926

Mild. Damp.
Felt coldy. Did sewing. Out at 12.30, walked to Knightsbridge. Rowney’s for Bati. Lunch at Lyon’s. Bus to Badminton Match versus Eden Club. All of us (women only) beaten! Tea. Alys and I home in 27. Dennis called for Alys at 7.30. Curry. Wrote letters. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 27th January 1926

Showers and sun, mild.
Stayed in bed till 11. Felt colded. Up and along to Prichard’s, Kilburn. Lunch there. To pay calls for After-Care Committee. Miss Field’s cases and 2 of my care Committee ones. Rain! Home. Rested in bed, tea there. Alys came at 6.15. Talked about flat. Fire. She stayed to dinner and Dennis called for her at 11 p.m.

Thursday 28th January 1926

Dull, some sun. Mild.
Met Alys at 10 at Colmley Gardens. Looked over flats. Also Domestic School, next door. Then Alys to meet Helen for shopping. I home and had lunch. Tidied work-drawer. Up to Golders Green. To Bank, notice of withdrawal. To 47 Hampstead Way. Tea. Walk on Heath with Brent at 3.30. Alys home 6.30. Dennis at 8.30 – all evening casting thing for lab. To bed all of us at 1.15. a.m.

Friday 29th January 1926

Mild. Fine.
With Dennis in car to College Crescent. To Bath’s. Meeting 10. After care. Alys met me. Taxi to 30 Theobalds Road. Saw Ernest about lease – Cholmley Gardens. To Kenneth Durward’s. Bought raincoat. To Lab. Lunch there. Left Jeff doing lease. To Marshall’s. Alys had dress and coat fitted. Back to Lab; tea and wrote Ernest. Alys home with me till 9.30. Dennis called for her. I dined.

Saturday 30th January 1926

Washed and ironed blue linen cover. Out to Hedges and Butler (Barsac) and bought umbrella and cakes. Back to lunch from C’s – eggs. Out at 2.30 to Badminton. Tired. Played and tea. Home. 5.30. Busy preparing for party. Polly at 7.15. Knoblock at 7.40. curry dinner. Polly away at 10.30. Knobs stayed on till 11.30. Very tired and sore throat-ish.

29th F.R. Baths. 10 a.m. after care.
26th Badminton Match 2.30.
1st Feb – Medical Inspection N5.
30th Miss Knoblock to dinner 7.30. And Polly
Wrote Cyrus and Simmonds about Chandler 26th

Sunday 31st January 1926

In bed till 1.10 with cough, hurting. Read “Process of Man’s Becoming”. Up to dinner 1.30. Back to bed and stayed there all day. Sleeping, reading. Listened-in to evening programme. To sleep at 11 or 11.30.

Monday 1st February 1926

Better. Up and Elsa phoned about Lyme Regis. Letter, photo and calendar for E.P. Did washing. Wrote E.P. Lunch from C’s early. Out to Bank and Post Office. Bus to Netherwood Street. To Medical Inspection at school, Infants – 2 til 4. Straight home. Tea. Rested. Dinner and veal stew and welsh rarebit. Listened-in and sewed trimming on black dress. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 2nd February 1926

Mild. Showers.
Not well yet so stayed in. Sewed and washed things. Out only to phone Elsa. Lunch fish from C’s. Monte Baldo cheese. Ironed. Rested, slept. Tea. Alys came at about 6 and had dinner and spent evening. Dennis called at 10.10 for her. Listened in to Captain Tose of Antinoe.

Wednesday 3rd February 1926

Mild, rain in evening.
Woke 9.20. At 9.20 left and by busses to Chalk Farm. Meeting 10. Left at 10.35. Tube to Charing Cross. To Savoy Hotel. Met Kitty. She had her hair shingled by Bub. To lunch at Strand Palace. Taxi to Lyric Theatre – Alys, Kit and I in box. Saw “Lilac Time”, Schubert’s music. Very good. To Swan and Edgar and Kit bought hat. Taxi. Kit to Euston. Alys and I home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Alys away at 7.

Thursday 4th February 1926

Rainy, mild.
Out to Evan’s. Bought hat. To Chappell’s. Saw Bertie Buchanan. On to Piccadilly. Bus to Charing Cross. To Savoy. Had hair cut. To English Speaking Union lunch. To Elsa’s with her books. On by Golders Green. To 47 Hampstead Way. Took Brent on heath 3 – 4. Alys back to tea. I stayed. Dinner. Met Dennis Embleton at Hippodrome, Golders Green. All 3 saw Chauve-Souris. Slept at 47.

Friday 5th February 1926

Rainy, mild.
Out with Alys to Aunt Louie’s with Brent. Then she and I to Waterloo. Alys to meet Dolly – Guildford and to Portsmouth about Algys’ affairs. I lunch at Waterloo. Home, via Boots’ Library. Slept on bed. Tea. Sewed brown tweed coat and skirt all evening.

Saturday 6th February 1926

Mild, showery.
Ironed coat and skirt. Out to buy bread. Out at 12 to Chelsea. Lunch with Dorothy Barnard. With her to Badminton. Polly came and looked on, and had tea. Dorothy away to tea. I poured out. Home after tea. Sat and read. To bed early.

Medical Inspection 2 p.m. 1st. N.S.
2nd French lecture Antral Hall 4.30 and tea.
3rd Meeting 10 Haverstock Hil. Meet Kit at Savoy. “Lilac Time” 2.15 Lyric.
11 a.m. hairdressing Savoy. 12.30. 4th Savoy for self.
1st Wrote E.P.

Sunday 7th February 1926

Very dark, rain mild.
Up late. Electric light all day. Wrote Kit and Mr Eden. Lunch from C’.s Rested all p.m. At 4 up, dressed and to 26 Compayne. Tea there. Home packed. Supper from C’s. Farrell salad.

Lyme Regis

Monday 8th February 1926

Alys in for 10 minutes. I in taxi at 10.20 to Waterloo. Met Elsa. 11 train to Lyme Regis, Salisbury and Axminster. Sandwiches. To Mrs Hodder, 20 Portland View, Marine Parade. Arrived 3.30. Tea and dinner. Wrote Dorothy Barnard. To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 9th February 1926

Out for walk 10 – 11 behind on landslippy, wild. Rested p.m. Out on cobb after tea, and to town. Very jolly.

Wednesday 10th February 1926

Grey. Cold.
Out at 10.20. Walked to Charmouth and back. Very landslippy. Lunch 1. Rested. Wrote Alys and F.F.B. and Eva. Out at 5.30 to town. Read all evening. To bed 10.

Thursday 11th February 1926

Very dull. Cold.
Wrote Miss Chandler and Alys. Out with Elsa over house “Cobb House” and walked past station. Over cottage too, and to Agent. Lunch. Rested. Sewed shoe bag. I alone on Cobb. Supper 7. Knitted and read till 10.30.

lyme regis

Friday 12th February 1926

Stayed in till 11. All out to west and walked through woods. Lovely. Lunch. Rest. Tea. Out to town and shops and back. Damp. Read. To bed about 10.15. Max came on Friday evening.

Saturday 13th February 1926

Out at 11. To town in drizzle. Fine sea and air. Walked through Sherbourne Lane and inland by river and pointed bridge. Lunch. Rest. Out at little way after tea (to dine at Mrs Grattan’s; lobster, all very good).

Netherwood girls
11th 2.15 After Care Committee
11 a.m. 5th Waterloo for Lyme Regis
see 5th page memoranda at end.
Dorothy Barnard postcard of broken parade and our houses.

Eva – Cobb in distance.

Sunday 14th February 1926

Home; read by fire. To bed 10.20.


Monday 15th February 1926

Some rain. Some lovely sunshine. Mild.
Max away at 9 to London. Elsa and I packed. Then walked to station 11.50 to Axminster? Lunch on train and I off at Sherborne. Up to Ealhstan to see Eva, scalded leg and in bed. Frances too in sick-room. Out to shops and Abbey. Tea with Miss Perry. Saw Mrs Beamish, Miss Sempel. Eva again at 5. Train 5.37 to London. Dined on train. Alys and Dennis met me. Car home. To bed.

Tuesday 16th February 1926

Unpacked. Phoned Elsa. Sewed shoe-bags. Lunch from C’s. Alys came at 3.45. Both by busses to Golders Green. Tea and dinner. Dennis home to dine and out again to Pathology Meeting. Played with Brent and talked about flat and I slept at 47.

Wednesday 17th February 1926

Colder and rain.
Unwell. Took Brent on Heath. With Alys and Dennis to flat – 76 Cholmley Garddens. Measured with Alys. On to my flat. Got fur-coat. Lunch at Caraway’s and Sagne with Alys. Called for Dennis. To Sargent Exhibition (in car). Dennis took us after to English Speaking Union as so wet. Read and had tea there. I home. Alys to Lab. Rested. Curry dinner.

Thursday 18th February 1926

Met Alys 10.30 at Cholmley Gardens. Arranged about colourings. To Oxford Circus. Had lunch together at Court Restaurant. To Sanderson’s, Berners Street for papers for flat. To Shoolbred’s about removal. To Maple’s for tea. Walked to Lab and home with Dennis in car; dinner and slept there. Played with Brent.

Friday 19th February 1926

Mild and dry.
With Dennis in car to old Bank. Took dispatch box home. Arranged books (shelf fallen). To Foyle’s with books. Sold to Dobbell. Met Alys at English Speaking Union Lunch there. To Ridley Exhibition (F. F. Baxter). Home. Coffee. Alys tried on dresses. She to Dennis and to Cave’s for weekend. I moulded hats over steam. Curry.

Saturday 20th February 1926

Met Elsa at Debenham’s. Looked at coats and at Reville’s. Home. Lunch from C’s. Out to Badminton. Home. Quiet evening. Dinner from C’s.

22nd 5 p.m.
19th Meet Dorothy Barnard 12.55 Queen’s Road, Singer Sargent.

Sunday 21st February 1926

Fine, cooler.
Out to see Lucy Brewtnall at 7 Trebovir Road. Took her Albert Hall tickets. Home to lunch. Out to call on Baxter’s (away). To Albert Hall to meet Lucy. In box. Sir H. Lauder next .Tea at Café Lombardy with Lucy and both tube to Golders Green. Supper at Faraday’s. Mr Williams there. Nice evening. Home at 12.

Monday 22nd February 1926

Very fine. Sun. Kit phoned and I to King’s Langley 9.40 and she drove us to Oxford. Lunch with Handy and Darcy in Handy’s rooms at University. Out and bought ties for Dennis in the “High”. Drove to Peter’s Field. Tea, dinner. Stayed night. To bed about 9.30. Hot bath.

Tuesday 23rd February 1926

Dull, some rain.
Kit drove us to Golders Green. Called at 47 (Alys out).   To Hampstead (Mr Wells and Elsa). To William Miles’. In for 20 minutes. To my flat. On to Court Restaurant. Lunch there. To Marshall’s At 3, I met Elsa and to Reville’s Mannequin parade. Tea at Lewis. Tax home (Elsa’s). Quiet evening. To bed 9.45.

Wednesday 24th February 1926

Mild. Rather fine.
Out to buy bread and took Dispatch box to Bank. To Boots’ Library. To Hughes for my photo to be taken. To Cokes with umbrellas. Walked down Bond Street. Bus to Chelsea. Lunch with Polly and Dorothy. Away and walked to 30 Philbeach gardens to call on Christina (away). Bus home. Tea 5.30. Did baticolor work all evening. Dinner. Listened-in.

Thursday 25th February 1926

Very fine. Mild.
Out at 9.45. To Gospel Oak. Visited Myopic and M.D. Schools. Walked to Chalk Farm. School. Tube to Golders Green. Alys met me. Lunch with her. Both to Shoolbred’s. Then furniture shops. I home alone. Susie Zileri to tea.

Friday 26th February 1926

Fine and mild.
Did batik in a.m. Out at 12.30. To Furniture shops, Tottenham Court Road. Lunch at Jones. To Army and Navy Stores. Home. Out to tea with Mrs Enthoven, Paul’s friend. Home. Did baticolour all evening. About 3 hours and listened in to Rooster’s Village Concert.

Saturday 27th February 1926

Dull, mild.
Out at 11.15 to Rowney’s, then to Royal Academy. Met Auntie Kate Davey and Olive Watt. Saw Sargents. Lunch there. To Badminton. Jolly. Wore crêpe de chine. Spencer, new man. To 6 Elm Park Road. Supper with Dorothy Barnard and very nice evening. Talk of giving up Ironsides and C. Home about 11.

22nd County Hall.
21st Lucy Brewntall 5 p.m. Duchess of Atholl.
S. Z. 25th tea 4.30
23rd p.m. Reville.
Wrote E.P. 25th
26th 4.30 to Mrs Enthoven
24th To Barnard’s to lunch
27th Auntie Kate. Sargents 11.30.
To Dorothy Barnard supper.

Sunday 28th February 1926

Fine. Colder.
Did scarf. Wadie to dinner 1.30. At 3.30 I to Golders Green. Tea and supper at 47 (Helen and Tony there to dinner and tea). Back in car with them, but back to sleep at 47 Hampstead Way.

Monday 1st March 1926

All a.m. doing attic boxrooms with Alys. Lunch and to shops. At 3 or so, Jessie away, to Brent, Devon. Great weepings. Alys and I out with Brent (dog) on heath and then to Lab, taking Brent too. Dennis drove me home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Dinner and early to bed.

Tuesday 2nd March 1926

out at 11 to meet Alys at Cholmley Gardens. All a.m. there. Home to 47 to lunch. Did attics, Edward’s papers, photos, etc. all p.m. Tea. Burnt papers. Dennis at meeting. Alys and I dinner and to bed 10.10.

Wednesday 3rd March 1926

Fine, but showers.
Out at 9.20 to Mansfield Road. School meeting 10. On to Kilburn; visits for After-care and Care Committee. Lunch at Pritchard’s. Medical Inspection 2 – 4. Expected Dorothy Barnard to tea but didn’t come. Home to tea.

Thursday 4th March 1926

Very cold. Snow.
Met Alys at Thew’s (me: dentist). Took rug to Davis. To Shoolbred’s and Maple’s with Alys about carpets. To Army and Navy Stores. Lunch there. To Chappell’s. Back to Maple’s. Home to tea at 21 Oxford Terrace. Dennis called for Alys at 8.15. I sewed and listened-in. To bed 10.

Friday 5th March 1926

Cold. Fine.
Phoned Alys. She and Dennis to Sherborne for weekend. Sent off my dress to Dorothy. To Boots, Woolworth’s. Lunch from C’s. Wrote radio “Which”. Up to 47 Hampstead Way. Bus and tram. Took Brent a walk on Heath. Tea and dinner at 47. Slept there.

Saturday 6th March 1926

Very fine, mild.
Out long walk with Brent and back by wood. Dorothy to shops. Tried to clean candlestick. After lunch, took Brent in tube Hampstead. To Library. Walked back. Vale of Heath. Tea, dinner. To Everyman to see Mr Pepys by Clifford Bax and Martin Shaw (Ranalow, Isabel Jeans) with Max. He saw me home.

4th collect mattress
6th to 47 for weekend
3rd Medical Inspection
28th Wade to lunch
5th call at Hughes for photos
2nd cape ready

Sunday 7th March 1926

Dull, mild.
Read “Free Air” Sinclair Lewis. Took Brent up and met Elsa. Sat on sea. Back with her to studio. Murray and Sheringham. Walked home. Dinner. Read. Lois and Eric with car and to Albert Hall. Dorothy took Brent out. Barbara and friend about piano. Dorothy to church later. To bed 10.

Monday 8th March 1926

Fine. Mild.
Went to see Sissie (in bed) and Leiie Moir with Brent and in wood with him. Lunch at 47. Read “Border Legion” Zane Grey. Alys home at 3. To meet her. She and I in bus. She to meet Kitty. I tea at Compayne. Mr and Mrs Chestnutt Chesney and Miss Watts. Home. Dinner. Knitted.

Tuesday 9th March 1926

Very cold. Dull. Showers.
To meet Alys to Cholmley Gardens. With her there and then home with her. Lunch. Took Brent out a little. Did a lot of tying up parcels for Peter Dean. Dorrie and her baby, Dennis, to tea (uninvited). I away at 6. Home to dinner and quiet evening. Hot bath.

Wednesday 10th March 1926

Cold. Very fine.
Wrote letters. Alys in! Back with her and did books all day. Sorting to sell at Army and Navy. Lunch there. Took Brent out. Alys home with me at 6. Did up my kettle for Army and Navy. Alys back with Dennis in car. I dinner and sewed.

Thursday 11th March 1926

Cold. Dull.
To meeting at Netherwood Street 10.30. Took baby clothes. To Mrs Wickham. Home to lunch. Did Batik all p.m. Tea. Out to have supper with Dorothy, and took her my fur-coat to wear to Stanway. Home at 10.

Friday 12th March 1926

Cool. Dull.
Elsa came at 10.30 in taxi. With her to Bradley’s, Harrod’s, Harvey’s (lunch there) and Woolland’s and Pluchino’s. To Church Row in taxi. Rested. Tea. Max home. Out on Heath with Esla and Jerry. Rest. Dinner. I home at 10. Walked from Warran Street.

Saturday 13th March 1926

Mild. Fine.
Up before breakfast to buy butter and bread. Phoned Alys, Polly, Styer’s. Out to shop for umbrella and to Wade with £4. Home. Out and lunch at Paddington. On to Badminton. Very jolly. Played better. To see Olive Watt after Phoned Elsa for K. Murray’s rooms. Home. Dined and did batik all evening. To bed. Alan Cobham on wireless 10.45.

11th Care Committee
10.30. Kingsgate.
11th Tea 4 p.m. with Christina. Supper Elm Park Road.
13th Olive Watt, 2 Leonard Place W.8 after Badminton
12th With Elsa in a.m.
14th To 47 Hampstead Way

Sunday 14th March 1926

Unwell. Worked at Batik scarve. To 6 Elm Park Road to lunch 12.45 with Poz and Lucy to zoo all p.m. To 47 Hampstead Way to tea with Lucy. Away and with Lucy to Leicester Square. Saw her off to South Kensington and walked to Bond Street. Bus home. Own supper (cheese) at 8. To bed 9.

London Zoo 1926

Monday 15th March 1926

Dull. Cool.
Busy at home. Lucy at 1 o’clock. Had lunch with me here. To Selfridge’s with her and other shops – Liberty’s. Bus from Piccadilly. Saw her in to 31 and I to tea with Christina. Home via Rowney’s. Walked across Park. Sewed fur on cape. Hot bath.

Tuesday 16th March 1926

Dull. Cold.
Out to meet Alys at Sanderson’s about wall-papers. Home. Mrs Styer called for me in car, and Mrs Doran. Lunch with them and Dorothy, Gollant’s at 12 Wedderburn Road. To Alys to tea. She very tired. Dennis out. Dinner and to bed at 9.20 at 47 Hampstead Way.

Wednesday 17th March 1926

Dull. Cold. Dennis drove me home via Helen’s (Tony measles). I then to 1 Northcourt (2 ward). To Mrs Vernor Miles’ sale at Conservatoire. To Comedy Restaurant to luncheon War Refugee Committee Reunion. Barsdorf’s. To Shoolbred’s Mannequin Show. To Bourne and Hollingsworth. To Ladies’ League. To Regent and Bond – hair cut. Home. Sorted out clothes.

Thursday 18th March 1926

Dull. Cold.
Out with parcel to Minnie and to sell clothes. Also out again to buy cakes for tea-party. Home to lunch. C’s. Alys came at 3 with flowers. Josephine and Pamela and Edith Baumer and Paul Leigh Hunt to tea. I to Lab with Alys and back in car. Got own supper by fireside. To bed 9.45.

Friday 19th March 1926

Dull. Cold.
Made hat in a.m. Lunch from C’s. Out to Alys’ early in p.m. Helped her with curtains. To tea at Sissie’s. Alys along with Brent. Walked back with her. Home at 7.30. Dinner from C’s. Early to bed. Listened-in till 10.30.

Saturday 20th March 1926

Dull. Very cold.
Out to Private View at Royal Institute Watercolours. Bad, Tommy Carr and Ciceley there (6 Oakhill). Met Jim Archer in Piccadilly. Ate lunch at English Speaking Union. To Badminton. Last one. To Golders Green by 28. Dennis at Dolly’s for weekend. I with Alys. Slept together. Sewed curtains.

17th Reunion Lunch? War Refugee Committee
18th Lois Baumer
16th To Mrs Styer’s to lunch.1.15 she will come.
15th To Chris 4 p.m.
Letter to E.P. 16th
19th Tea at Sissie’s.

Sunday 21st March 1926

Very, very cold. Dull. Some sun.
Did more curtains. Took fork to Slater’s and Brent out on Heath. Sewed in p.m. Dorothie out. Barbara called. Alys and I out with Brent, long walk. Supper. Sang old songs, last time on dear piano! To bed 10.30. Together.

Monday 22nd March 1926

Very, very cold wind. Dull.
Very busy doing play-room – bricks, lines, engines. Lunch. Did stamps, maps, photos up. I to tea with Nell Sime; to 76 Cholmley Gardens on way. Home at 7. Listened-in and read.

Tuesday 23rd March 1926

Met Alys at 76 (garage). Home with her. Flury took electic fittings. Piano gone. Busy doing odd jobs all day. Alys packing. Slept at 47 Hampstead Way for last time!

Wednesday 24th March 1926

Sunny, warmer.
The removal men came from Shoolbred’s and started packing. They to 76 Cholmley Gardens at 1. Alys over there and Dennis (how packed wireless all a.m). I stayed and took Brent on Heath. Over to 76 with 2nd load and I there on bus after tea. Stayed till 8, then home to dinner. Alys and Dennis back at 7.30 to Hampstead Way to dine and sleep. Very tired.

Thursday 25th March 1926

Milder, dullish.
Out at 9 to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Stayed till 12. Dennis came for me to 47 with him and then lunch at Lab (Alys at 76). Back to 47. He took Dorothie to 76. Played with Brent and packed things. Shoolbred’s men at 6 till 7.30. No lights. Teddy Berry (me: my grandfather – married Eva!) to the rescue! Dennis fetched me and Brent at 7.30. To 76. Dennis and I dined at 21 Oxford Terrace.

Friday 26th March 1926
Dull and dark. Mild.
Stayed in all a.m. waiting for bookcase from Shoolbred’s. Wrote Kitty, Doz. Bookcase came 12.20. Had lunch and then to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Out with Alys and Brent – dustbins. Phoned “Meals by Motor”. Tea. Busy about flat. I home to dinner 8 p.m. Hot bath.

Saturday 27th March 1926

To Alys in a.m. and stayed all day’ going out with Brent, phoning and arranging pictures – Eva’s room. Teddy Berry to tea. Dennis in with “Spencer” to tea late; all 3 to supper. I to 6 Elm Park Road to supper. Home 10.30.

25th Kath Buchanan’s confirmation, High Wycombe
22nd to tea at Nells
27th supper 6 Elm Park Road

Sunday 28th March 1926

Dull. Cool.
Washed and ironed. To Alys’ at 11. Did various things. Dinner from “Meals by Motor” 1/6 each. Made Phil’s room curtains in evening. For walk with Brent. Dennis and Alys to Farm and then Platt’s Lane by Leg o’ Mutton pond. Home after supper.

Monday 29th March 1926

Dull, darkish.
Woke 8.45. To Shoolbred’s about Alys wardrobes. To Victoria to meet Phil 11.25. Alys, Dennis and Brent too. Home in car and rest of day at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Home to dinner at 21 Oxford Terrace. Coldy. Dorothie felt ill and to bed.

Tuesday 30th March 1926

Very fine. Perfect.
Dorothie better. I off early to Alys. She out with Phil to Golders Green. I sewed tucks in Dennis’ shirts. Lunch. To Chalk Farm School at 2.30. back to Alys’ to tea. Wardrobes came. Gas-men all day. Dr Sopper to see D. King. Moved bookcases. Home to dinner. Wrote E.P. Dorothy Barnard phoned about Grosvenor.

Wednesday 31st March 1926

Very fine.
To Lafayettes and Kardomah and Kensington shops for taffeta dress. Unsuccessful. To Alys’ by 28. Dorothie in bed, flu? Helped with meals. After tea Alys and Phil to Lab. Phil splinter in fingernail. I home at 7.50. Dined. Wrote Aunt Bella.

Thursday 1st April 1926

Perfect day and warm.
Saw death of Grosvenor in Times. To Boots’ for Colonel House book and wool. To Fuller’s for cakes. To Alys’. Muddled about. Laid cloth. Dorothie King well and out. Lunch. Phil and I to Leg o’ Mutton with Brent. Hot! Rested. Alys too. Rest. Out with Alys. Helped fix glass shelf. Home at 7.30. Dinner. Did cape. Bath.

Friday 2nd April 1926

Fine. Hot Perfect. 72 degrees.
Out to Alys at 11. After washing stockings and ironing cape. Out for walk to Dorrie’s through Golder’s Hill with Alys and Brent. Phil cut his finger badly in p.m. Read to him. Tea. Dennis carpentering on balcony. Alys and Phil out. I home to dinner 7.35. Goodbye to Dorothie King.

Saturday 3rd April 1926

Fine. Hot. Not sunny.
Out to Motor Meals and on to Crematorium at 11 for Grosvenor’s funeral. Bourchier spoke. To Alys’ for rest of day. Dorothie left at 10 for Brent, Devon. Dorrie and Baby and Nurse to tea. Dennis to Laughton’s to supper. I home at 9.45 (we Meals by Motor).

L.L.C. School Hols 1st to 12th.
Phil returns 29th
Wrote E.P. 30th
Wrote Aunt Bella 31st
Polly and Dorothy to Portinscale with Coley – 31st.

Sunday 4th April 1926

Dull. Warm.
Washed stockings and wrote and arranged piece drawers. Wade to dinner 1.30. Sewed carpet. Embleton’s and Brent called for Wade and me and all up to tea at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Stayed on to supper. Dennis Embleton took C.H.W. and me (and chair). Home at 9. Phil too. Read in bed Colonel House’s papers.

colonel House
Edward Mandell House (1858 – 1938) was an American diplomat, and an adviser to President Woodrow Wilson.

Monday 5th April 1926

Very fine. Quite perfect.
Up to Alys’ very early. Did housework and cooking (cauliflower) with Alys. In p.m. Dennis and Phil drove me up to Elsa’. I had tea in garden with them. Walked to White Stone Pond. Crowds! I to Alys’ again for supper. I home about 9.30 by bus.

Tuesday 6th April 1926

Dull. Warm.
Up at 10 to Alys’. She out to town. Phil tennis with new friend. I did various jobs. Darned socks. Lunch (Alys back). She and Phil to Golders Green in p.m. Dennis home to tea! I took Brent a walk after tea. Supper. All drove to 21 Oxford Terrace for jars (nice) at 8.30 or 9.

Wednesday 7th April 1926

Heavy thunder showers. Fine intervals.
To Post Office, Spring Street. To Bishops Road to pay bill (mattress). 15 to Piccadilly. Walked through park to Passport Office. Lunch at Ex-Dairy. To Leicester Square. Stagg and M about taffeta frock. Bus to Alys’. Arrived 2.30. Dolly and John there. Helped with Eva’s room. Dorothy and John away before tea. I home to dinner. Letter from Kit with Jim Archer’s enclosure. Wrote Kit and J. A. Bath.

Thursday 8th April 1926

Rain much of day.
Up to breakfast. Began shot silk dress remaking. Out to Selfridge’s for pork-pie and Chappell’s. Then Waterloo. Met Eva 11.14. Back in car with all and Brent to 76 Compayne Gardens. Lunch there. Eva unpacked. Alys rested. Tea. I home at 6. Ironed shot dress, dined, sewed dress.

Friday 9th April 1926

Fine. Moderate.
Out to various shops for cakes and flowers. Home to lunch. Tidied rooms. Got tea ready. Kath Buchanan and Jim Archer to tea at 4.30. Away 5.45. I sewed shot dress and listened in. To bed 10.15.

Saturday 10th April 1926

I unwell. Out at 10.15 to Alys’. Helped with work. Alys and Phil to buy flannel trsouers. Eva and I got lunch ready and did rooms. Rested in p.m. Phil in garden cycling. Dennis back to tea (with Brent). Alys and Dennis out after tea and Eva and I washed up. I home at 7.15.

Eva returns 8th. Care Committee? 8th
Manager’s Meeting 7th?
Kath and Jim Archer tea 4 or 5 – 9th
Wrote Ella and Aunt Bella 9th

Sunday 11th April 1926

Dull and very cold and wind.
Indoors doing odd jobs and silk dress. Dinner 1.30 from C’s. Sewed, lined corner cupboard shelves. Out at 3.30 to Hampstead – called at Styer’s (away), at Comyns Carr’s 6 Oakhill (away), on by tube to Moir’s. On to Sissie’s. Stayed to supper there. Home 9.45. Embleton’s to Willises.

Monday 12th April 1926

Fine. Cool.
Had hair cut. Up to Alys’. Maid from Meals by Motor for 2 hours. Alys and Eva to Evans’. Lunch in kitchen. Eva and Phil played tennis all p.m. We rested. Jack Willis to tea. I home at 7. Dinner. Wadie called and we listened-in to A. J. Alan on B.B.C. and talked. To bed 10.

Tuesday 13th April 1926

Fine-ish. Warmer.
Up to Alys. Took Brent out for walk. All had lunch early. I took Eva and Phil to see “Pollyanna” and “Kiki” at Marble Arch. Mary Pickford and Norma Talmadge and Colson. Good. Tea at Lyons. I saw them on bus and walked home. Turned out old bookcase photographs. Dinner from C’s. Wrote Eden.


Wednesday 14th April 1926

Fine. Warm in a.m.
Up to Alys early. She and Eva out to shop in town. I had lunch with Phil alone in kitchen. Rested. Took Brent out in a.m. Alys and Eva back 3.30 and Helen and Tony to tea. I home at 4.30. Dressed. Walked to Baxter’s across Kensington Gardens. Dinner 6.30 there. Mr Woolworth and Miss Van Dressler too. All to Old Vic. Romeo and Juliet. Very, very good. Edith Evans – nurse. Vosper – Romeo. Nell Cater – Juliet. Baliol Holloway – Mercutio. Garside – Friar and Scene painter or designer?

Thursday 15th April 1926

In all a.m. Sewed short dress. Christensen’s leave. Miss Ladd and Lizzie come. Out at 1 .Walked to J. P. Restaurant. Lunch. To Chappell’s. Walked on to Passport Office. To Army and Navy Stores. To 6 Elm Park Road to tea and supper with Dorothy. Polly at Sopley. Home about 10.


Friday 16th April 1926

Dull. Showers.
Wrote. Walked to Mrs Ladd. Packed suitcase. Ate bread and cheese lunch at home. Dennis came for me at 3. To 76 Cholmley Gardens. All had coffee and off in car. Through Barnet to Diss, Norfolk. Arrived Scole at 8. Dinner and spent night at Inn, kept by Captain Wade-Palmer. Eton and Christ Church, Oxford.

Saturday 17th April 1926

Heavy showers. Sunny. Cool.
On at 10.30 to Southwold, via Halesworth. To call on Tom Palmer. On beach. Lunch at Swan. Rested. Out to Walberswick. Tea there. Bell Inn (poor). Brent sick! Home to Swan and dined and slept there.


Barnard’s back to Chelsea -13th
14th dine and Old Vic with Baxter’s.
15th tea or supper Chelsea or Wednesday lunch.

Sunday 18th April 1926

Fine, sunny.
Out on beach in a.m. Dennis and I walked round by duke and bridge. Called on Palmers. Lunch 1. Rested. Out 3.30 to Easton Broad. Tea there. Walked back. Dinner. Red, and chess – Alys and Phil. To bed 9.45. Alys and Eva and I together in room.


Monday 19th April 1926

Thunder storms. Cool..
off to look for Palmer. Off via Ferry, Saxmundham, Ipswich. Lunch at The Cups, Colchester. On and home 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea 5.30. Dennis To Lab. I stayed to dinner (Meals by Motor) and also night.

Tuesday 20th April 1926

Dull (fine early). Rain later.
Breakfast in kitchen. Dennis took me home in car. Out and lunch at Evans’. Walked in rain to Piccadilly. Tube Dover Street to West Kensington. Called on Miss Chandler. 45 minutes. Bus to Charing Cross. Cook’s for ticket and money. Hoe. Talk to Miss Palmer. Out to dine with Knobs and with her to Composers’ Concert. Faculty of Arts, Golden Square.

Wednesday 21st April 1926

Rain, showers.
Eva (with Dennis) here, and I with her to have her hair-cut. Both via Eresby Road and to 76 Compayne Gardens. I on to lunch at 26 Compayne Road. To Netherwood Street, Medical Inspection 2 – 4. To 76 Cholmley Gardens to tea with Eva and Phil (Alys out being shingled!) I to dine at Ayrton’s. Elsa and Max walked to bus with me by Frognal. Home 10.15.

Thursday 22nd April 1926

To Euston and by 10.50 to Kings Langley. Kit and children met me in car. Talked and in garden a little. Chinchilla rabbits, Julia Mannering and Toby, new. Lunch. Rests. Peter’s engine. Babbitt. Tea. Knitting. Dinner. Peter and George played duets and solos. To bed 10. Warm bath.

Friday 23rd April 1926

Dull. Cool.
Up at 7.40. Sudden lumbago came on before breakfast. Took aspirin. Sat and knitted. At 10.35 to station in car 10.45 to Euston. Home by bus. Got own lunch – porridge, egg, milk, figs. Slept on bed in p.m. Wrote E. P. Out to post with great difficulty and stick! Got oranges and meat. Did income tax papers.

Saturday 24th April 1926

Cold. Dull.
Got breakfast with difficulty. Pain and stiffness. Alys came. Bought things for me. Wadie came at 12. We had lunch. I in bed. Got up at 3. Wrote Aunt Bella postponing visit. Dennis and Alys in car to fetch me. Wadie too to 76 Cholmley Gardens. I stayed, and slept in little room.

To Kit’s 22nd? 3 or 3.30.
To Chandler 20th?
April 28th – Boxing (Amateur Championships)
To Brussels – 27th
21st lunch 12.45 Miles’ and Medical Inspection 2 p.m. Netherwood
21st dine Elsa’s.
Wrote E.P. 23rd
Ayrton’s sail 24th

Sunday 25th April 1926

Dull, then heavy rain and N.E.
Listened-in to service from Amsterdam. Stayed in bed all day. Read Colonel House’s papers. Knitted. Alys got all meals. Dennis worked in garage and Phil at times. Dennis, Eva and Phil out in rain with Brent after tea. Very wet.

Monday 26th April 1926

Stayed in bed darning socks and stockings. Eva out tennis with Phil, and very tired. I got up to tea and felt better. Sat up to dinner. To bed 10.

Tuesday 27th April 1926

Stayed in bed till 4. Darning, etc. Alys very tired, but took Brent to Farm. After tea, Alys and Phil to Daniel Neal’s and to fetch my oil. Lloyd-George speech in evening.

Daniel Neal, Portman Square

Wednesday 28th April 1926

Dull. Dark.
Up at 11. Made Alys rest. Pitch dark in a.m. Eva and I got lunch, spaghetti. Rested p.m. and got tea. Teddy Berry to supper. Too wet for tennis. Played Red Nines. Birkenhead and Reading speeches at Pilgrim (me: Society) Dinner.

Thursday 29th April 1926

Finer, warmer.
Back almost quiet well. Up at about 11. Phil and Eva played tennis. Alys out. After lunch, Alys tennis too. Rested. Got tea. Sewed for Phil’s school things. Alys and Phil played chess. “Lady Windemere’s Fan” on wireless. I wrote wire to Post Office.

Friday 30th April 1926

Up at 10. Alys out shopping with Phil. Lovely lunch. Took Brent to Farm. Wrote Jim Archer. Other 3 played tennis. Dennis back for Phil and Alys, Dennis and Phil in car, but back to tea as Phil sick so not to station for school.

Saturday 1st May 1926

Fine. Mild.
I mended Dennis’ trousers and not up till 12.45. They tennis (4?) Eva read to Phil. Lunch. Kedgeree. Dennis in car at 3, and Eva, he and Phil to Brighton 3.30. Taking Phil to school. Alys and I tea and supper alone. Dennis and Eva back at 9.30. Dinner.

Sissie called.
Exciting breakdown between coal-owners and miners. General strike of trains, bus, on Monday?


Sunday 2nd May 1926

Fine. Very windy.
Dennis, Eva, Alys tennis at about 1 till 2. Lunch. Cold meat, corn, potatoes. Read. Dusted. Expected Polly and Dorothy and Conrad. Didn’t come. Dennis and Alys out for walk. Supper. Tired.

Monday 3rd May 1926

Very fine.
I unwell. I over with Dennis to fetch things from 21 Oxford Terrace and home by bus to Alys. Alys and Eva out to shops and lunch. Polly and Dorothy to tea. Jack Willis at 10.30 to stay night, because of strike. Strike began 12.

Tuesday 4th May 1926

Housework. No newspapers. Eva with Dennis and Jack and Miss Foster and another in car. Alys and I had lunch. Dennis back with Eva and Miss Roland. Took me to 21 Oxford Terrace. Showed Miss Rowland gas. She to sleep there during strike. Home to 76 Cholmley Gardens. Dennis made 2 journeys bringing people home.

Wednesday 5th May 1926

Dull. Cool. Rain a.m.
Phone put in. Sewed at Eva’s dress. Alys made Eva’s jumper. She and Eva to lunch at shop. I at home with Brent. Sewed and rested. Tea. I out with Brent – little walk. Dennis home 7.30. Listened-in in evening. Home Secretary, Joynson Hicks appeal for Special Constables.

Scan 34 copy
Brent and Philip on Hampstead Heath

Thursday 6th May 1926

Housework. Rested. Took Brent and Alys and Eva and I all up to Hampstead Library. Saw Tony Ayrton and his bulletin outside. Watched buses with volunteer drivers.

Friday 7th May 1926

First day without Bonas (servant). Alys, Eva and I went to Compayne. Tea there. Left Brent alone.

Saturday 8th May 1926

Took Brent out in a.m. Jack Willis came back with Dennis to lunch. Dennis out in car to Marybone. Helen and Tony called. We all 5 to Hippodrome “Enchantress”. Ethel Irving and Lady Forbes-Robertson.

Eva goes back this week 7th
L.C.C. story and Football – Strikers versus police, Chief Constable’s wife kicked off. Plymouth.

the times


Sunday 9th May 1926

Housework. Broadcast 1 o’clock news bulletin to everyone in flats. After we all 5 of us on Heath with Brent. Tea. Supper. Lord Grey broadcast speech. Dennis and Alys with Jack to Metropole.

Monday 10th May 1926

I to shops with Brent. Bought papers. Dorrie and Barbara to tea. Eva played tennis with Barbara. Teddy Berry in evening.

Tuesday 11th May 1926

Windy. Cold.
Alys and Eva to Golders Green. Buses driven by plus fours. I out after lunch. Eva’s trunk packed. Dinner. Then Alys, Dennis and Eva to meet Jack Willis at “Rose-Marie”. I listened-in and to bed 10.15.


Wednesday 12th May 1926

Shower. Windy.

Up at 6.30. Dennis, Eva and I off at 8 to Sherborne. Called for Joan Rooke. Puncture at Ludwell. 12.30. Lunch there. Grove Inn. Sherborne 2. Left 3. Tea Ludwell. Two more punctures. Redsice Road and at Yately Common. Garage Andover. Dinner Whitchurch (George). Fatal motor accident to Benjamin Rice. Delayed us about 2 hours. Near Camberley and Blackwater. Home at 2 a.m. about.

grove arms

Thursday 13th May 1926

Slept late. Headache. Out with Alys to Golders Green on bus (volunteers). Alys to town for shoes. I lunch at 76 Cholmley Gardens. Rested. Head better after rest at 6.30. Alys back and out with Brent. Jack to dinner and sleep. Teddy Berry in.

Friday 14th May 1926

Dull. Thunder.
Housework. To shops. Alys to meet Dennis at 3 and they both in Hirst’s car to inquest on Rice at Blackwater. Not home till 8.45. All dinner together late.

Saturday 15th May 1926

Finer. Cold.
Telegram to Aunt Bella. To shops for Alys. Oatmeal. Dennis back at 2.20. Got tea and dinner with Alys. All 3 took Brent to Leg o’ Mutton for walk after tea.

Strike called off 12th.
Sent newspapers (Strike) to E.P. 11th.

Sunday 16th May 1926

Fine. Showers. Cold.
Dorothy ‘phoned. None of us out till after tea. I washed my head in p.m. Dennis busy on balcony working. All 3 to Hawkes with Mink’s tea at 5.30, and then by Heath home. To Dorrie’s in evening as her wireless had fallen over. Home at 11.20.

Monday 17th May 1926

I with Dennis in car to 21 Oxford Terrace at 9 a.m. Washed, and out to Bourne and Hollingsworth and to Bub for hair 12-1. Lunch at Lyons in Strand. To Chappell’s. Home. Arranged clothes and washed stockings. Supper – egg, cheese. To bed 9. Listened-in till 11.15.

Tuesday 18th May 1926

Showers. Warmer.
Packed up. Alys and Brent came about 11 o’clock. Out to lunch at Woolworth’s. Alys on to Army and Navy Stores. I bought wool and posted socks. Had tea together at home. Alys away with Dennis in car at 9.30. I early to bed, after supper.


Wednesday 19th May 1926

Up 7.15. Taxi 8.35 to Victoria. Wade saw me off 10 a.m. Dover 12. On boat, looked after girl going to convent. Ate lunch given by Wade, on deck. Train to Brussels 4.30 or 4.15 till 6.15. (16 minutes late). Tea on train. Coffee and roll 3.50 tip 1.50. Aunt Bella met me at station. Taxi up. Dinner. Veal, beans and to bed 9.30.

Thursday 20th May 1926

Fine, warmer.
Breakfast 9. Wrote Alys and Dorothy Barnard (card). Out to shops with Aunt Bella. Dinner 1 o’clock – soup, pigeons, asparagus tips, soufflé. Rested till 4.30. Slept. Madame de Kempen called (Miss Corregia’s “niece”). Tea. Philemon came (Irma’s husband). Wrote to Busy.

Friday 21st May 1926

Warm. Fine.
Out with Aunt Bella to Rue de Deux Églises for tickets – 35 francs each for Saumur Cavalry show. To Banque d’Outremer. Dinner 1. Out at 2.45 to shop, Rue du Midi. Aunt Bella’s silk coat tried on (8 guineas about). On to Eva’s. She at Colonel Meeus’ house. So on there. Talked to her. Very sad time. She packing up all his things. Home 3 trams. Tired. Supper. To bed 9.45.

Saturday 22nd May 1925

Warm. Fine.
Out with Kiki. Then I to Nord by trams. Walked through Bon Marché and other shops. To Post Office. Home exactly by 1 by Chocolat tram. Dinner. Rested (Aunt Bella’s cupboard from Liège came). Both out to Madame de Wulf (out), Madame Bruère (in), H. Masson’s (out). Home 6. I took Kiki out. Supper. Read papers. To bed 10.

Sent socks to E.P. 18th
Return ticket to Brussels £3.14.4 1st on boat
Changed money at 129 (since then up to 161)
7000 for Aunt Bell’s rent (about £80?)

Sunday 23rd May 1926

Cool. Grey.
Took Kiki for long walk in Bois. Aunt Bella to Mass 11.30. Wrote Kitty, Wade, Tades. Madame Quesquière called (tea). General Bruère at 6.30. After supper we to the Bruère’s to listen-in! Eastbourne Concert! Madame de Wulf there (Comines). Home 10.40.

Monday 24th May 1926

To Madame Rogler in a.m. – 58 Rue Paul Lauters and to Mademoiselle Baillieu, 216 Avenue Brugmann. After dinner to Mercier’s (guinea, diner) and to cinema – “La Barrière des Races”, Rod La Rocque. Red Indian story. Good. Lilian Rich.

Tuesday 25th May 1926

Very fine. Hot.
I to town and bought nightdresses and chemises. After dinner, Aunt Bella and I to Madame Vandamme’s. Tea there. Home at 6. I wrote E.P.

Wednesday 26th May 1926

Very fine. Hot.
Out to dressmakers with Aunt Bella. Home and I to lunch 12.30. At Henri Masson’s – 96 Rue de Tenbosch. Margot Verboeckhoven to lunch with Aunt Bella. Rested. Madame Bruère called and the Schoentjens to tea and till 7 nearly. After supper, I to Anbette at Vleurgat to see cinema “Patience”. To bed 9.45.

Thursday 27th May 1926

Very fine and hot.
Aunt Bell and I tram to La Petite-Espinette. To see Madame de Vaucleroy about Kath Buchanan.

petit espinette
Uccle – A la Petite Espinette – Chaussée de Waterloo

Home to dinner. Out (after writing to Kit) to Cinema “Le Lit d’Or” La Rocque. Home. Supper and read, and patience. To bed.

the golden bed

Friday 28th May 1926

Out in Bois with Kiki, in pouring rain for about an hour. Eva to dinner. I rested in p.m. Eva to tea, and until 6. All sewed and talked. I took Kiki out after supper. Talked of debts and war.

Saturday 29th May 1926

Dull. Warm.
I took Kiki out, by Rue de Tenbosch. Did some sewing. Rested in p.m. Dressed (grey and blue crêpe de chine). Aunt Bella nd I to tea at the Schoentjens. Home 7.15. Read, patience and to bed 10.

Wrote E.P. 25th
Wrote Cyrus 26th
Wrote Wade 26th about nightgown
Wrote Kit 27th

Sunday 30th May 1926

Windy. Rainy.
Took Kiki out by Rue de L’Aurore and Manège. Aunt Bella to Mass. Wrote to Ella and Busy. Dinner. Rested all p.m. Tea. General Bruère and Monsieur Paul called. Supper. Read Mahy’s account 4 years of war. Patience. To bed 10.

Monday 31st May 1926

Stormy. Thunder.
I unwell. I walked with Kiki and pearls to Avenue de la Toison d’Or, Near Porte Louise. Tram home. Wire from Kitty. Fixed Blois. Telephoned Madame de Vaucleroy. Rested and to tea at Madame Quesquière’s with Aunt Bella, in convent. Home 7. Read and cards. To bed 9.50.










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